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File: 0ad90b83b10e3ff⋯.jpg (643.98 KB, 2478x2000, 1239:1000, 0ad90b83b10e3ffb334e5c7a57….jpg)

c3c410 No.279223

AKA Gordon Jones, Gordon Jahans, Farshnuke, Farsh-nuke, GAK Jahans

Alexander Gordon Jahans is a 25 year old NEET, leftist/regulated capitalist/anti-fascist hater of the alt-right/misogynist feminist, fiction writer and cannibalism enthusiast from Woking, England. For more than 10 years he has been making YouTube videos in which he yells at his webcam for hours on end, and has published over 28 straight days of monologues on his fetishes and obsessions. He has Kallman's Syndrome (failed to enter puberty), and began taking testosterone injections which transformed a strange lesbian-looking boychild into a hulking monster prone to rage and sometimes violence.

Jahans Links:

Main Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/farshnuke)

Patreon https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc7k2OmGmyu7Ny1kDTIgFvg)

Blog and Fiction (http://farsh-nuke.blogspot.co.uk/)

Twitter (https://twitter.com/farshnuke)

Main Facebook (mostly public but commenting is friends only) (https://www.facebook.com/farshnuke)

Facebook Fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/AlexanderGordonJahans)

Jahanism Fansite (http://www.esotericjahanism.com/)

Other Channels (mostly abandoned/unused):

Alex Vents (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvdMxpvCCo1LA3kLlpf_xRg)

Punditry (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2hQX87BCRV8xMZ-OWk3rsw)

Scripted Videos (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC36Bsgey3YwAqR6Gd88N_oA)

Audiobooks (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNIHwG80mzrfNAb2XqhhV2w)


If you're new to Jahans, WATCH THESE FIRST for an overview.

The Ovenmen on Esoteric Jahanism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmRqQFxqw-I

Discord Interviews with Jahans http://esotericjahanism.com/sermons.html

Discussing Jahans with Black Adam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDZT9XWysPE

What's Da Update? (The Latest)

> An endocrinologist informed Jahans that his pain and exhaustion was not because of disease but because he's morbidly obese

> He has given up on his diet because of "stress"

> Vaguebooking about people (family most likely) that tried to help and how their help put him in shit even though they went through shit to help and so fuck those people

> Casa Jahans is on the market and being actively shopped to buyers

> Jahans is in trouble with Universal Credit (UK benefits/welfare) because he keeps missing appointments

> Jahans is attending Nine Worlds Convention with his remaining NEETbux

Previous threads

1 http://archive.is/fRbw2 >>204028

2 http://archive.is/wpMkV >>228717

3 http://archive.is/gao1O >>241661

4 http://archive.is/AhHjl >>246909

5 http://archive.is/JsYNs >>251169

6 http://archive.is/lRHTp >>254319

7 http://archive.is/WQmng >>255913

8 http://archive.is/NwW0h >>257816

9 http://archive.is/gBhyn >>261757

10 http://archive.is/8oIv3 >>273135

c3c410 No.279225

File: f1cb6b7fc836908⋯.jpg (319.31 KB, 1556x1536, 389:384, f1cb6b7fc8369083c10d800d37….jpg)


✔ brought a hamster to orgasm

✔ soundly rejected by the online hamster community

✔ had his pumpkin smashed by a foreigner

✔ carried a dead rat around with him

✔ buried multiple goldfish alive to make compost

✔ played with animal carcasses

✔ smashed a child's head into the ground repeatedly screaming "why won't you die"

✔ made a dalek and cuckshed in 3D

✔ low intelligence

✔ aspiring BBC script writer

✔ aspiring BBC cuckold

✔ obese

✔ founded Green Nothing Productions (not registered at companies house)

✔ vowed to review Twilight and Fifty Shades Of Grey while cosplaying as Bella if a facebook post about GNP got 10,000 likes (it didn't)

✔ owns an inflatable dalek

✔ wiped his cat's arse with his finger

✔ wrote about intravenously injecting women with cum, shit and piss

✔ wrote about removing and eating organs from living women

✔ wrote about cutting women into pieces

✔ wrote about wanting to shrink women and keep them as pets

✔ wrote about roasting Amy Pond alive

✔ quit after one day as a trolley boy

✔ threatened to strangle every member of an internet club

✔ made multiple topless youtube videos, once asking the audience to masturbate

✔ licked his own nipple on cam

✔ got banned from multiple facebook groups for transphobia

✔ his own sister is terrified of him

✔ wrote unsolicited torture porn of Laura K Dale and Jim Sterling

✔ handed said porn to Laura K Dale in person

✔ terrified a deeply autistic man after performing oral sex on him

✔ killed a tarantula by crushing it under foot

✔ founded Project MIRTH

✔ pronounces bickers as "bickers"

✔ attempted to physically remove his father from the house

✔ got scolded by a policewoman who then told him to tidy his room

✔ demanded that his mother pay him £50 to move a chair

✔ got angry when she only gave him £30

✔ broke his wrist falling over after flamboyantly storming off when his mum made him pay for a bed with "his own money" (her money)

✔ blacklisted by multiple feminist communities

✔ blacklisted by the labour party

✔ threatened suicide bickers the requirements to receive welfare are too strict

✔ threatened suicide if terrorist sympathising communist corbyn didn't win

✔ cut his own hair with disastrous results

✔ refused to come downstairs when a friend came to play

✔ received a valentine's day card but did not appreciate it

✔ can't be a computer technician bickers quantum computers

✔ can't learn to program bickers new languages will come out


✔ showing many symptoms of diabetes (pain in extremities, slow wound healing, headaches, blackouts, lack of energy, intense thirst, sugar craving)

✔ told by an endocrinologist he is too fat

✔ not even white

✔ burned a gastropod to death in a toxic isobutene and propylene glycol solution

✔ rejected by the straight community

✔ can't learn to drive bickers self driving cars


Project MIRTH: Making Internet Racists Think Healthily

JIDF: Jahans Internet Defense Force

The JQ: The Jahans Question

JEU: Jahans Extended Universe

bickers: the correct pronunciation and spelling of "bickers"

GNP: Green Nothing Productions

Supremely arousing: how Jahans finds murder and cannibalism

Absolute nectar: a movie production company based in Lagos, Nigeria

Nazis: a catch-all term for literally everyone and everything

Submissive Blond Girls: see "supremely arousing"

Jeremy Corbyn: hope

The Female Doctor: also hope

f768eb No.279227

Not a regular to these threads, just skim them when I pass by 'em on the front page.

These threads trip me the fuck out. This is some lizard king levels of esoteric shitposting.

c3c410 No.279228

File: 3d8e8ec19245035⋯.png (43.19 KB, 483x225, 161:75, bacon.png)


Welcome to the Hotel Jahans, you can check it out but you can't ever leave bickers the owner wants to eat you.

4ed15c No.279263


If Jahans was a pedo he would have been arrested at this point

ab2bcc No.279269

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>This is some lizard king levels of esoteric shitposting.

These threads are completely devoid of any sort of shitposting. You're clearly just a subversive d&c kike trying to disparage the True and Just teachings of Esoteric Jahanism. I'd be scared to if I were you. In His name, we're coming for you!

dccaf0 No.279293


Is he really trying to say that his cannibalistic fap world is better than reality because the animals we eat don't regenerate and get off to being eaten? Also, did he really compare animals to children?

a2db68 No.279332

File: 0770f4483e189f3⋯.png (20.9 KB, 500x415, 100:83, Capture.PNG)

alex tried to fuck the cat again…

c3c410 No.279365

File: 8763d7c90686921⋯.png (77.72 KB, 471x431, 471:431, the-terlets-busted.png)

"This hotel is garbage I can't even properly fit on the toilet."

– Alexander Gordon Jahans

9ca733 No.279371

File: a17704248cf1057⋯.jpg (809.48 KB, 2160x1350, 8:5, jahanic.jpg)

I wish I had a signed MAGA hat. But you know what I find creepy? Writing about horrifically torturing and eating women.



