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File: b79601b67c78f22⋯.png (24.24 KB, 619x549, 619:549, britbongreturns general19.png)

9223e8 No.263966

Be on the lookout for Tranny and the Britbong Internet Defense Force (BIDF) samefagging and attempting to slide the thread.

If you're a current or former friend of Britbong and have cocks and/or stories to tell, come on down and give us the skinny.

BREAKING NEWS: Dominic has been outed as a plush humping transsexual furfag! https://imgur.com/a/YGzzT

Be sure to remind him of this whenever he posts. In other news, Dom tried to censor his lolcow.farm thread: https://i.imgur.com/EO3KxdH.png

THREAD THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AZ8SCdPLEY


https://ghostbin.com/paste/a5rgc (archive: https://archive.fo/j6vfq)

For those who missed the debate between Tranny and Killdeer/Kopy, it can be viewed here:

https://www.stream.me/archive/cyberdemon531/timesplitters-3-future-perfect-speedrun-sunday-runday-52-httpshoraroorgsunday-runday52/BGYPJ6Apqk (the actual debate starts at around 10:48:06)

Previous threads

1 - >>213805 (archive: https://archive.fo/A4Out)

2 - >>231173 (archive: https://archive.fo/5VrXi)

3 - >>233775 (archive: https://archive.fo/a8K0L)

4 - >>234902 (archive: https://archive.fo/irn5C)

5 - >>236200 (archive: https://archive.fo/rCy0i)

6 - >>237389 (archive: https://archive.fo/Rb5gG)

7 - >>239759 (Archive: https://archive.fo/7XpQk)

8 - >>241382 (Archive: https://archive.fo/2o1wJ)

9 - >>242161 (Archive: https://archive.fo/aEm0F)

10 - >>243566 (Archive: https://archive.fo/eVJnY)

11 - >>245631 (Archive: https://archive.fo/oksc8)

12 - >>248688 (Archive: https://archive.fo/okZJl)

13 - >>252535 (Archive: https://archive.fo/ZcSo1)

14 - >>254018 (Archive: https://archive.fo/ne9TC)

15 - >>256475 (Archive: https://archive.fo/Gu6Ui)

16 - >>258702 (Archive: https://archive.fo/6Jnzi)

17 - >>260169 (Archive: https://archive.fo/2QruJ)

18 - >>262241 (Archive: https://archive.fo/S9XAC)

Britbongreturns/Tranny cybersex screenshots:


Threads on other boards and lolcow sites

https://ghostbin.com/paste/h6mch (archive: https://archive.fo/tpCpC)

Encyclopedia Dramatica pages & Other Social Links

https://ghostbin.com/paste/3fv3o (archive: https://archive.fo/zQRNO)

Other links

https://mega.nz/#!AYRF0ISA!BKxW2PVkMrHyT6wWtrwD8gMqW7D6FeCo2VVMn9dEkdA - Assorted soundclips of Tranny and his right hand toe sucker Bungie

http://arkhelenswood.org/contact - Tranny's mom's work information (She's a dance instructor, https://i.imgur.com/3uYepZJ.png)

https://mega.nz/#!sNRkhJpT!XOJFZeU42jQnbXLhIsboRQnguDfwzSyynV40LIF2NGY - Leaked chat logs from Tranny's skype group

c68eaa No.263969

At the very least, this and the inevitable 20th thread should get a sticky. After that, I think MT will really start losing steam

8a23ce No.263971


>start losing steam

92d9aa No.263973

I have to admit, when all this started I had my doubts that we'd actually get rid of his channel. I still think it only really worked because he'd been banned twice before and youtube just gave up on him

d15ccb No.263974


>After that, I think MT will really start losing steam

>implying he's not already thoroughly ruined beyond the point of no return

4a63da No.263975

based jews, I know the last thread is ~20 posts from the limit but can you move the sticky to this one since everyone is moving over here?

d6092c No.263976

File: 892cc691d7f5079⋯.png (53.11 KB, 594x235, 594:235, britbong subscribers are r….png)

Britbong discovers something we've known all along about his subscribers

a2955d No.263980

Britbong seems to believe that youtube and machinma will work together and restore his youtube channel. He also believes a large white rabbit brought him that chocolate on Easter.

a2955d No.263982


looks like he might have had a minor reprieve. we'll see how long it lasts. Disabled for over a month and hemorrhaging subscribers. The end is near.

a2955d No.263983

I wonder why he didn't say anything when john scarce blocked him

cf4b0d No.263984

Sources tell, based Patrick Times will strike again. Don't make yourself too comfortable, Shorty. Soon you can say bye-bye to your meager life's work again.

a2955d No.263985


lol good lad that. I haven't had this much fun since we talked that guy into filing a DMCA on his no man's sky video

cf4b0d No.263989


I saw that. Took some other guys viral vid, passed it off as his own, then bitched when it got took down. What a disgrace. This guys life is just fucking empty.

717afb No.264003

He's rocking back and forth a lot on stream, I'm not sure why the fuck YouTube suggests it to me since I never watch his crap 560 something viewing with 45 in chat?

b8c750 No.264007



He's still got 2 channels left and a stream me.

it isn't nearly over yet.

338f96 No.264008


>it isn't nearly over yet.

you sound pretty invested

338f96 No.264011


>560 something viewing with 45 in chat?

you noticed that too huh? I'm not saying he fakes his views, but…….

he fakes his views

9473eb No.264012

How do you fake views?

b8c750 No.264013



His britbongreturns channel is back now as well.


pay money, I doubt he's paying for views though, he would be getting several times the viewers if that was the case.


There's a pay4view channel. Notice how all the comments are just random letters?

338f96 No.264016


>Notice how all the comments are just random letters?

those are called "foreign languages" they're very annoying

717afb No.264017


Hi Dominic.

717afb No.264018

Them 2014 metrics all over again, poor guy.

b8c750 No.264022


I'm Boyd.

717afb No.264049


Whatever you say Patrick Times!

717afb No.264050

I'm Kopy

2fcf20 No.264051

File: cf23dadf5bd81fb⋯.gif (1.18 MB, 320x240, 4:3, big guy.gif)

i don't hate domonic

i just wish he would think of his parents feelings

it can't be easy on them witnessing their son living as a hopeless shut in

if he just got a job washing dishes once a week,

he'd get out of the house and give his aging parents some hope

and hell, he'd make more money washing dishes for a day than he does streaming for an entire week

having his own money would do a lot for his self esteem,

and maybe he could give a little back to his parents

but that would require domonic to do a lot of growing up, which as we all know, is not his forte

345192 No.264052


but real though

338f96 No.264055


I think it'd do him a lot of good if we shut his channel down again. Plus it might be fun.

717afb No.264056

58e726 No.264057


i've been trying to get his eggbong channel down, still waiting to see the result.

342bdb No.264063


You sound.. rather pooper peeved :^)

717afb No.264065

2d490b No.264066


>it can't be easy on them witnessing their son living as a hopeless shut in

Oh, they tolerate it, and I have a maybe plausible theory why.

We all know that MiniDomi likes to dish out but can't take it well, right?

I mean, of all the themes in a streaming channel, he chooses to do some SL "trolling" and "banter" and wants to think his weak shit makes him this big bad bully alpha male who has a lot of self-proclaimed victims. He has this obsession dominating others who have wronged him, and will do anything just to get his revenge, no matter how fucked-up it is. He likes to project back the things he is to the people who make fun of him. He has an obsession with sex, obviously, so that he can say he is a teh manleh BigDawg. And notice how he thinks baby-talking /cow/ is an effective trolling tactic, despite how it actually makes him look like a laughable manchild instead.

Those excerpts from his stream in audio featuring the movie Scum says that they used to do such things back in the olden days or such, which features anal rape and bloody violence. He said that the guy being ass-fucked likes it.

But we all know who he is: A shut-in, a failure of a streamer, someone who has a very questionable sexuality and fetishes, a general manchild who lives in the attic who's being babied by his mom, ignored by his dad and proud of it. And notice how stunted his general vocabulary is.

You thinking what I'm thinking?

He got bullied badly in his younger days for his height and stunted intellectual development by being treated like a baby and didn't fight back but really, really wanted to take revenge but can't anymore because his bullies grew up, while he's still obsessed with them. He most likely got anally-raped too and can't admit to himself that he liked it, so he's compensating for something now. His parents know that Dominic is traumatized by his childhood, so they let him stay in the attic.

Armchair psychology and cold-reading, now done.

338f96 No.264067


oh hi britbong

635c63 No.264068

File: 41c5a8c415a2c40⋯.png (477.37 KB, 500x523, 500:523, most people rejected his m….png)

How long until he starts flirting with Chelsea Anaïs Nepenthe?

58e726 No.264069


>pooper peeved

the fuck are you on?

welp, i suppose you are going down the shitter eventually, so it won't hurt at all.

7ce6a3 No.264082

Proof MT is 5'4? Im genuinely curious.

b970d6 No.264091


his mom said so

cb7e44 No.264092


I used to kind of hate him, back on halfchan years ago. Then people chased him out by making jokes about his height and he got caught pretending to be a girl to compliment himself a few times. Kind of just pity him, now.

aac7c3 No.264094


Also what did MT used to shitpost about? I was around on /v/ back then but for the life of me i cant remember what he used to actually do.

83bba3 No.264096


he still pretends.

someone fucking cue the picture! stat!

3164cb No.264101


Have you ever seen him on cam? lmfao

717afb No.264105


He literally edits wikis and IMDB's to say he's not and to say he's of "average" height and with his lying and projection that's kind of enough proof, he brings it up on his own.

Oh also, he's said it's not true but he could prove it in an instant yet for some really odd reason chooses not to.

cfc6de No.264110

File: dc059d017d4e509⋯.webm (2.55 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, BTFO.webm)

After everything I just wonder why Britbong says everyone else got bullied when he's here every day posting bullshit and trying to prove how upset he "isn't".

afbc94 No.264112


There is an image of him standing next to a statue in one of the previous threads. Someone found the statue's height and compared it. He is at max 5'7 and thats because hes standing on tippy toes. So the 5'4 thing is probably true.

e58fbf No.264113



sounds pretty plausible except for the anal rape part.

it's pretty obvious that he's been subjected to some form of harsh treatment throughout his life, probably bullying and probably troll from his parents' part which might have left him lacking empathy for others and would explain the kind of troll he puts his closest friends and any "competitors" through.

as for the obsession with sex: he's probably understimulated and possibly not the brightest bulb so instead of doing what most people do when they're in a rut, which would be trying to get out of it, or trying to desperately find something creative to do, he lets out his frustration via sex and strange fetishes.

also to be noted that he seems to project insecurities a lot such as the use of the word "manlet" although he's around 1.64m himself and is quite possibly a legitimate pedophile.

if he by chance has been anally raped, however, that would further explain the condition he is in and his obsession over trying to humiliate or expose virtually everyone around him almost the way he felt exposed or humiliated by the people who raped/violated him.

if he has been raped, then it's very obvious that he hasn't had therapy or any form for help.

342bdb No.264122

File: 5a792940698b5ec⋯.jpg (76.9 KB, 600x563, 600:563, 1492276800133.jpg)


>Implying the vermin who make these threads aren't the ones who can dish it but can't take it


>Implying you and the rest aren't pooper peeved

>Implying you aren't jealous

>Implying you aren't utter scum

All this poopie peeve over a YOUTUBE TROLL haha

b970d6 No.264124


oh hi britbong

342bdb No.264126

File: 1fc455ef569f789⋯.png (646.25 KB, 611x424, 611:424, SEXY.png)


>Asking pooper peeved troll victims for the "truth" on someone they despise

b970d6 No.264127


lol we trolled you out of a youtube channel for a while. Those days might return again :)

cccc78 No.264128

File: 3bf2906291c62c9⋯.png (490.18 KB, 1588x2244, 397:561, autism-in-the-uk.png)


>calling people vermin

6635f6 No.264129



Why would you name a picture of youeself like that? Creep.

b970d6 No.264130


1 in 3 develop mental problems


342bdb No.264131

File: e86f96e97d92f5f⋯.jpg (55.08 KB, 468x576, 13:16, Dominic_Vanner_Julia_Brown.jpg)


So quick question Not Boyd, we heard that you were bawling your eyes out when Upraksi was visiting Britlad in the UK..

Was it because you knew the "unworthy" bong was sploshing his seed into her womb while you were on Second Life?

Speaking of which.. did he ever give you the 500 dollars back that you bribed him with?

If you want to prove you're not Boyd feel free to LE PROOF it.


6635f6 No.264134


Fuck you, I'm Boyd.

b970d6 No.264135


so you're not britbong?

b970d6 No.264136


why is that girl hunched over to make you appear taller?

a75390 No.264137


No I'm Boyd you imposter!

a75390 No.264138

File: 8e7592050882561⋯.jpg (35.54 KB, 552x416, 69:52, SEXY.jpg)


>Was it because you knew the "unworthy" bong was sploshing his seed into her womb while you were on Second Life?

