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File: 1453686248693.jpg (64.11 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 8fd.jpg)

c71f69 No.196309

c71f69 No.196316

File: 1453687080946-0.jpg (519.28 KB, 2592x1406, 1296:703, 1452614333278.jpg)

File: 1453687080947-1.jpg (144.62 KB, 1105x461, 1105:461, JUST.jpg)














c71f69 No.196330

Anyone got the screen grab of the betafaggot defending the d club shit as not gay and just "hetero-progressive"?

c71f69 No.196332

File: 1453689355570.gif (700.21 KB, 360x203, 360:203, 1429850872576.gif)


holy shit arin and spoony are one in the same

both started off alright and as they went on got fatter and lazier and grew their hair and now everyone hates them

c71f69 No.196333


That was the point I stopped watching them, at first I though it was just some weird awkwardly delivered joke

c71f69 No.196334

File: 1453690751593.jpg (84.17 KB, 899x677, 899:677, ayyrin.jpg)

just a reminder

c71f69 No.196337

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



salty julay and pennies!

c71f69 No.196339


suzy confirmed dirty vajayjay

c71f69 No.196346

File: 1453692865434.gif (696.75 KB, 324x183, 108:61, 1453580509853.gif)


It's not only Arin and Spoony. It happens a lot. Why do these people do this to themselves? ;_;

c71f69 No.196370


JonTron kind of gives me the feels there. Been there, dealt with that in my childhood. I'm surprised he hasn't gone full Spoony unless I'm missing anything.

c71f69 No.196373

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>mfw oxycontin

i feel your feels

c71f69 No.196376


Just how old are these fuckers? I thought they were all 30s or something, they look like shit

c71f69 No.196379

File: 1453698938411.jpg (30.84 KB, 625x349, 625:349, JonEgo.jpg)


Jon is 25

Arin is 29

c71f69 No.196384


let's be honest, Spoony had a point where he actually was able to tell a joke, whereas Arin was never funny

c71f69 No.196385


I think Jon's a bit more mentally stable than Noah

his biggest things he's done on twitter are like a retarded joke and making fun of Van Valkenburg

c71f69 No.196452



He's very well adjusted and nondramatic, it made me very happy to know that a cool guy came from a similar place and had some similar feelings.

c71f69 No.196454

File: 1453748998273.png (313.2 KB, 311x584, 311:584, needmoreevidence.PNG)

Also, I don't think the game grumps are drama enough, like Onision or Chris Chan or anyone, most dudes are closet faggots now a days. They are boring vidya game cocks.

I mostly just came here to say that I think Holly is a major league babe, and see if we were posting images.

c71f69 No.196464

File: 1453752057223.png (121.08 KB, 500x277, 500:277, tumblr_mz7ypdKRa81rjp45so1….png)







c71f69 No.196509


>major league babe

just hang out at any junior high school, faggot, the girls there are exactly that undeveloped

c71f69 No.196522


Jon's obviously got a better IRL support network of friends to keep him from going off the deep end. I don't think Spoony had anyone but Scarlett and his brother for the most part, and then only his brother once shit got really bad. Even then, his brother was dealing with more legitimate problems of his own so he probably didn't have the time or will power to "help" Spoony.

At least, that's how it always seemed to me.

c71f69 No.196540


I think he was a pretty good animator, who definitely went beyond what were Newround's standards. At the very least his effort showed. I also think he had good chemistry with JonTron, but the man himself is not that entertaining. I'm amazed he got as big as he did.

c71f69 No.196542


Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

c71f69 No.196551


Spoony may have done (and continues to do) this to himself. But, there's still a little part of me that can empathize with his insanity. Also Bipolar Type 2. The medication destroys my sex drive, but the benefits of keeping a job and friends are well worth the price to me, but I can see why it isn't to others.

c71f69 No.196559


If Im so g6y thn suk my dik

c71f69 No.196563


Jon has gotten in better shape in recent years and seems much more respectable. He moved with his girlfriend to New York and you can see how he's lost weight in his videos.

He's always seemed relaxed about crap and nice to a fault. Which is why the crap with Arin and Ayylmao can make people more disgusted with those two since it's like they were beating up a baby panda.

c71f69 No.196579


Not to stray this thread off topic but has/is Spoony on medication? Does anyone even know?


If I remember correctly, Jon's gf is 10x better looking than Suzy. Not that the bar is set terribly high, all you have to do is look like a normal human being, but still.

c71f69 No.196584


Being a zany faggot that spews out random access humor jokes based on video games used to take you places back in the millennium decade (drawing shitty cartoons helped too).


I'm going to play Devil's Advocate by saying I Hate Everything/Alex is slowly getting there. He went full libertard-atheist cuck in one of his movie reviews, and is starting to get butt-hurt from troll suggestions and fans not being like him (People spam "make an 'I hate Mars Bars' video" on his channel).

c71f69 No.196624


>Not to stray this thread off topic but has/is Spoony on medication?

He's on lithium

c71f69 No.196631

File: 1453789394191.jpg (222.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Gape grumps.jpg)

Everything was fun, until they killed off Gabe Newell, way to go jews.

c71f69 No.196726

File: 1453825389669.jpg (146.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Since they recently did a video with them, are there any deep dark secrets regarding the Best Friends I should know about? I really enjoy those guys but it's better if I find out now then later.

c71f69 No.196727


Shit I though Jon was older, maybe its the beard? or genes, I had a professor that was like 70 but he looked 50, still had a full head of hair with only a few grey hairs on the sides

On the other hand some of his students/my classmates were in their 20s and already going bald


No idea who that chick is


She looks like the mom from thats70show, except she was 60


>I think he was a pretty good animator, who definitely went beyond what were Newround's standards

Hah, nope, his animations were more fluid than most but the overall quality was really low, his popularity depended almost entirely on randomness and funny voices. Most NG animators made fun of his shitty style

It was only much later on that arin got his shit together and started making better animation although the script was still full of randomness

c71f69 No.196730


Forgot to mention he (arin) barely animates anymore, his shitty rap battles are made by studio yotta, I don't even know if arin writes those terrible songs or if someone else does it

c71f69 No.196747


they're clean

c71f69 No.196751

literally the worst vidya related eceleb on youtube and that says something

c71f69 No.196752


Who took this pic? Was it on timer?

c71f69 No.196755

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Hah, nope, his animations were more fluid than most but the overall quality was really low, his popularity depended almost entirely on randomness and funny voices. Most NG animators made fun of his shitty style

I want you to consider that guys like this were getting praise at the time. It looks like he hasn't improved at all in a decade either Anyone making an effort to do frame by frame beyond sticks was pretty rare, and let us not forget the plague of sprite animations. To be frank not a lot of people really had room to criticize.

c71f69 No.196757

c71f69 No.196774


Woolie killed a guy

c71f69 No.196788


>Legendary Frog

Holy fuck. I remember that shit. People loved that guy back in the day. Honestly, for 2003 Flash, that's relatively impressive. When things like Homestar Runner were the best Flash had to offer, Stagnation Frog wasn't too bad.