This is still quite disturbing despite seeing him justify his insanity many times before.


It's pretty awful how he's so obese he can't even use a normal toilet anymore. Anyway, I wonder, will he show gratitude to his parents for paying for the hotel, the train tickets, and so on?

186a1c No.279373


What the actual fuck is squash and why does he always drink it?

7ae4ad No.279377

File: 79c94e8360bc288⋯.jpg (26.21 KB, 540x540, 1:1, IDShot_540x540.jpg)

File: 681338618f0d096⋯.jpg (49.3 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 23e53749-d1e9-4119-b33b-36….jpg)

File: 10a60f4495ea810⋯.jpg (74.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, robinsons_fruit_squash_var….jpg)


squash aka fruit cordial is a beverage sold in a concentrated form, which is mixed in a ratio of 5-10 parts water and 1 part squash to make a fruit-flavoured drink

dccaf0 No.279383

File: 44ef2df69ecd730⋯.gif (2.37 MB, 255x234, 85:78, 44ef2df69ecd7309ef290e9d08….gif)


That's gold, Jahans trying to white-knight Tomi Lahren. I know for a fact he fantasizes about her; she fits all his criteria.

edbf07 No.279398


I doubt Jahans obeys the mixing suggestion

4e039c No.279408

last bloggage was esoteric as fuck with the apotheosis hinted in scripture

9ca733 No.279422

File: d1d27f66c759eb3⋯.png (15.29 KB, 564x174, 94:29, bog roll.png)


Yeah fantasises about serving her up with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

c3c410 No.279463

File: ac43a6cf8e52459⋯.png (47.54 KB, 837x615, 279:205, 1466197897145.png)


The Monster of Woking trolling through the halls of this place must be astonishing. It's a shame we don't have Doctor Who nerd agents to deliver photographs and video.

0ec85b No.279476


No wonder Jahans loves this covention so much, it's not even about sci-fi/fantasy, its a progressive manchild circlejerk, check out some of their panels (all real), I bolded ones I think Jahans would like:

Get Out: The Horror of Whiteness

Fit is a Feminist Issue

What is the "Hacker Mindset"? An Illustrated Example Using Watch_Dogs.

Deadly Difference: Diversity in Real Crime Films

Alternative Roles of Women in West African History

Toxicity in Fandom

Feminist Parenting Meet Up

Breaking the Glass Slipper Podcast Live

Exploring the Classical World via Fanfiction

Steven Universe Sing-A-Long

Literally “Literally”: On Punching Grammar Nazis

Women Write About War

Identity Games: Jewish (Mis)representation in the Superhero Genre

Sex Lives of Goblins

Videogame Burlesque (18+)

Representing Your Race In SFF

Orkish History 101

Box Not Included Podcast Live

Access No Areas: Access Issues in Entertainment and Fandom

Queer Coding in Disney

Whitewashing in Fanworks

Feminist Heroes Talk

Empathy, Diversity and Finding Your People: A Critical Look at Sense8

Whedon Sing-a-long 5: I've got a theory…

Cosplayers: Larp!

Neurodiversity As Superpower

Show & Tell: My Favourite Fandom Artifact

Ageism in Fanworks Fandom

Original Poetry Open Mic

The Shoggoth in the Room: Problematic Aspects in Historical Media

Winter is Here: Game of Thrones Squee and Speculation Group

Inflatable Shark Olympics

Postcolonialism in Late 1980s Doctor Who

British Sign Language Song Workshop

Queer Dax - Gender and Sexuality in Joined Trill

Promiscuous Unicorns - Depictions of Bisexuality in SFF

Post-Con Self Care

Why Whedon Matters

Game Design Principles to Reduce Player Toxicity - Why Overwatch is Better Than DotA

Furry 101

Consent, Consciousness and Control in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

Show and Tell: I Made This!

Robots, AI and the Labour Market

The Rise and Recognition of Women's Wrestling

Freaky Fabulous - Gender, Disability and Queer Representation in Monster High

Playing With Pride: LGBT Relationships in Gaming

Signal Boost: The Importance of Diverse Voices in Podcasting

The Transgressive Miss Fisher

9a12cd No.279480

File: 943a6ce9d5b20a8⋯.jpg (9.31 KB, 142x144, 71:72, 1318380799047.jpg)


>Consent, Consciousness and Control in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse


I gotta save this whole list. It's really hard to pick a favorite.

74d089 No.279481

File: 90023198d3f536b⋯.gif (5.36 MB, 480x230, 48:23, cia.gif)


Conventions were a mistake. They're nothing but trash.

c3c410 No.279484

File: 6eb596d85249141⋯.jpg (216.93 KB, 843x1200, 281:400, DGYxzmZXgAEGSNx.jpg)

File: 956197259b9bd82⋯.jpg (150.07 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DGYSMARXoAA-uW8.jpg)

File: 2c59662711e9d44⋯.jpg (166.74 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DGYSMBBXkAE6WoP.jpg)

File: 634d19154d1a3bc⋯.png (87.06 KB, 617x488, 617:488, not-ok.png)




Just a run through the twitter hashtag. #NineWorlds

dccaf0 No.279486

File: bb1cc7aed590ba5⋯.jpg (39.48 KB, 500x499, 500:499, tumblr_inline_ostasjBRSY1q….jpg)


It's a cuck gathering and nothing more, how sad. I can't wait until he starts with the self loathing on his writing because of this con.

>Empathy, Diversity and Finding Your People: A Critical Look at Sense8

I bet Jahans would attend that one just for the ally points and to show how "empathetic" he is.

31dc81 No.279490


>can't wait until he starts with the self loathing on his writing BICKERS of this con

It's not his first time there though.

74d089 No.279491


<priority access seating

>probably for obese blobs instead of actual physical disabilities


<you can use any bathroom at any time

>but a man entering the woman's bathroom just to do it will be accused of pissrape

>there's a fucking "quiet room"

<please don't attempt to not make yourself smell like feces and masturbation

<wear your pronouns on your sleeve goy

<color coded discussion availability


All these subhumans deserve the oven.

c3c410 No.279493

File: 1d698c1ca15b1d8⋯.jpg (139.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, youtu.be-S3yon2GyoiM.jpg)


Imagine wandering into this place because you have to go to the bathroom.

> excuse me ma'am


> wot? ok, Sir, can you–


> Huh? Listen, hey ma'am, can I–


> What is your pro– Whatever. Excuse me, do you work here

< Yes. Can I help you?

> Yes, m8, where's your–

< Oh. My. GOD, are you wearing deodorant?

> I thought I was, do I smell?

< And is that fragrance soap?

> Do I what?

< I can't handle this, I'm stimming!

< Babs no! Geert, Aurora, get xir to the Quiet Room!

> Look I just want… Oh here it is. Why's this bloke in a mumu in here?

dccaf0 No.279499


I know. It's just whenever he's taking in too much SJW vibes he always reminds himself how evil he is. So probably after this con we'll get some vids on him saying how shit he is because some panel called him sexist because he's white-cis.

0ec85b No.279566

File: 85b51f2836545cf⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, nectar.png)

File: 19663160483d335⋯.jpg (187.96 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, pronounstickers.jpg)


Found some more madness… it gets worse. I found pictures of the safe space and the pronoun stickers.

30e6cc No.279573

File: fec4a0ac2e13a77⋯.jpg (47.17 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 3f6151176c56380504645544e8….jpg)



The fragrance/aerosol one is clearly just asking you not to spray them in public areas, not asking you not to use them period. There's plenty of other stuff here to take the piss out of them about.

c3c410 No.279580

File: eabcfdbb0e237fd⋯.png (25.91 KB, 660x656, 165:164, 1464909802420.png)


Hey I had a good skit going. But beyond that, name one time you've ever seen a sign like this in the wild. It's fucking weird. I don't think you can come up with satire that tops a sign about aerosols in public triggering autism sensory stimming or the nasal fibromyalgia or whatever.

