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82f84f No.308571

Last thread: http://archive.is/Fo97i

Basic summary:

>JF is still suing Destiny

>Kilroy is still kill


>Sargon begins his anti-collectivist crusade by starting the Liberalists™, basically a rebranding of the skeptics

>Jim shits all over it, calls it cringy, Sargon gets hurt feelings

>Upcoming Spencer vs Sargon rematch

>possible Mike Enoch vs Sargon on the horizon?

Seems like the next arc in this saga is going to be Sargon-centered. Place your bets on what will be the thing that finally destroys him.

Very first of his planned "Liberalist community" streams embedded. Full of autism.

plz edit mods if this is shittily formatted, don't make threads often but everyone else was being lazy

0bfa4e No.308574


0bfa4e No.308576


I was wondering what the fuck that filter was for.

I'm fucking slow god damn.

d143bb No.308578



What is that filter for?

808988 No.308579

Sargon Stream timestamps;

1;05 (approx.) Sargon rejects hypotheticals or spelling out every principle (even though he demanded that in the debate) and concedes that he would compromise on free speech in some situations. They say this is just a matter for pragmatism.

1;24 - Vee rejects self-determination because of Romanian nationalism. Sargon says he doesn't really care about national self-determination

Throughout he makes fun of an-caps because they don't want taxes. He doesn't seem to see any contradiction between this and individualism.

82f84f No.308581

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Video of Jim vs Sargon over Sargon's new cult.


Blown the fuck out.

d143bb No.308582



2409f5 No.308583

File: e0fbb4c5122eb15⋯.png (21.13 KB, 934x206, 467:103, liberal.PNG)

File: 308b08058d114a0⋯.png (45.84 KB, 785x546, 785:546, lmfao.PNG)

How the fuck is this shit different from basic bitch liberalism with an -ist suffix tacked onto the "liberal" part?

0bfa4e No.308584

808988 No.308585

I genuinely do not understand the discussion at 1;39 onwards of the Sargon stream. They say they're against white nationalism because it is 'group rights' (which they don't define). But then they all say they are in favour of nations, just that only the citizen/non-citizen distinction matters.

But then what's the objection to a state if only white people were the citizens?

3ccebd No.308586

File: 0e4bcb5e0241433⋯.png (351.11 KB, 600x600, 1:1, sargon wojak.png)

>White nationalists are required to have a drafted constitution and hash out all the tiniest of minutiae about specific policy matters in the ethnostate even though they're still in the stage of raising awareness, and they're not allowed to say they'll figure specifics out later or take things on a case by case basis

>But WE get to just have vague outlines and principles of Liberalistism+ and we'll figure out the specifics on a case by case basis later on.

Anyone catch this shit on Sargoy's fart-huffing stream?

82f84f No.308587


>"individualism" refers to the principle of the primacy of the individual in society, rather than the primacy of the group

>a doctrine that the interests of the individual are or ought to be ethically paramount

You could argue that the white ethnostate advocates are individualists, and thus want to live in a state full of only others with the same values and goals as themselves so the society will run as smoothly as possible. That way every individual's interests will be naturally sought. Fuck, you could argue that the Marxists are individualists if you wanted to. Did Sargon write this? Just how dumb is he?

2409f5 No.308588

File: 3f6b034828dcc5a⋯.png (102.99 KB, 773x738, 773:738, Arguments Mein Kampf Jews.PNG)


dde7a8 No.308589


Gimme a timestamp, I'm up to 51 mins but running at 1.5x so might have missed shit if someone wants to run over it with me. Think my ID just changed.

808988 No.308590


>tfw ywn watch a livestream of Hitler b t f o-ing jews on a livestream while Warski reads superchats and a chubby Frenchman giggles

c88cc6 No.308591

From the previous thread:


>rights/freedom are vague terms that mean different things to everyone. It's why I absolutely cannot stand when people say "I'm for freedom!"


>To a progressive, freedom means focusing on the paradox of tolerance, and silencing straight white males because their oppression makes everyone else less-free.


>To a marxist, freedom means seizing everyone's property and redistributing it, because being poor limits your freedom and what you can do and achieve in life


>To a libertarian, freedom means open markets and lack of governmental law, as if massive unaccountable corporations with the effective power of states limiting your rights is instead totally okay.


>Anyone who says they're "pro-freedom" or "pro-rights" or anything like is basically just saying "side with me because my ideas are good!"

This is what really gets me. All these lofty ideals are so empty and vague, they would apply to pretty much every political system in history. You could take a time machine to 1930s Germany and ask a literal Nazi if he agrees with these principles, and he would say yes.

Sargon is full of shit, that is why he cannot define any concrete goals. All the "liberalist" ideals are basically just saying "We're the good guys". It's all just a bunch of nobodies who have never achieved anything in life getting together to jerk each other off and smell their own farts.

dde7a8 No.308592


Found it.

51:45 Sargon pretending not to have head up own arse(->52:50)

2409f5 No.308594


It was never said out as directly as the post you're replying says, but Sargon repeatedly brushed off stay and said things like


or said he wasn't gonna bother writing up a manifesto for the movement and just wanted principles


Fuck that would be wonderful to watch

dde7a8 No.308595


Yeah, I found a timestamp that was pretty close tho.

61108e No.308596


that would be amazing. imagine Hitler go full force against Sarcuck, or getting a superchat asking him are traps gay?

43aa6f No.308597


They literally said on stream the reason why it's called "liberalist" instead of "liberalism" is because liberal has a negative connotation now. That's why he dropped classical liberal as his title.

dde7a8 No.308598

58:10 Sargon would be illiberal to solve problems(->58:35)

Fuck me this one is good.

82f84f No.308599


>i seenk what heetler is tryink to say is zat ze jew iz not actink in ze interests of ze german population

>o-o-ok hi-hitler, you're talking over schlomo a little bit, but i'm ju-just gonna pound through some superchats real quick, MussoliniWuzEre88 donates 100 euros and says, "THIS MOSHE GUY IS A CUCKFAG also get Goebbels on next time" thanks Mussolini

61108e No.308601


"freedom" on its own means nothing. it has to be qualified. freedom for, freedom to''.

They don't qualify it because this allows the audience to read into it anything they like, so they assume that when Sargoy talks about "freedom" he means the same thing they do.

Obama's "change" bullshit was the same concept.

2409f5 No.308602

File: 5c4f8f809e7c4dc⋯.png (85.24 KB, 662x851, 662:851, basic bitch.PNG)

File: 6cf420910e7d767⋯.png (83.52 KB, 721x874, 721:874, radical.PNG)

>when you're movement's so radical 95% of society already agrees with your platform because it's so vague and basic



61108e No.308603


fucked up the italics. i'm a nigger

3ccebd No.308604


It wasn't any specific timestamp, it was the general premise of the stream and of their group. Especially during the part where they're talking about the limits of free speech and freedom of association, they specifically said they don't need to make specifics yet, and that they can take things on a case-by-case basis.

This is despite Sargon's entire premise during the Spencer debate being that we, for some reason, need to have every last detail of a state that doesn't even exist yet worked out ahead of time before we can even go around raising awareness of white issues.

ebbd78 No.308605



What I find more odd is that Sargon isn't against government services, taxing, and dem programs, so freedom of the individual doesn't seem to extend to economic concerns for him. So, by that definition, he isn't an individualist.

Above all, Sargon just lacks principles and values. Minus a few positions, he doesn't know what he wants, just idolizing his own nebulous idea of "individualism". Normally, not knowing where you stand isn't bad as long as you're willing to learn, or at least not speak like you know shit. Unfortunately, Sargon continues to blab on about problems while offering no solutions.

I'm pretty sure this has already been said in some form or another, but anyhow, I find Sargon more pitiful than nefarious. That said, not sure how much we can julay him. He may be smart/cowardly enough to retreat to his channel and pretend this shit never happened.

dde7a8 No.308606


Yeah it happens again at 1:05:00

3ccebd No.308609


>You could take a time machine to 1930s Germany and ask a literal Nazi if he agrees with these principles, and he would say yes.

That's what Sargoon was trying to do the other day when he cornered Jim on his stream.

>Don't you believe in the rights of the individual and that tranny kid castration is bad?!

>this makes you a classical liberalist like me! Join my group now pls Jim now!

It's the same shit feminists do where they say "of course you're a feminist right anon? aren't you for equal right for men and women?"

2409f5 No.308610

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>ywn hear Hitler yell vid related and Sargon and watch him try to respond

3ccebd No.308611

File: f8b54663341d0ab⋯.png (4.23 KB, 183x275, 183:275, small brainlet.png)


He's a complete fucking brainlet

>classical liberalism!

>rights of the INDIVIDUAL!

>oh btw welfare state wealth redistribution is fine

>oh and pay for my healthcare

>oh and you can't discriminate because that infringes on others' feelings

>oh and bake the fucking cake bigot

>and you can't organize as group toward any collective goal

>unless you're jews, then it's totally okay and no one is allowed to notice this

f0c090 No.308612


remember when Sargon wanted gamergate to drop the name and take up gamer since it had become negative (and he wanted to position the group to speak for all gamers, ignoring how that would backlash).

remember when he wanted MRAs to ditch the label as it had become negative and take up a new one.

Now he wants to ditch skeptic and liberal because they have become negative. Wonder what he'll do when liberalist becomes negative.

2409f5 No.308613

File: 33ee5265936f503⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 480x480, 1:1, LIBERALIST.jpg)



3ccebd No.308614


I'm just waiting for a literal rebranding to Skepticism+

ebbd78 No.308615


Didn't skeptic become negative years ago? Or did he miss all the fedora memes?


I think this doublethink is rooted in cowardice rather than stupidity. Don't get me wrong, the stupidity helps, but I feel he has these contradictory positions due to his own intellectual cowardice.

dc70a6 No.308616

Can someone get me some timestamps of sargon wanting spencer to answer specific policy questions? Got a part here where whoever ends up making this video might want to play them alongside this timestamp for added lulz.

13d82e No.308618


>Jim shits all over it, calls it cringy, Sargon gets hurt feelings

That was some amusing shit. Jim's entire point is that he personally found it cringy it is and sargon of goodgoy threw a tantrum and brought up fucking gamergate shit.

3ccebd No.308619


I think it's both, along with the fact that he's fundamentally apolitical and only playing up any of this shit because it's his brand/paycheck. His channel is stagnating because nobody gives a fuck about laughing at pink-haired feminist #6040223 anymore. He's got plenty of subs and patreon paypigs right now, but the general trend is toward stagnation and irrelevance. If he sticks with the current paradigm, how much longer can he keep relevant and keep making good income? How many years before he's a nobody again?

Now couple that with the complete destruction of skeptic community's label and reputation, along with the rise of white nationalists and their talking points, who are offering real change and something that is siphoning off viewers. He's tanking, and "alt right" is his competition.

That's what this is all about. He wants to defeat his "alt right enemies" not because it really matters to him ideologically, but because he needs to remain on top as king of the jewtube political sphere, and he sees his decline and he's trying to stomp out the competition. He's also trying to rebrand and go for a new gimmick in an attempt to rejuvenate interest. Especially since trying to attack the alt right for new material on his channel totally backfired.

735795 No.308620

Up to 1:20:00, taking a quick break from this spergery, here's the pastebin so far:


Also, did my ID just change again?

224889 No.308622


This looks like my 10th grade U.S. government assignment.

808988 No.308624


>This is usually a representative democracy with the government as the servant of the people, dedicated to protecting their property rights and interfering with their lives as little as possible

How does this fit with the taxation for a social safety net?

>Promotion should be on the basis of achievment and should not be unduly inhibited by innate characteristics

Intelligence/looks/athletic ability are all to a large extent genetically determined.

Being a citizen is too. What makes the safety net/healthcare not unearned benefits (I assume they're not limited only to those who have made social security contributions)?

>Religious insitutions must not be able to exert political power on the state for the goal of promoting religious beliefs

Isn't this a limit on free speech? Telling members how to vote seems like exerting politcal power, is that banned?

>Nobody is free to impose their beliefs on others

What if the population disagree on policy choices, vote for them, and the majority one is picked and imposed, surely that coutns as one group imposing its beleif on others?

f4c215 No.308625

Joking aside, I don't think Sargon is a total retard. The idea of being 'individualists' is as retarded as the idea of being 'collectivists'. These are descriptions, not ideologies.

You can't organize a movement on these things alone any more than you can have a group of people unified by nothing but shared principles. Because as soon as some people don't like those principles it's done. It's like he's intentionally not understanding very basic elements of how reality works.

This is the 'We Like Good Things' party thus far, and it's not a basis for anything. I have trouble believing he really fails to understand what's at stake or how this is all completely meaningless.

He was beyond hope for me anyway when he tacitly threatened to dox Jim and wanted him to go back to being the Leader of Gamergate.