Apparently, the guy hasn't improved in 12 years.

c71f69 No.196796

It's fascinating and downright sad that people like Legendary Frog and Egoraptor, people whose work I used to enjoy quite a bit, are now complete hacks.

Oh man, if only that talent actually went somewhere.

c71f69 No.196804




c71f69 No.196821


IIRC Bro Team Pill has some beef with Matt maybe Pat too. But as far as I know they're clean, even if some of their cocks is less than great. They make it a point to avoid airing dirty laundry, getting overly defensive in response to criticism, and getting involved in ongoing drama and controversies. They just seem like chill guys who wanna make videos and play vidya and have fun. They put a lot of effort into showcasing otherwise-overlooked games and developers, and overall are probably a net positive for the industry.

c71f69 No.196828


Matt has inklings of SJW tendencies and used to moderate comments like a bitch but he stopped doing that.

c71f69 No.196858




God I used to love this guy's shit. Kinda sad to see he's basically dead in the water in terms of relevance and talent but I guess it's better than being a raging faggot

c71f69 No.196961


Wait, is that real?

What's the reminder? I completely missed this.

c71f69 No.196964


Thing is Egoraptor wasn't really good in the first place. All he did was act zany with his shitty video game opinions, goofy voices, and meh animated shorts. Kids love zany shit, but most kids tend to outgrow what they liked, realizing it really sucked or was okay for it's time.


Yup. The reminder is that Egoraptor is a pathetic faggot who married a bitchy girlfriend.

c71f69 No.196966


How the hell did we get it?

c71f69 No.196974


do you seriously believe this is arin and suzy? lmao

c71f69 No.196995

c71f69 No.196997



This post and all the things surrounding it talk about it.

Also, how is nobody here talking about Suzy scamming all of her fans through Etsy?

c71f69 No.197007


I'm honestly shocked the grumps went to that length to cover it up at the time, but more shocked that someone was dedicated enough to prove it.

c71f69 No.197010


It's funny, really. Here's a basic timeline:

1. People easily noticed something was off in an episode of Mario 3D World, right after a level ended.

2. Theories popped up that a comment was removed. The common ideas were that the comment was about Jon (who the Grumps refused to mention at this point) or just making fun of the grumps.

3. People latched onto a blank post, assuming it was the removed one.

4. The 3rd point was proven wrong, and people started to lose interest and think it was just a coincidence.

5. People leftover from 3 figured out that ANOTHER comment was actually faked, and it was absolutely proved when we found that a different level's post was pasted over a post (and posts NEVER show up in the wrong spot). This is due to the earlier theories AND the fact that the "earlier level" post used a stamp from a specific level, and most comments end up being the posters using the new stamp to test it.

6. The grumps ignored it

7. The fans moved on.

c71f69 No.197014



I think the Danny and Arin really under appreciate the effort those people put into that kind of stuff.

c71f69 No.197018


>IIRC Bro Team Pill has some beef with Matt maybe Pat too.

I don't believe that, but if it's real it's fucking hilarious. Bro Team doesn't seem like he's capable of taking things seriously enough to have any beef– when Sarkeesian accused him of being an antisemite he responded by having a 1 hour stream of him shitposting on Twitter and laughing hysterically. He's like a fat Canadian goat.

c71f69 No.197035


They're pretty chill guys and don't really seem to have weird shit hidden behind their channel.

Still, Woolie turned down sex for what I'm certain was the launch of MVC3, so do consider at least one of them autistically neckbearded for the rest of his life.

c71f69 No.197064


Nah, from what I remember this has to do with Matt being tight with Machinima and not siding withe Brote during the whole Mohammed thing.probably not worth bringing up though.

c71f69 No.197100

So what do you guys think about Arin appearing in the new Jontron?

c71f69 No.197170

File: 1453926843029.gif (901.72 KB, 200x164, 50:41, 1345775912488.gif)

c71f69 No.197184

File: 1453930559047-0.png (472.99 KB, 500x621, 500:621, dragon dildo 2.png)

File: 1453930559048-1.jpg (165.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Dragon dildo.jpg)

File: 1453930559049-2.jpg (282.02 KB, 940x728, 235:182, Dragon dildo 3.jpg)


>CTRL F Dragon Dildo

What is wrong with you guys

Why has nobody mentioned it yet

c71f69 No.197195

File: 1453931999328.jpg (12.06 KB, 294x313, 294:313, 1457268658.jpg)


Jesusfuck what the hell am I looking at

Is this what liberalisim does to people?

c71f69 No.197198


I used to really like jon. After all his trump nonsense and his EA walmart shilling and his fucking terrible star wars series i don't think i like him any more

c71f69 No.197202


They might be a bunch of massive faggots but I'm sure these where just gifts from fans. They probably put them in the background as an easter egg, I guess.


>It was the patriac- I mean liberals!

How about you try to be less of a retard then the SJWs you despise?

c71f69 No.197205


Please, explain to me how owning a series of reptile dildos is anything but crazy.

c71f69 No.197209


cuckchan bought it for him waay back.

c71f69 No.197212


Considering his past with the dick club and the trannyisim, yeah that thing has been up his ass several times, probably worn by ayylmao.

c71f69 No.197248


If it were anyone else, I'd say it was a gag gift (my friends bought me a body pillow once as a joke so I know all about having shit gag gifts you have to hide), but like you pointed out, knowing Arin, that's been in his butt.

c71f69 No.197369

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's the same guy who did all those LoTR parodies right? well he wasn't the worst animator around at least his jokes were funny I was a fucking kid back then go give me a break here . Didn't care for the rest of his work tho

>Anyone making an effort to do frame by frame beyond sticks was pretty rare

Dude, egoraptor did shit like vid related for years, and it was this stuff what made him famous. He didn't start doing anything that was really frame-by-frame until like 2009 or so

>let us not forget the plague of sprite animations

Don't remind me, worst part is how hipsters brought it back years later and made it mainstream

>To be frank not a lot of people really had room to criticize

Come on man I remember a lot of better animators not getting as much attention as arin did, in retrospective his randomness cancer and ensuing popularity was the prelude to shit like pewdiefag


Dude is a sellout now, living in NYC is crazy expensive these days and his gf probably pressured him to cash out

Nigger is already part of one of those YT talent agencies that put them in touch with all the corps that need their shit shilled for the kiddies to buy it

Expect jon to start defending some truly shit games in the future, you wouldn't believe the things people will say if you put enough zeros on a check

c71f69 No.197418


>Nigger is already part of one of those YT talent agencies

I wonder if that's why he's suddenly friends with h3h3, the Hellbenders guy, and Filthy Frank.

c71f69 No.197556



There are not "friends" with these YT guys, its all put together by these talent agencies to boost numbers across all channels, they basically get the most popular guys to do a special video with their "friends" so those guys get more popularity

c71f69 No.197561

The reason Arin let himself go both physically and mentally was because Suzy ate all of his self-respect.

c71f69 No.197577


>trump nonsense

>EA walmart shilling

I haven't watched him in months. What have I missed here? Is he shilling for or against Trump? Please tell me it's for. I've got a feeling his audience is full of easily triggered teenage spergs.

c71f69 No.197611


>the Hellbenders guy

if you mean Pebbles, I think that was more because they were both oldschool newgrounds guys

c71f69 No.197627

File: 1454036105698.gif (20.28 KB, 448x539, 64:77, oy vey.gif)


>most dudes are closet faggots now a days

Good goyim, spread the propaganda, our MKULTRA programming and anti-masculinity messages aren't working fast enough!


