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Autism speaks. It's time to listen.
Old tripcode cracked. Do not believe any posts with that tripcode from now on.
/bant/ rocks, Dr.Medic is an ass
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File: 78aafde609fc8f2⋯.png (616.08 KB, 1920x1642, 960:821, kf000.png)

400fe3 No.268400

I wonder how long til a SA type paywall goes in.

d8bc80 No.268402

bastion of free speech, except when you trample on joshy woshy moony bean's fragile feelings :')

28a0b4 No.268403


>dat image

lol upset because you were banned

130a08 No.268404


Agree. Too much salt and not enough julay. The only one on there that's an lolcow is Null and he already has a thread.

130a08 No.268405


(By "on there" I mean on that image.

400fe3 No.268406


whats julay? You from KF?

efeb0f No.268411


you forgot the list people they keep around to make fun of so they feel better about themselves, like mikemikev

c411cb No.268415

Every site has people who kiss the site owner's ass and because the kind of people who own websites tend not to have had many or any positive feedback from people and these asskissers know that.

And besides, so what if these people get special treatment? They're the kings of the special ed classroom! There's no reason to show any envy towards these people.

353f06 No.268421

Okay faggots who wants real dox on foxdicks? Name 2 mods and 3 users from that info graphic and why you want their dox and I will drop at least a few,all I have on each one you name. Don't be shy this is all anonymous.

efeb0f No.268423


I would ask, but the likelyhood they are fat balding bearded guys or trannies is too scary a prospect for me.

353f06 No.268424

4 of the mods are trans and one is cisfemale. Rest are cismale.

efeb0f No.268425



>4 of the mods are trans and one is cisfemale. Rest are cismale.

If 4 of the mods are trannies already, I'm probably betting the whole mod team are a bunch of closet lolcows.

400fe3 No.268427

File: d8f2732c52cdfc5⋯.jpg (14.48 KB, 320x240, 4:3, KiwiFarmsUser1.jpg)

File: c53c891491048b9⋯.png (339.9 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 450px-Kiwi_massif.png)

File: f05c8effd1c66c6⋯.png (160.33 KB, 311x374, 311:374, Merriedxreldnahc.png)

File: 652d7487af2e4ea⋯.png (289.13 KB, 540x405, 4:3, MajorGeekLoser.png)


if some of the photos are anything to go by

130a08 No.268428


It's a wordfilter for m*lk.

130a08 No.268429


You might as well complain about /cow/ and ed then too.

400fe3 No.268431


maybe, but if mikemikev doesn't have a thread here then he mustn't be worth it.

454eac No.268432

So much autism in one photo. Though I'd argue that all the people in the bottom category aren't terriblly autistic.

ad8b19 No.268433

You'd think they'd be more cannibalistic instead of cliquey.

14508b No.268434

334808 No.268438

Someone with some nuts drop cuck norris' dox so women and transwomen know that he looks like a homeless man before he harasses them. He creeped on me back in 2015. I tried telling him I was a tranny and he didn't care. I stopped using foxdick farms and went to lolcow.farm for a while. I went back to foxdick farms when I saw that they had a section for female-centered topics and the same say I logged back in he was PMing me. He's a gross menace and doxing him seems like the only solution to help anyone who might be next on his list.

ad8b19 No.268442


Your mistake was replying to him and giving him the attention he wanted.

c411cb No.268443


Your first mistake was being a tranny, the second going to foxdick and the third mistake was thinking you'd get us to be your personal army.

400fe3 No.268449


Have you seen the profile posts on the females on that site? Those guys are thirsty as fuck. You could be a dude who just wears a wig and they'd fuck you.

277f4d No.268450

Not 100% correct. I could probably get somebody banned easily, yet I'm not on the list.

400fe3 No.268451


AHAHAHA his friends list is fucking fedora tier, and he doesn't have a photo of himself so it must be even worse.

Why does he have children in his friends list? Thats fucking creepy

400fe3 No.268452


yeah but would you?

fbe01d No.268458


Who are those though? Are they mods or popular users?

c411cb No.268466


Probably 4 autists who made fun of the OP for not having the kind of autism that allows you to see autism in others but not yourself.

57a53b No.268469


4 randos from the ED article on foxdick Farms.

87db7a No.268495

On preferential treatment, I think it's more of a time thing. I made my account on 2014,have less than 1K posts, not friends with any users, and don't use chat. Nowadays I have a lot more freedom in my posts and and don't have people jumping down my throat for calling Chris or anyone else a fat faggot. And I'm not what you'd call a notable member.

c483fe No.268520


I mean it must be an older beef because Hellblazer, Assmanager3000, and chimpburgers don't post anymore. It puts OPs butthurt at about 1-ish years old (someone correct me about this).

dc52e4 No.268584


and once we find out who it is, it will not be us who are the cows….. but HIM MWAHAHAHAHA

ad8b19 No.268588


prove it

591b30 No.268592


>how long til a SA type paywall goes in

The day begging for money, blackmailing and online threats can no longer bring enough paper

6583e6 No.268593


So, Josh has the same leadership style as Kim Jong Un?

a75f7f No.268607


>blackmailing and online threats can no longer bring enough paper

I don't think asking for monthly donations counts as online threats or blackmailing.

c411cb No.268608


I can only imagine that there are people that Josh has given free reign too that have been told to pay up or be deemed halal. It's stupid to anyone outside of it, but inside, I imagine that there are a lot of people who would have enough shit to make 2 Dynastia threads.

c411cb No.268610

Also, Josh might know Dynastia's dox and could be telling him to pay up or he'll sell him out to Psycho Sam for money Josh is probably needing.

Or, Josh is too beta to do anything remotely like that and people really are this stupid to give him money of their own free will. Probably that.

2dca10 No.268613

Okay I am going to go through this list of users one by one and explain to /cow/ who they are because you probably don't know who any of these faggots are.

AnOminous - Fat lawyer fuck who sits on foxdick Farms all day every day shitposting. In the past year and a half he has gotten almost 40,000 posts. He was a mod but picked a fight with null about politics and ragequit.

CatParty - He brings some funny cocks but he isn't funny when he deals with cows. He just repeats "lol calm down" to try to get them mad. When they don't get mad he acts like they are and foxdicks play along because if they pretnd they're winning then they can all believe so together.

Dynastia - He does what he wants and doesn't get punished because he is funny. He isn't always funny, but he is more than anyone else on foxdick or /cow/ and foxdick is lucky he hangs around

Jaimas - Got doxed in this thead. This faggot needs to get a restraining order put on him from brianna wu. He believes in a global SJW conspiracy. Also probably crippled. Fuck him.

Ruin - Boring shitposter who has literally brought zero cocks to foxdick farms. Should be banned.

Hellblazer - Former mod, embarrassed Josh when he banned Calvin.

BOLDYSPICY! - She's some psychotic bitch who is on tugboat. he makes a lot of art and doesn't take herself serious so she's fine.

Flowers For Sonichu - Bullied null into becoming an admin and null took admin from him because he was dying in China. Banned a bunch of people and pissed other people off by throwing his power around. He's an asshole among foxdicks which makes him solid.

Ass Manager 3000 - He was okay at first but then he started getting involved with the faggots who have to fight any cow who shows up. He proved himself to be a massive faggot. Fuck him

Peace and Harmony - Just posts a lot of cocks, but he gets assmad when you don't like things he likes. Saltrater of the highest caliber.

Chimpburgers - Found a massive amount of cocks, but fell in love with some 400 lbs tranny. They broke up and she doxed him.

Marvin - Everyone knows hes a faggot

SteelPlatedHeart - Mainly posts in the huge boring threads so he is probably huge and boring.

Cosmos - Posts like a motherfucker in offtopic. Probably fat.

Positron - Faggot

IWC - HUGE Faggot

Alec Benson Leary - He's good for information but he can be one of the most autistic whiny cunts ever. Still takes Chris serious.

Yawning Sneasel - Boring, gross faggot

CWCissey - Still takes chris serious in 2017

Chan the Wizard - Who?

Piga Dgrifm - You can tell what they are by their username

Meowthkip - Does mpreg porn

Alan Pardew - Basement dweller who used to head up the cwcki

DT.Miller - Disabled faggot who likes to pretend he's a hot shot. Obsessed with Phil.

Dunsparce - Drooling special education student

Feline Darkmage - Probably has a thread already

Randall Fragg - Won't let Deagle Nation go

He Sets Me On Fire - Hasn't done shit in a year

Huntin' Slash - Bans people for like 5 minutes because he thinks it is funny. Doesn't do shit else.

JSGOTI - No clue who this faggot is

Karen Riley - Ugly bitch who weened chrischan

Melchett - Null's bottom bitch.

Saney - Doesn't do shit

Smutley - See DT.Miller, but actually has a career

Surtur - Too old to moderate a forum like foxdick Farms

Vitriol - Doesn't do much anymore, but he is a smart, funny guy

Wagglyplacebo - Chatfag

d30a93 No.268618


>CatParty - He brings some funny cocks but he isn't funny when he deals with cows. He just repeats "lol calm down" to try to get them mad.

lol calm down

>Chimpburgers - Found a massive amount of cocks, but fell in love with some 400 lbs tranny. They broke up and she doxed him.

Was that what was happening in one of the older threads here?

>SteelPlatedHeart - Mainly posts in the huge boring threads so he is probably huge and boring.

So he's actually Dobson himself?

>Meowthkip - Does mpreg porn


>Feline Darkmage - Probably has a thread already

On where: here or there?

>Melchett - Null's bottom bitch.

Well… somebody had to do it to prevent the next Elliot Rodger shooting.

6aeadc No.268621


>>Chimpburgers - Found a massive amount of cocks, but fell in love with some 400 lbs tranny. They broke up and she doxed him.

>Was that what was happening in one of the older threads here?

Yea in that "Rat King" Thread. He was that conehead looking faggot.

>>SteelPlatedHeart - Mainly posts in the huge boring threads so he is probably huge and boring.

>So he's actually Dobson himself?

No, people actually know who Dobson is.

>Feline Darkmage - Probably has a thread already

On where: here or there?

Either or, they're a tranny-furry-juggalo thing, how can they not be a lolcow?

Let's talk shit about other users

dc52e4 No.268624


>CatParty - He brings some funny cocks but he isn't funny when he deals with cows. He just repeats "lol calm down" to try to get them mad.

>lol calm down

He doesn't seem to post anything but threads, julay and then lol calm down, so he probably only pms everyone he knows, which would mean he's shit scared of doxxxxing himself.

And that can only mean he's a cow of the highest caliber.

c28759 No.268627

File: c021f49915d5d5e⋯.png (141.62 KB, 1235x787, 1235:787, fdm.png)



>Feline Darkmage

MtF tranny, boasted about Josh sucking his dick.

c28759 No.268631

File: 1ba409a164e831d⋯.png (83.46 KB, 627x883, 627:883, bs.png)


turns out Dynastia does the same thing?

