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d647e9 No.307440

Last thread is way past bump limit and nobody thought to make a new one when the video finally comes out?

Last thread: https://archive.fo/RZxOf

Basic summary:

>autism overload, shitstorm

>Destiny the midget is a pedo, no doubt in part due to kids being his height

>JF is suing Destiny

>Kilroy is kill

>"brexit stole my girlfriend" thunderfoot puts out a video on racial crime statistics to distance himself from trout & queers

>trout & queers is caught in even more lies

>Warski goes full 1488

>some faggot is going full britbong in trying to push the attention on JF

62ed6a No.307443

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Mr Metokur has been trying to fight Mundanematt for at least a week

>MM is too chickenshit to ever respond

>So scared of metokur that he changed the names of his channels to Matt Jarbo just to avoid him

Apparently it's getting to the point where this shit is costing him subs too, wonder how long Matt is gonna bitch out.

035fa9 No.307446

I did not make a new thread because it doesn't look like there is anything new coming. Everybody was just waiting for Jim's video to close the whole thing up.

62ed6a No.307448


>I did not make a new thread because it doesn't look like there is anything new coming.

Ant-man v Sperg fucker: Dawn of autism looks amazing what the fuck are you talking about.

5a8f33 No.307460


Not to mention, Sargon looks like he's about to come apart at the seems after the debate with Spencer. The first video he made after that was downvoted to hell, which is remarkable considering how rabid his fans usually are.

5a8f33 No.307461



3bcc43 No.307467

File: 4e5a26fc4d194b1⋯.png (433.08 KB, 600x562, 300:281, 0ce.png)


Nigga I don't like defending sargon but it was just a spergtacus moment.

He is not becoming kraut just because he shat the bed this occasion

remember when he accidentally doxxxxed someone and oh for sure he is finnished this time goys!!!!111

62ed6a No.307469


>He is not becoming kraut just because he shat the bed this occasion

and he's going to shit the bed, again, soon. They announced a round 2 with spencer and the soyfather, because he didn't learn his lesson the first time when his pet vee and another dude had to come into the stream to cover for his ass.

28349b No.307479


You can bet that Sargon will use the same Alinsky tactics to move the goal post.

633c68 No.307481

File: 77cdd690d6fbcc5⋯.png (457.05 KB, 2000x1400, 10:7, 77cdd690d6fbcc5350ee3993c3….png)


He's going to make a whole video about the whole Destiny vs JF situation


Problem is Sargon is more clever and manipulative and less emotionally driven than Kraut, so it's going to be harder for him to escalate to that level of spergery

That's why i was hoping we could keep hammering the iron while it's hot

48a8ce No.307515


I guess this is a good a time as any to ask. The fuck has sargon done to make him a /cow/? I never really paid attention to the "skeptic community" before this shitstorm with salt and tea, so I don't know much about him past him shitting on feminists.

62ed6a No.307521


>I guess this is a good a time as any to ask. The fuck has sargon done to make him a /cow/?

Got banned from twitter for sending alt-righters Gay interracial porn.

c3f00e No.307522


Isn’t he raising someone else’s kid

ca5535 No.307526


>Warski goes full 1488

What did he do?

62ed6a No.307528

File: ef692d8db7b9302⋯.jpg (248.68 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, why race warski hates pakm….jpg)


Andy "one click kills any spic" Warski has taken it upon himself to enact a round of ethnic cleansing on Hasbro. First step is lynching David Pacman for pic related.

333281 No.307530

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Probably this

ae2e9e No.307533


Getting blown the fuck out by a CIAnigger butt pirate is a good way to start.

67beb6 No.307534

File: 8bbe95184494210⋯.jpg (16.59 KB, 226x222, 113:111, indexw.jpg)


And they say anime doesn't cause violence

116435 No.307535


mundanefat would go on if he got shekels for it

f8cbd4 No.307537

File: 1f4bcbcf8d4096c⋯.jpg (45.02 KB, 865x218, 865:218, Sargon of cuckkad.jpg)

e1302c No.307547

File: 58e81895a9a35d3⋯.png (64.19 KB, 500x435, 100:87, sargon white interests.png)

Rewatching the last Jim video and hearing Sargon calling Kraut again, and it's so creepy and weird.

>oh fuck oh no oh fuck HE's calling


>oh hi sargon heh heh

<why you do this to me, kraut?

>do what, s-sir


>eh heh heh

<i told you not to go after them, kraut

>yes sir you did

<so why did you go after them, kraut?

So the Soyfather gives instructions to other youtubers in the skeptic community and fully expects them to be carried out. If they're not carried out, he has a private word with the traitor. What's Sargon's deal? Why does he have this sway and why does he push people around?

62ed6a No.307548


>What's Sargon's deal? Why does he have this sway and why does he push people around?

Don Sargoné of the Sargoné family is the king of the skeptic mafia, you cross him, and you might end up being… "deplatformed".

d2af95 No.307555

You know what the most hilarious thing in all this is? You have these faggots act like they are tough shit, preparing for an intellectual war, trying to gather the most elite of the YouTube science community, and in the end they fail miserably and fall apart. But not because of their opponents, but because of their own sheer stupidity to get anything done. It's like watching a bunch of nerds get into their LARPing gear to fuck up the local gang and then they all end up in the hospital because they tripped over their shoelaces and fell down the stairs.


Where did a stepdaughter come from? I remember that during GamerGate (or some time after?) he had a newborn son.

83714e No.307556


I'm pretty sure Sargon had more involvement with the Kraut stuff behind the scenes than he's admitted.


Good analogy.

fe0cd3 No.307557


He is raising his wife's daughter.


>What's Sargon's deal? Why does he have this sway and why does he push people around?

He has power over the skeptic community, by being in control of most the audience, and by the fact that people give him authority and thus power. He can make or break small channels to some extent.

36de75 No.307559


>He can make or break small channels to some extent

If they are part of the Youtube Skeptic community. The community of the people he has shat on during Gamergays isn't affected by him at all. Quiet the contrary; Whenever he is mentioned in one of their weekly streams, he is the punchline.

28349b No.307561


>Problem is Sargon is more clever and manipulative and less emotionally driven than Kraut, so it's going to be harder for him to escalate to that level of spergery

There's a reason why Vee is always around.

2853d3 No.307563

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Problem is Sargon is more clever and manipulative and less emotionally driven than Kraut, so it's going to be harder for him to escalate to that level of spergery

Sargon is more intelligent and better at manipulation than Kraut, but he is quite easy to rile up. This clip might have been posted in the last thread, but it's a really good example of Sargon spergin out.

He has also thrown his glove into the ring by now, so I don't see how he could back out now without looking like a retard.

83714e No.307564


Indeed. Sargon is "more clever and manipulative and less emotionally driven than" than most skeptics. However that does not imply that he is some sort of genius, or even halfway there.

63aaa4 No.307565


>"brexit stole my girlfriend" thunderfoot

WUT? explain plox

2853d3 No.307566

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Another example of him being retarded.

63aaa4 No.307567


>Where did a stepdaughter come from? I remember that during GamerGate (or some time after?) he had a newborn son.

Maybe he married the chick while she was pregnant

It keeps getting cuckier


The vast majority of the skepticfags bent over to the dick of feminism long ago with shit like atheism plus and rationalwiki

Guys like sargon and thunderfoot are the ones who got tired of that bullshit and broke off, but they are a minority

2853d3 No.307569




I think he said that's not true in the stream he did with JF. I don't know if it's true, though.

fe0cd3 No.307571


It's true for the meme value of it.

2853d3 No.307573

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Right wing SJW spotted. You're just jellous that while your race is dying out (which is a good thing), the Sceptics are doing better than ever. In fact, the Sceptics managed to fully fund Kilroy, that shows how good they're doing!

2961aa No.307577

Sargon had a wife's daughter before he got his own son

28349b No.307581


>"brexit stole my girlfriend" thunderfoot

No, that was Robocuck not Thunderf00t.


Robin "Robocuck" Gething broke up with his girlfriend because she was pro-brexit.

36de75 No.307585

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


To cover his ass I presume. Vee has also a Gamergate themed brand floating around. I think he was there behind Sargon since shortly after KoP has been ousted by Mundane Matt and Jim has left. Jim was also the first one to point out, how people (YT fedoras in particular) were lining their pockets. I am not talking troll operations like Gamergays buying itself a sea lion or alternative outlets running ads and Patreons. I am talking about people jumping into Gamergate to gain an audience and then sucking the life blood out of it. Or do you still remember that Gehting's the Open House was very Gamergate related? The jolly crew behind GGrevolt tried to get a similar format starting and there still evidence floating around, that they have done the same shit the anti SJW Skeptics are doing on Youtube on all Gamergate related boards and on Rizon. In other words we are dealing with spastics who play online Illuminati to keep the Money flowing to them and nobody else on both sides of that medal. Friendly reminder that GGrevolt has been pushed into irrelevancy thanks to a little doxing scandal.

What does that mean for us? That the entertaining antics of the cartel around the the Cod Father could be soon over. Fedoras are already a joke and there seems to be a very early stage of a Christian Awakening going on.

Also fuck me for talking about one of the most bullshit topics on the Internet.

b6052d No.307589




Still waiting for a exploration on why the skeptic community on youtube have such poor personal hygiene. I haven’t seen a video or photo of thunderfoot that doesn’t look greasy.

63aaa4 No.307592


Is she dropped him for that they weren't going to stay together long

0e93c8 No.307597


Even though these trips of truth should make me think otherwise, I don't think that it's purely due to their own stupidity, the minor pushback they got from the alt-right was the catalyst to their massively increased spergery and eventual downfall. After the whole Rage After Storm debacle it was obvious that the Septics' politics at their core aren't at all different from the SJWs they were attacking but not in a MUH HORSESHOE way that brainlets think is an actual way of comparing anything political. They're all postmodern leftists, but they aren't complete spergs about it like SJWs are, kinda what "moderate" muslims are to extremist muslims. This called for a purge of anyone who can be considered making Skeptic community-like cocks on Youtube who is even slightly right of center politically and to keep anyone from defecting to it, they wanted to discredit various right-wing arguments and beliefs by destroying anyone who does alt-right-like cocks on Youtube. Kraut was the first on the frontlines for this, but his first video which quickly got demolished not only by AltHype who is alt-right proper, but by JF who not only wasn't part of the alt-right on Youtube at the time, but was also a credentialed scientist. It only took 2 videos, one made by AltHype and one made by JF for the Septics to completely lose their shit, escalate the "war" to DEFCON 1 and start tripping over their own shoelaces because they soon found out that they couldn't defeat either of them through arguments, the reason for that was that just like JF said there was no way they'd find actual scientists who would defend their major arguments because they were wrong.

369f8b No.307600

The saddest part is the losers who buy into these idiots and fund both their channels and shady shit like Jihadimama's Shillroy event.

Sure the "Skeptics" are huffing their own farts but those who buy into it are huffing them second hand in a vain attempt to feel smart and interesting.

5ff257 No.307601


Anyone who spends any money on the Internet is a fucking idiot. This includes the people who give Jim money to make videos.

baae2a No.307612

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

633c68 No.307613

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah well of course you can make him sperg out when you attack his ego as 12000 people are watching, but that's not what's going to bring him down

What we need to turn over are his supporters

Kraut descended into a spiral of insanity and vengeance complex, losing sight of reason until not even his die hard fans could stand by him, and believe me he had many

That's not the case with Sargon, he didn't do enough damage to turn off his fanboys, even after he makes a video exposing CRP's foxdick Farm thread after he told Kraut not to do it because it would have been "SJW tactics" they still rationalize any doubt they might have on his integrity

We need to go deeper

9b7684 No.307615


>What does that mean for us?

Also, because there's so much money involved, people will fight to the death. Sargon and the like do this for a living. Every twitch on their popularity graph has a real, material effect on them.

d7c035 No.307619

File: cf506b916e09d8e⋯.png (541.33 KB, 900x750, 6:5, sargon mutt.png)

I don't even care!

>mirrors Krauts video

I don't know anything one way or another!

>records conversation with Kraut regarding doxing server

Honestly I just don't care at all about this!

>hops on stream to do kraut damage control

But really, this just doesn't concern me at all!

>makes 40 minute smear video against coach boomerpill

Did I mention I don't care!?

>hops on stream again to """debate""" Implicit Dick

I don't really care though, oh btw I'm so tired now gotta go bye bye

>proceeds to make an hour long video immediately after

83714e No.307622

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

77b14c No.307630

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wow a group of individuals coming together and forming a group! The liberalists!

>b-baka I'm not a liberal, I'm a LIBERALIST

15d819 No.307631

File: 379e3208e038d6e⋯.jpg (426.2 KB, 762x785, 762:785, fag - hell.jpg)


77b14c No.307632

File: 33ee5265936f503⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 480x480, 1:1, LIBERALIST.jpg)

2a1f98 No.307634

File: 355cab6d994338c⋯.jpg (107.16 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Friendly Teutons.jpg)


>If you're so smart, tell me what color I'm thinking of!

<Sargon, you're being stupid.

>You're so dumb you literally don't even know what color I'm thinking of!

Holy shit, that's just embarrassing. I'm sure even Trout & Tea could come up with something better than toddler arguments.


>"white people in America and Russia got us to space"

<"immigration policy got us to the moon, hmm?"

>a literal occult magician who agrees with Sargon laughs at the absurdity of Sargon's thinking

No wonder Styx bailed and Sargon had to flee to his hugbox for an hour.

5ff257 No.307638


>Sargon wants to create a fucking organization and label for his nu group

Of for fucks sake. This is gonna end in failure, isn't it?

77b14c No.307639


It will make them easier to target at least. They never learn

0e93c8 No.307640


Remember goyim, it's only collectivism if whites do it.

d7c035 No.307641


quick rundown? I'm not giving this fag any (You)s. Isn't "liberalist" a redundant term?

77b14c No.307642


Sargon was enlightened on the fact that some people look up to him and he has to behave himself better. He says we're sitting around shitting his pants and doing nothing like SJWs take over institutions so he said we need to form a group of "like-minded individualists". He calls this the "liberalists". I don't know if this means IRL activism or just more youtube videos. Sounds pretty lulzy either way

15d819 No.307643


I want to see him sperging at Spencer again. I heard they'd arranged a rematch, hope it's true.

0e93c8 No.307644


I'd rather see him go up against Kike Enoch because Spencer's too polite due to his CIA training.

77b14c No.307645



I sure hope so. Spencer is the shit-tier of the "alt-right" and he got destroyed. Really says alot of the Soyfather

d7c035 No.307647


Sounds like a lot of bullshit. Especially since the "skeptic community" is ALREADY A COLLECTIVE that implicitly enforces a distinct set of beliefs and drives people out if they question the orthodoxy set up.

IMO sounds like he's just trying find a way to weasel out of the mess he's made. He knows that he's screwed after this past debate with fabulous richard, because

>1) if he disengages from debating white nationalists, he looks like a little bitch who admits defeat and runs away

>2) if he continues engaging, he'll continue to make himself look like a fool and dig himself a deeper hole

So this sounds like he's trying to do Option #1 while trying to make it seem like he's "totally not just running away"

d7c035 No.307648


Agreed. I really don't like Spencer as any sort of "frontman" because he just talks in purple prose and goes on and on taking an hour to say what anyone else could say in a few minutes. He'll do entire speeches where nobody even knows what the fuck he just said unless you're already part of the in-group.

I have a lot of problems with his more left-leaning politics as well, but overall I'd say he did really good in this debate (which again, really just speaks to how shit the Stepfather is). But he definitely has this problem where he makes it too easy for people to completely miss his point and take it out of context. For example, doing a terrible job explaining what he meant by aristocracy or warrior class, and how these things naturally arise out of the hierarchy of society. But lots of retards like Sargon take this as him saying he literally wants a return to feudal serfdom with hard-line noble and serf classes.

9b14eb No.307649


>For example, doing a terrible job explaining what he meant by aristocracy or warrior class, and how these things naturally arise out of the hierarchy of society. But lots of retards like Sargon take this as him saying he literally wants a return to feudal serfdom with hard-line noble and serf classes.

That was peak autism, honestly.

>hierarchy exists; its part of human nature. Even today we live in a hierarchy with a self-styled aristocracy! Just look at the bushes or Rothschild, or look at the—


77b14c No.307650

File: a71efdf189ec443⋯.jpg (328.15 KB, 874x1024, 437:512, Es lebe Deutschland.jpg)


I wouldn't mind a frontman if it was a good frontman. Spencer's a joke

53f2ee No.307651


Exactly. Funny, isn't it? It would go unheeded in the gamergays general, but I gladly point it out here how this problem has affected virtually anyone who is guilty of sucking out the life out of gamergate; Rogue One has peddled a shit a game one GGrevolt cares about. The Devil's advocate was also part of the doxing channel. Mundane Matt has exploited KoP's autism to get him out of the movement. Sargon's this week in stupid justifies feminism. Thunderf00t is using the same clickbaiting techniques for years. Revolt attempted to run a clone of Gething's open House. Thidran was a major trader of TF2 ingame items. It would be a shame if something would have happened to gaming.

For all these people it was more (for YT fedoras) or less (halfchan newfags like Thidran) about money, control or fame. Everyone else who was involved was busy doing other shit.


All episodes of the show have been deleted.





These guys are talking about pretty much the same things when it comes to the theory that someone wants to have a civil war between Altright and Antifa.


