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So far we've had Polands' rehost and now Egg's rehost. Honestly I was hoping someone would try to reinvent the game and push it further than it was. Right now this is just a draft of what /I/ would like in the game. Keep in mind that I like overly complicated games with lots of smaller things to manage and balance.


Population multiplier controls birth rates + immigration rates

Birth rates can be increased w/ fertility boosters (drug/enhancements facilities)

Environmental problems decrease life expectancy

More pollution = more diseases

Industry (production/efficency of production buildings)

Increased by multiplier

Multiplier increased by propaganda (Statues, etc.)

Buildings require a minimum workforce assigned to function

Hardcap on max # of workers assigned

More workers = more production but also higher cost of running (possibly double workers makes 1.75x more resources at 2.1-2.25x more pollution and running cost)


DNA from other regions can be used to mutate your population to be more resilient to pollution and other negative health factors however causes instant rebels (possible sister agro something like 75% chance for each sister to get angry at unethical procedures) also causes instant rebels and huge satisfaction loss (extremely risky but possible benefits could be great)

Alicorns created by mutation (for ascention) have a short lifespan due to their extremely unstable genetic modification, they cant breed with each other or any others (no fertility/births) however the promise of becoming an alicorn increases immigration greatly

Dictatorships and oppression govs decrease/nearly stop immigration however industrial multiplier is greatly increased

Prez’s have greater base industrial multiplier than any others


Basic, Advanced and Universities/Research Centers used to educate citizens

Each building increases education of pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Egg has a version up?



Soon. He's still working out the kinks


File: 1463677359084.png (1.51 MB, 1237x657, 1237:657, Clop War Ideal.png)

Wasn't there supposed to be a 2d war system based on some game?

There was a youtube video about it, looked something like pic related. (closet thing easily found)



Dont remember anything like that

File: 1463480256520.png (247.15 KB, 382x926, 191:463, firstban.png)


Don't know where to post it, so here we go.

Our first obvious case of multifag on new servers

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Um, that may be because Stranger and TKoE has a lot more than just an awkward image as evidence to prove they're both different people.



I was talking about the lexical aspect of the code, not about the functionality it implements


File: 1463605744161.png (512.81 KB, 861x857, 861:857, Lyra_Listening_Closely.png)


>lexical aspect

Wow, even I think that diction is unnecessarily pretentious.


File: 1463663524222.png (83.29 KB, 1136x648, 142:81, 1461169033620.png)


How would you call it, then?




i'm still waiting

File: 1458512945262.png (36.66 KB, 1136x790, 568:395, 19 players (Including Admi….png)


Have a nation.

It's that simple.

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File: 1461402377643.png (326.22 KB, 1264x774, 632:387, bloctest.png)


I checked a few minutes ago and there were 5 people online.

>see figure 1

Well, I created an account to find out why this game is more successful than Clop. After logging in, the first thing I saw was the error message in figure 2. Great!

I decided to check the forum to find out if the Admin is already trying to fix this problem. In figure 3 you can see what I got instead of a forum.

At least the 'Global Declarations' (it's like a global chat and you have to pay to post something) seem to work. People are using them to find other political simulators because Bloc is dead.

I suppose the remaining players are just the remnants of a once successful game which has been abandoned by its creator.



Because unlike clop your nation won't implode and knock you off any lists. the game is far more casual then >Clop is.


so, I'm getting timeout errors for reclop.tk, and I can't do what I need to do to keep my nation alive. This is rather a problem, IMO



just keep trying



I switched my network to a different wifi and that worked~

File: 1462849544450.png (89.79 KB, 370x338, 185:169, 1455779014852.png)


I think the topic says it all. I liked the people I met here n stuff.

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Its easy enough to read admins code and set it up. All that needs being done is to implement the cron jobs and the sql database.



I'd love to. But I have no bloody idea .3.

And I'm too brain dead at 6.22 am to do it.



Honestly finding a proper host is probably the biggest nuisance (aside from the bill for that). I'm not sure you'd want to host something like this at home, ISP tos aside.



HawkHost is cheap and suitable (it's what >CLOP was on for years after I ditched HostGator).

Never choose a host owned by EIG.




I mean I am not sure I could even host it from my home, but to atleast see hw it works from the inside you know?


Thanks for posting the source admin. Writing comments in there would have been useful. :P

Also, got any data on costs, resource usage? Just curious.


Costs and resource usage are in the "tables with data.sql" file.

File: 1462500716706.png (Spoiler Image, 6.65 KB, 77x107, 77:107, ss.PNG)


>pic related

real spreadsheet sim 2016




i didnt pay 10bux for tumblr



^^refers to Something Awful.


