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File: 39978ff308a55f0⋯.png (57.81 KB, 610x337, 610:337, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 39c13c609b895c5⋯.png (33.65 KB, 603x219, 201:73, ClipboardImage.png)


I find weird to not see this being discussed here.

So people at Marvel Comics are very livid right now with their audience. Some whore who happens to be the editor of Gweenpool decided to take selfies with her team instead of editing comics like she was supposed to and then got triggered when hit by a dose of internet, despite the fact that it happens to everyone. But since she's a girl, she should be immune to any downsides of using social media, right? In any case, a couple of Youtubers like Cap'n Cummings and Diversity and Comics were caught in the shitstorm and were accused of sending death threats to her. The entire editorial body of Marvel is livid about this and going on.

Some people are saying this is the beginning of a Comicgate. Thoughts?



Stop this meme.

We don't care about shitty wannabe Youtube ecelebs, and this was actually discussed in passing in some other thread. It's not surprising in the least and only the most moronic newfag on 8ch would do anything but shrug at this. This is not new information. It's fucking clear they don't care about loyalty or their old fans, that's why they've been doing the crap they have.


File: 0af0062ec30c261⋯.jpg (25.58 KB, 600x610, 60:61, wow its fucking nothing.jpg)

>I find weird to not see this being discussed here.

The answer is pic related.

Enjoy your fabricated controversy that makes no sense.



if you want it to be something just send real death threats. Do it by mail, makes it more menacing.


call me when something actually interesting happens

with gamergate we had info that

>jurnos are controled by a single connected clique

>that zoe is a whore

>that she was connected to mkultra

>that her real mame is chelsee van falkenburg and she is from wealthy jewish family that can afford its own destroyer

>much more we found from dig threads with was later dismissed as fake and gay by by fucking reddit

right now it isnt nothing we didnt know already



Even if it was all that, who'd fucking care? It's fucking comics, a dying medium mismanaged beyond the point of idiocy. It has the cultural influence of a spineless sardine. They don't even have fucking influence over the movies of their own properties.

If anything, this shit is being hyped as "gamergate 2.0" because fucking comic companies and comics journalists need some reason for people to give a fuck about them.


File: dfde12e63417a82⋯.jpg (10.08 KB, 184x268, 46:67, real tired of this.jpg)

Nobody cares about your stupid drama.


File: e4b30411d460146⋯.png (11.03 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 34fbd1618f90c047de3c117a33….png)

>Making diversity and comics le enemy number 1 will save mocking birb




It's a nonsense controversy over crazy hags whining about being told off for being incompetent. What else is there to talk about? All you can really hope is this lowers Marvels sales even more.


The actual important part is how a bunch of articles, people involved in creating comics, the Marvel official twitter account, the DC official twitter account, and hundreds/thousands of random idiots got behind a ginned-up nontroversy.

For reference Marvel editor Heather Antos got insulted on twitter by 5 tweets from 4 people making fun of a selfie where a group of Marvel editors happened to be drinking milkshakes, and started tweeting about being harassed. After she starting claiming to have been harassed, she got an additional 2 insulting tweets, bringing the total before the articles started being published to 7. I went through her mentions at the time and collected all 7:


>This does explain the "quality" of work Marvel has been putting out of late.


>Gee, I can't imagine why Marvel's sales are in the toilet.


>I would totally bang the girl in front


>Better have her sign a consent form, she looks like the "false rape charge" type.


>@DiversityAndCmx have you heard any background on this editor? She hasn't done any comics before. Doesn't seem brooding though.


>How all these Tumblr SJW fake geek girls club are editors at Marvel?


>why do comics suck so hard these days

There was also this question and answer the day before the milkshake tweet, but I wouldn't classify them as being insulting:


>@DiversityAndCmx have you heard any background on this editor? She hasn't done any comics before. Doesn't seem brooding though.


>She's cool. Shepherded GWENPOOL. Surface level SJW but still normal.

Articles written about this so far:

The Mary Sue: A Marvel Comics Editor Is Being Harassed Because She Posted a Selfie With Her Coworkers


The Telegraph: Female Marvel Comics Editor harassed online for milkshake selfie https://web.archive.org/web/20170731140129/http://www.telegraph.co.uk/books/news/female-marvel-comics-editor-harassed-online-milkshake-selfie/

The Daily Dot: Sexist trolls couldn’t handle this Marvel editor’s work selfie


Bleeding Cool: #MakeMineMilkshake Goes Global As Marvel Editors Harassed After A Trip To Ben & Jerry’s


Upworthy: Marvel writer harassed for having a milkshake with coworkers? It's as silly as it sounds.


Yahoo/The Wrap: Marvel Editor Cyber-Bullied After Selfie Posted With Friends Drinking Milkshakes

The Wrap: Here Are the 10 Best ‘Make Mine Milkshake’ Tweets That Trounce ‘Fake Geek Girls’ Marvel Diss


TalkRadio: A new Gamergate? Female marvel comic editor suffers online abuse over selfie with co-workers


DVS Gaming: Marvel Editor Heather Antos’ Milkshakes Brought the Broflakes to the Yard and Twitter’s Clapback Was Epic





No one is buying their shit so they are manufacturing a fake controversy. Stop buying their shit comics and giving them attention.


File: 799e9d869a75257⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 360x360, 1:1, copycats.gif)

I think the parallel a lot of people are missing is the blatant attack on the audience and association of any form of criticism with gamergate.

>You don't like our female comic writers actions? You're not one of those gamergate misogynists are you?

Gamergate would have been a flash in the pan were it not for the ensuing direct media attack against gamers and the hard-hitting censorship. They are using the exact same tactic as they used against gamergate.

The difference is there's not a lot of money in comics except in having a recognizable name and in controversy.


File: dafaca1eb47b96f⋯.jpg (159.16 KB, 900x1389, 300:463, 4104261-mmann1-dellotto-20….jpg)


Comic creators acting like autistic fucks? this isn't anything new. I just don't buy their shit and call their comics garbage. What is there to do other than call them crybabies?


File: e7966d13da8985c⋯.jpg (593.17 KB, 990x1400, 99:140, 8bd82d4acb462f6cb47a447ba6….jpg)


What enrages me more than anything is that there are actually people here who fell for the Gwenpool meme. Gwenpool is every bit Reddit trash and yet she gets a fanbase despite being Squirrel Girl 2.0.


with this fucking heat I could go for a milkshake right now tbqhwyf



>Anything that is remotely popular is a "meme"

Hitler should have focused on people like you instead of the jews.



Gwenpool is trash. She's literally a Squirrel Girl clone. Kill yourself.


File: 39146344405431f⋯.jpg (56.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, depressed-young-man.jpg)

I can't even be bothered to care. Former Brockfag here, used to storytime Venom stuff because I loved it, but over the last year, even with Brock returning and getting good stories that I actually enjoyed, I started to realize how empty and hollow the whole thing is. I mean, what do Marvel and DC sell anyways? Never ending, cradle-to-grave, brands. Sports teams. Me being a fan of Venom and Brock was actually pretty pathetic, I was no different than some fat boomer that loves the LA Dodgers. I'm embarrassed I ever read Marvel comics. The SJW cancer is what the big two deserve, now I just read Manga and Euro comics.

Are there even any good indie American comics being published? And more importantly, should we even care about comics when the (((powers that be))) are currently trying to destroy the white race?



