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File: 1d6c7fde6287e91⋯.png (100.3 KB, 294x284, 147:142, steveyunivers.png)


i will never like this show because the protagonist wears open toed shoes



It makes sense in the setting. He lives by the beach.



It's called a sandal.


File: cdd87f08c33b96a⋯.png (76.11 KB, 246x385, 246:385, Carl.png)


>Thinks flip-flops are worse than being your own mom.

Excuse you OP


Lesbians are a waste of time, the little fat hawaiin adds nothing.



>protagonist wears open toed shoes

Racist, reported.



How can you insult a show with quaint ukulele songs?



Steven is a Jew. Confirmed by the show creator.


At least they aren't crocs



how the fuck does one forget what a "flip-flop" is


File: d9a7315aae306ae⋯.png (483.04 KB, 501x624, 167:208, gwen what.png)

Is it just me, or is his face a different color than his arms?


File: 292a652f6e2535d⋯.jpg (103.87 KB, 544x924, 136:231, OkCupid Chad.jpg)


>Steven is a Jew

Shitposting Jewniverse really affected it and by it I mean the creator.


I don't like the little fatty and can't stand his show, but he is the last shota to go nude on tv and I respect that. Couldn't really fap to him, but I appreciate the thought.



I'll never like this show because he's fat, looks like a white nigger, the show is lesbian propaganda and all characters have shitty designs.

Also, issues which are zero relatable to me.


File: 67c21b0102eb101⋯.jpg (140.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1447492906310.jpg)


>tfw no qt thicc nazi gf


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Have you checked out the Samurai Jack references?


Steven Universe is the only children's show where the main character is a war criminal.

Y'know, besides Korra.



nice trips


File: facfe5b6361ff37⋯.png (110.69 KB, 1649x2301, 1649:2301, Chris Universe.png)

Let me explain to you why rose is an awful person and why pretty much everyone in this show is an awful person except for Steven and Peridot . They have, what I like to call "situational empathy" . They are inherently selfish with their desires to a point where "earth was saved" is less of a desire and more of a consequence of their true desires , which was "fuck home world". Rose wanted to "protect earth and it's majesties" and by that she meant the humans. That's why she only ever saved humans . Because she had a boner for them. As far as the war goes , the "freedom for all gems" shtick doesn't really work when you take into account that not everyone has the same idea of freedom that rose does. Jasper and Eyeball are the ruby that tried to murder Steven in space are good examples of this. They were PDs gems, but the turmoil they felt at her "shattering" isnt one of a slave losing it's master, it's one of a person losing it's purpose. Their meaning in life shattered in an instant. A war that rose started herself. If she said , as pink diamond , you have the choice to follow me in saving this Earth and making your own path, many many less gems would have died. Some gems would choose not to follow her out of spite for yhe overlords and being genuinely unhappy , but they also naturally wouldn't go back to home world to fight against her. Some gems would fight along side her either out of duty or because they believe in her cause. And some would return to home world to fight along side the greater gems. The point is they would have had a choice. Now because that ISNT what happened it boiled down to this, rose basically deceived a lot of gems into fighting for freedom against gems who didn't know they even had a choice to begin with under PD's rule. She's a moron , a deceiver , and is incapable of seeing things from other people's point of view. Everything she did was because she thought she knew what was best for everyone and it blew up in her face.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Wanting a woman who handles power so badly she fakes her own assasination

>also making your loyal servant who's gay for you keep the secret for over 9000 years.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is Pearl gay for Rose Quartz?



They aren't gay because they have no sex and human gender roles don't apply to them but the answer is yes she wants the Rose Qockz


File: 608b20f38bd346f⋯.jpg (43.04 KB, 476x636, 119:159, another tumblr marine.jpg)


But Pearl is still a lesbian, drumpf btfo


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hi Rose "Liar" Quartz.


File: 42ac7109aa8eeac⋯.png (395.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>PD referring to Pearl as "My Pearl" is supposed to be a sign of deep respect

They never established that "my" is an honorific for superiors. The pearls and peridot saying "my diamond" just seemed like a reference to the hierarchy. The diamonds don't say "my pearl" or whatever, but that just comes off as "you're beneath my notice"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fair reasoning.


Yes, but Rose isn't gay for Pearl in turn and cucked her so hard that she now takes care of her son for free.


>He didn't post the full video


The phrase "my Diamond" has always been used as a form of reverence akin to saying mein führer.


File: b4ebd375eebe1d2⋯.jpg (34.25 KB, 342x513, 2:3, BOI.jpg)

>no hymen no diamond

Is Rebecca, dare I say it, /ourgal/?



>"Respects" dragon ball

>Doesn't like Madoka

What a fucking pleb


so, is the show over or will it continue after the whole "reveal" ?



It's getting another season. After that, who knows.



I hope it comes out quick, I'm tired of watching the world's slowest car crash.



It won't die, Tumblr would go full shoah on them if it was cancelled.


I haven't paid attention to any of this shit in years. What's this reveal everyone's talking about?



Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond and faked her own murder at her own hands.



Why though?

Couldn't she just rebel as Pink Diamond?



It's implied she was just a figurehead and puppet of her diamond sisters, so it wasn't that much of her colony in first place. That, or just going to her peers and saying "that planet I so excessively bitched about? Yeah, can we leave it be after all?" was for some reason so unacceptable she didn't even bother.



Okay, I knew that since like, the 10th episode. What's the big deal?



No I mean, wouldn't she get more traction as a diamond than as a quartz to start the rebellion?

It's like trying to start a rebellion as a farmer instead of a noble that once founded the city it wishes to rebel against.

Or rather, even if the answer is "no", meaning that being Pink Diamond wouldn't get more support among her peers than being Quartz… what did she have to gain from turning from a Diamond into a Quartz?

She was going to become an enemy to homeworld, why disguise?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes. Vid related.



Thank goodness the nightmare is over.



Because it was a very popular fan-theory for years and it also turns everyone's motivations into one gigantic clusterfuck that confirms everyone is fucking psychotic and stupid. It also doesn't make any fucking sense as >>993961 explains. It exists solely to be needlessly complicated.


File: d2135e26ee0d53b⋯.png (75.08 KB, 333x531, 37:59, 23872337.png)

>steven thread

This is what painanon died trying to prevent




theres far many more reasons OP


File: 0cf51e5daff5e59⋯.png (557.69 KB, 678x517, 678:517, CIAs.png)


>this much overreaction to the show



understand that the rebellion wouldnt even have happened in first place had Pink not wanted one. You ask why she decided to start a revolution? Maybe the writers imply that she matured and saw that destroying life is bad. It makes no sense to start a rebellion as a Diamond because then it would be just earth gems turning on fellow Diamonds (since gems are insects/drones) and her intentions would be clear for all to see (anti-colonizing doctrine contrary to the other Diamonds, resulting in grounding and destruction of earth regardless).

either 1. she liked to larp as a quarz and took it too far because the revolution came only later as a domino effect and she was too deep in her own lies by then.

or 2. she only intended for other diamonds to greenlight the rollback from earth because of the rebellion but it backfired.




You are blinded to the sin. Be thankful.




Overrated. Has this new generation already forgotten Utena?




