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File: e82b7655d22950d⋯.jpg (84.35 KB, 1131x707, 1131:707, mickey___kh_hd_1_5_remix_b….jpg)

File: a57afe33e81a2ea⋯.jpg (143.3 KB, 800x591, 800:591, sora_and_kairi.jpg)

File: 052c9a6a85a24aa⋯.jpg (276.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1512058373415.jpg)


Anyone else enjoy Kingdom Hearts?

By all means the concept should have been weird and failed. But it's fun in it's own way and the gameplay isn't bad. Totally looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3.

Are there any flaws you'd like to see corrected?

Any Disney films you're looking forward to being in the KH series? And if you could, what Non-Disney properties would you like to see as worlds in Kingdom Hearts?


Go back to /v/, /v/irgin.



From the spacing its more reddit than /v/, plus kingdom hearts is more than allowed on /co/.





Fuck you. This is why no one has a positive view of 8ch /co/. As if this slow dead place has any worthwhile traffic that it can afford to piss off the few people who bother to even check this place out. Literal trollish sage faggots like yourself are a nuisance for this slow board. Get cancer and die horribly.



It's a fun series. I'm hoping KH3 will have more new worlds, I'm sick of seeing Agrabah and shit.



A) Report for derailing and board wars faggotry

B) Its a fucking goon

C) >>>/reddit/


>Anyone else enjoy Kingdom Hearts?

I did, but at this point I just want it to die. We had a goddamn decade of fucking mobile shit with the storyline being carried on from there. It's been so long that they have to repackage it in HD-Rereleases. And it's not like all of the Mobile Shit continued the plot. Kingdom Hearts: Coded.

>Are there any flaws you'd like to see corrected?

Get rid of Testtyua and stop rereleasing this shit and get on with the fucking plot.

>Any Disney films you're looking forward to being in the KH series? And if you could, what Non-Disney properties would you like to see as worlds in Kingdom Hearts?

I wanted a Black Cauldron world for so fucking long, I'm legit surprised Toy Story got in, I made that wish when I was eleven. I'm also surprised this game never spawn an Animoo, yeah, a Manga series, but never an anime.



The series should have ended at KH1. The series is trying to hard to be "deep" and left a confusing mess of a plot.



I would've just preferred it end at KH2 and leave it at that since I love its gameplay very much, but the story did not improve much frankly.



>This is why no one has a positive view of 8ch /co/.

As us if we give a shit what other people think of our board.



I mean, I don't really care personally so long as the gameplay is good. The series is meant to be a big fanservicy wankfest for Final Fantasy and Disney, I don't particularly care about how off the rails the plot gets. So more games is fine with me provided they're all decent fun.



I kind of like the stupid plot. It's fun to try and figure out what the fuck is going on with it.



File: 3907ee6b7fb8346⋯.png (348.71 KB, 1080x1319, 1080:1319, Scratazon Leader.png)

File: db63a5992138bc4⋯.png (977.85 KB, 1280x1208, 160:151, weirdest_crossover_i_ve_ev….png)


Really wish Sora wasn't written as too dumb to live. Nomura makes Sora incompetent to make other characters shine.

I really wish they'd put in Rescuers and The Incredibles. As for Non-Disney stuff? The first Ice Age and How To Train Your Dragon.


It's okay but it recycled the movies story the Disney characters come from instead of being part and participating with the OC Squenix characters. The 2nd game suffered because of this. Afraid to take risk to take these Disney characters into new directions than where they came from. It also started to more heavily focus on the OC Squenix characters "story" which became a more convoluted mess as it went along that it sideline the Disney characters themselves. Had a good idea and start but screwed the execution of it further with each subsequent sequel.


File: 62b3af2b95161ad⋯.png (4.47 MB, 3840x8000, 12:25, KH explainednew.png)


Only played a few games. The games are fun imo but the story is so convoluted that only autists like pic related came remember every single detail about the story. And I'm surprised that no one posted this pic yet.


<I'm hoping KH3 will have more new worlds

>Implying they won't keep recycling all of the old worlds


>I wanted a Black Cauldron world for so fucking long


>I'm also surprised this game never spawn an Animoo

I remember that there was plans to make a non-japtoon cartoon on Disney during the 2000's but that never happened.


1. only the first one was good. you know, before it became a weird faggot japanese edgy drama.