Send this to the big heads of marvel. I really want to know how will they react to this shit!

They push the "we are for the people, we value loyal fans" shit. Time to show them how they talentless employees didn't share this marketing bullshit slogan.

For fucking real! I really want to see some normal fag drama. Let them fuck over eachother!


File: 6db55ce6de8f8a3⋯.png (39.84 KB, 1858x320, 929:160, 6db55ce6de8f8a3e5e8590486b….png)


In hindsight, this is a more appropriate picture.


File: 0dcbb2d780d9b1e⋯.png (260.34 KB, 580x282, 290:141, current year Marvel.png)

Fake controversy as usual. All Marvel wanted is a way to deflect any criticism about the low sales number of a lot of their comics.


File: 3503198017caa0e⋯.png (413.5 KB, 800x509, 800:509, aborted fetus that crawled….png)

File: 0f2f2f04bd64bdf⋯.jpg (39.46 KB, 458x458, 1:1, wholesome gwenpool.jpg)



>Squirrel Girl


>the same

I've gotta hear the reasoning for this.



This constitutes as news for the disgusting feminist cockroaches? Pathetic. They belong at a fucking daycare center.


File: 5cd07b21d9788d8⋯.mp4 (736.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Nobody cares.mp4)



>By shitting on their costumers?

They don't seem to give a shit about losing their readership otherwise they would've fired all the editors and tumblr-tier writers (the same shit is happening in AAA vidya). Wait a few months and you'll see some change once Disney notice the difference between the success of the MCU and the low sales of the tumblr-level fanfics that they print.



Funny thing is, I used to demand to be treated like an adult when I was a kid. Now I'm an adult and all I see is them wanting to be treated like kids.



Don't forget the connections between Silverstring Media, DIGRA and DARPA, all related to Common Core and other Brave New World-like social engineering spooky shit. It was when all these stuff was discovered that every controlled opposition agent, like Sarcuck and that jewish faggot Milo, started to derail the efforts ans effectively killed GG.


File: d7fd648c0a57bf4⋯.jpg (32.48 KB, 600x375, 8:5, yourealready.jpg)



>Girls can`t into comics

>Stop drinking milkshakes with minorities uugh

>Make me a meal




Disney doesn't give a shit about good writing sure, but they only care about one thing: making money. If one of their properties doesn't bring them the money they wanted, they will fix that.



Hell, the only time death threats are legit are when they're mailed and include photos. Anyone can make an internet death threat, it takes scarily high levels of madness to get that physical and would be a threat cops would take seriously.


File: 5f75b4e00bdb0e8⋯.gif (481.55 KB, 292x160, 73:40, 1499239322.gif)

One thing that made GG explode the way it did wasn't the "harassment" of women or anything like that, it was censoring information around the web. People don't like info from being suppressed or told what to do and think and the overall aggressive attitude is very similar here. But as far as we know, nobody is trying to silence their audience which is why a ComicGate will not happen.

Hell, CNN threatening anyone that makes a gif making fun of them had more in common with GG than this thing ever will be.


File: ff0a0782a1b88bc⋯.jpg (69.32 KB, 501x585, 167:195, happy merchant.jpg)








That's right, Goyim! Nobuddy cares about ya stoopid nontraverrshy, go back ta sleep!



Just 7 tweets and she begs for the help of several mainstream journalists? I think that a few tweets are from my favorite podcaster.

They weren't even misogynist at all too.





>They don't even have fucking influence over the movies of their own properties.

Most of what you posted is accurate except this. I didnt see the new spiderman but i heard it got blacked


File: 0797952fde3bca2⋯.jpg (89.78 KB, 288x336, 6:7, could it be, le happy spid….jpg)


I'm onto your games, Marvel.



Are comics just spank material for you?



The second or third one, because it is the most progressive.


File: 808510bc691ec9b⋯.webm (72.14 KB, 320x240, 4:3, laughing mario.webm)


>he doesn't use comics as spank material

I also enjoy the actual content of Gwenpool.



You enjoy everyone talking alternatively like trendy faggots or braindead morons when the mood takes them and endless cameos with a particular focus on the diversity lineup?



None of them, they call her MJ but she has a different name.

The real question is, WHO IS FLASH THOMPSON IN THAT IMAGE and yes he's in it.

Hint: Peter is the one on the right.




I just don't get why they made Flash one of the nerds. I mean, I guess he's supposed to be popular, but he's a know-it-all who is almost always wrong and everyone shits on him the whole movie and he's in the same nerd contest as Peter, MJ, Liz and Ned. He's not the untouchable Jock that makes sense to be bullying Peter, he's just a regular dick. You also lose the whole dynamic of Pete having to take his shit because if he fought back everyone would know something was up, instead we just have Pete ignoring Flash because he's a wimp who can only make snide remarks from the back of the room.



Designated Pajeet Thompson.




basically comic owners saw how much free publicity you can get from ur own -gate scandal and want to boost sagging sales. The best thing you can do is bite your tongue and busy your fingers with masturbation, instead of firing up twitter or whatever social cancer platform you were gonna go whine on.

Dont Feed the Beast.



Its even worse cause Pajeet is physically smaller and shorter than Peter so the bullying makes even less sense.



There's a lot of bullies that tend to be smaller than the victim. Of course, this just makes it easier to put em in their fucking place. But there's problems with that as well. For one, Peter wouldn't exactly just fight back against Flash like that. Two, the modern school system punishes kids for standing up for themselves.



gwenpool is alright though, you have literally no argument



Flash is a taco, not a pajeet.



>lets take it up the ass maybe they will go away goy


File: 04e810980ed25d7⋯.jpg (68.57 KB, 750x742, 375:371, gwenpool butt.jpg)


No, I wouldn't enjoy everyone talking alternatively like trendy faggots or braindead morons when the mood takes them and endless cameos with a particular focus on the diversity lineup.

Which is why I'm reading Gwenpool and not America.

sage for being off topic.



Marvel doesn't even give two shits about what you do you nigger? They won't get free promotion becase everyone knows their shit. only the sudios get money



You could read neither.

Read something worthwhile, like The Punisher.

Everyone should only read The Punisher from now on.



Post porn.



I would but they keep insulting their pedophile audience so I can't support them.


It's funny. Nick Spencer is a far left loon and he got dogpiled for weeks for a variant cover and no one jumped to his defense. No hashtag for him. No multiple articles calling the people tweeting him assholes. White woman gets the equivalent of "I don't like you" and all hell breaks loose. I want this industry too die and take all these cunts with it.


File: f0f63efa2409898⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 1800x2767, 1800:2767, 25.jpg)


For starters, Nick Spencer is already hated for making Captain America into a Nazi instead of you know, making him a pro-BLM libshit faggot. And even before that, he defended Richard Spencer after he got punched by antifa faggots, which made the rest throw him under the bus as just another Stormtrumper. It also doesn't help his case that his writing makes him come across as /ourguy/ than the libshit that he really is.




>Nick Spencer is a far left loon and he got dogpiled for weeks for a variant cover and no one jumped to his defense.

Sad thing because Magneto doesn't even turn into a HYDRA agent in the story, making this controversy a waste of everyone's time. Curiously, Scarlet Witch did become a HYDRA agent, but you don't see anyone wanting his head for turning a Jewish gypsy into a Nazi.