946ba5 No.308626

File: b443ed8cb712638⋯.jpg (101.39 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, b443ed8cb7126385efd9b70ec0….jpg)

>inb4 Soygoy of Mossad gets the British cyber police after him for speaking out against Islam and becoming a Martyr for enlightened Liberalists® to stream Halls of debate

I feel like bongistan is in need of a violent revolution.

6d0e13 No.308627

File: 54545898650f1bf⋯.jpg (353.49 KB, 785x688, 785:688, 1515703464405.jpg)



>Each person’s rights must remain sacrosanct,

>All rights that can be applied to a citizen must be applied to every citizen, regardless of whether that right is applicable or not.

>All legal adults must be franchised with the right to have a direct method of exerting influence over their government.


How do prisons work in Sargon's liberal utopia? I mean, according to his own principles, its not like you can deny convicts of the "sacrosanct" right to vote, freedom of movement, or to not be denied future employment on the basis of their record.

61108e No.308628

Still watching the Enoch thing but jesus he did pretty well, especially considering it's 3v1. If Sargoy does a talk with him it's not going to go well for him.

3ccebd No.308630


During the stream, you could almost see the hamster wheel in his brain stop spinning while they're hashing this stuff out

>alright so democracy is obviously the best form of government obviously as we all know from muh Locke. And of course the rights of the individual are paramount!

<but Don Sargone, what if the people vote in a collectivist way??

>…well obviously we won't allow that because we'll be individualist!

c88cc6 No.308631


> All rights that can be applied to a citizen must be applied to every citizen, regardless whether that right is applicable or not.

Wait, what? All rights that can be applied must be applied, even if they cannot be applied? What the fuck am I reading? Will this Liberalists utopia have regulations for fathers breastfeeding?

61108e No.308632


fucking kike warski ends it just as it's getting good.

63812f No.308635

File: a49eb1b213693a5⋯.png (148.19 KB, 611x624, 47:48, 1.png)

File: be81053aa20e539⋯.png (77.17 KB, 611x513, 611:513, I don't talk to a fucking ….png)

>some youtuber wants to have a stream with one of the Don's lieutenants about their new community™

>gets treated like shit

638e66 No.308637


That's liberals as a whole. CS Lewis wrote Christian apologetics, in one topic which was sexual morality I believe, he utterly destroys leftists on pretty much everything in one argument.

He talks about divorce and a woman leaving her husband because she was bored. He said that liberals excuse such behaviour as a "right to happiness", then immediately he highlights their disdain for a man to run his company to maximise his money.

Liberals haven't always been shit, but this is nothing new. The liberals of the past lived off the land by the sweat of their brow. You can't compare this with modern people who are dependent on others. Sargoys entire philosophy is doing what benefits him for minimum effort. This political stuff is happening as the anti SJW vid market is oversaturated.

I'm just wondering, what is his education and previous job? I'm curious, do people really take advice from a guy with no real job or education? Sure I'm like that, but I don't style myself as important or worthwhile.


Hitler gets lots of flak, but was supposedly an amazing speaker (I haven't checked out his speeches). Is anyone else bothered by the decline in speeches now?

I don't like him at all, but I think Reagan was probably the most recent guy I thought gave good speeches. Particularly A time for choosing.

Fulton Sheen, gave good speeches.

Mussolini supposedly inspired Hitlers speeches.

Cicero of Ancient Rome was amazing.

What the fuck do we have now?

The sheer contrast is astounding, and Soygon thinks he is some kind of charismatic leader, when all he did was laugh at low hanging fruit with his echo chamber.

This entire shitshow is just motivating me to look up older cocks, it's just so pathetic in comparison to actually talented people.

82f84f No.308638

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I know it's uncool to like Mike since the Jimpact, but he's pretty entertaining, especially when he gets mad. TRS in general had great articles and podcasts. I hope he becomes a regular in these internet drama streams, because leftists seem to snap just listening to him, and he seems pretty easy to trigger himself. Should make for some good viewing.

2409f5 No.308639


Watch this, anon >>308610

638e66 No.308640


Dat projection.

I guess Sargons semen went straight to his head.

6d0e13 No.308641

File: 1420329c0462cc2⋯.jpg (576.07 KB, 798x1026, 7:9, 20002208_fd8c.jpg)


>By Jove, how dare this FILTHY common-born PEASANT PLEBEIAN speak to *me* about something I advocate for? Truly, we are in need of stricter regulations to ensure that we - the intellectual upperclass, the Philosopher Caste - no longer be bothered by these cretinous swine.

2409f5 No.308642

File: 205f5f3f950f71b⋯.png (63.41 KB, 613x398, 613:398, degen.PNG)



t. 15,000 subs

3ccebd No.308644

File: e326d8229e4ee78⋯.jpg (32.99 KB, 305x350, 61:70, PROMOTIONS.jpg)


Yeah but he's gotten a promotion within the skeptic mafia by Don Sargone to fill the void left by Kraut's absence.

f4c215 No.308645


Anybody else think that Sargon knew exactly what Kraut was doing all this time and that he wanted to record that conversation to throw him under the bus?

63812f No.308646


I think he even has more subs than Le Vau.

638e66 No.308647


I know about Hitler. I'm just thinking of looking into a wider spectrum. Everyone knows he had a way with words and crowds. I'm just looking for more. Great speeches are amazing, even if you don't agree with them they can inspire you. I just want to find more speakers, because even if you have some great guys, it's not enough cocks. I know only a handful of speakers, and I am sure there are more, and I want more. Everyone is so dull, apathetic and vapid (myself included, I'm not eloquent or a visionary) that genuine charisma and rhetoric are refreshing. I'm a romantic and I find the romance lacking. Molyneux is trash, varg is, Sargon is, Styx is, and so on. The left is so far up its ass it uses its own bullshit language to obfuscate, and all that's left are batshit pastors.

I want zeal. This is why I'm enjoying Sargon destroy himself, he's a fucking insult to actually good speakers, and he thinks he's the next Socrates. This has been a long time coming and I'm going to enjoy the train wreck. I hope the sceptic community gravy train crashes with no survivors.

82f84f No.308648


I was thinking about this earlier. At first I took his "I told you not to go after the alt-right, they're just a fringe group, they have no sway" as wishful thinking or just ignorance. Now I'm thinking he went into this assuming it was recorded, and if not he'd be recording it himself. He wanted Kraut to go after the alt-right as a litmus test, and if it didn't work out he had all the evidence he needed to say he was against it all along. Unfortunately for him, it got out of hand and now he's forced to go forward with the ultimate plan.

cff50c No.308649

File: a3a68f9a89e212b⋯.png (22.06 KB, 1085x146, 1085:146, AYY.PNG)

File: 30a306ac9487a2c⋯.png (23.72 KB, 1147x145, 1147:145, LMAO.PNG)

2409f5 No.308650


I'm gonna tweet this at him kek

ebbd78 No.308651



At this point, we're really just preaching to the choir here. Spoiling for offtopic about Hitler

Hitler was objectively right about international banking Jewery and was an excellent orator. Unfortunately he was also doing business with the Oppenheim family, an old Jewish banking family in Europe, till the war's end. While you could argue it was political pragmatism/a means to an end, it still feels dirty. He also was a fucking cunt to slavs, particularly Poles. Nazi Germany as a whole was less brutally efficient and prosperous than both it's supporters and ironically detractors make it out to be. A step up from post treaty krautistan that's for damn sure, but much of the economic boom was temporary stimulation. They did make some cool shit apparently, but I'm not very knowledgeable on that. Hell, I'm not even that well-versed on Nazi Germany itself, this is just what I know. You're best off reading about it and drawing your own conclusions.

3ccebd No.308652

File: 5a15ed04c762b66⋯.png (422.22 KB, 727x511, 727:511, don sargone the stepfather.png)


Definitely. The Don Sargone memes exist for a reason. Keep in mind that pic-related and theories of the skeptic mafia were circulating BEFORE the kraut tape released.

He uses middlemen to keep his hands clean. And if that sounds far-fetched, keep in mind that Kraut had all those harebrained schemes himself that involved stuff like passing dox to Guardian to give to KoP to put on KF, all to hide his involvement. Where you do think he probably learned or got the idea to operate in this manner from? Who do you think he took inspiration from?

Don Sargone, the Stepfather of course.

f4c215 No.308653


Anyone with a twitter should tweet it constantly.

cff50c No.308654

File: 6c993af2cf407c6⋯.jpg (64.37 KB, 509x658, 509:658, Mafia_family_structure_tre….jpg)


Who would the under-boss be?

638e66 No.308655


Well he knew about it and kept quiet.

Says a lot.

I think he wants to maintain the status quo. He is a parasite who can only live in a specific niche. If the AR gained traction and society shifted that way, he couldn't just get by with SJW vids, because everyone would be mocking them into hiding. If it goes to far left, he can't mock them without being arrested for bullying or something.

I think Kraut was a pawn, if it worked he kept quiet. It didn't and he claims innocence. Remember TLDR has talked about Skype kabals, and these are the people who excommunicated Harmful Opinions for being sceptical of Candid.

0c6208 No.308656

File: a4baf5c9a0413cc⋯.jpg (89.42 KB, 1200x601, 1200:601, DR2H6pcW4AAntg3.jpg)

Holy shit, soyboy of mossad is really getting high on his egomania. Also it's kinda funny how all of them are feeling edgy, and veeh has gone in the dark end.

2409f5 No.308657

File: 44538ca4124fb97⋯.png (54.44 KB, 590x285, 118:57, tweet.PNG)


I'm sure he'll ignore me despite him tweeting less than 5 minutes ago, but it's worth the try.


6d0e13 No.308658

File: 923d769a3be2f0a⋯.jpg (49.7 KB, 740x530, 74:53, sargon_stepfather.jpg)


Don Sargone has re-imagined the hierarchy by forgoing both a consigliere and underboss – his ego prevents him from considering anyone his right-hand man, and he doesn't confide in an advisor on the side either.

Instead, its just a huge mob of Capo's and Soldati he autistically micro-manages – which will be his downfall too; Sargon surrounds himself with yes-men and goons, but not people he can actually build on.

61108e No.308659

File: 5bf0f7611fadef5⋯.mp4 (12.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sargon is The Stepfather (….mp4)



f4c215 No.308660


I guess I should have figured it out around the time of Candid, when he was playing big papa to the 'community' and trying to make Harmful Opinions stfu. I'm now suspicious about who fucked over his channel as well. I think the Candid thing was when his ego got to him.

63812f No.308661


That's what I believe since the beginning of the controversy when Sargon and Vee blindly jumped on the narrative that "muh alt-right DMCAed Kraut's video" and never issued a retraction after it was proven to be fake.

Then there was the other thing with CRP when he (and Vee again) made that video showing CRP's real name for some weird reason.

Yes, I think he knew exactly what Kraut was doing and didn't bother to denounce him because the "scientific work" made on the server was indirectly useful to Sargon.

>he wanted to record that conversation to throw him under the bus

or to keep it as insurance

82f84f No.308662


Vee is a dickriding retard, but he can take a beating without it phasing him, and he goes on the kumite without batting an eye. When this started he was the skeptic I hated the most, now he's becoming a favorite.


Who the fuck even is Louis?

638e66 No.308663


To be fair, Poles were committing genocide against Prussians. I'm not going to pretend anyone in WW2 was good or evil, everyone was a dick in one way or another and I can sympathise with almost all sides, excluding the Soviet Union and Japan. I get why Japs attacked America, but the stuff they did to China was insanely brutal and I don't see why they did it, atleast German relations with Slavs I understand.

f4c215 No.308664


I think Le Vau is literally some nobody who Sargon used to attempt to draw Jim out.

2409f5 No.308665

File: ffb40723599d8ce⋯.png (18.17 KB, 592x214, 296:107, Capture.PNG)


Soyfather underling. He's a 27 year-old New Yorker who used to sperg about gamergate and liberal politics. He wants an Asian-white merger

4b265c No.308666

File: c1998f33412bf16⋯.jpg (19.63 KB, 286x454, 143:227, c1998f33412bf16a78bf03132f….jpg)


>Louis Le Who

>Calls somebody else a no-name

Is having your head up your ass like a requirement to get into Sargon's clique?

61108e No.308667


>New Yorker

should he be placed in parentheses?

3ccebd No.308668



Vee is definitely his consigliere

f4c215 No.308669


>I'm lobbying but it's not confirmed just yet

Jesus Christ these people really think they're something more than spergs on YouTube, don't they?

cff50c No.308670


Vee's to much of a coward to be a consigliere. He's more of a solider than anything

82f84f No.308671



Wait, is that image serious? I thought it was just an unfunny joke?

638e66 No.308673


He always had an ego. Who exactly chose him as a "leader" during GG?

Him, Milo and others just crawled on top. Shortly after everything went to shit. Nothing to do with people turning a simple thing into their own things. It was the OWS of the Internet.

cff50c No.308674

File: 97c02453d41398f⋯.png (167.36 KB, 604x401, 604:401, Capture.PNG)


Should've tweeted faster

0c6208 No.308675


I heard of Veeh long ago and I don't really care about him going to the kumite but I kinda find it annoying or more of a sigh that he brings up feminism on comics.

