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Deep down inside. Does Seth macfarlane know it’s feminists & SJWs left that will get him blacklisted in Hollywood not the religious right? I find it odd that American Dad and family guy taking so many jabs at SJWs recently. And doing a better job at making fun of them than South Park.



American Dad a parody of conservatism that slowly became pro conservative.



Well, that's how we fix /co/, isn't it then? Ironic stupidity attracts true stupidity who thinks it's in good company. All we need to do is get /co/ media to parody good shit long enough that it becomes actually good.



I'm sure there's a good reason for this and I just don't know what it is.


That's actually brilliant.



Kinda like real life



South Park isn't making fun of them. Trey Parker's wife is black and so are her kids so now he himself is an SJW.


File: 0a25f2f5ca7d9ce⋯.jpg (29.62 KB, 696x538, 348:269, southparkstannosebridge.jpg)


>Trey Parker's wife is black and so are her kids

>and so are her kids

>her kids



They might also be his kids, but there's no way of knowing.

Also, I was thinking of Matt Stone. Stone is the one who's married to a nigger.

Parker's wife is some kind of mystery meat stripper.



Parker has mentioned having a stepson. So he is raising some guy's sperm too.



I thought it was a cuck joke


File: 70268e84144061b⋯.jpg (46.21 KB, 500x667, 500:667, Typical Liberal.jpg)


>There won't be an episode where Trey and Stone's self inserts fuck each other.

>Just like those shipping works of art from the recent game.



just checking here, family guy and american dad are still garbage, right?



Sorta. Family Guy has finally admitted they're Shit, and has gone the self-effacing route. Also they're doing a Brian Redemption Arc this season so he may not be complete shit anymore, and stop being Seth's Soap Box.



>american dad

American Dad is funny.



American Dad is exactly the same show as Family Guy. People who say they like the one but hate the other are full of shit.



That's how I know you've never watched American Dad. There are certainly similarities, the artstyle is of course identical, but American Dad is its own show and it is superior to Family Guy.

You'd have a better argument if you were talking about The Cleveland Show.


File: f078735fa6284c9⋯.png (706.63 KB, 768x572, 192:143, bugs.png)



Most of the Seth Mcfarlane wannabe cartoons are masterpieces compared to Rick & Morty.



There has definitely been a general shift in popular opinion regarding with side has a bigger nutjobs in them over the past decade.



thats not saying much, anon



>They might also be his kids, but there's no way of knowing.

His daughter is blonde


File: c2048503a567616⋯.jpg (29.57 KB, 450x450, 1:1, retard-cartman.jpg)


>Trey Parker's wife is black

>so now he himself is an SJW


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The extreme religious right has the biggest nutjobs, but that's the thing, they're legitimately insane but on the general are decent people that are prone to autistic lapses.

The far left is just daddy issued faggots that honest to god are too pussies for their own good, their whole world is autism and if you strip that away they're still, for the most part, pampered bitter faggots with shallow relationships.

A great example of this is what happens when someone from the community jumps ship. If it's right to left you can expect the community feeling betrayed and offended and probably expelling the betrayer but until the day of their death, they'll try to convince you to come back and be saved Mind you, I'm not counting death cults that call themselves christian.

But if it is Left to Right the bridges burn fast.

You should watch the full Laci Green interview in the Rubin Report Jump at 13:10, she's still a leftie but she started dating a youtuber who is more of a centrist Which btw hasn't been able to make a video mocking the right in YEARS just because of the sheer material the SJWs provide him with and then made videos about probably taking more opinions in consideration and in a matter of HOURS she was kicked from the cult, doxed, censored and racially offended because she's white.

Another black girl jump light left to far right, I think she's "Redpillblack" and she does look pretty unhinged.



All that girl needed was a good dicking back to traditional values.



>traditional values.

Nah, she's still a leftie, she just isn't batshit insane anymore, baby steps I guess.


File: 8c5defc156a62a6⋯.jpg (36.05 KB, 455x358, 455:358, ext.jpg)


She also looks more attractive.


File: 914c9b2a78651a5⋯.jpg (263.38 KB, 570x593, 570:593, 97da7b5dfd4f976347c72ab1e7….jpg)


>All that girl needed was a good dicking back to traditional values.

>Fucking before marriage

>Traditional Values.