>Quick analysis: Sargon's a socialist pretending to be a libertarian, Spencer's a racist pretending to be an identitarian. Both of them are smug as fuck, and of middling intelligence. Strawman strawman strawman.

Bishop Kane

c6a2a9 No.307652

Oh boy, its gonna be Kekistan 2.0: now with more IRL individualist chimp outs.

d7c035 No.307653


Anything we can do to fuck with them? Reminder that kekistan was a deliberate PSYOP to ruin pepe/kek for us by associating these things with maximum cringe. I wonder if we can hit them back and do the same thing with their labels, whether skeptic or liberalist or whatever

baae2a No.307654


The Stepkid community

77b14c No.307655


Just debate them more and meme on them and they'll crumble on their own probably

d7c035 No.307656

File: 923d769a3be2f0a⋯.jpg (49.7 KB, 740x530, 74:53, sargon stepfather.jpg)

53f2ee No.307657

Speaking of Catholics applying their brand of Assburger on the situation;


Experience from Gamergate tells me, that this going to go ape shit and explode.

15d819 No.307658

File: 0d6abaaa247244f⋯.gif (175.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1284796632528.gif)

baae2a No.307659

Someone needs to ask Sargon and the Stepkids what the difference between Liberalist and Liberal is.



0e93c8 No.307660

File: 4365d52548855f0⋯.gif (695.74 KB, 540x370, 54:37, 5552a52f.gif)

62ed6a No.307662


>Exactly. Funny, isn't it? It would go unheeded in the gamergays general, but I gladly point it out here how this problem has affected virtually anyone who is guilty of sucking out the life out of gamergate; Rogue One has peddled a shit a game one GGrevolt cares about. The Devil's advocate was also part of the doxing channel. Mundane Matt has exploited KoP's autism to get him out of the movement. Sargon's this week in stupid justifies feminism. Thunderf00t is using the same clickbaiting techniques for years. Revolt attempted to run a clone of Gething's open House. Thidran was a major trader of TF2 ingame items. It would be a shame if something would have happened to gaming.

This is also ironic, since during gamergate alot of these fuckers would label people actually invested in the cause shills.

d7c035 No.307663


They're all shekel-grubbing opportunists. They don't actually give a fuck about anything but their own paychecks. Sargon's opposition to white nationalism, for example, comes from the fact that he doesn't like the competition springing up in the youtube political space, and he wants a new target to attack because people don't give a fuck about laughing at blue-haired dyke #10492004 anymore.

2a1f98 No.307664


Liberalist™ is unregistered intellectual property of Soygoy of Mossad, used to rope children and idiots into a Ponzi scheme, while Liberal is a political position tracing its roots back to the Enlightenment. Also known as, "we're the real liberals, you're all just regressives!" to the Liberalist™ community.

baae2a No.307665



d7c035 No.307666

File: ad005b31e251729⋯.jpg (38.45 KB, 548x618, 274:309, euphoric.jpg)


It's like a shitty role-reversal of the cuckservative meme. Except that was effective and this is dogshit.

"Liberalist" is forever going to be point where they jumped the shark. Just like when the atheist community came out with "Atheism+" and then the euphoric quote came out, and it was all over for them. After that, they were forever nothing more than a living meme.

77b14c No.307667

File: d49d7bc20f8813e⋯.png (171.38 KB, 371x399, 53:57, sargoy.png)


I see I wasn't the only one who thought of Atheism+ when Soygoy came out with this video.

>tfw you add -ist to the word liberal and think you made a new movement

d7c035 No.307668

File: 7132ec47ccd6b33⋯.png (82.4 KB, 894x787, 894:787, radical centrist party.png)


He should've just embraced the memes about him and gone with the "le radical centrist"

Left can't meme. We even make better memes FOR THEM but they can't even use them.

dfa65d No.307671

File: 4e8a092821fc5bc⋯.jpg (146.29 KB, 579x1350, 193:450, 73b3d8951d99289090f84cc15d….jpg)

So I've heard Kraut plans on comming back and continuing Youtube under a new name. Anybody got more information about that?

15d819 No.307674

File: d31f9f2c764de95⋯.mp4 (243.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sargon group of independen….mp4)

>group of individualists

the memes write themselves.

d7c035 No.307675


To be fair, the idea of individualism-vs-collectivism is a false dichotomy, and there's nothing at all wrong with individualists working collectively. But the irony of this is that Sargoy is a retarded "radical individualist" who thinks groups are inherently invalid.

The irony is that white nationalism IS a group of individualists, because whites are the only ones who create and maintain societies that value individual freedom.

633c68 No.307676


He might speak with his true voice so that nobody will recognize him

d7c035 No.307677

File: 0d268742b2cb8eb⋯.jpg (266.2 KB, 956x570, 478:285, kraut vs cletus.jpg)


We'd still be able to tell by his inability to pronounce words like "think and "theory", as well as his common style of typos and constant harping about "cletus"

1438bd No.307679

Sargon can't even use the cuck meme appropriately or without draining it of humor. I feel like he's just a means of taking strength from the right and turning it into cringe. All he does is co-opt and destroy, not unlike a marxist

8e970a No.307680


He actually thought that a cuckold is someone whose offspring gets raised by someone else.

2a1f98 No.307681


Wait, you don't want to raise your wife's daughter? What a cuck!

53f2ee No.307682



I might recognize him with the Austrian accent.


Sargon has his head way up his ass and I have no time to explain now why. Will do tomorrow.

d7c035 No.307683

File: 71827cbd16c26a6⋯.jpg (7.43 KB, 285x287, 285:287, jesse devilish.jpg)


>tfw cucking Jamal and Tyrone SO HARD right now by raising their children

hehe, what a bunch of losers. Bet they haven't even read Paine.

656075 No.307689


It started way back when he made a video claiming that the Rotherham rape gangs had nothing to do with race or religion, and that the British are to blame for it. He then got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD by a couple people (Andrew Anglin and Libertarian Realist being the examples I recall) and sperged out pretty hard for a couple days then made follow-up videos targeting the Alt-right to counter signal against those evil nazis. It then escalated to the point where we're at now, with other faggots in the skeptic community having a vendetta ever since, and once their new little pet called "Rage after storm" came to the defense of race realism the entire Kraut shit happened and now their little skeptic community is crumbling because they've exposed themselves as emotional petty faggots.

1438bd No.307691


>claiming that the Rotherham rape gangs had nothing to do with race or religion

When the hell was this?

f31ac1 No.307694

File: d391c4b649fcde1⋯.jpg (23.32 KB, 291x400, 291:400, 1313988850407.jpg)


>Activate Adobe Flash

d7c035 No.307695

File: 7e4b0ca57f30b88⋯.jpg (138.27 KB, 1276x718, 638:359, is fishburne white.jpg)


>It started way back when he made a video claiming that the Rotherham rape gangs had nothing to do with race or religion, and that the British are to blame for it.

Well of course. Those were Schrodinger's Rape Gangs, and if the Pakis weren't there to rape those children, the market niche would've instead been filled by white Brits!

Stop being such a collectivist, I like don't even see color at all.

77b14c No.307702

333281 No.307705


so much that sargon was accused of lying about that he confirmed in this video.


>I am not the leader. I don't give orders to others

>The skeptics are doing great, WE funded kilroy and it's going ahead

>labels and identity groups are bad

>Sjws are defeated, they aren't doing anything anymore. Ignore anything you see. The altright is the new enemy we have to crush

>I did great in the debate and I owned spencer. My hugbox post-livestream confirmed it


>I am, and have always been, a leader that others look up to, and here's what everyone will do from this point on

>Others gave us the title of skeptics to defame us. We never identified as that.

>We need an identifying group. I declare our new label to be the liberalists

>Guys, the sjws were fucking over people all along. We have to keep fighting them. I know I just said the altright was the new enemy, more evil than the sjws, but just ignore them now that I lost a debate to one. I'm still the spearhead on the sjws front

>Someone told me I did poorly in the spencer debate, and even though before I accused everyone who said that of being an altright troll in my comments, let me reinforce that this person is one of my subscribers and that's why I'm listening to him and agreeing. But don't forget that the altright isn't important now, so it doesn't matter that I did poorly.

77b14c No.307706


Watch this video, a sargonite is arguing with Jim right now


77b14c No.307709

Holy shit this is turning into a shitshow already. Soygoy is sperging in the comments

d7c035 No.307710


I can't keep up with the comments, what's he sperging about?

I find this stream hilarious

>lol let me tell you what your political beliefs are!

>ree you don't like SJWs that means you're an individual liberalist like MEEEEEEE

77b14c No.307712


He's calling Jim obtuse and stupid and that he doesn't take politics as "seriously" as he does

633c68 No.307713


8e970a No.307715


Jim has now joined in on the Internet Bloodsports of CY+3 also known as Modern Day.

d7c035 No.307716

File: cf5597285aa1f32⋯.jpg (113.2 KB, 672x658, 48:47, sargon philosophy fishburn….jpg)

topkek, sargon getting roasted live

77b14c No.307717




28349b No.307718


I like Louis but it's a shame that he desperately wants to be part of the Don's inner circle.

77b14c No.307719

Jim needs to tweet out the stream link

d7c035 No.307720

File: cf506b916e09d8e⋯.png (541.33 KB, 900x750, 6:5, sargon mutt.png)

>sargon is one of the few people who want to do something!

kek, the eternal fencesitter? is this guy serious?

[fart huffing intensifies]

77b14c No.307721

>conservatism is a variant of liberalism


5ff257 No.307722

Sargon sounds so fucking smug.

c6a2a9 No.307723

Oh god i just tuned in and Jim is already doing the raping.

13e1a7 No.307724


yes, he is serious. Soyboy of mossad is going to come down hard.

77b14c No.307725


9b14eb No.307726



>I want to hold Liberalist conferences until its okay to say "fuck white people"

Imagine being so contrarian and having such disdain for your own race that you seriously advocate for this.

f186cf No.307727

I've been out of the loop for a while and just been listening to Jim vs Sargon, is Sargon going to start a political party or something? He is close to 40 and did absolutely nothing with his life but will have lots of funding from his fans, should be a great dumpster fire to watch.

d7c035 No.307728

File: 5a15ed04c762b66⋯.png (422.22 KB, 727x511, 727:511, don sargone the stepfather.png)

>I-I-I'm not a leader

>t. don sargone the stepfather

I fucking hate this schrodinger's leader shit. He knows damn well that he's the leader. He fucking acts like it, others act like it. He fucking makes shots that everyone in the skeptic community abides by, etc.

77b14c No.307729

Conservatism is relative, Soygoy. It's your fault you country is a liberal hellhole

633c68 No.307730

8e970a No.307731

>just turn in

>Sargon already says "I don't care"

Jesus Christ

5ff257 No.307732

>passing around about me

Holy fuck. This is getting intense.

d7c035 No.307733




787f53 No.307734

If anything this stream will serve as an excellent litmus test for Louis since it'll make it known just how much he's willing to suck Carl's dick, impartial moderator position not withstanding.

633c68 No.307735

This is getting tense

5ff257 No.307736

>are you even trying


f186cf No.307737

He's mad now. Confirmed Jim got to him.

77b14c No.307738

File: 3f6b034828dcc5a⋯.png (102.99 KB, 773x738, 773:738, Arguments Mein Kampf Jews.PNG)


8e970a No.307739


9b14eb No.307740

File: 01b599d1f59538e⋯.jpg (60.16 KB, 592x814, 8:11, !!!!!!!Shitskinchan.jpg)

This is it, the end of the Stepfather's reign.

d7c035 No.307741

File: 8af259dda9ade5a⋯.jpg (43.78 KB, 504x464, 63:58, sargon autistic screeching.jpg)

This is too fucking much.

15d819 No.307742


77b14c No.307743

>drop the ego

You first, Stepfather

633c68 No.307744


15d819 No.307745

What a journey this has all been. I started with listening to JF and now the Soyfather is going down in flames.

333281 No.307746

File: d907bae69ea0165⋯.png (30.08 KB, 400x306, 200:153, unsub.png)

It all comes tumbling down

5ff257 No.307747

>calls jim a coward


ec7d36 No.307748


787f53 No.307749

>sargon calling jim a coward

The projection is getting a little strong.

77b14c No.307750




Here we go

f8cbd4 No.307751

File: 701f534f2d5012a⋯.jpg (18.6 KB, 841x213, 841:213, Sargon ego.jpg)

28349b No.307752

>"you're a coward" says the Don who sends his lapdogs on every streams critical of him

77b14c No.307753

>implying Jim has an ego after he has deleted dozens of accounts, never shown his face and resisted getting money for years

9b14eb No.307754

File: 1a136941a36071a⋯.jpg (104.88 KB, 391x525, 391:525, 1a136941a36071a5a7956eb604….jpg)


Sargon is going to burn-up in the flames he's fanned with Jim and the Alt-Right, all the while pretending they're advocates of free speech and want to prevent schools from teaching kids transgenderism.

d7c035 No.307755


Everything he's saying is pure projection

>you're a liberalist like me!

>drop the ego!

>you're afraid!

656075 No.307756

I can't breathe after that "My Son" line.

This is coming from the same guy who said he didn't care about the future when talking with Millenial Woes.

77b14c No.307757

>"""""my""""" son

28349b No.307758

>tfw Sargon talks about his son and the chat spams "My wife's son"

15d819 No.307759

How did we go from vibrating nipple clamps to this?

5ff257 No.307760

Is Sargon gonna start bragging about how jim ran away if he leaves first?

d56513 No.307761

This stream in it's entirety:

<and you know I'm right, Jim.

>No I think your wrong and what your doing is retarded.

<Your right it is retarded and I hate to do it but…

5 minutes later

<and you know I'm right, Jim.

>No I think your wrong and what your doing is retarded.

<Your right it is retarded and I hate to do it but…

Repeat infinitum

77b14c No.307762

How long until Sargon's bedtime (aka after hours hugbox stream)

13e1a7 No.307763


yes, obviously they are going to do so.

77b14c No.307764


d7c035 No.307765

>only we can stop the SJWs!

>btw the SJWs aren't just a symptom

>btw jews have nothing to do with it

>btw my individualist liberalism is totally going to win against them

top fucking kek, this is great. I can't wait for the clipshow version of this. This guy is insane.

77b14c No.307766

File: 5aa767574b86329⋯.jpg (2.72 KB, 125x115, 25:23, 1400329483883s.jpg)

>current year

>not knowing who controls the SJWs

15d819 No.307767

I can't believe sargoy could get any more lame or gay, but he has.

a86315 No.307768

>Do you even know what an individualist is?


One that asserts individuality by independence of thought and action

>Gets peer pressured into starting a political movement.


d7c035 No.307769


This is his Amazing Banana moment.

5ff257 No.307771

>think jim is gonna leave

>he keeps the battle going

Nigga is unstoppable!

77b14c No.307772

File: 59159c10f16b5f0⋯.gif (1022.05 KB, 500x281, 500:281, kyou.gif)


15d819 No.307773

File: d1440fb3e135cae⋯.jpg (62.65 KB, 533x800, 533:800, hipster gay pirate.jpg)


d7c035 No.307774

File: 3a6c324ce7bf1dc⋯.jpg (39.95 KB, 740x530, 74:53, godfather sargon of akkad.jpg)

>I think you don't want to take a stand because you're afraid of taking a firm position that can be criticized

Holy fuck, this is coming from Sargon the Eternal Fencesitter. What a fucking faggot.

72a92a No.307775

>I care about what happens to my son!

Didn't he say on a Millennial Woes stream that he doesn't care about the future after he dies?

>Conservative aren't doing anything!

Wouldn't you consider Trump, the alt right and all that as something? It's certainly been more effective than Sargoy and his anti-feminist, radical centerist group.

77b14c No.307776

>Metokur meet-up


15d819 No.307777


I'm starting to think that Carl is extremely manipulative.

What is he trying to achieve with this confrontation? A lot of people are going to hate him even more for going against Jim.

77b14c No.307778



a86315 No.307779


Hey Goy, George Soros was a nazi don't you know?

6ea268 No.307780

link to stream please

5ff257 No.307781

>sargon fighting in the streets


633c68 No.307782

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's almost over though

d56513 No.307783


Yeah, but that was ages ago. Just look at how much his opinion changes in less than a month >>307705

787f53 No.307785


I'm sure this was more of a move to support Louis more than anything. See all those $5-10 shitposts the retards are posting in the superchat? It's to scratch his back.

9b14eb No.307786

>Sargon I don't care of Akkad is acting like Jim is the nihilist here and that he doesnt care for society, as opposed to Jim just making fun of him

d7c035 No.307787


checked, it's definitely manipulative. Look at how they keep bringing up stuff like rotherham and tranny kid indoctrination, and try to say that the skeptics are the ONLY ONES who are able to stop this.