I've been banned from >clop for "blatant multifagging". What is that? I have not violated the terms of service to my knowledge.

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Didn't save it, sadly.




(Why the fuck do I still have this saved)


File: 1458999204574.png (43.64 KB, 943x788, 943:788, clopfirstversion.png)


Oh God, the memories.



That thing just made my fucking day.



Ah, that ugly "interface". Those were the days. I'd forgotten about that. Thanks for the reminder. You did a nice job on making it look much better.

File: 1456279898608.png (412.2 KB, 960x549, 320:183, 12356125654.png)



Hey guys do you remember me

You dont but I found >clop on my frequent sites and it redirected me here

How is it going?, is the game more popular?

Did the admin finally made the game cyclic?

I wanted that so bad

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File: 1461403145955.png (352.65 KB, 1981x1657, 1981:1657, 1417812172480.png)


Most of the remaining players (except for Admin, Fluttershi and Stormy) didn't even play this game when you blew up your nation.

I'll ask Bugfucker if he knows you. :P



Don't know if bug will know. When I had that nation I didn't get involved with anything. The second time around I did get my feet a little wet. Unfortunately my more recent nation is in stasis waiting for the correct time to strike.


File: 1461449216054.png (291.23 KB, 1800x1350, 4:3, 1040112.png)



>waiting for the correct time to strike.

There are 15 players left. Come back and have some fun before this game ceases to exist.



The correct time is after everyone leaves so I can be on top of ALL the leaderboards!

Also went from FFA to MTVS and then bounced around with FFA and CoLC. There was probably more moving around than I remember.


File: 1461511149798.jpg (70.1 KB, 500x442, 250:221, 1360581696489.jpg)


>The correct time is after everyone leaves so I can be on top of ALL the leaderboards!

>pic related

File: 1453070282942.png (36.55 KB, 649x229, 649:229, ad.png)


I'm not that good of an artist, but eh fuck it.

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I like it



thanks fam



>comic sans

What shit




Sorry, saw it had to do it. tbh love the concept of the picture. Fits nicely with the nature of clop.


File: 1461395990190.png (353.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, c1.png)


Shit forgot image


I have been banned on >Clop for "Blatant multi-fagging" and have no idea what that means! I only have a single account so that cant be the case, though that's what people say it means. There is no way to contact my alliance members or the game creator to help me. what do I do!?!?!?


Four fucking accounts made from your residential IP address: Temmeh, thedude32, simuloid, and SuzoStar. Don't even pretend.


I'm sorry that multiple people in one household enjoyed your game. I technically should be banned because I made Temmeh after suzostar because I made a crappy decision when I first started, but my dad and my bro are COMPLETELY clean. I swear I'm not lying.

File: 1428344512850.gif (400.5 KB, 200x200, 1:1, clop.gif)


I'm also not going to fuck with empires that much.

However, here's what I *am* going to do:

- Percentage wealth taxes on everything: bits, resources, weapons, armor. I should have done this a while back, but I was talked out of it. Once Compounds is out of beta, I'm just going to do it.
- Make it more expensive to switch back and forth from Oppression (and with the taxes, a hard bit cost might actually mean something).
- Remove resource shelters and natural disasters from the game entirely. No RNG shit, no arbitrary admin shit.
- Advertise on Derpi again once this is done.
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File: 1455577906774.png (104.86 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2016-02-15 at 5….png)

"The whole point of wealth taxes is that one person cannot grow arbitrarily large and powerful enough to singlehandedly dominate an arbitrarily large game."


Not to kick a dead horse, but.

There's some clear and present domination going on.



Well, yes and no.

It's clear that Myra is the biggest fish ingame right now.

But, the inflation tax still makes sure his further growth is slow, if at all possible. He still would have all this stuff, and quite possibly way more, you just couldn't see it.

In short, the tax mechanic still helps, it just doesn't keep him at low enough levels to be easy prey.

That said, in the past I _was_ advocating for mechanics that makes all this market storage nonsense not viable, but admin rejected my idea. Which still wouldn't change Myra's place at the top though, anyway.


Last night, we talked in chat about the current state of the game. We agreed on several things, including that conflict is important for both keeping interest in the game and to grow empires, especially those of new and/or small players. One part of it is that players with at least two or three nations have a larger power and resource base, and thus also can help others more easily. The obvious problem with this is the established power bases, and that war is more likely to result in the destruction of said smaller players if they participate. Followed by, worst case, ragequits.

