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File: aaea1ab16c49ed4⋯.png (514.12 KB, 750x563, 750:563, Chris_chan_crossover.png)

a571c8 No.262136

Infinity never/forever alone edition

6c6842 No.262139

File: b159c723c044ead⋯.jpg (31.71 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1465513469415.jpg)

Young josh,

ac7869 No.262140


Young neko shota.

9548df No.262141


How old?

6c6842 No.262142


Around 12-13 iirc

b0ec7d No.262143

File: 148965aea53bf92⋯.png (11.01 KB, 130x235, 26:47, IMG_0350.PNG)

Looks like Josh got the last laugh by taking down 8ch.

He did say, "He who laughs last laughs best."

d645ee No.262147

File: 576f2b74fdc2a65⋯.png (287.52 KB, 500x497, 500:497, 1459991011243.png)

>tfw josh finally won

>everyone fled to 16chan after 8chan got hacked

it was a fun ride, I'll miss you guys

6c6842 No.262163


He cant keep getting away with this

fab728 No.262168

File: 4ac6e1b4b064f1f⋯.jpg (19.63 KB, 210x200, 21:20, IMG_0596.JPG)


I know that feel too, anon

Unfortunately all Josh knows how to do is win

dc0724 No.262171


He wins, but they're all Phyrric victories. He kept the Farms, but lost his family. He kept the Farms, but he lost his employability. He's got nothing left but the Farms. That's why he's fighting so hard to keep it.

46b01d No.262177

>Null was responsible for the site crash that lasted half a week

lol, if he actually was he would be bragging about it and ram it on everyone's face

09d836 No.262187


Besides he already made the site unusable for far longer and was getting paid for doing it.

b0ec7d No.262195


Well done.

2af54f No.262196

File: 5c1b33255d20b79⋯.png (144.06 KB, 843x619, 843:619, ClipboardImage.png)


>lol, if he actually was he would be bragging about it and ram it on everyone's face

46b01d No.262199


>I took the place down, guize. No screenshots or proof or anything, just take my word for it. If you dare to question it then take my banhammer up your ass

2ce021 No.262203


>The connection has timed out

Was there something nool didn't like?

41e37a No.262231

File: ecc3a41fb216148⋯.jpg (22.9 KB, 465x466, 465:466, 1460782280388.jpg)


>Hey guise I totally brought 8chan down with my l33t skills! N-no it wasn't botched code I contributed back then. No, I d-didn't wrecked more h-havoc because I didn't wanted to! NOT AN ARGUMENT SHUT UP YOU CUCK

bd8a04 No.262261



a182a1 No.262458


Josh didn't get paid for any of the work he did before, and Cripple and Codemonkey reviewed the board stats patch and gave it a thumbs up. In addition, the site was still slower than shit after the SQL was corrected.

Considering these facts, we can conclude that you're a fucking retard who does not know what you're talking about.

a182a1 No.262460

I like how 75% of the threads are 404ing, and a mod hasn't bothered to rebuild them.

Definitely some great engineering right there.

01c243 No.262467



Josh pls go

022453 No.262468


That ain't Josh, that's some guy on /v/ or whatever who is sucking Josh's e-peen. The only plausible explanation I can find for why he keeps doing this is because we keep responding to him like he is Josh.

Don't get me wrong, even if 95% of the things said about Josh was absolute bullshit, the 5% of it being true would still make me want nothing to do with him. We're just playing into some anon retard's playbook and the retard is winning. So what does that make us?

d66221 No.262469


>Josh didn't get paid for any of the work he did before

You act like this is a bad thing!

fe4546 No.262496


I don't particularly care, I was just stating a fact. Like the fact that the board stats fuckup was not the primary cause of the site slowdown, no matter how much the incompetent Cripple and his incompetent employer wanted it to be. Because, anecdotally (though lost to time) the site was slow for months until Gookmonkey took his sweet time in NIHing his document cache. You know, the same document cache that is 404ing on 75% of your shitty board's threads, because no one cares enough to rebuild them.


>even if the bullshit I repeat every fucking thread is not true


>I want nothing to do with Josh

Who said you had to? Oh, I get it, you're another retard.

>We're just playing into some anon retard's playbook and the retard is winning.

Retard playbook is a funny way to word it, considering that I reply and correct drooling retards.

Yeah, it's a retard "play book" alright. But I'm not the one making retard noises.

64574f No.262513


hey josh, has being a poor cunt made you lose any weight yet or are you still fat as fuck ?

c46999 No.262520

yeah, here's the thing, null has been taking bits and pieces of truth and sprinkling in bullshit so that people will be confused. Null has gotten deep into political pseudoscience literature and one of he main ones he has been reading has been Saul Alinsky. He has gotten deep into "Rules for Radicals" and is applying it in his everyday life like it is the fucking Bible. He was mentioning it in a private PM chain about Greta Martela the other day and basically was juxtaposing how it is that what he does is noble so he is right to apply Rules for Radicals against Greta who is wrong in what she does so she will ultimately fail.

So one of the ways he has been doing this is he pulled the trigger on moving in with Katsu. KatsuKitty had been backing out of their public role on KF for about a year and a half. They gave up the Admin banner, they phased out their posting, but they were just migrating to a new profile. Now if you look closer, you will see what that profile is. One of the first people to be friendly with this person was another person who was an Admin at the time, Flowers for Sonichu. They helped form a different identity for Katsu but so Katsu could still stay in the community. This person was jut made a moderator and it made no sense. Usually Null selects people he has had contact with, but this person was rarely in chat and mainly just made and cultivated threads. I did some poking around and found out that their IP bounces from the same location as what Katsu was located.

I befriended this person and got them onto Skype. I ran an IP resolver and BAM! they were in the same town in Maryland that Katsu is in (c-ville). I wanted to confirm because I had seen katsu's face before and heard his voice. I wasn't able to get a pic out of them but their voice IS katsu's voice the deep almost peter griffinesque voice.

So, how does this coincide with Null? I will tell you. Null and Katsu hatched this plan so that Katsu could fade into the darkness as null knew that something like the whole Vordrak thing was in fact inevitable. His family told him such when he exposed them to what KF really is. So as other sources are reporting null is in Baltimore, they are close, VERY close. He is staying with KatsuKitty aka Feline Darkmage in suburban DC with a few other trannies and genderqueers. That ShavedSheep and one of their friends is in this weird tranny harem and from a pic null dropped in chat a few hours ago, apprently some other tranny is in it as well. Could be OwO, but they don't look like a furry

5e517f No.262525


Got any caps there Dynastia?

c46999 No.262527

5e517f No.262530


Care to show them?

022453 No.262531


Fascinating, but ShavedSheep moved to the Midwest.

c46999 No.262540

File: b9497fb94a5fe60⋯.png (97.15 KB, 934x479, 934:479, KatsuMage.PNG)

There you go, I told you niggers. He keeps deleting shit from his profile calling him out.

d23d51 No.262546


Dude's been incoherently white knighting Josh for months now. Also Josh has admitted to JEWS that he anon posts on his /cow/ threads to defend himself (only after getting caught because he's a clumsy dumbass).

d23d51 No.262547


Interesting. Vordark had been saying Josh moved to Atlanta but that may have been disinfo. Katsu has a respectable job. This could get ugly.