Right? He even managed to make his MGS parody series work decently as a walkthrough for the real game.


>muh sex drive

>implying it's not actually better to have a brain cleared of hypersexuality that makes you want to fuck everything that moves instead of just the right one


Is he anti-Trump? For all of the usual bullshit reasons, I'm sure.

c71f69 No.197632


>likes egoraptor's old cartoons

you're less than a jew. you're an autist

c71f69 No.197652


Hi Yoko


Triggering. He was unfunny and awkward, like always. Jon should stick with h3h3.

c71f69 No.197663



And if he thinks most dudes now meet the standards for straight, then hes gay too.

c71f69 No.197927

File: 1454094644775.webm (7.33 MB, 340x340, 1:1, Liam Triggered.webm)




Liam is a faggot

c71f69 No.197966




So Egoraptor is a literal gay cuckold with feminine hair and low-T.


LOL, EVEN WOMEN at LEAST keep that shit on their shelf. What a buncha faggots.

c71f69 No.197970

File: 1454101054825.jpg (206.94 KB, 1267x1037, 1267:1037, Golly.jpg)

I've never watched a whole game grump before, I watched a little bit of the one with the Rareware composer guy.

c71f69 No.197975


suzy plz leave

c71f69 No.197976

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c71f69 No.197977





but it's probably not his real opinion.

he has to go with who signs his paychecks after all.

There are certain fights in certain "industries" it's best not to pick.

c71f69 No.197985

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Danny is an atheist Jews guys.

c71f69 No.197989

File: 1454101908287.png (589.34 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, UgXbtX6[1].png)


honestly this hugbox faggot right here is the worst part about Game Grumps imo

He's built a career on absolutely abominable manchild humor. He disenguininely panders to the tumblr crowd any chance he gets ("Shout out to our trans fans! I love you all you're beautiful!"). He also probably went on to apologize for showing the slightest hint of disbelief toward Arin's D-club story because he was afraid it came off as homophobic.

c71f69 No.197992


Guess most people here don't really give a fuck about Suzy. But the etsy thing and Arin's reaction to it is, quite possibly, one of the worst things they've done. Never fails to amuse though.

c71f69 No.197998


Here's the full case study on this for anybody who's interested.


The GG fanbase as a whole is as bad as gets, but the conspiracy grumps sub can be pretty based.

c71f69 No.198033


that shit does wind me up because there were never any consequences other than some people on the internet talking about it. Fucking bitch should have had her etsy account removed or something. She's still doing the same thing on the back of a a pisspoor Lets Play channel that's popular for some bizarre reason.

c71f69 No.198347


Yeah Matt is pretty much a Machinima shill.

c71f69 No.198435


>>implying it's not actually better to have a brain cleared of hypersexuality that makes you want to fuck everything that moves instead of just the right one

Hey! You've just proved you're a fucking moron! Way to go!

A decrease in sex drive would mean you don't even want to fuck "the right one" you dipshit. It lowers your desire to have sex entirely. Meaning even if you did find "the right one" you STILL wouldn't be able to work up the drive to give her a dicking.

c71f69 No.198480


>Danny is an atheist Jews guys.

That not surprising. Atheist jews are the biggest faggots out there. Not even regular jews and athests like them.

c71f69 No.198487


Arin and the better choice?

c71f69 No.198520

File: 1454269375347.png (385.44 KB, 491x491, 1:1, 1438098918247.png)


>liked MGA alone when it was new

>therefore hurr durr bad


>jews push "masculinity bad femininity good" on the masses

>some aren't strong enough to avoid it

>therefore every man is gay now

Nice try shekelberg.


>sexuality is black and white binary issue

>either want to fuck everything that moves or nothing at all

Delusional as fuck, sir (1) poster. It's called self control, not being some degenerate animal like a nigger.

c71f69 No.198523


please, briefly shitting on Trump is just classic normalfag tier memeing. It's not enough to hate someone over. Your other reasons are valid.

c71f69 No.198524


>sir (1) poster

>this faggot gives a shit about post counts ITT

What are you, a faggot?

c71f69 No.198527


On one hand, i agree. On the other hand, part of me can't fault him for julaying easily manipulated retards into giving them hundreds of thousands of dollars just because you acknowledge their existence.

But, on the other hand, just look forward to the day where he slips up and says something not kosher and the tumblrites he tried to appease jump on him.

c71f69 No.198532

gamegrumps used to be kind of funny but nowadays its complete garbage

funny enough, it all started out when the fat iranian got replaced by the annoying israeli jew

they used to have nice discussions about gaming, now its all about talking about shitty experiences that arent funny

all the jew of the duo does is talk about how cool he is and about his jewness and all, im not even joking

c71f69 No.198549


But what if women hate your feminine penis? sex dolls are to expensive, prostitutes dangerous and there is gay boys everywhere available.

If anything Jews are saving the earth.

c71f69 No.198550


You can't talk logic in a /pol/tard, that's the problem with them. They take everything extremely fucking serious and think you need to blame a certain group (like Jews, Islams and shit) for something.

I wonder why everyone has forget what 4chan /b/ (?) had as board title:

"Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."

c71f69 No.198552


They ARE right that Muslims/Islams are shit, but that's all i'm saying, political talk on the internet is not done and will always lead to shitposting or other faggotry if I had to give my opinion.

c71f69 No.198560

File: 1454276336232.jpg (20.8 KB, 500x370, 50:37, 1454175497152.jpg)

In this thread a wizardly /pol/tard who can't get it up a expresses his frustration with pop culture. Or is it that he just can't get it up for girls?

c71f69 No.198620


all the jew of the duo does is talk about how cool ==what a nice guy== he is and about his jewness and all, im not even joking

Fixed that for you. He once bragged about how two (presumably female) strippers offered him a threesome but he just couldn't do it because they were his friends and they meant too much to him.

