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File: 7d41b4f16b37b23⋯.jpg (44.61 KB, 500x751, 500:751, may_23_wenn1304430.jpg)

3bedd5 No.272938

According to latest reports, Donny has given up on hoverhanding women and is ready to give his child bride and brown tranny away so he can focus on becoming the king of sloppy head.

fd2f6b No.272957


Donny is making his tranny mail order bride fight his battles now. He should've gotten those yellow teeth fixed before he made her make these videos.

ebed1e No.272999


231146 No.273010


>implying Don isn't a lolcow

Hello Heather Deep

95430f No.273012

check the catalog

3bedd5 No.273015


Heather only whiteknights for donny when he threatens to beat her,

221636 No.273022

File: 1bbce4c032de5c0⋯.jpeg (127.65 KB, 632x921, 632:921, image.jpeg)


A broken woman using broken English to defend a insane HIV carrier.

582297 No.273023


I'm pretty sure the mods deleted the last spergfight.

fd3491 No.273043

File: 527e8150708c271⋯.png (80.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20170616-114031.png)

Just wait for it, Donny will be back as soon as he figures out how change his IP.

fd3491 No.273044

Hate to doublepost but lol donny is being sued by Null's aunt for two million dollars. Even if he does live in a third world shit hole this means he can never come home and if his parents leave him any inheritance it will be instantly gobbled up by Null's aunt.


fd3491 No.273053

Can we just ban donny and leave the thread up?

7f78ff No.273100

89d9e6 No.273164

File: 70a8c357c444f76⋯.png (66.26 KB, 1868x706, 934:353, ticktock.png)

Donny's attacking Samuel Smith now.

89d9e6 No.273165


Sam Smith probably started the thread out of spite for donny long.

89d9e6 No.273166

File: 28d4712eb43c4de⋯.png (82.13 KB, 1876x438, 938:219, leak.png)


wait fuck wrong image

3bedd5 No.273197

Did Donny get his foxdick thread baleeted? Did Null cave to Donny's inanity? This and the latest sports updates, tonight at 10.

f8a39b No.273204


It was a community decision. We decided it was completely inappropriate to have a horrible thread on a completely straight heterosexual male porn god like Donny Long.

3bedd5 No.273205

File: 78d552920629059⋯.png (268.07 KB, 720x1238, 360:619, 20170617_194009.png)


Actually it wasn't you lying faggot. Josh is either doing it because his aunt begged him to leave him be and to quit agitating him or because he's leaking info on Vordrak and it benefits him.

3bedd5 No.273206


He also took down the thread on Eddie Dzial does that mean he is a completely straight heterosexual male porn god too?

f8a39b No.273207


Quit lying you homosexual!

https://foxdickfarms.netPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDs/eddie-dzial-edward-bernard-przydzial-poser-exposer-lawson-j-denning.20374/page-81#post-2352660

3bedd5 No.273208


Silly faggot, Donny's thread will last forever. Every single page of that thread is archived.


f8a39b No.273210


>Silly faggot, Donny's thread will last forever. Every single page of that thread is archived.

I am no more homosexual than heterosexual straight porn god Donny Long. That makes me at least the second most heterosexual man on the planet.

3bedd5 No.273212


If you and Donny Long are the most straight guys in the world that actually means you're tied for first place and there is no single man who is the most straight. Also, this link says he isn't straight and I believe it.











3bedd5 No.273241

Donald Carlos Seoane

3bedd5 No.273243

3bedd5 No.273244

f8a39b No.273248


That's really fucking impressive. Nobody knew that archive site existed before you stupid faggot.

3bedd5 No.273249


Well obviously Donald Carlos Seoane didn't. He was too busy smoking meth and fucking a tranny.

f33815 No.273474





Lol I guess you've been too fucking retarded to figure out who owns 8ch.net, haven't you Donald Carlos Seoane, aka generossisback@gmail.com, aka Candice?

c22e5a No.273480

File: cb581311150b554⋯.png (115.89 KB, 1333x766, 1333:766, Untitled.png)

This just in, Donny Long wants Sam Smith to dress up like a ballerina for him on Skype to feed his sick faggot fantasies.

fc1b35 No.273495


3bedd5 No.273522


This is true, this entire Donny Long shitstorm comes from the fact that Donny Long and Eddie Dzial were in a gay relationship for years and had a very bad backup. If Eddie weren't so scorned, Donny's thread on foxdick farms would have been buried a long time ago in the last page of the lolcow sub forum.

3bedd5 No.273786

File: 0563080c62e1db7⋯.jpeg (654.47 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, LetterPolice19062017.jpeg)


Vordy is now claiming he invited the cops over to his house to look at his emails and verify that Donny Long was forging the emails he's leaking online. Can anyone from the UK confirm or deny if the police would even bother with some faggot bullshit like this?

c22e5a No.273842

File: 6a1184ecdf47f6a⋯.png (24.36 KB, 888x353, 888:353, Capture.PNG)

donny long fucked up and admitted he is gene ross and all i had to do was pretend to be answering a non-existent craigslist ad.

231146 No.273902


Not a britbong but I'm fairly certain the police don't just come over for a nice cuppa tea when invited. They'd probably like to seize his emails as evidence.

3bedd5 No.273905


What I figured. If they had an active investigation on him at the very least they would seize his electronic devices.

91e715 No.273947


I don't know about going to his house but they are looking into things like him calling in threats to a school and some other crimes. Going to be some really funny shit coming out in a few weeks.

f4bc96 No.273979








Post last edited at

171b96 No.274830

Bizarrely, according to Vordrak, Melissa Sanford just dismissed her case against Long, without prejudice. He says no other Defendants have been identified. He has removed the posts naming Long saying there is now no evidence -


ba9cef No.274864

File: 10ea50f9ad4ebba⋯.png (391.54 KB, 1194x610, 597:305, archived.png)


Nice damage control, buddy, but it's too late. Everything's been archived.


ba9cef No.274867

File: 15b9e517981f464⋯.png (34.96 KB, 1014x308, 507:154, Donny_Long_HIV.png)


Better go buy that tootoo, fatboy.


3cdb27 No.274868


I think Vordrak just took the shit down because Donny is a whack job and if Melissa is no longer suing him there is no point to poking the lunatic.

ba9cef No.274913


Donny won't give up that easily. Sam kicked the bull, now he gets the horns.

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