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a place to practice baking and discuss baking topics

File: 772cf1bbac0ed1e⋯.jpg (128.29 KB, 441x570, 147:190, kekThistle.jpg)


This is the locked archive, post additions here >>323

or here Best Of Bread: https://8ch.net/qresearch/notables.html

#2296 >>>/qresearch/1822339 (POTUS) in Wonderland

>>>/qresearch/1822346 , >>>/qresearch/1822350 , >>>/qresearch/1822361 , >>>/qresearch/1822368 , >>>/qresearch/1822401 More Alice

>>>/qresearch/1822351 If you are here, you are playing the Great Game.

>>>/qresearch/1822353 They were so much closer than you know

>>>/qresearch/1822378 Thanks again billy

>>>/qresearch/1822564 Ever heard of Meme Magick?

#2295 >>>/qresearch/1821693 POTUS among us

>>>/qresearch/1821690 Fake news begets fake news

>>>/qresearch/1821625 Clockwinders needed!

>>>/qresearch/1821906 Feinstein: "Let's make arresting illegals illegal."

>>>/qresearch/1821983 How do you talk like an egyptian?

>>>/qresearch/1822020 These people are sick, what would cause them to be so bold?

>>>/qresearch/1821984 , >>>/qresearch/1822042 Planfaggotry

>>>/qresearch/1822166 Winners only win

#2294 >>>/qresearch/1820810 , >>>/qresearch/1820849 Pope having a terrible June…

>>>/qresearch/1820908 Who else is having a "wonderful day"?

>>>/qresearch/1821123 We may be anon, but we are all known

>>>/qresearch/1821234 Chrissy Teigen knows FE is baloney

>>>/qresearch/1821177 Good Proofs

#2293 >>>/qresearch/1820093, >>>/qresearch/1820557 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1820043, >>>/qresearch/1820102, >>>/qresearch/1820207, >>>/qresearch/1820237 It's Bush in jail?

>>>/qresearch/1820056 OIG day 2 tweet fodder

>>>/qresearch/1820090 Drop connects

>>>/qresearch/1820084, >>>/qresearch/1820097, >>>/qresearch/1820111 @Sam_Levigne ,He's doxxing ICE agents


>>>/qresearch/1820115 Did Hillary Clinton Violate Any of These 6 Criminal Statutes?

>>>/qresearch/1820144 Breaking: Israeli warplanes launch heavy attack over Gaza

>>>/qresearch/1820165 GREAT BLOG – Very Noteworthy: on JPC

>>>/qresearch/1820126 FFS Now Potus is a Monster for leaving UN Human Rights Council

>>>/qresearch/1820129 Colombia: Conservative Defeats Far Leftist in Presidential Election 54% to 42%

>>>/qresearch/1820216, >>>/qresearch/1820524 Schumer says he's not listening to any bills put forth to solve the problem

>>>/qresearch/1820217 Amazon, Microsoft and Google are competing to secure a multi-billion-dollar Department of Defense contract

>>>/qresearch/1820218 COFFEE CHAOS: Starbucks to CLOSE 150 STORES Across the US After ‘BIAS Training’

>>>/qresearch/1820241 US Pulls Out of UN Human Rights Council After Accusing Body of Anti-Israel Bias

>>>/qresearch/1820364 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1820417 Graphic for Q clock post

>>>/qresearch/1820308 Nikki H tweet

>>>/qresearch/1820419 NK preps to return bodies to USA

>>>/qresearch/1820471 Strozk NOT FIRED .

>>>/qresearch/1820477 SS agent caught up in sting

>>>/qresearch/1820280 Did POTUS mention wonderful or wonderful day, I wonder…..

>>>/qresearch/1820221 Q clock links to the Jesuit scum [[[[Pope]]]]

>>>/qresearch/1820587 FLOYUS tweets

>>>/qresearch/1820634 We have reached patent no. 10,000,000

>>>/qresearch/1820640 Interdasting notes from Anon

#2292 >>>/qresearch/1819286 King Felipe VI visits the WH

>>>/qresearch/1819347 All of the "wonderful day" crumbs have to do with ES or Google.

>>>/qresearch/1819252 "This is a REAL photo from GETTY" (Pedo Jackson-Lee), >>>/qresearch/1819287 (related)

>>>/qresearch/1819279 "They fucked up BAD today" (Pedo Jackson-Lee slips up about [RR])

>>>/qresearch/1819280 "The Vicious Unforgiving Video That Proves Hillary Clinton is a Raving Psychopath"

>>>/qresearch/1819367 Did Peter Strzok get walked out of the FBI for tapping POTUS's phone?

>>>/qresearch/1819661 Q post related to the Jackson-Lee ring.

>>>/qresearch/1819684 Police looking for crazy yelling bitch on Capitol Hill:

>>>/qresearch/1819675 Michigan residents receiving unusual envelopes in the mail, police say

>>>/qresearch/1819672 IG doc

>>>/qresearch/1819653 Integrity of the office?

>>>/qresearch/1819652 On 20 June, the European Parliament will vote on the Copyright Directive.

>>>/qresearch/1819642 Q crumbs connects

>>>/qresearch/1819702 New EO

>>>/qresearch/1819704 Criminal referral request from APRIL for HRC, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Strzok and Page.

>>>/qresearch/1819739 Anon speculates on meaning of picture Q posted

>>>/qresearch/1819772 Q Post #1558 DeC

>>>/qresearch/1819633 Q posted Wonderful at 16:01

>>>/qresearch/1819794 Operation "Broken Heart" took 60 child molesters off the street in Houston

>>>/qresearch/1819792 Looks like we have another pair of LOVERS here folks

>>>/qresearch/1819846 Engine Fire plane sauce

>>>/qresearch/1819855 Chinese made household goods, clothing and foodstuff cause cancer .

>>>/qresearch/1819857 #VivaLeResistance from ~2017

>>>/qresearch/1819382 Q clock graphic updated

>>>/qresearch/1819900 Q post at 20:15 guardian of the pope

>>>/qresearch/1819911 Immigrants in Detention Each Day Simply to Meet a Quota

#2291 >>>/qresearch/1818515 US remains coming home from North Korea soon…

>>>/qresearch/1818550 "Could the highly classified Lisa Page tweet "Viva Le Resistance" be about the Los Vegas Shooting."

>>>/qresearch/1818759 Anons detailed theory for GEOTUS in pic., >>>/qresearch/1818776 (related)

>>>/qresearch/1818777 BREAKING: Rep Mark Meadows Unmasks Two Unidentified Trump-Hating FBI Officials Referred For Punishment

>>>/qresearch/1818969 Planefag Notables, >>>/qresearch/1819007

>>>/qresearch/1818922 Momma, momma, we're ALL bakers, now!!!, >>>/qresearch/1818941, >>>/qresearch/1818973

#2290 >>>/qresearch/1817740 Former Israeli minister charged with spying for Iran

>>>/qresearch/1817748 Peter Strzok reportedly escorted out of FBI building., >>>/qresearch/1818002 (sauce)

>>>/qresearch/1817788 "various public forums"

>>>/qresearch/1817892 "If you do a forensic string extraction of the data the First GS you find is….. Gs4Qs&ca"

>>>/qresearch/1817976 Kansas and Nikki Haley announce that the USA is the UN Human Rights Council?

>>>/qresearch/1817982 Moscow to Introduce Import Duties on US Products in Response to Tariffs

>>>/qresearch/1818173 "reread today's crumbs" (John p Carlin?)

>>>/qresearch/1818254 White House official confirms Reuters report that Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin is resigning.

#2289 >>>/qresearch/1817226 Yemen’s Navy Captures French Vessel Laden with Foreign Mercenaries

>>>/qresearch/1817450 "here is a mirrored image of photo"

>>>/qresearch/1817576 CHECK OUT THE EAR SHAPE AGAINST, >>>/qresearch/1817047 PIC

>>>/qresearch/1817642 "I love watching the hive-mind!"


#2287 >>>/qresearch/1815440 JPC Q Proof

>>>/qresearch/1815449 POTUS Iran sanctions set for 2018/08; Europeans butthurt

>>>/qresearch/1815533 Barricaded subject at Omni Hotel in Richmond, VA

>>>/qresearch/1815548 US to withdraw from UN Human Rights Council

>>>/qresearch/1815568 HRC-Walmart connection

>>>/qresearch/1815671 Another JPC Q Proof w/separate Jackson Lee “Congressional Children’s Caucus” info

>>>/qresearch/1815758 blogpost on Walmart detention center speculation

>>>/qresearch/1815938 ; >>>/qresearch/1816039 Planefag Updates

#2286 >>>/qresearch/1814663 ; >>>/qresearch/1814666 ; >>>/qresearch/1814750 ; >>>/qresearch/1814778 ; >>>/qresearch/1815137 More on John P. Carlin, Mueller’s former chief of staff

>>>/qresearch/1814689 Sheila Jackson Lee committees list

>>>/qresearch/1814696 Shooting outside a Walmart in Alabama

>>>/qresearch/1814705 ; >>>/qresearch/1814681 POTUS announces soon to cut aid to countries that encourage illegal immigration to the US

>>>/qresearch/1815123 HRC was never subject of FBI’s investigation into use of HRC’s private email server

>>>/qresearch/1815162 Grassley seeks info on former FBI Director’s use of non-gov’t email accounts

>>>/qresearch/1815174 Planefag Reports continued

>>>/qresearch/1815243 Criminal alien found guilty of killing Kansas mother and 6-day-old infant

#2285 >>>/qresearch/1813902 Video: SJL Saying RR Is Out Friday

>>>/qresearch/1813770 John. P. Carlin Dig

>>>/qresearch/1814028 Amanda Renteria Dig

>>>/qresearch/1814130 IG confirms he is reviewing whether Strzok’s anti-Trump bias impacted launch of Russia probe

>>>/qresearch/1814232 Experts shoot holes in CNN's report on school gun violence

>>>/qresearch/1814276 HRC Charities Dig w/Graphics

>>>/qresearch/1814257 Election final report

>>>/qresearch/1814468 Pepe Trump

#2284 >>>/qresearch/1813179 Matt Gate on “Viva le resistance”

>>>/qresearch/1813499 GermanArchiveAnon Update

>>>/qresearch/1813553 ; >>>/qresearch/1813574 Jim Jordan re: [RR]

>>>/qresearch/1813606 2 of 3 Anti-Trump Agents in IG Report are on Mueller Team

>>>/qresearch/1813575 Juneteenth Proof

>>>/qresearch/1813754 Sheila Jackson Lee Says [RR] Will Be Fired Friday

#2282 >>>/qresearch/1811562 Matea Gold is national political enterprise and investigations editor of WAPO

>>>/qresearch/1811618 Rahm Emanuel's father was a terrorist.

>>>/qresearch/1811621, >>>/qresearch/1811686, >>>/qresearch/1812165 Moar and moar Amanda

>>>/qresearch/1811687, >>>/qresearch/1811744, >>>/qresearch/1812163 Biggy Tweets this morning

>>>/qresearch/1811628 [Commiefornia] lawmakers push diversity through-film-tax-credit

>>>/qresearch/1812122 [HRC] tweet spew

#2281 >>>/qresearch/1811453 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1810867 Q post/ Graphic explaination

>>>/qresearch/1810868, >>>/qresearch/1810876 Andy Cuomo has some problems

>>>/qresearch/1810885, >>>/qresearch/1811045, >>>/qresearch/1810896, >>>/qresearch/1811113, >>>/qresearch/1811233, >>>/qresearch/1811276 Amanda Renteria stuff

>>>/qresearch/1810899, >>>/qresearch/1811011, >>>/qresearch/1811178, >>>/qresearch/1811189, >>>/qresearch/1811268 Drudge tweet on EP+ extra digs

>>>/qresearch/1810921, >>>/qresearch/1810981, Refresh THE MH17, ROTHSCHILD, FREESCALE SUPER CONDUCTOR CONSPIRACY

>>>/qresearch/1810944 Anon speculates on Q drop

>>>/qresearch/1810979 Connecting Man to Popcorn

>>>/qresearch/1810996, >>>/qresearch/1811044, >>>/qresearch/1811080, >>>/qresearch/1811170 IG report day 2 Tweet fodder

>>>/qresearch/1811013 Note on [JC] and connects

>>>/qresearch/1811011, >>>/qresearch/1811155 Theory on Erik Prince: Protecting Kim Jung Un

>>>/qresearch/1811020 Q makes the news

>>>/qresearch/1811046 Multiple meanings - Sky Event

>>>/qresearch/1811049 Federal judge tosses state's voter ID law

>>>/qresearch/1811077 URGENT REQUEST from GMTgraphicsAnon

>>>/qresearch/1811082, >>>/qresearch/1811327 Media focus in border crisis graphic

>>>/qresearch/1811112 Spread the word about the boy in the cage

>>>/qresearch/1811154 Today's Qlock

>>>/qresearch/1811166 [Feinstein] Flaps her flap about border children

>>>/qresearch/1811176 Don't lose sight of this

>>>/qresearch/1811201 Guy name Baird ran Oxccidental Pet

>>>/qresearch/1811203 Nunes Popcorn tweet and info

>>>/qresearch/1811220 Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris.

>>>/qresearch/1811254, >>>/qresearch/1811213 Someone say class action lawsuit +ZTE info

>>>/qresearch/1811302 iPhones get a pass on tarriffs

>>>/qresearch/1811304, >>>/qresearch/1811328 China - Iran connection - TRADE

>>>/qresearch/1811341 Army officially splits with West Point cadet.

>>>/qresearch/1811351 Mini dig on MIA

>>>/qresearch/1811389 Brow boy has a panic attack around 45

>>>/qresearch/1811412 Two dozen Wisconsin National Guard soldiers and airmen are headed to the Mexico border

>>>/qresearch/1811440 Live link Horowitz to testify before the house judiciary committee at 10 am,

>>>/qresearch/1811446 Report: Obama Administration Handed Child Migrants Over to Human Traffickers

>>>/qresearch/1811352, >>>/qresearch/1811473 They control the UK police, and at least the Home Office.

#2280 Literal emergency bake must gater notes and post next bread.

#2279 >>>/qresearch/1809876 On June 30, the World Will See an Alternative Iran

#2278 >>>/qresearch/1809191 Michael Trujillo - Renteria Campaign Manager (Ties to Rob Reiner, HRC)

>>>/qresearch/1809002 Renteria's Run for CA Governor -fundraisers Obama, Biden & Pelosi.

>>>/qresearch/1808835 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1808800, >>>/qresearch/1808998, >>>/qresearch/1809014 Popcorn "Proof of Q"?

>>>/qresearch/1808687 Letter from Grassley to Renteria

#2277 >>>/qresearch/1808176, >>>/qresearch/1808291, >>>/qresearch/1808275 Amanda funded by a big Hillary bundler and Omid's (from Twitter) wife.

>>>/qresearch/1808114 Joe Manchin Used Taxpayer Funds for Travel from L.A. Fundraiser

>>>/qresearch/1807922 Devin Nunes Tweet "Grab the ????" - Q Much, Devin?

