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File: 5eea715e0ecaf8f⋯.png (279.13 KB, 338x450, 169:225, cwc-sonic-totem-582806eabb….png)

File: 5d75ce63915dcc8⋯.png (141.89 KB, 500x369, 500:369, screenshot-www.facebook.co….png)

4ffe36 No.262839

How the fuck was Chris able to sell this for $1500? Who bought it? What will they do with the Totem? Will Chris ever make those new pages?

519e92 No.262840

>Some foxdicksperg really bought the fucking totem

I would pretend to be surprised but that's impossible

573923 No.262843


What annoyed me was him using a chunk of the sales to buy a gold necklace for Barb.

Not a new opinion, but she really has made his life worse. It's such an ugly necklace too.

4ffe36 No.262846

File: 1b38724a3dff92b⋯.jpeg (154.59 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, $400 necklace.jpeg)


Does Barb even wear jewelry?

9003c8 No.262853



The necklace is probably for him

573923 No.262854



Didn't Barb pawn a necklace off and Chris got it back to her, or got a replacement instead? I can't see Chris being into serious jewelry given his fashion tastes.

8bd68c No.262882


>yfw they timestamp it and upload it somewhere

It's only a matter of when

e42ef2 No.262898


In his latest infomercial for his childhood stamp collection he mentions that he bought her a "replacement" for the one she pawned, and that since he spent $800 on it he's going to be hard pressed to pay the next mortgage payment. Ergo you need to buy the stamps NOW NOW NOW!

44a36b No.262909


44a36b No.262910


fucking wordfilters

962612 No.262917

28b0d0 No.262940

Just out of curiosity, how much do you guys see yourself in Chris? I know most of us aren't that bad, but there's bound to be some stuff you have in common with Chris.


>Lonely, depressed about being single

>Waste a good amount of cash on videogames I might not play (Not to a point where I'm financially fucked for doing so like Chris, but still)

>Was raised by parents who just didn't give a fuck

>Into crossdressing

962612 No.262945


We all have some elements of Chris. Like or not, it's very likely that there is a much incidence of autism on imageboards (and of course foxdick) then there is in the general population. There are also probably a much higher proportion of NEETs too than the general population.

We rag on people like A-Log for good reason, but there is a damn good reason why about every other comment about Chris on the wider Internet is some variation of "CWC gives (insert here) a bad name!"

People pay more attention to things they connect with.

356c96 No.263016

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What the fuck…

a minute in and it's already uncomfortable

>"I'll give you $2 for it

>"oy vey!"

>"i shoved da udder medallion up muh…a-hole…"

And how has he never heard of black lives matter

99d598 No.263022




7a5601 No.263023

I don't like /cow/ really, but HOLY FUCK


631810 No.263024


>How has he never heard of Black Lives Matter?

He's a shut-in, autistic and has no interest in the outside world beyond his comfort zone.

He could tell you the name of every street in Cwcville, but he couldn't name a single celebrity unless they had an entire episode of Family Guy dedicated to them.

8bd68c No.263026


Where are you from?

7a5601 No.263027


What do you mean? Internet or geologically speaking?

28b0d0 No.263038


He seems like he's learning.

9b3aa8 No.263043


Everyone is a lolcow on the inside; all that separates us from real lolcows is our ability to suppress our autistic tendencies.

4ffe36 No.263045


I'm surprised he agreed to this.

8bd68c No.263049


which board. not trying to argue, just curious

0818bf No.263051

As much as i would like to say i am not surprised by the fact he bought a fucking gold necklace to Barb after he keeps begging for more money while burning donations on toys and games, I just can't believe he is this bad with money to not know where his priorities should lie. He's what? 35 now? Still living with his mom. No job experience at all or life experience for that matter with a gaping wound for a vagina. Once Barb kicks the bucket, it's over for him.

4e9347 No.263059


Eh, to be honest I can't make fun of him for getting a present for his mom.

0818bf No.263064


That's not the point. The thing is that like it or not, life expenses like bills and such should take priority over bling and vidya and Chris doesn't realize that. He is the only breadwinner of the house aside from welfare. It's just a matter of time until he runs out of shit to sell and his laziness takes the better of him and everything falls apart.

5d64e3 No.263069


It's autistic furfags. If they will buy some generic Redbull copy drink that costs $5 bucks someone will pay for a a shitty totem that looks like it was made by a 3rd Grader. Just remember a majority of furfags have extremely shit tastes like this.

e42ef2 No.263071


I for one would like to know geologically.

28b0d0 No.263084


>I can't make fun of him for getting a present for his mom.

That's one thing, him buying it when he can't afford it is another thing. Considering he's always begging for cash, you'd think he'd prioritize what he should get.

6f6125 No.263101


He watches Family Guy? I thought he was way too childish to enjoy the sexual and violent themes in that show. Also American Dad is better.

4cce5a No.263102

6f6125 No.263103


Holy shit, that fucking letter to Seth.

631810 No.263105

File: a224460b4b9eeb1⋯.jpg (6.14 KB, 282x282, 1:1, 1379459023580.jpg)


>He hasn't studied the lore on Cwcki

>He hasn't watched/read the transcript for every single Chris video from 2007-2012 and beyond

>He hasn't read every issue of Sonichu, including the original and revised versions and the secret lost Ivy/Chris special

Get on my level, newbie.

28b0d0 No.263112


Family guy has a childish sense of humor, just because it has sex jokes and violence doesn't mean it's mature in any way. Chris drew sexual acts in his sonichu comics, so it's not like boning is a foreign concept to him.

6f6125 No.263118

File: 803e2f24b1fbf92⋯.jpg (10.35 KB, 480x410, 48:41, 01e034c1a05d429f84fb847aa0….jpg)

Is the CWCki down for anyone else?

46fad9 No.263119


Are you 16 years old?

4ffe36 No.263124

File: f865fed2c9d5911⋯.jpg (62.99 KB, 529x639, 529:639, rkgYvP8.jpg)

91a007 No.263140


Besides being a sonic fan when I was a kid I have nothing in common with this sperg. I actually wished I was in his position (not now but at birth) given that I was born in a second-world craptastic country full of assholes with no prospects of progress unless you have friends in high places.

>inb4 just immigrate to the states

Can't, already hired a lawyer, can't apply unless I'm the son or brother of a murrican. My only option is to become a millionaire and outright buy a visa like chinks do or marry a really desperate murrican grill who wont screw me over and call ICE on my (believe it or not) white ass

fd5f3d No.263145


Would this country be Argentina by any chance, fellow white?

7fb1ec No.263153


>Get retarded amount of money for worthless eyesore

>Immediately spend the majority of it on buying lipstick for your mother/pig

Barb will totally benefit from a shiny collar as she slowly decays in a house full of garbage. Wew lad.

4ffe36 No.263166

Someone on foxdickfarms actually fucking bought Chris' Megatron Pistol for 50 bucks.


4ffe36 No.263167

File: c923ed20442ac7d⋯.png (3.74 MB, 1201x3138, 1201:3138, download.png)

File: de151582198fcda⋯.png (464.68 KB, 1218x1462, 609:731, download (1).png)


I forgot about the wordfilter.

99d598 No.263187

File: aec88ac9ac9df75⋯.jpg (13.65 KB, 200x200, 1:1, aec88ac9ac9df75eda3f048acf….jpg)


>tfw not comparable to a lolcow

81f54d No.263192

File: 96d83250f60299f⋯.png (57.51 KB, 140x142, 70:71, Hau.PNG)


>no gf


>failure at university, don't know what I want to do with my life anymore

>no job, which means no money

>dad is slowly dying

send help

df0d50 No.263193


So that explains why he wanted someone to buy him another one. I thought it was lost in the fire, but good to see it made it.

