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a place to practice baking and discuss baking topics

File: 772cf1bbac0ed1e⋯.jpg (128.29 KB, 441x570, 147:190, kekThistle.jpg)


new whole board archive available

6 weeks worth with live links at >>1536

This is the locked archive, post additions here >>323

or here Best Of Bread: https://8ch.net/qresearch/notables.html

PDF of collected notables archive >>2080 (updated 07.31.2018) includes notables from #740 ~ #2992 and archive.fo links for breads #2628 ~ #2992


#3271 >>>/qresearch/2592752 Helpful link for anons to report Peter Strzok's Gofundme account

>>>/qresearch/2592666 QClock: Q: "scripted move and Kim Jong Yung: "Outdated acting script"

>>>/qresearch/2592608 QClock points to 'email'

>>>/qresearch/2592493 What Really Happened In Haiti To Monica Peterson?

>>>/qresearch/2592486 , >>>/qresearch/2592649 Peter Stzok's largest and other GoFundMe donors. Dig

>>>/qresearch/2592431 Tonight's episode of Salvation: "Q17"

>>>/qresearch/2592398 Where was the missile launched from? Dig so far

>>>/qresearch/2592390 .23 acre for sale on Ketron Island

>>>/qresearch/2592380 Startling info from BO's admin on Protecting Unaccompanied Alien Children from Trafficking & Abuses

>>>/qresearch/2592379 'Rothschild House' overlooks Whidbey Island in Port Townshend

>>>/qresearch/2592257 Krassenstein, POTUS' twitter troll is also one of Strzok's largest donors

>>>/qresearch/2592137 Tech giants aim to 'fix' healthcare

>>>/qresearch/2592132 Peter Stzok's go fund me. Who are the largest donors? Dig

>>>/qresearch/2592120 (((CNN))) has officially taken the side of ANTIFA

>>>/qresearch/2592105 Q Post, Gmail & Peter Stzok: Side-by-Side ( >>>/qresearch/2592462 ) (being proofed)

>>>/qresearch/2591374 (lb) OIG is auditing the FBI’s contracts awarded for covert activity

>>>/qresearch/2591917 (lb) Q Post re private emails / gmail Side-by-Side ( >>>/qresearch/2592462 ) (being proofed)

>>>/qresearch/2592765 #3271

#3270 >>>/qresearch/2591860 Buzzfeed, WaPo & NYT Had Unredacted FISA Application For Over A Year?

>>>/qresearch/2591797 , >>>/qresearch/2591803 MAP's (Minor Attracted Persons) post freely on twatter

>>>/qresearch/2591723 GoFundMe for Peter Strzok raises $130,000 in 10 hours

>>>/qresearch/2591680 , >>>/qresearch/2591690 Breaking: DNC Computer Breach Linked to Bernie Sanders

>>>/qresearch/2591547 America #1 in Child Sex Trafficking & Pedophilia CPS & Foster Care are the Pipelines

>>>/qresearch/2591511 Is the clock real? Is it definitive? Take a look…

>>>/qresearch/2591432 , >>>/qresearch/2591436 Q: The Basics Updates

>>>/qresearch/2591396 Bonafide Q proof!! GMAIL SHARING Q Knew..

#3269 >>>/qresearch/2590545 Plane Fag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2590698 Moar Plane Faggin

>>>/qresearch/2590726 POTUS Twattin again

>>>/qresearch/2590731 MSM attacks on POTUS coming from UN too

>>>/qresearch/2590767, >>>/qresearch/2590746, >>>/qresearch/2590734, >>>/qresearch/2590661, >>>/qresearch/2590799 Moar Whidbey Maps and Rods Digginz

>>>/qresearch/2590758 Renowned ASU professor ousted for sexual misconduct, defended Epstein

>>>/qresearch/2591011 Zinaida - a protege of Mariana Abramovic These People are SICK

>>>/qresearch/2590419, >>>/qresearch/2590786 Analysis of another Sick FKG Artist

>>>/qresearch/2591025 Moar Blatant TWTR Accounts, They think your stupid

>>>/qresearch/2591032, >>>/qresearch/2590423, >>>/qresearch/2590286, >>>/qresearch/2589849 Indian Tribe involvement on the Island ?

>>>/qresearch/2591842 #3269

#3268 >>>/qresearch/2589772, Handy tool for BAKERS AntiSpam, ToastMaster & Post Counter Scripts Combined

>>>/qresearch/2589784 Detailed account of POTUS No Name Snub

>>>/qresearch/2589831, >>>/qresearch/2589932, >>>/qresearch/2589857 NM Muslim Compound Case Race Baited??? Judge may think so

>>>/qresearch/2589845 Potus kicking China out of WTO?

>>>/qresearch/2589846, >>>/qresearch/2589926, >>>/qresearch/2590030, POTUS Evening Twattings

>>>/qresearch/2589854 FORD Motor Corp Financing Fuckery?

>>>/qresearch/2589866 PAKUI Hardware, WTF is this? Need eyes on

>>>/qresearch/2589925, >>>/qresearch/2589914 MOAR Fire in Sweden, Muslim Army?

>>>/qresearch/2590003 New LIB Tactic, CO2 levels dangerously low for our planet

>>>/qresearch/2590038, >>>/qresearch/2590134, Kaktovik, AK. EQ or just another DUMB explosion?

>>>/qresearch/2590053 Need to Bore some DUMBS or just Tunnel to them?

>>>/qresearch/2590109 PlaneFag update Thank you Plane Fags

>>>/qresearch/2590135 Largest Homeland Security Raid in History

>>>/qresearch/2590200 Moar Horizon Air Pics

>>>/qresearch/2590319 N449QX's Updates

>>>/qresearch/2590320 Free speech you say?

>>>/qresearch/2590363 National Authorization Act can be used to yank security clearances.

#3267 >>>/qresearch/2589276 POTUS + RELATED Tweets PM

>>>/qresearch/2589103 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2589184, >>>/qresearch/2589233 EarthQuakeFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2588984 Source: Remaining NXIVM members guarding their phones; holding meetings in Albany and Mexico

>>>/qresearch/2588987, >>>/qresearch/2589102, >>>/qresearch/2589228 echoes doc plus digs

>>>/qresearch/2589000 Mystery solved… and look who did it.

>>>/qresearch/2589039 Judge denies motion to detain New Mexico compound suspects after hours-long hearing

>>>/qresearch/2589130, >>>/qresearch/2589188, >>>/qresearch/2589266, >>>/qresearch/2589332 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Criminal Charges Against Zürcher Kantonalbank Of Switzerland (will coperate with DOJ)

>>>/qresearch/2589165 Maryland MS-13 Member Ordered to Serve Two Consecutive Life Sentences for Federal Racketeering Conspiracy, Murder, and Other Violent Crimes

>>>/qresearch/2589257 Florida Governor [[[[Rick Scott ]]]]Declares State of Emergency.

>>>/qresearch/2589261 BREAKING: The suspects in the #NMCompound child abuse case will be released on a signature bond.

>>>/qresearch/2589268 Republican Gubernatorial Candidate's Request for [[[[Andrew Cuomo]]]] Investigation Dismissed by NYPD

>>>/qresearch/2589336 Foreign Power Intrusion in American Democracy? Who could it be now?

#3266 >>>/qresearch/2588397, >>>/qresearch/2588532 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2588220 They [prey] on unstable helpless individuals…'BLUESKY'

>>>/qresearch/2588190 Q-Proof of "We Don't Say His Name" re: NDAA

>>>/qresearch/2588304 PS fired Aug 10th… signal marker from WH.. we find out 3 days later (today)

>>>/qresearch/2588315 Trafficking digs requested

>>>/qresearch/2588448, >>>/qresearch/2588778, >>>/qresearch/2588793, >>>/qresearch/2588845 I smell POTUS ploy.

>>>/qresearch/2588455 Q PROOF? COINCIDENCE? North Korea's Kim refers to 'scripted movie'


>>>/qresearch/2588578, >>>/qresearch/2588805 Moar on Q's 6/12/18 'S8Nwas' post and today's S8N post

>>>/qresearch/2588605 Q plane updated decode

>>>/qresearch/2588636 NXIVM Barbara Bouchey

>>>/qresearch/2588687, >>>/qresearch/2588718, >>>/qresearch/2588737, >>>/qresearch/2588764, Communist Brainwashing digs

>>>/qresearch/2588775 mexican-radio-beam-chinese-propaganda/

>>>/qresearch/2588806 KETRON Island Gary Lundgren dig…

>>>/qresearch/2588851 Diversity bonfires hurray! From Voice of Europe

>>>/qresearch/2588046 #3266

#3265 >>>/qresearch/2587789, >>>/qresearch/2587882, >>>/qresearch/2587928 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2587418, >>>/qresearch/2587454 Trump PM tweets

>>>/qresearch/2587407 TX Pastor suspect in child trafficking.

>>>/qresearch/2587419 CABAL MESSAGING Do you see the pattern?

>>>/qresearch/2587481 Report: Elon Musk’s Twitter Blocking Could Mean SEC Trouble

>>>/qresearch/2587510 Looks like POTUS answered out question about deleted Q Post No. 150. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

>>>/qresearch/2587514 Anons notice edited Q post. Condone changed to Condemn - Delta 13 mins

>>>/qresearch/2587569 Mount Desert Island Maine will kick MV's ass in satanist ritual sex torture of children.

>>>/qresearch/2587576 "Britain Suffers 15 Acid Attacks a Week, With Three Quarters Taking Place in London"

>>>/qresearch/2587584 We must DIG on Rinat Akhmetshin, Rob goldstone and Pyotr & Denis Katsyv

>>>/qresearch/2587589 Bill Maher is a Dominus member of Snctm, Sex Club in Beverly Hills

>>>/qresearch/2587619 Anon's decode on Qpost

>>>/qresearch/2587638 Big push for race war

>>>/qresearch/2587654 Copycat #1 In just under 50 hours…

>>>/qresearch/2587702 one of the high ups at polaris works here

>>>/qresearch/2587707 Fight Fight Fight ! #Qanon

>>>/qresearch/2587783 Qpost and map decode

>>>/qresearch/2587764, >>>/qresearch/2587786, >>>/qresearch/2587830 Q side by Sides

>>>/qresearch/2587507, >>>/qresearch/2587858 Pentagon considering $10b contract with Jeff Bezos/Amazon

>>>/qresearch/2587933, >>>/qresearch/2587949, >>>/qresearch/2587964, >>>/qresearch/2587992 Whibley Island diggs

>>>/qresearch/2587988 Israel's Shin Bet detains CNN Journalist.

>>>/qresearch/2587997 Why are we giving ISRAEL 70 million + 50 million for their Iron Dome defense system, in today's defense bill?

>>>/qresearch/2587550 >>>/qresearch/2587550 Q post 6/12 links to today's S8N post

>>>/qresearch/2588029 Was Omarosa a Spy for Clinton? Worked for Al Gore During Clinton Administration

>>>/qresearch/2587367 #3265

#3264 >>>/qresearch/2587243 Plane Crash Update Collection

>>>/qresearch/2587232 CNN replies to Strzok Parody account

>>>/qresearch/2587198 Case re: Catholic Child Sex Abuse Grand Jury Findings

>>>/qresearch/2587099 POTUS says Boom Boom Boom calling out windmills

>>>/qresearch/2586997 Omarosa criticism from "anti-trumpers"

>>>/qresearch/2586903 POTUS speaks live

>>>/qresearch/2586921 Pilot Dies crashing plane into his own home

>>>/qresearch/2586929 Omarosa Hypocracy

>>>/qresearch/2586929 Prosecution Rests Case against Manafort

>>>/qresearch/2586647 Clockfag Update

#3263 >>>/qresearch/2586496 New NBC hit piece on Q

>>>/qresearch/2586297 Ketron Island Drilling Records

>>>/qresearch/2586057 Syrian War Crimes Accountability in new bill

>>>/qresearch/2586261 New Bill used to strip SES of credentials [unverified]

>>>/qresearch/2586258 Netflix CFO David wells stepping down

>>>/qresearch/2585813 Article on details of the stolen plane crash

>>>/qresearch/2585874 Trump Signs Massive Defense Bill: Biggest Pay Raise For Soldiers In Nine Years

>>>/qresearch/2585929 "Ben Ure Island" which was notorious for human trafficking in the 19th century (near Whidbey Island)

>>>/qresearch/2585918 >>>/qresearch/2585948 Glen Simpson (Fusion GPS) dined with the Russian Lawyer before and after the TT meeting (old but relevant)

>>>/qresearch/2585979 Washington Freezes Open Sky Treaty With Moscow in New Defense Bill

#3262 >>>/qresearch/2585043 Top U.S. Gen. Warns: Islamic State in Afghanistan ‘Harboring Intentions’ to Attack West

>>>/qresearch/2585095 Peter Strzok Reacts to Firing on Newly Created Twitter Account – Begs For $150,000 on GoFundMe

>>>/qresearch/2585165 NBC News Ignores Antifa Attack On Their Own News Crew In Charlottesville

>>>/qresearch/2584998 Ketron Island and Skunk Bay are roughly 53 miles apart

>>>/qresearch/2585209 Chart data for depths of Puget Sound.

>>>/qresearch/2585225 Some Priests Listed In Massive Sexual Abuse Report Are Still In Ministry

>>>/qresearch/2585270 POTUS did NOT say his name

>>>/qresearch/2584987 >>>/qresearch/2585311 >>>/qresearch/2585377 James Craig Porter released yesterday after 1 yr 9 mo sentence (Ketron Island related)

>>>/qresearch/2585393 Article states Gary Lundgren owns about 65% of Ketron Island

>>>/qresearch/2585403 ICE arrests 45 in Houston area during 5-day operation targeting criminal aliens, immigration fugitives

>>>/qresearch/2585506 Bittersweet: Pedophile Teacher Under Investigation for Child Porn Found Dead

>>>/qresearch/2585596 >>>/qresearch/2585610 Full Sara Carter Article

>>>/qresearch/2585643 S8N is a stock market symbol

>>>/qresearch/2585650 Graphic: MK ULTRA example

>>>/qresearch/2585676 PlaneFag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2585684 #3262

#3261 Baker Change

>>>/qresearch/2584214 Rights Groups Demand Israel Stop Arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/2584221 On the Q-Clock: Trump talks about firing Stzrok

>>>/qresearch/2584248 U.S. Navy Plane Carrying CNN Crew Warned to Leave South China Sea (WHY??)

>>>/qresearch/2584281 >>>/qresearch/2584300 ISRAEL’S STRATEGIC COLLAPSE: How Putin Sandbagged Netanyahu

>>>/qresearch/2584318 Scorned FBI Lover Lisa Page Torched Cheating FBI Partner Peter Strzok; “Lisa is on a Warpath”

>>>/qresearch/2584320 Escape from the Mayo Clinic: Teen accuses world-famous hospital of 'medical kidnapping

>>>/qresearch/2584335 TOM FITTON: FBI Has Ignored Our Requests for McCabe Emails — Because They Know They “Will Blow It Wide Open” (VIDEO)

>>>/qresearch/2584365 US-backed SDF’ Media Wing: There Are No Negotiations, Coordination With “Syrian Regime”

>>>/qresearch/2584393 >>>/qresearch/2584322 >>>/qresearch/2584347 Moar Resignations

>>>/qresearch/2584447 SYRIA UPDATE

>>>/qresearch/2584395 >>>/qresearch/2584458 NDA policies for the White House

>>>/qresearch/2584492 Italy Blocks New NGO Migrant Ship After Malta, Spain Refuse To Take

>>>/qresearch/2584622 SARA CARTER: House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte Preparing to Depose Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr and Glenn Simpson

>>>/qresearch/2584728 H.R.6054 - Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 (Reminder)

>>>/qresearch/2584705 WaPo sees Antifags and Neo-Nazis equally

>>>/qresearch/2584450 There have been ZERO Earthquakes 2.5 or higher in all of the Mainland US & Hawaii.