060218 No.307788

File: bf1d8998b928aac⋯.gif (110.79 KB, 300x322, 150:161, 080f811ec4cf8d816d221528a7….gif)

77b14c No.307789

>if you are an MRA you should act like a man

Imagine getting B T F O this hard

f334eb No.307790

File: d8260fbf6d0105a⋯.jpg (50.41 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DSVT0jRVwAA-V50.jpg)

>these two faggots with their heads so far up their asses

>absolutely believing they are going to change the world

>pretending they weren't fencesitters who talked about low hanging fruit for over 3 fucking years

>they have the audacity to call Jim a coward for holding to his own principles and never giving into pressure

This fucking stream…

333281 No.307791

>Why didn't you message me when you were doing the kraut videos

>You seek to make a video of those who have slighted me. Yet you do not come to the stepfather beforehand. You need to learn which family controls these parts of youtube

d7c035 No.307792


It's Atheism+ all over again

333281 No.307793

Jim calling Sargon out for spreading the foxdickfarms post of coach boomerpill's dox after disciplining Kraut for collecting it

1438bd No.307794

>I don't care if my constantly repeated real name is mentioned and I show my face in public constantly, therefore it's not wrong to do it to you when you're actively trying to remain unknown

>If I'm unaffected, it's fine

633c68 No.307795

That was one hell of a stream

13e1a7 No.307796

already soyfather is saying he is wrong and he is right kek

9b14eb No.307797

File: e0f185c1fa3d38c⋯.gif (30.67 KB, 258x375, 86:125, 1436220296615.gif)


>Jim knows i am right hahaha i refuse to believe jim is stupid enough to believe i can be wrong

absolute nectar

787f53 No.307798

I would love to know what Sargon's exact definition of collective is and how it's not synonymous with group.

baae2a No.307799

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Sargoy makes Louis Le Vaux send jim a message to get Jim in a livestream.

>Jim has no idea who Louis Le Vaux is, Louis Le Vaux is a Kraut Clone, and is getting his "skeptic wings" by baiting Jim into a livestream,

>Jim notices Sargoy is in the comments oddly, as soon as he enters the livestream.

>Jim figures out that Sargoy is behind this, because Jim has no idea who Louis Le Vaux is. Sargoy joins, then explains that he is hurt that jim and everyone is making fun of him, and his skeptic lackeys, and then the real motivation comes out, that Sargoy has had people watching jim and creating dox, and to tell Jim that he might have some information on him that he doesn't want to go public, and that Jim may want to stop. You cant make this shit up.

maybe I'm reaching

3ad5fc No.307801


Jim might meme them

f362db No.307802

File: a60f74a4f7841b0⋯.jpg (17.81 KB, 511x384, 511:384, 1467566427919.jpg)

>> He knows I'm right

>> I know Jim is just acting one of the cool kids

I never wanted to punch that fat cuck in the face so hard in my life.

5ff257 No.307803


>and then the real motivation comes out, that Sargoy has had people watching jim and creating dox, and to tell Jim that he might have some information on him that he doesn't want to go public, and that Jim may want to stop

Is Sargon some kind of sociopath? Sounds like he's threatening Jim for messing with him.

15d819 No.307804

File: e09bdc5c09a1412⋯.jpg (102.7 KB, 771x829, 771:829, sargon and his pet.jpg)


the definition mutates to whatever best suits the needs of the moment, just like Sargoy.

>define white, collectivist

>oh no i don't like what the essjaydubbelyooz are doing to white males; i gotta lead the #RESISTANCE

The guy is pure subversion at this point. He killed gg and nows he's trying to kill the broader online Right. He needs to be taken down.

116435 No.307805

fucking GOLD

based jim making the internet fun again

15d819 No.307806


possible. I missed the start of the stream. Did they mention Jim dox?

28349b No.307807


>Louis Le Vaux is a Kraut Clone

He is more like Vee. He desperately wants Sargon's approval for some reason.

baae2a No.307808


I'm rewatching, I just remember the Stepfather asking Jim if he'd be upset if his real name got out toward the end of the stream.

d7c035 No.307809


collectivism = working together towards things I don't like

individualism = working together towards things I do like


15d819 No.307810


if he's threatening Jim, it's over for him. The Soyfather will sleep with the fishes.

f362db No.307811

File: d7a8075fd655fbd⋯.gif (3.55 MB, 467x350, 467:350, 402b0096d6b616ffbd1826624e….gif)


I'm just listening to the beginning which I missed, and already the "liberalist" sound mad for being laughed at. This movement won't last more than a week.

77b14c No.307812


You know it's a problem if the leader proclaims live to an audience that he doesn't want to lead and would rather play vidya in his basement. Top charisma and leadership abilities

d7c035 No.307813


The best part is how Sargon claims he's not the leader of the Skeptic Mafia, and meanwhile proves the meme right by his constant use of soldiers to do his dirty work for him, to act as emissaries for him, etc. It's the same shit whether it's Kraut or Vee or this Louis guy.

9b14eb No.307814



No, it was the other way around; Jim asked the Soyfather to define when revealing personal info is/isn't doxing - and cited himself as example:

>And is it doxing if the person in question is obfuscating their name purposefully, like me? I know it may be out there somewhere, but I never broadcasted it deliberately. Is getting my name doxing?

Sargon pussyfooted around but Jim was essentially asking where the line is regarding dox, and whether or not it implies malicious intent if you're going around scavenging the corners of the internet for someone's personal information - even if said information is out there, but not readily available.

5ff257 No.307815


Jim was right when he said that it wouldn't work unless Sargon actually had his heart set on it.

77b14c No.307816


If the leader's not a fanatic about the cause it's dead in the water

d7c035 No.307817


No goy, ONLY SARGON is the one who can save Le West from tranny child hormone therapy! Ignore those pesky jews tho, because the real problem is blue-haired feminists! Now join my collective of radical individualists and kiss the ring of Don Sargone, Stepfather of the Liberalists.

787f53 No.307818

File: be3142bed87a714⋯.png (44.55 KB, 748x312, 187:78, sargon.PNG)


9b14eb No.307819



pure kino

28349b No.307820

You know Sargon is fucked when he starts laughing and mumbling around.

5ff257 No.307821

The idea of Sargon trying to dox jim is slightly concerning, though I feel like it would blow up in Sargon's face more than anything.

77b14c No.307822

>edited for the first time in a decade today


5ff257 No.307823


Who changed it tho?

8e970a No.307825

77b14c No.307826


The user who edited no longer / doesn't exist anymore. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Liberalist&action=history

2a1f98 No.307827

File: c939fff1a6f39b1⋯.png (540.9 KB, 1192x953, 1192:953, mark.png)

>spend an entire YouTube "career" making fun of SJWs

>decide to make your own political movement to combat those pesky "right-wing SJWs"

>can't handle even the slightest banter from Jim

>within minutes you end up admitting the only reason you're doing this is because people were begging you to and you just want to play video games and masturbate to anime

With Sargon at the wheel, the Liberalist™ movement is already veering off into a tree. This is fucking hilarious.

15d819 No.307828

File: 3e9bbf21b1255fb⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 256x256, 1:1, sargon of israel.jpg)

File: 6caf547a8503d55⋯.jpg (311 KB, 1800x1184, 225:148, sargon debate tactics.jpg)

File: 5cd97ca28ed7537⋯.jpg (64.3 KB, 343x574, 49:82, sargon fuck white people.jpg)

File: 3a33b826f5b49cc⋯.jpg (119.28 KB, 861x333, 287:111, sargon white genocide.jpg)

File: fc96c2c77e11252⋯.jpg (23.91 KB, 769x297, 769:297, sargon genocide.jpg)

The Liberalist Party Jesus Christ is dead in the water anyway because the alt-right, /pol/ and the wider Right has been raping the Left online for the last 3 years and counting.

Meanwhile the Skeptics were arguing the SJWs side by arguing against race realism and white racial consciousness, like Kraut and Sargoy.

The Skeptics are worse than useless, they're largely the enemy, or just useless beta ,males whose main concern in video games. Sargoy is going to fall flat on his face and it's going to be beautiful.

f334eb No.307829


Indeed it is. It won't last though, Skepticism+ is gonna crumble in a year. it's only a matter of time until there's a turbo SJW among them or The Soyfather props up another Kraut.


I'm pretty sure he only said that to not appear egotistical and sound "relatable".

>how do you do fellow kekistanis? I'm not in it for my ego or for the shekels, I'm just like you! donate to my patreon if you wanna save the West


>doxing an internet troll because he dares to disagree with you

how liberalist of him

633c68 No.307830

File: b15a3e6263d4df2⋯.png (40.93 KB, 633x347, 633:347, NA.png)

72a92a No.307831


>Anyone who criticizes you is your enemy

Is he being sarcastic? I can't tell with him because of awkwardly he jokes.

c68821 No.307832


Stream was great. All this autistic skeptic shit pouring out on Jim, who is just a normal person who laughs at shit on the internet. They can't understand that and all crave to be him.

I didn't consider the threatening angle of it, but I think Jim definitely got what was going on.

c6a2a9 No.307834

I get a strong feeling that Sargon really wants personal information on Jim. The part where they both were trying to indoctrinate him into being some IRL celebrity was really creepy. And at the end when Sargon was dodging the definition of doxxxxing was really slimy. I can't wait for someone to finally leak private conversations he has during his gay little crusade against feminism.

e1302c No.307835

>open this thread

>100+ new posts

Wait what happened?

d7c035 No.307836


Sargon, Vee, and his ilk are doing shit-tier pilpul on this issue. They know damn well that the problem is using info to threaten/smear people, especially if you can't win an argument against them and go for underhanded tactics instead. Yet they keep trying to push this whole "hurr it doesn't count if it's public" thing. By that logic, anything not involving the hacking of bank accounts and email doesn't count.

Sargon himself called what Kraut was doing underhanded "SJW tactics". Yet when he does it, it's justified? He acts like a two-faced kike.

5ff257 No.307837

File: 634c8af0f6d2a7f⋯.png (1.63 MB, 847x777, 121:111, sargon jim dio.png)

I'd like to commemorate this battle with a meme.

656075 No.307838


it really is creepy, they idolize him and praise him as if he's meant to go "oh, cool now I'll stop making fun of your cringy kekistani memes"

77b14c No.307839

File: aae1d770d759dcb⋯.png (24.72 KB, 1127x221, 1127:221, vandalized.PNG)

633c68 No.307840


Sargon and Jim went at each other

f334eb No.307841


This happened. >>307782

787f53 No.307842


I can't tell either, that's the fun.

baae2a No.307843

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Stepfather launched the skeptic+ movement

At this moment, I am euphoric.

c68821 No.307844


>using 'collectivist' or 'individualist' as pejoratives or identities, rather than descriptions

How fucking autistic are these people?

d7c035 No.307845

File: d33f5243edaaac0⋯.jpg (85.52 KB, 557x600, 557:600, 1C6964107-110608-ent-fishb….jpg)


The other part is that he admits he's calls white nationalists his enemy because we make fun of him. He's such a petty faggot, I'm cracking up over here.

Imagine going on a political crusade every time makes fun of you for taking care of another man's kid.

787f53 No.307846

c6a2a9 No.307847


Youtube fame must be a fucking cult. The way Sargon described meeting fans was like it was some kind of drug. I don't think he was able to perceive how creepy and unattractive he was making himself.

77b14c No.307848


Topkek, some butthurt fag already reverted it

5ff257 No.307849

File: 25c301917ce2be8⋯.png (3.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, jim sargon battle.png)

15d819 No.307850

ce9745 No.307851


Sargon fucking wishes he was near good enough to be one of the background characters in Jojo, let alone Dio

060218 No.307852

File: a5b3eeae710a4ad⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 170x128, 85:64, 13105ef98fa483576cc1f54902….gif)

28349b No.307853


And; "it's ok to use the dox of a guy that was posted on an obscure forum because he made fun of me".

1438bd No.307854



28349b No.307855


>I get a strong feeling that Sargon really wants personal information on Jim.

Yeah, the "why don't you come have a drink with us?" thing really activated my almonds.

bdf10c No.307856


>Soygoy of Mossad as Dio

>Not as Kenny G

c98265 No.307857

My autism kept acting up whenever Jim kept conflating groupthink with having a collectivist ontology. It would have been sufficient for him to point out that an individualist activist movement would be totally counterproductive by merit of activism and advocacy never working without deprival of bread and circuses–it's that kind of agitation that got leftists into academia in the first place. Instead, Jim gave them a little space to attack him over definitions, so I don't think this was a total slam dunk. There wasn't quite enough autism to overshadow it.

c68821 No.307859



I think he had the same gut reaction most of us had to that faggy Kekistan shit, but the whole idea of an 'individualist collective' is retarded and Sargon is clearly trying to make shekels out of this now that the 'Skeptics' are a joke.

c6a2a9 No.307860


I think Jim was more interested in listening to Sargon be a sperg. So was I.

15d819 No.307861

File: 46a6c39f1698f26⋯.jpg (52.7 KB, 894x564, 149:94, sargon JUST.jpg)

>JUST stop being so obtuse and join me in irl activism.

>I JUST need that viewer count.

>I'm JUST genuinely curious how you wouldn't want to isolate yourself like I have and end up being hated by both the Left and Right.

>It's so weird to me how you can't accept my hamfisted attempts at flattery and compliment (you were totally the leader of gamergate my friend), but you're just such a coward because you won't DO ANYTHING besides singlehandedly arranging a monumental new livestream culture where the Left, Right and Centre get together on Warski and hash out a solution to our problems.

>I've JUST been so sidelined and it hurts.

post yfw at least you're not Carl Benjamin

77b14c No.307862

What does Sargon mean by individualist? I always thought it was someone who thought an individual was valued more than the well-being of the group, but I'm not sure if that's how he uses it like that or not

15d819 No.307863


>arguing over definitions

at this point you're just giving the soyfather more credit than he deserves.

e1302c No.307864

Remember when Sargon did the video "Re: Dramatic Faggotry"?

At the start he goes

>Jim, you faggot

It sounds like saying the word 'faggot' is alien to him. Like it hurts him to say it.

Sargon was always a queerboy.

c98265 No.307865



Right, but I don't think Jim was unable to get in his craw with the kind of instigation he was employing. It seemed more like he was trying to get a Dean Esmay reaction instead of sticking solely to the points regarding the Liberalist shit that would have been impossible to make a coherent argument against, e.g. cringeyness and counter-productiveness.

c68821 No.307866


He means 'come to events and give him money'.

c98265 No.307867


No, I think Jim was doing exactly the correct thing when he was forcing Sargon to concede that his activism was pretty gay. It's just that the way Jim tried to point out the irony was too focused on overarching concepts rather than the actual groupthink-y behavior that is typical of Sargon's fans. And I think this is why Louis sperged out on Jim in the first place: he mistook Jim's remarks on the fans acting like a collective for an indictment on the philosophical concept of individualism.

9b14eb No.307868

File: be20f985ab8d499⋯.png (141.29 KB, 540x405, 4:3, n49pw9iuq0hz.png)


>the philosophical concept of individualism.

Sargon seems to have more in common with /leftypol/ icon Max Stirner anyway, right down to the name too. "Union of Egotists" sounds a lot more honest than "Individualist Collective"

b6527f No.307869


Saved just for the Jim portion tbh

15d819 No.307870

File: e83199793d60e54⋯.jpg (720.69 KB, 1920x840, 16:7, louis le vau sargon metoku….jpg)


baae2a No.307871

File: c2078d63d86d13c⋯.jpg (10.35 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1515553862586.jpg)

>Coach Red Pill says that Sargoy should become a leader and use his influence over normies for his advantage

>Sargoy dismisses him as an obvious manipulative snake

>a few weeks later

>Does exactly what Coach Red Pill wants him to


c98265 No.307872


Fuck no, Sargon has always painted the veneer of enlightenment philosophy over a deep-seated belief in social democracy stemming from a sort of crypto-anglo consequentialsim, and that's giving him the benefit of the doubt that he even has a consistent system of beliefs.

e1302c No.307874

File: d83b3fba16fa5ab⋯.webm (783.96 KB, 480x360, 4:3, E3 Pupper.webm)


>individualistic centre-leftist civil libertarian counter-ideologue atheist

ec7d36 No.307875


Sounds like something straight out of Tumblr.

28349b No.307877


>"no name youtuber"

I guess he didn't like the banter.

d7c035 No.307878


lol no, he's the exact opposite. Sargon is a brainlet stuck in some bastardized Platonic Theory of Forms mindset. He thinks that things like "rights" are true things that exist completely independent of any state or other form of power to enforce said rights.

I'm by no means a leftypol faggot, but pretty much everything Sargon holds dear like his individualism, rights, etc are all fucking SPOOKS and he refuses to understand that none of the things he wants exist outside the context of a white nation to bestow them and protect them.

1438bd No.307880

Why does anyone act surprised by Sargon in the first place? He's always called himself a liberal. Liberals always engage in the same commie-tactics.

He's always had a "side", he's just a subversive little kike trying to appear sympathetic to the right for more shekels

e1302c No.307884

File: e90936bda040823⋯.jpg (36.73 KB, 480x360, 4:3, sargon reading.jpg)

c98265 No.307885


Is the "white nation" a thing-in-itself as Will is? Otherwise, it's just another abstraction creating more abstractions. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with an abstraction, it just seems odd to me that you would counter his with your own.


You give him way too much credit.

d7c035 No.307887

File: cf5597285aa1f32⋯.jpg (113.2 KB, 672x658, 48:47, sargon philosophy fishburn….jpg)


updated version

e1302c No.307888

Guys guys guys, can we stop infighting and attack the real enemy? Nazis giving indie games good scores?


>forget tigers he couldn't ride a singapura


15d819 No.307889


pseud is the best word for sargon. he really showed that with spencer. he's used to dealing with NEETs who haven't read shit.

c98265 No.307890


De Maistre went after the continental rationalists far more directly than empiricists like Locke.