38a3ea No.262551


I doubt Null is living with anyone, but if so, then him and whoever he's living with/using for housing at the moment will get extremely sick of each other after 2-3 months and then eventually end up at each other's throat.

Now, Null isn't all that mentally healthy, and someone from foxdick Farms who would let Null live with them rent free probably isn't all that stable either.

If he burned his bridges with his mother, and doesn't want to swallow his pride and move back in, then he's going to be in some real trouble unless he's able to find some way to find a stable job and make a living to support himself.

d23d51 No.262561


He's trying to raise funds on the Farms to cover his living expenses. Not sure how that will go though.

5af7e0 No.262630


According to what I know, if foxdicks don't give enough money to buy him enough Diet Coke, he will simply take the money raised to run the servers of the Fox Dick Farm.

Doesn't sound too ethical, but it's not my money.

11a05a No.262634


That's basically how he's been since leaving Australia and said so openly here (if not on the forums). His "master plan" was to leave cheaply in the Third World (Philippines), making forum plugins he could sell and living on donations when it was slow. Next was the biggest goldmine he's ever seen in so far as executing this plan, but the trickle of forum members sending him paypal bux was not insignificant.

9e37b3 No.262640


>white knighting

You mean responding to, and correcting retards.

>that he anon posts on his /cow/ threads to defend himself

Obviously I'm Josh, it all fits.

Any of your dumbass mods fix all of your threads yet or are you retards going to wallow in your own shit?

c8f6cd No.262647


>he hopped IPs

>to continue white knighting for joshua conner moon the $12k failure

76e3b4 No.262658


I have no idea what range I'll be on, so I'm not "hopping IPs" intentionally moron, and you'd have to be a fucking retard to post or even view this shitty site with your residential IP, especially after last week. An anon is busy dumping mod's IP addresses on /b/, and it turns out that they didn't log rotate access/post logs as often as their privacy policy said they did.

bc0b45 No.262659

Heard he hacked 8chan

b0ec7d No.262660


Would explain the technical problems on the Farms the past few days.

0d70d3 No.262663

File: b5d2550282ab977⋯.png (116.66 KB, 260x273, 20:21, autism face.PNG)



>still trying to white knight the $12k failure

b0ec7d No.262672


>Muh IP

Who gives a shit?

b7c64e No.262679


How is correcting retards like yourself saying retarded things and defending the administration's actions "white knighting"?


Go ahead and post it.

b0ec7d No.262693


No one is defending anything we're here to laugh and Josh you sped.

b0ec7d No.262694


At Josh

c8f6cd No.262695


>correcting the record


87723f No.262700

File: 57228d3b181858d⋯.png (24.09 KB, 358x430, 179:215, infinity-next-quadruple-po….PNG)


Infinity next is the future of imageboards. Deal with it!. Don't ask why 16chan took 5 minutes to load a page and repeated your post 4 times that's normal. It just werks blame Jim :^)

56c66d No.262703


Then laugh at him, I don't give a fuck.


Yeah, they took a piece of shit server and put something that was not I/O bound anymore, at a server that had no document caching and no media caching.

You want to know why vichan isn't templating dynamically, one of Fred's braindead ideas? Because it performed orders of magnitude worse than Next if they had gone that route.


>say retarded shit about the history of the admin's fuckups

>get corrected and sperg out

Oh look, all of 8chan's /vol/'s IP address history was just released. Cute.

0d70d3 No.262715

File: 3609b202ff29b96⋯.jpg (8.16 KB, 224x241, 224:241, 267a57769b4066574f33176c5e….jpg)



You will never justify that stolen $12k of user donations with no return on investment.

38a000 No.262721


You'll never justify a fat fuck refusing to use a $12k project paid for in user donations because he thinks that the AGPL extends across HTTP requests, honestly.

The "no return on investment" was entirely up to Jim. He blew it. The fact that he thought it was appropriate to take work paid for by users and close it up, just so his gook employees could add document caching, fix the captcha and a few small things speaks volumes.

Everyone told him how shitty the software is, and now they're paying for it yet again. 4 days of downtime, all their global mods ready to dox, it's hilarious.

Let's see the score:


* Add document caching

* Add media route caching

* Fix stylesheet for autists

* Fix a few small bugs


* Rewrite eval'd configuration completely (a lot of work)

* Overhaul the entire database schema (a lot of work)

* Rewrite every SQL statment to be centralized and prepared (a lot of work)

* Fix a shitload of small bugs

* Audit the whole codebase because no one knows how it was compromised, the current fixes were just a guess, and they weren't logging PHP well enough to know.

I could go on, but won't.

But hey, at least they had all those user IP addresses logged for years. Important stuff.

You know you're wrong, yet you choose to suck the dick of Jim. It's hilarious. You totally ignore the fact that they were the ones that made the decision to blow $12k. The software itself is still there, ready for anyone to work on it and use if they have the time.

d66221 No.262722


Sure do! The truth of the matter is that we all love Jim and hate Josh. Why? Jim is cool. Josh is not. Josh fucks kids. Jim does not.

Checkmate, Atheists!

38a000 No.262723


Nice meme, not to "defend" Josh, but I don't think he could get near a pre-teen.

They certainly come cheap in the Philippines for Jim though, being a third world asian shithole.

>Jim is cool

Surrounding himself with wincing, uncomfortable trannies on his shitty alt-right buzzfeed show is probably the most pathetic display you'll see. I'm not sure why it doesn't have a thread, tbh. Even worse, the trannies are people he already has on his payroll to take care of the cripple. Can't get more cringeworthy.

d66221 No.262727


Are you talking about Josh or Jim? Because it sounds like you are talking about Josh.

Scroll up.

0d6cc7 No.262729


Talking about Jim, retard. Read Hotwheels article.

Of course, a bit of it is manipulating users to think that Josh was the reason the site was slow this whole time, but that's bullshit, because it was just as slow on insert for a month after it was fixed.

I'm sure he feels bad about it, but the alternative was upsetting his free meal ticket in the Philippines and potentially going back to his shitty life in New York. don't blame him, but he is a faggot.

d66221 No.262731


honestly I'm just kinda tired of the guy constantly defending Josh alongside I-Next.

If the fiasco with I-Next didn't happen, Josh would still be a cow.

0d6cc7 No.262733


That's because you're a drooling moron.

You're assuming that I'm sitting here white knighting Josh, when I'm just correcting retards who took the administration's words at face value when they've shit his pants and done nothing but manipulate, lie, and pass the blame for "muh $12k" onto some fucking neckbeard who worked for a year on software only to have some fat fuck try to gain sole copyright ownership and close it up even though he didn't pay a god damn cent.

Fuck, you are dense. If retards didn't say retarded shit, I wouldn't be here.