>>>/qresearch/2584872 PlaneFag notable Bun

>>>/qresearch/2584881 #3261

#3260 >>>/qresearch/2583537, >>>/qresearch/2583726, >>>/qresearch/2583790 ; 2584120 Standoff Situation at Texas Restaurant

>>>/qresearch/2583466 More Than 2,300 Suspected Online Child Sex Offenders Arrested During Operation “Broken Heart”

>>>/qresearch/2583597, >>>/qresearch/2583634 New POTUS Tweet/Retweet

>>>/qresearch/2583740 Secret Service Launching Investigation Into Antifa Threats To Murder Trump

>>>/qresearch/2583833 ; >>>/qresearch/2583902 Bayer stock hit after Roundup cancer verdict

>>>/qresearch/2583864 Judicial Watch statement on Strzok firing

>>>/qresearch/2583879 Assistant AG announces Medicare fraud strike force

>>>/qresearch/2583889 ; >>>/qresearch/2584034 YT vids on human trafficking (victim’s story)

>>>/qresearch/2583918 WV house votes to impeach suspended SC justice for office renovations

>>>/qresearch/2583928 Iran’s Khamenei: “no war nor negotiations” w/WH

>>>/qresearch/2583989 Norway minister resigns after breaching security rules during Iran trip

>>>/qresearch/2584006 Chairman of Imperial Pacific International resigns

>>>/qresearch/2584092 #3260

#3259 >>>/qresearch/2582680 , >>>/qresearch/2582687 Clinton HIV/AIDS Charity Dig

>>>/qresearch/2582681 Q calls the source of Omarosa's arrogance

>>>/qresearch/2582726 , >>>/qresearch/2582776 Saudi Arabia may back Tesla buyout

>>>/qresearch/2582808 , >>>/qresearch/2582934 Ketron Island Home Owners Arrested for Sex W/ Minors

>>>/qresearch/2582920 , >>>/qresearch/2582927 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2582958 , >>>/qresearch/2583019, >>>/qresearch/2583081 New POTUS Tweets

>>>/qresearch/2583210 NATO Jet Accidentally Launches Secret Missile Near Russian Border

>>>/qresearch/2583382 #3259

#3258 >>>/qresearch/2582464, >>>/qresearch/2582583 Rainn Wilson ambassador to 'Tahirih Justice Center'

>>>/qresearch/2582407 , >>>/qresearch/2582446 BOOM Peter Strzok Fired!

>>>/qresearch/2582352 Indiana man accused of killing and eating ex-girlfriend found fit to stand trial

>>>/qresearch/2582279 BC in US Virgin Islands

>>>/qresearch/2582210 CTH breakdown of media relationship with DoJ and FBI

>>>/qresearch/2582146 , >>>/qresearch/2582177, >>>/qresearch/2582183 California gets more degenerate legalizes child prostitution

>>>/qresearch/2582130 , >>>/qresearch/2582246 Rainn Wilson's sister is a photographer who takes pictures of kids

>>>/qresearch/2582077 Rainn Wilson has 'Apparel Charity' in Haiti

>>>/qresearch/2582038 , >>>/qresearch/2582045, >>>/qresearch/2582058 @s8n information companies trading stuff for tweets

>>>/qresearch/2582039 Netflix CFO David Wells to step down

>>>/qresearch/2582029 Outrage at Omarosa explodes after WH learns she secretly taped POTUS

>>>/qresearch/2581990 Graphic documents how #ReleaseTheMemo went

>>>/qresearch/2581919 Omarosa herself claims she has protection

>>>/qresearch/2581887 Baha'i New World Order dig

>>>/qresearch/2581871 The Omarosa Trap

#3257 >>>/qresearch/2580739 MKULTRA programming being done at colleges via safespaces?

>>>/qresearch/2581063 Corruption, Cronyism, and Secret Email Distributions in the MSM

>>>/qresearch/2581513 Twitter Dig on Nick Thompson from 'Hit The Lights'

>>>/qresearch/2581508 Bayer Shares Crash 10Billion Euros

>>>/qresearch/2581474 POTUS to sign John S. McCain NDAA, includes 666 amendments.

>>>/qresearch/2581311 "Clown College" re-added back to "Dealing with Clowns & Shills"

>>>/qresearch/2581288 , >>>/qresearch/2581291 POTUS signs Nat'l Defense Auth'n Act today: incl PARADE funding

>>>/qresearch/2581063 Anon's analysis: Was GamerGate just Round One of MSM/shill Ops on GA?

>>>/qresearch/2581062 Rainn Wilson also linked to Sean Penn's Haiti Foundation

#3256 Ebake New Baker

>>>/qresearch/2580261, >>>/qresearch/2580422 Haiti digs, Dr. Kathryn Adams, educator and trauma therapist

>>>/qresearch/2580270 Trump Administration Boots Hundreds More Federal Employees out of Washington DC

>>>/qresearch/2580303, >>>/qresearch/2580367, >>>/qresearch/2580332 BLACKHATS they are admitting to being able to use satellites against ships planes etc

>>>/qresearch/2580306 Spoopy Big Brother caps

>>>/qresearch/2580352 flight around Ketron Island (video)

>>>/qresearch/2580360 Leader/Idea By Rainn Wilson

>>>/qresearch/2580452 how-rainn-wilson-funded-his-

>>>/qresearch/2580457 moar haiti digs

>>>/qresearch/2580557 theirworld.org/campiagn/5for5 dig

>>>/qresearch/2580957 ai chatbot article, reading pictures and writing text (think meme warfare)

>>>/qresearch/2581000 moar ai, this time pentagon

>>>/qresearch/2580959 JB gets a clockfagging

>>>/qresearch/2580777 bun of twats. anons dig since breaking911 says twatters comped

>>>/qresearch/2580986 #3256

#3255 New Baker


>>>/qresearch/2579846 Follow up to Q post 147 from anon

>>>/qresearch/2579515, >>>/qresearch/2579519 LIDAR on Ketron Island

>>>/qresearch/2579629 The story of Alisa and Gabriel Dearman and pedophilia in high places

>>>/qresearch/2579604 John Smyth, the QC accused of beating boys at Christian camps, dies of 'heart attack'

>>>/qresearch/2579778 Moar NBC twatts

>>>/qresearch/2580040 German Archive Anon update; now contains 3260 breads

>>>/qresearch/2580058 Q's copypasta images from PatriotsFight 147 and 148

>>>/qresearch/2580110 Source of Q's latest EpIsland pic

>>>/qresearch/2580163 #3255

#3254 >>>/qresearch/2578680 Democrats hire ‘battle station organizers’ to shape midterm elections public debate

>>>/qresearch/2578763 >>>/qresearch/2578801 >>>/qresearch/2578813 Human Trafficking Digs (Pakistan, Bahrain, and Haiti to Chile)

>>>/qresearch/2578821 TRUMP AND THE COMMIES: Anti-Communist Donald Trump vs. Commie Sympathizing Anti-Trumpers Brennan, Nellie Ohr, Steele, & Comey

>>>/qresearch/2578865 The Real Reason Why Trump Cancelled The Iran Deal

>>>/qresearch/2578828 >>>/qresearch/2578832 One world religion-super big churches run by the cabal


>>>/qresearch/2579065 >>>/qresearch/2579079 >>>/qresearch/2579118 C_A Front Companies

>>>/qresearch/2579204 FRIDAY'S BOARD ATTACK (Q's TC)

>>>/qresearch/2579264 Reminder the Ohio Class (D5 Trident armed) Subs are based in Bangor, Wash

>>>/qresearch/2579410 #3254

#3253 >>>/qresearch/2577874 Horrifying UN Report on Child Rape by High Level UN Employees

>>>/qresearch/2577962 Erdogan: Turkey Hits Final Stage of Preparations for New Military in Syria

>>>/qresearch/2578038 FBI update on stolen plane crash investigation

>>>/qresearch/2578450 Data Recorder and human remains found at crash site

>>>/qresearch/2578003 Russell Bloodline of the Illuminati per the CIA library

>>>/qresearch/2578157 Moar resignations since yesterday

>>>/qresearch/2578232 Police, Sessions slam Elizabeth Warren for calling criminal justice system 'racist'

>>>/qresearch/2578223 “I Would Murder Him”, Antifa Activists on Video Threaten to Kill President Trump at Unite The Right Counter-Protest

>>>/qresearch/2578140 Everyone is talking about Q now!

>>>/qresearch/2578399 Recording of Rich Russell (if you haven't heard it)

>>>/qresearch/2578526 Animation of flight path of Rich Russell's flight

>>>/qresearch/2578572 #3523

#3252 >>>/qresearch/2577100 The N449QX plane that crashed has (seemingly) a totally different paint scheme than the company design.

>>>/qresearch/257732 POTUS' schedule for tomorrow

>>>/qresearch/2577151 Chicago's Obamaland "Scam" Reaches Mainstream Media

>>>/qresearch/2577227 >>>/qresearch/2577252 Sex abuse scandals continue plaguing Catholic Church

>>>/qresearch/2577273 Sauce on the stolen plane crash site pictures

>>>/qresearch/2577382 Theory on the stolen plane

>>>/qresearch/2577433 British Ex-Spy Lobbied for Russian Oligarch While Writing Anti-Trump Dossier

>>>/qresearch/2577771 #3252

#3251 >>>/qresearch/2576300 MSM covers up antifa attacks.

>>>/qresearch/2576406 Nunes pushes for declassification of DOJ documents.

>>>/qresearch/2576654 Leftists force restaurant to remove social media site after serving Jeff Sessions.

>>>/qresearch/2576661 Twitter purge continues.

>>>/qresearch/2576944 Planefags dig for flight history of crashed N449QX Bombardier Q400 Aug. 10, 2018 Seattle-Ketron Island.

#3250 >>>/qresearch/2575657 , >>>/qresearch/2575683 Bruce Ohr to appear before congress.

>>>/qresearch/2575716 Video of Laura Loomer confronting Muslim Candidate. Banned from FB.

>>>/qresearch/2575612 , >>>/qresearch/2575592 Clintons involved in watering down UN sex trafficking protocol.

>>>/qresearch/2575620 Antifa calls for the overthrow of the US government.

>>>/qresearch/2575741 Trump gives Mueller three week window to agree to interview terms.

>>>/qresearch/2575823 High tech surveillance plane spotted over Seattle.

>>>/qresearch/2575501 Anon on a current s8n dig.

>>>/qresearch/2575566 , >>>/qresearch/2575631 , >>>/qresearch/2575943 , >>>/qresearch/2575982 , >>>/qresearch/2576014 Planefag dig.

#3249 >>>/qresearch/2574681 , >>>/qresearch/2574736 Keith Ellison's alleged history of abuse.

>>>/qresearch/2574782 We are the majority. By far.

>>>/qresearch/2575199 Spec Op plane activity on the East coast.

>>>/qresearch/2575308 Aircraft emergency in Kansas.

#3248 >>>/qresearch/2563821 Update on Kreton Cottage, nr Kreton Island see >>>/qresearch/2563821 , >>>/qresearch/2564801 , >>>/qresearch/2573345

>>>/qresearch/2573981 Anon finishes beautiful zodiac Q logos.

>>>/qresearch/2574101 MSM Report: Hijacker was not a licensed pilot

>>>/qresearch/2573970 , >>>/qresearch/2573995 Call to shovels to dig on Keith Ellison.

>>>/qresearch/2574472 More Avenatti debt.

#3247 >>>/qresearch/2573732 s8n talks to Alex Hirsch, Disney Animator

>>>/qresearch/2573590 Intel Veterans Urge Humanitarian Asylum For Assange

>>>/qresearch/2573556 , >>>/qresearch/2573563 What is Nihilism?

>>>/qresearch/2573411 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/2573393 NASA Pedophile Caught with Thousands of Child Porn Files

>>>/qresearch/2573385 , >>>/qresearch/2573622 Keith Ellison going down in real time……

>>>/qresearch/2573291 , >>>/qresearch/2573303, >>>/qresearch/2573346 Collection of research on Q400: Theory

>>>/qresearch/2573345 Correction to >>>/qresearch/2570437 (pb) - Ketron Cottage children's behavioral facility is right next to Ketron Island

>>>/qresearch/2573150 Archive Tweet Tool: tweettunnel.com - Does not ask for account access

>>>/qresearch/2573200 8/18 concert in Las Vegas: Alert

>>>/qresearch/2573147 Jaden Smith dig

>>>/qresearch/2572755 Q bakers honored with their own pasta: "You’re fucking baked, kid"

>>>/qresearch/2573796 #3246

#3246 >>>/qresearch/2572879 QPost leads to a DHL package number

>>>/qresearch/2572864 Dig into the SnakeMan

>>>/qresearch/2572670 , >>>/qresearch/2572741 Another account: @SatanTweeting

>>>/qresearch/2572649 IG account for s8n: https://www.instagram.com/s8n/

>>>/qresearch/2572641 To the MSM and others: The correct definition of a QAnon Baker

>>>/qresearch/2572559 , >>>/qresearch/2572578 Various replies by s8n

>>>/qresearch/2572527 s8n replies to John Legend & Chrissy Teigan

>>>/qresearch/2572447 Slides from The Trilateral Commission & Brzezinski video

>>>/qresearch/2572438 Omarosa theory add-on

>>>/qresearch/2572415 Digs on "Unite the Right", Kessler, Occupy Wall Street & SOROS

>>>/qresearch/2572404 , >>>/qresearch/2572437 , >>>/qresearch/2572674 Keith Ellison domestic violence claim

>>>/qresearch/2572383 , >>>/qresearch/2572666 Zhao Wei and the Kings Romans Casino in Laos research

>>>/qresearch/2572364 EPIC New Federal Law Will Change Foster Care As We Know It

>>>/qresearch/2572350 NBC Ignores Own Reporter and Crew Assaulted By Antifa in Charlottesville

>>>/qresearch/2571890 (all pb) >>>/qresearch/2571890, >>>/qresearch/2572235, >>>/qresearch/2572257, >>>/qresearch/2572266 s8n followers

>>>/qresearch/2573000 #3246

#3245 >>>/qresearch/2572137 Planefag notable: 2 Blackhawks Arkansas

>>>/qresearch/2571980 Questionable tweets by Rainn Wilson

>>>/qresearch/2571890 Caps of accounts following s8n

>>>/qresearch/2571845 List of NBC personalities current & past: For twitter search & archive

>>>/qresearch/2571765 Evidence of Organized Pedophilia and Child-Trafficking

>>>/qresearch/2571733 Research collection of Richard Russells' call / conversation

>>>/qresearch/2571683 Peter Alexander to NBS & Twitter: TY after my account was hacked

>>>/qresearch/2571678 Theory on the Brit owning the s8n account

>>>/qresearch/2571610 Omarosa theory

>>>/qresearch/2571582 Omarosa says "17 knives in your back" = our girl?

>>>/qresearch/2571566 Hollywood Pedophilia Research Dump

>>>/qresearch/2571559 How does a twatter account "hold" a message?

>>>/qresearch/2571552 , >>>/qresearch/2571557 , >>>/qresearch/2571594 , >>>/qresearch/2571837 Is this the owner of the s8n account?

