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File: 1442299766775.png (155.15 KB, 249x249, 1:1, 7.png)


As a few people mentioned lately, there needs to be a new, comprehensive newbie guide. The guide page itself is far too short, and the one player-written guide I know of was already obsolete when I joined a year ago. So, I'll be writing a new one, hopefully with the help of you other players. Post here what I should add, other suggestions, or anything you have that could be helpful for newbies.

Link is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jSinNyYJCHkoDvQgaJkD_z2g9SV5G6v9gsKI-nwmrYM/edit?usp=sharing

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File: 1445368111864.png (75.94 KB, 480x800, 3:5, Screenshot_2015-10-20-21-0….png)


I had 1.6k troops on their way to this nation. I guess there's still room for improvement of your war system. :P



typo in the trip



This is annoying as hell...

Assuming you log in before the next war tick, you should be fine.


So, here's a little tool me and a friend made for calculating the cost of actions and it's effect on your stockpiles and per/tick incomes.


Feel free to use it, and if you find any errors or have suggestions to improve it, just post em here.





File: 1442865672726.png (51.17 KB, 1434x787, 1434:787, Ave Luna.png)


CoLC returns. It's good to be back.

To new players, we're recruiting!

To everyone else, we come in peace!

If you're a Vassal, the above may or may not apply!

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File: 1443020174263.png (8.77 KB, 1091x116, 1091:116, FFS.PNG)


>Incoming from the Guild

>Where did neutrality go?

FFS Myra, THK, Bug. FFS.



another war already? well good luck to you



Omg, I just realized what's going on in the background wuahahaha



Of course Bug attacked you, and since there was never any potential for your survival, with either diplomacy or force, rejoining was wholly nationbuilding.

Seriously, the game has a perfect unstable equilibrium. As soon as anyone gets even one nation, they become able to beat anyone, and therefore they will continue to do so. Myra attacks newbies constantly and they have no chance, so even complete newbies can't join and play at all. Which, since they never had a chance, is illegal on their part.


File: 1451893165559.jpg (385.29 KB, 750x838, 375:419, Dave.Strider.full.1236869.jpg)


Hey, give it a REST already! Like, shit, there's hardly anyone attacking anyone at all! then again, there's no one playing the game save 25 lucky souls, but it's whatever

> Myra attacks newbies constantly and they have no chance, so even complete newbies can't join and play at all. Which, since they never had a chance, is illegal on their part.

The thing you're missing out of this entire thing is that, there's this special thing called an alliance. You want to know why newbies don't survive? 'BECAUSE THEY DON'T JOIN AN ALLIANCE'

It's not illegal, since everyone was doing it, including you as well. We were 'ALL' doing it.

Also, nice to see you're still around^^


So what, you're taking out the SE/NRL?


I've suggested NPCs in the past (though really, who cares what I think) but upon reflection I think the game is purer and more impactful without NPCs.

Right now, it's a game of life. Life doesn't hand you quests and reward you with loot for completing specified objectives. Life is neither benevolent nor cruel, but apathetic. Want meaning? Discover it yourself. Want something to do? Figure out what you want. That's life.

NPCs would introduce an artificiality into an otherwise relatively pure experience. They would make the game more fun, but would qualitatively change the experience.

The best solution would be to find a way to attract and keep more players.

File: 1451517550046-0.jpg (137.36 KB, 1010x1078, 505:539, minuettepill.jpg)


Hey fillies! I have all the Minuette pill resources. Would you like to buy some? They are cheap right now. Teehee!



Dovesy plz



dovesy a shit. Litterally.



Do you mean figguratively?



Yea. Ok.


Dovesy a shit. Figuratively.

File: 1449957485477.png (249.31 KB, 1000x902, 500:451, 228265__UNOPT__safe_twilig….png)


I'm seriously considering opening up Compounds and removing the "you must join an existing alliance" restriction.

Should I?

Or can people start bringing in players?

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Didn't really learn much without a robust player group.



Damn straight.

Plus, having to contact people already playing when you aren't is a major obstacle to even joining. Why make a game if you don't want people to play it?

