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File: 1471222378889.jpg (245.27 KB, 1651x1275, 1651:1275, multiculturalism.jpg)



Racism is bad m'kay?

Now that you've got your laughter out of the way, Allow me to present the next update to our little fork of >Clop

Multiculturalism: A new Government option on the Lunar tree that offers an alternative to Oppression for medium to largish empires.

MC offers a substantial sat bonus for each additional nation in your empire, however this bonus follows a curve and will eventually end up being a penalty. Don't want to get too integrated after all!

I won't spoil the precise formula for these bonuses, but I'm sure one of you will figure it out shortly. However, be warned that this bonus relies on being able to pay for your government upkeep. Failing to meet it can and will cause your abrupt death.

And that is that, Love it, Hate it, uninstalling your browser to get away from the cancer? This thread is now open for discussion of this topic!

Now, for those of you that were expecting other features in this update, worry not! Coming soon to an 8chan board near you, Update #2.1. Power, and Those That Choose to Wield It.



This update doesn't include acceptance of non-binary genders, you shitlord. Check your privileged.


File: 1471224985066.png (2.6 KB, 1220x60, 61:3, damn niggers.png)

GG, multiculturalism fucking everything like real life.


Holy Fuck Build The Wall

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