0d6cc7 No.262734


Wow, I really need to go to bed.

Fat fuck being Jim. I understand there's two fat fucks but it's an important distinction. Neckbeard being Josh.

d66221 No.262735



99e498 No.262744


God damn you're a spergy faggot. Every time I skim a Josh thread I see you in it throwing an autistic fit. Go back to gagging on tranny dicks, faggot.

4dae05 No.262756


In all fairness, that is a lot of Josh threads. It's just this particular sperg who keeps doing this because we keep responding to him. It'll never end, though. People will keep responding to him because they want to lash out at anything Josh. Not like Josh isn't deplorable or anything, but this guy is enjoying every response he gets. It's probably the one thing that tells him not to hang himself.

762303 No.262765


>tranny dicks

The only one sucking tranny dicks here is your owner, Jim Watkins. Seriously, go watch the latest video, it's hilarious.


>It's probably the one thing that tells him not to hang himself.

Don't flatter yourself, it's hilarious how angry they get. Case in point, the next post:


You just spent half the thread caring about it, and now you're damage controlling about it, in CAPSLOCK I might add, when it was pointed out that the owners/admin made those decisions. It'd be pretty funny, if it weren't so sad.

b0ec7d No.262810


Goddamnit Josh! That's not what they meant by "quadratic."

b0ec7d No.262812


>The software itself is still there, ready for anyone to work on it and use

Lol 😂 why do you think no one is working on Next then? Please, tell us your explanation for that.

984297 No.262817


m712 is, and already added media route caching.

He has shit to do, and I don't blame him, what's the point to dedicate a large amount of time on it when there's no community?

b0ec7d No.262844


>Me and Josh think Infinity is good.

>Hmm yeah must mean everyone else is wrong.

>I wonder why nobody wants to work on or use it tho????

People don't want to use it or work on it because they think it's garbage. White knighting isn't going to change that fundamental equation.

aef2a6 No.262850


Network effects of imageboards isn't so simple.

Vichan/Infinity is the worst fucking imageboard software. Hands down. There's nothing worse to compare, because, as we've seen this week, it's a clusterfuck with debugging functions and inlined SQL that was in there for years, it's shit slow at templating threads, its javascript is the absolute fucking worst bundle of shit that locks up browsers (especially after Jim's javascript fag employee got his hands on it), there's hundreds of small bugs that no one even bothers to complain about anymore because they won't get fixed, and the database schema is the biggest clusterfuck anyone has ever seen outside of shit drooling retards put together using Microsoft Access.

It is all the sole consequence of a Wordpress developer/meth addict project founder, a alcoholic polack, and a wheelchair bound cripple just throwing shit at the wall.

Just because no one uses an imageboard software doesn't mean it's "terrible". In fact, the trend is quite the opposite. The more people use software, the likelyhood that it's fucking terrible increases, because either you have retards developing it, there's a strict deadline, or both.

But, here's the bottom line: your knowledge boils down to stylesheets. You have no idea what you are talking about, you are incompetent, and what you think about Next is totally fucking irrelevant. No one cares what your nigger brain thinks about it. We're not really talking about Next here. What matters is how the administration handled it. If you're going to bitch about "$12k" and make fun of the neckbearded subject of this thread, don't be upset if someone brings up the fact that the owner of this site is a kike who blew your $12k.

7f2844 No.262875

File: 1a41a20ac2eb0a1⋯.png (12.99 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 1463366779124.png)

File: dc6b1965d1f9230⋯.png (12.27 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 1464141696487.png)


>wastes $12k making a shit product that leaks IPs and doesn't even work




>jumps IP and starts saging in an autistic rage


>jumps IP again

>forgets to sage but remembers the autistic rage



>does it 2 more times

022453 No.262880

On a change of pace, let's talk some more about Josh. It's been mentioned before, but Josh's behavior matches up with someone who is a pathological narcissist.

1. Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment from others

Wants to create a Lolcow Empire with himself as the head.

2. Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.

Again, see #1 and how much he overestimates his coding skills

3. Self-perception of being unique, superior and associated with high-status people and institutions

Took on the Infinity Next Project so that he could be known

4. Needing constant admiration from others

Doing anything to keep foxdick Farms

5. Sense of entitlement to special treatment and to obedience from others

foxdick Farms, his behavior when he worked on Infinity Next

6. Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain

See Hotwheels, Glaive, Flowers For Sonichu

7. Unwilling to empathize with others' feelings, wishes, or needs

Threatening to brutalize that one girl on Roblox and then when called out on it he simply said "I was angry"

8. Intensely envious of others and the belief that others are equally envious of them

See Glaive

9. Pompous and arrogant demeanor

Where to start?

b0ec7d No.262881


The story he told where he claimed he was expelled from high school for being such a bad ass hackerthat he caused his computer teacher to have a literal heart attack and die has to fit in there somewhere.

345192 No.262887


He was also diagnosed with Occupational Defiant Disorder as a child/teen, which is generally a precursor for Antisocial Personality Disorder, which is frequently comorbid with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

b0ec7d No.262897


*Oppositional Defiant Disorder, but yeah. Generally if not treated it develops into Conduct Disorder during adolescence which in turn becomes APD in adulthood.

b4c03d No.262906


>>wastes $12k making a shit product that leaks IPs

You must've missed the whole "Sunshine" bit, or the fact that all of the global vols just got their IPs leaked, or that they weren't rotating access logs regularly, or the fact that your IP sticks around for years here if the thread is still up.

How one faggot be so delusional is anyone's guess, but you sound like the filename fag over on /sudo/ so I'd guess it's just a consequence of your mental illness.

85c474 No.262930


Spouting bullshit again? Have you read the specification of Sunshine given by CM? All the shit recorded is encrypted with a key Hotwheels has destroyed. Our instance of Sunshine is kill.

85c474 No.262931

Yes. This is correct. The IP is gone, because the Database is gone.

ee4a51 No.262960


So because 8ch was hacked, and IPs leaked, it makes it OK for you to have leaked IPs on purpose in the past?>>262906

85c474 No.262968


The funny funny thing is, the IPs of normal Anons are not going to get leaked ever, unless the hacker can crack the encryption of the Sunshine Database.

4dae05 No.262969


That's not Josh. That's Not-Josh. And in Josh's logic, there is no limit to the amount of pain that he can justifiably inflict on someone if he feels that he's been wronged by them. Just….look at everything about this guy. From Stocking (some cunt with BPD) to Flowers For Sonichu(one of his old hotpockets) the people who have been fucked over by him is really really long.

e14595 No.263037




Are you niggers retarded? As long as a post is live, the IP address is stored.

That means on all those slow as fuck, 50,000 boards, all of those addresses still there. Every thread still active here, still has the address attatched to it. Anyone who had an account, login/logout, PMs, dismissing reports, addresses attatched to it. Stored forever. Because, why not?


Josh didn't leak IP addresses on purpose, he kept turning debug toolbar on and off manually, presumably really fast, instead of using a closure to restrict the debug toolbar to only his address. It was dumb, especially for an instance that by nature of probability someone would make a request within that few seconds it was enabled, but it wasn't on that level of incompetence. It was just laziness.