But if you want to see someone's true colors, pay attention to how they treat the people that they presume to be lower in status. Dan treats Ross like absolute shit whenever there are other grumps around to laugh about it. I believe it was the poker episode of Table Flip where he dogged on Ross to the point that even the GG's worshipful fanbase was calling him out on it. That whole episode was a cringefest because clearly Ross wasn't enjoying the treatment.

c71f69 No.198622


But that's a very common group dynamic. The lead singer of Joy Division was always treated like that by his mates when in public and look how he turned out. Famous and idolized.

c71f69 No.198626

File: 1454288774052.jpg (67.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hang-in-there-ian-curtis.jpg)

c71f69 No.198638

File: 1454293119999.gif (1.54 MB, 204x300, 17:25, tumblr_n55zoxItSB1sd39dco4….gif)


I wouldn't mind if ross came out ahead of the other grumps in the end. Hopefully holly doesn't cuck him in the future…she seems like a pretty cool chick but she does wear the SJW colors

c71f69 No.198643



Ross seems like a cool guy, hopefully he doesn't go down the SJW hole Arin does

I've heard him use shitlord before, but I don't know if that's a true indication

I never followed Holly enough to know if she's SJW or not, but she at least seems more tolerable and in a healthier relationship than Suzy

c71f69 No.198651

File: 1454297968589.jpg (158.23 KB, 617x660, 617:660, 1435700844669.jpg)


Found the jew.


Holly is a problem-haired problem-spectacled vegan with two cats.

c71f69 No.198703


Arin wanted to treat Jon like a sidekick and when he had to replace Jon he got exactly that, a sidekick that wasn't funny and instead would just act as the straight man.

Problem is, Arin isn't funny so you end up with him just attempting to act retarded as a joke while Jew tries filling space with random stories.

c71f69 No.198704


If you can dig up that episode, I'd love to watch it.

c71f69 No.198746

File: 1454356098067.png (192.68 KB, 213x442, 213:442, holly.PNG)


Ross is the only grump who's good at video games, has talent, and is funny.

After watching that Guild grumps mini series I'm pretty sure he realized everyone else is a complete retard.

I'm glad he still animates and backs animators on youtube, he could have easily just jumped ship on that stuff like Arin did.

Plus Holly is a qt.

c71f69 No.198747


Found the welfare baby closet case.

c71f69 No.198748


>After watching that Guild grumps mini series I'm pretty sure he realized everyone else is a complete retard.

I think Jew and Ayylmao are the only ones legit retarded about games. Arin is probably decent, but he thinks acting retarded is funny and has focused so much on platformers and 80's style games that can't really work out how to operate in an MMO.

If you've played most any MMO it's fairly easy to switch around from one to another since they all have some framework revolving around a tank, healer, and dps as well as having a hotbar with abilities that work into some rotation. If you've never even tried an MMO then you'd be sorta fucked for a bit when trying to get into one, and Arin being an ADD child that tries acting retarded would get nowhere with it.

c71f69 No.198768


Stop trying to get this bitch trending its not gonna happen, she's just another average geek-for-attention slut with dyed hair

c71f69 No.198814

File: 1454380748781.gif (957.08 KB, 500x281, 500:281, elbow.gif)


>implying I've done this more than once

>Implying you wouldn't suck a fart out of that ass

c71f69 No.198853

File: 1454394991923.jpg (116.26 KB, 1400x1633, 1400:1633, becausedadneverdid.jpg)


Very hateful. Theres some video where he was like I did a bunch of pot and went on anti depressants and then I threw the anti depressants in a river, and then the children wrote in the comments about how there sad. He then put up a video and I think spent the majority of the proceeding episode talking about feelings and faggotry

The comment I always hear is "dannys a good dude". So is my grandma that doesn't make either one of them entertaining

Also well into his 30s and is in a shitty joke band with someone in his 40s

c71f69 No.198854



c71f69 No.198872



They got that dildo as a gift from subscribers in early days of GG as a joke. They received among toys, games and other shit.

c71f69 No.198880


I remember that. I think that was a video done in response to various people messaging him because of their own issues with suicide/depression due to him making some short mention of it in a regular Grumps video.

c71f69 No.198918

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



What do you call this type of lolpig? Hes not lulzy…just rage- inducingly faggy.


c71f69 No.198919

File: 1454440787703.jpg (39.22 KB, 292x302, 146:151, 1408999627762.jpg)


>that gif


c71f69 No.198924

Uh…What's so funny about these guys? From what I understand, they're just let's players who struck accidental gold after they realized their unscripted two person commentary style hit the sweet spot of the YouTube friend simulator crowd.

If anything, I think their fanbase is way cringier than they are. It's basically just friendless manchildren and socially awkward 14 year old's who are looking for artificial sources of socialization outside of Internet forums. I remember a while back I watched a Q&A they did at a convention and literally the entire audience were fat autists and weeaboos.

c71f69 No.198925

File: 1454445250019.png (13.28 KB, 422x202, 211:101, toxicolygys.png)


And let us not forget triggergrumps.tumblr.com

c71f69 No.198926


Watching the video that actually seems like it was probably a worthwhile thing to have made.

In the regular episode he mentioned throwing the medication away that he'd been on, and probably felt like there'd be some people that might try doing the same without talking to their doctor.


They make a lot of videos (three in last 24 hours even) and don't focus on a single game for all that long. It's a bit of a Pewdiepie setup where the entertainment is more just seeing various parts of a lot of games while having the friend simulator aspect of a couple guys chatting.

I think this style of Let's Play got popular because there's a lot of games that aren't necessarily enjoyable for people to play, but they have a so-so story that people like watching. After Jon left, they gave up on really making regular jokes and stuck to just showing games for the most part.

Also need to keep in mind, most people don't go to conventions. I imagine the average viewer is someone that just enjoys having something as background noise for the most part. It's like having a Law and Order SVU marathon on except not as funny.

c71f69 No.198940

File: 1454450689132.jpg (405.32 KB, 1200x1042, 600:521, tumblr_o14qk4AeLH1sk9pgxo1….jpg)


Since it's related to this topic I might as well share RPGworms newest artwork

c71f69 No.198943


the fanbase certainly is cringeworthy but good ol' Egoraptor and his wifey are pretty lol-worthy too.

Like his statements about 'feedback is worthless' and not reading the comments - which is a bit rich coming from a guy who yells about how much other people's work sucks for a living.


triggergrumps is fucking insane and I love it.

c71f69 No.198992

File: 1454469842483.png (16.85 KB, 424x325, 424:325, triggergrumps.PNG)


Can we make this a Trigger Grumps thread?

c71f69 No.199016

File: 1454475350448.png (32.09 KB, 611x312, 47:24, Capture.PNG)


Their fanbase suck but Arin himself is full on cucked

c71f69 No.199019


>if you keep getting shot at, why don't you just stop being a police officer

Arin attempts to draw the same parallel as as "instead of teaching women how not to get raped, how about we teach boys not to rape?"