>Some details regarding the sexual intercourse: Julia, according to our sources, "said it was horrible". It "made her want to wash herself over and over". Dominic has personally noted that Julia would hide in the bathroom running the tap water, refusing to open the door (this has given her the contempt of both of his parents). Another anecdote recounted by Dominic himself is his rather uncomfortable fellatio experience. When Julia was performing fellatio on Dominic, she would suddenly look up at him and pose a question. "Why are you looking at me?". Dominic was unable to answer.

cccc78 No.264139

File: 4e45a764f5f42b6⋯.jpg (77.8 KB, 500x321, 500:321, PersonalLawn.jpg)

The thing about El Pequeño Autista is the immature sense of humor and vast amount of gmod videos led to his audience being 12 years old. When your audience is full of children who can't use higher levels of logic and reasoning, you get a skewed idea of your self worth due to the vapid admiration of your fanbase.

You also don't get as much money because most parents say no when their kid asks them to help fund an autistic man's internet piss adventures

b970d6 No.264140


remember when you accused 6ted9 for taking your channel down last time, then random sl trolls, then Danielfromsl? did you ever get that worked out?

ea2d5d No.264142


he serves as an inspiration to autistic teens all over the world, showing them that they don't have to waste their life away, with no job, locked away in a tiny room in their parents home when they're almost 30…

oh wait, actually he shows them there's no hope and they should kill themselves

45e712 No.264145



Brittany, just move your face closer to the screen and maybe you'll be able to read it. Because you seem to be illiterate.

e07bdf No.264149


>Was it because you knew the "unworthy" bong was sploshing his seed into her womb while you were on Second Life?

Didn't you RAPE that girl and that's why she said that sex with you made her want to wash herself repeatedly?

342bdb No.264152


>6 responses

>taking the bait this hard

So easy, and look still no vocaroo.


Shekelberg wrote this piece of fan-fiction after he was kicked out of House Britbong.

Same as when Krapple re-wrote the boyd article and MT article to be in Boyds favor and his, if you rely on ED for facts you might be a little slow mentally.

Who would trust a Mexican Jew over an Aryan green eyed straw jawed roman catholic brit?

342bdb No.264153

File: e86f96e97d92f5f⋯.jpg (55.08 KB, 468x576, 13:16, Dominic_Vanner_Julia_Brown.jpg)




>Shekelberg wrote this piece of fan-fiction after he was kicked out of House Britbong.

It's almost like you forget that audio exists of based Julia groveling for Britbongs spermies way after these events.. quite clearly in fact begging for his big shlong.

But hey.. the instant 6 replies is enough to know what's fact, nice damage control uncie boyd.

Let this image be a reminder, that you got cucked.

6635f6 No.264154



And stop calling these losers Boyd when I'm obviously Boyd. It's very rude, Dominic.

1166d7 No.264156



I am 5'4" actually, but I am to afraid of killing myself.

1166d7 No.264159

>Too bad a 6'3 skinny fat kid will get more bitches.

Manlets should kill themselves. There is nothing to "improve"

1166d7 No.264160


But what if hell existed?

86a6ad No.264161

Lol does britbong really find that girl attractive? I guess it's the only thing he could get being a man baby and all.

afbc94 No.264163


If you were a virgin at 27 years old you wouldnt let a jewish mouseface steal your sperms?

d8fbe1 No.264166


You do understand he's literally autistic, correct? This seems to be the piece nobody mentioned and would explain the empathy and general lack of self awareness.

e58fbf No.264168


yes I'm aware of the obvious autistic traits

however his massive insecurty leads me to believe he's been trolld as a kid.

342bdb No.264175



The projection is realzies.

ea2d5d No.264181


> trolld as a kid.

I think the older brother. The balding one, with the regular job, the one who takes Britbong's money and goes out to have fun with it. He might be the source of Britbong's lack of confidence. It might also be why they keep catching Britbong in improper situations with his son. Like the times Britbong talked the little tyke into "shower time with uncle dominic"

342bdb No.264182


Starting to think you might be a pedophile with those creepy sexual fantasies of yours.

ea2d5d No.264185


do you keep this thread open on your desktop britbong? It never takes you more than a minute or two to respond.

ea2d5d No.264186

why do you copy other youtubers so much Britbong? I'm not the only one who's noticed this either. From your false claims to forever alone and Ralph Pootawn to your youtube videos copying pretty much every other Secondlife youtuber, it's pretty clear you've never had an original thought.

717afb No.264187


You haven't heard?

>"He's the original, they copy him!"

afbc94 No.264190


How much older is the brother? I never considered that idea that his brother is a bully but you might be right. There seems to be a lot of tension there.

Dominic dreamed of his parents moving to the mainland and taking him with them when he was in his early 20s. Then his brother had a kid and his parents decided to stay to be close to the grandchild. Dominic unable to become an adult gave up the dream of leaving the island and just rots away in the attic now.

d6092c No.264192


it's pretty clear the parents prefer the brother. even in the famous wedding video he's out front while Britbong hides in the back.

afbc94 No.264193

File: f1472d62b2d1b19⋯.png (349.23 KB, 500x472, 125:118, Smelly.png)

Just sorting through my old hard drive and I found this photo of another one of the teenagers from Second Life that Britbong tried to fuck for about 3 years now.

He thinks he deserves this.

da2b9e No.264194



She looks about 30

Though It wouldn't surprise me if britbong got rejected even by someone that looks like that.

a75390 No.264195


Why Smelly.png? I think she looks good. Too good for Britbong…

b8c750 No.264196


shilling himself for attention and "fame"

everyone shit all over him repeatedly. finally he left and literally went back to reddit.

he still browses /pol/ begging for attention, but much lower key than he use to. Also any SL/v/ thread he posts his shit and calls all the other troll videos garbage.

b8c750 No.264197



So you WERE anally raped?

502f0e No.264198


I'm not Boyd! I'm my original character, Bloyd!

342bdb No.264199

File: a114b0f16ec4e59⋯.png (424.28 KB, 500x472, 125:118, kek.png)


Isn't this the girl Boyd had a creepy "daddy daughter" boner over for months and even sent her money.

She was the "new" Upraksi but it didn't last long see



afbc94 No.264200


Boyd sent Dominic money too. Maybe they are both fags

cd0e23 No.264205

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d6092c No.264207


lol funny as fuck

f7b3f2 No.264210


I love it when empty hero plays with guests

d6092c No.264212


it's weird Boyd, Britbong and Kopy end up with the same girls. You'd think an "internet celebrity" wouldn't have to deal with that.

ad75e4 No.264215

File: 9ef119571f32a7d⋯.png (541.79 KB, 503x953, 503:953, summer.png)

File: fcb76dc5344b7aa⋯.png (294.97 KB, 503x768, 503:768, summer2.png)

File: 8d496db35c35fbb⋯.png (346.24 KB, 928x743, 928:743, s.png)

I wonder if Brit will cuck this girl's bf too.. She seems quite popular with the lads in his discord (Jxckster, Cowboy Kek, Redsaw etc)

ad75e4 No.264216

File: 0c149cf9f7ef415⋯.png (9.97 KB, 296x67, 296:67, slag.png)

342bdb No.264217


More proof that he's butthurt and involved with these threads.

d6092c No.264218


nipple's not nearly as fat as britbong lead us to believe

d6092c No.264219


he doesn't seem very butthurt

845f7e No.264220

ad75e4 No.264221


Hi nipple

342bdb No.264222


Well Britbong did take down his Twitter his only source of relevance.

845f7e No.264225



>>Well Britbong did take down his Twitter his only source of relevance.

>you saying britbong is a snitch?

845f7e No.264226


I don't know. Scroll down some. she's got a fair amount of baby fat. What is it with Britbong and these half asian chubby girls?

717afb No.264229


You seem pretty butthurt with all your comments as "Mark Ortiz" on that video.

fa750e No.264230

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The good man EmptyHero posted his collab with Dominic today! Someone with a short temper seems to be upset at EmptyHero in the comments.

fa750e No.264232

File: 9d38fff607a690c⋯.png (42.66 KB, 605x412, 605:412, Untitled-1.png)

File: 9edb9a89bcc4dc9⋯.png (22.7 KB, 646x216, 323:108, Untitled-2.png)

File: 584f3b0debc4912⋯.png (98.83 KB, 907x792, 907:792, Untitled-3.png)

File: 456fa0d6bf91f28⋯.png (87.06 KB, 891x757, 891:757, Untitled-4.png)

Comments from the video by Not ManletTears

fa750e No.264233

File: 1b68f184db7a2c7⋯.png (23.76 KB, 551x300, 551:300, 1b68f184db7a2c72b70c951d9b….png)



Should read a little more of the thread before posting

342bdb No.264234


>makes a video on Britbong after Britbong has not mentioned him ever on twitter/streams/anywhere

>dood.. i didn't know about his /cow/ thread

Nice try Empty

717afb No.264235


>Third person

2fcf20 No.264237

File: c7eabf2397a8a03⋯.png (274.32 KB, 439x502, 439:502, bob sapp.png)


>i'm stupid enough to think emptyhero hangs out with a guy who moderates a thread on 8chan in his free time instead of hanging out with the other surgeons at the hospital he works at

342bdb No.264240


>video of britbongs parents on his channel and various other unfunny videos about britbong

We'll see how his partnership deals with his strikes hehe

b8c750 No.264241


based as fuck


don't care manlet.

2fcf20 No.264242


what videos?

342bdb No.264243


Patrick Times is gonna make a claim I heard :^)

b8c750 No.264244


too bad you can't famalamadingdong.

9fdd1f No.264247



just saw the one where he plays crazy taxi one, it's good shit

98891b No.264252

What the fuck is that drawing on about and just what the fuck?

342bdb No.264274


I think Mr Nudes drew it and Pedo Freak Ortiz is trying to make her feel better about her nudes dropping last thread.

aefb8c No.264275


I think Patrick Times drew it when he was part of LUElinks.

b8c750 No.264278

File: fbd25ee73098ed4⋯.png (21.47 KB, 731x135, 731:135, Screenshot_45.png)


See you've been busy this morning.

2fcf20 No.264280


how someone who's entire channel is based on harassing children and retarded people on second life thinks he's going to get a video taken down because it makes fun of a person pretending to be him is beyond me.

if anything, he'd just be opening up his alts to scrutiny, including the fact that his alts violate youtube's ban evasion policy.

what a maroon

4e5fbd No.264285


There's a few pictures of him without a hat or standing on his tiptoes. He's quite short.

046cfd No.264286

Remember to just report any Mark Ortiz posts on Smegma's videos with harassment of others. It's an easy way to troll Vandersmall without actually acknowledging him.

It's the entire reason he stopped stream SL for like 5 months because people kept getting his new accounts instabanned and he sperged about it all the time.

c079ec No.264301

Britbong is really bringing out the shill accounts to threaten Empty Hero



it's almost like he's really mad people know how short he is

c079ec No.264304


>Pedo Freak Ortiz

if you ask Britbong why he says Kopy is a "pedo freak" he'll say that it's because he posts on 8chan, yet Britbong has over four times as many posts on 8chan as Kopy which pretty much makes Britbong four times as much of a pedofreak, not to mention the fact that he's been everyone on secondlife for pictures of Mr Noob naked when she was 17.

717afb No.264306


Dominic, are you implying you're going to commit a crime?

717afb No.264307


Nobody has ever accused him of being intelligent, not to mention everyone knows it's him making the threats which he still some how thinks he'll be able to deny.

717afb No.264308

Nevermind, he's streaming so "not Britbong" just will happen to not be here and aggressive threatening people during that time.

2fcf20 No.264311


too bad i'm on my phone

i'd donate a dollar to get the audio from >>264230 played during the stream

717afb No.264335


He would not let it play or end it quickly, he's just like he is in these threads and if anything he can't control happens he'll try to control it.

Since it's his stream, that'd be easy enough.

d6092c No.264472

File: d43c374b4edef35⋯.png (286.07 KB, 1104x552, 2:1, accurate youtube.png)

Sometimes the youtube "related channels" section tells an awful lot about the channel you're looking at. For instance, If you visit britbong's new Chanel it recommends https://www.youtube.com/user/CwcvilleGuardian

cdb06a No.264508

File: 3c00b81c5907910⋯.png (198.02 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1424033986760.png)

>like Britbong's videos, watch them fairly regularly

>get annoyed that his channel got temporarily deleted

>see the EmptyHero video

>respond to some questions in the comments about the e-drama

>not picking sides, trying to stay neutral

>log back into Twitter

>Britbong blocked me from viewing his account

>must have noticed me in there since I use the same avatar and actually combed through Twitter to block me

Now I see why everyone is dogpiling him.

Come on, Dominic, stop being such a thin-skinned dork. It's just the internet.

6ba0a7 No.264519


lol now you see why it's so much fun to fuck with him. he over-reacts so much it's hilarious

cdb06a No.264526


What makes it especially weird is that, when you get right down to it, he is essentially a professional troll. He makes his money through ad revenue from SL troll videos… and yet it's like he has zero idea how to deal with trolling when it's directed towards him.

717afb No.264566


Don't forget you were also probably talking to a sockpuppet of his in the comments.

aefb8c No.264585


Thats how a bunch of people ended up here. He is very paranoid and over reacts to the smallest things.

2354ed No.264589


cccc78 No.264597

File: cac620d384ab2f0⋯.jpg (9.73 KB, 350x320, 35:32, Aaron-Kyro-Wiki-Bio-Age-He….jpg)


>his parents are beating him

nice try but if his parents hit him he wouldnt have turned out so autistic

342bdb No.264598

File: b8f2fcbe948edc9⋯.png (161.09 KB, 580x506, 290:253, jealousempty.png)


Emptyhero posted his familys wedding video on his channel and has made several videos talking shit about Tranny.. yet Tranny has made.