Even the pedochan (was using infinity) pruned IP addresses regularly in the database. Call it negligence, whatever.

You faggots have no idea how shit this software is. You really have no clue.



But that's wrong, moron.


They won't be leaked probably because he didn't bother to dump a board posts table as far as we know, he'd have to dump it manually per board because the schema is so fucked up and it'd take forever.

5f4105 No.263042

18fd61 No.263050


>You faggots have no idea how shit this software is. You really have no clue.

We are well aware of how shit Next is, my autistic friend. We saw the migration fails and we saw it die as 16ch rip

3797e5 No.263053


Linking to something being planned, not something that's implemented.


You mean the migration that failed initially because NT Technology, who didn't pay a single cent, required PostgreSQL from day one, in which Josh had to spend a month and a portion of the userbase's 12 trillion dollars in donations fixing said support? In a community that's known best for MySQL shit, and neglecting their Postgres support/binds?

4f8054 No.263055

>You faggots have no idea how shit this software is. You really have no clue.

I do. During the aftermath of the Next debacle that only came to be, because Nool couldn't edit a config file without his Brain drugs, I learned that:

-Infinity still has most weaknesses from Tinyboard.

-The reason for the rewrite was the obesity of Tinyboard itself.

-That thing used to load entire HTML sites.

- I am pretty sure it still does on all instances that use vichan/tinyboard except for one Instance where the Admin fixed that behavior

I didn't look into the rest of the code except for the parts CM is throwing away on Github.

Now to Next:

-Nool ignored caching, because he assumed that the Database could do the job good enough.

-I remember the failed migration. In contrary to Infinity, Next shat its pants with only big board.

-The support for Palemoon doesn't exist at all. If you wanted to stick to the Swedish yiff browser, you were shit out of luck with Next.

-The worst aspect besides Next inability to power 8chan, because its breakeven point is at 1000 fags at once was the design.

-Shortly before the first migration, Nool had the "fun" idea of declaring the design with quickreply box that had no postform on top standard for all boards.

->>263053 Laravel is database agnostic and it was pitched as such.

-Instead of admitting any faults, Nools never mentions how nobody from the Infinity development group didn't want to work with him.

-Except Hotwheels, who could only make two things Nool didn't consider important.


>I hide my paranoid mistrust of HW behind irony

Its cool how you scream at us how we have no idea how shit Next or Tinychan but try to tell us that some autists on Endchan are superhackers who can totally decrypt the Sunshine-DB.

d66221 No.263057

guys, the person kissing infinitynext's ass is obviously just running interference for josh.

ignore them.

0d0696 No.263060


>-Nool ignored caching, because he assumed that the Database could do the job good enough.

It had nothing to do with the database and everything to do with 1) media routes and 2) the captcha.

>-I remember the failed migration. In contrary to Infinity, Next shat its pants with only big board.

The initial migration failed because of fucked up Postgres binary querying, because no one obviously tested it in Laravel and it wasn't noticed until the very last moment and had to be fixed.

>-The support for Palemoon doesn't exist at all. If you wanted to stick to the Swedish yiff browser, you were shit out of luck with Next.

Listen, fucktard, the furfag fixed his shit browser. It was his bug. The 4chan-x developer even agreed with Josh. It was Pale Moon's bug.

Another thing, we could've had the 4chan-x developer working on this site for free when he saw that someone was moving away from Tinyboard and developing free software that was remotely sane, but cripple decided to stir up a bunch of drama and scare him the fuck away.

>was the design

It's the same design, fucktard. There was, and is, a burichan stylesheet that looked exactly like 8chan. You are seriously autistic.

>-Shortly before the first migration, Nool had the "fun" idea of declaring the design with quickreply box that had no postform on top standard for all boards.

Yeah, and he said it was going to be optional, but he had better shit to work on.

>Laravel is database agnostic and it was pitched as such.

And it wasn't, and they forced him to spend a month fixing it, despite the fact that they could've migrated it later after it had been fixed.

Now, they have the worst of it all: vichan, stuck on mysql, and stuck with a database schema that sucks dick.

>-Except Hotwheels, who could only make two things Nool didn't consider important.

Hotwheels didn't do anything but manage Josh, Josh abstracted the terrible captcha that hotwheels wrote before Next was even concieved and Cripple shit his pants and did nothing else except manage him.


>who can totally decrypt the Sunshine-DB.

You are so mind bogglingly fucking stupid that I'm just at a loss for words.

Hey retard, Sunshine was only for posts that were pruned. Any user post, mod action, login, logout, report dismissal, private message and more that wasn't pruned (read: the vast majority) still stored forever with associated identifying information. That's how it works. Faggot.

fe704a No.263061


Also, note that Sunshine didn't encrypt IP address information about posts over 200 characters, the cripple is so inept and the PHP stdlib is so god damned awful that he fucked up his law enforcement tool. Just another failure on top of failure to laugh about.

18fd61 No.263070


>-The support for Palemoon doesn't exist at all. If you wanted to stick to the Swedish yiff browser, you were shit out of luck with Next.

Funny thing about that, Josh first decided he wasn't going to provide support for Firefox at all, let alone Palemoon, because he thinks Firefox is crap. To each his own, but when he realized web development doesn't work that way, he chimped HARD for days.

c6efde No.263083


Don't forget him going on the PM forums, insulting people and pulling his usual "I'm better than everybody" bit, then getting mad and saying the creator of PM was a retard (true) because he didn't suck his dick.

b0ec7d No.263123


Didn't he show up there and just start insulting the devs out of the blue, who were utterly confused as to why there was a chimp inntheir midst?

7f2844 No.263135

File: 39f7384c9042b14⋯.png (8.07 KB, 238x249, 238:249, 14633667791244444.png)


>shit happens completely unrelated to josh

>this much deflecting

>everyone is muh boogeyman

895f37 No.263149


That's bullshit, Cripple told him what to support, and he explicitly told Josh not to bother spending time supporting Pale Meme. Even the bug tracker of Infinity has the cripple making fun of the furfag when he shows up in a thread dealing with a bug in his browser, and of course it was already fixed in Firefox. Everything his userbase complains about is a bug in his shitty frozen fork of Firefox, I don't blame Josh or the Cripple for insulting a furry in response to him having to deal with the furfag's incompetent users and their autistic screeching.

We're talking with someone who roleplays as a wolf, who gives a shit?

100686 No.263194

So whats Jewsh doing now aside from sitting in his volcano lair of autism (aka mommys basement or some trannys apartment, take your pick) and e-begging his sperg orbiters ?

d66221 No.263305


He's literally dating a tranny which is… odd. Last thread gave more detail onto it and I'm surprised this isn't being discussed more.

8c363f No.263343


I'm sure this has nothing at all to do with the DUDE JOSH DID NUFFIN WRONG LMAO sperg who comes to derail these threads every so often.