Except a police officer is well aware they are going to get shot at and quitting would be a fine solution to the problem of being shot at.

c71f69 No.199020


>Food Warning

I think people that crazy shouldn't be allowed on the net tbh.

c71f69 No.199023


Stop it with the /pol/ memes. Or at least use them right.

c71f69 No.199024


With the way the word "cuck" is thrown around, you might as well through a "la" right in the middle of the word.

c71f69 No.199029



Arin fits the definition

c71f69 No.199030


Cuck means someone who gets cheated on.

c71f69 No.199031


Suzy fucked another man whilst they were in a relationship.

c71f69 No.199036


plus he's a better animator than Arin

c71f69 No.199037


there's a reason the jew doesn't know shit about games, he stopped playing for fucking years

like, he went on wild and whacky stoned adventures & didn't pick up a video game after the SNES iirc

then he only played morrowind for a while or something

Arin has no fucking excuse. his only options here are either a: he's shit at video games or b: he's being a retard for the sake of views and "Comedy" thereby making him no different than iJustine

c71f69 No.199038


Well the picture was unrelated then. Fair enough though. It is thrown around all too often. Also it's not just someone who gets cheated on. It's someone who gets cheated on instead of being laid or someone who gets off on being cheated on. He could be both though. I don't know anymore. These people are full of surprises.

c71f69 No.199039


fucking sauce XD

seriously, did she fuck someone else? if so, that's just fucking funny

c71f69 No.199040

File: 1454485457950.webm (3.58 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Egoraptor cucked.webm)


They were 'on a break'

Basically, Suzy moved to wherever and fucked this guy for like a year whilst, during the same period, Arin wrote her a letter every day to try and get her back. For some reason she married him.

But, don't take it from me, hear it directly from the horse's mouth

c71f69 No.199041


i thought it only counts as being cucked if you're still dating at the time

c71f69 No.199042


Hollllllly shit anon delivered. Bwahahahah that is just too great. The plot thickens.

>>For some reason she married him.

This is exactly how you act if you actually want a girl to marry you. Show her that you're a doormat. Let her see that she can get away with leeching off your hard-earned resources while she pursues alpha semen from another man on the side.

c71f69 No.199043


Well, this is really getting into what 'on a break' means (inb4 Friends). Whether it means 'Still in a relationship but not having sex' or 'Broken up with the possibility of reconciling'.


I find it funny how Suzy says she 'caved in' and took Arin back.

c71f69 No.199044


If she had moved in with another man it means broken up but reconcilable. Aka "it's complicated".

c71f69 No.199046


In the cultural lexicon of today, a cuck is basically a guy who doesn't defend his own worth. If your gf decides you should go on "a break" and then goes to live with and fuck another guy, you should have enough self-respect to just move on with your life rather than resigning yourself to being her backup plan.

Trying to win a girl back who's already jumped on another dick is mildly cuckish behavior.

c71f69 No.199047


Or the plot of a romantic comedy.

c71f69 No.199059


Well the one letter a day for a year thing is from the notebook, so.

c71f69 No.199061


They're a lot less funny now. A lot of the enjoyment comes from seeing arin suffer, and hearing the stories of either.

c71f69 No.199062


Food warnings. Very useful during Ramadan. If only life was like the internet.

c71f69 No.199064


That's every convention ever.

c71f69 No.199067


in a way, it implies that women know that they put themselves at risk of being raped but decide to do so anyway because they have an obligation (or the freedom) to do so. But why wouldn't they accept responsibility for it like people in dangerous workplaces like soldiers/police do?


To be fair, if someone is essentially a housebound shutin with PTSD and anxiety so bad that they can't function, it'd probably be nice to have something where you don't have to worry about those things.

c71f69 No.199076


if they spend that much time online some of it's probably going to be spent self diagnosing themselves with horrible things off webmd. One time I had thrush and indigestion for a week so I thought I had hiv. Turns out acid reflux can cause dry mouth.

Wouldn't trigger warnings just make you more curious? If you have arachnophobia and you see a story about a massive infestation of brown recluse you're probably going to click it. Who do you think watches all the interracial porn? Racist with small dicks.

c71f69 No.199085


Not at all! I have panic attacks about certain subjects. I avoid them like the plague. I don't read about them. I find them super scary, and I try to find ways to desensitize myself to them without getting into that emotional tunnel vision of fear. It's very different to a phobia. If you remove the stimuli that caused a phobia to "trigger", it stops affecting you. With a panic attack, it doesn't. It's a positive feedback loop that you need to recognize and break.

c71f69 No.199087


I can't imagine a delusion someone would be under to make them believe food warnings are necessary.

Someone please help explain this.

c71f69 No.199088


Eating disorders, for both anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia because they believe that food will make them "fuck up", which is in essence enabling them. But there's bulimics, who will go gorge themselves on food if they think about it. They need to establish a healthier relationship to it, and trying to avoid people talking about delicious burgers and shit might be a good idea so that they don't go down to McD and get 12 and then puke them back up.

c71f69 No.199100


>This is exactly how you act if you actually want a girl to marry you.

No this is how you act if you want an entitled cunt to marry you.

c71f69 No.199101

File: 1454515366623.jpg (58.79 KB, 570x463, 570:463, Juggalo-04-570.jpg)


You special snowflake, quite hogging all the xanxax. These guys need it to make their music seem interesting. It's all they have.

c71f69 No.199102


Is there a spell to make these wizards go home?

c71f69 No.199103


They should just go to a chipotle or buffalo wild wings. Skip the finger.

c71f69 No.199125


> Bwahahahah

Can you faggots go back to ERPing on deviantart?

c71f69 No.199134

File: 1454530453660.webm (5.34 MB, 852x480, 71:40, THISISMYSUZY.webm)

OC, anyone?

/v/'s LOL thread liked it, apparently.

c71f69 No.199161


I don't know what that means. Did something I say rub you the wrong way? :)

c71f69 No.199164

c71f69 No.199177


What's the song you used?

c71f69 No.199189


song pls

c71f69 No.199198


It's called "get the fuck over it you pussy". Get the retards off the internet and into counseling and the real world. "food warning" get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

c71f69 No.199248


>fart fetishist

Robbay is that you?


>T slur

What is this faggotry about? trannies?


Wow, that is some heavy cuckery right there, what the fuck happened to you arin? you always sucked but at least you weren't a cuck faggot


Dude she cucked him for an ENTIRE YEAR and this dumb nigga still went back with her and basically pays for all her shit, then became a SJW shithead after she did.

If that's not being a cuck then what is?


>you should have enough self-respect to just move on with your life rather than resigning yourself to being her backup plan.

Breddy much


Maybe they should fuck off with their triggers and pretending they can live with that shit, because you can't, it eventually fucking kills you



IIRC its from SpecOPS the line, you know when the guy realizes the horrors he did

Very fitting…

c71f69 No.199254



Yeah, people with legitimate PTSD have higher suicide rates. Man, fuck those people amirite? JULAAAAY!

c71f69 No.199256


If you make fun of someone for legit having PTSD, you're kind of a dick.