>>>/qresearch/1807821 New holes in Loretta Lynch’s story on the Hillary probe

>>>/qresearch/1807743 Kim Jong Un in China For a 2 Day Visit

>>>/qresearch/1807740 Trump Bashing Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz, Facing FBI Corruption Probe

#2276 >>>/qresearch/1807562 IT WAS A SET-UP: Trump Campaign Aide Reveals Mueller Knew More About FBI Informant Than He Did (VIDEO)

>>>/qresearch/1807446 FBI Leaked Classified Flight Plan of AG Loretta Lynch to Set Up Bill Clinton’s Tarmac Ambush

>>>/qresearch/1807414 Chuck Grassley Statement on Hearing Today

>>>/qresearch/1807244 YouTube Blocked Video that Q Linked to Earlier (The Five from Today)

>>>/qresearch/1807275 PDF of Horowitz Testimony Today

>>>/qresearch/1807163 Trumps Approval Rating Highest Since 3/12/17

>>>/qresearch/1807153, >>>/qresearch/1807200 Joshua Adams Schulte Charged with Selling Classified Info To Assange

>>>/qresearch/1807147 Joe Palmer Tweet "Top level Clinton 2016 campaign operative and AG Lynch were in communication with each other in 2016 and exchanging “highly classified” material that not even Horowitz can talk about."

#2275 >>>/qresearch/1806765 James Woods: #ClintonCash

>>>/qresearch/1798472 #QAnon in Barcelona painted over? (bread #2264)

>>>/qresearch/1806585 8 Lawmakers Demand Horwitz Unmask Names of Hidden FBI/DoJ Employees

>>>/qresearch/1806628, >>>/qresearch/1806639 Official dossier of the Democrats on Greenberg: DIG CALL

>>>/qresearch/1806472 Markets Report

>>>/qresearch/1806418 , >>>/qresearch/1806825 Rendel's 'sudden' heart attack and Parkinsons

>>>/qresearch/1806391 Genius redpill method

>>>/qresearch/1806311 Mika Brezizinski spits venom on twatter

>>>/qresearch/1806257 , >>>/qresearch/1806257 WW2 leaders and their bloodlines

>>>/qresearch/1806236 Comey Timeline

>>>/qresearch/1805572 Continuation of lawfag's info on empaneling grand jury

#2274 >>>/qresearch/1805892 Bridge between LL and HRC = Bill Clinton

>>>/qresearch/1805832 NoName: Separating families is 'an affront to the decency of the American people'

>>>/qresearch/1805759 Idea For This Board Was Genius!

>>>/qresearch/1805598 Autists: Re Q drops, we should be digging on:

>>>/qresearch/1805509, >>>/qresearch/1805488 Is NoName Godfather III?

>>>/qresearch/1805448 Joshua Adam Schulte's charges >>>/qresearch/1805628 but has he been targeted?

>>>/qresearch/1805435 Renteria, your 'Grassroots' funding actually came from lobbyists

>>>/qresearch/1805434 Lawfag post about the empaneling of a Grand Jury

#2273 >>>/qresearch/1804646 NEW Map Theory

>>>/qresearch/1804303 , >>>/qresearch/1805105 Rentiera's twatter rant archive

>>>/qresearch/1804650 Weiner HRC / Others - crimes against children. Interview with Greg Bucceroni

>>>/qresearch/1805027 Grand Jury can be empaneled anywhere

>>>/qresearch/1804777 TWITTER CAN BE SUED for wrongly advertising free speech

>>>/qresearch/1804810 Podesta included in tweets from Rentaria

>>>/qresearch/1804726 Comey caught in another lie; knew of Huma and Weiner's marriage 5/3/2017

>>>/qresearch/1804737 New Space Force Graphic

#2272 >>>/qresearch/1804479 Notable Renteria tweet

>>>/qresearch/1804372 Trump was officially nominated at 'The Q' Arena

>>>/qresearch/1804168 Three bridges

>>>/qresearch/1804152 Rocket update

>>>/qresearch/1804150 USAToday, Yahoo & Deadspin report on the Obama speech video

>>>/qresearch/1803888 Amanda Renteria: over 1000 results in the Podesta emails

#2271 >>>/qresearch/1803206, >>>/qresearch/1803662, >>>/qresearch/1803713 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1803184 Earthquake fag report

>>>/qresearch/1803139 Is Elon Musk cooperating with Q team on NK?

>>>/qresearch/1803150 THE EMAIL!

>>>/qresearch/1803156 Former Governor Ed Rendell announces Parkinson's disease diagnosis

>>>/qresearch/1803185 (Prev. notable) Makes this gem in Omnibus more interesting

>>>/qresearch/1803198 Qproofs.com is done!

>>>/qresearch/1803247, >>>/qresearch/1803593 Ted Cruz intervenes

>>>/qresearch/1803258 McCabe tries to Bypass probe

>>>/qresearch/1803336 HERE at the 7 min mark It's Dick Durbin

>>>/qresearch/1803340 Clinton Natl Political Director Amanda Renteria is a Latina "First"

>>>/qresearch/1803350 Another gmail account confirmed

>>>/qresearch/1803353 Clapper interview

>>>/qresearch/1803390 Amanda Renteria claims "Russia" used her identity to spread misinformation during the election.

>>>/qresearch/1803392 LL HRC FBI Senate

>>>/qresearch/1803456, >>>/qresearch/1803526 Renteria LIES LIES LIES

>>>/qresearch/1803480 US says it was Israel not US led coalition who attacked Syrian troops

>>>/qresearch/1803495 [Soros and Spawn] Write article today

>>>/qresearch/1803530 #BREAKING Popular Pittsburgh based rapper Jimmy Wopo wounded in drive by shooting.

>>>/qresearch/1803591 4:55 it's there. Everything we need!

>>>/qresearch/1803673 NETTLE FEED ENTERTAINMENT info

>>>/qresearch/1803674 10 am Horowitz testify at a JC hearing

>>>/qresearch/1803682 fact page Fish v Kobach doc

>>>/qresearch/1803722 FBI Agent, Who Exposed Hillary Clinton's Cover-up, Found Dead

>>>/qresearch/1803737 HOLES IN LYNCH

#2270 >>>/qresearch/1802811, >>>/qresearch/1802945, Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1802470, >>>/qresearch/1802713 Heather Locklear, who is on suicide watch, dated David Spade, brother-in-law of kate spade

>>>/qresearch/1802473 Poland calls for global protest of forced [vaccinations]

>>>/qresearch/1802475 "The Storm" conspiracy theory [rationalwiki]

>>>/qresearch/1802540 Soros planning nationwide protest

>>>/qresearch/1802597 Connections to Podesta/wikileaks


>>>/qresearch/1802663 Further dig on the Boeing X-37

>>>/qresearch/1802727 A hint and a plan .

>>>/qresearch/1802808 Q crumb on Donna Brazile

>>>/qresearch/1802863 Horowitz drove home a specific point today…"The actions of the FBI were NOT based on Political biases."

>>>/qresearch/1802917 Justice Department asks Supreme Court for help with sanctuary cities injunction

>>>/qresearch/1802925 Rapper killed in Miami. [Broward county] Sherrifs office confirms.

>>>/qresearch/1802928 This great video explains the collusion clearly.

#2269 >>>/qresearch/1801640 Food Allergy testing, BigPharma, Merck, and Q referenceing vaccines (related), >>>/qresearch/1801824, >>>/qresearch/1801928

>>>/qresearch/1801721 McCabe invokes 5th amendment

>>>/qresearch/1801822 X37-B returned to earth after 700 day *secret* space mission. (vidya)

>>>/qresearch/1802036 Stay Focused please

>>>/qresearch/1802058 Husseins thoughts on immigration (identical to POTUS)

#2268 >>>/qresearch/1800849 Obama Admin Approved 50,000+ DACA Amnesty Applicants with Criminal Records

>>>/qresearch/1801037, >>>/qresearch/1801019, Define perjury

>>>/qresearch/1801049 Denmark to consider becoming first country to ban circumcision of boys

>>>/qresearch/1801150 Sweden Shooting Fuckary

>>>/qresearch/1800858 McCabe Or Strzok is lying

>>>/qresearch/1801267 James Comey Under INVESTIGATION for Leaking Classified Memos

>>>/qresearch/1801314 federal court ordered a hearing to compel testimony of email practices of HRC

>>>/qresearch/1801298 heather locklear on suicide watch

#2267 >>>/qresearch/1800137 Bin Ladins Driver Arrested in Libya 11yrs after Guantanamo release

>>>/qresearch/1800163 Frmr Arkansas State Sen. Sentenced for Wire/Bank fraud, $ Laundering

>>>/qresearch/1800177 Are you paying attention or are you watching the girl in the white dress?

>>>/qresearch/1800200 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

>>>/qresearch/1800175 muslim mob of 40, murderers man in Lewiston, ME, residents demand justice.

>>>/qresearch/1800198 USSF (US Space Force) Visitor 5/29

>>>/qresearch/1800218 NK to Abandon long-range Artillery Guns

>>>/qresearch/1800255 Trump Supporter Starts A Storm At DeNiro's Broadway Show

>>>/qresearch/1800316 Location of AK_Vols_G7_Sign.png Found = Unimak Island

>>>/qresearch/1800342 POTUS Tweets: "we don't want Euro-style Immigration here"

>>>/qresearch/1800319, >>>/qresearch/1800370 Todays Clock

>>>/qresearch/1800414 Tx Republican Party Officially Endorses Decriminalization of Cannabis

>>>/qresearch/1800424 Largest Facilitator of Child Porn will be Extradited to the US

>>>/qresearch/1800397 James Woods politely Suggests Hearing Focus on HRC in Haiti next

>>>/qresearch/1800700 22 people shot @mass shooting sunday: Media Ignores

#2266 >>>/qresearch/1799286 ; >>>/qresearch/1799302 ; >>>/qresearch/1799321 ; >>>/qresearch/1799336 ; >>>/qresearch/1799387 Planefag Update: The Less Spoopiness Edition

>>>/qresearch/1700284 CO Gov. Hickenlooper signs immigration/child status order - limits state resources

>>>/qresearch/1799296 Sen. Grassley going hard on Twitter

>>>/qresearch/1799308 San Juan, PR, mayor reportedly facing FBI probe

>>>/qresearch/1799344 USSS tweets re: breach of grounds at WH

>>>/qresearch/1799372 POTUS orders Commerce Dept. to create a space junk database

Senate Judiciary Committee: Justice Department OIG Report on Clinton Email Probe

>>>/qresearch/1799473 On Q’s criticism, Occam’s Razor, and reason and logic (commentary)

#2265 >>>/qresearch/1798578 NK and SK agree to joint teams for Asian Games

>>>/qresearch/1798600 Clapper declares Mueller needs to wrap up investigation

>>>/qresearch/1798679 GOOG is training machines to predict when a patient will die

>>>/qresearch/1798716 Devil Hussein graphics

>>>/qresearch/1798762 ; >>>/qresearch/1798804 Twitter can be sued for falsely advertising free speech

>>>/qresearch/1798827 Comey refused to reauthorize wiretapping under Bush Admin

>>>/qresearch/1798829 Shield: a DDoS protection system

>>>/qresearch/1798862 Schiff: “Deeply disturbing” that FBI gave Nunes confidential info on HRC emails (see Q post >>>/qresearch/1798840 )

>>>/qresearch/1798916 ; >>>/qresearch/1798984 Idiot attempts to get into WH, fails

>>>/qresearch/1799051 ; >>>/qresearch/1799110 Grassley demands probe of Comey’s use of private email account

>>>/qresearch/1799142 On Podesta email coverup scheme, self-incrimination, and Q drop

#2264 >>>/qresearch/1797737 Audi boss arrested in diesel probe

>>>/qresearch/1797747 Q Proofs Website up! (https://www.qproofs.com/home.html)

>>>/qresearch/1797763 ; >>>/qresearch/1797767 Regarding Kazakhstan and “future proves past”

>>>/qresearch/1797773 Breaking News 911 twitter suspended

>>>/qresearch/1797790 ; >>>/qresearch/1797798 ; 1797825 On Strzok potentially flipping

>>>/qresearch/1798098 ES in the front row during space speech

>>>/qresearch/1797846 FBI agents threatened physical harm against POTUS

>>>/qresearch/1797905 Judge that jailed Manafort also cleared HRC in Benghazi case

>>>/qresearch/1797956 HRC and Comey both speaking in Dublin on Friday

POTUS announces order to DOD and Pentagon for the formation of a Space Force, a 6th branch of USMIL

>>>/qresearch/1798332 Clock hypothesis on Space Force

>>>/qresearch/1798579 #Qanon in Barcelona update (actual link >>>/qresearch/1798472

#2263 >>>/qresearch/1797430 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1796967 John Cusack accused of inciting violence for ‘burn it down’ tweet during immigration rant

>>>/qresearch/1797031 Bin Laden's journal confirms he is Hussein.

>>>/qresearch/1797051, >>>/qresearch/1797167, >>>/qresearch/1797127 Democrat law requiring families to be separated at the border. [Clintons] involved

>>>/qresearch/1797103, >>>/qresearch/1797335 STRZOK/PAGE texts edited, or fabricated?

>>>/qresearch/1797144 George H.W Bush involoved in SMILES too, in CHINA.

>>>/qresearch/1797139 Iran Water tweet info

>>>/qresearch/1797142 New Iphone OS info

>>>/qresearch/1797152 National Space Council meeting livestream link

>>>/qresearch/1797166 Clapper hopes Mueller will end Russia probe ‘soon’

>>>/qresearch/1797186 Supreme Court rules against Dems

>>>/qresearch/1797200 Today's QClock.

>>>/qresearch/1797221 Army Major General Charles Flynn coming to DC

>>>/qresearch/1797247 FBI lawyer info digs

>>>/qresearch/1797279 Former Israeli minister accused of spying for Iran

>>>/qresearch/1797289 Anon speculates the meaning of Qdrop

>>>/qresearch/1797293 A guide to spygate

>>>/qresearch/1797358 EU Anon alert

>>>/qresearch/1797371 It ALLLL Started In Kazakhstan!!

>>>/qresearch/1797381 Tweet times in PST. 3 min

>>>/qresearch/1797390 WIKILEAKS: Clapper calls it all wrong.

>>>/qresearch/1797391 Updated graphic .Is Strozk a fake ?

>>>/qresearch/1797245 Red Shoes

>>>/qresearch/1797273 Rex says Q is real

>>>/qresearch/1797510 5-15-18 Q Post Future Proves Past

>>>/qresearch/1797542 digging the bookstore sticker from osama's journal led to this facebook page

>>>/qresearch/1796997 UBL/Aabbottabad pics from CIA archives

>>>/qresearch/1797129 "UBL's AK-47" in museum @ CIA HQ

>>>/qresearch/1797396 Authencity of AK-47 questioned

>>>/qresearch/1797568 MUST READ: Mueller’s Bumbling and Hysterical Special Counsel Team Is Getting Pummeled in Cour

>>>/qresearch/1797580 Word spreads about edited video

>>>/qresearch/1797604 19 percent of Republicans indicated they had a favorable view of Kim with 68 percent had an unfavorable view

#2262 >>>/qresearch/1796199 Iran will not stay in nuclear deal if interests not guaranteed

>>>/qresearch/1796247 Iran and EU's unity on nuclear deal takes shape

>>>/qresearch/1796318 snopes-com-is-run-by-an-embezzler-a-former-hookerporn-star-a-dominatrix

>>>/qresearch/1796429 US vs CHINA Trade war is viewed by the Chinese as a war of self-flagallation.

>>>/qresearch/1796514 abbottabad-compound (Osama Bin Laden's compound) (images index >>>/qresearch/1796537)

#2261 >>>/qresearch/1795442 Undermining US Treasury sanctions on Dan Gertler, Glencore opts to pay barred Israeli billionaire

>>>/qresearch/1795446 90 eyewitness cases involving the fireball across Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and France late on June 16

>>>/qresearch/1795741 David Petraeus was a participant at Bilderberg Meeting #66 this year

>>>/qresearch/1795948 Trump Paves Way for a Russia-South Korea Pipeline

>>>/qresearch/1795967 worlds worst sadistisc pedophile sentenced to life (sauce >>>/qresearch/1795975)

>>>/qresearch/1795943 1000 Europeans murdered, maimed since 2014 (sauce >>>/qresearch/1796001)

>>>/qresearch/1796107 if the United States withdraws from the nuclear agreement unilaterally, this agreement will no longer be valid

>>>/qresearch/1796112 Iconix CEO resigns.