But if you want to super-incentivise joining an alliance, you could always give non-alliance players some massive disadvantage.



>rotting corpse of a game

Compounds has always been dead.

Admin should focus on making clop better.

NPCs when?


File: 1450813800389.png (407.7 KB, 672x861, 32:41, 30a3f7f36401dc769940a65f40….png)


>NPCs when?

PvE content could be pretty interesting.

How about giving alliances a more important role in Clop?

An alliance could have a storage and it could create troops. With those troops it could attack PvE targets (troops can't be used to attack players, though). If the attack is successful, the troops will return with resources or every alliance member could get a buff that increases the production or the GDP for a day or two.

Possible PvE targets could, for example, be a dragon or diamond dogs. The alliance forces could return with gems or all gem mines of the alliance could produce 4 gems per tick instead of just 3 for 15 ticks or so.


File: 1450845454062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 280.96 KB, 1239x1024, 1239:1024, HfNLRJy.jpg)


This might be the first and last time you ever hear me say this, but I strongly agree with Myrami.

File: 1446580252237.jpg (4.88 KB, 460x215, 92:43, Undertale_cover.jpg)


Has Undertale actually made it to >CLOP yet? I'm kind of curious, as I've been following it a lot for a while now.

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File: 1446839812423.png (1.01 KB, 123x68, 123:68, nigger.png)


You don't have MS Paint?

Remember to share this with all your friends on Starmen.net, Facebook, Reddit, and your favorite heavily autistic RP community!





File: 1446854726545.png (1.71 MB, 1024x984, 128:123, boredom_of_the_crystal_pri….png)


>It must be lonely without me and my companions around, huh?

Nah, Clop has just become a little... predictable.




distractedbrony at gmail





Sounds like the game was good, if you measure a piece of art's success by its ability to provoke an emotional response.

File: 1442168209077.jpg (138.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, I don't remember this part.jpg)


So, what else is everyone playing?

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>10 years and he still hasn't learned that it's pretty much pointless to try to correct people on the Internet.<

Still not a he you blind deranged crook. I correct thousands of internet users (cretins, vegetarians, prudes, nationalists, scientists, sceptics, wingnuts, flat earthers, soloicists, hicks, breeders, ageists, sexists, racists, pacifists, postmodernists, linguists, nutritionists, students, teachers, and other lay and professionals) and settle hundreds of threads. My first internet conflict was with Christian Identity members/creationists about 15 years ago. They gave me the motivation to read Scripture and /Strong's Concordance/. The only way for someone not to agree with my argument is if one ignores it and replaces it with feelings or wishful thinking.



"Wir sind nicht alles Kerle." 2013 Mar 19. So what made you ditch reality for a 4chan meme?


File: 1446921725752.png (1.3 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, spiral_2015-11-06_17-14-16.png)

I've been play a lot of Games of late but Spiral Knights is the one I enjoy & play the most, thanks for asking Op


I feel like posting on here as well. I can't actually attach an image since my computer's undergoing repairs (currently posting on a Wii U), but I can say that I'm going through a phase where I'm playing my old Playstation 2 games, which has so far consisted of the following:

The Ratchet & Clank series, a couple SIms games, Bully, Armored Core 2, both of the first two Destroy All Humans! games, and probably the one game I have a stronger and more intimate love-hate relationship with than >CLOP: Steel Lancer Arena International.



The fact that you play the R&C series just makes my love for you expand by 3 times! And maybe something more~

File: 1445442901238.png (636.69 KB, 729x797, 729:797, HOARS.png)


Do people still play this game? or clop

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I don't clop but I play this game

horses have lost their forbidden appeal


Eh, Little skewed now a' days from the look of it. ~35% of all nations are owned by 3 players last I checked.


there's shit going on, just nobody's talking about it here



whats going on?



I, too, am curious.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>CLOP theme song

also music thread I guess


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Remember, if you don't log in often enough, your embassy... err, nation will be taken over by rebels!


yay i can post again



have you taken copper pill yet?

