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File: 1187a8d8aef6ad0⋯.png (357.35 KB, 589x510, 589:510, Null in Five Months.png)

904ea5 No.294455

Current thread is autosaging so here's a new Josh thread. You know how it goes, talk about a bunch of old drama that hasn't mattered in years and "JOSH MOON IS A RAPIST! foxdickFARMS.NET"

34ac26 No.294456

>Null in Five Months.png

I don't get it.

7bb51d No.294465


>talk about a bunch of old drama that hasn't mattered in years and "JOSH MOON IS A RAPIST! foxdickFARMS.NET"

Did you photoshop yourself as a tranny just to make some kind of ironic shitpost?

c53e60 No.294475


its dynastia's old avatar back when he was cucking the golden knight

ffa685 No.294482

>250 AUD

Started from the bottom now we here

c00e5e No.294484

Thought OP's pic was Pauline Hanson at first

3fa31b No.294491

Null's been jumping on the Pizzagate bandwagon lately. Is there any idea too autistic or retarded for him to latch onto? The search continues.

a0eea7 No.294495


The next autistic version of a actual conspiracy is right around the corner. So the answer is no. As long he can LARP hard enough to get good boy points from Weev (or anyone else he latches to), he will jump onto any retarded rumor he ever hears of.

c53e60 No.294504


What's funny is that I can't help but think that there is some truth to the whole pizzagate thing but people investigating it go way past occam's razor.

There's a pedophile ring in a pizza shack that is most likely being investigated and probed right now. Simplest solution is often the best.

5d04d6 No.294511



74e93d No.294514


The existence of pedophile rings in politics and entertainment in the US is plausible considering it happened in the UK. Are there hordes of Satanists harvesting the organs of black babies? Probably not.

c07987 No.294526

So about a week and half ago Null got rid of the miner. Some foxdick user wrote:

>So Firefox just updated to Quantum and it seems the Miner bar is missing now? I've disabled Adblock but that's not helped. I don't mind going back to an older version of Firefox but I was wondering if this was an issue that's got a simpler solution?

Null's response:

>It's gone. I'll be announcing a new thing soon that's more exciting.

Source: https://archive.is/R34ja#selection-2515.1-2741.12

So the first mining attempt at mining came to an end fairly quickly after the miner was labelled as malware, second miner has also been shut down. How much money did these two miners made? I recall that he said that hosting the farms costs about 1100$ per month and that he doesn't recieve the monthy income needed to cover that. How much money is he in debt, 6000$? It's so funny that the foxdickfags mock Chris for mismanaging his money and falling into debt when their Dear Leader is suffering from the same self-inflicted problem.

c53e60 No.294538



>I'm thinking about handing out a few free accounts so you guys can give your opinion about my services. You can even keep it after the test-drive but I'll have to cap it to 500Mb/month and you'll have to run my miner if that's alright

Assuming thats the real josh.

fbcc38 No.294544

It isn't.

Also note he took the announcement of his VPS launching soon from KF front page.

fbcc38 No.294546


took down, i mean

2878f7 No.294555


Exactly this. Watch Eyes wide shut for a somewhat accurate representation. Other than that, the version Nool has latched onto is the most autistic representation of it.

955521 No.294587


They don't give a shit about Null, they just put up with him because he's the guy who is currently hosting the farms. If you want to see peoples true feelings about him you have to come on here where they can't be banned or doxxxxed by him.

c09f44 No.294612


Read his post history on foxdick Farms from the past two weeks or so.

c09f44 No.294626


>Eyes wide



c07987 No.294839

647b76 No.294883

Framer is hitting on Null.

c07987 No.294884


I'm guessing she decided that Null wasn't so bad in light of CatParty's issues with premature ejaculation.

add5f7 No.294885


Sure she is, Noel.

5d04d6 No.294891

eb8a26 No.294898


She’s not hitting on him but she’s friendly enough with him that it makes me doubt the most serious allegation against Null.

282946 No.294900


Protip: When it comes to foxdick (or anywhere really), if you get accusations like that without evidence, it’s probably bullshit.

Null is a prick, but I don’t think he’s morally or physically of rape and that probably applies to almost anyone there.