#2260 >>>/qresearch/1794710 line of succession at DOJ

>>>/qresearch/1794711 Ezra Cohen-Watnick the man McMaster could't fire

>>>/qresearch/1794806 POYUS meeting with National Space Council today

>>>/qresearch/1794889 J C = John P. Carlin? (several mentions in thread)

>>>/qresearch/1794912 , >>>/qresearch/1795491 John P Carlin = Devin Nunes Frenchie

>>>/qresearch/1795175 John P Calin links mega drop

>>>/qresearch/1794972 phones in use at Bilderberg

>>>/qresearch/1795051 missing 'i' in Q post "Politcal"

>>>/qresearch/1795125 'The Opposition' with Jordan Klepper cancelled

#2259 >>>/qresearch/1794440 Horowitz & Wray Interviewed by Judiciary Committee 2pm Monday 18th

>>>/qresearch/1794066, >>>/qresearch/1794094 Decode of Latenight Father's Day Q-Post

>>>/qresearch/1793859 Ormat Digs

#2258 >>>/qresearch/1793919, >>>/qresearch/1793734 Hey Devin Nunes - TASHINA GAUHAR IS THE FRENCH LAWYER

>>>/qresearch/1793093, >>>/qresearch/1793413, >>>/qresearch/1793437 >>>/qresearch/1793468, >>>/qresearch/1793714 Planefag Updates

#2257 >>>/qresearch/1792850 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1792381 Reminder on June 23

>>>/qresearch/1792444 Obama's Speech to the EU 2014 (Graphic)

>>>/qresearch/1792492 Kazakhstan as hosting for uranium?

#2256 >>>/qresearch/1791549 Great Awakening Volume 38

>>>/qresearch/1791551, >>>/qresearch/1791732, >>>/qresearch/1791848, >>>/qresearch/1791888 Planefag update

>>>/qresearch/1791554 Qpost & Trump tweet side-by-side [1] min delta

>>>/qresearch/1791775 Laura Bush in on the action. These people are so transparent.

>>>/qresearch/1791844 Good LA Times article on Snopes (1997):

>>>/qresearch/1791856 Moar SNL Trump/Q teasing

>>>/qresearch/1792043 Q & POTUS are pointing us to ACCH?

>>>/qresearch/1792128 Qproof on NoName

#2255 >>>/qresearch/1790768, >>>/qresearch/1790782 New POTUS tweet

>>>/qresearch/1790777 Qanon search on Snopes

>>>/qresearch/1790866, >>>/qresearch/1790938 Obama and Antoin "Toni" Rezko

>>>/qresearch/1790888 >>>/qresearch/1790933 Sauce on Snopes being a Soros funded op

>>>/qresearch/1790916 Happy Father's Day side-by-side

>>>/qresearch/1790952, >>>/qresearch/1790996, >>>/qresearch/1791054, >>>/qresearch/1791280 New POTUS tweets

>>>/qresearch/1791237 Qlock for tomorrow, 18 June

>>>/qresearch/1791266 Osaka quake

>>>/qresearch/1791456 Planefag update

#2254 >>>/qresearch/1790203 Kazakhstan as hosting for uranium?

>>>/qresearch/1790229 Qproofs.com Update

>>>/qresearch/1790309 Q "7 delta" post connects with Q June 10 post "start the clock"

>>>/qresearch/1790322 Vidya from Q post downloaded for EU felks

>>>/qresearch/1790572 Anon's wife wants Trump eating popcorn..

>>>/qresearch/1790643, >>>/qresearch/1790674 Planefag update

>>>/qresearch/1790702 Digging on archived article on Hussein

#2253 >>>/qresearch/1789222 Man charged with threatening mass shooting at Disney World

>>>/qresearch/1789233 Kathy Griffin unleashes profanity-laced tirade at Melania Trump: 'F— you, Melanie'

>>>/qresearch/1789282 Obama / Siddiqi and his weapon dealing father / A secret CIA program under Brzesinsky and the history of the AK47 in Pakistan

>>>/qresearch/1789358 We remember our fallen shipmates who were lost one year ago today aboard USS Fitzgerald

>>>/qresearch/1789384, >>>/qresearch/1789586, >>>/qresearch/1789724, >>>/qresearch/1789733 Planefag update

>>>/qresearch/1789386, >>>/qresearch/1789643 Belgium connection to Hussein speech % Uranium

>>>/qresearch/1789400 Peter Strzok to testify side-by-side

>>>/qresearch/1789421 Lee S. addresses Q in new tweet

>>>/qresearch/1789429, >>>/qresearch/1789457 Strzok cooperation

>>>/qresearch/1789471 Quakefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1789475 CA Judge Rules Against Twitter in Right-Wing Banning Case

>>>/qresearch/1789579 A scheduled launch of Russia’s Soyuz rocket with a satellite aboard turned into quite an event in Russia

>>>/qresearch/1789615 (((Suzanne Lachmann))) mad cuz she didn't get the D

>>>/qresearch/1789875 BO update on CSS/themes

#2252 >>>/qresearch/1788408 Operation Ghost Planes

>>>/qresearch/1788434 Anti-circumcision bread

>>>/qresearch/1788345 Houston/Pakistan Connection - Dem CBC Reps Lee & Green districts both heavy Paki interests.

>>>/qresearch/1788420, >>>/qresearch/1788484, >>>/qresearch/1788524 Strzok To Testify Before Congress articles

>>>/qresearch/1788439 Democrat Admits Child Migrant Crisis "Was Kept Very Quiet Under Obama"

>>>/qresearch/1788446, >>>/qresearch/1788540 Podesta - Bridge - Amber Ready Inc.

>>>/qresearch/1788450 Facebook projecting prison camps

>>>/qresearch/1788452 Obama Video Breakdown

>>>/qresearch/1788598 Israel targets rights groups with bill to outlaw filming of soldiers

>>>/qresearch/1788625, >>>/qresearch/1788675 POTUS Schedule Update - Stand United & Strong

>>>/qresearch/1788703 Democratic lawmakers break into NJ immigration detention center, violating privacy of migrant children

>>>/qresearch/1788766 Colorado - 49 Pedophiles Arrested in Nationwide Child Pornography Sting

>>>/qresearch/1788852, >>>/qresearch/1786031 (lb) News paper columnist thoughts on politicians written in 1984!

>>>/qresearch/1788868 Planefag update

>>>/qresearch/1788871, >>>/qresearch/1789092 Digging on KJU's car at the Summit

>>>/qresearch/1788948 Second FBI Informant Tried To Entrap Trump Campaign With $2 Million Offer For Hillary Dirt: Roger Stone

>>>/qresearch/1789078 Archived article on Hussein

#2251 >>>/qresearch/1787975, >>>/qresearch/1788021, >>>/qresearch/1788107, >>>/qresearch/1788148, >>>/qresearch/1788219 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1787642 Hypothesis on IG Report et al

>>>/qresearch/1787640 Elio di Rupo connected?

>>>/qresearch/1787655 US issues list of 47 demands to North Korea

>>>/qresearch/1787650 Piece of footage is filmed with cam from Naughty Beaver YT channel.

>>>/qresearch/1787812 White House Fires Back After MSNBC’s Scarborough Compares Immigration Policy to Nazis

>>>/qresearch/1787813, >>>/qresearch/1787660 Hammer Time

>>>/qresearch/1787782 STFU about the hand now

>>>/qresearch/1787854, >>>/qresearch/1787698 TRANSCRIPT OF SPEECH and notes

>>>/qresearch/1787637 'Under Secretary Otero meets with Mr. Siddiqi, a blogger from Pakistan at the Department of State.'

>>>/qresearch/1787660 A properly prepared point proving Q proof

>>>/qresearch/1787907 Strzok WILLING to testify WITHOUT immunity or the 5th amendment

>>>/qresearch/1788054 Mr. Comey. Getting the Clintons out of hot water since the mid 90s.

>>>/qresearch/1788064 The New York City mayor’s affirmative action plan discriminates

>>>/qresearch/1787784 Truth about (((their))) nature and shill actions


>>>/qresearch/1788196 Q clock stuff

>>>/qresearch/1788228 Qhistory.org the soon to be Qproofs.com

>>>/qresearch/1788249 King and Queen of Belgium digs

#2250 >>>/qresearch/1786997, >>>/qresearch/1787035, >>>/qresearch/1786867, >>>/qresearch/1786940, >>>/qresearch/1786997, >>>/qresearch/1787076, >>>/qresearch/1787173, >>>/qresearch/1787281, >>>/qresearch/1787332, >>>/qresearch/1787436, >>>/qresearch/1787443, >>>/qresearch/1787565 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1786875 Beautiful meme

>>>/qresearch/1786884 Qanon.pub update

>>>/qresearch/1787057 [BHO] The shorter vid was basically summarized version

>>>/qresearch/1787090 The link to the IG report in PDF

>>>/qresearch/1786998 The reason Q posted clip vs. whole video ties to IG report

>>>/qresearch/1787025 Tweet about SUBPOENAS

>>>/qresearch/1787175 France Telecom suicides: Former bosses face trial

>>>/qresearch/1787277 Mueller's Big Hope? A Russian Criminal FBI Informant - Exposed by Caputo and Roger Stone

>>>/qresearch/1787317 As Social Security and Medicare Go Bankrupt, US Gives $10.5 Million a DAY to Israel

>>>/qresearch/1787334 Additional Hussein/Brzezinski connections:

>>>/qresearch/1787337 Trump officials sit down with Big Pharma to negotiate “voluntary” drug price reductions

>>>/qresearch/1787500 Turkey Finishes Massive Wall On Syrian Border, Paid For With EU Funds

>>>/qresearch/1787434 Edited JUST LIKE THE IG REPORT!

>>>/qresearch/1787530 Immigrant Accident

>>>/qresearch/1787537 Anon's explains Q post

>>>/qresearch/1787256 A guy who has given me a lot of reliable whistle blower info on Big Pharma suggest this:

#2249 >>>/qresearch/1786105 Watch the Yemen port

>>>/qresearch/1786107 Merkel Coalition Crisis

>>>/qresearch/1786119 How Obama Works

>>>/qresearch/1786200 Airkeks >>>/qresearch/1786390 Guernsey 2-JBMF, >>>/qresearch/1786401 Guernsey 2-RBTS, >>>/qresearch/1786516, >>>/qresearch/1786426,

>>>/qresearch/1786453, >>>/qresearch/1786550 2-GOLF, >>>/qresearch/1786576, >>>/qresearch/1786657, >>>/qresearch/1786722, >>>/qresearch/1786746, >>>/qresearch/1786767

>>>/qresearch/1786356 Who are these people? >>>/qresearch/1786351 Ex Belgian King King Philippe and his wife , >>>/qresearch/1786365

>>>/qresearch/1786366 By British Law Obama is British.

>>>/qresearch/1786381 Great Meme

>>>/qresearch/1786536 Spain to visit WH this month

>>>/qresearch/1786589 Friendly Reminder

>>>/qresearch/1786596 Deep Dive Into Obama's Past

>>>/qresearch/1786703 Obama's Pakistan Connection

>>>/qresearch/1786727 Obama's Paternal Grandfather

>>>/qresearch/1786799 Best of Bun #2249

#2248 >>>/qresearch/1785352 Airkeks, >>>/qresearch/1786011

>>>/qresearch/1785360 John Legend projects attacks Paul Ryan over Border Protection

>>>/qresearch/1785392 Re: comms email address for NK?

>>>/qresearch/1785555 Oh, Bummer: Oh No He Didn't!

>>>/qresearch/1785620 Vladimir Lefebvre's Algebra of conscience.

>>>/qresearch/1785633 Obama's Full Speech At European Parliament

>>>/qresearch/1785644 Obama's Birth Certificate… But why is he using a dead guy's SSN?, >>>/qresearch/1785675

>>>/qresearch/1785948 Clear Instructions

>>>/qresearch/1786020 Qpost Sunday

>>>/qresearch/1786052 Best Of Bun 2248

#2247 >>>/qresearch/1784605 Obama Timeline in the 80's

>>>/qresearch/1784663 Airkeks, >>>/qresearch/1784736, >>>/qresearch/1784830, >>>/qresearch/1784876, >>>/qresearch/1784883, >>>/qresearch/1785105, >>>/qresearch/1785260

>>>/qresearch/1784965 Schiff pipes up about leaking Feds

>>>/qresearch/1785075 Q Posts Today

>>>/qresearch/1785096 Eric Schmidt's daughter Alice (?) died back in 2017

>>>/qresearch/1785110 Q Proof linking ARM to FC members (A)Biggs/(R)DeSantis/(M)Gaetz

>>>/qresearch/1785243 Best of Bun #2247

#2246 >>>/qresearch/1783811 Airkeks : Collected Notables {SOS} >>>/qresearch/1783824, >>>/qresearch/1783898 {SOS} ; >>>/qresearch/1783835, >>>/qresearch/1783955, >>>/qresearch/1784433

>>>/qresearch/1784224, >>>/qresearch/1784166, >>>/qresearch/1784136, >>>/qresearch/1784085 (Helicopter owned by, >>>/qresearch/1784127), >>>/qresearch/1784264, >>>/qresearch/1784310, >>>/qresearch/1784415

>>>/qresearch/1783948 Another Clearing Up from BO on the CSS Update Matter (We love him so, our BO)

>>>/qresearch/1784005 UK: Courageous UK Patriots Asking the RIGHT Question in Parliament

>>>/qresearch/1784015 HRC Covered up for DynoCorp Pedophile

>>>/qresearch/1784054 GOP will hit FBI, DOJ with 'full arsenal of constitutional weapons' if they don't comply with subpoena, Gowdy warns (Mentioned in Q >>>/qresearch/1784226 )

>>>/qresearch/1784078 "Osama Bin Laden Dead Since 2001" (Benazir Bhutto, Murdered Shortly after making this Revelation)

>>>/qresearch/1784080 Podesta close friend was tied to Huma e-mail research

>>>/qresearch/1784134 Four new Trump RTs

>>>/qresearch/1784202 Is WaPo a Registered Lobbyist?

>>>/qresearch/1784200 New POTUS Tweet

>>>/qresearch/1784283 Anons Discussing Circumcision

>>>/qresearch/1784464 Best Of Bun #2247

#2245 >>>/qresearch/1783060 Missile launch off Pt. Mugu by Chinese subs in 2010 related to launch in WA State

>>>/qresearch/1783067 Phil Boerner graphic (Hussein's cousin/roommate who took the photo)

>>>/qresearch/1783085 , >>>/qresearch/1783113 Sohale Siddiqi without beard, with handlebar moustache

>>>/qresearch/1783088 Artur Davis, the man in the 'Hussein dressed as satan' photo

>>>/qresearch/1783099 John Brennan – The CIA - Zbigniew Brzezinski – Columbia University & Obama

>>>/qresearch/1783119 Clapper is trying to frame Seth Rich as being a Russian operative

>>>/qresearch/1783227 POTUS gave proof of Kim meeting in November on Fox & Friends

>>>/qresearch/1783326 Did Pakistan trade Bin Laden to the US for aid & other cash payments?