>he doesn't know

You poor dumb summerbastard. You don't know what it was like back then before painanon came along. Stevenfags abounded and no thread was safe from stevenposting. One man stood up and said "enough" and showed everyone just how shitty and antimen that cartoon is.



I wish he was still here.



if he isn't dead I like to hope he's still with us. Even if he was, I want the memory to live on.



We all do.




He died for our sins


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The show is actually red pilled



Hooktube man


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Because it was all a part of her plan.

<Be Pink Diamond

<Finally get colony I've always wanted

<Found some cool new pets

<Yellow says I can't keep them, says I have to make my first colony by hollowing out this entire fucking planet like I'm supposed to

<Doesn't she know that that'll kill every human on there and make their home uninhabitable for them?

<I could rebel, but if I did that I'd be in big trouble and they'd just take it over and colonize it themselves instead

<I fucking hate this

<But what if…

<I were to fake my own death and blame it on someone who doesn't exist?

<Ho ho ho ho ho! Delightfully devilish, Pink!

<I'll create a rebellion to play fight against myself so that I can eventually fake my own death, escape my responsibilities, and live out the rest of my life in peace and quiet with my pets

<And when I'm "shattered", those other Diamond bitches will just leave the Earth and my cool new pets alone.

<I mean, it's not like they actually care about me or anything

<I'm so fucking smart




It's fucking may



It's never too early for a summerfag infestation to begin.



And why is that bitch supposed to be Hitler? She would be far better at representing the allies.


File: 576749b5a12c930⋯.png (292.43 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, 1526878746568.png)


>when the main character is the biggest turn off about the show

Don't say it's the anti-men message, because (((rebecca))) is too incompetent to actually push an agenda. Also, Lars exists as an character now.



Wherever there are tubs of lard and carrots, he will be there.

So, a grocery store, basically.



They have realized one of the fundamental principles of art.

The amount of message that a show can carry is directly proportional to how entertaining and engaging a show is.

If a show is entertaining as hell then it can be political and nobody will care , but if a show is boring then it will be hated.


File: af46705959785dd⋯.png (79.87 KB, 1356x3500, 339:875, Pink_Diamond.png)

File: ba07938a766dfa6⋯.png (143.73 KB, 2000x2400, 5:6, Rose_Quartz_-_Weaponized.png)

>Rose Quartz


>Portrayed as a good guy and beloved leader

>Revealed to have been Pink Diamond

<Pink Diamond


<Portrayed as evil, selfish, and aggressive

<Basically Gem Hitler

HMMM, I'm sure the skinny version of Rose being a bad guy is pure coincidence.


File: 22bbf91f2861192⋯.jpg (96.25 KB, 461x682, 461:682, venus of willendorf.jpg)


That's the skinniest Rose Quartz depiction I've ever seen.

Knowing now that fatass Rose was not merely created Healthy At Every Size but deliberately reshaped herself so, I think I know why. We can guess that during the shittiest war in the universe started by the Crystal Gems, humans were in the paleolithic era. And what was a pastime then? Making Venus statues. Why is not known, but the pop anthropology theory is that this was the desired body type of a woman at the time. I would assume Sugar could buy this theory.

Tell me Rose Quartz wasn't trying to look like this. Tell me her form was not very deliberately constructed to get contemporary human males to fuck her.

Rose Quartz is fat so she could get caveman dick


File: 736abf8e96b9628⋯.jpg (80.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Greg is attracted to Steve….jpg)


>Rose Quartz is fat so she could get caveman dick

She DID.



>They have realized one of the fundamental principles of art.

These people couldn't learn anything about art if you had the power to forcefully insert knowledge directly into their neurons.


can someone just give a greatext of the plot twists and shit



this reads like a tendies greentext




I've heard another theory according to which these fat statues were made by pregnant women. They probably felt like fat cows or something.



Rose hasn't been considered entirely moral or good since the first season. Hell, they've had a whole episode where Steven creates a Rose sexdoll and screams at her for being a piece of shit.


Don't you fucking compare him to cavemen. At least they got to live in the house they built.


No shit. Nice doubles.


File: d8a2451c0741b3e⋯.png (235.8 KB, 953x615, 953:615, 1471357289356-0.png)

File: cc273e4b8096667⋯.png (408.01 KB, 947x615, 947:615, 1471357289356-1.png)


Extremely gay for Rose.





I mean the artist named "Sir"




I'm not sure. It might be.


File: a08f0edc33e3f8f⋯.jpg (75.41 KB, 446x598, 223:299, you are motherfucker.jpg)

even though we literally guessed the 'reveal' of pink diamond fucking 2 years in advance, the episodes was still good. its just shit that now we have to go through 5-10 episodes of "SHE LIED TO ME!!!!!" forced shit drama and then some townie filler before we can get back to anything that matters.



every 1 in 5 is good, which is how many lore episodes we get per filler episodes.



I mean, in what sense is it "forced drama"? I concede that the episodes were better than the previous ones because stuff actually happened, but this person through her naivety, ruined the lives of thousands of gems, started an unnecessary war. It would be if Japan's involvement in World War 2 was because the emperor at the time wanted to relax in a small island that was going to be demolished or something


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's the only reason he needs.


>Implying being 200% mad over somebody you trusted, who gave your life purpose and claimed to be fighting tyranny, lying to you and everyone for thousands of years, all so she could get her cooch crammed by humans is in any way, shape, or form akin to a typical "liar revealed" plot

Surely you jestin.


File: b2f5b1157db9ad3⋯.png (163.71 KB, 601x455, 601:455, stevenpearlgoesbananas.png)


>Don't you fucking compare him to cavemen.

Sorry. I meant to say "cavecuck."



Yeah but cavemen get frozen in there while we're out here



its garnet not pearl,

it will be sapphire freaks out looking into the alternate futures or whatever if she didn't join the crystal gems while ruby goes "stop being a stupid bitch" then garnet gets over and it ends with "rose had her reasons"

wow, good episode.



What I want to know is, where's the caveman?

>>997322 (Checked)

Pearl isn't the only one devoted to Rose, she's only the most devoted. Also, that's the plot of 'Keystone Motel' but with the affected parties reversed.


File: 8ec2fe14eb82c83⋯.jpg (44.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, True pain.jpg)


now you know true pain.



I hope they actually make "Garnet" fuck off for about 5 or so episodes of pure delicious drama or possibly even forever because Ruboi and Sapphire break up over this.



Probably not.



It's already been leaked that not only will they not break up, they're getting married, tuxedo and all. I shit you not.



SU knows no limit to its degeneracy.


File: 8dd3bb00672275c⋯.jpg (13.81 KB, 210x240, 7:8, stevenquartey.jpg)

File: 85941060c6a24e1⋯.jpg (434.81 KB, 1000x665, 200:133, stevengameridiculous.jpg)


It really doesn't. It sickens me with its very existence. Look upon the face of an autist so lonely, he was willing to have sex with a not-at-all-passing trap. I used to read RPGworld all the time. It wasn't the best comic ever, but it was fun. Now look at him.




Rebecca must have sucked all the talent (what little he had) out of him.



He looks like a chocolate cream puff.