>>>/qresearch/2571541 Diggs on s8n: Use the work of the anons who have come before you

>>>/qresearch/2572216 #3245

#3244 >>>/qresearch/2571366 Some of the comments from @s8tn follower twats are telling (Collate & Archive)

>>>/qresearch/2571365 NBC twitter time stamp = 4.02am = PANIC

>>>/qresearch/2571222 Germany must invest more in Iran – economy minister

>>>/qresearch/2571219 Manafort: Judge's order unsealing of documents re search warrants

>>>/qresearch/2571123 NXIVM update: Emails and photos are disappearing quickly

>>>/qresearch/2571112 Paste list of twotters for s*n: https://pastebin.com/a8cGcwk5

>>>/qresearch/2570934 Egyptian court sentences Muslim Brotherhood leader to life in prison

>>>/qresearch/2570889 NBC Tweet: Staff accounts have been compromised

>>>/qresearch/2570859 UN Report Details Widespread Child Rape by High-Level UN Employees

>>>/qresearch/2570917 Twitter Archive Tool: Archive/Scan any account in text form

>>>/qresearch/2570211 Moar on the Israeli Yemenite children affair

>>>/qresearch/2570773 Calls For Omarosa to be Prosecuted Grow

>>>/qresearch/2570769 Anon's fight back against MSM Q disinfo: Read Q: The Basics

>>>/qresearch/2571434 #3244

#3243 >>>/qresearch/2570257 Planefag 2-MUST 2nd flight

>>>/qresearch/2570437 Ketron Cottage, The Child Study & Treatment Center is located in Lakewood, WA

>>>/qresearch/2570342 Corporate Nihilism and the Roots of War

>>>/qresearch/2570137 , >>>/qresearch/2570158 Who is Lisa H Barsoomian? Who is Sabina Menchel?

>>>/qresearch/2570136 QPost and N (Nihilism?) World Order discussion

>>>/qresearch/2570087 GOP Rep: Russians meddled in Charlottesville race

>>>/qresearch/2570094 , >>>/qresearch/2570122 Who is Nellie Ohr? Who is Melissa Hodgeman?

>>>/qresearch/2570078 Ham radio for if the webz go down

>>>/qresearch/2570001 John Podesta & HRC colluding with NBC on reporting a shooters name?

>>>/qresearch/2569981 NBC creating justification for the Trump surveillance

>>>/qresearch/2569978 NBC, the C_A and JFK

>>>/qresearch/2569975 , >>>/qresearch/2570004 NBC news was in the Hawaii ops site a day before the alarm?

>>>/qresearch/2569940 Primaries: Dems need a +11% lead to take the house, they have +3.9%

>>>/qresearch/2569373 (pb) Yemenite Jewish children kidnapping affair by Israeli government in the 1950 = Haiti?

>>>/qresearch/2569581 (pb) Yemenite Children affair, sealed in state archives until 2071 is made public

>>>/qresearch/2570646 #3243

#3242 (new baker)

>>>/qresearch/2569799 The More You Know: Roz Weinmann. Dig

>>>/qresearch/2569765 Viktor Orbán: This is Nihilism, Not Liberalism

>>>/qresearch/2569704 , >>>/qresearch/2569831 More James Gunn, a branded t-shirt from his recent film

>>>/qresearch/2569693 @NBCNews tweet: Staff accounts have been compromised

>>>/qresearch/2569645 2018 Sex Scandals in the Evangelical & Protestant Christian Church with sauce

>>>/qresearch/2569583 , >>>/qresearch/2569638 The Trilateral Commission & Technocracy: Brzezinski & Nihilist World Order

>>>/qresearch/2569654 , >>>/qresearch/2569588, >>>/qresearch/2569605, >>>/qresearch/2569614 The entire cast list of 'The More You Know'

>>>/qresearch/2569579 POTUS tweets re FISA

>>>/qresearch/2569430 Planefag 2-RNWL, 2-MUST, MAGMA40

>>>/qresearch/2569057 Side-By-Side on the missile, the sub and Q400

>>>/qresearch/2569437 , >>>/qresearch/2569690, >>>/qresearch/2569518 Archive ASAP, ALL tweets

>>>/qresearch/2569256 NBC Tweets QAnon attack at 4am

>>>/qresearch/2569264 , >>>/qresearch/2569334 Anon posts comparison photos of Q400 crash footprint to other known crashes

>>>/qresearch/2569855 #3242

#3241 >>>/qresearch/2568379 Iron Eagle connection to anti-communist General LeMay.

>>>/qresearch/2568420 , >>>/qresearch/2568473 CPS questionably taking children from their mother.

>>>/qresearch/2568572 Rundown on Q400/Submarine "coincidences."

>>>/qresearch/2568490 Where was General LeMay during the JFK assassination?

>>>/qresearch/2568917 Aircraft recovery company headed to Ketron island.

>>>/qresearch/2568814 Maria B covering Q on Fox News.

>>>/qresearch/2570605 #3241

#3240 >>>/qresearch/2567618 Gatewaypundit publishes objective article on media blitz against QAnon movement.

>>>/qresearch/2567687 NBC claims accounts were hacked. Possible damage control.

>>>/qresearch/2567787 Trump knew about Bill Maher back in 2013.

>>>/qresearch/2567785 Media announces a coordinated blitz on Trump.

>>>/qresearch/2567810 , >>>/qresearch/2567809 Trump attacks Mueller probe. Mentions jail.

>>>/qresearch/2567932 Submarine Richard Russel's motto is a Q quote.

>>>/qresearch/2567942 Iron Eagle reference compilation.

>>>/qresearch/2567582 , >>>/qresearch/2567966 Dig on Epstein's flight logs. G. Maxwell running Epstein's operation.

>>>/qresearch/2568006 Phone number association mapping of people connected to dossier.

>>>/qresearch/2568056 Keith Ellison accused of domestic violence. Supposed video/text evidence.

>>>/qresearch/2568093 Possible connections to a 2009 Q400 crash.

#3239 Baker Change

>>>/qresearch/2567398 Jesse Jackson is a loser twice over: disses POTUS, praises No Name.

>>>/qresearch/2567347 Small World: Matt Gunn (brother of James) writes for Bill Maher

>>>/qresearch/2567384, >>>/qresearch/2567406, >>>/qresearch/2567406, >>>/qresearch/2567423 AIRKEK: 3 ABX's. (ABX serves Gitmo)

>>>/qresearch/2567270, >>>/qresearch/2567189, >>>/qresearch/2567355, >>>/qresearch/2567348 AIRKEK: Blocked ATN

>>>/qresearch/2567190 War Room at the Ready: Boston Globe planning a POTUS hit piece for Aug 16

>>>/qresearch/2567128 Anon's boots-on-the-ground SeaTac report, asks Q for more yeast (Yes, plz Q)

>>>/qresearch/2567056, >>>/qresearch/2567067 GermanAnon shares info on Grmny, Assets, Migrants & Mali

>>>/qresearch/2566980 YUGE: Federal Judge Bans Use of Glyphosate (Monsanto's RoundUp) in Brazil

>>>/qresearch/2566851 Moar on Gov. Inslee of WA State (Seattle Area), 2017 incl Human Traff Bill

>>>/qresearch/2566861, >>>/qresearch/2567096, >>>/qresearch/2566923, >>>/qresearch/2566946 Big Hawaii Dual Primary Win: Ige over Hanabusa

>>>/qresearch/2566835 OpEd: Zuck trying to friend China, failing

>>>/qresearch/2567542 #3239

#3238 Baker Change


>>>/qresearch/2566337 Movies referenced by Q

>>>/qresearch/2566635, >>>/qresearch/2566730 Anon points out that all the recent Qanon articles gives MSM the lead in search results

>>>/qresearch/2566655 Eric Schmidt, Google, and HRC go way back together

#3237 Baker Change

>>>/qresearch/2565684 Strangest Whidbey Island coincidence yet: 'Member Nov's "Penis in the Sky?"

>>>/qresearch/2565645 Shooting in Manchester, 10 Injured. Caribbean Carnival related?

>>>/qresearch/2565570 Chandra Levy, Vince Foster, Mary Caitlin Mahoney & Rahm Emanuel Connections?

>>>/qresearch/2565356 Race-baiting Far-Left at Charlottesville March: ‘Cops and Klan Go Hand in Hand!’

>>>/qresearch/2565233, >>>/qresearch/2565266 Clockfagging oldschool: Today's 2:40 marker = 'dasting 5/16 drops

>>>/qresearch/2565970 #3237

#3236 >>>/qresearch/2565104 PlaneFag Report

>>>/qresearch/2564801 Ketron College

>>>/qresearch/2564566 SATAN - NATAS

>>>/qresearch/2565142 #3236

#3235 >>>/qresearch/2563688, >>>/qresearch/2563828 More Evergreen "Coincidences" and Connections

>>>/qresearch/2563698 Update on the US Sub and the Q400 hijacker + collected Notables

>>>/qresearch/2563777 Side-by-Side on Space Force - Trips Confirm

>>>/qresearch/2563848 DNR Prepares To Engage Wildfire On Ketron Island Caused By Plane Crash

>>>/qresearch/2563862 Found in FOIA search of Ketron. Weird, Child Treatment Center

>>>/qresearch/2563909 Did Someone Say Pain? Bloomberg Twat: Trump is embracing market pain

>>>/qresearch/2563776 Cryptic Anon cryptically asks: Who is in this photo?

>>>/qresearch/2564192 Iron Eagle Graphic

>>>/qresearch/2564198 Gettin Spoopy: Cemex, Parkland, Evergreen, Ketron Island in close vicinity

>>>/qresearch/2564205, >>>/qresearch/2564204, >>>/qresearch/2564242 Sub/Missile Digs

>>>/qresearch/2564342 #3235

#3234 >>>/qresearch/2562967 , >>>/qresearch/2562994 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2562930 Evergreen State College. Dig

>>>/qresearch/2562912 Trump Island is in the same locale

>>>/qresearch/2563186 Just North of Trump Island is Obstruction Island

>>>/qresearch/2562900 Moar on GHWB's 'Points of Light' org

>>>/qresearch/2562970, >>>/qresearch/2563264 Moar sauce on the real Richard B. Russell - no ordinary Senator, deep state fuckery

>>>/qresearch/2563236 "Abolish the Presidency": They Have Officially Lost Their Minds

>>>/qresearch/2563396 Charlottesville Mob Beats Police Officer at Anniversary March

>>>/qresearch/2563398 Pilotfag's Analysis of Plane Hijacking

>>>/qresearch/2563606 #3234

#3233 >>>/qresearch/2562585 'Evergreen' connection close to Seattle: Evergreen State College

>>>/qresearch/2562530 Internet outages reported

>>>/qresearch/2562482 MSN reports on the hijacker

>>>/qresearch/2562472 BOOM Spaces Decoded

>>>/qresearch/2562337 The plot of Iron Eagle: Hijacked plane, creates a diversion

>>>/qresearch/2562334 , >>>/qresearch/2562418 Q400's have built in stairs

>>>/qresearch/2562131 , >>>/qresearch/2562323 The clock tells us of 'planes & missiles'

>>>/qresearch/2562218 Update of side-by-side from >>>/qresearch/2561919 (pb)

>>>/qresearch/2561989 (pb) >>>/qresearch/2562277 Hijacked plane theory

>>>/qresearch/2562765 #3233

#3232 >>>/qresearch/2561931 This SAME NAVAL SHIPYARD was under an alert a few days after the missile launch in the same area

>>>/qresearch/2561919 , >>>/qresearch/2561866 'Save The Best for Last', Israel & USS Richard B. Russell

>>>/qresearch/2561542 Resigned - UPDATED

>>>/qresearch/2561745 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2561720 Reverse Image Search of Q400 Image

>>>/qresearch/2561656 , >>>/qresearch/2561736, >>>/qresearch/2561936 More on USS Richard B. Russell (SSN-687)

>>>/qresearch/2561651 Wenatchee, 177 miles from Ketron Island: Historical child sex abuse case

>>>/qresearch/2561565 , >>>/qresearch/2561618, >>>/qresearch/2561638, >>>/qresearch/2561658 Repost of the Jeanne M. Lin dig (US/UK joint)

>>>/qresearch/2561535 USS Richard B Russell motto: "They saved the best for last"

>>>/qresearch/2561501 Ketron Island, near McNeil Island where violent sexual predators are housed

>>>/qresearch/2561432 Ketron Island real estate scheme (scam)

>>>/qresearch/2561422 Left eat their own: Law suit agains Maher for saying the N word

>>>/qresearch/2561332 , >>>/qresearch/2561360 'Scrapped' USS Richard B Russell & Rich Russell hijacker. Coincidence?

>>>/qresearch/2561319 Paul Erickson was the other spy plant at DJT campaign

>>>/qresearch/2561282 , >>>/qresearch/2561289 4Chan threads on Ketron Island

>>>/qresearch/2560856 (all pb) >>>/qresearch/2560748, >>>/qresearch/2560756, >>>/qresearch/2560771 Sub posts cont

>>>/qresearch/2560845 (all pb) >>>/qresearch/2560923, >>>/qresearch/2561007, >>>/qresearch/2561416 Sub posts

>>>/qresearch/2561275 (pb) Maher 'coincidence' side-by-side

>>>/qresearch/2561988 #3232

#3231 >>>/qresearch/2561182 MSM doesn’t report on the missile launched from Whidbey Island at AF1 in June 2018

>>>/qresearch/2561050 Please archive before posting. Preserve the evidence

>>>/qresearch/2560694 GWHB founded 'Points of Light' connected to Red Cross, CARITAS & Cabal. Dig

>>>/qresearch/2560912 Hussein Leaks

>>>/qresearch/2560831 MemeAnons: Call for normie-friendly memes please

>>>/qresearch/2560756 Richard B. Russell (SSN-687) was scrapped at Puget Sound in 1994

>>>/qresearch/2560684 Next week, the MSM is planning an all out attack on POTUS

>>>/qresearch/2560606 HRC and Google connects

>>>/qresearch/2560594 New Q Books series

>>>/qresearch/2560576 Kevin Bacon & (((partners))), involved in Haiti. Dig

>>>/qresearch/2560531 Transcript of Maher talking about Q

>>>/qresearch/2561209 #3231

#3230 >>>/qresearch/2560226 Caps from Maher's tweet & QPost

>>>/qresearch/2559805, >>>/qresearch/2559856, >>>/qresearch/2559881 Some creepy Maher tweets

>>>/qresearch/2559868 The island where Washington state sends its sex offenders

>>>/qresearch/2559787 Manafort and SummerBreeze LLC

>>>/qresearch/2559764 Group Exemption Procedures- IRS Instructions. This is Our Money!