02d25f No.263275


>Plenty of chances to Win, so shop now!

I don't know that blowing money on Chris' stamp collection can be considered winning by any stretch of the imagination. Furthermore it seems obvious that Chris doesn't have an understanding of how contests work.

356c96 No.263282

File: ccb6318f1284851⋯.png (356.91 KB, 719x480, 719:480, mde-world-peace-crossdress….png)


>into crossdressing

bdd1f8 No.263286

File: 147a94fb0c0dfaa⋯.jpg (114.8 KB, 921x868, 921:868, 147a94fb0c0dfaac3bac662db6….jpg)


Which begs to wonder how fully aware is chris about how a contest works given he lost his shit when he didn't win the Parappa the Rapper contest in order to try and bone Megan. It's like he expects to win everytime because muh autism <hidden> which is always the first thing he announces when he introduces himself. </hidden>

e42ef2 No.263356


Love Sonic


NEET in my 30s

Never had a real gf or even kissed a girl

Spend most of my days in my room playing vidya

However while have drawn my own comics I don't pretend that that they are completely original since they have Sonic as a character in them (see above). Honestly I worry sometimes that Chris will give Sonic a bad name if he gets too mainstream.

e05636 No.263396

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is she wearing it in this?

==Terrifying New Begging Video== by the way

d18798 No.263397


wtf is this shit?

5aaeff No.263398


What the fuck is she doing

why is she talking to weirdly

e05636 No.263399



I think we've just reached the point that Barb is so senile and fragile that the power dynamic has shifted.

28b0d0 No.263403


Well, I'd never do it in public, but wearing panties and a skirt and other girls clothes is a turn on for me.

f87b85 No.263404


I almost, almost wish we had tracking on Barb's purchases like Chirs' so we'd know just how much and with what she's rolling up her katamari while enabling her son's begging.

4ffe36 No.263406


Jesus Christ

4ae509 No.263408


>I detest the homos very strongly


4ae509 No.263410


holy shit, she's doomed!

356c96 No.263412


>"Chris just spent all the totem money on a necklace and video games. pls gibe more mones DD:"

3d7b6a No.263416


I'm all those things and an autistic obsession with a fictional character.

3d7b6a No.263417


Except the depressed about being single thing I'm pretty happy about it because I'm unhinged and retreat to imagination to fill the void.

3e6d8c No.263419


I've experimented with wearing ladies undergarments but nothing on the outside like Chris does.

68ecad No.263425


OK, that's it, there is no way that's Barb. She's dead and Chris has a bunch of wires and air pipes attached to her to make her move and speak.

a9ae1d No.263426


Barb is the Whisperer in Darkness

356c96 No.263432

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


4ffe36 No.263434


What's with the music?

356c96 No.263435


it's on all his streams. Probably a default playstation thing

0b8ad7 No.263437


>Was really into Sonic when I was a kid

>Loved the games

>Read the Archie Sonic comics

>Watched SatAM and Adventures of Sonic

>30 years old now


>Live at home

>On autismbux


>Never been in a relationship before

>Spend alot of time playing vidya

>Dad called me out on my shit

>He had this "aura" to him that always made me feel uncomfortable

>He passed away almost a decade ago

>Was relieved when he passed away

>Now feel loose and comfortable 24/7 instead of only when hes not home

356c96 No.263438

File: 27f2f33d656e9c3⋯.png (62.36 KB, 183x175, 183:175, barb.PNG)


zombie barb in the background

e05636 No.263444

File: 89da2906a339acb⋯.jpg (53.59 KB, 854x480, 427:240, youtu.be-XwwM5YGUVZo.jpg)



df0d50 No.263446

After seeing this stream, the last begging video and so on, do something happen to Barb that made her act more open to CWC and him begging people online? Or has she always been someone who is manipulative for a goal?

e05636 No.263448


Once retards started sending him money, she seemed to realize it was the easiest way to get more cash flow. This isn't the first video she's "starred" in though.

4572e6 No.263451


I don't think she's ever had a whole lot of screentime before now and the little she had wasn't enough to really build a profile of her. When she was still a big fat bitch she didn't have enough energy to get off the sofa much less talk to a camera/walk in on videos.

Does anyone know the circumstances of her weight loss? It's quite the transformation honestly, it's a pity it's only happening now at the tail end of her life.

fd5f3d No.263452


Barb has threatened to kill herself over her hoard. Yeah, I'm going to say she's manipulative.

356c96 No.263454

File: fdb8aa685d080b4⋯.webm (765.67 KB, 640x360, 16:9, chris-chan-cwc-barb-yes-d….webm)


>yes dear

Are Chris and Barb fucking?

9003c8 No.263470


>Does anyone know the circumstances of her weight loss?


573923 No.263476

So is Barb dying or no?

If she is, I'm kind of worried for Chris now.

b3a1a9 No.263479


>that eerie feel when you realize barb is at least as detached from reality as chris

She seems really out of it and her body language is just weird. I wonder is she's on some kind of medication

9003c8 No.263485


>So is Barb dying or no?


88d4a1 No.263496


If /cow/ had been around 10-15 years ago, I'd probably have been posted about regularly. I gre out of my autism, though. Either that or I learned to hide it. Now I'm just a run of the mill loser.

dc557f No.263501


Haven't watched the video but I've never seen or heard anything about Chris getting bad vibes/a bad 'aura' from Bob. But it would be damn fascinating if true, because that would mean Bob just REEKED of the harsh reality that Chris avoids like the plague.

e05636 No.263510

File: 3753d3c6acc0737⋯.jpg (77.99 KB, 371x464, 371:464, 184857416.jpg)


That wasn't about Chris, for some reason these autistic retards in this thread decided to forego concealing their power level. It appears the rest of us are ignoring it but it's pretty fucking horrifying tbh

f7e91a No.263514


>doesn't use his girl voice in the interview

is that him trying to tell us true and honest fans that he knows this interviewer is trying to play him?

didn't see any amethyst rings either…

Either way, a nice change to hear the real CWC again

28b0d0 No.263523

File: 4e6ae3a3bc0868b⋯.jpg (18.76 KB, 324x283, 324:283, it aint me starts playing.jpg)


Please no

ec2d15 No.263526


It's creepy how much she sounds like Chris. Now that I think about it Chris probably got his mannerisms from her.

e7d6ce No.263560


A lot of these trannies just straight up give up on doing some stuff to try to pass. Cosmo sometimes forgets to use his girl voice too, you can find a lot of clips of him doing weird shit on stream and he talks like a man.

e42ef2 No.263572


My pops alive and i also get a lot of tension when he's home. I know im a disappointment to him.

c31a5b No.263583

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

delete this, just avoiding login. but it is kind of cow related

68a110 No.263585

There's some sort of stream going on his channel

>darn ol trump

df0d50 No.263589

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's some kind of self react to SNL? There's a loud ass cricket in his house that is overwhelming everything else.

356c96 No.263594


He's acting like an actor playing Trump is the real deal. He probably can't tell the difference

356c96 No.263595

File: 95d0035314d8c67⋯.png (47.93 KB, 660x284, 165:71, cole-smithey-beer.PNG)


>Chris can sell his useless shit for $1500 to his retarded fans

>Cole Smithey can't even get someone to pay $200 to have beer with him

Holy shit, Chris is more successful and famous than Cole

631810 No.263597

File: 9b563b7e88cef5c⋯.jpg (56.43 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 30 Years of Smug.jpg)

>Chris cannot tell the difference between Trump and an impersonator on SNL

>He thinks the SNL sketch is a real speech

That boy ain't right, I tell you what.

