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a place to practice baking and discuss baking topics

File: 772cf1bbac0ed1e⋯.jpg (128.29 KB, 441x570, 147:190, kekThistle.jpg)


new whole board archive available

6 weeks worth with live links at >>1536

This is the locked archive, post additions here >>323

or here Best Of Bread: https://8ch.net/qresearch/notables.html

PDF of collected notables archive >>2080 (updated 07.31.2018) includes notables from #740 ~ #2992 and archive.fo links for breads #2628 ~ #2992


#4439 >>>/qresearch/3500850 Pompeo's Statement on Saudi Arabia

>>>/qresearch/3500787 Mike Flynn calls out FBI corruption on twitter

>>>/qresearch/3500774 Supreme Court case, Facebook, Twitter and censorship of users

>>>/qresearch/3500678 Khashoggi Family Had Deep Connections to Lockheed Martin

>>>/qresearch/3500552 AG Sessions Acknowledges Trump’s Fury Over His Recusal

>>>/qresearch/3500525 Dem Senator Heidi Heitkamp forced to apologize re abuse of women

>>>/qresearch/3500471 , >>>/qresearch/3500392 The FED, the Russian revolution, the Warburgs, the Rothschilds & the Schiffs

>>>/qresearch/3500419 Judicial Watch tweet about the women abused/targeted by Bill Clinton

>>>/qresearch/3500385 POTUS heaped more criticism on the FED on Tuesday on Fox

>>>/qresearch/3500336 , >>>/qresearch/3500344 Lindsay Graham plans to get DNA test to beat Pocahonta's 1/1024

>>>/qresearch/3500331 Texas election news: Beto-Cruz second debate tonight

>>>/qresearch/3500321 , >>>/qresearch/3500325 MA election news

>>>/qresearch/3500908 #4439

#4438 >>>/qresearch/3500079 Whitehouse smacks down 'Medicare for All'

>>>/qresearch/3500065 NYT: the NPC twitter ban was because someone gave false voter information

>>>/qresearch/3500020 Sessions delivers remarks on efforts to target and dismantle CJNG

>>>/qresearch/3499921 POTUS interview tonight at 8pm ET on Trish Regan

>>>/qresearch/3499870 High-profile lawyer identified as Hamptons plane crash victim

>>>/qresearch/3499869 Clockfag Update: Re-read crumbs

>>>/qresearch/3499829 Chuck Schumer spends $3 million to bail out the indicted Bob Menendez

>>>/qresearch/3499824 Facebook Inc. PAC contributions for the past two years

>>>/qresearch/3499732 , >>>/qresearch/3499743, >>>/qresearch/3499903, >>>/qresearch/3499804 The NPC meme makes the NYT and Breitbart

>>>/qresearch/3499731 Microsoft Dives Deeper into Genomics with AI Collaboration

>>>/qresearch/3499600 , >>>/qresearch/3499705 US steel workers salaries to rise 14% in new 4yr contract

>>>/qresearch/3499581 Gowdy also sending letter to IG Horowitz regarding FBI agent

>>>/qresearch/3499552 Despite everyman image, O'Rourke is even wealthier than Cruz

>>>/qresearch/3499542 Grassley's letter to IG Horowitz regarding FBI official

>>>/qresearch/3499522 IG Report: FBI official lied to investigators, prosecution not rec'd

>>>/qresearch/3500164 #4438

#4437 >>>/qresearch/3499377 Laura Ditka, prosecutor in Penn State's Sandusky scandal, dies "unexpectedly" at 55.

>>>/qresearch/3499110 Economic signs of a 2018 red tsunami?

>>>/qresearch/3499078 Graham taking DNA test to challenge Elizabeth Warren.

>>>/qresearch/3498963 Gov. Brown signs measure allowing Pacific Gas & Electric co to avoid liability and damages.

>>>/qresearch/3498877 Consolidated Paul Allen dig.

>>>/qresearch/3498842 Q crumb with 8x and Trump tweet with 8x.

>>>/qresearch/3498759 SA retaliates against business executives by pulling out of Hyperloop.

>>>/qresearch/3498730 Stormy Daniels signed contracts stating there was no sex between her and Donald Trump.

>>>/qresearch/3498728 MA siphons donations for O'Rourke donation page.

>>>/qresearch/3498693 Dennis Hof, Bunny Ranch owner has passed away at 72.

>>>/qresearch/3499402 #4437

#4436 >>>/qresearch/3498399 New DJT: "Just spoke with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia…"

>>>/qresearch/3498145 Video of HRC accident.

>>>/qresearch/3498109 Republican Senators threaten sanctions against SA.

>>>/qresearch/3498084 Israelis also worried about foreign Chinese investment.

>>>/qresearch/3498070 Jeff Bezos gave $10 million to left leaning super PAC.

>>>/qresearch/3498028 Turkish Police search Saudi Consul's house in Istanbul.

>>>/qresearch/3497940 Bezos says Amazon will work with DoD; says US in ‘big trouble’ without ‘big tech’ companies.

>>>/qresearch/3498555 #4436

#4435 >>>/qresearch/3497875 Senate Intelligence staffer who dated NYT reporter admits to lying to FBI about leaks.

>>>/qresearch/3497777 GOD WINS!!!

>>>/qresearch/3497740 Staley retiring as CEO of Flagship Enterprise Center.

>>>/qresearch/3497647 Pence's recent speech signals a shift in U.S.-China relations. (Q drop)

>>>/qresearch/3497572 Jason Rhodes fraud scheme.

>>>/qresearch/3497569 Alumni, faculty want to revoke Susan Collins' honorary degree because she supported Kav.

>>>/qresearch/3497526 Jamal Khashoggi's uncle an arms dealer. Sold yacht to DJT.

>>>/qresearch/3497451 Twitter sending strange notifications.

>>>/qresearch/3497424, >>>/qresearch/3497494 New Iran sanctions.

>>>/qresearch/3497290 NPC Meme goes mainstream.

>>>/qresearch/3497271 Saudi Royal Air Force plane crashes during training mission on Monday.

>>>/qresearch/3497168 West Bloomfield health care CEO pleads guilty to fraud involving harmful injections.

>>>/qresearch/3497886 #4435

#4434 >>>/qresearch/3496938 HRC involved in a car accident in NJ.

>>>/qresearch/3496866 Armenian PM Pashinyan announces resignation.

>>>/qresearch/3496391 5:5 hidden in POTUS tweet separated by a 17 letter phrase.

>>>/qresearch/3496761 Podesta had multiple contracts with PR including Treasury work.

>>>/qresearch/3496384 Trump called Fiorina horseface in 2015.

>>>/qresearch/3496473 Atlanta to pay $1.2 million to former fire chief after firing him, violating his First Amendment freedoms.

>>>/qresearch/3496445 Paul Allen island sale and death dig.

>>>/qresearch/3496391 DJT Tweet: Bruce and Nellie Ohr.

>>>/qresearch/3496388 FBI reportedly raided San Juan procurement offices after DJT spotlight on corruption.

>>>/qresearch/3497010 #4434

#4433 >>>/qresearch/3496273, >>>/qresearch/3496135 Bin Laden documents suggest dealings with Iran. Did he hide there for a decade after 9/11?

>>>/qresearch/3496192 DJT Tweet. KEK.

>>>/qresearch/3495976 Trump threatens to cut aid from Honduras as new migrant caravan nears US.

>>>/qresearch/3495986 Clockfag notices 10/22/38 day markers.

>>>/qresearch/3495886 City Treasurer Kurt Summers won't seek re-election or run for mayor.

>>>/qresearch/3495838 Obama Foundation nets 11 new donors in third quarter.

>>>/qresearch/3495785 DJT Tweet: "Incredible number just out, 7,036,000 job openings…"

>>>/qresearch/3495756 Temasek snaps up Sygnia, founded by Israel's NSA, in $250m deal.

>>>/qresearch/3495745 CIA, NSA and the Pentagon still aren’t using a basic email security feature.

>>>/qresearch/3495665 Mysterious fast radio burst signals from deep space could be signs of E.T. life.

>>>/qresearch/3495660 South Korean president lobbies for Kim Jong Un on Europe tour.

>>>/qresearch/3495649 China’s two new satellites are a step towards completion of its Space Silk Road.

>>>/qresearch/3495635 China says camps for Muslims lead them to 'modern' life.

>>>/qresearch/3496292 #4433

#4432 Baker Change

>>>/qresearch/3495460 Grassley tells DiFi to pack sand; no more judicial hearing delays.

>>>/qresearch/3495469 Merkel's administration faces voter backlash.

>>>/qresearch/3495430 Democrats push back after NY Times says the party is drifting on Israel.

>>>/qresearch/3495436 DJT: "8x more new manufacturing jobs than Obama."

>>>/qresearch/3495403 DJT Tweet: Migrant caravan.

>>>/qresearch/3495380 DJT Tweet: Re: Border separation.

>>>/qresearch/3495260 DJT Tweet: "Thank you to the Cherokee Nation…"

>>>/qresearch/3495247 Two new DJT Tweets: Re: Pocahontas.

>>>/qresearch/3495203 Northbound migrant group doubles in size, enters Guatemala.

>>>/qresearch/3495239 Warren's great, great, great Grandfather reportedly complicit in Trail of Tears.

>>>/qresearch/3494848, >>>/qresearch/3494853 Sen McCaskill's (D-MO) campaign says, "People just can't know that" about her views

>>>/qresearch/3494936 Quick dig shows American Indian and European DNA mixed.

>>>/qresearch/3495516 #4432

#4431 >>>/qresearch/3494076 Swedish Muslim politician asked to resign after it’s exposed he wants to kill US and Israeli leaders

>>>/qresearch/3494096 Weather looks good for late-night Atlas V launch Wednesday

>>>/qresearch/3494100 Unsealed indictment: Four men, seven companies indicted for billion-dollar health care scheme

>>>/qresearch/3494106 DARPA eyes SWaP-C satellites for surveillance

>>>/qresearch/3494155 Democrat calls for Republicans to be decapitated

>>>/qresearch/3494161 Mattis says US alarmed by China's "predatory" practices

>>>/qresearch/3494232, >>>/qresearch/3494210, >>>/qresearch/3494219 Every Time Elizabeth Warren Has Lied About Her Native American Heritage

>>>/qresearch/3494324 NPC Search traffic

(Baker Change below)

>>>/qresearch/3494454 Pompeo Lands in KSA to speak with King

>>>/qresearch/3494667 Evergreen Airways dig

>>>/qresearch/3494770 #4431

#4430 >>>/qresearch/3493339 Oak Island Mayor's Son Faces Nearly a Dozen More Child Sex Charges

>>>/qresearch/3493423 Pope defrocks two bishops after 'overwhelming' evidence points to child sex abuse

>>>/qresearch/3493435 FED-Rothschild graphic

>>>/qresearch/3493481 Tweet: Judge told CPL he can't "exploit the legal process in this way"

>>>/qresearch/3493511 Resignations in the news today

>>>/qresearch/3493610 Lawmaker Exposes Islamist and Marxist “Counter-States” in U.S.

>>>/qresearch/3493777 Tweet: Former Senate aid pled guilty to leaking

>>>/qresearch/3493797 GAA Update

>>>/qresearch/3493866 New Evidence Directly Ties McCabe To Illegal Leak About General Flynn

>>>/qresearch/3493894, >>>/qresearch/3493916 BREAKING: SA MIL aircraft reportedly crashed, all dead

>>>/qresearch/3493909 Moar on how ISIS Plot to Assassinate Trump Was Foiled

>>>/qresearch/3493912 ICE, Coast Guard; CBP seize 2,325 pounds of cocaine in Puerto Rico

>>>/qresearch/3493990 #4430

#4429 >>>/qresearch/3492537, >>>/qresearch/3492597 Tweets: Recap of today

>>>/qresearch/3492539 Fauxcahantas Tweetstorm

>>>/qresearch/3492671 Glenn Simpson to plead the 5th; other Trump dossier figures called to testify

>>>/qresearch/3492798, >>>/qresearch/3493021 Explanation why NPC hurts so good

>>>/qresearch/3492873 Sessions vows 'emergency' Supreme Court battles

>>>/qresearch/3492986, >>>/qresearch/3493041 Moar on Khashoggi

>>>/qresearch/3493028 "Elizabeth Warren Melts Down in Wake of DNA Disaster"

>>>/qresearch/3493217 Planefag Update Bun

>>>/qresearch/3493219 #4429

#4428 Baker Change

>>>/qresearch/3491768, >>>/qresearch/3491947 NPC tweets (for keks)

>>>/qresearch/3491834 No, Facebook is NOT “Private,” Their Censorship Arm is Government Funded

>>>/qresearch/3491891 China plans to launch satellite to test space-based gravitational wave detection

>>>/qresearch/3491989 Fast, accurate estimation of the Earth's magnetic field for natural disaster detection

>>>/qresearch/3492053 Caravan of Hondurans Marching to US Border Now at 3,000 People

>>>/qresearch/3492079, >>>/qresearch/3492178 Jeff Sessions names MS-13 as top transnational crime threat, ahead of drug cartels

>>>/qresearch/3492080 Anon's theory: was Rodman a courier for POTUS to KJU?

>>>/qresearch/3492364 US needs a space force because Russia is ahead on it, Trump says

>>>/qresearch/3492437 Planefag Update Bun

>>>/qresearch/3492446 #4428

#4427 >>>/qresearch/3490990 NXIVM Update

>>>/qresearch/3490998 ; >>>/qresearch/3491480 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/3491106 Defrauding America chapter re: C_A covert airlines (beginning post)

>>>/qresearch/3491142 More Than Me founder steps down after article detailing sexual assault at her Liberian girls’ school

>>>/qresearch/3491201 Carter Page on why he is suing the Democratic Party

>>>/qresearch/3491215 Headquarters of Howard Beach nonprofit raided by feds in financial crime probe

>>>/qresearch/3491354 Ex-ambassador to SA: “King Salman told me Israel was behind 9/11”

>>>/qresearch/3491421 Australia recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel

>>>/qresearch/3491465 Dating app for Trump supporters leaked entire database on day of launch

>>>/qresearch/3491562 Cardiac stem cell treatment pioneer fabricated 31 studies

>>>/qresearch/3491636 #4427

#4426 >>>/qresearch/3490244 POTUS headed to Houston to stump for Ted Cruz 2018/10/22

>>>/qresearch/3490320 Sessions complains about Federal Judges in Heritage Foundation speech

>>>/qresearch/3490455 Project Veritas Action: Sen. McCaskill hides liberal agenda from voters

>>>/qresearch/3490498 Planefag update on C-5 squawking 7500

>>>/qresearch/3490552 POTUS gunning for oil pipeline regulations (sauce dubious owing to bias)

>>>/qresearch/3490538 Highlight of Sessions’ remarks re: international crime EO and how he’s worked on it

>>>/qresearch/3490599 ; >>>/qresearch/3490889 China getting pushback on new Silk Road project

>>>/qresearch/3490791 POTUS considering using military bases as transit points for hydrocarbon shipments

>>>/qresearch/3490829 New FBI docs show McCabe was investigated for leaking in 2017/02 re: Flynn, Trump

>>>/qresearch/3490905 #4426

#4425 >>>/qresearch/3490128 Troll level 9000: POTUS will only pay Pocahontas bet if he can test her personally

>>>/qresearch/3489773, >>>/qresearch/3489803 Carter Page suing the DNC for RICO

>>>/qresearch/3489442, >>>/qresearch/3489519 Facebook Weighing Ban on Hacked Info - Cyber Head

>>>/qresearch/3489431, >>>/qresearch/3489571, >>>/qresearch/3489580, >>>/qresearch/3489467, >>>/qresearch/3489528, >>>/qresearch/3489580, >>>/qresearch/3489845 Good planefag stuff

>>>/qresearch/3489428 Voter records offered for sale month ahead of elections

Baker assist

>>>/qresearch/3489484 ‘No warplane to take off’: Russia’s S-700 missile system can cover entire planet

>>>/qresearch/3489559, >>>/qresearch/3489718 Some basics of the first two people in the [batter box]

>>>/qresearch/3489572, >>>/qresearch/3489611 Reminder: Pocahontas' cookbook was plagiarized

>>>/qresearch/3489604 Trump could be the most honest president in modern history (WaPo)

>>>/qresearch/3490098 #4425

#4424 >>>/qresearch/3489218, >>>/qresearch/3489309 Meet the Jewish "matchmaker" who brough Harry & Meghan together

>>>/qresearch/3489168 Prayers needed for OpEd writer who believes HRC "Could still win in 2020"

>>>/qresearch/3489125 So much winning: Dean Heller pulls ahead of Wacky Jacky in Nevada

>>>/qresearch/3487945, >>>/qresearch/3488006, >>>/qresearch/3488047 Wolfe Plea Agreement

>>>/qresearch/3488788, >>>/qresearch/3488798, >>>/qresearch/3489171 Judge to Stormy re POTUS suit: "Dismissed, take her coat!"