30e6cc No.279584

File: ca6fa0e3f6fce10⋯.jpg (47.23 KB, 650x651, 650:651, 37b5146b6bfa57ef8e112929af….jpg)


Well, i saw some faggot in a fursuit outside a church near my Uni last year. Not some mascot, an actual furfag.

I'm pretty sure it was a guy with bright blue hair on my course, who calls himself "Fox Chaotica" It's even on the Uni records.

Also: I'd like to assume the aerosol thing is for Asthma more than Autism.

30e6cc No.279586


I realise I misinterpreted what you asked me. I cant recall anything quite as gay as that particular sign.

512c15 No.279594

File: e7d457b59cd5651⋯.jpg (71.99 KB, 570x375, 38:25, dont like dont look bigot.jpg)

File: ef0829e1403e664⋯.jpeg (108.66 KB, 600x900, 2:3, get and lose gains at the….jpeg)

File: 501ec45aaf85137⋯.jpg (67.34 KB, 797x432, 797:432, dont judge.jpg)




>Parents may feed children whenever and however they prefer

they didnt think this one through did they

74d089 No.279595


>walk in

>grab one of the masks


>when people begin to protest, start baneposting

c3c410 No.279614

File: 94e09b4f5fb7576⋯.png (403.42 KB, 552x694, 276:347, what-did-he-mean-by-this.png)

No posts of any kind in nearly an entire day

9ca733 No.279620

File: e7e59789ff04273⋯.jpg (193.25 KB, 611x883, 611:883, keith.jpg)

4e039c No.279623

File: 548337341411733⋯.jpg (90.66 KB, 960x720, 4:3, gordo28.jpg)

>keith has drowned gordon

093409 No.279657


people were a mistake

c3c410 No.279666

File: 39be9b4ce2d24d7⋯.png (109.15 KB, 624x316, 156:79, keef-drops-the-plot.png)


Well this is uh

e6b49e No.279689

File: 39dbbf45dbe6209⋯.jpg (75.29 KB, 960x618, 160:103, 19961124_698520633677821_7….jpg)

A rare sip of absolute nectar; a father holding his son - (how ironic that the roles would be reversed 25 years later, when Our Keith was given his marching orders by the FarshDuke…)

e6b49e No.279691

File: a5c867253b2e299⋯.jpg (175.94 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 18485263_789987797823508_7….jpg)

The family.

ab2bcc No.279692


I understand that Becky and Keith group together.

c3c410 No.279696


Look at him, that penetrating gaze and practiced disdain for the camera. Keith may have already been working out the details of George Cogrill and his beloved mill. A mind electrified, always plotting. Wheels within wheels.

8357cb No.279718


Alex looks somewhat normal in that picture.

9f258e No.279724

File: 8c663343ea856a6⋯.jpg (61.64 KB, 875x253, 875:253, spergparadise.jpg)

Fresh post

dccaf0 No.279726

File: 90765b87ce3ef00⋯.png (46.16 KB, 451x147, 451:147, X.png)

Our boy didn't make it…..

c3c410 No.279744

File: 02e53c442d0d1d9⋯.jpg (226.58 KB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, white-rice-and-stir-fry.jpg)


This is a world of the mentally ill taping guard-rails to everything and every thought and feeling they have so they can all survive the weekend with minimal tard rages.

4e039c No.279772


pretty insightful into the mind of these people tbh. They need an ultra safe space where any threat of banter is neutralised from miles away, underneath the constant gaze of morality police just to feel able to socialise normally with other spergs.

4e039c No.279773

186a1c No.279779


>Tuesday 19th May 2015


Unless you meant to link this? https://peatmore.wordpress.com/2017/08/02/water/

9ca733 No.279792

File: 8a34cccfb1422f2⋯.jpg (152.23 KB, 1114x790, 557:395, fuck this.jpg)

>>279666 (Checked)


This has got to be an omen 🐙

>>279744 (Checked)

I see that as just one terrifying conjoined creature shambling around horrifically wailing à la Carpenter's The Thing.


So is it specifically for special needs people? When they have panels like "Post-Con Self Care" which I assume is about telling them to bathe, it's hard to believe these are normal adults.

0ec85b No.279803


It's not for the severely disabled but a lot of attendees will be autistic because 'geek' stuff attracts people on the spectrum. A lot will be like Jahans where they rarely bathe and groom, even when going out.

And self-care is the Tumblr word for relaxation. To them, putting on comfy clothes and chilling with a movie or something is an important act because their lives are oh so stressful and they are constantly being attacked/harassed. Read a mean tweet? Self-care time. Boss told you to pick up the pace? Self-care time. It's because they are more prone to outbursts and tantrums so any pressure is like a ticking time bomb. Jahans does this too, where he HAS to play videogames, listen to podcasts and drink diet coke all day to compensate for….. unknown stresses?

It also sort of meshes with BDSM that is popular with 'nerd girls' for obvious reasons where when they let strangers do terrible things to them, then let them coddle them afterwards and be super nice to them. It's called 'post-care' I think and it's the roastie dream of being treated like a cumdump and still feeling like a pretty princess.

c3c410 No.279852

File: 104569e32e62486⋯.png (30.61 KB, 472x175, 472:175, self-loathing.png)


You called it, here it comes (though he does do this every day as well).

2be847 No.279867


He looks like the standard neckbeard you see around town sometimes. Makes me worry that those neckbeards are hiding something too.

9ca733 No.279881

File: 56b45b9f711fba9⋯.png (18.83 KB, 571x174, 571:174, stalked.png)

Nine Worlds Geek Fest 2017







So everything is exaggerated. They face no physical threat whatsoever yet use language like this. They have the temerity to call others privileged or entitled too. Talk about projection.

e6b49e No.279887

File: 75a7e755826c2fd⋯.jpg (183.25 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 19894691_823860251102929_6….jpg)


c3c410 No.279888

File: 33836a24b4dcaf5⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 350x185, 70:37, SoylentGreen_156Pyxurz-350….jpg)


Hoo boy, he's been without an outlet for a few days and it's just a torrent of "galloping shits" as he calls it coming out of his mouth.

Jahans is a bad writer, this isn't new but I don't think he has the slightest idea why. He jumps from topic to topic impatiently without attempting to connect them, and he does the same in his fiction. All of it is (mostly) intelligible on the level of sentences and sometimes paragraphs but the whole thing is like a guy that cut up pages of his diary and pasted them back together again at random. Or a guy babbling to himself in the park that continues his conversation with a park bench or a tree when all the people realize he's nuts and run away.

His videos are exactly the same as his writing, so this is a pure reflection of his mental process and thinking patterns. It strongly suggests someone who is able to mimic well and is able to be taught simple tricks but there is no overarching intelligence behind them. Like a parrot, a fat parrot that wants to eat parakeets or something.

The batshit crazy part about it is that he's poured out hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of words and nothing has changed. It's the equivalent of going out for an hour long jog every day for 5 years and gaining weight #bickers you get bored and sit in the grass and eat candy instead. It's REALLY hard to do ANYTHING that much and not improve, unless you're just doing it completely wrong, like playing basketball with a catcher's mitt.

Meanwhile he's convinced that his subject matter is what repels people rather than the writing itself. And the writing is of course an extension of the man: he's "problematic" not because he doesn't bathe, is becoming physically repulsive from neglect, is easily irritated and prone to tantrums. Nah, it's because he might say something "problematic" to trans people or be a bad ally.

0ec85b No.279889


Speaking as someone who has read and enjoyed the entire works of Jahans, even not accounting for subject matter the writing is poor. It reads like a loose framework to hang the 'erotic' scenes on. Whenever an interesting sci-fi element is introduced like the Contravoxai/Vligury, Omega etc. they are swiftly pushed aside for more vore porn. The characters are flimsy too, in part because most of them are submissive women who all act the same (university educated, bubbly, initially hesistant but eventually compliant).

