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File: 1462563556551.jpg (148.46 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nuclear rainboom.jpg)


Regularly logging in to an online game to play ponies with your friends should be fun, not a chore.

And it's not fun anymore.

So I'm shutting things down sometime soon and making the source available. Have fun kids.


Polandball has uploaded the source onto Gitlab for anyone who wants to contribute.



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And use the board more, even if just to shitpost

File: 068b035ca78bf92⋯.jpg (3.82 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1509400293943.jpg)


Sleep tight, sweet prince


does this board do? or not?


File: 8cb6b49d3a85cbe⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 540x405, 4:3, tumblr_o7yk2fsD2c1r9ulu7o1….gif)

File: 1423807507016.gif (83.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ajlol.gif)



The Horned King loses Aizsaule because he can't into war!
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make me faggot



*makes you a faggot*





this board


the whole game again lol

File: 1465501673399.png (86 KB, 750x250, 3:1, sisterswillfuckyouuptextur….png)


Howdy folks.

While I think that >Clop is a fantastic game as is, nothing is perfect. So I've decided that I'm going to use this opportunity to try to make things even better! I am proud to present the first update in >EggClops branch of >Clop


The war between the NLR and the SE has become stale, and what do 2 unrivaled superpowers do when they get bored? They colonise of course!

Starting today NPC nations will spawn, ostensibly owned by either the NLR or the SE.

Here are the important points relating to these new NPCs;

>These nations will be controlled by your glorious admin, and will be able to be invaded. (they will always spawn at age 14.)

>These nations will have a set budget for their personal defence, as well as a modest standing army at spawn

>Attacking these nations will royally (ha) piss off whichever Sister owns it, however the other sister will be pleased. (-200 relationship with the owner, +200 with the other)

Now, you might be asking yourself, "That seems like an expensive effort, why should I bother?"

As with all questions in >clop, there are a few relevant answers;

1. A free, moderately developed nation will be yours!

2. These nations are funded by the Sisters, and have very reasonable stockpiles up for grabs.

3. New loot! One advantage to being owned by a Superpower, you get supplied with the newest, top of the line arms and armour. These pieces of equipment will be completely unique and uncraftable!

4. Dick waving

In addition to the above, the increased Superpower presence in the area incentives them to pay more attention to their most loyal allPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1471978965008.webm (1.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, eggmin right now.webm)


File: 1471980880024.webm (3.25 MB, 1166x900, 583:450, 1467240545064.webm)









File: 1471980992177.png (1.93 MB, 2000x2500, 4:5, 8287442fa78e4cfbe9e92808a4….png)

Watch and learn, inferior alliances! This is how it's done!


File: 1472054860178.png (32.86 KB, 631x502, 631:502, 144519094677.png)

>1. A free, moderately developed nation will be yours!

> 2. These nations are funded by the Sisters, and have very reasonable stockpiles up for grabs.

> 3. New loot! One advantage to being owned by a Superpower, you get supplied with the newest, top of the line arms and armour. These pieces of equipment will be completely unique and uncraftable!

Egg, where's muh new unique equipment?


>10 Lunar Enviros present

>build 5 Solar

>15 total enviros in one nation

Is this supposed to be like this?



>Egg, where's muh new unique equipment?

Ah crap, my bad. I'll get that to you when I get to my PC next.

>Is it supposed to be like this?

Yes, yes it is.

File: 1471222378889.jpg (245.27 KB, 1651x1275, 1651:1275, multiculturalism.jpg)



Racism is bad m'kay?

Now that you've got your laughter out of the way, Allow me to present the next update to our little fork of >Clop

Multiculturalism: A new Government option on the Lunar tree that offers an alternative to Oppression for medium to largish empires.

MC offers a substantial sat bonus for each additional nation in your empire, however this bonus follows a curve and will eventually end up being a penalty. Don't want to get too integrated after all!

I won't spoil the precise formula for these bonuses, but I'm sure one of you will figure it out shortly. However, be warned that this bonus relies on being able to pay for your government upkeep. Failing to meet it can and will cause your abrupt death.