Hey /tv/



90% of what Spencer wrote was pure libshit soap box. Cops beating up nigs, deporting beaners, cartoonish fox news, evil Republican business owners etc. He was just an acceptable target because he's a spinless lib-male so any time he stepped out of line to try to tell a story, they'd go after him. It's all so transparent it's pathetic.




This is such manufactured bullshit.

There is no -gate here. Gamergate happened because of the gaming press attempting to cover up and obfuscate their corruption. That was the -gate part.

This is internet drama for the sake of publicity, narrative creation and victim points. All from an openly hostile press that's been hostile for years.



>Are there even any good indie American comics being published?

Resident Alien comes out about every year and a half. Next arc will be out probably in Spring 2018.


>Curiously, Scarlet Witch did become a HYDRA agent, but you don't see anyone wanting his head for turning a Jewish gypsy into a Nazi.

Well, it's because they actually don't read these comics.


>milkshake gate

Oh its pointless e-drama. For a minute I thought it was something about milkshakes bringing all the boys to the yard.



This was fabricated.



Taking it up the ass would be buying their shit and giving them free publicity so others buy their shit.

Ignore them like the screaming, petulant children they are. They are dying. If they don't change to appease us, they don't exist at all. They need to learn.


File: 34e9ddd0d46f50a⋯.jpg (99.13 KB, 500x669, 500:669, bigtw.jpg)


who could have seen that one coming?

oh yeah , just about everyone iTT except OP that was too busy sucking dick



So how do they le epic BTFO Cap here? That he is wrong because it hurts people's feelings and we should all put aside our own best interests for the sake of some vague goal of 'getting along'?



>modern year

>modern day

>being a capeshit



>So how do they le epic BTFO Cap here?

They don't. Or to be more accurate, this is all part of the setup for Cap's big outing as a villain at the start of Secret Empire, so whatever they'll do to beat him there is probably what's supposed to prove him wrong or whatever.



I bet $100 that at least 3 of the Assistant Eds in the original milkshake picture had their comics in the firing line over low sales.

Sure enough, add a little drama and call-to-virtue and now they'll all be safe again.

I have my fingers crossed that at least one person at Marvel has the stones to leak proof.


so marvel is just kingdom hearts now

everyone is gwen and if they aren't they're evil gwen



I've heard people praising it because the whole jock thing belongs in the 60s or something and doesn't apply today.



These fucking liberal commies couldn't help themselves with corrupting the personification of American values.



With out the good crossovers.


File: edecdc50085b4f1⋯.jpeg (15.94 KB, 342x245, 342:245, bugs.jpeg)

>this whole thread



>I have my fingers crossed that at least one person at Marvel has the stones to leak proof.

They don't. A decade ago there might have been somebody who did, but those people all gradually left to go look for less shit job opportunities elsewhere.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Webm or nothing.



Basically we're fucked then? No matter what we do, they keep pushing their lies, hatred, and propaganda harder and harder?


Why Milkshake?

Is it some meme where they shake their tits on instagram?



If we stopped them from shaking their tits, would they die?



Gwenpool is considered 'good' because of two things and two things alone.

1. Gurihiru's art makes the character design very appealing. There's not much going for her, but give it to those Japs and they'll make anything cute and appealing, her art helps the jokes land, helps the character be cute, and makes you want to put your penis inside her vagoo.

2. It's better than literally everything else Marvel is producing right now. The only reason it's getting any recognition at all is because it manages to stand just barely above literally everything else they're producing. By sheer virtue of having everybody's expectations so fucking low that they're scraping against the bottom of the Grand fucking Canyon, even mediocre gets lauded as great by the poor saps who still actually read Marvel comics.

Gwenpool is a 5/10 in a world of 1/10s, that's why it has garnered a following.



Like I've been telling you assholes for the last couple of years, the only way to save Marvel at this point, without paying real artists and writers normal wages, it to raid webcomics, fanfic and Deviantart.

You see how good one lousy webcomic writer is, compared to SJW cucks and shills who don't understand the basics of drama, action, storytelling or comedy?

And two Deviantart-tier lady mangaka, who would be considered small fish in Japan, are now making the Cal-arts potato noodles look like shit.

But SJWs will destroy the company before admitting they're wrong.



This. All of this. You have to have really low standards if you put Gwenpool on any kind of pedestal beyond 'not the shittiest in the sea of shit' or 'above average'. It's nothing great, nothing new, nothing super creative, well written, or astoundingly the greatest book ever. But compared to everything else in the mainstream industry, it's like good. It's like a cold burger after spending all day without lunch and being berated at your job. Not good but it does it's job.



If they're not going to have Flash as a jock then don't put him in. Just have him be a new character who's a douchey pajeet.


File: 36555447231f652⋯.png (4.24 MB, 1500x1756, 375:439, ClipboardImage.png)


The problem with this is that deviantart users tend to take time to make their pictures and there isn't enough time to fill their deadline. For example, this Nebezial dude was hired by DC to draw Aquaman and his art is easily stunning. With that said, he went on record saying he prefers working independently because drawing for big publishers puts too much pressure on him



>With that said, he went on record saying he prefers working independently because drawing for big publishers puts too much pressure on him.

If you want to know why comics have started to decline in recent years, this is the reason. I've seen this issue pop up with multiple creators. Mainstream publishers put far too much pressure on their talent and everything suffers because of it.

It's really draconian working conditions for the artists.



Is that the guy that does the stupid zigzag speech boxes on everything?


File: 6d390a1dc549814⋯.gif (413.48 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 1471937528186.gif)



>implying that simply being a consistently fun read isn't a virtue unto itself

I like Gwenpool for the same reasons I like Robert Kanigher's Metal Men and Bob Haney's Metamorpho. It's not ground-breaking, it's not the greatest, but it's enjoyable and entertaining. It's a fun comic.

Do you know how many years it's been since there was just a "fun" comic that was actually kinda fun?



There's nothing wrong with enjoying a 5/10 comic. My issue lies more in with people who praise it as something genuinely noteworthy despite just being a 5/10 comic.



What >>899460 said. I have a philosophy that it's fine to like something less than good if you acknowledge and know it's flaws. As long as you're having fun, that's all that matters in the end.



It would be extremely painful



>Video starts with a brief warning that it's basically 20 minutes of a fat guy getting mad about SJWs

>The rest of the video is 20 minutes of a fat guy getting mad about SJWs

Well, that was kind of cringeworthy. Twenty minutes of 'SJWs are the ones who are toxic racists and misogynists' as though he thought that merely repeating it over and over again would somehow magically cause the social justice crowd to grow a sense of self-awareness and change their wicked ways.



this nebezial guy is actually stjepan sejic, and he had already worked on american comics, but with really lukewarm success. his most popular work is sunstone, which is about two girls who are in a bdsm relationship and it's as much of a themed soap opera as you'd expect. the art there is not very good imo, or at least from what i remember.



> puts too much pressure on him

What a pussy.



So, this rhetoric is the embodiment of evil in Marvel? Really?



Yeah basically because he concludes this speech with a vision of HYDRA taking over the US and instituting a fascist regime. Spencer is such a cuck that he copypaste conservative arguments and has his strawmen villains say it.



Someone post both redskull images.



They're a big pair.



This is related to the earthworm jim thing.



That 2nd archive, that woman writes 9 titles, what the fuck, is that normal?



brownie points if you cut your own fingers off, dip them in acid to remove the prints, and send them.