>>>/qresearch/2559760 Suit against Bill Maher for allegedly abusing former gf

>>>/qresearch/2559747 , >>>/qresearch/2559758 Fraudster & sexual predator has ties to island

>>>/qresearch/2560407 #3230

#3229 >>>/qresearch/2559480 Manafort money laundering explained

>>>/qresearch/2559449 Moar research on Bill Maher, "Pizza Man"

>>>/qresearch/2559395 Louise Moon gives narrative for MSM & prints articles for antifa

>>>/qresearch/2559336 The spot where the missile was fired from isn't far from the airplane crash

>>>/qresearch/2559313 Ketron Island landowners. Dig

>>>/qresearch/2559247 Why the left is so desperately trying to stop Nunes

>>>/qresearch/2559227 Dig on MCHORD AFB Near Ketron Island

>>>/qresearch/2559220 , >>>/qresearch/2559224, >>>/qresearch/2559229, >>>/qresearch/2559240 Fiona Barnett's drawings

>>>/qresearch/2559144 Transcript of the hijacker audio released so far

>>>/qresearch/2559124 USAF seems to have just one CN-235

>>>/qresearch/2559006 , >>>/qresearch/2559100 Remote control of fly-by-wire planes well within capabilities

>>>/qresearch/2559019 , >>>/qresearch/2559154 Ketron Island mansion owner, ties to Branson and traffickers

>>>/qresearch/2559033 DNC Reverses Course; Now Accept Donations from Fossil Fuel Companies

>>>/qresearch/2559067 Ketron Island. Think mirror=Nortek. Nortek Dig

>>>/qresearch/2559003 One of these resignations is not like the others

>>>/qresearch/2559016 Near-record number of House members not seeking re-election in 2018

>>>/qresearch/2559010 Moar AKIN GUMP, a huge piece of the swamp: Ukraine involvement

>>>/qresearch/2558880 (pb) 1776 from SeaTac plane

>>>/qresearch/2559634 #3229

#3228 (new baker)

>>>/qresearch/2558702 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/2558681 , >>>/qresearch/2558811 Mysterious military spy plane seen circling Seattle for days

>>>/qresearch/2558585 Hussein's private domain name dig, registered in Pakistan? Dig

>>>/qresearch/2558551 , >>>/qresearch/2558014 , >>>/qresearch/2558564 Comms and questions about Q400

>>>/qresearch/2558550 Pictures of Ketron Island

>>>/qresearch/2558445 Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld. Dig

>>>/qresearch/2558406 , >>>/qresearch/2558456 Whidbey Island, Russia & missile connections

>>>/qresearch/2558400 State Secrets from HRC -> Shmidt -> Lisa -> CFR

>>>/qresearch/2556723 , >>>/qresearch/2558396 QPost: More connections to the clock found

>>>/qresearch/2558377 Ketron Island (True Victory) 17 residents, Q =17 and the Plane has a Q400

>>>/qresearch/2558351 Molinari to head Google's D.C. office

>>>/qresearch/2558350 Have 4Chan found an owl statue on Ketron Island? Thread

>>>/qresearch/2558847 #3228

#3227 >>>/qresearch/2557369 His Name Was Richard Russell: He was literally a baker

>>>/qresearch/2557418 Go F.I.S.H.

>>>/qresearch/2557425 Ketron Island Digs, >>>/qresearch/2557434

>>>/qresearch/2557452 Tom Steyer, Jeffrey Epstein Connection Exposed

>>>/qresearch/2557454 Inside the Insomnia Art gallery of Houston

>>>/qresearch/2557457 Theory on Q400

>>>/qresearch/2557577 Flight History of Q400

>>>/qresearch/2557683 U.S. Departement Of Defense: @DoDPeerSupport

>>>/qresearch/2557738 Theory on Q400, Ketron & F-15's

>>>/qresearch/2557873 Flight Missing / Q-drop 400

>>>/qresearch/2557931 Smoke cloud from Q400 or something else?

>>>/qresearch/2558050 Ketron Cameras

>>>/qresearch/2558083 Ketron=Nortek. Nortek makes controls and water monitors.

>>>/qresearch/2558104 Q400 update: plane was moved before Lift Off

>>>/qresearch/2558665 #3227

#3226 >>>/qresearch/2556597 A.G. Missing In Action.

>>>/qresearch/2556665 Turkish lawyers want US soldiers arrested for 'ties to coup movement'

>>>/qresearch/2556687 Potus Biker Tweet: [4] min delta? For [4]00?

>>>/qresearch/2556896 Q's Boom Post Inverted: Liberty Bells

>>>/qresearch/2556943 Syria Update

>>>/qresearch/2557055 NATO Fighter Fires Missile near Russian Border

>>>/qresearch/2557201 Plane in Q-post: Nextgen & Tom Steyer

#3225 >>>/qresearch/2555828 NYPost article on Bill Maher @ Sex Party, >>>/qresearch/2555865 Snctm

>>>/qresearch/2555847 More Oopsies by Bill Maher, >>>/qresearch/2555891 CDAN Blind Item, >>>/qresearch/2555941 Starring in The Pedophile

defence League with John Legend

>>>/qresearch/2555889 Reminder: France Passed A Law That States There Is No Legal Age of Consent For Children To Have Sex

>>>/qresearch/2555903 Facebook Now Demands Home Address For Reasons

>>>/qresearch/2555950 440 injured in clashes between anti-government protesters & riot police in Romania

>>>/qresearch/2556022 Former Bunny Tweets: Hi, Bill! I remember you from Playboy Mansion, do you remember me?

>>>/qresearch/2556030 Anon points out discrepancies in POTUS posts

>>>/qresearch/2556141 Naggerbitching Bill Maher

>>>/qresearch/2556177 Follow The White Rabbit ..

>>>/qresearch/2556180 POTUS Tweets "his beautiful waifu, Nelly"

>>>/qresearch/2556227 Ketron Island = Epstein Island v2?, >>>/qresearch/2556387 ABC news story on plane crash

>>>/qresearch/2556234 Trudeau, Bronfman, NXIVM..?

>>>/qresearch/2556250 Some fast digs on Maher

>>>/qresearch/2556354 Bill doesn't discriminate between Ages

>>>/qresearch/2556374 World Bank takes piece of the Blockchain

>>>/qresearch/2556405 Anti-Trusts from DoJ, >>>/qresearch/2556439 21st DisneyFox, >>>/qresearch/2556472 More Anti-Trust more DoJ

>>>/qresearch/2556436 Co-op Bank Drain: Chief Member steps down

>>>/qresearch/2556489 Bill Maher Playboy Interview

>>>/qresearch/2556495 MZ Vacationing in North Idaho

>>>/qresearch/2556537 #3225

#3224 >>>/qresearch/2555261 In August 2015, 8chan was delisted from Google search results. After a long time, we were silently reinstated

>>>/qresearch/2555163 Decode of Recent Q-post

–Baker Change—

>>>/qresearch/2555261 Codemonkey's Food For Thought

>>>/qresearch/2555446 Oopsies From Bill Maher, >>>/qresearch/2555439

>>>/qresearch/2555677 Pope Frances Rewrites Catholicism Because It Suits Him

>>>/qresearch/2555762 #3224

#3223 >>>/qresearch/2554545, >>>/qresearch/2554554 Anons Smell Fuckery with Suicide Pilot BS Last Night

>>>/qresearch/2554427 War Room Report & Great Graphic

>>>/qresearch/2554409 Rothschild worried about new world economic order

>>>/qresearch/2554394 So Comey Mccabe Strozk and Page are all CIA? POTUS Twat Decode!!

>>>/qresearch/2554346 Prayerss Needed for Our Great Awakenings Graphics Fag

>>>/qresearch/2554327, >>>/qresearch/2554389, >>>/qresearch/2554414 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2554946 #3223

#3222 New Baker Incoming

>>>/qresearch/2554034 Breaking 911 Twat, Chicago, IL 19 Shot at least 2 Fatally Yesterday

>>>/qresearch/2553985 Highjacked Alaskan Plane - Full Video ~ With Audio Of Pilot.

>>>/qresearch/2553941 Jim Jordan Twat - Bruce Ohr to Testify Before Congress 8/28

>>>/qresearch/2553660, >>>/qresearch/2553675, >>>/qresearch/2553695, >>>/qresearch/2553732, >>>/qresearch/2553736 MSM & Fuckery Afoot, Trying to discredit Anons Qanon Believers

>>>/qresearch/2553600 Connection Between POTUS Message Twat and MSM

>>>/qresearch/2553596, >>>/qresearch/2553703 PlaneFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2553561 Same guy who died of an overdose in Trump Tower recently was guy who texted to warn friend about Trump Tower fire which killed someone.

>>>/qresearch/2553516, >>>/qresearch/2553550, >>>/qresearch/2553620 Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler Spook? employed by CNN?

>>>/qresearch/2554194 #3222

#3221 Baker change

>>>/qresearch/2553502 Looks like Assad Russian Forces are starting their advance on Turkish positions in Syria

>>>/qresearch/2553406 District Manager of SLVWD Resigns

>>>/qresearch/2552788, >>>/qresearch/2552804, >>>/qresearch/2553067 Dig on Dennis Shields (TT), BOD Esquire Fin. Holdings

>>>/qresearch/2552754 @DJT: "Clowns," the "lovely Lisa Page," and a misspell

>>>/qresearch/2552837 Monsanto's feet finally being held to the fire re: Round Up & cancer?

>>>/qresearch/2552833 Another name from the HRC WL emails: John Emerson, HW connections

>>>/qresearch/2552824, >>>/qresearch/2552934 Planefag update

>>>/qresearch/2552723 Another one bites @Jack's dust: Gavin McGinnes booted

#3220 >>>/qresearch/2552578, >>>/qresearch/2552618 Globalist power in Sweden, many CEO/political names to digg

>>>/qresearch/2552489, >>>/qresearch/2552512 Anon theory that Q used trip as clown bait

>>>/qresearch/2552479 Anon reminds us it is also our discernment that guards against Q hacks

>>>/qresearch/2552400 GermanArchiveAnon update: #3200 to #3219

>>>/qresearch/2552392, >>>/qresearch/2552428 Side-by-side linking 8/7 Qdrop to Sessions' 8/8 speech

>>>/qresearch/2552222, >>>/qresearch/2552346, >>>/qresearch/2552505 Qclock magic shows how both Qdrops w/"heavy" align

>>>/qresearch/2552091, >>>/qresearch/2552091, >>>/qresearch/2552125, >>>/qresearch/2552630 AIRKEK: Chasing Gitmo, ATN/BSK's, AZAZ0909

>>>/qresearch/2552254, >>>/qresearch/2552332, >>>/qresearch/2552407, >>>/qresearch/2552407 Moar on WL/Haiti dig (below)

>>>/qresearch/2552013, >>>/qresearch/2552143, >>>/qresearch/2552200, >>>/qresearch/2552291, >>>/qresearch/2552311 Tracing "orphans"/WL/Haiti

>>>/qresearch/2552009 Confirmation Hearings on Kavanaugh September 4–7

>>>/qresearch/2552006, >>>/qresearch/2552216 Resignation: Florida child welfare leader Mike Carroll

>>>/qresearch/2551978 Resignation: Director U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Greg Sheehan

>>>/qresearch/2552381, >>>/qresearch/2552046 Quick Run Down of SeaTac Hijack, Richard Russell's blog

>>>/qresearch/2551941 Maybe this is where Russell's hopelessness came from: "Nah, I'm white"

>>>/qresearch/2551961 Netherlands Tragedy: anti-immigrant suicides bc ‘Muslim gang’ rape claim

>>>/qresearch/2551947 Last-minute technical problem delays NASA’s flight to sun

>>>/qresearch/2552658 #3220

#3219 >>>/qresearch/2551491 Some basic speculation/review of possibe spy names re: Qdrop pf127

>>>/qresearch/2551308, >>>/qresearch/2551168 BO Weighs in on Q's password list release, re: @Posobiec bs

>>>/qresearch/2551228, >>>/qresearch/2551456 More transcripts/vid of hijack. See #3217 notes for more

>>>/qresearch/2551175 List of Recent Resignations/Retirements

#3218 >>>/qresearch/2550911 Bits & Pieces of today's dig on Catholic Relief Services and Hait

>>>/qresearch/2550851 Why did Bill Maher attack Q? His company is called 'Kid Love Productions'

>>>/qresearch/2550808 , >>>/qresearch/2550815 The Alaskan Air jet is not the same plane as Q posted

>>>/qresearch/2550718 Moar on the Trump Tower fire

>>>/qresearch/2550610 Facebook's David Marcus Resigns From Coinbase Board

>>>/qresearch/2550485 I-Minerals Inc.: Resignation of Thomas Conway from BoD

>>>/qresearch/2551086 #3218

#3217 >>>/qresearch/2550058 The left has revealed the core of their plot here

>>>/qresearch/2549978 James Gunn also attends pedophilia themed parties

>>>/qresearch/2549952 ID on hijacker

>>>/qresearch/2549949 A crazy 24 hours

>>>/qresearch/2549899 Is FOIA Officer related to Epstein?

>>>/qresearch/2549924 CNN reports on the plane crash, an hour after us

>>>/qresearch/2549822 , >>>/qresearch/2549841, >>>/qresearch/2549996 Audio and transcripts of hijacker talking

>>>/qresearch/2549619 , >>>/qresearch/2549831 Videos of F-15’s chasing the Alaskan plane

>>>/qresearch/2549677 , >>>/qresearch/2549861 Anonymous doxxed the Praying Medic, but he'd doxxed himself before

>>>/qresearch/2549533 , >>>/qresearch/2549806, >>>/qresearch/2549988 MSM starts to report on the plane crash

>>>/qresearch/2549649 Trump Tower death strangeness. Dig

>>>/qresearch/2549645 , >>>/qresearch/2549698, >>>/qresearch/2549768, >>>/qresearch/2549768 Planefag updates

>>>/qresearch/2549630 , >>>/qresearch/2549633 The plane crashed close to Whidbey Island

>>>/qresearch/2549625 , >>>/qresearch/2549628, >>>/qresearch/2549666, >>>/qresearch/2549901 Alaska Air updates

>>>/qresearch/2549621 Fake News: Nothing about Alaska Air plane yet

>>>/qresearch/2549614 QPost SpyOp - Full Decode

>>>/qresearch/2549598 After crash video

>>>/qresearch/2550252 #3217

#3216 >>>/qresearch/2549497 Plane stolen at Sea-Tac apparently crashes in Pierce County

>>>/qresearch/2549424 , >>>/qresearch/2549446 Q posted an Alaska Air photo #1308

>>>/qresearch/2549350 Supposed anonymous attack anonymous? #OpQ

>>>/qresearch/2549341 , >>>/qresearch/2549364 , >>>/qresearch/2549408 Videos of the plane

>>>/qresearch/2549253 Graphic on Q's tripcode compromise today

>>>/qresearch/2549196 , >>>/qresearch/2549205 , >>>/qresearch/2549274 Planefag updates

>>>/qresearch/2549151 Australia and NZ are helping with Cali's 'Holy Fire'

>>>/qresearch/2549028 , >>>/qresearch/2549162, >>>/qresearch/2549220, >>>/qresearch/2549232, >>>/qresearch/2549318 Developing: Oregon NG scrambles F-15’s

>>>/qresearch/2549020 T_D bans posts about Q

>>>/qresearch/2548960 Vandals hit at POTUS commemorative stone

>>>/qresearch/2548929 170 Voters in Ohio Race 'Over 116 Years Old'

>>>/qresearch/2548912 , >>>/qresearch/2548983 The absolute state of San Fransisco

>>>/qresearch/2548851 , >>>/qresearch/2549326 Decode Graphics on QPost from yesterday re SpyOp

>>>/qresearch/2549512 #3216

#3215 >>>/qresearch/2548604 1 killed in explosion at UK military factory in Salisbury

>>>/qresearch/2548597 Trump Dossier Infographs

>>>/qresearch/2548497 , >>>/qresearch/2548518, >>>/qresearch/2548538 Report: Vast Industry to Harvest Organs in China

>>>/qresearch/2548253 Anon gathers and posts all FISA intel #Witchhunt

>>>/qresearch/2548317 How many worship the devil? Revisiting a Rothschilds Ball

>>>/qresearch/2548163 Black Hat hacker says he can tap into planes already in the sky

>>>/qresearch/2548152 Revisiting 'the Morning Sun Brings Heat' drop and Haiti. Dig

>>>/qresearch/2548133 VA Pedophile Tied Up And Raped 14-Year-Old Girl Gets No Jail Time

>>>/qresearch/2548116 Bill Donahue, Director of the American Catholic League. Dig

>>>/qresearch/2547299 (pb) Hillary being fired from the Watergate inquiry

>>>/qresearch/2548729 #3215

#3214 >>>/qresearch/2547857 Microsoft CEO Nadella sells $35.9 million in company stock

>>>/qresearch/2547825 , >>>/qresearch/2547837 The Atlantic Council helped FB censor. Dig

>>>/qresearch/2547750 , >>>/qresearch/2547769 Moar on The FBI loading boxes in Arkansas story

>>>/qresearch/2547752 Trump Tweet, Q Post and a Kanye Tweet delta

>>>/qresearch/2547631 Article on the Steele deception with lots on the Ohrs

>>>/qresearch/2547622 Catch of the Day: Pelosi, Samoa & 17mm Del Monte stock

>>>/qresearch/2547577 Sealed indictments count: 45,468

>>>/qresearch/2544940 , >>>/qresearch/2544949, >>>/qresearch/2544967 (all pb) Anon creates Quik Cards

>>>/qresearch/2547274 Sweden’s government obtained the ability to silence opponents on FB

>>>/qresearch/2547281 China fire warning shots at US Navy ship

>>>/qresearch/2547256 (pb) Bruce Ohr to testify before Congress on 8/28 on dossier

>>>/qresearch/2547928 #3214

#3213 >>>/qresearch/2546493 Tissue From Aborted Fetuses to be Transplanted Into Mice

>>>/qresearch/2546551 Feels like January all over again.

