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File: 1187a8d8aef6ad0⋯.png (357.35 KB, 589x510, 589:510, Null in Five Months.png)

904ea5 No.294455

Current thread is autosaging so here's a new Josh thread. You know how it goes, talk about a bunch of old drama that hasn't mattered in years and "JOSH MOON IS A RAPIST! foxdickFARMS.NET"

34ac26 No.294456

>Null in Five Months.png

I don't get it.

7bb51d No.294465


>talk about a bunch of old drama that hasn't mattered in years and "JOSH MOON IS A RAPIST! foxdickFARMS.NET"

Did you photoshop yourself as a tranny just to make some kind of ironic shitpost?

c53e60 No.294475


its dynastia's old avatar back when he was cucking the golden knight

ffa685 No.294482

>250 AUD

Started from the bottom now we here

c00e5e No.294484

Thought OP's pic was Pauline Hanson at first

3fa31b No.294491

Null's been jumping on the Pizzagate bandwagon lately. Is there any idea too autistic or retarded for him to latch onto? The search continues.

a0eea7 No.294495


The next autistic version of a actual conspiracy is right around the corner. So the answer is no. As long he can LARP hard enough to get good boy points from Weev (or anyone else he latches to), he will jump onto any retarded rumor he ever hears of.

c53e60 No.294504


What's funny is that I can't help but think that there is some truth to the whole pizzagate thing but people investigating it go way past occam's razor.

There's a pedophile ring in a pizza shack that is most likely being investigated and probed right now. Simplest solution is often the best.

5d04d6 No.294511



74e93d No.294514


The existence of pedophile rings in politics and entertainment in the US is plausible considering it happened in the UK. Are there hordes of Satanists harvesting the organs of black babies? Probably not.

c07987 No.294526

So about a week and half ago Null got rid of the miner. Some foxdick user wrote:

>So Firefox just updated to Quantum and it seems the Miner bar is missing now? I've disabled Adblock but that's not helped. I don't mind going back to an older version of Firefox but I was wondering if this was an issue that's got a simpler solution?

Null's response:

>It's gone. I'll be announcing a new thing soon that's more exciting.

Source: https://archive.is/R34ja#selection-2515.1-2741.12

So the first mining attempt at mining came to an end fairly quickly after the miner was labelled as malware, second miner has also been shut down. How much money did these two miners made? I recall that he said that hosting the farms costs about 1100$ per month and that he doesn't recieve the monthy income needed to cover that. How much money is he in debt, 6000$? It's so funny that the foxdickfags mock Chris for mismanaging his money and falling into debt when their Dear Leader is suffering from the same self-inflicted problem.

c53e60 No.294538



>I'm thinking about handing out a few free accounts so you guys can give your opinion about my services. You can even keep it after the test-drive but I'll have to cap it to 500Mb/month and you'll have to run my miner if that's alright

Assuming thats the real josh.

fbcc38 No.294544

It isn't.

Also note he took the announcement of his VPS launching soon from KF front page.

fbcc38 No.294546


took down, i mean

2878f7 No.294555


Exactly this. Watch Eyes wide shut for a somewhat accurate representation. Other than that, the version Nool has latched onto is the most autistic representation of it.

955521 No.294587


They don't give a shit about Null, they just put up with him because he's the guy who is currently hosting the farms. If you want to see peoples true feelings about him you have to come on here where they can't be banned or doxxxxed by him.

c09f44 No.294612


Read his post history on foxdick Farms from the past two weeks or so.

c09f44 No.294626


>Eyes wide



c07987 No.294839

647b76 No.294883

Framer is hitting on Null.

c07987 No.294884


I'm guessing she decided that Null wasn't so bad in light of CatParty's issues with premature ejaculation.

add5f7 No.294885


Sure she is, Noel.

5d04d6 No.294891

eb8a26 No.294898


She’s not hitting on him but she’s friendly enough with him that it makes me doubt the most serious allegation against Null.

282946 No.294900


Protip: When it comes to foxdick (or anywhere really), if you get accusations like that without evidence, it’s probably bullshit.

Null is a prick, but I don’t think he’s morally or physically of rape and that probably applies to almost anyone there.

282946 No.294901

*capable of rape

b6bc90 No.294903

@OwO What's This? came back and is actively gumming the shit out of Null's pecker. It is a matter of hours before the entire userbase is triggered to the point of flinging shit at him while Null tells them how horrible they are for messing with his pet fur. He should just make OwO a moderator again in order to piss people off even more. That will get people to donate.

c07987 No.294915

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Null is not physically capable of rape

Wouldn't it be funny if Null or anyone else tried this defense in court? "Come on judge, just look at me! How can I physically overpower anyone?"

eb8a26 No.294922


There’s evidence, but yeah for something of that magnitude you need something more solid.

904ea5 No.295016


>OwO What's This? came back and is actively gumming the shit out of Null's pecker.

I'm surprised that >she could find it.

>It is a matter of hours before the entire userbase is triggered to the point of flinging shit at him while Null tells them how horrible they are.

Like when they wished death on Wildchild for shitposting?

b6bc90 No.295063


Wildchild was a manipulative person who used the sympathy of other users. They deserve what they got.

by they i mean he.

d107fb No.295068


What did he do besides constantly say HI IM WILDCHILD and the whole “conflict resolution” schtick?

c53e60 No.295072

File: 11b5fc64a39ad84⋯.png (72.3 KB, 1066x347, 1066:347, framergirls.png)


Wanting a definitive answer on the age old question of Null having sex with framergirl and also not cumming, I decided to go straight to a man who would know.

And that man is Glaive, who as you all know is a LIAR who constantly SABOTAUGED NULLS FORUM and also attempted a MUTINY where he would COMMANDEER and USURP control!

As such he's clearly lying and the true story is that Null and Framer got together, Josh hit her in the back of the head with a backjack in public view, attempted to fuck her, couldent cum. I mean obviously, right?

c07987 No.295113

File: 72b6384c12c41a9⋯.png (1.11 MB, 800x1067, 800:1067, Framergirl420.png)


If it was rape, it was a good rape.

7344a6 No.295114


Honestly, that's more or less it, tbh.

c53e60 No.295127


cool gun, prop? looks like a prop.

568872 No.295143


No. You aren't missing anything. WC shit posted and King Null said that WC was literally Hitler, so then everyone started shit flinging and making death threats because King Null's word is law.

That and farmers then decided to scam him out of $750.

That's about all there was to it.

1acb67 No.295154


OwO is a shitposting sped that contributes nothing. Hell Animal Control is barely active save for a few regular leakers and commentators.

c53e60 No.295164


animal control is so a-loggy compared to the rest of the forum (which is already pretty a-loggy, we call them foxdicks for a reason) that its just utter cringe.

I mean ffs your all furries jacking off to cartoon animals getting fucked.

Any idea why OwO is no longer a supervisor? I'm actually surprised by Josh's restraint here - I would have expected him to promote her to an outright mod


pretty much, catparty is the same deal except catparty is an old enough user to have fans that actually support him.>>295143

d68312 No.295173


IIRC, even Autfag thought the foxdicks were scummy for doing that. Apparently they used some sort of Social Darwinism to justify it. It’s funny, the sort of people who want to bring back Social Darwinism are the same people who would get fucked over by that. Reminds me of trust-fund kids being commies and how they don’t see the same thing happening to them.

Foxdicks are untermenschen so they probably wouldn’t get that.

1acb67 No.295202


Not so much alogging but it is a hive of cannibalism and power leveling so severe it just makes me want to just say fuck it.

5aad69 No.295204


>Animal Control is a hive of cannibalism and power leveling

>Implying that the whole site isn’t like that

Come on, step it up.

c53e60 No.295212


Yeah but it feels like it takes a new level in AC. Everyones a furnigger laughing at other furniggers

72e6bf No.295218


That's the historic norm. Pretty much the entire furry portal on ED was written and maintained by backstabbing furries.

f5ead5 No.295227


This meme again? The person who scammed WC was banned and everyone pretty much agrees that was going too far. If you want to make fun of or bash foxdicks at least use truthful material and not weird fantasies to justify A-logging A-logs.


OwO was promoted to full mod but it didn't last long and was demoted to regular user eventually.

bae334 No.295229


Can we not have this thread devolve into weird overly shit flinging and overly a-loggy, death threats, etc towards WC for shit posting? That's pretty much what's going to happen because foxdicks have a weird reaction and get triggered by mention of WC.

8ab457 No.295232


OK let's change the subject. What's the deal with Trickie? You know, that sperg who makes Rosechu's Story?


It seems to me that she (or he? It identifies as a she but my trannydar tells me Trickie is a dude who thinks he's a woman) is a borderline SJW type who left foxdicksfarms because too many uses there were saying mean thing about trannies. Also, too many foxdicks love Trump so I'm guessing that also trigerred Trickie. I've even seen that fuckwad call Chris a "she".

c53e60 No.295235


cant stand the heat.

the whole sonichu section is a sperg magnet anyways.

7b75ec No.295247


Honestly, you can't really blame someone for leaving Foxdicksfarms. even if they are a tranny, because that's probably the best thing that someone could do at this point.

c53e60 No.295934


who the hell are you doxing?

7b75ec No.296044


I'm guessing it's Vordrak, so probably someone with only some obscure resemblance to Null's family, such as his Great uncle's cousin twice removed grandson, or something like that.

Basically, Vordrak is back to doxing innocent people who probably don't even know who Null is.

8ab457 No.297148


It is a sensible move, not trying to argue otherwise. I'm just asking about Trickie because I want to know if I'm right in figuring out her deal. Or should I say "figuring out HIS deal"? I remember that back in 2014 when the first John Flynt thread was just getting started Trickie was offended by posters laughing about Flynt being trans and mentioning his deadname. While this doesn't have to mean that Trickie is a tranny it does make me consider that option. Then there's all this borderline SJW stuff… My gut just tells me it's a tranny.

7b75ec No.297152


I don't know too much about her, since she's not really all that active of a member tbh, she probably posts once or twice every 2 or 3 months.

c53e60 No.297389


actually the sped who did it spammed these dox all on the board so I doubt they are even losely related to null.

647b76 No.297394


No, really. They talk to each other daily. She said she really liked Null's dick. He did cum btw.

7f6855 No.297396



That would have been Fringewizard with his awesome Jquery skillz. Nothing to worry from now on. He can look forward to the Manlet Tears treatment.

c53e60 No.297401


I really love how every thread devolves into this discussion about the time Null had a one-night stand.

It's not even the first time he got laid, either.

60c870 No.297402

Trickie is transgendered and it sounded like they have a lot of tranny drama irl that keeps them away

As far as the whole thing with Wildchild goes, some nasty rat king who fucked laurelei and Terra Jones named Natalie Durkin/Typhoid Mary was barely tolerated by foxdicks scammed Wildchild. They were promptly banned by flowers for sonichu when he found out about it in one of those old Skype groups. It was mostly Natalie emotionally manipulating Wildchild to pay rent or something. It's a stretch to call him a foxdick because the only reason he wasn't permabanned before the Wildchild was because he dropped cocks on a couple cows

2f2e04 No.297418


Pretty sure there’s a screen cap from 2012 (the year before the alleged Framer incident) where he talked about how being a virgin sucked. Pretty sure Josh would’ve said something about getting laid before Framer if he did get laid.

8ab457 No.297429


>Pretty sure there’s a screen cap from 2012 (the year before the alleged Framer incident) where he talked about how being a virgin sucked.