File: a7ae8f1ad40582e⋯.png (119.69 KB, 629x447, 629:447, 10543ba69bd9afc47db56856c3….png)


He looks like a nigger


File: dffb6adda24dba4⋯.png (319.25 KB, 761x834, 761:834, d.png)

>"Fusion" is a choice

>"Fusion" is a right

>"Fusion" should never happen without consent

How can Garnet say this when she herself was the result of an accidental "fusion" that neither gave consent to? Same with Stevonnie. Maybe "Fusion" isn't so black and white after all.



Fusion as a metaphor for sex and love is also a pretty wonky concept when it's something they do 1) almost entirely for the purpose of killing or destroying something 2) tends to happen accidentally all the goddamned time, and 3) seems to result in a new independent personality appearing out of nowhere that can work against the interests of the people involved in said fusion.

I don't know about you, but I never accidentally fucked someone so I could fight someone else and then ended up under the control of the fucking and unable to stop it.


File: 3abcdf53a2d51a2⋯.jpg (67.09 KB, 708x523, 708:523, 3abcdf53a2d51a2170a90edd06….jpg)


>I don't know about you, but I never accidentally fucked someone so I could fight someone else and then ended up under the control of the fucking and unable to stop it.

Fucking normies I swear to god.



He looks like Jordan Peele's autistic brother.

>>998888 (Top fucking quads!)

I think it's supposed to be like love at first sight.


>I don't know about you, but I never accidentally fucked someone so I could fight someone else and then ended up under the control of the fucking and unable to stop it.

You kind of have to wonder how the fuck nobody writing this dumpster fire ever noticed how fucked up that is. This is the kind of shit that psychological horror stories are built upon.



Because they're hacks anon, I remember people saying that the writers had this all planned out, but how the fuck can you plan out a garbage fire like this and not notice all the flaws? I bet they only planned out the "Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond" twist and made everything else up as they went along.



>I bet they only planned out the "Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond" twist and made everything else up as they went along.

That's probably it. They're too focused on jerking themselves off over how ~meaningful~ their characters are and how little details and bits of dialogue somehow equal good foreshadowing. They have everything backwards- they see details and "big moments" as crucial, while things like pacing and the big picture are just window dressing.



You're right,


File: 5e79ab04dde3b85⋯.gif (3.73 MB, 480x270, 16:9, faggot walk.gif)

Is he heterosexual?



>tubby jew kid raised by ayy lmao lesbians

what do you think?


can these cuckchan crossposts please stay on cuckchan?



>I bet they only planned out the "Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond" twist and made everything else up as they went along.

That's basically how everything in this show was made, they come up with scenes and then thread a plot through them, regardless of pacing or consistency. And Rose being PD isn't the only example. I think they said in interviews that they had planned Lapis' introduction scene (Steven ripping her gem out of a mirror and it becomes a woman) since they began working on the show. This would explain why Lapis is such a terrible, inconsistand, and overall useless character.


The problem with how they foreshadow things is that they tend to show their hand too much. With foreshadowing Garnet being a fusion, for instance, they didn't even need to allude to it, all they really had to do was have her two gems be visible and that's it, yet they felt it necessary to visibly show that Garnet was two people in that one episode with Alexandrite, basically telling everyone that "yeah, she's a fusion".

Speaking of, I love how that was considered an important reveal at all, treated as though it had significance to Steven or the plot. It's basically tantamount to revealing someone is left-handed.


Yes. :^)


That depends, can you go back to reddit where you belong?


File: 3e8cf040404f1f6⋯.jpg (5.98 KB, 162x115, 162:115, uWM7tO0-1.jpg)

I always wonder what made those chucklefucks think that they should suddenly give their show a plot after making 50 or so episodes of filler. If they stuck with the bullshit, the show would already be dead and we might of had less garbage on the air.


File: a78895dd69337fd⋯.png (96.76 KB, 489x422, 489:422, 431042805479.png)


>Rose had a human zoo

>Rose's deception is responsible for an entire 'race' of gems being falsely imprisoned

>The entire rebellion was just fun and games for her

>Her "allies" died for a fake cause

>When Bismuth was ready to take things to the next level she was immediately taken hostage

>Greg didn't even know his own wife's name

>Pearl is not a rebel or a renegade, she was following her Diamond's orders for 5,000 years

>She's only been 'free' for 14 years and obviously can't handle it

>Jasper's entire character motivation is based on a lie

>Steven was right that Rose had him to avoid responsibility for everything

>We're going to see two space hitlers and everyone who was hurt by Rose's deception "get over it" in the space of a few minutes

Feel free to add onto this and/or update.



You forgot

>it was a shit show from the start



Speaking of Rose's zoo, I just now realized how fucking stupid this whole thing is. Rose only really cared about humans, which is why she made the zoo, but instead of just moving all of the humans (and maybe some other shit too) on to there a la Noah's Ark (something the Diamonds wouldn't really care about) and colonizing earth like she was supposed to, she decided it was somehow easier to only move a few over there, start a rebellion, and fake her own death. Un-fucking-believable.

>When Bismuth was ready to take things to the next level she was immediately taken hostage

This is the only thing on your list that I take issue with. Bismuth wanting to shatter opposing gems is fucking stupid for several reasons. First off, gem are dangerous even after being shattered, as we've seen with the gem monsters and the cluster. More shattered gems means more fuel for potential gem monsters on Homeworld's side. Second, Rose didn't want any of their enemies shattered, period. It makes no difference how terrible Rose was or whether she was wrong in what she wanted, as a soldier of Rose's rebellion she had no place to disobey orders like that, and was punished as she deserved. Third, what the fuck is the difference between shattering their enemies and what they were already doing? There's functionally no difference between shattering your enemies and poofing them, bubbling their gem, and leaving them in a storeroom. And at least if they're captured the CGs could try to reason with them and turn them to their side. Fuck, that's basically how Rose made her army in the first place. And fourth, the breaking point was fucking stupid. In order for it to actually work, you'd have to pin a gem down in order to actually fucking hit them with it, because anything less than a straight shot would just crack them at best. And good luck doing that in the middle of a fucking war zone with fighters that jump and roll around like acrobatic wrecking balls. You would seriously be better off just grabbing them and slamming them gem-first on the ground.


File: b79ec96ca56650c⋯.png (546.22 KB, 1280x1697, 1280:1697, 74092fd1-8c03-4645-a3e4-64….png)

File: 16cba56129f89b8⋯.png (287.22 KB, 1280x1004, 320:251, 7c26d4a4-6b57-40e1-ab08-53….png)

File: fbeac6f52390928⋯.png (327.14 KB, 606x754, 303:377, 99b62519-c4ac-4e02-9dcb-d9….png)

File: 515284bc32289f6⋯.png (129.57 KB, 500x624, 125:156, tumblr_inline_p5b7ukzju11s….png)

File: 579c7077e1655d4⋯.png (670.58 KB, 1280x708, 320:177, 1528405578047.png)

Gem waifu worship is one of the few and far in between reasons to watch this show.

Would you do a gem?


File: 6878c720abe0c43⋯.jpg (98.88 KB, 1000x940, 50:47, 45_c2fghiud55.jpg)


>Would you do a gem?

