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File: 25d366dd33ab789⋯.jpg (392.55 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, Wild Bogdanoff brothers sp….jpg)

File: 0f8fedd8819dbe1⋯.jpg (546.49 KB, 1152x1974, 192:329, DONG. DONG. DONG. DONG.jpg)


I've recently picked up Lastman. It's good.

Anyone know where I can watch the cartoon? All the torrents I find are deader than dead. Also when is the next volume going to be released in english? I'm only on Volume 3 and I've got the next couple coming in soon-ish but I can't find any release info on anything past that.


You want >>>/a/, fam.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Please, could you share links to comics?

As to the cartoon, there are two places to watch it.

Official English dub version is available on Mondo/VRV. You have to pay for it, but there is no ads on the sity, video quality is better, faster buffering etc.


Other than that, it's on kisscartoon and kimcartoon from what I remember. It is subbed, but quality goes only up to 720p.



It's a French comic. Vid related is the first episode in English. It's pretty good, and it only gets better as it goes along.



>Please, could you share links to comics?

I bought them off amazon. They're really fuckin cheap. Most volumes are under 7 bucks.



Are there any subs? I wanna soak in the hon hon hon.



yes its subbed on kimartoon

the dub is just now coming out and having already watched the sub and comparing the dub to it, the voices in both are pretty fitting to the characters and acted decently, so as far as english and french go just watch it in whichever you perfer



Just ignore and report.


File: 536df932e5306db⋯.webm (2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ravioli ravioli.webm)

ids breddy gud

Does transform from a horror series with slapstick to a slapstick series with some horror as the series progresses but overall it was pretty enoyable.

Expected more horror from Perrin but eh.

Now Ill have to check out the rest of the series and be most likely massively disappointed by the shift of tone.



It ain't bad.


so is the whole series out in comic and cartoon form?


File: d2dee8f462b9178⋯.jpg (40.67 KB, 283x519, 283:519, b109b4184aa101390d3cfe236d….jpg)



An anon posted the comics onto a megafolder it's in the share thread.

Also, you can watch all 26 episodes in french and with subtitles on Kimcartoon dot me. Use ublock origin and noscript, since no anon has ripped them yet from the download links off the website. I'll see if I can post the pages I got off of it for a story time if there's any interest.


File: 3f69bce53210bb6⋯.mp4 (5.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Just a Bouncy Girl.mp4)


Cartoon is a prequel to the comic.


>An anon posted the comics onto a megafolder it's in the share thread

Thank you. I found the post with the link: >>917649 It has six volumes in English.

>since no anon has ripped them yet from the download links off the website

I'm on it. Site will get taken down someday, and it would be a shame to lose such a great animation.

Nice digits, by the way


File: bd16200726114f8⋯.webm (10.13 MB, 854x480, 427:240, yellow brain.webm)

guess Ill just dump some more webbums then


File: 868a27b6e96d025⋯.webm (8.18 MB, 854x480, 427:240, yellow brain 2.webm)


File: 6bf9a269d24dd57⋯.webm (6.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, remove kinglet.webm)


anywhere I can dowload the french dub/english sub from?


File: b6acf6a12ad63d3⋯.webm (5.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ow the edge.webm)

File: e6e8b846d016f0b⋯.webm (1.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, USAF in action.webm)


see >>925641, you can just DDL the vids through opening them in a separate window


File: 9f97f1310c156f2⋯.webm (10.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, rape me my friend.webm)


File: b82f341cc7c4dc5⋯.webm (9.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, son of a bitch.webm)


File: f7cd0ec0560bbc1⋯.webm (7.76 MB, 854x480, 427:240, nice atmosphere.webm)


File: f64e6fce40b2af0⋯.webm (9.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, AVRIL & MONTHAYE - Fire .webm)


File: 1ddc56912b7cfe4⋯.mp4 (11.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Roulette.mp4)




Here is the link to all 26 episodes with French dub and with hardcoded English subs. They are in 720p and 3.2 GB total.



They went overboard with folds and wrinkles at 0:28. It makes her look old, especially compared with other women who have much less superficial detail on their bodies when naked.


File: 6ee4198f380a266⋯.png (406.04 KB, 834x653, 834:653, a gander.PNG)


its a standart trick to hyperemphasize minor details in conventional painting so eh

I wouldnt go so far as to call it a QUALITY moment really



thank you very much




This is pretty much Average Delta Green Game: The Webm



I thought it was about street fighters.

But coming from the artists from THAT music video I shouldn't expect less.


Ok, I seriously thought the series was about something else.

What is it about and why the only cartoons I get from france is shitty 'social comentary' and ((education)) cartoons like Super Mini Heroes or whatever it is called?


File: 71d9a061c0e3b2b⋯.png (243.42 KB, 531x361, 531:361, dis nigga serious.PNG)


because the french are greedy fuckers and dont want to share the good shit

Im contemplating gathering around a couple of baguettes to start translating some of it

>What is it about

Its about Chad Thundercock's struggle to feed a very, VERY hungry little girl

but seriously you got a full thread of webbums nigga



And that's why I'm confused supersatan.

Is this about fighting? about X-files? about lovecraftian horrors? about hypnotic rape?



all of the above



So… that makes it the best series ever made?


File: 684fa4cbaab16b1⋯.webm (2.33 MB, 854x480, 427:240, lottery.webm)


its a solid 9 in my book


File: 83879bd5fc1fe25⋯.png (153.29 KB, 295x229, 295:229, 83879bd5fc1fe25a41a3fb33ec….png)

It's really disappointing how a lot of major shit gets looked over with Chorum and the kinglets.