I remember seeing a post by Glaive in which he implied that Null was a virgin. He told him something "I'm actually still eligible to post on Wizardchan just as much as you are". I posted it on /cow/ a long time ago, I think it was in a Null thread from 2016 or even 2015. I'm not going to go through all Null threads right now just to dig this post up, but maybe google will help my find it.

a604bf No.297449

File: 9c020d5912ddf4d⋯.jpg (105.61 KB, 800x451, 800:451, noolnocum.jpg)

File: 1136d59874df92f⋯.jpg (107.63 KB, 800x451, 800:451, noolsexlol.jpg)


Here's caps with Null himself mentioning he had sex and couldn't ejaculate. Sorry for the insect vision screen caps btw.

89c9aa No.297487

Wild child attempted to start a bunch of drama on foxdick farms. He got into Skype groups and tried to get the foxdicks in these groups to do things against null for banning him from the farms. He was a manipulative cunt and the only people defending him are others like hom

7344a6 No.297534


Yeah, that's not even anything close to what happened, like at all. As that didn't happen.

8df469 No.297557


The fact that a retard like Wildchild is being portrayed as a manipulative mastermind among foxdicks is telling.

798f19 No.297579

File: 7fbbdbfccd5e16f⋯.png (220.09 KB, 2564x1304, 641:326, Virgin cow Vs The Chad Far….png)

This board is dead. Whoever made this is right.

c93ed4 No.297580

I have reason to believe that I may have met Null on a video game

11607c No.297581


Only reason I don't go to foxdickfarms is because I heard the admin was sme pedo or something

0d0a31 No.297595


Holy shit a ms paint drawing, how will /cow/boys ever recover? XD

c53e60 No.297596


Board may be dead but at least it never has to worry about hosting.

8ab457 No.297597


>ability to gain reputation

Proof that foxdicks are obsessed with user ratings. So what if the site owner is a lolcow in his own right who won't allow anyone to properly mock him, sucking his cock will give you "winner" ratings!

904ea5 No.297600


That whole meme template was originally supposed to say Chad is a dick. The other giveaway is "Trusted by Vox". Why anyone would advertise that is beyond me.

a9d73e No.297613


>That and farmers then decided to scam him out of $750.

Ha ha what I don’t know this story.

2e3595 No.297619


Nvm it’s posted above

2e3595 No.297620


At this point what’s funnier to me is where he says “then I had someone love me and I realized I don’t care about love” lol wtf is he talking about?

6b536b No.297623


Its nearly impossible to fund the site conventionally thnx to Vordie's mean dick sucking abilities. Aside from that? Why would anyone hate him?

d97da9 No.297624


>Users can't fund the site

Should read

>Users can't lick a stamp, operate an envelope, and are afraid of bitcoin

904ea5 No.297625


>Why would anyone hate him?

If I had the unfortunate circumstance to be somewhat related to a sped featured on that site, I'd hate Josh if that's why I'm getting strange calls and e-mails from people telling me about this sped.


These people are too afraid to leave their basement and Null is too autistic to create a PO Box to facilitate this. You'd think he could pay for the site by money order if he's getting fucked by the credit card vendors.

c53e60 No.297630


I'm pretty sure the credit card thing is misinformation by Vordy. I haven't seen Null speak about being jew'd from the credit card vendors himself and the only place where I heard the rumor come from was from Sammy's big fatty mouth.

Sam's not the most reliable here, now are you, Sam?

24f9d3 No.297631


>Null is too autistic to create a PO Box to facilitate this.

He has a mailing address service (kind of like a PO box but more services) and has posted it when asked. He could raise the money by having people send checks, money orders, Visa gift cards, even cash. He’s just too proud to fundraise/e-beg,

c53e60 No.297632


He never outright e-begs directly like that but he has stated that users can do so in the past. I don't think its a matter of pride, I think it's more a matter of users not wanting to jump through the extra hoop to support a place where they stop every once in a while to giggle at whoever's their current cow that people follow.

Bitcoin, for instance. Yes, it's really simple to create a wallet, put money into it then send the laundered cash to Josh's bitcoin wallet. But like, that's a whole extra step compared to just plugging your information into paypal! So why bother?

Really I'm more curious about his Final Solution Hosting and if it's going anywhere. He made a big deal about it a few months back, forgot about it when it looked like he could get rich doing literally nothing with a background miner, then when that kurfuffle was over he replaced the survey text with a large rainbow "SOON" message and now… nothing.

Like, is it working? Does he have clients? Or is he ditching the whole thing and running around like a headless chicken? Running his own VPS isn't a bad idea - it's just incredibly dumb and autistic.

a39b0a No.297638


>No. You aren't missing anything. WC shit posted and King Null said that WC was literally Hitler, so then everyone started shit flinging and making death threats because King Null's word is law.

>That and farmers then decided to scam him out of $750.

>That's about all there was to it.


>Ha ha what I don’t know this story.

wild child got scammed by Fire's tranny ex Neph for "rent money" and then everyone laughed at him for being stupid enough to give a tranny who dated Fire any money at all.

568872 No.297639


This Wildchild sure does sound like some sort of manipulative mastermind. It must of been part of their plan to turn people against Null.

24f9d3 No.297805

File: f711a583d2ac40e⋯.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1406x1820, 703:910, B97DEFF9-1F8C-47AB-92DC-4….jpeg)

File: fa2b82ddde25417⋯.jpeg (750.01 KB, 1490x1416, 745:708, 81E3B6D6-6920-4374-926F-9….jpeg)

So apparently someone shot up a school and an heroed himself last week and it was determined yesterday that he was a foxdick Farmer PLOT TWIST he was also a Blockland member. This has prompted Null to ragepost after reading comments like post related (Iban was Null’s name on there).

7344a6 No.297820


Considering it's the second school/mass shooter from foxdick Farms, and since KF has become a haven for some fairly radical political views/beliefs, then it wouldn't surprise me if foxdick Farms then begun to attract the attention of the feds, assuming that it hasn't already.

Sites that seem to attract mass shooters, tend to attract the attention of the feds.

904ea5 No.297821


The Feddies are already there. Just ask weev.

8d7f5a No.297855

File: 3e8022152eaf368⋯.png (8.27 KB, 401x66, 401:66, KiwiFarmsMassMurderForesha….png)

I am the really real Vordrak for real. Matthew Hopkins News has it -


Interesting screenshot - our An Hero had been discussing school shootings with Null only 3 days before the main event.

It is a real shot - http://archive.is/fLp68

* I am the really real Vordrak and I am personally responsible for every post on the internet that ever butthurt Null including all of the posts on 8chan AND for his family disowning him AND I PERSONALLY RUINED HIS LIFE

904ea5 No.297864


I think it's disgusting that you're using the deaths of two people just to prove how bad foxdick is. We all know it's a hive, but this is a new low.

24f9d3 No.297866


Null himself has been investigated by police for making a school shooting threat, but he says it was probably Vordy who framed him.

835f75 No.297879

If we're being totally honest how many of us wouldn't be the least bit surprised if null actually did something like this if he lost the farms?

24f9d3 No.297885


Null said other kids avoided him in highschool because they thought he “might shoot up the school.” Vordy is of course taking the most autistic take on this possible in alleging the Farms is a breeding ground for terrorcows, but I could see Null shooting up a school.

e59a1b No.297962

Null I'd amazing it is the mods around him that are making him look bad and manipulating him! Cool posters like that Mikeula guy get banned for no ducking good reason and dicks like smutley think they are gods. Most of the mods are fuckers but Josh is really great. He is smart, funny, charismatic. And all the sexual harassment claims are lies. That is what's cool now for cunts. If they have not been "raped" they are not one of the "cool girls" so if you so Mich as brush against a bitch or make eye contact you raped them according toto them. Women are ducking garbage animals that are worse then niggers. Although they both love shoes and jewelry and love tiyou feel like they are being oppressed and blame their stupid ducking choices on everyone else. That is another issue. The niggers being allowed on foxdick farms. All they do is what niggers everywhere do, ruin it and make it shity, duck niggers, duck smutley and duck cuck norse

835f75 No.297966


Jesus Christ that's some spicy autism.

>And all the sexual harassment claims are lies. That is what's cool now for cunts.

You do realize that Josh's rape claims are much older than the whole #MeToo campaign? This happened much earlier than it being "the cool thing to do"

c53e60 No.297969


trying too hard there, noel

ab94df No.297970


Uh. He wasn't around any kids. Didn't he drop out immediately and get his G.ED. or finished high school through home schooling?

3fa31b No.297971



3fa31b No.297972


Well, I never!

https://k i w i farms.net/ t h r e a d s /pizzagate-pedogate.25904/page-35

94fae7 No.297973

Null and Adam Wan must be brought to justice and executed.

904ea5 No.297974


Protip: Use an archive site when posting links to foxdick.

3fa31b No.297976


Too much effort.

e59a1b No.297977


because Null is a trend setter, he never has and never would rape a GIRL. he is smarter then that. This is a man that has traveled the world and had the finest pussy and lived like a rock star, he taught himself how to code from scratch! Null IS the american dream. He started from adversity, real adversity not bullshit "i wuz waped" bullshit, and he his risen greater and greater each time! JOSH IS ALPHA as fuck and you Omega Betas hate him for doing losing more then you cunts will ever even have. I am a girl by the way, and I think Josh is hot, he looks like a man not some faggot cuck the kisses pillows

e59a1b No.297978



e59a1b No.297980

Hey guys we should troll Josh by buying him one of the realistic sex dolls because it would humiliate him infront of his parents. It may cost a bit but if we all chip it it would be epic, we can even hide a camera in it so we can see him having sex with it and post it on the internet

ab94df No.297981


Null doesn't have a dad. He only has a mom that shouts at him and hits him with a broom. Then she brings him a coke zero and apologizes. This happens every time that they interact, or so I've been told.

835f75 No.297986




AYYYY you forgot to change your IP before namefagging you fucking retard.

c53e60 No.298015


hey um you know adam wan actually has his own thread now, right?

You can quit pretending to be Xalver.

1b7e38 No.298032


It’s probably Dynastia or CatParty pretending to be Xalver. You’d think those unfunny faggots would try pretending to be another moron who got banned from there but that’s why they’re unfunny faggots.

a76add No.298034


Or the mods could just stop with the retarded wordfilters already.

e59a1b No.298131

I had a dream about Josh/Null.

