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c4d37e  No.275980



A reminder that this guy hates Ed, Edd n Eddy and Regular Show and won't stop talking about Teen Titans Go

2bd468  No.275984

What's with the overabundance of cartoon spergs on the internet lately?

53735f  No.275987


There seems to be some sort of 'Cartoon Fandom' that's risen thanks to Tumblr and other shitty sites. Imagine Bronies, but instead of watching one gay show, they like many gay shows.

30f36e  No.276024


and completely lose their shit over others most notably Johnny Test and TTG!

650252  No.276028

This dude hating EEnE is what makes me rarely watch his videos. I'm an aspie myself, and I like animation both old and modern. I disliked his Swedish animation video a ton. I mean, you basically tore apart the dude that made one of the best animated music videos of all time.

9c964c  No.276039

>Salty over a show aimed at toddlers (Peppa Pig)

>Hates TTG! but loves Invader Zim

>Hates Oggy and the Cockroaches and Space Goofs

>Thinks Archibald the Koala and The Koala Brothers are Australian cartoons (probably only because they star Australian animals)

650252  No.276042

Hating TTG is basically kicking a dead horse. It makes people that say Dark Side of the Moon is the only good Floyd album look sane.

ecc83b  No.276043

File: 74ab03958faf67a⋯.jpg (32.86 KB, 720x667, 720:667, 2B thinking.jpg)

Why are cartoon reviewers always somewhere on the 'tism scale? The only likable cartoon reviewer is Rebeltaxi and even he's somewhere on the 'tism scale.

400460  No.276044


>Why are cartoon reviewers always somewhere on the 'tism scale?

Because a neurotypical has more important things to worry about than cartoons like the mortgage and their career.

9c964c  No.276047

53735f  No.276079

File: 60c96a39652605a⋯.jpg (75.51 KB, 574x340, 287:170, Oh sweet Jesus, not the si….jpg)


>there are people who actually think Dark Side of the Moon is the only good Pink Floyd album

9c964c  No.276081


Only because its cover is well known


This has transcripts for many of his vids

be3d16  No.276083


>Steven Universe:

A cartoon that most episodes don't explain jack shit and only inserts tumblr's propaganda


Including the Mary Sue version, enough said.

>South Park:

(((Comedy Central's))) own Simpsons


A failed version of the Simpsons.


Oh joy! Not only a lazy choice, but obviously he's ignoring how the show went downhill, he will make a fucking video about Simpsons episodes predicting every fucking thing.

>Gravity Falls:

Never caught my attention, but the creator quit producing it, because he must prove anyone at twitter that he's always right and you're a conservative dipshit.

>Invader Zim:


>Star vs.:

Cuckolding and stupid shipping shit, and yet /co/cksuckers still get a hard on over it.

>Looney fucking Tunes:

Couldn't he pick Disney instead? He chooses every cartoon known in human kind. What about Bakshi? What about cartoons that introduced experiments and innovation? How about he watches something challenging?


>>Hates Oggy and the Cockroaches and Space Goofs

Shit taste confirmed.

9c964c  No.276085


I think the sole reason why he made Looney Tunes number 1 was to say "see, I'm totally not a sheep for the networks"

>Thinks The Brady Bunch is the third worst sitcom of all time

>Thinks Gumby, Daria, Tiny Toons and Anamaniacs are "forgotten"

>Considers Breadwinners and Fanboy and Chum Chum cartoons aimed at young children (like Peppa Pig and Dora)

>None of his top Disney channel cartoons are from earlier than 2001

872608  No.276096

File: 14126a6bd76c6c5⋯.jpg (700.3 KB, 1000x832, 125:104, thesisters.jpg)


Invader Zim is such garbage.

You take Vasquez's work, remove all substance, water the edge down to a point where it comes off as Shadow the Hedgehog rather than Dylan Klebold and dumb the comedy down so a child can understand it.

JtHM had a lot of "LuL So RaDuMb" type of shit as well, but it was only because the main character was fucking insane, nobody else acted like that other than him.

Vasquez is a really good artist, just look at pic related. It saddens me he's only known for a shitty kid's show he doesn't even seem to like.