060218 No.307891

File: 02d1281a9b2c2a6⋯.gif (2.85 MB, 200x234, 100:117, smugterry.gif)

bdf10c No.307894

File: 9ccb9a0b16c7f81⋯.webm (272.8 KB, 284x240, 71:60, (laughing).webm)

>Soygoy of Mossad actually said "Gamergate lost because it didn't have a leader"

Wew, no wonder the GG threads always have "fuck off leaderfags" and "fuck off eceleb cancer".

d7c035 No.307896


99% of what Sargon said during this whole thing was projection

c6a2a9 No.307897


>evola is the sperg


baae2a No.307900

6f639f No.307901

File: 8908883e5fc5754⋯.mp4 (5.55 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Life of Sargon.mp4)


top kek

c6a2a9 No.307902


He's still hung up over some indirect slight Jim said about him being a shekel hound FOUR YEARS AGO. The year of the StepFather is going to be fucking lulzy.

baae2a No.307903

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Who is this slut?

3ad5fc No.307904


A nobody thot unless she's a trout kraut fan

13e1a7 No.307905

there is so much contradictory statements in his description.

28349b No.307907


Jenny the horse

baae2a No.307908

File: 869adfe5bf162cb⋯.jpg (498.1 KB, 1055x1689, 1055:1689, 1515557867451.jpg)

Apparently Louie triggered the wrong rodent

77b14c No.307910


Who ever made that is brilliant

df4852 No.307911


what is it with that guy? he's always right there inserting himself into the latest drama.

13e1a7 No.307912


I think that is his masterplan to be in the drama any drama no matter what kind.

baae2a No.307913

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Some foxdick Farms guy, I think.

77b14c No.307915


Sargon will never realize the concepts he holds so dear are the product of the Aryan alone. Cultural-bearers like niggers and arabs can't maintain Aryan culturals alone. The white man remains the prometheus of the human race

2b3e0d No.307916

File: 6ceb943b4820e88⋯.jpg (183.08 KB, 462x533, 462:533, smile very nice.jpg)


This made my day

9bc39f No.307917


>Is Sargon some kind of sociopath?

absolutely yes, the guy is a fucking autistic weirdo and a total manchild, watch how he behaves and talks on Joe Rogan's podcast, he fucking weirds Joe out with his childish behaviour despite being a 40 year old man

c98265 No.307918


This post perfectly highlights why identitarians like Spencer have the potential to be just as cringey as Sargon has been.

116435 No.307919



hes a faggot "4d chess puppeteer"

77b14c No.307920


>implying it's wrong

116435 No.307921


thats why this situation is great. you get skepticism+ retards, and the aut-right retards.

im loving how skepticism+ are starting to think jim is a crypto-nazi, and are pathetically trying to reel him back in.

c98265 No.307922

File: 28c5f25d47da28d⋯.jpg (168.6 KB, 800x500, 8:5, MbYVc.jpg)


I didn't make any claims about its validity. The problem is that this style of posting that began on /pol/ or /new/ has become so over-saturated that I can predict a response before it's actually made. It has gotten to the point where you see this sort of thing IRL a la Spencer. The most frustrating thing about all of this is that any normal person who disagrees on some level with the Alt-Right or third position or identitarians or whatever other faggy shit they call themselves should be able to make them look like queers, because they tend to say queer shit on the regular. Instead, we have to watch Sargon sperg out whenever he gets nudged even slightly, and the self-assured, fart huffing echoposting continues reinvigorated.


It was funny in 2012 when the reaction was confusion, but I'm getting really bored. In a way, the Kraut thing was a godsend, because I was able to watched one smug, self assured community implode.

3ad5fc No.307923


Only thing is wrong is Spencer

77b14c No.307924


I'm still not convinced he's NOT CIA. Anyone who goes to an event organized by him is a retard

2e6c48 No.307925


On the one hand, as a sperg Fascist that spends most of his time on /pol/, I really wish antifa (or anyone, really) would blow Spencers brains out so that we can get the elitist brainlet out of the way and maintain leaderless resistance for at least a few years longer until direct political action and organization becomes necessary. But on the other hand, it would be fucking hilarious to watch the "Liberalists" and the Alt-Right go to war.

3ad5fc No.307926


>Implying he's CIA


9b14eb No.307927

File: 106e48ed955def1⋯.png (5.25 MB, 1561x2243, 1561:2243, 106e48ed955def1a362fa9c311….png)


>all societal values we hold dear are exclusively from white philosophy

<omg look at this salt-right cringelord they are just as bad as sargon BTW I DONT ACTUALLY CLAIM VALIDIMITY i just disagree with HOW you said it okay /polyp/ xDDD

Right, so why not just say that you disagree by arguing for some semantics so we can keep the thread from derailing into more autism than it already is

77b14c No.307928


>implying both of those aren't under the larger umbrella of ZOG

c98265 No.307929


Without thinking about the validity its assertions, take a second to reread the post I responded to and what it might have in common with the way Sargon articulates his beliefs.

c68821 No.307931


Post was pretty fucking cringe, although what it said wasn't untrue.

Oh I get it

c98265 No.307932


My hope is that the conflict gets covered by media exploding van style. That would be the perfect bookend to this whole thing.

c68821 No.307933


Anyone who gets interviewed needs to refer to Sargon as the leader of the terrorist group Skepticism Plus and say that his lieutenant is Grand Dragon Andy 'Race' Warski.

77b14c No.307934


Would your view of the post's cocks change if I had worded it less retardedly?

3ad5fc No.307935


fair point

e1302c No.307938

I like how Jim called Sargon out for laughing when he's flustered. I fucking hate that shit. Just be a human and react normally. Stop play-acting for us.

Also how clean is Jim's balls now? Sargon was cleaning them pretty well even after he was done yelling at Jim for not falling in line with his collective of individualists that have a party ideology.

dad756 No.307939


I think that his octodimensional master plan is just gaining exposure and leeching off some patreonbux.

c98265 No.307940


On a personal level, I'd still disagree with you, but I'd probably have just left it at that.

d7c035 No.307941


Well sargoy has made his entire career playing feminists' videos while pausing inbetween every other line to insert his own forced laughter, so it's to be expected.

Guys like him think that life works like a sitcom laught track, and that if they insert forced laughter it'll get people to laugh with them and win the argument.

c68821 No.307943


>thinking non-whites share, care about, or will sustain white cultural values

Okay you're officially way more of a faggot than Aryan 1488 LARPer fag

77b14c No.307944


Fair enough, this thread's not about that anyway

baae2a No.307945


Isn't CRP pals with Spencer? Didn't CRP bump into Sargon at a camera store and have lunch with him right before the Kraut stuff blew up? CRP even has a Russian connection.

What the fuck is going on? Did the boomer clap man pull some Monarch post-hypnotic suggestion shit on Sargon, or what? He made a video telling Sargon what to do and the madman actually did it. He positioned himself as a leader.

c68821 No.307946


He offered to have lunch with him but the Soyfather declined.

c98265 No.307947


Never stated that as my view. As a matter of fact, I would claim that a group of white people do not owe a reason to form a whites-only community in the name of such a goal.

5ff257 No.307948


Sargon and especially Louis are getting annoyed by people mocking them.

Ever notice that mocking someone and memeing them fucks them up harder than actually arguing with them?

c68821 No.307951

Skepticism+. It's going to be the big clusterfuck this year. Bigger than Kraut.

c98265 No.307952


True, sorry for my spergery. I just want to see some fresh material, even it's derived from the same old views.

77b14c No.307953


Sargon hungers for power. His ego is growing and he finally gave in. All the connections are kinda weird though.

>Spencer knows Gonzalo Lira

>Spencer's married to Russian-born Dugin translator

>Lira had a connection with Russia Today

>Gonzalo pops out of nowhere and infilitrates skeptics, brings them all onto his streams

>meets Sargon IRL, tells him to "whip the skeptics into line"

Is Gonzalo the mastermind behind this all?

5ff257 No.307954


CRP could be a former KGB agent, robot, or even a mutant.

c98265 No.307955


The biggest problem is that Sargon can't see past his own nose. We know how personally he took Jim's abandonment of GG. He projects his own sense of duty onto Jim, who has consistently stated that he'll do something for however long it holds his interest, like any normal person.

28349b No.307956


>Is Gonzalo the mastermind behind this all?

…or he knows the patterns, the way certain people act. He knew that Kraut was heading to a bad direction.

c6a2a9 No.307957


If CRP is running some 24 hour operation to dismantle some centrist spergs on YouTube, I'd be impressed and alarmed that cameras can hold so much power.

77b14c No.307958


Let's pray he's right about the Soyfather. He's certainly getting more erratic by the day. His attack dogs are out in full force, he's trying to become Führer of Liberalism+ and sperging in streams almost weekly.


c98265 No.307959

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I think CRP is on the level. In this video, he continues to expound a post-Keynesian economic position despite having severed ties with Steve Keen, so I don't see why he wouldn't be completely sincere about everything else.

baae2a No.307961

File: fea305f90ff2d2c⋯.png (149.77 KB, 1088x660, 272:165, 1515561580710.png)


Yeah, nice try Gonzalo. How long have you been playing these games? Did you undermine Pinochet, or are you carrying the torch?

5a8f33 No.307962

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>all those vague non-answers Sargon gave when Jim asked him what it was he actually believed

Reminds me of this.

28349b No.307963


If I remember correctly, CRP also said that Sargon made a mistake with the Vidcon controversy.

c98265 No.307964


Los Chicago Boys también tienen el helicóptero.

c98265 No.307966


At 36:50, is Jim referring to something that happened during Gamergate, or did he let slip that he uses a wheelchair?

62ed6a No.307968


>At 36:50, is Jim referring to something that happened during Gamergate, or did he let slip that he uses a wheelchair?

Probably talking about our 'dear leader' hot wheels, but i wouldn't rule it out.

28349b No.307969


The wheelchair thing happened to a crippled girl during GG, I think she has a youtube channel.

c98265 No.307970


Oh, ok. That's to bad, I wanted to meme Jim into a wheelchair like Hotwheels.

c98265 No.307971

333281 No.307972


He's referring to Shannon Gibbs. I followed gamergate pretty closely, but I still have no idea who she was. Someone who would just show up on livestreams. She is disabled and ran a donation pool to buy herself one of those chairs that run up the wall alongside stairs. People actually donated. That's what he means by people using gg to get money

d7c035 No.307975


It's really amazing how Sargon leaks his private chats from CRP where CRP tells him he should do XYZ, then Sargon points at these things as sleazy, and then a week later he's literally doing CRP's advice beat for beat.

CRP, as much of a lolcow he is himself, is a fucking mastermind of manipulation.

d7c035 No.307977


I can't stand when people say vague shit like "I believe in individual freedom!"

Holy fucking shit, literally everyone will say this about their own ideas. Communists think their system offers the most freedom because they are unshackled from slave labor conditions. SJWs will say progressivism offers the most freedom because silencing racist straight white men allows oppressed niggers and fags to flourish and have personal freedom. Libertarians will say that open markets and the NAP will result in personal freedom because only state laws count, etc etc etc.

It's the most fart-huffing way of putting things. This idea of "freedom" is so fucking vague it doesn't mean jack fucking shit.

c98265 No.307978


Operation ChileanFlankSteak at work.

116435 No.307979


still makes videos with her tits out in the thumbnail. shameful and disgusting

c6a2a9 No.307983

Sargon is going to need his own threads from now on to fit his ego.

d647e9 No.307984

File: 6edfddf0591d6ef⋯.png (66.8 KB, 856x486, 428:243, ClipboardImage.png)

>this lewis faggot has affiliate links

How is it some completely irrelevant loser gets affiliate links and maker studio shit?

baae2a No.307986


I'm a fascistist, which is an advocate of classical fascism. I believe in individual freedom too. Vaguely.

d647e9 No.307987

File: 5cd592ab4a6b9a5⋯.png (392.17 KB, 1184x917, 1184:917, ClipboardImage.png)

>over $200 per video

c98265 No.307988


Sargon doesn't even hold a consistent conception of freedoms or rights. He just mix and matches what he likes in a quasi-consequentialist manner.

0aeda0 No.307989


>a sizeable portion of my audience demanded that i create this account.

>Oh no! I really didn't want the money, but everyone kept telling me they wanted to give me money, so what else could I do besides open this account! I was practically forced into it! I really didn't want it, honest.

God damn I hate these fucking faggots.

f334eb No.307990



>Coach Boomerpill


No. Doesn't take a mastermind to deliberately insert himself into drama and see what almost everyone else was already seeing: a man in his late thirties controlling a shitty YT community behind the scenes, craving for actual power.

The Soyfather didn't become the official Leader™ before because he knew the Skeptics didn't look up to him because of his arguments. He only has the numbers (subscribers) and keeps everyone's shekels safe by not saying anything controversial and quietly enforcing others to not say anything that might hurt the community.

Since the fencesitting act is getting stale, he came out with the "genius" idea to create his own political movement. Now, when he fails miserably in a debate, he can say that X thing is not aligned with the Ideals of the Liberalists© .

Like someone already pointed out, Sargoy can't see past his own nose.

116435 No.307991


same reason why jacks cooking has sponsorship shit. the bar is set incredibly low

5a8f33 No.307992

File: 2a58abfe38722be⋯.png (606.37 KB, 1254x568, 627:284, Sargon's Lapdog.png)


Why do all of Sargon's cult members have the deal with it glasses on their avatars?

787f53 No.307993


>Sargon and especially Louis are getting annoyed by people mocking them.

I would especially say Louis. If you look at the comments section on the stream you'll see that he suppressed the mocking to a degree by giving creator likes to comments to make them the first to appear. This is very uncharacteristic of him having watched him for a while. As far as I can tell none were deleted, but that's just because archive.is doesn't save the comment section of videos now so I have nothing to compare it to.

3ad5fc No.307994


I think it ain't sargon's buttbuddy

f31ac1 No.307995


New question, then: Why do so many mentally ill fuckos add the DWI glasses to their avatars?

a55dbf No.307996


They fall under the misguided belief that they make them look like smug and unflappable cool kids. It's no different from their dreaded SJW rivals wearing problem glasses because they think it makes them look intelligent.

ce9745 No.307997


>Aryan alone

Pretty sure some of them have something to do with the semites though

3ad5fc No.307998


Because they want you to deal with their insanity.

a55dbf No.307999


>I was told to come onto this stream

>I was told every single thing you do on twitter

>I was told to ebeg for shekels tee hee~

>I was told to start my own cult of personality

>I was told to lead a mass suicide

Are they pathologically incapable of taking any sort of responsibility for their own actions?

d647e9 No.308000

File: 91b42b270f6a3f4⋯.png (157.73 KB, 607x468, 607:468, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't think that furfag is part of sarcuck's crew.


As for the glasses, "Deal with it" is an ancient dead meme, fully normalfagged. Is it surprising it's being used all over in ways that don't make much sense compared to the intent of the meme. It's like being confused over tons of people using "you're doing it wrong", image macros, or longcat.

dad756 No.308002

>3/4 of the way towards the bump limit

>on a single day

>on one of the slowest boards here

This isn't going to end soon isn't it?

333281 No.308003


every time the skeptics open their mouths there's something new to talk about, and they keep wanting to do streams and argue how they're right. Sargon vs Spencer round 2 will at least fill another thread

9b7684 No.308005

File: e57aaac7d2458c2⋯.jpg (60.42 KB, 750x421, 750:421, TlW7HWt.jpg)


> tfw it takes a "professional quotemaker" to check those trips


leading the Liberalist masses ready to sacrifice and die for radical centrism


YouTube revenue is probably so low now that Sargon has decided to copy evangelical preachers at Skeptical Revivalist gatherings. Praise Kek and pass the collection plate, Kekistanis!

Money is the motivator for all of this. Sargon obsesses over his shekels. All of the minions (there are tons, I searched for one of the Coach Red Pill/Sargon videos and came up with dozens of wannabe Sargons wanting sempai to notice them) – all of the minions are exactly like the kids that copy Pewdiepie and beg in the comments of his video for people to visit their own channels.

9b7684 No.308006


I'd kick in $50 for a bounty and ask /baph/ to fuck up Sargon really bad. Though I suspect they might do it for free.

dad756 No.308007


I think he might getting into it all by himself by becoming such a juicy target

aa80a3 No.308008

File: 705be230058e1a7⋯.png (279.6 KB, 836x748, 19:17, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

>Stop trying to be the cool kid and join us

>Join us Jim

>Be our leader

>Meeting fans is euphoric

bfe8ac No.308009


Fucking top bantz.

bfe8ac No.308010

Finally finished watching that stream. Fucking hell Soygoon is going to be a massive lolcow this year isn't he?

7b3e9b No.308012

File: a9b510107278372⋯.jpg (78.33 KB, 720x631, 720:631, Liberalist.jpg)

Ah, the bantz.

aa80a3 No.308016


His gypsy cumslut is already doing damage control


7b3e9b No.308017


Oh god, the best lolcow in the septic community.

df4852 No.308018


I'm to the point where I can't stand that faggots voice.

