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File: b245661739ff2a3⋯.jpg (5.85 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.jpg)

0d32ed  No.298119


Soulbrotha is a fairly small, but infamous youtuber. He does video reviews, skits, abridged series, and advice for being a screenwriter and filmmaker. He is well known for doing a few Arthur parodies (currently deleted) and advice videos regarding sound equipment. The latter have been praised.

Soulbrotha is one of the best examples of an A-log. He despises youtube movie reviewers like Nostalgic Critic and YMS. Now that in of itself isn't that bad, but he is in the same creative rut as they are. He unironically does abridge series, reviews, and parodies just like the people he mock, but ironically, even worse.

His opinions in his reviews vary from outright shitty to misinformed. His humor reveals tons of bitterness to stupid youtube/imdb commenters. He also has a very strange obsession to things from the late 90s to the early 2000s. They get referenced nonstop, and some of the shows he abridged come from that time era. He makes tons of videos on Gen 1 pokemon too. He is stuck in the past just like other spergy cartoon reviewers. Honestly, he comes off as an insecure faggot who was bullied/mocked by anime fans for liking sports and hip hop.

He does target other lolcows like BenTheLooney and Mr.Enter. However, a lot of his fanbase act exactly like them putting Soulbrotha on a higher pedestal. A lot of them are shills who pay for episodes of his abridge series. No joke. Sometimes he sells his series on VHS tapes. Ironically, he has a very controversial view on fair use, but does all of this anyway. He also tells people to create, but all the stuff he does are copywritten, or rely on references.

He also has tendencies of being an SJW too. He once called Sargon an Neo Nazi, gets offended by iDubb's use of the word nigger, and called Tarantino racist over something he completely missed the point on. He also got really worried of his fans objectifying Avril Lavigne after someone made a joke about it. Ironically, when Etanthe3rd/Kawaiidesunigga came out as trans, he completely ended the friendship. Good friends with Hbomberguy

He is a potential lolcow for the most part, as a lot of it is subtly present in his style.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0BNMeyXj5EtqrkIp6VpZFQ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoBroNo3

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SoulBroNo3

5395ee  No.298120

File: 06b7322f030b1c1⋯.jpg (72.27 KB, 1048x583, 1048:583, sobro.JPG)

File: 7d330e3d8e5c18f⋯.jpg (62.41 KB, 953x368, 953:368, sobro2.JPG)

Is this him? Get a haircut you hobbit looking nigger.


Sure, everyone's a comedian. Tell a joke on youtube, you're a comedian. Get drunk at the office party and do your shitty Ahnold impression, you're a comedian.

60b400  No.298157

File: 16039c5b4f6bd28⋯.jpg (12.61 KB, 500x318, 250:159, soulbroquestionmark.jpg)


>Some of his stuff is actually pretty funny and as far as "youtubers" go, he's one of the more entertaining in terms of cocks.

>Though, he won't refer to himself as a "youtuber" considering his hate for everyone else on the website, and likes to refer to himself as a "director" (did so in some interview thing with a guy called bobvids) and considers that his abridged anime series is an art form, whilst making fun of the whole games aren't art thing. which they aren't

> >>298120

>Pretty sure that isn't him, and just some guy he hangs out with called komyar, pic related is from a wikia of him. It's hard to tell what his race is, because talks about shoes like a nigger but his voice doesn't sound sound like it.

>tl;dr funny guy, massive faggot, could be a good cow

1fee7b  No.298165

2c86ea  No.298168


You don't have to have friends to know that Super Mario Sunshine isn't high culture pal.

4b76e4  No.298179


> when Etanthe3rd/Kawaiidesunigga came out as trans

holy shit when the fuck did that happen?

76f035  No.298189

File: 8e9522bd2ebebc0⋯.jpg (20.92 KB, 384x504, 16:21, maxirl.JPG)

File: 7de2e434534e15c⋯.jpg (22.29 KB, 265x339, 265:339, maxcartoon.JPG)

Powerword: Max Field

Race: White

Pics definitely related

bb3568  No.298190

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Fucking wigger is known for his Missing Arthur episodes and julaying BentheLooney.


Deleting his Youtube channel had something to do, at this point he's pulling a Shmorky.

5b394b  No.298213

I've interacted with him before over Facebook. He's a jerk. He isn't playing a character or trying to be funny in his videos when he says dickish things and talks about how stupid and shitty people are - that's his actual personality, and you can see it in his podcasts.

IDK if it's an insecurity complex, a narcissism thing or if he was just raised wrong by his parents, but he's an absolute cunt for no fucking reason. He has this massive case of USI and acts like he's above everyone because… well, it isn't clear why he's better than everyone, but he IS, you fucking degenerate!

0d32ed  No.298226



>Christina Aguilera poster

Yup, thats obviously him. I even think he said he was white too. I don't believe this is him>>298157


Because he "picks up a camera" and study movie cinematography. I think got frustrated at how shit/lazy most video game reviewers are.

But he really hasn't done anything instead of youtube shit, and I think a game on steam that got canceled.

e08f9b  No.298388


>a lot of his fanbase act exactly like them putting Soulbrotha on a higher pedestal. A lot of them are shills who pay for episodes of his abridge series.

Speaking of his fans, there's one particular fan of his by the name of GarageBandComic. Dear God, does he suck Soulbrotha's dick and A-Log Ben the Looney so much. He has to have made at least 24 tweets THIS MONTH about or targeted towards Ben. https://twitter.com/GarageBandComic

5b394b  No.298401


>Because he "picks up a camera" and study movie cinematography.

So fucking what? Tons of them do that. Every single critic he hates: YMS, Ralph the Movie Maker, James Rolfe, even the fucking Nostalgia Critic! All of them have studied film and cinematography. It isn't a new thing for someone with rudimentary knowledge to become a YouTuber.

Does he really think he's special, unique and superior for knowing the basics of the craft? If so, that's pretty pathetic.

bb3568  No.298446


>He despises NC and YMS

Don't forget TeamStar.


Also he had a furry friend bitch.

5b394b  No.298448


Yeah, he tried to roast one of the TFS guys for wearing velcro shoes.

If that was just friendly ribbing, it would be pretty funny. But given his genuine and sincere hatred for them, it comes off more like a bitchy teenage girl grasping at straws to insult one of the prettier chicks at her school.

0d32ed  No.298495


That would seem very oddly hypocritical since he does abridge series. I actually do think those guys might have a better shot at being actual voice actors if they stop the abridging stuff. They seem to be friends with other anime voice actors as well. Its not impossible. Egoraptor and Rina-chan made it. LittleKoriboh sorta kinda "made it" by marrying another funimation VA.


He focuses more on the technical aspects of the cinematography, something a lot of them don't discuss. But I don't think even he does in his other videos either.

5b394b  No.298519


>He focuses more on the technical aspects of the cinematography, something a lot of them don't discuss. But I don't think even he does in his other videos either.

That's because there really isn't much to say. Good cinematography is like good table setting, no matter how well you do it nobody will care, they only notice when you screw up.

8289c0  No.298567


Art =/= high culture

e3168c  No.298688

File: f9437f0036c5286⋯.jpg (5.02 KB, 252x150, 42:25, 1419003352728.jpg)


>Sometimes he sells his series on VHS tapes

Nigga you what

bb3568  No.298790


Basically what would 3gi do as a prank, but serious.

81869f  No.298794

>He is a potential lolcow

How? None of what you've rambled off looks anything close to "lolcow", just "Here's a bunch of shit that annoys me, one of you can probably make this work right?".

5b394b  No.298820


He's a hypocrite who throws temper tantrums in public. What's not lolcowish about that?

a83947  No.298983


>it's a "this guy that shows clear signs of lolcowitude isn't a lolcow because I say so and he isn't exactly the same as chrischan" episode

That worked really well when the comedy of kuck&tea started.

81869f  No.299005

File: c78cce0280eb018⋯.jpg (54.62 KB, 1079x874, 1079:874, diversity 2.jpg)


"He fucks with people on twitter" is not in and of itself what would count is lolcow behavior, and this isn't helped by the fact that the OP dropped all his "evidence" in a way like a teenager writes one of those shitty attack articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica about someone they don't like on DeviantArt with no pictures or video or anything, they just think they brought someone a potential target and drop it with an "Ok, my job's done, the rest of you do something with this".

Like everything the dude listed, as far as I can see on his twitter, is based off of tweets he's done in the past day ("lol getting mad at movie reviews", "create something instead of critiquing"), and it strikes me like someone is pissed off and hoping they can start some epic ween personal army attack.


>he isn't exactly the same as chrischan

It's not so much that, as it isn't exactly the same as being funny or interesting in any way.

You find me something funny he does, and I won't press this. But "Well yeah he makes fun of retards but I wager we can find him acting like a retard too at some point…" ain't cutting it for me.

pic unrelated

9d3413  No.299021


Hey Macks.

5b394b  No.299023


Hey, anon? You're started to sound a lot like a butthurt faggot.

0d32ed  No.299042

File: dfa1a4c9a1df5a1⋯.png (17.65 KB, 723x343, 723:343, woody allen abridged.png)


Hes more like an autistic person who acts like hes hot shit, but does autistic thing. Hes more comparable to Anthony LoGatto than Chris Chan.

All of his lolcowing really comes from videos and actions rather than his twitter.

The better examples come from his reviews, like Pokemon, 50 Shades of Grey, and Oldboy. Those videos really shows how he bases all of his opinions from a youtube comment section. Specifically, comment section. While also being wrong on almost everything hes saying


In other words, hes like Mister Metokur if he was vaccinated with autism

81869f  No.299272


k, but you said this;

>I've interacted with him before over Facebook. He's a jerk.

So maybe you're the last person who needs to be whining about people sounding like butthurt faggots.


"trolling", then?

44a477  No.299278


Well in my experience, the guy probably has some noticeable anger issues.

Such as the time he mouthed off this random kid on skype once, for no reason. I was actually there when it happened. It happened a few years ago but it started off as some random insults, but then developed in full blown outburst over time.

It was just so awkward. Though, at the moment, I am honestly getting the impression your either a fan of his, or actually Macks himself. Because you seem awfully defensive of a guy that's clearly a bit exceptional, even if he is talented.

Isn't he going around DMCAing reuploads of his old stuff? Like a fucking butthurt faggot?

44a477  No.299288


Oh, and believe me, I thought he was trolling too. But he sounded very genuine when he was insulting this kid.

I think the guy is possibly just a self loathing autist who projects his insecurities onto others, it's why he is often guilty of the stuff he attacks others for doing. He wants to be more than a guy known for abridged series, which is why he got on people's asses for making them, and the legality of the whole thing.

44a477  No.299321


That being said.

I think as he stands right now, he's kinda boring. I'm sure there is some juicy dirt about him somewhere that will alleviate his lulcow status but for now, not really seeing anything too noteworthy about him.

He just seems like a really boring dude who acts erratic and possibly has no grasp of when he's joking or being serious. At least that's what he seems like to me. Probably why no one has bothered to talk about him much on here or foxdick, there just isn't much to work with.

But who knows, maybe one day he will go after a bunch of people and make a massive fool of himself. I did hear he had mommy issues from a 4chan post, but that may or may not be true.

5b394b  No.299839


>I think as he stands right now, he's kinda boring.

Well then, you don't have to read the thread.

a658e2  No.300152


I think that’s moss, one of his friends who acts pretty similarly to him

44a477  No.300171


Boring as he currently stands.

However he has a lot of potential. Hence why I am interested.

ee02c3  No.300279

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Go to his twitter where he whinges about white people being racist and how much he loves niggers.

His real name is Max Field, based on this imdb page of a short he made: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5728680/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2


>a narcissism thing or if he was just raised wrong by his parents

Going by what I've heard him say before, he wasn't raised by his parents, but by his aunt. Lack of a mom and dad to answer to probably gave him this complex where he thinks he's above everyone because he knows some cool shit about cameras and audio equipment. He's a smart guy about cinematography and audio production, but as others have said, he acts like a giant cunt for no reason other than he knows some shit.

Speaking of lolcow potential, check out his socjus buddy and collaborator druoxtheshredder. Dude is about unfunny and spergy as it gets and is in many of Soulbro's videos. Embed related.

09156e  No.300331

Lolcows are low IQ tards that can't even bantz with Jewscum. Most of /lowIQcows/ fanbase is diminutive and extensively inbred low - IQ scum.

5b394b  No.300346


Like I said, he's good with a camera and audio, but a lot of people are. It doesn't make him special and it damn sure doesn't give him the right to be a cunt to his own fans.


I think I remember hearing about that guy on one of SB's comedy albums.


>Max Field

That's an independent movie pen name if I've ever heard one.

02db62  No.300408

Not even lying I've been a long time fan for about 6 years. It sucked watching him gradually get worse.

02db62  No.300410


When he changed his name to MixMasterOlivia on youtube

c12cef  No.300509

I remember this guy, he has a lot of sycophants and he has a very large ego.

I remember he accused Austin McConnell of copying him in a video and when he admitted to being hugely inspired by him. Said that he should've given him a "kickback". Like he owns an editing style.

44a477  No.300543


A kid I knew a few years back added him to a skype call, where he proceeded to mouth off this random (and fairly unnoteworthy) autist for no real good reason. He wasn't even being clever, it was just endless "Your a faggot go kill yourself" tier nonsense.

The said kid also sucked up to him when I asked why the hell he was even added. This was before Kawaiidesunigga turned into a girl btw, so during the CombustingHerpes days.

There was another member of his group though in the call before this, TheAxefish. He was less cancerous but acted pretty similar to Macks.

It was also, like some have pointed out, hard to tell if they were joking around or not. Especially when they were acting normally, they seemed no better than many of the autists they trolled much of the time. Infact, they seemed to be quite weak and spergy.

1eab03  No.300630

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I remember him shtting on GamerGate

ee02c3  No.300631


A buddy of mine got into argument with him over some bullshit about body positivity, with Druox saying there was nothing wrong with being fat and out of shape.

5b394b  No.300641


>Druox saying there was nothing wrong with being fat and out of shape.

Gee, I wonder why he'd hold that position? It isn't like Druox himself is a grossly out of shape tub of lard.

44a477  No.300664


Goes back to what I said about them being no better than the idiots they trolled most of the time.

I remember Macks also whined about the stereotype of blacks eating fried chicken all the time. And when I heard that I was like "This nigga for real?"

02db62  No.300665


he only>>300664

>I remember Macks also whined about the stereotype of blacks eating fried chicke


>I remember Macks also whined about the stereotype of blacks eating fried chicken all the time.

Macks really wants to be black. From the Spike Lee asskissing to his rap "albums"

5b394b  No.300668


I get all the names confused. I know Druox is a separate entity from SoulBrotha, but is Macks a different person too? This is starting to become like Ross and his autism crew.

44a477  No.300675


Macks is Soulbrotha.

ee02c3  No.300737


Druox is the fat spic looking guy who cant tell a joke to save his life: >>300279

e3168c  No.301181

File: 1a0220c675c9bb0⋯.jpg (86.01 KB, 438x587, 438:587, 1463739481594.jpg)


>your a faggot go kill yourself

Yep, definitely sounds like a complete and utter faggot who's afraid of being found out as a sperg.

He kinda reminds me of this other faggot named JesusWithBazookaz79 (who I'm kinda surprised hasn't gotten a thread yet), though Macks is way less autistic in comparison to JWB.


I remember that Druox was very into the whole CWC "trolling" shit (i.e. Spazkid's oldass Sonichu animated series and all that other shit). Dude's a talented musician to be fair, but it really isn't a surprise he's also a trolling faggot.