>>>/qresearch/3489163 RedState OpEd takes a stab at explaining our NPC Tsunami of SJW BTFO'ing

>>>/qresearch/3489001 Jewish Jew from Jewland shill overdoes it so much even newfags can see it

>>>/qresearch/3488709, >>>/qresearch/3488719, >>>/qresearch/3488779 Pompeo Effect: Saudis admit "interrog'n gone wrong?"

>>>/qresearch/3488701, >>>/qresearch/3488737, >>>/qresearch/3488828, >>>/qresearch/3488853 Digg: sale of Paul Allen's private island

>>>/qresearch/3488686 Beaucoup de Q Clocks: Yesterday's, Today's, and classic 180-degree :42

>>>/qresearch/3488677 Um, guys? What's with the all-seeing eye logo on FBI's Inspection Division?

>>>/qresearch/3488669, >>>/qresearch/3488702 Anons suspect fuggery re: Vid of "Far-right Proud Boys" v. Antifa

>>>/qresearch/3488657, >>>/qresearch/3488665 Moar on Carlos Bustamante: education and board relationships

>>>/qresearch/3489321 #4424

#4423 Baker change

>>>/qresearch/3488499, >>>/qresearch/3488514 Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dead at 65, family says

>>>/qresearch/3488391 The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil (((Khazarian Mafia))) (2015 article)

>>>/qresearch/3487945, >>>/qresearch/3488006, >>>/qresearch/3488047 Former Senate aide James Wolfe arrested for lying to FBI

>>>/qresearch/3488069 Ortel sauced twats re CF/frens failures to meet reqs of tax-exempt entity

>>>/qresearch/3488018, >>>/qresearch/3488294, >>>/qresearch/3488320, >>>/qresearch/3488161 Cherokee Nation's Official Statement on Pocahontas

>>>/qresearch/3487988, >>>/qresearch/3488063, >>>/qresearch/3488237 Sen. Hatch: Dems sent nothing-burger complaint letter

>>>/qresearch/3487934 POTUS's approval ratings among blacks 35% now vs. 23% this time last year

>>>/qresearch/3488018 Cherokee nation official statement against Pocohontus

>>>/qresearch/3487926 Florida Supreme Courtt: Rick Scott can't replace retiring justices b4 leaving

>>>/qresearch/3487907 Anon summary best summary: "Trump responds to fake Indian lady," Keks ensue

>>>/qresearch/3487903 Twitter is reportedly being investigated in Ireland for tracking users

>>>/qresearch/3487882 Go Deutschland Go! Germany deports associate of Sept. 11 hijackers to Morocco

>>>/qresearch/3487876 No Soup For You! MN Lefties protecting restaurants from mean Republicans

>>>/qresearch/3488567 #4423

#4422 >>>/qresearch/3487381 Google's CIA/In-Q-tel roots.

>>>/qresearch/3487547 The CIA had a policy of ignoring declassification requirements.

>>>/qresearch/3487443 Antifa placed severed pig heads at polling stations and campaign offices in Austin, Tx.

>>>/qresearch/3487341 Sinema summoned a coven a witches to try and stop the Iraq war in 2003.

>>>/qresearch/3487254 Meme-friendly news sites to use in lieu of social media.

>>>/qresearch/3487234 Saudi Arabia reportedly preparing a statement that journalist was killed in 'botched interrogation.'

>>>/qresearch/3487082 Syria update.

>>>/qresearch/3487634 #4422

#4421 >>>/qresearch/3486801 Authorities investigating suspcious letter that was sent to Senator Susan Collins.

>>>/qresearch/3486786 Human errors delay launch of James Webb space telescope.

>>>/qresearch/3486661 ICE, CG and CBP seize 2,325 lbs of cocaine in PR.

>>>/qresearch/3486611 Rumors of undercover McCaskill footage.

>>>/qresearch/3486520 Deputy Director McCabe OPR investigation documents (FBI vault).

>>>/qresearch/3486482 CIA releases 3rd set of PDB for Truman.

>>>/qresearch/3486347 Unsealed documents show FDIC targeting lawful businesses.

>>>/qresearch/3486306 JA communication not restored; will have severe restrictions.

>>>/qresearch/3486303 US Strat Com: "When you have a 'playbook'…"

>>>/qresearch/3486856 #4421

#4420 >>>/qresearch/3485520, >>>/qresearch/3485599 'Deep Fakes' worries are making the MSM news cycle again. Happenings imminent?

>>>/qresearch/3486050 MIT plans college for AI.

>>>/qresearch/3486071 Glenn Simpson, James Baker and Nellie Ohr scheduled to testify this week.

>>>/qresearch/3485992 Saudi Arabia buying up US Southwest farm land.

>>>/qresearch/3485990 Saudis grant Turkish authorities access to consulate to investigate Khashoggi disappearance.

>>>/qresearch/3486019 Former WV star RB Justin Crawford has been arrested in Georgia on incest, sodomy charges.

>>>/qresearch/3485891 FBI concealed evidence that "directly refutes" premise of Russia probe.

>>>/qresearch/3485866 Possible happening from clockfag prediction.

>>>/qresearch/3485779 Donald Trump assassination attempt by ISIS operatives was foiled by Secret Service last year.

>>>/qresearch/3485759 Retiring Buncombe sheriff leaves Democrats, citing "anti-law enforcement sentiment."

>>>/qresearch/3485692, >>>/qresearch/3485860 Sessions / Rosenstein press conference.

>>>/qresearch/3485598 DeVos will not seek further delay of Obama for-profits rule.

>>>/qresearch/3485557 11 of 14 White House Fellows are Military.

>>>/qresearch/3485498 Russia and UK might switch to economic settlements in their own currencies, as opposed to USD.

>>>/qresearch/3485499 MSM coordination sample for today.

>>>/qresearch/3486155 #4420

#4419 >>>/qresearch/3484660 New DJT

>>>/qresearch/3484710 80+% of F-35’s now cleared for flight

>>>/qresearch/3484714 ; >>>/qresearch/3485287 POTUS on Warren’s ancestry: “Who cares?”

>>>/qresearch/3484730 Pedo director preemptively denying accusations, pending upcoming article

>>>/qresearch/3484745 Spygate infographics

>>>/qresearch/3484791 PA Democrat forced to resign over patriotic facebook posts

>>>/qresearch/3484813 UK Ministry of Defense breached 37 times last year

>>>/qresearch/3484977 Rasmussen: 51% of likely US voters approve of POTUS’ job performance

>>>/qresearch/3485370 Turkish police entering Saudi consulate in Istanbul

>>>/qresearch/3485379 #4419

#4418 >>>/qresearch/3483917 Broward Co., FL, Deputies Union endorses DeSantis; Coward Sheriff endorsed Gillum

>>>/qresearch/3483924 Live DOJ presser w/Sessions

>>>/qresearch/3484086 Native Americans don’t participate in genetic studies (despite Warren’s ancestry test results claim)

>>>/qresearch/3484094 Arab League in solidarity with Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi situation

>>>/qresearch/3484159 MSM NPC line of the day: “strong evidence” re: Warren’s lack of Native American ancestry

>>>/qresearch/3484222 UK PM May makes a statement in Parliament

>>>/qresearch/3484275 ; >>>/qresearch/3484293 New OIG report about DOJ: findings of misconduct by FBI employees

>>>/qresearch/3484324 Adnan Khashoggi terrorist links

>>>/qresearch/3484508 DOJ designates MS-13, Hezbollah, three others as transnational crime organizations

>>>/qresearch/3484558 Mongolian President invites KJU to Ulaanbaatar

>>>/qresearch/3484663 Trump Tower collusion narrative collapses

>>>/qresearch/3484586 #4418

#4417 Baker Change

>>>/qresearch/3483084 MSM piece on “deep fake videos”

>>>/qresearch/3483107 ; >>>/qresearch/3483611 ; >>>/qresearch/3483641 Elizabeth Warren releases DNA test showing scant Native American heritage; dig on Warren’s geneticist

>>>/qresearch/3483118 ; >>>/qresearch/3483286 ; >>>/qresearch/3483356 Reminders: Dopey Prince holdings, Citigroup, Podesta, and KSA

>>>/qresearch/3483143 Sears files for bankruptcy

>>>/qresearch/3483166 NASA Chandra Telescope in safe mode due to glitch

>>>/qresearch/3483227 ; >>>/qresearch/3483315 ; >>>/qresearch/3483397 ; >>>/qresearch/3483451 ; >>>/qresearch/3483828 New DJT

>>>/qresearch/3483358 IMAX CEO resigns

>>>/qresearch/3483549 Context re: Saudi citizenship policies

>>>/qresearch/3483552 ; >>>/qresearch/3483654 Articles on Khashoggi’s fiancée, questions to ask vs. the MSM narrative

>>>/qresearch/3483692 Security breach at Wisconsin National Guard Unit; 3 arrested

>>>/qresearch/3483770 #4417

#4416 >>>/qresearch/3482306, >>>/qresearch/3482317 Fire warnings high for CA

>>>/qresearch/3482357 F16 in Belgium "accidentally" blown up by technician

>>>/qresearch/3482552, >>>/qresearch/3482578 Fusion GPS co-founder in "real legal jeopardy"

>>>/qresearch/3482568 German Archive Anon Hash Update; 4422 breads archived

>>>/qresearch/3482655 Khashoggi is Alwaleed bin Talal's buddy

>>>/qresearch/3482712 Cruz jokes about Kennedy driving Beto

>>>/qresearch/3482722 Vigilante taking out sex offenders

>>>/qresearch/3482728 Creative Associates Intl provided $3 Billion in funds for "training" since 2006

>>>/qresearch/3482831 Koreas to begin connecting rail lines in just over a month

>>>/qresearch/3482835 Planefags check in

>>>/qresearch/3482866 German stock exchange trading delayed by glitch

>>>/qresearch/3482873, >>>/qresearch/3482881, >>>/qresearch/3482923 Iranian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey evacuated; tip re: suicide bombing

>>>/qresearch/3482888, >>>/qresearch/3482900 Korean Air chief indicted for embezzlement; Hanjin group too

>>>/qresearch/3482946 KSA begins probe into Khashoggi disappearance

>>>/qresearch/3483035 #4416

#4415 Baker Change

>>>/qresearch/3481578, >>>/qresearch/3482081 Jamal Khashoggi is MB and Hussein's pal

>>>/qresearch/3481616, >>>/qresearch/3481673, >>>/qresearch/3481813 Alec Baldwin calls for overthrow of POTUS

>>>/qresearch/3481718 POTUS says climate change not worth losing $trillions and millions of jobs

>>>/qresearch/3481834 Khashoggi "knew where the bodies were buried"

>>>/qresearch/3482166 CIA spies weren't always human

>>>/qresearch/3482198 Anon makes connection between C_A, and The FARM in Q's posts

>>>/qresearch/3482249 #4415

#4414 >>>/qresearch/3481226 Mark Zuckerberg Just Stole $315,000 From A Triple-Amputee Vet

>>>/qresearch/3481252 Did Saudis, CIA Fear Khashoggi 9/11 Bombshell?

>>>/qresearch/3481211 Egyptian media: Noname was the real Supreme Guide of the MB

>>>/qresearch/3480842 , >>>/qresearch/3480984 Amazon complete its acquisition of Souq.com

>>>/qresearch/3481101 , >>>/qresearch/3480838 , >>>/qresearch/3480935, >>>/qresearch/3480968, >>>/qresearch/3481080, >>>/qresearch/3481138 NPC's are taking over

>>>/qresearch/3480883 [batters box] Michael Steinbach: Quotes

>>>/qresearch/3480768 /pol/ finds the douche that got all of the NPC Twitter accounts banned

>>>/qresearch/3480748 , >>>/qresearch/3480753 The Pentagon and the newly formed L3 Harris Technologies

>>>/qresearch/3480716 Brock behind filing the ethics violation against Sarah Sanders

>>>/qresearch/3481340 #4414

#4413 >>>/qresearch/3480481 Merkel's Bavarian allies suffer historic election losses

>>>/qresearch/3480440 OIG Audit Results That You Never Knew Occurred

>>>/qresearch/3480409 Moar on Gulen donations to policital parties

>>>/qresearch/3480349 Article reporting on Noname corruption

>>>/qresearch/3480330 OP Midterms: NPC templates here: >>>/qresearch/3479968 (NPC thread)

>>>/qresearch/3480193 Richard Cousins and Sydney plane crash development

>>>/qresearch/3480147 'We've Never Been Enemies With US': Russian Envoy

>>>/qresearch/3480083 "Astonishing development" in Brezit deal

>>>/qresearch/3480049 Brennan on Khashoggi: Claims of Innocence by Riyadh ‘Ring Hollow’

>>>/qresearch/3479982 CNN poll on Democratic nominations for the 2020 run

>>>/qresearch/3480499 #4413

#4412 >>>/qresearch/3479378 JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon among others, pulls out of Davos

>>>/qresearch/3479321 Internet Censorship: An Unprecedented Leap Forward & Hardly Anyone Noticed

>>>/qresearch/3479135 , >>>/qresearch/3479157 Facebook Censorship and the Atlantic Council

>>>/qresearch/3479121 New NPC Meme Thread

>>>/qresearch/3479096 POTUS: "In the meantime, I'm President and you're not"

>>>/qresearch/3479108 German Press Reveals Saudi Spook Saga Behind Khashoggi Disappearance

>>>/qresearch/3479090 Why the NPC meme is so effective

>>>/qresearch/3479732 #4412

#4411 >>>/qresearch/3478875 “We Will Rape You For Days” Says Threat To Vermont State House Candidate

>>>/qresearch/3478844 Random Khashoggi digs

>>>/qresearch/3478628 , >>>/qresearch/3478663, >>>/qresearch/3478817 The Society of Cincinnati and L'Enfant dig

>>>/qresearch/3478778 Some laughable excerpts from WaPo's Q piece

>>>/qresearch/3478733 Ecuador has partially restored Assange's Internet access

>>>/qresearch/3478655 60 Minutes: POTUS on Climate Change

>>>/qresearch/3478643 , >>>/qresearch/3478668 Turkish Islamic movement's donations to HRC's campaign and CF

>>>/qresearch/3478621 , >>>/qresearch/3478660 Fethullah Gulen, MB & Gulenist schools in US

>>>/qresearch/3478568 Report finds decade-old flaw in widely used ballot counting machine

>>>/qresearch/3478457 Missed POTUS on 60 Minutes? Watch it here

>>>/qresearch/3478454 , >>>/qresearch/3478487 Climate change & “the sky is falling, the sky is falling.”