022453 No.263344


Probably wasn't being discussed due to some people thinking that Josh was trying to pull some underwater 4D chess shit with it.

The more plausible explanation is that Josh was caught in a Ted Haggard/Larry Craig situation and the underwater chess is how he's selling it to the foxdicks.

b0ec7d No.263358


Actually it was Copypaste and Jim who hacked Josh's software when he was out on a Taco Bell run. They sabotaged it so they could later try to steal it without a open source license. Gawd! Your such a retart!!

d66221 No.263394


Unlike the rumor about Feline Darkmage being Katsu, this one has some weight to it.

Otherwise, he seems to be working on upgrading the boards

4dae05 No.263395


I'm looking forward to the foxdicks dealing with Josh's "upgrades".

1106b1 No.263430


What happened with Flowers?

d66221 No.263440


Lost his adminmenship when he made a funny featured topic.

Null said that all he has to do is ask for it back. Flowers doesn't want to ask for it back.

88c099 No.263493


Cool story. It doesn't even make sense. How were they supposed to stuff a hack into Josh's Computer while he was going out getting junk food again? The only confirmed moment Hotwheels was in Josh's apartenment IRL was the few days he wrote the captcha there. The only IRL meet up was in that Café. The only thing with Computers jim did, was sending a message to the IM service Race Queen uses.

You are either trying to ´gaslight people or you are so far gone by now, that you think, that Jim has magical haxx powers.

8c363f No.263528


Did your mommy ever have you checked for 'tism?

9548df No.263544


What was the topic?

65e16c No.263598

File: b7b44afc0060d9c⋯.png (616.99 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 5d30d7e6c46325a99744c0d88d….png)

d66221 No.263626


Forget, but the point is that Flowers didn't want it back


>Being this retarded

e62da0 No.263638

So what happened to Josh and his faggot tranny boyfriend? Has anyone been following that dick show group that was in the last thread?

278e51 No.263657


Josh doesn't do shit on the Farms– at least not as much as someone working "full time" should. Just look at the technical grievances thread and his presence in it (or lack thereof).

278e51 No.263659


Jesus Christ, anon…

e62da0 No.263663

317d0e No.263685

The tranny is just one of the tens of fake accounts that they use to spy on Rat Kings which Josh added that he was in a relationship with as a joke. He doesn't exist.

e62da0 No.263692



lol so is it more likely that the tranny had an alt account for her internet fuckery or that josh and his faggot brigade just cloned an existing tranny?

d79f02 No.263744


This isn't me btw, probably posted by some petty faggot in the IRC circlejerk. Cringeworthy tbh.

0756a0 No.263747


You dolts are still grasping at straws? Since everything Josh said about HW and Jim shitting up the site is UNDENIABLE now you're clinging to this bullsheet?

All my sides.

0d70d3 No.263767

File: 10b6702a33539c5⋯.jpg (45.1 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, smug liquid chocolate man.jpg)


>everything Josh said is TRUE because I say so

9fcdec No.263773


Most plausible explanation. Except, it would blow the credibility of the alt.

9ecc4d No.263777


iirc it was about Trump getting elected but I could have it mixed up with other drama

5e517f No.263784


You did, it was AnOminous who retired from his Staff position over political spats. FFS was dumped because he kept featuring Trippin Kahlua shitposts iirc.

6b5fa7 No.263807

Chelsea the tranny is still around, she got her old account zuccced for posting nudes but she is back and shitposting it up in the dick show fb group.

55d00a No.263834

65e16c No.263867



Daily reminder this nigger has almost 37 THOUSAND posts on foxdickland in less than 2 years

bde7f8 No.263900

File: 523ab2d773aef44⋯.gif (3.65 MB, 400x224, 25:14, jags fan.gif)

f0c2a6 No.263960


I think he is/was an attorney. I wonder why he shitposts all day. He's chimped on the Farms before so he's probably a cow.

f0c2a6 No.263961


Tfw a high school dropout is beating this entire board in transdimensional/transgendered chess.

d66221 No.264115


Occam's razor agrees. Joshie likes to fuck with people like this.

5d7bd8 No.264150


Let's say that Josh really has been playing 6D foxdick underwater Filipino backgammon with us. Why is he putting his energy into this instead of, you know, working on keeping the lights on and laying low? As said earlier, he wins, but how many more wins like this can he take?

d66221 No.264151


Who's saying he isn't? As a prank, entering in a facebook relationship requires no effort but certainly caused a heap of reactions. The farms is very much secure and I think he can do both.

b0ec7d No.264303


Like Donald J Trump, Josh is addicted to winning.

778913 No.264441

lol null keeps whining about how people don't like to use chat and that it is "insular".He doesn't get that the toxic personalities on his website that cling to the chatbox like it is their only lifeline or source of communication are the main reason for this. Like 3 people will tolerate whiny faggots like cuck norris who sit in chat and bitch about anyone who isn't a female and use chat as a way to pick up on chicks or creepers like null himself.

What is funny is that there was some drama about a month ago where this faggot cuck norris was thirsting on every single female who would step into the chatbox. He would then get their offsite communication information to the point where they were mutually doxed. This dumb faggot then traded lewd pix with these ugly sluts and when they found out about each other they decided to report the shit. Null proceeded to blame the ugly sluts for this faggot fishing nudes out of them. Why? Because Null has just as high a thirst level as cuck norris does and he can empathize with wanting internet pussy so bad he will try fishing it out of an asshole as dank as foxdick farms. So now null is protecting cuck norris because he is his chat buddy and if he punished cuck norris then other females on foxdick farms would feel empowered to bring up the thirst they get from guys like cuck norris, null, etc.

If you are a female, I suggest not using foxdick Farms because people like null and cuck norris will use any information they can get on you. And if you are female and have to use it, don't use the chat function. It is just cuck norris and null whining about how they are the only people not autistic on the website and whispering to girls in private to get them to go onto other communication platforms so they can con them into coughing up nudes.

b0ec7d No.264476


>If you are a female, I suggest not using foxdick Farms

Or just have some self respect and the common sense not to share nudes with strangers on the internet?

9fcdec No.264479


What are they reporting him for anyway? Being a player? lol

fb3ae6 No.264482


Who knows? I just hope that he keeps up with the thirsting he is doing in PM's with one user that just started using chat and another who has been in chat for a while. He stirs up community drama really well by doing that shit and by driving people way from chat. People literally have stopped using chat and use discord because they want to avoid the faggot starting shit. He makes things very uncomfortable the way he leeches onto girls and shit talks other people who just want to use the website and not engage in aggressive bullshit like his. Null has gotten better recently but thats probably because without foxdick farms paying his rent he would be completely homeless.

but yea reporting him for shitstirring community drama so he can jerk off is a dumb thing to report the guy for.

ca3d87 No.264485


the dude was perving on a chick that he's old enough to be the father of. I think he had some experience on her and was more than capable of manipulating her, but foxdicks are too fucking autistic to wrap their brains around that idea.