4e517a  No.301190

A friend of mine 5 years ago commented on one of his videos saying they were good and got in a Skype call with him, Soulbro then brought up during their conversation that he "ironically" collected dildos and my friend called him a fag promptly getting himself blocked.

44a477  No.301210


No one ironically collects Dildos. Either he was lying, or he's actually gay.

The Kawaiidesunigga incident though really baffles me, since he acted like a massive SJW later on. Yet why would be turn on someone for being trans?

I'm not trying to bring up a debate about whether or not Trans are worthy of the gas chamber, just what was his train of thought during that?

1eab03  No.301413

File: 7afca948cf05697⋯.png (368.4 KB, 386x487, 386:487, OH MY 1.png)



That guy is now doing Mighty Magiswords and Sonic porn on his twitter, yet he still mocks Chris-Chan.

81869f  No.301432

File: f3c6aa713c1460d⋯.png (449.1 KB, 1357x718, 1357:718, Spaz.png)


Spazkid started out doing furry porn, his name was 'Perverted Buny', and when his Chris-chan shit got big /cow/ found it and he panic-deleted it all.

I hope someone else remembers that, because he left zero trace of any of that cocks behind after they initially found it.

0d32ed  No.303299

File: 8ef2095064c6f3f⋯.png (12.14 KB, 590x108, 295:54, embarrasing.png)


I remember those days. He made smaller Sonic videos that really match up with the porn. I think I asked him once, but he denied it. But I'm sure he'll open up by now.



I honestly believe he could be that autistic enough to not see the issue.

658049  No.303358

Macks is a fucking hypocrite and contrarian. Here's his most popular dubs, which he goes out of his way to hide, just like anything he's made that's more than a year and a half old.


52acbf  No.303408

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah, Max seems to have a habit of deleting more of his old videos as time goes on. From the looks of it, he also developed a hatred for popular online critics.

ee02c3  No.303414


He has this problem of thinking "WELL IF YOU'RE NOT MAKING ART THEN YOU CAN'T CRITIQUE IT". By his logic, if a chef cooks you roasted turds, you can't say it's bad since you're not a cook. If you feel like a movie wasted 2 hours of your life, then shut up and pick up a camera if you want to talk shit first

He also doesn't know what a double entendre means. His snide condescending tone coupled with that lisp is a good indicator of him being into dicks. He sounds more like a make-up artist than a director.

390a09  No.303419


>No one ironically collects Dildos

He DID use one while shitting on Benthelooney.


>/cow/ found it and he panic-deleted it all.

I'm pretty sure you can still pull the same stunt on his twitter.

4f9c94  No.303459


I like this guys videos a lot. The guy seems a bit too clever to be a lolcow though who knows how these things go

941bec  No.303462


Only cucks give a shit about what other people watch. Emulate Disney; there's an audience, cater to it. His hatred of everything mainstream doesn't stop him from being #180315 to do shitty abridged videos with "real life" writing which only exists in a vacuum of how meaningless DBZ Abridged's writing is

It's funny and ironic how much of a virtue signalling faggot he is considering he's white and stole the "in the hood" formula and ended up doing it better than all the niggers that tried it. It's also ironic how he made jokes about forced political pandering and then 2 years later did the exact same thing.

Irony is the last step to cuckoldry.

81869f  No.303466


Looks like he's coming at it from the same vein as the RLM 'Nerd Crew' videos, and thinks doing it angrier is a good variation of it.

c80059  No.303498


What same stunt?

And alright that's interesting to know. Though it's one thing to get one dildo as a prop. And then to collect them…

039efd  No.303520

He used to be a part of the "rant" community, but that shit gets taken down whenever someone reuploads it.

390a09  No.303564


>What same stunt?

Spaz still keeps reminding his followers that he's same the guy who julayed Chris Chan whilst posting some bat fucking an officer.

9d650c  No.303923

Oh shit this guy, I watched his channel when I was in high school and at the time I thought he was the hottest shit.

I have a video of him on camera that he made for a high school class or something. Basically imagine some fat edgy mental child talk about community service. At the end I think he goes up to some random girls, spaghetti's out and then curses at them or something.

9d650c  No.303971

File: 70c4504ac8b57c1⋯.png (495.32 KB, 1251x1129, 1251:1129, BIIIIIIG BOY TENDENCIES.png)

File: 7eddcf4fb332e1f⋯.png (544.14 KB, 1249x1135, 1249:1135, BIG BOY TENDENCIES.png)

ee02c3  No.303973


With that physique, suddenly his fascination junk food related insults makes a lot more sense.

ee02c3  No.303974


**fascination with

9d650c  No.303976


Beautiful at any size

5b394b  No.304025


Got a bit of a FUPA goin' there.

5b394b  No.304026


He seems like he'd be a pretty nice, likable guy if he could get past his insecurities and cut out all the edgelord crap.

bcc8b7  No.304156

Anyone remember (or even have a backup of) his video which was some skit based on that one shitty sonic fan movie that had nostalgia critic in it?

e08f9b  No.304159


I don't know about a skit, but I do remember him making a dub of that fan film.

177162  No.304196

File: 348e31ad9104e2b⋯.jpg (131.27 KB, 740x980, 37:49, c13e19e53a58c82e22bf0d4820….jpg)


That's exactly the kind of video he makes today, mashing together late 90s early 00s references and cutaway jokes about how pathetic he is


If you go there now, its some weird blog, but I'm looking through the wayback machine and it used to be a forum for the Washington Wizards (DC). It had about 900 viewers by the end of its run.

The guy his youtube profile pic is of is Gilbert Arenas, some niggerball player that also happened to play for the Wizards between 2003 and 2010, which is also in the timeframe that the forum was online.

Now that guy is off in Shanghai playing for the chinks and making some offensive statements about trannies on tv, so big doubt SBN3 actually knew him. Arenas was the bigname on the team though during that time period.

So basically, while he was either in high school or film school he was also a regular of Wizards games, and browsed their team forum frequently. What are the odds he still lives in DC?

4f9c94  No.304292

his twitter fight about autotune is pretty

00193d  No.304469

He probably took down his Missing Arthur eps because they were too "politically incorrect"

52acbf  No.304470

If anyone's interested, Max is having a livestream right now.


52acbf  No.304474


Oh, nevermind. It just ended.

All I can say about this broadcast is that the last moments involved Max almost having to speak to some dude's mom and him breaking into song about how Christina Aguilera is Jesus Christ.

f50f24  No.304515


That reminds me a bit of foxworth. It seems like people in that part of YouTube making "ironic" shit tend to lose it.


Trannies are a debated topic even among groups such as Feminists, just look at TERFs. It doesn't help that coming out as a tranny is oftentimes followed by said tranny going absolutely batshit crazy, just look at Alex Mauer or Cosmo Wright.


TheAxeFish was a bit different than some of the other CH members, if anything because he had ties to the spergy "commentary community" that was big on YouTube at the time. AFAIK he's also a furry now.

e79aff  No.304547

File: 83f6cce6904e471⋯.jpg (176.94 KB, 640x1307, 640:1307, Arthur you've got to be ki….jpg)


Specially the christmas episode

>Jewish girl gets mocked

>Reindeer lynch niggers on his holidays


c80059  No.304714


Seriously he's a furfag?

Well that's no surprise, just another insecure asshole projecting.

Your not wrong about Trannies though. Still the way Soulbrotha acted, and how much of an SJW he is kinda seems a bit weird.

05331d  No.304717


Woah woah woah, he hates Ralph the Moviemaker? But he's great? Why is SBN3 such an asshole. By the way he has a soundcloud wth an album talking about the "white fanbase" of rap. Definitely a wigger

5b394b  No.304725


>Why is SBN3 such an asshole?

That's the million-dollar question, isn't it?

Maybe it just makes him feel like he's hot shit?

7e1f7c  No.304736


reupload it fag

ee02c3  No.304772


>Definitely a wigger

Less a wigger and more that he loves cataloging nigger culture and acting like he's an expert on it by being triggered by white people and racism.

2d9082  No.305082

81869f  No.305257

File: 82a13c7d2ea6a46⋯.jpg (10.31 KB, 236x178, 118:89, hwat.jpg)


SoulBro is a wigger Bobby Hill?

52acbf  No.305499


Funny thing about that. I remember Macks made an animation parodying King of the Hill. Does anyone have that video?

0cbe01  No.305525

File: 2c32764b5b1dcd2⋯.mp4 (15.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, King of the Hill according….mp4)

52acbf  No.305659


Aw shit. Thanks, dude.

Honestly, we really need to get some more videos of Classic Macks here.

It's a wonder why he even deleted them.

7035e1  No.305682

File: 8ed0a7ebcd0fe8a⋯.jpg (30 KB, 160x215, 32:43, blm bobby.jpg)

Aight, homies. Here's the dealio. This "Max" cat seems like he's just chillin', no illin'. Why y'all wilin' out on a cat like dis? He just playin' the game, makin' the paper. Also, It's frizzy-fresh that the homeslice listens to mah gurl Christina. That's so wacky and eccentric, yo! Brothers don't usually listen to Christina haha! It's really cool that he feels the need to remind everyone he listens to Christina almost like it's an integral part of what he considers his personality. Anyway, just my two skrilla. Peace out, y'all!

*bumps Chrissie in the whip while ghostridin'*

9d650c  No.306358

File: 901454d8f08077e⋯.png (548.22 KB, 1102x854, 551:427, single mom device.png)


its his weird insecurity

9d650c  No.306360


actually, a lot of his videos were nuked when his previous account soulbrotahnumbuh2 was deleted

820520  No.306367


He lives in Alexandria, Virginia; near DC and probably why he lists "DC beltway" as his location on Twitter or at least he used to.

81869f  No.306376

File: e4de7b3821fef0a⋯.jpg (24.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Someone repost this shit, I'm interested to seeing this tubby face with a SoulBro voice coming out of it. They don't match in my mind at all.

0bac66  No.307262




>spending money to dox someone because they draw pictures you don’t like

274c4b  No.307281

This wigger made a new vid. Honestly his new “series” has been repetitive stupid shit.

252ad5  No.307291


His early 2000 obsession is really annoying, god damn.

62f0f1  No.308636

Who got his older yu yu hakusho dubs. I remember them watching them long ago before he deleted them

ec4a27  No.308695


>wanting games to be art

Gotta justify the video game design degree somehow, right?

bb3173  No.310718

File: aca04e73f447d6c⋯.png (412.29 KB, 1078x866, 539:433, Screenshot_2018-01-16_23-4….png)

File: 672413f40c0c43f⋯.png (428.52 KB, 1513x901, 89:53, Screenshot_2018-01-16_23-4….png)

It's far out seeing this thread. I used to hang around with him back in the Combusting Herpes (CH) days. Even then, talking to Macks was like walking on egg shells. You had to take extreme care with what you said around him otherwise he'd throw a tantrum and attempt to demean you; if you had a contrary opinion to the groups norm you were at a constant risk of being ostracized. The group was predominately made up of sycophants who unofficially operated as the gestapo and stomped out anyone which did not vibe with the clique's conventions. For people who proudly proclaimed they were counter-cultural champions of free speech it's ironic the key figures were unabashedly tyrannical. The willingness to impose subordination through outright humiliation can be seen with how CH's ranking system was structured. The Admins had the ability to manually designate a "Pro Queermo" reputation to your profile in an act, to essentially, weed out people who did not conform to the group's innate preferences and ideologies or to belt obedience into those who chose to stay. In retrospect, it's downright creepy how many people within that group mirrored Macks's personality from his personal tastes, his sense of humour, political perspectives and even right down to the way he talked. It was fucking weird to say the least.

I have fond memories of the people who were on CH although I can say with any forum you've frequented in your formative years I'm all the more happy that the site was obliterated. The reason why the site was disbanded in the first place was because the core group (the people who were wielding the most influence at the time) underestimated the opposition they had within their own circle and the entire site was tanked over a thread about dreams. No shit. Someone got access to the Admin panel for the entire site and liquidated every post, every category, made everyone Admin, manipulated the styling to the point where the site was unrecognizable and relinquished Macks of his Admin privileges. Once again, this was about a disagreement for whether or not a thread pertaining to dreams should have been permissible on the site. Funnily enough, in the midst of being completely annihilated the site found itself with more visitors than it ever had. It was quite the spectacle for sure.

A big chunk of people left afterwards to create another forum which had less of a shelf life than CH and was far less memorable. CH piqued when they were taking ObviouslyJesus down a peg (though that's a different story altogether) and from there it was all downhill. Today, CH does still exist though it hasn't been touched since it was trashed back in 2013. For the thread which was to be the death of CH, today there exists one board and one board only.

Dream Board: Post Your Dreams

252ad5  No.310727


I remember Combusting Herpes being mentioned from time to time from Hobbes/YoungbloodFantasy. I was under the impression they were just 4chan wannabes. Didn't know anything more.

This really fuels my opinion on Soulbrotha being a narcissist. Most of his people are all troll.

Did it really die within 13 posts or was that cleaned up?

bb3173  No.310735


>Did it really die within 13 posts or was that cleaned up?

The original thread was larger than that. Someone had disagreed that the thread should indeed remain relevant on the site and was publicly shunned by key figures within the clique (including Macks himself). It was not long afterwards the site was trashed beyond redemption.

I hope that answers your question.

0f3f88  No.311073





>He managed to find this thread

>Implying this is us defending Ben

>Says cringe culture is a poison, even though his obsession with Ben can be easily comparable to anyone's in cringe culture

252ad5  No.311076


I don't even know who this guy is and I'm OP.

BenTheLooney is also pretty cringe too. He probably blacklisted himself trying to be Shadman, and openly defending him drawing off real girls. Yeah, probably washed off any sympathy I would get from him.

>Cringe Culture is a poison

You idiots are not the one to talk yourselves. You people obsess over it more than the people here. All I see on Clay Claymore's shit is him bitching about Teen Titans Go haters. Seriously man? Who gives a shit what these autists think? You are all a bunch of A-logs, stop fucking lying.

bdadbe  No.311081

File: 39d655873766a9c⋯.gif (992.84 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1444089897280.gif)


>cringe culture is a poison

0543d0  No.311156

File: b71f4e88ae338ef⋯.webm (14.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Soulbrotah irl.webm)

Soulbro irl for those who wanted it. Sorry for the audio de-sync, it seems the video was always like that.

0f3f88  No.311158

File: bc9d96d5c1c2267⋯.png (2.32 KB, 430x25, 86:5, Garage Band Comic email.png)


I did a bit of snooping around, and it turns out this guy writes a very unfunny furry comic called Garage Band Comic. Apparently, it's about some anthropomorphic animal band members being dicks and bitches to each other.

I also discovered that not only his email address is on his own website under the contact page, but the email address has his own name in it!



85ce9e  No.311168

>constantly shit talks Team Four Star

>calls them amateurs who will never make it in the real big boy showbiz

>soulbro says he's only doing dubs until he can get a real showbiz gig

>he said this years ago

>Team Four Star is now doing an official dub for a Madhouse movie

>meanwhile Soulbro is doing the same exact stuff he's been doing for years

It must hurt

0543d0  No.311170

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Don't forget TFS's appearance in the DBZ Kai dub, which almost made it to broadcast before Toei got butt hurt and made Funimation replace it.

It wasn't just Max talking shit either; Druox shat on them too, and now he's living with his parents doing painfully unfunny stand-up and the occasional sound mixing gig.

ea38f4  No.311176

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm pretty sure that was just a gag featurette for the DVD release and it wasn't used because Kai was intended to be as close to the original Japanese script as possible.