>>>/qresearch/3478411 [Batter’s Box] & Michael Steinbach dig

>>>/qresearch/3478309 'Maybe I'm an NPC Baby' download

>>>/qresearch/3478915 #4411

#4410 >>>/qresearch/3478010 CNN Poll: Biden Leads Field of 2020 Democratic Hopefuls

>>>/qresearch/3477961 Dems Advised Not to Speak About Open Border Polices

>>>/qresearch/3477945 POTUS @WyattEarp Tweet: Additional digs

>>>/qresearch/3477886 Libs triggered AF: How The 'NPC' Meme Tries To Dehumanize 'SJWs'

>>>/qresearch/3477830 C_A used weather modification for 7 years during the Vietnam war

>>>/qresearch/3477777 Digits confirm we meme for #REDWAVE to INCREASE seats in both house and senate!

>>>/qresearch/3477682 Pastor Brunson account SUSPENDED by Twitter

>>>/qresearch/3477676 False Ethics Violation Against Sarah Huckabee Sanders

>>>/qresearch/3477478 Transcript from Iowa rally: POTUS on Mil Force v. "Treacherous People"

>>>/qresearch/3477637 , >>>/qresearch/3477650 Rob Reiner dig & the Committee to Investigate Russia >>>/qresearch/3477209 pb

>>>/qresearch/3477630 FBI has evidence that 'directly refutes' premise of Trump-Russia probe

>>>/qresearch/3478136 #4410

#4409 >>>/qresearch/3477181 Diversity is our strength: NY/NJ residents exposed to measles fr Israel

>>>/qresearch/3477148, >>>/qresearch/3477167 What's good for the goose is… well, it's okay if Bill does it

>>>/qresearch/3477142 Trudeau McFaggot's Migrant Compact to resettle 245 million migrants by 2030

>>>/qresearch/3476806, >>>/qresearch/3476839, >>>/qresearch/3476851, >>>/qresearch/3476893 Papadopoulos twats Misfud, loud screams ensue

>>>/qresearch/3476720 Beaucoup de Q Clock graphics: Today's, Tomorrow's, and a 180° classic

>>>/qresearch/3477442 #4409

#4408 >>>/qresearch/3476499 Graphic: Clockfag's collection of [:03] markers

>>>/qresearch/3476480 Syria update

>>>/qresearch/3476223, >>>/qresearch/3476285, >>>/qresearch/3476490, >>>/qresearch/3476556, >>>/qresearch/3476575, >>>/qresearch/3476733 Digg: New Strzok emails

>>>/qresearch/3476210 AZ: Army's Fort Huachuca is missing $1.5m drone, believed crashed

>>>/qresearch/3476206 Saudi King Salman: No One Can Undermine Strong Ties With Turkey

>>>/qresearch/3476168 History: Gen. Grant's General Order #11 re: (((Cotton Smugglers)))

>>>/qresearch/3476154 Who'd have guessed? GOOG bought our Mastercard purchase histories (Sept)

>>>/qresearch/3476074 Anon revisits HRC/FVEY in light of recent future-proves-past habbenings

>>>/qresearch/3476054 Kek. Ungrateful MSM is ungrateful: AF1 i'views mean "more pollution"

>>>/qresearch/3475993 CT Small-plane crash victim ID'd: Munidat "Raj" Persaud, 41, of Waterbury

>>>/qresearch/3475976, >>>/qresearch/3475991, >>>/qresearch/3476010 Why is USSS to reveal ISIS assassination plot on POTUS?

>>>/qresearch/3475966 Sept: Eugenie worked w/ Human Trafficking org in Serbia

>>>/qresearch/3475953, >>>/qresearch/3475948 Moar @DJT, & the @WyattEarpLA acct he retwatted looks 'dasting

>>>/qresearch/3476647 #4408

#4407 >>>/qresearch/3475828 New @DJT: We love him and he loves us

>>>/qresearch/3475835 Clockfag analysis: some [:02] markers

>>>/qresearch/3475804 Portand OR Mayor Defends Stand-down To Let Antifa Run Wild, 'Completely Safe'

>>>/qresearch/3475255 UN tells you some of what they have in mind for AI (UNESCO report)

>>>/qresearch/3475416, >>>/qresearch/3475419 Libyan Gun Smuggler Tarek Kaituni Princess Eugenie's wedding guest

^^ Baker Change ^^

>>>/qresearch/3475435, >>>/qresearch/3475487 The chronology of reports since disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi

>>>/qresearch/3475115 Assassination plot in Manila side by side

>>>/qresearch/3475160, >>>/qresearch/3475574 JW Drop Inside Look: FBI/DOJ Insiders Setting up HRC Aides I'view

>>>/qresearch/3475194 JA's communication partially restored

>>>/qresearch/3475216 Small plane crashes at Gwinnett airport

>>>/qresearch/3475254 POTUS and Gen. Grant Speech @ KY regarding black market trade

>>>/qresearch/3475307 Four of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides appear to have adopted an unusual legal strategy

>>>/qresearch/3475416, >>>/qresearch/3475419 Tarek Kaituni was guest at Princess Eugenie's wedding

>>>/qresearch/3475881 #4407

#4406 >>>/qresearch/3475066 DJT Tweet: 60 minutes interview @ 7:30pm.

>>>/qresearch/3474831 State attorney's suicide comes two months after firing.

>>>/qresearch/3474824 DOJ sends federal prosecutors to Chicago.

>>>/qresearch/3474754 JMD = Justice Management Division?

>>>/qresearch/3474732, >>>/qresearch/3474762 Anon digs on Q's [Batter Box] names.

>>>/qresearch/3474664 Judge Gary T. Friedman retiring after 35-year career.

>>>/qresearch/3474593 Strzok E-mail Digs.

>>>/qresearch/3474589 Trump’s list: 289 accomplishments in just 20 months.

>>>/qresearch/3474521 Facebook, Google declare all pro-liberty speech to be “political spam.”

>>>/qresearch/3474471, >>>/qresearch/3474503 Strzok referencing a phone call between James Baker and possibly Beth Wilkinson.

>>>/qresearch/3474390 Plane crashes into group of people in Germany.

>>>/qresearch/3474973 Investigators close case in fatal Alaska plane crash mystery.

>>>/qresearch/3475075 #4406

#4405 >>>/qresearch/3474232 Irregularities in NY child abuse/murder case.

>>>/qresearch/3474202, >>>/qresearch/3474214 JW Uncovers new Strzok e-mails.

>>>/qresearch/3474113 Trump says China economy not well, taken too much money from U.S. and not ready to negotiate.

>>>/qresearch/3474026, >>>/qresearch/3474069, >>>/qresearch/3474079 Symbolism involved in Goldman employee that 'lept' to his death?

>>>/qresearch/3474068 Brooksbank brand ambassador for Clooney's tequila company.

>>>/qresearch/3473878 Eric Holder says we need to brainwash kids about 2A.

>>>/qresearch/3473731 US Secret Service: On The Front Line premieres on October 14th at 9pm.

>>>/qresearch/3473697 Error in DJT tweet. Pointer?

>>>/qresearch/3473679 Active shooter at Tennessee Navy base. 2 injured suspect in custody.

>>>/qresearch/3473621 People are revolting against the PC crowd.

>>>/qresearch/3473620 Donald Trump’s Space Force THREATENS NASA: JFK niece condemns US President.

>>>/qresearch/3474093 George Papadopoulos iInsists he was set up by UK Spy.

>>>/qresearch/3474260 #4405

#4404 >>>/qresearch/3472982 Liberal opinion pieces starting to turn against RR/RM?

>>>/qresearch/3473040 Twitter blocking Kanye's talk about mind control.

>>>/qresearch/3473294 Manafort scouted a year previous to his insertion into Trump's campaign?

>>>/qresearch/3473312 DNC refiles their civil lawsuit against Russia, Wikileaks and Trump.

>>>/qresearch/3473478 DJT Tweet: "NBC News has totally and purposely changed the point…"

>>>/qresearch/3473493 DJT Tweet: "Princess Eugenie of York…"

>>>/qresearch/3473497 Appointment of RR/RM shifted control of Russia investigation out of FBI/McCabe's hands.

>>>/qresearch/3473413 Kavanaugh decided to participate in SCOTUS "Cert Pool."

>>>/qresearch/3473565 #4404

#4403 >>>/qresearch/3472088 17 Americans freed from overseas prisons by POTUS

>>>/qresearch/3472498 17 American overseas prisoners named

>>>/qresearch/3472101 anon theory on 19 prisoners

>>>/qresearch/3472150 John Perry Barlow theory

>>>/qresearch/3472162 Anon corrects ss from ^

>>>/qresearch/3472183 Baker School I used to pull this off

>>>/qresearch/3472283 Reason someone had to ebake, and why I stepped up

>>>/qresearch/3472394 George Bush CIA Docs

>>>/qresearch/3472611 How Big Tech can hijack elections on the sneak

>>>/qresearch/3472623 New judges Screen Shots

>>>/qresearch/3472630 Clockfag update

>>>/qresearch/3472645 US & UK boycotting SA conf?

#4402 >>>/qresearch/3471314 Amazon's Alexa to invade all appliances

>>>/qresearch/3471334, >>>/qresearch/3471431, >>>/qresearch/3471454, >>>/qresearch/3471466, >>>/qresearch/3471559 The Secret History of the CIA's Spytechs cont.

>>>/qresearch/3471366, >>>/qresearch/3471389 The Secret History of the CIA's Spytechs (PDF)

>>>/qresearch/3471382, >>>/qresearch/3471417 On the clock: Hostages freed

>>>/qresearch/3471401, >>>/qresearch/3471409, >>>/qresearch/3471394 Crumbs regarding NoName

>>>/qresearch/3471404 International Relations: The Calm Before The Storm?

>>>/qresearch/3471410 Anon on Antifa rightful designation as domestic terrorism

>>>/qresearch/3471667, >>>/qresearch/3471949 Anon's theory if California elects a republican governor

>>>/qresearch/3471960 SPYGATE: The True Story of Collusion (infographic)

>>>/qresearch/3472007 #4402

#4401 >>>/qresearch/3470570 Governments Tell Google's Nest To Hand Over Data 300 Times

>>>/qresearch/3470670, >>>/qresearch/3470711 New POTUS Tweets (PDT)

>>>/qresearch/3470671, >>>/qresearch/3470763, >>>/qresearch/3470777, >>>/qresearch/3470834, >>>/qresearch/3470864 Moar on Khashoggi

>>>/qresearch/3470680, >>>/qresearch/3470836, >>>/qresearch/3470964 The Secret History of the CIA's Spytechs cont.

>>>/qresearch/3470700 POTUS tweets between Jan 1/1 and 1/8 are missing from qmap.pub and trumptwitterarchive

>>>/qresearch/3470760 Yuge collage from CollageAnon

>>>/qresearch/3470792 Small plane crashes into Payson home, investigation underway

>>>/qresearch/3470835 Twitter is facing an investigation over data collection in its link-shortening system

>>>/qresearch/3470917 Hundreds of Hondurans head for US border in mass migration 'march'

>>>/qresearch/3470933 Another space telescope switches itself into safe mode.

>>>/qresearch/3471053 End Of 17-Year War Is Near As U.S. Officials Agree To Meet With Taliban Leaders

>>>/qresearch/3471107 Do not lose focus on LOOP CAPITAL

>>>/qresearch/3471134 Three reasons Mueller may not charge Trump with obstruction

>>>/qresearch/3471173 Master mason on masonic symbolism

>>>/qresearch/3471234 #4401

#4400 >>>/qresearch/3469843 Harvest moon clocks

>>>/qresearch/3469853 Minor dig on President's special relation to the Marine Corp

>>>/qresearch/3469905 Facebook Purge: Here is The List Of Pages Deleted by Facebook

>>>/qresearch/3469986 Pilot killed when small plane crashes in Paulding County

>>>/qresearch/3470014 Hurricane Michael on the clock

>>>/qresearch/3470107 Plane makes emergency landing along Brevard County road, for 2nd time in a week

>>>/qresearch/3470073, >>>/qresearch/3470195 A plot to oust Duterte as president of the Phillipines

>>>/qresearch/3470289, >>>/qresearch/3470291 The Secret History of the CIA's Spytechs

>>>/qresearch/3470451 #4400

#4399 Baker Change

>>>/qresearch/3468965, >>>/qresearch/3468991, >>>/qresearch/3469192 What Q posted in the 15 days prior to HRC requesting her clearance be ended

>>>/qresearch/3469257 Anon: is Khashoggi connected to the heroin trade?

>>>/qresearch/3469411 Reminder: CFR membership

>>>/qresearch/3469419 Kashoggi had "brothels in the air"

>>>/qresearch/3469455 Puerto Rico mayor arrested

>>>/qresearch/3469683 #4399

#4398 >>>/qresearch/3468296 POTUS announces more midterm campaign stops

>>>/qresearch/3468315 Avenatti/Riyadh connection

>>>/qresearch/3468510 1999 article on the Triad/Clinton connection

>>>/qresearch/3468895 #4398

#4397 >>>/qresearch/3467431 ; >>>/qresearch/3467433 On the Khashoggi “story”: MSM attacking MbS and POTUS (analysis)

>>>/qresearch/3467499 Brexit set to be finalized tomorrow before being presented to British government next week

>>>/qresearch/3467514 ; >>>/qresearch/3467639 ; >>>/qresearch/3467834 ; >>>/qresearch/3467973 ; >>>/qresearch/3468106 Alamoudi dig: extensive links to cabalists

>>>/qresearch/3467586 More links between NoName and Dopey Prince media assets

>>>/qresearch/3468163 On Khashoggi and Princess Di

>>>/qresearch/3468114 #4397

#4396 >>>/qresearch/3466633 LdR pulls out of Saudi “Davos in the Desert” conference (moar sauce pending)

>>>/qresearch/3466652 Macron’s popularity plummets in France owing to globalism push

>>>/qresearch/3466717 On the Hatch Act, the midterm elections, and the timing of arrests (analysis)

>>>/qresearch/3466764 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/3466771 Hypothesis re: FISA DECLAS and grand jury proceedings

>>>/qresearch/3466815 Links between NoName, cabalists, and Saudi media orgs

>>>/qresearch/3466837 William Coors dead at 102

>>>/qresearch/3466937 NATO Supreme Commander: US carrier off Norway’s coast puts Russia on notice

>>>/qresearch/3467123 Probable Khashoggi and Dopey Prince link

>>>/qresearch/3467302 #4396

#4395 >>>/qresearch/3465853 ; >>>/qresearch/3465908 ; >>>/qresearch/3466288 Stealth fighter jets still unaccounted for after hurricane; Tyndall AFB “complete loss”

>>>/qresearch/3465884 Rep. Jim Jordan discusses UniParty strategy to delay FISA DECLAS, hearings

>>>/qresearch/3465915 Faggots file ethics complaint against Press Sec. Sanders over Kanye selfie

>>>/qresearch/3465974 On the Hive Mind, newfags, and normies (commentary)

>>>/qresearch/3466182 US-led coalition dropping phosphorous bombs on ISIS

>>>/qresearch/3466269 Honduran migrant horde heading to US/MX border

>>>/qresearch/3466287 ; >>>/qresearch/3466327 ; >>>/qresearch/3466495 New DJT

>>>/qresearch/3466360 Austrian politician convicted of libel for accusing man of sexual harassment on Facebook