He was wearing a Bane mask sitting at his chair and I walked in and said 'Hey Null, I am a big fan" and he stood up, he had no shirt on, just boxer briefs and the Bane mask. Now I am not gay but in the dream I was compelled to walk towards him and I liked his chest then got on my knees and pulled his pants down, His cock was HUGE like at least 8 inches with a fat head with veins all over it, I was impressed and he could tell because he said "Now is not the time to be impressed…that comes later" then he grabbed me by the back of my head and shoved his fat cock down my throat. I started to get a good rhythm and he started to breathe heavy, then he said "the fire rises" and started to cum directly down my throat with 3 or 4 massive pulses, then pulled his dick out just enough so it was still in my mouth but now his cum was flooding my mouth, after he finally stopped cuming and my mouth was ful of his hot sticky cum he looked down at me and said "you know have my permission to swallow" so I did, I woke up covered in sweat and swear I could tastes Null's cock in my mouth.

e59a1b No.298133


The weird thing is I have never fantasized about him before. I mean Katsu Kitty…most certainly, but never Null. and I am not even gay. I really need to go to r/slavelabour on reddit and get someone to make me an account on foxdickfarms again, I have treid making 30 or 40 the past few weeks and they always get deleted by mods shortly after registration, I even used a proxy and I went to th doctors to use the wifi there even but they still blocked those. But anyway now I am wondering why I had a sex dream about Null now. I mean I respect and admire him, he is hilarious and amazing but I never thought of him like that, but now I cant get him out of my mind. All I want to do is smell him and feel him against me. I know it will never happen but the most amazing feeling on earth would be is if me, him, and Katsu Kitty had a three way in a hotel and just really let lose while we trolled lol cows while we take breaks from amazing sex.

e59a1b No.298134


And that would be another big fantasy, I have always wanted Katsu, and this fantasy I have had for a while. like me and Katsu are toegther and she tells me she had a surprise and brings Null, and then Katsu tells me to sit down and get my phone to film something, and she proceeds to go down on Null and Null throws Katsu on the bed and fucks her hard while I watch and film it and touch myself and then after Null finishes with her Katsu makes me come clean her outh with my tongue. I guess it would kind of like a cuckhold thing but not exactly. but damn that would be the hottest thing ever

e59a1b No.298136

if any of you guys have foxdickfarms accounts and you can get some of Nulls cum I will pay you, like A small pill bottles worth would be fine, would be willing to pay 20 dollars. my email is Rodcockhammer@gmail.com

I am very serious, has to be Nulls cum not just some random persons.

7a23a6 No.298144


He dropped out sophomore year.

c53e60 No.298187


cut it out, dyn.

e59a1b No.298188



I am not Dynastia, but it is intersting my life has always sort of mirrored comic events, during dark reign I lost most my career and my girlfriend….during fatal attract when wolverine lost his antimantium I had my appendix removed, and now the movie about infinity war is very telling, in a way I Am THanos and I am collecting knowledge and power so I can take back power and court not death, but null. I will troll half the internet as a gift to him and he will accept be back to the farms

c53e60 No.298191


david craig

e59a1b No.298193


I have no Idea who that is, I plainly told you who I am even posted the screen shot of my account banned page as proof in the last thread, I am Mikeula and I was cast out of paradise because Smutley and other mods hated me because they where help us. Ecause me and Null have similar sense of humour and they where worried Null would make me the Mod supreme so the conspired to have me banned , and Null did nkt even know till it was too late.

c53e60 No.298194


Okay, David Craig/Dynastia.

e59a1b No.298196


I am not going to have the same argument with you dicks again, look, if you want 20th bucks just get me Nulls cum. It is that simple. Also I am only even on this website because I was banned from the farms. And when I finally am accepted back I am never foming back to this faggot infested piece of carp website ever again

c53e60 No.298197


david craig

e59a1b No.298198


God damn it my name is Michael James Pless not fucking Dynastia or David Craig or what the fuck ever!

c53e60 No.298200


Whatever you say, Dave.

b6bc90 No.298227

Sam has pretty much bankrupted Josh. Josh is down to his last few dollars and is sitting in some shithole in Massachusetts jerking himself off. He is depressed to the point where he cannot do anything. Sam has treated Josh like a fly, pinned him down, and removed his wings and legs. Josh is trying to blame users of his website for not giving him enough to live off of for why things are going as they are. He has told them time and again that the reason he cannot find work is because of background checks. He has said that he had a job making over $100,000 lined up but they saw his google search and stopped contacting him. These are transparent lies that people humour him about because if they don't then they know he will shitcan their accounts. By his own admission he only looks for work an hour or so on day a week. What he fails to understand is that his shitty attitude and entitlement do not encourage people to give to him. If he was nicer to people and they didn't think they had to walk on eggshells around him then he would be able to get more than he gets now. He is tolerated but not liked. People who work for their money dont want to give it to someone who shits his pants and does nothing and complains about everything. Even if he is the shiftless owner of their favorite shitbox. foxdick Farms will be tits up by spring

196d1e No.298252

I hope Null likes having his site linked to neo-nazis and school shooters.


(TinyURL'd link in case 8chan's filters tries to be a faggot. Remove the * part: tiny*url.com/yckrqpeb )

c53e60 No.298255


fuck off sam, we know.

3f2f5d No.298262


If Null needs money (and is reading this) I will seriously pay you 20 dollars for a small bottle of your cum. Would all

So be willing to pay for underware you have worn for at least 2 days in a row. I will pay for shipping and handling

196d1e No.298268


Question is, will Foxdick Farms finally be dead forever or will Null find some sucker to sell it off to?

And what about CWCki Club (aka Foxdicks Jr.)? Will that place FOAD as well?

b6bc90 No.298270


cwckiclub will be fine. someone may encourage glaive to open a sister site for discussion of real lolcows, not just people who are weird trannies

00c520 No.298275


Glaive’s site is about real lolcows (although mostly just Chris Chan and orbiters). And he’s not dumb enough to run a site like foxdick where any degenerate online can get a thread irrespective of how much lol they actually provide.

00c520 No.298276


Sorry anon I read your post again and I think you were making that point.

43408d No.298359

File: 90da3685a2b0a07⋯.png (158.37 KB, 647x680, 647:680, db.png)

50d55f No.298362


Registered sex offenders can find work, so Josh has no excuse. He assumes (without evidence) that he was rejected because of a Google search and not because they selected someone else. If that's the case, and he's really pissed off about it, you'd hope it would clue him in and give him something resembling self-awareness.


Why would anyone buy it? Most of the public facing stuff is archived and could be rebuilt from that if someone really wanted to. There's nothing to pay for.

c53e60 No.298428


I doubt Josh would ever sell the farms even if he had to at gunpoint.

Because then he'd lose his personal hangout where he can cast out people he doesnt like over percived slights.

4137f3 No.298650


The only user obsessed with ratings is KoP, who "revenge rates" everyone talking shit about him on his thread.

11501f No.299024


The point is, why would anyone want to but it when it's not an asset in any way?

904ea5 No.299028


It’s not only not an asset but in the wake of Krautergate and the alt-right that Josh has been trying to woo for the past couple years increasingly souring on doxing, it’ll be even more of a liability as the practice is seen as the work of scoundrels.

And all KF has is being dox central so then being fucked long-term has now been sped up to being fucked mid-term.

5bf3b7 No.299031



I don't know what this is but it sounds hilarious.

e4121a No.299035


It all started with this: >>298217

I’d link the newer thread but half of the posts there are in German.

Basically, some (((German))) version of Null named Kraut and Tea plotted to dox his enemies and destroy the alt-right. Hilarity has ensued.

c53e60 No.299044


I don't think Josh cares about the Alt-right per-se simply because Weev doesn't care about them prob on virtue of them not being hardcore jew-nigger hating enough (for whom he blames all the worlds problems on).

There's crossover between stormfags and the alt-right but in the end the stormfags don't like the altright for not being hardcore enough and the altright don't like the stormfags for being complete racist twats.

I mean hell, there's even a thread on Richard Spencer on foxdick

c53e60 No.299049

>If you know any lawyers specialized in 501(c)3 formations and related charity law, email me at null@foxdickfarms.net


34ac26 No.299057


I don't see how it relates on Null/KF.


Oh boy, Null's going to try to form a charitable organization to make profit. I'm sure a man with his reputation will run a fine charity indeed.

Guess his VPS is dead.

904ea5 No.299063


Here's how it relates: Null's attempts at sucking up to the alt-right hoping that their popularity will make him popular are about to run into the reality that the alt-right is becoming staunchly anti-doxing. KF is dox central. You put the two together.

c53e60 No.299072


Sure, but he's stopped sucking up to them when Weev came in. Now he's just a plane ol stormfag.

7f6a19 No.299074


Look at all the things KF has cost him. Why would he care? It's not like pissing off the alt-right would do him any harm anyway.

c53e60 No.299076


I think getting yet another internet group mad at him that is able to do jack shit is the least of his worries…

43408d No.299107


>I mean hell, there's even a thread on Richard Spencer on foxdick

Null tolerates threads on right-wing figures but he's made it clear he doesn't like them. You can see this in the first few pages of the first few that were made which are filled with declarations that X Is Not A Cow.

43408d No.299110


> It's the foxdickFarms fundraising drive!

> Please remember the March of Speds, Josh's Kids and other charities this holiday season

> Instead of taking care of the less fortunate, we throw rocks at them.

ed3da1 No.299115


It may be for the best. The only two times he’s run charity drives he first gave money to Chris Chan the next to a nonprofit that promotes “vaccines cause autism.”

ed3da1 No.299117


Although to be fair he also did one for Wounded Warriors in honor of Jace.

4a8ae1 No.299120



It's just another get-rich quick scheme anyway. But if he goes through with it he'll have another massive liability on his back, so it might be fun to watch.

c53e60 No.299253


No, I think this is him being desperate and trying to find some way for the farms to stay afloat. I know less about charity law then Josh, but I'm pretty sure that as a nonprofit he can't actually make much off the site.

Not that the goverment (?) is going to approve foxdick Farms the Nonprofit. Even under Trump.

c3b12e No.299264


>implying the latter one is a bad thing

5fd727 No.299266

The charity thing is even funnier when you remember that he got the idea from Trans Lifeline.

43408d No.299286

File: 8ed69a5bf7a775b⋯.gif (8.13 KB, 149x120, 149:120, snob.gif)


Basically, there are two advantages:

> donations are tax exempt for the donor

> donations (and some forms of income) are tax exempt for the organization

That's it.

There's a lot of paper organization involved. You need to create a board of directors, and they can't call themselves "Cat Party." The IRS will scrutinize everything in a way that makes his pie charts of expenditures seem quaint.

There are two forms of 501(c)3:

> public charities

> private foundations

There is pretty much no timeline in which it is possible to imagine the IRS granting KF public charity status.

"Foundations" have an even more significant organizational burden: they are even more intensely policed by the IRS because they are such an ideal vehicle for tax fraud. Null would have to donate a set percentage of the foundation's total donations every year to actual good works rather than just use it to fund operations. Under either, Null's salary (probably the 1st or 2nd largest liability) would NOT be tax-exempt, and furthermore would probably be taxed an additional amount under "foundation" guidelines against self dealing. The scrutiny is fairly significant, but it's irrelevant, because the IRS would conclude he's running a business (albeit an incredibly shitty one) with no public interest, not a charity or foundation.

So I don't even understand what he thinks he's doing, unless he's actually trusting every retard with a Big Lebowski avatar who claims to be a lawyer on the internet but claims ignorance of the "field" of 501(c)3s and suggests he hire an actual lawyer.

c53e60 No.299383


Hey, if all else fails he can just change his name and go to China, the bastion of free speech :^)

7b0b01 No.299386


I'm CatParty and I can't live without constant attention from foxdicks. Also, I dip my dick in Null's sloppy seconds.

196d1e No.299502


Remember that even Hatreon told Null to fuck off and be fat someplace else.

Josh may or not be racist himself, but he is a glory-whoring faggot trying to chase one popular thing after another in order to look "cool" with any subgroup that's stupid enough to accept him.

In the end, he'll be loathed by both left and right, and die alone & penniless.

c53e60 No.299516


cut it out, dave

7a1bd1 No.299813

Just to let you guys know, the reason he is doing this is because @OwO What's This? told him to. He (OwO is male, not female, and is just playing Josh for the fool he is, so "he") told Josh to do a lot of things which ended up being a waste of time and money, but since he will talk to Josh, he goes along with it. Once Josh is broke and cannot finance his shitty autism palace anymore, it will be fun watching all of the people who thought they were big shit on foxdick try to cannabalize one another when they won't have a place to do it at.