Still, TFS are on good terms with Funimation and even Toei to some extent. The TFS guys got to do voices in Xenoverse 1 and 2, and even the actual show sometimes does nods to their gags.

Maybe one day PBS will throw a reference to Macks' Arthur dubs in an actual episode.

608459  No.311298


who gives a fuck about your gay spergy slapfight with some furfaggot.

I was gonna link it but looks like the dude pulled it down recently. I think in 2013, soulbrotha got hired to edit some shitty indie directors movie called "Computer Hearts" but he didn't like it and there was sort of a tension.

There was a long documentary about the movie that included an interview with soulbro's fat face with LONG HAIR.

Looks like the only way to see it now is to buy the movie with the documentary included


ea38f4  No.311300


>He didn't like the movie and it was a point of cocks

If her were a professional he'd suck it up, keep his mouth shut and do what he was paid to do. You think the assembly line of people who have to edit every new Transformers movie always like that shit?

252ad5  No.311342



Thats interesting. I always kinda thought the Abridgers would eventually do something. LittleKoriboh also married a smaller voice actress in Funimation. Obviously, being a VA in that field isn't as easy as it sounds. But they have friends and connection there. Some of which have been available in Channel Awesome too.

I also want to note that anime dubbing specifically isn't in California. Its usually done in New York or Texas(of all places).

40d7bc  No.312136

File: 4921fbb8c51a34b⋯.jpg (418.55 KB, 3264x1840, 204:115, leaked footage of macks' r….jpg)


Oh, man, this shit takes me back.

I used to know Max back he was using his SoulBrothaNumbuh1 account – I think that got flagged in autumn 2011 but I can't remember what he uploaded to get him suspended. But that's besides the point. Used to be a poster on CH way back when the site was first launched – this would have been Spring 2011 – as just some stupid fucking joke forum up until mid-2013. I guess Max saw it as an opportunity to regain his lost friend circle considering the one he had before this one supposedly dropped him. Before, CH used to be kinda like foxdickfarms in a sense, where we would post threads of people with obvious mental afflictions we found on the internet and make fun of them. Sometimes we would add them into Skype calls either deliberately making fun of them outright or pretending to be their friend just so we could get them to say stupid shit

Keep in mind that he never owned the site, EtanThe3rd owned it, but Max treated it as his own nonetheless. I was one of the four admins way back when in summer 2011 and I was a 16 year old high-school contrarian when sycophancy and trying to feel accepted was my thing. I'll admit to being a part of that hivemind nearing the end of the forum's lifespan. It sincerely is a depressing thing to look back on now that I think about it.

You'll hear about his friends from time to time like Moss or Axefish or Captainfalcononapogo – worst of the fucking bunch – or Floyd Pinkerton. All of these people started on CH, and to this day I think they're the only people from CH that he still talks to. The rest were either ran out or they just sort of dipped because they got way too old for it. From what I know, the one person that he still talks to which he's known the longest is probably his friend Flexpuke, who he met in I think 2009 back on Spazkid's ancient StretchDouche forum when they both went under different handles. To me, I think the evolution of his friends just goes to show how they kept up with his mindset for this long, because it seems like the longer they talked to Max, they became worse and less empathetic. Moss became a near carbon copy, shit.

As someone who has known Max for a long fucking time, I can safely say that what he does now is for his image. Dude tries to hide his older videos because he feels like they don't "represent his style of humour" anymore, which is why he's deleting his older videos when he sees them uploaded. It's almost like he became a parody of himself, because years ago he would be uploading "haha ironic funny" videos on YouTube and he would get a following. I even remember back in 2012 he made this lengthy review on how "Spiderman 2" redefined the open-world genre in video games and he made this video praising "FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage" in 2014, yet now he goes on by trying to tell people who watch him that he's not a gaming channel. haw. Probably the funniest thing that people in my old main group of friends joke about from time to time, some of which knew him since 2009, is how he made these tutorial videos on how to become a professional online voice actor, even though he claims to not be one as much as possible. ike, who the fuck are you trying to kid, loser? You're purchasing and condoning other to purchase expensive XLR equipment for videos on the internet. Nobody is going to take you seriously if you shell out hundred or thousands of dollars for an XLR setup for petty internet videos.

And yes, he did drop EtanThe3rd when she came out back in 2013, as did a lot of his friends (Not without making fun of her enough to intentionally run her out of their friend group). Three years after the fact, they happened to witch-hunt her then-boyfriend, who they found through someone in their group. Which does beg the question if Max really believes he's not as "transphobic" as he thinks.


Enough of this, because this is starting to become more like a "salt" post and less informative. I'll leave you guys with the only known existing video of his from his old SoulBrothaNumbuh1 account – it's a reupload but I think the original was uploaded back in 2011. If I were to be brutally honest, this video is a hell of a lot funnier than what he's doing now, because the best way I could try to compare his style is like this: take a failed Adult Swim pilot and mix it up with dudebro bully-culture, like calling people who are into nerd shit gay.


pic unrelated: a picture of max's disgusting room he posted in a skype call back in 2012

40d7bc  No.312158

File: 43daf44b261cf0e⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Nichijou - ….png)


shit I didn't mean to make all of those typos when I wrote that post. Like what the fuck is "foxdickfarms" i meant "foxdickfarms" (freudian slip I guess)

Oh well, y'all get the point.

252ad5  No.312309


The more I hear about this guy, the more unfun of a person he seems to be. I don't think people on /v/ are this obnoxious to hang out with. He clearly has some self-esteem issues with his own autism. Really odd how on the ball I was when I seen his videos.

I remember EtanThe3rd. He was a fun smaller user back then who I was subbed to. Didn't think anything more than that.

I remember there being a video where he said Amazing Spiderman 2 was the best superhero movie of the decade. In actuality, its one of the worst movies that set back the franchise, and another example of putting all your eggs in one basket. There were several of odd ideas they wanted to do, and its really unrealistic.

e625e1  No.312389

I've been in his group for years, way back during combusting herpes and what not, needless to say I don't want to associate with those people but I do think I know who the OP is. It either Etanthe3rd, Peter, Zarek, Sternumsteven, or an angry YMS fantard

Etanthe3rd/ Nate/Thirsty Olivia is mentally unstable piece of shit on. he once got his girlfriend on heroin and repeatedly beater and threaten to kill her. once saying "I'll could drive off the bridge and kill us both" Now Nate is trying to act like a moral/spiritual person, fuck off.

Peter is a socially awkward child who repeatedly who is so fucking stupid max once got him to think Sodomy was to be punished, after an argument with his dad asked if he was going to sodomize him.

Zarek is an otherkin pedofile who once raped a 12 year old and that's all we have to say about him


Sternumsteven is a weirdo with unhealthy obsession with cartoons who was recently barred from the group for being a literal nazi sympathizer. Since Max is a centralist he's also barred more Left leaning commies from the group.

bdadbe  No.312391


Sounds like an amazing group of "friends"

e625e1  No.312422


Hey Arron It's been a long time

e625e1  No.312429


He still hangs out with OMGTSN who threaten to beat the shit out of a 15 year old if she didn't sleep with him. Twice.

Max continues to make jokes about how he wants to "Fuck his (4 year old) daughter" which makes me think he is a pedo himself. Max himself lives in New Jersey now because He'd be closer to visit Druox, Joe, & IrateGameHD/NobodyMan

252ad5  No.312442



I'm nobody really. Never talked to Soulbrotha. I was a passing fan who noticed a lot of his odd behavior as years went on. Never followed his CH stuff as closely as most of his other followers. I stopped being a fan of YMS when he advocated for blowing dogs.

A lot of what you said is pretty extreme, but can you tell me more of this OMGTSN guy? I heard about him on foxdickfarms, and theres actually been talks of him being a pedo on a few other places. I'm guessing its one of those unfortunate situations where proof is entirely erased from the internet.

I don't like going to foxdickfarms, heard a lot of bad rumors on the admin and shit.

Also does Soulbrotha really have a kid, or is that a joke?

0f3f88  No.312444


I kind of knew Etanthe3rd wasn't a saint himself/herself, judging from the way he worded his response to why he was dropped from Max's gang.

"At the time he dropped me I had also lost control over my bipolar disorder and fell deep into my active addiction. These issues definitely contributed to our friendship ending, but it was not the main reason why we stopped talking."

That's some pretty large stuff to shove to side.


0f3f88  No.312455

I'm surprised no one here is talking about how Soulbrothanumber3 idolizes Spike Lee and George Lucas, two notable film directors that ruined their careers by letting their egos get to their heads, and how he flips his shit at anyone trying to say anything negative about the two.

e625e1  No.312456


OMGTSN (Real Name Nick Smalley)is best known for his soundcloud shithttps://soundcloud.com/omgtsn

There was an anime convention that Nick went to and basically told a 15 to fuck him, she refused stating that she was 15 but he treatened to beat the shit out of her. there was a tumbler post about it - AllswellthatMaxwell- but the author moved and the OP is no longer there. I even tried with the way back machine and it's fucking dead.

And no, max doesn't have any children, He's never had sex in the first place, He's kind of pathetic.

e625e1  No.312458


He never did

e625e1  No.312461


And to respond to that trans point. I don't think he IS transphobic but often makes trans people feel uncomfortable (and other people who had dealt with trauma is the past) WeedHitler when She came out of trans would continue to correct him on pronouns and Max would shit all over her . That's why Weedhitler wont talk to him now.

Yeah maybe he is

810183  No.312558

File: 9ede37001bf54f8⋯.png (534.59 KB, 1177x502, 1177:502, Broke Ass Hoe.png)


>makin the paper

Nigger can't even get a $2000 project funded in a year

ea38f4  No.312567


Something about this post is extremely depressing. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm actually starting to feel bad for Macks.

f7203a  No.312689


Does anyone have a picture of that bootleg Hardee's t-shirt he was selling for like 5 minutes?

I love his whole beef with that "Where's the Free Use" campaign a couple years back. His whole excuse is "Yeah I violate copyright but at least I don't WHINE so that means I'm better than you."

Granted, he's right in that a lot of the WTFU people misunderstand fair use, but I'd take someone ignorant of the law who's unintentionally infringing by making silly internet videos over a smug dude who sells bootleg t-shirts and VHS tapes but thinks he's above everyone else because he knows what he's doing is illegal.

fce3d2  No.312702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Speaking of TFS, a while back, he tried to argue that abridgers shouldn't be making money.

Despite the fact that he sold VHS tapes for his Pokemon dub on Patreon and is now trying to do the same with his dub of Case Closed.

fce3d2  No.312708

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh, and the channel also had a debate involving the abridging contest TFS had at the time. With Macks and Druox in there, of course.

75f702  No.312718


Oh man, I discovered him because of his DBZ parodies and thought they were pretty funny, why do every cocks creator I like is or turns into a lolcow?


Why are this fags afraid of their own talent?

f7203a  No.312722

File: 7ef71be6607db59⋯.jpg (130.25 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, cat recording on microphon….jpg)


>Speaking of TFS, a while back, he tried to argue that abridgers shouldn't be making money.

>Despite the fact that he sold VHS tapes for his Pokemon dub on Patreon and is now trying to do the same with his dub of Case Closed.

He's a total hypocrite. He thinks it's okay for him to do it because he's allegedly working behind the scenes to get into legitimate showbusiness while the other abridgers/video makers aren't (even though TFS is doing an official anime dub while he's still dubbing Pizza Hut jokes onto Yu Yu Hakusho).

He had a tweet that said something like "Jay Z had to sell drugs, I have to make dubs."

And his whole thing with "I'm only making dumbs right now to make cash I hate them and I'll stop doing them as soon as I get a real gig" is total bullshit. All hate aside I think he's got a really good grasp of technical knowledge for production. His videos on microphones and his intro to DSLR video (he deleted it for some reason. Anyone know why?) are actually really good. If he was in this "gotta make videos I hate to make a buck until I can live my dream" mindset then he would convert his channel into a technology/instructional/information channel. Go look up how many big tech YouTube channels there are. A lot more than big abridgers. He'd get a lot more views and a bigger audience, which would equal more ad revenue, more patrons and zero chance of copyright takedowns. Plus he can make money off of sponsorships and affiliate links. AND he can fill out his own personal equipment library by getting companies to send him stuff to review. But nope. He keeps making "comedy dubs" that he allegedly hates.

Oh and no one's mentioned that he hates the term "abridged series." He says what he does aren't abridged series, but "comedy dubs." It's basically "I don't read sci-fi comic books. Those are for children. I read speculative fiction graphic novels for mature adults such as myself."

e5c1eb  No.312804

File: 695a53accdc62e2⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 210x240, 7:8, cc.jpg)



This is fucked. Whatever, I still like his videos.

f7203a  No.312809


I don't even dislike the videos but after a while you start seeing that almost every one works off the same formula and it's stale.

>non-sequitur junk food/fast food reference

>one liners that sound like they were supposed to be in a rap

>saying bad words FUCK SHIT GAY like an edgy middle schooler


>no not "nigga" he literally says "n-word" as a joke

>basketball/rap/early 2000s pop culture reference

52404d  No.312812


Sounds like something like it would be "I haven't seen this much gay tension since those Kobe and Shaq niggers were teammates?"

f7203a  No.312817



No, I REALLY mean he literally says "n-word"

Exactly as I quoted. That is what comes out of his mouth.

252ad5  No.312818


Is it true that he brags and admits to being a pedophile. Thats what some of the scrapped statements say

And is there any more on the Zarek stuff? Also found it messed up Etan was into heroin the whole time. I mean, thats some fucked up shit there.


Yeah, his style is really getting old. I watched some of his TTH stuff and its all references. The late 90s/early 2000s shit can be really annoying. He also did shit on twitter about the "Teen Pop cinematic universe" and its just embarrassing. Maybe someone should tell him about the creepy manager those boybands had.

f7203a  No.312828


Oh, I forgot to mention

>low effort watered down Adult Swim-style cringe comedy

0f3f88  No.312858



>The exact same "nerds are school shooter" jokes

>Practically, any joke meant to belittle nerds or anyone in nerd culture

f7203a  No.312861


>Heh, fuckin' nerds what a bunch of losers

>Macks' pockets burst at the seams

>twelve metric tons of anime, video games, superhero movies and Harry Potter flood the room

57a00b  No.312864

File: 16d4289e057b520⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1836x3264, 9:16, froward.jpg)

File: 7d9a9eeae205401⋯.jpg (83.52 KB, 600x800, 3:4, bippie mishap.jpg)

File: 2762afe08796344⋯.jpg (67.88 KB, 960x720, 4:3, rodbeard.jpg)



This is what goons do too. Always berating neckbeard virgin nerds, then posting pictures like this in the selfie threads.

57a00b  No.312866

File: dd0f0f5ff56e1e4⋯.jpg (10.47 KB, 255x247, 255:247, meowth is sad.jpg)



0543d0  No.312870

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anytime Max hears or sees the word "nigger' he flips his shit, and will go from acting all detached and smug to a social justice wingnut. It's pretty funny seeing how easy it is to make a posturing retard instantly lose his composure.



And yet he associates with unstable nerd retards and pedophiles.

Embed slightly related. More of Druox's amazing self-hating stand-up.

bb3173  No.312871

File: 9d029392de60583⋯.png (31.89 KB, 578x180, 289:90, Screenshot_2018-01-20_15-0….png)


but anon dont u want to spend $80 to learn "joke-writing" from a guy who recycles the same six jokes for every single video hes ever done??

u could learn "cinematography" and "voice direction" from a dude who has never ever directed a feature film and only a handful of short films!!!

why not learn "YT marketing" from a small time youtuber who has plateaued for years on 40,000 or so subscribers.

why not alienate all your friends and piggyback off of people who are more talented than you. so what if they fuck children and they're all sex offenders!? i gotta get paid for this! im gonna get paid for this!! someday…

0543d0  No.312872


It's funny how he thinks that something as subjective as comedy and humor can be codified into a "class" that you can teach someone, like his smug condescension with references to the early 00s, rap music, and trash food he subsists on has made him into a regular Dave Chappelle or George Carlin.

