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I'd like to join an alliance,anyone want me?


Ayyy, the CoLC is always happy to have newfriends! Have you got a Skype account?

Or are you talking about Compounds?


If you ask for Compounds, I can offer you a place in the Party of Individualists. As long as you're reasonably active and don't die left and right, you're welcome.

If you ask for >CLOP, the Finite Cauldron is always looking for members, too, though I'm not the leader there.


Why doesn't everything cost energy to construct instead of just a few things?


File: 1431119029544.jpg (786.89 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 1413415430621.jpg)

You don't necessarily need energy to construct a building.

In case you didn't know: the Romans managed to build their farms without electricity. Why would pastel colored horses need it to construct their farms? They even have access to frickin magic!

The only thing that could be considered to be food is sugar. Why aren't the horses starving to death?

Why are their tanks made of copper?

Why don't their planes (Wonder, Griffin, Dragon) need vehicle parts?

How the fuck is a single rebel able to conquer an entire fucking country?

Spoiler: It's a game!



To me, the 'sat' is just that… Satisfaction. They don't depend on sugar and coffee alone to _survive_, or they'd apparently be able to live on video games as a main food source.

It's luxury items to stave off boredom and keep ponies happy, they probably make their own food in gardens or orchards.



>Why doesn't everything cost energy to construct instead of just a few things?

Ask an earth pony in construction to build something, and that shit is going to get built, no questions asked.

You don't need complex tools to do most basic work really. Prepping land or digging a well isn't impossible with minimal mechanics. It's just painful and hard labor.



>The only thing that could be considered to be food is sugar. Why aren't the horses starving to death?

Grass is plentiful, but not tasty. Cupcakes are tasty, but you only get them if you eat your green beans.

>Why are their tanks made of copper?

The underlying frame work of a tank is a 300k gas engine and frame. Terrible armor, probably just rams stuff to get anything done.

The armors are initially vehicle parts (moving joints) and copper most likely mixed with common metals in simple shops to form bronze.

High end armors are probably the bronze base worked over composite, primarily plastic and light metals

>Why don't their planes (Wonder, Griffin, Dragon) need vehicle parts?

Planes are pegasai with light composite armor draped over them. Plus probably some magic. They're probably cute overly caffeinated engines that are piloted G-Gundam style. The plane shapes are just for passenger space.

Except for the Wonder. That's just to blast their theme music when they're flying in formation.

>How the fuck is a single rebel able to conquer an entire fucking country?

They walk into the City Hall, murderPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1431163756140.gif (Spoiler Image, 883.53 KB, 500x269, 500:269, I_understood_that.gif)


>Except for the Wonder. That's just to blast their theme music when they're flying in formation.

>pic related

File: 1428876647353.png (238.83 KB, 900x1036, 225:259, 7ec6916124f834dc8d1296e6f8….png)


Let's do some math with the assumption that time is money.

If you don't have a job and don't make money, your time isn't money-valuable, so this probably doesn't apply to you.

If you have a job, how much do you make an hour? How many hours have you spent fretting over >CLOP and Compounds (including hours you were supposed to be working)?

And how many hours do you think I, your humble master of ceremonies (kek), have spent coding and administering my little pony game?

All I ask is that you give a tiny fraction of the amount of time-money you've already spent ponying pony, particularly if you have it to give.
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Without actual evidence I'm not about to ban anyone. From the looks of things he just went away and didn't come back.

TBQH I'm very, very surprised the rest of the game hasn't gangbanged the previous winners of >CLOP into submission yet.


File: 1430961233272.png (193.33 KB, 800x540, 40:27, 466546__safe_solo_belly bu….png)


Yes, I did hear that the current conflict is ice cold.



Silly admin, every pony knows that building comes first, then war :3



Honestly, I'm willing to believe that HM is indeed a total cuck.


File: 1430992990406.png (455.75 KB, 800x800, 1:1, tumblr_marpqcbcxN1qkrri5o1….png)


>previous winners of >CLOP

Who has won >CLOP previously? FFA?


War is in the air.

Your wealth dictates how you fare.

There are some who may have an interest in your protection.

Post your incomings here, screenshots please, including the name of the attacker, and most definitely the weapons and armour incoming.


Remember rule 4! Make an effort to defend your nation, or you're in technical violation.

Ask for help, ask him to not, complain, post in this thread, and that's just the options that don't cost you anything!


Bumpity bump



In the case of possibly losing your nation in war I'm assuming that demolishing all the buildings and dumping all your resources is okay so long as the attacker can still conquer it?





What happened to the conquest button/feature?



The "Delete Nation" button? Or the ability to transfer your nation to a nationless user? Those are gone.



No the button to revive a nation if the player you were attacking burned it.

File: 1430684288182.png (51.99 KB, 1388x460, 347:115, KEK.PNG)


Humanity needed to see this.

All is fixed.