For years 'conservative' values were so hypocritical and so enshrined that it was the go to thing to insult. Mostly from when they started trying to appeal to religious fundamentalists and then drifting into the eternal war phase of society.

From Clinton to Obama was the Corpratist era. All discussion was laser focused to nice, non-profit effecting social issues and convincing both sides that they not only had the right to decide how other people feel about something but that it was a matter of life and death that the issue be solved first before going after the still (mostly) functioning economy.

Shows and political commentary have sucked as a result of this. Coasting on basic anti-war and 'Bush is an idiot' low hanging fruit until the massive failure of Obama.

Now the thing obviously wrong in society is this SJW authoritarianism making pronouns a war while much more important issues are completely ignored by this same crowd. So finally satirists and commentators have an actual target to go after that is financially 'safe' enough for companies to put it on air.

You see it with Family Guy and American Dad, the pivot has already happened. They're just hoping that as they turn on the Moral Panic their blind financial investment created that the population wont notice that there are indeed more important issues that need to be addressed then pronouns, offense, abortion and gun control.


File: 343173e1de2c1c7⋯.jpg (30.46 KB, 500x378, 250:189, 343173e1de2c1c755a8612db5a….jpg)

I've always had this feeling that the reason why people started hating Family Guy so much was secretly political in nature.

I mean sure it had aged, but not even close to Simpsons or Southpark levels. I never thought it had a very noticeable dip in quality beyond the now atrocious animation. But when I hear people talking about it, they act like it's the worst thing in the world.

I mean its newer episodes still get the occasional chuckle out of me, which is more than its competition have done. I just get this sinking feeling that a group of people were offended by something Family Guy has done and have memed it into being bad. A lot like how Southpark approval changes drastically here due to its political stance at any particular moment, just with SJW views over a longer period of time instead.



My problem with Family Guy is that they shit on celebrities and politicians as well as blasting gore up to eleven without the appropriate punchline or setup to make it funny.



I have to agree with you on that point, as I get that feeling with a bunch of webcomics and other /co/ media in general. They do something seen as political, even if it's an overt joke, and become that little pebble of hate that does nothing but shit on something whenever it comes up. Making it almost impossible to discuss it and eventually just resulting in a hate community.

For Family Guy, I think this was taken to an extreme. Mostly because they started doing "jokes" about things like child abuse, giving an std to a minor, incest and the like. Not one off jokes like Herbert or Quagmire, but full blown episodes dedicated to it. And in most cases it wasn't even presented as a bad thing. It's like the prom night dumpster baby song being done 100% serious without the tongue in cheek understanding that the subject matter was super fucked up.

For a while, the joke was that values of any type were stupid. So people stopped liking it. So while I think you are right, I'm holding Family Guy accountable for its horrid behavior causing the problem in the first place.



I've been thinking a lot about corporatism lately. Corporatism is why a company demands yearly profit growth no matter what, because the shareholders can and will take their money elsewhere if there is a loss. This means taking fewer risks and squeezing money wherever you can to make the cut. A company that doesn't have to worry about outside interests can accept a loss to retain customer loyalty and ride out economic crises. I understand the appeal of corporatising, much like a loan it gives you a leg up and an opportunity to increase your investment, but it shackles you down to the whims of others.



My problem with Family Guy is that it's less original than Carlos Mencia.





The biggest issue Family Guy had was lack of caring. The story just sort of meanders and conflict occurs because whatever. Make a joke last for 5 minutes or lift completely an old meme or pop culture reference? Sure, easier on us to just say "this 80s thing, but Stewie is there". It was the equivalent of the MAYO bit from Rocko in that they could film a wall and people would still watch.

That said, they seemed to have upped the care a bit more again and had some decent episodes, though they tend to frontload/backload the good ones of a season and leaving the dregs in the middle.



Family Guy was never good to begin with



>The story just sort of meanders and conflict occurs because whatever.

I just look at it more as a skit show than something attempting a coherent story. The story is really just a framing device for the jokes.


File: 088d45904b11f51⋯.jpg (43.14 KB, 667x375, 667:375, Santa,_Schmanta.jpg)

So, are we going to talk about Jewish Santa, or what?



I just mentally tune out whenever it's a Roger-heavy episode, so I don't really have much to say.



Well, I don't blame you, but the whole thing has more jew jokes than every third comment on /pol/.(but less jew jokes than every other comment on /pol/)



Hanukkah Harry?