>"YT marketing"

And yet he's constantly stated a few years ago that Youtube was like his side project that he only fucked around with. Maybe he'd get somewhere if he hadn't spent all that time trolling retards like BentheLooney

f7203a  No.312881


tbh I think he's got the chops to workshop cinematography, audio mixing, sound design and maaaaaaybe voice direction. My concern is that Skype isn't the most effective way to learn this and $80 for a one-on-one workshop seems too cheap for it to be any good.

fce3d2  No.312885


Well, he seems to be pretty insistent on Skype. The dude doesn't seem to play ball with other clients for communication. Especially Discord.

Max really hates Discord.

f7203a  No.312892


I didn't mean Skype specifically. I meant being taught over the internet as opposed to in person. Cinematography's gonna suffer the most from that since you aren't going to be able to see the camera setup in real life.

fd1235  No.312907

File: 810666ee92d3223⋯.jpg (17.31 KB, 392x101, 392:101, typical ytper autist.jpg)



That faggot debuted as a ytper, though that story should have been on the Stuart Kelly thread.


>"represent his style of humour"

Even his Phil Fish mockumentary, fucking hell does anyone have that archived?

1db3b7  No.313093

File: 8eeaf0367058d40⋯.png (101.93 KB, 308x249, 308:249, Were_going_to_need_a_bigge….png)

File: 8c4b8b727b4a94e⋯.png (62.83 KB, 1000x361, 1000:361, comic books.png)

File: 78d58417d0a51b8⋯.png (71.3 KB, 1025x305, 205:61, metallictunes.png)

File: c89d5c09a4a69c3⋯.png (379.85 KB, 921x1362, 307:454, shred your ass like mild c….png)

Someone got pretty mad after they got a tiny mention in our soulbrothanumbuh3 thread >>298388. I asked around and it turns out this person has a pretty sordid past. Let's see how they feel about this:

Jason Vilchez was at one point pretty similar to you or I, he edited the CWCki and liked to make photoshops of other cows like AnimatedJames, Andrew Dobson and the Irate Gamer in between uploading YouTube Poops and animations to his channel, MetallicTuneFilms.

His downfall came when he met Macks, and much like Moss and Druox before him he became a near carbon copy of Macks. He spends all his time threatening people like BenTheLooney and James on Twitter along with this one completely unknown sped called CableBoxMan, coming up with the most tryhard internet tough guy insults imaginable. Within his community of cartoon spergs, the line "I'll shred your ass like mild cheddar" has become a meme to mock him. He tried to wipe all the MetallicTuneFilms accounts, likely because they contained things that Macks would not approve of. In a rare moment of /cow/ and foxdickfarms collaboration, I asked one of their mods to revert his edits and they obliged. What a shock to find he's a literal sped case. He now renounces people that make fun of Chris Chan, even though he still posted in the Chris forum on foxdick as recently as 2016.




His latest alias comes from his comic Garage Band. He likes to insist he isn't a furry but I mean just look at it. Try not to remind him or Macks that he's a furry, and definitely don't send any complex math equations his way.

active accounts:






https://foxdickfarms.netPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDs/max-field-soulbrothanumbuh3-sobrono3-macks-fiiod-macks-eff.35481/#post-2694624 (even on foxdick he whiteknights Macks)

inactive accounts/stuff he successfully wiped:






www.youtube.com/metallictunefilms (deleted)

www.youtube.com/heyitsmechadwarden (d-d-d-deleted)

other stuff:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbwJZpBdwzY video his characters are in

https://archive.fo/ItFiY wanted to pay to dox BenTheLooney

http://archive.is/Pg0gM fite him irl

http://archive.is/LimXP no idea what this is

Jason J. Vilchez


4104 E Broadway Rd Apt 1103

Mesa AZ 85206-1984

1db3b7  No.313094


shit I meant to make this it's own OP, JEWS pls move

ea38f4  No.313113


Just remake it as its own thread anyway. If you get an error, just add/subtract/change one image and you're golden

608459  No.313120


Is this another dude from CH? He reminds me of that other huge soulbro dick sucker Chipy.

In a lot of Soulbro's early streams, you would find Chipy basically insulting every single person in the chat – calling them things like autistic fags and he use to have a beef with benthelooney.


https://twitter.com/Mynameischippyy/status/692368336378839042 (what the fat fuck looks like)

God it's like ANY person who gives Macks money has the same mental deficiencies as he.

ea38f4  No.313142

File: c176bfd931134b4⋯.jpg (77.89 KB, 387x704, 387:704, skaterboarder.jpg)



Let me see if I got this shit locked down.

>Wassup my Burger King Big Kids Clubbers! Today we're reviewing Glade Lavender & Vanilla Air Freshner. This shit's got the vanilla to thrill a killa's dolla bill, you fucking faggot gay shitwads! Unfortunately, if you use too much of it, the sweet smell turns sour. For best results, I reccomend only spraying it somewhere about 1-2-Dragon Ball Z Boudkai 3 times in a single spot every two hours, or else you'll end up nuttier than Eddie Murphy when he played Sherman Klump. This spray's great if you're a degenerate nerd shut-in who wakes up at 4pm to get ready to shoot up a school later and your room constantly smells like an unwiped ass and spoiled hot pockets. It's way better than that Febreeze shit. If you have a can of Fabreeze, I reccomend you drop that n-word shit into the nearest trash bin harder than Troy Parker dropped Eva Longoria.

There. I just saved you $80.

62f0f1  No.313416

who is this komyar dude macks and his friends constantly make fun of?

654cae  No.313427


>Why are this fags afraid of their own talent?

Only when it's politically incorrect (and might get bashed for it in the current year)

ccb322  No.313439

I like how there's a ton of people in here who were kicked out of the group, most likely for a good reason since they're posting on this site for psychopaths. I also like how they assume the group is a cult and everyone in it acts the same.

Nate/Olivia was kicked out of the group for trying to social climb on shitting on everyone in the process, not because she's trans. See also >>312389

You all have no clue what's going on, keep names out of your mouth

PS Hey Aaron did you go to court for that stolen candy bar yet?

252ad5  No.313515


The fact you endorsed that post doesn't really help your case honestly

57a00b  No.313553

File: 7a28f2278dadca8⋯.jpg (85.41 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, C1DQDWJUQAA2Z7_.jpg)



You're pretty far from home, huh, sweetie?

0543d0  No.313562


Hey Macks. How's your film career of selling copyrighted anime footage on Patreon working out?

1db3b7  No.313599

File: b5e2bab508f445b⋯.png (41.76 KB, 597x321, 199:107, jasond.png)

lol he changed his tune super quick after the dox got dropped >>313093

a42250  No.313604

fc7578  No.313664

File: 5860216c6f43e4a⋯.jpg (48.76 KB, 728x546, 4:3, DQV5h7oW0AEARKy.jpg)

ccb322  No.313781


ea38f4  No.313829


Hey Macks


0543d0  No.313846



ea38f4  No.313860


Max, I hope this faggy post wasn't meant to be your "mic drop" exit, because if you keep reading you could actually learn something.

Like how confirming everything in that post is actually a super bad idea and makes you look worse, not better.

e6d74b  No.313869


Did this nigger ever make Taste Closed 3?

62f0f1  No.313871


He did but YouTube blocked it

ea38f4  No.313872


What a bunch of dumb niggers.

62f0f1  No.313876


It’s on his patreon iirc

e6d74b  No.313880



I don't suppose anybody downloaded it back when he had it on youtube? If I had a way into his pateron only videos I'd download them all and upload them in webM form.

62f0f1  No.313926


YouTube blocked it before it could be uploaded

e6d74b  No.313970


I figured somebody would contribute $5 to their pateron, DL the pateron only stuff and distribute it. I would but I'm a disgusting NEET

4a6762  No.313974

File: 30c6f91e3cd2fde⋯.png (960.52 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 30c6f91e3cd2fde48a1b77125e….png)


>I like how there's a ton of people in here who were kicked out of the group

>I also like how they assume the group is a cult and everyone in it acts the same.

It sounds like you actively remove anyone who doesn't conform to your standards and beliefs, your beliefs consisting of

>contrary opinions

>contrary opinions to others contrary opinions

You might be less miserable if you climb out of your own ass and started trying to enjoy something without feeling miserable that someone, somewhere, also enjoyed it unironically

810183  No.313976

One thing I don't think anybody has talked about is Macks's rap "career." Has anyone actually listened to his trash albums? Rap is something he's particularly didactic about despite, by his own confession, not making his own beats in addition to writing some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard and having no voice for it (beside his dumb cartoon voices.)

f5059e  No.313983


Any links to his album?

810183  No.313985


I believe this was his first album, put out in 2013, and his later albums are even worse, but this is still pretty representative of his output: stupid voices, nonsense lyrics, trying to be black, autotune, etc. (8chan wouldn't let me embed)


810183  No.313986


Here's his Bandcamp if you're curious: https://sbn3.bandcamp.com/

f5059e  No.313987


>i love soda, call me bubbleman and you know i'm doctor wiley cause i got the plan

This is the guy charging people money on joke-writing lessons? He raps like a drunk dad.

e5c1eb  No.314013


you forgot

>Febreeze is the bee's knees

or something to that effect

b24757  No.314275


The guy used to say nigger all the time, didn't he also call the Cowboy Bebop director a chink for no real reason.

192f2e  No.314362

Dailymotion embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Macks used to go by pimpinfishstix back in 2008 when he was in his teens. You can still find a couple of sites referencing this screenname when he was fucking around with the YouTube Rant scene like RandomDCE, Hellsing920, Darknessthecurse, etcetera

192f2e  No.314368


He's a former YTP guy, went by hoboware and Rude Ass Ray.

62f0f1  No.314762


What’s the history between him and macks?

e00302  No.314768



Fuckers voice doesn't match his face at all, and I want to know how he was able to change it so much.

0543d0  No.314797


If I got my dates right and this >>314362 was Max in 2008, then he was 14 in '08 making him 23 or 24 right about now. Still for 14, he sounds like he hit puberty late.

>I want to know how he was able to change it so much.

Puberty, even though he sounds like a nasally soyboy now in his 20s.

734f26  No.314802

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>tfw no one saved his ninja gaiden ytpmv

252ad5  No.314930

File: 6eecfdfd9cb1b98⋯.jpg (417.71 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 1464380324697.jpg)


I don't think so, I would recall Soulbrotha starting at 2011ish with Etan during the "2nd gen commentaries". I don't think the age and voice matches up.

I remember seeing that video during those days.

Honesly, I would buy that he was a fan of that circle, but I get an impression he shows some deep hatred for it as well. Specifically on BigAl2k6(who was a fat white anime autist who hates rap). Those guys, and the 2nd generation of commentaries really embody all the negative stereotypes Soulbrotha jokes about. But they are all really small and died off pretty quickly. So still harping on them is a bit unnecessary. Also DarknessTheCurse became a Spoonyone case.

By the way, when I refer to 2nd gen commentators, I'm referring to the Hobbes and the cut away people Jim made fun of. Those guys were the worst. All of them were autistic. All of them picked low hanging fruit(including children, thats just low). It was just embarrassing. Hobbes, MSkull. The Professor, and ironically Soulbrotha and Etan where the only users who had some potential to slightly passable. The rest were garbage. Theres also Blackbustercritic, imagine if Mister Metokur was black. I'm surprised they never crossed paths. He was the only decent one in that era, but I stopped watching him when he got too personal and admitted to an "attempted murder" in one of his streams. It was nuts.

But yeah, they all died off once Anita entered the scene, and everyone was too dumb to get with the times. I always kinda felt the right wing circle filled in that niche, but apparently Doodletones and ForNoGoodReason are the real follow up and they manage to be WORSE.

b739ad  No.314931


BBC attempted to murder somebody wha?

And your last paragraph hit the nail on the head. I think that finally killed that community…

I was a part of it briefly. Though I only spent maybe a few months associated with it before I decided to get the fuck away from it. It was amusing how I intentionally tried to bait them (very poorly) into commentating on my videos, before some people got too personal and tried to leak my Facebook shit.

It was just a bunch of autists fighting with each other. Really boring and annoying.

252ad5  No.314941


>BBC attempted to murder somebody wha?

Its something I cannot prove.

>BBC got really angry at his nigger brother in law for hitting his sister.

>He was so angry that he took one of his weapon, and drove all the way to his brother in laws house to kill him(he emphasized this).

>Brother in law was not there, and all he did was break his tv or some shit.

This was a story he admitted on stream. I guess you could ask him, and I don't know if this holds up legally. Too much moral ambiguity for me. And by the way, I'm not being racist when I say nigger. His brother in law was a real piece of shit.

I mostly kept to myself, but I did try to contact some on skype. I ended up hanging out with a bunch of Sonicfags, which was awkward considering I watched BBC at the time. I did talk to Juniorfan, RJ and his old man, Hobbes and Mariotehplumber. But my time was very small and videos were deleted. Never talked on skype since then.

b739ad  No.314946


I also had a conversation with Mariotehplumber…

It was kinda cringey but I got some rather weird outbursts from him. He later said he was just "trolling" but I believe he was trying to cover his ass and was trolling.

The other guys you mentioned, contact with them also. I only know maybe 2 people from that time, though they weren't really commentators.

Ones a furry whose kinda degenerate and negative much of the time, and the other mostly keeps to himself and usually rants about politics. But that's off topic.

And that doesn't really shock me regarding BBC that it was over something like that. Seems he was just trying to protect his sister.

b24757  No.315337

His editing skills are impressive, I can't say the same for his writing skills but whatever, I find a lot of much more successful youtuber about as funny.

If he didn't have such a shitty attitude and stopped trying to pretend he was something other than an out of shape white nerd he might be able to make it as a low tier TGWTG esc channel.

Once you see what he actually looks like it's hard to take his persona seriously, even Maddox fit better.

bf53b8  No.315534

File: 47e2680b87dd3e4⋯.png (295.78 KB, 720x1144, 90:143, Screenshot_20180124-010002.png)



>heh heh if I can't make fun of Ben without looking like a hypocrite then I'll virtue signal about bullshit people stopped caring about

8b2712  No.316060


is this novo?

6416eb  No.316072


yeah, K i w i f a r m s is wordfiltered to foxdickfarms, it's an meme on this board

b24757  No.316197

252ad5  No.316253


Most of the movies are generic 6-8 scores. Some of them are really good too.

>not gonna give him shit for giving the TGWTG movies a 1 since he's likely right but I'm assuming the Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Movie's 1 comes from jealousy

Pretty on the ball. NC's movie's are barely movies, but there was some "effort" put into them for better or worse. Scripts are fucking god awful. Hearing about all the on set shit is way more interesting. Its understandable why he would dislike him.

Yugioh Abridged, back then it was popular, was hilarious. Granted most fans were probably underage but it is what it is. I don't know why he shows such hatred for these guys when he does the same stuff. I saw some of the Team 4star shit from time to time and its pretty alright. Though I do agree that recently both shows have lost their charm since they've been doing it so long, but they at the very least have connections. Again, these aren't comedic geniuses or "Woody Allen" inspired comedy, just fun videos making fun of a kids tv show.

I also want to emphasize again that anime dubbing isn't in California. Its all done in Texas or New York. So, if hes trying to be an anime VA, then California isn't the place to be.