130a08 No.268648


Hi Vitriol!

a75f7f No.268649


>being this mad

So were you banned? Or did they make a thread about you?

ee269c No.268659


Congratulations on the most autistic thing ever posted here. Were you trying out for a stage version of A Beautiful Mind?

ee269c No.268660


>IWC - HUGE Faggot

Pretty accurate post by and large but I can sense the source of your butthurt right here. Did he ream you really hard?

591b30 No.268662


My friend you seem to care a lot more about the Farms than everyone on /cow/ combined, please take a few days off the Internet and go get some fresh air

c28759 No.268675




Hello KF members!

a62f45 No.268677


You should post those PM's here, this thread could use some good cocks. Cuck watches these threads like a hawk anyway, so he already knows who you are. Just block out your username in the screencaps. Funny that such an arrogant user is a tranny chaser.

0a3750 No.268679


Cuck Norris is a fucking coward. If he got doxed or outted for all his fuckery on foxdick he would easily have a thread and would likely run away, like he did from ED. He couldn't handle the banter on ED's IRC and he sperged out and ragequit over there. He pulled the same shit though and if he is the guy from the gingerpubes pic like I've been told then I don't know why he would be open to having sex with anyone from foxdick because they will just turn around and tell everyone what a sad, small dick he has.

We're talking about a divorced drug addicted borderline homeless man who can barely rub two nickels together in upstate New York and he has literally scammed nudes out of half the trannies and females on foxdick farms. Think about that for a moment.

dc52e4 No.268680





Man so much dmg control, they must have some good julay

ea73d2 No.268684



It's not that simple. His game plan if he's ever outed is to out every user that made the mistake of trusting him which includes catparty, and leaking nudes. If he goes down, everyone goes down and he has a user set up to take the fall for him.

dc52e4 No.268689


that sounds pretty good tbh

a75f7f No.268691


what a believable and not at all made up thing you just said

32c6a0 No.268708

Turns out they've noticed this thread:



The only issue I have with any of the above is IWC.

That guy is an unironic version of Le American Bear and overall good goy.

32c6a0 No.268709

File: 4e978a979c90da8⋯.png (516.77 KB, 1632x824, 204:103, KiwiFarms5-13-2017.PNG)


The fun starts here.

ee269c No.268710


Wow what a genius, it must have taken some real effort to figure out I'm a foxdick Farmer when it's literally my fucking trip.

b16e20 No.268711


>decide to post on /cow/

>make KF trip

how pathetic can you even be?

ee269c No.268712


I could actually be even more pathetic if I tried.

9ecc3f No.268713

Goddamn this thread got autistic as shit.

ee269c No.268714



It started that way, you fucking retard.

b16e20 No.268715

File: 5574323cfdebd90⋯.png (95.94 KB, 943x567, 943:567, foxdicks.png)


>"s-sure he wasn't banned, but we make fun of him! That's just as good as a ban!"

>"S-Sure we send giftcards and presents to Chris-chan, b-but others are way more autistic than us!"

LOL this is gold.

b5105e No.268718

File: c2b7319a95a2b49⋯.png (646.96 KB, 540x720, 3:4, Melchet.png)


Are these people like…. secretly massive troll fans of these cows? Every now and then they post funny stuff, but most of the time they seem to be trying to catalog every aspect of these cows lives. It's like some sort of obsession, or maybe its become a habit.

I wonder if someday Null will let us read all the PM's of everyone, that would be amazing.

ed1fba No.268720


I just want to see Cuck Norris' PMs, he's gotta have a stockpile of dank nudes.

ee269c No.268724




As if.

All of our faggotry is entirely open and available for reading even to non-members.

b5105e No.268726


But Null wouldn't allow that, if anyone decided to leak PM's, Null would figure out who did it, and then declare a jihad on them. You're only allowed to dox and make fun and publicly humiliate others, not Nulls buddies.

Probably why they are buddies with him in the first place "pleas protect me, I'm so much of a lolcow! I need protection! I'll pay the protection money! Just don't dox me!" "Okay now that I'm safe, time to take out my hate of the world on others!"


oh I thought the whole "I want to fug them" in the threads was just joking.

ee269c No.268727


You seriously don't want to fuck Chris? What kind of gay faggot are you?

c411cb No.268728

File: 7036bc57cf42cac⋯.jpg (13.34 KB, 300x300, 1:1, robinarnott.jpg)


Incase I needed more evidence that people who dye their hair are mentally ill. Why she went with the "I fucked Zoe Quinn" look is something I won't understand, but that's mental illness for you.

Polite sage for offtopic, but wow, Null really knows how to pick a winner.

a9bfcf No.268729

https://foxdickfarms.netPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDs/concerning-a-terrorist-pm-sent-earlier.30432/

dc52e4 No.268731

File: d6c504e7219fd55⋯.png (46.76 KB, 944x357, 944:357, hyperbitch.png)


lol who is this hyperbitch and what universe does she live in?

Looks like she came out of nowhere as an admin.

0c21f4 No.268732


That's how all of these are.

ee269c No.268733


Apparently you have a heart attack every time you see someone get a supervisor tag on the farms.

You clearly pay close attention to the place. You mad about it?

0a3750 No.268734


She's okay. The other bitch who got promoted by sending null a pic of herself in boyshorts and her tits out is a pain in the ass though.

dc52e4 No.268736

File: 6e4a0ce812535b7⋯.jpg (36.12 KB, 590x441, 590:441, pippi.jpg)


I was just wondering if they have the self-awareness level to realize they are so akin to the cows they cover the distinction is almost meaningless. If Null disappeared and someone else took over, wouldn't he get his own halal thread immediately?

ee269c No.268737


Bitch, we're not only aware of that, we're totally okay with it.

dc10b2 No.268738


I know she's probably dirty and it would stank but I would eat Melchett's asshole until she was clean. She's a total garbo can but you know with every touch your tongue would feel more numb. Hell, I would even smell her filthy panties if given a chance.

023ade No.268739

File: 984e612620f6637⋯.jpg (8.45 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>foxdickfarms is full of well adjusted individuals completely secure in their self-image.


ee269c No.268740


Why are you so angry?

023ade No.268741



ee269c No.268742

374d80 No.268745

File: c5de80ddfddece2⋯.gif (2.28 MB, 320x240, 4:3, where-do-you-think-we-are-….gif)


You've put entirely too much thought into this. She lives in a garbage can?


277f4d No.268747


Lol, no. I was the laziest Manager in foxdickfarms existence; I was also the laziest admin/mod of most /cow/ iterations. I usually just banned for spam/cp.


I just said I could get somebody banned. Why should I do it?

Since this thread is half enjoyable and half butthurt; Ask me any questions about foxdick moderation and I will try to answer them.

ee269c No.268748


Introman, prove you're not a faggot and fuck up this thread somehow, like you did on the firms.

8d8fda No.268749


Okay, let me tell you something here. People here aren't mad, its just that you foxdick faggots think we are mad because we are talking about your golden cow that runs your autism romper room. Joshua Conner Moon is one of the biggest lolcows to come around in a long time and you faggots won't admit it because the cognitive dissonance would fracture your autism-riddled minds into infinity and beyond. Joshua would have the longest thread in history if foxdick Farms was fair, but it isn't fair. They play favorites and they turn people who aren't lolcows into lolcows because they disagree with them and they take people who are lolcows and make them not lolcows because they like them. Weeny Tran is a great example of this. All he did was cut down a livestream that would have been cut down anyways because of youtube regulation. But null is a son of a bitch and he let That's Our Lolcow make a thread about him and then he let wagglyplacebo chase him around the forum because she has terminal fucking autism. People on this board know that some people re unfairly labeled cows and they know how foxdicks does things. One day they all will be doxed and we will see who the REAL cows are. One day the PMs will be hacked and we will go through each one and dox them all. One day null's list of donors will be leaked and we will dox them all. We will need another /cow/ just for all the threads that will be needed.

277f4d No.268750

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sure: I quit the moderation side of the foxdickfarms to work on Jan's shortlived wizdumgunyt project, and because I never enjoyed lording over people. Some of my scripts were adopted by the talented:

ee269c No.268751


The way to tell us you're not mad would be not to say anything at all. I didn't even read that crap, but whatever it said, it meant "I'm mad."

ee269c No.268752


Lording it over people (other than by just naturally bullying them) doesn't come naturally to me either.

That's why I quit the moment there was any excuse to quit.

ca9aa8 No.268753

Broken Pussy's relentless and fragrant sexual harassment of DYnastia (david craig aka james craig aka matthew craig aka caylen burroughs) was inexcusable but could have been forgivable had she not been so fat.

ee269c No.268754


Anyone who wouldn't poz Dynastia's neghole is some kind of fag.

ca9aa8 No.268755


He's ruggedly transitioning with traditional masculine sensibility and the emotional intelligence of a refined gentlewoman. There's something for everyone tbqh.

277f4d No.268756


It's hard to manage a group people; it's even harder to mange a group of people who have mental problems and a computer screen away. Some of the drama on the mod forums was so fuckin' stupid that I felt like the only adult in the room.

Here's a public example that happened a few years ago to illustrate my point: there was some idiotic moronic chick who was literally e-flirting with like 3-5 users on the forum. This user was consistently getting in trouble. My first response was to ban her as she's a liability. The mod staff kept arguing about giving her a multitude of more chances. IIRC, she even faked a cancer saga as well for pitypoints. I'm not here to judge, but a person like that needs to be culled. They got culled months after for doing the same shit, but the fecklessness peeved me.

Same thing for that weirdo wildchild, and Autistidragonkin. They were consistently getting in to shit and the compassionate thing was to ban them early. Now, you might be asking yourself " Why are you such an asshole introman? Shouldn't people get second chances?" The thing with online forums is that if you tolerate shit - you become a fertilizer factory, and even the smallest spark will cause a huge explosion. Banning wildchild early would of saved a lot of grief on all sides, but the fecklessness of tolerating pariahs caused an issue.

e2c8e5 No.268757



hi entropyseekswork

374d80 No.268759


>"i'm not mad"

>"you are so mad right now"

they are masters of the ruse


Giving someone mod status to someone who wants it is like the stupidest thing ever. No one who would be good at modding would WANT to be a mod.

Because the people that do, usually want to be one so they can lord over and bully others. And now you have the situations you spoke of, favoritism, attacking people just because you don't like them, not because they are breaking site rules.

ee269c No.268760




374d80 No.268761


Yeah I read some of the "lolcow" threads and I'm wondering "how is this guy a lolcow? It doesn't seem funny or weird, it just sounds like they hate him. And then I come across someone asking how they are a cow and about 3 mods jump in and bullshit some reasoning like "oh im sure it will get better"

Then I see some new user start up a new thread about someone, and either a mod or some big-wig member steps in and is like "this person isn't a lolcow" even though the thread hasn't been up for a day.

374d80 No.268762



>keeps posting "u mad"

lol whats with the projection buddy, just go if you are getting salty.