You could stop buying their comics entirely, even the "good" ones. Get everyone to do the same and have them spread the word.

Word suck for the entire medium to go under in the west, but if all we've got left to look forward to are affirmative action hires and shit-tier books written by talentless, over-emotional retards, then what's there to save?






She doesn't write 9 titles currently. I good chunk of those are either canceled, like A-Force, or limited series. Her Hawkeye series is one of the books Marvel over shipped for free to give the illusion it was doing better than it is.





File: 7263572a74b48a0⋯.jpg (66.14 KB, 736x354, 368:177, f300d4d1456938af520d2c0cc5….jpg)


>pussy artists

It's definitely not about being pussy, but comic industry pushing quantity over quality. Most artists want to break out and stand out, be that in unique art style or higher quality and comic industry wants to keep them in the mold, where it's well researched and safe/expected results. This, coupled with corner-cutting and generally low pay forces artists to work in bad conditions plus stop them from chasing their dreams/elevating to higher standard.

It's pretty much like any other industry and some people are just not cut for it.



Nice. The only Marvel Comic I own and like is "Old Man Logan". Guess I'm a huge fan now.


so excuse me, gotta read my Batman comics.


File: 6fbb5186e0cf246⋯.gif (797.21 KB, 500x269, 500:269, 201707.gif)


True dat. Once did an interview with a writer about why he wrote a certain thing for X-men. His reply was that the story was already laid out for him in broad strokes by management but he was just there to do the details.

I believe him because I read enough of his previous work to know that this X-men arc was not his style.

Guess Marvel still wants wagyu steak at chuck meat prices…



Well, at least he can shit in Parkers locker.


File: 73897541d0e848e⋯.jpg (70.98 KB, 370x462, 185:231, 73897541d0e848e3b7345494cd….jpg)


This please


File: 5909b4e33b25038⋯.png (100.62 KB, 500x366, 250:183, sadness.png)


>mfw the sheer nadir of creative bankruptcy of the current comics scene can snap even the most autistically rabid fans out of it from sheer depression

Says it all, doesn't it? God damn, I never thought I'd ever feel bad for Brockfag but here we are.


File: 21341abd82d8915⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 985.61 KB, 1234x970, 617:485, 2243383 - Gwen_Poole Gwenp….png)

File: 4360a39096cf9f0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 798.73 KB, 1280x820, 64:41, 1807046 - Christmas Gwen_P….png)

File: 6e5801fec40dea5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.85 KB, 1280x943, 1280:943, tumblr_otizf4loHR1ws0oo6o2….jpg)



I don't think anyone's putting it on a pedestal. It's not that big of an investment to spend the two, maybe three minutes it takes to go through an issue, and it's good enough for that.



I was thinking about this recently. The reason we read books and watch movies and shit is often because we want to see characters go through their arcs and end at a satisfying place. Not always a pleasant place, but there has to be an arc.

Comic characters don't grow. They don't go through arcs. They'll have story events, but the arcs they go through are not character development. They don't change. They don't grow. Sometimes, the only reason they start acting differently is because the story demands it or because the writer hates or loves a character enough. At the end of the day, the character will often still exist in a nebulous status quo, sometimes across multiple books and universes, only really defined by a costume change or a temporary alignment with a specific team or partnership with another character.

It's like the Simpsons, in a lot of ways. The characters are fixed, sometimes they'll go on a certain misadventure with someone else in the cast, but at the end of the day, they current episode's story will close out, and then reset for the next episode, and it may be many episodes, years even, before they decide to revisit or give a nod to a previous episode, but there's still no grand arc there. The characters never overcome their flaws, sometimes their problems just vanish entirely. Their problems are never so huge that they can't be solved in a short period.



Yeah it's hard to find stock photos to paint over, poor guy.

God I wish these artists would have some style and not just paint over photo, like talk shit about Liebfeld all you want at least he wasn't just ripping photos. I'd rather some anatomy goofs and a little bit of flair than all this cookie cutter bullshit. At least exaggerate the waist a little on the women, they do it on photos of models/magazine covers for a reason.



>I would totally bang the girl in front

So is that reallly an insult? Seems more like a compliment. Saying "I wouldn't bang the girl"would be more rude sounding

>>898801 (checked)

We aren't getting a repeat of GG in another industry anytime soon. Each medium is different, you don't spend $60 up front, possibly more for a pre-order bonus and then buy DLC/season pass to "extend" you movie or comic book, no it's only for video games, that shit alone causes enough anger within gaming.

Any woman running around and fucking high up comic publisher employees/journalists for personal gain are going to lock that down and make sure it can never be proven, unless they want to brag about fucking a married man 12 years older with colon cancer on Twitter.


File: e22c63f05f68784⋯.png (86.31 KB, 334x391, 334:391, 4e55fe30a7ddacf424bfd9f9b5….png)




File: 23093c690729f09⋯.png (223.76 KB, 474x705, 158:235, super texan peggy 2.png)

>someone took a selfie at work

>this is an issue

Get a life, OP, who gives a fuck?



>So is that reallly an insult? Seems more like a compliment.

Are you retarded? Do you know how many dudes probably come up to her all the time to try and score some pussy? Imagine if a bunch of 4/10 chicks that smelled like milk constantly kept trying to get in your pants. After a while, you stop caring about uggos telling you that you aren't as ugly as them.



In most jobs you would be disciplined for messing around on your phone rather than working.

I think people were upset because they were waiting for work that was behind schedule and instead all they got was photos of her mucking around on her phone during work hours.

And then the company decided to attack its audience which is suicide.



>In most jobs you would be disciplined for messing around on your phone rather than working.

Let me tell you how I know you've never worked in a corporate office before.



>Let me tell you how I know you've never worked in a corporate office before.

Ive worked in offices before, for companies big and small. Im not sure what defines a 'corporate office'?

Some office workplaces can be pretty relaxed but I think in all of them if you were seen playing around on your phone in front of customers, particularly customers who were upset due to missed deadlines, shit would happen.


File: 5c62929ddefa10a⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1744x1344, 109:84, 1464213648867.jpg)


Here ya go Anon.


File: 15a339930fb14d0⋯.png (34.92 KB, 369x369, 1:1, tumblr_mwnamgwV9u1qbn6jwo1….png)


>And then the company decided to attack its audience which is suicide.

Are you a fucking comic shop? If not, then you're not their audience.

Also, people weren't upset that work was behind schedule. If work was behind schedule, they'd be fired. The Big Two are fucking draconian when it comes to deadlines.



>Faggot Chink Hulk

And like that you made me limp.


File: ad85bfdf46fa67e⋯.png (113.35 KB, 635x457, 635:457, 1433539780751.png)



>pics 2 and 3

Flick does good work doesn't he?






fuck off


>Comic characters don't grow. They don't go through arcs

I think you need to to read something that's not an ongoing like Y the last man, Lucifer or Preacher.

All of which have character arcs




>not deadgwen

One fucking job



Multi-verse Anon.


File: 5cbabddb71988f7⋯.jpg (82.8 KB, 589x493, 589:493, CEBS.jpg)



Had a feeling that guy was a massive retard.

>make an argument against forced diversity without sounding racist

Easy. It's bad storytelling. Tokenism devalues other races, not empowers them, especially when the books are all written like shit and the characters are thoroughly unlikable and lacking in the basic elements of a standard fictional characters.