282946 No.294901

*capable of rape

b6bc90 No.294903

@OwO What's This? came back and is actively gumming the shit out of Null's pecker. It is a matter of hours before the entire userbase is triggered to the point of flinging shit at him while Null tells them how horrible they are for messing with his pet fur. He should just make OwO a moderator again in order to piss people off even more. That will get people to donate.

c07987 No.294915

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Null is not physically capable of rape

Wouldn't it be funny if Null or anyone else tried this defense in court? "Come on judge, just look at me! How can I physically overpower anyone?"

eb8a26 No.294922


There’s evidence, but yeah for something of that magnitude you need something more solid.

904ea5 No.295016


>OwO What's This? came back and is actively gumming the shit out of Null's pecker.

I'm surprised that >she could find it.

>It is a matter of hours before the entire userbase is triggered to the point of flinging shit at him while Null tells them how horrible they are.

Like when they wished death on Wildchild for shitposting?

b6bc90 No.295063


Wildchild was a manipulative person who used the sympathy of other users. They deserve what they got.

by they i mean he.

d107fb No.295068


What did he do besides constantly say HI IM WILDCHILD and the whole “conflict resolution” schtick?

c53e60 No.295072

File: 11b5fc64a39ad84⋯.png (72.3 KB, 1066x347, 1066:347, framergirls.png)


Wanting a definitive answer on the age old question of Null having sex with framergirl and also not cumming, I decided to go straight to a man who would know.

And that man is Glaive, who as you all know is a LIAR who constantly SABOTAUGED NULLS FORUM and also attempted a MUTINY where he would COMMANDEER and USURP control!

As such he's clearly lying and the true story is that Null and Framer got together, Josh hit her in the back of the head with a backjack in public view, attempted to fuck her, couldent cum. I mean obviously, right?

c07987 No.295113

File: 72b6384c12c41a9⋯.png (1.11 MB, 800x1067, 800:1067, Framergirl420.png)


If it was rape, it was a good rape.

7344a6 No.295114


Honestly, that's more or less it, tbh.

c53e60 No.295127


cool gun, prop? looks like a prop.

568872 No.295143


No. You aren't missing anything. WC shit posted and King Null said that WC was literally Hitler, so then everyone started shit flinging and making death threats because King Null's word is law.

That and farmers then decided to scam him out of $750.

That's about all there was to it.

1acb67 No.295154


OwO is a shitposting sped that contributes nothing. Hell Animal Control is barely active save for a few regular leakers and commentators.

c53e60 No.295164


animal control is so a-loggy compared to the rest of the forum (which is already pretty a-loggy, we call them foxdicks for a reason) that its just utter cringe.

I mean ffs your all furries jacking off to cartoon animals getting fucked.

Any idea why OwO is no longer a supervisor? I'm actually surprised by Josh's restraint here - I would have expected him to promote her to an outright mod


pretty much, catparty is the same deal except catparty is an old enough user to have fans that actually support him.>>295143

d68312 No.295173


IIRC, even Autfag thought the foxdicks were scummy for doing that. Apparently they used some sort of Social Darwinism to justify it. It’s funny, the sort of people who want to bring back Social Darwinism are the same people who would get fucked over by that. Reminds me of trust-fund kids being commies and how they don’t see the same thing happening to them.

Foxdicks are untermenschen so they probably wouldn’t get that.

1acb67 No.295202


Not so much alogging but it is a hive of cannibalism and power leveling so severe it just makes me want to just say fuck it.

5aad69 No.295204


>Animal Control is a hive of cannibalism and power leveling

>Implying that the whole site isn’t like that

Come on, step it up.

c53e60 No.295212


Yeah but it feels like it takes a new level in AC. Everyones a furnigger laughing at other furniggers

72e6bf No.295218


That's the historic norm. Pretty much the entire furry portal on ED was written and maintained by backstabbing furries.

f5ead5 No.295227


This meme again? The person who scammed WC was banned and everyone pretty much agrees that was going too far. If you want to make fun of or bash foxdicks at least use truthful material and not weird fantasies to justify A-logging A-logs.