>>>/qresearch/3466415 ; >>>/qresearch/3466436 Pat Cipollone to be new WH counsel

>>>/qresearch/3466516 #4395

#4394 >>>/qresearch/3465077 ; >>>/qresearch/3465446 Livestream: POTUS and the pastor

>>>/qresearch/3465116 BBC goes full SJW: vow to fight “heteronormative culture” with gender-neutral pronouns

>>>/qresearch/3465303 Telegram.org down (500 internal server errors)

>>>/qresearch/3465326 Philippines says UN rights council seat vindicates Duterte’s drug war

>>>/qresearch/3465362 ; >>>/qresearch/3465367 Syria Update

>>>/qresearch/3465369 Afghan Taliban will continue talks with US peace envoy

>>>/qresearch/3465480 More NYT Fake News re: DJT campaign supporter data usage

>>>/qresearch/3465731 NY prosecutors fighting to keep Cohen office raid warrants secret

>>>/qresearch/3465744 #4394

#4393 >>>/qresearch/3464409 Four Dims caught in voter fraud ring targeting seniors

>>>/qresearch/3464412 Twitter suspends Sourced Reports (formerly Wired Sources)

>>>/qresearch/3464432 ; >>>/qresearch/3464532 New DJT

>>>/qresearch/3464542 Rasmussen: support for abolishing the Electoral College has decreased

>>>/qresearch/3464585 Millennials make up 50% of participants in RNC’s leadership initiative program

>>>/qresearch/3464838 #JobsNotMobs rapidly going mainstream

>>>/qresearch/3464975 #4393

#4392 >>>/qresearch/3463678 HRC shilling seen as “kiss of death” for Dims midterm candidates

>>>/qresearch/3463661 Discrepancies between anon.pub and qmap.pub (noted for archival purposes)

>>>/qresearch/3463713 FLOTUS’ “I really don’t care” jacket was meant to troll MSM

>>>/qresearch/3463757 Article re: how USSS foiled assassination attempt on POTUS by ISIS

>>>/qresearch/3463820 More on HRC clearance removal and that day’s events/Q drops

>>>/qresearch/3463951 CNN going after DJTJr for Khashoggi tweet

>>>/qresearch/3463998 Pastor Brunson arrives at Joint Base Andrews

>>>/qresearch/3464126 New DJT

>>>/qresearch/3464215 #4392

#4391 >>>/qresearch/3462889 Illegal immigrant births cost more than Trump's wall

>>>/qresearch/3462959 Hollyweird Dems donate big bucks

>>>/qresearch/3462982 POTUS twatt: No deal for hostage in Turkey

>>>/qresearch/3462987 Goodlatte considering subpoenaing [RR]

>>>/qresearch/3462989 Sen Bill Cassidy (R-LA) shuts down SJW

>>>/qresearch/3463125 Good dig on clearances after leaving office

>>>/qresearch/3463107 It's been a good week

>>>/qresearch/3463224 Cap of Trump’s 289 accomplishments (notable last bread)

Baker Change

>>>/qresearch/3463289 On HRC’s removed clearance and that day’s Q drops

>>>/qresearch/3463334 Articles summarizing HRC’s control in the intel communities

>>>/qresearch/3463392 MSM hit on Kushner

>>>/qresearch/3463433 #4391

#4390 (Baker Change)

>>>/qresearch/3462142 TP picks up Dept of State under HRC talking about "nonlegal strategies." Isn't that the def of "conspiracy?"

>>>/qresearch/3462156 IMF & China, criticized for using currency rates for trade advantage, says don't allow currency to be trade war tool

>>>/qresearch/3462200 WH publishes list of 289 POTUS promises kept so far. Roughly 288 more than Hussein kept (+/-1)

>>>/qresearch/3462212, >>>/qresearch/3462301, >>>/qresearch/3462709 Tolerant Leftist assaults pro-life advocates and senior citizen, and moar

>>>/qresearch/3462245 German Archive Anon update; 4396 breads archived

>>>/qresearch/3462282 Newsweak reports Dem Senators allowed 15 Fed judge appointments so they could go campaign

>>>/qresearch/3462353 Keith Ellison (Rep, D-MN 5th District) to have divorce records unsealed 17 Oct

>>>/qresearch/3462395 House GOP to force Fusion GPS founder to testify, knowing he'll take the 5th

>>>/qresearch/3462471 McCarthy (R-CA) to introduce bill to fully fund border wall

>>>/qresearch/3462606 POTUS Twatt

>>>/qresearch/3462725 #4390

#4389 (ebake)

>>>/qresearch/3461300 Deep State Shills Dropping Like Flies

>>>/qresearch/3461916 Shenzhen propping up failing businesses

>>>/qresearch/3461265 In depth article on Clintons Security Clearance/Researchers/Unmasking/Powers/Gowdy

>>>/qresearch/3461333 Mob control tech

>>>/qresearch/3461346 Putin pot stirring in India

>>>/qresearch/3461387 Dims losing Latinos in TX

>>>/qresearch/3461547 AZ Dims running an anarchist for senate

>>>/qresearch/3461649 Brennan swearing-in ceremony excludes the BOR

>>>/qresearch/3461658 China possibly tests hypersonic aircraft

>>>/qresearch/3461754 POTUS signs missing children Assistance Act

>>>/qresearch/3461821 Dig on Now You See Me 2

>>>/qresearch/3461878 Cabal dissing FRNs

>>>/qresearch/3461964 Baby corpses found in funeral home ceiling

>>>/qresearch/3462164 #4389 (from #4390)

>>>/qresearch/3461300 Deep State Shills Dropping Like Flies

#4388 >>>/qresearch/3460498, >>>/qresearch/3460508, >>>/qresearch/3460520 Jobs/Mobs thememe

>>>/qresearch/3460543 1 dead after plane hits tower

>>>/qresearch/3460595 Twatter people on the Turkey/Saudi journalist story

>>>/qresearch/3460677 Graphic on a prominent Hamptons architect arrested for CP

>>>/qresearch/3460682, >>>/qresearch/3461084 Meet The Secretive Group (of Central Bankers) That Runs The World

>>>/qresearch/3460718 Anon on Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio

>>>/qresearch/3460898 Khashoggi’s Apple Unlikely to Have Recorded Evidence of His 'Death', Here's Why

>>>/qresearch/3460950 Reminder: Justice K and Senator Graham on Tribunals

>>>/qresearch/3460997 Bolton reveals agenda of upcoming trip to Russia

>>>/qresearch/3461105 Russia says Putin-Trump meeting in Paris on November 11 possible (11/11 marker)

>>>/qresearch/3461145, >>>/qresearch/3461154 THEORY '33' connection to 11/11

>>>/qresearch/3461178 #4388

#4387 >>>/qresearch/3459750 Retired General Sidney Shachnow died at 83

>>>/qresearch/3459762 Transgender Policy Being Investigated in Georgia after an assault (by a kid on a kid)

>>>/qresearch/3459771 GOP rep introduces ‘Build the Wall, Enforce the Law’ bill

>>>/qresearch/3459790 Reminder: 57 C_A agents are running as democrats

>>>/qresearch/3459851 Emmy-Winning Sound Mixer Dies After Fall on Set of Tom Hanks’ Mr. Rogers Biopic

>>>/qresearch/3459901, >>>/qresearch/3459911 Who is Jamal Khashoggi?

>>>/qresearch/3459929 100+ charges, including human trafficking, cp, and sexual assault, about sex trafficking ring in Mahoning County, Ohio

>>>/qresearch/3460009 Tucker said PP will continue to "fund their own human sacrifice rituals"

>>>/qresearch/3460098 711th anniversary of the real "Friday the 13th"

>>>/qresearch/3460301 Resignations in the news today

>>>/qresearch/3460410 #4387

#4386 Baker Change

>>>/qresearch/3459015 Qclock with :09, DECLAS tomorrow?

>>>/qresearch/3458987 American Diplomat Death Being Investigated as Homicide

>>>/qresearch/3458990, >>>/qresearch/3459066, >>>/qresearch/3459215 BREAKING: Remains of 11 babies found in closed Detroit funeral home

>>>/qresearch/3459013 New Narrative: "OUT: Russia owns Trump!; IN: Saudi Arabia owns Trump!"

>>>/qresearch/3459385 Looking like a FF: UK Drafting Saudi Sanctions List in Wake of Khashoggi Disappearance

>>>/qresearch/3459526 Funeral home located at 10400 Mack Ave in Detroit, closed in April 2018

>>>/qresearch/3459579, >>>/qresearch/3459591 Owner of the funeral home was Raymond Cantrell jr

>>>/qresearch/3459653 #4386

#4385 >>>/qresearch/3458648, >>>/qresearch/3458847 Tippy Top Tip From German Tech Fag - Grabbing Raw Video Data

>>>/qresearch/3458503, >>>/qresearch/3458578 Haiti/Bigio Digs

>>>/qresearch/3458489 For the ClockFags

>>>/qresearch/3458475 Congratulations POTUS & Team!!!

>>>/qresearch/3458894 #4385

#4384 >>>/qresearch/3458001 Dig on Potus Schedule #Cincinati spelling Anomaly

>>>/qresearch/3457963 Four women in ‘voter fraud ring’ arrested (Ft Worth Texas)

>>>/qresearch/3457902 Epic DJT JR Twat Back at HRC

>>>/qresearch/3457758 Suspicious Death at Motel Owned by Ownere of Limo Company

>>>/qresearch/3457634 Cool Collage of Image Posts to /qresearch/ today

>>>/qresearch/3457481 BrettKavanaugh.com now offers resources for sexual assault survivors

>>>/qresearch/3458134 #4384

#4383 >>>/qresearch/3456978 Dig on Articles on Sussman

>>>/qresearch/3456975 Misspelling in POTUS Schedule

>>>/qresearch/3456855 Saudi Interior Ministry Denies Reports Alleging Murder of Journalist Khashoggi

>>>/qresearch/3456821 @ Jack Actually selling shares of SQ

>>>/qresearch/3456785 Collection of possible redacted names of Others Who Lost Security Clearance

>>>/qresearch/3456784 Sessions Announces New Chicago Gun Crimes Prosecution Team

>>>/qresearch/3456779 Why the Coordinated Alternative Media Purge Should TERRIFY Everyone

>>>/qresearch/3456736 Fitton Twat We Beat the Left in Major Court Battle

>>>/qresearch/3456683 Notable Thoughts of an Anon

>>>/qresearch/3457707 #4383

#4382 New Baker Incoming

>>>/qresearch/3456552 U.S. Border Agency Says Hundreds of Employees Have Been Arrested Over 2 Years

>>>/qresearch/3456419, >>>/qresearch/3456427 Trump Is Right: The Fed Is Crazy And Here's 101 Reasons Why It Should Be Shut Down

>>>/qresearch/3456380 Q Clock Update for the ClockFags

>>>/qresearch/3456368 Fed Inspector Turned Whistleblower Reveals System Rigged For Goldman Sachs

>>>/qresearch/3456022, >>>/qresearch/3456091, >>>/qresearch/3456104 Stealth Jeff Twat & Related Digs

>>>/qresearch/3456078 Mc Connell got 12 more federal judges approved yesterday

>>>/qresearch/3456069, >>>/qresearch/3456167 Incredible Spygate Infographic

>>>/qresearch/3456059, >>>/qresearch/3456095, >>>/qresearch/3456121 DWS Paid off 2 Loans on Same Day Awan Gave Her Laptop to Police

>>>/qresearch/3456052 Tom Fitton Says HRC Lost Her Security Clearance Amid Email Scandal

>>>/qresearch/3456044 Savage Twat by Terrence K. Williams about Don Lemon

>>>/qresearch/3457056 #4382

#4381 >>>/qresearch/3455202 Despite HRC's request not to, Grassley made public HRC's security clearance removal.

>>>/qresearch/3455245 Suspicious death at motel owned by limousine owner.

>>>/qresearch/3455323, >>>/qresearch/3455405 Trump signed three laws while everyone was focused on Kanye.

>>>/qresearch/3455351 Sessions announces new Chicago gun crimes prosecution team.

>>>/qresearch/3455179 Is Obama pictured in this newspaper article featuring Al Qaeda?

>>>/qresearch/3455438 Personal wealth in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

>>>/qresearch/3455440, >>>/qresearch/3455477, >>>/qresearch/3455649 Digs into possible redacted HRC-connected names.

>>>/qresearch/3455532 DJT Tweet: "Jim Brown… tremendous man and mentor to many young people!"

>>>/qresearch/3455594 HRC on the clock map.

>>>/qresearch/3455824 Chase CEO warns geopolitical issues could derail economy.

>>>/qresearch/3455848 #4381

#4380 >>>/qresearch/3454427 JW video talks about the Clinton case.

>>>/qresearch/3454497 Trump midterm endorsement list.

>>>/qresearch/3454625 DJT triggers liberals without even trying.

>>>/qresearch/3454414 Anon analyzes Q posts to support RR/RM = White Hats theory.

>>>/qresearch/3454810 Pentagon says there has been a cyber breach of DoD travel records.

>>>/qresearch/3454890 EU Internet censorship will cause problems Worldwide.

>>>/qresearch/3454906 HRC and aide's security clearance removed at HRC's request.

>>>/qresearch/3454743 Brackets [] = marker instead of killbox?

>>>/qresearch/3455011 Reminder from Q.

>>>/qresearch/3455034 #4380

#4379 >>>/qresearch/3453636, >>>/qresearch/3453649 Don’t miss our GREAT @FLOTUS, Melania, on @ABC @ABC2020 tonight at 10pmE. Enjoy!

>>>/qresearch/3453637 Syria update.

>>>/qresearch/3453657 The Papal Foundatiion: Grants to Haiti.

>>>/qresearch/3453698 Independent audit exposes fraud in climate change data.

>>>/qresearch/3453765, >>>/qresearch/3453787 POTUS schedule updates.

>>>/qresearch/3453682 Anon notices 17 capitalized Qs in the Trump/Kanye press conference transcript.

>>>/qresearch/3453866 WH Young black leadership summit 10/26.

>>>/qresearch/3454139 Q patriot interviewed by RSBN.

>>>/qresearch/3454195, >>>/qresearch/3454219 New York Times scrambles to defuse a full-blown staff rebellion.

>>>/qresearch/3454277 Majority believe Trump doing 'good job' keeping promises after Kavanaugh confirmation.

>>>/qresearch/3454295 Placenta resembles tree of life diagram.

>>>/qresearch/3454337 #4379

#4378 >>>/qresearch/3452864 Anon provides some perspective on Q's operation.

>>>/qresearch/3452867 UK government waging aggressive anti-Russia campaign, says ambassador.

>>>/qresearch/3452869 Top US admiral warns of Russian submarine threat.

>>>/qresearch/3452897 Voter fraud discovered in Fort Worth, TX.

>>>/qresearch/3452918 Senate confirms commanders.

>>>/qresearch/3452931 DJT Tweet: Hurricane Michael, WRWY.

>>>/qresearch/3452971 HUD getting homeless vets off the streets.

>>>/qresearch/3452989 594 acts of media approved violence and harassment against Trump supporters.

>>>/qresearch/3453228 Vandals vandalize Republican club in Manhattan.

>>>/qresearch/3453316 Trump to reform marijuana policy after midterms.

>>>/qresearch/3453046, >>>/qresearch/3453519 Q It's an honor, sir.

>>>/qresearch/3453557 POTUS schedule update.

>>>/qresearch/3453562 #4378

#4377 >>>/qresearch/3452086 DJT nominates conservatives for 9th Circuit

>>>/qresearch/3452096 Beto O’Rourke raised $38.1M in last three months

>>>/qresearch/3452108 Indonesia: Four arrested for attempting to sell babies on Instagram

>>>/qresearch/3452118 New DJT

>>>/qresearch/3452177 Railroad congestion causes grain, fuel, wheat and corn embargoes.