Even the comic seems to have no direction and they tend to even try to explain anything.

Here you have a cool show about fighting and the fuck up of two brothers. To Siri becoming a sex slave to a group of monks for no fucking reason and then becoming a roided out monster, for fuck all reasons besides french having a hard on for kink and mindbreak

And nothing being answered in terms as to why Chorum Could assume many forms, and appeared to Siri as an unnamed prince and a bird.

If anything, you'd think with all the unexplained elements that they would have that shit all explained in the comics, but no, they don't.

Chorum never gets brought back up again, and people start getting revived all over the place for plot reasons.


File: bcb5af6a98321e6⋯.webm (3.37 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, die pinguine aus madagask….webm)


Nice spoilers asshole.

Chorum and the rest are implied to be humans once and attained their power later on, which is why the time bitch could turn him into a kid, plus he wasnt unnamed he clearly stated his name in that episode.

And the dove wasnt Chorum it was Siri. Chorum tried to trick her into killing her own self while he was semi-in-control her. "A spear called Despair" is not exactly something you kill your enemies with.



It's Jem and the Holograms meets Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Essentially it is about fighting, but there is no big bad as of yet, there is definite villains and definite heroes and definite morally ambiguous characters, but so far it seems to be about the corrupt MMA league with a lot of mysterious supernatural elements. There is a lot of hints so far about a greater overarching plot about A lost village in the middle of the desert surrounded by mad max- styled bandits who don't seem to know of it's existence and a bunch of rich corrupt businessmen trying to find it for one reason or another. but I've only read up to Volume 4.



Is JoJo's Bizzare Adventure the Citizen Kane of battle manga now or what?



It's the one everyone has read.



I havent. Check mate atheists.



It looks more like Final Fight and X-Files to me.

I just don't see the resemblance to JoJo. It doesn't have [Stands] nor hamon powers.




Its actually more Simpsons meets Akira.

Stop with the retarded comparisons already.



It has the spirit abilities that are lost to everyone outside of the village. And Jojo isn't all about stands.



>What is it about

Boxer/MMA fighter Richard Aldana has to take care of a little girl with a mysterious condition. Symptoms are contained by a substance made from monsters, but a coup that happens to be a prize in the tournament is supposedly a cure. Aldana gradually fights his way to the cure, and hunts monsters on the side to keep the condition in check until cure is available. On the way, he has to deal with the mafia running the fighting federation, police, his team, and a pop starlet.



What the fucK?







Saving western animation one fat negress at a time.


So there are the 6 volumes of the comic, and the animated prequel. Is that the entire series? Because I basically marathoned the cartoon, that shit got me hooked, and I want to know exactly how much time I'll be investing now.


File: cb1da39170af3e1⋯.jpg (180.63 KB, 1280x790, 128:79, chorum.jpg)

File: 8c94ec98d11a87c⋯.jpg (170.7 KB, 1280x710, 128:71, gobniu.jpg)


9 volumes apparently, theres also a shitty videogame called Lastfight but its a fancervice type of deal



Oh, there are 9 volumes? But only 6 listed on Amazon, so I guess the remaining 3 aren't translated yet. At least, not officially?


File: 7b4718d0c2496a3⋯.png (3.52 KB, 326x309, 326:309, iw.png)


>Les têtes du Gobniu sont un peu en mode partouze permanente


File: 12a34fe02aa0994⋯.jpg (239.83 KB, 1280x824, 160:103, frog.jpg)

File: 16e2bdd94cf1d34⋯.jpg (191.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tomie.jpg)


Not that I know of. Then again I literally only found out about the series about 5 days ago.


Speaking of frogs, you sound like a frog.

I will pay you zero frog money if you go buy the remaining 3 volumes and scan them in and then translate the script so I can edit and scanlate it. Sounds fair, non?


File: 60287b1d735e915⋯.jpg (103.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 60287b1d735e9156fb4e46ec65….jpg)


>That animation

>Those sounds

I don't know if they were trying to make an erotic rape scene, but dear god did they succeed.



Shits been around for a couple years.



In terms of appearance, blue-haired chick is quality waifu material.

There's something I never thought I'd say. Because sjws have dyed hair, typically blue



she's literally based on hitomi tanaka



>Because sjws have dyed hair, typically blue

Perhaps, but so do animu girls.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My best friend owns all the lastman comics, as long as scanning them involves no risk whatsoever she might be willing to lend them again to me.

I know we had a "frog translation" thread on /co/ months ago, but it was basically two/three frogs doing all the work and there wasn't anything "organized" enough to really make it go far enough. I tried to help but I wasn't as good as the anon doing most of the work so I left it at that, I was overall useless. They did go through several volumes of that comic about a brother and a hot sister getting their father's restaurant and some shit. Can't recall the name.

Seriously, /co/ needs to get some discord group or whatever else that actually would dedicate itself to translating french comics. Something comparable to all those manga sites with dozens, if not hundreds of translation teams, would be a godsend.


Actually, pretty much every single character in the comic's name comes from porn actors/actresses' names. Not even kidding.

Regarding Tanaka, she was so pleased to be inspiration for the comics, she even participated to some parody behind the scenes for the comic.





Also, the main guy behind the comics is Bastien Vivès, basically our best comic artist these days. The dude's insanely talented, read Polina from him, it's heartbreaking.

Thing is, he went to the Gobelins school (Europe's best animation school, one of the best in the world), and was pissed because it's turning -if not already has turned- into a corporate tool as well and so the education level has crashed down.

One of the events in the school was to get students to do (entirely for free of course) some "contest" for the next Canal J show idea (Canal J is a big TV channel for kids in France), and so it's basically unpaid commercials from students with such levels of talent, they're overall professional-tier.