Some shitty youtuber. Essentially the "knowyourmeme" or comic books.


File: 04869150cd45baa⋯.jpg (57.27 KB, 588x305, 588:305, JC.jpg)



How do chinks make their cartoon food look so good. I never am interested in comic food, but damned if the slant eyed bastards draw food porn that makes me hungry.



it's very easy to recall the shape of something you have idolized but could never afford



Except that is not how HP Magic works.

You either can do magic or you cant. Its that fucking simple.



>no spidergwen



Vivid colors and right use of gradients make drawn food look more enticing than it does in reality. Food photographers do similar thing, but instead they just adjust light sources on the set and color saturation settings in picture processing.


File: 3ab5a0eb9d1b10b⋯.jpg (25.97 KB, 589x131, 589:131, CHBS.jpg)



I would not submit my shit to marvel for it to be flushed.




What irked me about the image >>898606 posted is that it referred to reading tea leaves and other forms of divination as "alternative magic" when it was taught as a normal class in universe and even had a degree of plot relevance in the books and films.


File: e06daf84eb42c9a⋯.jpg (24.96 KB, 589x110, 589:110, DCFPBS.jpg)


File: 4635cec75b6f187⋯.jpg (37.41 KB, 588x236, 147:59, HABS.jpg)




I say take the oppurtunity and dig up everything that's gone down the memory hole. Make a bunch of infographics and shit.



It's almost as if your potenial talent base is a proportionate reflection of your audience.



who cares



I wouldn't actually mind if comics went further down this road. Picking up any random cheap old issue would give you a complete story, like catching an old Star Trek while flicking on TV. But you can't do that with comics because they'll constantly be referring to shit that happens in other stories, or happened in the same story months ago in Marvel time, but 30 years ago in real time.


File: 8f8e9a74aae71a9⋯.gif (42.14 KB, 192x224, 6:7, 8f8e9a74aae71a9895411b4b62….gif)


Yeah, he should do what Land does and just straight up copy over porn and whatever pictures he finds when he does an image search of the latest meme.


File: 41ed406d621d61a⋯.gif (31.85 KB, 250x250, 1:1, shit.gif)



More like tracking bullshit


File: 791c7735ddfab71⋯.jpg (112.61 KB, 639x635, 639:635, Io9bs.jpg)

Face meet palm.



Wasn't there an edit that made that nigger actually cute?


File: 3c1ac90de9a481e⋯.png (946.33 KB, 1275x715, 255:143, college indoctrination, be….PNG)


File: ca7abd06a46f931⋯.jpg (89.32 KB, 630x569, 630:569, magdalene is crazy.jpg)

File: 2ad9356d74bbc82⋯.jpg (47.73 KB, 589x224, 589:224, magdalene is crazy2.jpg)

This is the mindset of a writer at Marvel.



>nazis are killing people




she's talking about that crazy right winger that ran a woman over with his car.


File: 54b19bea8ad0e39⋯.gif (311.76 KB, 342x512, 171:256, boner calm down.gif)



Why do people even add "gate" to the end of a word when there's a controversy, was their a controversy surrounding a gate and it just stuck?



Are you twelve? Look up Watergate.



You know, if there was some kind of drama surrounding a literal gate, we could call it "Gategate".



>Everyone should only read The Punisher from now on

No, Anon, that's just gonna end up with Punsher being turned into Deadpool but hunting "corruption" in the government.


You forgot Tumbler; think most of their hires are from there since it's the newer thing in a world where people flock to whatever's new whether it's inferior or not.


When'd Black Spiderman and "America" fuck?


That'd just get the much needed "GatgeGategate" started.



No, we got in the mess we are because we let Tumblr write our comics, and Tumblr isn't an art or fic site, it's a drama queen echo chamber.



io9, one of the most cancerous geek™ websites. I'm surprised that it still exists.

Also why would the character wear a hair band if she (he?) has short hair?



So you know it's a chick. Because for all their bullshit about gender roles and equality and whatever current shit talking point like that, these faggots still want to make it clear that girls are special. But because they're faggots they can't do that with anything that could be remotely considered traditionally feminine or sexy. So here's a boyish look thing, but she's got a feminine hairpiece so gurl power!


File: 32b5cb771c82d90⋯.jpg (76.69 KB, 641x577, 641:577, magdalene is crazy3.jpg)

File: ebcb65414e37d0f⋯.jpg (82.52 KB, 641x607, 641:607, magdalene is crazy4.jpg)

File: 4776330b91c7493⋯.jpg (71.5 KB, 639x571, 639:571, magdalene is crazy5.jpg)


The cringe


File: 8b024a8806dc0b6⋯.jpg (84.59 KB, 736x524, 184:131, 3dbbdd6052b84e612233d30262….jpg)

File: 3eeac415b275898⋯.jpg (142.25 KB, 514x800, 257:400, 2275957-VFX-MaskedIntentio….jpg)

File: 9402a07a7934cb3⋯.jpg (129.71 KB, 511x799, 511:799, 2275958-VFX-MaskedIntentio….jpg)

File: f8518c23c4d35cb⋯.jpg (148.03 KB, 516x800, 129:200, a77cf3ef7ab17ff44ff5110a0c….jpg)


What is that misshapen abomination and what does it have to do with the lovely Squirrel Girl?



My head canon is that its a hallucination of some girl with down syndrome who wants to be squirrel girl.



>kissing best girl

that guy has a lot of balls


File: 9bb4f4f7d1f7d5b⋯.gif (250.43 KB, 635x457, 635:457, 9bb4f4f7d1f7d5bdd168f0a591….gif)



I miss the real Doreen so much.



>New DC talent relations

>Being openly hostile to people already






>that she was connected to mkultra

lol okay nigger



So just giving her hair makes her cute?



Yeah I'm gonna need proof for that one.



Take it to mean, something that can't be proven to be wrong. Divination fits the bill. Maybe you divined it all, maybe part of it, maybe none of it. It's not so much that it's fake, rather that it's all relative.


Excuse me, but why do they practice then? Why was Neville so shit? And aren't there prestigious magic families with many talented members and others with average ability family wide?

With practice, you can do it or you can't, to different abilities, and it's got something to do with genetics since wizards make wizards and people like Herminey were rare?

Isn't that how it works?


If halfchan can make SJW Marvel look like fools just think of what we can do.


>When fans are angry, they buy comics.

Congrats, you're all playing into their hands. OP is an intern trying to stir the pot.


File: 489a8e8c492a6a8⋯.webm (440.62 KB, 320x240, 4:3, buying comics.webm)


>implying anyone on /co/ buys comics


You're retarded. Adding "-gate" to the end of a scandal is retarded. You're part of the problem. Stop talking about it.



What are you suggesting?



Someone from Marvels marketing department said that once, so it must be true!



>not noticing the fuller lips or the increase in chest size

Come now, anon.



I buy comics. Just not from the big two.


File: 96cee68273d17ad⋯.jpg (35.28 KB, 552x504, 23:21, 312270856.jpg)


How's it feel to know you're still supporting this shit show of an industry?


>physical media


File: f2d7248f7609ef2⋯.jpg (130.73 KB, 484x520, 121:130, Joker thinking about Babs.jpg)


You'll be supporting it too once Best Korea turns Tokyo into a smoking crater.