3698a5  No.316274

File: b25abea31383f91⋯.mp4 (675.33 KB, 480x480, 1:1, b25abea31383f91cbf4afa86f6….mp4)


>People are still mad about Jontrons debate with Destiny

0543d0  No.316282


>anime dubbing isn't in California.

Except it is, specifically at Bang Zoom in Burbank and Studiopolis in Studio City, CA. There also used to be Animaze in Encino, but that place shut down around 2014.

>Its all done in Texas or New York.

You're wrong there. While Texas is a hotbed for dubbing (primarily since Funimation made huge revenue on DBZ almost 20 years ago), New York is only used for dubbing for the occasional kid show like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, and that's primarily due to past relationships made when NY did have an abundance of (mostly shitty) ADR studios, (such as Matlin Recording, Sky Pilot Entertainment, Audioworks, Taj Productions, etc) that have all since shut down. The only anime dubbing studios left on the east coast are Duarts (which is an old production company that only recently started anime dubbing with all those NY studio closures) and NYAV, which opened a west coast branch in Los Angeles. New York really isn't a place for dubbing like it was 15 years ago.

1db3b7  No.317173

austin mcconnell is up for a shorty award, has max seen?


fd1235  No.317194


Hat in Time confirmed to be the rightist's game.

458f14  No.317354

File: 46e96206fec4a46⋯.jpg (14.76 KB, 552x503, 552:503, laugh cry fat die.jpg)


>a fucking furry artist telling someone to go outside

458f14  No.317361


agree with you until you tried to equating hating trannies as bad.

question though, how old is max and does he live with his parents still?

252ad5  No.317848



Is there anymore on OMGTSN? I heard he admitted that he was into some more pedophilia shit too. Is any of that accurate? Are the more potential victims?

1db3b7  No.318568


he admitted it to his victim over skype, I don't have the callout post anymore but I know it existed


fc7578  No.318605



>nigger is honorable for once and doesn't allow his sister to be trolld by her husband without consequence

<you see this as a bad thing

252ad5  No.318616


Its one of those morally ambiguous grey situations.

I have no issue if he broke into his house and kicked his ass, but I think murder is a bit is a bit overboard. It was emphasized, twice, that he intended to kill him. I'd wish he ment that in another sense instead of literal, but I think that would be wishful thinking. Its just a situation I didn't want to be in. Its also not like a Dexter/Death Note situation where the guy already did some really really awful shit prior for him to deserve a killing. I should note that yes, the brother in law was a scumbag of a person, but I think there needs to be more if one wants to do "vigilante justice". And even the whole vigilante shit is a very questionable topic in of itself as well.

I should also bring up that that he talked about how he also had physical confrontations with his sister too. Obviously the context was different, and it wasn't as abusive as it sounds. It was more personal. So wouldn't he deserve to die for that same crime too?

It was also very uncomfortable hearing this late at night as he was talking about a potential crime. There were a few people on the stream who may have been kids as well. So it was just a very morally complex situation. I just wanted to see videos catching creepy autists and how shit retail is man.

Obviously BlackBusterCritic isn't an awful person, but what he did(or attempted to do) did cross a line, even if it was well intended. He is a good man even if I disagree with a lot of his beliefs and shit. But its all a complex situation that I just didn't want to be involved with.

6e0791  No.318701


>Is there anymore on OMGTSN?

He is now a basement dweller who proudly stick his pokemon go creatures named by his parents, most of them were: "Get a Job", "Get a Life", etc


I knew that faggot had a tumblr, his viral pic was the NFL READY FOR FOOOO-BALL, and later got shut down.

fc7578  No.318887


Vigilantism is a good thing. In a perfect world law enforcement and the courts would actually do their fucking jobs instead of planting toy guns on people, letting niggers riot and destroy cities over a violent nigger that tried to kill people being shot while assaulting, arresting, and pushing into communist terrorist groups any whites that do actual peaceful protests, and overstepping the LAW and trying to overrule powers given ONLY to the president because muh feels muh feeels let us flood your nation with foreigners that want to kill you goy. You've got people that get away with crimes on technicalities or because they could afford Schlomo & Moishe Attorneys at Law that came up with some retarded shit, like having that guy say "nigger" 40+ times in the OJ Chimpson trial to get the jury to acquit, to get the rich faggot off scot-free. The legal system even in the best of times can't get everything.

Consider a scenario: some Podesta type piece of shit goes after someone close to you, a younger sibling, your own kid, etc. Would you hope the legal system that will probably just give him a slap on the list like Anthony Weiner got do something, with a high risk of the fucker pulling a Roman Pulanski and Israel refusing to extradite? If someone were to go outside the law to bring justice that would not otherwise be given, would that be wrong? It's an extreme scenario but a very real one.

Plus, "physical confrontation" suggests mutual arguing and fighting. Very different from someone just beating his sister one-sided.

252ad5  No.318928


Well that kinda the issue. This is a guy who hit his girlfriend. Awful? yes, absolutely. But does he deserve to die? No. He's a piece of shit, but hes not some Bryan Singer case raping children and getting away with it.

810183  No.319238

File: 1c3215d884009b9⋯.png (36.64 KB, 579x185, 579:185, DUUpBOsU8AA3jMB.png)

No self-awareness whatsoever. A fat homo who lives with his parents and makes video "essays" for a "living" lecturing people about not having their priorities in line.

d2dd51  No.319239

File: 0dd518a56bfed52⋯.jpeg (105.09 KB, 750x697, 750:697, C9D22349-F402-4CB3-92B0-4….jpeg)


Macks also loves acting like he’s some kind of buisiness guru, he posts smug shit like this on a near weekly basis.

0543d0  No.319269

File: ab3d39ba86ad71c⋯.png (141.56 KB, 2688x2688, 1:1, 9d5532fa13e6233439d6efee9c….png)



>same tweet


>makes video "essays" for a "living" lecturing people about not having their priorities in line.

But anon, Max is a film maker on his way to being the next George Lucas, why haven't you seen his latest anime abridged FEATURE LENGTH dub that isn't at all being sold for profit without the studios' permission? Or how about his latest "short film" staring puppets and him spouting the same nerds are racist serial killers jokes while selling cocks to and associating with unhinged faggot nerds?

252ad5  No.319276


I'm guessing two minds think alike. Suicide Squad had HORRID editing. Especially in the first half where it tries to be some AMV musical video or some shit, but it does not have any charm put in(unlike, say, Rocky 4 or Baby Driver). The movie was trashed by fans and pretty much everyone else. Ironically, it did won an Oscar for Make-up, but the only people who really care are dumb DC fans. I'm guessing Macks is like that too.

dabd3c  No.319540

The guy seems like bit of a sociopath, along with the people he hangs with. He acts exactly like a high school bully who throws lunchroom tier insults at people, and doesn’t stop beating the horse until it’s a paste.

b24757  No.319579


He just an edgelord who had to remove a ton of his edges.

The guy's more or less an internet troll trying to move from making fun of retarded people/bronies while chucking racial slurs around to mildly edgy comedy rants and skits.

His constant bitching/talking about nerd shit is getting tired, then talk about something else if you hate it so much, it's not like your getting that many views, RLM set up a selection of different shows so they didn't end up just being a channel that existed to rip on geek shit and geek culture, right now he's closer to TGWTG, at least he keeps his skits and review's separate.

edf4eb  No.319627

blackface bobby hill lives with his parents. he's a kike. be sure to remind him his dad's fucking dead.

403b75  No.319780


>geymz r arrtte xD

Go play your walking rimulators, redditcuck.


I found this, if it's of any help.


403b75  No.319784


Did this man actually made diaper fetish stuff?

Dude, make a fucking thread with this NOW before I fucking do it. This shit is top tier.

>Shady hypocritical past.


>Loudmouthed coward.

f7203a  No.319882


He's a loyal Brand Defender. Whenever people don't like a movie like Ghostbusters 2016 or Suicide Squad he says some shit like "You child! You think it's possible for a Hollywood movie to be bad? The only types of movies you're allowed to call bad are student films made by broke kids who just found out what aperture is last Tuesday. Anything else is AT LEAST average."

dc2423  No.319939

File: 09cd6982d16e774⋯.jpg (406.48 KB, 585x1133, 585:1133, SpazkidXD.jpg)


>That face asking for a blacked photoshop


>Spazkid started out doing furry porn


6416eb  No.319957


I think Spazkid's porn is hot


252ad5  No.319960



>Mixing 2D and 3D

d5cc1b  No.319968


He's one of those entertainment industry dick riders who thinks it's impossible to work hard on something and still churn out a bad piece of work. Yeah, making a movie is fucking hard, but crew members waking up at dawn to work 16 hours a day isn't what people see in a movie, they see bad acting or hear shit dialogue.

I guess Max also applies this thinking to food, because if you're not a professional chef you can't possibly know what good food is, so you might as well eat Arby's everyday you unwashed Burger King Kidz Club bitch troglodyte. That will be 80 dollars for that joke.

810183  No.320326


I think the extent of Macks's thought about food concerns how quickly he can shovel it in.

e00302  No.320344

File: 194738ac0165f82⋯.jpg (10.48 KB, 237x304, 237:304, 1378472395594.jpg)


Holy shit I never knew of this guy before but goddamn, he really is a Discount Soulbro. That timeline is a mess.

6e0791  No.320923


If you get off to face gags taking it up the ass then it's a fetish.

bdadbe  No.321501

File: ced9bac85b22f47⋯.png (214.38 KB, 1428x1148, 51:41, jasonD.png)


Found this by the one and same today, seems you can't criticize something bad unless you make something "not shitty" yourself, which is funny if you read his webcomic for 1/10 of a second

252ad5  No.321524


>Knowyourmeme drop

>Ritalin and Spaghettios in one drop

>Muh criticism

I can't tell if they were called autistic all their lives, or if no one ever bothered too.

546366  No.321548

File: 06d27e3fba5f136⋯.png (296.67 KB, 1260x528, 105:44, subs.png)


>those subsciptions

612d3d  No.323833

File: 28f19e2e694e882⋯.png (38.25 KB, 161x171, 161:171, 1515925319572.png)

I used to be a part of his group for a while, any time someone made fun of him, he'd sic them on them and try to get the people who mock him on his "soulbro radio" show, which was just a weird stream where like four or five trans commie spergs just screech at you. I went in a few of them in the chat just to see how they went and they were pretty fucking gay.

I don't normally use 8chan but I'm posting to say I'm glad this thread's up, soulbro is a gargantuan faggot and I love pointing and laughing at him and his weird cult of personality.

fed417  No.328529

the master of death

6416eb  No.330120



658d69  No.330171


I went on this site all the time in grade school and looking back I really regret it

658d69  No.330173


Doesn't he bitch at people who make video "essays" too?

658d69  No.330175


The right wing sphere actually died when a commentator called BeastlyEevee made a video in which she criticized the notion of gay marriage and how it went against her conservative and christian beliefs.

When she released the video one of the faggots in the commentary community, MSkull01 who was already going downhill, made a video on BeastlyEevee lambasting her for her stance on gay rights saying that "Opinions can be wrong you know" which is what pissed me off the most about him personally and made me drop these people entirely.

Due to MSkull's popularity in the commentary community, all these faggots hopped on the bandwagon and said the same shit that MSkull01 said. This resulted in a witchhunt of anyone who was even remotely right wing in their eyes. They all appeal to authority/popularity and they're faggots.

0f3f88  No.333925

You know what would be informational?

Someone in Macks' circle (probably excommunicated, knowing Macks' attitude) making a video or blog post talking about their experiences with making videos with Macks.

458f14  No.334541

File: 925a43343fe366f⋯.jpg (111.12 KB, 970x1024, 485:512, wikihow accepting imminent….jpg)

>he spent his teens and 20's trying to out edge himself and everyone around him on the internet

>accomplished nothing of value over the years, realizes this

>obsesses over things from his childhood to an infantile degree as a coping mechanism

max is basically an incel.

everything from his niggerized name "macks", fear of showing his face and his constant aggression towards people showing vulnerability doing things they like (video essays/movie reviews/fan dub abridge shit) is telling about how much he doesn't want to be himself.

252ad5  No.334648


I wasn't around during that controversy. I do see some videos of it floating around. So I can't necessarily comment on it specifically. But I don't remember anyone there being specifically right wing or super christian. Not even Jim was that right wing during those times. Politics like that were rarely mentioned.

The people in the commentary community weren't politically literate, so they couldn't keep up with Anita who was a huge target at the time. They weren't like Sargon, Vee, Jim or Thunderfoot who, say what you will, were knowledgeable enough to combat her and know what they were talking about(for the most part). The people in the commentary community were not like that, and I get the impression both MSkull and BeastlyEevee were like that too. The Commentary Community were full of dumb autists.

But one thing that was shunned were the odd fetishes. Stuff like diaper shit were big targets (AKnothole was a big target because of it). So thats why I find it so odd at how ForNoGoodReason and Doodletones being so open about that stuff while being the real next generation of that community. Then again, Sonic recolors were also looked down from the ranting community, but the next generation from that community were also recolor fags. I don't know.

So thats kinda what I ment at the end part. Like I said, nothing really came off as right wing, or even political.

1ce56a  No.334987


Its because all the funny commentators disappeared and were replaced with low-T numales. I wish I was joking but I actually talked to a good deal of them and alot of them would talk about tumblr, nintendo, oppression and "being nice to everyone". It's at its absolute worst.

0f3f88  No.335019


The only person that used to worked with Macks very frequently was Etanthe3rd/KawaiiDesuNigga. Unfortunately, he/she has moved on ever since Macks dropped them. I doubt that he/she will ever talk about Macks again.

1ce56a  No.335027


What about Giggs aka St0nerPhilosophy? He knew Nate pretty well so I'd assume he knew Macks too?

0f3f88  No.335573


But would he be willing to talk about it?

0f3f88  No.335601


You know what, I'm going to try to talk directly to Etanthe3rd to get any possible information about Macks we didn't know already.

e00302  No.336401

File: d178dfe6582455a⋯.png (20.97 KB, 355x355, 1:1, le shuffle face.png)


> all the funny commentators

Commentators were never funny.

6416eb  No.337446


where is she now anyway?

de1576  No.337894


Do you know her personally?

0f3f88  No.338104


She has been shitposting on Twitter for the past couple of years, and constantly made numerous Twitter alts. She's even making alts as we speak! Also, she lives in Turkey now.


No, but I tried sending her a PM over Twitter yesterday, telling her I want to ask her a question. She has yet to reply.

988b3f  No.338334


> Etanthe3rd/Kawaiidesunigga

I remember a furry bitch drawing some of their cartoons, she was later featured on the CringeChannel with a video of her wearing a dog mask and fingering her cunt over Attack on Titan:


6416eb  No.338412


what’s her twitter? searching those names gets me nothing

0f3f88  No.338531


https://twitter.com/WernerFaraday (The more active account)


It helps to search "Blacktric" on Twitter

b620bf  No.338813


Are you sure that's her?

42ba02  No.339196



This seems to be her AFAIK, she used to use weedhitler on Twitter.

6da91e  No.339239

6416eb  No.339334


That doesn't make sense. Didn't Max essentially cut ties and block her? This account retweeted something by him recently.

1db3b7  No.346042


that's morgan, different person

bb3173  No.352154


underrated post

6416eb  No.352162

Has Olivia replied to that one anon yet?

f0e9e6  No.353828

A timeless father-son bonding experience with Max and his dad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PJESI04z_w

f0e9e6  No.353856

File: 24d5bdb39d89c3d⋯.jpg (96.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, tub.jpg)

47b21a  No.353915

Why do you think Max has gone under the radar? From everything I've seen over the years he and his friends are downright sociopaths.

