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File: 1434908150357.png (1.7 MB, 2240x3720, 56:93, 1421321017905.png)


Today's the Summer Solstice, the longest day on Northern Hemisphere. Have you paid the tribute to our benevolent ruler in her's clebratory day?


File: 1434924500189.png (309.22 KB, 848x943, 848:943, Celestia is Best Princess.png)


>Have you paid the tribute to our benevolent ruler in her's clebratory day?

Of course.

File: 1430076519125.png (1012.22 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, dash experiences mild anno….png)








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Get Skype! It would be awesome to chat with you in real time about things, be it bugs, questions, or complaints. Even just to chat. And yes, that would be an effective solution for multifaggotry, but that would require people to make skype accounts and call somebody. Who would do that if they can't talk to Admin themselves?

You can trust the bulk of your players, but why would we do your job for you? If you think they're multifagging, figure it out yourself and make a decision. like you've done every other time we've accused a player of multi

By the way, I made a subreddit for this game a few months ago drunkenly and forgot about it, if anybody wants to post screenshots with discussions. https://www.reddit.com/r/bracketclop


File: 1434663195624.png (407.7 KB, 672x861, 32:41, 30a3f7f36401dc769940a65f40….png)


>Get Skype!

Yeah, get Skype, Admin. Or give us some extended features for the ingame chat.

>call somebody

Don't force people to join calls just to verify their identity. Personally, I'd never join a call. I don't want anyone to hear my stronk German accent. :P


>you need to be logged in to submit things

I know that reddit is a pile of crap but you can't even post anonymously on that shitty site?


File: 1434663950450.png (2.85 MB, 680x1432, 85:179, 242.png)


Aye, there is no anonymity aside from throwaway accounts. Accounts are easy to make, no verification, just a username and password.

Or you could be a man and own what you say with a name and record that everybody can see.

Also, nice trips.


File: 1434664965473.png (636.34 KB, 1000x1031, 1000:1031, 725429__safe_solo_princess….png)


>Or you could be a man and own what you say with a name and record that everybody can see.

This isn't about putting your name to some text. It's about the requirement to create accounts for every fucking website just to access content or make a post or two.


File: 1434840456477.png (298.47 KB, 540x570, 18:19, Chrysalis_ceremony_podium_….png)

Hello fellow >CLOPers I've been asked to tell you that as a result of a power failure Admin might be out of comission the next few days. Rest assured that order will be restored in short time.

File: 1434630689393.jpg (34.87 KB, 298x292, 149:146, 1384303853867.jpg)


I remember I played >clop the day it was created (like everyone here tho)

I set my nation in eternal vacation and now I dont know where the fuck it is

I wonder how things are going


There was a reset because one side lost a War continuously and the game was so tilted in one sides favor as well as a dying market due to war that admin reset.


File: 1434662530205.jpg (57.81 KB, 412x350, 206:175, image.jpg)

So start a new nation and align as you wish.

File: 1433550977259.png (14.16 KB, 1203x244, 1203:244, Well that was quick (board.png)


Looks like CLOP died in record time!

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Morale in that FC was a unified front long enough that KoE's morale collapsed under the weight of it's own member questioning the motives behind both of their wars?

Or did you mean moral victory, in which FC was stating fact from day one, which is why we would repeat the same things over and over again like a broken record, because it was truth?

Either way, victory is survival, and morale or moral victories are both still victories in the end, of which KoE has none.



Morale, of course. And that, is true.


File: 1434489905520.png (548.86 KB, 650x609, 650:609, PrincessCadence.png)


>nothing further


The news tab shows that it was a little bit more than nothing further.



As Minty said, victory/survival is what counts. So it doesn't matter what "kind" of victory, as there aren't any, really.


File: 1434509637369.png (268.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 129433257993.png)


>Morale, of course.

It had to be asked. Moral Victory is often used in cases that are very similar to pyrrhic victories, which this really was not. Eggs could have argued for a Moral Victory, if he put the effort into it.

There was an interesting amount of land grabbing that took place after once the dust settled though.