8e970a No.308019


>CoachBoomerPill is secretly a CIA nigger who changes camera angles every 2 seconds in order to program septics into self-destruction

That doesn't sound as crazy as I first thought it would be

04ad26 No.308020

Holy fucking shit the level of semantics in this video!

f334eb No.308021



Let me guess: 5 minutes of mild criticism, 20 minutes of semantics.

e6fa05 No.308023


Yep. I tuned out at like 10-15 minutes cause the first 10 was just straight out semantics.

aa80a3 No.308024


Pretty much. He also slapped on a convenient title on it that can serve as "proof" that he isn't the Stepfather dickrider he's made out to be

e1302c No.308026


Apparently that's individualism.

116435 No.308029



dont want to be that guy but i did a giant undergrad project tied to my major on collectivism/individualism according to hofstede's cultural dimensions. (the shit he tried to explain in the first 10 minutes)

he sounds like an idiot who just went to a website and read definitions, then tried to fill the rest with his own retard ramblings. he barely has a grasp on what the differences between either thought process., which i find incredibly funny because he keeps saying "people don't understand the political theory". he doesnt understand it himself. its not even a political theory., jesus.

i highly doubt this vore specialist is a lawyer/doctor.

a15c99 No.308030


>he sounds like an idiot who just went to a website and read definitions…

That's because it is exactly what he did. That's how the Septics community works.

116435 No.308031


i had to stop when he starting talking about "collectivist corporations". seriously what the fuck. people pay money to hear this dudes opinion? it literally says "SOCIETIES" right there on the video when hes talking about his head canon.

reminds me of how destiny lies about reading studies

9b14eb No.308032

File: 62a20e4747a98ac⋯.jpg (190.7 KB, 866x743, 866:743, 1438311439168.jpg)



>Imagine being intellectually bankrupt enough to finance a gypsy's sexual fetishism to the point of bankrupting yourself just to hear him tell you autistic shit.

bfe8ac No.308034

File: 06612debce71859⋯.jpg (32.53 KB, 499x345, 499:345, Act less gay.jpg)


I think the septic community needs to read a newspaper.

a55dbf No.308036


But is it collectivist to form an organization that demands the individual subordinate their will to it and act in accordance to the will of the organization, risking punitive measures if they don't? In all honesty, can we be sure that Laurence Fishburne isn't white? Checkmate, collectivist.

897c9f No.308038


This reminds of Stirner's voluntary egoist association.

897c9f No.308040


>But lots of retards like Sargon take this as him saying he literally wants a return to feudal serfdom with hard-line noble and serf classes.

But Sargon is still fundamentally retarded. Even if Spencer were talking about an aristocracy, that does not imply feudalism. Rome had its aristocrats and the Middle East has its aristocrats, and neither had feudalism. Then there's America, the two ruling families of the century, the Bushes and the Clintons, can trace their lineage back to Revolutionary times, with a Bush being a member of the Revolutionary army and a Clinton being in correspondence with Jefferson.

Sage for doublepost.

49d654 No.308045

So basically the radical individualists who don’t need no collective are forming a group to take on the alt-right? Ironic

83714e No.308046

We are the Liberalist

Listen to our arguments with an open mind, but don't criticize us

We will add your authoritarian and collectivist distinctiveness to our group of individualists

Your collective will adapt to become individuals like us

Resistance is fascist

f1a034 No.308049



Surely a fascistist is someome who is prejudiced against fascists?

2bb8a2 No.308050

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Mouthy Buddha made a video.


Now that I am on lunch break I can tell you what the hell Sargon's problem is. Frist of the bat, Sargon is in reality a Marxist. This is how he actually behaves. Have you forgotten that the guy lived on the dole for years, because he thought himself to be too good for punching a time stamp every morning?

Second. Social being in a group is more or less the norm for human beings. Sure there have always been people who thrived in solitude who are also very alien to everyone else and usually had weird and intense professions like hermit monk, spy, inventor or author. The vast majority is normally in groups. Now how is the group supposed to conduct themselves? One general answer is the group will act relatively aggressive towards the outside world to guard the scarce resources they had. To pull that off, children are raised to be awesome as possible people who are fit for competition in and outside the group. The other extreme of the spectrum is avoiding conflicts and seeking resource gluts. The individual member doesn't matter that much. In fact, members of the own group in need are usually ignored while fleeing or seeking novelty (read resource gluts). Also the outgroup no matter how hostile is usually sucked up to to make migration is easier and guarantee survival when a alien group has taken over the territory. Do you now see what kind of problems the Stepfather could have with r/K theory? If that heuristic spreads further and enters the popular mind despite glowinthedark Spencer, Sargon's shtick wouldn't work anymore. Anyone could put his lolbert posture into extreme scrutiny by just taking a look at his family life. Last, that individual humans are of value and should be free is actually Christian social teaching. It just doesn't work if there is no God who demands that. That's the entire crux.


r/K theory makes it impossible for Sargon to pretend to be a Libertarian and confirms Christianity's premise about people.

e1302c No.308051


It's becoming more and more apparent to me that the "skeptics" literally think they're the only ones who think things through. They're so up their own ass that they think if you don't arrive at the same conclusions as them, you mustn't be thinking. If you don't agree with them you're just a sheep, maaan.

d7c035 No.308054


Especially based on the way they were desperately trying to get jim to join le individualism+ collective by claiming that only their brand of radical individualism and centrism will ever be able to stand up to "muh SJWs"

I find this absolutely fascinating. Imagine a group of fence-sitters gathering IRL and screaming "I DON'T HAVE A STRONG OPINION ON THIS ONE WAY OR ANOTHER". Yup, that's going to save civilization. All the babies will be turned into trannies unless we push for liberalism.

28349b No.308055


>only their brand of radical individualism and centrism will ever be able to stand up to "muh SJWs"

I don't think they understand how the SJWs got to the places they are today.

It took them 30+ years to infiltrate the academic system, the education, the media and now Hollywood. They won't go away because "We, the Individualists+ have organized an IRL Youtube Hangout with ourselves".

Also going "out there" will have no impact if none of the platforms welcome them.

e1302c No.308056


They don't even stand against SJWs very effectively. Their disagreement with the progressive left seems to be, "I agree, but can we please be nicer about this?"

It makes me wonder if they're naive about their tactics or purposefully playing poorly. Skeptics and their autistic high horse about house rules. It's like playing Street Fighter, and one side refuses to use projectiles because "it's not fair". That's not going to stop the other guy from spamming your shit in.

If they were really the only ones standing up to SJWs, the future is a man lecturing his wife's transsexual muslim son on Locke.

043c25 No.308058

File: 74f25abfa81437c⋯.jpeg (118.7 KB, 1242x861, 414:287, image.jpeg)

File: 3c81b9650e93e99⋯.jpeg (78.93 KB, 1242x441, 138:49, image.jpeg)

Shabbos Vee speaks out against Sargon's performance last night. Comments are pretty good too. Liberalists (plural…isn't that a group??) out in full force against the evils of the collective



d7c035 No.308059


>They don't even stand against SJWs very effectively. Their disagreement with the progressive left seems to be, "I agree, but can we please be nicer about this?"

Exactly my same exact assessment

Saying "FUCK WHITE PEOPLE" is bad, but multiculturalism and diversity are perfectly fine in white nations

Saying "FUCK MEN" is bad, but feminism and sexual egalitarianism are fine

Saying "FUCK STRAIGHT CIS SCUM" is bad, but sexual degeneracy and sodomy are okay

It's literally just tone policing. They want all the same shit as the SJWs, but just don't want it to be as obviously pushed. No, let's just go back to pushing it insidiously likje we did a decade or two ago. And no, I cannot tell if it's in bad faith or if they're just retarded.


Leftism and Liberalism go hand in hand. Leftists are always a relatively small portion of people, but the majority of people holding liberal views is what allows them to push their views with no push-back. Perfect example being stuff like fag/tranny acceptance. Liberals are unable to argue against these things because their mindset is "hey man, do whatever you want!". This allows the leftists to come in and dominate.

Liberalism = leftism enabling

d7c035 No.308060

File: b10cd3042ec52fa⋯.png (19.76 KB, 211x239, 211:239, wojak brainlet.png)


>lol collectives pushing for group interests isn't collectivism unless those interests are my preferred brand of lockean philosophy, then it's fine

Yeah, but individual whites all realizing that anything other than a white nation will result in disaster is basically the same as communism!

e1302c No.308061

File: b9b8696ca8b35ef⋯.png (311.28 KB, 432x432, 1:1, louissimpsons.png)


>no, Europe must be BLACKED, it's the only way to not be bigoted

>i'd love swarthy nignog grandkids, wanting your kids to look like you is bigoted


043c25 No.308062

File: 4b4a4e85babaa82⋯.jpeg (145.17 KB, 1242x784, 621:392, image.jpeg)

File: 4bc3d70aec7c8ab⋯.jpeg (59.48 KB, 1242x405, 46:15, image.jpeg)

File: dfff8c17ee4e616⋯.jpeg (97.62 KB, 1242x558, 69:31, image.jpeg)


Few more lulzy comments

623f71 No.308063


>And no, I cannot tell if it's in bad faith or if they're just retarded.

The way I see it, their entire ideology revolves around a desire to be comfortable. They're just bugmen who don't like the idea of anyone judging, criticizing, or holding them to any standard whatsoever. In short, they just want to go back to the 90's-00's, when they could smoke pot, fap to cuckold porn with nipple clamps on, make fun of Christians, play video games and not get yelled or laughed at. Because they're so addicted to comfort, they see anyone who threatens it as an existential threat, be it SJWs, the alt-right or begrudgingly, Muslims. So, it's not that they actually disagree with SJWs on principle, but they dislike the fact that they're so aggressive about everything.

e1302c No.308064

File: 8894f8281fe2012⋯.png (16.47 KB, 801x416, 801:416, centrist.png)


>jim got slaughtered

Just because you want something to be true doesn't make it so. For a rational skeptic he seems pretty ready to believe whatever makes him feel good.


>They're just bugmen who don't like the idea of anyone judging, criticizing, or holding them to any standard whatsoever.

It's funny how they were getting on Jim's case for not wanting to be criticized when that's basically their entire ideology.

7dc886 No.308065

>just change the word "individualism to survival

The only political movements advocating for survival is neo-luddism and primitivism. As much disagreeable it is to be a wageslave and a rentcuk, it is far from any life and death situation.

043c25 No.308066


Funnily enough the commenter forgets to realize people didn't just wander through the wilderness alone, they lived in bands and tribes. He can go wander off alone into the woods and die if wants to be an enlightenment era individualist

2bb8a2 No.308067

For the record: This gets close to a topic that makes me want to punch myself sometimes; Internet meta.


Amateur spook from gamergays days. He could be one of the good guys from revolt. Other than that, no idea.


Spencer isn't an identarian but a racist pretending to be one.



Alternative theory: This shit is all a ebin troll by pro-Orthodox Russkies to prime the West for getting their Orthodox faith crammed down its throat.


This. CPR may life in the 1970s rhetoric and design-wise. This doesn't mean he hasn't gained any wisdom about people.


The begging phenomena was a side issue and caked as soon the gamergate board was in the hands of someone, who doesn't believe that all boards should be exactly like /b/.


For the same reasons every manosphere podcast has 10 minute session during which the host shits his pants and does nothing but reading ads and breaking them with spontaneous stories related to the advertized shit; Because the bar is that extremely low.


>i highly doubt this vore specialist is a lawyer/doctor.

The gypsie is a typical trustfund kind. The books in the background actually belong to his parents.

623f71 No.308069

File: f3f96d548a54af6⋯.jpg (142.21 KB, 640x416, 20:13, Sargon's IRL Meet Up.jpg)


>Just because you want something to be true doesn't make it so. For a rational skeptic he seems pretty ready to believe whatever makes him feel good.

Like most cults, the Liberalists seem to use a growing lexicon of words that they've appropriated or invented, which allows them to hold discourse in an echo chamber and channel the understanding of their followers down a certain line. When an outsider is exposed to these terms, most of which they understand outside of the cult context, they get confused - just like Jim did. This reinforces the cultist's sense of superiority over the ignorant outsider and serves as proof of their exceptionalism. This is most evident with their confusing misuse of the term "collectivist" as a pejorative, sugary and vague definition of "liberal" and "individualist" to describe their collective mass. Sargon kool aid party when?

d7c035 No.308070


Exactly. It's the same shit marxists do, where they claim marxist dialectical materialism is "scientific" and then they make up a ton of different pre-packaged definitions that allow them to circlejerk and huff their own farts while feeling high and mightly that people who haven't read Das Kapital don't use their terminology.

043c25 No.308072








Imagine having this edgy of beliefs. How do they dare show their faces without fear of losing their jobs????

8e970a No.308075

File: f848397aba9284a⋯.jpg (69.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, confused amine 2.jpg)


>It's like playing Street Fighter, and one side refuses to use projectiles because "it's not fair".

But what if I main Fei Long?

5291c1 No.308078


>The books in the background actually belong to his parents.

If I remember correctly it's even worse. He inherited the whole house from his uncle or grandfather (don't remember which) and all those big smart men books were included in the inheritance since they were in the house. Don't get me wrong, I personally have no qualms about the concept of inheritance, but Vee is just strategically using his uncle's huge book collection to make himself appear well-read and he doesn't add anything to it so that someone down the line inherits all of this from him because he seems to use all his money to buy hentai games.

633c68 No.308079


Nailed it

They're just a bunch of 90s leftists who couldn't keep up with the perpetual revolution

What they fail to realize is that even if it was possible to go back to the political paradigm of that period it wouldn't last anyway just like it didn't last before, for it was all just a slippery slope to get here

d7c035 No.308080


I fucking hate people who do that shit where they make sure to use tactical camera angles to make sure everyone can see stuff behind them that bolsters their e-cred.

dad756 No.308081

File: eadf314dbc9501a⋯.jpg (869.09 KB, 1728x2304, 3:4, What the fuck is that skep….JPG)


CRP knows his cameras

d7c035 No.308082


He may be a greaseball but it's impossible to hate Coach Kinopill

043c25 No.308089


Didn't someone look up his real name in some sort of Romanian doctor's registry and he doesn't even show up. His real name is Codrin Stavri iirc. He does spend all of his time on steam playing eroges and masturbating

f1a034 No.308090

File: 5d9a4d9df41dd87⋯.png (500.51 KB, 515x768, 515:768, Saulinoffice.png)


He reminds me of Jimmy Mcgill.

e1302c No.308097

File: 3ebc7b20a9cd7d5⋯.jpg (177.01 KB, 938x944, 469:472, crpdubs.jpg)


I feel like I should dislike him but I always find myself rooting for the guy.

d7c035 No.308098

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's an opportunist with the goal of helping destroy the skeptic community in order to bolster his own fame and viewcount. So while I don't politically agree with him and think he's a sleaze, he's still helping smash the cancerous skeptics, so we're in alliance. after this is all done, I don't care what happens with him. But for now, he's de facto /ourguy/

2853d3 No.308099

Here's a question: In Zeph's secret recording of Soygoy and Kike in Tears, Soygoy says that Kike shouldn't use SJW tactics because the Alt-Right isn't worth it, they're not a real threat. Does this mean he will change his tune as the far-right grows, or at least as he makes a fool of himself time after time trying to fight them?


>Spencer isn't an identarian but a waaacist pretending to be one.

What? Explain please. This sounds like some Civic Nationalist shit. Though if you're talking about him being Pan-European, rather than ethno-nationalist, I agree, that's retarded.


Do any of them actually have jobs?





d7c035 No.308102


Sargon is just gaslighting. He knows damn well that white nationalism is large and growing. If he didn't believe that, he wouldn't be spending any time at all talking against it, as he has over the past 1-2 years with increasing fervor. The fact that he feels compelled to jump on stream and sperg out against Fabulous Richard betrays his own intentions.

He just pretends that the "alt right" is irrelevant because that's what he wants to be the case.

e1302c No.308103

File: 5cde5135c23b2b2⋯.jpg (47.8 KB, 500x333, 500:333, kkkek.jpg)


>Does this mean he will change his tune as the far-right grows, or at least as he makes a fool of himself time after time trying to fight them?

As far as I can tell the "alt-right right are fringe-group nobodies" thing was wishful thinking, and after Spencer made him look like a joke I think he'll start batting against them. He'll probably do it more subtly and passive-aggressively by doing gay little videos on his individualist cult, especially if he gets trashed again in the upcoming Spencer rematch.


>that video

d7c035 No.308104


>especially if he gets trashed again in the upcoming Spencer rematch.

I'm really wondering how that will go. I predict Sargoy will try to train himself to keep calm and not sperg out as much and try to make the same fallacious arguments as before, but in a less obvious and tryhard manner. But once again Spencer will say some off-hand joke about Sargon's intelligence and he'll have another mental breakdown.

043c25 No.308107


If you define a job as sitting on your ass and thinking you're fighting a "culture war" on the Internet while getting Patreonbux, yes



Is there a set date for this rematch yet? I wanna see the Soyfather sperg out again before the worst the ethnonationalist crowd has to offer.

e1302c No.308108


If you take the arguments matter-of-factly, Dickie is right. There's absolutely no reason whites shouldn't have an ethnostate, and there are many ways to ensure it without running through the streets opening fire on everyone darker than a paper bag. Dickie also has a good emotional argument. Why should whites fund the destruction of themselves and the rape of their children over some make-believe sense of morality and a magical duty that comes from nowhere? THINK OF THE CHILDREN

I'm betting on a repeat of last time but better-worded, like you say. He'll try to come up with a specific situation to nail Spencer's opinions, and then say, "but other white nationalists don't agree with you there? So you can't have an ethnostate, can you?"