So he went "fuck all of you, no way I'm playing along", and produced the following vid : http://www.catsuka.com/player/nouveau_heros_canalj_by_bastien_vives

He was obviously fired for it

Nowadays he's one of France's most famous comic artists

Oh, and Balak is one of the three big guys behind the comic too, most of /co/ knows him as the creator of Les Kassos (embed related). You guys would love following him on twitter, he draws a LOT of lewds.



Oh god, I remember this cancer.


File: 30fe9e70f8a074a⋯.gif (513.21 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 5525a70fb8f4b279cc90b44f15….gif)

File: c5c1b127ec615b5⋯.jpg (34.13 KB, 700x345, 140:69, C0CRsg4WQAADgtc.jpg)

File: d963827148080d3⋯.png (746.29 KB, 983x1200, 983:1200, Cz693fYXgAA83rW.png)

File: da66b1947eeb5ed⋯.jpg (83.97 KB, 703x943, 703:943, C0CRrTaWIAAR--Z.jpg)


>as long as scanning them involves no risk whatsoever she might be willing to lend them again to me

As far as I know, people usually unbind pages to make scanning easier if book is thick enough. Not sure how Lastman is bound, but since scans posted here have two "comic book pages" per "scanned page," chopping books probably won't be necessary. Place where spine meets the cover might take some beating though. So there probably is risk involved.

>Bastien Vivès, basically our best comic artist these days

What? Comic art is serviceable, but I would not call it good. It gets the point across, but is very loose and bare bones. If that's what is considered good art in France, then its industry is not much better than American one. What the fuck is going on in French comics? Are Japs the only ones left? Do we have to wait for Slavs to decide to make comics?

But I am an artfag who likes pretty pictures and will read absolute bottom of the barrel crap if it has nice art to lean on.

>You guys would love following him on twitter,

I checked his account and wish I haven't. On the plus side, I found the list of porn actresses that they reference in Lastman.

>he draws a LOT of lewds.

Not really, especially not in the past year, and they are nothing special anyway. Average pixiv faggots are better than Balak, and he draws too many hairy, lumpy, Lena Dunham-like girls for my liking.

And is it just me, or does Balak always wear an eyeliner and makeup?



OK, I'll admit I might've been a bit too overeager by calling Vivès "one of our best comic artists"… but saying his work isn't good is retarded anon. You're retarded. Again, read Polina. Artistic beauty goes beyond minute details. The narrative power of his art goes beyond the garbage you could find in America, I assure you. Just because he never draws eyes doesn't mean you ever consider any of them blind.

A shame you don't like Balak's twitter, he draws some fun stuff from time to time I don't follow him so maybe that's why I thought he was still drawing stuff

Also your opinion on the quality of his girls is your opinion but comparing them to lena dunham is seriously a huge dickmove anon, that's beyond mean at this point




Val go away please


scanning in a comic is a dectructive process that requires you to remove the binding in one way or another to get scans of quality that is anything but shit




is there anywhere i can watch all of Les Kassos with proper english subs that isn't blocked in my fucking country like your video or censored to shit and back?







>but saying his work isn't good is retarded

It's not good, but don't act like I said it's shit. Art in Lastman is just mediocre overall, although it seems to get better past the 1st volume. Courthouse scenes actually look fairly impressive. It is good at conveying the story, and fights are actually easy to follow and know exactly what's happening.

>read Polina

I did. Art is worse than in Lastman. Sparse backgrounds and there is some really botched perspective in that book. It's also pretty boring, and timeskip kind of undercuts the whole story. Up until this point we saw Polina gradually work towards advancement, but timeskipping to her suddenly being a famous dancer feels really jarring.

A Taste of Chlorine is far better than Polina, and superior to Lastman when it comes to art.

>A shame you don't like Balak's twitter

It's predominantly because it resembles twitter accounts of Americans in comic book industry.

> comparing them to lena dunham is seriously a huge dickmove anon

That's the first place my mind went to after seeing chubby and lumpy figures with hairy armpits and 70's bushes. Although they have attractive enough faces, tits, and asses - unlike Lena Dunham. His other art is pretty good.

Why do you namefag, by the way?

And I forgot to thank for you the behind the scenes info on the comic in my earlier post. So thanks, namefag


Best I was able to find were episodes on dailymotion. They are uncensored and not region locked, but have no English subtitles.



Oh ! I meant purely Vivès' work, not Lastman's. Lastman's art isn't necessarily amazing visually, but it's in the "intensity" and the "animation feel" it has (hard for me to explain, sorry, not a native english speaker) that it shines. Also, the story's a fuckton of fun anyway.

However, if you dislike Polina, both in story and art, then I guess it's all a matter of shit taste overall. Which I respect, anon. You're wrong, but you're allowed to dislike some things I find gorgeous.


Aren't there subs on youtube ? I thought that's where those were.

Ah wait ! now I remember. Canal+'s site (the french channel that showed it) has subs for the show, but it censors anything too "lewd" and forces you to turn off adblock or some shit.



Why are you namefagging?


So I watched the cartoon, liked it. Read a couple dozen pages of the first comic, I thought it was alright. How long does it take for characters from the cartoon to start popping up though, and does it do a decent job of explaining what he did in between the events of the last episode and the beginning?



He's a fucking attention whoring autist just read his /cow/ thread if you want to know more about this pathetic fag.



The characters from the cartoon don't appear aside from two or three (the boxer and the pop singer, I think that's it).

There are quite a few stories indeed that explain some of the shit between the two, yeah. But I think that only happens at volume three or four.