Louis is an unknown until he had jim on, and now he thinks he can huff his farts like Sargon can do, also they are not really listening to Spencer or any of the alt-right folks so they are strawman them now harder then before.


Yes, they believe they are something other then jewtube spergs they think 15k is the same as 20 million.

6d0e13 No.308676


Not really, since that would require Vee to occupy a position of trust and respect from Sargon; someone who can pull his fat from the fire and give him sound advice from a (largely) outsider's perspective – or at the very least take over on some of the micromanagement when things get too heated for the Soyfather and he retreats to his countryside cabin in Woking, England.

Vee is a soldato - and a piss-poor one at that. He's the attack dog you release when people are slandering your name and you want to put a little pressure on 'em. Which is undoubtedly how it works in Sargon's mind, anyway. In actuality it just gives us a lot of cocks to cringe at.

638e66 No.308677


This is fucking magical.

This guy was blown out by Jim.

Jim dates Jade.

Jade is Chinese or something.

This guy has such yellow fever he wants his country annexed by China so he can get an Asian gf.

God damn.

2409f5 No.308678

File: b57b0f7783ffcb2⋯.png (322.59 KB, 623x398, 623:398, car.PNG)

File: 1d31abb8964c2f2⋯.png (274.61 KB, 672x301, 96:43, 3.PNG)

File: 617a8b6dc496cce⋯.png (461.44 KB, 651x482, 651:482, sf.PNG)


The lobbying part is a joke probably but he CONSTANTLY talks about his yellow fever. In fact he tweets out naked chinks every saturday

6d0e13 No.308679


>its not okay for a liberalist to refuse baking a gay cake; freedom of association is inherently collectivist and immoral

<its totally okay for a liberalist to lobby for mass immigration and Sinification

absolute nectar

61108e No.308680


>pushing yellow fever on le aut-right white nationalists

my kike radar is pinging like mad.

3ccebd No.308681


He's definitely behind the yellow fever slide threads I see spammed on /pol/ lately.

63812f No.308682



He isn't lobbying, it's a running joke. He has yellow fever.

a052f8 No.308683


The Alt-Right want pure 2D anime girls.

3ccebd No.308684


Looking at groups as a whole and assessing the impact of certain demographic changes based on trends is okay when WE do it, goy!

638e66 No.308685



Thank you Liberalistism, a new cow.

Photos are dumb, he picks models (cream of the crop) and even then it's images, so airbrushed to hell, after the image was taken with all sorts of lightning and filters.

That's it, I'm relearning Japanese and lifting again. I want to be the Chad who laughs at him with an Asian by my side. (I don't even like Asians because they are never pale enough in real life)

cff50c No.308686

File: f39b8cc1b26ebe7⋯.jpeg (59.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, beyond-mad-57b1f75c80f38.jpeg)


This has to be a joke. No one would publicly share their intense desire to fuck chinks for alt-right points

82f84f No.308687


>i worship east asian women for obvious reasons


In all seriousness, some asians are hot but heaps of them are butterfaces. People seem to think all asians are the models they see in porn. In that second pic the white girl is way hotter.


He's right about comics, though. I was following that Diversity in Comics guy for a while and the stuff SJWs are putting in comics to the detriment of the profit margin is insane. I don't read comics but it's just another angle of attack in the grander culture war.

6d0e13 No.308688

File: 3f6aafde4dcadeb⋯.jpg (6.19 KB, 225x225, 1:1, SMUG HIROHITO.jpg)





The only yellow fever I want to see is the one cooked up by Unit 731 if these Chinks continue to pay for soyboy shills over here in the West.

ebbd78 No.308689


I'm going to assume this is just a failed tactic to piss off alt kikers but that would be giving him too much credit


Betas VASTLY overrate asian women

61108e No.308690

File: 41b73aa47216e54⋯.jpg (31.41 KB, 559x409, 559:409, chinks irl 1.jpg)

File: c0c95ed21be2131⋯.jpg (94.95 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, chinks irl 2.jpg)

post these at him.

84dacb No.308691


As funny as the mafia memes are, I'd avoid lumping Sargon and friends into this arbitrary tree. Sargon is the leader, and he has minions, and lesser minions. Pretty simple.

4aade4 No.308692

File: 39370606b64fd00⋯.jpg (168.36 KB, 782x440, 391:220, sargonvee.jpg)

2409f5 No.308693


I gotchu fam

638e66 No.308694


>collectivism is bad

>so let's talk about this magical group called Asian girls

Chinese women are insanely materialistic, the gender numbers have them treating men like shit, Koreans are shitty too with plastic surgery being so common, and Japan has guys who are surrounded by Japanese girls, but zero desire to fuck them… That should set off alarm bells.

I notice he only posts East Asians.

Oh and

>westernised Asians

God no.

638e66 No.308696


In his defence, women without makeup are totally different regardless of race. It's insane.

Personally the first one isn't bad. Not my preference, but not ugly. In fact her eyes look better, I don't get the puffy eyelid fashion.

dc70a6 No.308697


Yeah that's the general consensus. Jim saw through it in nanoseconds.

2a3c5f No.308698

File: 4960a7da2890e3c⋯.jpg (106.64 KB, 450x460, 45:46, taylor-1.jpg)


only ugly women

84dacb No.308699


The more I read these threads, the more disgusting Sargon looks. I actually like Kraut more than this sick cunt.

Hopefully we'll live to see Sargon gassed.

0c6208 No.308700


Yes, but like gaming the co-opt has been a long time so reminder of this is just a sigh, nothing more and nothing less.



a5febd No.308701


Yeah, I always knew something was off deep down even back when I watched the soyfather but holy shit now that he's shown his true colours it's just insane.

cff50c No.308702

File: 71fef9020e60789⋯.jpeg (753.01 KB, 2220x2047, 2220:2047, TV-Dancing-with-the-Stars….jpeg)


Is that Bindi Irwin?

82f84f No.308703

File: 10080fdd7d5cdcc⋯.jpg (75.44 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 10080fdd7d5cdcc9c99d10c6a6….jpg)


>Betas VASTLY overrate asian women

They see them as emotionally immature and shy, so they think they're attainable. In reality they're like all women. They're not any more likely to fuck you than other races. If you compare some aegyo uguu asian girl in a Berserk shirt flashing a peace sign to some white clubslut duckfacing, of course they look better. If you compare them to pic-related, though, it's a no-contest.


Check it though.

453d70 No.308704


the bit about people looking to jim for "leadership", Is it more accurate that people want someone to be an authority in a given space? I mean, look how people talk about Jim himself when he produces something.

a5febd No.308705

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Unrelated to the thread but fuck me I have to post this.

f3c401 No.308706


That is one FAT stripper.

Sage for offtopic

cff50c No.308707

File: 80d7373a8bdc89c⋯.webm (7.48 MB, 640x360, 16:9, mymomthegamer.webm)


Unrelated too but holy fuck, single mother's are cancer

a5febd No.308708


Yeah, I think she might be a test run for the loadbearing capabilities of the poles.

638e66 No.308709


Most are ugly, that's how beauty works.

Made worse by society, it's terrible seeing a cute face sewed on to a whale.

63812f No.308710


The fact that he was in the chat when the stream started confirms it.

61108e No.308711


Jim is as much a leader as Sam Hyde or Varg. He's just a prominent personality.

He instigates things, like gamergate, but he doesn't direct them and he gets out when they start getting redditized, which is all anyone could ask of him.

No one wants a formal hierarchy of centre-leftists sperging about muh individualism on youtube.

638e66 No.308712


>Manson shirt

His only good album was mechanical animals, but God this is cringe.

82f84f No.308713


She calls it stripping. I call it strip-mining. Do not operate her after taking benadryl.

61108e No.308714

638e66 No.308715


Then he laughs to hide it.

Did he think Jim wouldn't see him in chat?

I mean what were the odds a literal who would have Sargon there.

People say Jim handled the stream badly, I agree it was bad form. But probably because he was ambushed by Sargon, I would be pissed too. Candid, Kraut dox, now this. He's obviously using everyone around him. I think Jim probably went from indifferent to hate.

735795 No.308716


That fucking laugh is so stupid, "Oh, I've been caught, time to laugh it off because no-one can see through that"

ebbd78 No.308717


The lighting and well-done hair help her a bit to be fair, but damn, she's at least a solid 8


Girls these days tend to over-rely on makeup to the point of not taking much care of themselves. I know a few women who don't wear makeup and, while not quite model material, are far better looking than most makeup-wearing chicks I've seen without their makeup.


I sincerely don't know why anyone thinks or has thought that Jim is involved in political shit for anything more than exposing shitheads and laughing at tards

638e66 No.308718


They look better because makeup makes you look pretty. It also fucks up your skin, meaning you rely more on makeup.

I just think the Asian comparison is stupid, because I have seen many women without makeup and it's honestly frightening how different they look. You don't know what you're getting.

460009 No.308719

File: 0055f238d00e40e⋯.png (36.89 KB, 836x396, 19:9, Sargon snopes.png)

Sargon is going completely off of the deep end

2a3c5f No.308720

File: c0b68518e5cb7c0⋯.jpg (83.34 KB, 580x353, 580:353, 1515728621479.jpg)

a052f8 No.308721


Single mothers get the bullet too.

ccbed1 No.308722


I think Jim has had a growing dislike of Don Sargone and his skeptic mafia since he left gamergate. Although he sees MundaneMatt as posterboy for the moneywhores, I’m sure he see Sargon as one too. In my opinion Sargon was part of the reason gamergate lost its teeth. It went from get all these fucks out of gaming to ethics in journalism and he was one of the big voices pushing for that. I think this push for ethics over fucking with these people is what lead to GG decline like Jim pointed out in his farewell.

61108e No.308724


jesus my "kraut 2017 shitstorm" folder is now 179 mb

82f84f No.308725


A great part in that stream was Sargon saying

>when someone who understands political philosophy explains to you what 'individualism' means, you're going to feel really dumb, Jim.

Then they spent the next 24 hours obsessively sperging and arguing over what exactly individualism means.



453d70 No.308726


isn't the point of Sargon's clique to affect policy irl and not sperg on youtube?

61108e No.308727



dc70a6 No.308728

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Vid related for posterity sake.

453d70 No.308729


I didn't say it was going to result in policy change, just that it seems to be what is intended by the action.

61108e No.308730


I know, but there's intent and idealism, and then there's the reality of the thing. I fully expect this to stumble on for a few months until these retards finally go down in flames like they deserve. Mainly because Sargon's whole platform with this is an attempt to rebrand cuckservatism for a youger audience.

0c6208 No.308731

I love how Soyboy was before saying collectivist was a bad thing but look at the adjective of what a collectivist is and it seems like Soyboy don't know what irony is. " relating to the practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it."

"collectivist cultures had disciplined and cooperative work forces"



These kids are going to become the alt-right

a22dfc No.308732

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>hooknosetube with no thumbnail so nobody knows what the video could be without opening it

Adding that embed option was a mistake.

f0c090 No.308733



Jim picked up on it because it's been happening all week

>vee goes on a stream to defend sargon while sargon is in the chat

>both leave when vee drops out

>jim called that one out too

>vee goes on another stream with warski

>they ask if sargon can come on

>'no he's busy. He's offline on skype. probably doing stuff'

>warski floats the idea of round 2 of spencer vs sargon

>within minutes vee says he messaged sargon and he said he'd do it, forgetting that he said sargon was offline before

>someone may have even called out how up to speed with the plan sargon was to agree, as if he was watching.

>then jim goes on louis' stream and sargon is pulled in the moment jim starts posing tough questions louis can't answer.

0a405e No.308734


If they survive they might.

da0021 No.308735


My highlight of the stream was Soygoy outright saying "The government needs to take money from other people to give to poor people because I don't want to give them my money"

a3b400 No.308737

File: 3ffd3170a101960⋯.jpg (119.35 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DRsXTEPUQAA_0u4.jpg)


The best part was the venom in Jim's voice when he made it clear that Soygoy was one of the reasons GG failed, but it went over Soygoy's head and he continued to say "we're exactly the same because we both make cocks and get paid".

Also loved it when the skeptic faggot claimed he was a fan of Jim's but couldn't name any recent videos he has done.

224889 No.308738

Its like you can't leave for a minute before these retards sperg out again.

4b265c No.308739

File: 6cc6d4299e67e68⋯.png (14.66 KB, 339x108, 113:36, young independent wymyn.png)

57ca0e No.308740


Who's next in line?

After Sargon, is it Armored? Peterson?