If you respond to someone thinking that you'll get them to change their ways, you're a bigger idiot then they are a dick.

c71f69 No.199265

>>199177 (checked)


It's Don Abandons Alice from 28 weeks later. Virtually identical to In the House - In a Heartbeat from 28 days, but cuts off a bit from the beginning.

c71f69 No.199288

File: 1454600769810.jpg (42.25 KB, 406x422, 203:211, 1444419796306.jpg)


>muh tumblr PTSD from getting disagreed with on the internet is the same as real ptsd of soldiers and legitimate rape victims

>being this butthurt

wew lad

Soldiers that have seen their friends blown to fucking pieces right next to them manage to not be triggered by mentions of food or someone saying the word "crazy". Stop being a faggot.

c71f69 No.199291


>Yeah, people with legitimate PTSD have higher suicide rates. Man, fuck those people amirite?

Thank fucking god this age of pseudo-altruism for the sake of moral superiority is finally winding down.

In other words: YES, fuck those people. I can sit here and agree how "PTSD" sucks, but at the end of the day the average person, myself included, doesn't lose a wink of sleep over ANY stranger's suffering. And that's FINE.

c71f69 No.199292


You're having trouble reading.


You're saying that you agree that people with mental illnesses should remove themselves from the internet?

c71f69 No.199293


>You're saying that you agree that people with mental illnesses should remove themselves from the internet?

I'm saying I don't give a fuck if they remove themselves from the internet or the face of the earth entirely.

c71f69 No.199294


That's what you meant. Read back and you'll get it.

c71f69 No.199295

c71f69 No.199297

c71f69 No.199298


> Bwahahahah

> :)


Get back to your containment board. Yes, you might have been attracted by the Walky and Diaz threads but you are starting to make people feel uncomfortable.

c71f69 No.199301


>getting this buttflustered over how somebody presents themselves on an anonymous image board about unaware and autistic cocks creators

c71f69 No.199308


Did you even read my post? I'm saying that someone who has anorexia or bulimia should not fucking ask me to put triggers for food, they should get some fucking professional treatment because that shit will kill them, its not a fucking made-up phobia it literally destroys their internal organs

I'm certainly not going to endorse this shit so they can kill themselves more easily


Pretty much, I'm tired of these niggers and their fakeass webmd diagnostics and 'conditions'

c71f69 No.199321



c71f69 No.199398


bulimics benefit from not being triggered into gorging themselves.

c71f69 No.199410

File: 1454637494237.jpg (8.55 KB, 255x171, 85:57, 1444727906134.jpg)


>has no argument

>y-you h-h-h-h-have t-t-trouble rr-r-r-r–r-r-r-r-r-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEading

The asshurt is strong with you, tumblr-wan.


>making people feewl uncomfowtable

Jesus christ nigger, go back to tumblr.


>Muh triggers

Then the mentally ill shitstains should get legitimate mental help instead of being crybaby faggots asking the world to tag mentions of food as "trigger warnings". Go eat a hamburger, nigger.

c71f69 No.199414


>asking the world

it's a site that someone who wants to put their free time into it does. there's no sjw police holding them at gunpoint making them. it's for a popular web series. nobody is demanding for the world to be labeled with mandatory trigger warnings, if anyone is, start a thread on them.

do you have a folder full of autistic frog images?

c71f69 No.199418


A) if your rebuttal relys on pointing and laughing at the other person's pic related, you have no rebuttal

B) No one is "triggered" by anything except for war veterans and actual rape victims. Dumb teenagers (and people with the brains of teenagers) are merely trying to be trendy by joining the oppression olympics, because that is what western society has degraded to.

c71f69 No.199424

Boy, what a fun thread this has turned into

c71f69 No.199426


We need to gas the /pol/acks.

c71f69 No.199428


GO SEE A DOCTOR FAGGOT! your trigger warnings are useless! not mentioning cancer wont cure cancer you retard!

c71f69 No.199431

i hate everything made multiple videos supporting tumblr and feminism >>196584

its the kiss of death for your channel

c71f69 No.199432


as he should be

they pay the bills

c71f69 No.199442

File: 1454645664343.png (168.96 KB, 450x608, 225:304, 591762581.png)

c71f69 No.199603

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>im just gonna leave this here

>you'll thank me later


c71f69 No.199609

File: 1454729186715.jpg (5.5 KB, 186x249, 62:83, 1450131897884s.jpg)


shit this isn't where i wanted to post this how can i delete it

c71f69 No.200344

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Suzy is the only problem in the group, she's the one that seems like a real SJW and pushes all that shit. Arin goes along with it because she's the only chick he's ever banged and knows that it's helping him make youtube-bux, and he's completely sold out at this point, he doesn't give a shit about animating.

Danny just wants to be fucking liked by everyone because he's a stereotypical jew with giant thumbs that was probably bullied as a kid. I see Brian as pretty similar to Arin, he's there for the money, but he does enjoy doing retarded shit too, who wouldn't want to give up something as complicated as physics for goofing around with your friends on the internet. It probably also gives him more time at home, and he's probably glad to finally back in America.

Ross is basically in the same situation as Jon. He still has a passion for animating and really wants to do it, he's started trying to make his own show (with arin helping with scripts, I have no idea if he's going to be any good at this) Personality wise, ross is a complete manchild, you see him getting over-excited when someone brings him food, picking vegetables he doesnt like out of it, and having a fucking giant collection of a single transformer. He's in no way taking what the SJW's feed him though, I think he just tries to skirt around the issues.

Holly seems pretty SJW at first glance due to muh veganism and the coloured hair, but I think she's just genuinely a hippy ass-animal lover. I mean, her and Ross basically live in a fucking zoo.

Also, if anyone doesn't keep up with the grumps that much anymore, Holly does let's plays on her own channel, sometimes with this Girl called Katie, she currently lives with Holly and Ross, and is an old friend of Dannys, she moved near them to help with ninja sex party stuff allegedly, you can see her in one of their videos in a stupid costume or something, I have no idea what her actual role is with them.

