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So if the movie applied more realistic physics, would the Transformers have some sort of gravity on Unicron's surface even when he transformed into robot mode because of his mass?



That's a really good question, actually. Not one many of us really thought about, likely due to the awe-inspiring spectacle of Unicron himself.

I think there was one instance where we could see Galvatron standing atop Unicron's surface while holding the Matrix of Leadership, so I think that's a yes?


Likely but not as much gravity as you'd think. Every object has a personal gravity well. Density determines local effect.

It would have been nice if they'd maintained scale in the Unicron fight


Poor Orson Welles.



>Poor Orson Welles

Don't worry he now has fish sticks

Orson Welles in The Critic




Poor Orson Welles? Dude gave Unicron that menacing tone…and dude wasn't even trying. Imagine if he actually gave a shit.



It's very fortunate that a disinterested voice actually works for the character.



How many actors can say they played a malevolent robo-planet?



People always cry over Optimus dying in this but always forget how half the OG cast died in this movie.


File: 5f2669e26a47237⋯.jpg (5.13 KB, 224x225, 224:225, images (2).jpg)



Best part is by the later years in his career he was getting so fat a common joke was that his final acting gig would be that of a planet



If we ever get a Bayformers Unicron, who do you think would voice him?



Hmmm…John Noble? Christopher Lee was a choice but well….ooh, ooh…Patrick Stewart as Unicron.



Is James Earl Jones busy?



Isn't JEJ in his 80s? He probably moves pretty slowly these days.



Does it matter? Dude still has a deep threatening voice. Plus, you have to admit that there would be something oddly poetic about the guy who voiced Darth Vader doing a voice for a character that was basically a sentient Death Star.



Yes, all the mass would attract any other mass, including anyone on the surface. The direction you "fall" is based on your distance to the various bits of Unicron, and the amount of mass each bit has.

From a far away distance you would just be attracted to the average center of mass, but up close it's less clear. Kind of like if you were to dig down to the core of the earth, halfway down you have the gravity of all the earth above you pulling up, and all the earth beneath you pulling down, so you would feel lighter than you do on the surface. The arms and hands of Unicron would cause gravity to shift as they move around.


anyone know a place that has all the tranformers episodes uploaded? I have them on my computer but it's taking up 81 gigs.



Hey, nigga got paid


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How will the new movie series handle Unicron if the Earth is Unicron and Cybertron is now a second moon? It's not like he can really transform anymore without killing everyone.



They already did it in Transformers Prime Season 1, Episode 24/25/26.

If I recall correctly, he never gets the chance to fully transform, and can create multiple, smaller simulacra of himself made out of earthen metals, and he can possess Cybertronians, as he does to Megatron.

I suspect the movie will be similar, and the Autobots and Marky Mark will go deep into the Earths/Unicrons core to shut him down, just in the nick of time to prevent Unicron from transforming and killing all life on earth.



> the Autobots and Marky Mark will go deep into the Earths/Unicrons core to shut him down, just in the nick of time to prevent Unicron from transforming and killing all life on earth

It could be interesting to see another movie take place inside the Earth. At least it can't be worse than Arthurian Autobots. Wasn't the latest movie Mark's last movie? I thought I read that he was done now, but they were pretty quick to get that Bumblebee spinoff for 2018 and the next Transformers movie for 2019, so who knows.

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