The biggest problem is the 'stitching' effect you mentioned though. There are lots of scene changes and bolted on bits that make it feel inorganic. At some points I really feel as if Jahans just wrote up until the point of climax and then stopped.

c3c410 No.279891

File: 725bf0f09061d4b⋯.jpg (59.98 KB, 854x480, 427:240, youtu.be-rXc3juVJ7Us.jpg)


>Jahans just wrote up until the point of climax and then stopped

eb2c9b No.279932


I think the most fascinating aspect of Jahans is how can someone be so transparent yet hypocritical at the sale time.

He has said in some vids (like in the "autistic people are superior" one) that there is no point in hiding stuff bickers privacy doesnt exist anymore. He has confessed things nobody asked for (like the micropenis, his relationship with Keith, not wanting to move furniture etc) Yet he keeps justifying his vore porn and virtue signalling. Can't he just post his "fiction" under a pseudonym?

186a1c No.279957


Jesus H. Christ, did he really just pile his cumrags next to his bed?

4e039c No.279972


This continues to be an interesting insight into the world of SJWs as type, they are such broken retarded people they that genuinely do feel 'unsafe' in everywhere that isn't a plush cuddly police state. I used to thing it was just a disingenuous push for censorship but there clearly is actually a psychological need for it under there.

Its interesting that Gordo goes into deep moral guilt over the byzantine conduct codes of social progressivism and whether his slash fics are 'problematic' but has absolutely no remorse for his family and other genuine areas of moral failure. I think this highlights another part of their mindset, leftism is an outlet for the real moral guilt they feel which allows them to feel pure self-loathing and thus 'redemption', but without any actual change of behaviour. Rather their real pathologies are excused and justified while the resulting guilt is violently expressed and used as a means of control.

As for Jahans I think this brief moment of 'redemption' is just going to make him all the more pissy when he's pushed back into the real world of universal credit, The Move and Keith. He's tasted an artificial paradise that will only make his private hell seem all the more hellish.

9ca733 No.279991

File: 7a1064fcb17d67a⋯.png (26.42 KB, 520x362, 260:181, ironic1.png)

File: 20744b2bcadb84d⋯.png (36.5 KB, 515x501, 515:501, ironic2.png)


I think that's explained by two things: his lack of empathy and his stupidity.

He doesn't care what other people think bickers he cannot empathise with them as a result of autism. However he does care about his own ego so being publicly mocked is upsetting to him. As a defensive measure he can ignore anyone who he classifies as trolls but not the general public or anyone who is proved to be a non-troll. That's why he deleted a bunch of his most "popular" videos after there was a large increase in traffic.

His massive hypocrisy is the result of stupidity. A normal person would immediately see how they've contradicted themselves or how what they've said is extremely ironic. Jahans is simply too dumb to see it. Look at these two recent faceberg posts as an example.


This is a good example of above. His total lack of empathy meant he was unable to realise the audience or his parents might have a problem with this. He was completely bore-sighted on the positives of his hormone treatment and reinforcing his own argument at the time. He doesn't have a sense of smell due to his condition so it doesn't effect him. His lack of shame is a product of this bickers to feel shame you have to consider other people's thoughts and feelings as real as your own.


That's a really great post and does explain the essence of SJWism very well, but I'm not sure Jahans has any real guilt. It could all be down to him being rejected by the trannies and the logical conundrum that places him in. He's still stewing over that once incident. He wouldn't be signalling any regret at all if it wasn't for that. He fits into the leftist framework you describe perfectly though. It really is a cult.

To summarise all this there is a subtle difference

>Gordo goes into deep moral guilt

>Gordo claims to go into deep moral guilt

I don't know his mind of course but everything he's said and done makes a lot more sense when you see it though the lens of him having zero empathy.

9ca733 No.279992


Meant to reply to >>279972 in that last section.

4e039c No.279995

7ae4ad No.279996

File: 8e170c572134a1b⋯.jpg (26.85 KB, 508x524, 127:131, 1484071161346.jpg)


>it's the school's fault i take sadistic pleasure in the suffering of others

c3c410 No.280006


> Sexism was taught to me by culture

> Discrimination, fear and sadism was taught by school

Jahans believes he was born pure and innocent and all the significant flaws in his personality were "taught" by a corrupting society.

This is like Reverse Al Bundy Syndrome. Some guys live their whole lives on the glory of having peaked in high school. Jahans is 25 years old and is still a sniveling wreck because of high school "violence".

6167c9 No.280053


She looks like a typical council estate inhabitant

>top from a supermarket

>jogging pants

>NHS glasses

>home died hair

74d089 No.280058

File: f8a7929b73a51b6⋯.webm (887.33 KB, 568x320, 71:40, google red.webm)

>don't follow Jahans threads too deeply, never care about autistic irony shit like "esoteric jahanism" and mostly skip over things unless it's a slow, boring day

>somehow he appears in a dream, living in a trailer instead of some apartment

>he leaves his room to get food or something

>troll him by stealing shit like a toy gun from his room and putting it in the next room

4e039c No.280112

File: 81d7150311aa67b⋯.jpg (37.62 KB, 640x480, 4:3, gordo22.jpg)


ESOTERIC tbh lad

26c21a No.280361

Has jahans quit youtube?

c3c410 No.280362

File: 04c85b7b3baf4b8⋯.png (48.26 KB, 475x317, 475:317, fat-cunt-dreams-of-sharks.png)


nah just needs more naps

I think he had a wet dream

dccaf0 No.280368


>he has a dream about fending off sharks that are trying to eat him

>he thinks that means "women are lovely"

How the fuck did he even come to that conclusion? Is he both a woman and a shark in that scenario? Noticed how he didn't bring up men in his lil wet dream.

0ec85b No.280382


Weird, in his holiday video he said Helen wanted to live in a caravan on a caravan site (U.K equivalent to trailer parks with same sort of residents). The gun is weird because as you know, Alex despises firearms. What did it look like? Very very interesting. Please impart any more sacred visions you receive so they can be dissected for Jahanic truths.



Nah, you are reading it wrong. The dream has nothing to do with 'cute women', Jahans is just commenting on the fact that he is dreaming about something OTHER than submissive women. It's actually worth posting about that it wasn't about submissive women, that's how obsessed Jahans is with the concept of sluts, it's beyond sexual fantasy.

I think it is a masculinity thing. Jahans' one claim to manliness is his fetish fiction about dominating and enslaving women. He brags about it all the time of his twitter and youtube with a little 'i'm going to hell', i'm problematic' embellishment but he still brags. It's like a stamp of manhood. It's sad because what would really make me see Jahans as more of a man is basic shit - getting a job, practicing good hygience, looking after and getting on with Keith and Helen, losing weight etc.

74d089 No.280398

File: 6a61ad7ac96da5b⋯.jpg (190.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault (4).jpg)


It was like a longer, stretched version of a Skorpion without the folding stock, but again a toy/prop version of it with a detachable hollow plastic mag.

47d505 No.280419

File: 920cce6e0568937⋯.png (51.35 KB, 710x299, 710:299, kallmans masturbation habi….PNG)


The obsession with showing off his sexuality and fetishes is actually interesting. He's mentioned a few times that, prior to diagnosis, he desperately looked for something to give him the sexual stimulation he knew he was supposed to have. He said Jaws gave him some kind of thrill and, through that validation, based his entire sexuality around it. The microphilia/hamster thing is probably a simple results of mistaking affection towards them for sexual attraction.

I've also noticed that Jahans tends to play up the submissiveness angle with his fiction, when the focus is clearly on the vore/cannibalism. There's also his paper-thin "bisexuality" (i.e. prison gay).