>>>/qresearch/3452120, >>>/qresearch/3452181 US Marines Twitter uses same photo of a 'BOOM' 14.5 days apart.

>>>/qresearch/3452220 Rosenstein and McCabe squabbled in front of Mueller over Russia probe recusals.

>>>/qresearch/3452396 Mexican cop arrested with 50 pds of meth in CA.

>>>/qresearch/3452387 Poland and Hungary veto UN human rights report which ignores Christian and Jewish persecution.

>>>/qresearch/3452366 US Army reservist convicted of sex trafficking and related offenses.

>>>/qresearch/3452246 Tech stocks = dead cat bounce?

>>>/qresearch/3452424 Keith Ellisons divorce records will be unsealed.

>>>/qresearch/3452469 What happens when you dare run against the Cabal (Le Pen).

>>>/qresearch/3452668 WH to look into why Fox decided to stop covering Trump rallies.

>>>/qresearch/3452683 Extensive infograph regarding Spygate.

>>>/qresearch/3452707 Fall River mayor arrested, accused of defrauding investors to pay for 'lavish' lifestyle.

>>>/qresearch/3452711 NJ Senate race looks promising.

>>>/qresearch/3452106 Stephen Miller's third-grade teacher suspended after saying he ate glue as child.

>>>/qresearch/3452791 #4377

#4376 >>>/qresearch/3451303 Rand Paul: Media covered up Scalise shooter’s shouting “This is for health care!”

>>>/qresearch/3451325 Full WH transcript of POTUS/Kanye meeting

>>>/qresearch/3451382 Paul Ryan finishing up trip to Afghanistan

>>>/qresearch/3451387 MSM hit on /qr/ re: JFKJr. shilling

>>>/qresearch/3451515 DJT to be on 60 Minutes this Sunday

>>>/qresearch/3451703 New DJT

>>>/qresearch/3451766 MSM hit on Kayne: “white supremacy by ventriloquism”

>>>/qresearch/3451923 California Sec. of State cancels 123 voter registration records

>>>/qresearch/3451951 #4376

#4375 >>>/qresearch/3450515 Digging avenues for Dropbox, Ferdowsian, and Y Combinator

>>>/qresearch/3450548 Dig on HRC and Boko Haram connections

>>>/qresearch/3450555 ; >>>/qresearch/3450625 ; >>>/qresearch/3450679 ; >>>/qresearch/3450884 New DJT

>>>/qresearch/3450573 Pastor Brunson freed from Turkey

>>>/qresearch/3450610 Former WH economic advisor Gary Cohn joins blockchain start-up

>>>/qresearch/3450649 FDA report finds no violations of glyphosate residue in consumer food products

>>>/qresearch/3450695 ABC execs regret firing Roseanne Barr

>>>/qresearch/3450843 Fusion GPS founder’s wife visited Hussein WH in April 2016

>>>/qresearch/3450844 Planefag Update: AZAZ0909 tracking

>>>/qresearch/3451035 Freedom Caucus members petition DJT to replace UN Ambassador with “Nobody”

>>>/qresearch/3451043 Judicial Watch hearing calling for HRC testimony re: FISA abuses occurs today

>>>/qresearch/3451044 Pompeo goes after Menendez for blocking diplomatic nominations, then blaming DJT

>>>/qresearch/3451210 Papadopoulos going off on Mifsud as a British spy

>>>/qresearch/3451244 On Canadian banks and their federal gov’t

>>>/qresearch/3451175 #4375

#4374 Baker Change

>>>/qresearch/3449756 ; >>>/qresearch/3449763 On understanding the plan (commentary)

>>>/qresearch/3449773 Pope accepts resignation of Cardinal Wuerl, archbishop of DC

>>>/qresearch/3449776 FVEY builds coalition to counter China

>>>/qresearch/3449820 Twitter under formal investigation in how it tracks users (Ireland)

>>>/qresearch/3449857 Broadcom-CA deal memo spurs US stock-fraud probe

>>>/qresearch/3449875 Leaders of the Koreas to meet Monday

>>>/qresearch/3449947 ; >>>/qresearch/3449939 On John P. Carlin and ties to Lynch

>>>/qresearch/3450052 Article re: financial studies of The Wall and money saving

>>>/qresearch/3450106 Fusion GPS founder to invoke 5th Amendment to avoid Congressional testimony

>>>/qresearch/3450126 On saboteurs, weeding them out, and the loyalty of the crew

>>>/qresearch/3450326 Nunes going after his district’s biggest newspaper/fake news outlet

>>>/qresearch/3450403 #4374

#4373 >>>/qresearch/3449263 German Archive Anon update needs put in dough

>>>/qresearch/3449338 Kavanaugh smears continue with his name linked to sexual assault

>>>/qresearch/3449422 Michael Steinbach dig and question

>>>/qresearch/3449441 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against 5 Doctors And 2 Other Medical Professionals

>>>/qresearch/3449477 , >>>/qresearch/3449555 , >>>/qresearch/3449628, >>>/qresearch/3449679 Iranian Attempts to Exploit the Financial System

>>>/qresearch/3449708 #4373

#4372 >>>/qresearch/3448219 Millions of Unnecessary Opioid Pills Prescribed by 5 Doctors

>>>/qresearch/3448221 POTUS schedule for today (rally in Ohio at 7 pm EDT)

>>>/qresearch/3448238 Anon on the Blunt Direct Time NY bomb attempt crumbs

>>>/qresearch/3448253 In Fundraising Email for Hurricane Relief, Bill Nelson Directs

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Batch 979 Notables

>>>/qresearch/789150 VOICE OF GOD technology

>>>/qresearch/789256 This weapon has been used alot in middle East.

>>>/qresearch/789240 , >>788032 >Text of letter from Trump to House and Senate.

Batch 978 Notables

>>>/qresearch/788053 US Army nominee for NSA Dir

>>>/qresearch/788032 DJT letter to House and Senate

>>>/qresearch/788033 Mexican police find bodies of 15

>>>/qresearch/788244 DOJ letter on US v Microsoft

>>>/qresearch/788589 Building a wall in the dark

>>>/qresearch/788601 Psych expert: Tech Giants have Too Much Power

>>>/qresearch/788553 S Clifford/Daniels Arrest record

>>>/qresearch/787442 Border wall map plan for Texas

Batch 977 Notables

>>>/qresearch/787238 DJT twat from 2014

>>>/qresearch/787339 Software company execs plead guilty of employment tax fraud

>>>/qresearch/787355 Former Live Oak police sgt sentenced to 120yrs

>>>/qresearch/787404 Nunes on NBC fake news

>>>/qresearch/787329 Border wall map plan for Sth Texas

>>>/qresearch/787444 CF 2015 Tax exempt Form 990

>>>/qresearch/787537 Iran on Bolton appointment

>>>/qresearch/787598 spending da money

>>>/qresearch/787601 MKultra research

>>>/qresearch/787613 cabal influence creeping into every aspect of society.

>>>/qresearch/787116 , >>>/qresearch/787130 Order of the Golden Fleece tie with the myth of the Golden Fleece.

Batch 976 Notables

>>>/qresearch/786437 Q photo perhaps OI?

>>>/qresearch/786489 B Podesta 'Center for missing children'

>>>/qresearch/786490 Comey and gang 1

>>>/qresearch/786495 Comey and gang 2

>>>/qresearch/786498 Comey and gang 3

>>>/qresearch/786502 Baron Trump Omnibus

>>>/qresearch/786519 Sth Korea ferry crash

>>>/qresearch/786580 More Salisbury on Omnibus

>>>/qresearch/786615 "So much bravery around the world"

>>>/qresearch/786667 "Build WALL through M"

>>>/qresearch/786747 Gitmo contract award card

>>>/qresearch/786979 Dems depart for Israel trip

>>>/qresearch/786997 Mary Vetsera

>>>/qresearch/786770 Bloodline research 1

>>>/qresearch/786923 Bloodline research 2

>>>/qresearch/786973 Bloodline research 3

>>>/qresearch/786984 Bloodline research 4

>>>/qresearch/786997 Bloodline research 5

>>>/qresearch/787116 Bloodline research 6

>>>/qresearch/787130 Bloodline research 7

Batch 975 Notables

>>>/qresearch/785686 Constitution homework

>>>/qresearch/785700 Lincoln & Martial Law

>>>/qresearch/785718 Omnibus stops in Iran

>>>/qresearch/785730 The Obama tour

>>>/qresearch/785747 Obama/NK Q posts

>>>/qresearch/786092 Building the wall in the dark theory

>>>/qresearch/786141 Omnibus - IG Seach $

Batch 974 Notables

>>>/qresearch/785115 Bolton's order of business

>>>/qresearch/785277 John Salisbury on Omnibus

>>>/qresearch/785400 How to play the ANON game

>>>/qresearch/785461 .RVID

Batch 972 Notables

>>>/qresearch/783792 HJC Investigations

>>>/qresearch/783825 Adrenochrome is a chemical

>>>/qresearch/783901 DOJ funds Progressives

Batch 971 Notables

>>>/qresearch/782886 FBIAnon's posts in graphic, July 2016

>>>/qresearch/782751 CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees Appointed By Donald Trump

>>>/qresearch/782153 , >>>/qresearch/782219 , >>>/qresearch/782238 , We Are With You: Deltas?

Batch 968 Notables

>>>/qresearch/780248 More Black Pop Redpills

Batch 967 Notables

>>>/qresearch/778395 Black Pop Red Pill Sources

Batch 965 Notables

>>>/qresearch/778346 Bank Seizure in Maltese

Batch 964 Notables

>>>/qresearch/778133 Congressman Indictment-Obstruction

>>>/qresearch/777338 Hotwheels gets a Q

>>>/qresearch/776617 Description of and Onminbus

Batch 962 Notables

>>>/qresearch/775520 Trump gets tough with Palestine

Batch 961 Notables

>>>/qresearch/775218 Obama meets with Turnbull in AUS

>>>/qresearch/774751 N & S Korea High Level Talks this coming Thursday

>>>/qresearch/775188 Member Votes on Omnibus

Batch 959 Notables

>>>/qresearch/773862 Press Release on Trans Troops

Batch 958 Notables

>>>/qresearch/773092 Andrew McCabe OpEd

>>>/qresearch/772410 , >>>/qresearch/772414 pages 400-500

Batch 957 Notables

>>>/qresearch/772200 BETTER TEXT and 2232 page Spending Bil

>>>/qresearch/771710 It's not a Budget it's an Omnibus: >>771915

>>>/qresearch/771731 assignments and early summaries

>>>/qresearch/772303 pgs 1896-1904 STOP School Violence Act summary

>>>/qresearch/771786 pages 1300-1400.

>>>/qresearch/771992 , >>771291 , >>772386 pages 1200 -1300

>>>/qresearch/771750 pages 800-900

>>>/qresearch/771783 Pg 800-850 Continued

>>>/qresearch/771851 Pg. 800-900 Continued >>772115

>>>/qresearch/771753 PAGES 600-700

>>>/qresearch/772064 pages 600-700

>>>/qresearch/771929 Omnibus reads from Bread #956

>>>/qresearch/772182 OmniBomb graphic

Batch 956 Notables

>>>/qresearch/771590 report on pages 1400-1500

>>>/qresearch/770917 Link to the correct PDF…all 2149 pages

Batch 955 Notables

>>>/qresearch/770917 PDF of Omnibus Bill www.congress.gov/115/bills/hr1625/BILLS-115hr1625eah.pdf

>>>/qresearch/770422 Omnibus red-pill campaign

Batch 954 Notables

>>>/qresearch/769799 …this traces back to the global banks…

>>>/qresearch/769656 Trump is picking his fights.

>>>/qresearch/769563 The spending bill was a bluff by the democrats.

>>>/qresearch/769403 Bill is a go sign.

>>>/qresearch/769672 Omni BOMBS

>>>/qresearch/769721 |||

>>>/qresearch/769760 |||

>>>/qresearch/769794 |||

>>>/qresearch/769817 |||

>>>/qresearch/769830 |||

>>>/qresearch/769843 |||

>>>/qresearch/769857 |||

>>>/qresearch/769981 \\ //

>>>/qresearch/769916 \\ \ / //

>>>/qresearch/769999 \ \ \/ / /

>>>/qresearch/770038 \/\/\/\/\/\/

Batch 953 Notables

>>>/qresearch/769105 It's gonna be a fun ride fam…

Batch 951 Notables

>>>/qresearch/767154 urgent need to end the war in Yemen and contain Iran

Batch 950 Notables

>>>/qresearch/766244 Iranian Indictment

>>>/qresearch/766905 EU cozies up to Iran to save Iran Nuke Deal

>>>/qresearch/766900 War Room Message

Batch 947 Notables

>>>/qresearch/764011 Adrian Lamo / Kevin Poulsen

>>>/qresearch/764013 Abel Danger on Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell) (JonBenet Ramsey)

>>>/qresearch/764062 GATErs gona GATE. Ioff Target? ORION target?

>>>/qresearch/764067 Deception and Slide Clown tactics - ANONS Observe.

>>>/qresearch/764073 Joogle Pilpul

>>>/qresearch/764093 Rizvi be CLOWNIN' (unrolled must read; YT Vid = Branson + Island Temple)

>>>/qresearch/764108 Notables from #945 & #946 recorded in >>>/qresearch/>/villageidiots/126

>>>/qresearch/764123 Election Infrastructure in Martial Law

>>>/qresearch/764126 Big Friday ahead of us anons.

>>>/qresearch/764149 New Rules announcement as per Board Owner (BO)

>>>/qresearch/764163 Baker repeat of BO New Rules announcement

>>>/qresearch/764174 BO will still edit posts upon request or to ridicule shills in New Rules

>>>/qresearch/764196 HR 1865,"FOSTA" passed, Craigslist Personals taken down for self-preservation. (Prolly due to all the human trafficking)

>>>/qresearch/764200 doj-admits-they-have-a-grand-jury-empaneled-in-fbi-and-doj-investigation

>>>/qresearch/764391 FBI Heavyweight Slays McCabe Deep State FBI

>>>/qresearch/764393 Assange SlayUK Gov. over Dossier Connection

>>>/qresearch/764400 Anon speaks for us all with GratiQude. <<Patriot over here.

>>>/qresearch/764442 @Thomas1774Paine Warns LV Drops, possible Arkancide.