That it was a morale victory is interesting as KoE, run under a dictator, should have been more effective and actually stood a fair chance against a rag tag group of republics who break into arguments all the time about minutia and has difficulties deciding to act.

The fact that his people lacked the will to fight as more information was revealed resulted in a hilarious social break down in which a number of the parties involved have since ejected from the game in spectacularly shameful displays.

File: 1428791357979.jpg (33.28 KB, 800x700, 8:7, terezi.pyrope.full.875808.jpg)


Here at FC we plan to make a team of hard working players who aim to be the best through teamwork and dedication. We are currently looking for new members who want to improve their experience in >CLOP and their nations, experienced and new players are all welcomed. Comment here, or message me if you are interested!
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File: 1433805157939.png (835.04 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 1366289745442.png)


So were they~


File: 1433813750085.jpg (252.89 KB, 1600x2095, 320:419, 04 - 0K49tgV.jpg)

Let me take this fine opportunity to remind all the new players

Friendship for All is recruiting.

We remain neutral in all conflicts, and protect our members.

It's a great starter alliance. Come get resources and advice to build your nation.



Let me take this time to point out that Finite Cauldron created this thread to inform people that we were recruiting, and a bunch of other faggotry then occurred.


File: 1433821369071.gif (8.81 KB, 449x492, 449:492, terezi_gif_by_cherry95-d41….gif)


(If ya wanna advertise FFA that bad, make your own topic instead of further derailing others dude.)


File: 1433834228749.jpg (52.18 KB, 640x480, 4:3, image.jpg)


Sorry for interrupting your productive conversation. Continue, please.

File: 1433622749147.jpg (226.72 KB, 2592x1936, 162:121, IMG_0384.JPG)



guess who?

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File: 1433702817357.jpg (142.5 KB, 1433x1608, 1433:1608, iY05Dv2.jpg)



you're a failure.


File: 1433705170572.jpg (3.64 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, IMG_20150607_211728.jpg)

Here's my "battlestation". Yes, it's my laptop. Yes, on a chair. Beside my bed.



WTF? Apparently, my name didn't make it on that post. Ah well.


Can't exactly post a pic because I don't have anything to take a pic with.

Buuut, my battlestation includes a computer desk which is way too small, turned toward my bed (because my last chair lasted like 3 months before it broke). On the desk is my monitor and my TV which is being used as a second monitor. The desk is too small for both, so both are turned at 45 degree angles toward each other.

Also there's random crap sitting on the desk between them. (Ever heard of a Rubik's snake?)


File: 1433770639689.jpg (452.6 KB, 2505x1620, 167:108, 2015-06-08-1.jpg)


>(Ever heard of a Rubik's snake?)

Of course.



Admin, I'd love to see what kind of station you're working with

if you're not to pussy to let us into your home

File: 1432960374789.png (85.22 KB, 952x716, 238:179, HowCute.png)



No really, you niggas srs?

Alright then.

I, The King of Eggs, with the full backing of The Kingdom, do hereby declare War upon the alliance of The Finite Cauldron. For the crimes of conspiracy, aiding and abetting the enemies of the state, and high treason.

May Luna have mercy on your souls, for we shall not show it to your bodies.

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>History repeating itself.


File: 1433502517832.png (963.47 KB, 754x1213, 754:1213, kill_la_kill___nui_harime_….png)

Next time you should let Cloud Kicker take the lead. At least he survived an entire week against me.

You're an even bigger failure than he is and that really says something.


I hope I can grab some nice nations. You may have entered stasis but I think most people can remember what I did to THK after killing Merchant.


Well, he cared enough to make a list in the first place.

Maybe we should make one, too. There are lots of players that need to get raped if they ever leave stasis/noob protection again.


File: 1433666942041.jpg (29.22 KB, 402x331, 402:331, 138800690958.jpg)

So Rule four includes crimes against equinity now?

Like aiming for a -10168 tick out of stasis to avoid retribution?

I feel sort of bad about it really. In one way Bluhtsturm clearly just wants to end the conflict.

In another, it seems like he's just trying to avoid reprisal.