>>>/qresearch/2546754 Dismantling a Violent Gang

>>>/qresearch/2546853 Coast Guard Offloads 7 Tons Of Cocaine At Port Everglades

>>>/qresearch/2546976 Planefag Update, Brrrrrrrt!

>>>/qresearch/2547165 #3213

#3212 >>>/qresearch/2545680, >>>/qresearch/2545730 Jury backs man who claims Roundup weed killer caused cancer

>>>/qresearch/2545685, >>>/qresearch/2545759, >>>/qresearch/2545924 New Trump Tweets

>>>/qresearch/2545749, >>>/qresearch/2546148 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2545812 CF's Fish Farms Fight Poverty in Haiti's Rural Communities

>>>/qresearch/2545831 California Fire Tracker Update

>>>/qresearch/2546054 Analysis of Steele dossier creation group and relations.

>>>/qresearch/2546405 #3212

#3211 >>>/qresearch/2544904, >>>/qresearch/2545138, >>>/qresearch/2545164, >>>/qresearch/2545296 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2544917, >>>/qresearch/2545395 Turkish lira plunges 14& vs dollar after Trump authorizees doubling metals tariffs on Turkey

>>>/qresearch/2544932 End of 1982 Consent Decree: GOP finally can contest vote fraud after 36 years

>>>/qresearch/2544940, >>>/qresearch/2544949, >>>/qresearch/2544967 Anon creates Quik Cards

>>>/qresearch/2545033 Human trafficking case opens in Duson, victim called 911 from hotel

>>>/qresearch/2545034 Gulftainer Update

>>>/qresearch/2545085 Polaris Connections

>>>/qresearch/2545336, >>>/qresearch/2545366, >>>/qresearch/2545382 DNC serves Wikileaks lawsuit via Twitter

>>>/qresearch/2545378 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/2545429 Italy, Controlling immigration the only antidote to Racism

>>>/qresearch/2545502 Chelsea Clinton to headline abortion event opposing Brett Kavanaugh

>>>/qresearch/2545511 #3211

#3210 >>>/qresearch/2544127 Syria Update

>>>/qresearch/2544151 FREE PRESS UNDER ATTACK: Democratic National Committee Serves WikiLeaks With Lawsuit Through Twitter

>>>/qresearch/2544155 Anon's Haiti Dig/Analysis

>>>/qresearch/2544453, >>>/qresearch/2544620 Haiti / RCC / CRS / CF / Caritas International

>>>/qresearch/2544168 Haiti. Fish Farm. CF.

>>>/qresearch/2544157 Q-Clock Distress Connection

>>>/qresearch/2544344 Calls for Rham Emanuel to step down due to gun violence in Chicago

>>>/qresearch/2544360 Controversial French report on ‘Russophiles’ funded by Twitter with profits from RT ads - NGO

>>>/qresearch/2544383, >>>/qresearch/2544516 Human Trafficking hotline in UK: POLARIS, TERESA MAY AND GOOGLE

>>>/qresearch/2544296, >>>/qresearch/2544407 Economyfags' Concernfagging Updates on World Economy

>>>/qresearch/2544412 Suicide: Dutch anti-immigrant politician takes own life after claiming rape by ‘Muslim gang’

>>>/qresearch/2544418 Desperate?: DNC Reversing Ban on Fossil Fuel Donations

>>>/qresearch/2544475 Norway/CF Connections

>>>/qresearch/2544303, >>>/qresearch/2544581 Anons' Logical Thinking Re: "Hack"

>>>/qresearch/2544444 Quints of Truth: God Wins


>>>/qresearch/2544628 Bethenny Frankel's boyfriend found dead in Trump Tower

>>>/qresearch/2544721 POTUS IS A MASTER TROLL

>>>/qresearch/2544796 #3210

#3209 >>>/qresearch/2543599 Updated Graphic on the Tripcode Attack

>>>/qresearch/2543363 Scientist Blasts Media "Misinformation" Linking Wildfires To Global Warming

>>>/qresearch/2543365 DNC Chairman Tom Perez Led Soros Group Lobbying for Illegal Alien Voting

>>>/qresearch/2544029 Collected Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2543393 Judge stops in-progress deportation of mother and daughter, threatens to hold Sessions in contempt

>>>/qresearch/2543397 Haiti Digs: Report filed by RCC in 2017 requests TPS extension for Haitian Immigrants

>>>/qresearch/2543471 Anon Connects Dots (unsauced): Clintons, Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, Learner, plus secret guests

>>>/qresearch/2543509, >>>/qresearch/2543578 Watch the Water: Fish Fuckery in CA and FL

>>>/qresearch/2543526 FISH = Foreign Intelligence Service Hacker?

>>>/qresearch/2543537 All Roads Lead to Rome: Vatican dispatched Baltimore-based Catholic Relief Services to Haiti

>>>/qresearch/2543540 Former No-Name Staffer Henry Kerner Has Oversight Over Whistleblowers and Internal Probes

>>>/qresearch/2543593 New Clockfag Method for Decoding Q Posts?

>>>/qresearch/2543607 Uncle Sam's Snuff Factory in Austin, TX - Video Testimonial from MK Ultra Survivor

>>>/qresearch/2543657, >>>/qresearch/2543808 More CF/Haiti Digs

>>>/qresearch/2543664 Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) caught making a disturbing comment to Marsha Blackburn (R)

>>>/qresearch/2543751 "Acquiring villages" = Hush money payments via PIR?

>>>/qresearch/2543736, >>>/qresearch/2543773 Pro-Clinton PAC returns $250,000 from John Fish’s charity

>>>/qresearch/2543824 Group Guided Meditation Tomorrow During Solar Eclipse - PRAY

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Batch 979 Notables

>>>/qresearch/789150 VOICE OF GOD technology

>>>/qresearch/789256 This weapon has been used alot in middle East.

>>>/qresearch/789240 , >>788032 >Text of letter from Trump to House and Senate.

Batch 978 Notables

>>>/qresearch/788053 US Army nominee for NSA Dir

>>>/qresearch/788032 DJT letter to House and Senate

>>>/qresearch/788033 Mexican police find bodies of 15

>>>/qresearch/788244 DOJ letter on US v Microsoft

>>>/qresearch/788589 Building a wall in the dark

>>>/qresearch/788601 Psych expert: Tech Giants have Too Much Power

>>>/qresearch/788553 S Clifford/Daniels Arrest record

>>>/qresearch/787442 Border wall map plan for Texas

Batch 977 Notables

>>>/qresearch/787238 DJT twat from 2014

>>>/qresearch/787339 Software company execs plead guilty of employment tax fraud

>>>/qresearch/787355 Former Live Oak police sgt sentenced to 120yrs

>>>/qresearch/787404 Nunes on NBC fake news

>>>/qresearch/787329 Border wall map plan for Sth Texas

>>>/qresearch/787444 CF 2015 Tax exempt Form 990

>>>/qresearch/787537 Iran on Bolton appointment

>>>/qresearch/787598 spending da money

>>>/qresearch/787601 MKultra research

>>>/qresearch/787613 cabal influence creeping into every aspect of society.

>>>/qresearch/787116 , >>>/qresearch/787130 Order of the Golden Fleece tie with the myth of the Golden Fleece.

Batch 976 Notables

>>>/qresearch/786437 Q photo perhaps OI?

>>>/qresearch/786489 B Podesta 'Center for missing children'

>>>/qresearch/786490 Comey and gang 1

>>>/qresearch/786495 Comey and gang 2

>>>/qresearch/786498 Comey and gang 3

>>>/qresearch/786502 Baron Trump Omnibus

>>>/qresearch/786519 Sth Korea ferry crash

>>>/qresearch/786580 More Salisbury on Omnibus

>>>/qresearch/786615 "So much bravery around the world"

>>>/qresearch/786667 "Build WALL through M"

>>>/qresearch/786747 Gitmo contract award card

>>>/qresearch/786979 Dems depart for Israel trip

>>>/qresearch/786997 Mary Vetsera

>>>/qresearch/786770 Bloodline research 1

>>>/qresearch/786923 Bloodline research 2

>>>/qresearch/786973 Bloodline research 3

>>>/qresearch/786984 Bloodline research 4

>>>/qresearch/786997 Bloodline research 5

>>>/qresearch/787116 Bloodline research 6

>>>/qresearch/787130 Bloodline research 7

Batch 975 Notables

>>>/qresearch/785686 Constitution homework

>>>/qresearch/785700 Lincoln & Martial Law

>>>/qresearch/785718 Omnibus stops in Iran

>>>/qresearch/785730 The Obama tour

>>>/qresearch/785747 Obama/NK Q posts

>>>/qresearch/786092 Building the wall in the dark theory

>>>/qresearch/786141 Omnibus - IG Seach $

Batch 974 Notables

>>>/qresearch/785115 Bolton's order of business

>>>/qresearch/785277 John Salisbury on Omnibus

>>>/qresearch/785400 How to play the ANON game

>>>/qresearch/785461 .RVID

Batch 972 Notables

>>>/qresearch/783792 HJC Investigations

>>>/qresearch/783825 Adrenochrome is a chemical

>>>/qresearch/783901 DOJ funds Progressives

Batch 971 Notables

>>>/qresearch/782886 FBIAnon's posts in graphic, July 2016

>>>/qresearch/782751 CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees Appointed By Donald Trump

>>>/qresearch/782153 , >>>/qresearch/782219 , >>>/qresearch/782238 , We Are With You: Deltas?

Batch 968 Notables

>>>/qresearch/780248 More Black Pop Redpills

Batch 967 Notables

>>>/qresearch/778395 Black Pop Red Pill Sources

Batch 965 Notables

>>>/qresearch/778346 Bank Seizure in Maltese

Batch 964 Notables

>>>/qresearch/778133 Congressman Indictment-Obstruction

>>>/qresearch/777338 Hotwheels gets a Q

>>>/qresearch/776617 Description of and Onminbus

Batch 962 Notables

>>>/qresearch/775520 Trump gets tough with Palestine

Batch 961 Notables

>>>/qresearch/775218 Obama meets with Turnbull in AUS

>>>/qresearch/774751 N & S Korea High Level Talks this coming Thursday

>>>/qresearch/775188 Member Votes on Omnibus

Batch 959 Notables

>>>/qresearch/773862 Press Release on Trans Troops

Batch 958 Notables

>>>/qresearch/773092 Andrew McCabe OpEd

>>>/qresearch/772410 , >>>/qresearch/772414 pages 400-500

Batch 957 Notables

>>>/qresearch/772200 BETTER TEXT and 2232 page Spending Bil

>>>/qresearch/771710 It's not a Budget it's an Omnibus: >>771915

>>>/qresearch/771731 assignments and early summaries

>>>/qresearch/772303 pgs 1896-1904 STOP School Violence Act summary

>>>/qresearch/771786 pages 1300-1400.

>>>/qresearch/771992 , >>771291 , >>772386 pages 1200 -1300

>>>/qresearch/771750 pages 800-900

>>>/qresearch/771783 Pg 800-850 Continued

>>>/qresearch/771851 Pg. 800-900 Continued >>772115

>>>/qresearch/771753 PAGES 600-700

>>>/qresearch/772064 pages 600-700

>>>/qresearch/771929 Omnibus reads from Bread #956

>>>/qresearch/772182 OmniBomb graphic

Batch 956 Notables

>>>/qresearch/771590 report on pages 1400-1500

>>>/qresearch/770917 Link to the correct PDF…all 2149 pages

Batch 955 Notables

>>>/qresearch/770917 PDF of Omnibus Bill www.congress.gov/115/bills/hr1625/BILLS-115hr1625eah.pdf

>>>/qresearch/770422 Omnibus red-pill campaign

Batch 954 Notables

>>>/qresearch/769799 …this traces back to the global banks…

>>>/qresearch/769656 Trump is picking his fights.

>>>/qresearch/769563 The spending bill was a bluff by the democrats.

>>>/qresearch/769403 Bill is a go sign.

>>>/qresearch/769672 Omni BOMBS

>>>/qresearch/769721 |||

>>>/qresearch/769760 |||

>>>/qresearch/769794 |||

>>>/qresearch/769817 |||

>>>/qresearch/769830 |||

>>>/qresearch/769843 |||

>>>/qresearch/769857 |||

>>>/qresearch/769981 \\ //

>>>/qresearch/769916 \\ \ / //

>>>/qresearch/769999 \ \ \/ / /

>>>/qresearch/770038 \/\/\/\/\/\/

Batch 953 Notables

>>>/qresearch/769105 It's gonna be a fun ride fam…

Batch 951 Notables

>>>/qresearch/767154 urgent need to end the war in Yemen and contain Iran

Batch 950 Notables

>>>/qresearch/766244 Iranian Indictment

>>>/qresearch/766905 EU cozies up to Iran to save Iran Nuke Deal

>>>/qresearch/766900 War Room Message

Batch 947 Notables

>>>/qresearch/764011 Adrian Lamo / Kevin Poulsen

>>>/qresearch/764013 Abel Danger on Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell) (JonBenet Ramsey)

>>>/qresearch/764062 GATErs gona GATE. Ioff Target? ORION target?

>>>/qresearch/764067 Deception and Slide Clown tactics - ANONS Observe.

>>>/qresearch/764073 Joogle Pilpul

>>>/qresearch/764093 Rizvi be CLOWNIN' (unrolled must read; YT Vid = Branson + Island Temple)

>>>/qresearch/764108 Notables from #945 & #946 recorded in >>>/qresearch/>/villageidiots/126

>>>/qresearch/764123 Election Infrastructure in Martial Law

>>>/qresearch/764126 Big Friday ahead of us anons.

>>>/qresearch/764149 New Rules announcement as per Board Owner (BO)

>>>/qresearch/764163 Baker repeat of BO New Rules announcement

>>>/qresearch/764174 BO will still edit posts upon request or to ridicule shills in New Rules

>>>/qresearch/764196 HR 1865,"FOSTA" passed, Craigslist Personals taken down for self-preservation. (Prolly due to all the human trafficking)

>>>/qresearch/764200 doj-admits-they-have-a-grand-jury-empaneled-in-fbi-and-doj-investigation

>>>/qresearch/764391 FBI Heavyweight Slays McCabe Deep State FBI

>>>/qresearch/764393 Assange SlayUK Gov. over Dossier Connection

>>>/qresearch/764400 Anon speaks for us all with GratiQude. <<Patriot over here.

>>>/qresearch/764442 @Thomas1774Paine Warns LV Drops, possible Arkancide.