Don't forget Milo.

Also, let's get speculating, what did Howard get up to after he crossed over into the Valley? Did he fuck Marianne?




Also Duke Diamonds is in both



All-in-all the lack of any horror in the most of the comics irks me, and the only nod to Richard's monster hunting past is that reference to 'The Righteous' that Lord Cudna drops at the King's reception before the finals of the Cup of Kings.


I just finished volume 6 in english and the back of the book advertised volume 5 as the penultimate volume. I guess that's it for the series officially in english. Anyone got fan translations of 7-9? They ended it on a fucking time skip cliffhanger and it's nagging at me.



Keep in mind that the cartoon was made after the comic.



No idea.



>I guess that's it for the series officially in English

It's tough to say. In most cases it takes few months up to a year, but this is a very loose estimate. Thing seem to be very finicky and inconsistent when it comes to foreign stuff on English market. It is very tough to predict anything unless you know the details of licensing, translator's availability, logistics associated with print, etc.

For example, It took over a year for volume 4 of Ekho to get a translation, but 5th one came out simultaneously in both French and English. 6th one took couple months, and 7th is supposed to be available on the same day in both languages.



I've looked at the release dates of Lastman and it has been a pretty consistent 3 a year around the same time that just stops at the end of 2016. The fact that 5 is advertised as the penultimate volume and the fact that 2017 is almost over with no word then it's not looking good.



Watching cartoon first sure makes for a pretty rough transition. Horror elements aside, artwork is another hurdle to get over. Both styles are on the minimalistic side, but cartoon is clear and precise, while book is very loose and rough. Although artwork does improve after 1st volume.


>what did Howard get up to after he crossed over into the Valley?

He probably went off searching for the Lion and the Iguana. Or maybe just wanted to discover other unknown lands within the valley.

>Did he fuck Marianne?

Possibly. Adrian's father is an outsider, and Richard is the only one that made it into the valley as far as we know. She also had to get a hold of the bike and knowledge of the outside world somehow.


It might be taking them a while to secure the rights or something. Whole IP and publishing systems for foreign comics in the U.S. and UK seems to be a mess. For some bizarre reason even Humanoids does chunk of its business with Dark Horse, despite having American division.

As far as I know, Europa and Delcourt+Soleil in English are the only publishers that release foreign stuff in English with any sort of consistency.



oh i don't mind the difference in art styles, i just want muh horrors


File: 10ca8226c2d7d16⋯.jpg (78.65 KB, 795x168, 265:56, LastMan - firstsecondbooks….jpg)

File: 9803510b2b28748⋯.jpg (16.54 KB, 400x388, 100:97, Feels_Bad_Man.jpg)








I sent an email to the First Second Books. They responded, and it turns out that they are not planning to translate any other books right now.



RIP. I guess the only way to make them change their minds is to get more people to buy the books. Time to shill it.




That just places more importance on fan translations



Gaulese learning threads when :^)



Well we'd still need the original french versions, wouldn't we. I've been asking all over the place but no luck. I could even understand a lot of it, but noooo, no shares for you.


File: 3b9f577569a57a6⋯.png (25 KB, 591x279, 197:93, hon hon hon.PNG)


File: 5d89f6f5023c08d⋯.jpg (235.78 KB, 843x687, 281:229, ExtremlyIncoprihensible.jpg)


Where did you get them!? They better not be some random renamed files.


File: 637472794b5a73e⋯.png (895.84 KB, 1329x963, 443:321, hon hon hon.PNG)


File: 1b1e99c692450b7⋯.gif (797.02 KB, 245x225, 49:45, aaaaaaaah.gif)


Oh shit


File: 287058ea62f7405⋯.gif (621.63 KB, 375x211, 375:211, 287.gif)




You son of a bitch. Throw this in the share thread



Apparently it's online on japscan.com/mangas/lastman/

Still, it would be nice of >>933987 if he would share the cbz files on our vola folder instead of being a tease. Linking a torrent would be a good idea too, since I have a seedbox and could seed files constantly once I download them.


File: 2032b9ce520d04c⋯.gif (343.4 KB, 500x351, 500:351, muh color theory.gif)



its taken off some french tracker of which I forgot the name


File: 3b84e45c6b6b141⋯.jpg (8.6 KB, 275x142, 275:142, MAD.jpg)

Man, the cartoon is so good. Everything clicks and shit. Got me hyped and I read the comics.

THEY ARE SHITE. Wish I hadn't. Too many plot holes, the characters don't fell real, no one has motivations or purpose. The fuck that bullshit about the 5 knights? The fuck a generic mom and child fucking all the best fighters with Avatar bending, but Aldana fucks all the BEST benders with only his fists? Aldana not knowing that he is getting seconds from Howard is bullshit. The whole madmax island (as entertaining as it is) is completely pointless and break immersion. Fucking CRISTO, godsakes, maryfuckingsue special strongwymen with no character, no past, no motivation. How the fuck Aldana manages to beat Cristo? How come doing drugs both bring people back from the dead AND give them super powers? How come the 5 knights aren't touched upon in the cartoon? Did the book changed? Did Howard failed to read to the end?

In the after credits of the cartoon's last episode we see two Kahllos finding Siri. Thus we can assume that Cristo is Siri, somehow. But then why wouldn't she tell Aldana who is she? How did she get HYUGE? Is Chorum still inside her?



Every single thing you are complaining about, and I do mean every single one gets resolved by reading more.

I think your issue is that you did things in the wrong order. The comic came first, and then the cartoon came out with basically a prequel aspect that didn't even need to be anything but fanservice and deep lore shit; but you watched the cartoon first and so to you the comic HAS to be a sequel, in a way, while it never was written or done with that purpose in the first place.