Okay, to set the record straight, it's Matt Stone with a Black wife who mothered two little Jewgaboo sons.

Trey Parker was formerly married to a Jap he then divorced and then got romantically involved with a neck-tattooed Blispanic-esque stripper with a son from a previous relationship. He formally tied the know with her in 2014 and now has a daughter.

Either way, marriage has utterly neutered South Park.



That character has become as fucking annoying as Brian Griffin. Edgelord violent jokes ending episodes, where Roger e.g. straight up kills someone with a brick or something.

And that faggot-but-kinda-not-shtick is getting on my nerves.



He's Canon "Pansexual" which basically means there's very few holes and poles he won't go after if they're attached to something he finds attractive attached to it. So yeah, he's more of just a generalized Degenerate than anything else.

I agree he's become annoying, but I'd argue he's better than Brian in that Brian was trying to be interesting and likable in the start, whereas Roger started nihilistic and then just slowly flanderized into full on hedonism, so there was less of a "fall from glory" so to speak.


Brian got literally cucked in the latest episode. Went through the effort of winning a dog show and couldn't get it up in the end, so they switched it out for the runner up as both he and Quagmire both watched.



Isn't that how they make the show? They write the jokes first then try to write a plot around it?


I hope you fools realize the reason Lisa or Brian or any character becomes annoying and terrible is to inject some conflict into the show so the writers have something to work with after ten seasons. If you genuinely think this is the microcosm of a culture war, you're insane. It's like asking why Squidward is a dick or Ren is abusive, stories need conflict.



I'm really sad about Brian. Brian/ Stewie episodes once had me think Family Guy is one of the best comedy shows. But that was long, long ago.

But Roger, I always hated him. Not only was he toxic towards his family, he later became downright edgy and fell into early Stewie mode, except actively trying to kill family members. Why would someone like this character? Compared to the Griffins, I actually like the Smiths, so he sticks out like some asshole from Family Guy who accidently stumbled into American Dad.


I disagree since they don't build conflict, and if they do, you don't have empathy.

And Lisa Simpson just has the same conflicts except lazier written.

It's really stupid to blame us, the viewers, for shows trying to generate conflict after 10 seasons. If you can't make up shit, end the show.

Wanna know how to fucking create conflict in those shows? I tell you.

Family Guy (thats a hard one to save)

>introduce new recurring characters which aren't just stereotypes and/ or retards, like e.g. a girlfriend for Chris

>make Meg an actual character with an arc over a whole season, like moving out or something. She's the only one with zero development, same with Lois.

>make Lois and Peter break up, like the Simpsons did a crapload of times, introduce new partners, then how they realized they don't get along with them. But since all characters are assholes in this show, it wouldn't be capable of handling it without stupid jokes and ignorance.


>cancel the show

>make a new show where all characters are older, or even better, a whole series out of the what-if future episodes.



They write jokes?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I just remembered that both Homer and Peter were raped by animals.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pretty sure most of Hollywood knows this now. They been turning on each other left and right.



>Not only was he toxic

Stop. I agree with you, but don't use their bastardized language.



>there are no sounds of Peter getting fucked vigorously while Brian is talking to the journalist

missed opportunity



I liked Roger around seasons 3-5 when it was mostly him being insane with his personas, like having 1000 facebook friends that were just him in different wigs.


File: 51451729e3ca7f8⋯.png (228.33 KB, 500x374, 250:187, hank dolphin.png)


It's a surprisingly common theme for animated sitcom dads I guess


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well, now we just gotta find American Dad or maybe Randy Marsh and we'll have a full house.



I'm almost completely sure Randy has been raped by animals at least once, if not multiple times.

Don't know about Stan (is that American Dad's name?) since I don't watch the show.


Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Closest thing I could remember but in reverse.


As an anarcho-communist, feminist, vegetarian, pro BLM, SJW and all those labels that you people like some much, I pretty much enjoy those shows on daily basis.

They aren't inherently racist or sexist. They are just parodies. Stop being so cringy.


File: ffb9c44de416b5e⋯.png (1.03 MB, 991x1426, 991:1426, backto4chan.png)



Reminder that ironic shitposting is still shitposting.



Red Pill Black is one of your spies you fucking shill. She still hasn't stopped her doxing site.



keked and checked

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