0e9fba No.263602

That poor cat.

403622 No.263603

File: d2dc83e9bda3bae⋯.gif (761.45 KB, 342x320, 171:160, 1486777394922.gif)


>Honestly I worry sometimes that Chris will give Sonic a bad name if he gets too mainstream

df0d50 No.263604

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's a good example of Chris taking jokes literally and failing to understand satire due to his autism. He's been blowing a fuckton of raspberries whenever someone says something nice about Pmurt and screams "DONALD TRAMP!" when there is satire making jabs at Pmurt.

82a075 No.263610


It's just CWC trying to sound feminine and not realizing he's imitating how old ladies talk instead of women in their 30s.

56b00e No.263622


They have spooned before apparently.

82a075 No.263627


Apparently CWC spent half of the $1,000.00 he got from DStechs to make Sonichu comics on a new bed of his own because Barb kicked him out of hers for failing to spoon right.

7fb2be No.263630


I guess since he's socially isolated his primary influence is Barb.

6984fd No.263631


Should we tell him the fanbase at large gave itself a bad name, even before Chris became a thing people talked about?

cab568 No.263636


>Lonely, single, virgin

>College graduate, but no work because of the recession

>Take care of my mom's home so I'm not a mooch

But on the plus side


e05636 No.263661


… while dressed like he remembers teenagers in the 1990s.

Terms like "gal pals" always seemed like things he probably learned from Barb

7fb2be No.263664


>But on the plus side


Gj anon. I'm a fatty myself. May go on a statin if my parents agree to pay for it.

02d25f No.263667


Oh for fucks sake you can literally hear Chris say ACTION at the start of the video. This is terrifying.

7fb2be No.263668

File: de85fc11fec8542⋯.png (18 KB, 250x358, 125:179, IMG_0614.PNG)


The hoard hungers for Chris…

7fb2be No.263669


The only thing more painful than watching Chris react to SNL for and hour and a half would be watching Anthony LoGatto react to Chris reacting to SNL for an hour and a half.

f7e91a No.263671


if you're going to fuck your mother you might as well do it right

1fa0a5 No.263672


Fair enough, anon.

9003c8 No.263677


A new bed when he doesn't have one of his own is one of the few things Chris was right to spend his money on

1fa0a5 No.263682


Especially since his old bed smelled of smoke and incontinence.

fd5f3d No.263686


I guess Chris was called a motherfucker one too many times and said to himself, "I'll show you who's a motherfucker!"

02d25f No.263693

i still think chris should be aiming for tranny pornstar status. it's an easy way to make money, get china, and there will always be strung out girls with decent looks who will be willing to do anything for their fix.

41da66 No.263697


nobody is going to want porn of a greasy, incontinent and fat manchild, anon

02d25f No.263698


I get where you're coming from but this is Chris we are talking about. If a porn studio signed Chris I guarantee it would cause a viral internet moment.

e05636 No.263711


If there's one thing the internet doesn't have enough of, it's Chris Chan sex videos.

02d25f No.263716


I know you're kidding but imagine the lulz to be found in watching tranny chris awkwardly sex up some D list porn star who is just trying to get through the scene before her withdrawals flare up again.

99d598 No.263721

File: 5ca7fb51777d79c⋯.png (216.51 KB, 397x346, 397:346, 5ca7fb51777d79ce930f83becf….png)


> <hidden>

99d598 No.263723

>tfw anons in the thread end up being more irritating than the cow


>bethesda dialogue sample.mp4


Congratulations, you're gay. Sign up for some electro-shock therapy.


That "aura" is disappointment in the fact that you're a complete and utter failure in life. Get a job, leave sanic shit behind, move out, get a woman, have kids, and maybe you'll be better.


MKULTRA brainwashing mechanic, don't listen to it too long or it will start affecting you.


Stop being one.


Or just get a job and go on a diet instead of stuffing your face with 6000 calories of burgers a day and hoping magic drugs will fix it.

df0d50 No.263774


Apparently his cat kept getting stuck in the hoard during the stream and instead of cleaning it up or doing anything about it, he kept screaming at the cat to not explore the house hulk.

3252b1 No.263775


At a geometric rate?

f86b16 No.263778



Is it all that surprising that animal neglect is probably more common then we think in this house? Chris should stream 24/7 in his house for people to pay for a subscription. He already has an audience of foxdicks who would pay gladly for something like that. He could assure a somewhat frequent income but as usual, it would be too much effort to set up because the camera equipment wouldnt be made of legos.

28b0d0 No.263780


>Congratulations, you're gay. Sign up for some electro-shock therapy.

I never said if I liked dick, not that you're wrong of course.

a75d18 No.263783


Looks like the early stages of dementia.

a4ea74 No.263787


Are you literally Chris Chan?

353347 No.263789


a4ea74 No.263792


Chris did and does literally nothing wrong.

9003c8 No.263793


He shits his pants and does nothing wrong

1fa0a5 No.263795


Chris would probably throw a towel on the camera only remember to remove it when he had an announcement to make.

1fa0a5 No.263796


/play with toys.

df0d50 No.263824


>Is it all that surprising that animal neglect is probably more common then we think in this house?

Not really, considering that last year he got charged with failing to get his dogs the proper tags and medical checkups that they required by law. In addition whenever he interacts with his pets such as the cats you can see that they clearly get upset whenever he interacts with them to the point where Chris thinks cats hiss as a normal interaction.

4ffe36 No.263848

So did anyone post the totem yet on /v/?

9003c8 No.263853


One of his cats was also killed when he burned his fucking house down

c39c8e No.263863


>Honestly I worry sometimes that Chris will give Sonic a bad name if he gets too mainstream.

That ship has long sailed.

df0d50 No.263901


Most of his other cats are MIA and have died/ran away, it's why despite having seven cats we only know of 3 being alive and the 1 dead in the house fire.

28b0d0 No.263905


Man, this is making me depressed. Animal and Child troll makes me depressed,.

Anyway, is it true Chris is fucking his mom?

df0d50 No.263910


Chris has spooned his mom before which is the reason why he ended up buying himself a new bed. Unsure how much else he's done with her.

ecb129 No.263942


At the very least it's safe to assume Chris jacked it while lying next to his mom in bed.

ce582a No.263959


Or at least had a "sticky dream" (https://sonichu.com/cwcki/Minor_CWC-isms#S)

4ffe36 No.264005

File: 9c6b6d368989e92⋯.png (33.98 KB, 588x282, 98:47, F76rlwr.png)

What did he mean by this?

82a075 No.264006


Obviously he's trying to hex Pmurt.

fd5f3d No.264009


He means "I am in great pain, please help me"

4ae509 No.264014


barb actually has chris run errands for her? she's degenerating pretty fast. what's teh name of his twitch channel? i wanna follow it

5d64e3 No.264032


I can definitely tell you it's the stages of dementia. I know because my grandmother bless her soul had it. But to this woman's case it's pretty fucking bad. I dunno what meds she's taking but it's seriously fucking her up.


Are you trying to cause mass suicide as I can tell you that is what's going to happen.