So everything you read is supposed to be new, and you progress and find out about more stuff slowly, because you discover the universe, and the history, and the places and the characters and shit.

Honestly, the comic's very good. It's just meant to be taken as a "starting point". Do not expect to be fed everything, from characters' pasts to events' meanings, immediately and with wordswordswordswords like cape comics do no offense. Heck, the comic was specifically written with the intent of being a "french manga", and there's nothing more contemplative and slow-paced than mangas. Whereas, again, the cartoon was 24 episodes of 10 minutes just to tell some crazy story for the hell of it by the creators. Of course they'd just go nuts and put everything they can just to enjoy themselves.

The comic is actually where it all starts and what they were working on precisely; that's why you have to treat it like new lands entirely first and foremost.

I also suspect the cartoon's story basically is shit they entirely made up on the spot and only after it was released and good did Vivès and Balak go "oh shit that's awesome we totally gotta add this lore to the comic somehow".


File: 5397c959956a74b⋯.jpg (25.4 KB, 397x520, 397:520, gentle persuasion.jpg)


Then tell me, why the cartoon has better characters, with clear motives and cohesive decision making? Why do you think they ditched the abysmal ideas that they used in the comic (like the fucking drug that bringsyou back from the past, turns you a super knight with magical powers, while giving no fucking background for us to care?). How is it soo fucking easy to come and go from the Valley without the cup? Howard and Marienne did went trough the Iguana's breath and didn't have it.

Explain to me how can Aldana beat the shit of THE BEST benders, while a fucking child bender beat the shit of the best fighters? Are they special mary sues? What makes Adrian and his mom good characters thank fucking god they killed her? We have to watch as this whore that has special powers that solves all the situations by exploding everyone, seriously there is no tension when she is traveling trough Nilipolis goes after a total stranger with no motivation, it goes as far as using Adrian as a escape goat, saying that the moment he wants to go back she would. Where is the butt? Where is the cleavage? Where is the motivation for her actions? Love? Why didn't she went after Howard then? She clearly loved him.

You are wrong, the cartoon is better written, just that.

Like watching True Detective, the first one is simply better written and cast. It is like reading Harry Potter and thinking the second book has to be better than the third just because, like watching Batman Begins and thinking the second has to be worse than the first, like watching Nisemonogatari first make me not hate that piece of shit, while liking the other monogatari.

The comic is just trowing shit at the wall, the cartoon is what it stuck. Now that we have the cartoon, the comic is SHITE by comparison and reading it only diminishes the cartoon.



lurking about to sleep what's going on in that gif



It's your brain fucking with you




sauce and/or explanation such that one could replicate this?



Color Theory.

Essentially your brain perceives certain shades of color as other colors given the environment around them. What you may see as "purple" or "blue" might actually just be a shade of yellow because the environment around it tricks your brain into seeing it as blue or purple. Artists use it all the time to get prettier shading in their art.


File: 8b7b9bd3aa497ea⋯.webm (1.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, muh color theory.webm)



Oi m8 >>936444

Get to it, son


File: 96f50bf718275d7⋯.jpg (14.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 96f50bf718275d7c53edf2dd96….jpg)


dont push me nigga



>How is it soo fucking easy to come and go from the Valley without the cup?

The Cup was needed to open the rift, as it didn't exist before, but now that it's open, it's relatively easy to traverse it.

I do have to wonder what the fuck Richard was doing in the Valley at the beginning of the first volume. Did he just want to participate in a new kind of tournament?


File: ce9470003004991⋯.png (79.72 KB, 413x214, 413:214, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4c7b3ddda85deb8⋯.png (5.21 KB, 306x251, 306:251, ClipboardImage.png)


The saturation of light or lack thereof changes the way the colors appear, but without it, the illusion falls apart. It's like those optical illusions where they tell you "this white thing and that black thing are the same color!"

2nd image only has 2 colors, Red and Green, but there appears to be more because of their proximity to each other.


I've just blasted through the French scans, and to all the mystery ponderers and plothole complainers, things are both coming together and heating up. The last two volumes had better be amazing when they come.




Why the Lastman?



No idea actually



Probably in hiding. There was something in one of the volumes that explained why he was there (Something to do with the cup) but I can't remember what.



But does he win the fight? Fucking his mom, then beating him would be perfect.




He massively over estimates his ability, barely survives the encounter, and then later the same shit happens but instead the black guy massively over estimates his ability and fucks up, barely surviving the encounter, but still Richard admits he only won by chance.



That's a damn shame. I just wanted to see the shitter get beaten down twice in different ways




anyone got a mega link or can seed? just finished all the translated volumes and the animated series. i can get the gist of frogspeak




Just click the télécharger link found when opening each volume



ty anon was a great read and theyve now linked the cartoon to the comic completely with issue ten which just came out. bit concerning that their work output has dropped though. they used to have two volumes a year and now with issue ten taking a whole year i hope they dont fall into manga standards of procrastination



it's going to be the venture bros of comics



finished watching all the animated episodes

first thing i noticed was that they're relatively short, 10-12 minutes

second thing was they always recap the episode beforehand, and not just any short recap, they brush over the entire fucking story so sometimes it takes like thirty seconds to a minute just to hear about the episodes i just watched

third, lots of shoehorned lefty bullshit. protagonist fucks like four niggers and in ep 14 they have the third-wheel black dude beat up nazi caricatures, also stuff like 'you're not sexist, are you?' 'no, but..'