0c21f4 No.268763

If Null is a tranny and fucks another tranny is that straight or gay?

ee269c No.268764

dc52e4 No.268776

File: 714755f04ed3f11⋯.jpg (17.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, uuggrrhh.jpg)

686cdd No.268778

File: 9bbcad057a74f3a⋯.jpg (28.46 KB, 499x499, 1:1, WUT.jpg)

Friendly reminder that Trashraider91 was actually a PI that Null, Marvin, and various others had contracted as their autistic version of Mike Ehrmantraut, and that the video of chris' mace incident at the gamestop was actually shot by Trashraider91 and laundered to the public by someone unrelated to anything.

ee269c No.268780


You are an obvious idiot. All the people in the know realize it's you who have to come in Josh's mouth before you get the ticket.

He's not very good at head, so you have to practice to be able to blow a load that he can swallow after his bad blowjobs.

32c6a0 No.268781

Since we have your attention, community of FoxDick…

I don't have any issues with the site itself or the individuals cows your target. You'll find dozens of threads overlapping with cocks originally found on your forum. If anything, you do a lot of the fact-finding for us.

As to Null, I'm completely indifferent to the guy. He is who is he is and seems self-aware of his shortcomings.

I don't hate any particular user, but InternetWarCriminal is Le American Bear-tier. He's just short of saying, "MERCHANT! YOU ARE MY GREATEST ALLY" unironically, which I suspect he just might lapse into sooner rather than later.

Now what (still) pisses me off…

The entire thread on the Alt-Right. Holy shit, that thread was pure unadulterated cancer. Not one insightful opinion on the Alt-Right was belched up. In fact, the more pages full of strawmen and unfunny commentary I read, the more obvious it became that none of you knew jackshit about that movement. Thank God Null locked that entire shit thread and pulled the plug on the attempt to relaunch it. At least the thread on Antifa is helping to repress that horrible memory. Those crust punk anarkiddies needed a thread ages ago.

0e247c No.268787


>The entire thread on the Alt-Right. Holy shit, that thread was pure unadulterated cancer. Not one insightful opinion on the Alt-Right was belched up. In fact, the more pages full of strawmen and unfunny commentary I read, the more obvious it became that none of you knew jackshit about that movement.

The site's filled with manboobed "le enlightened moderate" types who wouldn't be out of place on Reddit, so that's par for the course. They'll piss and moan over those dang dirty feminazis (since they give a bad name to TRUE and HONEST feminism), but then get buttblasted over consistent anti-feminists and then conflate them with MRAs. To be fair, some of those people are huge autists (e.g. Aurini) but they're definitely not MRAs.

373543 No.268791


This is so true, it ain't even funny!

62b817 No.268792

good to know that /cow/ has finally embraced the fact that they're the KF meta board

373543 No.268795


Seeing as how this guy is one of the forum's biggest asskissers, I think he deserves a dox. You might as well throw in John Furrman and Ol'_Slag while you're at it seeing as how they're pretty big asskissers as well.

a13eb6 No.268796

Why was Valiant demodded? That chick definitely had some lolcow tendencies.


Introman why did Brooklyn bailiff leave? Was he just tired of Nulls childish autism like Hellblazer or was it something more?

373543 No.268799


Speaking of Ol'_Slag, http://archive.is/PH8Bg

He sure is a thirsty son of a bitch. Someone should get him a bottle of Sprite!

ad8b19 No.268800


Not enough namefagging for us to be that.

ebc9df No.268802


Cuck is now kissing OwO's ass whenever he sees her. Maybe for nudes, but probably to stay on Null's good side.


That reads like a standard shitpost, and you were the one previously speaking about him.

dc52e4 No.268803


>The site's filled with manboobed "le enlightened moderate" types who wouldn't be out of place on Reddit, so that's par for the course.

Well they'd probably all have left for r/drama by now, but the mods on reddit wouldn't allow them to post their philosophy phd on the effects of gift cards on CWC like null does. So KF is like autism containment.

373543 No.268805


True. I won't deny that. I'm well aware of the ID numbers here.

a6eafe No.268806


lol you're as buttblasted as Josh was about them mocking the aut-right.

dc52e4 No.268807


KF seems to have a problem separating "lolcow" with "people I like to shit on".

See that's their problem. I never saw the alt-right thread, but I've seen other threads where you know whoever started it, and whoever is keeping it going just has a huge hateboner for whoever or whatever it is. The threads are boring as fuck.



Yeah someone needs to list "persons of note" like oWo and cuck, who I swear, just rates winner on every major member on the site, no matter what they post.

Sometimes I think he's just a bot.

ec5915 No.268815

I'm surprised IWC hasn't been halal'd yet

1140c3 No.268818


And by "surprised" you mean anally anguished.

Where did the bad shitposter touch you? Show me on the doll.

1140c3 No.268819


>Not one insightful opinion on the Alt-Right was belched up. In fact, the more pages full of strawmen

And by "strawmen," you mean actual quotes from you fucking lolcows.

Gas yourself faggot.

9003a6 No.268821


lol calm down

1140c3 No.268823

277f4d No.268824


Dude had other priorities in life. He's also in his 30's by now and has a family to support.

6583e6 No.268825


What kind of lolcow tendencies are we talking about? Not that I think you're wrong,

but what specifically?


This is how you're supposed to handle being a mod. Do it occasionally without taking it seriously and leaving when you know it's time to leave. Any other way is going to lead to being a power-hungry autist.

1140c3 No.268826


>Do it occasionally without taking it seriously and leaving when you know it's time to leave.

A voice of sanity on /cow/ who would have expected this!

0fbc9d No.268827

File: a18815e9585c3d0⋯.jpg (194.22 KB, 960x1279, 960:1279, image.jpg)



Here is a picture of him

1140c3 No.268829


I'd bang him.

dc52e4 No.268834

File: 07be831f59b90e1⋯.png (98.42 KB, 380x380, 1:1, Ness_SSB4.png)


well at least now i know what happened to ness

c907d6 No.268843


Yeah he's a middle eastern guy who thinks he's found a Hispanic virgin to marry. There's definitely something there.

c907d6 No.268845


She would frequently talk in chat about how she watched a lot of porn because guys weren't interested in her. Then when she became a mod she started wading into personal disputes that had nothing to do with her IRCC. She was really antagonistic once she became a mod so I'm wondering why she's now "retired staff."

2c8c55 No.268847


What is interesting is that people who don't even post or who are just bland, boring users no one cares about are on that list. Let's bring up some other faggots now.

Tempest: Weird guy who people think is a tranny. Hangs out in chat a lot.

RonaldGaygun: Thirsty cunt who runs a foxdick discord. Has traded lewds with several foxdick guys and girls

Cuck Norris: Obnoxious piece of shit that contributes nothing to the site except acrimony.

Entropyseekswork: Huge slut, basically a more tame version of the chick who was trolling britbong.

The American Hedgehog: Literally disabled and shits his pants and does nothing but F5 Chris-Chan's facebook all day. Posts Chris timeline updates within seconds of him posting them.

CasualSeppuku: Shits in chat and shits his pants and does nothing

Broken Pussy: See CasualSeppuku

MMX: Couldn't handle the stress of being the supervisor of the Harel subforum, sperged out, and had Null take the powers from him when likeicare trolled him.

9003a6 No.268848


you really hate cuck norris huh guy

fe502d No.268851


Dude, that thread devolved into "EVERYONE I DON'T LIKE IS LITERALLY HITLER!" The foxdicks chimped out over lighthearted alt-right parodies of Disney songs, for fuck's sake.

Show me one insightful opinion in that thread about the Alt-Right.

1140c3 No.268852


Show me one insightful opinion on foxdick Farms, on /cow/ or fucking anywhere about the salt right.

456cff No.268853

I just find it funny, because the mods/staff there are extremely biased. They like to preach "freedom of speech", but they certainly dont practice it considering that they threadban users who they disagree with.

Another little tactic they like pulling on users who have been doxed and outed on being "xyz" is tagging said users in certain threads, and then banning you from the same thread if you even try defending yourself. That, and they bam users who stand up to them. Pretty stupid if you ask me. Freedom of speech, my ass!

1140c3 No.268854


Hi Brandobaris. You should have tried not relentlessly posting child porn all the time.

456cff No.268856


> Hi Brandobaris


c32af2 No.268858


8 people got shit talked in that post and you pull out the one Cuck Norris comment?

HI CUCK, how's it feel to have your reputation among other foxdicks go from being a pretty cool guy to being a paranoid, harassing shitbag? You kinda earned it tbh famalama. Notice that the people you used to talk to a lot are slower to respond to PMs or messages in chat? You're the chat sperg now and only like 3 people who feel sorry for you tolerate you for now. Let's see how much more of your clinginess before they also tell you to fuck off. >>268848

ca9aa8 No.268860


awww, he's cute.

47909e No.268861

File: 4c799ab6137299d⋯.png (168.32 KB, 1441x319, 131:29, cowgotis.PNG)


hi entro

456cff No.268863


Cuck Norris probably believes that sucking up to all of the "cool kids" on foxdick farms will earn him a moderator position. Quite sad, tbh.

9003a6 No.268866



So which boogeyman is it?

c88658 No.268869

The only two of you left from that drama is entropyseekswork and Cuck Norris. Todesfurcht and BIMB were smart enough to fuck off. I am sick and tired of hearing about this crap in every discord and PMs, you idiots are the excuse that Null has for shitting on other users at this point. I wish that you both would just fuck off and take this petty bullshit with you. Better yet, Null should just do a bloodletting where he bans a bunch of people who act like shitheads and create offsite drama that leaks onsite. There are people planning splinter boards based around discords, 3 people who are lurking every discord foxdick farms users use, collecting information to dox with, and even 2 managers who are collaborating and leaking information only managers have access to for some grand mass doxing. It will all go up and no one will know who it was except the people who participated, and Null's shitty handling of user's personal information will be the cause. At this point, entropy, Cuck, y'all are the cancer, but there is plenty of other infections that are going to kill foxdick Farms by the end of the summer.

9003a6 No.268872


Cool story bro.

b6a22b No.268881


>Foxdick Farms dead by the end of the summer

There have been so many predictions of the demise of that site it isn't even funny. Don't get me wrong, the way they set up the community is wrong for the subject matter, but the only way foxdick shuts down is if there is not a single person willing to pick up the tab for the servers.

I guarantee you that at least one autist is going to pay to be the God-Emperor of Speds so I'm not seeing the demise of the site in the near future at all.

591b30 No.268882


We all thought when Vordy killed the site earlier this year it would be the end but since the Farms is literally the only thing that keeps Null from killing himself of course he will do everything to keep the place up as long as possible

c4db2c No.268885

Why do people think entropy has a problem with Cuck Norris?

dc52e4 No.268886


lol wrong again

But if you guys don't like JB or suggestive pics of kids, you really should've deleted the Onision or Jessi Slaughter thread. Oh but they are links to JB, not hosted, so I guess its fine :)

dc52e4 No.268887


who doesn't have a problem with cuck norris?

c4db2c No.268889


People who can take a joke.

dc52e4 No.268893

File: d66e85826ecfe05⋯.jpg (99.06 KB, 920x771, 920:771, 2f7.jpg)


your jokes are as shit tier as SA

40401f No.268896

File: 63a6d82d6dd5a63⋯.png (12.05 KB, 639x69, 213:23, no.PNG)

b6a22b No.268897



The guy is apparently a Sanic and Kingdom Hearts fan. And he wrote this review of his community college.