Yes,but this one


File: 06c1cc8dcd9fa52⋯.jpg (358.23 KB, 928x1177, 928:1177, d2a5c70d-5948-4277-a2da-df….jpg)


>oh look, a little fag



>macro fetish

>he doesn't want to bang Doritos hair gold arm girl



I'm not as brave as you anon; fucking deformities is too much for me.

But i commend you for your strength.



I don't have a giantess fetish, this is just a reaction image m8.

Gems can shapeshift anyway, so you could shag the diamonds and biggest of fusions, because they could just shrink down to a manageable size for the duration of sex.



Wouldn't she break very easily?



>Waifuing a cal arts creature



>Would you do a gem?

Theyr'e all ugly whores.



This show has the ugliest design of all times and I could vomit all over it.

I don't get at all why assholes watch it, probably just out of spite against quality. Or because fighting scenes in other stuff are too violent for their tumblr eyes.



Does this show even have fight scenes anymore?




Those dubs made me go back and look. Only two episodes out of the 18 this season could be said to have fight scenes, three if you count the pitiful excuse for space fight. It's been six episodes since the last fight scene. Fuck.



I'm guessing it's gonna be nothing but townie shit and melodrama from here on out.



File: 68477a57c35fddf⋯.jpg (79.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, NO.jpg)



>Latest post on Sugen was over a day ago

>Second latest post was over a week ago

Good, even the most autistic fans of this dumpster fire are giving up.


File: 42c3024ecd7bab2⋯.png (492.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Steven's_Dream_205.png)


wait until the new episode is relased…




>le calarts maymay

even if that "calarts style" throws you off, there are still for example diamonds

if you discard a character because it's comprised of geometric shapes, bad news for you; anime is donig the same too, and anime characters are not any more human looking that those "calarts creatures", at least not since the 90s

at least you can tell western cartoon characters apart, because they don't use the same exact design, color scheme, sound effects, personality types, art style etc. like 99% of modern anime


File: b4084581b7d28fd⋯.png (371.66 KB, 438x403, 438:403, hand gore check-em.png)

Why the fuck is this thread still here? Are you so desperate for post counts that you need to attract the bottom feeders that consume this shit?



>defending stevens university

look at this fag



Don't give him any attention.






This is the designated shitpost thread.



There's no one on this board other than the fag above you that actually likes Steven Universe.


File: 30fdad361754a5b⋯.png (738.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, i cant look at you you fat….png)


So, nobody on this board likes SU

The only positive things i can say about this show:

Characters stick out, and some are ok, the concept had potential.

But a good concept can get you only so far, if the execution is shit, you have months of hiatus between every episode, your writers think that LGBTwhatever pandering can replace character development and actually devolve some characters, have no sense of pacing, have two planes of story (townie shit and plot) that should be connected, and as it stands now could be on separate planets, have unlikeable fat childish faggot as the main character…

Anyway, the show is shit and i would not recommend watching this to anyone.

The only redeemable thing about this show is the concept, and waifus.



Not even waifus can redeem this anon, they're fucking cal arts.




still better than Sameface-Chan number 1945

the only really calarts in the face character is St*ven, and the diamonds are not calarts in the slightest, also almost every character has unique shape

if you want to know what calarts looks like, watch thunder cats roar where every character is the same character like in anime, just has a bean head instead of circle plus triangle head



Literally the whole concept was done better by the japs with CGI and one season than this show and it's years of work.



the only similar thing between SU and HNK is existence of gem-women



The show is shit and you're shit


File: 55c7c44db465ec7⋯.jpg (269.23 KB, 1000x1584, 125:198, Superior Pearl Waifu.jpg)


Hell it was done better over a decade ago in a PS1 game.


File: b2a649db93ab3cb⋯.gif (57.05 KB, 504x572, 126:143, Magic Academy of Geo.gif)


That same game did a wizard school better than Harry Potter did too.


File: b6cac78c7028d3f⋯.jpg (74.86 KB, 800x960, 5:6, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 906e805b81497c1⋯.jpg (2.48 MB, 2500x3000, 5:6, peridot___steven_universe_….jpg)

File: 424f77a515620e3⋯.png (5.98 MB, 1572x2715, 524:905, opal_fanart_steven_univers….png)


>Would you fuck a rock woman who can shapeshift at will.

You're asking that like it's a question.




SU's art style may be fucking atrocious, but I will defend their character designs (for the most part) as being pretty damn good. This is best exemplified when an artist with actual talent draws these characters.



>open toed shoes

you mean the ones from Naruto?


File: 3e7ce1e04e99edc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 7.83 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Houseki no Kuni is more creative and uses the idea of crystalline beings in a more interesting way, but SU didn't steal its plot from it. Instead, SU's real crime is ripping off something with a far bigger presence in children's media.

>group of alien beings hiding on Earth

>some of them thousands of years old

>others have been hiding on the planet for most of human history

>protecting humans from threats that came from their home planet

>humanoid in shape, but the way they work and the abilities they naturally have are far more complex than humans

>Also, they can combine and merge into bigger, more powerful beings

>The leaders of the good guys and bad guys have a long, complex history

>as the story goes on, more characters from the alien world end up as permanent members of the good guy team

>also there's a bad guy so huge he threatens the whole planet



>still better than Sameface-Chan number 1945

Not really




He's a rock.


Cuck show.



What else is new?


Agreed OP, sandles should be only worn by, hell, mandatory wear for women and only women.



Footfag detected.



No fucking shit sherlock


File: 794090b3a804049⋯.jpg (41.97 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1453856683140-2.jpg)



I would fuck him.



What do you even see in him?




You guys are wrong for one reason alone, there are very few big moments on this show. They don't plan around big moments they just have random sparks that they throw into a big pile of nothing fucking happening. This show is close to (or over?) a hundred episodes and has been on for YEARS and there's still no central plot or antagonist. It's been well established that earth is a passing concern to the gems so they're not a looming threat so much as a bad accident waiting to happen (and be quickly resolved when steven can testify that pink diamond isn't dead). Literally every plot point of the show could be condensed into one 10 episode season that still has 10 minutes per episode.


File: f2a47c564839a06⋯.jpg (33.36 KB, 299x446, 299:446, rl.jpg)


Wow. Nobody picked up the b8.



A thicc black man with chubby creeks that makes me horny



You need to get better standards.



That's one of many reasons as to why the show is shit.


File: a6113760e3218da⋯.jpg (56.12 KB, 500x642, 250:321, r8mgoQ1Do1sezzt.jpg)


and you need to have better eyes



That's why I wear glasses, you whale lover.


File: 4094eccad8d59ee⋯.png (364.97 KB, 460x628, 115:157, 4094eccad8d59ee81c0ccc1308….png)

Imagine SU done by someone with more talent and actual skill, imagine SU done by Tartakovsky or even Faust, or some talented jap (inb4 hnk, doesn't count because its almost completly different), with (((Rebecca))) being just one of the character designers. Imagine this show running on AS or Netflix, with big budget and no bullshit months of waiting for episodes, with 30 min episodes.



It would have been a good cartoon, but it isn't, it's just wasted potential.


File: 90ec9bca7d45386⋯.jpeg (71.77 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, portal-glados[1].jpeg)



What's she doing right now? More importantly, why did she leave MLP?

Was it worth it?



Well considering that all she's working on right now is a DC cartoon, it likely wasn't worth it.