File: 1442450306301.png (33.06 KB, 280x280, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Is there any chance of renaming nations having a price deduction? Inflation limits make blowing that large of a fortune on aesthetics seem a bit over the top now.


Yeah, this is a good point actually. I'll halve it. The sat loss stays, though.


Hey Admin.

If I destroy all my basic farms, rename my nation and build the farms back I could use less bits, so why just not lower it to 200k per building?



That may be true for Basic Farms, but most other buildings cost quite a bit more to build, including a bunch of resources.

And that it's comparatively easy to d stuff for small nations is art of the game. Or rather, it's part of the game for bigger nations to have it harder.



> but most other buildings cost quite a bit more to build

ah right, I somehow missed that


Hello everyone! I'm new to compound and would love to join an alliance. Just invite me and we'll talk about it there.


As I spell new wrong, great



Sorry it took me that long to respond. I had to gather the Love first, but you should have an invite now. Welcome to PI. :)

File: 1444143700539.jpg (118.03 KB, 500x728, 125:182, aAzrNu7.jpg)


Attention new players I would like to announce that The Machine Orthodoxy is now not recruiting!

That's right, the doors to the weapons forge of clop are now open to nobody!

Are you looking for a new alliance? Why not try TMO? Because we don't want you!

Remember kiddos,

All Will be One


File: 1444153524162.jpg (77.65 KB, 473x447, 473:447, sdfg.jpg)

>The Machine Orthodoxy is now not recruiting!

File: 1443850369562.png (1.28 MB, 1816x1057, 1816:1057, WHATTHEFUCK.png)


Really now? Here I was, admiring some Changeling queens when my eyes fell upon yet another advertisement of a game which should have been dead by now. Was June not good enough? Are you working a full-time job just so you can pay for the website and get the satisfaction of luring poor saps into playing your game, who then act as more fuel for the drama bonfire?

It'll only be a matter of time before the game becomes uninteresting. No more prey will want to come near the login screen when they realize the odds are stacked entirely against them and the current powers will simply be bored and leave.

Incidentally, didn't Oil Ocean belong to Mintyrest? Oh how you disappoint me so...

2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I'm flattered that you think I'm Bugfucker. I can see why you would think that though. But if I was, would I be complaining? I'd probably just sit there with my second account and a load of resources, as well as a free pass from Admin to do whatever the hell I want because I not only bribed him with a generous sum of money, but I also invited him to an "illuminati" group which to this day exists in one form or another.

Oh what I would give for such a privilege.


Which is why I haven't been taking Dark Vessel, TKoE, or Sir Scarfalot seriously.



wow op, those are shit


File: 1443908076046.png (52.46 KB, 800x357, 800:357, medium.png)


>All theses months later

>Still this asshurt

>Still having to claim that the other side must have been cheaters because you can't cope with how incredibly rekt you all got

>Still unwilling to face that it was overwhelming incompetence on all fronts in opposition

>Still unable to accept that the otherside was simply better than you

Never change


File: 1443916599024.jpg (66.85 KB, 490x516, 245:258, chibi_ruby_eating_a_cookie….jpg)


Meh, I acknowledge that I'm probably the WORST player when it comes to war, so there's no "lack of acknowledging my incompetence" here xD

The only reason my nations have all been taken/died was either:

1) Bugfucker. That's all really I can say there xD

2) Lack of bits (which, if I had any, would have been enough to protect Land of Neon and Pyramids. Alas, I eventually ran out in the end.)

3) Lack of sugar. Ironically enough, I reroll into a burro, and then, magically, all the prices just seem to drop like nothing. And now it's hard to even build up with prices this low. And considering other matters, I'm the last on any list to get the boost up to 100 farms or to build 10 malls and such.

Gosh, I should have stasised that night instead of trying to get the zebra to roll still xD



I think that post wasnt directed to you

File: 1442805606165.png (80.07 KB, 307x352, 307:352, 0369.png)


>mfw CLOP and Compounds will attract more players than BLOC


File: 1443856210388.png (173.29 KB, 287x287, 1:1, IyrJY8xP.png)


Now who's that handsome devil?

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