>0 videos about him

>Never mentions him anywhere

But when we do some digging..

Seems more like Emptyhero is salty as fuck and probably been in these threads from the begining, you probably got snitched on for being a gr.3mIin, probably a really transparent one fam.

342bdb No.264600

File: bc4cf2a8125db2c⋯.png (7.42 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1492739657965.png)


>Jews adding "m.a..n..l..y" as "tranny" to filter

>Admin so mad at a troll he filters any words related to him so he feels less mad.

Whatever helps you feel less pooper peeved my man, needless to say this thread is cooked.


342bdb No.264601


>He even added /.,thread



2fcf20 No.264602

File: 6fcb1c90863789e⋯.jpg (150.58 KB, 1182x546, 197:91, Untitled.jpg)


>i'm not Tranny tears, but real quick, here's a screen shot only Tranny tears would have

holy shit you're a complete idiot

those screen caps even have your current avatar, proving they aren't old screen caps

i'm screen capping your post now before you delete it

also, numb nuts, your posts only prove that while you're a pussy who posts under sock acounts, he makes fun of you directly





342bdb No.264604


I searched both their old handles on Twitter you paranoid creep.

342bdb No.264605

File: 7e31905d91b896c⋯.png (1.7 KB, 241x42, 241:42, idiot.png)

080abd No.264606


You cant delete posts on /cow/ Britbong found this out the hard way when he told Ripahar to shill here and Rip accidentally mentioned Kopy's ex by name and Dominic freaked out.

2fcf20 No.264607


why are you such a pussy MT?

if you're so mad at emptyhero, why don't you just tell him off?

pretending to be fans of yourself just makes you look like an idiot

are you afraid of black men?

do you think he's going to break into your house and pick all the cotton stuffing out of your chair donut?

342bdb No.264608

File: 2c5cbbc10a92d20⋯.png (116.93 KB, 450x677, 450:677, eJwNw9sNwyAMAMBdGICHC8ZkGz….png)

File: d66184b211605c9⋯.png (44.48 KB, 516x504, 43:42, 2.png)

File: 7b685e89b117315⋯.png (252.71 KB, 558x676, 279:338, 1.png)

File: 4b88552d005069b⋯.png (208.35 KB, 439x677, 439:677, eJwNyEEOhCAMAMC_8AAotVD0N6….png)



Speaking of which, how come Ridge has gone silent :^)

342bdb No.264609


Emptyhero has been mad since 2013 confirmed by that screenshot alone.

You salty bro?

2fcf20 No.264610



>i'm really not britbong guys, but he's an array of screen shots that only britbong would care about just for fun

080abd No.264612


Editor's Note: HeyHeyPay is an obese 14 year old Arab with low functioning autism. He obviously gave Britbong these screenshots from a private conversation with Ripahar because he is a closet gay and wants Dominic's micropenis

da2b9e No.264614


Why r u talking about a 14 year old's sex life?

080abd No.264637


I'm a police officer.

2312ee No.264640

File: f1124075178a625⋯.jpg (10.83 KB, 232x283, 232:283, 1381744342748.jpg)

>Britbong is literally so pathetic that he will send preteens to defend his honor on an anonymous image board.

3a8120 No.264645



Tears are you really so butthurt about this thread that you somehow think the thread will end because you say it's over?

342bdb No.264646

File: d8732f4f5e6f801⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 540x534, 90:89, 1492774827612.jpg)


>Britbongs troll victims are so pathetic they have been obsessing over him since 2013 and still hold life long grudges

>They come here to pretend they were the "trolls" while aggressively posting how they want to end his channel and spread rumors like women

His channels back, his streaming channels doing well.. what now greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemlins?

3af364 No.264647


>His channels back

You know what to do bois ;)

6ba0a7 No.264655


oh hi britbong

717afb No.264656


Here's the thing Dominic the Crossdresser(not Tranny yet) you're a lulcow and he is not.

ff97a7 No.264658


>Speaking of which, how come Ridge has gone silent :^)

i don't think ripahar ever came here britbong

ff97a7 No.264667

File: 49b5685be95b9f9⋯.png (208.82 KB, 751x465, 751:465, not quiet.png)


doesn't look silent to me

342bdb No.264669

File: bc4cf2a8125db2c⋯.png (7.42 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1492739657965.png)


>Forcing someone as a lulzcow because he bullied the shit out of you

Sounds about right.

080abd No.264672

ff97a7 No.264673


we should get a timer and see how long it takes britbong to respond to posts. It's never more than a few minutes

ff97a7 No.264675


you're getting a reputation for crying to twitter admins when getting bullied britbong. I don't know if you realize how that makes you look.

080abd No.264676


I'm not him. I'm pointing out how he went back to 2013 to screenshot tweets and then deleted them right after like a fucking baby

3af364 No.264677

File: d8fcbacd7675f90⋯.jpg (151.75 KB, 411x411, 1:1, britbaby.jpg)


>Sounds about right.

Of course.

c0ca3c No.264678


I've played a brony ridden game once and uninstalled it. Why do you think I'd play SL or get bullied Midget?

The only kind of bullying I want is hugs and faggotry like that

>inb4 I'm Kopy or Boyd

2fcf20 No.264679



>>inb4 I'm Kopy or Boyd

no, you're smegmaking AND a try hard no talent

c0ca3c No.264682

File: faf6b7fade7fe07⋯.jpg (145.43 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, faf6b7fade7fe072ebfc845d59….jpg)


>Now we're Emptyhero

Кога ще свърши това влакче където джуджето най-накрая ще разбере, че си е прохабил живота?

Сигурно никога.

Too bad for you that I am just a random anon that has never met MT and simply finds these autistic screeching threads entertaining.

080abd No.264684


Reminds me of the time someone on here spoke Tagalog and Britbong didn't realize it was Caroline talking shit.

ff97a7 No.264686


some people say she's been on our side all along

93b7b2 No.264689

File: 6c01f2071606f69⋯.png (164.42 KB, 304x400, 19:25, proof.png)


proof nigga?

c91f1f No.264690

File: cca8f47470b28c5⋯.png (250 KB, 715x714, 715:714, fboytweet.png)

File: c2fb691daa73e2a⋯.png (356.37 KB, 855x659, 855:659, deleted.png)

Idiot here didn't see the new thread, my bad. Britbong got caught shilling himself under a different name, turned the shill channel into his streaming channel. Called out on twitter, deleted his message like a little boi.

Archive.is link in the second tweet



ff97a7 No.264691

File: ae5ddbd9357bd23⋯.jpg (53.32 KB, 795x677, 795:677, C997QVLXkAA5e8W.jpg)

lol ever since Britbong converted one of his sock puppet accounts to stream with these little jewels keep appearing

ff97a7 No.264692


lol jinx

ff97a7 No.264693


switch ip's britbong?

93b7b2 No.264694


no i have a dynamic ip address

ff97a7 No.264695


he deleted the comment lol

046cfd No.264696


What video was that on?

c91f1f No.264697

58e726 No.264698


gee, wonder what "notbritbong" did while we were conversing about the comment section?

717afb No.264700


Sorry, never "bullied the shit" out of me or did at all.

ff97a7 No.264702


lol getting caught shut him the fuck up

b4f543 No.264704

File: b7496f3a5ef7481⋯.png (433.86 KB, 1280x1780, 64:89, hiddenfashion.png)


Dominic bought women's clothing from eBay.

ff97a7 No.264705


lol "hidden"fashion

sounds like they specialize in trannys

635c63 No.264706


If beatings cured autism, then his grade school bullies would have cured him.



Sad! And here's your archive link in case he reports your tweets: http://archive.is/CDv6O


Not hidden well enough, it seems.

18e0db No.264707


>Reminds me of the time someone on here spoke Tagalog

That was me speaking Tagalog. Sad to say, I am not Caroline.

But never mind, TrannyVan will always post his shit-tier pepes as if it is the new Trollface, which is years too late. Bobo kasi siya.

93b7b2 No.264708

File: 8e0feb7bfc72860⋯.png (137.24 KB, 830x740, 83:74, SMUGGLER FORCED TO SELL FA….png)

717afb No.264709


Is that where he gets the fraud & stealing is okay shit?

ff97a7 No.264710

hoooooley shit

342bdb No.264711

File: d8732f4f5e6f801⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 540x534, 90:89, 1492774827612.jpg)


>tfw Britbong blows you out on /v/, second life, twitter and you're still mad years later

Well.. they don't call him the master troll for nothing, look at these madbros obsessing and being creepy here under the protection of "anon" ain't it grand when you have a safe space to protect you?

These threads are like a venus flytrap for MT bully victims.. they are so easily trolled hehe.

080abd No.264712


Sounds like Britbong's dad trolled the Police so much they arrested him!

ff97a7 No.264713


2004 was a shitty year huh britbong?

717afb No.264714


We get you're trying to ignore what's actually going on in the thread and derail but it wont stop us from laughing at you.

ff97a7 No.264715


what did you do while dad was in jail britbong?

18e0db No.264716


> obsessing and being creepy here under the protection of "anon"

Said the anon that's not totally Dommy.

342bdb No.264717

File: 35e00fcfb4b059c⋯.png (233.92 KB, 494x609, 494:609, awkwardboydegg.png)


Must be a weird coincidence that Boyd is posting all over the new Empty Hero on his main account and suspiciously you write just like him.

And also weirdly.. every time I call someone out for being him the ID never posts and a new I.P takes it's place.

But hey, nobody will call you out Eggman no matter how transparent your samefagging is, didn't you pretend to be a 16 year old girl on Twitter a year back?

080abd No.264718

File: 25d0d24adb3a5f0⋯.png (312.25 KB, 1379x514, 1379:514, hiddenbong.png)


I'll let you guess based on this image.

bb7db5 No.264719


Why was your father in jail?

ff97a7 No.264720


lol now I'm Boyd too?

I knew it would happen sooner or later.

ask your dad how the food was in prison?

717afb No.264721


Man, last thread you acted like it was weird that I made fun of you for calling me Boyd then insisted you didn't, strange little guy you are.

The deflection isn't happening and calling me Boyd Kopymagehouse isn't going to make it happen.

ff97a7 No.264722


He'd look great in that!

ff97a7 No.264723


speaking of Boyd, I wonder if I sent him that article on your dad if he'd put it on his blog

342bdb No.264724

File: fad3467154f413d⋯.jpg (156.41 KB, 728x405, 728:405, sexiboibong.jpg)


Your logic is flawed see let me explain.

You're obsessively s.ta..I.king Britbong who does not hide his name, face or identity online and would openly call you a pussy.

Meanwhile you and the rest hide on /cow/ your little safe space protected by king sperg Jews to make all the little timid threats, slanderous claims you like under "anon".

You keep replying saying "well you're anon" is flawed as I am not obsessing over anyone, I am just here to troll you.. don't see me doxing anyone here or making death threats.

This is a



342bdb No.264725


You are Boyd though.

58e726 No.264726


>openly call you a pussy

then why doesn't "he" (nice third person, faggot) mention /cow/ at all? if you truly weren't a pussy, you'd call out this entire thread and not cower behind you legion of 8 year old spergs

717afb No.264727


You've actually tried both in previous threads on top of you clearly trying to hide yourself to the point of commenting on YOURSELF in third person while insisting everyone else does.


Look again, I'm Boyd on that comment!

ff97a7 No.264728


i'm not, but you're ignoring the fact that your dad is a criminal who left you homeless as a teenager

717afb No.264729


He has before when yelling at Kopy he started mentioning 8chan a lot on that furry stream then quit because only he was talking about it.

2fcf20 No.264730


emptyhero has appear on camera in his videos in the past and looks nothing like boyd

you're somehow getting dummer

58e726 No.264732

File: cfdd466de31f543⋯.png (37 KB, 950x800, 19:16, Britbong_Child_Grooming_Pr….png)


it's obvious proof that he's a pussy and his intelligence is diminishing by the minute

ff97a7 No.264733

by "electronically tagged" does that mean he had to wear one of those bracelets?

ff97a7 No.264734


>or making death threats.

?? whoa! calm down there little fella. after all, we're not criminals. Well, your dad is, but we're not!

ff97a7 No.264735

File: 98e53b2980c7b28⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1750x2500, 7:10, britdad.png)

342bdb No.264737


Ignoring my point again little brainlet, keep deflecting it only makes my argument stronger timid guy.

342bdb No.264738

File: 2c5cbbc10a92d20⋯.png (116.93 KB, 450x677, 450:677, ripaharcreditcardfraud.png)

ff97a7 No.264739


in light of recent revelations are you really sure you want to call anyone a criminal Britbong?

let me make this clear for you. Your father, (you call him dad) went to prison for smuggling cigarettes which cost your family their home when you were a teenager.

Now, what is it you wanted to tell me about Ripahar?

2fcf20 No.264740

File: 3718e4570971278⋯.jpg (48.44 KB, 600x779, 600:779, Eric the Angel.jpg)


hey now, i don't the midget either, but his dad is a cripple with alzheimers

he's practically a breathing tumor at this point

let the old fart alone

ff97a7 No.264741


it's easy to be the bigger man where Britbong is involved

ff97a7 No.264742

I wonder if he asked the court for leniency because he had an autistic fifteen year old at home to take care of. (or did before they lost the home)

ed2e48 No.264743

Minivan was just in a /v/ thread defending himself and posting the same "trolls" madlibs. It 404'd before I could save it, but it was pretty funny.