She left MLP because suits were interfering with the show to "make it more apealing to the focus group" and telling her to introduce pointless characters and do stupid changes to sell more toys. For example the "princess canadance" is 100% corporate creation to sell toys because muh pink princess muh girls.



If someone more competent was in charge, they'd make something that wasn't Steven Universe. This show is a product of idiocy and virtue-signaling from start to finish.


File: ba1470873ac55f8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.7 KB, 165x115, 33:23, f13[1].jpg)


>She left MLP because suits were interfering with the show to "make it more apealing to the focus group" and telling her to introduce pointless characters and do stupid changes

Which they did anyway.

It's a pity she didn't have the rights to the show.


File: 2de237492204c92⋯.png (1020.64 KB, 1200x1854, 200:309, 421c0a34-473f-4177-9bc9-1e….png)


You are wrong. Steven's Universe: alien gem women invade Earth around the time of Atlantis. Wreck shit, estabilish colony. The alien in charge has doubts, does not want to eradicate life on the planet. *insert rose's cunning plan*

Then makes hybrid human-alien, which proceeds to have adventures with the remnant of his mother's alien guerilla. Slowly discovers truth about his mother, the other aliens come back. Meanwhile we explore this alternate Earth, influenced by ancient aliens, have slice of life and character development shit etc.

But Becky and CN execs fucked it up of course.


Any way you look at it all gems are inhuman monsters with zero compassion towards us. Even with all their history they treat greg like a pet with zero concern for his wants or desires, they're intellectually and socially on par with us but act as if there's some impenetrable fog to understanding human wants and desires which in many ways reflect gem concerns and desires. Rose Quartz wiped out cities as a diamond but she talks about leaving the planet to the crystal gems with the remnant of the genocided humans as an afterthought. Rose Quartz has the ability to make organics fucking immortal ( Lion, Lars) but despite "falling in love" before she has never thought to preserve or save humans/humanity. They don't contribute to science or technology, earth is just a zoo that rose quartz can live in if they gave half a shit about it and had ambitious minds earth could have an armada of ships to help defend it after spending five thousand years learning gem tech and repurposing shattered gems and leftover tech.

Just look at how they gave no shit about wrecking the pizza shop but go all gaga over some off-color gems, and their hope in a gem rebellion seems misplaced when with a thought the diamonds can release their consciousness and reduce them to beasts.



I wonder if the writers think that Gems are supposed to be sympathetic even after all that.


File: a8d62f9e178b2f2⋯.jpg (19.41 KB, 550x403, 550:403, ecb56ad59b4fba4063c72bce33….jpg)


"Rose" is all around awful person, no matter how, and from what perspective you look at it.

For other diamonds she was a spineless, deceitfull traitor.

For the rebels she was a false prophet that led them to slaughter.

For the humans she is an alien bitch that first slaughters them, then decides to enslave them for her amusement instead.

She caused a pointless war that consumed countless lives, because she was too much of a spineless coward to stand up to other diamonds and just enforce her authority on her own fucking colony. She faked her own death, prompting diamonds to nuke earth as revenge, causing millions to perish. She emotionally abused her slave to the point of giving her PTSD. She drove one of her sisters(?) into thousands of years of depression. She caused an entire subtype of gems to be bubbled. She manipulated a human to create a hybrid human-gem to do her bidding and escape any responsibility for her actions. She lied to garnet all the time, and built her entire worldview on lies. She lied to and manipulated literally everyone.

Rose is THE reason anything bad happened in the first place.



File: 6fbf5b556b28a16⋯.gif (7.08 MB, 794x540, 397:270, U5Bq.gif)


>inb4 that does not matter because she saved the eart after all

Look at the human zoo, and then imagine what would she did if the other diamonds left her alone to rule the earth with her space taliban, insted of nuking them.

Humanity reduced to pets and sex slaves (what was the purpose of the bed in the zoo?) dumbed down to near animalistic levels, with every minute of their lives controlled by a voice from the sky. She already did SOMETHING to humans; almost all humans in steven universe appear significantly dimmer than in our universe, lack curiosity, basic pattern recognition, they can't even realize that crystal gems are aliens, and when they do, they just brush it off. The worst example of that is Ronaldo, who can't put 2 and 2 together and realize what is happening right in front of his eyes, making up retarded bullshit instead.



Cool it with the anti gemetic remarks.



Steven's Earth should have been destroyed, the humans there are suffering from a fate worse than death just by existing.



Propably rose's fault.

That's because of all of those shattered fluorites in the water supply. :^)


File: d6fb26b74b528f4⋯.mp4 (3.07 MB, 490x360, 49:36, TWIST.mp4)





>Steven only exists to take care of Roses problems

Meaningless plot indeed.


File: 8bce1cee60cc80b⋯.jpg (164.78 KB, 877x911, 877:911, blue_diamond_by_inain1-db0….jpg)


The only gem that has shown some positive feelings to humans beyond treating them like a pet or a toy was ironically Blue Diamond after her talk with Greg, because she realised that humans are not just mindless animals after that, and are capable of empathy.

But that is not really suprising, since her powers seem emotion-based and she spent several thousands of years grieving and meditating about her emotions.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I hate SING for lowering animation standards in USA.


Stop posting here. It's a show for tumblr.



What is this shit? What kind of retard produced this abomination? For what purpose…


That is your opinion.




So I've never seen the show because it looked stupid as shit and the characters were bad. What the fuck even are the gems and their goals? I want to shit on the series more accurately if I come across someone who tolerates or defends it.


File: 49f2494260007ff⋯.png (3.46 MB, 2850x1844, 1425:922, Lauren Zuke and the tale o….png)

You must never forget why the barn episodes happened.



The gems are a space lesbian empire, I really couldn't word that sentence any other way.


How does someone like this even get hir- oh right, this is Steven Universe we're talking about.



I already know that they're space lesbians. I want to know why they want to fuck with earth and why w don't just kill the fuck out of them.



Because one of their diamonds, which is actually Rose Quartz, got killed on Earth, actually she just turned into the crystal on her son so he could take care of her problems.



Also, they reproduce by using machines to implant rocks with something, and the rocks grow into gems, but suck out the surrounding area's "life force" in the process.

The whole plot started bc Pink Diamond thought that she would rather use organics as sex slaves instead, so she rebelled against herself as Rose Quartz, and then faked her own death thinking the other diamonds will just leave (?), but they nuked the planet first, and implanted it's core with undead sentient bomb made from gem corpses.



Why not just nuke the planet until it's gone?



Their version of nuking is using some kind of radiation that causes gems to mutate into mindless beasts.

But they don't reivade the planet, and abandon the perfectly intact moon base for some reason. Instead they want that cluster inside earth to activate, and then they want to use it as a superweapon or some shit. But that plan was thwarted by the obnoxious fatman already, because he convinced the cluster to block it's own activation…



I blame their incompetence on shit writing, just like how everyone else in SU is incompetent or a moron.



You know what their military tactics are? Charging at enemies with melee weapons. They have blasters, various explosives, rockets, spaceships… Yet they still smack each other with hammers and shit, without any support. Their most common type of soldiers, the Rubies, are equipped only with chisel knives…



That just makes me wonder just how stupid were the previous species that they've conquered.