4ffe36 No.264073

File: b20d316b4e17690⋯.png (163.83 KB, 498x407, 498:407, screenshot-www.facebook.co….png)

He's trying to sell old Sonichu art again. Hopefully no dumbass buys.

e05636 No.264085

File: 454093918a65980⋯.jpg (132.69 KB, 960x550, 96:55, theclassicwithmold.jpg)

File: 01d891a1d69257f⋯.jpg (95.47 KB, 1210x250, 121:25, dampbagoftwoyearoldlaundry.jpg)

e05636 No.264086

File: ae68977ed6e70d9⋯.jpg (184.25 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, chris-chan-shirt.jpg)


Forgot to attach the close up. You can actually ID the type of mold colonies at this resolution.

fd5f3d No.264087


You know that some ween is still going to legit drop $3,000 for that shirt.

d85c5c No.264088


Lowest fucking bid is 12 grand though.

fd5f3d No.264089


>rereads picture

Holy shit, I'm more retarded than Chris is for thinking he can sell that shirt for what it costs to get a 2015 Civic.

9003c8 No.264098


>Wants $12,000

>For a generic Rugby shirt

>That he bought for under $1 at the thrift store

Top Jew

f7e91a No.264099


yeah but it's not like it has been sitting in a damp garbage bag for two years though to be honest

573923 No.264103


CWC is essentially a nostalgia brand for 25-30 year olds at this point, which is why he can sell old art projects for thousands of bucks and count on donations from fans. He's literally not producing anything new, to boot.

If you want to give him ego death, make him realize this.

c589aa No.264104


If he hadn't bought that necklace that would have taken care of a third of his debt.


So let me get this straight, this shirt has been in a damp garbage bag full of dirty laundry for three years? I'm sure this shirt qualifies as a biological weapon by now.

16551c No.264106

>30,000$ for Patti's bones

>60,000$ for a Tomgirl duck in formalin

>100,000$ for Barb, dead or alive


027a46 No.264108


This is what happens when you encourage chris by buying his shit

It makes him think he can get away with selling useless crap for ridiculous amounts of money and then waste probably 2/3 of it on crap like legos

ce7a52 No.264116

File: 8c5103a2e2038c5⋯.jpg (83.4 KB, 753x564, 251:188, inderesding.jpg)


I think it's finnish.

affabe No.264117



1. buy the shirt

2. scrape old cum off it

3. make a male and female clone

4. raise the male clone to be an intelligent young man who grows up to be a successful writer

5. raise the girl clone to be a beautiful entertainer

6. make chris aware that they exists and how much better than him they are because they aren't homo's like he is

7. trick chris into thinking the clones will be his new family that will love andtake care of him

8. press the button on my keychain that causes the clones to liquify

c9109f No.264125


Yeah you got me, it fucking sucks here

You a grill by any chance?

24606a No.264132


No, but if you're really wanting to look better than your peers, try to hook up with a Venezuelan woman. Most beautiful women on the planet and now that their country has run out of other people's money, even a 350-pound autist in Argentina looks like a king if he's employed.

28b0d0 No.264146



>Hopefully no dumbass buys.

The fact that someone bought the totem tells me someone will buy this shit from him. Probably the same person too.

c9109f No.264147


>even a 350-pound autist in Argentina looks like a king if he's employed.

Not nearly that fat bro, and most of those hot venezuelan womyn had tons of surgery done

Besides the point is I want to get out of here not just get laid

df0d50 No.264162

File: d303e48c4a158c7⋯.png (230.71 KB, 1225x587, 1225:587, a ween already bid on it.png)

e05636 No.264164

File: cd29ea4c1472fe8⋯.png (256.95 KB, 600x785, 120:157, 1279333764854.png)


It grows in power. Near death, the hoard regenerates it from its long dark coma of mold, smoke and rat feces. Somewhere in the wreckage of the hoard the amyfist ring and current medallion are glowing like the crystal shard from Superman. Will the Son of Bob-El don the sacred items and save humanity from the homos?

936f96 No.264165

File: 12c5685a281bb85⋯.jpg (30.2 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_0599.JPG)



4459ae No.264167


I'm pretty sure that $12000 bid is just a troll. He may have been able to sell the sonic totem for $1500, but nobody would actually pay that much for his ripped shirt. That said, he could probably get $2000 for it from the right sperg

9003c8 No.264169


>I'm pretty sure that $12000 bid is just a troll

That was the starting bid. He wants at least $12,000 for it.

The subsequent bids were trolls though

4459ae No.264188

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He released a video about selling the shirt.

Interestingly, he mentions at the beginning that he needs money from selling the shirt to pay for shipping the sonic totem. That means that if he can't sell the shirt soon enough, Chris will be in (even more) serious financial trouble if the totem's buyer requests a refund.

e05636 No.264189

File: f8e512b19c04fad⋯.jpg (48.69 KB, 854x480, 427:240, youtu.be-XnOyhlA84dQ.jpg)


Actually he says that the person who bought the totem disputed the charge on PayPal. Chris had already spent it so his account is now negative.

4ffe36 No.264191



I can't believe he's wearing the legendary shirt after all this time. It looks so wrong on modern Chris.

e22645 No.264201


DC Rebirth

Marvel Legacy

Sonichu Rechurrection

936f96 No.264202


This is outstanding, I wana see him crash and burn and watch how he tries to make sense of it all

ab1929 No.264204


Man he's giddy about wearing that thing. He's not going to want to give it up.

Also where did he learn about dementia? That'd explain a few things about Barb…

e05636 No.264213


Chris' reverse midas touch is unchallenged. If we can piece together what's happening from this video:

> Chris sold the Sanic Totem for $1500

> the customer actually sent him the money

> Chris immediately pissed it away on junk

> Doesn't have any money to ship it

> Buyer complains to eBay, Chris admits he didn't ship it yet

> eBay refunds his money from PayPal

> Chris' PayPal is now -$1500 or whatever

> He tries to sell a shirt for $12,000 to $20,000 so he can afford to ship the Totem and get the money back

9003c8 No.264214


>Actually he says that the person who bought the totem disputed the charge on PayPal

So deep

60f646 No.264223


>trolls wanted to buy it and do a chargeback for lulz

>someone actually paid the money for it

>Chris was too lazy to ship it, spent all the money, and the buyer had just cause for a refund

Chris really is his greatest troll.

02d25f No.264251

His own biggest ween. Pretty mindfucky if you think about it too much.

f6363b No.264253


That discussion sounds way more civil than I would expect from Chris, given that it's from a stranger contacting his phone.

f6363b No.264255


Honestly I'm surprised more people haven't bid on this, the opportunity to have a one on one with Chris' brother seems like it would invite the same sort of person that spends $1500 on the Sonic totem

f6363b No.264256


>Give Sonic a bad name

15 years of games that are decent at best and considered some of the worst games ever made at worst and one of the most autistic fanbases on the internet has already done that.

9003c8 No.264259


Problem is that Cole generally gets rather huffy when you ask him about Chris or Barb so it's unlikely that he'd agree to have a beer with you if that's all you wanted to discuss. He'd still take your money though, because he's a prick

e05636 No.264261

File: 8baeac30cd61c2c⋯.png (49.92 KB, 447x236, 447:236, spores.png)

Good news! Chris had sex again, and this time he didn't even have to pay for it. The hoard shot its load directly into him. They are now One.

0979e4 No.264262

File: 002527cf632c9b3⋯.png (744.22 KB, 597x769, 597:769, 1422340713532.png)


>Chris had sex again

f7e91a No.264263


mildew spores being inhaled into his lungs are like a shot of jizz being deposited on a cervix

he did not actually get fucked but he became a woman for mold

e05636 No.264265


It's like you never reproduced offspring by the fusion of gametes or something.