OwO was promoted to full mod but it didn't last long and was demoted to regular user eventually.

bae334 No.295229


Can we not have this thread devolve into weird overly shit flinging and overly a-loggy, death threats, etc towards WC for shit posting? That's pretty much what's going to happen because foxdicks have a weird reaction and get triggered by mention of WC.

8ab457 No.295232


OK let's change the subject. What's the deal with Trickie? You know, that sperg who makes Rosechu's Story?


It seems to me that she (or he? It identifies as a she but my trannydar tells me Trickie is a dude who thinks he's a woman) is a borderline SJW type who left foxdicksfarms because too many uses there were saying mean thing about trannies. Also, too many foxdicks love Trump so I'm guessing that also trigerred Trickie. I've even seen that fuckwad call Chris a "she".

c53e60 No.295235


cant stand the heat.

the whole sonichu section is a sperg magnet anyways.

7b75ec No.295247


Honestly, you can't really blame someone for leaving Foxdicksfarms. even if they are a tranny, because that's probably the best thing that someone could do at this point.

c53e60 No.295934


who the hell are you doxing?

7b75ec No.296044


I'm guessing it's Vordrak, so probably someone with only some obscure resemblance to Null's family, such as his Great uncle's cousin twice removed grandson, or something like that.

Basically, Vordrak is back to doxing innocent people who probably don't even know who Null is.

8ab457 No.297148


It is a sensible move, not trying to argue otherwise. I'm just asking about Trickie because I want to know if I'm right in figuring out her deal. Or should I say "figuring out HIS deal"? I remember that back in 2014 when the first John Flynt thread was just getting started Trickie was offended by posters laughing about Flynt being trans and mentioning his deadname. While this doesn't have to mean that Trickie is a tranny it does make me consider that option. Then there's all this borderline SJW stuff… My gut just tells me it's a tranny.

7b75ec No.297152


I don't know too much about her, since she's not really all that active of a member tbh, she probably posts once or twice every 2 or 3 months.

c53e60 No.297389


actually the sped who did it spammed these dox all on the board so I doubt they are even losely related to null.

647b76 No.297394


No, really. They talk to each other daily. She said she really liked Null's dick. He did cum btw.

7f6855 No.297396



That would have been Fringewizard with his awesome Jquery skillz. Nothing to worry from now on. He can look forward to the Manlet Tears treatment.

c53e60 No.297401


I really love how every thread devolves into this discussion about the time Null had a one-night stand.

It's not even the first time he got laid, either.

60c870 No.297402

Trickie is transgendered and it sounded like they have a lot of tranny drama irl that keeps them away

As far as the whole thing with Wildchild goes, some nasty rat king who fucked laurelei and Terra Jones named Natalie Durkin/Typhoid Mary was barely tolerated by foxdicks scammed Wildchild. They were promptly banned by flowers for sonichu when he found out about it in one of those old Skype groups. It was mostly Natalie emotionally manipulating Wildchild to pay rent or something. It's a stretch to call him a foxdick because the only reason he wasn't permabanned before the Wildchild was because he dropped cocks on a couple cows

2f2e04 No.297418


Pretty sure there’s a screen cap from 2012 (the year before the alleged Framer incident) where he talked about how being a virgin sucked. Pretty sure Josh would’ve said something about getting laid before Framer if he did get laid.

8ab457 No.297429


>Pretty sure there’s a screen cap from 2012 (the year before the alleged Framer incident) where he talked about how being a virgin sucked.

I remember seeing a post by Glaive in which he implied that Null was a virgin. He told him something "I'm actually still eligible to post on Wizardchan just as much as you are". I posted it on /cow/ a long time ago, I think it was in a Null thread from 2016 or even 2015. I'm not going to go through all Null threads right now just to dig this post up, but maybe google will help my find it.

a604bf No.297449

File: 9c020d5912ddf4d⋯.jpg (105.61 KB, 800x451, 800:451, noolnocum.jpg)

File: 1136d59874df92f⋯.jpg (107.63 KB, 800x451, 800:451, noolsexlol.jpg)


Here's caps with Null himself mentioning he had sex and couldn't ejaculate. Sorry for the insect vision screen caps btw.