I say this is interesting because I happened across a paper about the psychological and sexual effects of Kallmann's syndrome (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF01638061) where the patients (admittedly only a sample size of 13) nearly unanimously exhibited little to no sexual activity or interest, including masturbation, even after treatment. Jahans seems to be the exception here, as he frequently bemoans his lust and is incapable of shutting up about his fantasies. I wonder if this is a result of his autism crossing wires with his Kallmann-impaired sexuality and turning a special interest into a fetish.

0ec85b No.280445


Odd. Dreams are weird like that.


Checks out. Jahans really is the thinking man's lolcow. JAWS and Hamsters definitely played a big part. Jahans did a series of posts on his fetishes, obviously unreliable narrator and all that but I think it gives some good insight.

Jahans On Submissive Women

And when you’re a fucking weirdo desperate to feel normal you will turn to dark corners to get any kind of reaction that indicates normality. Like “See, I nearly came at the idea of a woman being a pet, that means I like girls and am thus normal".

Indeed as I will cover in later parts I try never to actually write sex on the page as it were. For me this is about the fantasy of someone so sweet and loving that they would sacrifice themselves just to make another happy. It’s about an beautiful, adorable, wise and clever friend who will never leave you, no matter how much you fuck things up. And yes it is about the male heteronormative fantasy of the princess as reward. It is the fantasy that someone would sacrifice so much for me when I hate so very much of myself. To me this isn’t about sex or subjugating women, it’s about love and friendship and the idea that someone will still accept me despite the flaws I see in myself. 

Jahans On Microphilia

The shrinking is a transformative experience that drains away her power and privilege leaving her submissive before him until she is a foot in height, maybe half that, and ready to become his pet. At this point my preference is that she stop ageing as well.

This is a fetish, at least for me, about the loss of agency and power of a woman, about her being reduced to a pet depending on a man, tiny plaything who can sass and complain but is ultimately under another’s control.

How Jahans Got Into BDSM and Vore/Cannibalism

I didn’t like vore originally, I hated it, it was my no yay. It disgusted me. Utterly. I wrote it because of vampires and Hannibal Lecter, the three reasons I gave above and because Jaws taught me at a young age that being eaten alive was an utterly fucking terrifying concept. I wrote it because I wrote dark angsty monster characters. Then something happened.

Around the time the Fifty Shades Of Grey film was coming out cracked.com wrote an articles on BDSM. They related one story of someone who had been doing a project for a club and had to give a speech that would drain them emotionally and asked for aftercare for a woman by being allowed to dominate them. My brain imploded and I still get the chills just thinking about it. Not because someone could ask such a question but because this unknown woman said yes.

Jahans on his Violent/Destructive Sexual Impulses

A victim of rape and fan of BDSM described the stuff I write, upon hearing a brief description, as violent and harmful. I respectfully disagree. Men are violent, humanity is violent but fiction and video games are not violent because they take our violent impulses and seek to satisfy them through abstraction.

So yes I like the idea of seeing beautiful women hurt, I like the idea of being convinced by a beautiful woman that I should hurt her for her sexual pleasure but I know that I will always be safe around even the most beautiful and submissive of women because my impulses when the bloodlust rises are to write.

However all this is getting away from the point I was making about what marked the turn. Of course I want to destroy beauty, of course I want to savage and dominate. Those are not acceptable or nice urges and I manage them very well but they are human urges. The desire to lash out against a beauty that is not your own to enjoy, to punish for making you feel bad about yourself.

Full Blogposts





363083 No.280461

File: d87923269df9761⋯.png (92.86 KB, 1214x357, 1214:357, s.PNG)


363083 No.280462

File: 3e5c4e4c02967d6⋯.png (199.55 KB, 480x554, 240:277, 1481435374192.png)


We can't all be aristocrats, Adam…

ab2bcc No.280470

File: 57104fafff53e70⋯.png (91.81 KB, 1282x312, 641:156, 2.png)

File: f6d009a1cc8ded6⋯.png (90.13 KB, 1096x324, 274:81, 4.png)


Holy shit! Why did I not know that existed until now?

ab2bcc No.280472

File: adb39aed52e1f0d⋯.png (88.67 KB, 1055x373, 1055:373, 5.png)

File: 7a0784c0080e28d⋯.png (88.2 KB, 1171x401, 1171:401, 6.png)

File: dfb264648127596⋯.png (90.3 KB, 1123x388, 1123:388, 8.png)

File: 93f47bbe485ef6a⋯.png (91.35 KB, 1308x395, 1308:395, 9.png)

File: 355498a52ded190⋯.png (82.35 KB, 1218x332, 609:166, 10.png)

e6b49e No.280578

File: 21252b64113e78a⋯.png (321.76 KB, 514x498, 257:249, 1472388263337.png)

Has anyone got an archive of Godwinson/Black Adam's old videos? I want to watch his Jahans at 25 analysis if possible.

I thought he'd be back by now - dunno what he's playing at tbh.

1e406d No.280582

File: dec7142ef543c84⋯.png (90.25 KB, 1077x316, 1077:316, ClipboardImage.png)

005f18 No.280584

File: a6e384a8871e329⋯.png (21.67 KB, 218x265, 218:265, NjNZ3.png)


>black immigrant too masturbate after a nap then I….

0ec85b No.280640


Nope, but he literally just reads Jahans birthday tweets in that video and comments a little bit oj them. You can go read them now and get the same impression.

dccaf0 No.280645

File: ba839b9eb53bae1⋯.png (13.87 KB, 588x108, 49:9, jt.png)

Once Jahans learns that his political beliefs shouldn't dictate his likes and dislikes he'll be a happier person.

0b6b66 No.280658


>another le self hating martyr-nuke episode

This is getting boring. Is there anything interesting on the jahansphere? What about his extended family?

4a17ca No.280662

File: db2bd46e5f38895⋯.jpg (12.58 KB, 200x199, 200:199, Everyone on funnyjunk s re….jpg)

I need the videos guys. I've been trolling my prescription and drinking too much lately without my dose of adam + alex

9ca733 No.280724

File: 313efd53334d480⋯.png (10.66 KB, 519x145, 519:145, shout out.png)


Why is he different from a psychopath who is turned on by violence, destruction and torture? They almost always start by abus ing animals. It could be argued microphilia and cannibalism are simply expressions of this.

It's very interesting that once again he is exceptional in regards to his condition. Wikpedia says "A small percentage of boys with KS/CHH will be born with micropenis (fewer than 5 to 10% of cases)".


That's an amazing series of extracts.

>cracked.com wrote an articles on BDSM

Absolutely hilarious that he figures things out about himself by reading fucking cracked. He's a living parody.

>I like the idea of seeing beautiful women hurt

That's what it's all about. His anti-white racism and left wing beliefs both stem from his Elliot Rodger style hatred of white women (ie wants but can't have). People talk a lot of exaggerated shit about misogyny but Jahans is what a real misogynist looks like.

Jahans is a monster, there's no doubt about that. He can virtue signal and lie all he likes but it makes no difference, it's obvious.

dccaf0 No.280729


>Why is he different from a psychopath who is turned on by violence, destruction and torture? They almost always start by trolling animals.

But he has. He buried his goldfish alive cuz he wanted to make compost.

970e2a No.280737


>Killed an animal to make compost

Why the fuck would he do that? Who the fuck uses animals for compost?

Fuck that is horrific.

512c15 No.280738

File: 2d039a9fbd6f3c6⋯.png (244.68 KB, 625x306, 625:306, Jahanic Power.png)


==EXODUS 7:18

The fish that are in Woking will die, and the Cogrill's Mill will become foul, and the Neurotypicals will find difficulty in drinking water from the rivers of esotericism.==

0b6b66 No.280747

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Post some /underrated Jahanica/

No, I am not going to delete my videos

In which the prophet explains to potential employers how he is good at viral marketing bickers he has the exact audience he expected, contradicting what he said dozens of times. This is one of the videos that made me kek the most.