936f96 No.264266


>$100000 for barb

This cracked me the fuck up

82a075 No.264267

I'll be legit depressed if after the un-clit, stabbing himself an abscess vagina, poisoning himself for years with a McDiet, rubbing estrogen cream on his nipples, and cramming unwashed sex toys up his ass Chris-Chan finally dies from fungal pneumonia.

It's like Atilla the Hun dying from a nosebleed.

9003c8 No.264268


This is going to be what kills him isn't it?

a4ea74 No.264273



Chris Chan is the Nietzsche of our era. A brilliant, controversial, and widely acclaimed thinker in his youth, fell into madness later in his life, and died of STD.

ea6902 No.264276

File: 2d3a1688186372c⋯.jpg (21.18 KB, 252x223, 252:223, 2d3a1688186372c85567b8cf34….jpg)

Autism is the only answer. To all of the questions

ec2d15 No.264277

File: c1f8e8979e5a329⋯.jpg (143.24 KB, 428x600, 107:150, ad.jpg)


I love how he makes a huge deal about his clown shirt being Ralph Lauren.

4064dd No.264287


>It makes him think he can get away with

Well…he can. Don't be jelly anons. You should have been an lolcow with a huge following.

4064dd No.264289


Fat American autist here but unemployed. Comfy house with parents though. What are my chances?

dd08cc No.264290


Not really, just put your fingers over the green hair on the sides and it's literally good old Chris.

He might be a little fatter is all.

dd08cc No.264291


>Also where did he learn about dementia? That'd explain a few things about Barb…

I think we can take that as final confirmation that Barb has been diagnosed with dementia.

28b0d0 No.264293

Does Chris qualify as a shuddercow at this point?

4064dd No.264299


The problem is he only offers to talk about films. If he offered to talk about growing up Chandler someone might actually bid.

e42ef2 No.264300


Except that she's now a female instead of a male.

9003c8 No.264302

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is vid related going to be Chris when Barb dies? Assuming the mould doesn't kill them both first

573923 No.264305


I think he's more of a bleakcow than anything. Shadow of his former self, aging badly, no future once his mom goes, massive debt and so on.

dd08cc No.264347


What did you mean by this?

All Chris has to do to transistion back is cut his hair. He always had tits.

33d742 No.264353


Please kill yourself

9a5abf No.264450


No way, at this point I'm convinced that Chris is immortal. His autism is so strong that he is literally too retarded to die.

64603b No.264456

File: e0590db0f9f72b3⋯.png (563.16 KB, 569x802, 569:802, IMG_0615.PNG)


I'm sure this has been said but he will end up inheriting all of barbs huge debt aye?

df0d50 No.264457


Depends on how it's done. Usually when someone dies any debts they had are taken from the estate if possible and nullified. Since her estate is pretty much everything in 14 Branchland Ct, they'll probably take the house and everything in it to pay off the massive amounts of debt on her estate leaving Chris with jack shit.

64603b No.264458

So there's still a whole new post barb saga where we get to see Chris's world literally collapse around him

ab1929 No.264460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I love fan videos that come after Chris doing his shit. This one is a work of art.

82a075 No.264474

File: 3db3cdc8d60554d⋯.png (149.13 KB, 477x324, 53:36, sadbotnik.png)



I've been following CWC on and off since he was 25 and mocked as a man doing everything he's known for while pushing 30.

Now he's turning 40 and I'm the one pushing 30. CWC hasn't fundamentally changed much if at all, but the tone is more sinister than ever.

9003c8 No.264478


Only problem with that is that the house and everything in it is worthless. Absolutely worthless

322cc3 No.264483


>chris standing outside a repossessed 14 branchland court with nothing more than an aging car full of legos

So where will he go? I can imagine some kinda foster care. As much as it kills to to admit it, his whole tranny schtick gives him some social capital, so I'm sure there's some rich white childless couple that will take him in so they can use him as an activism badge to signal with

Or the hobo saga begins…

df0d50 No.264484


Exactly. They poorly maintain the house to the point where it drops the property value for not only themselves but the neighborhood as well. In addition all they have is Barb's hoard of useless shit piled up and Chris' hoard of children's toys and things. Both are worth jack shit.


He'll probably get dumped into some kind of foster house like Mark is where he'll actually have people trying to set him straight. I doubt it'll help him out at all considering he is stubborn as fuck and would rather sell a burnt up moldy shirt for the price of a car than sell his children's toy collection or get a job, things that could actually bring in a respectable amount of money.

322cc3 No.264486


At this point it's hardly even worth criticizing him for not job hunting, seeing as he's completely unemployable at his point and has been for years. Even if someone was generous enough to look past his disgusting online antics, there's the additional issue of weens spamming the employer with prank calls, and the fact the chris has outbursts of petty violence from time to time

e05636 No.264487


People have been talking about this since Bob died and it's still not exhausted.

I think it's because the future is universally terrible. Seriously terrible. And people feel so bad that they conjure up things like "some kinda foster care" since that would mean that at least his basic needs would be taken care of, and that makes people feel good. The ones that exist are not very common, are very difficult to get into and have very few spaces for a guy that would essentially have to be there on the state's dime. And that's for normal tards who wouldn't sabotage it, who have been taught and trained and work hard to get to a basic level of supervised independence.

df0d50 No.264489


>At this point it's hardly even worth criticizing him for not job hunting, seeing as he's completely unemployable at his point and has been for years. Even if someone was generous enough to look past his disgusting online antics, there's the additional issue of weens spamming the employer with prank calls, and the fact the chris has outbursts of petty violence from time to time

I suppose the biggest thing is that Chris is unemployable for that reason rather than what he claims. Chris claims getting a job and writing out applications is too stressful and waiting for interviews and job offers is too stressful when it's his hijinks and ever increasing criminal record that prevents him from getting a job.

I guess the right critique would probably be not figuring out a way how to make a stable income, as he did have some cashflow come in during the Etsy days. The problem with the household is that instead of spending it on important shit like bills or even shipping merchandise, they blow it on dumb shit like Transformers or Legos or video games instead which puts them further in the hole when the buyer requests a refund.

82a075 No.264497


Honestly he'd get a lot more money for his memorabilia and art than working a tard shift sorting bottles or selling his opened and played-with toys, but he can't be arsed to even ship things on time and decided that begging is easier.

f55269 No.264510


Nah. Chris could easily land a job. It's simply that he doesn't feel like it.

His online antics aren't an issue. His legal name is Christine Chandler now. Google it. It's clean. Nothing about trolls.

On the violence thing, that's not something that'll disqualify him from a job. Twice in the span of three years, and both are classed as misdemeanors. It won't raise an eyebrow at your typical minimum wage job.

Chris could keep the job under wraps so that weens don't spam his boss. For example, he's been hanging out at a card game shop, though he never posted about that. It was only made public after someone photographed him there, and it's still not widely known. He still goes there without issue.

Like his Facebook friend said, there's an agency in VA that will help disabled people, like him, find work. He responded to that suggested by flipping out and ranting about his bullshit reasons for not seeking work.

4ffe36 No.264511


What could he even do?

9003c8 No.264512

File: 6d3c56e5d0e369a⋯.png (267.23 KB, 877x1824, 877:1824, Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at ….png)


>Google it. It's clean

9003c8 No.264514


Chris isn't disabled enough to be in a group home. Those kinds of facilities are usually for people with severe disability, people who need constant medical care, people who can't use the toilet by themselves, bathe themselves, feed themselves, etc. Chris can do all those things he just chooses not to

f55269 No.264518


Minimum wage stuff, like stocking shelves or sorting inventory, etc.