717afb No.264744


Okay, Dominic, whatever you say make some more sock puppet comments on things then delete them when caught and some more tweets and do the same, alright?

717afb No.264745


He appears to lump everyone together in a group and not even consider that when he tries to call someone else out on something to deflect that it's not even the individual in question.

These weird logical fallacies I generally only see kids use.

bb7db5 No.264749


It was really easy to find. Just search "Minivan" https://boards.fireden.net/vPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD/374579025/#374587007

bb7db5 No.264750


bb7db5 No.264751

Can't even post the link lmao

080abd No.264752


I just went to that site and searched the post number. Its the exact same writing style that he does here when pretending to not be Britbong. Sad.

Also of note. A shit video from Dunkey got more views in a few hours than Britbong has in the past year.

342bdb No.264755

File: 83ee01b570b9d09⋯.jpg (212.1 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, taMd4ZjL.jpg large.jpg)


Speaking of families, didn't your mother die at St Dominic's hospital Alexander?

Could by why he has a distaste for "dominics"

c91f1f No.264757


Either he's turning tranny or the bullying has gotten to him and he bought platform shoes to compensate.

342bdb No.264758

Daily reminder

Britbong has mindcucked you

Does not matter how many people you gather here in your safe space of bullied bong victims, at the end of the day.. he isn't dedicating his life to you.. you're dedicating it to him.. one man.

Could the real reason why your so mad be because you're








342bdb No.264759

File: 7a0bfe28426de12⋯.png (119.72 KB, 935x855, 187:171, pedoboydrage.png)

Boyd Status: Madbro

So let's list who hates Britbong

>Bronies, Furries, Pedos, troll victims

Why do you all pretend you're not either one of these, you can't prove you aren't because you're all anonipussin.

ff97a7 No.264760


is Boyd the one angry there or you?

58e726 No.264761


nice sockpuppets manlet.


you keep saying that you've "bullied" us yet, you cower around your leigon of retarded fans and cry on your twitter like a little fucking child

58b0d1 No.264762


How is it a safespace? You're allowed to act like you're someone else and defend yourself.


Even Anthony Burch can tell himself: at least I'm not an irrelevant almost 30 year old manlet, wasting his time by defending himself on a dead mongolian pottery forum acting like he's someone else with a postcount of 3000+.

Also I'm Boyd, Mr Noob and Kopy. No need to point it out, little guy

342bdb No.264763




58e726 No.264764


because again, cowering behind your fans is a different thing. totally, right?

342bdb No.264765


It's a safe space because Jews and Homor are friends with various troll victims here and do anything to protect them and outright disallow threads on them.

Not to mention filtering words that hurt their fee fee's and I could go on.

Oh and if you're not jelly, why waste your time trying to defame/flag him down?

Inbefore shit excuse or adhominem

ff97a7 No.264766


what did you tell the kids in school when you didn't have a home to do your homework in?

ff97a7 No.264769

File: 020e02bc81324f4⋯.png (161.09 KB, 610x544, 305:272, missmatch.png)

b4f543 No.264770


forgot the archive link


ff97a7 No.264771


the teenage years have a big impact on a guy's life. To lose his home and see his dad go to jail at fifteen is probably why Britbong started wearing dresses.

342bdb No.264772


>archiving every single thing he ever finds

>an open ebay account

Losing your mind Mark.

ff97a7 No.264773


>archiving every single thing he ever finds

only the funny parts. You buying a dress on ebay is funny Britbong, especially now that we know why you wear dresses.

18e0db No.264774

File: bd41c90c6ecb2c6⋯.jpg (29.51 KB, 301x316, 301:316, DealWithIt.jpg)


>You keep replying saying "well you're anon" is flawed as I am not obsessing over anyone, I am just here to troll you

Yes, trolling in defense of someone who isn't you at all. For many threads now. Totally not obssessive.


>It's a safe space because Jews and Homor are friends with various troll victims here and do anything to protect them and outright disallow threads on them.

Then try to post newer cocks instead of the thing that Little Dommy always spams with?

>Not to mention filtering words that hurt their fee fee's and I could go on.

Nobody complains about this except you. And we're the one's who are hurt in the fee-fees?

>if you're not jelly, why waste your time trying to defame/flag him down?

We also "flag down" CWC, Maddox, Cosmo Wright, Nate Spergwood, ADF, Timbox and other lolcows. You think we're "jelly" at them? We just want to see them react, like you do and have been doing for many threads now.

And so, as long as you're here "trolling" for somebody you supposed aren't, we will still be here.

342bdb No.264776


>mfw I report them and they go down


342bdb No.264777

File: bc4cf2a8125db2c⋯.png (7.42 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1492739657965.png)


>"Then try to post newer cocks instead of the thing that Little Dommy always spams with?"

These threads are 99% rehashed shit and 1% new shit and all the "new shit" is just that.. boring shit.

>Nobody complains about this except you. And we're the one's who are hurt in the fee-fees?

I see several complaints outside of these threads biased pussy.

>We also "flag down" CWC, Maddox, Cosmo Wright, Nate Spergwood, ADF, Timbox and other lolcows. You think we're "jelly" at them? We just want to see them react, like you do and have been doing for many threads now.

But you're the Lulzcows, you react the easiest of anyone of these people, lmfao you deluded faggot look at how quick you reply to all my bait posts.

You deal with it kid.

ff97a7 No.264778


>mfw I report them and they go down

report what? the dress?

for somone who's father lost the house when he was in prison, you sure do snitch A LOT

b8c750 No.264779


One time after watching Manlet, I downloaded secondlife to troll people.

I quickly realized that, not only is the GUI complicated as fuck, it would also take a long period of time to learn which places people frequent most often to troll them.

Then I understood, Manlet unironically played secondlife for YEARS to learn all of the tricks.

I uninstalled SL, but will always remember how much of an autistic loser manlet had to have been to get into it at all.

No dominic, I was never bullied by you nor am I jealous. I make fun of trannys and furfags, you just happen to fit in with them so much it's hard not to participate in these threads.

ff97a7 No.264780



Secondlife was state of the art 14 years ago.

Ironically that's when Britbong's dad went to prison and they lost the house.

b8c750 No.264781


So know we know which address is the old one, if they had to get rid of the house.

Dominic, did you end up snitching on your dad?

b8c750 No.264782

File: ebe57071f086c4f⋯.png (73.14 KB, 959x136, 959:136, Screenshot_56.png)


forgot to post pic

18e0db No.264783


>These threads are 99% rehashed shit and 1% new shit and all the "new shit" is just that.. boring shit.

If you know the exact percentage of how much old shit and new shit there in here, I guess that some definitive autism you have there. And we don't care if it's boring to you. People flock here, you keep replying. Boom, you insta-Julie from you.

>I see several complaints outside of these threads biased pussy.

Word filters have been here for long before you do, you berk.

>But you're the Lulzcows, you react the easiest of anyone of these people, lmfao you deluded faggot look at how quick you reply to all my bait posts.

I have 3 posts in this thread so far, and you have 38. Who reacts the easiest and deluded now?

ff97a7 No.264784


I don't know about the UK but in the US bootlegging cigarettes is ghetto level shit. Even as a criminal his dad was low class.

c0ca3c No.264795

File: f03f8f06636fc01⋯.png (284.24 KB, 882x705, 294:235, f03f8f06636fc01dfaa1752e03….png)


>tfw Britbong is so buttblasted that people are actually laughing at him rather than with him that he thinks they're people he ((trolled))

Like I said, I have nothing to do with SL because anyone that plays it is r9k-tier or maybe even a furry crossdressing faggot like MT himself.

The only one getting baited here is you since you've gotten 1000+ posts done already in these threads.

Now I'm gonna go back to cheeki breeking. Защото няма по-добро време за чики брики от сега

cccc78 No.264798

File: 2e748b05d05e34d⋯.png (269.71 KB, 497x449, 497:449, 8.png)

I mostly lurk or call you autistc but im noticing a trend here dom dom

>everyone calling you short

>youre bullying them

>everyone calling you autistic

>haha cant believe these troll victims keep coming to get bullied by you

>everyone calling you a worthless unemployed depressing waste of space with parents that never cared

>get bullied nerds

>everyone unironically calling you a pedophile

>wow cant believe theyre letting me bully them like this

>hundreds of unique ID's talking shit about you in different ways with different writing styles, pictures, and links, posting on an imageboard that the people you trolled most likely wouldnt even know about (not 100% knowledgeable on this subject but from an outsider's perspective, why the fuck would autists on second life be frequenting /lolcow/)

>haha these troll victims just cant get enough of my bullying

Your SL videos are on the fence of unfunny and cringe. Every single SL channel I can think of off the top of my head is funnier than you.










I guess I'm just getting bullied.

cccc78 No.264799


sorry that parenthesis was supposed to say I'm not knowledgeable on all of your troll victims but I'm pretty sure they arent the type that would use this oriental internet picture wall

d15ccb No.264808


Hi Dominic. I've been at work all night. Much as I enjoy making you cry, my grown up responsibilities come first. I don't expect you to understand because you're a 29 year old retard who never grew up because daddy was taking it up the ass from bubba for smuggling cigarettes so he wasn't there for a good chunk of your childhood. Then again, maybe your autism stems from your dad using you as a mule and having you swallow bags of cigarettes

717afb No.264813


Dominic stop, I'm Boyd you've already said so why are you calling that man Boyd?

717afb No.264814


Then why are you in this thread posting more than anybody?

342bdb No.264816

File: d8732f4f5e6f801⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 540x534, 90:89, 1492774827612.jpg)


So you tried to rip-off britbong and you couldn't get reactions?


>Word filters have always been here XD

No they haven't, he sits in these threads adding them at whatever word makes him salty.


>Anime avatar

>Baited again



Most of your post contains false information which has been meme forced by his bully victims, so you're essentially making fun of things that are fictitious.

Of course as a bully victim (like you) you would choose to believe anything negative without evidence and hey.. if you can't get evidence you can manufacture it like a SJW.

Basically, you're mad cuz sad, and jellybro.


Hows your more successful brother doing? at least he isn't getting cucked by internet trolls and threatening to cut their balls off LMAO.

Proof you have a job? :^)


I love julaying my cows, keep moo mooing nigga.

717afb No.264817


So projection & deflection? Got it.

You heard him, just ignore him and resume with the thread while he posts his funny responses.

c0ca3c No.264818

File: b39e7e31acf8926⋯.png (329.8 KB, 471x467, 471:467, 1455588690781.png)


>Not realizing all of these imageboards are based on the weeb haven of 2chan.

Just like your channel attracts furfags and fags in general, imageboards attract weebs.

112e85 No.264819

File: aa9aefae5641825⋯.jpg (54.68 KB, 500x806, 250:403, trouble.jpg)


Alright britbong? how you enjoying the shitshow?

717afb No.264821


He seems very happy because he has been and is trolling us really well.


cccc78 No.264972

File: a53c0b2f401289c⋯.png (552.38 KB, 529x848, 529:848, 9.png)


>most of your post contains false information

literally one thing from my post is questionable (hundreds of ID's) and its still probably true

everything else is 100% fact

58b0d1 No.265012


>It's a safe space because Jews and Homor are friends with various troll victims here and do anything to protect them and outright disallow threads on them.

Your threads got locked because they were fucking garbage. I know you're a newfag, but low energy shit threads have always been locked/deleted. Try and post some new and interesting stuff about kopy or whoever and I bet they'll allow a thread on them.

>Not to mention filtering words that hurt their fee fee's and I could go on.

They're filtering them because you keep bitching about it. You'd think a "professional" troll would understand this concept.


>These threads are 99% rehashed shit and 1% new shit and all the "new shit" is just that.. boring shit.

You know what the difference between these threads and the ones you make are? You are. The people you make threads about are not autistic enough to post 3000 times pretending to be a fan/friend or whatever you're larping as.

My god you're pathetic.

3415eb No.265019


>No they haven't, he sits in these threads adding them at whatever word makes him salty.

I'm talking about the concept of wordfilters, you island nigger. If you can't stand 'em, too bad: You just have to deal with them.

Kaya huwag ka nang umiyak, Ate Dom. Mas-masasaktan ka lang.

080abd No.265027

File: 7eb279e4553738f⋯.png (20.99 KB, 526x117, 526:117, pathetic.png)

Things sure have changed over the past few months. Back in September Britbong was asking Bungie and Ripahar to post on here to defend him. Now someone mentions /cow/ and he gets triggered.

635c63 No.265042

File: e06a60d1d8d0969⋯.jpg (8.84 KB, 204x247, 204:247, boyd spanking britbong.jpg)


>don't post that shit here dude

58b0d1 No.265044



Good one.

342bdb No.265046


>All these weak excuses

When the reality is that Homor and Jews want to protect their pet autist Krapple and anyone else in these threads.


112e85 No.265047


>Just ignores this >>265027

wew lad, just how cucked ARE you, britbong?

cccc78 No.265049

File: 24bb4d33a141152⋯.png (986.16 KB, 1126x832, 563:416, 6.png)


>weak excuses

they seem pretty sensible to me, do you have some sort of reason as to why theyre weak?

>Homor and Jews want to protect their pet autist Krapple and anyone else in these threads.