2. take this to /v/.


File: 37eb4add5234c92⋯.png (656.3 KB, 608x675, 608:675, 1508369007680.png)

All I want is a Zootopia world. Probably for Kingdom Hearts 4 given that current gen games still struggle with rendering fur adequately.


File: b51a2945c9c4d8e⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1500x1100, 15:11, fantasy_clash_by_nightrize….png)

Here's a thought, how successful would Kingdom Hearts be as a franchise if it wasn't combined with Disney?

I have to say it wouldn't have lasted after it's first game. Maybe a sequel, but that's it. Disney really has a lot of properties that are globally beloved even to this day….even if they aren't very good. Apologies, but Coco does nothing for me.


File: 468c91d77b4fc8e⋯.jpg (151.64 KB, 450x689, 450:689, Kingdom Hearts Chess.jpg)

Anyone else treat the Kingdom Hearts series as simple fun? I see it in the same vein as Mario, just lively fun.

The series doesn't care about being cool, just fun and charming. Hell I actually think Sora is a great protagonist and one of Square Enix's recognizable ones up there with Cloud. Shame some people don't like him though.



I think if KH had KH2's gameplay as the debut, it would've worked, especially if you kept the Squeenix crossover novelty. Still, it'd be infinitely less successful since kids love to watch their favorite cartoon characters and videogame characters meet.


People take it way too seriously, it's a fun romp franchise built on the premise of a ludicrous crossover between two completely antithetical properties. Sometimes it takes itself a little too seriously, but outside of the edgy antagonists and lofty speeches, it's straight Disney magic in vidya form.

Sora's a great protagonist, he's a lighthearted little goofball who espouses friendship and wholesomeness and these virtues let him trounce his edgy enemies. Faggots who don't like Sora are either normalfags or edgy FF fans who want all their protagonists to be edgy versions of Cloud.



/v/ on 8chan is literal cancer



Sorry sweetie it’s the board that keeps this site afloat


File: 6efa697644efef4⋯.jpg (116.71 KB, 876x354, 146:59, kingdom_hearts__storytime_….jpg)


Never got the impression that the antagonists are edgy, they just feel hammy like Ansem, Marluxia and even Xemnas. But Master Xehanort? That guy is just a quiet manipulator, he doesn't show any edge.

As far as Sora goes? His friendship speeches actually have merit in that friendship nurtures the heart and if made strong enough? It enables an individual to continue wielding the keyblade or at least that's how it works for Sora since he never had the Keyblade Ceremony.

Anyway, I keep seeing people who want Sora to retire as protagonist and start giving the leading role to Roxas or Riku or another new character. I would quit Kingdom Hearts if that happened because Sora has something critical that these characters lack. Sora has chemistry with Disney Characters. I played Birth by Sleep and at no point did I feel any of the characters there to legitimately care about the Disney Characters. They were also very boring.

If there's one thing I don't want from Sora is Nomura grabbing Sora and making him grow up to be Terra and Aqua's ages while keeping him a goofball. Nothing for nothing, but a big charm of Kingdom Hearts is that the protagonist is a teenage kid. A manchild wouldn't have the same appeal.



They're just played a little too straight sometimes, though when they do go full ham I'm fine with it.

You're right on the front that Sora actually has chemistry with the Disney characters, despite being a spiky haired anime boy, his personality allows him to step in a lot like a traditional kid-friendly Disney protagonist would and it works. That childishness plays well, and his two party members being Donald and Goofy is the right way to design a KH game.

Aqua, Ventis, and Roxas lean much too hard to the traditional FF side of things. Okay characters, but not right as the protagonists for KH if you want the Disney side of things to be relevant at all.

As for his age, well, I don't think that's really something that needs to be worried about too much. From what I understand Dream Drop Distance fudged an excuse to reduce both he and Riku's age for the course of the game, but I think they might return to their older selves after the story is over, I'm not sure. It'd be a mistake to have Sora be anything other than early teen, however, since it'd play against the target demographic the franchise should be aiming for. Kids like to play as characters they can relate to, and if you're a kid who's way into Disney and Final Fantasy, Sora's pretty much the perfect fit.