>>>/qresearch/764445 Browtard County Teachers/Students to storm the WH

Batch 945 & 946 Notables

>>>/villageidiots/124 945 expanded notables

>>>/villageidiots/126 945 & 946 expanded notables

Batch 944 Notables

>>>/qresearch/761934 Numbered Brackets>Wikipedia Theory (Please Read)

>>>/qresearch/761516 Rockefeller>Iran Deal part 1

>>>/qresearch/761516 Rockefeller>Iran Deal part 2

>>>/qresearch/761711 Iran Project>Rockefellers part 1

>>>/qresearch/761724 Iran Project>Rockefellers part 2

>>>/villageidiots/123 944 expanded notables

Batch 943 Notables

>>>/villageidiots/119 943 expanded notables

Batch 942 Notables

>>>/qresearch/760408 John Bolton Confirmation Hearing

>>>/villageidiots/117 942 expanded notables

Batch 940 Notables

>>>/qresearch/758773 War Room Message

>>>/qresearch/759913 Important Info dump from JA

Batch 938 Notables

>>>/qresearch/756915 MBS meets with Mattis

>>>/qresearch/757023 Tl;dr version of CIA doc Q posted (Corrected link:www.cia.gov/open/Family%20Jewels.pdf)

Batch 937 Notables

>>>/qresearch/755109 More Resignations

>>>/qresearch/754997 More Resignations

>>>/qresearch/756338 May, Macron, & Merkel Crisis Meeting today (Thurs)

Batch 936 Notables

>>>/qresearch/755212 Russia Report Findings

Batch 934 Notables


>>>/qresearch/753855 Q QR Codes

>>>/qresearch/754018 CFR Members Initials RT

Batch 933 Notables

>>>/qresearch/753691 POTUS Tweets Missing Letters

>>>/qresearch/753015 McCabe News 1

>>>/qresearch/753022 McCabe News 2

>>>/qresearch/753027 McCabe News 3

>>>/qresearch/753029 McCabe News 4

Batch 932 Notables

>>>/qresearch/752776 Obama Election Rigging U.S. Digital Service

>>>/qresearch/752778 Senate Passes H.R. 1865

>>>/qresearch/753099 Cambridge Analytica and DNC Voter Fraud

Batch 928 Notables

>>>/qresearch/749490 Lobbyist Investigating SR shot twice and run over

Batch 926 Notables

>>>/qresearch/747551 Twitter CISO Resigns

>>>/qresearch/747926 Apple Resignation


Batch 925 Notables

>>>/qresearch/747062 Rizvi Traverse Portfolio Connections

Batch 924 Notables

>>>/qresearch/746765 President of Peru Resigns

>>>/qresearch/746778 Google had 427 WH meetings under Obama

Batch 923 Notables

>>>/qresearch/745691 NK supplied Syria with a Nuclear Reactor

>>>/qresearch/745389 Former FBI Watch-dog guilty of sexual assault (6 yr old)

>>>/qresearch/745101 Mezvinky>HRC Campaign connection

>>>/qresearch/745204 Vatican Communications Director resigns

>>>/qresearch/745285 SES CIA program info

Batch 922 Notables

>>>/qresearch/744942 Tesla shareholders approve EM compensation plan

>>>/qresearch/744467 MZ & FB COO No-shows at FB Crisis Meeting 3.20.18

>>>/qresearch/744660 Mauritius President Resigns

Batch 921 Notables

>>>/qresearch/743699 A Keystone SES

>>>/qresearch/744201 Sessions Memo Regarding Capital Punishment for Drug Prosecutions

Batch 920 Notables

>>>/qresearch/742923 , CNN claims Putin has ties to Russia

>>>/qresearch/742851 , >>>/qresearch/742853 MEGA Links Deep Dives

Batch 918 Notables

>>>/qresearch/741292 Social Media Psychology

>>>/qresearch/741333 White House Intruder

>>>/qresearch/741417 Kim Dotcom rejected

>>>/qresearch/741582 4am Media order to attack Q

>>>/qresearch/742019 Austin Bomber video

Batch 917 Notables

>>>/qresearch/740673 Tillerson on chess [image {save me}]

>>>/qresearch/741032 Q acronyms… again [image {save me}]

>>>/qresearch/741038 Brennan threatens crying wolf

>>>/qresearch/741049 Predictions, analysis [images {save me}]

>>>/qresearch/741085 15 pieces of advice from MATTIS

>>>/qresearch/740586 Wikileaks ES projects: –needs digging–

>>>/qresearch/741176 Myanmar's president RESIGNS

Batch 916 Notables

>>>/qresearch/740248 Q's "booms" refer to upcoming events

Batch 915 Notables

>>>/qresearch/738888 Flynn knows where the bodies are

>>>/qresearch/738905 Riding the Stormy out? Trust Plan

>>>/qresearch/738983 Ausfailia: Obama and Turnbull

>>>/qresearch/739000 Zuckerberg; misuse of data

>>>/qresearch/739018 SES, an opinion

>>>/qresearch/739048 == NEW RESOURCE! == http:// qest.us (scrapes stock movements; ty anon!)

>>>/qresearch/739109 Venezuela/Iran money funnel

>>>/qresearch/739146 Theory of @Snowden; China, Russia

>>>/qresearch/739170 The Public Integrity Special Investigations Unit

>>>/qresearch/739197 Obama visiting the Kiwis

>>>/qresearch/739243 SES stuff [looks important]

>>>/qresearch/739331 Why Flynn's important TL;DR [image {save me}]

>>>/qresearch/739695 L3 technologies resignation; Marines naval exercise

Batch 913 Notables

>>>/qresearch/738025 Reddit user claims to be Austin Bomber

Batch 912 Notables

>>>/qresearch/737367 MSM narrative unravels, Parkland Actor Emma Gonzalez comes clean, I had no choice because of CNN

>>>/qresearch/736711 PA judges may be impeached

Batch 911 Notables

>>>/qresearch/736004 Crown Resorts Director Resigns

Batch 908 Notables

>>>/qresearch/733703 Euro Planefag Update, 20th March - Spoopy 2-Planes Edition

Batch 907 Notables

>>>/qresearch/733173 QResearch API

>>>/qresearch/733304 Israel may take legal action against Twitter

>>>/qresearch/732924 Public Integrity Special Investigation Unit

>>>/qresearch/732856 Lobbyist almost killed investigating Seth Rich's Murder

Batch 906 Notables

>>>/qresearch/732276 Micro Focus CEO Resigns

>>>/qresearch/732192 RIP FB Stock

>>>/qresearch/732095 Elon Musk in Israel, AI related

Batch 905 Notables

>>>/qresearch/731789 Shooting stopped by armed officer

>>>/qresearch/731738 Alwaleed talks about his Detainment and MBS

>>>/qresearch/731339 Scientists cannot confirm that Novichok is Russian made

>>>/qresearch/731381 DOJ to monitor Chicago election

>>>/qresearch/731471 FTC to investigate FB

Batch 901~904 Notables

>>>/qresearch/730557 Global Theory

>>>/qresearch/730940 Comey handwritted notes from FBI

>>>/qresearch/730598 Shit happen EVERYDAY remainder

>>>/qresearch/730943 High School shooting in Maryland

>>>/qresearch/730709 Brazilian President may be on the move

>>>/qresearch/730512 PLANEFAG REPORT (Covering Breads 901, 902, 903, 904)

>>>/qresearch/729978 Sean Penn Connections

>>>/qresearch/729815 Bin Salman's U.S. visit details

>>>/qresearch/729799 Kim DotCom wanting Obama in court

>>>/qresearch/729774 Russia tipped off about chemical attack

>>>/qresearch/729741 Sarkozy in police custody

>>>/qresearch/729650 Jammed frequencies worldwide

Batch 900 Notables

>>>/qresearch/727611 Stuff confiscated from Comey's office

Batch 899 Notables

>>>/qresearch/726474 Facebook's CP problem

>>>/qresearch/726672 Cambridge Analytica narrative collapse

Batch 898 Notables

>>>/qresearch/726006 Zuckerberg recent divestitures

Batch 897 Notables

>>>/qresearch/725127 Ex-Obama Campaign Director: "They (FB) were on our side."

>>>/qresearch/725538 FB CSO Resignation

Batch 896 Notables

>>>/qresearch/724795 Tronc (newspaper) Resignation

Batch 895 Notables

>>>/qresearch/723813 Euro Planefag Sitrep report - 19th March.

Batch 894 Notables

>>>/qresearch/722711 New EO Banning Venezuelan Cryptocurrency

>>>/qresearch/723192 Facebook CEO may have to testify

>>>/qresearch/723274 Four protocols >>>/qresearch/723167 , >>>/qresearch/723169 , >>>/qresearch/723180 , >>>/qresearch/723186

Batch 893 Notables

>>>/qresearch/721872 Merkel and Rouhani Strengthening ties

>>>/qresearch/721859 Mook to Podesta WikiLeaks


Batch 892 Notables

>>>/qresearch/721306 Schmidt and Social Media Barons Collude with HRC 2016

Batch 891 Notables

>>>/qresearch/720330 Schumer and Teva Pharma Produce Oxycontin variant

>>>/qresearch/720721 TEVA Owned by Israeli Govt.

>>>/qresearch/720761 Schumerland Heavy Influence

>>>/qresearch/720784 Map of Schumerland

>>>/qresearch/720288 HRC, Glenn Simpson, Mary Jacoby Connected (Rose Law Firm)

>>>/qresearch/720557 POTUS Weird Morning Tweet

>>>/qresearch/720609 , >>>/qresearch/720738 Foreigners Can Sign IBOR

>>>/qresearch/720737 AnCapAnon on 4chan

Batch 890 Notables

>>>/qresearch/719108 A Call for Organization Documentation and Distribution

>>>/qresearch/719287 , >>>/qresearch/719302 , >>>/qresearch/720167 Skippy's Bonner Foundation Emails

>>>/qresearch/720091 , >>>/qresearch/720110 South Korea Draining Swamp

>>>/qresearch/719011 NSA Rercorder Clinton Lynch On Tarmac

>>>/qresearch/718817 , >>>/qresearch/719960 , >>>/qresearch/720161 [19]=Senate Committee on Intelligence

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Batch 888 Notables

>>>/qresearch/718464 Chuck Schumer and Teva Pharma

>>>/qresearch/718733 Digging resource for SES

Batch 887 Notables

>>>/qresearch/716496 NYPD hid woman from Weinstein.

>>>/qresearch/716912 Las Vegas shooting documentary pulled.

Batch 886 Notables

>>>/qresearch/715599 Russian Ballot.

>>>/qresearch/715608 Shadow Government Collapsing Video.

>>>/qresearch/715629 Sessions Outside Attorney.

>>>/qresearch/715676 Google Response Strategy.

>>>/qresearch/715729 TiSA Info.

>>>/qresearch/715842 Mohammed bin Salman Interview.

>>>/qresearch/715900 Ivanka and Jared's helicopter has engine failure.

>>>/qresearch/716073 Bitcoin scam by Congress.

Batch 885 Notables

>>>/qresearch/715050 War Room Message

Batch 884 Notables

>>>/qresearch/714061 Merkel & Family Information

Batch 882 Notables

>>>/qresearch/712552 Phantom Secure Shutdown & Recent Indictment Connection

>>>/qresearch/712602 Gowdy Interview Recap

Batch 881 Notables

>>>/qresearch/711640 COO of Instagram>SES Connections

Batch 880 Notables

>>>/qresearch/711212 Obama EO>SES Connection

>>>/qresearch/711367 IG>SES connection

>>>/qresearch/711283 Possible Meanings for (3)

Batch 879 Notables

>>>/qresearch/709994 Whitelist definition

>>>/qresearch/710591 Why are trips allowed?

Batch 877 Notables

>>>/qresearch/708678 P is NOT Palestine

>>>/qresearch/708451 Could it be? Trips allowed?

>>>/qresearch/708429 Old Hickory

Batch 876 Notables

>>>/qresearch/707785, >>>/qresearch/707211, >156a9 Planefags Good Monitoring

Batch 875 Notables

>>>/qresearch/707106 GR info

>>>/qresearch/707086 dig BASG please

>>>/qresearch/707067 McCabe the bus driver on Comey Ave.

>>>/qresearch/706997 Russian Elections under cyberattack

>>>/qresearch/706356 More Brennan from Sundance

Batch 874 Notables

>>>/qresearch/706061 Alefantis & Arrington de Dionyso Connetion

>>>/qresearch/705950 More power than you can imagine

>>>/qresearch/705880 Enjoy the show

>>>/qresearch/705769 Leviathan Pipeline Dig

>>>/qresearch/705758 Moral is high with anons

>>>/qresearch/705744 Whitelisting

>>>/qresearch/705582 Rothschilds dig

>>>/qresearch/705470 Roots Bomb Threat in Austin at SXSW

Batch 873 Notables

>>>/qresearch/705184 Asymmetric War - Our PURPOSE?

>>>/qresearch/705156 Broadcasting Board Of Governors Dig

>>>/qresearch/705132 More On Scalia

>>>/qresearch/704922 SES=KEYstone?

>>>/qresearch/704822 Starkey also made Reagan's hearing aid

>>>/qresearch/704705 Sarkey Relations to CGI

>>>/qresearch/704704 Lisa Barsoomian

>>>/qresearch/704619 J. Podesta & Scalia Death Connection

>>>/qresearch/704481 Shock Docs: What Happened on the Day Scalia died?

Batch 872 Notables

>>>/qresearch/703718 More on Biden

Batch 870 Notables


>>>/qresearch/702190 ← THESE POSTS

>>>/qresearch/702200 Are Grade A(utist)

>>>/qresearch/702210 Re_reading the drops

>>>/qresearch/702218 Is still a such high priority


Batch 869 Notables

>>>/qresearch/701824 Asia Foundation Follow the Money 5 Parts

>>>/qresearch/701240 McCabe's Wife

>>>/qresearch/701356 Comey FBI info

>>>/qresearch/701362 Amazon>CIA>Obama>Unmasking

>>>/qresearch/701470 Strzok's Wife

Batch 866 Notables

>>>/qresearch/699504 Biden's and Kerry’s sons inked deal with Chinese government

Batch 864 Notables

>>>/qresearch/697356 SA helping US financially in Syria

>>>/qresearch/697535 SA helping US in Middle East

>>>/qresearch/697879 Obama in Singapore, NZ, AUS, & Japan next week

Batch 863 Notables

>>>/qresearch/697197 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/696954 Week Recap of Events from Anon

>>>/qresearch/696977 RR, CF, India, AIDS drug connections

>>>/qresearch/697123 John Brennan's foreign collusion

Batch 860 Notables

>>>/qresearch/694273 Meet Lisa H Barsoomian

>>>/qresearch/694549 Holder & Comey tweet in code?

>>>/qresearch/694584 March Madness Hussain and Comey

>>>/qresearch/694756 March Madness Bush

>>>/qresearch/694807 Medicare fraud habbenings

Batch 859 Notables

>>>/qresearch/693396 Trump tweets re: McCabe fired

>>>/qresearch/693645 Sex trafficking arrests soar

Batch 858 Notables

>>>/qresearch/692534 Crumb Partially Solved?

Batch 856 Notables

>>>/qresearch/690927 Adrian Lamos dead at 37

>>>/qresearch/691033 Twitter mentions Pompeo using back channel for NK comms

>>>/qresearch/691600 MCCABE HAS BEEN FIRED

Batch 855 Notables

>>>/qresearch/690043 Elon looking for a new paycheck?