because of the short episode lengths a lot of key plot devices aren't explained well. you know the cup goblet thing that's literally like the main hinge of the entire story? for the first half of the plot they're going through insane shit just to get this cup because the dude said "It might be able to cure her!" and that's it

the 'man why do i have to do everything constantly' stuff Richard says in the first few episodes is never elaborated with, he just stops whining after a while. everything with the former-police lady and her sidekick is dropped at some point. also because of the short lengths, the by-episode mini-plots become extremely predictable, i.e the fight sequences are always some variant of 'losing fight because x, then deus ex and bam he wins the fight even if it doesn't make sense in the context of boxing matches'. can't forget the entire prison thing too; he literally gets off with convicted serial murder because he wins a boxing match. they had a ton of shit they could've done with the pill experiment stuff and they completely blew it for some epic slapstick a few episodes later.

ignoring things like that, the entire plot, when viewed in retrospect is decent. i didn't like that they had to rely on flashbacks, but whatever. there's general motives, origin stories, the elaboration overall is good.

now, a few misc gripes: how did electric dude survive the grenade? why was murder-worm unable to gank Richard? it literally has the power to eat an entire world, and it's shown that it's not exactly dumb; it has foresight and it can scheme, meaning the way it was defeated was stupid as dogshit too. additionally, the thing they had with kevin was really good, until it never went anywhere and he magically became insane. i honestly thought they were setting it up for a betrayal-like situation, where he defects after seeing the kinglet eat the black dude, but nah. left that behind. and really, why did the show suddenly become generico power-level anime battles near the end? complete with flying, magic, sprint scenes and sky beacons appearing after a hard punch. i really liked the gritty stuff they had in the beginning.


File: 78f7dc4399e36dd⋯.png (18.14 KB, 240x200, 6:5, 78f.png)



>first thing i noticed was that they're relatively short, 10-12 minutes

>second thing was they always recap the episode beforehand, and not just any short recap, they brush over the entire fucking story so sometimes it takes like thirty seconds to a minute just to hear about the episodes i just watched

These two are connected. Show was aired on TV originally, and and it is pretty easy to miss a 15 minute show. Recaps are pretty much a necessary evil, and some background might help to hook in people who stumbled upon it by chance.

>protagonist fucks like four niggers

Two, and each time it is shown to be a stupid decision with bad consequences.

>beat up nazi caricatures

They beat up German charicatures. Like it or not, but when Europeans want to make fun of Germans, nazi shit will get thrown into the mix. Besides that, one of them looks like a stereotypical raided up and a bit faggy German bodybuilder, and other one is a fat-ass with a red nose. Both of them are also arrogant, scream, and wear suspenders. Only stereotypes missing are sausage obsession, techno music, having sticks up their asses, and nonexistent sense of humor. It would be more or less the same if show was made in other European country.

>'you're not sexist, are you?

Based on my work experiences with French, it is not uncommon thing among French women to say, usually ironically. It's about as harmful as American woman saying "You think I can't do it because I am a girl/woman?"

>how did electric dude survive the grenade?

Kinglins tend to be tougher than humans, and only sure way of killing them appears to be damaging the heart. He could also make force fields and turn into electricity.



> German charicatures

mate they have red armbands and they do the bellamy salute. both have blue eyes/blond hair and one has a pencil mustache too

>it's not an uncommon thing for french women to say

>two niggers instead of 4

the point still stands on both of these, they didn't include the former because they were trying to be somehow "realistic" dude. latter same principle; both times it's shown to be a 'bad decision', but not the act of fucking a nigger, the act of sex itself is. he's still fucking a nigger.

>tend to be tougher than humans

> only sure way of killing them appears to be damaging the hear

>force fields and turn into electricity

one, when they did a pan back to show the explosion it was literally encompassing half of the house. two, the powers you're talking about require at least a bit of concentration, as shown at the end. something which he didn't have time to do.


File: 0a193a3dc617b81⋯.jpg (58.27 KB, 410x520, 41:52, Idwtf.jpg)



I want /pol/ to go back to its containment board

you gotta be pretty far up your own ass for you overton window to think of tropes that were mainstream 20 fucking years ago as "lefty"


File: e9a4f2faa767d75⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 11.8 KB, 191x255, 191:255, lbo.png)


that's pretty ironic, coming from a guy from a containment board



4 generations is needed to demoralise a people, *insert_superman_anti-racist_anti-american.jpg*



File: 26d3669b54e6867⋯.mp4 (3.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lastman Episode 26_cut(1).mp4)

File: a994dc3a2ff3358⋯.mp4 (3.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lastman Episode 26_cut.mp4)


>everything with the former-police lady and her sidekick is dropped at some point

Based on what she said after encounter with lust-mind-control kingling, it seemed like she decided to just leave the whole kingling business to Howard and Aldana. Her partner died during first fucking.


>mate they have red armbands and they do the bellamy salute

See >>948809 :

> Like it or not, but when Europeans want to make fun of Germans, nazi shit will get thrown into the mix

>two, the powers you're talking about require at least a bit of concentration, as shown at the end. something which he didn't have time to do.

He was able to reliably dodge Chorum by turning into lightning at the end without issues, and force field could absorb Chorum's bite. Only lightning attacks require a few seconds "charge up" time. Turning into lightning and entering building's electrical installation to escape would be pretty trivial.


>died during first fucking.

I don't remember any specific dialogue about her leaving the Kinglets business so I'll take your word for it, but I remember vividly that there was a scene afterwards where her sidekick has bandages around his midsection where he got shot. He didn't die.

>See >948809

I don't understand why you think it's a german caricature. They do none of the stereotypical german stuff and all of the sterotypical nazi stuff. Throwing a banana at the black guy, the salute, mustache, armband, outfit.. they're nazi caricatures, not german. The nazi part isn't 'thrown in' it is them.