47b21a  No.353936

File: f45f17a546aeaa9⋯.png (88.95 KB, 1029x582, 343:194, efe.png)

Currently a foxdickFarms thread about Max up.

https://foxdickfarms.netPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDs/max-field-soulbrothanumbuh3-sobrono3-macks-fiiod-macks-eff.35481/

Clay Claymore has an account on there, and the only contribution he's made to the thread is liking some ass-kissing 14 year old's comment.

3a625d  No.354077


Him constantly nuking any retarded shit he did on youtube is one reason.

0f3f88  No.354649


It's been more than a week, and Olivia hasn't responded at all. Also the account I tried contacting her to got suspended.

f0e9e6  No.354652

File: 650a2ad88c932b0⋯.jpg (19.72 KB, 1024x729, 1024:729, 198074_122082.jpg)

47b21a  No.355059


he looks like a shut-in. are all the jokes about nerds and shut-ins just based off of projection?

bb3173  No.355131

4193f7  No.356575

File: f8e4b0c7aa4bc59⋯.png (364.41 KB, 480x539, 480:539, 1BB9A843-F461-44E4-AA51-57….png)


>crying about posting on a site for psychopaths while posting on a site for psychopaths

this place is literally just combustingherpes if they ever went after people who deserve it, not people who review movies in a way you don’t like. max and all his friends are sociopaths anyways.

who the fuck would even want to “social climb” a circle of bitter underachieving shut-ins? i distinctively remember max and his fans calling people who come out as trans trannies so you’re just a flat out liar. people quit liking the dude only after a day of talking to him. it doesn’t even matter if a good amount of his ex-friends were terrible people (wonder why that is), they can still offer insight on how max acts, especially considering you don’t even know the identity of anyone on here.

stop sniffing the farts of a fat virgin who still

lives with his aunt. thanks.

e00302  No.358130




0f3f88  No.358245

File: dc787a76a6e12cf⋯.png (291.97 KB, 898x506, 449:253, GarageBandComic RIP.png)


Speaking of Mild Cheddar, Diet Soulbrotha's Twitter account is protected now.

62f0f1  No.359555

Here’s one of his older dubs is anyone’s interested: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FfzCMdQrpo8

43947e  No.360382


thanks man any more?

b70334  No.360487





Didn't Druox use to be associated with the whole edgy Newgrounds Animation crowd? I remember he worked with the guys who made Sanity Not Included. But beyond that I have no idea. I remember there was two big dramas in both those spheres though I don't remember what about. Wasn't also Soulbrotha friends with one of the Sanity Not Included guys? But I may just be remembering wrong…

988b3f  No.360712

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>edgy Newgrounds Animation crowd?

Surprise surprise he lost all his edge like the other faggots, but Ben 10 porn is awwright. I do recall Druox shitting on Rina-Chan after Brawl Taunts 3 and her bunch of retards would attack him, many other animators and other VA non-stop.

He also voiced Saxton Hale on a tf2 update.

62f0f1  No.360804


Unfortunately it’s the only one I could find

612d3d  No.360870


Remember guys, this is the music of a professional. Don't critique this if you can't do better, idiots! You fucking goobers! Troglodytes! Real n-words make music like this, dude! So get ready to join Bam Bam's Space Jam Super Slam with some rockin raps like this shit, dawg.

43947e  No.360933

File: c455ab847ab99e0⋯.jpg (136.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bday album.jpg)

78e0b0  No.361478


He got really assblasted.

ba01f3  No.361534


That's because none of you have found me yet. I found this thread a few days ago when I Google searched my steam name for a friend and found this. Holy fuck… this like the total reverse of what I expected to happen. I always though I would have a cow/foxdick/ed thread/page.

94ed64  No.361617


>I remember he accused Austin McConnell of copying him in a video and when he admitted to being hugely inspired by him.

I remember thinking that Austin McConnell's earlier videos were similar in style to SBN3's, specifically his monotony. When did he admit to being inspired by him?

0f3f88  No.361655

File: d7518e9fadb4f07⋯.gif (572.44 KB, 488x364, 122:91, Shocked Daria and Jane.gif)


>holy shit

If this Etanthe3rd/Olivia/KawaiiDesuNigga, then I have some questions: What was making videos with Macks like? i.e. What was it like to write jokes with him?, What was it like to have him as a voice director? Just anything noteworthy of what he did while you were making videos with him.

1db3b7  No.361691


do you really live in Turkey? were you still when you were dating Jab? is he still mad about Felix?

e4b96b  No.361908

File: 2696bef5e6a24ed⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 20171029_165609.jpg)

File: 7d45a0aca566750⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 20180104_221824.jpg)

To prove this is me, here are some photos from my phone.


You guys are funny. I'm not from turkey lol. Black took the name kawaiidesunigga from me a while ago. I'm guessing that's why you think he is me. I also have not spoken to jab in months. I'm pretty sure jab hates me.

e4b96b  No.361928


Macks is pretty good at voice directing actually. Tbh the funniest stuff I remeber was jokes writing by flexpuke and acted out by druox.

6416eb  No.362086


Do you think Max is being serious with his personality, or do you think he's just a method actor at trolling? When I look at him, it's hard for me to tell.

c75f0d  No.362091


He is genuine. Unless he has had a big change of personality in his life, im inclined to belive he still is genuine;. I dont watch his video and haven't talked to them in over 5 years. So take everything I say with a grain of salt from this point on.

e4b96b  No.362098

File: cd71e306eab345a⋯.jpg (64.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Its interesting to see people still remeber me. Before I disappear the main reason I am posting here is that I want to clear a few things up since most of you have no clue about what happened. Also please stop using me as a tool too attack other people. Whoever the anon is that keeps using me to call macks a transphone please stop! I'm not going to help you on your personal vendetta against macks. I wouldn't give out any more dirt then I already have. I'm no saint as the anon stated above, I dont need your sympathy. I'm simply here to clarify a few things.

Things in this thread that are true:

1) I did hard drugs and had a rough time with them.

2) The part about asking grace if we could comit suicide by crashing my car on the freeway is true (not my best look).

3) Macks and the group stopped talking to me for a number of reasons, not just because I am trans. However! There was alot of transphobia sent towards me by that group when I came out. Macks himself sent me a message over facebook a week before he dropped me. He basically said (and I'm paraphrasing here) "cant you wait on transitioning? Trans people aren't cool." In retrospect, I think that being dropped was a long time coming (being trans or not). I was so fucking crazy at the time I'm suprrised they waited till I came out before they dropped me. I used to be really angry about being kicked out of this group, but in reality i was already on my way out and it ended up being a good thing that I wasnt in this depressing cynical circle anymore. Tbh I wouldnt be surprised if they just wanted an excuse to not talk to me anymore since I was a liability to his YouTube career.

4) I have shit talked this group for a long time and I have said some pretty awful thing about macks himself (Once again, not my best look).

5) I dont know what the anon means by "socialy climb." If you mean that I tried to use ch and macks as a way to gain followers and subs on youtube them I guess that's true.I don't see why this one is so bad but whatever 🙍.

Things that are not true

1) I didn't physically harm my ex girlfriend. I don't know where that anon got that information but its not true. I hever physically trolld Grace.

2) Grace go into drugs on her own. I had nothing to do with that. My drug addiction was in responce to her breaking up with me and herself starting to use hard drugs earlier that year.

3) well I haven't spoken to Max or anyone in that group personally for at least 4 to 5 years at this point, I'm inclined to say that he is not a transphobe. Last I checked he had a transwoman in his group. While I don't know if that's true or not anymore I haven't really paid attention to Max or any but one of his friends in the group for the past 2 years. Last time I talked shit and got hit was 2016.

0f3f88  No.362307


Wow, that's a whole lot to take in.

Well, I thank you Etan for your time here to explain yourself, along with clarifying a whole lot of misconceptions.

Take care now.

Also, you transitioned really well.

de1a1f  No.362371

It's kind of funny how he acts like a cyber sociopath while looking like 6 foot ball of putty in person. He's the poster boy for the quintessential cyber bully.

0f3f88  No.363108

File: f2e051edb1601fa⋯.png (38.54 KB, 1123x774, 1123:774, GarageBandComic's ComicFur….png)

File: 0c506ab706de2bc⋯.png (36.15 KB, 1128x755, 1128:755, GarageBandComic's ComicFur….png)

File: bf8c15548e05e61⋯.png (42.66 KB, 1122x810, 187:135, GarageBandComic's ComicFur….png)

File: 2f4c01133899c8b⋯.png (33.56 KB, 1123x754, 1123:754, GarageBandComic's ComicFur….png)

File: fbc13317d79c0a1⋯.png (43.5 KB, 1123x753, 1123:753, GarageBandComic's ComicFur….png)


I noticed ComicFury had a forum on there, and Jason posts on there very frequently. I was going to archive his posts, but because archive.is wouldn't do it because of some fucking "server error", here are screen caps of all of his posts.

0f3f88  No.363109

File: 0832c943b7e5653⋯.png (44.12 KB, 1118x759, 1118:759, GarageBandComic's ComicFur….png)

File: d7a1acf338b52bb⋯.png (53.85 KB, 1201x881, 1201:881, GarageBandComic's ComicFur….png)



0f3f88  No.364193

File: 26f6455c435046b⋯.png (17.01 KB, 1117x341, 1117:341, GarageBandComic Doxed his ….png)

File: 3f73b6af28045d0⋯.png (314.56 KB, 640x454, 320:227, GarageBandComic Dox 1.png)

File: 78e24c65dd1a3c0⋯.png (228.25 KB, 640x454, 320:227, GarageBandComic Dox 2.png)

File: 535ac8a18011784⋯.png (360.4 KB, 640x451, 640:451, GarageBandComic Dox 3.png)



One of the many interesting posts out of all of these is this, specifically this because underneath that spoiler tag are actual pictures of himself. (As evidenced by what he said.)

0f3f88  No.364232

File: 7dab8a12496921a⋯.png (574.69 KB, 1180x796, 295:199, Angry Hank Hill and Bobby.png)


>Hey faggot!

Those screen caps are from a movie called "Fat Kid Rules the World". Maybe you should learn how to reverse Google image search once in your life dipshit!

bb3173  No.364387

File: a941c6660df6461⋯.png (82.68 KB, 297x256, 297:256, 084.png)

File: 7ac4558123cc8f4⋯.png (303.88 KB, 1215x547, 1215:547, Screenshot_2018-03-12_16-0….png)

File: a941c6660df6461⋯.png (82.68 KB, 297x256, 297:256, 084.png)

640a36  No.364467

0f3f88  No.364492

File: 6c143271f08bb6b⋯.jpg (142.03 KB, 1223x928, 1223:928, Shocked Wabuu.jpg)



I knew that ID feature was used somehow.

Alright, I'll come clean. I didn't check before posting to see if those pictures were actually him.

I thought I could just clarify myself, yet do it in a way where I show myself as less of an idiot.

I didn't think this out at all.

1db3b7  No.364497


I think he was just trying to do a "disregard that I suck cocks" but he bungled it up, whoever is finding all this CH and Jason stuff probably doesn't have much connection to chan boards so they're probably gonna not understand the way people talk on here

612d3d  No.365227

Why are we all focusing on some loser soulbro wannabe?

0f3f88  No.365345


Some anon accidentally posted what was supposed to be the OP for a thread specifically for that Soulbro wannabe here.

627712  No.365753

File: 4a1fa35b783ef80⋯.png (36.75 KB, 749x493, 749:493, 70's Poll.PNG)

File: 2218af51aaf7f9d⋯.png (51.88 KB, 734x362, 367:181, Max hates the 70's.PNG)


Max hates the 70's for some weird reason and seems to hate video essays despite the fact he did an entire essay series on the Harry Potter movies. Not to mention the video essay he did on Suicide Squad and Fifty Shades of Grey.

This dude really is that dense huh?

bdadbe  No.365767

File: a4f0ca9dbd83e78⋯.jpg (18.64 KB, 315x387, 35:43, a4f0ca9dbd83e78e6ed047cc83….jpg)


>hate people who obsess over decades

>autistically obsess about the early 00s

>hate video essays

>produce video essays

>hate abridged series

>produced abridged series

It's impossible to be wrong if you have every opinion and no opinions simultaneously

19d685  No.366599

File: 60080c07bd77ed3⋯.png (14.18 KB, 337x321, 337:321, Max has no shame.PNG)


He also claims abridged series creators shouldn't make money, yet his Patreon stretch goal is another DBZ dub. Also his idea of comedy is adding in tons of pop culture references and chill hip hop beats, yet he claims Team Four Star are "hacks."

de1a1f  No.366954

The cognitive dissonance is strong in this guy. He does the shit that he clowns others for doing, then acts like he doesn’t do the same thing. What’s worse is that he acts like hot shit in the end. For a guy who clowns autistic people, Sobrono300poundsonthebathroomscale is on the spectrum for damn sure.

0543d0  No.367114


>claims the 70s are a shit decade for movies

>the same decade that gave us Star Wars

>yet praises George Lucas in past videos and on podcasts

Does this retard know anything about fucking movies?

0f3f88  No.368345

File: c9e9785a5b8df2f⋯.png (33.84 KB, 629x334, 629:334, How is this funny Macks.png)

File: 6b7c7787311f034⋯.jpg (29.66 KB, 720x400, 9:5, Pooh confused at paper.jpg)

db2bf3  No.368381


I think he's referencing Donald Sterling? Dude owned the LA Clippers and told the truth about niggers: http://archive.is/bUwAI

NBA gets butthurt and forces him to sell his team. Probably would've been good enough if he apologized if he was from the right tribe.

db2bf3  No.368484


I take this back, old man apparently didn't care if she slept with black men, he just didn't want the gold-digger showing up to the games his team played with them. He's a cuck, but he still wouldn't have had to sell the team if his name was Donald Stein.

0f3f88  No.368552


For a moment, I thought Macks was becoming Jason/GarageBandComic. Just spouting a whole bunch of pop culture references in an incomprehensible and try hard fashion.

0543d0  No.368791


Sterling is part of the tribe.


Donald Sterling was born Donald Tokowitz on April 26, 1934, in Chicago, Illinois.[7][8][9][10] His family moved to the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles when he was two years old. His parents, Susan and Mickey, were Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants.

85d61d  No.368828


Hey serious question and probably the most important question of this entire thread: can you still do the Kevin Fisch voice?

db2bf3  No.368844

File: 636fbb9f762d742⋯.jpg (166.04 KB, 485x600, 97:120, NN2mBjY.jpg)


Fucking hell, got played by the name game.

e00302  No.368927

File: 1f410a77ba5ed4f⋯.png (8.82 KB, 130x89, 130:89, mild.PNG)

0f3f88  No.368930

File: 9fc9929d3b8e889⋯.png (261.31 KB, 600x247, 600:247, Garage Band Comic Panels b….png)

0f3f88  No.368938


Garage Band Comic is begging to have edits made for it.

e00302  No.368971

File: 980791057d85a3a⋯.png (216.04 KB, 573x294, 191:98, corspe.PNG)



I'm amazed this guy was comfortable talking shit about anybody, over anything, ever. On it's own it's just a really weak comic, but now realizing the guy who made it thinks this is how legit "sharp and snarky" people speak to each other it really pushes it over the top of douchechill mountain.

0f3f88  No.368981


I'm willing to bet his sharp and snarky people is heavily drawn from Macks.

e00302  No.369099

File: f471f9294c81c43⋯.jpg (27.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, lecheddarboy.jpg)


For sure, every little quip in this comic is written like someone who very clearly just got finished watching a half hour of SoulBro cocks before the put pen to paper.