6450e1 No.264488


>they decided to report the shit

Dumb internet skanks and/or post-ops decided to give free nudes and then got pissed off when they found out that they weren't Cuck Norris' exclusive skank?

Am I getting this right? Who cares?

>females shouldn't

I'd bet good money that you're one of the skanks. No wonder this thread is always garbage and has no good cocks, it's populated by some asshurt (probable) skank and/or MTF and a bunch of other morons who got banned from some shitty forum who come here to gossip about some dumbass neckbeard forum admin. Poorly, I might add.


If the skank is over 18, they're an adult. Don't even compare whatever you're gossiping about to grooming, fuckstick, it's obviously not.

7b35e4 No.264490


I wouldn't trust a foxdick either, but if this cuck is getting all these girls to think they are close enough to share nudes with him then he's basically a problem. Notice how Null has been a pussy about this and not done anything other than stand back and let his users bully one of the girls off the site? A girl would have to be fucking retarded to use foxdick farms because all they will get is harassed, fucked with and tricked. Sure you can say "oh they did it on their own", but that doesn't wash when someone is building some sort of bond and then betraying it. Stop being autistic.

7b35e4 No.264491


And yea it is grooming, I don't understand how you don't see that, but then, you're probably a foxdick yourself.

022453 No.264493


Don't share dickpics or titpics. Pretty simple. If you want someone to see you naked, real life is the only way to go.

6450e1 No.264494


Are you serious?

>think they are close enough to share nudes

They can share whatever nudes they want, faggot, they pulled the trigger and even had time to second guess it when uploading it to whatever shitty chat service they used to talk to their fellow forumfag and probable trailer park resident.


Grooming refers to grooming children, faggot. Otherwise it's just establishing a connection with an adult who, I would hope, does not have a sub-100 IQ and is therefore 100% responsible for taking pictures of their cooch and sharing them with some faggot they met on an internet forum.

I'm sorry that the skanks wanted to take back the stupid decisions they made, white knight and/or one of the skanks in question, but I'd also like to take back all of my fuckups. There are just some things we cannot do in life.

022453 No.264495

Besides, anyone who hangs out in Chat is a drama-whoring retard. Anyone who thinks that they'll find a stable user on that site is kidding themselves. Sane people don't obsess over Internet weirdos.

7b35e4 No.264498


So you seriously do not understand that it is a shitty thing to do to manipulate people into giving you nude pix? To manipulate multiple people to do it?

The way you think is not the way that normal people think.


They pulled the rigger on sending the nudes under false pretenses and that is proven by there being multiple girls. What do you not get about that? Please tell me. It isn't about taking back the mistake of trusting someone, it is about someone misleading and being a predator on several girls, one of them young enough that he could be her father.

6450e1 No.264499


>under false pretenses

Under what "false pretenses"? That they got a picture of someone elses big schlong in exchange, and not the real trailer park millionaire Cuck Norris micropenis?

You need to stop right now, white knight. Just stop. They're adults.

>how normal people think

Normal people. By definition: those who are not thirsty white knights and people who are completely unbiased because they aren't friends with the skank and therefore don't have to worry about hurting their skank feelings. Normal people would say that they're 100% responsible. They are.

Fuck off, forumfag.

6450e1 No.264500



And, unless the skanks in question are mentally retarded, there's no way you can spin this to be grooming. In fact, it's kind of hilarious if they are mentally retarded.

Cuck Norris, retard groomer. Aw yeah, tard pussy.

7b35e4 No.264501


lol this is just jibberish, you got nothing. Cuck is a forum predator being enabled by null and more and more foxdickfags know it because its being talked about on discord now.

If you are cuck, you're a forum joke and your little temper tantrums in chat are screen capped and shared among users just like nulls.

022453 No.264502


>It's about ethics in sexting!

Goddamn, these women are dumb. Just, really fucking dumb. Cuck Norris is a prick too if he's actually blackmailing people. Like Syria, there's just no good actor here.


Nice Number. It's like Tyce Andrews, but real.


Okay, if someone is actually being a tard pimp, I want evidence.

6450e1 No.264503



Okay, now you must be fucking with me.

He might be a perverted, thirsty faggot, but he's not a predator.

I'm just not a white knight and see it differently. Do you understand? Plus, there's not much you could do with those skanks. Pictures are probably the only thing they're good for, unless you want the clap.

>implying I'm a forumfag

Unless the whole "trailer park resident with a microdick" didn't give it away, no.

6450e1 No.264504


>Unless the whole "trailer park resident with a microdick" didn't give it away, no.

And by this, I mean Cuck Norris. Not that it matters, I'm not the forumfag, so my residence and dick size is not in question.

c46999 No.264506

Jesus Christ, what kind of a shitshow is null running over there?

9fcdec No.264515


>Sure you can say "oh they did it on their own", but that doesn't wash when someone is building some sort of bond and then betraying it.

Sounds like a personal issue between you and Cuck Norris. Not your personal army anon. Unless you have some lulzy PMs or something, in which case feel free to share.

9fcdec No.264516


or nudes

b0a579 No.264534

File: f553d855f18e912⋯.jpg (198.13 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1462387303317.jpg)

posting rare Null

d66221 No.264558


Cuck Norris, pls go, stop selfposting.

b0ec7d No.264563


This pic kind of made me think of something. Is Josh incontinent like a lot of the other LOL cows are?

d66221 No.264573


Not as far as we know

d3f78e No.264590

File: 324b7d8eeb27fbe⋯.png (151.96 KB, 1334x743, 1334:743, mod1.PNG)

File: d4f935a6efacd5c⋯.png (51.13 KB, 1317x250, 1317:250, mod2.PNG)


Pics Related


Which users would that be?

TL;DR: on the pics. Girls get mad. Girls fail to harass him off the site. They decide to mass PM Vitriol with no proof of their allegations. Cuck provides proof that anything that happened was mutual. Girls PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD.

9548df No.264592

How is Dynastia allowed to shitpost the way he does in every other thread? If it was anyone else they'd be banned on the spot.

a4fa93 No.264611


Does every woman including the "women" have Borderline or something? Just never seems like there's an end to the drama.

a34ad8 No.264613


>Implying that chat doesn't do that exact same thing to users every day

>Implying that cuck, cat, waggly, smutley and null don't actively bait users in chat to fuck with them

>Implying that any of the things that a saturday night foxdick movie night is acccused of cannot be said about the toxic, toxic foxdick farms chat

lol null is pissed he was kicked out of the saturday night discord. he is also so angry that his tirade in another discord was leaked that he is considering banning them.

That cap has to be Null no one else would tl;dr like that just to defend their buddy from receiving a ban. Also, his mods and managers would be too pussy to post caps publicly because he threatens to take away their hotpockets and their accounts and that's basically like threatening to take air away from them. If you want caps come up with a half ass excuse and ask Huntin' Slash (compy), Surtur, or Saney.