I dont get protected, I dont know any of these people. I come here because it's a live autism-interaction thread. My days are filled with logic and reason, I come here to get exposed to a completely different way of thinking. I can't find this sort of combination of brash autism and incognizant patronization from anyone but britbubs.

also >>265047

342bdb No.265051

File: bc4cf2a8125db2c⋯.png (7.42 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1492739657965.png)


>It's fact because I say it's fact


>Admins protecting their lulzcow friends

>Admins closing threads on their friends

>Admins being biased

>Admins being hypocrites

>Admin adding words to filter that make him mad

>Admin removing posts they don't like

So acting like a SJW admin trollr is something to be proud of? if you didn't have admin you'd be bullied mercilessly and if you weren't anon admining you'd be shitting your pants big boy admin.


I am not Britbong, this adhominem hasn't worked the 100 times you tried it, I just like beating you down with logical blow outs.

Since you've been s.t..a,lking his discord like a creep you'd notice the rules clearly state.


Maybe if you didn't drop out of high school you could read.

342bdb No.265052


>they seem pretty sensible to me

Well, you are a retard that makes sense.

cccc78 No.265053


>do you have some sort of reason as to why theyre weak?

judging by the fact that you completely ignored the majority of that sentence im going to assume you dont have a reason

58e726 No.265054


linking to a thread =/ advertising

what the fuck are you on?

3415eb No.265056

File: 641a2c1eb28aa88⋯.jpg (21.76 KB, 400x307, 400:307, CatSmile.jpg)


>Homor and Jews want to protect their pet autist Krapple and anyone else in these threads.

"It's not me, it's everyone else that's wrong! I'm the only one sane here!" Bonggay has this same line of thinking, and you're telling us that you ain't him?

cccc78 No.265057

File: ccc25e0d4c3d37f⋯.png (73.08 KB, 191x222, 191:222, LkeNNLi.png)


so linking youtube videos would be bannable then

58b0d1 No.265058


>writing /fact at the end of my posts makes them fact!!!!

I know it's pointless to argue with you, but how about some


People, Including me have been shitting on Kopy in these threads. Don't you think these posts would be deleted if thy wanted to protect Kopy?


>if you weren't anon

You're anon because you'd be mercilessly bullied if you weren't, Britbong. Little guy, huge projections.

3415eb No.265059

File: 7bd873a0e60b123⋯.jpg (11.99 KB, 245x251, 245:251, SayThatToMyFace.jpg)


>All those green text accusations

You sure ain't mad at the admins, are you?

>So acting like a SJW admin trollr is something to be proud of? if you didn't have admin you'd be bullied mercilessly and if you weren't anon admining you'd be shitting your pants big boy admin.

Pic related: It's you.

635c63 No.265060

File: 398b76c4e0f8a1b⋯.gif (538.15 KB, 265x322, 265:322, LOL BUTTHURT.GIF)


>agreeing that Krapple's thread is redundant is self-interested protection of my best friend

>prohibiting /cow/ threads about him from his Discord isn't self-interested protection

If only we knew someone could smuggle /cow/ in.

c0ca3c No.265062

File: 0c617ee24968859⋯.png (133.81 KB, 264x255, 88:85, 1465531406269-1.png)


There's been plenty of posts showing that MT sock puppets, tries to stir fights and generally acts like an autist over some sort of online fame. And now that people keep crushing his world view, he continuously posts in these threads reaching ((42) as of now.

((You)) aren't MT goyum. Oy vey shut down the thread because I don't like being made fun of.

b36575 No.265064


The wordfilters are here because you have an extremely limited vocabulary and your posts were starting to get repetitive.

cccc78 No.265068

File: 0e756b8028b637e⋯.png (2.39 MB, 2146x1410, 1073:705, ros2.png)


dominic this is it right here. If you werent so bad at pretending to be other people then the word filters wouldnt have any kind of effect on you.

342bdb No.265070



>same image reaction again

>Boring lukewarm bait

Jews you're legit boring, if you didn't have admin you would have hanged yourself by now.

342bdb No.265071


Pretty sure he linked an emptyhero video

cccc78 No.265072

File: cfc37aa7de13f24⋯.jpg (10.96 KB, 250x250, 1:1, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


yo if you mouse over both of your replies really fast it looks hilarious

58e726 No.265073


everybody in that discord links to other videos, and that's not advertising, but putting an emptyhero in there is advertising? are you retarded, minivan?

342bdb No.265074

File: d8732f4f5e6f801⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 540x534, 90:89, 1492774827612.jpg)


>Mindcucking the admin of /cow/ so hard he has to make dozens of word filters because he thinks you're MT

Aww widdle baby can dish it but he can't take it like 99% of this thread… wait a second these threads alone are a testament to how you cannot take it and only dish it anonymously.


Man you're creepily obsessed with a Youtube Troll :^)

58e726 No.265075


>creepy obsessed


how is proving your hypocrisy and retardation "obsessed", if anything, you're obsessed with this entire /cow/ thread, LOL.

112e85 No.265076

File: a23b2ebc7984534⋯.png (15.52 KB, 330x179, 330:179, keking at ur lyfe.PNG)


lmaoing it this attempt to play ignorance you tranny fuck

b36575 No.265078


>Same reaction image again

Most of your posts with images use the same two or three pepe edits.


>Implying anybody besides the manlet himself cares enough to make thousands of posts on /cow/ defending him

3415eb No.265081


>wait a second these threads alone are a testament to how you cannot take it and only dish it anonymously.

Then stop being anon. If your excuse is because "trolling", then it doesn't make any mote of sense: Why do you need to keep being anon when trolling?

342bdb No.265082

File: bc4cf2a8125db2c⋯.png (7.42 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1492739657965.png)


Oh another thing greeeemlins are allowed to do but I cannot, how biased!

b36575 No.265083


The only one complaining about duplicate images was you.

c0ca3c No.265084


Make up your mind. Are duplicate images bad or good?

080abd No.265087

File: 8fbc99c77ec11d7⋯.png (88.08 KB, 640x480, 4:3, pepelebong.png)


Here you go lil guy. some OC since you're running out of frogs

ff97a7 No.265092


by "dox" he means the article on his dad's arrest and the loss of the family home when he was in high school

d6092c No.265093


holy shit that explains everything!

Can you imagine the bullying he endured?

Hey vanner! does your dad have a boyfriend in prison?

Hey Vanner! how's life in the hotel?

Hey Vanner! Can I get a smoke?

that would have been about the time he chose the name "Tranny tears" too. wow. I almost feel sorry for the little guy now.

fbb8e7 No.265094


>Hey Vanner! Can I get a smoke?

lol that's fucked up

fbb8e7 No.265095


el gordito is jmaa?

112e85 No.265096

File: bccdfa080895946⋯.png (19.85 KB, 240x261, 80:87, echuu.PNG)


apparently some guy who dished out some dosh to our tranny friend

342bdb No.265098


>creeping discords nobody wants you in like a pedophile

112e85 No.265099


ty baby, nice to know your still about.

9dd10c No.265100


Hey Vanner! How many fags did your dad stick up his bum?

fbb8e7 No.265105


so in high school, Britbong was



His dad was in prison

he lived in a hotel after losing the family home

The bullies must have been relentless so he retreated into a fantasy world where he was an internet celebrity inventing great memes like "forever alone" and "ralph pootawn" wandering around secondlife hoping to make friends, only to be bullied AGAIN by the guys in w-hat.

080abd No.265107

and his mom still smokes. I wonder if dad quit when he was locked up?

fbb8e7 No.265108

Q: Why does Britbong Hate Muslims?

A: They don't smoke!

fbb8e7 No.265109


his dad learned to smoke something else

cccc78 No.265110

58e726 No.265111


that track is fucking fire, i would pay to get this on his stream + earrape on it

b8c750 No.265113


if you don't know who jmaa is, you need to check last thread.(maybe even thread before that one)

fbb8e7 No.265114


more talent in one track than all of britbong's video's together

cccc78 No.265115

b8c750 No.265116

File: 2509f763f905513⋯.jpg (169.93 KB, 797x602, 797:602, 1492843018258.jpg)


oh shit

how will manlet ever recover?

080abd No.265118


Boyd is always trying to fit in with the young (30 lol) bucks by doing raps and shit.

9cdd5c No.265119

File: 54ca7f3536b1181⋯.mp4 (117.93 KB, 640x360, 16:9, DeusExajob.mp4)


>he thinks a company that didn't do shit for an 8 year partner will help him



>image attachments

>on an imageboard

>are avatars

You're a special sort of newfag.

342bdb No.265123


They restored it retard kek

fbb8e7 No.265124

File: 13a31275b4fc05c⋯.jpg (256.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, roasted frog.jpg)


RIP Britbongreturns

dat frog is ROASTED

fc1714 No.265127

File: df96f8d9e45343f⋯.png (40.78 KB, 383x109, 383:109, manlets.png)

>completely forget about manlet

>look up smegmaking because bored and want to see what he's done recently

>video about britbong first result

>have hearty keks

>notice pic related in the recommended videos

Should I even watch this?

cccc78 No.265128


I skipped through it a few days ago, its basically the same as these threads but britbong isnt samefagging

112e85 No.265132

He's starting his stream again, so expect >>265082 to stop replying

d94f78 No.265133


You make $300-400 bucks every 2 days washing some dishes? Shiiiit sign me up!

fbb8e7 No.265135



why you lie lil nig?

fbb8e7 No.265136


yeah it'll get pretty quiet around here for a while. I wonder if he'll tell his stream about his dad before somebody else does.

d94f78 No.265138


It's wellknown. Failtrolls….

080abd No.265139

File: 00d3d047dc6d66f⋯.png (48.41 KB, 533x283, 533:283, lol.png)

No more Discord partnership.

cccc78 No.265140



what are you a cat lady who the fuck says that

d94f78 No.265141


Cat ladies have low IQs, So no.

cccc78 No.265142

File: af57bede788dcd3⋯.png (3.35 KB, 270x36, 15:2, wellknown.png)

9cdd5c No.265143

File: 6c6dbd94e7ecb2c⋯.jpg (16.99 KB, 351x467, 351:467, 6c6dbd94e7ecb2c4d64553c226….jpg)



d94f78 No.265144

>>265142 I'm feeling some rage from you, Are you by any chance mad?

635c63 No.265145

File: 039351b08666f33⋯.png (20.22 KB, 575x125, 23:5, 1 of 5 matches.png)


Am I allowed to fap to this?


>don't post 8chan

Post 8.c.h.a.n instead.

cccc78 No.265146


im havin a good ass day

fbb8e7 No.265148

I keep wondering why Britbong's dad would have resorted to a life of petty crime, and all I can think of is he must have been SHORT on funds

9cdd5c No.265149

File: a163285caf1b4b4⋯.jpg (33.65 KB, 600x600, 1:1, a163285caf1b4b4e83c5ebcf20….jpg)


One of the leading causes of crime is having a SMALL bank account.

cccc78 No.265150


we can only hope that his sentence is shortened. but its a small price to pay for what he did. little did he know he would be caught. shouldve been a small time crook like his son

d94f78 No.265151

File: 532cc18962db677⋯.png (271.27 KB, 640x360, 16:9, moneypepe.png)



You hate it when MT mentions money (due to you being so poor) yet bring it up when it best suits you? Epin bro

fbb8e7 No.265153


>You hate it when MT mentions money

MT was here?

fc1714 No.265161


A manlet has (and probably always will have) less money than me, oh no, this makes me furious.

t. trust fund kiddie with labor skills

I'm set for life, while manlet is set for however long his patreon can provide him with hipster welfare.

9cdd5c No.265166

File: e54383645d22ce4⋯.jpg (14.96 KB, 320x240, 4:3, e54383645d22ce43c4e0be914e….jpg)

080abd No.265167

File: 0be9a41cd8d6a75⋯.png (48.16 KB, 383x302, 383:302, epic computer hacker only ….png)

"I'm not britbong"

Britbong accidentally shows his desktop on stream

fbb8e7 No.265168


those pepe's aren't so rare after all

fbb8e7 No.265169


didn't he lose a bunch of money when that girl had his benefits taken away?

58b0d1 No.265170


Really activates those almonds.

112e85 No.265173


wew lad

635c63 No.265179

02327d No.265183


d94f78 No.265188


On stream/Discord obv.

717afb No.265190


Which is why "not Britbong" hasn't been posting like crazy currently.

fbb8e7 No.265193


Britbong will be back


fbb8e7 No.265201


Britbong doesn't hang out here as much as he used to before we found out his dad was a SMALL TIME criminal

fbb8e7 No.265208

File: 8ea8d69ea276e28⋯.png (67.77 KB, 606x448, 303:224, RIP discord.png)

I guess discord got my letter

342bdb No.265215


Man you're so cringe.

fbb8e7 No.265216


it's seven AM britbong. Go ask your dad for a pack of smokes

fbb8e7 No.265261


wow you really took the discord thing hard huh?

9d19da No.265265

File: 78cd5427fdc30cf⋯.png (502.02 KB, 693x693, 1:1, RIPThread.png)


fbb8e7 No.265269


Actually all it took was one email showing someone named Hazy doxing K11deer and Britbong lost his partnership.