File: 6d13b27e19ef017⋯.png (236.59 KB, 800x450, 16:9, kh3_maybe_by_pun_rii-dbe7s….png)


>Sora has chemistry with Disney Characters

Precisely why Sora is a solid and charming character. Anyone remember the scene in Kingdom Hearts 2 when he reunites with Phil? It's such a laid back scene and you feel like it's organic. None of it feels phony like with the Non-Sora characters who meet Disney ones. Hope Kingdom Hearts 3 continues this execution of Sora's nature.

On a side note, anyone worried about Square Enix ruining the Kingdom Hearts series with DLC and such? Final Fantasy 15 is drowning in the stuff.


>>946755 The original story had a grip to it.


Motherfucker is retarded

I am now something I have never been based on your gay idealogy



Honestly, DLC would probably be an improvement over the structure they have now. At least we'd be able to get the extra content without having to learn Japanese or wait 10 years for the english version.



Are there any flaws you'd like to see corrected?

yeah, just reboot the entire series into 100% OC with the same kind of gameplay as the first game(not KH2) had



Kingdom hearts 1 was really good, but then it IMMEDIATELY went to shit. It had the perfect mix of edgy teen and lightheartedness. It had a solid story. It had great combat mechanics. It had some not-bad humor, and some serious parts that, while they were a little on the edgy side, weren't TOO edgy.

Then Chain of memories or whatever happened and they decided to make the story complicated and dumb. Also they got some shitty voice actors.


Never played it but kinda regret not playing it.

It seemed like fun but the clashes of artstyles threw me off. The main characters ahve this anime style and it clashes with the traditional Disney character designs. It always weirded me out as a kid.



Play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and then tell me about anime style. Kingdom Hearts crafts and animates their characters in a very different manner.


File: 38241eea6d59daa⋯.png (136.81 KB, 292x516, 73:129, 1377828146466.png)

Anyone else feel Sora is less thoughtful now? I don't know why but I feel that KH 1 did a better job at portraying how hard Sora tries to maintain his smile in the darker times this pretty much comes to a head in KH CoM. But since then Sora's completely different since 2. He just doesn't seem as fleshed out as someone like Roxas who somehow maintained that KH 1/CoM development.

His interactions with others I feel just isn't as organic as I'd like them to be in 2, it doesn't feel like any of these characters actually make an impression on him as much as before. Doesn't help 2's casual dialogue is FAR cringier and forced and it only gets worse from then on.

Its a trend I wish would stop but given the trailer for KH3 I fear that fact will remain unchanged. I hope I get to see more Roxas and Riku though. Maybe Aqua again since I've grown to really like her as well.



>I just want a better story for 3. after chain of memories it got soap opery.



File: d75deeb8f4277f8⋯.png (143.4 KB, 264x577, 264:577, Character01 - Sora13.png)


Aqua to me is the worst character in the series. Popular only because she has boobs. Her personality is a mixture of boring and forced with the whole "I'm an honorable woman master warrior" that always irked because of how particularly unrealistic that is. I can believe men are cowards, sneaky bastards, gambling addicts, but women being respectable warriors? Nah.

To respond to your Sora complaint, honestly Nomura ruined Sora. He's now a flanderized Shounen Lead and eroded away his humane traits like his common sense. He's now just too dumb to live and inexplicably despite how dumb he's been made? Nomura has it that the other characters look up to Sora. That cliche always annoyed me because why would anyone look up to a fool? Without Riku babysitting Sora? He would have died more than once. Hell without Riku? Sora would still be sleeping in the pod.



I like Aqua, but the main reason people like her is because Terra and Ven are idiots. She happens to have enough brain cells to try and fix their mistakes even though it ends with her screwing things up in the long run.



The only reason people like Aqua is her boobs. She's honestly stupid in her obsession with those two fools.



No, it's trash



> We had a goddamn decade of fucking mobile shit

But there was only one mobile game and we got DDD and 0.2 as well. even if 0.2 is an all but literal demo for 3. 3 is at least coming soon. I'm more worried about what Nomura wants to do with the series afterwards. I can't see much of anything working unless they do a huge reboot, unless Union X/Unchained X is actually a backdoor to more games. I mean, the plot for it is really fucking retarded so far.



That's more Disney's issue than Squeenix's. Disney has all these rules about their characters and IPs. Just read any interview on Squeenix dealing with Disney's "no teeth on mickey mouse" or "his ears always have to be facing the player" rules.