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File: 1430695280995.png (20.16 KB, 392x647, 392:647, KK..PNG)

So TKoE fixed your spreadsheet for you?

I mean, the KKK connections are more off putting than the keke connections. Still the whole thing seems really odd for your ally to do this early on.



Nah, I restored to a point from yesterday.



And this is why you don't allow edit permissions to anyone, and tell everyone to make a copy instead :P



Actually, it was me. I was modifying an adjacent sheet, didn't realize it would affect that one.


File: 1430699497011.png (245.01 KB, 900x506, 450:253, rainbow_dash_facehoof_scre….png)


That just makes it worse!

File: 1422893856416.jpg (237.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 945a30_3249579.jpg)



So, as I got a few requests for advice, and I said I'd write a Guide anyway, I got to it. Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mrJnz1faZSvpOq-fkogEodSo6UXF0e4iUTAn957Pw-c/edit?usp=sharing

It's only the first version, so to say, so there might not be everything in there yet, but it should contain all the necessary basics for starting to play Compounds of Harmony. Everyone knowledgeable, feel free to comment and edit yourself, everyone still at a loss, ask questions in this thread.
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It's up. I wanted to make sure this wasn't abandoned before I linked.


Ah yes, understandable. Thanks for linking. *.*


Update. Sorry it's been a while.

- New softcaps
- Looting, Robbery, Philippy
- Inspecting and exposing offers (aparently, I didn't have a section for that before)
- List of all compounds with a short description on what they do
- Updated "Getting started" with tips to get sat, since it is now more important to have.

As usual, tell me if I got something wrong, missed something, or an other (hopefully helpful) comments.


It's been a while. But I haven't forgotten. Now, finally, an update on alliance warfare and sme other stuff. Enjoy.

Btw, admin, Backstabbing isn't documented. I found your post about it being needed to break alliance treaties, but it's not ingame. Even Minty thought it wasn't implemented at first when I asked him, so you should put it somewhere.^^



Ah, you're right, it's nowhere on the screen. It's on the Harmony page, though. Fixing.

File: 1429682806451.png (107.54 KB, 938x624, 469:312, wowitreallyworks.png)


Started it a while back with polandball, never finished it, now its kina finished. Only supports 1 nation right now, but I dont think anyone has more that one. Once it starts happening I'll add it in.

This thing in a nutshell… It periodically checks >Clop for your stats slaps em in files, reads em and makes sure they're within the correct range, that way you can sit back and not have to worry about resources and shit like that, just leave this in the background and it will yell at you if your resources are too low.

Download w/ source (Just in case you think im trying to steal your login shit just go compile it yourself) : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6fDmtG-0wASfnlUYmlPZGRFd2ZNcEhRZ1NiVkNvb2x4UnJ2M2dvZ3hyZG5BTTJhdnYxbWM&usp=sharing

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File: 1429761655111.png (29.01 KB, 913x608, 913:608, Capture.PNG)

Theres a rebuild up now, its got colors and i got rid of the names.txt msg box


In light of Valve's recent decisions, I feel compelled to state that I will not attempt to make money off programs like this.


File: 1430009733999.jpg (31.59 KB, 360x360, 1:1, Shit_Eating_Grin_3.jpg)


If you made one yourself you could offer it as part of the Premium Donator Package.



its a good idea, except that id just give this out

File: 1430024104516.jpg (56.63 KB, 640x400, 8:5, image.jpg)


Yo whats up dudes



What aboutchu

File: 1429756390083.jpg (13.69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, X.jpg)


We've had threads that only brush upon the truth eating at the heart of Clop. I've started this one to address all of the things that need to be said. Already we had the game conquered by the shadowy elite who seek nothing less than absolute subjugation once again. Think of the thread as a newspaper where I and those who share my views can discuss, for all to see, the backstabbing and plotting that goes behind closed doors.

For the first post, I'd like to discuss the dangers of a hyper deflated sugar market. With sugar at 1k a piece makes being a burro complete suffering. Others have grown wealthy by hardly having to worry about it at all, look at the top GDP producers. In a single turn they could buy up the entire 1k stock of sugar and yet they keep it low.

How will burros defend themselves when war starts? Do you not wonder what will happen when the most powerful already get their own pet Burros to wring every ounce of sugar? The game will be over before it even begins.

Who stands to gain the most by sugar being low? Already we are seeing a few standouts rising to the top. Are the villains of this game setting up a checkmate for themselves, smug that in early game 1, or 2 nations can prove unstoppable?

Feel free to post your own theories, observations and quests for the truth. This game could be made fun for all, not for the few. Do not fall within the old patterns of thinking, freedom is yours for the taking.



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Then let's see it. Post in name and trip and we'll see if you're Sephi or not.


File: 1429901411079.png (18.71 KB, 1338x199, 1338:199, I'mSoFlattered.png)


Someone wanted to impersonate me? And they aren't even an obvious troll? That's adorable!