I'll consolidate on your point about his powers though, fair enough.




>I don't understand why you think it's a german caricature.

Many Europeans do not make a distinction between Nazi and German, like it is made in the U.S. and Germany. To them Nazi=German and German=Nazi. Swastika Armbands are as German as Prussian spiked helmets, bratwursts, and Volkswagen.

I am a Eurofag myself, and often work with people from other European countries.



m8, are you literally 60 IQ? Nobody here in Europe except literal morons think Germany=Nazi. Also, Paxtown is clearly a sort of America-analogue, so the two guys are American Nazis, the cringiest kind of Nazi.


contentless bump


File: 8a34b8161aa5f4d⋯.gif (757.82 KB, 336x200, 42:25, 1429571962866.gif)


>besides french having a hard on for kink and mindbreak

They're not the only ones


can I get a quick rundown of that first pic?



File: 38a946969457a63⋯.jpg (41.81 KB, 580x326, 290:163, UiVquNY.jpg)

File: 4f7dc840b0286bf⋯.jpg (69.56 KB, 768x512, 3:2, e211f0368c980f8144aa96bdc8….jpg)


What's there to explain? You never heard of the bogdanoff brothers?



He's a newfag. What did you expect?


Has anyone started translating volumes 7-10 or do we need to do it ourselves?


File: 757fa2318d1973c⋯.png (481.24 KB, 509x480, 509:480, 757fa2318d1973c2eddf6e708f….png)


>not knowing French, Arabian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (mainland), Korean, German and Afrikaans

Do it yourself Anon, don't wait in vain



I don't know french but I'd be willing to do the basic bitch shit like going through and blanking out word balloons in cbrs for some anon who does.



Trust me, there's a reason mandarin will nevef be a global language.



cantonese, then?


File: 3d7319b5919fdd8⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Sorry to bump an old thread, but does anyone know if I can find the RAW animation? I want to sub it to my native language (not english), but I only managed to find the already english subbed version.



Hey, can you share the daily motion links? I would like to sub the animation to my native language and I'm looking for a unsubbed version for it.



why does this post exist?



t.Bait munching 4chan nigger



Just bumping to ask for the episodes without subtitles. I'm not being able to find them (I was only able to find episode 1).


File: e549e7a4ff2453e⋯.jpg (251.94 KB, 943x720, 943:720, LastMan - Blue Pill.jpg)

File: 2bc929e980e4c04⋯.jpg (250.88 KB, 943x720, 943:720, LastMan - Red Pill.jpg)

File: 12d30f563abf5c7⋯.jpg (258.45 KB, 943x720, 943:720, LastMan - Daily Dose.jpg)



Here: http://www.dailymotion.com/F4r0uk/videos

There are 48 of them on this channel, but I am not sure if it's all that has been made. Dailymotion's recent changes really fucked up the site, so the order episodes are in is pretty counter intuitive. If it does not show up properly, try using latest firefox. Not sure if it's just me, but Dailymotion doesn't work on fox forks half of the time.

>would like to sub the animation to my native language

Good luck. What language is it gonna be?


I wasn't able to find it either. Worst case scenario, you can always just put your subs over English ones. It might not be very pretty, but it will be better than nothing.




I found a mega of it on mega initially I got pissed because the uploader didn't include english subs but this should be helpful.



File: d4b8842fdcace29⋯.jpg (82.33 KB, 943x720, 943:720, take the brown pill, matey.jpg)


You forgot one.



Thanks, man.


Thank you too, but damn, I thought you had the Lastman episodes, but it's the other bone by the same author. Sorry for the trouble.

I will sub it to portuguese. I was able to find a guy who has the episodes in full hd, he is going to give it to me, but I will save the mega link >>965852 just in case.



I didn't see the series, so I wonder if the talking worm is as a big of a deal as that clip showed.



i haven't seen a brownpill post in so long, i wonder if he's even still around



>I was able to find a guy who has the episodes in full hd

dont forget to share those too anon



ill punctuate how i like faggot


File: cb1da39170af3e1⋯.jpg (180.63 KB, 1280x790, 128:79, d29f34cc1fc105ab584fb2ef01….jpg)


How could I; It's a tough pill to swallow.


Yes. He used to be a king and is probably the most powerful kingling, even without eating bunch of other kingling's hearts. Not sure if comics touched upon him yet, since I only read volumes which were translated to English.


Based on a thread on >>>/brownpill/ he is around, but usually gets banned after first bowpilling. Last time I saw him was on one of the niche boards in early fall. I think it was >>>/scifi/.



the new volume hasnt touched much on the kingling stuff but it has done well to link the animated series to the books

without spoiling anything the new book has a timeskip and a flashback showing what happened after he jumps the motorcycle through the portal


File: 8d30095a42508c2⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 3vpanj.png)

File: 6dae54b1b761ed2⋯.webm (7.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, hlxzvn.webm)

Postan webums


File: afc60ca9d0888f1⋯.webm (7.77 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cmavta.webm)


File: 2531487eb6a1c02⋯.webm (7.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, m1ok8r.webm)


File: 999800b7e76eb53⋯.webm (7.84 MB, 650x364, 25:14, wjk8s3.webm)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>that wicked city style opening



why is french stuff always bastardized american art or bastardized japanese art?

don't they have their own style?



>American art




struck a nerve, eurotrash?



You'd have to look for Belgian stuff instead.



the french have a huge comic book industry you pleb


I don't know french, is there any easy way to read it with google translate? Like something that I can use to grab the text rather than retyping everything manually?




and all of it is shit



stick to your capecrap brainlet



>lol it have tits and bush so it's good



You sound like you haven't read any Moebius.