You seem to think industries are like single companies. And yes, I enjoy physical media.



Get some drawfags who hate the writers and editors at SJW Marvel and make villains based off of them.



You should pitch this in the drawfag thread.


File: 4a55e4d533f10e7⋯.jpg (45.46 KB, 680x383, 680:383, humongous disappointed.jpg)


What a puny plan.

You have too much hate, too much rage. Your jimmies are rustled, and that makes you too weak to mine the delicious salt that powers our machines in the wasteland.

To get the salt, you need to hit them where it hurts, their ego. They want to fight over their ideology, their gender, their race. Making them a villain would only fuel them. You need to get them at a personal level. Bait them using the flaws in their character. This is why the cuck's plan worked. It played on Izzy's narcissism and made her look like a fool.

Throw away your silly focus on politics and get back to the source of trolling! Only then will the salt flow!



I am reminded why Humongous is Lord.



Well we know that one of the editors/ writers at SJW Marvel is a far left trans woman that thinks that all right wingers are Bible thumping Neo Nazi rednecks what can we do with that info?


File: 03142f85a7e0a2f⋯.jpg (91.23 KB, 771x537, 257:179, TessFowler.jpg)


File: 2105698bb0fa782⋯.jpg (80.5 KB, 577x589, 577:589, DSBS.jpg)

Dan Slott everyone.



Well, he isn't wrong.



hey look, a douchebag loser acting like a smug dick on twitter. it must be a day ending in "day"



As opposed to mediocre white women who can't draw, like the squirrel girl artist, lol



Well these Marvel employees won't have an employer to work for if the sales keep dropping as they have been.



Some people need to be told they're shit, straight up. These brainwashed liberals don't believe in any sort of communication that hasn't been filtered for their fee-fees. They come from a world where "everybody is a winner" and you get a trophy just for participating. The mere idea that you can be BAD at something upsets them. They don't want criticism, they want rewards.



Fuck off /tv/



While you're not wrong, connections are everything. And these cunts with their little clique and circles could easily blackball you out of the industry because you rightful point out Kate Leth can't write for shit or Erica Henderson's characters all look like they have super down's syndrome.

Sad thing is there used to be a time when Marvel would work with artists and writers to improve their work. John Romita Sr would sit down with artists and walk them through better layouts and storytelling. When Jim Owsley (aka Priest) was an editor at Marvel and he got some bad work he would talk it over with the writer or artist, if it was too close to the deadline the product would still go out, but he would make sure to have that talk and tell them how to improve it. Now, Marvel just wants cheap talent with (((correct))) political views and it feels like no one ever gets told no.


File: 7ba6c2077c878c2⋯.jpg (205.16 KB, 383x615, 383:615, pointing gwenpool 01.jpg)


>Now, Marvel just wants cheap talent with (((correct))) political views and it feels like no one ever gets told no.

You can go ahead and remove the (((correct))) political views. I seriously doubt anyone working for Marvel genuinely believes in any real political opinion. They're just spineless attention whores who think working for DC or Marvel is the "big time".

Really. Consider for a moment all the talent who hate Trump, but are working for a company headed by one of his major campaign contributors. That should tell you everything about the integrity of anyone working at Marvel.


File: fd9dd3a1d81e432⋯.png (12.54 KB, 530x168, 265:84, heather antosbs.png)



I keep seeing people blame the "everyone is a winner" culture 90's kids/modern kids have for the influx of weak adults who can't take criticism but growing up with those things no one ever gave a shit about participation trophys or ribbons. Most of those people grew up coddled by their parents and had no idea about how the real world worked until they were forced in a situation that made them understand and if that wasn't enough to get the reality of the world through to them they did their best to make it go away, futile or not. Every generation since the boomers has had easy lives with no challenge which makes me think that is the real issue here.



>I seriously doubt anyone working for Marvel genuinely believes in any real political opinion.

God, how I wish that were true.



SJWs have never and will never see the full picture. Just like they don't know and don't care about the world outside of the west. Just like they knowingly ignore class in favor of race or sex. It's all about what suits their argument or personal benefit.

They don't care that Kike Ike owns Marvel. They, as you correctly said, just care that that they're in the big two…where they get to vomit their awful ideologies that go not only unchallenged, but are celebrated. They genuinely believe this shit. It's all over their twitter feeds, it's shown in who they hire, it's shown in their books, and how they buckle to public pressure from people who have never read comics. You don't get a book like America by accident.




it's time to retcon journalism in comics


File: 7b63bc84bcc8ed1⋯.mp4 (5.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Degradation of a Fanbase-H….mp4)

you are missing one major point, these people dont know what is the differences between criticism and what is just an insult. which is something that ==ALL ARTIST== should know, but these people don't know it. like >>918382 said some people do need to be told they are shit i agree, but as a person who practice like everyone here and on loomis, you just can't call someone shit without explaining why it is, anyone can be an artist even these cunts. but the biggest problem is that all they have to do to get praise from their hugbox is just take potshots at trump or whatever they hate, and bingo easy rewards, fans and fame.


the irony of the clique is that years ago their was a bit of a clique back then like with CN in the 90's but it was a friendly club that anyone can join so long they have; no so much the connections but the potential and/or talent. and they would work with one another with crossovers and other fun shit that people love. god its really sad what happens nowadays, you can't have your own opinion anymore when working in these industries, the result are grim and would bring anyone to tears.


File: 7f4ed32799ed66c⋯.png (249.67 KB, 350x491, 350:491, Killer_queen.png)


Kira Kuin! Bite za dusto!


File: 24163e35183ae95⋯.jpg (379.47 KB, 724x1025, 724:1025, 1296079 - Marvel Miss_Amer….jpg)


>You don't get a book like America by accident.

AMERICA actually is the best example that the SJWs in comics aren't nearly the firebrands you think they are.

AMERICA looks like it's a social justice warrior book, but it isn't. You've got the big gay latina hero with big gay brown space parents, the diversity squad cast, the crappy safe space college, all shit you'd expect in a social justice warrior comic. However, having read every fucking issue so far of AMERICA, what makes it the worst comic I have ever read is the fact that all of it is fucking hollow. No real political message, no discussion of social justice warrior crap, no metaphors for real life events portrayed the social justice way. Just a bunch of social justice elements floating around in a nebulous either devoid of even the mildest amount of substance. It's like the author is deliberately trying to make a comic that's about absolutely nothing.

After enduring the soul-crushing experience of reading it, you start to realize why Izzy Galvaz or whatever was hired in the first place. She looks like she's some progressive activist, but in reality she's spineless and easy for editorial to control. The same goes for the lot of them.



Anon, I think you made a point about these people and not just the book. What you described is who they are, hollow people. They are followers without understanding. They don't understand why or what it is they are railing for or against. They get accolades for simply existing with a real or imaginary trait, or worse a mental disease. Actual physical or mental accomplishment mean nothing. They are emotionally manipulated into not questioning. How can you expect anything of substance from these kind of people? Editorial is probably just as brain dead and most likely exert little control. Editorial control is probably limited to finding someone made of up buzzwords you want and letting them do their thing. You will never see a SJW book of substance because their worlds are devoid of substance.



I honestly can't understand how they think people like the raging dyke look, not even actual lesbians think that's remotely attractive



>No real political message, no discussion of social justice warrior crap, no metaphors for real life events portrayed the social justice way. Just a bunch of social justice elements floating around in a nebulous either devoid of even the mildest amount of substance.