Whichever one of you that is playing the role of OwO, you're doing a great job julaying the cow.

0ca5ce No.300199


>There is pretty much no timeline in which it is possible to imagine the IRS granting KF public charity status.

Of course not. The idea is probably to run some sort of freeze peach charity and use donations to run KF as part of it.

Still wouldn't work, though.

c53e60 No.300204


The prompt on the front page is gone. I think even Josh realized how stupid of an idea it was (a rare sign indeed!) or he was prompted to look into it by one of his sycophants

43408d No.300214


Right, and even if he could get that approved, just the short form tax return for the charity would raise every red flag.


I think we put more thought into his retarded plans than he does. Not much more effort and we don't do anything at all.

Three flags from now some newfag will demand evidence that this was ever even being considered.

43408d No.300215



*threads from now.

e59a1b No.300418


I once met Josh in real life in Florida, I was the Dollar General and went in to the bathroom and found to my suprise there was a glory hole, so I stuck two fingers in (to signal I am ready) and a huge well formed cock slide through, I am not gay, but you would have to be a faggot not to suck a cock that amazing. After sucking it for ten minutes I heard a loud grunt and my mouth was filled with the sweetest, hottest, stickiest load I have ever imagined. It took 4 large gulps to get it all done. After I came out of the stall I saw Josh. He was pale and shaking , truing to compose himself. I just said "thank you, By the way, I love your work" as I left. I have never encountered him again but will mever forget that day. The doller general glory hole has been sealed up. But I intend to try and open it again or drill a new one if I can get a hand powered drill.

e59a1b No.300421

On another note, the mod Smutley was arrested in real life for giving his mothers Pug herpes and the poster Cucknorse was diagnosed with testicular and also prostate cancer so he will Probobly not be posting as much, the cancer is so bad they will have to remove his balls and prostate so he will be even crankier.

c53e60 No.300432


We get it, you have issues.

e59a1b No.300440


This is my first time posting on this BBS internet message board. I am just here to spread some funny amd true news about two horrible human beings

223828 No.300445


that's nice, dyn

e59a1b No.300447


I am not fucking Dynastia!

223828 No.300531


cool story dyn

48c72f No.300539

I'm surprised no one has mentioned that Jawsh is still sitting on a fair amount of crypto currency and could pay off his debts if he just sold some.

e59a1b No.300544


This is his next egg and his livelihood! You can't expect him to get rid of that, he would be insane, espiclly since the value is increasing all the time

c53e60 No.300584


that and I doubt that E-Moneys are really worth enough to bail him out of the situation he's in.

Because if they were worth enough to bail him out, he woulden't be in this situation. Instead, they are probobly just worth enough to give him something resembling a cushion for when he has to give the farms up

>inb4 bitcoins arn't worth anything and are a bubble

Well yeah, I know. I'm being optimistic for Josh.

24f9d3 No.300589


Everything Josh says about bitcoin suggests he thinks it’s a sure bet and will continue to increase in value forever. It’s online and anonymous and decentralized.

904ea5 No.300605


Doing some background research on BitCoin, the rise of bitcoin slow and steady until July of this year when it went from $1200/bitcoin up to around $2,400/bitcoin. And then in August it went up to $4,500/bitcoin. And now it's gone up to $18,303.33/bitcoin as of today. That is a multiplication of 4.5 x the value in four months.

Bitcoin will certainly pave the way for how currency is going to be in the future, but there is something very strange going on.

c53e60 No.300608


It's a bubble

c53e60 No.300624


Specifically, it (regular ol' bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies are hopefully more stable) is a bubble that's susceptible to various forms of manipulation, both in the form of economic gaming and technical fuckary.

Yeah, bitcoins are worth thousands. That also means they are harder to mine and at some point the amount they are worth will be nothing more then what they are made of (read:nothing).

Now, Josh has been fucking with cryptocurrencies that are NOT bitcoins but nonetheless derrivitives of it. Sadly for him, whatever he makes isn't enough to keep him afloat. Worse, even with the mining rig that was donated to him, he's only making a portion of what was made when foxdickfarms had a miner on it's front page.

48c72f No.300695


>implying josh has a livelihood

top kek

0cc873 No.300803


Josh is what intellectuals call a "futurist" he can see and intuitively detect trends, months and years before they happen. Nikolia Tesla was thought crazy in his time, many geniuses are, because they are so far ahead of the curve no one understands. Josh is Nikolia Tesla, he is Jim Morrison, he is Van Gogh. Josh may not seem great now, because he is in a rut and living through his darkest hour. But light shines the brightest in the dark. And Josh is phonix that will rise from this brighter and more beautiful then you can comprehend. One day Joshua Moon will be a household name, and you will still be on this website….losers. Josh is what a Real alpha looks like, but cucks like you can't recognize greatness because it makes you realize that there is not a global system holding you down, your just failures and Josh is a winner, and peope like winners.

0cc873 No.300807

I am a girl and I have met Josh before, you guys see a very small part of the big picture, has he made mistakes? Yes

Done stupid things? Yeah, name one person who has not

Sexually assaulted someone? Not even close

It is the "cool" thing fkr women to claim they where raped because having something traumatic makes them interesting they think. Any woman would be more then happy to feel Josh's cock. It is over 8 inches and shaped like a porn stars. He is very sexy amd also sensual. He knows what women want instinctively. He is firm and assertive without being overbearing, he is the superior Man. And it makes other men angry and women jelohs. Also some women will try to fuck a guy and the guy turns the slut down so sje claims he assulted her to get revenge.

48c72f No.300826



rehashing material already? i expected better of you, dyn

0cc873 No.300886


Not him, Although I have hears of hins before. He is incredibly funny and talented. Wish he would try to get a show on adult swim I would buy a TV andbatart watching if he did.

Like I said I am a small (4' 5" ) supple young woman that thinks Josh is an amazing man. He has taught himself more Then most people ever even learn in school. He plays by his own rules , is charismatic and ambitious. He is literly the definition of what get a women wet.

99b990 No.300896



>At 4’5”

Come back when you graduate elemantary school. Then again, you are Josh’s type so there you go.

c53e60 No.300967


cut it out, dyn

>dyn is now our strawman for people shitting up josh threads by asking if anyone can give them a vial of his cum or w/e

0cc873 No.301304

If I wanted Joshs cum I would just wring it out of framergirls hair. Just kidding, I really hate that stupid lying slut though. She is a skankasaurus rekt.

f75c85 No.301320


your jealousy is showing, dyn

0cc873 No.301431


I actully save my seem and place it in a condom, after the condom is over half full I put it in the freezer. Then on an especially stressful night I peel the condom off andblube up the frozen cum and insert it like a supository. It helps with constipation and feels amazing to be honest, recommend to everyone to try at least once, except for women, they don't even have prostates so would be pointless for them. Women only like anal when a man does It because they like being hurt by an alpha man, because cunts are stupid.

4068a5 No.301844


>He has taught himself more Then most people ever even learn in school.

I heard that he taught himself to code, is that true?

817499 No.301911


Yeah man! Just look at the massive success of Infinity Next!

e59a1b No.302112


Look cunt, I said mistakes where made. But he learned from them. Everyone makes mistakes, only some learn. And Josh learns at a geometric rate.

e59a1b No.302171

I don't want to be here and you don't want me here. I just want back on the farms but I get banned when I make a new account, even when I make frombdiffernt WiFi hotspots and even reset my phone . I don't know what to do

4068a5 No.302172


Sounds like Josh is the Moore’s Law of learning. Moon’s Law.

b7ca19 No.302184

Has Josh had any spergouts over Bitcoin's latest drop?

d14402 No.302223


So what has he coded that's proven successful? Because there's a list of failed or abandoned projects a mile long with his name on them.

>I don't want to be here

Are you too weak-willed to leave, then? No wonder they kicked you out.


Probably not.

c53e60 No.302234


I'm not sure if he's using bitcoin but rather bitcoin derivatives


Maybe we should make a thread ourselves about this spastic to hopefully get him to fuck off. He's already dox'd himself, if I wasn't busy with christmas shit I'd do the digging myself.

34ac26 No.302247


>He's already dox'd himself

No they didn't.

c53e60 No.302263


I'm not talking about dynastia, I'm talking about this creep who wont stop shitting the thread with talk of wanting Josh's cum in pill bottles. It almost makes me wish for the age old question about fucking framergirl to come back tbh.

Then again that could just as well be a fake name simply put down to drum up annoyance. Infact, now I'm kinda sure of it…

6433a4 No.302389


Lol, you didn't know framergirl was a fake name? What did you think there was literly a girl named Framergirl Jones? Your retarded

6433a4 No.302390


And the dude your talking about does not sound like a "creep" he sounds like an awesome guy that got targetes by the nigger Smutley

6433a4 No.302394

One of use should just get him an account so he leaves, thats all he wants

c24c67 No.302407

File: 4cc350fc2167a16⋯.jpg (12.67 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1460834471624.jpg)

>Josh will kill himself in your lifetime

b2a84f No.302465


No one in this thread has doxxxxxxxxed themselves.




gr8 b8 m8, you're totally achieving everything you desire

c53e60 No.302531




>hi guiz im using a vpn arnt i clever?

b6bc90 No.302630

File: 80c4d010ece89c1⋯.png (559.87 KB, 736x460, 8:5, tumblr_oza5sqHceC1w2zsyzo1….png)

0ee79c No.302740


When did he post that quote? Wonder what the "something else" could be in his mind.

c53e60 No.302775


Probably the 8chan debacle. I cant really think what else it could be.

43408d No.302799


He's mentioned it before, it's the posts that accuse him of watching CP.

c53e60 No.302854


Innocent until proven guilty. Dont know why people would take serious stock in that aside from a small giggle.

7b75ec No.302894


Probably in supporters, Just Null Things has been a popular meme in Skype where people take things that Null says and make memes out of it.

He's been mentioning the $100,000 salary job for anywhere between 6 months to a year, so the quote seems to be something he would say.

If he's really expecting a $40/hr job, and thinks that's a reasonable wage, then he's completely out of touch. With his lack of experience, lack of education, and with no accreditation, then he's extremely lucky if he can get an entry-level job for $15/hr, and $15/hr is on the high end for his level.

He's not going to be able to get a job, if he doesn't have work experience, and to get work experience, he's going to have to suck it up and be willing to work an entry level job for $10/hr, in order to move up and get work experience for his resume. He refuses to work for work due to his narcissism, because working is "below his level".

He's not going to do this, but he can easily take and get a certificate of achievement from open programming courseware for >$100, which would brush up his resume and allow him to get a $15/hr job.

c53e60 No.302938


Back when he was hired by somewhere and making money, how much can we spitball he made?

You know, before he heroically sacrificed himself to better support the farms or however he spins being fired.

b1831a No.302951

Null is an interesting character study, he strikes me as the kind of guy who will throw anybody under the bus if it means he gets a chance to make a quick buck. All the while pretending to have the moral high ground on his shitty forums.

Then when someone brings up all the fucked up shit that goes on in the forums he just shrugs and goes "I dunno what you're talking about! Lawl", because he's totally okay with FoxDixFarms keeping tabs on shitty e celebs but not any of the scummy shit he does. And it amazes me how fucking dumb FoxDix users are, they see this asshole stealing all their money and they're totally fine with it because "At least he's not [insert random e-begging celeb here] lawl!".