2409f5 No.308741

File: d868ce07d49e297⋯.mp4 (4.49 MB, 854x474, 427:237, Untitled.mp4)








Holy fuck go to his twitter profile and go to the likes section and start scrolling a bit. IT DOESN'T STOP. This is approaching mental-illness levels of yellow fever. Wtf does this guy look like IRL

>vid related

cff50c No.308742


Has Armored done anything recently that's spergy?

d143bb No.308743


Well fuck me sideways like the slantcunts. That's such a fucking high level of yellow fever we could use him to power the planet off that temperature.

ccbed1 No.308744


I have feeling Jim has been looking into the candid thing for a while so I’d say Armored will be the next big one to fall

54f7fd No.308745


Who are all of Sargons underlings that we know of at this point? In the stream in the OP there's King Croco Duck, Louis, Rags, Scrump, and Vee and Armored Skeptic and Shoe are probably in their somewhere, but are there any other prominent members of "the family"?

3ccebd No.308746



say it with me everyone:

S K E P T I C I S M +

cff50c No.308747

File: a44d896a7bb3285⋯.webm (5.23 MB, 854x474, 427:237, Yellow Fever Nights.webm)

f0c090 No.308748

File: f65dd21d21293bf⋯.png (97.02 KB, 894x231, 298:77, skeptic the hedgehog.png)

10f968 No.308749

For as much as Sargon has endured without a scratch, I think liberalism+ will be his undoing. His image as being even remotely intelligent is going to be completely dismantled the more the indulges in his half-baked original thoughts.

He should've stuck to calling blue-hairs stupid and just allowed people to assume he was competent

82f84f No.308750

File: 29d54e2f63b7ddd⋯.jpg (21.68 KB, 627x114, 11:2, muhbf.JPG)

File: 07c69c5a45aa0d6⋯.jpg (32.38 KB, 633x362, 633:362, rucka.JPG)

Some shit from twitter. Apparently Rucka isn't happy with Sargon.

2409f5 No.308751


Kek, good job anon

2a3c5f No.308752

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Someone needs to create a fake discord to investigate these people, discuss lines of attack, targets and other strategies. Like what Kraut did, but even more retarded.

I propose operation blueberry pancake. I skipped breakfast, so I'm making pancakes. Once that's complete, we can move on to operation fart huffer.

2ff063 No.308753


If you say the "talks" don sargone had with Kraut, he's definitely a member, and i think he mentioned someone called "robo brain" in that hugbox chat.

3ccebd No.308754


The point of sargon's clique is to make sargon shekels.


This is straight-up mental illness


>Then they spent the next 24 hours obsessively sperging and arguing over what exactly individualism means.

This is what happens when people autistically narrow dine the entire field of politics to a single spectrum. Like ancaps who want to make everything about economic freedom. Or sargonites making everything about collectivism vs individualism

You know why nobody ever sees any of us sperging over needless terms about what "counts" as individualist or collectivist? Because we don't need to because it does not fucking matter. If I make an assessment that demonstrates Policy X to be a net good for reasons Y and Z, I don't give a fuck whether you can use talmudic logic to categorize it as collectivist or individualist.

cff50c No.308755

File: 85b4057bda2e85f⋯.png (28.23 KB, 667x207, 29:9, Capture.PNG)


Reminder that there is no cure for Yellow Fever

2dadf6 No.308756

File: 616ac2b48c5af63⋯.jpg (59.45 KB, 600x549, 200:183, Ow The Edge 1.jpg)


>liberal autists choose the hedgehog as their spirit animal

Autism, autism never changes.

2ff063 No.308757


That must be the most miserable game ever

>Oh no Eggman's destroying my society

>But i can see why he's doing it, dunno if i wanna stop it or not…

>Game makes you wait 4 years before starting level 1

2a3c5f No.308758


Yeah, nah, the hedgehog fucking a pile of money is the libertarian symbol.

ebbd78 No.308759


>the hedgehog fucking a pile of money is the libertarian symbol

At last, I've found the perfect flag for ancapistan, thank you anon

f3c401 No.308760


I thought they had a flag, "No Step On Snek"

2a3c5f No.308761


I expect you to pay a subscription fee every time you use my image.

a11b46 No.308763


because this way sargon can be the king of it

2409f5 No.308764


I'd help with this, I'm not a discord user but if someone starts it I'm in. I want to stir up some chaos

224889 No.308766


Why did Sargoy feel the need to hide behind this fucking spazz of all people in order to talk to Jim?

224889 No.308768


what is it with autists and this animal in particular

ccbed1 No.308771


The Don never does the dirty work.

735795 No.308772


Did you just talk to my stepfather's son?!

3ccebd No.308773


Because Sargon is an irrational egotist who had his intelligence insulted.

Remember the tapes from back during the kraut saga? Remember how just a month ago, Sargon was telling Kraut to back off because engagement would lead to disaster? He's failing to take his own previous advice. And why? Because he's flown off the handle and can't help himself.

He's like Marty McFly, unable to resist a challenge when someone calls him chicken.

2409f5 No.308774

File: 7c47930bc730347⋯.jpeg (115.82 KB, 657x1242, 73:138, image.jpeg)


The Stepfather tries to operate from the shadows, avoiding attention on himself as much as possible. Face-to-face debates are his weak point and shows that he's a massive pseud. That's why he uses these beta underlings. Looking at his subs, he's taking at least some damage from his recent autism. A drop in an ocean, but still something

fc23f8 No.308775

File: b2936727e7637e9⋯.png (583.55 KB, 567x739, 567:739, Capture.PNG)

"See guys, the color green doesn't exist." -Sargon

3ccebd No.308776


Any graphs of weekly views or youtube revenue per pay period or whatever? Subs typically aren't a good way of measuring anyway.

2409f5 No.308777

File: 7ce976e21f287de⋯.jpeg (102.9 KB, 1242x470, 621:235, image.jpeg)

89037c No.308779


Because his romanian lapdog was probably sleeping or masturbating.

Also the gypsy already filled his daily quota as The Soyfather's spokesman during the Morning Kumite. He defended his master before and after that shitshow with Le Vau/Kraut 1.5.

2409f5 No.308780

File: 1c1c0a8dcdf9218⋯.jpeg (92.13 KB, 1214x597, 1214:597, image.jpeg)



Here's an adjusted, better view

3ccebd No.308781

File: d589e2c4f8909f2⋯.png (71.55 KB, 1172x560, 293:140, sargon trends.png)


Thanks. And yup, as I expected: He's in decline. He's freaking out and looking for new gimmicks to stay relevant. He tried attacking the "alt right" as a new target. That failed. He tried kilroy. That failed. Now he's trying to become chanology 2.0 aka skepticism+.

eca070 No.308782



>that above 40k monthly subs late 2016

What happened? Both in it's rise and decline?

d143bb No.308783


I think that was just the goysquad starting to promote each other.

f4c215 No.308784


Westernized Asians are basically either white or black/latino in terms of behavior. Like any non-white ethnic group, they look out for and are concerned with their own. Just mean behavior.

6d0e13 No.308786

File: 3350fbf7f2078d3⋯.png (155.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, NATIONAL LIBERALISTISM.png)

Together on Youtube we have lit a flame that the ages shall not extinguish. Guard that sacred flame, my brother Liberalists, until it illuminates The West and lights again the paths of international Jewry

4aade4 No.308787

f3c401 No.308788


November 1st 2016 he released "Bye, Michael" https://hooktube.com/watch?v=9vkIYyDohN4#

e22baa No.308789

File: 9a6cd9ee13e0c76⋯.webm (4.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Skeptics - Here To Save T….webm)

File: 8ba05166f47b0c9⋯.gif (4.01 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 8ba05166f47b0c9f2c093a0b55….gif)

cff50c No.308790

File: 064664d95db981a⋯.gif (1.31 MB, 255x237, 85:79, 1418302840794-0.gif)

4aade4 No.308791

File: c858cec06090c5e⋯.png (181.97 KB, 1684x446, 842:223, Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at ….png)

I honestly can't tell if /r/liberalist is a LARP

89037c No.308792

File: 42258b0d1d7a7f0⋯.png (39.17 KB, 1072x523, 1072:523, 2017.png)

File: 83a0feaf5f9552f⋯.png (41.91 KB, 1082x529, 1082:529, 2017 - nov 1st to dec 1st.png)

File: 9d1cfb29efa7dfb⋯.png (39.8 KB, 1086x535, 1086:535, 2017 - dec 1st to dec 31st.png)



We should also keep an eye on his patreon shekels.


Overall, 2017 was a good year for him, from 2k in January to 9k in late October. Although, he's been slowly bleeding money since then.

I think he got too comfortable with that amount of money and he panicked when he saw those numbers dropping. I wonder what those numbers will look like when everyone realizes that he and his sycophants never left the fence and they have no idea what they're doing…

dc70a6 No.308793

File: 06612debce71859⋯.jpg (32.53 KB, 499x345, 499:345, Act less gay.jpg)


Some advice for liberalists.

2a3c5f No.308794

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f4c215 No.308795


The ad at the end makes it work.

82f84f No.308796

File: bcc95d825cd95cd⋯.webm (1.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sargon doesn't care.webm)

How do you even get this woke? Fluoride?

808988 No.308798


>implying he doesn't even care about his wifes son

dde7a8 No.308800


Love this clip. Soygoon of Mossad is a low time preference quadroon.

829d16 No.308801


>tfw you "care" about your wife's son having his cock getting cut off by trannyfaggotry, but don't care if he gets beheaded by Abdul

In this moment I am euphoric. Not because of any collectivist feeling of belonging, but because I am enlightened by my Liberalist™ individualism.

196381 No.308802

File: 8111551d09e7c72⋯.jpg (41.87 KB, 570x587, 570:587, Autism.jpg)


>tfw you are a liberalist

d143bb No.308803

File: 0de281db1d17368⋯.webm (2.01 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Not frog country.webm)

Sage for offtopic but fuck me the MSM is just lost at this point.

d143bb No.308804


Hmm. You can't double sage.

be78c3 No.308805


>JF is still suing Destiny

First I've heard about it. What is it about? Knowing Destiny, I'm guessing slander.

>possible Mike Enoch vs Sargon on the horizon?

Hope so. Spencer killed Sargon, but he's one of the worst debaters on the Alt Right. I'd like to see Sargon go up against someone even better.


>Freedom of Association

>Opposition to discrimination

Freedom of association is freedom to discriminate, knob jockey.


>Earnings per month

>Almost 10 000

Wow! I can understand that this went to his head.

196381 No.308806


Destiny said he was a pedophile because he fucked a mentally ill person and that in his mind makes her a child.

63812f No.308807


The only thing he wants is to be recognized as an intellectual™ and get invited to the Sam Harris podcast.

2dadf6 No.308808


>we need to be the country of an inanimate object made in a foreign country to celebrate our support of their bloody revolution and dictator, not that of a cartoon frog

Do they even listen to themselves?

a052f8 No.308809

Im posting this comment from the year 2038 trough a timevortex, im here to warn you about the Liberalist as you know call them, in my time they are known as The Sargonites, they have taken over most of the western world, and are forming a Individualist ethnostate ruled by Dictator known as Carl The Great… He will be know in your time as Sargon Of Akkad, there are many stories about how Sargon became the ruthless dictator he is today, most of our datacubes have been destroyed, but from what we have pieced together, sometime in 2018, Sargon of Akkad formed the Liberalist because he got butthurt about the alt-right being know as the political group pushing back at Post Modernists, and being constantly labeled as "Alt-Right" himself by these people, he then tried to show the world he was not with the alt-right by debating them (Carl The Great has scrubbed all mirrors of the debate of the Internet in my time so no one has actually seen it) after this debate he wows destory the alt right and separate himself from them forever and so he created the Liberalists, but since their formation people just laughed at the idea, saying it was , gay , Autistic and calling it cringy, Sargon`s ego could not take it, he grew angry and recentful, even lashing out at former friends, it was at this time he decided to modify the Liberalists to what we now know as The Sargonites, the flaw with the Liberalists as Sargon saw it, was that the group of individuals needed to be ruled by a strong leader, a führer to guide them, they needed to be more Millitant, and save the debates for later once they had taken over, why ask the world to change when you can force it? by making it bend to you will? this was the start to what would become the WW3, the world was not ready, all young males had consumed too much soy and was either to pussy to fight or wanted to change gender, we never stood a chance… Please, you need to stop Sargon before he becomes too powerful!

be78c3 No.308810

Could someone actually define "individualist" to me (as Soygoy uses it)? Preferably I'd like a practical definition that I can apply directly. Every explanation I've heard is so vague that I've heard that I have no idea if something is "individualist" or "collectivist".


Holy shit! They forgot to actually include "individualism" in their list of principles.

f4c215 No.308811


The way he uses it makes no sense. It isn't some political philosophy, but a way of describing a political philosophy.

61108e No.308812



Sargon originally opposed SJWs, right. So his way of dealing with them (in order to avoid being called racist) was to refer to them as practioners of "identity politics"; they valued being part of identifiers beyond the individual like being women, being gay, being black and used these identities as justification to push social change in an anti-white male direction.

Sargon's solution to this, like all cucks, is to avoid the underlying target of attack, white race and civilization, and instead redirect into individualism and meritocracy.