That makes the score Team K11deer/trolls 10 - Team Britbong/Hazy 0

080abd No.265270

Discord never sent him the partnership hoodie because you have to be a partner on both Twitch and Discord to get one. He doesnt seem to understand this and cried and bitched about it for months at the same time insulting them and shitting on the hoodie.

fbb8e7 No.265274


he doesn't seem to be twitch partner material

fbb8e7 No.265275

File: d8e3b3a7b5b749b⋯.png (153.02 KB, 681x285, 227:95, blocked on twitter.png)

The little bastard blocked me. I never even tweeted to him

oh well. I'm still in his non-partnered discord

e0ec4c No.265276

I'm almost curious if he'd pitch a fit and block me if I followed then unfollowed his twitter. I mean, my twitter is a gold mine of mockery so I'm sure he'd take the bait pretty good.

080abd No.265278

File: 09757d4a6e92d81⋯.png (106.17 KB, 227x354, 227:354, Britbong'sDadOnTwitter.png)


I think he holds a deep value for someone who he follows unfollows him. Thats why he was upset when he lost this one last month.

cccc78 No.265283



get bullied

e0ec4c No.265287


that file name tho

fbb8e7 No.265289


>that file name tho

His dad had to learn to be flexible on some issues when he was in jail

112e85 No.265293


I never knew TrannyTranny's dad was still in the fag buisness

3415eb No.265296


Once you go fag, you can't go back.

And Bongrel can't understand this.

2fcf20 No.265305

File: 3d91ee083b6cb3b⋯.jpg (156.63 KB, 810x942, 135:157, 1492986157925.jpg)

ok Trannytears you pussy

you can have your choice,

a 1 on 1 basketball game against emptyhero

a 3 round boxing match against kopy

or a dance off against boyd

or are you just too afraid?

b8c750 No.265314


neglecting bad guys

they're involved now

2fcf20 No.265315


sebastion and slapchop vs the manlet and his mom in a tug of war

loser has to give the winners an erotic foot rub

b8c750 No.265322


who gets brits mom to rub their feet if thats the case?

555960 No.265330

File: 619bc3daea1ea34⋯.png (23.85 KB, 606x140, 303:70, midget.png)

Found the midget talking to himself in 3rd person again on that sock account that he turned into his streaming channel.


2fcf20 No.265333


sebastion, then slapchop, then dominic

654dd3 No.265337


lol removed already. left boyd looking like he's talking to himself

046cfd No.265359


>Dox multiple people

>get caught


What on earth does Discord Partnership even give? It's a free service and I've never had ads from it unless the app gives them.

cccc78 No.265363


no ads they just collect massive amounts of voice data and sell it at a huge profit

342bdb No.265373






3415eb No.265376

File: eee42f307bfadae⋯.png (45.54 KB, 800x590, 80:59, 1308839527504.png)



Look him. Look at him and laugh.

9d19da No.265378




da6648 No.265383

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Britbong in a LP with Smegma King

9d19da No.265384

File: da45ffd7e007c1f⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 360x270, 4:3, AbandonThreadTurtle.gif)

080abd No.265397


I know Britbong hasnt released a video in 5 months but do we really need to post this video three times in this thread?

9108bd No.265398


Are you really so paranoid that you have to accuse everyone posting in this thread of being those two?

654dd3 No.265399


Midget (50)

only 50? you've lost some of your stamina since daddy bong's criminal past came to light

654dd3 No.265400

File: bfe27bda2cfa739⋯.png (199 KB, 588x615, 196:205, oh really.png)

654dd3 No.265408

File: 1037d023a19a2a3⋯.png (27.91 KB, 552x177, 184:59, passed over again.png)

I guess Minivan isn't getting an evaluation copy

Wonder why?

58b0d1 No.265413


What the fuck is he talking about?

635c63 No.265416


He's afraid of sinking his tugboat, but he also wants to be an internet troll, so he's trying to reply to this thread in a way that offends us without offending the public.


>cocks creator

I don't think the publisher had /cow/ cocks in mind.

717afb No.265431

File: 85aa8f309bdaec2⋯.png (355.35 KB, 1306x535, 1306:535, reallegit.png)



717afb No.265433

Got recommended his shitty video again, he's talking about being bullied in school… That's it

d6092c No.265436


talk about what you know I guess

Its not like he can tell stories of having girlfriends or driving fast cars or being normal height

717afb No.265439


I thought he claimed everyone else got bullied is why I'm surprised he talked about that I'm not sure what else as it is rather unentertaining.

d6092c No.265440


>rather unentertaining

it's honestly one of the most boring streams I ever saw. I'm sure the 350 bots watching are entertained though

9cdd5c No.265441

File: 37df6c245931caf⋯.jpg (18.86 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1462903871012-4.jpg)



d6092c No.265446

watched stream for five minutes saw three people get banned

for a "professional troll" he sure is thin-skinned

9cdd5c No.265448

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Manlet can't get digits. Even gangtrolling "victims" can get sweet quints.

080abd No.265453

File: 53b7994636ded76⋯.png (339.27 KB, 389x593, 389:593, gollum's stunt double.png)

He went on cam today because the gays keep begging. Wore a hat the entire time to hide his hairline and walked around crouched I guess to pretend he is taller? I have no idea why someone would do this

717afb No.265456


Don't forget wore that god forsaken DBZ shirt like it's the only thing he has to wear.

a9fd5b No.265467


What does Bong know about "chan culture" anyway? The /r9k/-wizard-tendies-/b/-randum-trollin-'n'-raids-XD kind?

What the fuck is he on anyway?

d6092c No.265470


arms and hands like a girl

hat like a bald guy

his shit talking has been down to almost nothing the past few days. I think he's having some sort of life reflection

d6092c No.265477

you can tell when Britbong has a shitty stream. He posts a "thanks for not abandoning me" video on twitter afterwards

d6092c No.265478

https://foxdickfarms.netPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDs/petition-sticky-the-britbong-thread-to-top-of-lolcows-board.28151/

looks like there's some action over at foxdick

3164cb No.265482




d6092c No.265484


it won't let me post the link. There's a vote on whether or not to sticky the britbong thread there

080abd No.265486

File: 8bd9bddd19e253d⋯.gif (215.44 KB, 389x593, 389:593, autistic rage dance.gif)


0b01b4 No.265490


noticed manlet was there begging for a krapple thread on around page 10-11, under the sock name "niggo" something.

Then (he probably) did the one like 2-3 posts down from that one with a different sock.

342bdb No.265492

File: 88e092a0685e1c7⋯.png (100.16 KB, 500x619, 500:619, GetImage.png)

>Only we can make threads on people MANLET!!

>Only we can dox people MANLET

>Only we can s..t..a..l.k people MANLET

>Only we can threaten people MANLET

>Only we can make foxdickfarms threads manlet

>Only we can make ED pages manlet

Everyone who participates in these threads has been a Bong troll victim at some point, that's possibly why most here are "anon" knowing they could be traced back and humiliated.

These threads will always be a testament to how badly he trolled you and how pooper peeved he made you.

Now I must leave because trolling these threads has become a bore, toodles.

ed2e48 No.265495


I had no idea who you were until you samefagged several hundred times in your threads.

c0ca3c No.265497

File: 06d11cb2febb11b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 330.59 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 06d11cb2febb11b62c3da31a40….jpg)


Or maybe it's because it's an imageboard and not Reddit. And I don't know about the rest of the anons on the board but I ain't touching trash like the foxdick autism forums. They have Josh and that already stinks up the place as is.

And sadly for you I have never seen Britbong in any game. So no, I just like laughing at (((him))). I'm not pointing fingers and saying (51) is MT but it's MT.

0b01b4 No.265511


>posts picture of transexual amphibian

080abd No.265513


Is this what you bought from HiddenFashions on ebay? Fishnets and high heels? You are so cute Dominic.

d6092c No.265518


everybody here is anon britbong.

How's your dad? Ask him if I can get a pack of lucky strikes.

d6092c No.265519

File: d41463235df7643⋯.png (70.39 KB, 500x619, 500:619, tranny bong.png)


ironic choice for a "farewell" picture Britbong (as if you'd ever really leave)

d6092c No.265520

File: 6a62b55bb589ebd⋯.jpg (44.13 KB, 609x677, 609:677, naked sperg.jpg)

Now that Caroline is out of the picture, chubby little dickle is trying to move in.

a993a0 No.265525

File: 8db2b9be6d0f213⋯.png (148.91 KB, 386x400, 193:200, proof?.png)


>Caroline is out of the picture

25e840 No.265526


>Now that Caroline is out of the picture, chubby little dickle is trying to move in.

>Now that Caroline is out of the picture

>implying she hasn't in fact become so sandboxed that she only has contact with MiniDom and no one else

0c5a94 No.265527



lol funny enough she vanished after we emailed her school and told them about her anti-muslim tweets

wonder what happened there

d6092c No.265528


I don't think dickle has to worry about that. Pizza Hut is her only contact with the outside world.

2312ee No.265529


Slightly better than Britbong. His only contact with the outside would is a stepladder and the window in his bedroom.

113186 No.265530

Does anyone here have a pic of Dickle?

2312ee No.265531


I don't know who that is.

d6092c No.265534


one of britbong's mods. chubby shut-in who draws cartoons

113186 No.265537


Her Discord nickname is 'Girl Gamer'. She's black I think

080abd No.265538


Shes a black midget goth. I wouldnt save a picture of that ape.

0c5a94 No.265539

if anyone want to follow up on the email we sent to caroline's schooll (The university of Irvine)


please call them and ask if they got rid of their islamaphobic student

lol make sure to call student housing too

lets try to get that cunt kicked out on the street

113186 No.265540


Is she even good looking? Why would they keep her around?

d6092c No.265542



>Why would they keep her around?

every so often she draws pictures of Britbong and she bans people from chat who ask britbong embarrassing questions.

080abd No.265543


She never posted her face publicly as far as I know. Dominic probably has it though. She seems weird. Shes 20 years old, black, and fully goth. She used to get angry if people brought up Hot Topic because shes a "real goth"

He needs every fan he can get. He can't risk offending any of them or their donations or shower of ego boosting comments might stop.

Everyone wants to fit in. Everyone is lonely. Brit's discord is like group therapy for lonely weirdos

709dec No.265544



ITT girly tears trying to false flag his girlfriend again

0c5a94 No.265550


lol hi caroline

believe it or not you just have a lot of enemies.

dont you have a brother at the same college? he might be next.

d6092c No.265554

File: 61d2170f6e7fba6⋯.jpg (98.43 KB, 1200x749, 1200:749, C-SLxO7XoAAr_l7.jpg)

lol "nothing illegal"

think I"ll send him a couple cartons of cheap smokes without paying the tax then report his box.

080abd No.265555


Is that even how you're meant to write the address? United Kingdom first? Britbox???

d6092c No.265558


I'm guessing it's a re-mailing service. we have them in the US.

d6092c No.265559


either way, cigarettes without a tax stamp will send him to jail just like dear old dad.

b983e2 No.265561


>Now I must leave because trolling these threads has become a bore, toodles.

Yeah, you'll be back. Even if not, you're still butthurt anyway.

d6092c No.265564


I think Brtibong was literally Beat The Fuck Out. He can't take it anymore. He keeps fighting and keeps losing. The thing about his dad is obviously still a big open wound and poking it made him go back into his shell.

38f2a7 No.265567


>says he's going

>makes a thread on Boyd


what did he mean by this?

d6092c No.265569

d6092c No.265588

I feel bad

obviously Britbong doesn't feel comfortable in his own thread anymore so he moved to a smaller table with people his own size.

080abd No.265592

Britbong sure showed Boyd by posting some logs and screenshots from 3+ years ago and photos from at least 10 years ago that nobody cared about then. What an epic trollerino.

d6092c No.265594


lol he finally made me laugh.

I think it was the dramatic farewell to /cow/ before making the Boyd thread that did it.

9cdd5c No.265618

File: 16673a01b1423d5⋯.png (15.11 KB, 154x205, 154:205, ClipboardImage.png)

>pretend to leave

>conveniently make shitty PA thread


0b01b4 No.265630





Ah, so this is why 2 people i've never heard of are being posted in the thread.

Manlets trying to get some puss puss by false flaggin.

0b01b4 No.265631


K, How about you post the email and reply from the school?

How about any proof?

Damn manlet, we are going to have to get you a jewish suffix on your last name if you're going to go full out false flag Kikery.

0b01b4 No.265632


K, How about you post the email and reply from the school?

How about any proof?

Damn manlet, we are going to have to get you a jewish suffix on your last name if you're going to go full out false flag Kikery.

You literally had to post the phone number and name of the school in the most painfully blatant plea for a personal army request i've seen in years.

Chrischan has nothing on you kid.

8c2a5c No.265647

File: 735d9fd747012d5⋯.jpg (98.28 KB, 768x960, 4:5, Britbong and his mom.jpg)

You know what's weird?

Despite all that embarrassing shit with his dad

Despite living with the brother he talks so much shit about

Despite being almost 30

Despite all this "BIg Money" he's supposedly making on jewtube.

Britbong has never made even a little effort to move out on his own.

He must be a world's class Mamma's Boy

3164cb No.265650


Does his brother live at home too? Lmfao. His parents are way too soft

8c2a5c No.265651


his brother and the grandchild

3164cb No.265652


That poor child 😑

83bba3 No.265653


maybe he'll kill himself.

30 is around the age when suicidal thoughts start getting more convincing, after all.

if your life still isnt started by 25, you're fucking going nowhere and are now on a fast track to becoming society's burden as soon as mommy and daddy die.

8c2a5c No.265654


>>society's burden as soon as mommy and daddy die.

daddy was already society's burden. do you have any idea how much it costs to incarcerate somebody for ten months then another two years of electronic surveillance?