They will send caps from the mod forum in private. It is very anti-climatic though. Null pitches fits every so often and they're funny. Right now discord is his main concern. What I find funny is that Null knows his managers and administrators use their powers to dox users through their contact information and that this was done to run a pretty vicious prank on a user but he doesn't give a shit about that. For example, a manager doxed an annoying user (autismdragon) through his contact information and posted some of the results. the man was a lolcow, but it just goes to show that the administration on that site is a crock of shit and completely run based on Josh's emotions from one day to the next.

If you are a female stay away from any type of socializing with foxdick farms members because they will dox and harass you, and if it was null that you got close to he will encourage it.

Need an example? Okay. Pandas Galore. This chick never led Null on, not once. She was a bit annoying but not a bad person. Well null got attracted to her and he would try buttering her up in his own autistic ways. Having an icon made for her in chat, trying to talk about personal lives with her, all that. He even talked to her offsite on skype. She kept ignoring that he wanted her to be his sweetheart, and one day he just said fuck it and started messing with her profile to instigate her. It got so bad she has left the site completely.

So in summation, this little screen cap and what we know about nulls behavior tells us that he is this biggest instance of "do as I say; not as I do" and that he will use his powers as an admin of his stupid little message board to try to find a boyfriend-free girl, and that if said girl ignores his advances that him and his crew of sycophants will fuck with them until they leave.

All this self-posting cuck norris doing in this thread is just to serve the purpose of him pumping himself up to be a TOTALLY HATED AND MISUNDERSTOOD soul who didn't do anything wrong. And Null is running that message board into the ground, and with the influx of new users he keeps inviting, it is just a matter of time before he gets fucked really hard, too.

6de192 No.264615

File: 504373e911401f5⋯.png (64.72 KB, 1149x347, 1149:347, 2mel.PNG)


And don't forget that null tells the story of how pandas galore was gangraped when she was a kid. Null now laughs about it in chat when he talks about it. Pandas is a friend of mine and it sucks having him do this but if you want to use the site you have to accept that null will do things like laugh about your friend getting gangraped when she was a kid, allowing his users to fish out nudes for him and just terrifying everyone else on the website.

And don't forget, null also has given dynastia shadow mod powers. if you want proof just look at the image uploaded. Why else would dynastia know what was posted in a TTS thread?

a4fa93 No.264620


That guy is completely retarded if he actually gave Dynastia his and his sister's contact info. Fuck the foxdicks and all, but he deserves to get prank calls of weeks screaming "JULAY!!!!".

778913 No.264621


>I'm going to ban you from foxdick if you get tricked into sending nudes to one more guy

>Cuck pls go find other girls to find nudes from.

You can't even write this shit folks. Between null trying to use this forum to get a girl and him trying to use this forum to get income, I don't know what else there is to say. This is spectacular.

4bc488 No.264622

Why are women so upset when they act like a whore and get treated like a whore.

Don't trade nudes, I'm not sure how hard this is to understand. You will always regret it.

Unless you have borderline, and then I guess you thrive with the victim complex. I suppose that explains the drama, and the cross posting gossiping. What's funny about any of this? It's just PA bullshit for some whores.

cffb02 No.264624

File: 4c799ab6137299d⋯.png (168.32 KB, 1441x319, 131:29, cowgotis.PNG)


This anon said it best.

b0ec7d No.264628


>Wikipedia-level autisim and srs business procedure

Used to be mods would have just rooted out this silly drama root and vine and ban people too retarded for a Chris Chan site. Champthom didn't bullshit.

11a05a No.264631


That was before Foxdick created a staff position for "Conflict Resolution Officer." I thought it was a joke until I saw him taking it seriously.

2f202a No.264634

I won't lie. Cuck Norris used to troll me pretty hard. He did it for months until I decided to leave chat and eventually the site as a whole. In retrospect, he didn't really troll me as much as I let his banter get under my skin. I was pretty thin skinned back then and couldn't really take it. I don't think I will ever go back to foxdick farms but what I learned was that cuck norris isn't the problem. The problem is being a weak faggot and not taking banter as fun. I deserved everything he did to me and so did these rotten nasty cunts. Especially BIMB. Fuck her HARD.

03c43d No.264657

Cuck is a fat NEET that habitually lies about his living situation. He's been without a job since late last year and has made KF and WoW his full-time employment.

e62da0 No.264659


I doubt that's true, that's the kind of autistic bullshit only a foxdick would believe.

600fdc No.264661

File: dff49d94682266b⋯.png (268.09 KB, 518x686, 37:49, tumblr_o9l9n0Sdfr1vqybhyo1….png)

Delegating conflict resolution officer to /cow/ was the best decision I ever made.

e62da0 No.264662


Not true, you can shitpost but really you need to establish yourself as not retarded beforehand.

a4fa93 No.264663


>Conflict Resolution Officer

Considering the stupidity that has erupted here in the past day, it sounds like they don't utilize this or the person in charge is ineffective.

e62da0 No.264664

Ok so the TL;DR of this thread is 'only retarded faggots would be retarded enough to share nudes with anyone on the farms"

600fdc No.264665


Dyn gets posted deleted fucking routinely. He can't make new threads and he's threadbanned from like 30+ places where his humor isn't really welcomed. He's an acquired taste and not always appropriate.

It's almost like there are nuances to humor that certain people can't understand for some reason.

11a05a No.264683


Well, so long as we're making confessions, I will too. I am a 21 year old man who never thought of gay sex before, until I lay my hands upon the slab of italian sausage attached to Cuck Norris.

Seriously, wtf is wrong with you people. Josh sure has collected a hell of a crew.

f0c2a6 No.264790


Lol just curious what was your user name?

d66221 No.264822


Josh likes it when users roll around in the drama as seen >>264661. You can even see him doing it in this thread.

d66221 No.265086


I kinda find this hard to believe when you both refuse to back this up and when someone drops something like >>264615. David Craig here acts without impunity and if it was someone who you didn't find funny then he'd be gone a long time ago.

3faf0d No.265088


Flowers was the conflict resolution officer before nool made him admin. Scroll up to see how that turned out.

d66221 No.265089


Well in Null's defense, he did ask him if he wanted his admin powers back. Flowers rightfully said no.

Then again, Null gave Flowers the title because Flowers woulden't get off of Null's back and bargaining is the first thing he does when things don't go his way

909e70 No.265117


b0ec7d No.265157


I thought it was Wildchild pretending to be it for a joke. Tbh I get the speds on there mixed up sometimes.

d66221 No.265164


Oh, Wildchild was promoted to it as a joke, make no mistake.

7cfb12 No.265171


Dynastia is basically a forum meme at this point. One of the first things you learn when lurking is that you don't trust Dynastia. Flamesoul was a fucking garbage spewing autistic sparkledog furry who deserves to be bullied on the online. He's so autistic he even got banned from Ron's Discord channel.

Dynastia almost got banned multiple times early on, especially when The Golden Knight was a thing and I had no fucking idea what was going on there. As I've heard, Dyn made Jay think that he was a hot girl that was into him. Jay's response was to make his IRL girlfriend compete for his love with Dyn on the forum. The community encouraged her to grow a spine and dump him, which she did. This was one of the first times the forum actively engaged in trolling and I was sort of pissed to hear about it but everyone said it was really funny so I just let it slide.