456cff No.268898


Wont the real brandonbaris please stand up? I repeat! Wont the real brandonbaris please stand up! We're gonna have a problem here!

3005d9 No.268900

File: 98f1b3620f88ec8⋯.png (97.2 KB, 638x523, 638:523, ironic3.PNG)

File: d94f591ef3b380a⋯.png (51.88 KB, 639x302, 639:302, ironic2.PNG)

File: 78d33e381f1b489⋯.png (84.74 KB, 643x540, 643:540, ironic1.PNG)

001192 No.268901

File: 563db62f516bf34⋯.jpg (18.1 KB, 277x391, 277:391, wew.jpg)


>Foxdick Defense Force accusing other people of being autistic

023ade No.268911


Josh, you should just do a PM dump the shitstorm would be hilarious

Oh this is Brando btw

(Ich bin nicht ein assburger)

dc80ce No.268913

>tfw have a foxdick account but basically only use it to make dumb one liners

456cff No.268915

Typical foxdick user:


c411cb No.268916




Looks like he deleted his facebook, lol.

9b46cd No.268917


They're so enlightened they despise YouTubers like Sargon and others that are notable for being fart-sniffing centrists because they STILL take too much of a side.

The overall theme going on at foxdick is that caring about things is autistic. Which is hilarious due to being black and white autism itself.

cd786e No.268922


Oh no! Don't run Austin two-spirit! Make sure you delete all the rest of your social media. It was funny when it happened to "cows" wasn't it.







023ade No.268924




Their thirst is always their undoing. I suppose, why else would you use a site with a PM function?

456cff No.268926


lol OWNED! I see Austin/Cuck Norris (Im assuming thats who Austin is on KF anyway) watches the powerpuff girls. Lmao

9003a6 No.268928


How did you connect their foxdick account to their facebook account? That's the fastest turn around I've seen.

28f5c4 No.268930


t. a butthurt iwc that doesn't want to get doxed

d8bf55 No.268936


Where did I defend foxdick? I explicitly stated anon was as buttblasted as Josh was, that was the only reason that thread was closed instead of pruned and directed back on course.

5cd78d No.268943


Oh wow, I was told I was dox'd here. Quite a predicament. I guess I see the point of what's trying to be accomplished here, if anything it's probably a sign that I should really stop associating with stuff like this. Ya got me, /cow/. I admit it.

001192 No.268947


Because you sure seem touchy over criticism of Foxdick speds' vacuous objections to the alt right.

a62f45 No.268978

I love how Cuck Norris' inability to shut up about drama he supposedly hates has only made the drama worse.

5cd78d No.268980


There are certain KF members that gather info from their members and post it on here. Dunno why they targeted me specifically since I was a low-tier member, one of them was probably triggered that I posted someone talking about diaper fetishes on Facebook or something lol

30b9e0 No.268988


flaming faggot who thinks he is funny. Will self-depricated for laughs and cocks in order to get attention. will probably die before he is 30.

a9acc0 No.268989



0f35c3 No.268991

Aquinas is a huge sped who likes his KF brand stickers and Upvotes

f1e6d2 No.269015

>thread ruined by foxdicks selfposting

fuck me.

581435 No.269018


>hurr people care about [THINGS] what a bunch of autists!11

>now watch me obsessively troll and document everything they do

sounds exactly like SA at their most cancerous, how much of foxdickfarm consists of trannies on welfarebux nowadays?

591b30 No.269026


The vast majority according to Null

6583e6 No.269030


Probably. There are probably more people that are shitposting at work than you'd think, but there are way too many people who just seem to live on that site. Trannies and neetbuxers also tend to be massively overrepresented last night.

6583e6 No.269031


*on those kind of websites

27e247 No.269036


The aut-right is a vacuous movement. There is nothing to object to in rightfully lambasting their whiny, childish beliefs and membership. We have had threads about their cows here for just that reason. Sorry you're too delicate to have your silly values criticized, but you don't get to shout down facts you're​loathe to accept.

5cd78d No.269040


Some of us just go there to see what is up with certain cows, like I really only paid attention to Chris and DSP threads. The rest really didn't interest me for some reason. I should have jumped ship when the Vordrak shit happened, but the thing about the Farms is that it sucks you in in that it does treat itself like a forum of connections and cliques, which you don't get from the anonymous nature of chans. Just is a welcome reminder to never sperg out too much about yourself.

dc52e4 No.269043


sounds like you just hate them, not that their funny or ridiculous.

d04b86 No.269046


It's a fringe movement so it's going to have a disproportionate amount of weirdos.

1140c3 No.269047


You sure have an encyclopedic knowledge of any remotely JB-related cocks on the Farms, Brando.

176425 No.269050

more likez gayfarms!!! fuck the 80's and fuck gayfarms and fuck those old pics of me from 2011-13 u trolls luv so much!!!

591b30 No.269086


I say if you make a complete ass of yourself on the web and don't have any form of self-awareness that tells you ``I should stop``, you deserve all the shit you will get

Same for foxdickspergs who use the forum like a blog

7d884d No.269091


No no, I completely agree with what you are saying and it's a sad day when /cow/ makes me realize what sort of hypocrisy I go through everyday when making posts like that. The one person above who said that "their own thirst is their undoing" is absolutely correct.

591b30 No.269094


I can already tell you're not from here

667832 No.269095

ITT: Vordrak, salty banned people and foxdicks

7d884d No.269096


First time ever using a chan actually, lol.

591b30 No.269097


Just like >>269095 said

8f176c No.269104


Hi Sammy! How do you like your new JNCO jeans?

a9acc0 No.269105


well maybe if /cow/ wasn't a shit place that doesn't know how to shitpost, this wouldn't be happening you furry faggot

a9acc0 No.269106



a9acc0 No.269107


basically this

7d884d No.269117

I lost my virginity on /cow/, more than I can say for foxdick Farms.

a9acc0 No.269118


>I lost my virginity on /cow/, more than I can say for foxdick Farms

you want to have gay sex me for your second time? hmu fam

ad8b19 No.269133

File: c44e1f1e74170cc⋯.png (78.18 KB, 294x302, 147:151, 77726.png)

>we will never have a decent foxdickfarms thread anytime soon

Makes me wish that the site stayed down permanently.

591b30 No.269142


The site will always live as long as Null wills it

7d884d No.269145


True, not even the power of Vordrak could stop that madman.

dc52e4 No.269160


>you deserve all the shit you will get

Giving them attention just makes it worse fam

94b553 No.269222


dox these people for these reasons or kys faggot

Two mods:

DT Miller: claims to be a successful business owner who has multiple rolexes, is fat and trolls ADF.

Smutley: Deranged alogger. Takes his moderation duties and lolcows too seriously and goes into autistic rages at times.


who cares, pretty sure you're full of shit anyway

731b59 No.269225


Sounds like bullshit but what the hell-

Catparty- edgy faggot

Dynastia- edgy faggot that's only funny like half the time

Internet War Criminal- a-logger and middle aged conservatard

762e0a No.269232


>you don't get to shout down facts you're​loathe to accept.


Such as?

762e0a No.269236


There's nothing wrong with focusing on autismal aspects of the alt right (clueless LARPing, "degeneracy" witch-hunting, a tendency to buy into kooky conspiracy theories and support freaks like DR. DUKE, M.D. as long as they repeat the proper talking points about ARE PEOPLE, etc.), but that's a totally different thing from going "WOW JUST WOW LOOK AT THESE BIGOTS CARING ABOUT THINGS" at people who just don't buy into your belief system.

There are plenty of spazzes involved in the alt right who deserve to be treated as such; that's irrelevant to making inane comments and then getting pooperpeeved when the empty, tryhard nature of your criticisms are pointed out.

ca9aa8 No.269240


dox null

af278e No.269264

Smutley always comes across as the biggest retard of the bunch. The way he so closely guards ADF like he is the Secret Service. To be honest it's kind of unnerving how much an obsession he has with Phil.

0d43cd No.269289

File: 575b7dba16ae45d⋯.png (227.62 KB, 1628x2316, 407:579, kiwisarenazis.png)

I was sent this anonymously. Yes, the authorities were already contacted about this.

3fe3f6 No.269297


I'm not sure what you mean when you say you lost it on cow but I'm 37 and I'm still a virgin tbh

28c715 No.269303


And instead of finding some other sucker to run foxdick, Josh decides to cut off ties with his whole family. Gotta love that logic, eh?

28c715 No.269311


Also, "Dave Craig"'s FB account has no info on it aside from living in Pensacola. Everyone involved with the foxdick Farms-Vordrak War is fucking retarded.

0d43cd No.269315


Vordrak said that if KF came back up, he would blame Josh and keep attacking his family. Getting a new owner would have done jack shit.

130a08 No.269330


It burns with the intensity of 1000 autisms.

130a08 No.269332


Goes for SJWs too. The Farms went to shit when they started tolerating hundreds if pages of earnest scheming how to make vidya journalism ethical again instead of posting funny cocks.

7d884d No.269334


GamerGate pretty much made every social platform a piece of shit because they were talking about fucking video games as if this would decide the fate of the country. The Farms' Alison Rapp topic was basically arguing about how Fire Emblem Fates should have still included head patting and incest in the States' release because "ethics". They were losing it.

130a08 No.269335


Blood in blood out

28c715 No.269342


No Vordrak, I was talking about this ween using Dynastia's (alleged) powerword and sperging bullshit about Josh's mom.

591b30 No.269344


The ride never ends

be8eef No.269348


> 37th level

Can we even understand your arcane magic

0b259d No.269418


>Candy Potter (also known as Candice Lynn Potter and Candice Potter) of Pensacola, Florida was a member of a neo-Nazi and white supremacist hate group and cyberbullying group called foxdick Farms.

Top kek


Definitely. I supported GamerGate in the sense that they were fighting social justice expansionism in the entertainment industry, but they started taking things way too seriously. It's not like vidya game coverage was ever a bastion of journalistic integrity or even all that consequential. It also seems like they try too hard to meme any slimy SJW into a lolcow, too, when they're often not all that funny or entertaining.

130a08 No.269475


>It also seems like they try too hard to meme any slimy SJW into a lolcow, too, when they're often not all that funny or entertaining.

This really my problem with it. If you're passionate about gamergate, fine, whatever, I'm not going to judge, but don't pretend that every irritating or otherwise shitty vidya personality is an lolcow.