Yet another plan to seek vengeance has failed so spectacularly, that it's now even less likely to be an viable option. There's really no way to fix it now as well. He made the decision to stasis to avoid an attack, then he made the decision to self distruct and kill everything instead of dealing with his problems directly.

He also decided to attack me for about a week non-stop, which any observer could have told him while he was insulting my troop choices in his naming conventions that he could not sustain an attack while they had still declared war on another, traditionally more violent army.

Technically he decided to move forward with a vengeance plan lead by individuals of questionable logic, that was clearly spinning out of control, and with the failure of that plan he decided to try talking his way out of military response , because social standards currently thinks saying you're sorry has more value than not doing that harm in the first place.

So in the end, I'm pretty sure this was just a yet another horrible decision, at the end of a string of very bad decisions.

And while I do accept the apology for the very very questionable army sitting on my lawn for days on end, shooting up everything; I feel the sudden ejection when no one is looking to be a cheap tactic to avoid other people receiving restitution for billions spent dealing with your bad decisions.



And he's just been banned, for that and for spamming this board.


File: 1435711085572.gif (2.31 MB, 500x308, 125:77, Kopie von Untitled-1.gif)

Sry for beating a dead horse but I have found this gif about an hour ago and I couldn't keep myself from modifying it. Now I want to share my work with the world because I'm that desperate for attention.

File: 1433088797418.jpg (48.94 KB, 960x540, 16:9, FB_IMG_1430109517180.jpg)


I know, there's too many alliances out there for this amount of players.

However, I'm still doing this.

This party is completely neutral in any political faction, be it the Finite Cauldron or Lunar Clients, or the Machine Orthodoxy, or FFA, or any other alliance/player that has issues with anyone.

Trading is based on equal grounds. No one player will get more based on their alliance/position than another would. The amount of trade depends on the market value price or whatever the trade is declared to be fair between whoever is involved.

Defenses shall be sent to whoever needs them. I don't care what the hell is going on, I'll step in and help somehow.

However, there is one thing I will not tolerate, and that is backstabbing of any sort in the alliance.

Other than that, any and all are welcome to join, no matter who it is. Got it memorized?


File: 1433132333506.png (688.76 KB, 643x900, 643:900, 10492456_880132105343138_7….png)

Oh, and I encourage newbies to come in! I swear I won't bite! :o)

Seriously though, if you need/want help, just message me, either over skype or in clop.

Skype ID: Keymaster (Blue Phoenix)

File: 1432061281547.png (637.68 KB, 1903x3198, 1903:3198, Lookslikewereofftowartowar.png)


It looks like war has been declared.

I can't say I'm not surprised. The clients seem to have a penchant for punishment.

May the best purple maned, blue eyed pony win~

I can't see this ending well for you

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File: 1432867797688.jpg (149.98 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 3aa8cc4983a8d0acf726e9ac69….jpg)


>Scarf has entered the trend

God damn it.


File: 1432872045291.gif (1.7 MB, 320x179, 320:179, giphy.gif)


Good thing I brought popcorn. Want some Sephi?


File: 1432874576231.png (565.64 KB, 594x709, 594:709, pinkiepiehasanepiphany.png)


Actually, I think the only pop-corn related thing on my mind right now is how he managed to get an industrial-sized bag of the stuff in the first place!



It was stickied. Then it wasn't.


> it'll stay bumped by the butthurt over CoLC being an actually competent alliance.

You should do stand up.

BTW, you guys are still embargoing me, because you're racist.


File: 1432914686332.png (14.09 KB, 526x247, 526:247, Minty Is Not Vassal Anymor….png)


Oh, look at that! You decided to step down from SV.

File: 1428252578901.png (631.9 KB, 1155x779, 1155:779, this looks familiar someho….png)


Somehow, I'm pretty sure Mittsies has heard of >CLOP.

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File: 1428354902512.png (499.76 KB, 1278x874, 639:437, Empyrea.PNG)


My humble pile of happiness~


Nice integer overload there, m8


I got that when I accidentally did something stupid and corrupted my save file. Ended up with a *hell* of a lot of -eco :S



No, you can't lose. Not in v1.00 anyway. I even ascended after passing what should have been the point of no return.