89c9aa No.297487

Wild child attempted to start a bunch of drama on foxdick farms. He got into Skype groups and tried to get the foxdicks in these groups to do things against null for banning him from the farms. He was a manipulative cunt and the only people defending him are others like hom

7344a6 No.297534


Yeah, that's not even anything close to what happened, like at all. As that didn't happen.

8df469 No.297557


The fact that a retard like Wildchild is being portrayed as a manipulative mastermind among foxdicks is telling.

798f19 No.297579

File: 7fbbdbfccd5e16f⋯.png (220.09 KB, 2564x1304, 641:326, Virgin cow Vs The Chad Far….png)

This board is dead. Whoever made this is right.

c93ed4 No.297580

I have reason to believe that I may have met Null on a video game

11607c No.297581


Only reason I don't go to foxdickfarms is because I heard the admin was sme pedo or something

0d0a31 No.297595


Holy shit a ms paint drawing, how will /cow/boys ever recover? XD

c53e60 No.297596


Board may be dead but at least it never has to worry about hosting.

8ab457 No.297597


>ability to gain reputation

Proof that foxdicks are obsessed with user ratings. So what if the site owner is a lolcow in his own right who won't allow anyone to properly mock him, sucking his cock will give you "winner" ratings!

904ea5 No.297600


That whole meme template was originally supposed to say Chad is a dick. The other giveaway is "Trusted by Vox". Why anyone would advertise that is beyond me.

a9d73e No.297613


>That and farmers then decided to scam him out of $750.

Ha ha what I don’t know this story.

2e3595 No.297619


Nvm it’s posted above

2e3595 No.297620


At this point what’s funnier to me is where he says “then I had someone love me and I realized I don’t care about love” lol wtf is he talking about?

6b536b No.297623


Its nearly impossible to fund the site conventionally thnx to Vordie's mean dick sucking abilities. Aside from that? Why would anyone hate him?

d97da9 No.297624


>Users can't fund the site

Should read

>Users can't lick a stamp, operate an envelope, and are afraid of bitcoin

904ea5 No.297625


>Why would anyone hate him?

If I had the unfortunate circumstance to be somewhat related to a sped featured on that site, I'd hate Josh if that's why I'm getting strange calls and e-mails from people telling me about this sped.


These people are too afraid to leave their basement and Null is too autistic to create a PO Box to facilitate this. You'd think he could pay for the site by money order if he's getting fucked by the credit card vendors.

c53e60 No.297630


I'm pretty sure the credit card thing is misinformation by Vordy. I haven't seen Null speak about being jew'd from the credit card vendors himself and the only place where I heard the rumor come from was from Sammy's big fatty mouth.

Sam's not the most reliable here, now are you, Sam?

24f9d3 No.297631


>Null is too autistic to create a PO Box to facilitate this.

He has a mailing address service (kind of like a PO box but more services) and has posted it when asked. He could raise the money by having people send checks, money orders, Visa gift cards, even cash. He’s just too proud to fundraise/e-beg,

c53e60 No.297632


He never outright e-begs directly like that but he has stated that users can do so in the past. I don't think its a matter of pride, I think it's more a matter of users not wanting to jump through the extra hoop to support a place where they stop every once in a while to giggle at whoever's their current cow that people follow.

Bitcoin, for instance. Yes, it's really simple to create a wallet, put money into it then send the laundered cash to Josh's bitcoin wallet. But like, that's a whole extra step compared to just plugging your information into paypal! So why bother?

Really I'm more curious about his Final Solution Hosting and if it's going anywhere. He made a big deal about it a few months back, forgot about it when it looked like he could get rich doing literally nothing with a background miner, then when that kurfuffle was over he replaced the survey text with a large rainbow "SOON" message and now… nothing.

Like, is it working? Does he have clients? Or is he ditching the whole thing and running around like a headless chicken? Running his own VPS isn't a bad idea - it's just incredibly dumb and autistic.

a39b0a No.297638


>No. You aren't missing anything. WC shit posted and King Null said that WC was literally Hitler, so then everyone started shit flinging and making death threats because King Null's word is law.

>That and farmers then decided to scam him out of $750.

>That's about all there was to it.