Yep. To someone doing a check, it looks like he's an artist with a few projects. That's if they even bother with that.

027eed No.264520


wasn't there a thread where we worked out the value of the home and the probability that it was reverse mortgaged?


>yfw pmurt removing or lowering the minimum wage is the only thing that would make chris employable

9003c8 No.264521


>Yep. To someone doing a check, it looks like he's an artist with a few projects. That's if they even bother with that.

An employer would do more than just glance at the search results. They would definitely look at his twitter. The CWCki is also on the bottom of that page, they would look at that too. His search results are not clean.


It really depends on what your definition of 'could' is. He'd be qualified to crush glass, crush boxes, clean toilets, pick up trash, etc. Whether he personally could do it, or whether he thinks it's beneath him, is a different matter entirely

1fa0a5 No.264525


It is. If I'm hiring him to be a janitor at Wal Mart I take a quick glance at that don't see any 14/88 or allah akbar then I'm not going to waste my time clicking on the links. That's if I even bother to google him in the first place which I probably won't for a minimum wage job.

9003c8 No.264527


He would not get a job at Wal-Mart. Firstly, pretty much all the Wal-Marts in his area have banned him at one time or another and secondly, they're not going to let someone with criminal history come into proximity with their customers. Especially someone who has plead guilty to two separate counts of assault.

He'd have to do what Alan Moore did, before he became a writer, which is work at a skinning yard and tannery.

f55269 No.264530


Why would they bother checking the CWCki if it's all the way at the bottom? Chris would be applying for something minimum wage, not a management role. They're not gonna bother scrutinizing his Google results. His Twitter is something he has control over. If he goes to DARS for job help, they could advise him to lay off the tweets or privatize it. His Twitter right now has some funny stuff on it, but you'd have to click on the links to see it, otherwise it looks mundane.


It's Wal-mart. I doubt they're too strict against hiring someone with misdemeanors. Besides, there are lots of other places he could go.

82a075 No.264531

File: deb73fb408f5504⋯.jpg (4.81 KB, 226x251, 226:251, thatbuttwhen.jpg)

It's sort of a moot point unless you really want to win an argument in the comments section for CWC's YouTube videos with tryhards and weens rehashing, "Fat manbaby get a job and stop wasting muh [parents'] tax dollars!"

People have very confidently asserted that starvation is an excellent motivator and CWC would get a job if really pushed into it. Precedent is making me think the jokes will continue to become reality instead and he'll try to give blow jobs to support his McDonald's habit.

9003c8 No.264532


>Why would they bother checking the CWCki if it's all the way at the bottom?

You can't rule out the possibility that they would see it.

>If he goes to DARS for job help, they could advise him to lay off the tweets or privatize it.

Cause he always listens to advice

>I doubt they're too strict against hiring someone with misdemeanors

Misdemeanour assault? Yes they are.

>Besides, there are lots of other places he could go

With his record, not in retail.

f55269 No.264533


There are plenty of people with misdemeanor assault charges. Where do they go to work?

It's a remote chance that they would see the CWCki, click on the link, and care enough to look around. Same with the Twitter. Like, right now there's a bunch of posts of him shilling that shirt, but the insane price tag isn't there. It might look a bit odd but wouldn't stand out much unless they go through the trouble of clicking the ebay link.

82a075 No.264535


If there's enough autism on the internet to triangulate Shia Lebeouf and his HWNDU cabin, then wherever CWC lands a hypothetical job would be found eventually and his employer's inbox spammed with links to incriminating web resources.

217660 No.264536

File: 808b4b2ec5591a6⋯.jpg (127.6 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, chris_chan.jpg)


>some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe

but Chris Chan isn't european

ab1929 No.264537


He wants to fug meg

9003c8 No.264538


>Where do they go to work?

Blue collar jobs where they don't have to interact with people other than fellow co-workers and are therefore unlikely to get their company sued or worse. I'm not saying that people with criminal records can't go work in retail because like with most jobs, it depends on what you did. But anyone with convictions for assault, theft/fraud or any registered sex offenders, are not going to get hired at Wal-Mart or anywhere like it.

He maced a GameStop employee because he was caught defacing one of their displays. He ran over a store owner and then drove away for reasons that are unclear. These two incidents aren't even that far apart, and they demonstrate a pattern of volatile behaviour. Would you hire this man, knowing this?

>It's a remote chance that they would see the CWCki

It's not a remote chance. It's on the first fucking page. If it were the tenth page or even the second page it's a remote chance. But the first page? That's the page a prospective employer is going comb because that's the page with the most relevant results.

1fa0a5 No.264544


Nah it's misdemeanors. They won't even ask him about it on the application.

322cc3 No.264545



>It's sort of a moot point unless you really want to win an argument in the comments section for CWC's YouTube videos with tryhards and weens rehashing, "Fat manbaby get a job and stop wasting muh [parents'] tax dollars!"

That was basically my point. I'm not trying to white knight or excuse his bad decisions, I'm just saying that there are very very few places that would even consider hiring him at this point, and the presence of weens is the final nail on the coffin. I just don't think most employers want to put up with that, and even if he did get hired the weens would follow and start messing with the company. At this point expecting him to get a retail or food service job is something of a meme people throw at him even if that ship has sailed.

Really a firm for disabled people would his best bet, since they'd at least tolerate his extreme laziness. I mean hell- I work at a restaurant and there's an autistic dishwasher whose waaaaay high functioning than chris and even he can barely keep up with his minimum wage duties. Chris is by all means retarded.

9003c8 No.264552


It's misdemeanour assault. It's not like he got a DUI. He's obligated to mention it and they will look it up anyway. Add his misdemeanour assaults together with the fact that he got fired from Wendy's for upsetting a customer and he's basically disqualified himself from that kind of work.

1fa0a5 No.264556


He's not obligated to mention it, just felonies. A misdemeanor assault is as serious as shoving someone. No one will care.

2da112 No.264557


He's obligated to mention any criminal record.

1fa0a5 No.264559


>He's disqualified because he was fired from Wendy's over 15 years ago.

That sounds like something Chris would try to say tbh.

1fa0a5 No.264560


Lol no. Get back to us after you've filled out your first job application, kid.

2da112 No.264561


I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your naivete is because you've never committed a crime and not simply because you're an idiot

1fa0a5 No.264562


You're just mad because Chris Chan has even odds of beating you for a job opening. Heh, it's nothing personal, kid.

2da112 No.264565


Idiot it is then

76a836 No.264567


>The CWCki is also on the bottom of that page

Note that the name listed is "Christian Weston Chandler", not "Christine". That may just look like a funny coincidence to them.

2da112 No.264570


Are we looking at the same link?

76a836 No.264571


Jesus Christ, is it just me or does he almost look like a woman here?

2da112 No.264572


It's just you

76a836 No.264575


I feel like from a distance, if you imagine him to be a middle aged housewife, you can kinda see it

217660 No.264576

File: 09b87db63e0f481⋯.webm (8.85 MB, 500x500, 1:1, maddy_myers.webm)


that's not really Chris Chan you boob it's some random tranny back from the early goobergate days

76a836 No.264577


Really? Looks like him.