83bba3 No.265655

Hey brit, when are you gonna kill yourself? please do it soon. It'll be funny if Kopy outlives you.

1cdc4c No.265656


I think it would be funnier if they did it together, 2 spastics, battle of the minds, the most cringe filled shit talking till they both die, last one goes down as the winner. Not missed by anyone

d15ccb No.265686

File: 7ef7aba26da8b73⋯.png (462.34 KB, 707x581, 101:83, November 5 2004 smuggler f….png)


Here's the full story. Straight from the IWCP archives. Upon closer inspection, it would seem that Dominic indeed gets his victim complex, inability to take responsibility for his actions, and usage of friends/family as meat shields from his dad.

There's more where this story came from and I'll be releasing the rest of the associated articles in the near future.

For right now though, I'd like to give a shout out to ColossalisCrazy (who paid for access to the archives) as well as a few other investigative journalists in high places who pointed me in the right direction.

4a65ac No.265689


"who twice broke down in tears during the hearing"


4a65ac No.265690

How the fuck does Ricky Berwick manage to live on his own and Britbong can't?

They're about the same age.

about the same height

Berwick has more subs on youtube and better luck with girls though.

4a65ac No.265691

File: 20de1a23eb2c636⋯.jpg (8.19 KB, 320x180, 16:9, More Of A Man Than Britbon….jpg)

4a65ac No.265692

File: 41ab9918bea6ee2⋯.png (46.01 KB, 606x250, 303:125, left out again.png)

I think I know why they didn't invite him lol

23e258 No.265693


>For right now though, I'd like to give a shout out to ColossalisCrazy (who paid for access to the archives)


4a65ac No.265695

d15ccb No.265697


Yes, I'm serious. Colossal paid for access to the archives.

c0d975 No.265699


>Colossal paid for access to the archives.

I thought he was friends with minivan though, did that change?

4a65ac No.265701


>did that change?

it changes daily. His relationship with Colossal has more ups and downs than his relationship with Caroline

b137cf No.265702


> I'd like to give a shout out to ColossalisCrazy (who paid for access to the archives)


>I thought he was friends with minivan though, did that change?

I'd believe it. After EmptyHero conspired with Patrick Times to get MiniDom suspended from youtube for a week, it really does not seem all that implausible that Colossal finally got fed up with Dominic's psychotic behavior and decided to fire back.

0b01b4 No.265704

manlets telling stories on how he "was in good squad" right now.

23e258 No.265706



4a65ac No.265708


lol secondlife goon squad?

717afb No.265709


We were really, really completely sure you left.

23e258 No.265711


I'm not him but I'd like to see proof

4a65ac No.265713


welcome back britbong

23e258 No.265714

File: eff7800cb7e0ae5⋯.png (57.11 KB, 513x201, 171:67, ????.png)



Why is he still discord partner?

7d439c No.265715


Actually, I'd like to see proof aswell. Not sure why you'd have to be Manlet to want proof.

23e258 No.265717

File: c6d3a579f8a2c55⋯.png (39.08 KB, 925x401, 925:401, DoesFollow Find Out Who ….png)


This. Why do they still follow eachother on twitter

4a65ac No.265720


>>Why do they still follow eachother on twitter

did you see how much drama it caused the times he did unfollow Britbong?

717afb No.265722


We know you aren't the little guy but usually he whines to get what he wants.

4a65ac No.265727

File: ba258ef72031690⋯.png (69.52 KB, 635x548, 635:548, Britbong Loves Furries.png)

080abd No.265741

Looks like Britbong got a month long ban for making the same stupid fucking personal army Boyd thread again after the last one was locked. Good work you dumb midget fuck

4a65ac No.265754


damnit, now we gotta lure his friends in here or it'll be no fun.

whatever happened to gaypee or jmaa?

080abd No.265758


Jaypee went into hiding when IHM had someone leave a note at his house. JMAA is still around but hes so dumb its not even fun.

Maybe Britbong will buy another $1200 laptop to try and get around his ban?

6ba0a7 No.265765

A Scene From Britbong's High School

Cool Kid: Hey Dominic! how's your pops?

Britbong: He's in prison

Cool Kid: Prison? What'd he do?

Britbong: Smuggling

Cool Kid: Cocaine? Heroin? Weapons?

Britbong: Newports

Cool Kid: Hey man, no offense, but you can't sit with us no more.

6ba0a7 No.265788


I kind of thought this was bullshit

but I visited the Colossaliscrazsy discord and there were a bunch of people talking about it and passing the link around. Colossal himself wasn't there himself but his fans are 100% aware of it and getting a chuckle out of it

3164cb No.265790

I would like to see some proof too 😎

080abd No.265795


Britbong got banned from Colossal's Discord a while ago because he trolld his mod power to kick people he didn't like and delete messages. Of course he claims he didn't do it but magically after he was gone it stopped. People over there do not like him.

be14de No.265800

File: e86f96e97d92f5f⋯.jpg (55.08 KB, 468x576, 13:16, Dominic_Vanner_Julia_Brown.jpg)

Can someone explain to me why Britbong is so obsessed with Upraksi to the point where he took a plane to US just to troll her? She looks like your average chubby butterface. And why did she reject him?

0b01b4 No.265813


Holy fuck, i've never heard someone so wrong about a story.

He took a plane to usa out of nowhere and showed up at her house because he was desperate. she kicked him out after less than a day(if she even let him inside) and he was on a plane back home.

There's more to it and it's not hard to find the info.

Also boyd felt so bad for manlet blowing all of his money and getting stranded that he gave manlet $500 to get back home with under the promise that manlet was going to pay him back.

0b01b4 No.265814


pretty sure this is happened after she went on a flight to his house, had sex with manlet, and was so disgusted that she left and went back home.

she didn't want anything to do with him after that, hence him buying a plane ticket and showing up to her house unannounced.

2fcf20 No.265833


i like his flock of seagulls hair

it matches her gigantic potato face

6ba0a7 No.265838

File: 0b21ef06713f23b⋯.png (140.25 KB, 502x669, 502:669, britbong hates twitch.png)

lol He's still super salty about twitch

and for some reason he thinks studio bluehole works on the game engine at all

c0ca3c No.265854

File: 62b619820a2b2b8⋯.jpg (502.83 KB, 1240x1772, 310:443, __hatsune_miku_and_yamakaz….jpg)


I dunno what game we're talking here if it is a game but modelers generally end up making assets faster than the devs can implement them so they end up adding side cocks and details while the rest of the team works on the rest. He needs to get his head out of his ass because that's just game development 101.

e0ef33 No.265859

File: 46fb222113ed303⋯.jpg (9.63 KB, 325x265, 65:53, CiqU0d1WsAAn3ZF.jpg)

ATTN Kopy: do you have proof Colossal paid for access to the newspaper archive?!

0b01b4 No.265867


sounds like someone is a little…. pooper peeved.

e0ef33 No.265871

File: 966f6ce89127467⋯.png (6.28 KB, 190x77, 190:77, o.png)


>Britbong got banned from Colossal's Discord a while ago because he trolld his mod power to kick people he didn't like and delete messages.

Looks like he's been unbanned

6ba0a7 No.265876

File: b43d41cb6065269⋯.png (316.64 KB, 612x609, 204:203, copying better trolls.png)

wow, Britbong is directly copying Ted's last video.

It's official, he's finished

6ba0a7 No.265877


>do you have proof Colossal paid for access to the newspaper archive

all I know is when I visited there last night they were talking about it and there was a link to it's actual page on the newspaper's site.

by itself, that doesn't mean colossal was involved, but that's what I saw.

2583dc No.265879


that kind of pisses me off. it's even the same store as in ted's video.

0b01b4 No.265880



can someone link what you're talking about so I have some context?

I don't know who ted is

a08397 No.265881


man talk about somebody who's lost all relevance. Colossal hasn't made a video in like a year, yet he's still hanging around like one of Keemstar's old used condoms under the sofa.

a08397 No.265883


so just as youtube starts to *really* go into the shitter for good, Britbong decides to make another boring Secondlife video. Man, his sense of timing is perfect aint it?

a08397 No.265888

File: 45bb02602c9f5e4⋯.png (16.94 KB, 560x130, 56:13, brony.png)


so why is there a brony who somehow never played secondlife following Britbong?

717afb No.265890


Dude, we know, he's a full on hypocrite just look at JMAA.

a08397 No.265891


he gets the rare ones though. I wouldn't have thought a brony who never played SL existed

9c1e73 No.265905


>implying he won't VPN it up

a08397 No.265907

apparantly Britbong got the bad guys banned on twitter.

Step 1) star fight on twitter

Step 2) get your ass kicked

Step 3) report the person you started the fight with till they get banned.

64fb7b No.265919


>emptyhero has appear on camera in the past

Really? What videos?

a08397 No.265924

lol the first time Britbong got banned from Youtube


a08397 No.265925

File: 372501110bb60e9⋯.png (31.91 KB, 902x296, 451:148, discord hates short people.png)

Cry baby still mad about losing his discord.

A little bird told me that someone sent discord screen shots of his twitch raids and that's what did it.

d69d85 No.265935

File: 9ef119571f32a7d⋯.png (541.79 KB, 503x953, 503:953, 9ef119571f32a7d64424e73332….png)

Someone needs show these screenshots to Summer (nippleroni) 's bf. His twitter is https://twitter.com/grizzlybran

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/RxrCA

(taken from britbongs discord)

Ayy lmao

2fcf20 No.265937

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


he made a video making fun of zoe quinn called quinn peaks where he did a parody of the man from another place from twin peaks, with a full on red room and backwards talking jokes, but zoe quinn reported it, it was deleted, and he didn't have a back up

98891b No.265939


So political satire about s public figure is now against youtubes rules or did he cross some line?

2fcf20 No.265943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


it was pretty brutal

here is another zoe bashing video he made

it was edited and reupload with a pepe face over zoe's face since she had the original deleted too

080abd No.265944

File: d37f9c1b68b993f⋯.jpg (99.33 KB, 907x907, 1:1, Britbong's Only Peer.jpg)


The only person from school who still talks to Britbong is Chris.

Chris moved away from the island.

He played in bands and travelled all over Europe.

He has a real girlfriend (not online)

I wonder if he just feels sad for Dominic and talks to him to let the little guy relive his middle school memories.

c0d975 No.265953


>A little bird told me that someone sent discord screen shots of his twitch raids and that's what did it.

Probably more than that, like screencapping peoples credit card information and in general just a whole bunch of discord guideline violations:


If anything he should be lucky he still HAS a discord

58e726 No.265954

File: 0d64723288fe99c⋯.png (11.48 KB, 526x108, 263:54, retardmanlet2.png)

File: 0a380debf1cfb71⋯.png (240.87 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, retardmanlet1.png)


not to mention he has a porn channel on his discord; yet, he wonders why..

c0d975 No.265955


I don't know if that's something that ends partnerships, especially since they changed discord to be more tolerant of porn channels.

58e726 No.265957


fairly true, but either way he's sticking a finger in his rectum and wondering how/why he got banned when he more than likely knows how he got banned.

f49e5d No.265964

File: 65d65a68138d289⋯.png (34.04 KB, 658x720, 329:360, eat your veggies.png)

Empty sent me this the other day when I was in a skype call with him and Patrick. They were both giggling like school girls and bantering about how they were gonna get MT's Eggbong channel taken down, followed by round 2 on Britbongreturns

d6092c No.265965


is chris the short guy with the jewlery or the blonde tranny? either way I think I know why they talk to Britbong

0b01b4 No.265966


>britbong keeps filing the wrong address.

d6092c No.265968


lol youtube system still broken I guess you could do this indefinitely

be sure and flag down the new video he's working on the day it comes out.

d6092c No.265972

The Isle Of Wight is having it's very first gay pride parade this summer. I wonder what dress Britbong will wear?


d6092c No.265973

d6092c No.265981



does seem to have a lot in common with ted's video released last week. what do you expect? Britbong's entire "act" is copied from other people

0b01b4 No.265984

File: 300b79052aed74c⋯.png (839.08 KB, 1834x689, 1834:689, Screenshot_80.png)

ice posidon gonna be here sooner or later.

1d567e No.265993


>try to make an internet career out of ebin trolling

>whine about other people being "very incredibly rude"

d6092c No.265994


>ice posidon

is britbong claming credit for getting him banned?

58e726 No.265997

File: 4eaf26981931555⋯.png (72.82 KB, 771x803, 771:803, ss (2017-04-28 at 05.02.58….png)

File: 4740f945f4e5cb3⋯.png (64.42 KB, 967x661, 967:661, ss (2017-04-28 at 05.02.22….png)

>hazy: "They sit in front if their computers all day obsessing over Brit and his followers. It's a sad existence."

>britbong obsesses over /cow/ that he makes 2 boyd threads and tells people that he's "bullied them"

so britbong being the highly autistic retard with one finger shoved up his anus obsessing over /cow/ is any better than us "obsessing" over fans.

by the way, anybody here know who summer is referring to? because i noticed in the chat that they were speaking of some board on someone they know

e39194 No.265998


Lol I tweeted the screenshots to her bf

d6092c No.265999


lol what's his twitter. I will too

0b01b4 No.266000


nah, i just assumed he did it since he was laughing about it and bragging about getting the badguys twitter banned or whatever . he was laughing about IP's ban, but i don't think he had anything to do with it.

e39194 No.266001



d6092c No.266002



lol well that unlocks a ton of other dox. this will be fun

e39194 No.266004

File: c2637a9e917e1f5⋯.png (12.79 KB, 483x69, 7:1, cuckbetabitchbf.png)

File: 4a65ea6487a8688⋯.png (11.73 KB, 405x67, 405:67, wahhh.png)

No one cares bitch

717afb No.266005


>Britbong goes outside.

