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Any chance of a delay on that reset or some kind of in-game compensation to non-stasis'd players who currently have nations? Maybe some extra bits or bonus starting resources for the next go around?

Seeing as it takes time to build a working nation on the order of real world weeks, it's really frustrating to have to deal with the prospect of your nation being nuked out of the blue because the admin wants to "rebalance" the game or some other such shit.


Personally, in all likelihood I'm just going to quit playing post-reset. It's trouble enough keeping a virtual nation steady and even growing without admin doing the following:

+ -irregular- natural disasters with arbitrary negative results to add injury to insult (completely unpredictable and therefore no fun)
+ nominally out of the blue resets to correct perceived balance issues (without like a blog or someplace easy to find and read where the definite problems addressed by a reset are stated)
+ changing the rules and formulas when he feels like with no more than a vague mention of new features

+ possessing a general better than thou attitude and treating the players as personal guinea pigs with regard to the game (Just because you can and have the ability to doesn't mean that anyone likes it!)

Then there is generally having to deal with changing rules and a guide that's more than six months out of date which links to guide that's also very out of date.
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This sounds… worth a try, perhaps?



Przes make parts at such tremendously low prices that they are virtually free~

If someone needs parts desperately enough to shell out 10x the bits, well, they're allowed factories, no?


no :P


Will having multiple nations expand the tax threshold? And if so, by how much?



Each nation has its own taxes.

File: 1428599696975.png (49.27 KB, 1287x407, 117:37, what_the_fuck_did_you_just….png)


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File: 1428648451249.png (115.31 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, 2015-04-09-230223_1024x600….png)

That one, glorious tick…


File: 1428649344575.gif (1.56 MB, 500x500, 1:1, ary.gif)

This has got to be some sort of a record.

>pic related


Thanks for posting this for me.
My e-peen will block out the sun


I cannot stop laughing. What have you done to me, CSNE.
And trust me, this is audiable cackling.


File: 1428721430014.png (34.29 KB, 1415x368, 1415:368, download (5).png)

Why can't I hold all these nations?

File: 1425190176424.png (206.99 KB, 1596x1700, 399:425, residualsat.png)


I noticed this when I was disabling Celestions buildings after taking his burro, I call it residual sat.

There is extra sat from destroying buildings, sat losses from enabling/disabling buildings, that shouldn't be there.

I would try to exploit this if I weren't so fucking lazy.
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Dovesypls, you shouldn't antagonise your overlords with such disrespect.


Funny, Only people who have me embargoed according to the embargo page are Cloud Kicker (nationless) and Nss4fun(who claims that he don't have me embargoed).


File: 1427635013460.jpg (119.12 KB, 550x750, 11:15, 1249894_1374204880752_full.jpg)

>Nss4fun(who claims that he don't have me embargoed).
> he

She's a she XD I'm surprised no one else noticed that.



Wait, I thought for sure Dovesy had this under name and trip…


File: 1428085359919.jpg (47.01 KB, 576x576, 1:1, 1424289287790.jpg)


After being away for, what, 3 months because of outside forces unforseen by the gods themselves, I bring myself back to this page.

And what do I see?

The same ol' bull shit as before.

This should be fun.
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Too long… I've gotten caught up in all these other games… Motivation has been tough to maintain, honestly :C


File: 1427975082084.jpg (59.08 KB, 700x900, 7:9, FB_IMG_1427955042828.jpg)

Welp, I guess you can say that's why I'm here :D


Hi Key! :D



Your presence is always a joy C:


File: 1428082188175.jpg (96.13 KB, 600x1642, 300:821, FB_IMG_1428014286438.jpg)

Yo Ty! :D
Even so, :3

File: 1422355936744.jpg (419.44 KB, 800x897, 800:897, 1412609640153.jpg)


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File: 1422490132401.png (Spoiler Image, 286.46 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, tumblr_nedggwbgzg1u2ew6zo1….png)

Admin, come on, you pleb ;_;
don't make me fap to THIS


File: 1422501761094.jpg (Spoiler Image, 223.89 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, pic-src-1359826669178.jpg)

Anthro is finy, Pony is fine.