Nothing says slayer of "cringe culture" enthusiasts quite like lifting your personality wholesale from someone else.

789104  No.369967

File: 49c7d02e34935e8⋯.png (100.03 KB, 1093x797, 1093:797, Smoking Raven.png)

So I bit the bullet and decided to watch Max's shitty dubs he has on his YouTube channel and holy fuck were they beyond fucking terrible. Imagine if Joss Whedon localized anime and you get a pretty good idea of the type of "humor" that's found in these videos.

For example in one of his Yu Yu Hakusho videos he has the main character say that he wants to cancel his Netflix subscription for Hulu, no set up, no timing, it's just "Here's a bunch of pop culture references! Laugh faggots!"

He thinks Team Four Star are hacks but at least Team Four Star's jokes actually have something to do with DBZ, they don't just have Chi Chi saying she bought McDonald's for her kids just for the sake of a cheap laugh. And what's funny is that he hates CA and Doug Walker yet his type of "humor" is on the same level as theirs. And it blows my mind how people think this guy is funny, all he does is throw around pop culture references and he uses hip hop instrumentals because he can't be bothered to edit the new audio with the original soundtrack.

TL DR: This guy's videos are awful unfunny garbage.

3366ab  No.371896


His older dubs were funnier

3366ab  No.371936


But yeah his cocks gotten shittier over the years.

680a33  No.372321



4c272f  No.372633


A black truth is better than a white lie.

3366ab  No.373831

Who has his dark tournament dubs btw

0f3f88  No.373838

File: 14d0491e6dfd33a⋯.png (146.74 KB, 642x777, 214:259, Macks descends into madnes….png)

File: 781a6d8b992b240⋯.png (48.86 KB, 624x440, 78:55, Macks descends into madnes….png)

File: 0911d0b0d48c4f2⋯.png (13.4 KB, 580x113, 580:113, Macks descends into madnes….png)

File: ad8a482fe78997b⋯.png (28.24 KB, 186x208, 93:104, Confused looking anime gir….png)

>You could replace ADULT SWIM FESTIVAL with WHITE PRIDE CONVENTION and the crowd would still look that same.

…I don't have the words nor comprehension to understand this retard babble.

62f0f1  No.374020

File: 326d1d1480435ac⋯.png (68.28 KB, 1507x624, 1507:624, mb.png)

62f0f1  No.374033

File: 75192577da72034⋯.png (64.31 KB, 1507x515, 1507:515, fg.png)

File: 9443bd1768de42d⋯.png (47.21 KB, 1507x405, 1507:405, ii.png)

File: 8fdd75e64dd24e1⋯.png (58.44 KB, 1507x405, 1507:405, jkl.png)

File: 326d1d1480435ac⋯.png (68.28 KB, 1507x624, 1507:624, mb.png)

File: d4f22c2e9f30e2c⋯.png (46.87 KB, 1507x405, 1507:405, uiui.png)

0543d0  No.374112

File: cedc5501a7fe242⋯.png (185.47 KB, 610x568, 305:284, b086c75acf92e02b4ff5716f8b….png)



For a gigantic faggot who thinks he's sone great artist, he sure can't understand the concept of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.


>tells others to go outside

>looks like he barely goes outside himself

>namefags and spergs out on imageboards

And he thinks of himself as some master troll crusading against losers on the internet.

c4ee14  No.374546

File: 954621c8e477115⋯.jpg (115.32 KB, 376x404, 94:101, Cap Has Seen Some Shit.jpg)


So it's okay for him (a white guy) to listen to hip hop and use instrumentals for his shitty videos, but fuck forbid Adult Swim promote a hip hop concert! Even though Adult Swim is known for their use of hip hop instrumentals in their bumpers. I've also noticed he calls everyone or anything he dislikes racist without any proof to back it up.


He goes to an image board and calls everyone there a pseudo intellectual, I would like to remind everyone that this is the same guy who made a video essay on Fifty Shades of Grey in which he used a whole bunch of dumb pseudo intellectual mumbo jumbo to justify liking the first hour of that awful movie. He also gave Doug Walker a lot of shit over his fair use argument, but he made an entire video essay series on the Harry Potter movies!

I'm sorry Max, but you can't claim you're "counter trolling" the trolls when you're this much of a fucking hypocritical dumbshit.

87722b  No.374547



Fuck me…look at him go. He’s like a wind-up sperg.


Big Mac boi Max has got to be pushing towards some kind of breakdown.

e00302  No.374579

File: 57d1032c38e52e3⋯.png (582.64 KB, 1000x577, 1000:577, 1000px-OrtolaniBody.png)



To be fair, there's probably a good chance someone who named themselves 'Max Field' on an imageboard likely isn't the actual Max Field.

aecdbe  No.374586


I hear you, but consider this counter point; Max is such a braggart that I wouldn't put it past him to hop on site he """hates""" so much, and talk down people he can't he see, while flexing his sub count and film making "skill".

0543d0  No.374601


Considering the posts are from 2013, about the time that Max started sperging about being a film maker, it's a safe bet that it's him. The "UR AL NERDS GO OUTSIDE" shit is a clear indicator it's him.

e00302  No.374626


Then why is he 'signing' posts with his real name, and not "SoulBro", the name he'd been trying to brand for years prior?

6416eb  No.374697


Did anyone even know his real name back in 2013? I can't see it as being someone else if only, who else, Max knew it.

f1a556  No.376615


Considering that his main claim to fame – the voice acting series – only started coming out three years ago, and his most popular video only came out two years ago, I really doubt it.

I just don't get why anyone in their right mind would spend time trying to start shit on /x/ of all places.

6416eb  No.376694

File: f62cc699aa4d14f⋯.jpg (112.74 KB, 1322x756, 661:378, 1378590819870.jpg)


I do wonder, what exactly compelled him to go on /x/? You'd think that he'd try and slapfight with /co/ or /v/ or /a/ seeing who his character is.

f1a556  No.376739


I really have no clue. I can see him browsing it to feel superior to all the people posting weird conspiracy threads, but then he got himself involved. It feels like the equivalent of trying to hype up your mixtape at a homeless shelter.

16ad97  No.377761


Is there an archive of these streams somewhere

f1a556  No.379162


There are, but you have to donate to his paypig to get them.

f7203a  No.379397


He has the audacity to think that the relationship between hip hop music and their programming that Adult Swim has been curating for a decade and a half is ripping him off.

Not only that but all of SoulBro's live action stuff is obviously heavily influenced by Adult Swim's brand of humor.


f1a556  No.379825


It's been going on for well over a decade at this point. And the thing is that AS is more legit, because they have permission to use the artists' music. SoBro doesn't, yet that's not going to stop him from monetizing things that feature their music anyway.

f7203a  No.380404

File: 118f94e421866cb⋯.jpeg (457.58 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 034793C1-6BC4-4862-A47D-B….jpeg)


I can’t wait to see his aneurism when he realizes that there are other people who rap about anime and video games. And unlike him, a lot of them are successfull enough to tour worldwide and rub elbows with the official companies.

3e3ffe  No.380410

File: 044f5a7686aa1a0⋯.jpg (45.07 KB, 479x290, 479:290, 1487361718642.jpg)


>Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service

>Underage girl

I know it isn't what he was thinking, but damn.

5ae753  No.380851


Holy fuck kek

6416eb  No.383376

08b3f7  No.383397



Why even bother posting stuff like the former when you know it's lies? What's the point on even commenting on this thread? You're practically admitting "yes guys i am a fucking faggot but not as much as you think i am!"

I've known Sternum for a good couple years and i've never seen a reference to jews, 1488, swastikas, anything like that. And considering he's as black as that one superhero movie which is out right now, I doubt he'd be welcome in those sorts of communities. Just cause a dude likes Jontron (despite retarded politics) doesn't mean "literal nazi sympathiser." Saying shit like that just dissolves when it's so easily disproved.

did you catch the super subtle reference to mainstream media i peppered in there? maybe i can be as funny as you one day

f7203a  No.383487


>Hey! Making fast food references in rap is MY thing.

612d3d  No.383723

File: ef967eb1fbe0371⋯.png (28.03 KB, 545x224, 545:224, ClipboardImage.png)


Can someone explain to me how someone whose entire platform is "high quality shitposts" can post this and not find it incredibly fucking ironic?

0889ea  No.383762

The amount of trans communists in his circle surprises me. Like they're always antifa furfags.

And SoulBro and his shitty circle fuck over loads of people. He fucked over InexpensiveJew on Twitter after he made a song parodying rap that Macks called racist, which is REALLY FUNNY considering that tub of lard has said nigger in the past in some of the Demos for the Birthday Album

Matt Vargas over some stupid allegations at MagFest which lead to them cybersquatting his Twitter and turning it into a antiSJW kekenstein stereotype

Komyar was frequently ripped on for liking Steven Universe of all things, it seems like light joshing on Twitter but they really fucked him over too by making multiple hilarious songs at his expense, posting a Facebook photo with his full name bullying him for buying amiibos because VIDEO GAMES ARE FOR RACISTS

Why would anyone want to spend $80 bucks for someone who's ready to make YOU into a joke instead of actually teaching you how to be "funny"?

c1756f  No.383877


I willing to bet that everyone in his circle aren't even genuinely friends. I cannot see anyone hanging with Macks, Moss, or anyone of them without holding back the urge to deck them in face. They have got to be insufferable to hang around for extended periods of time.

9f8a97  No.383897

Didn't he make a video mocking BigAl's fat weeb girlfriend? I've been trying to find that video for years.

f7203a  No.383903



When you build your whole persona on irony it takes a toll on your mental state

62f0f1  No.384148


They also give him shit cause he works for tesla

9c46fe  No.384324


He looks Jewish. They have short curls.


I bought his albums and I think he should stick to being a sound and video editor. I get that they're indie, but he doesn't have anything over Skee Lo, Camp Lo, or De la Soul. They have good reason forming their political views as they observed why it's empirically needed. For instance, they lost their faith in law enforcement because they witnessed their corruption in their youth, which is fair. They aren't shallow contrarians who parrot dumb shit that they hear from Antifa furfag trannies.

0543d0  No.384361

File: d7b1470ac068400⋯.jpg (25.5 KB, 334x349, 334:349, 1371515657108.jpg)


>They have good reason forming their political views

>Co-opting nig culture just to look cool

>good reason

No need to pat yourself on the back there Macks

>They aren't shallow contrarians who parrot dumb shit

This thread proves otherwise.

6416eb  No.384430


Not him, Max would never criticize himself, not even to hide himself on imageboards.

0889ea  No.384433



Yeah I mean NefariousBanana and his BF is literally one of those antifa furfags so

0889ea  No.384611

File: cc6c52b1995bacb⋯.png (23.32 KB, 440x209, 40:19, H97dw0G.png)


Old but he's still braindead about the stupidest shit and never wants to be proven wrong

6416eb  No.387270


Max’s opinions are so inconsistent and bizzare, I’m baffled people take him seriously.

a47acc  No.387923


Having opinions is for nerds. No one can hurt you if you wrap yourself in forty seven layers of detached irony. No one except yourself :(

5ae753  No.388165


Anyone want to bet on when he kills himself? I think he has another 3 months before he gives a blowjob to the barrel of a shotgun.

655d1c  No.388190


He's too up his own ass to kill himself right now. Wait till he's in his late 20s/early 30s when he's still making abridged dubs and short films about early 2000s tripe only he gives a shit about.

0543d0  No.388732

File: f74a51da1372dfd⋯.png (111.94 KB, 616x714, 44:51, Retard.PNG)


<People who spike their veins with a substance that has a decades' long history of ruining and taking away lives are better than people who play video games

t. Max Field, expert Joke Writing workshop teacher who probably has never known an addict

252ad5  No.388795


OP here

Sometimes I feel like I kicked the hornets nest when I see more of this thread. I'm actually surprised I wasn't the only person who noticed this type of behavior.

It really feels like he bullied by nerds because he listened to rap or pop music.

I remember he tried to bring in an expert of video game addiction, but its clear he done it to get back at the nerds or something. But again, look at the people he hangs out with.

Did he actually go full Jack Thompson in the actual podcast?

0543d0  No.388836


>Did he actually go full Jack Thompson in the actual podcast?

I don't have the wherewithal to listen to Max huff his own farts for an hour about not playing games, that's just the portion he decided to promote on his twatter, clearly bullshitting and inadvertently showing his worldly inexperience about the difference between video game and heroin addicts.

>I remember he tried to bring in an expert of video game addiction

That seems like the same guy he brought in on this podcast

>its clear he done it to get back at the nerds or something.

That's exactly what it is, the guy who actually lectures about game addiction seems somewhat level-headed from what I've heard, and sounds more like he's concerned about people who do have problems in balancing their responsibilities with playing vidya too much. Max of course just wants to speak to him to feed his inflated ego.

056763  No.388968


Thanks for reminding SoulNigger's paypig, more half assed audio editing for premium fans.

5ae753  No.389009


Last time I checked out this it was less retarded, what happened. Is he on drugs or is he injecting soy into his veins.

47b21a  No.389239


>why are people calling out my ignorant retarded question about a video game as being ignorant and retarded?


Why is he even trying to insinuate that someone who works for a video game addiction outreach group also knows about the harmful psychological effect that video games can have on people to the point of commiting mass shootings? Does this dude have to have a contrarian opinion on everything?

0f3f88  No.389245


>Does this dude have to have a contrarian opinion on everything?

It looks like it, b-but don't call him a contrarian right in front of his face, because he's not!



5ae753  No.389253

47b21a  No.389326


>only speak up when I disagree

He speaks up about everything, though. And everything that’s a hot controversial topic he speaks up about is him having the unpopular opinion.

>christ pick up a book

scripts for a parody dub of dragon ball aren’t books

0f3f88  No.389378


Also, lol at him basically admitting to being a contrarian because he likes starting drama.

47b21a  No.389402


Conflict is only interesting if the thing the conflict is based around is interesting, and if the conflicting viewpoints are logical and make decent sense. Max just wants to act like a 14 year old and bitch about things that are popular.

f7203a  No.390176



He sounds like that one kid in your friend group who'd always tell lies just to start shit and then smirk like an ass.

>Hey Anon! Timmy just called your mom fat! EHEHEHEHEHEHE

252ad5  No.390201


If its something people say in the youtube comments thats commonly repeat it, then he'll think the opposite. That'll show those autists!

6416eb  No.391941

File: b756a40e937ca8e⋯.gif (868.62 KB, 500x282, 250:141, tumblr_static_tumblr_stati….gif)

Here's moss saying how Psychicpebbles is a nazi for no real reason from July: https://twitter.com/theinternet>>312136



Apparently, Zach blocked him (don't know why) and he so proudly displays it on his Twitter. >>>312136 brought up how he was involved with the SoulBro circle even all the way back during CH and it's kinda hard to hear. It really seems like Moss was semi brainwashed into thinking exactly like Max. Why did Moss and others from the group end up becoming Max 2.0's?

6416eb  No.391942


Fuck this post came out broken

0543d0  No.392095

File: 062dc8a8cd37e2d⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 340x565, 68:113, 1372977241181.jpg)


>Despite this the resounding knowledge is the percent change in rapes has been dropping since refugees have been taken in

This is your brain on centrisim

0f3f88  No.392116

File: 541347362aee769⋯.png (22.57 KB, 637x312, 49:24, Hypocrite Moss.png)


If that Zach stupidity wasn't enough:


612d3d  No.392457


Man this isn't centrism, this is fucking denial. I'm a centrist myself but when statistics are right about shit, they're right about shit. Moss isn't a centrist, he's either a hard leftist (based on the other losers in his group like nefariousbanana) or left leaning, but here's definitely not a fucking centrist.

dc2423  No.393065

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

How the times have changed

dc2423  No.393067

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Wow my mouse is fucking broken

f1a556  No.393084



Yeesh, those scripts.