74e93d No.269501




>People saying KF went to shit due to GG

haven't heard that one yet

9b46cd No.269510


Yeah I don't know what they're talking about, foxdicks mock GGers because they care about video games. To the point they set up their ironic GamerGate board which would've been a hilarious way to mock GG if not for the fact that it's fucking over and dead.

c411cb No.269513


Their idea of what is acceptable to like/believe in is the same as the nihilists from "The Big Lebowski". They cling to their autism and lack of religion and saying you like something means you're an incredible faggot.

9b46cd No.269524


It's funny how they start to struggle when they deal with lolcowish people who actually agree with their ideals.

For example foxdicks tend to be heavily anti-natalist to the point that they want people to stop caring when kids die (and if you disagree you must be a pedo), but they'll still try to mock nutty childfree communities and justify that when they do it, it's different.

fd99d1 No.269526

File: 993e2b3a1b317a1⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 800x667, 800:667, 1488587687058.gif)


The entire site is filled with dumb fuck leftists pretending to be moderate and shitting on SJWs as a defense mechanism to go "see basically we aren't like those crazy batshit feminists!" when many of them are unironic socialists.

8ee450 No.269533



>You can't have sincere, even strong beliefs in addition to standards or you're a hypocrite.

Autistic black and white morality.

e60dfa No.269554


Except no one who posted in that thread got the memo that it was supposed to be ironic.

a50bf4 No.269574

File: ea445466e3efb9b⋯.png (93.85 KB, 1023x482, 1023:482, triggered.png)

What is wrong with this nigga?

a7de9e No.269577

File: a22b16e6a732263⋯.jpg (57.05 KB, 800x450, 16:9, IMG_1426.JPG)


He thinks foxdicks are representative of all Millenials apparently. And if he's old enough to act like pic related towards Millenials then he himself is far too old to be sperging about Phil.

8321e7 No.269583


He's a middle aged massively obese scooter bound mormon who wrote a 100% serious survival fanfic that made Tiberius Rising seem sane. He's also a security guard somewhere which basically makes him Miami Vice IRL.

23dccf No.269585


>wrote a 100% serious survival fanfic

tell me more

bcecf3 No.269598


>(e.g. Aurini, who has cucked all my friends at TRS)

130a08 No.269606


IIRC this was a couple of years ago and he sent it via PM to some other sperg (probably a Millennial) in confidence who then posted it on the forums while pretending he wrote it. Something like that. I don't remember the cocks because tl;dr but the drama that resulted was kind of funny in a mean way. This and a couple of other incidents is what caused the dude to stop posting on the farms for a while.

8321e7 No.269613


It was about a zombie apocalypse where he was Mad Max and drove around in a stupidly huge and impractical brotruck with his mormon harem or something equally retarded. I can't find it right now, but I'll post it when I can. If you know people who were on cwckiforums around 2013-2014, they might have it.

4e7670 No.269648

My least favorite foxdick farms member is CuckNorse, he is a degenerate

be8eef No.269653


Generally anyone using an avatar from the Big Lebowski is usually a complete fucktard. I say "generally" because I'm sure an exception must exist, though I've never seen one.

a75f7f No.269667



This better not be a ruse. I'll be really disappointed if you're pulling my leg.

6b303e No.269669


Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Not that I'm mad or anything. . .baka!

ad21f1 No.269765

Are there any foxdicks that -aren't- trolling cows?

9348a2 No.269780


It's not a ruse. The Dude was really shocked that his confidence was betrayed like that. I probably should have read it because I enjoyed Jace's book (although The Dude was being earnest.)

70e2a3 No.269838

File: 6867a9064bbea7f⋯.png (865.79 KB, 1280x4548, 320:1137, FireShot Screen Capture #2….png)

There was a massive meltdown on the private board today. someone got banned and his friends stuck up for him

e96f71 No.269847


So where's the meltdown?

c411cb No.269850


>Cthulu confirmed for reoturd.

021efb No.269999


Lol, are you mad about your little bitch friend Entropy? Don't worry that faggot Ride is defending her. Really getting mad about something on the internet.

7343fd No.270005

File: f55f8cc4406f6b5⋯.png (70.37 KB, 696x248, 87:31, 1.PNG)

File: 82f96991d00c05b⋯.png (100.23 KB, 1411x318, 1411:318, 2.PNG)

File: 0a42fb0f7ef4bf0⋯.png (62.18 KB, 1156x234, 578:117, 3.PNG)

File: 134f868dbadd0c2⋯.png (237.07 KB, 1385x848, 1385:848, 4.PNG)

File: 68eab7b991eb430⋯.png (84.91 KB, 1305x286, 1305:286, 5.PNG)

foxdick is burning in the supporter section right now and all it took was one new user giving negative ratings to other users. What happened was some new guy came in and gave some people negative ratings and posted messages on some female user's profiles being weird. In response some shit user named Rat Speaker went to the guy's profile and started shitting all over it. He had done this to other users in the past and he isn't funny at all. So he takes people saying "you're embarrassing yourself" as "please stop bullying" when he really isn't a bully, he's just as bad or worse than the people he was picking on. This is just the beginning there are a lot more to drop.

7343fd No.270006

File: be62411663c199e⋯.png (75.16 KB, 1425x234, 475:78, 6.PNG)

File: 8b407b79622769e⋯.png (84.91 KB, 1436x236, 359:59, 7.PNG)

File: 6a16389a7c0716f⋯.png (105.63 KB, 1417x243, 1417:243, 8.PNG)

File: ed9d4b9cd94623d⋯.png (84.63 KB, 1416x285, 472:95, 9.PNG)

File: 9cd717ee704cc3a⋯.png (64.64 KB, 1414x266, 101:19, 10.PNG)

Here you see Cthulhu enter the situation. This faggot used to thirst on other female users with Rat Speaker. Now that he is gone, Cthulhu is all alone to thirst on users using him to fight for their honor. The mod here is explaining what is going on while a supervisor who seems clinically braindead (Broken Pussy; the one with the deer avatar) tries to sort out how to excuse acting like Rat Speaker did in the future.

74e93d No.270007


>299 pages

lol autistic fucks.

We can't even keep one thread going about KF, and they have a 299 page thread on somebody being a meanie to them? wtf.

What the hell else is in that place.

7343fd No.270008

File: d6faff99ebba957⋯.png (106.69 KB, 1421x272, 1421:272, 11.PNG)

File: dcd7faac08120ad⋯.png (126.23 KB, 1416x532, 354:133, 12.PNG)

File: e302d7d2e7b7692⋯.png (97.46 KB, 1422x231, 474:77, 13.PNG)

File: dfd3ab53041eed9⋯.png (55.17 KB, 1422x226, 711:113, 14.PNG)

File: a55cae787a3b428⋯.png (103.6 KB, 1411x233, 1411:233, 15.PNG)

The mods continue to explain to the children. Broken Pussy continues to be brain damaged. Cuck Norris and BOLDYSPICY! enter. The news of Rat Speaker's departure literally triggers her to have a psychotic break.

7343fd No.270009

File: f41704659adc394⋯.png (74.37 KB, 1399x209, 1399:209, 16.PNG)

File: af3d36f24962941⋯.png (116.89 KB, 1397x263, 1397:263, 17.PNG)

File: 64cb4afdfd3633e⋯.png (82.54 KB, 1410x394, 705:197, 18.PNG)

File: 92076eb9d457a0b⋯.png (131.34 KB, 1400x405, 280:81, 19.PNG)

File: 0e39c8d3530f4fd⋯.png (120.57 KB, 1414x416, 707:208, 20.PNG)

Cricket and Entropy (the forum's current case of GOTIS) enter and try to sound like big kids while a mod tells them to sit down.

686cdd No.270010





reminder that no matter how shit your life might get, you will never be a foxdick

7343fd No.270011

File: 4cbbce107262b92⋯.png (115.98 KB, 1412x591, 1412:591, 21.PNG)

File: f207c224c413a70⋯.png (164.97 KB, 1424x503, 1424:503, 22.PNG)

File: 2a56fa7892f99b0⋯.png (41.89 KB, 1429x231, 1429:231, 23.PNG)

File: 6163d635408f15c⋯.png (165.13 KB, 1427x424, 1427:424, 24.PNG)

File: 756f95dce0f9af3⋯.png (147.11 KB, 1405x757, 1405:757, 25.PNG)

This shit continues. Smutley explains why they would ban someone who continuously attacked other users and was unfunny. He also hints about entropyseekswork's drama in the past with being a whore on the forum.

7343fd No.270012

File: 790165150f4bd48⋯.png (208.42 KB, 1407x617, 1407:617, 26.PNG)

File: b9d5a82ade1ddc6⋯.png (108.42 KB, 1425x269, 1425:269, 27.PNG)

File: fdf3ab8bdca7bec⋯.png (203.7 KB, 1438x843, 1438:843, 28.PNG)

File: 25082b50bdfd963⋯.png (76.8 KB, 1424x212, 356:53, 29.PNG)

File: 2d5d42907bbf1e6⋯.png (93.9 KB, 1428x345, 476:115, 30.PNG)

The users continue to try and sort out why a retard shitposting and harassing new users is a problem. BOLDYSPICY! snaps back into reality.

7343fd No.270013

File: 2e78324ccb28fc3⋯.png (123.71 KB, 1400x346, 700:173, 31.PNG)

File: a411ef0947717a1⋯.png (79.75 KB, 1416x283, 1416:283, 32.PNG)

File: 3b02a6e3c43cdbb⋯.png (85.76 KB, 1408x311, 1408:311, 33.PNG)

File: db5a2b2eb25ecaa⋯.png (77.17 KB, 1279x216, 1279:216, 34.PNG)

File: cdbc73c0bcaef6e⋯.png (69.4 KB, 1375x235, 275:47, 35.PNG)

This is where the drama really ramps up. This Cthulhu faggot picked a fight with wagglyplacebo about his thirstbro getting banned. He steps up to the plate to fight for the honor of entropyseekswork and cricket because he doesn't understand they use him as a number.

74e93d No.270014








Oh I see now, they didn't want to ban him because he paid for himself and others accounts. So they just let him continue being an autistic thirsty fuck to everyone. At the same time, denying it was about the money LOL

7343fd No.270015

File: e06733e9b7b935d⋯.png (104.7 KB, 1363x239, 1363:239, 36.PNG)

File: 456686ca9e8dc3d⋯.png (85.03 KB, 1437x271, 1437:271, 37.PNG)

File: 63b27a12a934878⋯.png (71.76 KB, 1361x216, 1361:216, 38.PNG)

File: d489d0cca690471⋯.png (101.24 KB, 1411x214, 1411:214, 39.PNG)

File: 7eca8d37e62fce7⋯.png (93.12 KB, 1381x240, 1381:240, 40.PNG)

Cuck Norris, Chulhu and Ride go at it. They try to gang up on him.