Pictures of horse vagina is not.

No comments on horsecock though


File: 1427221015981.gif (Spoiler Image, 483.88 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Insectiodpussy.gif)

what about glorious insectoid pussi?


File: 1427221096472.png (Spoiler Image, 960.31 KB, 1280x847, 1280:847, tumblr_myuo99S1LY1sh9nv7o1….png)

oh btw. 9/10 bats agree apples are the best.


File: 1427361281573.png (Spoiler Image, 542.65 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 587453__explicit_nudity_le….png)


Saved so fucking hard. If only the search term in booru was "foalcon,'' that image would be perfect.

File: 1423342808722.jpg (20.95 KB, 508x184, 127:46, Requirements.JPG)


Are you eager to play with other people's emotions?
Are you actually interested in playing the compounding game more directly?
Tired of sitting on the sidelines, waiting for someone else to get around to letting you work under them?
Are you willing to communicate, and ask for help when and if you need it?

Infinity Cauldron is looking for new team members, and we're open to applications. Feel free to contact Mintyrest in game or via skype, so that we can get started playing together.

It would help if you could check your account every 12 hours or so
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Not yet, though from the fact that you're asking the question, I gather that won't last…


>I gather that won't last…

Again, I point out loud enough to not be ignored
>Under the current model, that would happen right around PL 110
>Under the new model, it starts happening right around PL 50



Yes, I did notice that. I didn't respond to you directly, because I didn't really have anything to add; your figures appear approximately correct, and I didn't think it worth the trouble to calculate it down to the last decimal digit.

Right now, I'm trying to see if I can hit T6 before the change happens. Autocompounding a lot of Harmony should insulate me against complement worries (since Harmony is, after all, its own complement).


>inb4 Harmony produces Void through compliments


File: 1426519851033.png (31.4 KB, 1172x498, 586:249, Capture.PNG)

I'm late. My apologies. Ides decided to kick my ass.

Sunday with variance rankings are as follows.
CCC is up 5 points at 82.
PE fell out of the game.
Poland is up 7 points to 79.

Karakos is up 4 points at 65.5.
LBoS is up about 4 points at 45.72~
PI is down pretty harshly at 29.5, 14.5 point drop.
∞ is…. still at 56.6. Huh, that's better than I expected.

On a related note, the number of players in T5 opened up vastly; TKoE, Schatten, and myself, have broken in with a few more on the way as the materials cap has shifted noticeably.

File: 1423962607852.png (106.55 KB, 430x430, 1:1, lyraprincess.png)


(Old thread is autosaging, and no, I don't control thread limits)

Let's talk about maladaptive behaviors: behaviors that make sense to the people doing them, but have long-term ill effects on the entire game.

For example, nation building in the first game, which turns some players' activities into a weekly grind and entirely removes the need for new players at all. These unneeded new players never find an alliance, never realize that they'd do better with one, and never really take part in the politics which make the actual game.

Or the current disturbing trend in Compounds, in which one ascended player has chosen to go it alone, another ascended player has hit perma-stasis, and most other alliances aren't taking on nearly as many newbies as they could be, with some choosing to keep on perma-stasis'd members instead. Various flavors of paranoia are cited as reasons (this kind of thing is why I put in controls for who is allowed to do what).

I guess a better question would be "How do I get a bunch of friendless autists to start cooperating with each other?"

Banked resources today and war shortly afterwards.
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Okay, I've had way too many other things eating my time. Alliance vs. alliance attacks in this week. I'm going to clip the images from that .png myself now, and try to get some more people into Compounds.

I'm also increasing the usefulness of Burden attacks by not informing the defender of what's being sent.



Never mind, I can't do transparencies worth a shit. Myra, can you get these?


Yep. Currently, I don't have access to the PC on which they are saved, though.
I should have the icons by tomorrow.




I know this is the most vague promise ever but I promise I'll get more stuff done soon.

Before then, get more people in your alliances.