>Ha ha what I don’t know this story.

wild child got scammed by Fire's tranny ex Neph for "rent money" and then everyone laughed at him for being stupid enough to give a tranny who dated Fire any money at all.

568872 No.297639


This Wildchild sure does sound like some sort of manipulative mastermind. It must of been part of their plan to turn people against Null.

24f9d3 No.297805

File: f711a583d2ac40e⋯.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1406x1820, 703:910, B97DEFF9-1F8C-47AB-92DC-4….jpeg)

File: fa2b82ddde25417⋯.jpeg (750.01 KB, 1490x1416, 745:708, 81E3B6D6-6920-4374-926F-9….jpeg)

So apparently someone shot up a school and an heroed himself last week and it was determined yesterday that he was a foxdick Farmer PLOT TWIST he was also a Blockland member. This has prompted Null to ragepost after reading comments like post related (Iban was Null’s name on there).

7344a6 No.297820


Considering it's the second school/mass shooter from foxdick Farms, and since KF has become a haven for some fairly radical political views/beliefs, then it wouldn't surprise me if foxdick Farms then begun to attract the attention of the feds, assuming that it hasn't already.

Sites that seem to attract mass shooters, tend to attract the attention of the feds.

904ea5 No.297821


The Feddies are already there. Just ask weev.

8d7f5a No.297855

File: 3e8022152eaf368⋯.png (8.27 KB, 401x66, 401:66, KiwiFarmsMassMurderForesha….png)

I am the really real Vordrak for real. Matthew Hopkins News has it -


Interesting screenshot - our An Hero had been discussing school shootings with Null only 3 days before the main event.

It is a real shot - http://archive.is/fLp68

* I am the really real Vordrak and I am personally responsible for every post on the internet that ever butthurt Null including all of the posts on 8chan AND for his family disowning him AND I PERSONALLY RUINED HIS LIFE

904ea5 No.297864


I think it's disgusting that you're using the deaths of two people just to prove how bad foxdick is. We all know it's a hive, but this is a new low.

24f9d3 No.297866


Null himself has been investigated by police for making a school shooting threat, but he says it was probably Vordy who framed him.

835f75 No.297879

If we're being totally honest how many of us wouldn't be the least bit surprised if null actually did something like this if he lost the farms?

24f9d3 No.297885


Null said other kids avoided him in highschool because they thought he “might shoot up the school.” Vordy is of course taking the most autistic take on this possible in alleging the Farms is a breeding ground for terrorcows, but I could see Null shooting up a school.

e59a1b No.297962

Null I'd amazing it is the mods around him that are making him look bad and manipulating him! Cool posters like that Mikeula guy get banned for no ducking good reason and dicks like smutley think they are gods. Most of the mods are fuckers but Josh is really great. He is smart, funny, charismatic. And all the sexual harassment claims are lies. That is what's cool now for cunts. If they have not been "raped" they are not one of the "cool girls" so if you so Mich as brush against a bitch or make eye contact you raped them according toto them. Women are ducking garbage animals that are worse then niggers. Although they both love shoes and jewelry and love tiyou feel like they are being oppressed and blame their stupid ducking choices on everyone else. That is another issue. The niggers being allowed on foxdick farms. All they do is what niggers everywhere do, ruin it and make it shity, duck niggers, duck smutley and duck cuck norse

835f75 No.297966


Jesus Christ that's some spicy autism.

>And all the sexual harassment claims are lies. That is what's cool now for cunts.

You do realize that Josh's rape claims are much older than the whole #MeToo campaign? This happened much earlier than it being "the cool thing to do"

c53e60 No.297969


trying too hard there, noel

ab94df No.297970


Uh. He wasn't around any kids. Didn't he drop out immediately and get his G.ED. or finished high school through home schooling?

3fa31b No.297971



3fa31b No.297972


Well, I never!

https://k i w i farms.net/ t h r e a d s /pizzagate-pedogate.25904/page-35

94fae7 No.297973

Null and Adam Wan must be brought to justice and executed.

904ea5 No.297974


Protip: Use an archive site when posting links to foxdick.