Now, to incentivize said smaller players to actually go into war, I had an idea of "limited engagements". Wars that are limited in scale, but otherwise honest fighting, therefore (hopefully) being within the rules of giving away nations versus taking them by force.

First, to keep small players from getting mauled, these regulations can only be invoked if the defender agrees to it. No attacking newbs and claiming you can't be counterattacked.

As for the actual limits. There are two: number of troops, and time.

Once a declaration of such an engagement is issued, the offender's side has one week to send a total of 3000 units to the attacked player(s). Not per tick, not daily, in total.

The other side then also may counterattack with 3k units total, in the same time frame.

Third parties can try to capitalie on it by attacking either side (thereby opening themselves for retribution as well), but have to keep to the same limits, with the time limit beng he original one, regardless of when said third party gets into the fight.

A "side" of the war may be only one player, it may be more. Regardless, the troop limit counts for a whole side. Players from the same alliance are always on the same side (and no, just leaving for this doesn't count), but otherwise players may cooperate (or not) at will.

If three or more parties exist, each side can send their allotment of troops to each other. So you don't need to split.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1455815432354-0.png (572.33 KB, 1098x657, 122:73, 1032771__twilight sparkle_….png)

File: 1455815432375-1.jpeg (106.35 KB, 562x590, 281:295, 479500__safe_solo_twiligh….jpeg)

>wanting to introduce even more rules



Go away Scarf. :P

These aren't game rules, to be enforced by admin. It's a chance for smaller nations to wage war without being nuked. You wanna just attack me? Go ahead.^^

File: 1454962935740.png (4.99 KB, 1280x45, 256:9, attack on lea.png)


Last time I checked, LeaTheFlameboy was in my alliance. Now he has been attacked and left.

I demand an explanation, otherwise heads are going to roll.


File: 1455049140532.jpg (12.92 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 12366235_1501168670213049_….jpg)


As far as I am concerned, when I sent my forces, he was not in the alliance, and therefore, a prime object to attack.

The fact that I forgot to switch my government type kinda fucked me over quite a bit xD



why would you leave an alliance after you started getting attacked? that sounds stupid. most likely got attacked right after leaving


It seems that Keymaster and I had the same idea independently.

I saw LeaTheFlameboy unaligned for at least a few days before his nation aged to 21. So I sent forces, as far as I can tell, the same tick Keymaster did. I had neglected to bounce them off another Saddle beforehand (though I tried, but did not know that going into stasis returned troops you were sending to defend), so Keymaster got there first. But still, it was an unaligned Saddle as far as I could see.

The wartick when it seems we both sent forces was after noon on the day when the nation turned 21. That same wartick, LeaTheFlameboy threw up a nominal defense force of 100 unarmed cavalry and went into stasis.

File: 1439860914646.png (122.14 KB, 1664x891, 1664:891, Govs.png)


For those who ask, it shall be given.

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File: 1439860959457.png (144.77 KB, 1090x1513, 1090:1513, Ascension.png)


File: 1439861190391.png (22.79 KB, 1027x220, 1027:220, Gov Solar Vassle.png)


Bumping for newfriends.





File: 1455135839453.jpg (267.05 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 7901c8e935de995d15c2b81144….jpg)


I saved some of our threads before MLPchan died. Maybe someone's interested in the stuff we talked about 2 years ago.

The following threads are included:

>THK announcing the foundation of MTVS

>the Advice Thread (obviously it's pretty useless because the images are too small)

>Bug announcing the foundation of TMO during the war against FFA

>the AMEP Thread

>CloudKicker apologizing to me after I BTFO'd him (the second time)

>ElVincenzo talking about viewing nations in 3D

>a Daily Reminder

>DrMoogle (whom I know personally) asking the player base to kill me

>the thread about the Lunar-Solar-War

>THK starting two threads about my attacks on him

>Admin's Mom (unrelated to Clop)

>the Mock the Dead Thread

>the thread about The Elements of Pony (Compounds)

File: 1452910351541.jpg (20.39 KB, 736x460, 8:5, 8c9c4f9d9305496ae5164b271c….jpg)


y'know the game . yeah the game.

to play it i need to join an alliance by asking? shit too shy.


Compounds yes, >CLOP no.


Well, i am kinda confused. Can someone explain me what the heck is this?



/compounds/ is a board that's related to the browsergame >CLOP ( clop.us ).

It has been pretty quiet lately, though.


File: 1452882235679.gif (863.93 KB, 625x352, 625:352, 1444003631721.gif)



>Days not posted in succession: 101/50

Well, isn't it something?

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