>>>/qresearch/764445 Browtard County Teachers/Students to storm the WH

Batch 945 & 946 Notables

>>>/villageidiots/124 945 expanded notables

>>>/villageidiots/126 945 & 946 expanded notables

Batch 944 Notables

>>>/qresearch/761934 Numbered Brackets>Wikipedia Theory (Please Read)

>>>/qresearch/761516 Rockefeller>Iran Deal part 1

>>>/qresearch/761516 Rockefeller>Iran Deal part 2

>>>/qresearch/761711 Iran Project>Rockefellers part 1

>>>/qresearch/761724 Iran Project>Rockefellers part 2

>>>/villageidiots/123 944 expanded notables

Batch 943 Notables

>>>/villageidiots/119 943 expanded notables

Batch 942 Notables

>>>/qresearch/760408 John Bolton Confirmation Hearing

>>>/villageidiots/117 942 expanded notables

Batch 940 Notables

>>>/qresearch/758773 War Room Message

>>>/qresearch/759913 Important Info dump from JA

Batch 938 Notables

>>>/qresearch/756915 MBS meets with Mattis

>>>/qresearch/757023 Tl;dr version of CIA doc Q posted (Corrected link:www.cia.gov/open/Family%20Jewels.pdf)

Batch 937 Notables

>>>/qresearch/755109 More Resignations

>>>/qresearch/754997 More Resignations

>>>/qresearch/756338 May, Macron, & Merkel Crisis Meeting today (Thurs)

Batch 936 Notables

>>>/qresearch/755212 Russia Report Findings

Batch 934 Notables


>>>/qresearch/753855 Q QR Codes

>>>/qresearch/754018 CFR Members Initials RT

Batch 933 Notables

>>>/qresearch/753691 POTUS Tweets Missing Letters

>>>/qresearch/753015 McCabe News 1

>>>/qresearch/753022 McCabe News 2

>>>/qresearch/753027 McCabe News 3

>>>/qresearch/753029 McCabe News 4

Batch 932 Notables

>>>/qresearch/752776 Obama Election Rigging U.S. Digital Service

>>>/qresearch/752778 Senate Passes H.R. 1865

>>>/qresearch/753099 Cambridge Analytica and DNC Voter Fraud

Batch 928 Notables

>>>/qresearch/749490 Lobbyist Investigating SR shot twice and run over

Batch 926 Notables

>>>/qresearch/747551 Twitter CISO Resigns

>>>/qresearch/747926 Apple Resignation


Batch 925 Notables

>>>/qresearch/747062 Rizvi Traverse Portfolio Connections

Batch 924 Notables

>>>/qresearch/746765 President of Peru Resigns

>>>/qresearch/746778 Google had 427 WH meetings under Obama

Batch 923 Notables

>>>/qresearch/745691 NK supplied Syria with a Nuclear Reactor

>>>/qresearch/745389 Former FBI Watch-dog guilty of sexual assault (6 yr old)

>>>/qresearch/745101 Mezvinky>HRC Campaign connection

>>>/qresearch/745204 Vatican Communications Director resigns

>>>/qresearch/745285 SES CIA program info

Batch 922 Notables

>>>/qresearch/744942 Tesla shareholders approve EM compensation plan

>>>/qresearch/744467 MZ & FB COO No-shows at FB Crisis Meeting 3.20.18

>>>/qresearch/744660 Mauritius President Resigns

Batch 921 Notables

>>>/qresearch/743699 A Keystone SES

>>>/qresearch/744201 Sessions Memo Regarding Capital Punishment for Drug Prosecutions

Batch 920 Notables

>>>/qresearch/742923 , CNN claims Putin has ties to Russia

>>>/qresearch/742851 , >>>/qresearch/742853 MEGA Links Deep Dives

Batch 918 Notables

>>>/qresearch/741292 Social Media Psychology

>>>/qresearch/741333 White House Intruder

>>>/qresearch/741417 Kim Dotcom rejected

>>>/qresearch/741582 4am Media order to attack Q

>>>/qresearch/742019 Austin Bomber video

Batch 917 Notables

>>>/qresearch/740673 Tillerson on chess [image {save me}]

>>>/qresearch/741032 Q acronyms… again [image {save me}]

>>>/qresearch/741038 Brennan threatens crying wolf

>>>/qresearch/741049 Predictions, analysis [images {save me}]

>>>/qresearch/741085 15 pieces of advice from MATTIS

>>>/qresearch/740586 Wikileaks ES projects: –needs digging–

>>>/qresearch/741176 Myanmar's president RESIGNS

Batch 916 Notables

>>>/qresearch/740248 Q's "booms" refer to upcoming events

Batch 915 Notables

>>>/qresearch/738888 Flynn knows where the bodies are

>>>/qresearch/738905 Riding the Stormy out? Trust Plan

>>>/qresearch/738983 Ausfailia: Obama and Turnbull

>>>/qresearch/739000 Zuckerberg; misuse of data

>>>/qresearch/739018 SES, an opinion

>>>/qresearch/739048 == NEW RESOURCE! == http:// qest.us (scrapes stock movements; ty anon!)

>>>/qresearch/739109 Venezuela/Iran money funnel

>>>/qresearch/739146 Theory of @Snowden; China, Russia

>>>/qresearch/739170 The Public Integrity Special Investigations Unit

>>>/qresearch/739197 Obama visiting the Kiwis

>>>/qresearch/739243 SES stuff [looks important]

>>>/qresearch/739331 Why Flynn's important TL;DR [image {save me}]

>>>/qresearch/739695 L3 technologies resignation; Marines naval exercise

Batch 913 Notables

>>>/qresearch/738025 Reddit user claims to be Austin Bomber

Batch 912 Notables

>>>/qresearch/737367 MSM narrative unravels, Parkland Actor Emma Gonzalez comes clean, I had no choice because of CNN

>>>/qresearch/736711 PA judges may be impeached

Batch 911 Notables

>>>/qresearch/736004 Crown Resorts Director Resigns

Batch 908 Notables

>>>/qresearch/733703 Euro Planefag Update, 20th March - Spoopy 2-Planes Edition

Batch 907 Notables

>>>/qresearch/733173 QResearch API

>>>/qresearch/733304 Israel may take legal action against Twitter

>>>/qresearch/732924 Public Integrity Special Investigation Unit

>>>/qresearch/732856 Lobbyist almost killed investigating Seth Rich's Murder

Batch 906 Notables

>>>/qresearch/732276 Micro Focus CEO Resigns

>>>/qresearch/732192 RIP FB Stock

>>>/qresearch/732095 Elon Musk in Israel, AI related

Batch 905 Notables

>>>/qresearch/731789 Shooting stopped by armed officer

>>>/qresearch/731738 Alwaleed talks about his Detainment and MBS

>>>/qresearch/731339 Scientists cannot confirm that Novichok is Russian made

>>>/qresearch/731381 DOJ to monitor Chicago election

>>>/qresearch/731471 FTC to investigate FB

Batch 901~904 Notables

>>>/qresearch/730557 Global Theory

>>>/qresearch/730940 Comey handwritted notes from FBI

>>>/qresearch/730598 Shit happen EVERYDAY remainder

>>>/qresearch/730943 High School shooting in Maryland

>>>/qresearch/730709 Brazilian President may be on the move

>>>/qresearch/730512 PLANEFAG REPORT (Covering Breads 901, 902, 903, 904)

>>>/qresearch/729978 Sean Penn Connections

>>>/qresearch/729815 Bin Salman's U.S. visit details

>>>/qresearch/729799 Kim DotCom wanting Obama in court

>>>/qresearch/729774 Russia tipped off about chemical attack

>>>/qresearch/729741 Sarkozy in police custody

>>>/qresearch/729650 Jammed frequencies worldwide

Batch 900 Notables

>>>/qresearch/727611 Stuff confiscated from Comey's office

Batch 899 Notables

>>>/qresearch/726474 Facebook's CP problem

>>>/qresearch/726672 Cambridge Analytica narrative collapse

Batch 898 Notables

>>>/qresearch/726006 Zuckerberg recent divestitures

Batch 897 Notables

>>>/qresearch/725127 Ex-Obama Campaign Director: "They (FB) were on our side."

>>>/qresearch/725538 FB CSO Resignation

Batch 896 Notables

>>>/qresearch/724795 Tronc (newspaper) Resignation

Batch 895 Notables

>>>/qresearch/723813 Euro Planefag Sitrep report - 19th March.

Batch 894 Notables

>>>/qresearch/722711 New EO Banning Venezuelan Cryptocurrency

>>>/qresearch/723192 Facebook CEO may have to testify

>>>/qresearch/723274 Four protocols >>>/qresearch/723167 , >>>/qresearch/723169 , >>>/qresearch/723180 , >>>/qresearch/723186

Batch 893 Notables

>>>/qresearch/721872 Merkel and Rouhani Strengthening ties

>>>/qresearch/721859 Mook to Podesta WikiLeaks


Batch 892 Notables

>>>/qresearch/721306 Schmidt and Social Media Barons Collude with HRC 2016

Batch 891 Notables

>>>/qresearch/720330 Schumer and Teva Pharma Produce Oxycontin variant

>>>/qresearch/720721 TEVA Owned by Israeli Govt.

>>>/qresearch/720761 Schumerland Heavy Influence

>>>/qresearch/720784 Map of Schumerland

>>>/qresearch/720288 HRC, Glenn Simpson, Mary Jacoby Connected (Rose Law Firm)

>>>/qresearch/720557 POTUS Weird Morning Tweet

>>>/qresearch/720609 , >>>/qresearch/720738 Foreigners Can Sign IBOR

>>>/qresearch/720737 AnCapAnon on 4chan

Batch 890 Notables

>>>/qresearch/719108 A Call for Organization Documentation and Distribution

>>>/qresearch/719287 , >>>/qresearch/719302 , >>>/qresearch/720167 Skippy's Bonner Foundation Emails

>>>/qresearch/720091 , >>>/qresearch/720110 South Korea Draining Swamp

>>>/qresearch/719011 NSA Rercorder Clinton Lynch On Tarmac

>>>/qresearch/718817 , >>>/qresearch/719960 , >>>/qresearch/720161 [19]=Senate Committee on Intelligence

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Batch 888 Notables

>>>/qresearch/718464 Chuck Schumer and Teva Pharma

>>>/qresearch/718733 Digging resource for SES

Batch 887 Notables

>>>/qresearch/716496 NYPD hid woman from Weinstein.

>>>/qresearch/716912 Las Vegas shooting documentary pulled.

Batch 886 Notables

>>>/qresearch/715599 Russian Ballot.

>>>/qresearch/715608 Shadow Government Collapsing Video.

>>>/qresearch/715629 Sessions Outside Attorney.

>>>/qresearch/715676 Google Response Strategy.

>>>/qresearch/715729 TiSA Info.

>>>/qresearch/715842 Mohammed bin Salman Interview.

>>>/qresearch/715900 Ivanka and Jared's helicopter has engine failure.

>>>/qresearch/716073 Bitcoin scam by Congress.

Batch 885 Notables

>>>/qresearch/715050 War Room Message

Batch 884 Notables

>>>/qresearch/714061 Merkel & Family Information

Batch 882 Notables

>>>/qresearch/712552 Phantom Secure Shutdown & Recent Indictment Connection

>>>/qresearch/712602 Gowdy Interview Recap

Batch 881 Notables

>>>/qresearch/711640 COO of Instagram>SES Connections

Batch 880 Notables

>>>/qresearch/711212 Obama EO>SES Connection

>>>/qresearch/711367 IG>SES connection

>>>/qresearch/711283 Possible Meanings for (3)

Batch 879 Notables

>>>/qresearch/709994 Whitelist definition

>>>/qresearch/710591 Why are trips allowed?

Batch 877 Notables

>>>/qresearch/708678 P is NOT Palestine

>>>/qresearch/708451 Could it be? Trips allowed?

>>>/qresearch/708429 Old Hickory

Batch 876 Notables

>>>/qresearch/707785, >>>/qresearch/707211, >156a9 Planefags Good Monitoring

Batch 875 Notables

>>>/qresearch/707106 GR info

>>>/qresearch/707086 dig BASG please

>>>/qresearch/707067 McCabe the bus driver on Comey Ave.

>>>/qresearch/706997 Russian Elections under cyberattack

>>>/qresearch/706356 More Brennan from Sundance

Batch 874 Notables

>>>/qresearch/706061 Alefantis & Arrington de Dionyso Connetion

>>>/qresearch/705950 More power than you can imagine

>>>/qresearch/705880 Enjoy the show

>>>/qresearch/705769 Leviathan Pipeline Dig

>>>/qresearch/705758 Moral is high with anons

>>>/qresearch/705744 Whitelisting

>>>/qresearch/705582 Rothschilds dig

>>>/qresearch/705470 Roots Bomb Threat in Austin at SXSW

Batch 873 Notables

>>>/qresearch/705184 Asymmetric War - Our PURPOSE?

>>>/qresearch/705156 Broadcasting Board Of Governors Dig

>>>/qresearch/705132 More On Scalia

>>>/qresearch/704922 SES=KEYstone?

>>>/qresearch/704822 Starkey also made Reagan's hearing aid

>>>/qresearch/704705 Sarkey Relations to CGI

>>>/qresearch/704704 Lisa Barsoomian

>>>/qresearch/704619 J. Podesta & Scalia Death Connection

>>>/qresearch/704481 Shock Docs: What Happened on the Day Scalia died?

Batch 872 Notables

>>>/qresearch/703718 More on Biden

Batch 870 Notables


>>>/qresearch/702190 ← THESE POSTS

>>>/qresearch/702200 Are Grade A(utist)

>>>/qresearch/702210 Re_reading the drops

>>>/qresearch/702218 Is still a such high priority


Batch 869 Notables

>>>/qresearch/701824 Asia Foundation Follow the Money 5 Parts

>>>/qresearch/701240 McCabe's Wife

>>>/qresearch/701356 Comey FBI info

>>>/qresearch/701362 Amazon>CIA>Obama>Unmasking

>>>/qresearch/701470 Strzok's Wife

Batch 866 Notables

>>>/qresearch/699504 Biden's and Kerry’s sons inked deal with Chinese government

Batch 864 Notables

>>>/qresearch/697356 SA helping US financially in Syria

>>>/qresearch/697535 SA helping US in Middle East

>>>/qresearch/697879 Obama in Singapore, NZ, AUS, & Japan next week

Batch 863 Notables

>>>/qresearch/697197 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/696954 Week Recap of Events from Anon

>>>/qresearch/696977 RR, CF, India, AIDS drug connections

>>>/qresearch/697123 John Brennan's foreign collusion

Batch 860 Notables

>>>/qresearch/694273 Meet Lisa H Barsoomian

>>>/qresearch/694549 Holder & Comey tweet in code?

>>>/qresearch/694584 March Madness Hussain and Comey

>>>/qresearch/694756 March Madness Bush

>>>/qresearch/694807 Medicare fraud habbenings

Batch 859 Notables

>>>/qresearch/693396 Trump tweets re: McCabe fired

>>>/qresearch/693645 Sex trafficking arrests soar

Batch 858 Notables

>>>/qresearch/692534 Crumb Partially Solved?

Batch 856 Notables

>>>/qresearch/690927 Adrian Lamos dead at 37

>>>/qresearch/691033 Twitter mentions Pompeo using back channel for NK comms

>>>/qresearch/691600 MCCABE HAS BEEN FIRED

Batch 855 Notables

>>>/qresearch/690043 Elon looking for a new paycheck?

>>>/qresearch/690065 CEO Phantom Secure +4 Indicted

>>>/qresearch/690229 Amazon Japan HQ Raided by Police

>>>/qresearch/690275 Alwaleed looking for $

>>>/qresearch/690302 Alwaleed looking for business loans

Batch 854 Notables

>>>/qresearch/689740 EU attempting to block POTUS from Exiting IRAN deal

>>>/qresearch/689487 John Perry Barlow Rabbit Hole Compilation

>>>/qresearch/689494 @Jack's other company downgraded

>>>/qresearch/689416 Ivanka to Replace Tillerson in Korean Negotiations

>>>/qresearch/68921 Netanyahu to be questioned by police

Batch 853 Notables

>>>/qresearch/688498 Chinese Tycoon Sell Off

>>>/qresearch/688572 China's Entire Cabinet will be Replaced Tomorrow

>>>/qresearch/688927 MBS (SA), Jared Kushner, & POTUS

>>>/qresearch/688970 Roths Sell Stock

>>>/qresearch/688990 Roths Sell Stock

>>>/qresearch/689028 Roths Sell Stock

>>>/qresearch/689040 NIC Asia CEO Resigns

>>>/qresearch/689079 Lunenberg SPCA Resignation

Batch 848 Notables

>>>/qresearch/685352 CFR FL Bridge Connection

>>>/qresearch/685169 John Perry Barlow-Clowns-internet link

>>>/qresearch/685407 Nike President Resignation

Batch 847 Notables

>>>/qresearch/683993 Barlow

>>>/qresearch/683968 ''

>>>/qresearch/683895 ''

>>>/qresearch/683867 ''

>>>/qresearch/683852 ''

>>>/qresearch/683810 USS Jimmy Carter flying jolly roger on return home

>>>/qresearch/683719 GLIMPSE

Batch 846 Notables

>>>/qresearch/683566 Who Holds the Keys?