When Sargon is cornered on a point or forced to admit Spencer has a point, he'll claim he doesn't care and that caring is stupid, ie the exact thing he criticizes Jim for.

043c25 No.308110

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No, Sargon will never give in. If he is cornered he'll just say what is said in the clip below. He is so nihilist and solipsistic he couldn't give a fuck what happens after his fat ass dies off a heart-attack

>vid related

f1a034 No.308111


In defense of Coach, he has been having a bitch fight with Kraut and Tea for weeks. Kraut doxed him and tricked Sargon in to spreading the info.

So when Kraut self destructed CRP had more right than most people to be smug about it.

897c9f No.308121


I think that there are two points Spencer will be unwilling to answer that, for any viewer watching, are necessary to be answered and these are:

1. How do you define "white", how do categorize this without balkanization.

2. How would you implement the policies.

If anyone else has watched Styx vs. Greg discussion, these are the two questions that need to be ironed out as neither Greg nor Spencer answered this competently

f8cbd4 No.308123

Jim vs Vee on right now. If the stream is over it is around the 1:15:00 mark


d7c035 No.308126


These things do not need to be answered. The question of where to put cutoffs for white and what to do about borderline gray areas is not necessary at this time.

Same for talking about implementation; before we can talk about implementation, we need to talk about the validity of the idea of an ethnostate in the first place. First you discuss the issue of race, then you discuss the benefits of an ethnostate, THEN you talk about how to implement it, and then during implementation, you can finally hash out the finer nuances and nitpicks

It's aking to saying we need to sit down and figure out an exact constitution for our new republic before we declare independence from britain. That's not how it works.

5291c1 No.308129

File: 6f61152242c3b37⋯.png (413.13 KB, 950x673, 950:673, thestepfather.png)




897c9f No.308132


Yes, but I'm coming from the perspective of the random viewer because this concept would affect the lives of millions of Europeans depending on how you define white; no one would want to support their own displacement because people defined it in a way that excluded them.

> nitpicks

I don't disagree. Styx is a master of this because he always begins with "what if" and suggests a negative outcome, but when no one will address this, people notice. His quibbling could easily be turned around him however.

043c25 No.308133


Why even use the term "white". These people need to say "indigenous Europeans" or something if prompted. It sounds cringy but it shuts Soygoy down

62ed6a No.308134

File: a1524bc0d327f45⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 2241x2569, 2241:2569, 1492268531059.jpg)


>Why even use the term "white". These people need to say "indigenous Europeans" or something if prompted. It sounds cringy but it shuts Soygoy down

I guarantee you the stepfather already has a response to that thought.

897c9f No.308135


Yes, that would be better, but it's an Anglo-American term that overlaps with European and is ubiquitous and perfectly comprehensible to anyone who isn't mentally stunted like Sargoy.

d7c035 No.308137


Everyone knows damn what what white means. It's not a question that concerns ANYONE who's arguing in good faith. Nobody has ever had issues figuring out what white is. Strange how it's only when whites start saying things in their own self-interest that suddenly the HURR WHATS WHITE ANYWAY?? shit pops up. Nobody asks this shit of other races. Nobody sat around wondering what white means with regards to "white privilege" or affirmative action laws or any of this.

7dc886 No.308138


>How do you define "white", how do categorize this without balkanization.

I'm just a gook who don't live in the New World, so the whole question of what is "white" seems either retarded, or jewish trickery. To me it's obvious that it means of European descent, which include the Mediterranean, and the Slavs, and exclude the roaches that live in the Balkan and the steppeniggers who live in Russia.

As for the mixed races, they also have to go back.

5291c1 No.308139


He'll just keep spouting "Is x white?" /intl/ memes like he did in the debate against Spencerstein where he argued that a lot of alt-righters think that the Irish, Slavs, Italians, Greeks etc. aren't white.

043c25 No.308140

File: 0552ce4a410d38e⋯.jpeg (41.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, image.jpeg)


It is Jewish trickery. No one asks how to define "black" or "Asian". Sure, not every group of people who could he classified as black have the exact same features / skin tone and there're differences between phillipino-looking Asians and Japanese, but we classify them as one race. I guess it's different with whitey though

>it's just a social construct, m8

f1a034 No.308141


>Yes, but I'm coming from the perspective of the random viewer because this concept would affect the lives of millions of Europeans depending on how you define white; no one would want to support their own displacement because people defined it in a way that excluded them.

Whenever white people make a country, non whites want to leave their homes and move there.

So maybe that is the key defining factor. If nobody wants to move to your country they you arent white.

043c25 No.308143


The only reason Sargon brings this shit up is because Spencer fails time and time again to clarify that this ethnostate solution (as I understand it), is not some pan-white people utopia. Different ETHNO groups would live in seperate ETHNOstates, probably corresponding to where they live already (France for the French, Germany for the Germans, Poland for the Poles, etc). Of course the situation is more mixed in America but there's still a consensus (among non-autists like Sargon and leftist idealogues) what "white" actually means. I don't why he thinks it'd be some sort of transnational pure Aryan Europa utopia

897c9f No.308144


> If nobody wants to move to your country they you arent white.

That's pretty true.


Yes, it would seem that way, but historically, white was in the US restricted to Northwestern Europeans, those described as Aryan or Nordic in features.


>Nobody asks this shit of other races. Nobody sat around wondering what white means with regards to "white privilege" or affirmative action laws or any of this.

Yeah, Sargon and no one else asked who was white when SJWs were shoveling their shit.

043c25 No.308146


Sargon claims non-whites flood white countries only because of their "liberal values"

e1302c No.308147


The progressive left like to deconstruct anything they don't like to the bare nub, then say it's worthless because it doesn't really exist. Seemingly contradictory to this nihilistic position, they also believe every white person has an inherent moral imperative to do everything they can to displace themselves. They just troll jewish rhetoric to the point where even words lose their meaning and definitions change day by day.

62ed6a No.308148


>As for the mixed races, they also have to go back.

How is that going to work for america though.

d7c035 No.308149


It's really not wrong though. Liberalism is what made us weak pussies that let them in in the first place.


>How is that going to work for america though.

There aren't nearly as many mixed race mudbloods here as you seem to think.

f1a034 No.308150


I think in America they have something called the one drop rule.


If you have one drop of African blood you can apply for all sorts of grants and assistance. Even if you look hwite.

043c25 No.308152


Mulattos almost always identify with their black side, talking like niggers and acting thug. At least the ones I've met. They'll probably merge back with the nigs

5291c1 No.308154


That is pretty clear when it comes to Europe, not only Sargon, but a lot of his ilk don't understand that the situation is different in Europe where you put your ethnicity first, but you're still aware that you're part of a larger European aka white race. America is of course different and people put their skin color first more often than they do their ethnicity. This is basically what they either don't or just refuse to understand, in North America it's race before ethnicity while in Europe it's the opposite. An ethnostate is also not something that's exclusively white, Cambodia is over 95% Khmer, what else would they then be but an ethnostate in that regard?

62ed6a No.308156


>If you have one drop of African blood you can apply for all sorts of grants and assistance. Even if you look hwite.

yet the wikipedia article you vomited states:

>many people of mixed ancestry who "looked white" and were of mostly white ancestry were legally absorbed into the white majority.

043c25 No.308158


I'm starting to think a lot of these people are arguing either in bad faith or do not wish to understand. Even if they're against what ethnonationalists are proposing, they should still be able to understand it. It's not like it's Marxist jibberish parading as "science" with all sorts of obscure terms. Even some of that shit I can AT LEAST see their line of reasoning

cc06d5 No.308166



The alt-right is not a party seeking votes for themselves in any country so there is nothing to iron out since their answers will not affect anyone. It is just ideas and a brand. If you still wish to find any clarification I would suggest looking at Europe and wherever possible make useful comparisons which can be applied in the US. Take NMR in Sweden for example and their response to "it will be violent", a question I hear on these livestreams every now and then. From what I understand NMR's plan is long term which will educate the people along the way, and should they eventually get enough power to do shit most people already agree on this anyway. They also make comparisons with the Sami people to give legitimacy to Scandinavian peoples right to exist. If this is the most effective way I do not know but at the very least it is something concrete to relate to, and I suggest you answer your other questions in a similar way. I understand that the US might have a different situation, but look for whoever will bring about the change (might not exist yet). Like >>308126 said, first you begin discussing the issue.

As for Jewtube I would love if JF decided to share a form (basic yes, no, other) to the people participating to fill in beforehand. From this they could perhaps make the debate more interesting and structured. Too much time wasted on questions that are trivial.

83714e No.308168


>Whenever white people make a country, non whites want to leave their homes and move there.

So Japan is White?

62ed6a No.308169


>I don't why he thinks it'd be some sort of transnational pure Aryan Europa utopia

I suspect he isn't able to really understand anything that isn't framed like the European Union.


>Implying that means anything in this (((culture))) that promotes the thug life

Hell i've seen plenty of whites try to act like niggers too, not necessarily sure that they would actually get blacked though.

f1a034 No.308170


By my definition yes. So is Singapore.

043c25 No.308172


Honorary Aryan

1438bd No.308173


Epiphany moment. I think you're on to something here. Dismissing Sargoy as a leftist is simple, but I think this addresses the core of the issue

baae2a No.308174

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2b3e0d No.308175


>i highly doubt this vore specialist is a lawyer/doctor.

Vee is Eastern Europe's finest discount proctologist.

d7c035 No.308177

File: 0c2f548109ab1a0⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 320x240, 4:3, nod and thumbs up kid 1.gif)


gj rusty. could you make another video where you combine


with the godfather theme?


45465f No.308190


He doesn't care about the different European nations and their traditions and he is pushing his Utopian ethnostate instead of a traditional society. He just wants to blame niggers and kikes for his GRIDs.



Sargon is a rabbit person. r/K theory definitely exposes this shit.

5ff257 No.308202

>sargon says the alt-right are a fringe group and fighting them doesn't matter

>makes video saying that he's gonna fight against the sjws

>in the jim steam, he says they're gonna fight the alt-right

What the fuck is going on? Does Sargon even have a fucking plan?

I assume he's making this group to fight the alt-right, but doesn't want to admit it?

7dc886 No.308206


It comes from his perfidious anglo blood.

840caa No.308208


I thought it was because he's a quadroon.

62ed6a No.308211


>What the fuck is going on? Does Sargon even have a fucking plan?

>I assume he's making this group to fight the alt-right, but doesn't want to admit it?

He's a fucking weasel. His whole centrist shtick is just a cover for his political views, and had his hubris not got the better of him, and he just let his little soldier attack Jim, he would have never have actually copped to the idea that he PERSONALLY was preparing for a war against the alt-right.

9311ef No.308212


Shows how slimy they are. Just in case anything they do comes back to haunt them, they can pretend they were "forced" by public opinion.

62ed6a No.308213

So who would you say the underboss of the skeptic mafia is anyways? Sargon is definitely the boss, vee is like his personal whore, kraut and tea i would say is a capo, and the french retard Jim "debated" for 5 seconds i would say is a soldier, but who is the one that only answers to the don?

fd2e6e No.308214


A true liberalist™ would never do something of their own accord. That would mean holding a position, and you know who also holds views on things? The Sjws and alt-right

60b105 No.308215

File: 64bc9fd56de62da⋯.jpg (85.06 KB, 630x522, 35:29, revolution checkmated.jpg)


Sargon when announcing founding a political activist group:

>we'll do events and shit and will totally try to change the world by fighting against SJWs/the caliphate/alt-right. This will totally work unlike the stuff conservatives did. How? I-I am good at organizing event. W-We'll do whatever it takes.

Sargon on the idea of founding an ethnostate in the long term future

>Do you even have the exact definition of eligibility with no corner cases? That definition isn't specific enough. How will you even achive this? Do you even have a specific plan for gaining power and implementing this?

45465f No.308216


Candidates: Armored Skeptic, TJ Kirk, Sh0e, Mundane Matt.

9b7684 No.308217

File: 556ccab7396ee21⋯.jpg (222.85 KB, 1500x1211, 1500:1211, The weeping Frenchman, 194….jpg)


Jesus dude.

I mean there but for the grace of God go I (without the nipple clamps and dildos I guess). I could see myself entirely in this if I had been unlucky enough to sink within these Skeptic fags.

How many good men have been lost to this cryptobugman philosophy?

e1302c No.308218


That's what it seems like to me. I think he suspects the alt-right have heavy hitters that would debate him under the table, and so wants to avoid a direct confrontation, so he wants to make videos promoting his particular brand of leftism instead of attacking them. Then again, he's supposedly doing the rematch with Spencer so I don't know what's going on in that waterhead.

62ed6a No.308219


>But what are you going to do about the british loyalists

Didn't they just fled back to British Canada/England, where they regrouped, came back to America, and burned the white house down to the ground in rage?


>Then again, he's supposedly doing the rematch with Spencer so I don't know what's going on in that waterhead.

Hubris. Spencer insulted his intelligence and as a enlightened skeptic he just can't let those multiple slights slide.

45465f No.308220


That was a reaction to America attempting to get the other British colonies into their hands and those "filthy" Catholics out of the New World.

756fe2 No.308223

File: 6927cae41ebae3f⋯.webm (1.17 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sarcuck.webm)

I cut this from the Sargon/Jim stream. Jim absolutely killed Sargon, but the moment he leaves the stream Sargon says (not verbatim):

>He knows he's not right, he's not an idiot.



He's spent his entire JewTube career attacking easy targets (SJWs, feminists, etc.), and even there he has faltered. Now, he's forced by circumstance to move on to more difficult targets. In order to debate these, his entire strategy so far has been

>"You're just like SJWs."

Because then he can just pretend he's already debated them. The

>The Alt-Right are fringe

is just another Saul Alinskyesque excuse for not debating them, or making them seem fringe/extreme so that people will feel queasy about supporting them.

d7c035 No.308224


>Didn't they just fled back to British Canada/England, where they regrouped, came back to America, and burned the white house down to the ground in rage?

That was the war of 1812, and that happened half a century after the fact. Also the soldiers and leadership who lead that campaign and burned down the white house were from British who had never stepped foot in the new world in their entire lives before that. Canadians taking credit for it is WEWUZing

2ecb3f No.308225


You know what they say, repeat a lie a thousand times and the truth will come around to smack your face

60b105 No.308230


Youre right on the money.

He gave a weak ass excuse (too much internet drama) for canceling a discussion on JFs stream and apperently hasn't made any effort towards making it happen.

9b14eb No.308235

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d7c035 No.308237

File: d5ecddd95671e1a⋯.jpg (7.6 KB, 300x300, 1:1, squidward beautiful.jpg)



e1302c No.308238

File: 429c11853a6ad1c⋯.jpg (13.69 KB, 202x125, 202:125, likememe.JPG)

82ace1 No.308239

File: a23e97a24e579be⋯.jpg (52.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 24164256409-500x500.jpg)



df4852 No.308240

File: d4cf40ef8f9ca99⋯.jpg (54.27 KB, 531x471, 177:157, 1423271356852.jpg)


this going to be a great year.

2b3e0d No.308241


>It's the same shit marxists do

Top be fair, at least the Marxists are working with texts that are difficult to intemperate and 1100 pages long.

Meanwhile, Sargon has yet to read anything larger than a pamphlet or more complex than 8th grade civics class required reading.

756fe2 No.308243


Also, Marxists, retarded as they may be, at least stand something other than radical centrism and status quo bias.

83714e No.308244


But Sargon has Loki and Max Paine.

e1302c No.308245


What actually is Locke's political philosophy that Sargon is so enamored with? I'm skimming through his wiki page and it all seems like very basicbitch stuff.

d647e9 No.308247


>a lot of alt-righters think that the Irish, Slavs, Italians, Greeks etc. aren't white.


That's a funny way to spell "/int*/fag shills D&C shilling". The actual "aut-right" and race realists don't pull that shit.

1438bd No.308248


>He knows he's not right, he's not an idiot

The way this fat snake tries to rewrite the debate once his opponent is gone is such slimy horseshit.

He's so right and brilliant but only when there's no opposing arguments nearby

df6369 No.308250


>basicbitch stuff

Sargon in a nutshell. Bet he's never even read half the shit he upholds as some sort of objective truth

c6a2a9 No.308257


Hasn't he been "reading" Mein Kampf for like a year?

77b14c No.308258


Supposedly, I can't wait until he does a video on that. The book's pretty wordy but I'd love to see Sargon think he easily argue against Hitler with his woke liberalist ideology. He better read faster

c6a2a9 No.308259


The youtube shekels really did a number on him. I remember when he was self conscious about even having a patreon let alone running ads. Now everything he says just sounds dodgy and slimy.

baae2a No.308261

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's always been a grubby opportunist.

d7c035 No.308265


That's what happens when you hone your "debate" """skills""" by doing commentary videos where you just play cherrypicked SJWs' videos, pausing after every line to add snark and forced laughter,.


By "reading" he probably means skimming through the book and finding lines he can cherrypick out of context and use as a springboard for "muh horseshoe". While at the same time getting all his ideas about National Socialism from a literal anarchist jew instead. Nothing Sargoy does is in good faith. It's all to further his brand while trying to excise competition.

1438bd No.308266



Even that's being generous. His commentary is just "That's stew-pid" "How can you be so stew-pid" while he takes 40 minutes to read a 2 paragraph article. I ditched him just a hair before all this started because I realized there's a plentiful supply of other youtubers that provide more insightful comment in a more entertaining fashion

7dc886 No.308268


What Sargoy does can't even be called commentary, it's on the level of youtube anime live reaction.