So Sargon doesn't see race, he only sees individuals. He doesn't judge an individual based on whatever broad category they adhere to, be it gender/race/sexuality, he claims to judge each individual separately.

Now, he knows everything /pol/ knows. Everything. It's just that he's such a fucking coward that he won't admit that it's about a bunch of hostile tribes competing for territory and resources - likes it's always been throughout human history.

His "enemies" have pathologised certain values, thoughts and behaviours in order to disarm him of the ability to unite with his people in a common struggle. And instead of rejecting this demonization of "collectivism" he accepts it and goes off on a wild tangent where the only acceptable political paradigm is completely atomized individualism divorced from a wider identity of history/culture/race/geography.

His is a profoundly unnatural and inorganic political perspective. It's pure autistic principled nonsense pushed to an extreme, all in the effort of avoiding the inevitable accusations of sjws. If Sargon wasn't an individualist principled Liberalist, but he still wanted to protect all the things he wants to protect, he'd be a white nationalist. But he isn't because he's afraid of being called racist, aka collectivist.

So he has to do this stupid crap to retain plausible deniability. He has in effect been intellectually cornered by sjws.

Don't try to understand his own explanations and justifications. Look at the underlying psychology behind the behaviours.

2409f5 No.308813


Not to mention that Sargon is sill getting sued


32d31b No.308815

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Again; You may think of Aurini what you want. That doesn't make this video not accurate. If you want to make Sargon sperg out, spread that thing or the statements from there like wildfire.

bdd836 No.308816


aurini, no one cares about your autism. stop posting and at least get rid of the swords, jesus

32d31b No.308817


Cuteness? Look at the Asians he is actually posting. The guy looks like a huge moefag who has listened to Western Women Sucks forums before he became a euphoric skeptic under Soygoy's leadership.

b77a03 No.308818


What? Who is suing him? CoachBoomerPill?

dde7a8 No.308819

File: 835c766bd0270b9⋯.gif (1022.66 KB, 480x270, 16:9, this post2.gif)

63812f No.308820


Some SJW black womyn on a bullshit copyright thing. She didn't like that he made fun of one of her videos. I forgot how much money she wanted, around 50k I think.

dde7a8 No.308821


The money in the suit isn't the main issue, it's the cost of court and shit tho.

63812f No.308822


>The guy looks like a huge moefag

He is a yuri apologist and a VN enthusiast.

4cc248 No.308824


He's obsessed with Asian lesbians / yuri and rambles about Japan or Asian mass immigration all the time. Textbook weeb degenerate. I have nothing against anime and watch it myself, but there's a certain point where it gets cringy, this guy is at that level

see: >>308747

32d31b No.308829


Nice try, but the guy makes cocks that is too good to pass by when it comes to people's pathologies or online movement meta. These are the two things I have been posting all over this place from the get go. You just post that, because you can't handle his ridiculous style of presenting himself. Maybe some jelly is also involved. I know too little about your problems to tell. Pick shit up or don't.


This. Jim has worded the farewell address very poorly. He didn't mean enterrpise, he has meant clickbait and people treating gamergays as income source, not as serious political awakening.


hardcore Latin != Rabbinic Jew

Please stop failing at religiosity.


The hedgehog has been the heraldic animal of Libertarianism since forever.



Definitive moefag. Ever considered asking /u/ or checking out Dynasty Scans? Most spastics from that fandom congregate on Dynasty.

4cc248 No.308831

File: 5fe1b39037ba702⋯.jpeg (99.85 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, image.jpeg)

File: 6c81f549b44886a⋯.jpeg (261.58 KB, 1242x1712, 621:856, image.jpeg)

File: 641a5efe30e1b23⋯.jpeg (42.19 KB, 700x394, 350:197, image.jpeg)

File: 3ae2e7e028f701d⋯.jpeg (483.92 KB, 1900x2048, 475:512, image.jpeg)

Shabbos Vee wants to talk about cringe

6c772c No.308832


Also, if you google "atheist equality philosopher", Locke is the first name that comes up.

4cc248 No.308834

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New gypsy video on


018a9d No.308835

File: 3f18b7a3dc876e5⋯.jpg (70.94 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, Darkest Hour.jpg)

Just got back from watching this.

Then I went back to this thread and thought 'people may not like Churchill, but at least politicians of old didn't descend into ineffectual tactical nihilism spergery about Liberalism(TM)'.

2409f5 No.308836

File: 91e8ee393f06df8⋯.jpeg (205.52 KB, 1242x1147, 1242:1147, image.jpeg)


2831da No.308837


The incentive to sell to all types of people, already exists. It's called

>"you'll get one star review bombed, if you don't sell to the fruits"

You don't need to force anyone to do this kind of shit, since negative word of mouth already does what you're trying to accomplish.

2409f5 No.308838


You'd think these "freedom-minded" liberalists(tm) would understand that. Let's use muh gubmint to do it instead though

018a9d No.308839


I baked the cake, I can do what I want with it. I can leave it for my family that day if I want. Fuck off with these lukewarm platitudes. It's my business and I'm not physically hurting you by refusing to sell you something.

735795 No.308840


Nah, cause the ebil natzees will censor you.

018a9d No.308841


Also, another thing - by this metric, in a Liberalist(TM) society it would be illegal for me to have a restaurant, have my best friend come over, and as a gesture of goodwill offer him a free meal.

0df3e5 No.308842


That's still against individual choice, their principle of freedom of association.

4aade4 No.308843


That doesn't sound very liberalist. For the good of the collective, we should force each individualist baker to sell cakes to systemically oppressed classes. This is how we will beat the SJWs.

2409f5 No.308844

File: 29d8914f9b90aec⋯.jpeg (139.1 KB, 1242x1328, 621:664, image.jpeg)

be78c3 No.308845


What? Is he implying that selling someone something is not work?

Also, I like that he works on the implicit idea that fags want to discriminate against christians. Vee is #Woke.


>freedom of association

That was just in sargon's draft, I think. Now they've replaced it with the much vaguer "economic freedom".

2409f5 No.308846


Whoops forgot to add text

Say it with me:


2831da No.308847




How foolish of me.

Let us also not forget, my fellow Liberalist™ brothers, that a cake is a fundamental right that the business is obligated to offer to every single person.

There is no such thing as freedom of choice, and luxury goods. Yes, all goods and services are essential to life, and as such must be regulated to the last grain of sugar.

018a9d No.308848


Yeah because 'freedom of association' means I can have Whitetown in his Liberalist utopia.

2a3c5f No.308849


All these rights apply to everyone though, because liberalistism. Everyone has to bake a cake for faggots, not just bakeries, otherwise the law would discriminate upon occupation. Plus it will stop bakers labeling themselves as fishmongers to escape the faggot cake laws.

82f84f No.308850


if the cake already bake you cannot denny a gay. How ever you bake a cake a gay or a denny muslim. Cake a denny muslim bake then sell it to the jews.

3ccebd No.308851

File: 07253446c6a7111⋯.png (269.79 KB, 665x1050, 19:30, nazi ponder.png)

If Sargon's entire criticism against white nationalism is that ethnocentrism is collectivist and therefore immoral, why does he never make this same criticism towards Jews, who are the most tribal and collectivist people on earth?

Why is any mention of this dismissed as ">muh j00s"?

3ccebd No.308852

File: a7fc3ec96383236⋯.jpg (40.72 KB, 244x200, 61:50, laquisha.jpg)


If you already have an erection you cannot refuse to fuck a black chick who solicits you

018a9d No.308853


>If Sargon's entire criticism against white nationalism is that ethnocentrism is collectivist and therefore immoral

Same could apply to the family.

Or gamers.

Or private school

Or a workplace

Or any subculture.

Why does he care that his son is being indoctrinated with tranny shit if he 'doesn't care if the white race dies out'? Not even from a 'race is your extended family' perspective, from a practical perspective here.

2409f5 No.308854

File: 1b862e8317a511d⋯.jpeg (68.07 KB, 600x600, 1:1, image.jpeg)


The Jews are just a religion, goy! Stop being silly!

(also someone should edit this to say "liberalists" and make it look like Sargon)

82f84f No.308855

File: ec2253812c6e97f⋯.jpg (158.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vee.jpg)



b0333a No.308856


That would be illegal according to the definition of anti-semitism adopted by Theresa May, which includes;

'Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.'


4aade4 No.308857

File: 48b509514eede04⋯.jpg (36.01 KB, 903x199, 903:199, DTWR8ZpW4AET8bk.jpg large.jpg)


Vee is flirting too much with our enemies on the COOMIGHT. He is a dissident individualist who is undermining our Liberalists free thinking agenda.

2409f5 No.308858

File: 2d55e76f5d1c5c2⋯.jpeg (98.87 KB, 800x445, 160:89, image.jpeg)


Wait you can't even argue against the existence of Israel in the UK? Jesus. And I thought America was a Jewish oligarchy

2a3c5f No.308859

File: b665e05cb99dadf⋯.jpg (33.91 KB, 620x376, 155:94, cake.jpg)


define cake

3ccebd No.308860


I'm not even just talking about israel. Look at the media and other powerful institutions. Jews have monopolies on these because they practice nepotism and make sure to hire their own, and then work together to further jewish interests.

Why won't sargon call this out?

3ccebd No.308861






82f84f No.308862

File: c596f90b2a87dca⋯.jpg (39.45 KB, 419x395, 419:395, vee3.JPG)


If sperghunters on /cow/ can tear your ideology to shreds, just give it up. Sargon is in for a world of pain if he keeps this LARPy faggotry going.


They are trying to censor Vee from the COOMIGHT because they fear losing his destructive Romanian power to the alt-right.



be78c3 No.308864


>please exclude Vee … He has … put up videos criticizing you

How dare he criticize the leader of our glorious individualist collective!?

018a9d No.308865


This sounds like the most individualist ideology I know, National Socialism.

The Führerprinzip [ˈfyːʀɐpʀɪnˌtsiːp] (About this sound listen) (German for "leader principle") prescribed the fundamental basis of political authority in the governmental structures of the Third Reich. This principle can be most succinctly understood to mean that "the Führer's word is above all written law" and that governmental policies, decisions, and offices ought to work toward the realization of this end.[1]

bdd836 No.308866


>You just post that, because you can't handle his ridiculous style of presenting himself

this some low effort trolling or are you actually a /pol/ vacationer?

2409f5 No.308867

File: b3381e12c19a554⋯.png (221.62 KB, 300x450, 2:3, image.png)


El psy kongroo

efa466 No.308868

File: 04bbb5e26dd87eb⋯.png (379.74 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, 04bbb5e26dd87eb75898611f7d….png)


>Jim is somehow considered an enemy to these fucks

>Even though he's the reason they exist

This is a weird timeline.

dde7a8 No.308869


Daddy left and now his kids hate him.

2ff063 No.308875


Furher of the liberals Carl Sargone can't have people mocking his individualist collective.

79208e No.308878

File: 6c425cf5a3fc275⋯.jpg (2.77 MB, 2948x5612, 737:1403, startwiththegreeks.jpg)


>Why does he care that his son is being indoctrinated with tranny shit …

Perhaps it is a coping mechanism since soft individualist™ dads like himself are poor role models. Sure it is indoctrination and propaganda, but I would not argue that the son is not equiped to fend for himself anyway. Imagine when he starts to rebel against the soyfather as a teenager.

>… he 'doesn't care if the white race dies out'?

This is the elephant in the room I am yet to see anyone bring up. All these ideas and goals for the future that nobody wish to live in. At what point will the brain devolve back to handling simple tasks because this fart sniffing becomes counter productive to human life?

Imagine mammoths debating ideas in the hope that elephants in the future will subscribe to their pick when they themselves are dead and gone. And in those very few exceptions somebody do this anyway (philosophers, mathematicians, …) and opt out from reproducing there has always been an extended family to carry on anyway. Alas nobody will carry the soyfather into the future because there are thousands of writings that are more important.

45d791 No.308879


>>To a libertarian, freedom means open markets and lack of governmental law, as if massive unaccountable corporations with the effective power of states limiting your rights is instead totally okay.

A libertarian would say that is OK because you choose to enter in to relationships with corporations voluntarily.

Where as your relationship with the government is mandatory under threat of violence.

If you dont pay your taxes they will eventually turn up at your door and fuck you up. Where as Starbucks wont turn up at your door and throw coffee in your face just because you dont want to buy their coffee.

018a9d No.308880

File: 88b1654b6a724db⋯.jpg (92.44 KB, 702x691, 702:691, (you) welcome Europe's new….jpg)


>All these ideas and goals for the future that nobody wish to live in

You can't hold an idea in your arms. You can't read an ideology a bedtime story. You can't hug a political movement at its graduation. You can't watch a philosophy at the altar and be proud it'll someday have another little philosophy or two to start the cycle anew. People believe in things so they can give their people a future, so they can do all of these things on a macro scale together with children that look like them and share their values. That's a family. That's a town. That's a city. That's a nation.