Jesus Christ. It's worse than I could have imagined, and I already had a low opinion of the cunts that make this shit.

>every so often i remember The Touhou Years… good shit

I hope she's just reminiscing on when 2hu went big and not indicating that she was involved in any projects.

>Hey i escaped my abusive job and binding makes my nips hurt like hell.

Holy shit, did she turn tranny? Did Rebecca Sugar work this girl so hard out of her depth she wanted to be a man?

Also lol that lapidot was so ingrained behind the scenes. My impression was that for once the lesbian space rocks weren't that lesbian. I don't know why, probably because no gemsex, but I guess that means lesbian bed death is in a cartoon now.



>lets's intoduce a new character into the main cast

>o shit story actually starts progressing

>this threatens the status quo

>good writing is hard :(

>what to do

>let's just dump the new character somewhere, reduce personality to comic relief, and then pair the character with other character

>but, the new relationship will affect character dynamics and upset the status quo

>dump them both into the background location, use it super rarely, and make everyhing they do irrelevant

the BARN, a catch all solution to stamp out any accidental character development and plot progresion


File: ad97eeff2714e53⋯.png (47.89 KB, 1000x1194, 500:597, SwordVsGun.png)


I hate the trope of melee weapons always being inherently superior to projectile weapons. It's usually such lazy worldbuilding. That's not to say it can't be done well but most of the time it's not.

Here's a graph to explain.


File: 2e76ccc877329c2⋯.png (48.03 KB, 1000x1194, 500:597, SwordVsGun.png)


I forgot the cross.



Why do these fucking faggots hate character development so much?



The holy grail of this show is status quo. Can you imagine any other show, in witch:

-Protagonist's dad gets 10m$ from his old record revenues, nothing changes.

-Giant alien warship invades, whole town is evacuated, nothing changes in the next episodes.

-Aliens kidnap people, traumatizing them, nothing changes.

-Almost entire town is destroyed by a kid using an alien replicator technology, nothing changes, nobody notices.

And the list goes on, and on, and on…



They're nigh immortal magic beings they can afford to be stupid since they can brute force through most militaries and civilizations.



I can't wait for the Tumblrtards to start damage-controlling with "BUT THAT'S THE POINT!!!!!!!"



I think Rose being a piece of shit is canon… (((Rebecca))) confirmed that.



There's only like one other show where that could happen and nothing would change, but Steven Universe supposedly prides itself on character development and plot, so why the hell are they sticking to the status quo so much?



Because actual character development is rare and plot decent at best, but is completly sabotaged by lack of pacing, and lack of worldbuilding.

Tumblrtards love this shows, because the jewess panders to them from time to time. The only good thing about this show are the waifus.



The waifus are only good in an art style that isn't Cal Arts.



The only visibly "calarts" character is the fatman himself.

If you want to see some real "calarts", watch thunder cats roar.



All of it is CalArts. Everyone is made of soft and pudgy geometric shapes devoid of detail and lightly-colored.



>What the fuck even are the gems and their goals?

If you mean the Crystal Gems, their goal (((allegedly))) is to protect Earth from the evil Diamonds so they can enjoy being gay in relative safety. If you mean the Diamonds, one of them wants to destroy them all because her little sister (((allegedly))) was murdered and this is how she copes with it. On paper this sounds like a pretty basic setup for an action show, good guys vs bad guys and all that, but they completely forgot to give the two groups a reason to interact with eachother. The Diamonds, after (((allegedly))) losing their younger sister to the CGs, planted a giant creature inside the planet that would, in time, destroy the earth. After installing it, they have no real reason to go back to earth and oppose the CGs because the CGs are basically already dead. The CGs, meanwhile, spend most of their time hunting down otherkin gems that are in no way affiliated with the Diamonds anymore due to severe brain damage caused by listening to too much trap music. They never go out in search of new recruits for their team in order to take their fight directly to the Diamonds and win the day in the name of gay, in fact they go out of their way to remain scarce, perfectly comfortable laying low on earth so as not to be lynched by the space hitlers.

The writers have basically created a stillborn plot where both sides are locked in conflict, but they never actually fight. There are no goals to achieve, no end to reach, there's only stuff that happens, and that's exactly the kind of plot they want; the kind that allows them to create episode after meandering episode of dumb townspeople and gay space rocks doing nothing.

TL;DR They don't do anything because the writers want to make shitty slice of life with even less plot.


File: 7b964763aadade9⋯.png (51.33 KB, 1047x3200, 1047:3200, SomberDiamond_by_Koo.png)


what about best girl



She's still held back by Cal Arts, she would look much better in most other art styles.



Then why make a show with a plot in the first place, why not make a slice of life show?



if they're in around ~30 feet, the sword/knife beats gun, unless the gun is drawn out, cocked, etc. and other variables that come to play.



So the main characters are fucked up space parasites bent on wiping out all life in the universe?



No those are the villains, the main characters are fucked up space lesbians who even after living on the Earth for centuries still have no idea what Humans are like.



I'm talking about battles involving lots of people, not one on one duels. Dune has the Gellar Field, The Forever War has the Stasis Field, Afro Samurai can deflect and dodge bullets.



Her head is a pill.


File: 654b34e5f77cab5⋯.jpg (135.68 KB, 1300x975, 4:3, CUTE FROG BOI.jpg)


>legend of mana

Excellent tastes, anon.




They aren't as much bent on wiping out all life in the universe, but rather just don't give a fuck if the planet is inhabited by multicellular or even sentient life, and colonize it anyway. But that is only the higner ups, because in that episode where fusion of fatman and poo in the loo girl has visions, we hear a Nephrite (propably a ship capitan) objecting to colonizing earth, but being immediately shut up by Yellow Diamond. Also, Blue Diamond seem to care about organic life now, but is too depressed to actually do anything to change their empire's attitude, so, effectively Yellow Diamond is in charge now, and she instead of being depressed, repressed her emotion into a burning rage. So, yeah, now a murderous space lesbian(?) is in charge.



>All of it is CalArts

But she and the negro graduated from SVA


File: 29719aba4d34df6⋯.png (106.56 KB, 1047x3200, 1047:3200, BluePill.png)


Two reasons. First, they've already established the plotline and the lore and now they kind of have to go through with it, lest they upset the few remaining fans they have.

Second, because if they went full slice of life, they'd have to actually work on the characterization and the comedy, alongside having to actually put forth a plotline of any kind which, as I've alrady established, they hate doing, for even slice of life shows have a plot and a point to them.

>>1002944 (Checked)

This is true.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Oh look, only one character is reacting normally to this reveal and it seems that Rebecca has her in the wrong.


File: 4265ca2533384bb⋯.png (84.55 KB, 336x420, 4:5, Steven 56.png)




File: c78436883150b88⋯.jpg (69.09 KB, 911x608, 911:608, DEATHTOCISSCUM.jpg)


No, ciscum.



I wonder if the writers will ever deal with that "garnet isn't her own person and is just a combination of two space lesbian midgets" issue.



but that's all garnet has been since the reveal.



I know, but you'd think that they'd have realize that having one of their main characters be a non person might be a problem.




Yes, one, unless something changed since I stopped watching this shit.



I just meant that all of the main characters are non-people who are horrible and who I want bad things to happen to. Particularly Steven, annoying bint.