217660 No.264578


yes that's why I used that filename :^)

76a836 No.264579


I should have known it wasn't him, he's actually outside

e05636 No.264588


> Dear Ace Hardware, here is a 5,000 page encyclopedia about your newest broom monkey

a4ea74 No.264591

File: aba01686a8d7bf2⋯.jpg (105.52 KB, 490x784, 5:8, Christine weston chandler ….jpg)

>chris fucking chan gets more pussy than me

brb gonna off myself tbqh

f7e91a No.264593


the autistic should be neutered

df0d50 No.264594


>It's misdemeanour assault. It's not like he got a DUI.

How exactly is assault better than a DUI? With both you're fucked, but at least with the DUI it can be explained with making a bad decision.


Depends on the job. The lower level applications I've filled out was generally "Did you get a felony y/n" and it's only the higher jobs that start to really scrutinize criminal background. I once applied to a job that did nitpick about my driving record, it wasn't a driver/trucker position strangely.

48da01 No.264596

The people saying he couldn't get some minimum wage job because of first page google results obviously have 0 experience hiring people for these positions and are just making assumptions.

People do not check google when they hire people for minimum wage jobs.

If by some miracle they do, they won't scroll down.

If by some miracle they do scroll down, they won't even click the links.

If by some miracle they click the links, they probably won't understand whats going on immediately, since a lot of shit written by CWC and about CWC require some previous CWC knowledge to understand.

Yes, Chris could get a minimum wage job, it wouldn't be as easy as showing up and getting one because even if they don't check his name on google, they'd still see him personally, and that alone would be enough to make him unlikely to be hired by retail. But it wouldn't be an impossible endeavor either. If Chris started looking for jobs now and was willing to work anywhere he would most likely have one in two months, maybe three or four.

Also, genuine question from me: how many weens do you guys think exist that are dedicated enough to do shit like call Chris' new job if he got one? Is it a bunch of weens doing a small something every so often, or is it a couple of autists who just can't let go and do all the trolling?

e05636 No.264617


This. He's spent the last 15 years-ish as a NEET and that is going to be more of a problem for a job with other serious candidates. Also the fact that he looks like an eldritch horror.

> Also, genuine question from me: how many weens do you guys think exist that are dedicated enough to do shit like call Chris' new job if he got one? Is it a bunch of weens doing a small something every so often, or is it a couple of autists who just can't let go and do all the trolling?

I have been pretty surprised at how many there are. I've seen at least two autists with Chris Chan medallions in the wild (one was at that HWNDU thing in NYC), stands to reason that some of them are dedicated to fucking with him. It seems there are a bunch of different groups off the radar from the usual foxdick/cowboy cliques.

e42ef2 No.264623


Don't bother, anon. The kid thinks if you were cited for littering 20 years ago you won't ne able to get a job bussing tables, and nothing is going to change his mind because autism.

e42ef2 No.264625


>Also, genuine question from me: how many weens do you guys think exist that are dedicated enough to do shit like call Chris' new job if he got one? Is it a bunch of weens doing a small something every so often, or is it a couple of autists who just can't let go and do all the trolling?

According to Marvin on foxdick Farms, Chris gets about 2-3 Julay! calls a week. The trick would be if he was able to keep his job secret. Normally that would be a tall order for Chris but he's become modestly better at that kind of thing over the years since peak trolling.

2da112 No.264626


Running somebody over and macing a store clerk are considerable measures above littering

e05636 No.264627


idk if you've made your point yet

i think you should post 20 or 30 more times to be sure

df0d50 No.264630


They are, but the point is that it's not suddenly impossible to get a job if you've got a criminal record. I know people who were able to get jobs easily with criminal records in lower level positions, the same type Chris could do. The only major difference it makes is if you're doing things like contracting for government or trying to move up the corporate ladder and look towards manajerk and higher positions.

dd08cc No.264642


I'd take the ten seconds to give em a JULAY. Why not?

dd08cc No.264643


Chris's "fanbase" has to be larger than a whole lot of people who entertain for a living.

e05636 No.264648

In case nobody saw it, deranged loon Louise Mensch's site HeatSt wrote about the shirt yesterday:



I'm wondering when they jumped on board. He wasn't doing anything for years. Are these the medallion buyers? Like


said, nostalgia for 25-30 year olds?

dd08cc No.264650


Probably mostly people from 09-10, but there was definitely a revival after Gamestop.

48da01 No.264654


Louise Mensch is crazy as fuck, if you go through her tweets you find a lot of stuff that reads like persecutory delusions, some tweets are incomprehensible rambling, there's a lot of weird shit she puts out.

02d25f No.264674

File: 4d83be34785d7f8⋯.png (21.78 KB, 671x152, 671:152, ClipboardImage.png)


>He would not get a job at Wal-Mart.

See photo.

02d25f No.264681

Chris' best chances for work would actually be to either go to a place that's independently owned and embraces the concept of having weird, eccentric, employees like a comic or record store, or if he insisted on a corporate chain he could definitely get hired at whole foods. Full disclosure I used to work hr for the flagship store in Austin and we had a guy in the bakery in his late 30s who got in a fight during college, killed the guy "accidentally" , and served 7 years for manslaughter .

e05636 No.264685

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You'll love this then.

e05636 No.264748

File: 547a3d67d187e67⋯.png (41.16 KB, 960x162, 160:27, totemshot.png)

Christine wins again!

Try not to rage too hard, haters :^)

02d25f No.264753


Congrats Chris, instead of being 1500 in the hole you're just broke and your dying mom is broke. He is truly the brilliant financial genius of our time.

159405 No.264754


this is some nobodytm shit

41da66 No.264756


honestly, there's all this talk about getting a job but I'm sure that if he just stopped being a lazy fuck and started working on the comics again the weens would be more than happy to support him

of course he'd also have to pay his debts instead of blowing money on toys so it's two very unlikely possibilities

df0d50 No.264767


He also has something like 80 pages of Sonichu to draw up before he would be considered "even" with anyone though regarding the comics. It's unlikely he'll continue them or even remember the $1000 donation for new pages.

ab1929 No.264786


The only thing that bothers me is that I've always wanted that totem. Like, it would be a neat thing to trade some old transformer I found in a thrift store for. Nope, $1500 in a ween's basement.

My only hope is that it was bought by some super rich business man who does the Dinner for Schmucks thing but refuses to use Chris because it's is Pmurt card.

ce582a No.264788


Did he feel bad about it at least?

ce582a No.264789


She's a nut. I don't get why she's getting mainstream press nowadays.

28b0d0 No.264792


>I think he's more of a bleakcow than anything

Well, that works, but julaying bleakness doesn't have a nice ring to it.

Whatever, Chris is fucked, it's depressing to watch, yet I can't help but keep watching anyway. There was nothing of value learning of this guy's existence. Any lessons that can be learned from him, most people know already. All those things that were funny or amusing before become difficult to watch. What more can be said about Chris that hasn't been said before? What more can be done for Chris to help him escape a fate worse than what most people imagine hell is like?

This is giving me alot to think about.

ce582a No.264797


That's the funny thing. Chris is in a position to support himself with his art, an enviable position to many. But he refuses due to laziness and will settle for nothing less than becoming a lesbian housewife.

234b87 No.264800


Chris is potentially lucky as shit because the majority of internet autists making shit art don't have a history that makes their crap desirable

But his lack of self-awareness is precisely why he's squandering these opportunities. He's only going to take advantage of his image unintentionally, or if some contact pushes him to do so.