6f639f No.308274

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Liberalist Collectivism - With JF and Millennial Wews

116435 No.308278


>that channel name

absolutely esoteric

62ed6a No.308291

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>(((THOT))) started going on about veganism and how she's a from a family of holocaust survivor, which is not something you should admit when your main audience wants kikes served on a platter

>MW seems to think an ethnostate should be a hugbox of sorts, where even your beliefs should be segregated because they trigger people.

>Johnny Fox called Millenial Woes a sperg and his personal idea of an ethnostate autistic, and the stream ended almost immediately after

Excellent shit.

787f53 No.308294


The only reason that fox guy was on that stream was to fill dead air. He brought absolutely nothing to the table.

3798ac No.308296


That's true for all of them, and for everybody discussed in this thread.

62ed6a No.308297


>The only reason that fox guy was on that stream was to fill dead air. He brought absolutely nothing to the table.

and what did the other two bring to the table other than bitching about how da Ess jay dubyas rule everything(which is something i can get from any video on youtube right now), or those poor chickens getting holocausted OY VEY!!!

The actual chat was shit, and needed more bloodsports like the shit that redneck Fox brought.

5ff257 No.308298

File: 43a7cc896e4d6e6⋯.png (158.78 KB, 1192x292, 298:73, kraut sargon tldr rundown.png)

Sargon seems to be slowly slipping into lowcowdom.

How does /cow/ suspect things will progress over the months? Will Sargon get caught doing shady shit? Will his efforts to fight against 'collectivists' end in failure?

His continued debates are likely to end in him making a fool of himself, but will it be the thing that really ruins him?

787f53 No.308299


Point taken. Guess the reason I zeroed in on him specifically from my 10 minutes of watching was because he was the most blatant and nigger-like of the bunch.

5ff257 No.308304

File: 7041ce23cf2babe⋯.png (22.4 KB, 585x268, 585:268, mister Metokur twitter lau….png)

People take this shit too seriously. You're not allowed to mock a shitty movement, you have to provide constructive criticism. I think they might just be more upset about people laughing at them than the 'collectivists' they're going to be fighting against.

77b14c No.308306


The internet is serious business, anon. No fun allowed

baae2a No.308307


I wanted to hear the answer to the question posed to fox: Who are the Muslims going to vote for? But the stuttering retard had to shout out the people filling his begging cup and finished the stream.

A complete waste of time. They did not even shit talk Sargon that much, which is what the name of the stream hinted at. Just another shekel grab.


He promised activism, but Sargon is a businessman. He's selling a product. He might be able to flog off kekistan shirts to the bulk of his subscribers, but a chunk of his following are going to expect results. That will be his undoing, when enough people start ignoring the giant talking head and take a close look at the pathetic little man behind the curtain. He's not prepared for real political action.

62ed6a No.308308


I think it really depends on how hard he gets smacked down by alt-righters in the coming debates, if mike enoch or spencer completely roast his ass again, it might just be enough to drive him off the deep end, completely. Otherwise he's just going to fade into obscurity along the other Milquetoast skeptics.

7dc886 No.308309

I hope the Soyfather invested his internet shekels wisely. He wouldn't want to leave his wife and wife's daughter homeless, paying alimony on a burger flipper wage is hard.

d7c035 No.308310


Sargon is absolutely a lolcow in the making. His weakness is vanity/hubris, and he absolutely cannot stand when he gets the piss taken out of him. Whether it's someone like Spencer casually insulting his intelligence or just random shitposts on twitter/4chan/youtube/etc. He has the hallmark trait of a lolcow in his lack of self-awareness and innate need to double down on his shit every time.

As for predictions, he's done. Maybe not immediately, but this is the inflection point. It's all downhill from here and he'll fade into irrelevance. Just like the Atheism+ faggots did over time. The question is whether he goes out in a blaze of hilarity like Kraut self-destructing, or if he just slowly loses credibility and views/money. I predict significant loses in all metrics within a year, and that he'll still trudge along but with much less attention paid to him, akin to Amazing Banana.

d647e9 No.308313


Is kekistan shit still selling? I might get into that to try to make some cash.

baae2a No.308316


>Don't be an individualist, Jim. Join my collective.

77b14c No.308317


I think Kekistan is on its way out, but you might be able to get some cash from it. Keep an eye on this liberalist meme and if it actually goes some where sell some cheap shit and make bank off retards

75f509 No.308318



Just grab a bunch of kekistan shirts from the discount bin, write "liberalist" over kek/kekistan/etc., and resell them.

9b7684 No.308324


>Sargon is absolutely a lolcow in the making

I think responding to getting B.TFO in a debate by founding a new political movement that basically reads like something Tony Blair or Jeb Bush would found pretty much tips him over into lolcow category.

d7c035 No.308326


It's Atheism+ all over again.


5ff257 No.308329


>if mike enoch or spencer completely roast his ass again, it might just be enough to drive him off the deep end, completely

What do you mean by 'drive him off the deep end' exactly? Is Sargon gonna start streaming on the streams or get super personal in his attacks?

62ed6a No.308332


>What do you mean by 'drive him off the deep end' exactly? Is Sargon gonna start streaming on the streams or get super personal in his attacks?

The latter really, but i think he might be stupid enough to go all the way do a Kraut and Tea 2: Electric doxaloo, thinking that it'll work out better this time, since he's smarter and more enlightened than kraut, after all.

2b3e0d No.308335


>Tony Blair

Oh my god. Beyond fucking true. Sargon wants it to be 1995 again.

83714e No.308343


>A complete waste of time. They did not even shit talk Sargon that much, which is what the name of the stream hinted at. Just another shekel grab.

I haven't finished the whole video. Even JF managed to annoy me, like him complimenting Sargon's decision to go full retard with his Liberalist Collective. It might be that JF is supporting Sargon in this because he knows it's a bad idea, and JF wants to see Sargon self-destruct, though.

JF gained a lot of respect from me since he was instrumental in bringing down Kraut, but usually in debates and discussions he's just way too polite and neutral. He lacks edge. I like his videos more when he is just by himself shitting on somebody else's shitty arguments.

83aa4e No.308344


There wasn't much meat on the bone this time. It was about to get good and they ended it and said go on kumite and MW just went "Yeah… I'll think about it" AKA no.

2853d3 No.308345


Holy shit! I just realised that (around 20 minutes) Sargon is saying things like

>"Of course you're a Liberal(TM) Jim. You believe in private property access to markets, individual rights."

Never mind that that's so vague that most SJWs and Alt-Righters would agree completely (perhaps a commie or two would disagree on private property and a market). This is exactly what feminists do when they say

>"Why aren't you a feminist? Don't you think women should have rights/are people to? Because if you do, you're a feminist."

I'd say a lot of Soygoy's

>The Alt-Right is just like SJWs

is probably just projection. This would be one example.

333281 No.308346


sargon tried to coin the term 'sargon's law' to mean when an sjw accuses you of something, they are more likely to be guilty of that themselves. ie. renaming projection to suit his ego.

Ironic that he would become the embodiment of his own law.

e6fa05 No.308347


Horseshoe theory lets them ignore that they act the same as those on the opposite side to the one they are criticizing. Look at how he "debunks" SJWs. It's the same as what the alt right does to both him and them.

2853d3 No.308348


>Ironic that he would become the embodiment of his own law.

I hope that Jim makes a video about him. He's certainly earned it, especially after his

>He knows he's not right, he's not an idiot.

comment (see >>308223 ), and I think he'll flip out completely if we get

>Tales of Traut Part 5: Liberalists Rising


I used to watch Sargon a long time ago, when his channel (and ego) was much smaller. Back then many of his videos were quite OK.

The first thing I remember him saying which I really reacted negatively to was that some SJW he was debating was wrong because he was a "collectivist". He didn't define the term or explain why it was intrinsically bad. The SJW replied in a video by saying (amongst other things) that Sargon was also a collectivist in certain circumstances because he believed in unions. Sargon dismissed this by saying that unions weren't collectivist because they wanted to benefit the workers, i.e. individuals, but that's true for all collectives.

So even the low-hanging fruit he used to pick was to difficult for him. Or at the very least it became so when he started critiquing it from an ideological perspective, rather than just pointing out the scientific errors SJWs so often make.

2ecb3f No.308351


I think there's no underboss.

I think that we are looking at a cheap chinese knockoff of the Roman Senate.

e1302c No.308353

File: ddf68b58eca84a7⋯.webm (218.75 KB, 384x288, 4:3, every sargon video ever.webm)


What, you don't like him pausing videos mid-sentence to fake-laugh at someone saying the word "cisgender"?

df4852 No.308356

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2853d3 No.308363

File: 030f54f98e91113⋯.jpg (59.93 KB, 494x807, 494:807, 1.jpg)

File: 81baf395c9bfa71⋯.png (259.64 KB, 1077x519, 359:173, 2.png)

File: 996bfc57d28df3d⋯.png (93.27 KB, 508x501, 508:501, 3.png)

Hey, guys, guess who doesn't look like a retard!

e1302c No.308364


>universal rights and individual freedom

What do these phrases even refer to? The freedom to suck dick? The universal right to a home (unless you're white)? What is he babbling about? It sounds like the equivalent of saying "I'M ANTI WAR AND PRO HAPPINESS".

Something that gets me about Sargon's position on the ethnostate is how he considers creating it a "futile attempt". His dream of every in-group in the world giving up playing for their team to instead fight for liberalistism is far more sensible. I'm sure muslims will be trading their scimitars for Loki essays any day now. Wanting to create a state that encourages a white majority, though? Pfff, what an insane collectivist pipe dream.

d7c035 No.308365


The best part about the whole "collective of individualists" thing is how he autistically spergs out and feels the need to go into his retarded definitions every time someone laughs at him for this.


rights/freedom are vague terms that mean different things to everyone. It's why I absolutely cannot stand when people say "I'm for freedom!"

To a progressive, freedom means focusing on the paradox of tolerance, and silencing straight white males because their oppression makes everyone else less-free.

To a marxist, freedom means seizing everyone's property and redistributing it, because being poor limits your freedom and what you can do and achieve in life

To a libertarian, freedom means open markets and lack of governmental law, as if massive unaccountable corporations with the effective power of states limiting your rights is instead totally okay.

Anyone who says they're "pro-freedom" or "pro-rights" or anything like is basically just saying "side with me because my ideas are good!"

83714e No.308366


When will the Liberalists start defooing their families for not being Individualistic™ enough? Place your bets now.

77b14c No.308370


>feudal ethnostate

Why is he strawmanning Spencer so hard? I guess believing in hierarchy means feudalism durrr

a31c8c No.308372

File: af5089e16f53e45⋯.jpg (70.5 KB, 1195x646, 1195:646, Collecivism is bad.flv Par….jpg)


Sargon has disappeared up his own asshole with smug. If it's not okay to say 'fuck white people' then why does he also not care if white people die out in the future? How can you claim to be against the Ess Jay Dubbleyoos but also have no interest in preserving the people they hate the most? He's operating on at least 3 levels of autism and cognitive dissonance. His ideological inconsistency is hilarious and cringey to watch at the same time.

e1302c No.308374


I suspect Sargon is a very childish and petty man. This is all armchair psychology though, so bear with me.

I think his disagreement with white nationalism and muh alt right isn't an ideological one. It's a personal one. I think he always held that "akshually i'm 1/8th black" over people's heads and it made him feel special. For /pol/ and to a lesser extent the alt-right, but leftists don't make the distinction between them it's just a way to make fun of him. The alt-right has also been calling him stupid for a while now. Obviously Spencer did it better than any youtube comment ever did, and I suspect that was a real blow to his ego; he could dismiss random youtube commenters as dumb racist trolls, but when a personality like Spencer does it, it smarts. Think what you will about Spencer, but he gets airtime and articles written about him. Sargon considers himself in that rung of the social ladder, or at least deserving of it.

That's just my theory, but it's backed up by some of the contradictions in his ideology. He says he doesn't care if the white race dies out, because he won't be alive anyway, yet if you asked him about islam or communism he'd say WE MUST PUT A STOP TO IT OR THE FUTURE WILL BE MARXIST-ISLAMIST.

I think the reason he specifically has it out for white nationalists is because they don't give him the respect he feels he deserves. Not only that, but they ridicule him as a tubby neckbearded faggot. That to him is a mortal sin, and so his whole vendetta against white nationalism is just petty revenge for not taking him seriously.

2853d3 No.308376


>"akshually i'm 1/8th black"

I thought it was 1/4?

I've heard him say that his dad actually is 1/2 black, but is there any actual evidence that this is true? Is he only virtuesignaling (as far as we know)?

The only evidence I've found that Sargon's father is 1/2 black is that he grew up with a single mother.

a31c8c No.308379

File: 032b65bf71a9db5⋯.jpg (263.5 KB, 1065x669, 355:223, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen a….jpg)



The octaroon/quadroon shit has always made me laugh because I don't think you would find many card carrying members of the 'alt right' that would have quadroons/octaroons as their cut-off point for 'not allowed'. Thought experiment: it's quite obvious from looking at Skeptic™ Robert Baratheon that he's white enough to pass muster, and even if he we were made an exception of, his hypothetical child in a White Ethnostate™ would be 1/8th or 1/16th which is less than the Nuremberg laws.

He is, as you're saying, using it as an excuse to appear speshul for his Liberalist label - because there is no way that this fucker with his cringey interests, hobbies, nasal twaa voice and ideology is anything but white.

d7c035 No.308381




He's not black at all. He LARPs as mixed-race as a pathetic attempt to deflect SJW accusations of racism. He's like Americans who LARP as being 1/8th cherokee. He should constantly be lampooned for this until he eventually posts a 23&me AND shows documents of his family tree that prove his grandfather is a nigger.

a31c8c No.308384

File: 1459d4bb3e927a8⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1140x1808, 285:452, mulignans.png)


And that shit will definitely show up; anyone else see that documentary on ancestry where the quadroon woman julaying it did 23andme and got like 33% black?

e1302c No.308385

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sargon 2018: Race doesn't exist. Wanting to live with your own race is bigoted and impossible. I don't care if white people die out.

Sargon 2015: Behavior is tied to your genes. Your race determines whether you have a propensity for certain behaviors. I look Aryan.

a31c8c No.308386


Why do all of these people ignore how tribalistically every group but whites vote? What, do they think they'll convince non-whites to become Liberalists? The height of irony is the fact that the very society they envisage as their utopia is impossible without a very large white majority. There is a reason Uganda is not a Liberalist society free of hate.

a4e5e6 No.308387


Wow I can't believe how bigoted you are, we'll just tell Abdul and Rakeem that they should read Loki and Anal Pain instead of the Quran and in about a year they'll all be enlightened atheists who'll make their living making stupid Youtube commentaries where they read newspapers and make snarky comments every 2 lines about how wacky those es jay dubyaz are!

e1302c No.308388


What I've seen happen time and time again is the same multi-step transformation.

>i don't like people nosing into my life and telling me what to do. that's why i'm a liberal!

>man, these liberals keep telling me what to do. i desire freedom and individuality. i'll become a libertarian! small government woo!

>man, it seems like only white people want freedom from the overarching arm of the government. non-whites overwhelmingly vote for bigger government… maybe we need a white-only nation…

That's when people tend to diverge. Some turn alt-right, at which point they may become more and more radical as they finally start reading about race and becoming less offended by the implications. Some decide, "No no, we're just not welcoming enough to the blacks. We're not showing them how to be BASED enough. Our messaging needs fine-tuning. We need to placate them and compromise with them" so they end up cucked as fuck and opening their assholes in shows of solidarity with faggots or whatever.

The fact that Sargoon hasn't even gotten past liberal is telling. To me it means he's a hard leftist. An anon further up suggested he's all about comfort. He just wants to be comfy and drink his dessert wines and nap. He's a lemming who's convinced himself he's a leader.

d7c035 No.308390


consequentialism and is-ought fallacy. They argue from a POV of what they want things to be like, rather than accepting things for how they truly are.

a31c8c No.308391


Yeah, I think you've summarised it nicely - I think my main problem with these 'skeptics' is that they think that if they close their eyes and wish really hard the world will be like they want it to be rather than how it is.

It's like they've all caught Down Syndrome and misunderstood what 'be the change you want to see' means/

d7c035 No.308392

File: 3e999266a1d20da⋯.png (487.89 KB, 600x450, 4:3, dune pepe.png)


They think that if they snort enough melange and squeeze their brains hard enough, they'll be able to fold space and reshape the universe into their perfect world using purely reason and rationalism.

5c7e5c No.308403

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fun fact: I was posting this video of a guy saying exactly the same since last year, because gamergays and revoltards wanted to piss away their time with going after Sargon. Also turns out that he got duped. One person under the apology video related to this one theorize that it could have been CRP.

db1036 No.308407


>Problem is Sargon is more clever and manipulative and less emotionally driven than Kraut

Didn't he spam a bunch of cuckold porn on his twatter because someone called him a quadroon?

5c7e5c No.308409


It was gay interracial black porn.

756fe2 No.308411



That's some top tier puppeteering right there.

baae2a No.308414

File: 37fd06f78ccc87c⋯.png (130.09 KB, 488x505, 488:505, join_my_collective.png)

He has a facebook group now.

baae2a No.308415

File: 8d953d2d36a37e3⋯.jpg (22.19 KB, 520x520, 1:1, morpheus.jpg)

>So you're telling me that I'm white?