904ea5 No.302960


Null ist Kraut.

904ea5 No.302967

It’s funny that Null also positions himself as a white nationalist (read in his case as NEETsoc). But, what can we say about Null?

He demands that people hand him things citing past grievances

He has a very high opinion of himself despite not having any accomplishments

He is a high school dropout

Gets angry at the slightest inconvenience to him

Treats his work as a secondary concern compared to beating “the haters”

May or may not understand the meaning of consent

Incredibly hostile to authority

Refuses to work

Doesn’t know who his Dad is

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a huwhite man to me.

e59a1b No.303022


First off white people, and culture IS superior. If it is not how come brown and blacks want into white countries so badly?

Josh wanting restitution is not a bad thing, it is standing up for himself and what an alpha does, so probably why you don't understand.

He has a high opinion of himself because he is smart, resourceful, has been around the world, has actually done things most people just talk about.

being a high school drop out is not a bad thing when all teach is bullshit. Intellectuals get bored of school because they have to be around idiots.

I he gets angry at degenerates and peoples incompetence, so do i

Josh knows what consent is, cunts do not. They think consent means they can change their mind a week later or retroactively change events to be victims and get cool points

Incredibly hostile to authority? Yeah because most "authority" are stupid degenerates and do not deserve respect

As far as work. What he does is work, he fights for freedom on the internet which is slowly bust surely being eroded. Josh in 20 years will be seen as a figure akin to Che Guarva

Josh does not just sound like a white man, he sounds like a role model. And a an alpha

3d287f No.303031


>being a high school drop out is not a bad thing

Is that why you keep intentionally making typos?

904ea5 No.303034


It's funny, you didn't dispute the fact that Josh is a figurative and literal bastard.

c53e60 No.303045


forgot to turn on your VPN buddy. Kissing Null's ass won't get you any closer to bottling his cum.

e59a1b No.303051


you know who else did not have a father?! Jesus and also Merlin. having a dad just means you try to emulate him not having a shitty father around let Josh become his won person and not try to imitate someone else !


my typos are because I am on a phone sometimes because i am a very busy person and successful, I would not expect a nigger to understand that


I am not kissing ass I am stating fact

e59a1b No.303052

also calling Josh a NEET is retarded, A NEET or neet is a young person who is "Not in Education, Employment, or Training". The acronym NEET was first used in the United Kingdom but its use has spread to other countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States.

Josh is educating himself and training himself, he runs an incredibly popular website, is working on future business ventures. He is a busy man. Also he seems to inspire jealousy. How many of you have been to another country? How many of you have made your dreams come true? how many of you have your own website? Josh is Alpha and makes you beta bitches cry inside

11501f No.303054


>I make typos because I'm trying too hard

Fixed that for you.

>How many of you have made your dreams come true?

Being unemployed and thousands of dollars in (increasing) debt is such a lofty dream, I'm really amazed that Josh could pull it off with such ease.

e59a1b No.303056


Bankruptcy clears all of that fagit

d14402 No.303060


>implying bankruptcy doesn't create a new set of problems

You've never worked in the financial world, have you?

e59a1b No.303061


No, most of my career has been in the food service industry but am currently taking a sabbatical to work on personal projects

d14402 No.303062


I see that one of those personal projects is misunderstanding what bankruptcy means.

e59a1b No.303063


I know what bankruptcy is. It means all your debt is written off and the creditors can eat a dick. So he can't get a credit card for like 2 years…big deal

c53e60 No.303064


Yes. That's exactly how it works. Maybe you should try it!

3d4f8f No.303065


Not that simple and incorrect on every front. 0/10

c53e60 No.303066


Don't listen to >>303065 by the way, he's a retard who doesn't know how banking works. Bankruptcy is a get out of jail free card.

Source: An accountant. Me.

904ea5 No.303067


You. Fucking. Dipshit.

Bankruptcy is the nuclear option for financial problems. You don't use a hydrogen bomb in response to a cyberattack do you?

e59a1b No.303068



I am filing bankruptcy at beginning of the year. That's why I am not working right now so I can't have my check garnished. I am pretty sure it really is that easy. Obviously you need a lawyer and my mom is getting me one. #Chapter7

c53e60 No.303070


Very good! Game the system!

e59a1b No.303071

I have like a bunch of medical debt and other stuff so it is best for me.

c53e60 No.303072


Yes well what they odnt tell you is that once you file for bankruptcy then THEY will be paying YOU!

So I fully support the notion of you filing for it. Trust me, I'm an accountant.

e59a1b No.303073


Damn straight. System fucked me so now I am gonna flip the system over, spit in it's boi pucci and fuck the system raw dog right back. And may even pull out and make it go ass to mouth, metaphorically

f060b3 No.303082


Still wrong on every front, though 1/10 for sticking to the bit. You're like the herpes of comedy.

e59a1b No.303089


you are trolling or retarded, i have done my research. it negates all debt . yeah my credit will take a hit but it is already taking a hit so I will Come out on top, Maybe it would not work for Josh but it will work for me. I don,t have assets , I live i my sisters basement , so I cant have anything taken, and I dont work so I cant have my wages garnished. I .FUCKING.WIN.

1e4fc7 No.303093


You're really bad it this. -50/10, try subtlety.

c53e60 No.303099


Look, do you REALLY want this guy to stick around?

e59a1b No.303101


exactly! so help me get back to where I belong, the Farms. if you can get me an account I will never return

c53e60 No.303104


We cant do that, but if you manage to bottle Null's cum then I know they'll let you back in with an admin account.

You'll have to drive to whever the hell he is though, and it's best not to give us updates on your journey so you can best surprise Josh.

Get to it, scrub!

e59a1b No.303111


That actually would be kind of epic, I actully wrote a story kind of like that once, where a crossdresser tricekd a guy and tied him up and forced him to cum by putting pressure on his prostate and then making him drink his own cum

b26a68 No.303135


try making an account with the user name "david craig"

e59a1b No.303167


Done. Will let know if it works

e59a1b No.303198

… It didn't work

f060b3 No.303202


That's because you didn't do it.

e59a1b No.303245


Bullshit I used the name used email rodcockhammer@gmail.com

And it got rejected when I refreshed

e521f5 No.303251


Then do it again and do a full-screen screenshot.

e59a1b No.303260

File: a34217ab61f246c⋯.png (103.32 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-23-17-2….png)

File: 9161874f0fdb42a⋯.png (141.83 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-23-17-2….png)

e59a1b No.303270

File: dd22b730e6abaf1⋯.png (102.1 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-23-17-3….png)

File: fbc57c471ec4021⋯.png (106.22 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-23-17-3….png)

And already booted!!

e521f5 No.303290


You didn't wait for approval.

e59a1b No.303309

Oh will try again later then. Figured I was rejected

f337c2 No.303369

A very /pig/gy Christmas

Joshua Conner Moon had stayed up quite late, gouging himself upon cheap fatty snack foods and sugary sodas. Devouring the junk food like a barnyard swine, his sweaty figures typed into the search engine vile sexual acts: “Child gored anally” he entered. Soon the video popped up and Null began stroking his crusty meat rod. Null used shampoo for lube, it was very bad because it caused his dick and balls to stab over. This allergic reaction went as far as him ejaculating blood from his penis, in fact his typical load now had more blood than semen. Null knew he should see a doctor about all this but he was far too embarrassed. Besides medicine was (((Jewish))). Just five seconds into the illegal footage, before the poor Chilean youth would be slaughtered for his cheap redneck erotic entertainment, Null indeed came. It was crimson red, but gooey like strawberry jelly. He never bothered to clean up and hungry ants were attracted to the odd carpet stains.

“Oh well, time for bed.” He concluded tiresomely. That had been a real workout back there and the sweat of his skin stuck his old cum-stained t-shirt to his back. He moved over to his mattresses and soon slumbered like a baby he so desperately desired to molest.

But soon a loud, sudden noise awoke the youth. “A FUCKING NIGGER IN MY HOUSE!” he thought to himself, grabbing his trusty firearm. Null had read about killing blacks before and it had always made him hard. It was time to show that libcuck who he really was. Then maybe weev would come over for a handjob or something.

But it was no purloining African-American downstairs but old Father Christmas himself with his elfin sidekicks. Null licked his chops at the sight of tiny childlike beings and began to unzip his pants. But then Santa Claus turned around. “Well if it isn’t little Joshie! Come over here son and let Santa show you what a naughty little boy you’ve been!” Then the dying Christmas Tree in the corner, watered over the weeks by Null’s bloody piss and penis stabs, came to live branches pythoning the obese unshaven Floridian. The vines pinned him to the floor and tore his revolting clothes off, just like in the infamous rape scene from the cult-classic Raimi film, Evil Dead.

Santa reached into a stocking a took out a lump of coal. “LET’S MAKE YOUR PENIS GREAT AGAIN!” he shouted like a feminist demon and then began inserting the coal into Josh’s lucky urethra. He howled like a wild animal in pain. The coal’s sharp edges ripped his penile flesh into strips, but eventually the coal lump was shoved forcefully up into his virginial bladder, the red piss soaking the wooden floor. “Please Santa, all I fucking want for Christmas is my father! I’m not a bad boy!”

f337c2 No.303370

“Well funny you say that!” Santa replied and whistled. Then the front door was fucking kicked down like in the opening of the Mr. T Filmation Cartoon and a strong shirtless white man entered the room, with a reindeer on leash. “Dad?” cried Josh.

“That’s right, I fucking left your Mom to be with fucking Santa Claus cause he can please a man. You have disappointed my family name and bloodline and now my son you will suffer!” Josh chanted a Bitcoin shield of protection but nothing happened. Mr. Moon took off his pants and underwear revealing that he had gotten gender reassignment surgery in the years since he knocked up Candice Lynn Potter. Josh got a good eye of that fine acne-ridden cunt and liked what he saw. There sure are wonders that can be done with plastic surgery, no? “Dad, your man pussy! It’s amazing, please sit upon my face!”

“No child, you will learn to love the ways of the phallus.” A magic strap-on appeared, striped red and white like a candy cane. The father shoved it into his child’s throat, it tasted like the strongest peppermints in the unholy cosmos. “See for yourself alt-rightist, what we are brought in the glory of Christ!” said Santa and he turned on the TV. Dozens of dead foxdicks appeared on screen disemboweled and dipping cum from their mouths, asses, and pussies. Josh was shocked, where was this footage coming from? It had to be a trick!

But before he could really think the tree flipped him over, hairy ass now up in the air. The trained reindeer erected from the pills place into its feed grew an enormous penis at the awful sight. Meanwhile he was still sucking his own daddy’s placebo cock. The polar ungulate then jumped upon him, the hoofs of its forelimbs delivering devastating blows to the backs of his skull. Blood and brain matter erupted like a volcano from these fresh wounds. The deer then penetrated his anus, loose from many a night with his former neighbor who was now a well-respected editor at InfoWars.com.ca. In and out went that terrible warm dick, precum raping his colon. Null’s flesh then began to swell, he was allergic to reindeer semen! His cheeks, forehead, trunk, and limbs began to balloon up, their tissues inflamed. It sure was getting difficult to breathe especially with that European sex toy in his throat. It felt like drowning. He looked up to his father’s eyes for the first and last time in his life.