That does not mean they're not firebrands, it means they are inept. The only thing holding SJWs back from further cultural penetration is the fact that they are not talented, disciplined, or altogether interested in creating last work. They are opinionated firebrands who want to knock the pillars out of western civilization, but they're fucking idiots who can't do anything right.

>She looks like she's some progressive activist, but in reality she's spineless and easy for editorial to control. The same goes for the lot of them.

You're half right. They're cheap, but their books absolutely reek of having no proper editorial or executive control. They rolled the dice on these people hoping they could connect with a different audience but miscalculated A). the size of that audience, B). the loyalty of that audience, and C). how much they're willing to spend. It seems the only reason they like these people is they come cheap and a relatively smaller risk than some well-paid artistic ventures.


File: 51c01797cf79dbe⋯.jpg (29.93 KB, 852x480, 71:40, John is not amused.jpg)


It's because she's black.


File: a170292faecb6a7⋯.png (12.74 KB, 529x137, 529:137, ksuehb.png)

why am I not surprised?


File: 1900572afb6f3a3⋯.webm (494.71 KB, 768x576, 4:3, killyourselfdilbert.webm)


>following Captain Cummings


File: f0df82a372c0bec⋯.jpg (66.34 KB, 750x736, 375:368, DJmUSoCUEAA5nRy.jpg)

This made me cringe



She bathes in semen?



File: 472e26c36678a54⋯.png (148.08 KB, 295x495, 59:99, Screenshot-2017-9-141.png)

File: 23ad9b997b51185⋯.png (236.14 KB, 869x1051, 869:1051, Screenshot-2017-9-142.png)


Yes, but this makes me laugh.

<haha dudebros I'm super successful in comics!

<but also I have patreon for my faggy comics

<and it makes no money

Only thing she's bathing in is debt.



it's a man



its called bukkake , anon




>Consider for a moment all the talent who hate Trump, but are working for a company headed by one of his major campaign contributors. That should tell you everything about the integrity of anyone working at Marvel.

They are hypocrites. Most of hipster SJWs are responsible for gentrification they like to rally against, and have no problem taking advantage of the 'evil capitalism'. Dating a rich guy for money that his daddy made by selling weapons to be used to kill Muslims and Africans? No problem!


File: ddce2206a3c72b6⋯.png (93.29 KB, 385x344, 385:344, ddce2206a3c72b671d8bdacc22….png)


The only reason you think the stories are written like shit is because there's no white people, you racist.



And what's wrong with capn Cummings?


File: de251aa22a72d6a⋯.png (823.08 KB, 906x811, 906:811, the captain has a wide ran….png)


>And what's wrong with capn Cummings?

<And what's wrong with a casual-tier e-celeb who's only content is bitching non-stop about sjw Marvel?

I, too, enjoy the video equivalent of beating a dead horse until it's hamburger, especially when that dead horse is beaten by someone with no knowledge of the subject matter.



<works on KIM &KIM

no wonder it sucks




How much longer until they have the whole alphabet under their control? Also what does * mean?



The * is so they don't have to write the whole alphabet. Sometimes they use a + instead, but it's like a stand in to let whatever faggy group know they're included. It's like they're close to realizing how retarded their acronym and everyone trying to be apart of it is, but they know they can't admit it.



>The * is so they don't have to write the whole alphabet

That's gonna trigger the fuck out of the type of people wanting to join.


File: b3c6776a16e18a4⋯.png (77.88 KB, 575x419, 575:419, bleedingfool.png)

Bleeding cool is the comic book industry's version of we hunted the mammoth.



Fuck Rich Johnston and fuck Aubrey Sitterson.


File: 11c2a3b1c8298a9⋯.gif (583.02 KB, 500x219, 500:219, T1GEbpl.gif)


File: 18ab12154f6a3fb⋯.png (38.82 KB, 531x423, 59:47, magswtf.png)


And insanity. She condones political violence.


File: e013eeb61096674⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 256x345, 256:345, please stop.jpg)



I didn't know at the time, nigga. I keep forgetting how the internet is, because in real life you see a girl name it's a girl. It's only in the SJW twitter blue checkmark world with a portrait avatar instead of a pic do you have to assume a girl name really means some ugly jew guy in a wig living out his fetish as a political statement.


It's an interesting topic but no reason for the suffix "gate".



>we're allowed to break laws and act like subhuman retards because we're oppressed!

You could explain to these people that their fears are unfounded and their definition of 'oppression' is skewed at best, meaning all counter-violence and rejection of their tactics is actually more justified than their initial actions, but they're so far up their own asses on that marxist kool-aid that there's no reasoning with them. Everyone is a racist, sexist, oppressive nazi shitlord, and if they and their 30 scrawny friends don't sucker punch random people at political rallies, then their entire movement has been a waste.



Why does it seem like the comic book websites and shit seem to get massively triggered by a few individuals?

Shittywebcomics Tumblr somehow had multiple webcomic creators (Leth, Diaz, QC guy) and Comics Alliance hating them even though they kept to themselves on Tumblr (as in webcomic criticism/making fun of flaws but not sending any harassment to the creators) but still got wiped by Leth's Tumblr connections. Now a few Youtubers revealing how poorly skilled certain employees are is enough to somehow enough to get Marvel worked up.

While gaming took years of one more straw to break the horses back incidents and a sudden wave of mass censorship on multiple website and double standards for GG to happen.

This has to manufactured attention seeking drama, as in we need an enemy to blame for things going wrong because we are good and do no wrong The we in this case being Marvel who has been doing much wrong.



Why do they fucking never learn that sort of "revenge because of oppression" abuse will just turn into a circular conflict that is very hard to stop.



>Why do they fucking never learn that sort of "revenge because of oppression" abuse will just turn into a circular conflict that is very hard to stop.

You think that they don't know that? They know that if it ends they will lose their victim status and oppression cards. Why do you think that they always send their retards and their "allies" on the front lines?


How much of a money sink is the comics industry these days?

It can't last much longer surely.



It'll last until the industry hires writers and editors that are not into identity politics.



wow edgy


File: 4b999c523034853⋯.png (66.88 KB, 225x227, 225:227, 4b999c523034853b71a98a1b4a….png)


Bring it, I wanna see all the shit that'll be dredged up from the newage hacks they've brought on



I wanna pet that cat


File: 25fdaaf25d6c4b7⋯.png (35.79 KB, 499x401, 499:401, rm.png)

check this



Man, they are really scared of Diversity and Comics. The dude is a nobody on Youtube, but that goes to show how insecure these people are that even a guy with less than 50,000 subscribers can strike fear on them.



They have always been insecure people, but specially now more than ever, they want to kill off any growing dissident from becoming popular and getting another Trump equivalent or so speak.

>Shittywebcomics Tumblr somehow had multiple webcomic creators (Leth, Diaz, QC guy) and Comics Alliance hating them even though they kept to themselves on Tumblr (as in webcomic criticism/making fun of flaws but not sending any harassment to the creators) but still got wiped by Leth's Tumblr connections.

Shit I didn't knew Leth did that. Fuck her.



The American industry may decline but Europe with it's 60 page album formats (and manga series in Japan) will live on.


>that goes to show how insecure these people are that even a guy with less than 50,000 subscribers can strike fear on them.