This autistic cart before the horse/abstract thinking will get them nowhere. It's no coincidence that aside from The Stepfather here the biggest proponents on Liberalistism are an autist that has a yellow fever fetish and another proudly childless autist that takes his homogeneous Balkan country for granted.

041424 No.308882

The funniest thing is back in pre-10k sub days he even predicted that at some point he will become the next on the chopping block to some extent.

3ccebd No.308883


Sargon and his followers are a cult. All the little sargonites hang on to his every word and repeat it as dogma.

Notice how everyone was perfectly ok with Jim and loved him universally, and then as soon as he laughs at Sargon and Sargon spergs out and starts yelling at him for "not being a political activist" suddenly all these sargonite shills come out of the woodwork repeating the same talking points uncritically all across the internet, on imageboards, twitter, youtube, etc.

018a9d No.308884

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If we're not starting a new thread, The Stepfather Don Sargone has made a new video addressing our criticisms (apparently).

3ccebd No.308885


That's the entire point of the post. Libertarians view freedom/rights/etc in that way. Others do not. That's the whole reason why saying "I'm for freedom!" is vague and meaningless.

018a9d No.308887

Jesus Christ, the level of smug in this fucking video he has seriously surpassed himself. It's getting to near Chris Channian levels.

82f84f No.308888

File: e3890e979c09489⋯.jpg (26.59 KB, 598x512, 299:256, 0ae9bde6469b116323b07f012f….jpg)


He's taking himself super serial. This is perfect.

dc70a6 No.308890

File: 068d612237d33c0⋯.png (321.06 KB, 640x639, 640:639, kanako kek.png)

File: 5a0b9010788b1a5⋯.jpeg (56.32 KB, 540x338, 270:169, 555-come on now.jpeg)

File: 2663cd0a3350e6e⋯.jpg (19.29 KB, 217x320, 217:320, JUST.jpg)

File: a8d19c47b694b66⋯.jpg (27.68 KB, 640x477, 640:477, keikaku.jpg)

018a9d No.308891

File: 74835cca0057a77⋯.jpg (28.74 KB, 241x341, 241:341, fabio (1).jpg)


I love how he's gone to his own hugbox of a video to passive aggressively snark because he's so psuedo-smug and salty at Jim. He keeps directly referencing what Jim was laughing at him about. It's so cringey.

3ccebd No.308892

>>308888 (double heil'd)

Hallmark of a lolcow is someone who takes things too seriously and always doubles down. This is going to be good.

dc70a6 No.308893


Fuck me he just said cringe 20 times in 1 minute.

dc70a6 No.308894

Alright boys, this video confirms it. Sargon's dignity has died and he is now a lolcow. Please provide some last words as a eulogy for his dignity, honour and sanity.

2409f5 No.308895

File: 33ee5265936f503⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 480x480, 1:1, LIBERALIST.jpg)






This is all within 5 minutes

0c6208 No.308896

File: 504503b84be4ede⋯.jpg (169.67 KB, 826x826, 1:1, tadavis check em.jpg)


Not really, he has just done an overdose of his own farts.

>>308888 (checked)

He was serial when his ego was hurt and his ego is going to know a world of pain.

dc70a6 No.308898


I'll go first. He was fat and annoying but at least he hated esjaydubolyuus. RIP in peace. F.

018a9d No.308899


Genius could literally find 10 coherent arguments against his autistic movement ITT and he keeps saying le ebil alt right has le no arguments.

2409f5 No.308900


He's turning into Molyneux, but worse


82f84f No.308901


Jim's mockery hit him hard. It seems like he knows it's powerful and he's trying to use it in this video. Poor guy. He just wanted to be best buds 4eva with the internet cool kids.


For many, this is an ending, but for others this is a beginning. A beautiful new age where none shall go with unseasoned snacks, for this strangely-shaped man will surely provide nourishment to all those who desire salt.

Also I never liked the guy.

2a3c5f No.308902


>He just wanted to be best buds 4eva with the internet cool kids.

By struggling to come up with a coherent definition of 'individual' with his D&D group?

3ccebd No.308903

File: 6824e6c7f61d6f0⋯.jpg (14.44 KB, 480x360, 4:3, angry molyneux.jpg)


At least molyneux has a silver tongue and good at on-the-fly talking/debating so he can mask his aspergers and retardation. This is like low-IQ moly.

018a9d No.308904

Just putting it out there but the only criticism he actually addresses in the vid is the one guy sucking his dick. Coincidence that the only criticisms he addresses is the guy all 'I LOVE YOUR MOVEMENT AND WANNA DRINK YOUR JIZZ CARL BUT THIS IS WHAT I'D DO'

It's genuinely sad, tragic and funny at the same time to see someone become this undeservedly egotistical so rapidly.

018a9d No.308905

Just putting it out there but the only criticism he actually addresses in the vid

(for like 10 minutes) is the one guy sucking his dick. Coincidence that the only criticisms he addresses is the guy all 'I LOVE YOUR MOVEMENT AND WANNA DRINK YOUR JIZZ CARL BUT THIS IS WHAT I'D DO'


It's genuinely sad, tragic and funny at the same time to see someone become this undeservedly egotistical so rapidly.

2ff063 No.308906



The sad part is he's not wrong, but he still got his ass kicked, and by one of the lighter members at that. What the fuck would he possibly do if he went up against, say, a sperg from /pol/? he'd probably be doing autistic screeches after the first 5 or so minutes.

ff3ea5 No.308907

File: 04c749e27938991⋯.jpg (1008.81 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, you_know_i_had_to_be_cia.jpg)


In the end, he became the essjaydubs.

45d791 No.308908


Fair enough. I interpreted that post as claiming lolbertarians were a special case where their ideology makes less sense than the others. Due to the extra sentence at the end which I quoted.

If thats just me reading more in to it than was intended then its my bad.

45d791 No.308909


Leddit spacing renders my opinion invalid anyway.

4b265c No.308911


Oh shit there's also an ebin jab at Jim towards the end

2a3c5f No.308913


can I get a rough timestamp? I find the fuck insufferable and don't want to watch the whole thing.

b84207 No.308914


26 minutes

4b265c No.308916

dde7a8 No.308917

On a related note, that fucking laugh has become something he does every 5 seconds now. It seems to be a social defense mechanism. Whenever he can't respond to something or feels threatened/harmed socially he just does that laugh.

2ff063 No.308918

Soygoy of Israel is just asking to get bitch slapped by metokur again.

2a3c5f No.308919



thank you for taking one for the collec- I mean team.

0df3e5 No.308920


You know, I noticed this with Kraut, and now Sargon and his fans. but they are using our memes, e.g., echoes, shekels, oy vey. It shows the sheer hypocrisy and the fact that they're nothing but riding our coattails.

4b265c No.308921


Well the skeptics are fundamentally letists

It's a well renowned fact that the left can't meme

2ff063 No.308922


>The last 12 seconds

>I just see alot of people who don't want us to do[the liberalist movement]

What Der liberalist Furher Sargon doesn't realize is the people who tell him not to do this shit are people who actually care about him, while the alt-right and the SJWs are just laughing at him

82f84f No.308923

File: 1203cd9f2fbce75⋯.jpg (26.77 KB, 914x271, 914:271, sargaaaaaan.JPG)

Take a look at these two comments and their upboats.

Now out of these two comments, which one do you think Sargon addressed?

>jim is a pussy and a bitch



DSP does it too. A forced laugh with a pained expression that almost immediately turns into a frown.

dde7a8 No.308924


And /cow/ of course, but we're pretty much all /pol/ tier anyway.

2409f5 No.308925



Here's a good example

2409f5 No.308926

File: df1ad33aed7f47b⋯.jpeg (84.63 KB, 1230x837, 410:279, image.jpeg)

018a9d No.308927


There are also people who are either alt right or share similar views on demographics who don't want a repeat of the same politics (just rebranded) because it'd be boring. Liberalism is nothing new.

Also I love his closing statements:

>An individualist wants everyone in the state to be treated the same, universally

So does a communist/socialist/the 'alt right', you utter moron.

Whoever said that Sargon just wants 'what feels good' to be an ideology is on the money.

dde7a8 No.308928


Yeah, I can say with a fair degree of certainty that the following happens: his hand(90% chance right hand) comes up to cover his mouth, his other hand pulls towards his core, his head tilt forwards and slightly sideways, his torso lurches back, his lips dry up rapidly and he starts to sweat.

ff3ea5 No.308929

File: da6b9cdd33a3a93⋯.jpeg (21.64 KB, 480x285, 32:19, DReL75qUIAA7AFq.jpeg)

The biggest problem with this "liberalism ™" shit is that their core beliefs are universal to almost every political ideology.

0df3e5 No.308930



>can't meme

That may be true, but I think it means something else to choose our memes of all things.

b0333a No.308931


>the alt-right are acting like an emotionally abusive girlfriend "I love you, I love you but please just do what I say"


>Nah, I think I'll do my own thing thanks

Is he thirteen?

82f84f No.308932


Also there's no way he'd say that if he hadn't seen the Murdoch Murdoch video. He's lying because he doesn't want to address it. SARGON WANT DOPAMINE

2ff063 No.308933


Of course he's seen it though, the only reason he started whining at Jim is because he started retweeting videos of it.

2409f5 No.308935

File: 3038eff493c7e37⋯.png (33.89 KB, 623x396, 623:396, BAITED.PNG)

Why are these people so easy to bait?

ac3ff5 No.308937


Please tell me that was one of you guys. That is a fast jump from "everyone should do what they want" to "purge the non-believers".

dc70a6 No.308939


No, it was because "someone notified him of Jim's activity, but totally only this one time and he totally didn't watch the video or ever look at Jim's twitter before"

3ccebd No.308941


>picking a fight with Jim

goddamn this guy is fucking retarded. Can't wait for Internet Insanity: Quadroon of Mossad

b0333a No.308943

>so what if my movement is 85% white males?

>that's the SJWs and alt-rights standard, not mine

a5febd No.308944


Tales of the soyfather part 1: Classical egotism.

224889 No.308945

Its like I'm watching Sargon go clinically insane in real time. How wonderful.

a5febd No.308946


Remove Its like from that sentence.

f05039 No.308947


And I can't wait for Don Carlo "The Stepfather" Sargonne to send his capi e soldati into Jim's comment section so they can damage control.

151252 No.308948


Don't forget that the group has already been infiltrated by SJWs, 'alt-right and plain people looking for trouble. There's so much more to come.

018a9d No.308949


*ignores and scrolls past 40 thumbs up comment on how the race that is supporting his movement is dying out*

2409f5 No.308950

File: 403de81adac4663⋯.png (24.71 KB, 598x255, 598:255, liberalist logic.PNG)

File: 40935a1df7b7e57⋯.png (114.6 KB, 479x472, 479:472, jewish.png)

I feel my almonds activating

84799b No.308951


>he 'doesn't care if the white race dies out'?

Because he is not as well versed in debate as he thinks and just said that to "Nu-Uh" Richard Spencer's point. It was such a cringe moment too. Either that or he considers his kid to be black, but I don't think that is the case. You know this actually forms a great microcosm for why "liberalist" is so fucking awful. Like sargon, someone who devoutly claims to have black ancestry but has thoroughly white features, appearance matters far more than substance to most people.

2a3c5f No.308952

File: f2eb3da74eb26cd⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1515781386169.jpg)

halfchan is feeling creative

2409f5 No.308953

File: 64bc9fd56de62da⋯.jpg (85.06 KB, 630x522, 35:29, sargon principles.jpg)


That's some 10/10 shit

63812f No.308954


Like the SJW that they sercretly are, they can only co-opt and apropriate stuff that is already successful and overused (remember how they fucked up Meme Magic and Pepe with their shitty Kekistan reddit meme?).


>Jim's mockery hit him hard.

It's the second time now.

a34539 No.308955

File: 08fb02d271a4a87⋯.png (334.75 KB, 5000x4704, 625:588, 1454149705461.png)


Just a /cow/ regular guessing. Your accusation of me being Aurini or shilling for him total bullshit. Look, if Chrischan burst out of the corner and says two plus two equals four, is his statement true or retarded? Same goes for the Aurini video.


Sargon gets asshurt over descriptors and don't want descriptors, because he is the grandson of a black man and in his mind, its a huge shame. There is nothing to be proud of in his heritage, because in his mind he isn't a product of love but a product of a mud shark. This is why he doesn't care about the white race. Furthermore he is a 17th century libertarian, because in a socialist society, its very convenient for him to pretend to be one, so he doesn't have to tank more narcisstic wounds. To make things short; his autism is powered by shame and this is why celebrating his own demise by proxy is his Sonichu.


The evidence that their relationship to us is parasitic is on their very tongues.


Yes. What he doesn't realize: All the internet has started to speak Anon as a result. Its cancerous as fuck.