And that is that, Love it, Hate it, uninstalling your browser to get away from the cancer? This thread is now open for discussion of this topic!

Now, for those of you that were expecting other features in this update, worry not! Coming soon to an 8chan board near you, Update #2.1. Power, and Those That Choose to Wield It.



This update doesn't include acceptance of non-binary genders, you shitlord. Check your privileged.


File: 1471224985066.png (2.6 KB, 1220x60, 61:3, damn niggers.png)

GG, multiculturalism fucking everything like real life.


Holy Fuck Build The Wall

File: 1465149644367.png (28.21 KB, 594x719, 594:719, growth.png)


Your friend neighbourhood math nerd here.

Have a couple graphs of the gross resource output of the 3 primary commodities. Split into Alliances.

Congratulations to MEPH for having the highest numbers at this time.

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File: 1466546643454.png (61.48 KB, 680x369, 680:369, 144081008816.png)


pls update


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

rip statistics, we hardly knew ya.


Polandclop has an actual stats page now, update your code eggnigger


File: 1466641744361-0.png (7.81 KB, 829x105, 829:105, bb3317bdbeb45bd2bbdbf5483e….png)

File: 1466641744361-1.jpg (245.73 KB, 641x982, 641:982, kek.jpg)

File: 1466641744362-2.png (223.43 KB, 1400x1900, 14:19, MEPHbanner.png)


>Major Nation

I had enough of a laugh last night when someone sent me this, but I felt this deserved to be shared.

To anyone not in the know, Stranger lost his nation, which had a few extra mines over softcap. Needless to say, TNN is so small and petty Scarf thought we had lost a major nation. By his standards, I can understand his confusion (:^

Without further ado, I invite you to see Scarf's old nation. I link it both for you, >EggCLOP players, and for Scarf himself, since Blago Prairie doesn't exist in this game anymore.


Once you're done laughing/mirin', feel free to come back to the thread and bask in MEPH's glory.

MEPH thread? MEPH thread


File: 1466641960068.png (242.64 KB, 1925x1080, 385:216, Lain_YV_wp_B_1080_Mony.png)


Just posting to confirm.


File: 1466644034778.png (225.35 KB, 331x457, 331:457, youvedonewell.png)

Before I forget, I want to congratulate Luna for making the first Statue in the game, and thank everyone in MEPH for coming together for this small project, and every other project we've made. Special thanks to Sephi too, and congratulations on the second Statue.

Maybe every MEPH nation shall get a Statue soon, if it tickles our fancy.


File: 1466712901761.jpg (12.06 KB, 236x257, 236:257, sed.jpg)

RIP major nation. Never forget.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Guess who's back

fill me in on the local news boys. Who hates who? what's new? And who wants cheap sugar?



Welcome back, friend! Well, Prze nations aren't terrible anymore since they produce buildings for cheap and parts for even cheaper, NPC nations (NPNs?) are now a thing that also come with unique, uncraftable weapons when conquered, and MEPH is in the lead on pretty much all resources generated.

But, of course, that's all news that's part of the superior fan revival of >CLOP.


Theres also ReClop, which have less players, and admin released source code so anyone can make his own >clop now.

File: 1465183091226.png (45.59 KB, 500x250, 2:1, LolK.png)


>Mfw I Somehow forgot my own god damn Tripcode


I am now accepting submissions for alliance themed banners to add to the rotation of images at the top of the page.

Each alliance may send me 1 banner, subject to my approval (No ms paint dicks or porn pls) and it will be added.

Banners should be Nx250 in size, and not have an insanely large filesize.

Most importantly, this is your chance to show off your alliance to all the (up until now entirely theoretical) new players! Make something that isn't shit!

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File: 1465937541229.jpg (23.49 KB, 372x268, 93:67, Mystic_Knights_logo.jpg)


The name of your alliance is bringing back some childhood memories.



What does a legendary celtic land have to do with anime?


File: 1465942240081.jpg (200.58 KB, 600x600, 1:1, pinkie_shrug_by_semehammer….jpg)


Haven't you heard?