Less than 50,000, isn't that still more than most of there comic sales?

It seems so odd, they barely sell anything with their current crap, why do they get more worried when someone on social media starts speaking the truth about it? Are they somehow worried the normal fags non-buying comics audience are going to see D&C and learn what they already knew that comic books weren't worth buying and still have zero reasons to go to a comic book store?


What's even more messed up SWC was already shadowbanned by Tumblr, so I don't think there was any way Leth could see any of their content on her page (or however Tumblr works?) And from the sounds of it the creator of Nimona was the first one to even inform her of SWC's existence. So it's possible that Leth had to actually visit their page (repeatedly?) to actually get offended by them mocking her.



Some people just need to be victims, need to feel attacked.

They get off on it - it's a persecution fetish.




My theory is that these guys learned their lesson about Trump to not underestimate their enemies and they do anything to silence their opponents before they gain any momentum, which costed them the election. Now I am not necessarily saying guys like D&C will make comics great again or crap like that, but its the what SJWs are seeing. No matter how small their enemies are, they need to be destroyed before they gain traction. Take ComicsExplained, a SJW channel with over 1 million subs, who simply couldn't resist attacking D&C or Capn Cummings, both of whom are nowhere near as big, but they know that they say confirm all the bad shit about Marvel and prevent them from gaining new costumers in their minds. The reality is that the average normalfag won't devote themselves to pick any comic series, even though they will pay to watch anything Marvel slaps their brand on it.



>why do they get more worried when someone on social media starts speaking the truth about it?

I suspect that since they're such an incestuously tight knit group, they're able to retain their jobs in the face of abysmal sales through group consensus. In other words, you're able to keep the wool over upper management's eyes if every member of the team is pushing the same narrative. Consider that the press is in on selling this lie as well.

What happens when some independent youtubers who challenge this narrative start attracting as much attention as your book sales and blog readership? Especially when market research shows younger audiences trust youtubers far more than any other media source.



are you lost buddy?




>My theory is that these guys learned their lesson about Trump to not underestimate their enemies

I guarantee you, they haven't. This is just executing the typical SJW logic. They've been doing this exact thing for a long time.


>Are they somehow worried the normal fags non-buying comics audience are going to see D&C and learn what they already knew that comic books weren't worth buying and still have zero reasons to go to a comic book store?

Nah, it's more to do with what >>924030 posted.

Also, it get's worse, look at this: https://imgur.com/a/uXbnz



Aww now, that just makes me sad


File: ba87b42b61abb20⋯.png (235.28 KB, 750x475, 30:19, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 15fcaa0a3ace9be⋯.png (559.29 KB, 732x960, 61:80, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 761f550607a5aac⋯.png (505.28 KB, 740x960, 37:48, ClipboardImage.png)


>I guarantee you, they haven't. This is just executing the typical SJW logic. They've been doing this exact thing for a long time.

I know that, but right now they are even more desperate than ever since Trump's election sent them into a deranged hysteria, and they have to rely on even more extreme measures to silence their opponents. I suppose this is the reason why Google and Youtube are growing even more draconian, they want to prevent the next "Trump" equivalent in whatever place they want to control from ever existing.



>That link

That is Mark Waid just so you know.



The thing that bothers me about this is the fact that anyone takes D&C seriously as any kind of critic, commentator, or shitposter. His entire channel is fucking awful and barely anything he says is controversial or insightful.



Anti-SJWs will rally behind anyone just about anyone, even that person is a moron. And SJWs will fear any ebil right wingers that threaten to burst their bubble.



Mark Waid rules.


Even old school big name writers are jumping in to try and threaten people and fans. These people are such huge retards.




GTFO, Waid.


D&C is fucking indefensible. This idiot likes Fant4stic and the Shadow by Dynamite comics.




It's low effort videos on his phone and he'll sing the praises of garbage like Rat Queens from 1 slightly less pozzed issue and hate on long form stories because he can barely read recap pages. The fact that he's shit is what makes it funny that Marvel is going full retard over him.


File: 52ac48417ed2c9b⋯.png (160 KB, 927x967, 927:967, OY VEY.png)



>conspiring to assault and harass a jew

Are comics run by anti-semites?


Seriously though, comics pros getting so asshurt by such a milquetoast commentator and possible jew will do nothing but show normies how out of touch and radicalized they are. This is nothing but a good thing for the industry.




That's what so fucking bizarre, he not right about everything, he makes fuckloads of daily videos that seem to go over 15+ minutes in length, it can take a while before he gets to the point in said videos (which he doesn't edit). The whole series even resulted in him being doxed and he still keeps going.

And yet they perceive him as a "threat" because he asked a female editor some questions on Twitter. They are wasting so much energy on someone who is essentially harmless and yet giving him more exposure in the process.



Mark Waid really has become the "old man yells at cloud" of the industry hasn't he?



His shit taste aside, what has pissed me off about D&C is that in one of his last videos he said that he will no longer saying some of his more inflammatory things. Gets views shit talking sjw's and their comics; immediately capitulates to them once they turn up the heat thereby validating their ideology and methods.



He's a weak boomer. What can you expect? Maybe someone on /co/ should start making videos.



I remember that vid. I also remember a few hours later he made another vid saying that his fans showed him he was being played like Andy was.




>Admitting to watching D&C

Oh shit niggers what are you doing?


File: f650a2064f85f78⋯.png (470.1 KB, 688x335, 688:335, Dan_Dashly_Discusses-_Jem_….png)


Only original Anons will remember who he is

Around the time of the Exodus Dan Dashly started too, it was as cringe worthy as you could imagine.



There's nothing inherently wrong with him, all about preferences. I know we had one random cuckchan refugee shilling for him a week or two ago, but the thread generally agreed he wasn't really special and everyone started to shit on the OP for shilling.



Only just realised that shirt is the Vietnamese flag.



>steven universe shirt

kill him



Steven Universe is a good cartoon.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Webm or kill yourself shill.



^Kill this guy too.



>There's nothing inherently wrong with him

There is a LOT wrong with him which has been said in the past. Dude doesn't use a script, rambles a lot and doesn't edit his videos. Also giving money to Marvel is counterproductive too when he can simply make take a screen grab from any comic hosting site. God, I can't wait until someone in Marvel gloats "thank you for your money, sucker" and make him look stupid.



>Dude doesn't use a script, rambles a lot and doesn't edit his videos.

Again, its up to each individual viewer. I don't have a problem with it,it would be nice. When I said there wasn't anything inherently wrong, he's not that big of a sperg like other comicbook reviewers on youtube. He's talking about the crap going on and is getting quite a bit of attention from circles within the industry. Again I refer back to Dan, he edits and uses a script but I can't stand more than a minute before deleting the video from my history tab. >>924657

>Also giving money to Marvel is counterproductive too

Im pretty sure he'd get more shit/ trouble if he does any review without paying for said copy. On the basis, he's a paying costumer and he expects a quality product of story telling and not blatant propaganda. Also Anon ya gotta remember not everyone is an imageboard lurking sperg (I know he browses the other place sometimes but it still shouldn't come as a surprise) , and getting worked up about it solves nothing.



>Makes a shit ton of videos bitching about Marvel.

>Ends up buying issues of books he knows he's gonna hate.

If you don't see a problem with this then you're a bigger retard than he is.

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