>>>/qresearch/1783355 No dive into Hussein's past can be complete w/o a dig into the Geithners

>>>/qresearch/1783378 , >>>/qresearch/1783399 BHO's DOD Gave Sec Clearances to Contractors Charged with Felonies, Inc Pedophilia

>>>/qresearch/1783388 Ann Soetoro and Loretta Fuddy both linked to the Subud cult

>>>/qresearch/1783417 Vali Nasr: Possible IDEN?

>>>/qresearch/1783422 Remote control of devices: New research

>>>/qresearch/1783427 Making Sense of Obama: The Muslimist

>>>/qresearch/1783472 Backwards Religion Practices: Circumcision trauma is severe on the infants mind and brain brain

>>>/qresearch/1783516 Boston Globe suspends columnist accused of embellishing Boston Marathon bombings story

>>>/qresearch/1783560 New DJT Tweet

>>>/qresearch/1783519 Airkeks: Planefag Notables >>>/qresearch/1783549, >>>/qresearch/1783699, >>>/qresearch/1783712

>>>/qresearch/1783692 The Best Of Bun #2245

#2244 >>>/qresearch/1782882 Wayback machine link to a newspaper report on Hussein being Kenyan born

>>>/qresearch/1782864 Hussein is related to Phil Boerner who took the pic of Obama and Mystery Man

>>>/qresearch/1782658 , >>>/qresearch/1782689 Email sent to Senator John Thune re legitimacy of Hussein's presidency

>>>/qresearch/1782416 , >>>/qresearch/1782580 The Travels of Obama (Newfag reminder, Sauce in second post)

>>>/qresearch/1782438 Tom Mboya's Role: Barack Obama,Sr. brought in under his program during JFK

>>>/qresearch/1782452 Germany – Government MP Admits ‘Merkel Could Be Out By Next Week´

>>>/qresearch/1782312 Good leads on finding Hussein's friend

>>>/qresearch/1782528 Was Hussein's picture taken in Pakistan?

>>>/qresearch/1782287 ES wants to keep NK dark? Report

>>>/qresearch/1782254 Human Trafficking Reporting: Gov. Links

>>>/qresearch/1782207 , >>>/qresearch/1782227 , >>>/qresearch/1782243 , >>>/qresearch/1782248 , >>>/qresearch/1782256 BHO Pakistan Connections by time

>>>/qresearch/1782066 , >>>/qresearch/1781859 , >>>/qresearch/1782438 , >>>/qresearch/1782618 Who is BHO, Really?

#2243 >>>/qresearch/1781511 Using Drudge, POTUS/Q dropped another sandwich analysis

>>>/qresearch/1781556 Q Clock

>>>/qresearch/1781560, >>>/qresearch/1781929 Vali Nasr, State Department, could not get a security clearance.

>>>/qresearch/1781675 Phil Boener, Obama couch photo taker and old Obama roommate, was in Obama's Oval Office

>>>/qresearch/1781794 Patrick Fitzgerald, Special Prosecutor for Valerie Plame affair, convicted Scooter Libby

>>>/qresearch/1781859, >>>/qresearch/1782066 Who is Obama, Really? (con't Obama & Friends dig)

>>>/qresearch/1781932 Islam Siddiqui one of Obama's "beautiful lobbyists" also an Ag advisor and Monsanto shill?

>>>/qresearch/1781954, >>>/qresearch/1781878, >>>/qresearch/1781911 Tippy Top of the iceberg discussion

>>>/qresearch/1782057 Watch the water theory

>>>/qresearch/1782129 #2243

#2242 >>>/qresearch/1780715 Vali Nasr was Obama's couch buddy, or not enough connection?

>>>/qresearch/1780735 Donald Young, Larry Bland, and Nate Spencer, Obama buddies, all killed execution style.

>>>/qresearch/1780777 Third Man Accused of Child Marriage in Utah Sex Cult

>>>/qresearch/1780842 Kellyanne says tippy top after board request.

>>>/qresearch/1781358 #2242

>>>/qresearch/1780725 IRC and Clinton Foundation dig graphic

#2241 >>>/qresearch/1780032, >>>/qresearch/1780111 Kellyanne Answers the Call

>>>/qresearch/1780307 FBI Review of Weiner Laptop Emails

>>>/qresearch/1780219, >>>/qresearch/1780440 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1780235 Vali Nasr? Too Tall…

>>>/qresearch/1780307 FBI Review of Weiner Laptop Emails

>>>/qresearch/1780219, >>>/qresearch/1780440 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1780057 Possible 2nd NYPD Officer from Previous Crumbs

#2240 >>>/qresearch/1779969 ES Makes Trip to North Korea

>>>/qresearch/1779653 Judge Who Jailed Manafort also Let Clinton Off in Benghazi Case

>>>/qresearch/1779259 Kellyanne Says "Tippy Top" on Judge Jeannine's Show Twice

>>>/qresearch/1779333 Obama Pal Does Business with Saddam's Nuke Scientist

>>>/qresearch/1779319, >>>/qresearch/1779575 Planefag Updates

#2239 >>>/qresearch/1779045 Catholic Church collects $1.6 billion in U.S. contracts, grants since 2012

>>>/qresearch/1778735 , >>>/qresearch/1778757 DOJ Assistant Attorney Peter Kadzik Outed as Mole for HRC Campaign

>>>/qresearch/1778463 Sofa boi's name, nickname and name given in play

>>>/qresearch/1778455 Weinstein statue appears in HW ahead of Oscars

#2238 >>>/qresearch/1778211 Cap for anyone questioning the latest Q posts without trip

>>>/qresearch/1778094 Why did ES (himself) arrange a C-link in multiple countries? DIG

>>>/qresearch/1778022 Weinstein Update: Ashley Judd sues saying he wrecked her career

>>>/qresearch/1778008 WL email: HRC discusses ES trip to NK

>>>/qresearch/1777988 The highest paid CEO's sorted by state

>>>/qresearch/1777953 Hussein's college years: article

>>>/qresearch/1777809 Anon's notebook of the juciest notables, posts, links and more

>>>/qresearch/1777777 ES, NK, GOOG crumbs: Digits say DIG

#2237 >>>/qresearch/1777339 , >>>/qresearch/1777492 Mohammed Hasan Chandoo dig

>>>/qresearch/1777481 Sign the #IGReport #Unredacted petition if you haven't already

>>>/qresearch/1777421 , >>>/qresearch/1777462 Is the Hussein photo shopped?

>>>/qresearch/1777433 Sometimes we are…

>>>/qresearch/1777219 4am Talking Points: Seth Rich worked for the Russians

>>>/qresearch/1777199 The Hillary campaign's secret party for key reporters

>>>/qresearch/1777176 Richard Verma talking about counter terrorism in India

>>>/qresearch/1776884 Photoanalysis assist: Ear ID is better than fingerprints

#2236 >>>/qresearch/1776696 Hussein's Stay in Pakistan

>>>/qresearch/1776453 Trump to Nominate Budget Official as Next Consumer Bureau Chief - Kathy Kraninger

>>>/qresearch/1776305 GermanArchiveAnon Update

>>>/qresearch/1776253 Watch the Water Theory, Needs More Digging

>>>/qresearch/1776612, >>>/qresearch/1776571, >>>/qresearch/1776213, >>>/qresearch/1776361, >>>/qresearch/1776369, >>>/qresearch/1776385, >>>/qresearch/1776430, >>>/qresearch/1776461, >>>/qresearch/1776495, >>>/qresearch/1776518 Planefag Updates

#2235 >>>/qresearch/1775605 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1775407 Mystery MissileTheory

#2234 >>>/qresearch/1774923, >>>/qresearch/1774933, >>>/qresearch/1774950, >>>/qresearch/1774959, >>>/qresearch/1774963 Recommended reading for US Patriots. Q-style socratic dialog with a point.

>>>/qresearch/1774930 History of the Cabal (AKA Rothschilds) Hold on America Through Money (AKA Banking)

>>>/qresearch/1774673, >>>/qresearch/1774705, >>>/qresearch/1774760, >>>/qresearch/1774768, Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1774604 Kirsten Gillibrand / HRC / NXIVM connections

>>>/qresearch/1774517 Dig on Obummer, Early 1980's >>>/qresearch/1775162, >>>/qresearch/1775205

#2233 >>>/qresearch/1774228 New Creepy Comey Tweet, "Plants need water" realted?

>>>/qresearch/1774109, >>>/qresearch/1774109, >>>/qresearch/1774279, >>>/qresearch/174305, >>>/qresearch/1774306, >>>/qresearch/1774313, >>>/qresearch/1774386 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1773791 Reviving Q crumbs and analysis

>>>/qresearch/1773792 Nike won’t supply Iran with soccer boots at World Cup amid sanctions

>>>/qresearch/1773795, >>>/qresearch/1773947, >>>/qresearch/1774052 IDEN Sohale Siddiqi?

>>>/qresearch/1773799 Mistakes in Q post

>>>/qresearch/1774103 Every day at 5:23…

>>>/qresearch/1774002 Day 0?

>>>/qresearch/1774106 BIG Pharma Dig ties to Pakistan and has THAT Logo.

>>>/qresearch/1774178 Ex Cult Gillbrand and Tillis of NC offering a watered down bill which misses the mark on sexual abuse of children in the military.

#2232 >>>/qresearch/1773037, >>>/qresearch/1773177, >>>/qresearch/1773334, >>>/qresearch/1773358, >>>/qresearch/1773381 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1773000 Jared Taylor sued Twitter for banning his account

>>>/qresearch/1773085 The Beginining

>>>/qresearch/1773094 IG report proofs of "convicting themselves" with their unsecure comms

>>>/qresearch/1773036, >>>/qresearch/1773101, >>>/qresearch/1773585 Q proofs for Newfags

>>>/qresearch/1773141 Two dead in small plane crash crash Cali. No ID's

>>>/qresearch/1773156, >>>/qresearch/1773616 Hag Merkle could be ousted by end of week .

>>>/qresearch/1773178 Netflix's politics under fresh scrutiny after exclusive deal with Obamas

>>>/qresearch/1773155 How to Red-pill Anti-trumpers with 9/11

>>>/qresearch/1773218 Future Proves Past

>>>/qresearch/1773274 pages 520-540 of modified redacted OIG report

>>>/qresearch/1773277, >>>/qresearch/1773312, >>>/qresearch/1773368, >>>/qresearch/1773488 Chicago Says Elon Musk’s Boring Company to Build High-Speed Link to O’Hare

>>>/qresearch/1773320 Sohale Hal Saddiqi LinkedIn

>>>/qresearch/1773364 FBI Left Hillary Friend’s Devices Alone, Feared Too Many Crimes Would Be Found

>>>/qresearch/1773369 A Scholastic children’s book focused on President Trump is angering liberal parents

>>>/qresearch/1773390 Strzok forwarded from his FBI account to his personal email account

>>>/qresearch/1773444 p. 526 of the PDF, p. 497 of the OIG modified report begins the Conclusions

>>>/qresearch/1773570 Crumbs in depth Anon connects

>>>/qresearch/1773581 October 16, 2017 Mayor Emanuel and Governor Rauner Announce

>>>/qresearch/1773646 Anon connects

#2231 >>>/qresearch/1772222 The Three Stages Of A Thunderstorm (pro-tip: you are in one)

>>>/qresearch/1772228 Red Pill Synopsis

>>>/qresearch/1772250 Best Korea has largest known deposits of REE Rare Earth Elements

>>>/qresearch/1772311 Debunked: Viral image of crying, caged toddler ‘detained by ICE’ not what it seems

>>>/qresearch/1772454 Thread on Rezko, obummer, VJ, Clintons, Auchi, Saddam Hussein, Blago.

>>>/qresearch/1772473 Obama Pakistani Roommate Hasan Chandoo, >>>/qresearch/1772479 Where did he serve in State Dpt during BO admin?

>>>/qresearch/1772489 Rand Paul was nearly murdered and guy gets 30 days? What's happening here?

>>>/qresearch/1772519 Bilderberg Insider

>>>/qresearch/1772699 Light vs Dark Wizards

>>>/qresearch/1772714 y heads in ireland/UK/EU for summer solstice

>>>/qresearch/1772773 Government Structure (Graph)

>>>/qresearch/1772872 Obama Center Tax Theft

>>>/qresearch/1772946 The "Best Of" Bun #2231

#2230 >>>/qresearch/1771467 Glencore connected to CF Foundation

>>>/qresearch/1771476 Glencore connected to Comey

>>>/qresearch/1771479 Always A Good Idea To Reread Crumbs

>>>/qresearch/1771500 Beaver Dam

>>>/qresearch/1771513 Dan Gertler (44) Has Amassed Diamond Riches In Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) → DIG ; >>>/qresearch/1771547

>>>/qresearch/1771515 Planned Parenthood stepping in to donate to Dem. gov. Wolfe of PA for re-election

>>>/qresearch/1771611 Scotland's famous Glasgow School of Art devastated by fire, four years after another blaze

>>>/qresearch/1771626 Sohala Saqqali PBS Interview (2012). Where is he now?

>>>/qresearch/1771665 Clinton Pardoned Glencore's Rich,>>>/qresearch/1771733 {sauce}

>>>/qresearch/1771673 POTUS Tweets: Change Come November

>>>/qresearch/1771675 The Mandala Effect: Rewriting History

>>>/qresearch/1771685 New, Supporting POTUS tweet. >>>/qresearch/1771702, >>>/qresearch/1771726

>>>/qresearch/1771699 Follow The Wives: Tipper Gore

>>>/qresearch/1771708 Cogent Strategies (New Podesta Group)

>>>/qresearch/1771762 Collected Planefag Notables, >>>/qresearch/1772112, >>>/qresearch/1771779

>>>/qresearch/1771885 A Call To Arms

>>>/qresearch/1771922 Why is Bareback Hussein Obama using Harrison Bounel's (Deceased 11/2009) SSN?

>>>/qresearch/1771951 POTUS Tweet + Corrections, >>>/qresearch/1771983 + Delta's >>>/qresearch/1772001, >>>/qresearch/1772148

>>>/qresearch/1772159 Gen Flynn Banner Updated

>>>/qresearch/1772181 @2230

#2229 >>>/qresearch/1770751 FOLLOW Huma: Huma's brother Hassan Abedin

>>>/qresearch/1770768 Obama Prayer Leader Linked to Hamas Group, >>>/qresearch/1770938 "Dr" Ingrid Mattson's network

>>>/qresearch/1770796 Rereading: RSVP list to a private HRC campaign event.

>>>/qresearch/1770832 Re: Obama's Birth Certificate, >>>/qresearch/1770879

>>>/qresearch/1770839 Petition Update: Momentum Glory

>>>/qresearch/1770953 Cargotec - More connections Kalmar in the "Club-K Container Missile System 2013

>>>/qresearch/1771013 Talk about Hussein is leading into his connections to the MB on a public stage?

>>>/qresearch/1771035 Suspicious Deaths Associated with Obama

>>>/qresearch/1771069 Pakistan's Dirty Open Secret: Child Sex Abuse in the Workplace

>>>/qresearch/1771074 Attack Will Only Intensify: Sylvester Stallone Accused Of 28-Year-Old Sex Crime, Days After Appearing With Trump

>>>/qresearch/1771115 Obama's Pakistani Friends >>>/qresearch/1771118, >>>/qresearch/1771119

>>>/qresearch/1771177 Phil Boerner is credited for the picture of Obama and Sohale Siddiqi

>>>/qresearch/1771153 Breaking Cognitive Dissonance (collected crumbs)

>>>/qresearch/1771254 Damning HUD report

>>>/qresearch/1771337 E-mail outlining HRC's/DNC campaign

>>>/qresearch/1771371 Airkeks: Planefag Notables

>>>/qresearch/1771389 More Sanctions tied to EO signed 12-21-17

>>>/qresearch/1771397 London Glencore testing the US

#2228 >>>/qresearch/1769936, >>>/qresearch/1770416 Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated Obama admin

>>>/qresearch/1770014 CSIS Director Michael Coulombe to step down after 30 years

>>>/qresearch/1770235 Charles Ortel. He's a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Clinton crimes, absolutely peerless.