7343fd No.270016

File: 3a10826019be724⋯.png (69.21 KB, 1385x238, 1385:238, 41.PNG)

File: ea70fbe42510a97⋯.png (114.77 KB, 1403x241, 1403:241, 42.PNG)

File: 82043a41b2f0711⋯.png (84.82 KB, 1395x307, 1395:307, 43.PNG)

File: 2cb01bbd80a8f25⋯.png (77.13 KB, 1432x237, 1432:237, 44.PNG)

File: 4ccdbadb8ddbdbf⋯.png (71.54 KB, 1334x219, 1334:219, 45.PNG)

They continue going at it and Cthulhu tries to sound like a hard ass, threatening to dox users for no reason at all but because of internet asspain because his buddy is gone and to show his girls how much of a hardass he is.

7343fd No.270017

File: ca1f64d3c5e3e6a⋯.png (120.13 KB, 1379x226, 1379:226, 46.PNG)

File: b59c6f031d0e22f⋯.png (104.93 KB, 1317x513, 439:171, 47.PNG)

File: fa427651a2367a5⋯.png (310.15 KB, 1456x887, 1456:887, 48.PNG)

File: f4ce54b8542b143⋯.png (78.44 KB, 1309x220, 119:20, 49.PNG)

File: 4d81d7a5ca747ec⋯.png (80.61 KB, 1337x231, 191:33, 50.PNG)

Some faggot tries to join in the dogpile while Cthulhu continues to embarrass himself.

74e93d No.270018



who the fuck deletes and restores posts as a prank? wtf? can't they use words? on a forum?

7343fd No.270020

File: c17dd0ce6632867⋯.png (92.7 KB, 1428x238, 6:1, 51.PNG)

File: fefa5990bf587a8⋯.png (68.51 KB, 1423x231, 1423:231, 52.PNG)

File: 232f714fc888590⋯.png (96.46 KB, 1418x240, 709:120, 53.PNG)

File: 5e27386d2db141c⋯.png (47.15 KB, 1410x240, 47:8, 54.PNG)

File: b69fc9bb4174b5b⋯.png (155.16 KB, 1378x450, 689:225, 55.PNG)

This guy won't stop. You know those girls were messaging him and telling him how impressed they were.

7343fd No.270021

File: e087fd78ea30b5d⋯.png (110.39 KB, 1421x235, 1421:235, 56.PNG)

File: 39a83d0a2b71400⋯.png (73.93 KB, 1356x217, 1356:217, 57.PNG)

File: dc48d85c911eb21⋯.png (101.11 KB, 1284x200, 321:50, 58.PNG)

File: 508bd2a6068d131⋯.png (164.66 KB, 1430x311, 1430:311, 59.PNG)

File: 70323e1c52d1838⋯.png (153.06 KB, 1384x356, 346:89, 60.PNG)

And it ends

74e93d No.270022

File: 95acec29c1fb898⋯.jpg (94.8 KB, 1184x1200, 74:75, C7fWkGlXUAABl4h.jpg)



whoahoahwhoa wait… wait wait a minute..these KF girls are messaging guys on the forum.. saying they are impressed by their posts? is that a real thing?

686cdd No.270024


These people are pathetic. I've had an account for years on the farms and I've made it a point to avoid getting to know any of those deviants personally and keeping them out of my inbox. It takes a special kind of desperation to look for friends on the farms.

be8eef No.270026


> He paid for my account and helped me out of a financial jam in the past

lol jesus christ what kind of tard tank is this

I remember abandoning my account awhile ago because Null was so erratic and unstable, but even before that it freaked me out how users there were WAY too fucking friendly for what's basically a forum for special ed trolls trolling special ed trolls. Like I mentioned the city I live in (so do 3 million other people) and four people DM'd me to ask if I'd like to meet up IRL. Maybe it's just me but I couldn't imagine ever wanting that. This was when they still had the self-doxxxxing threads and shit.

be8eef No.270027


>This guy won't stop. You know those girls were messaging him and telling him how impressed they were.

I'm sorry but he is clearly "lmaoing." Over and over again "lmaoing." You win internet arguments by getting really mad and then "lmaoing" as if to say, hey, I'm not really mad at all. lmao.

74e93d No.270028



Is that place autism-cupid.com or something? Jesus

be8eef No.270029


Pretty much. I haven't been a member in a few years but there were constant "internet relationship" things going on. Frankly it's the source of most of the drama, even for things that seem unrelated. I always thought Null's bizarre heel turns on certain users had to do with his romantic rivals getting too much e-pussy (almost all of these are pretend internet relationships as far as I can tell. Some users in the same area did meet up, as I said, which is maybe even weirder.)

It's like livejournal's diehards found xenforo and decided to stay emotionally 16 years old.

a8c6d8 No.270030


That's actually a long standing general thread about people getting banned.

57a53b No.270032


>A 299 page thread about getting banned from foxdick Farms.

>299 pages

>getting banned

74e93d No.270033

File: 2a5bdc7939529f9⋯.jpg (15.88 KB, 234x280, 117:140, tooSerious_02.jpg)


>getting revenge on an internet forum because your imaginary RP relationship game is worse than someone elses

97b3e6 No.270046



Funny how everyone you attack happens to be an enemy of or someone who made fun of Cuck. At least you didn't include your name this time.

277f4d No.270051


That discussion from supporters is horrendously sad and depressing. It's like nerds have to treat every interaction like a UN security council meeting.

f1e6d2 No.270052


post caps of biggest chimpouts

captcha:std cum


a8c6d8 No.270055

My plan so far has been a success.

Kind Regards.

-Samuel Collingwood Smith

74e93d No.270056


his plan was autism drama? apparently its as easy as downvoting multiple people.

c411cb No.270060


We're talking about the kind of people who will hold grudges and still sperg about people who got banned years after whatever the hell got them pissed in the first place was resolved.

2f1e2a No.270061


Yeah. Some people seem okay or friendly but then you realize anyone who is a member there is probably a little off. Unfortunately it's not worth the risk to discover if they are actually significantly disturbed.

c483fe No.270064


Tell us about more supporters forum threads. What are the stonecutters up to?

ad21f1 No.270075


Yeah, most of what I've contacted people about on the farms in regards to PMs is small talk and "hey, could you put me into that group message about [cow]?"

Even that is pretty rare. Usually I just write on their profile wall or whatever.

57a53b No.270094

null's chimping in supporters

ef92c1 No.270096


So what else is new?

c411cb No.270097


Any caps?

c78944 No.270189

Null from supporters:

Let me give you my perspective as to why I'm always irritated at people.

This community is only able to exist right now because of its cohesion. That's it. I can't afford the site if it weren't for donations and I couldn't put up with it if the community were less whole. Our servers cost between $10 and $70 a month and I frequently have to switch out different providers and that's why the site randomly crashes. Right now it's really slow because I've moved one of our primary providers into Russia, which I only do if I'm receiving a higher than average complaint volume.

So right now there is something going on. It's been "going on" since December. I have no idea what it is and despite my best efforts to pierce it and figure out who's doing what all I'm sure of is there's a lot of smoke and no fire. I get PMs from people saying X and Y are doing something and then I get messages from Z that A and B are conspiring with X and C to do ____. I single out any of these people and talk to them and it seems like there's no issue at all. Everyone's fine when questions get asked, like fucking Internet drama follows the same rules of quantum physics and observing a particle changes it.

Even after @Todesfurcht ran away, @Cuck Norris insists that @Bitch I Might Be and other "mean girls" are out to get him, and he's becoming more and more consumed by /cow/ drama. Every time I see him in chat he's posting screenshots of shit from /cow/ and posting on /cow/ and as a result more people are shitposting nonsense on /cow/ that gets interpreted literally by idiots that then gets forwarded to me because why not.

People are saying @entropyseekswork has some conspiracy going on to make a splinter forum that preys on the KF and I have no idea who's saying this or why they think that but I'm hearing about it, because why not.

@Rat Speaker gets banned by @Huntin' Slash, one of the few active mods who were staff before I ran the CWCki Forums, for repeatedly violating community infighting rules. I don't think I've ever undone a ban by CompyRex except maybe on @Dynastia, so I trust his judgement on this, because I barely know anything about rat speaker, and why not.

So then I get complaints from @Ntwadumela asking that I undo @Rat Speaker's ban and @DNJACK calls me out for saying I don't give a shit about any of this because apparently it's my fault somehow or I'm supposed to know or care about what's going on, because why not.

I've not been around as much the last two weeks because I'm completely drained. I don't have any interest in any of the current lolcows and the community itself is nippy and unpleasant. Everyone's building little teams and there's a fucking lingering miasma of interpersonal problems that I have no idea how to pierce or resolve. Our website is 13,000 members strong. The number of people involved in this is less than a dozen. The wheel in the sky would keep on turning without them but I've remained optimistic that this shit would just stop at some point and it's not stopping. It's all happening somewhere else, in private discords and in private channels that are completely offsite and even the people who are concerned don't know what the fuck is going on anymore.

c78944 No.270197


My thoughts on this are that it exposes null for the idiot he is. He says "the community is only able to exist right now because of its cohesion" then he says "Everyone's building little teams and there's a fucking lingering miasma of interpersonal problems that I have no idea how to pierce or resolve"

I just have to ask, if you build your site up with thousands of people with such disparate interests what in the fuck did you think would happen? Especially considering the one thing they have in common is they are all abnormal.

He also wants to control everything about everyone's interactions. He is mad people talk offsite and made about possible splinter forums. If people think that they can carry strong conversation elsewhere, why is this a fucking problem? The board is for lolcow discussion and he should not feel impacted if there are multiple boards for it. There is no competition except for in his mind.

Also, he feels the need to move his servers around the world. IF it i that bad, sort your site out.

130a08 No.270213


Tbh people should archive all of Supporters and Moderators and post it here so we could look through it for lulz over the years.

be8eef No.270214



I hope someone preserves it. Gathering together all of these broken people on the same site and seeing what happens is the kind of experiment they usually limit to rats, because it's too cruel to do to humans. KF is like a 21st century Universe 25:


f1e6d2 No.270216


It's mostly shitposts.


Joshie wants to have his cake while he eats it. A general forum that shares interests… while also being a trolling forum.

The problem is that when they have nobody coming to take any bait at the farms (be it your TJs or your Marjuns) then they'll turn on each other.

de2583 No.270225

One thing I have noticed is that it seems like no one on foxdickfarms tried asking rat speaker what he wanted

2fc346 No.270233


He probably knows exactly what the problem is, the mods and paying members are batshit crazy autists who probably forgot to take their meds that day.

But he can't ban them because:

1. They are some of the primary cocks finders on the site

2. They are likely paying members

3. They will have an autistic freakout and try to get revenge if they do get banned

Null has merely become the gatekeeper for the Sanitarium, but he doesn't want to admit he's surrounded by the very same types of people he covers.

f1e6d2 No.270235


He IS the kind of person he covers. He'd have his own thread if he didnt run the site.

Hell, didn't he used to have his own thread but deleted it because I mean, come on?

130a08 No.270236



>>Give me money so I can make foxdick Farms my full time job,

>>I've not been around as much the last two weeks because I'm completely drained. I don't have any interest in any of the current lolcows and the community itself is nippy and unpleasant.