975ab4  No.276099


>liking that faggot

975ab4  No.276100


You yourself have shit taste, though Oggy is shit.

2bd468  No.276108



>Not autistic

846282  No.276152







>hiding things in autistic acronyms nobody understands

>he's a really good artist here's this really shitty edgy looking fanart of bioshock 2 that's pretending to have a fisheye lense effect but really just looks like he doesn't know how to draw for shit

He's garbage.

087ccd  No.276154


>>Thinks Gumby, Daria, Tiny Toons and Animaniacs are "forgotten"

Really? Ignoring the fact that some networks use them as fillers.

>>None of his top Disney channel cartoons are from earlier than 2001

The guy looks on his 30s and probably watches the modern ones 'cause they remind him of "the golden era of cartoons"


How's the feel that a french Tom & Jerry ripoff does better than the original? Now expect a Tom & Jerry/Mel Brooks crossover.


I mean, how about he watches something else besides cartoons?

975ab4  No.276177


He said he was autistic.

975ab4  No.276179


Whoops, I thought Oggy was whatever the name of that one with the blue microscopic guy.

Also, are you French?

9c964c  No.276183


>Tom & Jerry ripoff

It's more Tex Avery Ripoff

872608  No.276340



>autistic acronyms

It stands for Johnny the Homidical Manic, you could learn that if you spent two seconds Googling it instead of being a whiny bitch.

b703ce  No.277215

Speaking of cartoons, can anyone recommend me one that's more… "challenging"?

846282  No.277217


>google some retarded acronym and hope it returns JUST the result the faggot that used the acronym because he's too lazy to hit keys and type the whole thing out

fbe0ac  No.277218


Dexter's Oddysey

ecc83b  No.277222

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The thing about Rebeltaxi is that he's aware of how fucked he is. Just don't watch his podcasts.

6f30e2  No.277241

>This manchildren doesn't share my refined palette for kids' cartoons. Help me make fun of him to distract from the fact that I'm over 18 and taking cartoons seriously.

Think the problem might be you.

400460  No.277284


Only good episode of Regular Show was the super robot homage episode. Otherwise, it was just hipster bait.

2ec9c1  No.277288

>Mass oversaturation of generic cartoon reviewers on YouTube so here we are again with another generic fag

>reliance upon click bait titles

>lacks any form of discernible substance in cocks rather instead just offering criticism's that are just reiterated low hanging fruit

This guy's not a lol cow, just an expandable mass that should be bereft of monetary aid that gives support to this wasteful lifestyle.

6fa5b9  No.277291

File: 442237158c64368⋯.jpg (87.3 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1500870981810.jpg)

I don't even know why western craptoons are allowed on Imageboards, weren't they originally intended for Anime?

a6984d  No.277292

File: 3d312cf519471be⋯.png (898.58 KB, 680x697, 40:41, 3a3.png)


It's because most of the current anime is pure moefag shit.

afbb8c  No.277293


The anime boom was 15+ years ago, the MLP fandom has been dead horse for awhile, so now they need new autism fuel. And quirky Calarts cartoons provide that

6fa5b9  No.277298


Cartoon autists are the new furries, and the evolution of bronies you can't deny Imageboards existed in the first place to discuss Anime. They are ruining the chanculture.

a6984d  No.277301


That considering that anime and cartoons are the same shit for the same autistic manchild.

846282  No.277387


>moot created halfchan for muh jap cartoons

>therefore every single imageboard ever is gooktoons



They are the same, both are cartoons.

b703ce  No.278564



I said literal cartoons, not fanfiction.

5bf7be  No.278652


Nope, but my country aired a plenty of Xilam cartoons.


You're gonna' love his brand new show greenlighted by TBS

3af2ad  No.278691


Why exactly was the original Avatar show shit? It did fuck up with the ending and multiple Deus ex Machinas, but what else did it fuck up to take it take it down a couple of notches?

3af2ad  No.278692


*taken down a couple of notches.

5dcbcc  No.278735


Anime is dark and edgier. Cartoons are mostly just furfag shit with no plot.