Just disappointment glared back, no love, no respect. He couldn’t ever suck a dick right. Josh’s heart stopped all of a sudden and his eyes closed just as the reindeer let out a Shrek-like roar filling his bowels his that putrid semen. Then the Artiodactyla dick slid out of the digestive tract like a newborn baby coming out of its mother, only it was fucking beautiful, you asshole.

cb5728 No.303384


Or maybe HIS posts on Blockland where he says he watches CP? The “Josh is a pedophile” meme didn’t come from nowhere. The source is literally his own words that were revealed when he accidentally doxed himself.

c53e60 No.303389


>Shotacon = actual child porn

borderline, but man. Bit of a difference between real kids and fictitious catboys.

cb5728 No.303395


I guess? It’s good that actual children aren’t used to make it, but at the end of the day it’s still Josh saying “yeah i get turned on by little kids getting fucked so sue me”. No something most potential employers are going to look happily on. he’s his own worst troll.

43408d No.303403


Whatever, I'm just telling you what Josh is referring to by the "specific other thing," not whether it's fair or not. I have no idea what he faps to, though I'm pretty sure he was/is an incorrigible edgelord with a deep-seated need to shock people.

That was even before Sam or Donny entered the scene. Sam is referencing Blockland posts I think, but Donny was just spewing shit everywhere and what he shit on the wall is what will last longer. The internet will have to be irradiated before all the traces of that are cleaned up.

c53e60 No.303417


The pedophile accusations came from Sam. He has a habit of calling everyone hes attacking a "Paedophile".

I know its the british spelling of pedophile, but who the fuck uses that?

3d4f8f No.303464


It predates Sam to his Blackland days.

e59a1b No.303481

File: d7d199fde704ddc⋯.jpg (7.33 KB, 327x154, 327:154, download.jpg)

e59a1b No.303484





it is called dark Humour, Josh was kidding. and yes, being a little edgy. He is not a pedo.

3d4f8f No.303488


Is that why you keep lying?

e59a1b No.303492


name one lie I ever told. I am very honest

e521f5 No.303494


I'll direct you to this:


c53e60 No.303495



Actually >>303488, this is the one time the overly annoying faggot is actually completely right on something.

Broken clock is right twice a day.

3d4f8f No.303496


…except the accusation of pedophilia does in fact predate Sammy and originated from various Blockland posts. I'm not saying the accusation is true, just pointing out how old it is.

43408d No.303499


No, they predate Sam. The posts Josh made referencing how the accusations made his life hard predate Sam's dramatic arrival by at least a year. I'm sure they were referenced here at the time Infinity Next was being developed, for instance. Hell they go as far back as when it was still cwckifarms and among blockland spergs further than that.

c53e60 No.303511


Alright sure, but Sam was one of the few guys to actually take the accusation of "Paedophile who fucks kids" seriously.

Pretty sure the closest that Josh has gotten to child porn is Neko Shota. At least I hope.

d14402 No.303518


I doubt he takes it seriously,tbh. He just says it about people for the same reason foxdicks say it about people.

3dfec0 No.303570

Sam thinks he’s hurting Josh with the accusations, but since he’s accused him of everything from planning school massacres to grooming ISIS recruits Josh can just hand wave away the neko shota stuff as part of the crazy Sammy bullshit.

2a5462 No.303575


>Sam thinks he’s hurting Josh with the accusations

Given that Josh now blames everything that goes wrong with his life and site on Sammy, I'd say Sam is right for thinking that.

c53e60 No.303578


Quite a lot can be blamed on Sammy, although truth be told given how much flak the site has recieved from SJWs and progressives and the like I do think things like having his paypal taken away because "hate speech" or having his mom fired would have happened eventually.

Sam however, has an obession. Hope for his sake he can find a hobby when it's all done

e59a1b No.303592

Null, on the off chance you see this tonight I miss being on the farms so much and think about you guys everyday. You where and are my only friends. If you take mevnack I wobt post taint pics or rant about women or niggers ever again. I hope you have a merry Christmas and no matter what I am thinkibgbabout you, no homo

c53e60 No.303607


>or rant about [women or] niggers ever again.

Thats why you were banned actually, you didn't rant about them enough.

e59a1b No.303645


Are you from the farms? Help me please, I gotta get back.

c53e60 No.303668


I recommend emailing Josh, he loves hearing from people like you and I am sure would unban you if he knew of your plight!

34ac26 No.303674


Have you tried calling Josh? His contact info is all over the farms.

7b75ec No.303675


Honestly, I would give it up, assuming that the farmers even know you existed, their opinion of you has probably devolved into straight up shit flinging and shit talking at the mere mention of your name.

I can guarantee, as is seeing the past experience of the vast majority of people there, that if you were liked, assuming that you are even being talked about, then those people who you previously thought were your "friends" now think of you as cancer.

I may be wrong, but considering your behavior here on /cow/, I highly doubt you're the exception. The best thing to do would be to move on.

f05c94 No.303710



I mean, the person who anon is replying to is nothing but a poor annoying shitposter but this is correct and something that everyone who posts there should be kept in mind.

If you get on Null's bad side and upset the community they're going to form their impression on what Null tells them to think as questioning Null as having an independent opinion on KF will get you banned.

It's best to avoid posting on the site at all, especially if you find yourself disagreeing with what Null or the forum thinks and you find it increasingly difficult to "toe the line".

Nobody is the exception. The forum will and can easily turn on you. You are not immune. You can go from being the most popular and well liked poster to the most hated at the drop of a hat for any or no reason.

It takes one moment of catching Null in a bad mood, or one minor mistake before the sharks are after you.

Posting on foxdick Farms is retarded, making friends with the community there is retarded, making an account there is retarded and the culture is more trouble and drama than its worth.

f2809c No.303719

Aren't all of the moderators furries? Isn't one of the moderators an ABDL? The moderators seem more interesting than Josh. We should dox the moderators because I know at least one has an open complaint for harassment and it would be funny seeing an ABDL furry go to jail.

f05c94 No.303723


Not from my knowledge and I doubt that they would admit that unironically there.

Please try harder with your shitposts.

1ec7a6 No.303726


Wouldn’t shock me if it was true. Also wouldn’t shock me if they were all literal cucks too.

But, it’s one thing to say something, it’s another to provide proof. So, proof or GTFO.

bac39e No.303728

File: 22aa4f3e4dffab0⋯.jpg (31.05 KB, 620x595, 124:119, 22aa4f3e4dffab0ec3d752d95e….jpg)

>all the outsider reek itt

Hang out on namefag forums long enough and you become so obvious.

d54356 No.303729

feline darkmage, meowthkip, and yawning sneasel are the only mods that are furries

c53e60 No.303735


Sneasels not a furry.

Cant comment on the others.

f05c94 No.303857


I think Sneasel once posted an obviously ironic ABDL shitpost, and the intention of irony was clear to everyone except autists like >>303719 who can't recognize obvious irony.

In terms of the furry thing, none of the mods are out or have admitted that they're furrys but they may or may not be. The only notable member who is a known furry to my knowledge is Owo.


This, Sneasel often has ironic cringy avatars, but it's clear that the purpose is irony.

431826 No.303865


Sneasel is known to be a furry and that is why she was promoted to supervisor of the Furshuwitz when it opened. She kissed Josh's ass with OwO What's This? in order to get that section started. Sneasel is also dating a translesbian moderator, Feline Darkmage. They both have autism and use their moderator buttons to harass people they don't like off the board.There are a lot of these communist furries with power on the site. Meowthkip is another one.

7b75ec No.303878


Is that you Vordy?

Sneasel was placed in charge of Animal Control because he delivered cocks on a lot of furries. I don't know if Feline Darkmage is a transgender or not, but saying outrageous things because you have an agenda against KF doesn't make it true and makes it harder for people to take real cocks here seriously.

I'm not defending KF, but I don't have an agenda to take it down either. My advice is if you do have an agenda then the best thing to do would be to avoid blatantly outrageous statements without any factual basis.

c53e60 No.303910




Yeah, it's clear you know nothing.

7b75ec No.303930


Sneasel is one of the least problematic and most respectable members of KF, there are plenty of lolcows on KF that you should focus on before focusing on one of the set few who arguably aren't,

He's not a neo-nazi and is one of the few members who doesn't take KF overly seriously. I don't think I've ever seen him a log once. That makes him less of a lolcow than 99% of the members on KF.

cfdb57 No.303953


>most respectable member of KF

Probably is also the smartest kid in special ed class too. Same level of honor.

e59a1b No.303956

Smutley is the worst foxdick Farms mod, he is a degenerate who has gone mad with power and attacks and bans anyone more popular than him

dd7568 No.303961

sneasel and Joshua are basically the same person. They both a-log, lie and get information wrong on every person they try to make into a lolcow. They are both criminals with open reports that are being followed by law enforcement.

One thing I bet you all would think is funny is that yawningsneasel is always kissing Joshua's butt. Around this time last year he made a post attacking someone for saying "come at me, bro" to foxdick Farms. He just posted every google search related to their username and most of the stuff he posted wasn't even true. I've talked to them myself. He was also autistic enough to read through thousands of twitter posts to find an email that didn't even belong to the person he was attacking. He wanted to kiss Joshua's fat butt so hard he tried to turn someone into a topic just because he found an email. He is a self-hating furry. If you dox him, turn the information over to the local police and post it here. I will see to it that people with open investigations about him get his dox.

e59a1b No.303979



got his address for you, 14 Branchland Ct. Ruckersville, VA 22968

e59a1b No.303982

do any of you know where I can buy weed in Kansas? all they have here is Meth and I dont want to smoke meth but it looks like my options are slim

e59a1b No.303983

Also i am willing to sell some nudes because I need money, only accepting paypal and bitcoinc payment. will also accept a working foxdickfarms account

cfdb57 No.303988



There’s your first problem unless you go to a college town there.

ddef25 No.304036


Hirtes, is that you?

b4655c No.304039


>Sam however, has an obession. Hope for his sake he can find a hobby when it's all done.

If he manages to troll Josh into oblivion he’ll have to make do with chillin’ and gaming. Maybe someone will luck out and he’ll be their McKenzie friend.

b4655c No.304042


He’s actually an academic and joined to research the community. Then he went native.

43408d No.304047


So they have internet lolyers as well as internet kekedemics? I hope they all give Josh terrible advice (or continue giving it)

904ea5 No.304076


Wouldn't shock me if there are real lawyers and academics, but you wouldn't know it due to the fact that they wouldn't want to call professional attention to their shitposts about Internet retards.

43408d No.304078


You never saw the "post a picture of yourself" thread before tumblr doxed them all? I don't think any of those people were in anything close to "professional" jobs. The women had danger hair or were grotesquely fat (or both), the men varied from obvious faggots (Ronnie RayGun was kind of the archetypical nu male) to IT nerds or quasi-hipsters.

You can say that was kind of self-selecting since it'd really only be people with nothing to lose that would post their pictures on a Chris Chan forum, as you suggest, but I didn't see anyone stand out as some kind of intellectual titan or had special knowledge that couldn't have been cribbed from Wikipedia. I remember a few PMing me about a certain boring cow there, both telling me how mad they were that he did so little with his life because they were on disability too and tried really really hard. I suspect most are like that.

24f9d3 No.304080


> I don't think any of those people were in anything close to "professional" jobs. The women had danger hair or were grotesquely fat (or both), the men varied from obvious faggots (Ronnie RayGun was kind of the archetypical nu male) to IT nerds or quasi-hipsters.

The professional world is full of fat girls, IT nerds and quasi-hipsters

a76add No.304082


>The women had danger hair or were grotesquely fat

The fact that this was news to anyone makes me wish Sam would just burn that whole place to the ground.

ddef25 No.304083


He wont, but give it time….