3fa31b No.297976


Too much effort.

e59a1b No.297977


because Null is a trend setter, he never has and never would rape a GIRL. he is smarter then that. This is a man that has traveled the world and had the finest pussy and lived like a rock star, he taught himself how to code from scratch! Null IS the american dream. He started from adversity, real adversity not bullshit "i wuz waped" bullshit, and he his risen greater and greater each time! JOSH IS ALPHA as fuck and you Omega Betas hate him for doing losing more then you cunts will ever even have. I am a girl by the way, and I think Josh is hot, he looks like a man not some faggot cuck the kisses pillows

e59a1b No.297978



e59a1b No.297980

Hey guys we should troll Josh by buying him one of the realistic sex dolls because it would humiliate him infront of his parents. It may cost a bit but if we all chip it it would be epic, we can even hide a camera in it so we can see him having sex with it and post it on the internet

ab94df No.297981


Null doesn't have a dad. He only has a mom that shouts at him and hits him with a broom. Then she brings him a coke zero and apologizes. This happens every time that they interact, or so I've been told.

835f75 No.297986




AYYYY you forgot to change your IP before namefagging you fucking retard.

c53e60 No.298015


hey um you know adam wan actually has his own thread now, right?

You can quit pretending to be Xalver.

1b7e38 No.298032


It’s probably Dynastia or CatParty pretending to be Xalver. You’d think those unfunny faggots would try pretending to be another moron who got banned from there but that’s why they’re unfunny faggots.

a76add No.298034


Or the mods could just stop with the retarded wordfilters already.

e59a1b No.298131

I had a dream about Josh/Null.

He was wearing a Bane mask sitting at his chair and I walked in and said 'Hey Null, I am a big fan" and he stood up, he had no shirt on, just boxer briefs and the Bane mask. Now I am not gay but in the dream I was compelled to walk towards him and I liked his chest then got on my knees and pulled his pants down, His cock was HUGE like at least 8 inches with a fat head with veins all over it, I was impressed and he could tell because he said "Now is not the time to be impressed…that comes later" then he grabbed me by the back of my head and shoved his fat cock down my throat. I started to get a good rhythm and he started to breathe heavy, then he said "the fire rises" and started to cum directly down my throat with 3 or 4 massive pulses, then pulled his dick out just enough so it was still in my mouth but now his cum was flooding my mouth, after he finally stopped cuming and my mouth was ful of his hot sticky cum he looked down at me and said "you know have my permission to swallow" so I did, I woke up covered in sweat and swear I could tastes Null's cock in my mouth.

e59a1b No.298133


The weird thing is I have never fantasized about him before. I mean Katsu Kitty…most certainly, but never Null. and I am not even gay. I really need to go to r/slavelabour on reddit and get someone to make me an account on foxdickfarms again, I have treid making 30 or 40 the past few weeks and they always get deleted by mods shortly after registration, I even used a proxy and I went to th doctors to use the wifi there even but they still blocked those. But anyway now I am wondering why I had a sex dream about Null now. I mean I respect and admire him, he is hilarious and amazing but I never thought of him like that, but now I cant get him out of my mind. All I want to do is smell him and feel him against me. I know it will never happen but the most amazing feeling on earth would be is if me, him, and Katsu Kitty had a three way in a hotel and just really let lose while we trolled lol cows while we take breaks from amazing sex.

e59a1b No.298134


And that would be another big fantasy, I have always wanted Katsu, and this fantasy I have had for a while. like me and Katsu are toegther and she tells me she had a surprise and brings Null, and then Katsu tells me to sit down and get my phone to film something, and she proceeds to go down on Null and Null throws Katsu on the bed and fucks her hard while I watch and film it and touch myself and then after Null finishes with her Katsu makes me come clean her outh with my tongue. I guess it would kind of like a cuckhold thing but not exactly. but damn that would be the hottest thing ever

e59a1b No.298136

if any of you guys have foxdickfarms accounts and you can get some of Nulls cum I will pay you, like A small pill bottles worth would be fine, would be willing to pay 20 dollars. my email is Rodcockhammer@gmail.com

I am very serious, has to be Nulls cum not just some random persons.