So the cartoon was just a fanservice advertisement for the comic that later was semi worked into the newer volumes? That's not shocking but still I wonder if they really can pull that off enough by the time they end the series. I hope they actually translate the rest of it one day. And that they go a bit more clearly on Chorum's backstory. I really wanna know exactly how the Kinglets got their powers.


File: 964784f63ee6249⋯.png (675.4 KB, 1037x965, 1037:965, a6c7d71bbedb21502ae0f442bf….png)


Nope. They haven't really talked about or really connected much of the plot to the show, if anything the amount of small retcons and the plot don't really translate at all to the comic. So you're better off just watching the show, and playing pretend with all the plot threads they didn't bother fleshing out or ending for anyone, anywhere. It's honestly a shame.



Well one less waste of time then.



so close to seeing some loli DFC

god damn it



The Google Translate app has instant-translate through the camera for some languages. I tried it with Japanese language reprints of golden-age Batman but it spergs out over vertical text. No problem for most languages though.



do not trust this poster he is lying. the new volume does connect to the show substantially, it is all in french though



I don't know who to believe anymore!





File: 5a42996d018cd61⋯.jpg (787.41 KB, 1721x2160, 1721:2160, 5a42996d018cd612f988ad4ce2….jpg)


How so? I only remember it connected the prequel to the masked warrior, and the hints of the boy being Howard's bastard son. But how much have they bothered to write into the comics? The kinglets don't get much of a focus, and they practically pretend Dave never existed with no one talking about the gym. Considering the massive time skip that takes place to the untranslated tomes, I'm not sure how much of it they cared putting into the comic. It almost makes the cartoon a disjointed one off advertisement with no bearing on the comic.



get fucked


yes they connected all you said but they also gave the guy who jumped through the peotal a story unto what happened to him in the events following and how significant the mother is and why he wants to revive her


File: 65da1498063b58d⋯.png (250.27 KB, 462x448, 33:32, Eh.png)

>20 episodes in

>Hyped as shit

>Feel like lifting again after 6 fucking years

I'm going to be sad when I finish this show, it's really fucking great.


File: 51356516d2a81fb⋯.jpg (169.56 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, lastman_sketch_by_sarkhazm….jpg)


Tu ces que je fais au temp?

Je le mange


File: 864d0fbea099d17⋯.jpg (34.01 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Holy fuck.jpg)

>Finish the prequel

>Become sad

>Start reading the comic

>Artstyle kinda irks me

>Tone shift and it's pretty basic shit

>Keep reading

>It picks up

>It becomes even crazier than the prequel

>The characterization of the characters is still spot on

>Art starts growing on me and becomes slightly better as it progresses

>Those twists

>That timeskip midway

I can't stop reading, I want more


File: 80e53d6ec61ca53⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.52 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Lastman Major Tomie Katana.jpg)

Necrobump, best major coming through



prepare to be waiting a while, the authors have slowed way down on putting material out.

last tome came out end of 2016 and it still hasnt been translated yet

fine for those who you can speak frog though


ty anon i thought it was gone for


File: 6a09af28198dd7e⋯.jpg (31.97 KB, 400x400, 1:1, angry.jpg)




Quoi la baise ?



>Translation coming in a couple of weeks

>1 year ago

>Translation is coming in couple of weeks

>Same guy 1 month ago




honestly if you are desperate you could try that jewgle translate scan thing on the app





File: 2416933046edad9⋯.jpg (26.35 KB, 731x565, 731:565, brazilian wojak.jpg)


>Siri becoming a sex slave to a group of monks for no fucking reason and then becoming a roided out monster

What the fuck, when does that happen?



Chronologically, between the end of the animated series and first issue of the comic, obviously. It is touched upon the 9th and 10th volume of the comic, I believe.




Honestly this series makes no sense to me.


Any update on the translation?



No for a while


File: e204c5b79dbd824⋯.jpg (70.26 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 11244528_1583286808621039_….jpg)



You know, if I had mind control powers, I wouldn't use them to be a literal cuck.








File: 19e480d8194d7da⋯.jpg (253.21 KB, 943x720, 943:720, BlackPill.jpg)



There's one more.






At least with some goddamn content, lazy bastards.




It's to remind translator-anon to fucking get on with it


This is from balak that made peepeepoopoodo right? Didn't know there was a cartoon!?

Legends thx



File: a68cef8fe8cd58f⋯.jpg (257.33 KB, 897x1239, 299:413, Lastman Tome 7 Cover.jpg)

Apparently there is a scanlating effort going on reddit. Quality is mostly ok.

Seven of ten issues of volume 7 have been translated so far. I uploaded it all as cbzs to our vola, and mega.





did they actually retranslate volumes 1-6 or did they just use the official english translation?



Only seventh volume is being translated from the looks of it.


Great show.


File: 26d295a1fe870e9⋯.jpg (53.44 KB, 357x500, 357:500, LastMan8-51ggXFsBs7L.jpg)


Translation of Volume 7th was completed, 8th started, and it looks like they might be committed enough to getting whole thing scanlated.

I uploaded all scanlated chapters to vola and mega.




File: ea510f4febe7a04⋯.png (99.42 KB, 309x315, 103:105, utter horror of the realiz….png)




File: de6b1fe12eb567b⋯.jpg (110.52 KB, 1058x705, 1058:705, lets_keep_going_further_pa….jpg)


<gobniu's heads are in a bit of a permenant orgy

This is french alright.



Thanks Anon.

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