>>>/qresearch/683534 Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

>>>/qresearch/683510 GermanArchiveAnon Update

>>>/qresearch/683116 KANSAS Voter ID law trial

>>>/qresearch/683113 This is why we FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!

>>>/qresearch/682983 disinfo is necessary

Batch 845 Notables

>>>/qresearch/682757 Vault7, Foreign Spying Dig

Batch 844 Notables

>>>/qresearch/681423 1,000 pieces

>>>/qresearch/681540 Gates to step down?

>>>/qresearch/681561 Barlow tweet re: Robert Wilson

>>>/qresearch/681761 Red October (again)

Batch 843 Notables

>>>/qresearch/680839 , >>>/qresearch/680845 John Perry Barlow

Batch 842 Notables

>>>/qresearch/679976 Hillary fractures wrist in bathtub

>>>/qresearch/679899 Tillerson and Vlad 2011

Batch 841 Notables

>>>/qresearch/679355 Was Tillerson actually sick in Africa?

>>>/qresearch/679134 Rex Tillerson (RT): A recent timeline

>>>/qresearch/679449 Obama Ordered 500000 fugitives background checks deleted

Batch 840 Notables

>>>/qresearch/678859 Extreme Efforts x 3 and Still Winning!

>>>/qresearch/678816 The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in US Schools

>>>/qresearch/678698 Kenyans pleading for US help

>>>/qresearch/678607 Pompeo Whitehat confirmed?

>>>/qresearch/678606 Tillerson in Kenya

>>>/qresearch/678501 Extreme efforts to kill login devices

>>>/qresearch/678444 Rockefellers having a huge auction of their material assets

Batch 837 Notables

>>>/qresearch/676039 F-18 SITREP from Planefag

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Batch 835 Notables

>>>/qresearch/674583 Keystone and make it rain

Batch 834 Notables

>>>/qresearch/674653 McCain Foundation Connects! Must read!

>>>/qresearch/674708 Part 2 McCain Connections to Soros

>>>/qresearch/674525 Moar Tesla Resignations

>>>/qresearch/674578 www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/15/ig-could-soon-release-explosive-report-on-fbis-clinton-probe-as-sessions-weighs-firing-mccabe.htm

>>>/qresearch/674349 Keystone and make it rain

>>>/qresearch/673768 Russian plane loses tons of Gold/Platinum

>>>/qresearch/674056 Facebook selling shares

Batch 833 Notables

>>>/qresearch/673537 BV statement on js 'filter' from anonsw.github.io

Batch 831 Notables

>>>/qresearch/670578 DJT and Q Predictors

Batch 828 Notables

>>>/qresearch/668947 For impatient anons…

Batch 826 Notables

>>>/qresearch/668002 Chris Steele Connected to Poisoned "Russian" Spies

Batch 825 Notables

>>>/qresearch/666971 Merkel Re-elected

>>>/qresearch/666947 Prediction for RackSpace / Clinton video

Batch 824 Notables

>>>/qresearch/666258 Slovakian Prime Minister Resigns

>>>/qresearch/666162 Chess Map correlation

Batch 823 Notables

>>>/qresearch/665068 War Room Message

>>>/qresearch/665170 Google Launches Cybersecurity Firm

Batch 822 Notables

>>>/qresearch/664436 U.S. Monitoring Possible North Korean Military Base in Syria

>>>/qresearch/664555 U.S. Monitoring Possible North Korean Military Base in Syria

>>>/qresearch/664117 Clintons and Australia Part 1

>>>/qresearch/664181 Clintons and Australia Part 2

>>>/qresearch/664189 Clintons and Australia Part 3

Batch 821 Notables

>>>/qresearch/663815 U.S. A-10 Strike on a Taliban Narcotics Production Facility in Helmand Province

>>>/qresearch/663767 Larry Kudlow as top economic adviser

>>>/qresearch/663685 zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-14/equifax-executive-charged-insider-trading

>>>/qresearch/663551 Theresa May vows to EXPEL 23 Russian spies

>>>/qresearch/663523 Saudis/Prince Alwaleed News

>>>/qresearch/663261 steemit.com/pizzagate/@rebelskum/the-dark-side-of-the-international-centre-for-missing-and-exploited-children

>>>/qresearch/657941 Elizabeth Bagley \

>>>/qresearch/664741 ^^^^^^^^ CF connected } >>>/qresearch/668495

>>>/qresearch/665289 Bagley (Cont)^^^^ /

>>>/qresearch/662572 ARCA foundation will tie Clintons into Soros

>>>/qresearch/663224 Holmes Stripped of Control of Company for Defrauding Investors

Batch 817 Notables

>>>/qresearch/660840 - Iran is next: Tehran ready to resolve differences with Saudi Arabia

>>>/qresearch/660794 - Busted: David Hogg works for John Podesta's Center for American Progress

>>>/qresearch/660646 & >>>/qresearch/660659 - Keystone - Senior Executive Service (SES)

>>>/qresearch/660485 - Marina Abramovic, Lady Gaga, Robert Wilson

>>>/qresearch/660391 - Titanic dig

>>>/qresearch/660354 - Cabal takedown sitrep

>>>/qresearch/660350 - Putin vs. May re: spy poisoning deaths

>>>/qresearch/660260 - FDNY recounts "floor-by-floor" BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM before towers fell on 9/11

>>>/qresearch/660202 - Environmental law allows oil and gas companies to inject waste water into aquifers

>>>/qresearch/660171 - Copfag's take on speed of investigations

>>>/qresearch/660156 - Kim's chain is broken?

>>>/qresearch/660143 - Deep State shadow government revealed - SES (Senior Executive Service)

>>>/qresearch/660139 - Defense Agency To Begin Moving Classified Data to Amazon's Secret Cloud After Protest

>>>/qresearch/660137 - Former C_A Chief exposes Clinton Fraud / CGI (Clinton Global Initiative)

>>>/qresearch/660118 - United States Space Corps - Sixth branch of US Armed Forces?

>>>/qresearch/660659 Deep State and Obamas appointed

>>>/qresearch/660646 Keystone Solved

Batch 816 Notables

>>>/qresearch/659307 PA Special Election results fucky

>>>/qresearch/659392 non-citizens "accidentally" registered to vote in PA?

>>>/qresearch/659393 Stephen Hawking dies

>>>/qresearch/659638 More bigly winning

>>>/qresearch/660021 Space Marines!!!

>>>/qresearch/659302 >>>/qresearch/659322 >>>/qresearch/659335 - HONOR OUR VETS!!!!!!!!!!

>>>/qresearch/659363 - Bill Gates plane lands in DC

>>>/qresearch/659380 - SPECTRE aircraft tracking

>>>/qresearch/659432 - Tony Podesta art photos

>>>/qresearch/659586 - Keystone reference from Wikileaks

>>>/qresearch/659613 - Prince Bandar bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is dead

>>>/qresearch/659638 - Winning BIGLY!!

>>>/qresearch/659644 - Missing CDC employee / possible similarities between former CDC exec charged for child molestation

>>>/qresearch/659666 - Possible Docudump 3/16?

>>>/qresearch/659672 - Missile / EMP dig

>>>/qresearch/659857 - Video on SES (Senior Executive Service) - 8,000 people put in place under BHO

>>>/qresearch/659872 & >>>/qresearch/659890 - LOOP Capital dig

>>>/qresearch/659952 - Stephen Hawking on Jeffrey Epstein's "Island of Sin"

>>>/qresearch/659999 & >>>/qresearch/660032 - Vid of Pompeo questioning HRC

Batch 815 Notables

>>>/qresearch/658983 - Adm Rogers replacement

>>>/qresearch/658558 - Updated initials list

>>>/qresearch/658562 - Rogers/Pompeo voter fraud / possible Keystone link

>>>/qresearch/658619 - Purdue Pharma Heir buys $22.5 Million Mansion in LA

>>>/qresearch/658628 - Adm. Rogers / FISA timeline

>>>/qresearch/658638 - U.S. gov't stops Canyon Bridge Capital Partners acquisition of Lattice Semiconductors / 5G implications

>>>/qresearch/658642 - Planefag spots Bill Gates plane

>>>/qresearch/658673 - AUS gov't gives pedophile $500k to fight 75 charges

>>>/qresearch/658675 - RED OCTOBER / FEMA emergency operations vehicle

>>>/qresearch/658721 - Q posts re: keystone / possible Pennsylvania link

>>>/qresearch/658752 - Task list reminder and motivation

>>>/qresearch/658776 - Apache Software Foundation links to Swartz, Secure Drop, Barlow, Snowden

>>>/qresearch/658841 - Planefag reporting USAF SPECTRE ops

>>>/qresearch/658852 - List of retiring / resigning Republicans

>>>/qresearch/658933 - Stephen Hawkins is dead

>>>/qresearch/659009 - Resignations list

>>>/qresearch/659048 & >>>/qresearch/659087 - DoD "Orange Haze" twat

>>>/qresearch/659129 - C_A twat about a BRIDGE and HK

>>>/qresearch/659141 - U1 related - Transport Logistics International Inc. Agrees - $2 Million Penalty to Resolve Foreign Bribery Case

>>>/qresearch/659161 - He who shall not be named angry over POTUS choosing Gina Haspel

>>>/qresearch/659236 - USMC twat - "Marines dispose of unserviceable ammo"

>>>/qresearch/659275 - School walkout tool kit for Women's March Youth Empower against gun violence

>>>/qresearch/659290 & >>>/qresearch/659293 - BHO brother-in-law / LOOP Capital link

Batch 814 Notables

>>>/qresearch/657772 - Family of SETH RICH files lawswuit against Fox News, Malia Zimmerman, Ed Butowsky over retracted story

>>>/qresearch/657807 - PA election results theory

>>>/qresearch/657819 - Voters turned away from polls in PA

>>>/qresearch/657946 - Elizabeth Bagley / ARCA / 5D chess

>>>/qresearch/657948 - Q-Context Map

>>>/qresearch/658005 - Treasury department list of sanctions

>>>/qresearch/658059 - Pompeo announces release of 470,000 additional files including Osama bin Ladin's journal

>>>/qresearch/658137 - YT to provide Wikipedia reading aids for "conspiracy theory" videos

>>>/qresearch/658169 - POTUS twats / chess

>>>/qresearch/658187 - Under Secretary of State Steve Goldstein fired for lying about Tillerson dismissal

>>>/qresearch/658202 & >>>/qresearch/658296 - HC injured during Rajasthan visit

>>>/qresearch/658237 - POTUS twat / possible link to CORE (Center for Organ Recovery & Education)

>>>/qresearch/658263 - EU approves further $3.7 billion for Syrian refugees living in Turkey

>>>/qresearch/658322 - Parents of NYC helicopter crash victims sue pilot for negligence

>>>/qresearch/658475 - Payback time!

>>>/qresearch/658399 Russians reported to fire into Damascus

>>>/qresearch/658531 Austin bombs were sophisticated

Batch 813 Notables

>>>/qresearch/657004 Missing PS

>>>/qresearch/657527 Voter Fraud found

>>>/qresearch/656988 - US Army twat

>>>/qresearch/656996 - Tip for new & cadet planefags

>>>/qresearch/657000 - Different pics between original POTUS twat and retwat

>>>/qresearch/657031 - Pompeo / Tillerson / Iran

>>>/qresearch/657077 - Possible explanation for missing PS from POTUS twat / Pilgrims Society

>>>/qresearch/657098 - IBOR IBOR IBOR

>>>/qresearch/657318 - Planefag reporting on interesting helicopter activity over Augusta

>>>/qresearch/657337 - New 3/13 EO from POTUS

>>>/qresearch/657365 - Time correlation between Q post / POTUS fixing twats

>>>/qresearch/657718 - New Chicago ID card created so undocumented immigrants can register to vote

Batch 812 Notables

>>>/qresearch/656206 Pompeo Monsanto ties

>>>/qresearch/656236 Parkland outside video to be released

>>>/qresearch/656255 Do you believe in coincidences?

>>>/qresearch/656301 Texas Ban upheld on Sanctuary Cities

>>>/qresearch/656370 Hamas and MB training for FBI?

>>>/qresearch/656576 Hillary on Trump Voters

>>>/qresearch/656612 BS in PA!

>>>/qresearch/656695 Judge allows Trump to withold grants to CA

Batch 811 Notables

>>>/qresearch/655418 Q Initials used

>>>/qresearch/655605 Margaret Peterlin and Christine Ciccone to resignation

>>>/qresearch/655813 DOJ Press Release

>>>/qresearch/655910 VICE CEO Out

>>>/qresearch/656075 More tweets wont post

Batch 810 Notables

>>>/qresearch/656725 Red October

>>>/qresearch/655260 Egypt, Israel, Saudi, Qatari meeting(s)

>>>/qresearch/655070 War Room Message

Batch 807 Notables

>>>/qresearch/652508 Cuomo Campaign Manager Charged with Corruption

Batch 802 Notables

>>>/qresearch/648718 - Mattis lands in Kabul → twitter.com/AP/status/973431116983095301

>>>/qresearch/648614 - FBI Whistleblowers in VEGAS

Batch 801 Notables

>>>/qresearch/647448 - Hillary sliding

>>>/qresearch/647619 - NO COLLUSION HERE BABY!!!

>>>/qresearch/647831 - Double Standards

Batch 800 Notables

>>>/qresearch/646712 - Trudeau Foundation

Batch 799 Notables

>>>/qresearch/646112 - Marina Abromovic Dig

Batch 797 Notables

>>>/qresearch/644357 - model at one of marina's "Art shows" was found in the desert missing organs

>>>/qresearch/646112 Marina Abromovic Dig

Batch 797 Notables

>>>/qresearch/644357 - model at one of marina's "Art shows" was found in the desert missing organs

Batch 796 Notables

>>>/qresearch/644151 - Mueller team analysis

>>>/qresearch/643919 - Johnny 'Westart' McStain's foundation information

>>>/qresearch/643859 - Rackstack is the Cloud Provider of: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Openstack, VMware

>>>/qresearch/643778 - Trump signs order prohibiting Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm

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Batch 795 Notables

>>>/qresearch/643363 - Iran Deal / U1 and/ Benghazi connection!

>>>/qresearch/643290 - House Intelligence Committee report on Russian re: election interference

Batch 794 Notables

>>>/qresearch/641908 - DOD twat #NationalNappingDay

>>>/qresearch/641935 - Drudge - 'Clinton tells Indians white women voted for Trump because hosbands said to…'

>>>/qresearch/641954 - Pilot in NYC helo crash says straps from passenger's harness shut off engine

>>>/qresearch/642044 - ATTN Planefags

>>>/qresearch/642056 - REDDIT permanently deletes r/UncensoredNews

>>>/qresearch/642121 - Devin Nunes: Drudge Report 'being censored by Twitter'

>>>/qresearch/642152 - FBI HQ in Austin in relation to bombing locations

>>>/qresearch/642178 - Counter-Sematism graphic

>>>/qresearch/642227 - DOD twat

>>>/qresearch/642249 - Planefags - 4 JSOCs around Gitmo

>>>/qresearch/642286 - AUS Alexander Downer / CF / used for FBI probe

>>>/qresearch/642357 - CF / India Solar Power Station

>>>/qresearch/642358 - Trudeau gov't donates $20m to CF for Haiti

>>>/qresearch/642379 - Dems fear FBI will be held accountable for Parkland shooting, not NRA

>>>/qresearch/642394 - CF / Pakistan / kickbacks

>>>/qresearch/642410 & >>>/qresearch/642438 - HRC & HA visit to India

>>>/qresearch/642557 - From the War Room

>>>/qresearch/642034 - Sant Singh Chatwal - India / CF connection

>>>/qresearch/642035 - AUSAID - CF connections

>>>/qresearch/642286 - AUS Alexander Downer / CF / used for FBI probe

>>>/qresearch/642394 - CF / Pakistan / kickbacks

>>>/qresearch/642410 & >>>/qresearch/642438 - HRC & HA visit to India

>>>/qresearch/642583 - British Empire / Commonwealth Foundation / House of Windsor

>>>/qresearch/642610 - Prepping the public for "fake" videos?