Didn't you leave the game? Oh wait…


File: 1429922912079.jpg (67.3 KB, 512x512, 1:1, full.jpg)


No one ever gets to leave.


File: 1429927689214.png (520.1 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Who, me.png)


What, I can't lurk on the board? I don't even have time for Compounds, let alone >CLOP. I have a job now, and I've gotten into more healthier addictions: Grand Theft Auto V and Cities: Skylines.


waw got reset

horse fed here: https://wawgame.eu/federation/2/

join us pls

time to take over the galaxy

to join make a world and comm the leader



File: 1429554021964.png (31.18 KB, 740x556, 185:139, full.png)

fuck forgot to add a picture

heres our flag



>Celestia flag




we are looking for a new flag anyways lel


File: 1429899953202.jpg (69.66 KB, 525x539, 75:77, Mark_of_Tzeentch_updated.jpg)


I vote for this Whizka

File: 1429465188094.jpeg (11.84 KB, 469x145, 469:145, Alliance Messages The C….jpeg)


Dude, seriously?

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File: 1429724932386.png (37.61 KB, 480x714, 80:119, Payoff.PNG)

From: Monday, April 20, 2015 at 8:11:59 PM

To: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 12:42:59 PM

1 day, 16 hours, 31 minutes and 0 seconds to a functioning mall.

That doesn't seem like a pay off at all.



>a payoff in >CLOP for being an asshole in Compounds


File: 1429793953734.gif (10.35 KB, 400x300, 4:3, What-Is-A-Man.gif)


Well of course that wouldn't happen.

Why would anyone reward a player for trying to start a war on the 19th, by handing them a golden ticket on the 21st? That would be entirely insane.


As to your question of formal peace talks, the suggestion is currently backburnered, waiting for majority support.

As the nomenclature would say, yes, we mad bro.



Seriously? You've lost it mate.

Neither I nor anyone I have authority over ordered any attack against you. I didn't even know about these attacks till you told me it'd happened.

I say again. This was not a preplanned event. Anyone who can provide evidence to the contrary should hurry up and do so so I can kick the asses of those responsible.

In the mean time. Take a teaspoon of concrete and harden the fuck up. K?



> You've lost it mate.

I lost it a long, long time ago.

I mean, not three weeks back I was actively asking people to stop my paranoid ramblings. Actively. I was having a paranoid episode, and I just wanted one person to tell me I was just being crazy and baseless.

It would have been really nice had anyone told me I was losing it back then. Then I wouldn't be here, would I?

>This was not a preplanned event.

Look at it from my point of view:


- Attack on 4/19 12:00, 4/19 12:09

- Democratic council takes offense and wants to counter strike immediately.

- Peace Talks show signs of no actual punishment, resolution, or end.

- 4/20 10:00 am attacks begin.

- Attacking agent creates new CLOP country

- 4/22 midnight previous attacks resolve.

- 4/22 1pm, Attacking Agent has well developed new country.

It seems, from the outside looking in, that the person that tried to set off a war was rewarded in the sister game.

Considering talking for peace was almost exclusively with the current leaders of CLoC and FotA, it's kind of hard to keep those two separate.

>Take a teaspoon of concrete and harden the fuck up. K?

If you want me to stop acting like a paranoid schizophrenic, you're really going to need to stop acting like there's something going on.

Seriously, I asked my group if we wanted to ceasefire, and we do. I also later asked them if we wanted to formalize the ceasefire, and we really don't.

There's voting and ballots and discussion anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1429254192723.jpg (221.97 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.jpg)


Admin left some bugs in the script that ate up all the sugar on the market! Parasprites attacked all the market stalls!
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File: 1429556720675.jpg (234.14 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.jpg)

Blaze it, faggots.


File: 1429556967553.jpg (207.79 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.jpg)




File: 1429557750811.jpg (231.69 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.jpg)

Ok I think that's the best I can do.



Sell something for 1300 bits, then buy something for 1231 bits



Errr buy for 1119, sorry

File: 1429238362321.jpg (30 KB, 203x240, 203:240, 3355577172_6dcfa6467c_m.jpg)


I noticed the lack of people trying to cut each other's throats. What happened to that? The good ol' days.


File: 1429238579069.gif (14.28 KB, 650x450, 13:9, 06772.gif)

Probably the extend three week noob protection.
Also maybe the lack of bits.


You missed Loli stating that he is going to attack Scarf, and by extention CoLC.


File: 1429287076271.gif (653.04 KB, 500x400, 5:4, giphy.gif)

Wel it seemsl more like he is going to goad you into attacking him and then attack you.
Same difference though.

File: 1428729332063.png (258 KB, 435x480, 29:32, clop7.png)


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Best pone.


Muh nigga!



Hmm, the thread full of probable troublemakers.


File: 1428982895507.jpg (66.96 KB, 695x719, 695:719, 1360168905649.jpg)


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