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What do non-tacos think of Chapulin Colorado?

Is he a good cape?


not a comic or a cartoon



Served an LDS mission to Chihuahua and had a chance to watch a bit of this. Seemed decently funny. I saw more of the animated series (the lightbulb sketch)



Where should I post this, fucking /tv/?


>LDS mission

What for? afaik there's plenty of mormons here in Chihuahua.



Technically he counts if the Chavo de 8 cartoon counts.


File: 5ec0da5ee2ce0f6⋯.jpg (65.61 KB, 620x465, 4:3, serveimage-8.jpg)


>not a comic or a cartoon

Fight me, faggot



>guy takes multiple chairs to the head

even if they are breakaway props that's gotta hurt at the speed Chapulin's swinging them



Anon your shift key is broken.



I am a Huelander and I fucking love it. I am pretty sure most of South America loves it too, therefore the non-taco fanbase is larger than its local fans.



Its a given any Spanish speaking person that isn't from Spain loves Chizpirito.


File: 1a17c90163693af⋯.jpg (25.99 KB, 529x399, 529:399, kingbugs.jpg)


I hate it and have always hated it. I was forced to watch that garbage as a child with my family because we weren't lucky enough to have cable and it was either that or infomercials/newscasts at breakfast. I always raged so much at the stupidity and malice of the majority of the characters plus the overused tropes and jokes that was often expelled from the dinning room. It was the same five or six jokes done ad nauseam with the same five or six characters and then blatant copies of those characters when the actors either died or left the show. Fucking trash. And the franchise and characters have been milked for years with the same tropes, same jokes and the same chronically idiotic, mean-spirited and selfish characters.

It's not very popular to the north of Mexico (where many people even despise it) as it is down at the central and southern states. However, it seems that the most hung up people on the show and characters are from South American countries.



This has nothing to do with the discussion at hand but since you're enabling Hispanics to call themselves out.

I'm Colombian.

Fuck Venezuela.

t. Me.



I'm Venezuelan, and I agree, but to keep it /co/ related, it's a shame Venezuela went to hell, we used to have a really fucking good dub industry that slowly became worse and worse, to the point that even the mexican was better. Here, Teen Titans is one of my favorites. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3vnxa5

You should just close the damn borders and ask Trump for a wall. Or just bomb out asses already, this place needs a fucking purge, but your president said fucking no. Good luck dealing with communism now that FARC can be elected and most probably will win because I know for a fact that Colombia is full of liberal leftist idiots in major cities that makes a considerable part of the population, just like Venezuela was back in 1999.



Well, think as a mexican back then, this shit was gold, never done before… Except it was. Chespirito ripped off every one of Chaplin's acts in a lot of his spoof, specially the not so famous ones. Of course, ignorant beaners that were just discovering TV and were mostly out of the loop until then threated him like the second coming of Jesus, and since Mexicans aren't the brightest or the most creative folks, they just kept milking it. The internal stories and conflicts between the actors is awful.

>It's not very popular to the north of Mexico


Ah, so you are mexican? I've heard that some mexicans despise it because they think it's a shame they are internationally recognized for it, but I've also heard a lot of people, specially people of small towns, love it, and there's even an statue of the mailman in one of the towns mentioned in the show. Is that true?


>mean-spirited and selfish characters

What? If I give something to the show is how lighthearted it is with his humor. Sure, they are selfish, but they are supposed to be kids, the adults are usually the best part of the show, the best part being Don Ramon. The show grows repetitive fast, but there's an special place for it in anyone who grew with it, even if it's relatively bad.



Brazilian here. I'd support a wall… if we had money.



The Chilindrina is mean-spirited as well as Kiko. All they ever want is fuck over El Chavo, who is criminally retarded, and Doña Florinda is a self-centered woman who keeps hitting Don Ramon over and over without even truly trying to know the truth of whatever happened, content in the knowledge that he's too chivalrous to ever hit her back. She never disciplines that fucktard mendacious kid she's got and covers up for him. The only decent person there might be Don Ramon (and this is a stretch because he doesn't work and never pays his rent), and yet everybody fucks him over. So yeah, the characters are mean spirited. Maybe El Chavo not so much as he seems to be actually retarded, too retarded to think of the consequences of his selfish actions.



>Kiko and Chilindrina

Again, they are supposed to be kids. El Chavo is just naive and probably stupid because he is poor, that's the joke, and it's supposed to be lighthearted because he have his moments, like that episode where they accuse him of stealing things.

>Doña Florinda

She is supposed to be a rich wannabe, which is why she acts like a self-centered cunt, which is why she spoils Kiko giving him fancy or expensive toys presumably bought with the money she gets from her Suggardaddy professor.

>Don Ramon

He is just a guy that had really bad luck in life, he avoids rent because he is poor as fuck, and have shitty jobs to pay just for his food or Chilindrina's.

>Having character in a show about antics is mean spirited

Do you have the morality of a retarded TV preacher man?



Calcetin con Rombos Man was better : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mughdodcheQ


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


31 minutos was amazing, a shame it was short lived and it was barely aired internationally.



I heard it was still going.

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