5dcbcc  No.278736


I'm actually surprised he did not SpongeBob or FOP on the list.

5dcbcc  No.278737


I'm actually surprised he did not put SpongeBob or FOP on the list.

846282  No.278767



>it's a cartoon

>it's shit

>it's animated at 2FPS like the animes it's trying to rip off

>big evil villains that threaten the world are incompetent and can't do anything, heroes are never in any danger

6ee78f  No.278812

File: a1a41716464375a⋯.png (422.75 KB, 478x720, 239:360, 1499116810304.png)

a6984d  No.278813

File: a8cdb7b987deb9c⋯.jpg (85.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, funthingarefun.jpg)



>Dark and edgier

Good joke, weeb…

2a1541  No.279153


> blue microscopic guy.

You mean Chris Rock the fucking antibody?

ba168f  No.279175


Very Likely

87698e  No.279178

why do grown-ass men watch cartoons

ff2bab  No.279191

File: acf77298b4afc76⋯.jpg (8.48 KB, 323x323, 1:1, 1497381455639.jpg)

>Not liking EEnE

How can someone with such shit taste exist?

9ad01c  No.279458


The lack of eugenics in our society, that's why subhumans like these exist.

52c2d6  No.280783

File: f3e36840527028c⋯.png (12.46 KB, 483x145, 483:145, Capture.PNG)


Never mind, I take back what I said about Rebeltaxi being good. he copy pasted this exact comment 3 times in his most recent video.

097480  No.281221

File: a6734502191c19a⋯.png (28.15 KB, 259x194, 259:194, d e l e t.png)



>Not linking EEnE

Delet this

2bd468  No.281259



1156f9  No.281261


Pretty sure he might be defending faggotry in a cartoon or something.

That's the way its worded atleast.

52c2d6  No.281280

File: 020390febc01937⋯.png (24.27 KB, 847x216, 847:216, Captu3re.PNG)

File: 46e0767dc6014e3⋯.png (25.89 KB, 570x191, 570:191, Capture5.PNG)

File: 09a84b41de93265⋯.png (49.86 KB, 869x309, 869:309, Capture.PNG)


It's Pan using the same copy-paste comment every time some criticizes more tumblr bait shows coming to CN.

10ce05  No.281369



Your kids won't turn homo if they see homos on the tele, 2007-era Chris-Chan

2bd468  No.281403



2941d5  No.281501


They are fun

acdec9  No.282862

I don't like them either.

It's his hobby and people enjoy his cocks, so what?

a8b36f  No.287334


cartoonspergs are the new weeaboos

a9ec56  No.291312

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's also this.

e73bd1  No.291315

File: 2c200d74f4a0bed⋯.jpg (9.16 KB, 217x225, 217:225, 1431285420556.jpg)



Fuck man, I like Pan but this really disappointed me when I first saw it.

I knew he would be supportive of stuff like that but he's always so damn tongue in cheek that him giving a straight answer like that honestly surprised me. [spoiler]I kinda wanna see someone get on his case about it to the point that he spergs out.

6ba471  No.291343


Its frightening honestly. Its like what was once exclusive to /co/'s faggotry is now slowly becoming the norm.

8597e4  No.291351


Strange… As I recall you were endlessly going on about how great Invader Zim was when it first came out. I guess you're just another shallow, vacuous hipster with no substance. (Not surprising since that's how almost all are these days.)

885542  No.291370


Much like youre sperging now?

22710b  No.291385


Wouldn't work, his fans will come to white knight him.

c4f51b  No.291443


Nah, he'd probably be worse.

a55bba  No.323668


You don't know me.

c8131f  No.326688


They're worse

ac80f3  No.327351


Exactly this, dubs of truth.

aea71f  No.327568

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What is it about Tumblr and cartoons? And that fetish of theirs of wanting to make every pair of characters that look at each other some kind aromantic genderfluid couple?

0cfb94  No.327578


it's a common side effect of sexual and social starvation.

fa5444  No.327621


Not that different from weebs and anime, to be frank.