>From 11:00 it gets good

Also smug jahans is best jahans

dccaf0 No.280758

File: 6a01b2755e71f3f⋯.gif (1019.44 KB, 960x640, 3:2, Phoenix-Wright-HD-Sprites-….gif)


This video is a goldmine of contradictions.

c3c410 No.280761

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nice. I've started a small essential jahans playlist, his heated recap of his physical confrontation with Keef is great.

9160d8 No.280763


>Who the fuck uses animals for compost?

Never heard of Squanto? Fish is actually a great fertilizer component. The real question is why the fuck didn't he kill the fish first.

c3c410 No.280764

File: edd438ec513f5a7⋯.jpg (58.58 KB, 854x480, 427:240, youtu.be-1ztjNT1bb64 (1).jpg)

File: afadcc7080d9b0d⋯.jpg (54.56 KB, 854x480, 427:240, youtu.be-1ztjNT1bb64 (2).jpg)

File: 44307a8b56ac106⋯.jpg (59.67 KB, 854x480, 427:240, youtu.be-1ztjNT1bb64 (4).jpg)

File: 401f41f944c2f75⋯.jpg (59.25 KB, 854x480, 427:240, youtu.be-1ztjNT1bb64 (3).jpg)


Some truly jahanic caps in this one. His rage literally distorts light and time.

9160d8 No.280788

File: b360598b41a90cc⋯.jpg (203.54 KB, 485x662, 485:662, gentlemanni.jpg)


>I come from a position of relative privilege

Let's see



>low test

>has a microdick

>only sex he's ever had is from raping helpless animals

>fat and has huge mantits



>family won't be leaving any notable inheritance

>almost universally despised

Truly he is the spitting image of the privileged gentleman.

ab2bcc No.280789


>4:15 minutes:

>"…doesn't this affect your chances of getting a job? … it might affect my chances of getting a job with someone who's pro-gun, who is someone who is incredibly incredibly wealthy, and doesn't like not being incredibly incredibly wealthy. It might affect my chances of getting a job with someone who is offended by the idea that someone is weird on the internet. To this I say 'so fucking what?'!"

Might it affect your chances of getting a job with people who think women should be cherished, protected, and taken care of, instead of raped, enslaved, and eaten?

4e039c No.280791


We're in an island of calm before the storm of his Universal Benefit application and mutterings of The Move.

cb4d22 No.280794

File: 7ac1171a10728c5⋯.png (211.49 KB, 463x407, 463:407, check.png)

85789d No.280839

File: 06491c199ed1786⋯.png (45.7 KB, 861x254, 861:254, whiteprivilege.png)

can't he think an example other than "stealing chocolate bars"

ff7de0 No.280848

File: 67d8dbd8aa71c3e⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1405x1119, 1405:1119, kyutjhbnm.jpg)

If he doesn't upload new stuff soon i might actually kill myself…

0ec85b No.280855


Keep steady bro, keep on reading the tweets and the blogposts to tide you over. The videos to come are sure to be a real treat. Don't know what's keeping Alex though. Has he gotten so lazy now that even making videos is too much? Maybe he's busy writing Weresylph Dawning but maybe that's giving too much credit.

85789d No.280856

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



<This was filmed a few minutes after that vlog that so many found so funny. I may be a boring socially disadvantaged slightly strange young man but I spend my days reading and writing about life and death struggles across the boundaries of space and time not sitting in the cold laughing at idiots like an idiot. Probably an own goal in terms of my social life but an interesting social experiment in terms of what constitutes quality televisual programming.

7a0ac3 No.280864


gordo is shaken to the core by a right-winger killing someone. i can only imagine how disgusted he was after two teenage whites were tortued and executed in the name of BLM

dccaf0 No.280868

File: 22b133aa59c0223⋯.jpg (22.65 KB, 500x326, 250:163, large.jpg)


>he seriously believes "nazis" are after him

dccaf0 No.280880

File: 5820a1c480cce31⋯.webm (6.23 MB, 778x720, 389:360, sermon.webm)


c3c410 No.280881


Kind of really want to ween him now, but how? I'd turn him in for benefits fraud but he can barely remember to mail in pieces of paper or attend meetings provided weeks of advance notice and loses them anyway.

512c15 No.280887


Shit like this always reminds me of how much of a sefl-righteous, psychotic drama-tard Jahans actually is.

512c15 No.280888

File: c6b929a3d5f8594⋯.png (159.35 KB, 981x1107, 109:123, 096.png)




>You do not have any rights because you want to deprive people you don't like of the right to live

If irony had a physical weight it would crush Jahans' 500 pound lardass into the fucking ground, I swear to God this is insufferable.

2fd768 No.280891


Someone hit the wall!

9ca733 No.280898

File: 974c73935fe6b3b⋯.jpg (141.47 KB, 662x905, 662:905, nazis and autism.jpg)

>>280788 (Checked)

That's part of the penance and self-flagellation thing he has going. It also seems emotionally manipulative to make people say to him "oh no Alex you're not privileged you poor baby". However he is privileged in that his parents have provided everything for him and he isn't homeless. Also he was able to emotionally and physically abu se them without consequence to himself, apart from destroying their mental health and marriage, but he doesn't care about that.



He needs almost all of his time and energy to write stories about the torture and cannibalism of women so it's hard enough to even tidy his room let alone get a job. And now this?! The terrorist attacks by BLM, Antifa and ISIS don't seem to bother him though.

I know this is going to sound a bit cynical but it does seem like an awfully convenient distraction from the JQ and the fact that he's a fucking cannibal.


He is such an evil lying bastard but at least it's all contained within him room and internet presence. Everything he says is so offensive and disgusting you'd have to be tough as nails not to be bothered by it. But if you ignored him he would go away. That's how I think about it.

ab2bcc No.280900

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

They Marched Proudly With Flaming Torches

ab2bcc No.280902


Suggestion for .webms:


>To the point that even I, bein all this socially progressive, I'm like: I would rather… I would rather have the end scene of a romantic story be one person eats the other than have one person has safe sane consentual sex with the other.

9ca733 No.280908

File: f548cdee9cbbe8c⋯.webm (2.54 MB, 600x600, 1:1, progressive.webm)

File: c9511924d4db1c6⋯.webm (403.35 KB, 600x600, 1:1, violence.webm)


He's spent so long in his left wing bubble and building his rationalisation narrative that he thinks it's perfectly fine to talk about cannibalism as if it's a normal thing. Absolutely sickening. We're used to listening to Jahans but can we all stop and appreciate just how dangerous his line of thinking is. This is serial killer level.

4e039c No.280931


Find this more interesting than the latest jahany

ab2bcc No.280932


>He's spent so long in his left wing bubble and building his rationalisation narrative that he thinks it's perfectly fine to talk about cannibalism as if it's a normal thing.

It's weird to me that he actually managed to reach this conclusion. I thought he realised (after having his stories signed by the tranny) that his degeneracy is a minority thing. I actually felt a bit ill when first hearing your first clip.

c3c410 No.280934


Keith's gotta be aware of this shit, right? Between weaving the latest permutations of George Cogrill and his beloved mill, he must have the least bit of curiosity about what his grave disappointment of a son is up to.


This is what really made me want to ween on Gord. Maybe this is fate. Maybe this is what he he is. Just like autistic manbabies can famously look to CWC and assure themselves they're not THAT bad, degenerate pervs can see this shapeless lardass who looks like a snail that lost its shell and spends HOURS justifying why he should be entitled to eat human flesh and conclude they're really okay.

I don't know. I somehow just want to be the cold slap of reality that asserts that it's not okay.

9ca733 No.280954

File: 63815a23392f5d2⋯.webm (1.34 MB, 640x272, 40:17, [nazi laughter].webm)


He mentioned on his blog a few times obsessing over not knowing the full reason as to why he was cut off by the trannies. He said that was worse than anything any troll could ever do to him. I think he genuinely does not know the vast majority of people see him as a creepy violent fetishistic monster at best, and at worst a potential serial killer. He does not understand how seriously people react to his animal ab use, his cannibalism and his violent ideation generally. He blocks anyone who tries to explain it bickers he categorises them as trolls. He believes every single person online is one of his fictional evil white male nazis engaged in some kind of elaborate deception.