Everything's anime now.



Ask South Korea.


Alex Baker [Keymaster] - Today 11:05 AM

> https://join.skype.com/sD75SEgCEWnQ

File: 1464493343048.png (179.1 KB, 1885x1897, 1885:1897, getitliketacoandtalk.png)


With the death of >CLOP we now have a reliable, stable version of the game again, with an admin that is interested primarily in the players enjoying the game, instead of flexing coding skills.

How come there isn't more people joining up? No one really worried about PolandCLOP literally allowing people to make an account for each proxy you've got available? Or is the community finally dead?

There's exactly 20 players in EggCLOP right now. I know there's some more in PolandCLOP that haven't joined up. C'mon, if no one joins, then I'll be the only available player to be the boogeyman in the political drama, and that's only because I'm leading the new AMEP equivalent.

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File: 1464901540547.jpg (29.91 KB, 480x640, 3:4, smug3dfaec.jpg)


Unlike with ReCLOP, I've yet to be locked out of my nation in EggCLOP. A few times it's been a little slow, but I blame that on my internet connection. Honestly, EggCLOP has been perfectly reliable so far, and I bet whatever problem you had didn't even last long.



It's ok now but it lasted 2 days, which was horrible. And no, it wasn't my connection.



Well, considering no one but a random anon is reporting issues, I'm not sure I believe you.

I have been keeping an eye on my own connection since your last complaint and haven't noticed an unusual number of lost packets.

Are you sure you're not actually connecting to Reclop? I've heard they've been having stability issues lately.




Whoops, read that in present tense. Glad to hear it's running smoothly now! :3


File: 1465397624567.jpg (60.26 KB, 323x345, 323:345, mmm.jpg)




Well, I just died *again* in ReCLOP due to not being able to enter my nation for more than a day. I don't think I have it in me to try again.

At least EggCLOP isn't frustrating like that. I remember Schatten and someone else getting their nations taken over by rebels in ReCLOP, think they might join EggCLOP?


After an absurd delay, it's finally happened.

Making clop great again.

http://eggclop.tk is now live! feel free to sign up.

This thread will now be the the primary place for >EggClop related discussion.

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you know that what the game calls tir na nog is actually the other way around, right?

what server you on?


File: 1465060024402.gif (2.16 MB, 446x600, 223:300, medium_1.gif)


They are on Eggclop, did you read the title of the topic?



I meant for a different game, smackeroo





Mari. IGN is Sephixarados.


File: 1465203427927.png (353.08 KB, 387x468, 43:52, be39545ce57d47ed93a3f75488….png)

File: 1464757887770.png (882.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lyra_and_Sweetie_Drops_sho….png)


Okay guys.

I have big news. After being tracked by relentless hunters my identity has been discovered and I have felt it was pertinent to share before someone else did. I know not a single soul expected this harrowing and terrifying twist of fate.

You see for the truth is

I am Sir_Scarfalot


File: 1464768622365.jpg (104.41 KB, 789x999, 263:333, Lyrabon_Blacksuits.jpg)


Just posting to confirm this.



File: 1462220332814.png (31.16 KB, 1260x506, 630:253, I_dont_need_another_SA.png)


I still check my Incoming-screens everyday, sry. :P

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File: 1462276352140.jpg (81.73 KB, 750x763, 750:763, 1459021458247.jpg)


File: 1462302626937.png (434.61 KB, 1280x648, 160:81, vlcsnap-2016-05-03-20h57m0….png)





File: 1462342305358.png (28.96 KB, 715x186, 715:186, combat log may 4.png)

Combat log, if anyone's interested.

See you after Ascension Day.




I did not comment as required, and was not blessed with cozy comfy smugs... I regret this deeply :c




File: 1463775062204.png (39.42 KB, 1009x527, 1009:527, cb.png)



And it's still a solid ruleset that should be considered.


File: 1464550123477.jpg (85.24 KB, 1191x671, 1191:671, happy_minuette_and_lyra_by….jpg)


Just make sure not to strangle what you want to protect.

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