I tried again just to be sure before answering in case I had a bug or something.

I have a hard time considering something a game when there is no possible lose condition.


It's been nearly two months. Does anyone know if there's a new version of the game yet?


File: 1432572746978.png (707.43 KB, 1540x1221, 140:111, nui_harime_by_levtor-d7clf….png)


Why would you want to play this game a second time?

It really wasn't that good in my opinion.

It may have been interesting at first but after a while it became boring and a waste of time.


File: 1432576980936.png (841.26 KB, 942x950, 471:475, H4vrPBW.png)


Yeah, which is why I'm asking if there's another version of the game. Then it might be interesting again.


In >CLOP, why is the option to build a drug farm just 'Drug Farm' instead of Plow … or Build …?


On the board, why are there idiots who always create new threads for their stupid questions instead of using the already existing ones?



It's because first you plow a farm, then drug it. It's a verb, not a part of the name.

File: 1431217960461.jpg (237.89 KB, 756x1200, 63:100, 52121 - Cross_over Lyra ga….jpg)


Are they satiated? Are they warm? Do they go to sleep in their little pony beds and think of you?


File: 1431222212335.gif (44.1 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Lyra_Squee.gif)

>mfw Basedmin puts Lyra in the OP again


File: 1431642989567.png (117.82 KB, 650x500, 13:10, tumblr_nh3cy8izto1s0sz7go1….png)

I'm actually kind of curious about this myself. How *are* the other alliances doing?



not deed yet

File: 1428801217714.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Luna_Neon.png)


The CoLC is active once more! All that wish to experience the joys of Luna, look no further than our great alliance!

Proudly hosting the *first* bakery, Vodka production facility, and bar in the game since reset!

Members are given link access to our public efficiency spreadsheet, so you'll know how much of anything to build~

All Solar line governments banned in the CoLC. All Solar Vassals in the game shall be subject to ridicule at minimum. CoLC is protected by advanced REDACTED systems for optimized defensive operations. Praise Luna.
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File: 1431568405759.png (233.44 KB, 899x888, 899:888, Lyrabon_Drinky.png)



You went client when I was asleep.

Then I see the thread, unembargo you.

And I check, and you're vassal?

Minty, that's an _absurd_ amount of energy you're investing into this prank~

Sending a bottle of vodka, because you clearly need it



>Minty, that's an _absurd_ amount of energy you're investing into this prank~

Have you done the math on that lately? Because it's not nearly as absurd as you think it is.

Oil prices are straight up in limbo mode how low can you go?, which means it's practically worthless, so getting 1k Relation on both sides isn't too much more than 30 million, or less should you be producing oil by the buckets.

Way, way less if you're producing it at insane enough speeds, and need to set up Environmental Facilities anyways.

Of course, I'm a tyrannical warmonger bent on world annihilation, willing to donate enough oil to push any single member of CoLC currently in Loose Despotism to Lunar Client. Or Solar Vassal if they want, it's not my call entirely.

Just my oil really.

I do need to test out something. But the offer is only available to members of CoLC in Loose Despotism.


File: 1431591656952.png (203.99 KB, 900x930, 30:31, 1388883407189.png)


>absurd amount of energy

More like absurd amount of oil.


File: 1431632236050.png (13.49 KB, 245x348, 245:348, 6b8cd9f6169b815f50603d6388….png)


C4n y0o Gu3ZZ H00?


File: 1431632934784.gif (505.9 KB, 500x500, 1:1, wer blut mit h schreibt is….gif)


The idiot who can't even spell 'Blut'

File: 1430702908286.png (68.46 KB, 400x297, 400:297, axis600.png)


Propaganda thread

38 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1431295611298.png (4.47 KB, 475x74, 475:74, Capture.PNG)


16k actually. To wrap around to Client I'd have to break past -1000 NLR to +1k.

The drugs wouldn't be necessary. For science, I keep trying to figure out ways to break the two.

I'm not making a big deal out of it, because I want to know what happens myself.



Fuck off multifag



Back up that statement, idiot.



>implying everyone doesn't know that Sephi is Viper by now



News to me. Also, the fuck is Viper?

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