>>>/qresearch/1770478 #2229

#2227 >>>/qresearch/1769199 Ambassador P Michael McKinley

>>>/qresearch/1769201 Ambassador Richard Verma

>>>/qresearch/1769268 Redpill technique, how to get people thinking

>>>/qresearch/1769323 Crumb answer: RAW, India's External Intelligence Agency

>>>/qresearch/1769472 Answers to Q post

>>>/qresearch/1769473 CSV list of colluding journalists for easy import

>>>/qresearch/1769681 Taqiyya meaning

#2226 >>>/qresearch/1768318 Melania secret New York trip 13 June

>>>/qresearch/1768551 Obama Friend–Habid Wahid–Iraq–NK–CEMEX–Gulftainer–PepsiCo–Balls

>>>/qresearch/1768464 Jack Lew, Abraaj Group, Gulftainer

>>>/qresearch/1768605, >>>/qresearch/1768829 Wahid Hamid, Abraaj Group

>>>/qresearch/1769002 #2226

#2225 >>>/qresearch/1767538 +++

>>>/qresearch/1767609 Bears repeating, its fucking everywhere anons

>>>/qresearch/1767699 , >>>/qresearch/1767736 How does one join 'the family'?

>>>/qresearch/1767758 Richard Verma BO Butt Buddy

>>>/qresearch/1767506 , >>>/qresearch/1767510 Round Em Up!!!

>>>/qresearch/1767660 Where should we have our first klan rally?

>>>/qresearch/1767848 , >>>/qresearch/1767882 Phil Boerner, the third wheel

>>>/qresearch/1768090 They 'love' kids

>>>/qresearch/1768191 the 'enlightened' ones

#2224 >>>/qresearch/1766734 , >>>/qresearch/1766773 Queen Soteo killin folks

>>>/qresearch/1766778 Article about Imran Awan

>>>/qresearch/1766945 Pakistan Outs CIA Station Chief in Islamabad

>>>/qresearch/1767018 +++

>>>/qresearch/1767043 Queen of Vienna Sausages

>>>/qresearch/1767044 Not looking good Obummer

>>>/qresearch/1767056 Mama Podesta dig

>>>/qresearch/1767068 , >>>/qresearch/1767113 Love at first grade

>>>/qresearch/1767073 ICE Deep Cleans Sanctuary Los Angeles - 162 Illegal Aliens Swept From California

>>>/qresearch/1767172 more pics

>>>/qresearch/1766959 The Bridge

>>>/qresearch/1767330 Pasadena Apartment Plaque

#2223 >>>/qresearch/1766174 BO and friend sans moustache

>>>/qresearch/1766196 Queen Soteo

>>>/qresearch/1766214 More Child Exploitation References

>>>/qresearch/1766322 , >>>/qresearch/1765980 Obongos Roomate

>>>/qresearch/1766432 Happy Friday

>>>/qresearch/1765969 , >>>/qresearch/1766140 , >>>/qresearch/1766326 A swing and a miss is better than no swing at all

>>>/qresearch/1766333 Perfect match!

#2222 >>>/qresearch/1765357 , >>>/qresearch/1765763 , >>>/qresearch/1765796 Crimes against children in IG Report

>>>/qresearch/1765411 , >>>/qresearch/1765444 , >>>/qresearch/1765534 "Sal Maqbool" or "Salim Maqbool"

>>>/qresearch/1765587 More SOHALE SIDDIQI

>>>/qresearch/1765185 Assorted Pakistan Crumbs

>>>/qresearch/1765208 Obama's Mysterious 3 Weeks in Pakistan

>>>/qresearch/1765257 John Brennan – The CIA -Zbigniew Brzezinski – Columbia University and Obama; >>>/qresearch/1765267

>>>/qresearch/1765593 All in 'the family'

>>>/qresearch/1765254 , >>>/qresearch/1765744 They think it is cool

>>>/qresearch/1765406 God Tier QProofs

#2221 >>>/qresearch/1764409 Very deep dig on Strzok

>>>/qresearch/1764436 Follow The Wives: Wendy Schmidt (ES spouse)

>>>/qresearch/1764489 Catholic Church child sex abuse case coming

>>>/qresearch/1764644 Sohale Siddiqi (Re: Have you IDEN other person?), >>>/qresearch/1765059

>>>/qresearch/1764995 Sohale Siddiqi fictionalized as Sal Maqbool in Obama's Autobiography

>>>/qresearch/1765058 Critical to note about Obama’s and Siddiqui’s relationship (Sauce on Report?)

#2220 >>>/qresearch/1763665 North Korea started sending Soldier's remains home.

>>>/qresearch/1763707 Horowitz & Wrey to attend Senate hearing

>>>/qresearch/1763736 On A Roadtrip with Flynn

>>>/qresearch/1763794 Q Proof Graphic 6/15/2017

>>>/qresearch/1763847 Q Proof. 5:5

>>>/qresearch/1763968 Twitter's Official Position: "We can ban anyone for any reason, whatsoever"

>>>/qresearch/1764067 Bike rack at Googolplex dedicated to Seth Rich

>>>/qresearch/1764204 Assorted Q-Proofs

#2219 >>>/qresearch/1762862 POTUS Tweet: G7

>>>/qresearch/1763036 Victoria Nuland, former Obama linked to Anti-Trump dossier, to testify before Congress

>>>/qresearch/1763059 Google updates ‘Ad Settings’ to allow users to turn off targeting signals

>>>/qresearch/1763194 POTUS tweets: Juncker & Tusk (Morning Strolls?)

#2218 >>/qresearch/1762097 Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos & sued for massive fraud at the company, Resigns, >>>/qresearch/1762379

>>>/qresearch/1762098 Re: Symbolism Is Their Downfall

>>>/qresearch/1762104 Dutch King Meets Lithuanian President & Drops Off Troops

>>>/qresearch/1762112 France Fenches of Eiffel Tower

>>>/qresearch/1762313 Senators Demand Answers From Amazon on Echo's Snooping Habit

>>>/qresearch/1762334 Meanwhile in Yemen

>>>/qresearch/1762493 Child Sex Abuse Inquiry: You Have A Voice - Annamarie Hope Cope - Nottingham Roars

>>>/qresearch/1762585 Peter Strzok denies throwing 'cocktail party' for judge on surveillance court

>>>/qresearch/1762622 Just for Keks

>>>/qresearch/1762646 New POTUS Tweet

>>>/qresearch/1762694 DJT: ‘Unfair’ for Paul Manafort to Go to Prison When Hillary Clinton Is Free

#2217>>>/qresearch/1761342 Barry's Headdress for the Illuminati Party, >>>/qresearch/1761290, >>>/qresearch/1761476, >>>/qrese

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Batch 979 Notables

>>>/qresearch/789150 VOICE OF GOD technology

>>>/qresearch/789256 This weapon has been used alot in middle East.

>>>/qresearch/789240 , >>788032 >Text of letter from Trump to House and Senate.

Batch 978 Notables

>>>/qresearch/788053 US Army nominee for NSA Dir

>>>/qresearch/788032 DJT letter to House and Senate

>>>/qresearch/788033 Mexican police find bodies of 15

>>>/qresearch/788244 DOJ letter on US v Microsoft

>>>/qresearch/788589 Building a wall in the dark

>>>/qresearch/788601 Psych expert: Tech Giants have Too Much Power

>>>/qresearch/788553 S Clifford/Daniels Arrest record

>>>/qresearch/787442 Border wall map plan for Texas

Batch 977 Notables

>>>/qresearch/787238 DJT twat from 2014

>>>/qresearch/787339 Software company execs plead guilty of employment tax fraud

>>>/qresearch/787355 Former Live Oak police sgt sentenced to 120yrs

>>>/qresearch/787404 Nunes on NBC fake news

>>>/qresearch/787329 Border wall map plan for Sth Texas

>>>/qresearch/787444 CF 2015 Tax exempt Form 990

>>>/qresearch/787537 Iran on Bolton appointment

>>>/qresearch/787598 spending da money

>>>/qresearch/787601 MKultra research

>>>/qresearch/787613 cabal influence creeping into every aspect of society.

>>>/qresearch/787116 , >>>/qresearch/787130 Order of the Golden Fleece tie with the myth of the Golden Fleece.

Batch 976 Notables

>>>/qresearch/786437 Q photo perhaps OI?

>>>/qresearch/786489 B Podesta 'Center for missing children'

>>>/qresearch/786490 Comey and gang 1

>>>/qresearch/786495 Comey and gang 2

>>>/qresearch/786498 Comey and gang 3

>>>/qresearch/786502 Baron Trump Omnibus

>>>/qresearch/786519 Sth Korea ferry crash

>>>/qresearch/786580 More Salisbury on Omnibus

>>>/qresearch/786615 "So much bravery around the world"

>>>/qresearch/786667 "Build WALL through M"

>>>/qresearch/786747 Gitmo contract award card

>>>/qresearch/786979 Dems depart for Israel trip

>>>/qresearch/786997 Mary Vetsera

>>>/qresearch/786770 Bloodline research 1

>>>/qresearch/786923 Bloodline research 2

>>>/qresearch/786973 Bloodline research 3

>>>/qresearch/786984 Bloodline research 4

>>>/qresearch/786997 Bloodline research 5

>>>/qresearch/787116 Bloodline research 6

>>>/qresearch/787130 Bloodline research 7

Batch 975 Notables

>>>/qresearch/785686 Constitution homework

>>>/qresearch/785700 Lincoln & Martial Law

>>>/qresearch/785718 Omnibus stops in Iran

>>>/qresearch/785730 The Obama tour

>>>/qresearch/785747 Obama/NK Q posts

>>>/qresearch/786092 Building the wall in the dark theory

>>>/qresearch/786141 Omnibus - IG Seach $

Batch 974 Notables

>>>/qresearch/785115 Bolton's order of business

>>>/qresearch/785277 John Salisbury on Omnibus

>>>/qresearch/785400 How to play the ANON game

>>>/qresearch/785461 .RVID

Batch 972 Notables

>>>/qresearch/783792 HJC Investigations

>>>/qresearch/783825 Adrenochrome is a chemical

>>>/qresearch/783901 DOJ funds Progressives

Batch 971 Notables

>>>/qresearch/782886 FBIAnon's posts in graphic, July 2016

>>>/qresearch/782751 CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees Appointed By Donald Trump

>>>/qresearch/782153 , >>>/qresearch/782219 , >>>/qresearch/782238 , We Are With You: Deltas?

Batch 968 Notables

>>>/qresearch/780248 More Black Pop Redpills

Batch 967 Notables

>>>/qresearch/778395 Black Pop Red Pill Sources

Batch 965 Notables

>>>/qresearch/778346 Bank Seizure in Maltese

Batch 964 Notables

>>>/qresearch/778133 Congressman Indictment-Obstruction

>>>/qresearch/777338 Hotwheels gets a Q

>>>/qresearch/776617 Description of and Onminbus

Batch 962 Notables

>>>/qresearch/775520 Trump gets tough with Palestine

Batch 961 Notables

>>>/qresearch/775218 Obama meets with Turnbull in AUS

>>>/qresearch/774751 N & S Korea High Level Talks this coming Thursday

>>>/qresearch/775188 Member Votes on Omnibus

Batch 959 Notables

>>>/qresearch/773862 Press Release on Trans Troops

Batch 958 Notables

>>>/qresearch/773092 Andrew McCabe OpEd

>>>/qresearch/772410 , >>>/qresearch/772414 pages 400-500

Batch 957 Notables

>>>/qresearch/772200 BETTER TEXT and 2232 page Spending Bil

>>>/qresearch/771710 It's not a Budget it's an Omnibus: >>771915

>>>/qresearch/771731 assignments and early summaries

>>>/qresearch/772303 pgs 1896-1904 STOP School Violence Act summary

>>>/qresearch/771786 pages 1300-1400.

>>>/qresearch/771992 , >>771291 , >>772386 pages 1200 -1300

>>>/qresearch/771750 pages 800-900

>>>/qresearch/771783 Pg 800-850 Continued

>>>/qresearch/771851 Pg. 800-900 Continued >>772115

>>>/qresearch/771753 PAGES 600-700

>>>/qresearch/772064 pages 600-700

>>>/qresearch/771929 Omnibus reads from Bread #956

>>>/qresearch/772182 OmniBomb graphic

Batch 956 Notables

>>>/qresearch/771590 report on pages 1400-1500

>>>/qresearch/770917 Link to the correct PDF…all 2149 pages

Batch 955 Notables

>>>/qresearch/770917 PDF of Omnibus Bill www.congress.gov/115/bills/hr1625/BILLS-115hr1625eah.pdf

>>>/qresearch/770422 Omnibus red-pill campaign

Batch 954 Notables

>>>/qresearch/769799 …this traces back to the global banks…

>>>/qresearch/769656 Trump is picking his fights.

>>>/qresearch/769563 The spending bill was a bluff by the democrats.

>>>/qresearch/769403 Bill is a go sign.

>>>/qresearch/769672 Omni BOMBS

>>>/qresearch/769721 |||

>>>/qresearch/769760 |||

>>>/qresearch/769794 |||

>>>/qresearch/769817 |||

>>>/qresearch/769830 |||

>>>/qresearch/769843 |||

>>>/qresearch/769857 |||

>>>/qresearch/769981 \\ //

>>>/qresearch/769916 \\ \ / //

>>>/qresearch/769999 \ \ \/ / /

>>>/qresearch/770038 \/\/\/\/\/\/

Batch 953 Notables

>>>/qresearch/769105 It's gonna be a fun ride fam…

Batch 951 Notables

>>>/qresearch/767154 urgent need to end the war in Yemen and contain Iran

Batch 950 Notables

>>>/qresearch/766244 Iranian Indictment

>>>/qresearch/766905 EU cozies up to Iran to save Iran Nuke Deal

>>>/qresearch/766900 War Room Message

Batch 947 Notables

>>>/qresearch/764011 Adrian Lamo / Kevin Poulsen

>>>/qresearch/764013 Abel Danger on Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell) (JonBenet Ramsey)

>>>/qresearch/764062 GATErs gona GATE. Ioff Target? ORION target?

>>>/qresearch/764067 Deception and Slide Clown tactics - ANONS Observe.

>>>/qresearch/764073 Joogle Pilpul

>>>/qresearch/764093 Rizvi be CLOWNIN' (unrolled must read; YT Vid = Branson + Island Temple)

>>>/qresearch/764108 Notables from #945 & #946 recorded in >>>/qresearch/>/villageidiots/126

>>>/qresearch/764123 Election Infrastructure in Martial Law

>>>/qresearch/764126 Big Friday ahead of us anons.

>>>/qresearch/764149 New Rules announcement as per Board Owner (BO)

>>>/qresearch/764163 Baker repeat of BO New Rules announcement

>>>/qresearch/764174 BO will still edit posts upon request or to ridicule shills in New Rules

>>>/qresearch/764196 HR 1865,"FOSTA" passed, Craigslist Personals taken down for self-preservation. (Prolly due to all the human trafficking)

>>>/qresearch/764200 doj-admits-they-have-a-grand-jury-empaneled-in-fbi-and-doj-investigation

>>>/qresearch/764391 FBI Heavyweight Slays McCabe Deep State FBI

>>>/qresearch/764393 Assange SlayUK Gov. over Dossier Connection

>>>/qresearch/764400 Anon speaks for us all with GratiQude. <<Patriot over here.