2fc346 No.270242

File: b37632e0c12a67e⋯.gif (20.33 KB, 395x397, 395:397, homer-drool.gif)


>kf implodes due to autistic drama

>members start doxxxxing each other, Null releases every major members private messages

>julay mixed with salt all over the floor

f1e6d2 No.270243

ae4457 No.270254

File: b9ad0363d426b68⋯.png (96.23 KB, 1417x294, 1417:294, GOTIS.PNG)

File: 70639f7c7340b6a⋯.png (26.78 KB, 836x251, 836:251, Betas.PNG)

You can tell who the beta orbiters are on foxdick Farms by looking at the ratings. Literally every rating is given based on how a user feels about another. These are entropyseeksworks pantysniffers.

c411cb No.270259


I'm not surprised that Alan Pardew is among that group. It gets lonely editing the CWCki.

c411cb No.270260


They would only get that if you basically told them that KF was a secret Vault-Tec experiment to see how a society composed entirely of autistic people would function.

bd6682 No.270265

File: 0f5a35125fadbca⋯.jpg (146.74 KB, 970x1200, 97:120, C-CZCPiWAAEM1A9.jpg)

I like how the foxdickfarms thread on /cow/ died in the ass when they ran out of shit to misrepresent to make themselves not look like Mean Girls : Autism Edition.

a75f7f No.270293


jesus, what did that cuck norris guy do to get everyone so pissed off

3f0ca3 No.270295


He was a thirsty faggot who crept into the inbox of every woman on the site and some of them were stupid enough to give him nudes.

49e8f7 No.270318


>He was a thirsty faggot who crept into the inbox of every woman on the site and some of them were stupid enough to give him nudes.

sounds like a chad to me, whats he doing on foxdick?

be8eef No.270320

File: f653bbdeb452955⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 51qlorTZ.jpg)


> thread died

> in the ass

> when they ran out of shit

> to misrepresent

> to not look like Mean Girls

> Autism edition

a9bfcf No.270352


that's all?

d234e0 No.270355


They like to leave out the part where they tried and failed to have him banned because they had no evidence to back up their accusations. When that failed they settled for attempting to ruin his reputation by spreading as a rumor the same thing they claimed to try and have him banned.

53d6ee No.270357


hi cuck norris

b8fee2 No.270362


This is always why it's a good idea to delete your private messages.

686cdd No.270363


Also supposedly cuck had the foresight to save all the info on members he picked up along the way and compile a dossier of sorts on all the personal info he has on members. He's used this as a bargaining chip and as gay and retarded he might be, it's a great plan. Personally I hope they do ban him so he'll drop what he has on all these retarded women who feel for his bullshit.

09f0f4 No.270366

File: 216045ce6aa21f2⋯.png (77.49 KB, 548x560, 137:140, Josh1.PNG)

File: 6f511aacc4f583c⋯.png (126.76 KB, 547x577, 547:577, ThirstyJosh2.PNG)

File: 45f28d394698fd5⋯.png (71.24 KB, 541x461, 541:461, ThirstyJosh.PNG)

Josh is suicidal and thirsty

b8fee2 No.270373


Sounds like some player haters on that site

b8fee2 No.270375


>ruin his reputation

As a anonymous shitposter

8610a5 No.270380


He's in the home stretch now. At this rate, Josh will reach rock bottom in no time.

130a08 No.270398


I'm honestly having a hard time thinking of a way for Josh to go sink any lower in life than he is now, but I've said the same about Chris Chan and he always manages to surprise.

f1e6d2 No.270400


Well, he still has his forum…

dd8f10 No.270426


This gets said in every Null thread.

I get that people legit hate the guy but maybe we could stop freaking out every time his mood changes.

f1e6d2 No.270439


His community really isn't in it's best shape, he has few places to fall back on and unless he can find some way to either monotize his forum reliably or make money some other way then it really wont be long now

b064f3 No.270443


The community has been shit since Champthom was running it as CWCki Forums. Granted, it wasn't this bad, but still.

Josh and foxdick aren't going anywhere. If they do, we get swamped with their rapefugees and their drama. So, if anything, it's in our best interest to have KF exist.

e27f59 No.270450


>If they do, we get swamped with their rapefugees and their drama. So, if anything, it's in our best interest to have KF exist.

I doubt. Most of the registered members don't seem to post, and those that do only follow a handful of people. When KF went down ED wasn't really swarmed. Most people I think would splinter off or just let go. Most of drama comes from PMs and ratings regardless.

16ac64 No.270453


Null is in free fall towards rock bottom since he had a bitchfit and sperged out over not getting his braindrugs and not getting his Image Board software to work what was available. He has always been chaos in ever since. I don't know whether he will be there soon or take a little longer. Building a career around watching spastics on the internet is wrecking his life and it looks like he won't keep up for long. Let's also not forget, that foxdicks is a magnet for cyber attacks, bogus reports and smear campaigns, because frankly, some of the freaks discussed there are evil.

04f9a8 No.270509



Protip: he's joking dramatic because Dogecoin is going TO THE MOON

3eab03 No.270554

They are so not mad they are watching and making caps of this thread.


We'd better be careful.

f1e6d2 No.270557


stop selfposting thnx

3f0ca3 No.270589


Oh leave them be, they're just excited to be relevant.

cf2a36 No.270592

Can you fags keep your sperging to the null thread and talk about your least favorite foxdicks to stir up drama?

558708 No.270595



Josh has learned (for the most part) that trying to defend himself here is pointless. Random foxdick #6089 however, doesn't know this.

There's a few things you'll want to keep in mind if you want maximum salt.

#1: Cover someone who is currently posting on the site or got banned recently. If only because there will be fresh cocks and people will care enough to talk about it.

#2: They should be/should've been heavily involved in site drama. Those kinds of people monitor threads like this and one might just want to defend themselves.

#3: Shit involving relationships on that site are gold. Cucking, nudes being traded, things like that are funny as hell when you throw in a ton of autism.

Obviously, do whatever you want, but those things will get you good cocks.

558708 No.270596

And another thing: Post pastebins or caps of these things happening. Otherwise, we'll think you're full of shit.

cf2a36 No.270597


Yes, also post said nudes. foxdick has been around for almost five years and the only nude I've seen is King of Mangas dick. Sad!

bd6682 No.270623


lol they banned Brando again, what did he do this time?

f1e6d2 No.270670

dc9473 No.270675


He's too autistic for foxdick farms.

cf2a36 No.270680


he routinely posts photos of scantly clad children because he's a legit pedophile

9527cb No.270682

File: e6a693bdb78cebc⋯.png (97.04 KB, 643x519, 643:519, grooming5.PNG)

File: d92ea9ef85c85fa⋯.png (109.16 KB, 638x563, 638:563, grooming4.PNG)

File: b991b51f94de1c6⋯.png (102.24 KB, 643x550, 643:550, grooming3.PNG)

File: 30aac48778c57a4⋯.png (95.75 KB, 641x519, 641:519, grooming2.PNG)

File: 42013cace5fa60e⋯.png (95.45 KB, 640x543, 640:543, grooming1.PNG)


Going after children is becoming a common theme on foxdick farms. They got one user over there who is obsessed with a 15 year old who got banned for being underage. The user has collected a bunch of pictures and media from the little girl. This is from chat.

The user Ninja_Warrior, got into a relationship with the 15 year old girl, and is now claiming that the girl is in love and obsessed with her, but Ninja_Warrior is the one who has been collecting pictures of her.

9527cb No.270683

File: 52b919efe2088fe⋯.png (109.92 KB, 647x539, 647:539, grooming9.PNG)

File: 1a8ec98a3e49a08⋯.png (115.35 KB, 644x572, 161:143, grooming8.PNG)

File: 694551b228eaf47⋯.png (95.45 KB, 643x547, 643:547, grooming7.PNG)

File: d5334d9d514b820⋯.png (95.98 KB, 643x558, 643:558, grooming6.PNG)

Here you see Ninja offering to post "sexy" pictures of a 15 year old in chat.

94b553 No.270696


good good

let the cocks flow. embrace the cocks

still waiting on nudes of BIMB (though I heard she's fat), entropy and others

de2583 No.270697

>>270696 entropy's a dude, haven't you seen the dickpics he posted?

f0a6a7 No.270704

Null should hook up with Meowthkip. Their a match made in ebin ween trollin heavan.

3eab03 No.270711

File: 2bab09d7ed20ed1⋯.png (19.96 KB, 658x344, 329:172, foxdciks.png)




I thikn he got banned for this the first time?

Doesn't make sense why only that guy was banned, I'm sure I've heard heaps of people being pedo-y on KF including null.

f1e6d2 No.270712


Why do you think he made her a mod?

32678b No.270713


thirst, the same reason most of the girls are mods.

79955e No.270728

File: b850d58312853f7⋯.jpg (40.05 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, IMG_1428.JPG)


Pic related really ought to be foxdick's slogan.

f1e6d2 No.270749


also "girls"

76194d No.270776

File: 8976fed683d51d9⋯.jpg (12.82 KB, 354x360, 59:60, tittering_strumpets.jpg)


>AIDS Kane

>being capable of cucking anyone

>m-muh TRS!

Go home, Davis.

2fc346 No.270822




actually Null should make all the girls mods and get rid of the guys. Those thirsty fucks will accept any decision handed down from the girls, and there will be no more drama, except who gets to suck on a girl mods clit dick first.

de2583 No.270936

>>270822 give the good boys titty pics, and the bad ones pics of null's micro peepee

f1e6d2 No.270973


what about trannies? katsus still an admin despite not being offically an admin.

776ef8 No.270997


Now that's…not a bad idea, actually.


Trannies count. Jesus, there can't be that many cis women into this shit, can there?

e1e734 No.271066

Wow keep the salt coming, especially with your borind tired cliches like "all foxdicks are trannies".

Whatever you say, at least /cow/ isn't a hugbox - we at foxdick are like a steel coffin wrapped with a barbed wire inside, if you can't deal with being there, man up or die with your pathetic wounds.

e1e734 No.271067

Wow keep the salt coming, especially with your boring tired cliches like "all foxdicks are trannies".

Whatever you say, at least /cow/ isn't a hugbox - we at foxdick are like a steel coffin wrapped with a barbed wire inside, if you can't deal with being there, man up or die with your pathetic wounds.

bb5904 No.271068

Wow keep the salt coming, especially with your boring tired cliches like "all foxdicks are trannies".

Whatever you say, at least /cow/ isn't a hugbox - we at foxdick are a steel coffin wrapped with a barbed wire inside, if you can't deal with being there, man up or die with your pathetic wounds.

8737c1 No.271070




wew, some cuck from britbongs discord trying to bump irrelevant threads up. Sad!

977914 No.271072


>blaming britbong when it's clearly donny long trying to start shit again

280a1c No.271086

File: 45416b5632618bc⋯.gif (2.8 MB, 480x360, 4:3, giphy.gif)


>if you can't deal with being there

I thought that they couldn't deal being here. Without their avatars and upvotes and orbiters, they are just another nobody.