77d938  No.327637


This honestly. But with weebs that shit always felt contained within its own sub-genre/topic, while with westerners, it feels as though its spreading to every facet of the fandom. Look at shit holes like 4/co/ where every thread is basically just tumblr now. While with anime discussions on any imageboard, you'll see more stability and segregated topics that don't leak into one another and turn into fantard idiocy. However the same cannot be said for anime discussions outside of imageboards for the most part. Shit's been fucked since Sailor Moon and Jojo became tumblr favorites.

f5cf1b  No.327645

File: 7fa099893b85008⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Neo-Mexican Space Colony.jpg)


Glad Dumblr won't touch my shit with a 39 and a half foot pole

cbb68f  No.327686

File: 3ab2057f2309518⋯.png (715.82 KB, 1017x767, 1017:767, Make Neo America Great Aga….png)



I see you are an anon of refined tastes as well.

d41d8d  No.327687

File: df4dcbb4a339895⋯.png (234.7 KB, 695x433, 695:433, Then you get decaf.png)



My brethren of Ugandan Echidna origin.

77d938  No.327699

File: 7fdc7680ee16e92⋯.jpg (32.89 KB, 640x480, 4:3, elevated tastes.jpg)

>G Gundam fags

I cannot believe I am surrounded by such classy gentlemen.

Rain was shit. Allenby was best grill

943bfd  No.327838

File: 22047e51e9cfa78⋯.jpg (55.41 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 22047e51e9cfa7855ca0d713cc….jpg)





Glad to see that I'm in the presence of gentlemen with such elevated tastes

aea71f  No.327847

File: ca8704088dfd8c4⋯.png (157.88 KB, 397x286, 397:286, this guy right here - pepe.png)


>Allenby was best grill

She deserved so much better.

f5cf1b  No.327947


You mean Neo-Ugandan Echidna origin?



Agreed, Rain was a hot Hilary Clinton with actual skills. And that isn't hot.

Allenby was this cute girl broken by a corrupt government that solved the Somalian problem somehow. Probably ended up the fifth girl in Chadbodee's harem.

2c61ce  No.328126

I must have no soul because I hated Nicktoons as a kid. I actually feel a bit nauseated when I think back to the Rugrats and other klasky csupo cartoons. I think they did Duckman though and I did like that cartoon. Would watch it every saturday night on USA.

2c61ce  No.328141

File: ae1766500dfbb03⋯.png (101.94 KB, 326x388, 163:194, ihatethisfaggot.png)

Stephen Universe is art that challenges the social norms.

edd554  No.328164

File: ebc5ca561641ffb⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 792x2659, 792:2659, ebc5ca561641ffbd2797590fcf….jpg)


You know, it almost makes sense for ham bone tumblr dykes to obsess over cartoons, but why are there so many fucking grown men who dedicated untold amounts of time to condescendingly talking about shit like this?

that fag even kinda looks like dobson

aea71f  No.328761

File: 4e0a5529e7fbf9a⋯.gif (383.61 KB, 200x150, 4:3, this_makes_me_a_sad_aquama….gif)


Nah, you're fine man. I tried rewatching some Nicktoons a few years ago, and most of them have aged like bad cheese. Even Hey Arnold which I used to remember as some sort of "deep and realistic life story" is actually really fucking shit outside of the 1st season (same is true with Rugrats which is only good before the movie itself). Rocko's Modern Life is basically 50/50 with episodes varying in quality but still more bearable than the rest I suppose, and Ren and Stimpy is pretty garbage outside of a few gags and a handful of episodes. And I haven't watched Angry Beavers in more than a decade. Aside from that, those were the only Nicktoons I thought were "great" as a kid. And apparently that wasn't the case. But I will admit that it's a step above the trash they pass for cartoons these days. People keep trying to say shit like Loud House is some sort of equal to the "Golden Age of Nick" (overstatement of the year) but its fans are either toddlers or /delicious/fags.