>>>/qresearch/690065 CEO Phantom Secure +4 Indicted

>>>/qresearch/690229 Amazon Japan HQ Raided by Police

>>>/qresearch/690275 Alwaleed looking for $

>>>/qresearch/690302 Alwaleed looking for business loans

Batch 854 Notables

>>>/qresearch/689740 EU attempting to block POTUS from Exiting IRAN deal

>>>/qresearch/689487 John Perry Barlow Rabbit Hole Compilation

>>>/qresearch/689494 @Jack's other company downgraded

>>>/qresearch/689416 Ivanka to Replace Tillerson in Korean Negotiations

>>>/qresearch/68921 Netanyahu to be questioned by police

Batch 853 Notables

>>>/qresearch/688498 Chinese Tycoon Sell Off

>>>/qresearch/688572 China's Entire Cabinet will be Replaced Tomorrow

>>>/qresearch/688927 MBS (SA), Jared Kushner, & POTUS

>>>/qresearch/688970 Roths Sell Stock

>>>/qresearch/688990 Roths Sell Stock

>>>/qresearch/689028 Roths Sell Stock

>>>/qresearch/689040 NIC Asia CEO Resigns

>>>/qresearch/689079 Lunenberg SPCA Resignation

Batch 848 Notables

>>>/qresearch/685352 CFR FL Bridge Connection

>>>/qresearch/685169 John Perry Barlow-Clowns-internet link

>>>/qresearch/685407 Nike President Resignation

Batch 847 Notables

>>>/qresearch/683993 Barlow

>>>/qresearch/683968 ''

>>>/qresearch/683895 ''

>>>/qresearch/683867 ''

>>>/qresearch/683852 ''

>>>/qresearch/683810 USS Jimmy Carter flying jolly roger on return home

>>>/qresearch/683719 GLIMPSE

Batch 846 Notables

>>>/qresearch/683566 Who Holds the Keys?

>>>/qresearch/683534 Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

>>>/qresearch/683510 GermanArchiveAnon Update

>>>/qresearch/683116 KANSAS Voter ID law trial

>>>/qresearch/683113 This is why we FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!

>>>/qresearch/682983 disinfo is necessary

Batch 845 Notables

>>>/qresearch/682757 Vault7, Foreign Spying Dig

Batch 844 Notables

>>>/qresearch/681423 1,000 pieces

>>>/qresearch/681540 Gates to step down?

>>>/qresearch/681561 Barlow tweet re: Robert Wilson

>>>/qresearch/681761 Red October (again)

Batch 843 Notables

>>>/qresearch/680839 , >>>/qresearch/680845 John Perry Barlow

Batch 842 Notables

>>>/qresearch/679976 Hillary fractures wrist in bathtub

>>>/qresearch/679899 Tillerson and Vlad 2011

Batch 841 Notables

>>>/qresearch/679355 Was Tillerson actually sick in Africa?

>>>/qresearch/679134 Rex Tillerson (RT): A recent timeline

>>>/qresearch/679449 Obama Ordered 500000 fugitives background checks deleted

Batch 840 Notables

>>>/qresearch/678859 Extreme Efforts x 3 and Still Winning!

>>>/qresearch/678816 The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in US Schools

>>>/qresearch/678698 Kenyans pleading for US help

>>>/qresearch/678607 Pompeo Whitehat confirmed?

>>>/qresearch/678606 Tillerson in Kenya

>>>/qresearch/678501 Extreme efforts to kill login devices

>>>/qresearch/678444 Rockefellers having a huge auction of their material assets

Batch 837 Notables

>>>/qresearch/676039 F-18 SITREP from Planefag

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Batch 835 Notables

>>>/qresearch/674583 Keystone and make it rain

Batch 834 Notables

>>>/qresearch/674653 McCain Foundation Connects! Must read!

>>>/qresearch/674708 Part 2 McCain Connections to Soros

>>>/qresearch/674525 Moar Tesla Resignations

>>>/qresearch/674578 www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/15/ig-could-soon-release-explosive-report-on-fbis-clinton-probe-as-sessions-weighs-firing-mccabe.htm

>>>/qresearch/674349 Keystone and make it rain

>>>/qresearch/673768 Russian plane loses tons of Gold/Platinum

>>>/qresearch/674056 Facebook selling shares

Batch 833 Notables

>>>/qresearch/673537 BV statement on js 'filter' from anonsw.github.io

Batch 831 Notables

>>>/qresearch/670578 DJT and Q Predictors

Batch 828 Notables

>>>/qresearch/668947 For impatient anons…

Batch 826 Notables

>>>/qresearch/668002 Chris Steele Connected to Poisoned "Russian" Spies

Batch 825 Notables

>>>/qresearch/666971 Merkel Re-elected

>>>/qresearch/666947 Prediction for RackSpace / Clinton video

Batch 824 Notables

>>>/qresearch/666258 Slovakian Prime Minister Resigns

>>>/qresearch/666162 Chess Map correlation

Batch 823 Notables

>>>/qresearch/665068 War Room Message

>>>/qresearch/665170 Google Launches Cybersecurity Firm

Batch 822 Notables

>>>/qresearch/664436 U.S. Monitoring Possible North Korean Military Base in Syria

>>>/qresearch/664555 U.S. Monitoring Possible North Korean Military Base in Syria

>>>/qresearch/664117 Clintons and Australia Part 1

>>>/qresearch/664181 Clintons and Australia Part 2

>>>/qresearch/664189 Clintons and Australia Part 3

Batch 821 Notables

>>>/qresearch/663815 U.S. A-10 Strike on a Taliban Narcotics Production Facility in Helmand Province

>>>/qresearch/663767 Larry Kudlow as top economic adviser

>>>/qresearch/663685 zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-14/equifax-executive-charged-insider-trading

>>>/qresearch/663551 Theresa May vows to EXPEL 23 Russian spies

>>>/qresearch/663523 Saudis/Prince Alwaleed News

>>>/qresearch/663261 steemit.com/pizzagate/@rebelskum/the-dark-side-of-the-international-centre-for-missing-and-exploited-children

>>>/qresearch/657941 Elizabeth Bagley \

>>>/qresearch/664741 ^^^^^^^^ CF connected } >>>/qresearch/668495

>>>/qresearch/665289 Bagley (Cont)^^^^ /

>>>/qresearch/662572 ARCA foundation will tie Clintons into Soros

>>>/qresearch/663224 Holmes Stripped of Control of Company for Defrauding Investors

Batch 817 Notables

>>>/qresearch/660840 - Iran is next: Tehran ready to resolve differences with Saudi Arabia

>>>/qresearch/660794 - Busted: David Hogg works for John Podesta's Center for American Progress

>>>/qresearch/660646 & >>>/qresearch/660659 - Keystone - Senior Executive Service (SES)

>>>/qresearch/660485 - Marina Abramovic, Lady Gaga, Robert Wilson

>>>/qresearch/660391 - Titanic dig

>>>/qresearch/660354 - Cabal takedown sitrep

>>>/qresearch/660350 - Putin vs. May re: spy poisoning deaths

>>>/qresearch/660260 - FDNY recounts "floor-by-floor" BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM before towers fell on 9/11

>>>/qresearch/660202 - Environmental law allows oil and gas companies to inject waste water into aquifers

>>>/qresearch/660171 - Copfag's take on speed of investigations

>>>/qresearch/660156 - Kim's chain is broken?

>>>/qresearch/660143 - Deep State shadow government revealed - SES (Senior Executive Service)

>>>/qresearch/660139 - Defense Agency To Begin Moving Classified Data to Amazon's Secret Cloud After Protest

>>>/qresearch/660137 - Former C_A Chief exposes Clinton Fraud / CGI (Clinton Global Initiative)

>>>/qresearch/660118 - United States Space Corps - Sixth branch of US Armed Forces?

>>>/qresearch/660659 Deep State and Obamas appointed

>>>/qresearch/660646 Keystone Solved

Batch 816 Notables

>>>/qresearch/659307 PA Special Election results fucky

>>>/qresearch/659392 non-citizens "accidentally" registered to vote in PA?

>>>/qresearch/659393 Stephen Hawking dies

>>>/qresearch/659638 More bigly winning

>>>/qresearch/660021 Space Marines!!!

>>>/qresearch/659302 >>>/qresearch/659322 >>>/qresearch/659335 - HONOR OUR VETS!!!!!!!!!!

>>>/qresearch/659363 - Bill Gates plane lands in DC

>>>/qresearch/659380 - SPECTRE aircraft tracking

>>>/qresearch/659432 - Tony Podesta art photos

>>>/qresearch/659586 - Keystone reference from Wikileaks

>>>/qresearch/659613 - Prince Bandar bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is dead

>>>/qresearch/659638 - Winning BIGLY!!

>>>/qresearch/659644 - Missing CDC employee / possible similarities between former CDC exec charged for child molestation

>>>/qresearch/659666 - Possible Docudump 3/16?

>>>/qresearch/659672 - Missile / EMP dig

>>>/qresearch/659857 - Video on SES (Senior Executive Service) - 8,000 people put in place under BHO

>>>/qresearch/659872 & >>>/qresearch/659890 - LOOP Capital dig

>>>/qresearch/659952 - Stephen Hawking on Jeffrey Epstein's "Island of Sin"

>>>/qresearch/659999 & >>>/qresearch/660032 - Vid of Pompeo questioning HRC

Batch 815 Notables

>>>/qresearch/658983 - Adm Rogers replacement

>>>/qresearch/658558 - Updated initials list

>>>/qresearch/658562 - Rogers/Pompeo voter fraud / possible Keystone link

>>>/qresearch/658619 - Purdue Pharma Heir buys $22.5 Million Mansion in LA

>>>/qresearch/658628 - Adm. Rogers / FISA timeline

>>>/qresearch/658638 - U.S. gov't stops Canyon Bridge Capital Partners acquisition of Lattice Semiconductors / 5G implications

>>>/qresearch/658642 - Planefag spots Bill Gates plane

>>>/qresearch/658673 - AUS gov't gives pedophile $500k to fight 75 charges

>>>/qresearch/658675 - RED OCTOBER / FEMA emergency operations vehicle

>>>/qresearch/658721 - Q posts re: keystone / possible Pennsylvania link

>>>/qresearch/658752 - Task list reminder and motivation

>>>/qresearch/658776 - Apache Software Foundation links to Swartz, Secure Drop, Barlow, Snowden

>>>/qresearch/658841 - Planefag reporting USAF SPECTRE ops

>>>/qresearch/658852 - List of retiring / resigning Republicans

>>>/qresearch/658933 - Stephen Hawkins is dead

>>>/qresearch/659009 - Resignations list

>>>/qresearch/659048 & >>>/qresearch/659087 - DoD "Orange Haze" twat

>>>/qresearch/659129 - C_A twat about a BRIDGE and HK

>>>/qresearch/659141 - U1 related - Transport Logistics International Inc. Agrees - $2 Million Penalty to Resolve Foreign Bribery Case

>>>/qresearch/659161 - He who shall not be named angry over POTUS choosing Gina Haspel

>>>/qresearch/659236 - USMC twat - "Marines dispose of unserviceable ammo"

>>>/qresearch/659275 - School walkout tool kit for Women's March Youth Empower against gun violence

>>>/qresearch/659290 & >>>/qresearch/659293 - BHO brother-in-law / LOOP Capital link

Batch 814 Notables

>>>/qresearch/657772 - Family of SETH RICH files lawswuit against Fox News, Malia Zimmerman, Ed Butowsky over retracted story

>>>/qresearch/657807 - PA election results theory

>>>/qresearch/657819 - Voters turned away from polls in PA

>>>/qresearch/657946 - Elizabeth Bagley / ARCA / 5D chess

>>>/qresearch/657948 - Q-Context Map

>>>/qresearch/658005 - Treasury department list of sanctions

>>>/qresearch/658059 - Pompeo announces release of 470,000 additional files including Osama bin Ladin's journal

>>>/qresearch/658137 - YT to provide Wikipedia reading aids for "conspiracy theory" videos

>>>/qresearch/658169 - POTUS twats / chess

>>>/qresearch/658187 - Under Secretary of State Steve Goldstein fired for lying about Tillerson dismissal

>>>/qresearch/658202 & >>>/qresearch/658296 - HC injured during Rajasthan visit

>>>/qresearch/658237 - POTUS twat / possible link to CORE (Center for Organ Recovery & Education)

>>>/qresearch/658263 - EU approves further $3.7 billion for Syrian refugees living in Turkey

>>>/qresearch/658322 - Parents of NYC helicopter crash victims sue pilot for negligence

>>>/qresearch/658475 - Payback time!

>>>/qresearch/658399 Russians reported to fire into Damascus

>>>/qresearch/658531 Austin bombs were sophisticated

Batch 813 Notables

>>>/qresearch/657004 Missing PS

>>>/qresearch/657527 Voter Fraud found

>>>/qresearch/656988 - US Army twat

>>>/qresearch/656996 - Tip for new & cadet planefags

>>>/qresearch/657000 - Different pics between original POTUS twat and retwat

>>>/qresearch/657031 - Pompeo / Tillerson / Iran

>>>/qresearch/657077 - Possible explanation for missing PS from POTUS twat / Pilgrims Society

>>>/qresearch/657098 - IBOR IBOR IBOR

>>>/qresearch/657318 - Planefag reporting on interesting helicopter activity over Augusta

>>>/qresearch/657337 - New 3/13 EO from POTUS

>>>/qresearch/657365 - Time correlation between Q post / POTUS fixing twats

>>>/qresearch/657718 - New Chicago ID card created so undocumented immigrants can register to vote

Batch 812 Notables

>>>/qresearch/656206 Pompeo Monsanto ties

>>>/qresearch/656236 Parkland outside video to be released

>>>/qresearch/656255 Do you believe in coincidences?

>>>/qresearch/656301 Texas Ban upheld on Sanctuary Cities

>>>/qresearch/656370 Hamas and MB training for FBI?

>>>/qresearch/656576 Hillary on Trump Voters

>>>/qresearch/656612 BS in PA!

>>>/qresearch/656695 Judge allows Trump to withold grants to CA

Batch 811 Notables

>>>/qresearch/655418 Q Initials used

>>>/qresearch/655605 Margaret Peterlin and Christine Ciccone to resignation

>>>/qresearch/655813 DOJ Press Release

>>>/qresearch/655910 VICE CEO Out

>>>/qresearch/656075 More tweets wont post

Batch 810 Notables

>>>/qresearch/656725 Red October

>>>/qresearch/655260 Egypt, Israel, Saudi, Qatari meeting(s)

>>>/qresearch/655070 War Room Message

Batch 807 Notables

>>>/qresearch/652508 Cuomo Campaign Manager Charged with Corruption

Batch 802 Notables

>>>/qresearch/648718 - Mattis lands in Kabul → twitter.com/AP/status/973431116983095301

>>>/qresearch/648614 - FBI Whistleblowers in VEGAS

Batch 801 Notables

>>>/qresearch/647448 - Hillary sliding

>>>/qresearch/647619 - NO COLLUSION HERE BABY!!!

>>>/qresearch/647831 - Double Standards

Batch 800 Notables

>>>/qresearch/646712 - Trudeau Foundation

Batch 799 Notables

>>>/qresearch/646112 - Marina Abromovic Dig

Batch 797 Notables

>>>/qresearch/644357 - model at one of marina's "Art shows" was found in the desert missing organs

>>>/qresearch/646112 Marina Abromovic Dig

Batch 797 Notables

>>>/qresearch/644357 - model at one of marina's "Art shows" was found in the desert missing organs

Batch 796 Notables

>>>/qresearch/644151 - Mueller team analysis

>>>/qresearch/643919 - Johnny 'Westart' McStain's foundation information

>>>/qresearch/643859 - Rackstack is the Cloud Provider of: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Openstack, VMware

>>>/qresearch/643778 - Trump signs order prohibiting Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm

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Batch 795 Notables

>>>/qresearch/643363 - Iran Deal / U1 and/ Benghazi connection!