I meant non person as in literally, Garnet is just a fusion, all the other characters are shit and have horrible personalities and are complete idiots, but at least they can be considered people.



Ah, ok. I still like my way better though.


File: 1c9b5da25bdd61a⋯.jpg (15.42 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 7777.jpg)


>What if they never form Garnet again?

Oh PLEASE, as if they are going to get rid of Garnet. Melodrama for the sake of melodrama. Ever since the 5-7 episode arc about Connie being a huge bitch, running off without talking to Steven, being mad he tried to do what was best because she didn't get to live her magical girl fantasy, took off with his lion and resulted in Steven both putting up missing flyers for him and spending a week or so crying over her, this show was dead to me, I guess I needed an extra push after the cluster asspull.



Why would you still watch this show?



To see how this shitshow ends.



But you can know how this ends without having to watch it.



You can know the idea second-hand, but not the hard facts.


File: 54c05c184b60ebb⋯.png (111.59 KB, 540x258, 90:43, .........png)





I thought it was rated TV Y7.



That's the next step in the faggot agenda.



It won't be long before it happens.



As someone who kept up with Bleach through the end, it isn't worth it anon. It's never worth it.



You actually watched Bleach all the way to the end? Why?



It got so bad that I just had to know. Literally establishing new rules, powers and motivations in one chapter just to completely contradict them moments later. The art was just degrading chapter by chapter and all narrative cohesion was just drifting apart. I actually recommend getting the last arc because it's literally watching the event horizon of a narrative black hole completely suck in a story.

The villain had the power to choose what the future was, making even impossible things happen and rewriting reality, and he still managed to lose.



That sounds incredibly retarded, good thing I never gave two shits about Bleach.



Anything you're thinking, it gets infinitely more retarded.



Villains always get brought so high only to fall twice as low.



Sometimes that works, but if it happens all the time it'll kill the tension.



I want to stress that they gave the villain the ability to rewrite reality on a whim, with no drawback or cost, and somehow still lost.



What exactly makes that different from TTGL?



Isn't TTGL about willpower and determination letting you do anything?



Yes and the villains can use essentially the same power.



Sounds like the heroes shouldn't have won then.



The anti-spiral in TTGL could rewrite reality on a whim. However they were facing off against something that can do the same thing and thus the fight escalated and the slowly devolved into a simple battle of wills. This also happened with JoJo Eyes of Heaven where DIO was basically divided by 0 to defeat. You can give a villain godlike power, but you have to consider how the hero is going to overcome it if they are at all.

In Bleach, not only did the end bad guy have the ability to rewrite reality at a whim, he did it by seeing into the future and choosing one to occur and was just defeated by the main character slashing super duper hard. This is also after a few dozen chapters of characters ability to do things fluctuates wildly from chapter to chapter.



It was literally just "both sides try to out-willpower each other until one wins" by the end. Like arm-wrestling but with hearts burning with hot anime passion instead of arms.



This does not make any sense.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

New promo. What do you think?


File: cba43133e39b0d6⋯.png (75.75 KB, 995x575, 199:115, download (1).png)


Looks like the first part is from the season finale, if the leaks are true.





And it's fucking shit, what a surprise.



>shit actually happening

Must be fake.



>Lapis gets arrested for some reason and gets even more focus

>Topaz is in prison despite Auqamarine deciding to not do anything to her

>Auqamarine becomes the arc villain and slapfights with Peridot for some reason

>Lars comes back to the girl he "loves" and dates some other chick instead

>Auqamarine releases AIDS!Jasper even though the promo shows her being released, meaning it happens during the upcoming special

>Last episode on the list is Steven revealing his true identity to the Diamonds even though the most recent promo shows them invading earth, which would most likely lead to the podcast leaks, which seems to show Steven revealing that he's Pink Diamond, meaning this makes no sense

>Reveals so much information as opposed to the usual episode descriptions being notoriously opaque


Fake and gay, but I wouldn't be suprised in the least if this were real.



>Lapis gets captured by Homeworld again

Great, I never liked her anyway.

>She escapes in the next episode




They gotta maintain the status quo somehow.



I would have actually liked Lapidot if they didn't turn Peridot into a gremlin. I thought they were interesting because I liked the "robot falls in love with an angel" theme the fanart was going for back then.



Anon, you do know this is a kids cartoon right?



>all those fucking episodes

>barely anything happens

They are truly the gods of filler, all whither like shadows before their shining might.



>"robot falls in love with an angel"

When you phrase it that way, it sounds great. Everything potentially interesting about Peridot was ruined by the gremlinification. Only character I liked, and they ran a Tumblr train on her.



>When you phrase it that way, it sounds great.

That easily describes the entire show. A bunch of potentially great ideas squandered by the sheer incompetency of a bunch of (((Gems.)))



The people behind the cartoon seemed to forget that, too.



That would imply that they did all this gay shit and forgot that they were targetting it towards minors, they didn't forget at all.



>actual plot development







>maybe plot



>training montage

>gay filler



>training montage










Admittedly, it looks like they are actually trying to build towards something with half of these episodes, but most of the "plot" episodes are just them revisiting the half-assed ideas they introduced years ago, and introducing a dozen new characters and rushing them through some development. Final verdict: it's going to be shit, like it always is. Even the fans are tired of this show and they don't even give a fuck anymore, so what do the creators do? Tons of relationsit drama, bringing back popular characters like Jasper, and tons and tons of overt faggotry.



It sounds like this is gonna be the final season, good, this shit shouldn't have been made in the first place, and it certainly shouldn't have lasted this long.



Seriously, they should've expanded on most of this shit earlier. But no, it was more important to have an entire arc about Connie being mad at Steven for no good reason, or to have episodes about the donut shop chick making a band.



Wait, this show has 6 seasons? Why it feels that so little has happened in 6 seasons?



Because most of those seasons consisted of filler.



>Why it feels that so little has happened in 6 seasons?

Because so little has happened in 6 seasons.


File: fe9d8ab7cf50049⋯.jpg (84.78 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, ianjonesquartey-1280x600.jpg)


Because it is made by the kind of fat fuck who would draw 500+ pages of a comic, then quit during the final battle.

Pic: This is what Rebecca Sugar sees when she makes love. ERRY NIGHT.



He looks so confused.



Jews are incapable of love and the making thereof.



11 minute episodes and about 4 out of every 5 episodes is filler, or close enough to filler with the exception of one or two little tidbits or slipped in lines that will be called back to later.


File: 2b8765f15097c52⋯.png (220.41 KB, 397x557, 397:557, Hey_Hey_Hey_It's_Fat_Alber….png)



I don't get why normalfags buy into this shit every time.



>I don't get why normalfags buy into this shit every time.

It makes them feel smart because tropes.



You'd think they would notice this trend after it's been done so many times.



Nigga even sounds like Fat Albert, since he got his first big break voicing the big guy on Bravest Warriors, IIRC.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Such a nice summary


File: 8e2902bcce656cb⋯.jpg (66.98 KB, 720x960, 3:4, ratchet.jpg)


>The narrator sounds like a preschool teacher reading a book to the kids.

Make your interpretations.