835f75 No.304088


Did anyone make a back up of that reaction video that a foxdick made to nick bate's scat masturbation video? Yeah a foxdick was dumb enough to make a video of his face reacting to the video and he posted it to the farms. I know he got roasted to hell and back before he deleted it but I know one of you glorious faggots had to have backed it up.

7b75ec No.304116


So, he made a lolcow thread on you and you have a personal agenda against him, so you're trying to pass on laughably false statements assuming that /cow/ will jump to attack any KF user under the assumption that all of us have an irrational hatred against KF?

Some of us posting here are users who are currently involved in the community, or have left the community due to dissatisfaction with the direction, so your arguments fall a bit short when those who actually have experience with the community and the users actually stop and say that nobody, without a personal reason, would consider him a problematic member.

Can we get back to talking about the majority of members who are actually edgy, a-loggy, autistic lolcows, and stop bringing up the few members who admittedly aren't?

There are lots of members who are lolcows, that aren't being focused on which aren't talked about because of autistic lolcows/users actually banned for severe autism, who have a personal agenda.

My agenda is laughing at Null and at how shitty KF has gotten, but if your agenda is against KF, then you could start by focusing on (and maybe people could start posting logs and screenshots once in a while) the neo-nazi members there who are actually a-logs instead of one of the few members who most of the past members who used to be involved in the community aren't.

7b75ec No.304118


Also, Hirtes or Vordy (probably Hirtes), the only real criticism one could possibly have against Sneasel, is that he may occasionally act a bit spergy, and considering that you're talking about KF, where every member is spergy, even that is stretching it a bit.

Just give it up, the best thing to do if you want people to stop paying attention to your thread is to delete your current accounts, change your internet handles and stop making autistic posts where it's clear that it's you.

731f27 No.304119


Hirtes is the only person, where it's universally agreed that hes more autistic than CWC. He could easily get a thread here, since unlike Chris, then nobody finds him to be likable.


If you keep on posting about your weird obsession with Sneasel, then I'm going to make a /cow/ thread on Michael Hirtes. I don't care if you are Michael Hirtes or not, but I think that he's deserving as a thread and I'll probably make one anyway.

We have Weeny constantly shitposting about Smutley, but at least Weeny can occasionally be endearing at times.

ddef25 No.304121


honestly with neet gov't money, he really should be able to find some hobbies that are more socially acceptable then trolling another lolcow.

904ea5 No.304125


>A few PM’d me about how they were on disability and bitched about that dang dirty Chris-chan.


a01588 No.304127


What are you going to say about him? That he trolled furries? Made furries very, very angry? That he left the fandom 20 years ago? Are you going to report the fake location of Mike?

Just namefag it faggot. We all know who you are.

a2923e No.304128


Honestly, you don't.

You probably think I'm Sneasel.

I would argue that wasting five years of your life a-logging Chris trying to get him to respond, with little to no success, arguably means that you're probably the first person who is literally autistic enough to be trolled by Chris.

Lets face it, Chris is trolling you, and he doesn't even know, or care, that you exist.

cfdb57 No.304129


It’s gotten to the point where Hirtesing should be used instead of A-Logging. At least when A-Log got humiliated he had the sense to go undercover for a few years and he made only (relative to Hirtes’s obsession) 40 videos.

f05c94 No.304130


Oh, most definitely, I'm going to start using that when referring to Chris Chan.

I mean, a-logging has become a known internet term among most of the internet, that is mildly familiar with Chris, even if they don't know who a-log is. Hirtesing deserves to be used.

196d1e No.304131

This thread needs to be sprayed for foxdicks.

52004f No.304132


Fuck off Hirtes, nobody here likes you and you're a cancer to the internet.

196d1e No.304134


lol. Get rekt, Null.

52004f No.304135



Lots of people think you're a generally awful person. You're utterly unlikable and have shit his pants and done nothing of value or substance 5+ years.

Not everyone on the internet is Null or Sneasel.

196d1e No.304136

File: d7ece2f1f660057⋯.jpg (44.81 KB, 512x384, 4:3, Hahaha oh wow.jpg)


⇑ Thinks I'm Hirtes.

← Me

52004f No.304138


Sorry, I didn't see the user ID.

Understandable since Hirtes was recently in the thread and you replied accusing me of being Null which seemed like how he would respond, my mistake.

196d1e No.304139

File: 7751fd2ed45ca9d⋯.png (201.62 KB, 500x323, 500:323, yodawg.png)


Seems ironic that everyone is calling Hirtes an A-Log, not realizing that they're being A-Logs themselves.

It's A-Logs all the way down.

PS: Can we leave the foxdick shit contained at the farms, please? No need to contaminate this board with their autism.

52004f No.304141


Yeah, no.

You are aware that Hirtes surpassed without a doubt even a-log at pointless, meaningless a-logging? Correct?

Don't defend someone so dysfunctionaly autistic, unless you actually have a slight awareness of the person you're defending.

cfdb57 No.304142


I’ve heard Mister Metokur refer to trollers as A-Loggers so it’s spread beyond Chris at this point.

cfdb57 No.304143



Because Jim is from Minnesota

34e6ef No.304144


Don't leave foxdick drama on foxdick. I want to laugh at these faggots just as much as I want to laugh at josh. It may be off-topic a tad, but Null threads should include his acolytes. We need to start talking about cuck norris and how he was able to scam nudes out of a bunch of foxdick girls before eventually leaving foxdick when he was doxed as being some 300 lbs faggot who never washed his hair with grandma glasses.

196d1e No.304145


I've learned that unless a person is effecting me directly and personally, I don't give much of a shit who someone is or what they do. Null, A-Log, whomever. They are just total strangers to me.

More people should take up that POV.

cfdb57 No.304146


That’s funny that he’s an unwashed neckbeard and everything, but we expected that because he’s a foxdick. What I want to know is how he got a bunch of women (or >women) to send him nudes.

52004f No.304147


Hirtes isn't really foxdick drama, as CWC drama.

He's the only person other than Chris, who has a lolcow thread on cwcki.club.

cwcki.club, which has a policy to disallow threads on outside lolcows, found it worthy to make an exception.

196d1e No.304148


Well, that's their own little bit of autism, isn't it?

Most people on cwcki club are the same people who post at foxdicks. It's just foxdicks repeating the same old shit on a backup forum.

f7807d No.304149


Hirtes is a bigger lolcow than Chris, and he's been spending 5 or 6 years shitting his pants and doing nothing but trying to get Chris to notice him by obsessively a-logging him to the extreme. In the 5 or 6 years of daily a-logging, hundreds (yes, hundreds) of sock accounts,then Chris has probably only replied to him once or twice.

You can decide that you don't care about a-logging Hirtes, but undoubtedly for him it's justified, and anything but senseless.

196d1e No.304150


This is the timeline as best as I can figure it out.

Hirtes was on foxdicks at one time. He was also dissing at CWC a lot elsewhere on Twitter. I looked and saw no type of personal threats made at Chris, so I really don't see the A-Log connection. A tryhard, yes. But I saw no A-Logism going on.

Since CWC is regarded by Null as "OUR Personal LOLcow", Null put on his King of the foxdicks Crown and starting telling Hirtes to lay off Chris (@ Joshua Null) what he can't post as if he was Null's personal prison bitch.

Hirtes told Null to go fuck himself, and Null seems to have been on a personal grudge about him ever since. Because one thing we know about Joshua Moon, he hates being told to GFY when he gives an order.

So grats, everyone. You're helping an aspie up to his eyeballs in debt keep his site alive by spreading his bullshit.

e59a1b No.304151

I agree with making a cuck Norris thread, he is a piece of shit scum bag. Everyone hates him, he thinks he is funny and cool and cleaver and witty but he is not. He is a bully that trys to act like he is better then people and he likes to take things out of context and try to make himself feel better, he is almost as bad as Smutley and I hope they both get a rectal prolapse

b687d7 No.304152

Lol, nobody other than Hirtes himself would defend Hirtes from being a-logged.

>>304150 is either extremely autistic, or Hirtes on a VPN. I'm going to assume the later.

196d1e No.304153


Meant that to be a © symbol as in the way Null thinks Chris is Josh's personal property and no one can troll CWC independently without HIS direct blessing.

196d1e No.304154

File: 0b357523fa7ef60⋯.gif (498.33 KB, 499x312, 499:312, Spock-Eyebrow-Raise.gif)


So, by your claim, not dissing at Hirtes makes me a Hirtes by default.


b687d7 No.304155


You're defending Chris's biggest a-log from being a-logged, it's hard to think why anyone would defend someone so utterly autistic unless they were either Hirtes, or lacked knowledge of him. As you seem to know the timeline then it's safe to assume that you're Hirtes.

196d1e No.304157


Again, you're over-interpreting. I'll spell it out for you.

Dissing at Hirtes plays right into Null's hands, because that's what he wants.

Get it now?

b687d7 No.304158


Null doesn't give a shit about Hirtes. I don't see how it plays into Null's hand. Null obsesses over lots of people, Hirtes isn't one of them.

cfdb57 No.304161


Null’s a fucking sped, but it’s not impossible for him to be a sped and for this Hirtes guy to then make Null look like Galileo.

b687d7 No.304162



Null is a sped, Hirtes is a sped. They both can be speds.

Hirtes is such a sped, that he almost makes Chris look like a functional person.

Defending, one of the biggest speds, because Null may have made one or two comments about him being a sped in the past, makes you a sped.

Null doesn't spend his time thinking or obsessing over Hirtes. If Null thinks he's a sped, it's because everyone thinks he's a sped.

e59a1b No.304163


You type like a nigger, Null is not a sped. He is alpha as fuck and makes soy boys like you feel inadequate. Just is the kind of man fags like you pay to fuck your girlfriend. He has traveled the world, is self taught, well educated, funny, witty, can actully grow facial hair. He is everything fags like you dream you could be

b687d7 No.304164


Hey Weeny Tran, you agree that Hirtes is a sped, correct?

196d1e No.304165




The way you two are ass-raging about this guy that you never even knew existed a couple of months ago, you'd think he created ass-cancer and raped your Mom after he poisoned your town's water supply.


Fuck off, Null.

cfdb57 No.304166


If you think a nigger knows who Galileo is outside of maybe “Bohemian Rhapsody” (and probably not even that), than I got swampland in the Mojave to sell you.

cfdb57 No.304167


No Hirtes, you’ve got yourself confused with whoever the unfortunate idiot is that just got banned from foxdick.

We just think you’re pathetic because you’re a Boomer on neetbux who stocks Chris.

e59a1b No.304168


Yes, he is. but Smutley is a bigger one and also a raging faggot , he wanted to be a furry but he was too fat and ugly even for those degenerates

b687d7 No.304169


Lol, you're 58 years old and have nothing better to do then to spend years obsessively trolling an autistic tranny on the internet.

e59a1b No.304170


probly heard it from a white boy as he fucked his bitch and he video taped it

cfdb57 No.304171


Hello, I hear you’re interested in some cheap land. It’s a swamp in Nevada so if you ever feel like it’s getting so hot that it makes you almost wish for a nuclear winter, then this is the place for you!

e59a1b No.304172


wow, your as hilarious (and intelligent ) as Herpes. Hold on I have to compose myself, I am literally out of breath after laughing at your hilarious and insightful post. wow I am literately tearing up because your so funny, you should have a show on adult swim

e59a1b No.304174

it is clear a lot of you got bullied by guys like josh in highschool and now you have a lot hate thing driving you mad, part of you wants to "get back" at somone like the guy that hurt you so many times. but you also have a crush on him and secretly wish he would fuck you and degrade you and that is why you idiots get so worked up. you literately want josh to humiliate and dominate you. pathetic

196d1e No.304175

Well it's official. This thread has become as autistic as any at the farms.

e59a1b No.304176


agreed, we should discuss real lolcows, like cuck norris and smutley, they are the real cunts

b687d7 No.304177


You're 58 years old and have nothing better to do with your life then to spend years trolling an autistic tranny on the internet, lol.