1a7147 No.308956

File: 212cf33f301e8fb⋯.mp4 (892.62 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Doing things is cringe.mp4)

File: 92596ea88ff5e41⋯.mp4 (2.46 MB, 854x480, 427:240, How awful and cringy.mp4)

File: 173d388c686d8c0⋯.mp4 (1.05 MB, 854x480, 427:240, No one does.mp4)

File: 0f9ec6076b67b46⋯.mp4 (409.89 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Not irrelevant.mp4)

File: 528927f9517e8da⋯.mp4 (754.24 KB, 854x480, 427:240, They're afraid.mp4)


Some highlights.

1a7147 No.308957

File: 19d306ed412b56c⋯.mp4 (1.89 MB, 854x480, 427:240, That's all I'm saying.mp4)



And of course the snipe at Jim.

2a3c5f No.308958

File: 8a0d36093eae63e⋯.png (48.84 KB, 583x374, 53:34, 1515782442007.png)

>Germany isn't part of the West

f4c215 No.308959


He's obsessed with Jim right now. I know they all want to be him, but it's getting disturbing.

ac3ff5 No.308960

File: b36f7c0ed45bbee⋯.png (330.1 KB, 461x528, 461:528, ClipboardImage.png)


He really should watch that Murdock video.

b0333a No.308961


>the alt-right is afraid

Of what? Does he think that people are going to move from being white nationalists to liberalists?

018a9d No.308962


Presumably he believes people are more likely to become Liberalists than 'white nationalists'.

b0333a No.308963



>all Jim had to say was 'liberalist is cringe' and it got him this enraged

What's funniest is that, on the stream with him, Sargon and friend were still begging him to do some sort of live event so they could meet him.

3ccebd No.308964

File: 0e4b9e4e5869887⋯.jpg (60.94 KB, 400x350, 8:7, ragenot.jpg)


lol ur so #triggered you Alt-Right™ SJW

63812f No.308965

File: e90a0c66e0abcdf⋯.jpg (60.38 KB, 850x400, 17:8, stepfather quote (1).jpg)


Can we make shit up? have this one


> going full "every negative comment is alt-right"

Holy shit. Even the comments section is full of fanboys claiming that the alt-right is salty but why would they be salty?

f05039 No.308966


>when you fall so hard for the shitty "x isn't white" /intl/ kiddie memes that you start thinking that Germany and part of the Balkans which were under Austro-Hungarian rule for centuries aren't part of the West

f4c215 No.308967


I think Jim 'I Won't Meet Anyone IRL Unless They Have a Tight Asian Pussy' Metokur was a frustrated reference to that.

0df3e5 No.308968


To confess, I scanned through the largest English dictionary in the world and collected about 7000 words on notecards.Yes, I'm autistic.

>>308955 (Checked)

Yes, it's quite apparent that /pol/, the alt-right, white nationalists, or whatever the fuck you want to call it is the direction the future will go. It was even predicted in the 80s that the next crisis in America was going to be racial.

a34539 No.308969


During a K-shift!? Sounds like he was in Amsterdam recently. Of course it has everything to do with his personality. Again: he can't handle the fact that his grandpa was black. Its also part of r-type psychology and what he is doing is typical rabbit person posturing in order to avoid real conflict. According to Sargon's hind brain, Jim looks Duke Nukem and wants to bully the weal into submission.

6d0e13 No.308970

File: bc1c5ff3222b6d3⋯.png (267.86 KB, 1840x1655, 368:331, the west according to sarg….png)




f4c215 No.308971


I didn't want to worry about it, I wish it were still the 90s just as much as the 'Skeptics'.

But how long do you stand by while someone digging a ditch in front of a headstone with your name on it tells you they aren't digging your grave?

2ff063 No.308972


>I think Jim 'I Won't Meet Anyone IRL Unless They Have a Tight Asian Pussy' Metokur was a frustrated reference to that.

you think sargoy is secretly in love with Jim/Jealous of Jade?

Like, do you guys think he looks at, like, a tweet of him and his GF doing shit and thinks "Why can't i get him sick by fucking up a taco?"

2ff063 No.308973


>Why can't i get him sick by fucking up a taco?"

*"I wish it were me getting Jim sick by fucking up a taco"

God damn can't believe i fucked that up.

4b265c No.308974


Anything that came before the french revolution is not western civilization because i say so

t. Shlomo of Mossad

2409f5 No.308975

File: 053e35788f4751d⋯.png (368.11 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, HERECOMETHE.png)

Just made this, idk how it is but I thought I'd put it up

018a9d No.308976

I would leave another comment on his new video but I want him to answer my current one and any excuse not to adress you will do while Carl's on a fart sniffing spree, so if anyone feels like it they should ask him

'Do you consider Japan to be a collectivist society?'

a34539 No.308977


Accurate, but only for all Orthodox countries. Germany was part of Western Civilization and the center of it before the reformation pissed into the Kaiser's cornflakes.


Close, but no cigar. Don't get me wrong, a racial conflict in America is still a huge possiblity, because somebody worked 24/7 to get race relations as dysfunctional as they are. Bang on with the direction: rightwards it is rightwards the population is going (k-shift).


More like Baka of Uguuu. Western Civilization as we know it started with Charlemange. Its foundation are Catholicism and Reason. The other game in town on Europe is Christian civilization which has started with the foundation of Constantinople I am just saying that to be safe. It is basically old Rome huddling around the Throne of Christ. Is foundation is the Orthodox Christian Faith. Everything else follows from there. Got it?

2409f5 No.308978

File: 09394d0202da401⋯.png (372.15 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, FIXED.png)


Fixed the finger

79f959 No.308979


Youtube skeptic community is proof that organized atheism is a religion. Do these people have any self awareness of how dogmatic they are acting?

0df3e5 No.308980


Western Civilization started in Greece and Rome, m8. They've always been the centerpiece.

>Close, but no cigar. Don't get me wrong, a racial conflict in America is still a huge possiblity

I disagree. We're already experiencing the preliminary steps. There was an article, among others, that said "whiteness was a birth defect". Then there's the fact of black on white murder being massive. The southern monuments being torn for being racist, etc. All this is preparation.


I know what you mean. I used to be rather apolitical with the foolish libertarian attitude of "live and let live", but deep down there was something that I felt wasn't quite right with society, culture, and myself. There was even a profound moment for me when I realized it too.

1a7147 No.308982


>Holy shit. Even the comments section is full of fanboys claiming that the alt-right is salty but why would they be salty?

The Alt-Right wants to destroy Western Civilization (the only relevant distinguishing features of which is Individualism and Liberalism), but they didn't count on Sargon coming along and saving it!

eca070 No.308983

You know if anons want to fuck with Vee even more, they should stop calling him a gypsie, and instead call him a țigan/ȚIGAN/tzigan which is the Romanian term of gypsie. I guarantee you that it's more effective, to insult him in his native language(if you want I can provide other terms as well) instead of English. Imagine me, going to America and calling a nigger, a cioară(which means both crow and nigger), do you think he would be as insulted as if I had called him a nigger?

t. Romanian

2ff063 No.308984


>Imagine me, going to America and calling a nigger, a cioară(which means both crow and nigger), do you think he would be as insulted as if I had called him a nigger?

I dunno, niggers get really fucking mad when you call them a negro in spanish.

f4c215 No.308985


I don't into IPA, sounds like 'chigan'? I'll spread it around.

a34539 No.308986


That's the conventional view. In reality, both Western and Christian civilization were both participating in the Graeco-Roman heritage. Read the first sentence again. Close but no Cigar was about your bet on balls to the walls race war as inevitable reality. It isn't. Instead we have to live with what you are describing. Other than that, the actors of the Apocalypse are unknown besides r-type people and K-type people. There might be racial colors here and there to the group. As said, we don't know yet. Trust God and keep your powder dry.


Sage gone. I am all ears. Give us also the Romanian words for lolicon, pervert, poseur, quack, NEET and cat lady.

2409f5 No.308987


I know some IPA, the Wiktionary pronunciation seems to be tsee-GAN or /tsiˈɡan/

f05039 No.308988


The ț is pronounced similarly to "ts" in Japanese, as in tsuchinoko. The gan part is pronounced like gun is pronounced in English

2409f5 No.308989



the last part as in "yawn"

dc38ed No.308990



6d72ea No.308991

File: 9e36652dbb343e4⋯.jpg (181.39 KB, 800x526, 400:263, BrymG-aCcAAhumO.jpg)


What up with his hate for Germany?

2a3c5f No.308992


He identifies as British

2ff063 No.308993


>He identifies as British

So why isn't he bitching about france then?

f05039 No.308994

2a3c5f No.308995


He mocked JF about being French

1a7147 No.308996


> Imagine me, going to America and calling a nigger, a cioară(which means both crow and nigger), do you think he would be as insulted as if I had called him a nigger?

No one would have understood what you were saying.

>t. Romanian

Fuck off, zigenardjävel.

79208e No.308997

File: 0d58725ad5763b1⋯.png (175.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, chuckles in frog.png)


hon hon hon

1a7147 No.308998



Sorry. I misread your comment as the exact opposite of what it said. Sorry, țigan.

3ccebd No.308999

File: 67e234b2196649a⋯.jpg (142.45 KB, 604x533, 604:533, aryan blood eternal anglo ….jpg)

0df3e5 No.309000


I didn't say a race war was an inevitable reality.

eca070 No.309001



If you mean pedophile, then it would be "pedofil"




I am not sure there is a term


Probably NEET as well, modern terms sadly get integrated as they are in languages, though there are terms for lazy(leneș, puturos)



>cat lady

femeie(woman) nebună

You might like asskisser, since this is what Vee is, the term being pupincurist, which is formed by two term "pupin" which comes from the term "a pupa" which means to kiss and "cur" which means ass.


Sadly our online dictionary has no option to hear the terms pronounced, some of them can be found on google translate, I could also record some terms and put them on vocaroo.

a34539 No.309002


Mysterious Brittish history he doesn't understand. A reunified Germany was a huge threat to Pax Brittanica and the Empire's industrial Number one spot. What has also put off the brits at the time was the typical Großkotzigkeit of the Krauts. The German soul shall heal the World contemplentary Germans said and produced craptons and craptons of anti English propaganda in their Universities. Germany is also a Continental power with Continental law. There was partly justified tinfoil around the world becoming more tyrannical when the Germany gets to dominate. Willhelm II himself cursed his English heritage. Further back, Saxon (Catholic) Paladins invaded (Orthodox) England with the blessing of the Pope. Which brought the English Class system into being and huge scar into the Brittish Psyche. The invasion wasn't a ebin prank either: The vast majority of entire male Brittish population was genocided during the Saxon invasion. In comparison to the poisonous relationship between Germany and England, Russia and Germany distrusting each other for spiritual reasons is just bantz and shitposting.

>>309000 WHOA! TRIPS!

Fair enough. Maybe we lack the words to describe the mass phenomenon thanks to Step Father's schemes.


Pedo/Pedofil could fit the bill. Its not accurate enough for my taste, because Vee has more problems with moefaggotry than with actually being pedosex. In short lonely [moefag] femei nebună and pupin could hit him. He also spent Christmas alone and [spellbound by the devil]*

*In Prelest doesn't fit the bill. Vee is a fedora, not a Catholic, not an Evangelical Christian.

eca070 No.309004


>Pedo/Pedofil could fit the bill. Its not accurate enough for my taste, because Vee has more problems with moefaggotry than with actually being pedosex. In short lonely [moefag] femei nebună and pupin could hit him. He also spent Christmas alone and [spellbound by the devil]*

There are expressions or combinations of words that can describe this, but not a single word, and I want to keep things simple, because trying to say "te masturbezi la personaje din desene animate"(you are masturbating at cartoon characters) is too long, unless you want to keep a text files with all sorts of insults to copy and paste. The best term, wouldn't be lonely(singur), but rather looser(ratat) as it implies someone who has failed in life, doesn't have a girlfriend, still lives with his parents, etc.

You could also use degenerate(degenerat) or even better "handicapat" which refers to people who have disabilities either mentally or physically, it doesn't have the same edge in English, as it has in Romanian, but calling someone a handicapat, is the equivalent of calling someone a soyboy or a cuck.

79f959 No.309005

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I just realized the scene from Wizards could easily be re-edited to be about the skeptic community and killroy

a34539 No.309009


Sounds like Romania hasn't had as huge weeb scene.ratrat, ratat, handicapat! Strikes me as fun slogan for annoying Vee.