>>>/qresearch/643290 - House Intelligence Committee report on Russian re: election interference

Batch 794 Notables

>>>/qresearch/641908 - DOD twat #NationalNappingDay

>>>/qresearch/641935 - Drudge - 'Clinton tells Indians white women voted for Trump because hosbands said to…'

>>>/qresearch/641954 - Pilot in NYC helo crash says straps from passenger's harness shut off engine

>>>/qresearch/642044 - ATTN Planefags

>>>/qresearch/642056 - REDDIT permanently deletes r/UncensoredNews

>>>/qresearch/642121 - Devin Nunes: Drudge Report 'being censored by Twitter'

>>>/qresearch/642152 - FBI HQ in Austin in relation to bombing locations

>>>/qresearch/642178 - Counter-Sematism graphic

>>>/qresearch/642227 - DOD twat

>>>/qresearch/642249 - Planefags - 4 JSOCs around Gitmo

>>>/qresearch/642286 - AUS Alexander Downer / CF / used for FBI probe

>>>/qresearch/642357 - CF / India Solar Power Station

>>>/qresearch/642358 - Trudeau gov't donates $20m to CF for Haiti

>>>/qresearch/642379 - Dems fear FBI will be held accountable for Parkland shooting, not NRA

>>>/qresearch/642394 - CF / Pakistan / kickbacks

>>>/qresearch/642410 & >>>/qresearch/642438 - HRC & HA visit to India

>>>/qresearch/642557 - From the War Room

>>>/qresearch/642034 - Sant Singh Chatwal - India / CF connection

>>>/qresearch/642035 - AUSAID - CF connections

>>>/qresearch/642286 - AUS Alexander Downer / CF / used for FBI probe

>>>/qresearch/642394 - CF / Pakistan / kickbacks

>>>/qresearch/642410 & >>>/qresearch/642438 - HRC & HA visit to India

>>>/qresearch/642583 - British Empire / Commonwealth Foundation / House of Windsor

>>>/qresearch/642610 - Prepping the public for "fake" videos?

>>>/qresearch/642624 Circuit Court rules to release CCTV footage from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting

Batch 793 Notables

>>>/qresearch/641234 Test Passed

>>>/qresearch/641136 - The "value" of art

>>>/qresearch/641151 - TEGNA connection with victim of helicopter crash yesterday in NYC, victim's father's history

>>>/qresearch/641170 - BHO video twat

>>>/qresearch/641234 - Test passed

>>>/qresearch/641298 - Texas Senator Ted Cruz lobs "Cruz Missile" at Twitter in Senate hearing

>>>/qresearch/641350 - JC twat - #speechmoves

>>>/qresearch/641391 - Texas bomb in Windsor Park neighborhood - House of Windsor connection?

>>>/qresearch/641423 - C_A twat about Bridge

>>>/qresearch/641429 - VJ in Austin during bombings?

>>>/qresearch/641514 - Texas bombing map

>>>/qresearch/641584 - How Tech Giant Cabal Censors Christians

>>>/qresearch/641594 - Air Canada systems glitch

>>>/qresearch/641677 - TEGNA - sleepy news anchors

>>>/qresearch/641680 - KH and Democrats want to remove ICE

>>>/qresearch/641719 - TEGNA COO Lynn B. Trelstad selling shares

>>>/qresearch/641840 - AUSAID and CF

Batch 789 Notables

>>>/qresearch/638525, >>>/qresearch/638634 POTUS on the Moon?

>>>/qresearch/638260 Natural Economic Order?

>>>/qresearch/638229 CNN ready to die

>>>/qresearch/638043 @Snowden was live, no one knew?

Batch 788 Notables


>>>/qresearch/637770 Practicing FF?

>>>/qresearch/637640 Iran is next

>>>/qresearch/637588, >>>/qresearch/637603 Latest Helicopter 'Crash'

>>>/qresearch/637526 Plane from HongKong, @Snowden?

>>>/qresearch/637449 Warren Buffett

>>>/qresearch/637338 Marinas Satanic Star

Batches 783-787 Notables

>>>/qresearch/637027 Doxxed Marina + Star Symbol

>>>/qresearch/636881, >>>/qresearch/637071 The Constitutional Dollar

>>>/qresearch/636912 Steel backed currency?

>>>/qresearch/636746 Yup!!

>>>/qresearch/636735 Levin & Bibi Interview - Coming to a theater near you.

>>>/qresearch/637188 Hitler digs with Hitler dubs

>>>/qresearch/636725 The Left Hand Path / Sex Magic

>>>/qresearch/636701 BOOM. She's going to get dropped from 100 different angles. Where's the HRCVideo??

>>>/qresearch/636700 Make sure to read what the ANON who responded says

>>>/qresearch/636654, >>>/qresearch/636785 FACT!! WE are the Collateral. Expand your thinking.

>>>/qresearch/636634 Brilliant & VITAL!!

>>>/qresearch/636624 YOU!!

>>>/qresearch/636602 Tracking

>>>/qresearch/636601 Suggestion to create an article bank to BTFO the MSM

>>>/qresearch/636578, >>>/qresearch/636582, >>>/qresearch/637027 Spirit Cooking Dig

>>>/qresearch/636566 WHERE is OUR Gold??

>>>/qresearch/636563 Khazarian Dig

>>>/qresearch/636558 Babylonian Money Magick

>>>/qresearch/636553 Are you Prepared in REAL Life??

>>>/qresearch/636543 Learn!! Zucks real name

>>>/qresearch/636532, >>>/qresearch/636817 Dig into Post-war History

>>>/qresearch/636494 Follow the Money.

>>>/qresearch/636468 Who else had a Blackberry

>>>/qresearch/633361 Sig 5:5

Batches 782-783 Notables

>>>/qresearch/633949 Valerie Jarrett at SXSW

>>>/qresearch/633394 Kaźmierczak

>>>/qresearch/633318 HRC/CF/AUS

>>>/qresearch/633006 (cheKek'd) Chrissy stranded in Hong Kong?

>>>/qresearch/632561 'DhytcDFbF5874/37875' refers to a German video

Batches 779-780 Notables

>>>/qresearch/631321 Q mentioned several groups

>>>/qresearch/631256 Ashkenazi Khazars

>>>/qresearch/631082 Classic shill tactics

>>>/qresearch/631020 Do not fear "Anti-Semitism"

>>>/qresearch/630580 Meryl Streep ("loudest voices")

>>>/qresearch/630121 "Permanent state of disruption…"

Batch 776 Notables

>>>/qresearch/628417 Plane Crash in Iran


>>>/qresearch/628153 RICO Cae in Fornia

>>>/qresearch/628120 O missing prior tweet

>>>/qresearch/628070 Muslim Bro Manifesto

>>>/qresearch/627828 Israeli Connection?

Batch 775 Notables

>>>/qresearch/627588 Hitler's Secret Backers

>>>/qresearch/627432 POTUS Tweets

Batch 774 Notables

>>>/qresearch/626583 Need Someone to Add latest Graphics

>>>/qresearch/626591 Need Someone to Add latest Graphics

>>>/qresearch/626677 Interesting Discussion on the Death penalty for Drugs

>>>/qresearch/626415 PizzaGate Research

>>>/qresearch/626194 Hitler was a Rothschild

>>>/qresearch/626654 AU Uranium

>>>/qresearch/626677 Interesting Discussion on the Death penalty for Drugs

Batch 770 Notables

>>>/qresearch/623671 NWO

>>>/qresearch/622694 DhytcDFbF5874/37875 Vid

>>>/qresearch/623350 Ursula Haverbeck

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Batch 767 Notables

>>>/qresearch/620886 Roots of the C_A (Dulles & Prescott Bush)

>>>/qresearch/620852 Winston Churchill

>>>/qresearch/620791 Edward Bernays

>>>/qresearch/620734 Angela Merkel? >>>/qresearch/621082

Batch 766 Notables

>>>/qresearch/620383 Great Seal

>>>/qresearch/619932 Graph-theoretic Research in Algorithms and the PHenomenology of Social networks (GRAPHS)

>>>/qresearch/620302 Hierarchical Identify Verify Exploit (HIVE)

Batch 763 Notables

>>>/qresearch/617550 900 Names

>>>/qresearch/617557 Maria Anna Schicklgruber

>>>/qresearch/617820 >>>/qresearch/617945 Merkele digs

Batch 761 Notable posts

>>>/qresearch/615993 >Qmap031018.png

>>>/qresearch/616025 >Marina Abramović

>>>/qresearch/616055 >Spirit Cooking > Podesta > Comet Pizza and Ping Pong > Amanda K> Music video > North Korea child sex slave trade

>>>/qresearch/616098 >worthy meme

>>>/qresearch/616143 >Marina Abramović

>>>/qresearch/616148 >moreQmaps.png

>>>/qresearch/616205 >AUSdiggingCF

>>>/qresearch/616209 >Marina Abramović re theartofelysium.org

>>>/qresearch/616281 >William Cooper Predicts Donald Trump/Dr. Carson type for President

>>>/qresearch/616286 >Ace Lyons re islam

>>>/qresearch/616287 >AUS Alexander Downer

>>>/qresearch/616318 >mkultra

>>>/qresearch/616411 >MS-13murders

>>>/qresearch/616422 >Ace Lyons on Obama treason

>>>/qresearch/616478 >mkultra vid

>>>/qresearch/616619 >mebbe AUS,Balfour,more TL;DR

>>>/qresearch/616642 >namefag on mkultra

>>>/qresearch/616662 >special kind o' stupid

Batch 760 Notables

>>>/qresearch/615646 Hollywood pedo dirt at crazydaysandnights.net

>>>/qresearch/616561 Who's adopted?

>>>/qresearch/617102 Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos

Batch 759 Notables

>>>/qresearch/614685 Celebrity adoption list.

Batch 758 Notables

>>>/qresearch/613732 Breakdown of CF Offences

Batch 757 Notables

>>>/qresearch/613419 Modern day slave in Australia

>>>/qresearch/613083 Corruption in Iran: Clerics Plan to Hang Businessmen

>>>/qresearch/613057 pay to play foundations

Batch 756 Notables

>>>/qresearch/612293 Trump just corrected tweet with Xi name spelling changed

>>>/qresearch/612223 John Brennan unqualified to be director of C_A

>>>/qresearch/612643 Xi Xi in mandarin means Thank You

Batch 755 Notables

>>>/qresearch/611999 Checked Official release of Parade Date

>>>/qresearch/611865 From Kenya? POTUS brings enemies together

>>>/qresearch/611846 People using kikebook less

>>>/qresearch/611844 Marchforourlives Staged walkout

>>>/qresearch/611773 Iran having trouble paying its STEEL workers

>>>/qresearch/611727, >>>/qresearch/611855 Australia Iran connection

>>>/qresearch/611699 Lawfag general idea

>>>/qresearch/611668 Dopey removed from Forbes

>>>/qresearch/611630 Snowden, Keystone?

>>>/qresearch/611578 VJ

>>>/qresearch/611496 (short) List of President Trump's accomplishments

Batch 754 Notables

>>>/qresearch/611208 Snowden coming back to US?

>>>/qresearch/611100 UMCJ is drastically different than civilian court

>>>/qresearch/611087 That's the plane Below

>>>/qresearch/611025 Kenya plane from the Middle East

>>>/qresearch/610999 6 Grand Jury Seals.

>>>/qresearch/610975 Kenya Planefag

>>>/qresearch/610843 'SEAL'ed Indictments??

>>>/qresearch/610784 A Good Summary

Batch 753 Notables

>>>/qresearch/610517 This is the corrected version of CIA atrocities. >>>/qresearch/610431

>>>/qresearch/610431 A good rundown of the relationship between CIA, former Presidents and the "elite".

Batch 751 Notables

>>>/qresearch/608465 Boom boat

>>>/qresearch/608398 C_A democrats running for midterms

>>>/qresearch/608456 , >>>/qresearch/608532 more clown democritters stumping

>>>/qresearch/608659 The four booms?

>>>/qresearch/608313 , >>>/qresearch/608396 Theories on stringers

Batch 750 Notables

>>>/qresearch/607530 HK connections

>>>/qresearch/607622 Kobe steel!, MSM obsolete much?

>>>/qresearch/607632 How do you trap a very dangerous animal?

>>>/qresearch/607686 US Accuses Venezuela Oil Company of $2 Bn Money Laundering Scheme

>>>/qresearch/607696 Thoughts on Q posts & Snowden

>>>/qresearch/607821 Snowden theory with links

>>>/qresearch/607844 Rule 6. The Grand Jury

>>>/qresearch/607890 Kenya

Batch 749 Notables

>>>/qresearch/606990 points of interest from the Q pdf drop

>>>/qresearch/607036 Snowden 'promises kept' ?

>>>/qresearch/607042 twitter future back door

>>>/qresearch/607050 thoughts on Obama

>>>/qresearch/606770 why would sealed indictments be outside DC jurisdiction

Batch 748 Notables

>>>/qresearch/605867 Special shout out to Q and the Q team!

>>>/qresearch/606218 Looks like south America is ready for changing

>>>/qresearch/606106 what are the foundations for

>>>/qresearch/606555 Promises, do you believe in coincidences?

Batch 747 Notables

>>>/qresearch/605491 Sandvine

>>>/qresearch/605411 Snowden tweet about Sandvine

>>>/qresearch/605333 , >>>/qresearch/605341 thoughts on the endgame

>>>/qresearch/605202 Brining the RAIN

>>>/qresearch/605523 What allegations did the House Judiciary Committee want investigated?

>>>/qresearch/605664 Snowden's handler in HK

Batch 746 Notables

>>>/qresearch/604412 defusing Iran (BOOM)

>>>/qresearch/604813 Dennis Rodman during Obama, and during Trump

Batch 745 Notables


>>>/qresearch/603728 Missing Billionairs: Saudis disapear from Forbes list

>>>/qresearch/604150 They all have foundations for a reason. (Obama) Stupid!

>>>/qresearch/604172 Threaten to kill Pence, get convicted!

>>>/qresearch/604208 Planefag EU Siterep

>>>/qresearch/604127 FBI Vault also 22 Keeps coming up

>>>/qresearch/604081 Biden staff getting mixed in

>>>/qresearch/603909 Messages to NK

Batch 744 Notables

>>>/qresearch/603345 decoding CIA

>>>/qresearch/603060 Snowden for Switzerland?

>>>/qresearch/603043 DOS twats "Kenya"

>>>/qresearch/602960 More digging on FBI Vault

>>>/qresearch/602840 Oprah sells stock

>>>/qresearch/602827 Planefag Siterep

Batch 743 Notables

>>>/qresearch/602445 Internet Regulation

>>>/qresearch/602329 Snowden MI6??

>>>/qresearch/602063 Twitter changes coming soon

Batch 742 Notables

>>>/qresearch/601474 Snowden family background

>>>/qresearch/601301 How to Red Pill effectively

>>>/qresearch/601120 FBI Tweets to HRC

Batch 740 Notables

>>>/qresearch/600066 Food for Thought

>>>/qresearch/599996 IBOR Ideas

>>>/qresearch/599921 Look at his family

>>>/qresearch/599789 @Jack satanic verses

>>>/qresearch/599714 Why Snowden, replied to by Q

>>>/qresearch/599675 George Soros sell off…


File: bb5e8804de2d585⋯.pdf (1.02 MB, RAWnotablesArchives.pdf)


This is the RAW notables archive. It contains notables collected from breads 740 ~ 2386

It is missing notables collected for breads;

#1 ~ #739

#1269 ~ #1409

#1702 ~ #1704

This is the raw archive and I apologize for the rough form and any garbage included



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This is the RAW notables archive. It contains notables collected from breads 740 ~ 2490

It is missing notables collected for breads;

#1 ~ #739

#1269 ~ #1409

#1702 ~ #1704

#2387 ~ #2396

This is the raw archive and I apologize for the rough form and any garbage included



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This is the RAW notables archive. It contains notables collected from breads 740 ~ 2536

It is missing notables collected for breads;

#1 ~ #739

#1269 ~ #1409

#1702 ~ #1704

This is the raw archive and I apologize for the rough form and any garbage included



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updated 7.31.18


This is the RAW notables archive. It contains notables collected from breads 740 ~ 2992

It also includes archive.fo links for #2628 to 2992

It is missing notables collected for breads;

#1 ~ #739

#1269 ~ #1409

#1702 ~ #1704

This is the raw archive and I apologize for the rough form and any garbage included



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