>>>/qresearch/642624 Circuit Court rules to release CCTV footage from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting

Batch 793 Notables

>>>/qresearch/641234 Test Passed

>>>/qresearch/641136 - The "value" of art

>>>/qresearch/641151 - TEGNA connection with victim of helicopter crash yesterday in NYC, victim's father's history

>>>/qresearch/641170 - BHO video twat

>>>/qresearch/641234 - Test passed

>>>/qresearch/641298 - Texas Senator Ted Cruz lobs "Cruz Missile" at Twitter in Senate hearing

>>>/qresearch/641350 - JC twat - #speechmoves

>>>/qresearch/641391 - Texas bomb in Windsor Park neighborhood - House of Windsor connection?

>>>/qresearch/641423 - C_A twat about Bridge

>>>/qresearch/641429 - VJ in Austin during bombings?

>>>/qresearch/641514 - Texas bombing map

>>>/qresearch/641584 - How Tech Giant Cabal Censors Christians

>>>/qresearch/641594 - Air Canada systems glitch

>>>/qresearch/641677 - TEGNA - sleepy news anchors

>>>/qresearch/641680 - KH and Democrats want to remove ICE

>>>/qresearch/641719 - TEGNA COO Lynn B. Trelstad selling shares

>>>/qresearch/641840 - AUSAID and CF

Batch 789 Notables

>>>/qresearch/638525, >>>/qresearch/638634 POTUS on the Moon?

>>>/qresearch/638260 Natural Economic Order?

>>>/qresearch/638229 CNN ready to die

>>>/qresearch/638043 @Snowden was live, no one knew?

Batch 788 Notables


>>>/qresearch/637770 Practicing FF?

>>>/qresearch/637640 Iran is next

>>>/qresearch/637588, >>>/qresearch/637603 Latest Helicopter 'Crash'

>>>/qresearch/637526 Plane from HongKong, @Snowden?

>>>/qresearch/637449 Warren Buffett

>>>/qresearch/637338 Marinas Satanic Star

Batches 783-787 Notables

>>>/qresearch/637027 Doxxed Marina + Star Symbol

>>>/qresearch/636881, >>>/qresearch/637071 The Constitutional Dollar

>>>/qresearch/636912 Steel backed currency?

>>>/qresearch/636746 Yup!!

>>>/qresearch/636735 Levin & Bibi Interview - Coming to a theater near you.

>>>/qresearch/637188 Hitler digs with Hitler dubs

>>>/qresearch/636725 The Left Hand Path / Sex Magic

>>>/qresearch/636701 BOOM. She's going to get dropped from 100 different angles. Where's the HRCVideo??

>>>/qresearch/636700 Make sure to read what the ANON who responded says

>>>/qresearch/636654, >>>/qresearch/636785 FACT!! WE are the Collateral. Expand your thinking.

>>>/qresearch/636634 Brilliant & VITAL!!

>>>/qresearch/636624 YOU!!

>>>/qresearch/636602 Tracking

>>>/qresearch/636601 Suggestion to create an article bank to BTFO the MSM

>>>/qresearch/636578, >>>/qresearch/636582, >>>/qresearch/637027 Spirit Cooking Dig

>>>/qresearch/636566 WHERE is OUR Gold??

>>>/qresearch/636563 Khazarian Dig

>>>/qresearch/636558 Babylonian Money Magick

>>>/qresearch/636553 Are you Prepared in REAL Life??

>>>/qresearch/636543 Learn!! Zucks real name

>>>/qresearch/636532, >>>/qresearch/636817 Dig into Post-war History

>>>/qresearch/636494 Follow the Money.

>>>/qresearch/636468 Who else had a Blackberry

>>>/qresearch/633361 Sig 5:5

Batches 782-783 Notables

>>>/qresearch/633949 Valerie Jarrett at SXSW

>>>/qresearch/633394 Kaźmierczak

>>>/qresearch/633318 HRC/CF/AUS

>>>/qresearch/633006 (cheKek'd) Chrissy stranded in Hong Kong?

>>>/qresearch/632561 'DhytcDFbF5874/37875' refers to a German video

Batches 779-780 Notables

>>>/qresearch/631321 Q mentioned several groups

>>>/qresearch/631256 Ashkenazi Khazars

>>>/qresearch/631082 Classic shill tactics

>>>/qresearch/631020 Do not fear "Anti-Semitism"

>>>/qresearch/630580 Meryl Streep ("loudest voices")

>>>/qresearch/630121 "Permanent state of disruption…"

Batch 776 Notables

>>>/qresearch/628417 Plane Crash in Iran


>>>/qresearch/628153 RICO Cae in Fornia

>>>/qresearch/628120 O missing prior tweet

>>>/qresearch/628070 Muslim Bro Manifesto

>>>/qresearch/627828 Israeli Connection?

Batch 775 Notables

>>>/qresearch/627588 Hitler's Secret Backers

>>>/qresearch/627432 POTUS Tweets

Batch 774 Notables

>>>/qresearch/626583 Need Someone to Add latest Graphics

>>>/qresearch/626591 Need Someone to Add latest Graphics

>>>/qresearch/626677 Interesting Discussion on the Death penalty for Drugs

>>>/qresearch/626415 PizzaGate Research

>>>/qresearch/626194 Hitler was a Rothschild

>>>/qresearch/626654 AU Uranium

>>>/qresearch/626677 Interesting Discussion on the Death penalty for Drugs

Batch 770 Notables

>>>/qresearch/623671 NWO

>>>/qresearch/622694 DhytcDFbF5874/37875 Vid

>>>/qresearch/623350 Ursula Haverbeck

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Batch 767 Notables

>>>/qresearch/620886 Roots of the C_A (Dulles & Prescott Bush)

>>>/qresearch/620852 Winston Churchill

>>>/qresearch/620791 Edward Bernays

>>>/qresearch/620734 Angela Merkel? >>>/qresearch/621082

Batch 766 Notables

>>>/qresearch/620383 Great Seal

>>>/qresearch/619932 Graph-theoretic Research in Algorithms and the PHenomenology of Social networks (GRAPHS)

>>>/qresearch/620302 Hierarchical Identify Verify Exploit (HIVE)

Batch 763 Notables

>>>/qresearch/617550 900 Names

>>>/qresearch/617557 Maria Anna Schicklgruber

>>>/qresearch/617820 >>>/qresearch/617945 Merkele digs

Batch 761 Notable posts

>>>/qresearch/615993 >Qmap031018.png

>>>/qresearch/616025 >Marina Abramović

>>>/qresearch/616055 >Spirit Cooking > Podesta > Comet Pizza and Ping Pong > Amanda K> Music video > North Korea child sex slave trade

>>>/qresearch/616098 >worthy meme

>>>/qresearch/616143 >Marina Abramović

>>>/qresearch/616148 >moreQmaps.png

>>>/qresearch/616205 >AUSdiggingCF

>>>/qresearch/616209 >Marina Abramović re theartofelysium.org

>>>/qresearch/616281 >William Cooper Predicts Donald Trump/Dr. Carson type for President

>>>/qresearch/616286 >Ace Lyons re islam

>>>/qresearch/616287 >AUS Alexander Downer

>>>/qresearch/616318 >mkultra

>>>/qresearch/616411 >MS-13murders

>>>/qresearch/616422 >Ace Lyons on Obama treason

>>>/qresearch/616478 >mkultra vid

>>>/qresearch/616619 >mebbe AUS,Balfour,more TL;DR

>>>/qresearch/616642 >namefag on mkultra

>>>/qresearch/616662 >special kind o' stupid

Batch 760 Notables

>>>/qresearch/615646 Hollywood pedo dirt at crazydaysandnights.net

>>>/qresearch/616561 Who's adopted?

>>>/qresearch/617102 Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos

Batch 759 Notables

>>>/qresearch/614685 Celebrity adoption list.

Batch 758 Notables

>>>/qresearch/613732 Breakdown of CF Offences

Batch 757 Notables

>>>/qresearch/613419 Modern day slave in Australia

>>>/qresearch/613083 Corruption in Iran: Clerics Plan to Hang Businessmen

>>>/qresearch/613057 pay to play foundations

Batch 756 Notables

>>>/qresearch/612293 Trump just corrected tweet with Xi name spelling changed

>>>/qresearch/612223 John Brennan unqualified to be director of C_A

>>>/qresearch/612643 Xi Xi in mandarin means Thank You

Batch 755 Notables

>>>/qresearch/611999 Checked Official release of Parade Date

>>>/qresearch/611865 From Kenya? POTUS brings enemies together

>>>/qresearch/611846 People using kikebook less

>>>/qresearch/611844 Marchforourlives Staged walkout

>>>/qresearch/611773 Iran having trouble paying its STEEL workers

>>>/qresearch/611727, >>>/qresearch/611855 Australia Iran connection

>>>/qresearch/611699 Lawfag general idea

>>>/qresearch/611668 Dopey removed from Forbes

>>>/qresearch/611630 Snowden, Keystone?

>>>/qresearch/611578 VJ

>>>/qresearch/611496 (short) List of President Trump's accomplishments

Batch 754 Notables

>>>/qresearch/611208 Snowden coming back to US?

>>>/qresearch/611100 UMCJ is drastically different than civilian court

>>>/qresearch/611087 That's the plane Below

>>>/qresearch/611025 Kenya plane from the Middle East

>>>/qresearch/610999 6 Grand Jury Seals.

>>>/qresearch/610975 Kenya Planefag

>>>/qresearch/610843 'SEAL'ed Indictments??

>>>/qresearch/610784 A Good Summary

Batch 753 Notables

>>>/qresearch/610517 This is the corrected version of CIA atrocities. >>>/qresearch/610431

>>>/qresearch/610431 A good rundown of the relationship between CIA, former Presidents and the "elite".

Batch 751 Notables

>>>/qresearch/608465 Boom boat

>>>/qresearch/608398 C_A democrats running for midterms

>>>/qresearch/608456 , >>>/qresearch/608532 more clown democritters stumping

>>>/qresearch/608659 The four booms?

>>>/qresearch/608313 , >>>/qresearch/608396 Theories on stringers

Batch 750 Notables

>>>/qresearch/607530 HK connections

>>>/qresearch/607622 Kobe steel!, MSM obsolete much?

>>>/qresearch/607632 How do you trap a very dangerous animal?

>>>/qresearch/607686 US Accuses Venezuela Oil Company of $2 Bn Money Laundering Scheme

>>>/qresearch/607696 Thoughts on Q posts & Snowden

>>>/qresearch/607821 Snowden theory with links

>>>/qresearch/607844 Rule 6. The Grand Jury

>>>/qresearch/607890 Kenya

Batch 749 Notables

>>>/qresearch/606990 points of interest from the Q pdf drop

>>>/qresearch/607036 Snowden 'promises kept' ?

>>>/qresearch/607042 twitter future back door

>>>/qresearch/607050 thoughts on Obama

>>>/qresearch/606770 why would sealed indictments be outside DC jurisdiction

Batch 748 Notables

>>>/qresearch/605867 Special shout out to Q and the Q team!

>>>/qresearch/606218 Looks like south America is ready for changing

>>>/qresearch/606106 what are the foundations for

>>>/qresearch/606555 Promises, do you believe in coincidences?

Batch 747 Notables

>>>/qresearch/605491 Sandvine

>>>/qresearch/605411 Snowden tweet about Sandvine

>>>/qresearch/605333 , >>>/qresearch/605341 thoughts on the endgame

>>>/qresearch/605202 Brining the RAIN

>>>/qresearch/605523 What allegations did the House Judiciary Committee want investigated?

>>>/qresearch/605664 Snowden's handler in HK

Batch 746 Notables

>>>/qresearch/604412 defusing Iran (BOOM)

>>>/qresearch/604813 Dennis Rodman during Obama, and during Trump

Batch 745 Notables


>>>/qresearch/603728 Missing Billionairs: Saudis disapear from Forbes list

>>>/qresearch/604150 They all have foundations for a reason. (Obama) Stupid!

>>>/qresearch/604172 Threaten to kill Pence, get convicted!

>>>/qresearch/604208 Planefag EU Siterep

>>>/qresearch/604127 FBI Vault also 22 Keeps coming up

>>>/qresearch/604081 Biden staff getting mixed in

>>>/qresearch/603909 Messages to NK

Batch 744 Notables

>>>/qresearch/603345 decoding CIA

>>>/qresearch/603060 Snowden for Switzerland?

>>>/qresearch/603043 DOS twats "Kenya"

>>>/qresearch/602960 More digging on FBI Vault

>>>/qresearch/602840 Oprah sells stock

>>>/qresearch/602827 Planefag Siterep

Batch 743 Notables

>>>/qresearch/602445 Internet Regulation

>>>/qresearch/602329 Snowden MI6??

>>>/qresearch/602063 Twitter changes coming soon

Batch 742 Notables

>>>/qresearch/601474 Snowden family background

>>>/qresearch/601301 How to Red Pill effectively

>>>/qresearch/601120 FBI Tweets to HRC

Batch 740 Notables

>>>/qresearch/600066 Food for Thought

>>>/qresearch/599996 IBOR Ideas

>>>/qresearch/599921 Look at his family

>>>/qresearch/599789 @Jack satanic verses

>>>/qresearch/599714 Why Snowden, replied to by Q

>>>/qresearch/599675 George Soros sell off…


File: bb5e8804de2d585⋯.pdf (1.02 MB, RAWnotablesArchives.pdf)


This is the RAW notables archive. It contains notables collected from breads 740 ~ 2386

It is missing notables collected for breads;

#1 ~ #739

#1269 ~ #1409

#1702 ~ #1704

This is the raw archive and I apologize for the rough form and any garbage included



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This is the RAW notables archive. It contains notables collected from breads 740 ~ 2490

It is missing notables collected for breads;

#1 ~ #739

#1269 ~ #1409

#1702 ~ #1704

#2387 ~ #2396

This is the raw archive and I apologize for the rough form and any garbage included



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File: 46295a745fa1ddc⋯.pdf (1.14 MB, notablesArchive740-2536.pdf)



This is the RAW notables archive. It contains notables collected from breads 740 ~ 2536

It is missing notables collected for breads;

#1 ~ #739

#1269 ~ #1409

#1702 ~ #1704

This is the raw archive and I apologize for the rough form and any garbage included



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File: 873fd72d8e956f8⋯.pdf (1.52 MB, NotablesArchive740-2992.pdf)


updated 7.31.18


This is the RAW notables archive. It contains notables collected from breads 740 ~ 2992

It also includes archive.fo links for #2628 to 2992

It is missing notables collected for breads;

#1 ~ #739

#1269 ~ #1409

#1702 ~ #1704

This is the raw archive and I apologize for the rough form and any garbage included



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