If I were to magically swap bodies with Chris I'd immediately take advantage of being Chris but Chris being Chris is what's stopping him.

ec2d15 No.264811



You know, if Chris knew how to market himself properly he could be a very successful modern artist. Essentially he'd just need to orient his art towards selling it to museums and collectors instead of broke ass weens. Have a few gallery exhibitions. I bet if he was able to bullshit a little "deeper meaning" about his artwork that art dealers would lap it all up.

ce582a No.264812


Yeah, it's like the same qualities that made him an lolcow are preventing him from taking advantage of his lolcow status.

630bf8 No.264933

File: 6391dfa50942d95⋯.jpg (9.12 KB, 472x472, 1:1, dubs pipe final.jpg)

767c57 No.265048

File: e0c6f12cfa537a6⋯.jpg (371.65 KB, 1478x1420, 739:710, Hh0fNDg.jpg)

File: 7dc3b743e38dc8f⋯.jpg (446.63 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 1476999300548.jpg)

File: a03e29dbb992f5d⋯.jpg (21.84 KB, 317x267, 317:267, 1490231188128.jpg)

File: c13f79a96ff436a⋯.png (3.03 KB, 255x60, 17:4, 69859758765.PNG)



>Mfw it was a /v/tard from 4cuck

f7e91a No.265061


hope he gets that puppy insured

5d64e3 No.265065


Not surprising

bc2522 No.265085



The Sonic Totem is something I would actually like to have some day. Set that motherfucker up on a shelf and tell guests that it's a piece of 'outsider art'.

4f2198 No.265112

File: 373c68b4a231d53⋯.jpg (4.93 KB, 250x227, 250:227, 373c68b4a231d53db15fb67e43….jpg)


She sounds like she's being held at gun point.

99d598 No.265121

File: 3feb79327a2fc64⋯.png (575.39 KB, 431x625, 431:625, beg for the fucking donati….png)

28b0d0 No.265122


>If I were to magically swap bodies with Chris

I shudder just thinking about that happening to someone. Even if you go back, Chris will damage your original body.

356c96 No.265125

File: ef5aa08ad0a1e8f⋯.jpg (36.09 KB, 496x599, 496:599, filthy-dumb-NEWFAG-SCUM.jpg)


>hey guise lets troll chris by giving him money! haha epik letrull'd julaaaaaaaay xDD

4speds are being outsmarted by Chris Chan. Amazing…

356c96 No.265126

e05636 No.265137

File: c229d5bb51fd1be⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 480x360, 4:3, youtu.be-2KMFKWT_5GY.jpg)

1e9e0d No.265172


He'd need a manager of some sort who'd take care of his shit. He'd be like that retarded guy making sculptures out of cans in that King of the Hill episode, he'd be absolutely fine with being taken advantage of as long as he's not directly bluntly insulted.

971ec4 No.265176


last time I saw barb, she was a class III deathfat. what the fuck.

ab1929 No.265185


Yea, shame hes a retard

573923 No.265189


dying old people usually lose weight and get emaciated

60f646 No.265198

File: d444e425e4b068b⋯.jpg (59.88 KB, 640x478, 320:239, 1492871607915.jpg)

File: d571d2e3645fc05⋯.jpg (672.74 KB, 1443x1925, 1443:1925, 1492873363303.jpg)

File: d2003b82430b7bd⋯.png (3.55 KB, 382x117, 382:117, blarms.png)

02d25f No.265202

File: 14b848af2f95531⋯.jpg (116.88 KB, 540x733, 540:733, IMG_20170422_214140.JPG)

File: be8f013a5d0034c⋯.jpg (39.82 KB, 540x281, 540:281, IMG_20170422_213413.JPG)


Yes, he was actually a pretty chill dude.

In other news, Chris managed to close the shirt auction at 25,100 and he thinks he hit the jackpot. This ride has no stops my friends.

d1c7fb No.265223


>$1500 down the drain

From the pic it looks like a regular kitchen so its not like the guy is some richfag who can throw money out the window

f6363b No.265224

My prediction for the Hobo Saga

>Barb dies

>House gets reposessed

>Chris begins posting videos loitering outside cafes and fast food restaurants

>We can clearly see a shopping cart full of toys with Sorbet attached to a leash in with the mini horde, and a cheap urn filled with Barb's ashes perched on top

>Several months of begging

>Over time we see Chris becoming skinnier and more disheveled, he begins growing a patchy beard and his bald spot is even worse

>He also seems to get more frantic and jumpy in every video, his mental state is decreasing

>Sorbet eventually goes feral and has to get put down

>About a year or two after the saga starts, he uploads a video

>Talks about how he and Megan have resumed contact

>Uploads another video

>Chris giggling and mumbling to himself while approaching a house at night

>Struggles to get a window open

>Climbs through

>Middle aged woman in bed with her husband

>She sits up and we can see it's Megan

>"C-Chris? Is that you? Get the fuck out of my house"

>Knife comes into view

>Video cuts out

>Last video Chris ever uploads

d1c7fb No.265227


Nah, odds are chris' ending will be a sad depressing one, not epic at all

573923 No.265228


Wait, Jack Dorsey personally keeps tabs on Chris's twitter? What?

3aed29 No.265230


6 year old me was basically a carbon copy of chris, all the way down to the dirty shit. I became a lot less autistic when I began to socialize more, though. Thank christ it never went past that.

ab6fa7 No.265231


>6 year old

Well now you're grasping at straws. Chris being so autistic is exactly why he has so many traits a normal 6 year old could have.

3aed29 No.265233


I meant the DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFS part but I didn't want to outright say it.

356c96 No.265307

File: 7cf244d1dc47968⋯.jpg (26.92 KB, 619x464, 619:464, mr-bean.jpg)


>after the restoration and disinfection of the shirt

9b3aa8 No.265308


He's worked at Wendy's before. It did not go well.

e05636 No.265313


Probably irrelevant, most people's first jobs are shit (I would have walked out on mine the first day if they had a vending machine in the lobby. I planned to step out and never come back.) More important is that was SIXTEEN YEARS AGO.

Nearly every job involves either working with others or being independently motivated, you can't really find one that isn't one or the other when they're not both. He can't do either. Really the only thing people can say in favor of Chris being employed at some point is rolling out a starvation motivation theory. Could be true, we'll never know until it happens. He'll never know until it happens.

28b0d0 No.265318


Virtue signaling. Nothing more, he probably doesn't care much about Chris outside of him being a victim.


Most kids poop their pants at some point, they are kids. Don't beat yourself over it, it's when you're an adult is when it's a problem.

02d25f No.265327


Dorsey only cares about bad press, he couldn't give a shit about Chris and probably doesn't watch his account personally but was made aware of the article and told his people to keep an eye on the situation.

02d25f No.265328

File: b8df037099a61aa⋯.png (232.71 KB, 555x541, 555:541, ClipboardImage.png)

most people when they have to borrow against their life insurance policy only do so in extreme situations and take it very seriously. it's great to see chris is doing the same.

9b3aa8 No.265332


I was using it as an example of why he wouldn't be able to hold a job, hence the "It did not go well".

f7b676 No.265344

File: 23e8c9e9508c8d3⋯.gif (319.1 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 23e8c9e9508c8d3bf8eb34f23c….gif)


How the fuck does chrischan have clout with the twitter CEO?

28b0d0 No.265360


He bought the largest size too. Starbucks is expensive as it is.

Whatever. I didn't even know they had MLP shit there.

e42ef2 No.265362


Where is the article?

1e9e0d No.265381


It's just better for him to remain on the tugboat, it's also cheaper for the taxpayer. Giving all the training Chris needs and supervising him would be a far bigger net loss.

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