This is all completely insane. I don't know what other word there is for it. After a while you can't just put it down to a kind of autistic logical cascade. It is insane to publicly admit to abus ing animals. Doing such a thing is bad enough but telling everyone? It is insane to believe cannibalism is acceptable. Again, just writing the stories is terrible, but doing it under his own name? And mentioning in videos, on faceberg and twatter? Handing one of them to that blue haired lad in person and expecting him to appreciate it? Even a basic JAHANSFACT™ like believing he can't get a job bickers quantum computers is insane.


I understand where you're coming from.

On several occasions I have briefly agonised over whether or not to report him to the police. Some of the things he has written and said are clearly against the law in the UK both when he incites violence and his cannibal stories too. Agree or disagree with those types of law but in this case him being forced to get mental health treatment would be a good thing.

The reason why I didn't is because I thought I shouldn't be devoting time and mental energy to him. Better to just make the odd post, make some memes, and leave it at that. Another factor was not wanting to be associated with any of the people who have trolled him in real life (by sending him things or turning up at his house).

At the end of the day, vid related is all we can do.

dccaf0 No.280966

File: f41d40da4c079f3⋯.png (17.64 KB, 497x157, 497:157, Jahans doesn't like penis.png)

>Jahans starts fantasizing about dudes

>genderbends them to better fit his "criteria"

>he somehow thinks genderbending is worse than his normal fetishes

The one time he shows off that he's "bi" be quickly gets rid of that thought. Goes to show you that he really does not like penis.

c8cf3d No.280975

File: 7f349619cc43a91⋯.png (1.19 MB, 963x719, 963:719, bongthots.png)


the fuck is he doing?

85789d No.281061



What do you guys think about starting a Changeorg petition?

dccaf0 No.281074

File: 132e897854eef48⋯.jpg (57.52 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 1466896487136.jpg)


Imagining how those 2 girls taste.

c3c410 No.281077


The only effect would be to shame him, but as he said when he ate a small pie, he can't be humiliated or shamed anymore. I don't think public shaming will ever be a corrective on his behavior and attitudes again.

9ca733 No.281096

File: efc98f381a79c64⋯.png (24.08 KB, 583x376, 583:376, transjahans.png)

File: 915a998e2a01bed⋯.jpg (87.4 KB, 583x422, 583:422, shark.jpg)

File: 1771f2f085fd7c2⋯.png (10.33 KB, 514x166, 257:83, bickers quantum computers.png)

File: 9048679cb11841c⋯.png (14.29 KB, 519x254, 519:254, good use of time.png)

Why should his family learn to use computers? I thought there was no point bickers quantum computers?

>>280966 (Checked)

I think his hesitance is related to worrying about being "transphobic". The gender bending thing was one element of Laura Queen of Earth that got him into trouble. He's fantasising about men being turned into women. On the face of it looks like autogynephilia.

>>281077 (Checked)

Has his behaviour ever been corrected by anything? He just continues on the same way no matter what.

c3c410 No.281111


>Has his behaviour ever been corrected by anything? He just continues on the same way no matter what.

Depends on what you think he's capable of. I think NEETdom is restraining some of his bestial urges because of the sheer difficulty of "experimenting" while sharing a house with your mum.

Would it be surprising if Keith's "bullying" and "troll" consisted of little more than a father setting boundaries and a son fuming about it?

9ca733 No.281114

>>281111 (Checked)

He's restrained for sure but I see that as simply slowing him down rather than correcting or changing him in a positive direction.

Definitely agree it's likely Keith has never bullied or abu sed Jahans. That's so clear from the difference in disposition between the two. Keith isn't the one screaming about genocide and how people deserve to die or jerking off to women being tortured and cannibalised. The poor man just did the best he could with the terrible luck of having such a fucked up son. On top of that there are Helen's mental health problems. It seems likely they were brought on by the constant waking nightmare of living with Jahans. Many of his videos were made in the early hours, depriving everyone in the house of sleep. We can only imagine how Jahans reacted when he was asked to be quiet.

0ec85b No.281123


I can see Jahans being envious of beautiful women for their ability to live off others without recourse but is autogynephilia even possible if you don't watch conventional pornography? I don't even think Jahans is all that submissive. Isn't it more likely he gets off on feminizing men? His fantasy of women being his obedient slaves sort of removes his anxieties over his ability to get attractive women, so maybe this is his way of removing the stress of competition with other men - in his multiverse stories he can just turn them into female sex slaves. The Romans believed there was nothing more Tranny than fucking another man as the dominant partner, so maybe Jahans believes the same (but they have to women first so it's not gay).


Keith does tons of nice shit for Jahans, not just things he is obligated to do as a father either. His hatred of Keith seems to trace back to one specific incident where Jahans was in the foetal position on his bed and Keith called him a 'pathetic baby' amongst other things. Keith isn't abusive, he just tells it like it is like we do. Think about how hyperbolic he is about us, then think how much he says about Keith must be utter lies too. Same goes for Helen, largely because of financial things. He got angry when she was planning a holiday for herself in Peru and wouldn't pay for him to go to NineWorlds Geekfest (with her money). Rant speaks for himself;

I did not honestly think I was going to go to Nine Worlds Geek Fest last year but then I did and I certainly did not expect I would be going to Nine Worlds Geek Fest this year but then my mum said she would pay. And then she changed her mind. Apparently she couldn't afford it. Then she goes on to tell me in great detail about her plans to go on holiday to Peru and other places. And she isn't just spitballing either. She's already been on holiday once this year. When I point out this fun little factual inaccuracy she tells me it's because I won't go on jobseekers. Some fun facts ladies and gentle men:

1. The money earned from Jobseeker's allowance is a fucking pittance.

2. Making youtube videos or volunteering is limited. There are actual limits placed on how much work you are allowed to put in to clawing your way out of being unemployed if you claim Jobseeker's Allowance.

3. We have workfare in Woking.

4. I went along to one of their highly recommended employability lectures that you have to go to to keep Jobseekers. It did not herlp and I got my smartphone stolen.

5. If she is worried about money she can save more than she'd get by putting me on jobseekers if she just stopped buying stupid tat that she doesn't need.

This is not about the jobseekers issue though because I am not debating that. Just no. Never. I know my reasons though I appreciate others have no choice. This is about my mother, the woman who wanted to crush my dreams as a child lest they give me false hope, giving me hope then taking it away and deciding to be a dick about it. Yes, rich retired woman with a job, lavishing people with tales of your expensive holidays, please tell me more about how the young man who works his guts out so he can make a pittance from youtube and build up his cv is not allowed to have the thing you promised him because he won't take money from the state when it would hold back his chances of getting a career, please, rich person, break your promises while telling the poor they are lazy.

0ec85b No.281124


That should say m a n l y instead of tranny but hotpockets put wordfilters on that one for some reason

7f2de7 No.281150


>tell me more about how the young man who works his guts out so he can make a pittance from youtube and build up his cv

does jahans have a brother or something?

512c15 No.281191

File: ddf69fdddad71dd⋯.jpg (764.74 KB, 2500x1680, 125:84, jahans (1).jpg)

File: 11ae2f99f25790b⋯.png (44.01 KB, 513x439, 513:439, jahans NT rant.PNG)

File: f81e73a0fe37de0⋯.png (50.17 KB, 594x728, 297:364, jahans.png)


>please tell me more about how the young man who works his guts out so he can make a pittance from youtube

>please, rich person, break your promises while telling the poor they are lazy.

Absolutely fucking disgusting to talk about your own innocent, retired, mother that way – a mother who, after a lifetime of working, extended YOU the PRIVILEGE and generosity to stay within HER house, while all you do is rant and rave about how absolutely entitled and privileged she is.