Though I don't understand why Dyn's so ~Internet Famous~. I guess because he gets more leeway than most? How autistic and petty is someone who gets jealous that they don't have staffs's royal assent to shitpost and lie to autistic furries?

d66221 No.265177


letting dyn shit all over the forum shows how much you deeply care about the community as anything more then a moneymaking scheme tbh

hows Candice doing, btw?

11a05a No.265178


When you talk it's like you're explaining Sonichu.

b2fe8c No.265181


Nonsensical and full of delusional shit?

7f2844 No.265184

File: e09065f710b6ee7⋯.mp4 (1.26 MB, 640x640, 1:1, real wrestling.mp4)


Daily reminder that you wasted $12,000 and most of the userbase's goodwill toward the site on incompetently made software that will NEVER EVER work.

11a05a No.265197


Yeah. I mean its like KF has become his CWCville, he gets to be mayor and at the center of all of the adventures which are mainly banning people and wannabe trannies feeling guilty after fapping on skype.

58825e No.265200


I'm not sure why you're blaming Josh for a decision Jim made. But, judging by your wrasslin webm I'd guess that you're a fucking retard who has no idea what you're talking about.

I already went over all this in the thread, champ. You can't change the facts.

Feel free to prove me wrong, but you haven't been able to in so many threads. The shitty third world outsourcing firm that owns this site will never change the fact that they blew $12k in users contributions, they'll never change the fact that they were storing credit cards unencrypted forever on 2channel and also blew that userbases trust, and they'll never be good at managing communities.

I'm waiting for GNU Social/Mastadon to take away more of Jim's 2channel userbase, tbh. His nigger-right youtube channel and blog written by trannies sure seems to be a hit!

d66221 No.265229


Jesus, do you ever shut up about I-Next? Stop running interference for Null. Even if the project was a success, he'd still be an antisocial prick for whom hotwheels would eventually find a good reason to let go.

87876b No.265234



the moderator deal with Josh is a joke, it basically means, "I can do whatever, and no one can call me out, except Josh" then below those guys, you have the Josh's other butt buddies which are basically mods in all but name, until an actual mod pulls rank on them.

tbh the only reason people outside of Joshs inner circle go there is because its got info sorted decently and it's not completely full of goons. But the entire team running and modding the site are fucking diagnosed, so I don't know how long til the lid blows.

7616fc No.265244

File: acefb60abe3ed59⋯.jpg (116.39 KB, 546x776, 273:388, 1473783320857.jpg)


>hows Candice doing, btw?

she had to make some hard choices so she could feed herself and (mostly) Null ;_;

b6f4a3 No.265262

File: 73cc2688ed2dd6a⋯.png (132.84 KB, 205x284, 205:284, bitchtaco.png)



Pandas Galore was a bitch taco.

d66221 No.265264


dont be retarded, Candy doesnt feed Josh! Its partially why he wants to kill her

fdc00e No.265273


>p-p-p-pls stop

Holy shit, faggot, this is some damage control if I've ever seen it. Again, prove me wrong.

Or alternately don't post about shit you don't understand if you don't want to be reminded of the actual facts of the matter.

b0ec7d No.265277


Yes you've made your weak arguments about Next with the compulsive repetition of an autistic. They have persuaded no one. Maybe regurgitate some more about stuff no one cares about like 2ch data.

689a41 No.265282


>they have persuaded no one

I don't care to "persuade" anyone, you retarded faggot. It's not like you stockholm syndrome dipshits are actually able to be persuaded anyways. Worse than moot dicksuckers, tbh.

You have not proven me wrong. You can't prove me wrong, because, unlike your retarded bullshit, it's facts corroborated by both Hotwheels and Josh.

You can't change the fact that Jim made that decision.

And you can't certainly can't change the fact that Race Queen Inc stored unencrypted card records forever on 2channel, and then blamed it on the gook. Software that they had written and administered. Protip: you don't store unencrypted credit card data for tax purposes. It's only stored like that because you're either a fraudster or your developers are incompetent.

Oh, and friendly reminder that eleven days after Jim and Hotwheels made their dumbass promise in that video not to keep any identifying user data indefinitely (ignoring the fact that all data is stored forever if it's not purged), they went and did it. Eleven. Days. It doesn't get any more hilarious.

Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.

029d2c No.265284


I can't tell if you people honestly think Josh is the hacker or if you're just propping him up as your boogeyman for the sake of maintaining consistency.

fae78d No.265290


It's not like it's a big secret, the calling card images on /8leaks/ makes it pretty obvious who it is. Not that it matters anyways, the bugs aren't fixed, and they won't be fixed until this shitty software is rewritten. He posted a 7zip archive with the details of his exploitation, you can find the password using hashcat using the salt and hash he posted quite easily, it's still vulnerable. He wasn't the first in 8chan either, and won't be the last, because it's fundamentally broken.

029d2c No.265292


So you actually think it was him? Why? What evidence is there to support the claim? I don't see how the images tie to anyone's identity.

6450e1 No.265295


>So you actually think it was him?

You mean Josh? No, you retarded faggot. It wasn't.

>I don't see how the images tie to anyone's identity

You would if you followed IB dev

Anyways, the braindead faggots will never figure it out, and I don't want to give them a freebie

ba8b5b No.265297


yes it was him, he admitted to it on his siites chat, check earlier in this thread

idiot could get arrested over this so i hope it was worth it for the big boy points

6450e1 No.265298

File: 093fab2759495f8⋯.jpeg (34.42 KB, 403x447, 403:447, rms-20070401.jpeg)


>yes it was him, he admitted to it on his siites chat,

Oh, is that like the tranny he admitted he was going out with and complained about them not giving him nudes?

You faggots really are braindead. This thread is a riot, being filled with banned forumfags with confirmation bias about their favorite boogeyman.

And no, it wasn't Josh. As I said, it's pretty obvious who it is, considering the images, but you have to be autistic enough to follow the drama surrounding this site to know who it is.

ba8b5b No.265299


>Oh, is that like the tranny he admitted he was going out with and complained about them not giving him nudes?

yet to be disproven

>but you have to be autistic enough to follow the drama surrounding this site to know who it is

so youre autistic? m8 thats weird

6450e1 No.265300

File: 7ee992a3d90c26e⋯.jpg (33.94 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 450px-Richard_Stallman-Cop….jpg)


>so youre autistic? m8 thats weird

Fite me m8 ill reck u

ba8b5b No.265301


i dont fight peple who cant spell, they are already wrecked

6450e1 No.265302

File: 84e7435e42fbf46⋯.jpg (19.86 KB, 640x357, 640:357, 164041852_640.jpg)



ba8b5b No.265303


well shit you did reck me, well done

d66221 No.265354


he's not the hacker, he just likes to screw with people.

b0ec7d No.265379


>Posts a bunch of off-topic stuff no one cares about.

>Now prove me wrong!

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