Here's a good example, she seems to ahve good /pig/ potential:


c71f69 No.200346


>having a fucking giant collection of a single transformer

But the question is, which one?

c71f69 No.200350

File: 1455065637474.png (807.1 KB, 973x629, 973:629, dsgdfsds.png)

c71f69 No.200370


Damn, now I realize I knew nothing about Transformers.

c71f69 No.200386


>Suzy is the only problem in the group

hell no nigga. they're all retards.

and ross is dating an sjw.

i get that you like these guys but don't let that blind you. they're faggots.

c71f69 No.200392


eh, it's more than just Suzy

Arin's also probably a legit SJW, but one that thinks acting like a retard = comedy

Danny's just really uninteresting

Barry's basically the most autistic one of them

Ross … fuck, he gets shit on more than anyone else I've seen on there. he probably needs to get away

Holly, I have no clue about. I'll take your word as probably more reliable than others, but until I see like twitter shit that proves it one way or the other she's a nonissue

Suzy is by far the worst, though. just everything about her is either hilarious or cringe-worthy. her voice is annoying as fuck, she looks like she has FAS, she's gained a ton of weight and uses FGAs and cakes on the makeup just to go onscreen, she's clearly got Arin around her pinkie when he's probably just a faggot irl who wants to be straight, rips peoples money off, calls anyone saying that they don't like her misogyny because she can't stand someone just hating her, and she's the least funny in this group of just sad

c71f69 No.200439


There's a little hatedom built around Ross by fans who see him as Satan-Hitler, for some reason.

c71f69 No.200441

Why would anyone in this age hide their true sexuality, unless they lived in a Muslim country?

c71f69 No.200443

File: 1455117374911.jpg (152.77 KB, 1008x666, 56:37, 3.jpg)

c71f69 No.200664


Huh, young Arin didn't look all that bad.

c71f69 No.200677


Suzy ate all of his self-respect.

c71f69 No.201192

File: 1455432165580.jpg (199.11 KB, 1280x1109, 1280:1109, 1449605045158.png.jpg)

c71f69 No.201198


>How about you try to be less of a retard then the SJWs you despise?

Look, it's the faggot who was triggered by Milo.

c71f69 No.201199



Also, is there like a summary of the drama shit between Jon and Suzy?

c71f69 No.217473


I like his old shit. He did a video with Oney lately and he was actually tolerable again. Anybody who makes daily youtube videos will become shit. No exceptions.

c71f69 No.218284

File: 1469836179993.webm (328.11 KB, 474x264, 79:44, 1439831258719.webm)


>mildly cuckish behavior


c71f69 No.218328


What happened to Barry?

c71f69 No.218373



i think thats the name of the talent agency

c71f69 No.218628


I still don't understand how after all his, "working out" he still can't get his jawline back. I can only imagine he eats like 200% his daily intake in salt.

c71f69 No.218633

Does anybody remember that time Arin drew fucktons of futa and tried to pass it off as a joke or something?

I think he had the images on his site at one point.

Man, all NG artists turned into futafags at some point. Liking futa is worse than homosexuality.

c71f69 No.218634


It's actually not that uncommon to see collections like that, there are guys on /m/ with giant Gunpla collections.

c71f69 No.218646


I don't blame them for the Gunplas. It'll be the closest they'll ever get to fingering a girl

c71f69 No.218655


Broteam does have some beaf with the if I rememeber right. Stamper_TV also occasionally shits on Arin and Tom Fulp for being faggots so that is another source of drama. A lot of the old blood newgrounds animators now can't stand Arin, even some of his supposed friends and those who were part of the clique. Oney, psychic, rice, stamper all kind of shit on him and the tensions are high.

c71f69 No.218664


That analogy doesn't even make sense.

You should feel bad.

c71f69 No.218686


Probably only ever works out and then never bothers trying to do some cutting cycle.

c71f69 No.218698

Even if I could disregard all the skeletons in the closet, I could not watch GameGrumps at its current state.

Dan was a horrible choice to replace Jon. He does not know jack smack shit about games, he is obviously far more interested in the music industry. This would not be a problem, if GameGrumps was not an LP channel.

Jon was not an expert on the subject, but at least he was able to poke fun of shitty game design and controls, cause you know, unlike Dan, he actually bothered to play the god damn games.

Now it is just Arin, sitting around, trying desperately to be funny, while Dan just drones on and on about bands and his stupid boring life.

The rest of the crew are dull as fuck, except for Suzy, who is an annoying bitch.

c71f69 No.218704


found another one

c71f69 No.218837


I think of it like this:



>Arin: "Dude! It totally is! THAT'S AMAIZING!"




>Danny: "dude, that penguin is totally wearing a tophat."

>Arin: "…yeah, it is. That's pretty cool"

>Danny: "Hey, remember that time where I smoked weed with seth rogan?"

>Arin: "…no?"

>Danny: "Aww, man, that time was amazing."

c71f69 No.218838

File: 1470342108142.jpg (53.5 KB, 500x537, 500:537, jon saving the prairie.jpg)



Jon & Arin were just to random guys who liked video games.

They were the only LPers I know of who ever actually managed to capture that feeling of playing vidya with your friends.

With Dan/Ross/Everybodyelse it feels so sterile. They're not two friends recording themselves playing video games on the side anymore, Game Grumps is now a brand and this is their job.

GG was already on the decline before Jon left; the magic was kind of gone, but it's far worse now than back then.

NuGG keep trying to force one of those famous freak-out moments they used to genuinely have back in the Jon & Arin-era (the Sonic '06 one being the most famous), but none of them stick. It's so clear they're not actually angered, amazed or annoyed by anything they try to act so emotionally towards.

c71f69 No.218839


>just to random guys

*two random guys

Actually, I should also clarify: I don't mean they were "random" in the sense they were complete nobodies; Jon was already semi-famous because of JonTron and Arin was known for his Newgrounds stuff for years. By "random" I meant they weren't known for LPs beforehand and that GG wasn't a pre-planned thing that Jon & Arin only got together to make, they just coincidentally happened to be friends.

c71f69 No.218876


his "working out" is probably going to the gym and doing a free gym-hosted yoga class and trying to lift dumbbells

c71f69 No.218936



Exactly how I feel.

Dan is just boring and he does not even do his job, cause he only plays games once in a blue moon. He is being paid to sit next to Arin and talk about music and getting high.

Jon had so much better stories. His Ikea story had me in stitches.

Game Grumps now, is just another, run out of the mill, processed, internet entertainment gig.

c71f69 No.218944





Fuck the concept of a "food warning", why is needing to "heal like crazy" ableist? What the fuck leap of logic did we need to make to cause this to be somehow ableist? SJWs, man. Not even fucking once.

c71f69 No.236574


i've heard him get pissed at arin several times for being an asshole who doesn't give a shit about his job. dan at least is self conscious enough to care about his job on some level

c71f69 No.236652


I'll tell you as someone who's watched since season 1 of machinema they are sjws they just hide it and don't sperg every minute of every day at least not on camera but it slips every now and then on the internet.

c71f69 No.236677


>A lot of the old blood newgrounds animators now can't stand Arin

Yeah no shit, remember the old newgrounds? that stuff couldn't be aired on tv back then let alone now with the sjwquisition


>being anywhere near the dudeweedlmao grumpy old fatso


Thats some heavy faggotry right there


>His Ikea story had me in stitches.