That reminds me, though: a while back, he took the time to prowl Casting Call Club to plug his channel, all while patting the page creator on the back – to pat himself on the back:


810183  No.393604


Ah, a man of taste!

0889ea  No.393652

File: 57e3dce2ea23800⋯.png (43.06 KB, 733x480, 733:480, chrome_2018-04-02_01-13-13.png)

God Macks just hates you if you're not sucking his dick 24/7 it seems

Am I the only one that can relate to the whole "I used to genuinely like his cocks until I realized his attitude and the people he groups himself with are jerks?" Like all this guy does is shit on nerds but he acts like that's professional? You're trying way too hard. If you really cared about branding yourself as a serious person you wouldn't spend most of your days shitting on huge groups of people because they aren't your tightly knit and equally manipulative group of friends and partners.

If he managed his ego he'd probably get doors in the industry like TFS or LittleKuriboh but oh of course. He hates anime and abridging and all that stuff. Sometimes you have to just swallow your pride. I can respect his talent but unless he matures I doubt he'll get recognition beyond his main circle of subscribers.

0889ea  No.393654



I meant cocks but point still stands

de1a1f  No.393667


Macks is modern day John K. All the talent in the world, yet so damn quick to burn bridges by being a complete dick to those around him.

f7203a  No.393683


>Am I the only one that can relate to the whole "I used to genuinely like his cocks until I realized his attitude and the people he groups himself with are jerks?"

I used to love his stuff but then I started realizing >>312809

It wasn't until after that I started realizing all the other stuff

f1a556  No.393829


He wishes he were that talented. Though to be fair, very few are, just in general.

f4c276  No.393855

File: 9813b0759610b7b⋯.jpeg (51.42 KB, 634x515, 634:515, 34341D0E-9151-41FD-897E-2….jpeg)


You know, it’s funny how Max talks about being a legitimate director all the time but he still hasn’t bothered to move out to L.A. yet, which at this point is REQUIRED to make it big in the entertainment industry. The dude’s 25, he’s a big boy and if he’s serious about his career then he should make the next leap and move out of his aunts house and get a cheap apartment in California. But he won’t. He’s either poor, lazy, or he’s scared of actual social interaction with all the other e-celebs he endlessly talks shit about.

0f3f88  No.394772

File: 4fc4492bf340faf⋯.png (13.74 KB, 593x247, 593:247, Macks going really fucking….png)

f4c276  No.394849


Who’s Komyar?

0f3f88  No.394864


He used to be known as "Hoboware" when he made Youtube Poops and YTPMVs, he's now a punching bag for Macks and his drones to trollshield.

5cdcb0  No.394875



What did he do?

6416eb  No.394879

File: d1a18274defeac9⋯.jpg (53.9 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 5aa.jpg)


I never understood what Komyar really did to make SoulBro circlejerk about him everyday of the week. I'm gonna bet though it's over incredibly petty shit because of course it'd be.

5cdcb0  No.394881


How is it that Max bitches and moans endlessly about these YTP nobodies but acts like he doesn’t know about some of the most popular cocks creators on YT?

5cdcb0  No.394883


Meant cocks creators.

5ae753  No.394884


Because he's to cool for school dude.

e7ac30  No.395326

People in this thread keep talking about how he looks like Bobby Hill but I think he looks more like AJ Soprano with Bobby's haircut

f1a556  No.396459


Unless Macks has lost some weight, his face isn't nearly defined enough. I could see him being AJ's cousin, though.

d7e6ba  No.396869


I Want to see this guy pick a fight with emplemon

d7e6ba  No.397017

File: c63818e805d36e2⋯.png (531.89 KB, 593x787, 593:787, SBN3.png)

73937d  No.397293


Those fucking lyrics

>generic rap nigger shit followed by a pokemon namedrop

Master joke writer indeed.

6416eb  No.397632

File: fbb9e919b76e346⋯.jpg (31.57 KB, 530x530, 1:1, 16 - 1.jpg)

I'm honestly curious about his Arthur dubs. Anyone willing to try and hunt them down?

fce3d2  No.397864



They're right here, my dude. Watch them to your heart's cocks.

73937d  No.398429

File: 6c046ba1badfaf9⋯.png (58.05 KB, 844x399, 844:399, Soulfaggotnumbah3.PNG)

What a touchy little faggot

de1a1f  No.398608


You've got to love how he thinks he working on some 4D level of comedy when it all just boils down to snappy world play, and simple connect the dot jokes. It doesn't take a rocketsurgeon to piece together that the "Coby" joke was a reference to Kobe Bryant's Oscar sexual assault charge, and his recently won Oscar. Anyone that watches television and doesn't live under a rock can catch a SoulBro joke on the first run. Fat boy Macks thinks he's an MJ when's he's really a TJ Kirk. He's need to slow his rolls with his built like the Michelin Man lookin' ass, and cool his New York Jets before he gets grounded liked the Twin Towers.

See, I can be a master joke writer too.

810183  No.398734

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah, that was pretty good. I'd subscribe to your paypig. As for Macks, he has no awareness of his station. He thinks he's an auteur, but he's really just some gimmick writer who thinks references equal substance. He often derides fans of his earlier work– particularly his dubs– but never articulates why his earlier work is bad beyond the trite "DUBS ARE FOR LOSERS" deflection, what the difference between his dubs and his more "aspirational" work is, or what "real" work from him would look like. And I don't think we'll see anything genuine from him in the near future, since I don't think he has anything meaningful to say. The closest I think he came to making an earnest project was his short film, "Shut In Shutdown," which, as you can see for yourself, is a boring and meandering mess. He hasn't made any attempts since.

f1a556  No.399015

I got bored and sat through his interview with Kyotosomo (who himself is another piece of work but is far worse at acting than Macks is, despite being in multiple budget games and animations at this point), and Macks just comes across as so insufferable sometimes.

I mean, there was one point when the guest was talking about how the prospect of losing his YouTube channel caused him to have the knee-jerk response of considering suicide. The guy's at least 21, but even though I think he should be more concerned with his new reputation as a lying thief, I can kind of see what losing something that's been with you throughout your formative years can feel like. Especially when it's the reason why you've gotten paid roles and could be how you get more in the future.

Still, back when he was talking about all this, Macks interrupted him to ask what kind of gun he was going to use to blow his brains out. To someone who's basically a complete stranger. Maybe he thought it was okay because he thought everything had blown over, but given his candid videos, I just think he still wears his CE roots on his sleeve.

I'm not gonna lie – his 'How to Be a Voice Actor' series is what got me to start paying attention to him, and I do like some of his work. But learning that his video persona is a actually cleaned up version of who is he is has just been souring me on him.

f7203a  No.399097

File: 433f6ca93071150⋯.png (193.86 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ren worried.png)


>Macks interrupted him to ask what kind of gun he was going to use to blow his brains out

530e62  No.399104


>And no, max doesn't have any children, He's never had sex in the first place, He's kind of pathetic.

He honestly seems like a turbo virgin. I guarantee you the day he coerces some dim girl into touching his wink his videos will be packed with jokes about virgins.


Most of his videos consist of a stand in for him (always voiced by him as well) rolling his eyes at and berating a bunch of losers with a smug tone for not being as cool™ as him. It wasn't funny when Tim Buckley did it, so i've never really gotten why solbro gets a free pass. Take out the slightly better than average production values and its Just kind of lazy and boring.

Also, for anyone interested, here is an unlisted video of macks displaying the same embarrassing, socially retarded demeanour he spends 90% of his life mocking other people on the net for having. And christ, is he a wired looking fuck.


530e62  No.399111


>He fucked over InexpensiveJew on Twitter after he made a song parodying rap that Macks called racist, which is REALLY FUNNY considering that tub of lard has said nigger in the past in some of the Demos for the Birthday Album

Of all of SoulBro's "friends" InexpensiveJew actually seems like a pretty ok guy. He actually makes pretty similar videos, minus the obnoxious self aggrandisement. Are they not tight anymore? I vaguely remember the incident you're talking about.

47b21a  No.402504

Anyone ever seen Moss' tweet bitching about egoraptor being racist for saying Nigga in a Steam conversation 10 year ago? It was also around the time he was still using "faggot" lightheartedly. I'm legitimately convinced the dude is completely out-of-touch with reality.

de1a1f  No.403425


Moss is SoulBroLite. He's on Macks' sack 24/7/365 and I jive you not. I think he's his best friend. He's on on the same preachy, hypocritical hill as Macks. He'll condemn people for saying "nigga" but will say "faggot all in the same breath.

I don't think he's tweeked out of reality, he's just on Macks' nuts like the Planters mascot.

47b21a  No.404087


He literally made a tweet claiming that the increase in immigration from the ME and Africa has caused a decrease in rape rates. Either the dude is clinically insane or he's just trying to fuck with people.

0889ea  No.404215


oh wait so egoraptor's bad for saying nigga?

i accidentally dropped this wow


530e62  No.409396


>You could replace ADULT SWIM FESTIVAL with WHITE PRIDE CONVENTION and the crowd would still look that same.

If anyone is looking for some context here i think he is salty as fuck about Adult Swim plucking MDE out of the obscurities of youtube and giving them there 15 seconds to shine. I remember when they got canned he tweeted something to the effect of how shitty they were and couldn't hack it in real entertainment and something about adult swim not even being a a big enough network to warrant caring about them. Like he wouldn't jump at the chance to make something for them if they offered. I personally think MDE are hacks, but i find it amazing that Macks makes even an uber, ironic meemster like Sam Hyde look like a sincere human-being.

c72518  No.410407

Isn't this the guy with the early 2000's fetish?

612d3d  No.411243

Hahhahahahah his fucking soulbro radio is the most egotistical shit I've seen. I'm listening to an episode and it's just him asking a fan if he knows all the jokes he makes since apparently his fanbase doesn't get all the "epic jokes" he makes.

I love the part where he bitches at bazookles for not knowing about "culture" because he didn't know some actor from sin city, and goes on a rant about how he knows a lot about old movies when he was 10 and how bazookles should.

612d3d  No.411244

0889ea  No.411318


To be fair you need to have a pretty bland personality to understand "SoulBrotha vids"

The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of late 90's and early 2000's pop culture references, nerd hate, and rap music, most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Mack's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Bakari Kitwana's work, including "Why White Kids Love Hip Hop: Wankstas, Wiggers, Wannabes, and the New Reality of Race in America".

0889ea  No.411423


NefariousBanana was/is friends with some furry trans nympho whackjob that got fired for having sex at WalMart.


I have no CLUE how SoulBro puts people like this in his circle yet expects to be taken seriously because he shits on gamers.

Imagine hating white gamers who say the N world when you used to make fun of people of various ethniciites, genders, etc. Clockwork hypocrite

0889ea  No.411427

Quintisential soulbro tweet


89a55f  No.428331


This new YuGiOh video is the least I've ever laughed at anything he's done. It just seems so up his own ass and full of references to other stuff he does, like most people are going to get them. It's like you mixed the worst of Macks with the worst of modern-day LittleKuriboh.

Plus, making himself almost every main male character just seems like a bad look, especially when his Tristan sounds so terrible. Is this really the kind of person you want to pay $80 to learn from?

Though I will admit I did kind of laugh at the "entry-level job with upwards mobility" line

3ae147  No.428575


Dubs kinda funny tbh

ed7b99  No.430083


I like the joke about whether Tristan is white or light-skinned.

It's a real shame because there's a really good cadence to the way the dialogue flows. But instead of having dialogue crafted around fleshed-out characters' personality and interactions, almost all of it is either pop culture references, random one-liners or references to his pet internet memes. DUDE INCELS BITCOIN TESLA LMAO

Another thing he really needs to do is use a basic three act structure more. Most of his videos is just one-liner after another until it just ends abruptly. There's no plot or sense of rising/falling action. I know he knows how to do it because he did it in the first Rocket White Power, and that helped make it one of his better videos.

279a83  No.435240

File: 947757a175efb9a⋯.jpg (39.55 KB, 600x589, 600:589, binx.jpg)


I just realized that the left pic is very familiar looking

3899b7  No.439041

File: 7527203e72c5f8d⋯.png (22.29 KB, 605x221, 605:221, jason2.png)

where's the lie tho

782b2b  No.447273


Mack couldn't fit in the locker because he was to fat.

4a241c  No.448249

Does anyone have the "Fuckin' Gay" Music video? If you don't know, it's the full version of the music video that plays in one of the Arthur dubs.

10fade  No.452133

Man I've been thinking after watching his Sludge Lord shit, anyone else think SoulBro's cocks is just Big Bang Theory but for contrarian, wannabe film critics? I mean all he's doing is making jokes about pop culture and nothing more. It's all "HAHA RECOGNIZE THIS THING?" and no real sustenance. I've said it before and I'll say it again – Max is a fucking hack.

030fad  No.477632


man this guy gets fucking assblasted any time someone posts a soulbro clip

his fans are mindless drones

26e55e  No.482049

File: fb56af53507769a⋯.jpg (35.15 KB, 288x288, 1:1, photo3.jpg)

Hey man, one thing I like about him is that if you don't like something he says, discuss it voice to voice on his youtube podcast, "SoulBro Radio".

I called in weeks ago because I disagreed with his opinion on Kanye West's "Slavery" sentence on TMZ.

The dude had a guest on who dubbed fanmade webcomic shorts and got $$ of off it(Kyotosomo). Macks (Soulbro's actual name) even said, "If you don't like this guy, call in to the show"

-I like his cocks, but I'm not a yes man. There are moments where I'm like, no I'm not gonna agree with that




26e55e  No.482056


Because he has a small following and everytime someone reposts that specific scene from the Batman Beyond ILL vid, it gets tons and tons more retweets/reposts than the original vid

26e55e  No.482061


>Tar my veins like the new Jersey Turnpike

That was a joke I had to look up, it's straight up high brow humour

030fad  No.483819


Yeah that happens to everyone who makes stuff online these days, your point?

If someone mentions Macks' name without permission he wants in on it.

He flexed on a fan ebooks styled account for his Case Closed dubs because the mod said they were "changing the script" (likely just fixing up the stuff that's tweeted)

Besides it's easy for people to instantly recognize what Macks's style is, love him or hate him. He's no starving artist or dumb kid who accidentally made a viral post and got it stolen.

63f843  No.499910

File: 152837270763b14⋯.jpeg (106.89 KB, 638x807, 638:807, B4E9DDAB-8160-4F7F-8972-7….jpeg)

Saw this on his Twitter feed

9f6b3f  No.513805

I've spoken to this guy before.

I didn't really want to meet him in the first place so I told him a fucked up lie and he took it seriously.

The entire time I spoke to him he gave me this really s l i m y vibe, too.

That was 3-4 years ago.

He also tried to get me on his podcast or stream or whatever he does to make fun of me because he was running out of ideas.

That was about 2 years ago.

I never saw his face until now, either. His voice betrays a fat alien skull. Every time I look away I imagine his eyes are sliding off to either side of his face like a hammerhead shark.

855526  No.523108


Also you guys should check up on SBN3 twitter as someone has been flooding his twitter page with photos of what he actually looks like

So far mack has been deleted each post this person has replied to.

8b2f39  No.546343



Here you go, i've been keeping them off to side safe and sound along with his racist mixtapes.

63f843  No.560794

Can we get his twitter account suspended?>>298189

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