>>>/qresearch/764442 @Thomas1774Paine Warns LV Drops, possible Arkancide.

>>>/qresearch/764445 Browtard County Teachers/Students to storm the WH

Batch 945 & 946 Notables

>>>/villageidiots/124 945 expanded notables

>>>/villageidiots/126 945 & 946 expanded notables

Batch 944 Notables

>>>/qresearch/761934 Numbered Brackets>Wikipedia Theory (Please Read)

>>>/qresearch/761516 Rockefeller>Iran Deal part 1

>>>/qresearch/761516 Rockefeller>Iran Deal part 2

>>>/qresearch/761711 Iran Project>Rockefellers part 1

>>>/qresearch/761724 Iran Project>Rockefellers part 2

>>>/villageidiots/123 944 expanded notables

Batch 943 Notables

>>>/villageidiots/119 943 expanded notables

Batch 942 Notables

>>>/qresearch/760408 John Bolton Confirmation Hearing

>>>/villageidiots/117 942 expanded notables

Batch 940 Notables

>>>/qresearch/758773 War Room Message

>>>/qresearch/759913 Important Info dump from JA

Batch 938 Notables

>>>/qresearch/756915 MBS meets with Mattis

>>>/qresearch/757023 Tl;dr version of CIA doc Q posted (Corrected link:www.cia.gov/open/Family%20Jewels.pdf)

Batch 937 Notables

>>>/qresearch/755109 More Resignations

>>>/qresearch/754997 More Resignations

>>>/qresearch/756338 May, Macron, & Merkel Crisis Meeting today (Thurs)

Batch 936 Notables

>>>/qresearch/755212 Russia Report Findings

Batch 934 Notables


>>>/qresearch/753855 Q QR Codes

>>>/qresearch/754018 CFR Members Initials RT

Batch 933 Notables

>>>/qresearch/753691 POTUS Tweets Missing Letters

>>>/qresearch/753015 McCabe News 1

>>>/qresearch/753022 McCabe News 2

>>>/qresearch/753027 McCabe News 3

>>>/qresearch/753029 McCabe News 4

Batch 932 Notables

>>>/qresearch/752776 Obama Election Rigging U.S. Digital Service

>>>/qresearch/752778 Senate Passes H.R. 1865

>>>/qresearch/753099 Cambridge Analytica and DNC Voter Fraud

Batch 928 Notables

>>>/qresearch/749490 Lobbyist Investigating SR shot twice and run over

Batch 926 Notables

>>>/qresearch/747551 Twitter CISO Resigns

>>>/qresearch/747926 Apple Resignation


Batch 925 Notables

>>>/qresearch/747062 Rizvi Traverse Portfolio Connections

Batch 924 Notables

>>>/qresearch/746765 President of Peru Resigns

>>>/qresearch/746778 Google had 427 WH meetings under Obama

Batch 923 Notables

>>>/qresearch/745691 NK supplied Syria with a Nuclear Reactor

>>>/qresearch/745389 Former FBI Watch-dog guilty of sexual assault (6 yr old)

>>>/qresearch/745101 Mezvinky>HRC Campaign connection

>>>/qresearch/745204 Vatican Communications Director resigns

>>>/qresearch/745285 SES CIA program info

Batch 922 Notables

>>>/qresearch/744942 Tesla shareholders approve EM compensation plan

>>>/qresearch/744467 MZ & FB COO No-shows at FB Crisis Meeting 3.20.18

>>>/qresearch/744660 Mauritius President Resigns

Batch 921 Notables

>>>/qresearch/743699 A Keystone SES

>>>/qresearch/744201 Sessions Memo Regarding Capital Punishment for Drug Prosecutions

Batch 920 Notables

>>>/qresearch/742923 , CNN claims Putin has ties to Russia

>>>/qresearch/742851 , >>>/qresearch/742853 MEGA Links Deep Dives

Batch 918 Notables

>>>/qresearch/741292 Social Media Psychology

>>>/qresearch/741333 White House Intruder

>>>/qresearch/741417 Kim Dotcom rejected

>>>/qresearch/741582 4am Media order to attack Q

>>>/qresearch/742019 Austin Bomber video

Batch 917 Notables

>>>/qresearch/740673 Tillerson on chess [image {save me}]

>>>/qresearch/741032 Q acronyms… again [image {save me}]

>>>/qresearch/741038 Brennan threatens crying wolf

>>>/qresearch/741049 Predictions, analysis [images {save me}]

>>>/qresearch/741085 15 pieces of advice from MATTIS

>>>/qresearch/740586 Wikileaks ES projects: –needs digging–

>>>/qresearch/741176 Myanmar's president RESIGNS

Batch 916 Notables

>>>/qresearch/740248 Q's "booms" refer to upcoming events

Batch 915 Notables

>>>/qresearch/738888 Flynn knows where the bodies are

>>>/qresearch/738905 Riding the Stormy out? Trust Plan

>>>/qresearch/738983 Ausfailia: Obama and Turnbull

>>>/qresearch/739000 Zuckerberg; misuse of data

>>>/qresearch/739018 SES, an opinion

>>>/qresearch/739048 == NEW RESOURCE! == http:// qest.us (scrapes stock movements; ty anon!)

>>>/qresearch/739109 Venezuela/Iran money funnel

>>>/qresearch/739146 Theory of @Snowden; China, Russia

>>>/qresearch/739170 The Public Integrity Special Investigations Unit

>>>/qresearch/739197 Obama visiting the Kiwis

>>>/qresearch/739243 SES stuff [looks important]

>>>/qresearch/739331 Why Flynn's important TL;DR [image {save me}]

>>>/qresearch/739695 L3 technologies resignation; Marines naval exercise

Batch 913 Notables

>>>/qresearch/738025 Reddit user claims to be Austin Bomber

Batch 912 Notables

>>>/qresearch/737367 MSM narrative unravels, Parkland Actor Emma Gonzalez comes clean, I had no choice because of CNN

>>>/qresearch/736711 PA judges may be impeached

Batch 911 Notables

>>>/qresearch/736004 Crown Resorts Director Resigns

Batch 908 Notables

>>>/qresearch/733703 Euro Planefag Update, 20th March - Spoopy 2-Planes Edition

Batch 907 Notables

>>>/qresearch/733173 QResearch API

>>>/qresearch/733304 Israel may take legal action against Twitter

>>>/qresearch/732924 Public Integrity Special Investigation Unit

>>>/qresearch/732856 Lobbyist almost killed investigating Seth Rich's Murder

Batch 906 Notables

>>>/qresearch/732276 Micro Focus CEO Resigns

>>>/qresearch/732192 RIP FB Stock

>>>/qresearch/732095 Elon Musk in Israel, AI related

Batch 905 Notables

>>>/qresearch/731789 Shooting stopped by armed officer

>>>/qresearch/731738 Alwaleed talks about his Detainment and MBS

>>>/qresearch/731339 Scientists cannot confirm that Novichok is Russian made

>>>/qresearch/731381 DOJ to monitor Chicago election

>>>/qresearch/731471 FTC to investigate FB

Batch 901~904 Notables

>>>/qresearch/730557 Global Theory

>>>/qresearch/730940 Comey handwritted notes from FBI

>>>/qresearch/730598 Shit happen EVERYDAY remainder

>>>/qresearch/730943 High School shooting in Maryland

>>>/qresearch/730709 Brazilian President may be on the move

>>>/qresearch/730512 PLANEFAG REPORT (Covering Breads 901, 902, 903, 904)

>>>/qresearch/729978 Sean Penn Connections

>>>/qresearch/729815 Bin Salman's U.S. visit details

>>>/qresearch/729799 Kim DotCom wanting Obama in court

>>>/qresearch/729774 Russia tipped off about chemical attack

>>>/qresearch/729741 Sarkozy in police custody

>>>/qresearch/729650 Jammed frequencies worldwide

Batch 900 Notables

>>>/qresearch/727611 Stuff confiscated from Comey's office

Batch 899 Notables

>>>/qresearch/726474 Facebook's CP problem

>>>/qresearch/726672 Cambridge Analytica narrative collapse

Batch 898 Notables

>>>/qresearch/726006 Zuckerberg recent divestitures

Batch 897 Notables

>>>/qresearch/725127 Ex-Obama Campaign Director: "They (FB) were on our side."

>>>/qresearch/725538 FB CSO Resignation

Batch 896 Notables

>>>/qresearch/724795 Tronc (newspaper) Resignation

Batch 895 Notables

>>>/qresearch/723813 Euro Planefag Sitrep report - 19th March.

Batch 894 Notables

>>>/qresearch/722711 New EO Banning Venezuelan Cryptocurrency

>>>/qresearch/723192 Facebook CEO may have to testify

>>>/qresearch/723274 Four protocols >>>/qresearch/723167 , >>>/qresearch/723169 , >>>/qresearch/723180 , >>>/qresearch/723186

Batch 893 Notables

>>>/qresearch/721872 Merkel and Rouhani Strengthening ties

>>>/qresearch/721859 Mook to Podesta WikiLeaks


Batch 892 Notables

>>>/qresearch/721306 Schmidt and Social Media Barons Collude with HRC 2016

Batch 891 Notables

>>>/qresearch/720330 Schumer and Teva Pharma Produce Oxycontin variant

>>>/qresearch/720721 TEVA Owned by Israeli Govt.

>>>/qresearch/720761 Schumerland Heavy Influence

>>>/qresearch/720784 Map of Schumerland

>>>/qresearch/720288 HRC, Glenn Simpson, Mary Jacoby Connected (Rose Law Firm)

>>>/qresearch/720557 POTUS Weird Morning Tweet

>>>/qresearch/720609 , >>>/qresearch/720738 Foreigners Can Sign IBOR

>>>/qresearch/720737 AnCapAnon on 4chan

Batch 890 Notables

>>>/qresearch/719108 A Call for Organization Documentation and Distribution

>>>/qresearch/719287 , >>>/qresearch/719302 , >>>/qresearch/720167 Skippy's Bonner Foundation Emails

>>>/qresearch/720091 , >>>/qresearch/720110 South Korea Draining Swamp

>>>/qresearch/719011 NSA Rercorder Clinton Lynch On Tarmac

>>>/qresearch/718817 , >>>/qresearch/719960 , >>>/qresearch/720161 [19]=Senate Committee on Intelligence

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Batch 888 Notables

>>>/qresearch/718464 Chuck Schumer and Teva Pharma

>>>/qresearch/718733 Digging resource for SES

Batch 887 Notables

>>>/qresearch/716496 NYPD hid woman from Weinstein.

>>>/qresearch/716912 Las Vegas shooting documentary pulled.

Batch 886 Notables

>>>/qresearch/715599 Russian Ballot.

>>>/qresearch/715608 Shadow Government Collapsing Video.

>>>/qresearch/715629 Sessions Outside Attorney.

>>>/qresearch/715676 Google Response Strategy.

>>>/qresearch/715729 TiSA Info.

>>>/qresearch/715842 Mohammed bin Salman Interview.

>>>/qresearch/715900 Ivanka and Jared's helicopter has engine failure.

>>>/qresearch/716073 Bitcoin scam by Congress.

Batch 885 Notables

>>>/qresearch/715050 War Room Message

Batch 884 Notables

>>>/qresearch/714061 Merkel & Family Information

Batch 882 Notables

>>>/qresearch/712552 Phantom Secure Shutdown & Recent Indictment Connection

>>>/qresearch/712602 Gowdy Interview Recap

Batch 881 Notables

>>>/qresearch/711640 COO of Instagram>SES Connections

Batch 880 Notables

>>>/qresearch/711212 Obama EO>SES Connection

>>>/qresearch/711367 IG>SES connection

>>>/qresearch/711283 Possible Meanings for (3)

Batch 879 Notables

>>>/qresearch/709994 Whitelist definition

>>>/qresearch/710591 Why are trips allowed?

Batch 877 Notables

>>>/qresearch/708678 P is NOT Palestine

>>>/qresearch/708451 Could it be? Trips allowed?

>>>/qresearch/708429 Old Hickory

Batch 876 Notables

>>>/qresearch/707785, >>>/qresearch/707211, >156a9 Planefags Good Monitoring

Batch 875 Notables

>>>/qresearch/707106 GR info

>>>/qresearch/707086 dig BASG please

>>>/qresearch/707067 McCabe the bus driver on Comey Ave.

>>>/qresearch/706997 Russian Elections under cyberattack

>>>/qresearch/706356 More Brennan from Sundance

Batch 874 Notables

>>>/qresearch/706061 Alefantis & Arrington de Dionyso Connetion

>>>/qresearch/705950 More power than you can imagine

>>>/qresearch/705880 Enjoy the show

>>>/qresearch/705769 Leviathan Pipeline Dig

>>>/qresearch/705758 Moral is high with anons

>>>/qresearch/705744 Whitelisting

>>>/qresearch/705582 Rothschilds dig

>>>/qresearch/705470 Roots Bomb Threat in Austin at SXSW

Batch 873 Notables

>>>/qresearch/705184 Asymmetric War - Our PURPOSE?

>>>/qresearch/705156 Broadcasting Board Of Governors Dig

>>>/qresearch/705132 More On Scalia

>>>/qresearch/704922 SES=KEYstone?

>>>/qresearch/704822 Starkey also made Reagan's hearing aid

>>>/qresearch/704705 Sarkey Relations to CGI

>>>/qresearch/704704 Lisa Barsoomian

>>>/qresearch/704619 J. Podesta & Scalia Death Connection

>>>/qresearch/704481 Shock Docs: What Happened on the Day Scalia died?

Batch 872 Notables

>>>/qresearch/703718 More on Biden

Batch 870 Notables


>>>/qresearch/702190 ← THESE POSTS

>>>/qresearch/702200 Are Grade A(utist)

>>>/qresearch/702210 Re_reading the drops

>>>/qresearch/702218 Is still a such high priority


Batch 869 Notables

>>>/qresearch/701824 Asia Foundation Follow the Money 5 Parts

>>>/qresearch/701240 McCabe's Wife

>>>/qresearch/701356 Comey FBI info

>>>/qresearch/701362 Amazon>CIA>Obama>Unmasking

>>>/qresearch/701470 Strzok's Wife

Batch 866 Notables

>>>/qresearch/699504 Biden's and Kerry’s sons inked deal with Chinese government

Batch 864 Notables

>>>/qresearch/697356 SA helping US financially in Syria

>>>/qresearch/697535 SA helping US in Middle East

>>>/qresearch/697879 Obama in Singapore, NZ, AUS, & Japan next week

Batch 863 Notables

>>>/qresearch/697197 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/696954 Week Recap of Events from Anon

>>>/qresearch/696977 RR, CF, India, AIDS drug connections

>>>/qresearch/697123 John Brennan's foreign collusion

Batch 860 Notables

>>>/qresearch/694273 Meet Lisa H Barsoomian

>>>/qresearch/694549 Holder & Comey tweet in code?

>>>/qresearch/694584 March Madness Hussain and Comey

>>>/qresearch/694756 March Madness Bush

>>>/qresearch/694807 Medicare fraud habbenings

Batch 859 Notables

>>>/qresearch/693396 Trump tweets re: McCabe fired

>>>/qresearch/693645 Sex trafficking arrests soar

Batch 858 Notables

>>>/qresearch/692534 Crumb Partially Solved?

Batch 856 Notables

>>>/qresearch/690927 Adrian Lamos dead at 37

>>>/qresearch/691033 Twitter mentions Pompeo using back channel for NK comms

>>>/qresearch/691600 MCCABE HAS BEEN FIRED

Batch 855 Notables

>>>/qresearch/690043 Elon looking for a new paycheck?