And I don't think the foxdickers like thinking of themselves that way.

2a31cc No.271159


My main issue is that KF doesn't have an anti-doxing rule. They're more than willing to host dox.

c411cb No.271160


You'd think that would've bit them really hard in the ass by now, but it hasn't.

For all the things people say they'd do to Josh or KF, nothing has really happened aside from weens harassing a real estate agency to get his Mom fired.

This effort by Vordrak and his group of titanically autistic cadre to destroy Josh and KF for good has shown that the kind of effort necessary to take down a website is nowhere near worth the effort put in to do so.

130a08 No.271163


He's an autistic pedophile? Kind of hypocritical for Null to ban him then.

130a08 No.271164

a9acc0 No.271196



Lol, you really want to have sex with Entropy and Crickets, don't you? Weirdoooooooo

a9acc0 No.271197


Anonymous - uses the word faggot WAYYYY too much. Has a limited vocabulary, and failed gym class in middle school.

a9acc0 No.271198


this still describes this entire thread honestly

977914 No.271221


describes every foxdick thread

81cc89 No.271229


Don't forget that weird sperg who goes on and on about Jim.

0ea35d No.271308

File: 866f45c6a2a2293⋯.jpg (66.44 KB, 481x720, 481:720, 7sjT1.jpg)

Marvin/Canine to the left.

It was supposed to be another date where the pickleguy would steal Chris' date, but chris never showed up.

0ea35d No.271309

File: 5adab4d07da1192⋯.jpg (970.91 KB, 1520x2688, 95:168, 8SflgVE.jpg)


0ea35d No.271310

File: 2645ee1ddfb42d3⋯.jpg (44.04 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 12417637_1879717925587986_….jpg)

Also katsu

0ea35d No.271312

File: a52b1495176f370⋯.jpg (213.84 KB, 720x1277, 720:1277, qOTFpT7.jpg)

Marvin at a Con

0ea35d No.271313

File: 3be264200e88c17⋯.jpg (77.18 KB, 459x2232, 51:248, u4Z1FrK.jpg)

another katsu

8610a5 No.271314



Reminder that Joshua Connor Moon wants to fuck this thing.

e96f71 No.271318


please stop taking all the bait

7cd930 No.271328



ps: Its not gay if its a feminine benis! :DDDDDD

e96f71 No.271330


Not your boogeyman.

f1e6d2 No.271367


Andrew Noel Schaefer, go back to trolling girls.

00e30c No.271375



dd8f10 No.271390



ad21f1 No.271396

Why does AnOminous hate trannies so much?

bc6a14 No.271401


Could be one of two things:

1. Most likely option: He's A-Logging trannies because he wants to be part of the Kool foxdicks Klub.

2. Funniest Option: AnOnimous brought someone home with him and just when he thinks that he'll finally get some, he gets an unwelcome surprise.

373543 No.271414

Looks like foxdick farms is down again for like the the millionth time.

a0eecb No.271421

File: 0ff6df163275dd5⋯.png (402.28 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, thedude.png)

o fug I found it


If anybody has the rest, I'll suck you're benis.

a0eecb No.271422

https://foxdickfarms.netPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDs/shadow-of-the-dead-my-zombie-apocalypse-story.4179/

Looks like somebody reposted it on cwckiforums.

ad21f1 No.271423


The hell is this?

321769 No.271425


Outsider art by some foxdick.

a0eecb No.271426

558708 No.271427


Who ever did this screencap didn't do a good job. Apparently, Allred is a Mormon name instead of a name from (((another culture))).

dd8f10 No.271433


No it isn't.

58c69a No.271440


A+ job on the name masking. kek

b8644b No.271463


While I appreciate you acknowledging that the Josh threads are just KF meta generals, I don't care about KF spergs. The only one who does are other forumfags. As demonstrated by this very thread, where there's only self posting.

If there wasn't such obvious self posting it'd just be 95% KF spergs who know how to make self posting non obvious.

130a08 No.271485


Lol wut

8610a5 No.271496


Nope just another anon who enjoys getting a rise out of your trainwreck of a forum owner. You foxdicks are even more paranoid than wizchan sometimes.

afc895 No.271498


He's referencing me, "the sperg who goes on and on about Jim", despite the fact that I don't post in these threads.

He's talking about my shitposting in the Josh threads, despite the fact that I don't post in KF threads, so he's basically admitting that the Josh threads are nothing more than thinly veiled KF meta threads.

And this thread is just KF fags wanting attention, or bitching about another namefag they don't like.

I don't know what's so hard to understand about my post, are you retarded?

afc895 No.271499



Nevermind, I figured out why you're a drooling moron, you're a (former) foxdick fag:


>The Farms went to shit…

c8660e No.271526


No, it's because you write incoherently and lack theory of mind.

c8660e No.271527


So are you. You were never able to prove us wrong about that.

dd8f10 No.271528


>prove that you aren't something

oh boy that's a good one

271612 No.271537

File: 781c98fdeae22fb⋯.jpg (68.98 KB, 334x450, 167:225, hitler-was-right.jpg)


Are all the members of foxdickFarms look like the most stereotypical weeb/fedora/legbeard/non passing tranny you can think of?

God no wonder they have this deluded superiority complex and are thirsty as motherfuckers, they all look disgusting.

e4a431 No.271538




There's nothing incoherent about that post, champ, unless you are unable to follow the imageboard format, and realize that I was responding to another poster in the first place, and this conversation had nothing to do with you.

Fuck off back to foxdicki, forumfag.

c8660e No.271544


See, now you know one reason why no one bothers to try to "prove you wrong."

c8660e No.271550


>>Fucks up imageboard posting

>>Claims it's everyone else that's doing it wrong.

Gtfo noob!

32c6a0 No.271555


Idiot can't even mask himself properly.

e27f59 No.271599


It was the other party doing the masking.

5bf568 No.271602


>Gtfo noob!

You really need to go back to your shitty forum, forumfag. You're only embarassing yourself.

88b6e8 No.271604


Writing autistic bullshit and calling other people autistic for not understanding it won't make you right. It makes apparent where you came from, however.

a7ebc6 No.271611


Nah, the retard just had to bring me up despite the fact that I don't post in this thread. I'll gladly take the time to point out the fact that this board is populated by forumfags in denial, though.

>where you came from


I get that it makes people like you angry when I call out the fact that forumfags are cancerous cockroaches, but that doesn't mean you get to apply that label to me.

And further, the thing with Josh/Jim is that I lay out the facts. The idea that you can't prove me wrong is to get it through your thick as fuck skull that you have no facts, and I do.

So, feel free to prove me wrong.

a7de9e No.271612


Old story, but it's amusing how Vordrak's stupid crusade got picked up by some British tabloid.

dd8f10 No.271627

Isn't it odd how whenever a foxdick thread pops up, nine times out of ten nothing of note is actually happening over there?

280a1c No.271629


of course they are going to try and avoid leaking pm's and member/mod forum stuff, everybody would know who it is as soon as they posted it here.

They've got their autistic rep to protect don't ya know. They aren't full of drama, interboard politics and asslicking like any other forum.

99a6a9 No.271631


>So, feel free to prove me wrong.


a7de9e No.271632


It's because Null doesn't really chimp out much anymore. At least not in a place where people would screencap it. Plus, to give Josh credit, he hasn't gone full retard in regards to site drama in quite some time.

Still, you'd think that people would at least try to leak more shit. A hive of atsimu like foxdick has to have someone who would be considered amusing to us. If someone like Null is running a place like that, you'd think the people that frequent that site would be even more embarassing.

I would try to get things out of Supporters. Its a safe space behind a paywall and it's full of spergs. Should be fun.

f1e6d2 No.271635


There's seldom any real drama worth leaking from there. Mostly shitposting. Any drama that's happening with Null is happening in secret.

99a6a9 No.271641


Null has confined his most recent chimpouts to Supporters and maybe the mod forum. The only one who might leak from the latter would be fired/retired mods, or MAYBE one of the current staff that's been around a while and wasn't hired by Null.

As far as cocks on other foxdicks in Supporters, they deleted the shit talking threads where the funniest drama occured.

In general foxdicks have wised up about other sites on the web harvesting them for lolz.

de2583 No.271646


>Hiring staff

This guy can't even pay his rent by himself. Plus he claims to do everything for the site. Maybe he can fix the godawful layout of the site

686cdd No.271664

File: 910d8cc41dbefbb⋯.jpg (4.72 KB, 290x274, 145:137, FB_IMG_1495592340784.jpg)


>foxdicks have wised up

dd8f10 No.271686


No one gets paid to be staff on foxdick. That would be dumb.

cea8c9 No.271766


It also doesn't help that KF keeps getting kicked out of every country. Can't be cheap having to host the site in a different country every other week.

I wonder what the long-term goal is for Null and the foxdickfarms? This can't last forever lol

fc1331 No.272065


I lurk on the farms and quite a few of the posters admit coming from places like SA, Metafilter or Slashdot where this kind of snarkastic "enlightened centrist" shit was cultivated and eventually spread to reddit. No wonder the KF community comes off as cancerous.

ee585d No.272528

Everyone who posts on foxdick Farm is a liberal transy who hate brilliant neoreactionary genius writers like Hendrik Verbraeken! They must all be kill!

c94d18 No.273768

File: bb62e3978685aae⋯.jpg (10.86 KB, 276x213, 92:71, CevY_xwXIAA4NZd.jpg)


Oh now I get it. They think they are this guy. No wonder they oddly go out of their way to pester people who care about something, anything. They tend to view people like that as spergs or autists.

I've read a whole bunch of cocks topic threads with people approaching objectively though, only to see how quick the liberal and libertarian sirens start going.

When it comes down to it, they are just indie-reddit I guess.

2000f6 No.273900



Hendrick, stop socking to whiteknight yourself you autistic sperg. Nobody in Neoreaction even likes you.

3f25a9 No.275657



Its a fucking trolling forum. Its not some debate/discussion forum or general hangout forum. Its a fucking troll forum.

They have zero pretensions of being anything grander than being a bunch of trolls.

The fuck were you expecting?!

Go to sufficient velocity if you want some asspattery.

26ec1e No.279871

7943e0 No.281309

Freedom of speech only applies to foxdick Farms when it's conveinent for them. Sure you can speak your mind there, but if they don't agree with you on it, odds are you'll either get banned, or they all dogpile on you in typical hive mindset fashion.

They're just a bunch of spergs who have probably all been bullied by the "cool kids" when they were in high school, so now it's like thye set up their own "cool kids" club, and act basically just like immature high schoolers that pick on the "weirdos" when in reality, they're a bunch of closeted "weirdos" themselves. Well, according to recent events, the future of foxdick farms looks bleak so it looks like they might lose their little hive once again. lol

Speaking of which, yawning_sneasel is a troll-sheilding furfag with a diaper fetish who thirsts after trannies who would most likely not have any interests in sucking his dick, especially if he shits himself in those diapers.

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