So they're doing the "don't be rayciss against dimons" angle. And they're blaming the rest of the diamonds for responding to what Pink did. At least maybe some characters are questioning if Pink really dindu nuffin.


File: bef90dae90e27f7⋯.jpg (92.23 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, nazidot.jpg)

Episode goes out in 90 minutes. Can't wait to be disappointed at 0130 in the morning.



I wish Steven would try to rip out "his" gem after realizing what pink did, and the implications. But they would never do that…


So is there a mega or a stream?



You mean Cartoon Network is actually airing the new episode?


File: 199ef031ba3a851⋯.png (202.74 KB, 680x714, 20:21, werner polis.png)

Rose was gonna fight on her own until she saw Garnet. Fusions literally caused a war. I bet Sapphire feels really shitty right now.





Just watched it on a stream.

And it felt like a hit to the face. I waited so long for THIS? It feels like Sugar wrote this in 15 minutes. It feels like a rosefag fanfic. That fucking flashback. Unless Sugar turns it around and Pearl is lying, the show is just fucking hopeless.



Did you actually expect this to be good?


File: 00649000e333ff6⋯.jpg (25.31 KB, 498x330, 83:55, 521.jpg)

>wanted my KOTH rerun

>Get DBZ Super





I expected this to not be so unbearably shit. It's so shit in fact, that it can't be real. The jewess must be baiting me! Pearl must be lying! No way something that bad can be real…

R-r-right, a-a-anon?




Wait a minute, you were watching this with expectations? I've just been watching to see how far down the rabbit hole they can go. Am I an outlier?



You're not an outlier, he is.



Ok, so I don't watch the series and never will with what I've seen. But, I assume from what I heard that the gems are essentially ageless. Why do they go around making more? I heard that most gems of a single type are the same, and that deviants are shunned, is that true?



The gems are an empire, supposedly, and yes.



But if they're ageless, then why are they expanding their numbers? That just seems like it would cause problems and result in an over-reliance on resources. Are they fighting something that requires greater numbers? Is there some reason they need a bunch of copies of what is essentially the same person?



Who fucking knows? I sure don't, and I doubt that any of the people who are still watching this garbage know either.



I just want ammo to shit on this thing accurately. Nothing makes me happier than proving to someone that a story makes no sense.



To be frank anon, the gems, up until this very season, were a background threat, they're supposed to be the main bad guys but they've done jack shit throughout all these seasons.



They always kinda struck me as a self replicating construct species that was either servile or militant, but now lack a master species and expand because they are programmed to. Thats way too complex a thought for Sugar and her team to come up with though, so I could not tell you.

Then again, why shouldnt they keep making more gems? They can still live on the stripped out planets, just look at homeworld. They dont need air or food or anything. They as a race could perpetuate and fill the entire universe and it wouldn't really matter to them.



Feels like the whole thing was made to address all the complaints the fans have because they made Pink come off as a dumb kid who only did what she did to have fun. And now it's arguably worse.



>Was going to stand up alone and be a sort of Vigilante

>When confronted with the idea of degenerate lesbian rock sex she got a massive boner that led her to starting a war and getting everyone killed.

Wow, way to redeem the character Sugar.

Now is Garnet not only rape, but responsible for the deaths of thousands via proxy.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>watching this garbage

The people WRITING this don't know either…


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Well, it was exactly as I had hoped it would be. I like how they're actually going with the angle of "she meant well but was fucking retarded", because I guess having characters just be fucking stupid isn't horrendously bad writing to them.


>Why do they go around making more (((Gems)))?

Three reasons:

>One, they're living species who even if ageless would still need to procreate.

>Two, it's safe to assume that there are other dangers out there that they're fighting, so any lost troops would need to be replaced.

>Three, even if they weren't in a war, they keep shattering the (((Gems))) that don't fit into their worldview, so they need replacements either way.

>I heard that most gems of a single type are the same, and that deviants are shunned, is that true?

More or less. Usually it's in regards to opposite (((Gem))) fusions like Garnet.


>Not HookTubing this garbage


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Even if they didn't respect her she was still a diamond. If she wanted to be a nice ruler drinking with her troops, thre was nothing the other two diamonds could do to stop her.

Rebecca Sugar had no idea what was she doing, was she? Who has Sugar as a surname, for fuck's sake? even if it's an artistic name.



She had this Pink Diamond shit planned out from the start, so no.



I can't believe that. Everything is so messed and convoluted the should be HORRIBLY adviced to do such a shitty job.





HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>"Alright Amethyst, let's look for Ruby."


>"Wow Amethyst, you're the most mature (((Gem))) of all!"


The first three episodes have all been about the same damn thing, this show really is from a females perspective it's hours and hours of talking and sorting out feelings.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



File: 00e87929fd76449⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 748.84 KB, 1024x1575, 1024:1575, The Goon #27 cover.jpg)

So I'm just reading my zombie comics, because, hey, why not, when I come upon this one issue of The Goon, specifically issue #27, August 2008. Guess which name I find on the cover. Hell, why don't you have a look for yourself?

She only did a three pager, but it was the shittiest part of the issue, no doubt. Can scarcly believe it. Can't say I like knowing she's been there, The Goon has been a good series so far. Only mentioned jews twice, maybe thrice, and not even a single nazi. Even made fun of communists.



>Garnet represents Rebecca’s relationship with Ian Jones-Quartey

Unfortunately everybody sees Garnet as a Lesbian relationship, not an interracial one

>Rebecca worried that she couldn’t talk about being bi because she’d be thought less trustworthy or as looking for attention

Your softcore Eddy/Edd porn and the Rubphire cry for attention makes you untrustworthy

>Rebecca mentions growing up on Disney weddings and wanting to show that a relationship like Garnet’s could be just as wonderful

And get vindication/legitimacy/asspats for it

>Rebecca originally wanted “Mindful Education” to just be Steven giving kids a mindfulness meditation exercise because it’s so vital to have these tools.

One of the many reasons why kids prefer TTG!




I would say it's more like Pink Diamond was still immature/childlike while the other diamonds are older/adults. Seems like Earth was busywork or maybe even punishment for being a little shit. She was just supposed to hang out on the moon for a few thousand years and WATCH the earth be colonized. I actually think this aspect was really really well written. Not intentionally well written, but sort of like an accident. Like if you get enough retards with finger paint in a room eventually one of them will produce quality art.

Think about this; Pink diamond was an immature child rebelling against adults who knew better, many of her actions don't need to be explained because she doesn't have a plan and shes a stupid child. She got at least hundreds if not thousands of gems killed in a pointless war and forced her closest allies to live in hiding cleaning up her mess for thousands of years. More and more her actions look like those of a child that knows they have done something wrong and keep making it worse trying to hide what they did wrong. I don't know how long it takes for diamonds to mature, but if she was still a teenager when she met greg would that make her a pregnant teen? It just keeps getting funnier the more I think about it. Also, remember how mad the landwhales got when people release white-washed edits of the indian character, and the THIN ROSE art? And now the show has actually made THIN ROSE design CANON.

But the best part, the best part is still that after all this bullshit for thousands of years it only takes a man to fix it all. This is what I learned from Steven Jewniverse. What a steaming pile of garbage.


File: 55db8b9c5a2056d⋯.webm (3.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Steven Meets White Diamon….webm)

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