File: 1427274605093.jpg (35.33 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Kneesocks.(PSG).600.476570.jpg)

File: 1425236343866.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 KB, 120x248, 15:31, crabking.png)





Did it pass?


ur mom lol

File: 1424466536591.png (372.6 KB, 804x994, 402:497, Lyra_Magic_Music.png)


Let's go ahead and put all shitposting, praise and qq related to my current ascension attempt right here, instead of cluttering up unrelated threads.

My attempt:

16 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




File: 1425758126469.png (9.84 KB, 1142x326, 571:163, Yay.PNG)

"When pressed with the choice of life or death, it is not necessary to gain one's aim.
We all want to live. And in large part we make our logic according to what we like. But not having attained our aim and continuing to live is cowardice.

Bushido is realized in the presence of death. In the case of having to choose between life and death you should choose death. There is no other reasoning. Move on with determination."
-Yamamoto Tsunetomo








Thank you~

Also, I caught the name gremlin before he struck again! Ha!

File: 1425516110002.png (33.11 KB, 1276x559, 1276:559, Nuuuuuu.PNG)


So, I tried to spy admin. This is the result…

Has anyone else found more snarky error messages? Post 'em! Let's find them all XD


File: 1425559823657.png (200.97 KB, 830x467, 830:467, Diamond-Tiara-my-little-po….png)

Which button did you click? Send message or spy? :P


Try targeting yourself with things that you're not supposed to target yourself with.

There's also certain checks that involve people trying to lie to the game (i.e. sending cancel messages for things not their own), but you'll just get a message saying that it doesn't exist for most of those.


File: 1425707567133.png (1.74 KB, 415x64, 415:64, Brutal.PNG)


Thanks for the tip!

>pic: What happens when you try sadomasochistic Brutality

What, nothing *really* pointed to say about someone Burdening themselves? Maybe something like, "No, that does NOT give you free resources."


I think I'll hit Tier 5 very shortly.

Now, as soon as I do that, I can produce Mercilessness. War suddenly becomes possible. And Admin's gone to a great deal of effort to put war into the game, so it probably should get tested.

On the other hoof, I'm not really that much of an aggressive person. I'm not going to just attack anypony out of the blue without warning, or without good reason.

So I thought about this, and I came up with an idea - to allow others to start messing around with war, sometime after I hit T5 (probably sometime this coming week) I'm going to put some Mercilessness on the market.

It will be 20 Mercilessness; enough to allow an attack against any T4 player. I'll require either T3 or T4 resources in exchange (I'm not going to specify which resource in advance), and it will be expensive. Once it's sold, I'll wait a bit, and then put another batch of 20 Mercilessness on the market, at a similar or (more likely) higher price.

Of course, if I'm giving everypony the chance to attack a given T4, it's only fair to first give all the T4s a bit of warning, so they've got time to build up their defenses… hence this thread.

Nopony had any warning before I posted this. I'll wait at least a day for people to build up their defenses before putting any mercilessness on the market…
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File: 1425481575535.png (264.72 KB, 516x900, 43:75, pic-src-1359826340374.png)

> But you should be able to, imho. Probably with a larger cost.
Spying on alliances would make epene measuring much more interesting.

>Alliance members have some of those, right?
Admin, you must be a standup comic in the world with the giant ball of fire and people who don't communicate in numbers and crude sex jokes.



If you can read someone's overview page, then you should be able to work out what their alliance focus is (if any) from their income of various resources and their production level.

I'm *guessing* that's what MintyRest was looking for, because I can't think of any other information that could be found from me and heysmitty interchangeably…


That is true. But you don't see alliance stockpiles, for instance. Depending on player influx in the future, those can be quite large, and thus valuable information. We have spying already; excluding spying on alliances kinda beats the purpose.


File: 1425501532138.png (9.4 KB, 373x239, 373:239, Capture.PNG)

>because I can't think of any other information that could be found from me and heysmitty interchangeably

I was looking for this specifically.
While it would be nice to suss out alliance focuses from a trading standpoint, no one talks about how they are managing satisfaction.

I wanted to figure out some baseline for normal operation.