Worst part is most of the tumblrtards have gotten tired of Steven Universe due to its drawn out filler and its supposed "quality decline", even though the art and on-model consistency has always been a fluctuating mess. Now they've moved onto older cartoons and are trying to look for something that has the same level of tumblrisms, and when they can't, they pretend that there was something there to show that their favorite childhood show wasn't some sort of bigoted hate machine for not being more inclusive, with examples such as >>327568


Modern Cartoonfags are a weird fucking bunch.

aea71f  No.328764


Figures Dobson would miss the entire morale of that Butterfree episode, it being that we all have to grow up and learn to say goodbye to people we care about eventually, but considering his severe state of arrested development and hate for people and characters maturing (as seen with his Nester comic), I shouldn't be surprised

1025c9  No.328817


It's also about learning to sacrifice your own happiness and comfort to help someone you care about achieve their dreams and build a better life for themselves.

Do you think Dobson has ever, EVER put someone else's happiness over his own?

07e974  No.328853


Did he had friends in one point of his pitiful life? If I remember correctly didn't he broke up with the only women that would ever touch him because of he's an atheist?

fa5444  No.328932


>saying this

>when anime autism reaches the point you get called a goon for not worshipping it and get banned from 8/pol/ for thinking maybe an attempted assassination is more important than a thread about anime



5af371  No.328940


Yes. He's also severed ties with a roommate who went on to animate professionally.

aea71f  No.329004


>Do you think Dobson has ever, EVER put someone else's happiness over his own?

Of course not. He couldn't even bothered to spend time with his gf during her family's holiday and hated every second of it to the point where he posted it online. Years later he now reprimands people for thinking they act as terribly as he does.

3bf607  No.336661

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>The only likable cartoon reviewer is Rebeltaxi

What about Robobuddies? She has made some great stuff.

118527  No.336713


>I'm an aspie myself, and I like animation both old and modern.

kill yourself you nushitter cuckchan retard

5b1203  No.336742


>and I like animation both old and modern.

There's an entire site for your kind, fuck off there.


490d25  No.337005


They literally review animation made for children, how could they NOT be on the spectrum?

490d25  No.337027


>this guy hates Ed, Edd n Eddy and Regular Show and won't stop talking about Teen Titans Go

Please tell me he AT LEAST says negative things about TTG, for fuck's sake there has to be something redeeming about him.

83812c  No.337037



lol calm down you two

118527  No.337049


I thought we told you to fuck off to your cuckchan safe space. Everything past 2009 was utter shit at best.

118527  No.337057


They're right you mongoloid. Back to your hugbox now where you can pretend your life isn't utter shit.


118527  No.337338



118527  No.337591


> and I like animation both old and modern.

Fall on a knife and stop contributing to the cancer of cartoontubers.

118527  No.337696


a55bba  No.337766






You wanna know how I know you're new?

118527  No.337853


>everyone who doesn't like the new fucking trash coming out is a newfag

Nice deduction skills enterbot.

f5cf1b  No.337886


Nein, it's more like you're trying too hard newfag.

Protip: The only people who talk about how they're Internet veterans are newfags and "Rubadubdub" Ross.

9f4bec  No.337901

File: d31c4c6e3caceef⋯.jpg (34.32 KB, 336x476, 12:17, d31c4c6e3caceefcba31614683….jpg)


If it weren't for the last two panels, Dobson would have a point. Hell, he could have used a better example within the Pokemon franchise more easily if he wanted to get out of the 90s bubble he lives in.


She's pretty good whenever she isn't scripting some stuttering and bap-ta-goopy sounds.

118527  No.338044


> The only people who talk about how they're Internet veterans

I'm just exercising some actual fucking independent thought, something that cuckchanners forgot how to do.

c44883  No.338094


Arrested development

118527  No.338183


>Modern Cartoonfags are a weird fucking bunch.

Enterbots and cuckchanners: not even once

3bf607  No.339402

File: 363aa9e5b7965b2⋯.png (373.48 KB, 686x345, 686:345, phant albert.PNG)


I've got nothing to contribute. I just wanted an excuse to share this.

0ddbe8  No.437884

File: 5f545effe943ee0⋯.png (566.07 KB, 749x690, 749:690, 19961174_589417844779009_4….png)


>top 6 best cartoons

>steven universe anywhere on the list.

Is this a joke? Is this a parody? 72 layers of irony? This can't be anything other than satire.

97183b  No.437886


People no longer watch cartoons to laugh.

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