>Worst character isn't Kairi

Aqua is at least a character. Her personality is just "I'm going to walk around and say things in a sad voice" but she at least has a personality. Kairi had 5 seconds in either KH1 and KH2, and 0.2 literally just shoves her off to the side again to go train so she probably wont appear but for five seconds in KH3 again.


No, you're the only person on the entire planet that likes this franchise.



>Are there any flaws you'd like to see corrected?

All of the story and lore starting from the ending sequence of the first game.

The series is ultimately trying to tell a silly and shallow story. Dressing it up in all this retarded self-contradicting nonsense worldbuilding just subtracts from it.



FFXV was so mismanaged, similar to its sister project FFXIII, SE had to find a way to recoup insane production costs. They couldn't co-opt other games in production for sequels, so DLC was their route. KH3 hasn't been in development as long as Versus XIII, but I'm betting on a multiplayer mode that will have exclusive content and DLC.



They need to stop giving over ambitious retards game projects and pair them with people who can say no to them.



The problem is the over ambitious retards run the company. After going bankrupt due to The Spirits Within (since no one told them no even back then), they negotiated to have their guys in key positions during the Enix merger. This allowed them to continue making stupid decisions to this very day, since they're so high up that no one can call them on their bullshit anymore. Been like that at Squaresoft/SE for decades at this point, no hope for recovery until senior staff start dying.


the anime characters look retarded and where the fuck is my black cauldron world?



Can you draw any better Anon? Then again you never passed second grade English so I doubt it. And The Black Caudron never made money why would they put it in the game?



The story wasn't too hard to follow till Xehanort got into time travel



>you can't criticize things unless you can do them better

Are you ten? Are you literally mentally retarded? You are the last person who should ever criticize anyone else's education. That you would ever use that "argument" shows that you lack any sort of fundamental logical thinking ability.

>this airplane model has a 70% chance of falling apart in the air, but as I'm not an airplane engineer I cannot criticize it and therefore it is a perfect airplane



I can not give the main character oversized clown shoes, yeah.

And considering the games are made up of plenty of disney movies, they could have snuck black cauldron in there


File: 8292801dd7ebce6⋯.jpg (105.78 KB, 852x534, 142:89, Me to the SJW:Extremists.jpg)

>Are there any flaws you'd like to see corrected?

Mostly nothing so abundantly unnecessary like the D-Link system in BBS or the god-awful Little Mermaid musical level in KH2.



or at least no more wtf bullcrap like that without any explanation beforehand not after

really hope they tell us earlier events like how Radiant Garden became Hollow Bastion & the fall of Ansem the Wise or more likely in KH3; Eraqus, Xehanort, and Yen-Sid's time before BBS and that mobashit game. The series I believe has more value when it tells a more tragic element around Sora and how he fights that literally. Also I guess more FF characters wouldn't hurt. Would love to see FF9's Zidane and FF12's Balthier and Fran in a Treasure Planet world.

>Any Disney films you're looking forward to being in the KH series?

Treasure Planet, Atlantis, hopefully Tron again (yes yes I know,) Coco, Wall-E, Monster's Inc/University, Finding Nemo, Big Hero 6, The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, something from Fantasia 2000 like the Firebird or the Jack in Box? Maybe House of Mouse? Mighty Ducks? Duck Tales?

on a side note it'd be neat to see some Disney XD properties some inclusion I just want to see Sora whooping heartless/nobody ass on top of Mutt with Mike Chilton driving and Chuck in Motorcity.

>And if you could, what Non-Disney properties would you like to see as worlds in Kingdom Hearts?

Apart from literally anything from Studio Ghibli, I think the series is just fine without any non-disney stuff but I guess it'd be neat seeing Star Wars since there's so many parallels. Marvel I dunno how it'd really work but hey at least it'll sell for the kids right? :^)



>or at least no more wtf bullcrap like that without any explanation beforehand not after

To be fair, they've been forshadowing that since BBS.


Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

D23 japan trailer came out the other day, bit more of Monsters Inc, Toy Story and Tangled is shown, sora's yellow/purple moster color from the leak is for his drive form


File: e38115d568a7fe7⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1269x712, 1269:712, what did he mean by this.PNG)


I'm so confused.



Probably referring to his Riku Replica. He along with Xion where hinted at in the DDD trailer. He had a pretty tragic development in KH:CoM.

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