Yeah right, he'll probably hope to look outside and jack off to some faggot in assless chaps except nobody will go down his street, besides Patrick who keeps taking pics of his house and sending them to people.

d6092c No.266006

File: 4b4d863efc2f546⋯.png (9.23 KB, 483x69, 7:1, Nipple's Beta Bitch Cuck B….png)

lol yeah this might live forever

da2b9e No.266007



'Hazy' and 'Summer' seem to have /cow/ potential. Getting information on Summer is a breeze so far, but does anyone have anything on Hazy?

717afb No.266009


You know it's weird, she's sweating bullets about her own boyfriend seeing shit she's done and said while with him, are all his fans just shitty people?

080abd No.266010


He has a reddit account detailing hundreds of movies in his collection and I think someone posted his Deviant Art here before.

d6092c No.266011


that's the guy who doxed k11deer in Britbong's discord. lol I sent the screenshot to discord and a couple weeks later Britbong lost his partnership

d6092c No.266012

da2b9e No.266013





This is the deviantart, but the locations don't seem to add up.

Doesn't he have an e-girlfriend too?

080abd No.266014

File: e1f48a0fea79de5⋯.png (435.03 KB, 500x590, 50:59, BLqNonO2.png)


He started dating a girl named Lea in Britbong's discord a few months ago. Long distance relationship.

d6092c No.266015


lol lets do her instead of him. that'll really piss him off

717afb No.266016


SJW hair and slut choker

da2b9e No.266017



She looks like your typical fat BPD social justice warrior, ergo not hard to trigger.

This seems to be her twitter


d6092c No.266018


Lea Hokansson

d6092c No.266019

da2b9e No.266020


Pfft. Hazy probably wishes that was her.

It doesn't look like she has an active facebook, better off looking for her name within her general area.

e39194 No.266021

58e726 No.266022


only things i know is that hazy looks like that reaper blackwatch skin from overwatch, he lives in the UK and his name is Nick. (still trying to dig in discords for his full name, i know he posted a picture of his paypal a while back)

d6092c No.266023


>Not her

ahh I see hers has the dash

da2b9e No.266024


Better do it quick, It looks like he trolls this thread, so he's probably purging all of that info right now.

Ki11deer has both names apparently.

d6092c No.266025


>Ki11deer has both names apparently.

mission accomplished then

0b01b4 No.266027



that would make sense, he donated to hazy and thats how hazy doxed him. I guess it's easy to get the recipients information as well?

58e726 No.266028

File: 45e7822baef4ebe⋯.png (10.75 KB, 355x216, 355:216, nice.png)

File: 3a160527f55ad61⋯.png (218.42 KB, 286x338, 11:13, hazythecuck.png)



luckily i have contact with KD (and he was nice enough to provide me with the paypal), and i dug through some discord chat history. here you go, gents

da2b9e No.266029


He looks slightly older than Dominic and almost as old as Boyd. Why the fuck is he hanging around children online?

58e726 No.266030


that reason is left unknown. however, through looking at chatlogs, it appears he's obsessed with very retro/old things (he's a mod on a subreddit with old horror films, he often discusses "retro", such as old consoles/handhelds like GBA)

d6092c No.266031


he's doing the "hat to cover baldness" trick britbong uses alot

5847a1 No.266033

File: 4df29ab6aac863d⋯.png (460.32 KB, 775x594, 775:594, summers mom.png)


I dont think shes asian, her hideous mother looks native american

5847a1 No.266036

File: acc2634633189b9⋯.png (334.71 KB, 623x495, 623:495, not asian.png)

definitely a redskin

d6092c No.266037


we should post some of these dox in the super secret troll discord then apply for a partnership.

d6092c No.266038

you know if we ever tried to swat Britbong like they did Ice Poseidon, the police would probably just get his dad again out of habit

d6092c No.266039

grizzlybran's mom was kind of pissed when I called. Oops.

0b01b4 No.266041

File: 2e12d978b37ecfe⋯.png (15.61 KB, 582x85, 582:85, Screenshot_83.png)

File: 67acc69c5feea18⋯.png (770.71 KB, 1764x719, 1764:719, Screenshot_84.png)

File: 8aa97423ba88780⋯.png (894.19 KB, 1113x960, 371:320, Screenshot_85.png)

>wait for a retard in manlets chat to say something stupid

>click profile

>find cringe


526a78 No.266042


he sounds like he's 12. hanging out in the britbong school for boys under 18

526a78 No.266043


that's where Britbong has been making his new video

Someone should tell the sim owners about Britbong's Dad

0b01b4 No.266045

File: 9c51a0eae9a49de⋯.png (102.85 KB, 969x632, 969:632, Screenshot_90.png)

Manlets been sock puppeting Badguys channel for the past week as boyd. Badguys just called him out on it

526a78 No.266046


I think Britbong hates these guys because he knows they're funnier than him. The only reason their channel is smaller is they don't spend hours every day shilling the fuck out of 4chan to drive traffic and they don't buy subs like he does

He also hates them because they have other troll friends and can make collaborations without massive drama.

526a78 No.266047


I don't think we should troll her for being a chubby indian who likes Britbong. We should troll her for dating a weird looking ginger instead.

Eventually she'll be with us though. All of Britbong's friends end up with us because it's impossible for autistic people to maintain relationships with people not their mother.

6ccbf4 No.266048


just TPed there and was within 4 seconds banned from the region lmao

da2b9e No.266049


The area might be managed by one of Dominic's furry fans, it wouldn't surprise me if he's resorted to staging his videos.

6ccbf4 No.266050


I went to one of the adjoining sims and was insta banned there within 3 seconds too. There seems to be four sims in total so I went to the southern of the 4. No one messaged, just instantly booted back to an infohub.

6ccbf4 No.266051


Had a friend check it out, theyre autobanning pretty much anyone who lands. Might be a security system.

526a78 No.266059


>> theyre autobanning pretty much anyone who lands

RIP Britbong's video plans

5847a1 No.266072


>Eventually she'll be with us though.

I doubt it. I dont think she appreciated being doxxxxed

526a78 No.266073


I can think of 3 of Britbong's former friends that we doxxxxed who are regulars here now.

526a78 No.266077

File: 2ba0242ce7d7294⋯.png (325.44 KB, 589x632, 589:632, Britbong Tranny Filter.png)

Looks like britbong came out to this guy

080abd No.266078


That entire account was created to talk to Britbong. Its probably one of Dominic's socks. He loves talking to himself to pump up his ego

526a78 No.266079


you may be right. I guess if you can't make friends on twitter you can always fabricate them

2fcf20 No.266080


thats some buffalo bob "would you do me? i'd do me" level stuff right there

080abd No.266097

File: 3590d81ebd7bc04⋯.png (490.53 KB, 604x960, 151:240, Britbong_Life.png)

526a78 No.266106

For some reason, at 30 years old, Britbong's mom still serves him Mcdonald's chicken on a plate. There really is no hope for this guy

58e726 No.266109


what do you expect in a transgender furry who is also autistic that lives in his mother's basement?

526a78 No.266112

File: f0c3216beb32c3c⋯.png (173.21 KB, 352x318, 176:159, enabler with bad teeth.png)

This woman may be the root of the problem.

She's a life support system for a small-time career criminal and two man babies. She also has really unfortunate teeth and smokes like a chimney. I wonder if that's a legal cigarette

080abd No.266115

File: 2684050229c4ab6⋯.jpg (40.32 KB, 556x417, 4:3, Britbong Family.jpg)

526a78 No.266117


lol dominic awkwardly crammed in the back with his mom's friends

7d439c No.266118

File: 10a75fe8f303ee3⋯.jpg (33.79 KB, 456x485, 456:485, cute.jpg)

080abd No.266119


Beside Dominic is a weird mexican guy who is married but always hanging out with the gay uncle, then the gay uncle, then mommy, then daddy bong with his penis out.

I dunno who the other people are in the doorway.

526a78 No.266121


what's with the Hulk Hogan hair? (including the hairline) How does one escape going bald when both the father AND mother are bald?

080abd No.266122

File: d788e9453120792⋯.jpg (36.64 KB, 704x396, 16:9, MomBong.jpg)


Hey you might be onto something. She even has the same fake tan

080abd No.266124

File: 54333712c26bb77⋯.jpg (7.2 KB, 236x176, 59:44, 8235675573bce1ba7eb01a2dda….jpg)

"Dominic your chicken nuggets are ready. Can I open your bedroom door or are you tugging your peeepee with Mr Alchemy again?"

2312ee No.266125


"Just slide them under the door, mom. I don't want you to have to wait for me while I get the stepladder to reach the knob."

58e726 No.266140

File: 9a1a1f9b084c781⋯.png (12.21 KB, 647x134, 647:134, ss (2017-04-29 at 08.45.26….png)

so some fag in britbong's discord decided to make a new chan; known as bchan. sounds like completele shit, but looks like an easy troll.


526a78 No.266142


types like a kid and a weeaboo

c0d975 No.266177

File: e9fcd51ebda8e96⋯.png (21.91 KB, 624x117, 16:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Looks like Colossal is still friends with Britbong in spite of helping Kopy find the archives of his dads arrest, this was taken from the description to his newest video.

204433 No.266181


>in spite of helping Kopy find the archives of his dads arrest

I think Kopy made that up to upset Britbong

SASMrSmall got banned from Britbongs discord for posting on ED. He probably posts here too. Another betrayal :'( Poor lil brit

080abd No.266183


Is he doing a comparison of usernames in Discord to all submissions on ED?

204433 No.266184


I'm not sure how they found out

58e726 No.266186


i've been in his discord for ages, and he has yet to track me. there's still a plethora of information still out there.

da2b9e No.266188


I'm contemplating jumping in. How hard is it to gain status, and gather info out of the mods and regulars?

I managed to connect with one on youtube last stream. They told me a little bit about him raging to his mods, and his obsession with these threads. Nothing we didn't already know unfortunately.

204433 No.266189


Are you a regular (purple name)?

58e726 No.266191


it's really not that hard, you have to just stay active and blend in. i was pretty active until they started that gay CIA circlejerk, and that toplads thing. that's when me and a few others realized how autistic and awful britbong is.



935cd8 No.266195

File: d091c6b62ee81de⋯.png (42.61 KB, 808x833, 808:833, baby gap.png)

Got a counterclaim screenshot from Empty and Patrick today. Looks like MiniTwerp is in desperation as he's tried to personal army tumblr to help him


da2b9e No.266196


He's done this before, he has gotten /cow/ user IPs but never does anything with them.

It's easy to avoid anyway, just get a script blocker that blocks tracemyip or statcounter.

It also helps if you're julaying multigendered otherkin on tumblr lel.

d15ccb No.266197

File: 22cb5fb4dd76cfe⋯.png (135.6 KB, 903x484, 903:484, 2017-04-30_stalkerlol.png)


Can confirm he's got IP grabbers on his tumblr.

Always use a condom.

080abd No.266206


Weird the site is 404 for me. It shows his Tumblr but no Patrick times info. Did he remove it?

08d2e4 No.266212


lol yeah he took it down. even though he can't post here for a week he's obviously still watching

c2abcd No.266213



It's still there. The word a-b-u-s-e just filters to troll. Switch the words in the URL and it will come up

08d2e4 No.266214


lol that's funny as fuck. Colossal is famous for playing both sides. Look at his history with Keemstar until keemstar figured out he was being used.

9cdd5c No.266217


I guarantee there's no spam protection, so if someone were to use protection ala VPN or TOR and fill it with garbage…

58e726 No.266220


incredibly easy to get insane troll value on that.

08d2e4 No.266223


lol good too see the article about Britbong's dad is already on it. Somebody was passing the link around at FMD last night. It won't be long before Britbong won't be able to use SL without people asking about his dad

0b01b4 No.266229


i cant believe he hasn't hopped on a vpn to keep posting.

I was wondering why he's been so quiet the past few days.

cccc78 No.266235


youd think if he actually got money for streaming he would use it for a situation like this..

britbong is your mum managing your funds?

58e726 No.266236


considering people have said that he donates to himself (i believe it was in one of the previous two - three threads), and all the people that donate are just his retarded fans with cheap jew money, there's no surprise there.

08d2e4 No.266239


I know for a fact he donates to himself. One of my former classmates works for streamlabs which used to be twitch alerts. He fucking hates Britbong too so don't be surprised if one day Britty boy can't log into his stream labs account

It's not against the rules to donate to yourself. You'd be surprised how many people do it to "get the ball rolling" or whatever. Only the twitchalerts people can tell

c78ea8 No.266244

File: 53eee3019a89dce⋯.png (13.42 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.png)

>>266239 Any Proof?

08d2e4 No.266250


>(You) Any Proof?

that would probably get my friend fired. He's working on a plan of his own to get rid of his shortness though. I'll see if I can get him to post here.

9cdd5c No.266251


>britcuck finally finds a free vpn

>just in time for another channel of his to go down

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