196d1e No.304178


Hi Null.

Fuck off, Null.

e59a1b No.304179


That is not Null and if it was you dontt step to Null like that nigger, Null is awesome and you dont run your whore mouth besmirching him

e59a1b No.304180



7d2946 No.304183

Yeah, I know "no moderation" and all of that, but can we consider having a "no lolcow" rule, and ban the lolcows on sight, since every thread with them is going to turn into shit, and lolcows such as Hirtes and Weenytran are always going to out themselves anyway?

e59a1b No.304185

You bitches gave me a purpose, I was depressed and angry and honestly wanted to die after being cast out from the farms, but you have shown me it was all for a reason, I will defend Null across the internet and support him emotionally and financially. I belive in Null, he is like Jim Morrison, or Kurt Cobain, or Martin Luther King, he is a man with potential to change the world, someone's that makes the world better just by being himself. Of course that breeds jealousy from losers. They see someone over cone failure and hardship and it makes it obvious they just make excuses. Josh has had a hard life and each time cones back better and brighter and more beautiful like a Phoenix. I will support him any way I can . he has potential and will one day be a household name, while no one Wil rmeber you fags

7d2946 No.304186


Also, fuck off Hirtes,

It's going to be customary to tell you to fuck off every time you post.

196d1e No.304188


In the 8ch of 2018, everyone becomes a Hirtes

cfdb57 No.304193


So, everyone who has ever gotten a wedgie got it from an e-beggar who thinks he’s Jordan Peterson?

2e0522 No.304203

reminder that josh is just as good with personal finances as chris-chan

e59a1b No.304205


oh yeah? Has Chris chan ever left the country? Because Null has, Also Null does not have a room packed full of shitty video games and dolls.

Null also has his own website, is an internet celebrity, has a devoted fan base. So sounds like he is more successful then 75% of the population

aaea98 No.304210


>Has Chris chan ever left the country?

This isn't a measure of success and is unrelated to being financially sound.

> Also Null does not have a room packed full of shitty video games and dolls

Hard to have possessions when your mum kicks you out and you have to couch surf, isn't it?

>Null also has his own website,

Chris had his own website for a period (and it didn't run him thousands of dollars in debt btw)

>is an internet celebrity

Yet he doesn't make money off of this alleged e-fame, unlike Chris

> has a devoted fan base

So devoted that they can't be assed to donate to save him.

Wait, doesn't Chris get monthly donations?

c25b54 No.304212


You do know that you're responding seriously to Weeny Tran, correct?

34c89b No.304213


Yes, but Weeny's not the only one who'll read it :^)

cfdb57 No.304214


If you check the ID, you’ll see it’s Mikeula. Weeny-Tran has posted a lot in this thread, though. ID: c53e60

ddef25 No.304224


Thats very Noel Schaefer of you.

ddef25 No.304225

Jesus, I wake up and this threads cancer now. The fuck.

ddef25 No.304226

Then again these were always cancer so like, whatever.

01f5e1 No.304242


Chris gets mocked because with all of that money that he gets, he doesn't clean or do anything to help his situation.

Maintaining a site is fucking hard, I don't expect Null getting fucking a lot of cash from his miners that inevitably failed everytime he turned around.

7b0b01 No.304270


>Chris gets mocked because with all of that money that he gets, he doesn't clean or do anything to help his situation.

And what exactly does Null do to help himself? Last time I checked KF costs more than it makes and Null has no other source of income, has something changed? If not than Null is becoming poorer with each passing day.


>> Also Null does not have a room packed full of shitty video games and dolls

>Hard to have possessions when your mum kicks you out and you have to couch surf, isn't it?

Nowadays many video games (maybe even most of them) are sold digitally. So long as he have a computer at hand, he could own as many games as Chris has and still access them all from whichever places he moves to.

c21c5c No.304295

We running a betting pool yet on how much longer Null can keep foxdicks going before he falls so far behind on payments that the ISP shuts it down?

ddef25 No.304300


I think it'll fall in the first half of the new year.

If I have to nail down a time: Same time it fell last time, although I also find it likely that he might fake-out shutting down the site, redirecting to a page that says "I cant keep payments up without you guys donating so DONATE NAO!!!"

Then people donate bitcoins. Then he puts it back up again… until he runs out of money and (this time) peoples patience.

Flipping the site like that would be very Noel Lee Schaefer of him.

9103bb No.304349

I've noticed a pattern. The way some people here accuse posters of being a "Hirtes" on posts they don't like is like the same denial defense that Trump and his fans dismiss stuff they don't like as "fake news".

They'll probably do the same shit to this message as well.

9103bb No.304351

Out of curiosity, does Josh ever pay any taxes on his "donations"? Sure would be inconvenient to him at this time if the IRS became curious as well.

bc2696 No.304352


We’re good at noticing patterns, Hirtes. Like how you can’t stop being a faggot and how you can’t get your TDS under control.

9103bb No.304354


Thanks for proving the point.

Sorry if you think that people you don't like should crawl into a hole in the desert and never be allowed to post anything anywhere ever. Real world just doesn't work that way.

But keep on being Josh's private army.

bc2696 No.304355


Never once said you shouldn’t post. I just think you’re a faggot with a persecution complex the Jews would find excessive.

e521f5 No.304357


How the fuck would anyone know?

dc51c5 No.304424


In a previous thread someone bet 90 days out, which would have put it in January. But they also said before winter's end may be more likely.

Though tbh I don't know why people keep putting those ideas out there. It's happened in nearly every KF thread since Next collapsed. It's the /cow/ equivalent of "When will Barb die?"

bc2696 No.304426


Every website is going to die off at some point. But, KF is growing in popularity: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/ki-wi-farms.net

I suspect that KF will still be a thing by 2020 and Null will bitch about how the Trump Boom passed him by.

bc2696 No.304427

Also, take out the dashes in the url.

dc51c5 No.304436


Growing doesn't mean much if he can't finance it, though. I think that's why people are stressing the doomsday scenarios.

ddef25 No.304437


His only way of getting money at this point is bitcoin donations. That's why the on-site bitcoin miner was such a huge deal

5c4866 No.304438


>Growing doesn't mean much if he can't finance it, though.

I don't understand much about computers and the internet, but I gather that a growth in traffic may lead to higher webhosting costs. Would it be correct to say that this growth is not only not helpful but potentially harmful as well?

ddef25 No.304440


For years, Null's strategy for expanding the site was to try and absorb whatever communities he could, regardless on whether or not they clashed with the "greater site culture". More people, more donations!

Except now they can't donate and he's in the shitter. It's a good thing he has a bitcoin miner installed - oh.

0ca5ce No.304443


Cash, money orders, etc. could be mailed to him, as he himself has pointed out multiple times. Bitcoin's not the only way, and is probably the worst way as the average user would have to go through several hurdles to acquire and send it to him.


>Except now they can't donate

As mentioned above, they simply don't want to, because it's not a service worth paying for. As we saw when it went down in January the users will just screw-off somewhere else if KF goes down again. I don't understand why anyone would struggle to keep it up other than Null. He's seems more stubborn than anything, in many regards, but why should the users care? There's nothing unique about the place.

0ca5ce No.304445

It should be noted that the lawsuit against ED was dismissed but Zaiger is now saddled with eighty-thousand dollars in lawyer fees. There's no reason to think the same thing couldn't happen to Null as KF expands in scope and if it did he'd be pretty much ruined given his worsening situation.

bc2696 No.304446


98% of the users would come here or move on from lolcows entirely if KF went down.

However, the other 2% of users who probably account for 35% of the posts? They’d probably move onto another forum to try and be Kang Retard there too.

24f9d3 No.304449


>What I want to know is how he got a bunch of women (or >women) to send him nudes.

Sounds like a bit of a chad imo. Definately a player (or as close as you can get to being one on foxdick Farms).

3470e3 No.304452

File: db3c2c1e540757b⋯.png (106.17 KB, 1141x553, 163:79, image1526348246148732.png)

what most people don't realize is that there is a secret null subforum.

0ca5ce No.304453


sweet shop m8

24f9d3 No.304456


>More people, more donations!

I'm not even sure his thought process went that far. It was literally "users are numbers on a graph to me, and I like to see the graph go in the up direction! Weeeeeee!"

a604bf No.304457


He only had nudes from bitchimightbe and todesfurcht.

ddef25 No.304478


love the attention to detail nonetheless, but isn't the brianna wu subforum called the "Brianna wu war room"?

ddef25 No.304484


although with that said given Nulls sense of humor I wouldn't be surprised if there's a supporters shitposting board named after him.

24f9d3 No.304494


Were they good?

a604bf No.304586


No idea, he never leaked them afaik. Probably because they'd leak his dick pics in retaliation. Being spared foxdick nudes is a good thing in the end.

42b539 No.304591


Supposedly Josh said he’d post a dick pic on 8ch if Next didn’t port, but he welshed.

ddef25 No.304604


No, he posted one. Nobody cares enough to save it to their pcs.

Let me put it to you like this: Even if its only a few kilobytes in size, do you really want Josh's penis taking up space on your computer?

24f9d3 No.304643


Are you making a size joke?

ddef25 No.304679


Not intended. My point is that I dont want Josh's dick on my PC.

efe71e No.304804

File: a78d7f7a6b11ca9⋯.png (421.67 KB, 960x544, 30:17, IMG_9941.PNG)

Henlo fam,

For my Jewsh 2018 predictions: I present to you foxdickwcoins.

That's right foxdickcoins. Jewsh will double down on his steam of crypto earnings and move into the venture capitalism space via an initial coin offering. Expect either a more niche foxdick focused coin with some sort onsite functionality, OR an initial coin offering to raise funds for "final solution" bulletproof hosting. It's the next logical step in this timeline. Will come down to whether he sacks up and learns the smart contract space enough to navigate it without getting JUST'd. Screencap this.

efe71e No.304805


"With lolcows on the blockchain, cocks data is decentralized and autonomous with each peer node hosting only a portion of the collective lolcow cocks. No longer will hosting providers be a central point of failure with lolcows on the blockchain. Invest today!"

ddef25 No.304925


You're joking, but I think this is likely. He's been digging into Crypto hard which is a bubble anways as his current get rich quick scheme.

efe71e No.305056


I'm not joking. I know him very well. This is the next stage, I just exaggerated it.

efe71e No.305058

File: 88260dbde763920⋯.png (731.82 KB, 879x1020, 293:340, IMG_0126.PNG)


I take that back. Hardly exaggerated if any at all.

However it's not even a bad idea. He's just gotta deliver and use a Ether based ERC-20 token. He'd be more inclined to do so if a privacy coin goes mainstream that's also an ERC-20 token he can sell to users through an initial coin offering. It will work when implemented right.

ddef25 No.305065


>It will work when implemented right.

>when implemented right.


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