>No Sargon. I'm trying to tell you that when the time comes, it won't even matter.

ce9745 No.308419


Tell us how it goes if you get in

00938e No.308420


I almost feel like making a Kikebook just to fuck with this

00938e No.308422

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Sargon believes anti-Trump fanfiction to be true now and reviewing it for £££ because it's relevant

Sargon's tumbling down pretty fast. He'll need a seperate thread before long

756fe2 No.308423


>There is no evidence of what the book says but I think it's true

Apparently innocent until proven guilty isn't part of the classical enlightenment values incorporated into the Liberalist ideology.

77b14c No.308424


>Trump knows nothing about politics! THIS SHOULD SURPRISE NO ONE

Sargon showing his true colors

1af6b5 No.308425


It's gonna be funny watching Jew wife and his people tear this apart.

77b14c No.308428

File: 33ee5265936f503⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 480x480, 1:1, LIBERALIST.jpg)

File: e0fbb4c5122eb15⋯.png (21.13 KB, 934x206, 467:103, liberal.PNG)

How is the reddit post I posted any different from other basic bitch liberals?

Also, a live stream with a lot of Sargon bootlickers and Sargon himself. It's really LARPy

77b14c No.308429

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Forgot link

1af6b5 No.308431


>he's still sperging over the 'group of individualists' meme

This is going to be fun

Also I find it hilarious that Sargon is larping as an Ancap when he supports taxing people for the NHS and other socialist shit.

83714e No.308432


>Opposition to discrimination based on sex, gender, race, ethnicity.

So were I to create a Tinder profile where I say I seek White and Asian women, I cannot be a Liberalist, since I discriminate against male niggers, for instance.

62ed6a No.308433

>Vee, Neckbeard, Soygoy, Furfag Rags, the french drone and another neckbeard

>almost immediately the French faggot calls libertarians a joke as if completely unaware of how retarded liberalist is

77b14c No.308434

Let's see who we have in this chat:

>30-something childless Romanian man who constantly masturbates to hentai and vore who is supposedly a doctor but is always on Steam and makes multiple YouTube videos a day

>Sargon, a fat pseud stepfather

>Louis Le Vau, a 27 year old who advocates for a white/asian racial-merger and spergs against white-women all the time.

>some furry


62ed6a No.308436


>>Louis Le Vau, a 27 year old who advocates for a white/asian racial-merger and spergs against white-women all the time.

So a left leaning version of /pol/?

77b14c No.308437

LMFAO did they just say they think they can get Tulsi Gabbard to sign onto their Internet LARP movement?

2ecb3f No.308438

So Sargon after getting shoved around for a bit has to build a hugbox

756fe2 No.308439


Their entire philosophy is so shallow. They bandy around vague pleasantries like "freedom this" and "personal that", but they don't include any definitions or value judgements that tell you what happens if these rights clash against each other.

For example, what happens if I want to use my freedom of association to discriminate based on sex, gender, race or ethnicity on my lawfully acquired property?

62ed6a No.308440


>A few days after the jim stream a hugbox happens

This is rather slow for sargon, after the spencer stream he had a hugbox going almost immediately with vee and some other faggot.

e1302c No.308441


Powerhouse of political discourse if I've ever seen one.


Isn't that duginism? /pol/ seems to hate asians. They just give nips a pass because of anime.

e1302c No.308442

<we need to get the groundwork first, you don't start with policy

Weren't they sperging at Spencer for not outlining his exact plan?

60b710 No.308443

File: 5ebe0b9fcba5268⋯.gif (489.26 KB, 500x290, 50:29, 489826523.gif)

77b14c No.308444


>It's not wrong when we do it, goy

62ed6a No.308445

File: 4d2c53caf5d55ff⋯.gif (529.14 KB, 420x396, 35:33, 4d2c53caf5d55ff42936f2de56….gif)

>Nickbeard with the mario star avatar is for communists in America running for power

1af6b5 No.308446

Someone should ask whether they'll let people who support race realism but believe in individual rights into their movement.


It's just Sargon and bootlickers. No-one with self-respect would join something that's so blatantly a personality cult.

62ed6a No.308447


>Someone should ask whether they'll let people who support race realism but believe in individual rights into their movement.

I would, but i get the impression that they only listen to shekelchats, and that's a big NO.

77b14c No.308448




When will they realize that democracy is the blind Jewish worship of numberrs

e1302c No.308449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Enoch on Warski, JF live in "studio"

1af6b5 No.308450

This is too funny. They're now refusing to deal with hypothetical problems with their ideal state, in particular how to deal with subversion.

This is exactly what Sargon tried to 'gotcha' Spencer with in the debate.

Sargon even just conceded that he wouldn't have absolute freedom of speech, it was just a principle. But in the debate, he seized on Spencer saying that he would prevent freedom of speech if it was external and was threatening the existence of state and turned it into 'SPENCER IS A COLLECTIVIST WHO HATES FREE SPEECH!'

77b14c No.308451

>what should our principles be?

>hurr idk man but whatever gives us the most freedumbs

e1302c No.308452


Nevermind, Enoch isn't in yet.


I think I can even hear in his voice the realization that this was exactly what he said to Spencer. For a second it sounded like he realized this wasn't going to be as cut and dry as he thought.

1af6b5 No.308453


The leftist hall monitor is boring. All he knows is that if he gets the opponent to agree to racism/antisemitism then he wins.

He's already going into 'what is a race' tactical nihilism after trying to bully Andy

77b14c No.308454

>um, I'm not creating a manifesto

Good luck getting support or any following, Soygoy. If you're not gonna put any work into it, you're not gonna get any results

1438bd No.308459

File: aca18babb543e6e⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 201x137, 201:137, 1354229514252.gif)


>expecting consistency from Alinksy-ites

980058 No.308460

File: 12d0bfd9d3497a0⋯.jpg (49.37 KB, 620x606, 310:303, 1514840157601.jpg)


This destroyed my sides

cf90d8 No.308461


Is there any place I can read the book? I've always been curious about it

77b14c No.308462


I found it on libgen.io, the Stalag translation is the best one you can find imo.


d647e9 No.308465

>past bump limit (which should be 750 anyway)

>still posting in the same thread instead of making a new one

Is it a different crowd that covers this topic or something? I just find it weird how shit topics like Josh immediately jump threads as soon as that final bumpable post appears but these still go while the thread slides down the catalog and nobody makes a new thread to keep it up on the first page. Just a noticeable disconnect from the usual behavior.


Did you just pull that out of your ass? What are you basing that fake statement on?

e1302c No.308466

>timed out for mentioning Mugabe

cf90d8 No.308467


Thanks mang.

6ff3f4 No.308468



4fa27f No.308469

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Academic Sperg vs David Cedarwood is gonna start soon.

980058 No.308470

Looks like they argue to retake constantinople.

Good desu

bfe8ac No.308471


e1302c No.308472


Mike said "whites don't immigrate to nonwhite countries enmasse", commie said "BUT SOUTH AFRICA", I said Mugabe is begging for whites to come back after kicking them out. Placed in timeout.

bfe8ac No.308473

Ah fuck me they set up rules n sheeit.

83714e No.308474


There's slow mode. You can't spam comments consecutively.

1af6b5 No.308475

The commie and 'progressive' are honestly retarded.

I thought the commie was just going to spring gotchas on Mike about all the stuff he said about gassing Jews after the stuff he said about listening to the show at the beginning. That at least would have been clever and offputting to normies. Instead he tried to hit the strongest points that have been dealt with hundreds of times, like 'Irish people weren't considered white'.

The Aussie is clearly in over his head has no arguments apart from passive-aggressive snark

e1302c No.308476


Could have been that, but I wasn't typing very fast.


The aussie is painful to listen to. He hasn't said anything relevant or interesting since the stream started.

1af6b5 No.308478

Commie said that the fourteen words are fascist;

'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children'

Just accidentally conceded that 'fascist' = pro-white

bc2a94 No.308479


I think they consider that a win.

1af6b5 No.308480


Shame Mike tripped up on the much easier question about fascism. He could have just said that capitalism is best suited for the US (like GLR did) but instead he sperged out a bit.

bc2a94 No.308481


That's because he doesn't know shit about the commander. He's some pseudo lolberg faggot.

e1302c No.308482

>i'm not calling you a fascist mike, but anyone who's pro-white is a fascist and you are also a nazi unless you disavow hitler and jump through these hoops

Oh great, now they want to talk about how antifa are the real fascists. I'm starting to see why Jim is so bored of internet politics. Every debate is the same.

bc2a94 No.308483


bc2a94 No.308484


Yeah but at least we get bloodsports out of this one. The fact that none of them have read mussolini or hitler and don't understand third way makes it all the more amusing.

bc2a94 No.308485

Oh jesus christ he's conceeding points to them. Does he expect them to act in good faith and respond in kind?

6ff3f4 No.308486

File: 18fd2dc61ebe5b8⋯.mp4 (478.32 KB, 576x360, 8:5, 9nWBMoYpJC7PV-9L.mp4)

That moment when you realise you were wrong about the Thots among your ranks.

bc2a94 No.308487


Ah, I was hoping someone would clip that 4th gen holohoax survivor shit. Cheers.

83714e No.308488


Fucking hilarious.

MW's expression.

I can't stop laughing.

1af6b5 No.308489


>claims she was 2% Jewish

>4th generation Holocaust survivor

Intelligence of a thot

bc2a94 No.308490


When I saw that live I was chuckling pretty hard at MW's reaction.

5c7e5c No.308491

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Autistic screeching at me and this video in 3…2…

baae2a No.308492

bc2a94 No.308494


Kek. They know they have no principles.

77b14c No.308495

File: 308b08058d114a0⋯.png (45.84 KB, 785x546, 785:546, lmfao.PNG)


The memes right themselves here


bc2a94 No.308497

>Alt-right mass shooters

>Heather Heyer

My fucking sides.

1af6b5 No.308498


The British and Australian guy are genuinely retarded

bc2a94 No.308499


I apologize for not having nuked melbourne yet.

1af6b5 No.308500

File: 422e739c191e203⋯.png (146.76 KB, 290x227, 290:227, JF having fun.PNG)

JF is loving the bloodsports today

baae2a No.308501


I'm Australian and the guy talks like a fag.

bc2a94 No.308502

2ecb3f No.308504


Shit, there's too many spergstreams

I can't follow this much autism.

980058 No.308505

File: 4ca99ddd744b833⋯.jpg (24.68 KB, 620x347, 620:347, 1513769492293.jpg)


It's ok cunt,i just hope you don't live near there,from what I read last month you had nigger bands,muslim driving incidents etc etc

bc2a94 No.308506

>Terrorist apologist

Fuck me hahahaha.

1af6b5 No.308507

This British guy with Enoch is hilarious

333281 No.308508


he's new zealand, not australian.

5ff257 No.308509

File: a76b96672249ae1⋯.png (489.37 KB, 2518x1024, 1259:512, virgin gun owner vs chad s….png)


>trying to ruin the chad meme


bc2a94 No.308510


Nah FNQ. Best place on the east coast.

bc2a94 No.308512

Did anyone screencap JF's smile just then? I missed it.

1af6b5 No.308513


It's Kekistan 2.0

e1302c No.308514

>Tim: cuck faggot centrist mischling with nothing to add but self-deprecating white jokes, KICK

>Bronx: a little too stupid but was at least heated, keep if he gets better mic

>Mike: brought the heat, need to see more, keep

>Kevin: had nothing, never seen him make a stream better, KICK

bc2a94 No.308515


I found kevin to be adding fuel to enoch's fire. He got the fucking engines revving pretty hard with his snarky shit.

21f81a No.308516


Tbh I would make a bunch of 5th generation holoacaust survivors with her, if you catch my drift.

c6a53e No.308517


tbc - to be cucked

1af6b5 No.308518


>Kevin: had nothing, never seen him make a stream better, KICK

He made this stream so much better

e1302c No.308520



Only at the end, although I guess he wasn't on for very long.

bc2a94 No.308521

File: 685317c5cdd88c3⋯.gif (89.56 KB, 491x491, 1:1, this post (2).gif)

Fuck me, stuck my finger joint in a ceiling fan and didn't break the skin, not as behind as I thought in my training.


Pic related

c6a2a9 No.308524


>freedom of association

can i choose to only associate with huwhites

2ecb3f No.308525


That's how they bait you to their side

83714e No.308526


I found the Antifa guy most relatable. I hate Antifa, Commies, and the guy seemed somewhat autistic, but at least he appeared genuine in doing what he believes. The other lefties were just sad attention whores, and Kike Eunuch is a Jew, with a fag hag LGBT Jew wife, playing a White Nationalist.

bc2a94 No.308527


Only if you pay the 6 million dollar fee. Just 60 million goy and you can hang out with us cool kids for only the cheap one time offer of 600 million. So are you going to give us that cheap fee of 6 billion?

e1302c No.308528


No, that would be collectivist. You're only allowed to associate with who our group deems acceptable. Here, listen to this gypsy furfag define individualism and you'll understand.

1af6b5 No.308529


>imagine the man who hates his mother and so believes all women are untrustworthy

Subtle attack on Moly

bc2a94 No.308530


Nah he defoo'd already, he doesn't have a mother because his cult has purified him of the sin of actually having familial bonds.

d647e9 No.308531


>ruin a meme

>that was cuckchan shit in the first place

That's like complaining about someone ruining one of those reddit image macros, like the guy in the backwards faggot looking hat.

df4852 No.308532

File: 1fef6b340952ef6⋯.jpg (54.03 KB, 225x237, 75:79, FRENCH CO-HOST.jpg)

c6a2a9 No.308533


He's contradicting all of his autism from the first Spencer "debate". What argument will he possibly have left.

bc2a94 No.308534


Cheers cunt.

9b7684 No.308535


Read this


By what it says plainly and what it emphasizes that's completely what it is. Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Jeb Bush would fall in love with this platform.

77b14c No.308536


B-but this is our new, radical ideology! Watch out fascists!

df4852 No.308537

So how did this debate with Enoch go? I only came in at the end, gonna watch it again later.

From what I saw he was bantzing pretty well.

bc2a94 No.308539


I came in at the end as well, rewatching it in a sec cause the catlin stream is all bones and no meat. Was expecting more bloodsports when I posted it.

bc2a94 No.308541

Fuck me it's hot and like 100% humidity as usual.

d7c035 No.308544


4th generation holocaust survivor? That's like saying I'm a 4th generation war veteran. Except at least my grandfather's service actually happened.

04ad26 No.308545


Mate, I'm a farkin 4th gen santa's elf.

04ad26 No.308547

Anyone got something to watch that isn't buffering atm?

04ad26 No.308549

File: 80f9723c9c1933e⋯.png (11.75 KB, 483x357, 23:17, No principles.png)

Also, capped this.

5ff257 No.308550


They're Jews who want more money and sympathy for the 'hardships' of their grandparents. She's less than shit in my opinion, hope she never returns.

d7c035 No.308551

File: 9f95ea6c6d2edbb⋯.jpg (25.78 KB, 480x480, 1:1, pepe ponder.jpg)


>white nationalists need to have every bit of minutiae detailed out for a theoretical future ethnostate before even raising awareness of any issues, and aren't allowed to hash things out in the future or take things on a case by case basis

>liberalists+ just get to have vague principles and can figure it out as they go

e1302c No.308552


Andy stopped it once it started getting good. It was pretty dull for the most part, just rehashing arguments both sides have already heard a million times.

04ad26 No.308553


HAHAHA I didn't even pick up on this cause I was watching the stream at the time.

04ad26 No.308554

File: 2663cd0a3350e6e⋯.jpg (19.29 KB, 217x320, 217:320, JUST.jpg)

Fuck me watching the sargon stream atm and he just said JUST about 4 times in a row.

04ad26 No.308555


~13:30 timestamp if anyone wants to clip it.

df4852 No.308557


someone should do a highlight reel.

df4852 No.308558

we also need a new thread.

04ad26 No.308559


Seems pretty much done buffering. Let's grab timestamps for the highlights into a pastebin or something.

d7c035 No.308560


If this keeps up, we might get a Trout Part 5: Sargon Edition.


Make the thread about Sargon. He's 100% a lolcow now.

77b14c No.308561


>Trout Part 5: Sargon Edition.

We're well on our way

04ad26 No.308562

I cbf making the new thread. Making a highlight timestamp list tho.

04ad26 No.308564

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just saw this.

04ad26 No.308565


Fuck me he moves his shoulders like a high school girl with a crush.

d7c035 No.308567

File: 7702f27f4f7b4fd⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 480x267, 160:89, hail victory spencer.gif)

df4852 No.308569


he's very theatrical.

04ad26 No.308570


"Theatrical" sounds like "Fabulous" to me.

e1302c No.308572



c6a2a9 No.308617


I can hear Sargon's autistic screeching already

2853d3 No.308797



Tbh I'd make a 0th generation holoacaust survivors with her, if you catch my drift.

1a370a No.309497


None of which applies to CRP, who DID broadcast his real name on a large news organization.

1a370a No.309499


Plato picked a fight with Diogenes

1a370a No.309508


I can't wait for that little avatar to get Shadman'd.

115912 No.436866

Bumping to cause unnecessary chaos

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