>>>/qresearch/690065 CEO Phantom Secure +4 Indicted

>>>/qresearch/690229 Amazon Japan HQ Raided by Police

>>>/qresearch/690275 Alwaleed looking for $

>>>/qresearch/690302 Alwaleed looking for business loans

Batch 854 Notables

>>>/qresearch/689740 EU attempting to block POTUS from Exiting IRAN deal

>>>/qresearch/689487 John Perry Barlow Rabbit Hole Compilation

>>>/qresearch/689494 @Jack's other company downgraded

>>>/qresearch/689416 Ivanka to Replace Tillerson in Korean Negotiations

>>>/qresearch/68921 Netanyahu to be questioned by police

Batch 853 Notables

>>>/qresearch/688498 Chinese Tycoon Sell Off

>>>/qresearch/688572 China's Entire Cabinet will be Replaced Tomorrow

>>>/qresearch/688927 MBS (SA), Jared Kushner, & POTUS

>>>/qresearch/688970 Roths Sell Stock

>>>/qresearch/688990 Roths Sell Stock

>>>/qresearch/689028 Roths Sell Stock

>>>/qresearch/689040 NIC Asia CEO Resigns

>>>/qresearch/689079 Lunenberg SPCA Resignation

Batch 848 Notables

>>>/qresearch/685352 CFR FL Bridge Connection

>>>/qresearch/685169 John Perry Barlow-Clowns-internet link

>>>/qresearch/685407 Nike President Resignation

Batch 847 Notables

>>>/qresearch/683993 Barlow

>>>/qresearch/683968 ''

>>>/qresearch/683895 ''

>>>/qresearch/683867 ''

>>>/qresearch/683852 ''

>>>/qresearch/683810 USS Jimmy Carter flying jolly roger on return home

>>>/qresearch/683719 GLIMPSE

Batch 846 Notables

>>>/qresearch/683566 Who Holds the Keys?

>>>/qresearch/683534 Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

>>>/qresearch/683510 GermanArchiveAnon Update

>>>/qresearch/683116 KANSAS Voter ID law trial

>>>/qresearch/683113 This is why we FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!

>>>/qresearch/682983 disinfo is necessary

Batch 845 Notables

>>>/qresearch/682757 Vault7, Foreign Spying Dig

Batch 844 Notables

>>>/qresearch/681423 1,000 pieces

>>>/qresearch/681540 Gates to step down?

>>>/qresearch/681561 Barlow tweet re: Robert Wilson

>>>/qresearch/681761 Red October (again)

Batch 843 Notables

>>>/qresearch/680839 , >>>/qresearch/680845 John Perry Barlow

Batch 842 Notables

>>>/qresearch/679976 Hillary fractures wrist in bathtub

>>>/qresearch/679899 Tillerson and Vlad 2011

Batch 841 Notables

>>>/qresearch/679355 Was Tillerson actually sick in Africa?

>>>/qresearch/679134 Rex Tillerson (RT): A recent timeline

>>>/qresearch/679449 Obama Ordered 500000 fugitives background checks deleted

Batch 840 Notables

>>>/qresearch/678859 Extreme Efforts x 3 and Still Winning!

>>>/qresearch/678816 The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in US Schools

>>>/qresearch/678698 Kenyans pleading for US help

>>>/qresearch/678607 Pompeo Whitehat confirmed?

>>>/qresearch/678606 Tillerson in Kenya

>>>/qresearch/678501 Extreme efforts to kill login devices

>>>/qresearch/678444 Rockefellers having a huge auction of their material assets

Batch 837 Notables

>>>/qresearch/676039 F-18 SITREP from Planefag

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Batch 835 Notables

>>>/qresearch/674583 Keystone and make it rain

Batch 834 Notables

>>>/qresearch/674653 McCain Foundation Connects! Must read!

>>>/qresearch/674708 Part 2 McCain Connections to Soros

>>>/qresearch/674525 Moar Tesla Resignations

>>>/qresearch/674578 www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/15/ig-could-soon-release-explosive-report-on-fbis-clinton-probe-as-sessions-weighs-firing-mccabe.htm

>>>/qresearch/674349 Keystone and make it rain

>>>/qresearch/673768 Russian plane loses tons of Gold/Platinum

>>>/qresearch/674056 Facebook selling shares

Batch 833 Notables

>>>/qresearch/673537 BV statement on js 'filter' from anonsw.github.io

Batch 831 Notables

>>>/qresearch/670578 DJT and Q Predictors

Batch 828 Notables

>>>/qresearch/668947 For impatient anons…

Batch 826 Notables

>>>/qresearch/668002 Chris Steele Connected to Poisoned "Russian" Spies

Batch 825 Notables

>>>/qresearch/666971 Merkel Re-elected

>>>/qresearch/666947 Prediction for RackSpace / Clinton video

Batch 824 Notables

>>>/qresearch/666258 Slovakian Prime Minister Resigns

>>>/qresearch/666162 Chess Map correlation

Batch 823 Notables

>>>/qresearch/665068 War Room Message

>>>/qresearch/665170 Google Launches Cybersecurity Firm

Batch 822 Notables

>>>/qresearch/664436 U.S. Monitoring Possible North Korean Military Base in Syria

>>>/qresearch/664555 U.S. Monitoring Possible North Korean Military Base in Syria

>>>/qresearch/664117 Clintons and Australia Part 1

>>>/qresearch/664181 Clintons and Australia Part 2

>>>/qresearch/664189 Clintons and Australia Part 3

Batch 821 Notables

>>>/qresearch/663815 U.S. A-10 Strike on a Taliban Narcotics Production Facility in Helmand Province

>>>/qresearch/663767 Larry Kudlow as top economic adviser

>>>/qresearch/663685 zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-14/equifax-executive-charged-insider-trading

>>>/qresearch/663551 Theresa May vows to EXPEL 23 Russian spies

>>>/qresearch/663523 Saudis/Prince Alwaleed News

>>>/qresearch/663261 steemit.com/pizzagate/@rebelskum/the-dark-side-of-the-international-centre-for-missing-and-exploited-children

>>>/qresearch/657941 Elizabeth Bagley \

>>>/qresearch/664741 ^^^^^^^^ CF connected } >>>/qresearch/668495

>>>/qresearch/665289 Bagley (Cont)^^^^ /

>>>/qresearch/662572 ARCA foundation will tie Clintons into Soros

>>>/qresearch/663224 Holmes Stripped of Control of Company for Defrauding Investors

Batch 817 Notables

>>>/qresearch/660840 - Iran is next: Tehran ready to resolve differences with Saudi Arabia

>>>/qresearch/660794 - Busted: David Hogg works for John Podesta's Center for American Progress

>>>/qresearch/660646 & >>>/qresearch/660659 - Keystone - Senior Executive Service (SES)

>>>/qresearch/660485 - Marina Abramovic, Lady Gaga, Robert Wilson

>>>/qresearch/660391 - Titanic dig

>>>/qresearch/660354 - Cabal takedown sitrep

>>>/qresearch/660350 - Putin vs. May re: spy poisoning deaths

>>>/qresearch/660260 - FDNY recounts "floor-by-floor" BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM before towers fell on 9/11

>>>/qresearch/660202 - Environmental law allows oil and gas companies to inject waste water into aquifers

>>>/qresearch/660171 - Copfag's take on speed of investigations

>>>/qresearch/660156 - Kim's chain is broken?

>>>/qresearch/660143 - Deep State shadow government revealed - SES (Senior Executive Service)

>>>/qresearch/660139 - Defense Agency To Begin Moving Classified Data to Amazon's Secret Cloud After Protest

>>>/qresearch/660137 - Former C_A Chief exposes Clinton Fraud / CGI (Clinton Global Initiative)

>>>/qresearch/660118 - United States Space Corps - Sixth branch of US Armed Forces?

>>>/qresearch/660659 Deep State and Obamas appointed

>>>/qresearch/660646 Keystone Solved

Batch 816 Notables

>>>/qresearch/659307 PA Special Election results fucky

>>>/qresearch/659392 non-citizens "accidentally" registered to vote in PA?

>>>/qresearch/659393 Stephen Hawking dies

>>>/qresearch/659638 More bigly winning

>>>/qresearch/660021 Space Marines!!!

>>>/qresearch/659302 >>>/qresearch/659322 >>>/qresearch/659335 - HONOR OUR VETS!!!!!!!!!!

>>>/qresearch/659363 - Bill Gates plane lands in DC

>>>/qresearch/659380 - SPECTRE aircraft tracking

>>>/qresearch/659432 - Tony Podesta art photos

>>>/qresearch/659586 - Keystone reference from Wikileaks

>>>/qresearch/659613 - Prince Bandar bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is dead

>>>/qresearch/659638 - Winning BIGLY!!

>>>/qresearch/659644 - Missing CDC employee / possible similarities between former CDC exec charged for child molestation

>>>/qresearch/659666 - Possible Docudump 3/16?

>>>/qresearch/659672 - Missile / EMP dig

>>>/qresearch/659857 - Video on SES (Senior Executive Service) - 8,000 people put in place under BHO

>>>/qresearch/659872 & >>>/qresearch/659890 - LOOP Capital dig

>>>/qresearch/659952 - Stephen Hawking on Jeffrey Epstein's "Island of Sin"

>>>/qresearch/659999 & >>>/qresearch/660032 - Vid of Pompeo questioning HRC

Batch 815 Notables

>>>/qresearch/658983 - Adm Rogers replacement

>>>/qresearch/658558 - Updated initials list

>>>/qresearch/658562 - Rogers/Pompeo voter fraud / possible Keystone link

>>>/qresearch/658619 - Purdue Pharma Heir buys $22.5 Million Mansion in LA

>>>/qresearch/658628 - Adm. Rogers / FISA timeline

>>>/qresearch/658638 - U.S. gov't stops Canyon Bridge Capital Partners acquisition of Lattice Semiconductors / 5G implications

>>>/qresearch/658642 - Planefag spots Bill Gates plane

>>>/qresearch/658673 - AUS gov't gives pedophile $500k to fight 75 charges

>>>/qresearch/658675 - RED OCTOBER / FEMA emergency operations vehicle

>>>/qresearch/658721 - Q posts re: keystone / possible Pennsylvania link

>>>/qresearch/658752 - Task list reminder and motivation

>>>/qresearch/658776 - Apache Software Foundation links to Swartz, Secure Drop, Barlow, Snowden

>>>/qresearch/658841 - Planefag reporting USAF SPECTRE ops

>>>/qresearch/658852 - List of retiring / resigning Republicans

>>>/qresearch/658933 - Stephen Hawkins is dead

>>>/qresearch/659009 - Resignations list

>>>/qresearch/659048 & >>>/qresearch/659087 - DoD "Orange Haze" twat

>>>/qresearch/659129 - C_A twat about a BRIDGE and HK

>>>/qresearch/659141 - U1 related - Transport Logistics International Inc. Agrees - $2 Million Penalty to Resolve Foreign Bribery Case

>>>/qresearch/659161 - He who shall not be named angry over POTUS choosing Gina Haspel

>>>/qresearch/659236 - USMC twat - "Marines dispose of unserviceable ammo"

>>>/qresearch/659275 - School walkout tool kit for Women's March Youth Empower against gun violence

>>>/qresearch/659290 & >>>/qresearch/659293 - BHO brother-in-law / LOOP Capital link

Batch 814 Notables

>>>/qresearch/657772 - Family of SETH RICH files lawswuit against Fox News, Malia Zimmerman, Ed Butowsky over retracted story

>>>/qresearch/657807 - PA election results theory

>>>/qresearch/657819 - Voters turned away from polls in PA

>>>/qresearch/657946 - Elizabeth Bagley / ARCA / 5D chess

>>>/qresearch/657948 - Q-Context Map

>>>/qresearch/658005 - Treasury department list of sanctions

>>>/qresearch/658059 - Pompeo announces release of 470,000 additional files including Osama bin Ladin's journal

>>>/qresearch/658137 - YT to provide Wikipedia reading aids for "conspiracy theory" videos

>>>/qresearch/658169 - POTUS twats / chess

>>>/qresearch/658187 - Under Secretary of State Steve Goldstein fired for lying about Tillerson dismissal

>>>/qresearch/658202 & >>>/qresearch/658296 - HC injured during Rajasthan visit

>>>/qresearch/658237 - POTUS twat / possible link to CORE (Center for Organ Recovery & Education)

>>>/qresearch/658263 - EU approves further $3.7 billion for Syrian refugees living in Turkey

>>>/qresearch/658322 - Parents of NYC helicopter crash victims sue pilot for negligence

>>>/qresearch/658475 - Payback time!

>>>/qresearch/658399 Russians reported to fire into Damascus

>>>/qresearch/658531 Austin bombs were sophisticated

Batch 813 Notables

>>>/qresearch/657004 Missing PS

>>>/qresearch/657527 Voter Fraud found

>>>/qresearch/656988 - US Army twat

>>>/qresearch/656996 - Tip for new & cadet planefags

>>>/qresearch/657000 - Different pics between original POTUS twat and retwat

>>>/qresearch/657031 - Pompeo / Tillerson / Iran

>>>/qresearch/657077 - Possible explanation for missing PS from POTUS twat / Pilgrims Society

>>>/qresearch/657098 - IBOR IBOR IBOR

>>>/qresearch/657318 - Planefag reporting on interesting helicopter activity over Augusta

>>>/qresearch/657337 - New 3/13 EO from POTUS

>>>/qresearch/657365 - Time correlation between Q post / POTUS fixing twats

>>>/qresearch/657718 - New Chicago ID card created so undocumented immigrants can register to vote

Batch 812 Notables

>>>/qresearch/656206 Pompeo Monsanto ties

>>>/qresearch/656236 Parkland outside video to be released

>>>/qresearch/656255 Do you believe in coincidences?

>>>/qresearch/656301 Texas Ban upheld on Sanctuary Cities

>>>/qresearch/656370 Hamas and MB training for FBI?

>>>/qresearch/656576 Hillary on Trump Voters

>>>/qresearch/656612 BS in PA!

>>>/qresearch/656695 Judge allows Trump to withold grants to CA

Batch 811 Notables

>>>/qresearch/655418 Q Initials used

>>>/qresearch/655605 Margaret Peterlin and Christine Ciccone to resignation

>>>/qresearch/655813 DOJ Press Release

>>>/qresearch/655910 VICE CEO Out

>>>/qresearch/656075 More tweets wont post

Batch 810 Notables

>>>/qresearch/656725 Red October

>>>/qresearch/655260 Egypt, Israel, Saudi, Qatari meeting(s)

>>>/qresearch/655070 War Room Message

Batch 807 Notables

>>>/qresearch/652508 Cuomo Campaign Manager Charged with Corruption

Batch 802 Notables

>>>/qresearch/648718 - Mattis lands in Kabul → twitter.com/AP/status/973431116983095301

>>>/qresearch/648614 - FBI Whistleblowers in VEGAS

Batch 801 Notables

>>>/qresearch/647448 - Hillary sliding

>>>/qresearch/647619 - NO COLLUSION HERE BABY!!!

>>>/qresearch/647831 - Double Standards

Batch 800 Notables

>>>/qresearch/646712 - Trudeau Foundation

Batch 799 Notables

>>>/qresearch/646112 - Marina Abromovic Dig

Batch 797 Notables

>>>/qresearch/644357 - model at one of marina's "Art shows" was found in the desert missing organs

>>>/qresearch/646112 Marina Abromovic Dig

Batch 797 Notables

>>>/qresearch/644357 - model at one of marina's "Art shows" was found in the desert missing organs

Batch 796 Notables

>>>/qresearch/644151 - Mueller team analysis

>>>/qresearch/643919 - Johnny 'Westart' McStain's foundation information

>>>/qresearch/643859 - Rackstack is the Cloud Provider of: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Openstack, VMware

>>>/qresearch/643778 - Trump signs order prohibiting Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm

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Batch 795 Notables

>>>/qresearch/643363 - Iran Deal / U1 and/ Benghazi connection!