Irredeemable and unforgivable. Jahans constantly reminds us why he is a literal tumor upon his surroundings; he loves to talk about toxic masculinity natzees bickers privileged white males – but in reality, it's all projection. He is the privileged white male. He is the genocidal psychopath. He is the toxic cannibalist-rapist. He is the sick, pitiful, trolling, and mentally warped Brit that puts his family through living Hell, day after day, and year after year; not Keith and Helen, but Jahans.

62297a No.281195

ab2bcc No.281200


>Absolutely fucking disgusting to talk about your own innocent, retired, mother that way – a mother who, after a lifetime of working, extended YOU the PRIVILEGE and generosity to stay within HER house, while all you do is rant and rave about how absolutely entitled and privileged she is.

I'm guessing being forced to move out of your parents house builds a lot of character, because that's the point where crying to get things you want truely stops working. I wonder what effect it would have on Jahans.

2fd768 No.281202


>He is the privileged white male.

Jahans isn't white, he's 1/4 Indian.

512c15 No.281207


He's standard Brit mysterymeat, I know, he's gone on about it forever. But he himself genuinely believes in his white identity and the shame attached with it (which is different from (((shapeshifting))) whenever its in your favor)

9ca733 No.281229

File: 6c55466efe1f3c1⋯.png (19.2 KB, 517x324, 517:324, food ship.png)

File: 1b89440c619c15b⋯.jpg (180.19 KB, 1430x739, 1430:739, incredible sulk.jpg)

File: e1706b9c3b07daa⋯.jpg (179.46 KB, 1289x845, 1289:845, jahanic pose.jpg)

File: b4e70186d11b23a⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 3000x1682, 1500:841, jahans.jpg)

File: 2c452a127fe1751⋯.jpg (115.9 KB, 857x712, 857:712, tic tac.jpg)

7f2de7 No.281231


>went for a walk

>went to the doctor

>bought some food with someone else's money

how does he find the strength?

74da06 No.281238


i thought it was 1/8

ab2bcc No.281246



I didn't think we had any evidence of this at all.



Regarding his "abusive father": notice that the "troll" is so lax that he speaks of it in the same manner as taking a walk and going to the doctor.

c3c410 No.281267


> missed another Universal Credit appointment

It's too much effort for Jahans to go to pick up free money. For anyone else I'd say this is self-sabotage (given Jahans agonizing over the rigors and hell of going on benefits for YEARS) but I just think he's that much of a loser. From what I gather it's pretty hard to fall completely through the social safety net in the UK without having a major drug problem or the like, but he's obviously going to the minute the umbilical cord with mum & dad are cut.

6cfbea No.281281


>negative spoons

What did he mean by this?

f5f420 No.281293


Some people get into their middle aged man jerking it to teenagers in the library phase early in life

ab2bcc No.281305



Didn't notice, but a-b-u-s-e got wordfiltered.

9160d8 No.281313


"Spoons" in this context refers to the stress autistic people go through. Say you have 6 "spoons" in the morning. If you have to interact with someone that'll cost you a "spoon" or two. When you have none left you need to do something relaxing to re-gain your "spoons". The term comes from a woman with an actual disorder who had to explain the concept of having a certain amount of energy in a cafe, where the only thing within arm's reach she could use to demonstrate the concept were spoons. That woman had a real condition where she'd suffer from pathological fatigue, but now autists use it to explain how they get anxious around people.

fbd342 No.281314

File: c5b947c149c0393⋯.jpg (103.91 KB, 891x494, 891:494, 1.jpg)

File: 79211b348a1eacc⋯.jpg (92.29 KB, 695x527, 695:527, 2.jpg)

File: ec2957c10e2fb74⋯.jpg (17.25 KB, 459x121, 459:121, 3.jpg)


>I didn't think we had any evidence of this at all.

It's not confirmed bickers he won't ever talk about it but he probably does have poo in a loo heritage.

c3c410 No.281318

File: ac3a770a271ddda⋯.png (46.43 KB, 475x280, 95:56, tshots.png)


Wow, I thought it was just a typo but I think you're right. I've seen that, I think it was on a TV show or illustrated as such. Not surprising this way of thinking is germane among those who play a shit ton of video games.

This way of looking at life is actually crucial to Jahans' psychology and behavior. He's explained that he has poured a bunch of points into stamina so he can now do one "big" thing a day, and a "big" thing is defined as taking a shower, going to the shops, etc. It's all nonsense, of course. Anyone who's ever worked out when they didn't want to (or done anything they didn't feel capable of) is aware these are mental limitations rather than physical ones.

This is common among NEETs too, needless to say – that they need some "decompression" after doing a simple task because of the "stress." Half of Jahans' rants are about the lack of respect his family has for his depleted state and need to decompress and recharge.

Also Jahans missed his appointment for his t shot injection (also free: thank you NHS!) because he got lost in his own neighborhood again. He found his way home "almost by accident."

dccaf0 No.281324


>It's not confirmed bickers he won't ever talk about it but he probably does have poo in a loo heritage.

It is confirmed through his dad. Keith had a site that chronicled the Jahanic line and sometime during the British occupation of India a local got in.

9ca733 No.281377

File: 4de0c88f19f2d24⋯.png (60.04 KB, 521x796, 521:796, delete my youtube.png)

File: 9540c020a267a36⋯.png (19.63 KB, 514x262, 257:131, eating and sleeping.png)

File: db3ba4720fdf0c5⋯.png (16.71 KB, 556x149, 556:149, more benefits.png)

File: 3bc017cbec9bec5⋯.png (15.07 KB, 515x232, 515:232, supportive friend.png)

File: 3e3bfb80bdb8f52⋯.png (16.81 KB, 521x152, 521:152, climax.png)

He threatened to delete everything again.


Here's some more on that



Looks like he's appropriating it from people who have disability or chronic illness to build a new narrative for not getting a job. This PIP thing he mentions means Personal Independence Payment.

209798 No.281386


It just brings me mirth reading a corpulent blob like Gordo try to was eloquent about how he's willing to draw blood for his ideals when he can't take a bath without losing spoons.

The best part is he probably plagiarized most of this post with little personalization editing from a comment at the bottom of some online polemic article. Compare how Jahans articulates himself in videos or blogs with unscripted speech like his Black Adam interviews and it's obvious how he's actually a retarded parrot.

682aee No.281393


I'll give a run down of his benefits situation.

Right now he is getting universal credit.

Standard rate is £317.82 a month

If he gets the disability addon it would be an extra £318.76

I doubt he qualifies for the disability addon. It takes quite a lot of work to get it and he would need to prove beyond all doubt that he his disabled. This involves getting statements from the doctors that are treating his disability and going before a panel of a doctor, a judge and a disability expert. He has no hope of getting PIP because he isn't in what is known as the support group. The support group is for people who are so disabled that they are considered to be completely unfit for work, they don't have to attend any interviews at the job centre. If he did qualify for PIP, he could get an extra £564 a month.

The maximum amount a month he could get is

Standard Universal Credit: £317.82

Disability addon: £318.76

PIP Daily Living Component: £332.40

PIP Mobility Component: £232

Severe Disability Premium: £249.80

Total: 1450.75

512c15 No.281466

File: d40800a065a91bc⋯.jpg (598.37 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, alexander gordon jahans sq….jpg)


>1450.75 a monff just for being the equivalent of a spiritual vampire as he sucks the life out of everyone he interacts with


41b219 No.281478

File: 8708dfb6574fca3⋯.jpg (252.16 KB, 800x877, 800:877, jakestratton4.jpg)

File: 0eda429e09d907c⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 700x495, 140:99, jakestratton1.jpg)

So a guy just threw his latte at Alex Jones in Seattle and it turned out he was a 46 year old Jahans lookalike. Has the global Jahanic uprising against the right wing finally begun?

11fa41 No.281495

File: ec8f8d34733a053⋯.jpg (39.63 KB, 587x252, 587:252, grunge-nuke.jpg)

What did he mean by this

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