7a23a6 No.298144


He dropped out sophomore year.

c53e60 No.298187


cut it out, dyn.

e59a1b No.298188



I am not Dynastia, but it is intersting my life has always sort of mirrored comic events, during dark reign I lost most my career and my girlfriend….during fatal attract when wolverine lost his antimantium I had my appendix removed, and now the movie about infinity war is very telling, in a way I Am THanos and I am collecting knowledge and power so I can take back power and court not death, but null. I will troll half the internet as a gift to him and he will accept be back to the farms

c53e60 No.298191


david craig

e59a1b No.298193


I have no Idea who that is, I plainly told you who I am even posted the screen shot of my account banned page as proof in the last thread, I am Mikeula and I was cast out of paradise because Smutley and other mods hated me because they where help us. Ecause me and Null have similar sense of humour and they where worried Null would make me the Mod supreme so the conspired to have me banned , and Null did nkt even know till it was too late.

c53e60 No.298194


Okay, David Craig/Dynastia.

e59a1b No.298196


I am not going to have the same argument with you dicks again, look, if you want 20th bucks just get me Nulls cum. It is that simple. Also I am only even on this website because I was banned from the farms. And when I finally am accepted back I am never foming back to this faggot infested piece of carp website ever again

c53e60 No.298197


david craig

e59a1b No.298198


God damn it my name is Michael James Pless not fucking Dynastia or David Craig or what the fuck ever!

c53e60 No.298200


Whatever you say, Dave.

b6bc90 No.298227

Sam has pretty much bankrupted Josh. Josh is down to his last few dollars and is sitting in some shithole in Massachusetts jerking himself off. He is depressed to the point where he cannot do anything. Sam has treated Josh like a fly, pinned him down, and removed his wings and legs. Josh is trying to blame users of his website for not giving him enough to live off of for why things are going as they are. He has told them time and again that the reason he cannot find work is because of background checks. He has said that he had a job making over $100,000 lined up but they saw his google search and stopped contacting him. These are transparent lies that people humour him about because if they don't then they know he will shitcan their accounts. By his own admission he only looks for work an hour or so on day a week. What he fails to understand is that his shitty attitude and entitlement do not encourage people to give to him. If he was nicer to people and they didn't think they had to walk on eggshells around him then he would be able to get more than he gets now. He is tolerated but not liked. People who work for their money dont want to give it to someone who shits his pants and does nothing and complains about everything. Even if he is the shiftless owner of their favorite shitbox. foxdick Farms will be tits up by spring

196d1e No.298252

I hope Null likes having his site linked to neo-nazis and school shooters.


(TinyURL'd link in case 8chan's filters tries to be a faggot. Remove the * part: tiny*url.com/yckrqpeb )

c53e60 No.298255


fuck off sam, we know.

3f2f5d No.298262


If Null needs money (and is reading this) I will seriously pay you 20 dollars for a small bottle of your cum. Would all

So be willing to pay for underware you have worn for at least 2 days in a row. I will pay for shipping and handling

196d1e No.298268


Question is, will Foxdick Farms finally be dead forever or will Null find some sucker to sell it off to?

And what about CWCki Club (aka Foxdicks Jr.)? Will that place FOAD as well?

b6bc90 No.298270


cwckiclub will be fine. someone may encourage glaive to open a sister site for discussion of real lolcows, not just people who are weird trannies

00c520 No.298275


Glaive’s site is about real lolcows (although mostly just Chris Chan and orbiters). And he’s not dumb enough to run a site like foxdick where any degenerate online can get a thread irrespective of how much lol they actually provide.

00c520 No.298276


Sorry anon I read your post again and I think you were making that point.

43408d No.298359

File: 90da3685a2b0a07⋯.png (158.37 KB, 647x680, 647:680, db.png)

50d55f No.298362


Registered sex offenders can find work, so Josh has no excuse. He assumes (without evidence) that he was rejected because of a Google search and not because they selected someone else. If that's the case, and he's really pissed off about it, you'd hope it would clue him in and give him something resembling self-awareness.


Why would anyone buy it? Most of the public facing stuff is archived and could be rebuilt from that if someone really wanted to. There's nothing to pay for.

c53e60 No.298428


I doubt Josh would ever sell the farms even if he had to at gunpoint.

Because then he'd lose his personal hangout where he can cast out people he doesnt like over percived slights.

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