> While it would be nice to suss out alliance focuses from a trading standpoint…

I have vast amounts of Magic to trade*, and am looking in particular for Loyalty at the moment

(*"Vast amounts" meaning that my previous trading partners apparently got filled up).

> no one talks about how they are managing satisfaction.

I stuck a small bunch of Joy in my autocompounding, quite some time ago. Every now and then, I stick what's accumulated into my alliance, and raise the alliance satisfaction as far as that Joy goes.

It's bought me up to 178 alliance sat so far.

File: 1423992459157.jpg (307.83 KB, 2100x1366, 1050:683, 727053.jpg)


Thread for posting Compounds trades.



I have quite a bit of Honesty that I have no immediate use for, and a need of quite a bit of Kindness and Loyalty (or alternatively, Devotion). If you have some Kindness and Loyalty (or Devotion) that you want to get rid of, or if you need Honesty, I have a few offers in the market…


Have Magic. Need Loyalty, Kindness. Large quantities not a problem.

Any offers welcome.

File: 1424105096142.png (1.25 MB, 6632x3888, 829:486, Admin's_Premium_Service.png)


For the Premium >CLOP package, simply donate more than $100!

Features include:
Access to cheats!
Multiple accounts!
Protection from bans!

You too can be a contender - for a low, low price!

Donate today!
150 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1424194973749.gif (150.09 KB, 500x346, 250:173, giphy.gif)

To be honest I'm going to go ahead and state that I'm the anon. Much better to have your name behind something.


I knew it had to either be you or Minty. Because you were very intelligent for an anon.

Also, I think I'm just going to stop avatar-ing for a while. I'm getting sick of the image limit 8Chan enforces for duplicate imagery.


File: 1424220768945.gif (44.26 KB, 500x346, 250:173, tumblr_lxtyywcGxo1r7w65no1….gif)

Heh you flatter me.
And yeah the limit is annoying. I'm going to run out of space on my phone soon to avatarfag with.


File: 1425026147405.png (Spoiler Image, 286.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, LOL_XD.png)

>a reset of >CLOP
I might actually come back for that, especially if there are no empires.


File: 1425043294562.png (Spoiler Image, 129 KB, 343x449, 343:449, Cloud_Kicker_costume_S2E4.png)

Admin doesn't want to scratch empires.
If people want a reset, the guild has to dispose of FFA first. Or FFA have to kick the guild's ass.

File: 1423758767533.jpg (7.6 KB, 256x197, 256:197, Luna Armored.jpg)


The time has come once again, friends!

War… War never changes. The Guild of Calminous Intent, all three of them have sent troops to Our fair borders, attempting to burn out the night! But we shall not falter.

May the darkness rise, and consume our foes, guarding us in it's protective cloak.

Luna above all!
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> Play CLOP
> Stop being faggots

Pick one butter pone


File: 1424373956504.jpg (146.37 KB, 900x900, 1:1, pinkie_pie_the_pegasus_uni….jpg)

I kinda like Cotton Candy pone myself.

Anyone remember the related pic?


File: 1424380378540.jpg (35.99 KB, 434x600, 217:300, SpecialDelivery.jpg)

Oh, almost forgot. I have a package for you.


File: 1424980567321.gif (13.84 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Sillyflash.gif)

Now I'm just being silly.


File: 1424983428397.png (28.7 KB, 582x213, 194:71, fuckoff.png)

Plz stop

File: 1422216554926.gif (203.28 KB, 420x450, 14:15, calm down, it's just an im….gif)


As there is to be an MLPchan and Ponychan merger, and the sequel is going to be in testing soon, I've decided it's the perfect time to give >CLOP players a new home.

Can someone make us some 300x100 banners? I really don't have time as I've got a game to code.
30 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at


File: 1424028408078.png (61.48 KB, 389x500, 389:500, pone flags.png)

Could we get flags for this board?


I feel like this thread could unsticky and sage now. This is no longer the new board, just the board.


File: 1424963776119.jpg (12.68 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1424380378540edit.jpg)



>Image becomes top banner

Nice one~


File: 1424978535661.png (132.07 KB, 299x252, 299:252, Markiplier.png)

You cheeky bastard!

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