>>>/qresearch/643290 - House Intelligence Committee report on Russian re: election interference

Batch 794 Notables

>>>/qresearch/641908 - DOD twat #NationalNappingDay

>>>/qresearch/641935 - Drudge - 'Clinton tells Indians white women voted for Trump because hosbands said to…'

>>>/qresearch/641954 - Pilot in NYC helo crash says straps from passenger's harness shut off engine

>>>/qresearch/642044 - ATTN Planefags

>>>/qresearch/642056 - REDDIT permanently deletes r/UncensoredNews

>>>/qresearch/642121 - Devin Nunes: Drudge Report 'being censored by Twitter'

>>>/qresearch/642152 - FBI HQ in Austin in relation to bombing locations

>>>/qresearch/642178 - Counter-Sematism graphic

>>>/qresearch/642227 - DOD twat

>>>/qresearch/642249 - Planefags - 4 JSOCs around Gitmo

>>>/qresearch/642286 - AUS Alexander Downer / CF / used for FBI probe

>>>/qresearch/642357 - CF / India Solar Power Station

>>>/qresearch/642358 - Trudeau gov't donates $20m to CF for Haiti

>>>/qresearch/642379 - Dems fear FBI will be held accountable for Parkland shooting, not NRA

>>>/qresearch/642394 - CF / Pakistan / kickbacks

>>>/qresearch/642410 & >>>/qresearch/642438 - HRC & HA visit to India

>>>/qresearch/642557 - From the War Room

>>>/qresearch/642034 - Sant Singh Chatwal - India / CF connection

>>>/qresearch/642035 - AUSAID - CF connections

>>>/qresearch/642286 - AUS Alexander Downer / CF / used for FBI probe

>>>/qresearch/642394 - CF / Pakistan / kickbacks

>>>/qresearch/642410 & >>>/qresearch/642438 - HRC & HA visit to India

>>>/qresearch/642583 - British Empire / Commonwealth Foundation / House of Windsor

>>>/qresearch/642610 - Prepping the public for "fake" videos?

>>>/qresearch/642624 Circuit Court rules to release CCTV footage from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting

Batch 793 Notables

>>>/qresearch/641234 Test Passed

>>>/qresearch/641136 - The "value" of art

>>>/qresearch/641151 - TEGNA connection with victim of helicopter crash yesterday in NYC, victim's father's history

>>>/qresearch/641170 - BHO video twat

>>>/qresearch/641234 - Test passed

>>>/qresearch/641298 - Texas Senator Ted Cruz lobs "Cruz Missile" at Twitter in Senate hearing

>>>/qresearch/641350 - JC twat - #speechmoves

>>>/qresearch/641391 - Texas bomb in Windsor Park neighborhood - House of Windsor connection?

>>>/qresearch/641423 - C_A twat about Bridge

>>>/qresearch/641429 - VJ in Austin during bombings?

>>>/qresearch/641514 - Texas bombing map

>>>/qresearch/641584 - How Tech Giant Cabal Censors Christians

>>>/qresearch/641594 - Air Canada systems glitch

>>>/qresearch/641677 - TEGNA - sleepy news anchors

>>>/qresearch/641680 - KH and Democrats want to remove ICE

>>>/qresearch/641719 - TEGNA COO Lynn B. Trelstad selling shares

>>>/qresearch/641840 - AUSAID and CF

Batch 789 Notables

>>>/qresearch/638525, >>>/qresearch/638634 POTUS on the Moon?

>>>/qresearch/638260 Natural Economic Order?

>>>/qresearch/638229 CNN ready to die

>>>/qresearch/638043 @Snowden was live, no one knew?

Batch 788 Notables


>>>/qresearch/637770 Practicing FF?

>>>/qresearch/637640 Iran is next

>>>/qresearch/637588, >>>/qresearch/637603 Latest Helicopter 'Crash'

>>>/qresearch/637526 Plane from HongKong, @Snowden?

>>>/qresearch/637449 Warren Buffett

>>>/qresearch/637338 Marinas Satanic Star

Batches 783-787 Notables

>>>/qresearch/637027 Doxxed Marina + Star Symbol

>>>/qresearch/636881, >>>/qresearch/637071 The Constitutional Dollar

>>>/qresearch/636912 Steel backed currency?

>>>/qresearch/636746 Yup!!

>>>/qresearch/636735 Levin & Bibi Interview - Coming to a theater near you.

>>>/qresearch/637188 Hitler digs with Hitler dubs

>>>/qresearch/636725 The Left Hand Path / Sex Magic

>>>/qresearch/636701 BOOM. She's going to get dropped from 100 different angles. Where's the HRCVideo??

>>>/qresearch/636700 Make sure to read what the ANON who responded says

>>>/qresearch/636654, >>>/qresearch/636785 FACT!! WE are the Collateral. Expand your thinking.

>>>/qresearch/636634 Brilliant & VITAL!!

>>>/qresearch/636624 YOU!!

>>>/qresearch/636602 Tracking

>>>/qresearch/636601 Suggestion to create an article bank to BTFO the MSM

>>>/qresearch/636578, >>>/qresearch/636582, >>>/qresearch/637027 Spirit Cooking Dig

>>>/qresearch/636566 WHERE is OUR Gold??

>>>/qresearch/636563 Khazarian Dig

>>>/qresearch/636558 Babylonian Money Magick

>>>/qresearch/636553 Are you Prepared in REAL Life??

>>>/qresearch/636543 Learn!! Zucks real name

>>>/qresearch/636532, >>>/qresearch/636817 Dig into Post-war History

>>>/qresearch/636494 Follow the Money.

>>>/qresearch/636468 Who else had a Blackberry

>>>/qresearch/633361 Sig 5:5

Batches 782-783 Notables

>>>/qresearch/633949 Valerie Jarrett at SXSW

>>>/qresearch/633394 Kaźmierczak

>>>/qresearch/633318 HRC/CF/AUS

>>>/qresearch/633006 (cheKek'd) Chrissy stranded in Hong Kong?

>>>/qresearch/632561 'DhytcDFbF5874/37875' refers to a German video

Batches 779-780 Notables

>>>/qresearch/631321 Q mentioned several groups

>>>/qresearch/631256 Ashkenazi Khazars

>>>/qresearch/631082 Classic shill tactics

>>>/qresearch/631020 Do not fear "Anti-Semitism"

>>>/qresearch/630580 Meryl Streep ("loudest voices")

>>>/qresearch/630121 "Permanent state of disruption…"

Batch 776 Notables

>>>/qresearch/628417 Plane Crash in Iran


>>>/qresearch/628153 RICO Cae in Fornia

>>>/qresearch/628120 O missing prior tweet

>>>/qresearch/628070 Muslim Bro Manifesto

>>>/qresearch/627828 Israeli Connection?

Batch 775 Notables

>>>/qresearch/627588 Hitler's Secret Backers

>>>/qresearch/627432 POTUS Tweets

Batch 774 Notables

>>>/qresearch/626583 Need Someone to Add latest Graphics

>>>/qresearch/626591 Need Someone to Add latest Graphics

>>>/qresearch/626677 Interesting Discussion on the Death penalty for Drugs

>>>/qresearch/626415 PizzaGate Research

>>>/qresearch/626194 Hitler was a Rothschild

>>>/qresearch/626654 AU Uranium

>>>/qresearch/626677 Interesting Discussion on the Death penalty for Drugs

Batch 770 Notables

>>>/qresearch/623671 NWO

>>>/qresearch/622694 DhytcDFbF5874/37875 Vid

>>>/qresearch/623350 Ursula Haverbeck

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Batch 767 Notables

>>>/qresearch/620886 Roots of the C_A (Dulles & Prescott Bush)

>>>/qresearch/620852 Winston Churchill

>>>/qresearch/620791 Edward Bernays

>>>/qresearch/620734 Angela Merkel? >>>/qresearch/621082

Batch 766 Notables

>>>/qresearch/620383 Great Seal

>>>/qresearch/619932 Graph-theoretic Research in Algorithms and the PHenomenology of Social networks (GRAPHS)

>>>/qresearch/620302 Hierarchical Identify Verify Exploit (HIVE)

Batch 763 Notables

>>>/qresearch/617550 900 Names

>>>/qresearch/617557 Maria Anna Schicklgruber

>>>/qresearch/617820 >>>/qresearch/617945 Merkele digs

Batch 761 Notable posts

>>>/qresearch/615993 >Qmap031018.png

>>>/qresearch/616025 >Marina Abramović

>>>/qresearch/616055 >Spirit Cooking > Podesta > Comet Pizza and Ping Pong > Amanda K> Music video > North Korea child sex slave trade

>>>/qresearch/616098 >worthy meme

>>>/qresearch/616143 >Marina Abramović

>>>/qresearch/616148 >moreQmaps.png

>>>/qresearch/616205 >AUSdiggingCF

>>>/qresearch/616209 >Marina Abramović re theartofelysium.org

>>>/qresearch/616281 >William Cooper Predicts Donald Trump/Dr. Carson type for President

>>>/qresearch/616286 >Ace Lyons re islam

>>>/qresearch/616287 >AUS Alexander Downer

>>>/qresearch/616318 >mkultra

>>>/qresearch/616411 >MS-13murders

>>>/qresearch/616422 >Ace Lyons on Obama treason

>>>/qresearch/616478 >mkultra vid

>>>/qresearch/616619 >mebbe AUS,Balfour,more TL;DR

>>>/qresearch/616642 >namefag on mkultra

>>>/qresearch/616662 >special kind o' stupid

Batch 760 Notables

>>>/qresearch/615646 Hollywood pedo dirt at crazydaysandnights.net

>>>/qresearch/616561 Who's adopted?

>>>/qresearch/617102 Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos

Batch 759 Notables

>>>/qresearch/614685 Celebrity adoption list.

Batch 758 Notables

>>>/qresearch/613732 Breakdown of CF Offences

Batch 757 Notables

>>>/qresearch/613419 Modern day slave in Australia

>>>/qresearch/613083 Corruption in Iran: Clerics Plan to Hang Businessmen

>>>/qresearch/613057 pay to play foundations

Batch 756 Notables

>>>/qresearch/612293 Trump just corrected tweet with Xi name spelling changed

>>>/qresearch/612223 John Brennan unqualified to be director of C_A

>>>/qresearch/612643 Xi Xi in mandarin means Thank You

Batch 755 Notables

>>>/qresearch/611999 Checked Official release of Parade Date

>>>/qresearch/611865 From Kenya? POTUS brings enemies together

>>>/qresearch/611846 People using kikebook less

>>>/qresearch/611844 Marchforourlives Staged walkout

>>>/qresearch/611773 Iran having trouble paying its STEEL workers

>>>/qresearch/611727, >>>/qresearch/611855 Australia Iran connection

>>>/qresearch/611699 Lawfag general idea

>>>/qresearch/611668 Dopey removed from Forbes

>>>/qresearch/611630 Snowden, Keystone?

>>>/qresearch/611578 VJ

>>>/qresearch/611496 (short) List of President Trump's accomplishments

Batch 754 Notables

>>>/qresearch/611208 Snowden coming back to US?

>>>/qresearch/611100 UMCJ is drastically different than civilian court

>>>/qresearch/611087 That's the plane Below

>>>/qresearch/611025 Kenya plane from the Middle East

>>>/qresearch/610999 6 Grand Jury Seals.

>>>/qresearch/610975 Kenya Planefag

>>>/qresearch/610843 'SEAL'ed Indictments??

>>>/qresearch/610784 A Good Summary

Batch 753 Notables

>>>/qresearch/610517 This is the corrected version of CIA atrocities. >>>/qresearch/610431

>>>/qresearch/610431 A good rundown of the relationship between CIA, former Presidents and the "elite".

Batch 751 Notables

>>>/qresearch/608465 Boom boat

>>>/qresearch/608398 C_A democrats running for midterms

>>>/qresearch/608456 , >>>/qresearch/608532 more clown democritters stumping

>>>/qresearch/608659 The four booms?

>>>/qresearch/608313 , >>>/qresearch/608396 Theories on stringers

Batch 750 Notables

>>>/qresearch/607530 HK connections

>>>/qresearch/607622 Kobe steel!, MSM obsolete much?

>>>/qresearch/607632 How do you trap a very dangerous animal?

>>>/qresearch/607686 US Accuses Venezuela Oil Company of $2 Bn Money Laundering Scheme

>>>/qresearch/607696 Thoughts on Q posts & Snowden

>>>/qresearch/607821 Snowden theory with links

>>>/qresearch/607844 Rule 6. The Grand Jury

>>>/qresearch/607890 Kenya

Batch 749 Notables

>>>/qresearch/606990 points of interest from the Q pdf drop

>>>/qresearch/607036 Snowden 'promises kept' ?

>>>/qresearch/607042 twitter future back door

>>>/qresearch/607050 thoughts on Obama

>>>/qresearch/606770 why would sealed indictments be outside DC jurisdiction

Batch 748 Notables

>>>/qresearch/605867 Special shout out to Q and the Q team!

>>>/qresearch/606218 Looks like south America is ready for changing

>>>/qresearch/606106 what are the foundations for

>>>/qresearch/606555 Promises, do you believe in coincidences?

Batch 747 Notables

>>>/qresearch/605491 Sandvine

>>>/qresearch/605411 Snowden tweet about Sandvine

>>>/qresearch/605333 , >>>/qresearch/605341 thoughts on the endgame

>>>/qresearch/605202 Brining the RAIN

>>>/qresearch/605523 What allegations did the House Judiciary Committee want investigated?

>>>/qresearch/605664 Snowden's handler in HK

Batch 746 Notables

>>>/qresearch/604412 defusing Iran (BOOM)

>>>/qresearch/604813 Dennis Rodman during Obama, and during Trump

Batch 745 Notables


>>>/qresearch/603728 Missing Billionairs: Saudis disapear from Forbes list

>>>/qresearch/604150 They all have foundations for a reason. (Obama) Stupid!

>>>/qresearch/604172 Threaten to kill Pence, get convicted!

>>>/qresearch/604208 Planefag EU Siterep

>>>/qresearch/604127 FBI Vault also 22 Keeps coming up

>>>/qresearch/604081 Biden staff getting mixed in

>>>/qresearch/603909 Messages to NK

Batch 744 Notables

>>>/qresearch/603345 decoding CIA

>>>/qresearch/603060 Snowden for Switzerland?

>>>/qresearch/603043 DOS twats "Kenya"

>>>/qresearch/602960 More digging on FBI Vault

>>>/qresearch/602840 Oprah sells stock

>>>/qresearch/602827 Planefag Siterep

Batch 743 Notables

>>>/qresearch/602445 Internet Regulation

>>>/qresearch/602329 Snowden MI6??

>>>/qresearch/602063 Twitter changes coming soon

Batch 742 Notables

>>>/qresearch/601474 Snowden family background

>>>/qresearch/601301 How to Red Pill effectively

>>>/qresearch/601120 FBI Tweets to HRC

Batch 740 Notables

>>>/qresearch/600066 Food for Thought

>>>/qresearch/599996 IBOR Ideas

>>>/qresearch/599921 Look at his family

>>>/qresearch/599789 @Jack satanic verses

>>>/qresearch/599714 Why Snowden, replied to by Q

>>>/qresearch/599675 George Soros sell off…

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