Link to that?

c71f69 No.236710

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c71f69 No.236776


Thats it?

c71f69 No.236860


How soon until he kills himself?

c71f69 No.236866


You're surprised that someone with shit enough taste to have ever liked "game grumps" has a low bar for what's funny?

c71f69 No.236887


Soon. Wait for his Grumps money to dry up (it will) and his wife to leave him (she will) and take his fortune. Then, and only then, will we see some shit.

c71f69 No.236959


What fortune? has arin ever been hired to do something that left him a lot of money? were his parents richfags?

c71f69 No.236980


I meant fortune somewhat ironically. She'll take what's left of his Grump money once the well dries up.

c71f69 No.237069


Woolie doesn't know his left and right

they're really fucking bad at video games

c71f69 No.239209



Watch oneyplays

c71f69 No.242636


i don't see anything wrong with this

c71f69 No.242700


Got any woolie examples? I don't want to waste my time watching them.

c7d2f0 No.286682


who the fuck watches let's plays for good play

99da2d No.286687


>they are sjws they just hide it and don't sperg every minute of every day

Then what's the fucking issue again?

99da2d No.286688


>They were the only LPers I know of who ever actually managed to capture that feeling of playing vidya with your friends.

So you know literally zero other LPers because they are and always were reddit cancer

5fbf87 No.288290

File: 38925e8e0735da7⋯.jpg (25.72 KB, 320x569, 320:569, 22365238_526242577727968_4….jpg)

Not going to lie? I want to punch Arin in the fucking face.

eeabea No.288291


Jesus Christ can these people just let what happened with Jon go already?

a0b2d5 No.288298


>using relative time so nobody knows when it was actually posted

>it could easily be from a year ago

Was this really worth a 10 month bump?

5fbf87 No.288322

File: ced0104fcf82e11⋯.jpg (125.42 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2017-10-13-003608.jpg)


Is it really that fucking hard to do a Google search over the last 24/48 hours?

I am not linking that bullshit here because of Leddit cancer, but it's right the fuck there, as recent as "one day ago". Stop being retarded.

a714dd No.288323

Reminder that Arin Hanson drew futa.

I can prove this if anybody wants.

a2964e No.288324

Prove it


61acfc No.288326


That just makes me like him more tbh. Unless it was shit quality, then he should pay for his sin.

a0b2d5 No.288331


>it's STILL relative time

>it's STILL not proof

26b0d7 No.288337


I'm not surprised really. Arin's a massive cuck, and he's buddy-buddy with Dan Harmon, who is also a massive cuck

In any case, it's the Game Grumps who need Jon, not the other way around.

26b0d7 No.288338


I'm not surprised really. Arin's a massive cuck, and he's buddy-buddy with Dan Harmon, who is also a massive cuck

In any case, it's the Game Grumps who need Jon, not the other way around.

26b0d7 No.288339


I'm not surprised really. Arin's a massive cuck, and he's buddy-buddy with Dan Harmon, who is also a massive cuck

In any case, it's the Game Grumps who need Jon, not the other way around.

22b6e6 No.288385




What did he mean by this?

1baa01 No.288398


Matt used to make great YTP but ever since he started Two Best Friends Play he since then deleted them and no one has the back up so I'm holding a grumpy grudge against them.

1baa01 No.288399


I hate how literally everyone turned their backs on Jon even though he gave a lot of these people a leg to stand on, especially with people from Normal Boots.

Like when Peanut Butter Gamer (One of these days I hope to see a thread on him). He literally stabbed Jon in the back the minute he got the chance. Knew Jon for literal years, only became "relevant" thanks to Jon, and did something like that. Absolutely disgusting.

eeabea No.288403


We already have a thread on him however no one has posted in it in months.

26b0d7 No.288406


I hate how they're claiming Jon's a racist because he said rich blacks are committing more crimes than poor whites. Apparently facts, supported by evidence, are racist now

4180a3 No.288408

File: 3361cde534074a8⋯.png (12.82 KB, 350x350, 1:1, arinfuta1.png)

File: c35c39e8e86481a⋯.png (8.87 KB, 350x500, 7:10, arinfuta2.png)

File: f0dd27ca416cac9⋯.png (7.81 KB, 350x350, 1:1, arinfuta3.png)


He tried to remove these from the internet at some point between late 2010 and mid 2013, but the internet never forgets.

1baa01 No.288409


I swear that cuck is going to be outed as a child molester sooner or later though. He's always had that vibe whenever I saw a vid of his


Yeah, I especially hate that. Who knew logic is a bad thing? Honestly disgusts me. I have a friend who won't shut up about it as well as anything anti-trump. But when you point out that Hillary would have been worse and back it up by facts he shuts the fuck up. But thats another story entirely.

26b0d7 No.288412


They're about as well drawn as anything else he's done

acbe7d No.288413


This was the source, and most I've seen don't buy it because its about "incarceration" which is different to what Jon was trying to say.


There was something posted from Chris Ray Gun, but that turned out to be false.

So this was the main thing Jon was holding on to

28dd52 No.288414


Jon was quoting a homicide statistic showing poor whites committed less murder than rich blacks per 100,000 capita or something. He just had it on the top of his mind and couldnt pontificate or cite his sources so it made him look silly.

He was completely right though. That link you posted isn't even which statistic he was trying to cite.

acbe7d No.288419


Did he confirm this?

28dd52 No.288420


don't remember if he himself confirmed that was it, but if you go back and listen to what he said he uses murder rates, not incarcerations. People on pol found the sources he was using pretty quickly to confirm what he said was indeed true.

acbe7d No.288421

File: e9f4aabd5c22413⋯.png (21.05 KB, 754x180, 377:90, Escapist.png)


I honestly could not find a proper source for what he said, and I tried my best to get some answers any time I go on a Jontron thread or video about the topic. It seems to be ignored by the skeptic videos too.

I could have sworn that Jontron used the Washington Post article, and Destiny debunked it. I just rewatched it and thats not the case. However that seems to be the common source when people do talk about what he said, and as I watched the debate again, Jontron debunked it as well.

There are 2 other sources I found from a Escapist posts but they are both from decades ago. There is an FBI source somewhere apparently.

26b0d7 No.288422


>I could have sworn that Jontron used the Washington Post article

I'm pretty sure he mentioned FBI statistics

>Destiny debunked it

How? By yelling in disbelief and talking about how he can't even?

b3854a No.288426


one of them is a nigger

28dd52 No.288469


>Jontron used the Washington Post article


> Destiny debunked it



>I'm pretty sure he mentioned FBI statistics



acbe7d No.288519



He mentioned FBI statistics regarding general stuff on black crime rates.

But he didn't give much source on the "Rich Blacks commit more crime than Poor Whites".

Everyone sites the Washington Post article regarding incarceration, but that got mentioned on the stram. I can't tell if Jon called bullshit on the article given the way it was presented.

I sure someone here has source what Jon is saying about rich blacks somewhere.

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