2af563 No.309017

File: e432fd013e10ef0⋯.jpg (131.5 KB, 664x508, 166:127, 15.jpg)


It bothers me how wrong he is.

be4038 No.309018

File: 6a27ee6edeaa390⋯.jpg (77.16 KB, 516x720, 43:60, d10c574df83eb0400c6294ff2b….jpg)



sure thing, sargoy

63812f No.309028

File: 07370f323f68b50⋯.webm (396.19 KB, 500x334, 250:167, the fart sniffing communi….webm)

1a7147 No.309033

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a11b46 No.309043

File: 25aa934a71c2e32⋯.jpg (231 KB, 1120x730, 112:73, 1515757704127.jpg)


of course they are only courting big youtubers it's literally kraut tier

2dadf6 No.309048

File: 32c905ef0ea4ec3⋯.png (3.27 KB, 429x410, 429:410, smug anon.png)



His mental unraveling is taking far faster than it took Trout & "50 cigarettes a day" Low-T. He's so thin skinned that the light jabs of Spencer, Jim and Murdoch Murdoch have annihilated him. He just can't stop himself at this point and the echo chamber he's built to protect himself will just drive him on to irrelevance. I couldn't be happier.

2409f5 No.309054


The stepfather sounds unhinged, he better settle down

53d561 No.309056


Congratulations Sargon you just invented libertarianism. No I'm sorry, rather you invented a shitty cucked version of libertarianism.

Truly a thinker of his generation.

10f968 No.309057


Better question: How do we push him further down the line?

f4c215 No.309058


Just keep making fun of him. He can't take it.

2409f5 No.309060


Keep up the pressure in trolling his comment sections, harass him on gab, get him to debate more alt-right figures and watch him get BFTO. Wait until the next Spencer debate and watch how he comes out of that if his prior performance is any indicator

3ccebd No.309061


Literally just keep doing what you're doing. Keep shitposting. Youtube comments, twitter, /pol/, his faceberg groups, whatever. Keep laughing at the stepfather and watch the results

>the stepfather cries out in pain as he calls you a triggered snowflake

3ccebd No.309063


Another important factor here is the more time he spends REEEing at random people for "not understanding klassikul librulism" the less time he spends actually getting his ass in gear and preparing for an important debate.

So we keep tripping him up and getting him to sperg out. It's both lulzy in the moment as well as prevents him from doing well in the future. During his debate he won't be prepared and the pressure from everything beforehand will cause him to snap and sperg out even harder, etc.

We're basically past the event horizon now. Now we got a positive feedback loop of lolcowing going on, just like what happened with kraut.

a34539 No.309064


If you want to be a huge dickhead, make jokes about his Black heritage. Call his brand of Libertarianism, nigger libertarianism. Show him some Ugandan people's interest news story and ask him what he thinks on the matter. Speaking of Ugandan, come in as Ugandan Knuckles and tell him how you are worried about him, especially because hes family. You either break him or better him. Other than that, I remind him that we are usually the audience, not the actors.


Another idea; the Liberianism in Europe made some developments. Throw him some curveballs from that scene. If you incapable, just say the word and I give you some. I am not interested in interacting with him.

10f968 No.309065


>preparing for an important debate

What does that matter? The man has no ideas.

He's an inverse Batman: even with unlimited prep time, he can't win. He lost a debate against Kristi Winters

a22dfc No.309067


Was it that desync'd in the original, or just in your clips? The only thing worse than wasting 1/8 of the screen with your ugly face is doing so and not even being in sync.

79208e No.309068

File: 2efef901d4c7baa⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 600x700, 6:7, 0e9bb650e69c8bb54c54ff8ffc….jpg)


[spoiler]Set up some (((discord))) server, larp about organizing some event and get him hooked on the idea. I am not sure how much evidence killroy provided before people were on board with the idea and begun promoting it on the bublic space. In my mind one could probably fake an event with the excuse of "its x months" left and there are some papers waiting to be signed before anouncing exact location BUT IT WILL BE FINE, etc.

Just like the piss dosier people might hint at some upcoming thing in exaltation. The best thing is the resemblance to killroy, but there is no ill intent except having a laugh.[/spoiler]

79208e No.309069

Did I just fuck up formating on the public space. Better kill myself :^)

a34539 No.309070


You can stop being a halfcuck by reading the fucking FAQ anytime :^)

2409f5 No.309072

File: 2acfcc237c1bc1c⋯.jpg (39 KB, 620x350, 62:35, accra.jpg)


I hereby propose the name…

SARGON OF ACCRA (pronounced uh-KRAH, the capital of Ghana)

1a7147 No.309073




<"It cannot be denied that Fascism and similar movements aimed at the establishment of dictatorships are full of the best intentions and that their intervention has for the moment saved European civilization. The merit that Fascism has thereby won for itself will live on eternally in history."

Perhaps someone could feed him this (accurate) quote by classical liberal (((Ludwig von Mises))) (who goes on to say that Fascism isn't a long term solution) and argue that he should invite Fascists into his movement or that he should use Fascism to reach Liberalist goals.

>Another idea; the Liberianism in Europe made some developments. Throw him some curveballs from that scene.

Perhaps I'm just retarded, but I've no idea what you meant here.


>Was it that desync'd in the original, or just in your clips? The only thing worse than wasting 1/8 of the screen with your ugly face is doing so and not even being in sync.

It was desynced in the original. I noticed the problem with mine and double-checked before uploading.

79208e No.309074

File: db6d4380349c2b2⋯.png (450.05 KB, 1027x815, 1027:815, sarcuck_2.png)

File: bd243028d4d7393⋯.png (66.29 KB, 818x566, 409:283, sarcuck_3.png)

File: eb1ef5f4ddca4af⋯.png (270.59 KB, 589x549, 589:549, sarcuck_rt.png)

File: eca93a0944e3d64⋯.png (251.93 KB, 589x588, 589:588, sarcuck.png)



Kekistan 2.0 turning on it's creator? Eye for an eye.

e39572 No.309076


/cow/ is neither /pol/ nor /leftypol/

it is /centrpol/

3ccebd No.309077



a22dfc No.309078



It's /liberalistpol/

bfa482 No.309079


>ancestry race on the liberalist side

What did he mean by this?

2409f5 No.309080

File: 33ee5265936f503⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 480x480, 1:1, LIBERALIST.jpg)

54f7fd No.309082


These are worse than /leftypol/ memes.

0c6208 No.309083


Do you think parasites can create memes?

10f968 No.309086


The left lost it's ability to create when they merged with communism

a34539 No.309089


Well, glad that you mention Von Mises, one of the biggest names in Austrian Economics and one of the most irrelevant ones in Rabbinic Judaism. He had a successor namerd (((Murray Rothbard))). One of the biggest complaints he had about left Libertarians was that they only cared about assholes and weed. Now to the developments that weren't in Jewish hands.

Here's some esoteric ones;

A guy named Schüßlbrunner has pointed out, how Nazis, Socialist/Social Democrats and Greens are related to each other ideologically and in their rejection of Christ. Ask Sargon why godlessness is a common trait of collectivists. He will fail .Ask him questions about the Hoppe's take on democracy. Don't be a cuck, go all the way and point out how it democracy tempts people into parasitism like Hoppe has pointed out and switch to r/K theory. Point out that the best usually stay home. Another thing relatively recent thing that will drive him nuts; Parties like the AFD started out as libertarian parties and ended up becoming right wing. Did it happen because rightwingers are envious/want to stamp out such parties, or did they shift that way, because the rank file realized that they aim is only in reach if they actually have a country? Expat life style is a common suggestion to get personal freedom from the Libertarian scene and makes a mockery of the idea of society. Don' tell Soyboy of Arcadia about it. Instead, ask him why haven't he made any videos on that. Same goes for seasteading. Now that he rebranded the movement behind it, he could pick up the seasteading idea. Shill it. Point out all the necessary thing and demand videos on that. Could lead to hilarious disputes with Friedman.


Yup. That's the entire the gist of it. Another autistic shitposting idea; Write autistic shit about the Zimbawe bird rising in Kekistan. Praise King Shaka in super chat and add "Too bad grandpa gave you any of that."


>The left could never create

That's the joke. Just take a look at soviet propaganda and then at some Russian Orthodox icons. Lenin's Mausoleum, Sugar Baker style, Socialist idealist statues ; All stolen.

224889 No.309091


Why is Sargon so triggered by Jim in particular? When Jim made his videos on Trout he didn't really say anything disparaging about Sargon, except for posting the ballpit meme that everyone else was using. The only thing I can think of is that Jim initially questioned whether #SargonKnew, and I think the Stepfather was never able to let that go. There's also the Spencer debate, where Jim immediately hopped on after they left and praised Styx instead of Sargon. I'm trying to think of how someone with a large but sensitive ego would see these things.

It might be probable that Sargon sees Jim as some kind of threat to his integrity and image, even though Jim's literally shit posting autist who probably has aids. Now Jim is an official enemy of the Liberalists.

1f432c No.309093


>Why is Sargon so triggered by Jim in particular?

I think it's because he expected Jim to be a fellow liberalist and join up with whatever cringy shit Sargon is planning to do.

224889 No.309095


If that's all it is, I don't think Sargon would have made that jab at the end of that video. It seemed like he was afraid of Jim for whatever reason.

f0c090 No.309096


I think there were some more things in the video that triggered him. Jim putting the audio of sargon talking to kraut probably annoyed him as it didn't spread that much outside of people who were following the drama closely. Jim questioning why sargon asked to record a friend's conversation may have struck a nerve as sargon is hiding something in his motivation there. Jim also demonstrating how sargon played himself and did what kraut wanted by making a video going over crp's dox, which would have made sargon feel the fool and maybe even dig at his morals.

All of these things are a blemish on sargon's character, which his ego wants to remain spotless, and Jim's channel was big enough to get that out there to a large audience.

Jim implying that sargon is using minions to do his dirty work and calling his liberalist movement cringey was the final straw. Now sargon is trying to destroy jim's character to make his word have less of an impact on his audience.

I'm also interested in sargon vs spencer round 2, as sargon has already killed his chances of winning. Before it was him criticising spencer's idealogy. Now spencer can criticise sargon's ideology back and throw any question sargon asks back on him.

3ccebd No.309097


Sargon is fine with having his goons attacked. He just views them as tools and fodder. He flipped out the minute Jim criticized Sargon directly and publicly. Sargon's weakness is vanity. Look at how he'll stoop as low as making butthurt response videos to random jewtube comments.

Also, keep in mind that everyone is doing this trolling thing where they all think Jim is their friend, and then they get shocked when he laughs at them and their autism.

da0021 No.309098


>Sargon 2017: The Alt-right is irrelevant.

>Sargon 2018: We're just doing exactly what the Alt-right has already done, where's the criticism?


>Not an argument

>not an argument

>28 min of this much butthurt

>28 min of this much projection

>28 min of this much willfully not understanding the criticism

hoo boy

79208e No.309099


>sargon vs spencer round 2

<what is white?

>sargon do you believe in puddles?

c72a7e No.309100


I still can't stop laughing at the fact that they made Anita a gypsy in that video. I don't even know if gypsies are Armenian or if Anita has any gypsy blood in her, but Anita is the best honorary gypsy I've ever seen.

0c6208 No.309101


That is really reasonable they thought that their vague policies are just for classical liberalism but got really butthurt when Jim just pointed out that those vague terms are what conservatives also believe, and if I remember correctly Jim is a constitutionalist or that is what he has said once upon a time in gamergate.

So he is already married to a political ideology.

54f7fd No.309103


No, but I didn't think anyone could do worse than /leftypol/.


>Now sargon is trying to destroy jim's character to make his word have less of an impact on his audience

Jim is just a shitposter and his audience know it. Trying to destroy his character is like trying discredit ED or some greentext story on /b/.

151252 No.309105


He also lost almost everyone who could help him - Kraut and Dox Holiday gone, Andy abandoned him, Armored Skeptic isn't associating himself with this shitshow, TL;DR and Layman think this shit is shady going back to Candid or even longer -now he is just left with ineffectual bootlickers. Letting his minions fall as they became vulnerable has hurt him.

2409f5 No.309106


>what is white?

Oh god I don't know if I can sit through four more hours of that. As long as it makes Sargon lose his grip on reality further I'll endure though

224889 No.309107

>Sargon's weakness is vanity.

You're right. He went out of his way to make that CRP video declaring how much of an honest person he was and how proud his kid will be to have such an honest father. Then Jim directly caught him in a lie when he found out people were digging up dirt on him during that stream. I can see that as being especially damaging to his ego.

3ccebd No.309109


Yeah, it is pretty funny how his posse all seems to have abandoned him. He's still the Don, but he's weak and faltering. Who are his most trusted compatriots? Some shit-tier romanian yes-man and a literally-who riceburner because I guess they had to start scraping the bottom of the barrel of resumes. The fact that his current cadre of sycophants is so shit-tier is very telling.


If they ban this from being part of the debate, then it might actually go somewhere. If it goes into "lmao wuts white???" again then all I want after that point is to see kike eunuch and implicit dick shitpost and cause sargoy to melt.

2af563 No.309110

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The Soyfather's lackey made a video explaining why gook women are superior.

0c6208 No.309111


So /leftypol/ has to create memes since they are their own board so the propaganda is needed. The liberalists/sargonist are parasites, they don't want to create something new, they try to create something new but they can't since it's an impossibility for them.

2409f5 No.309112

File: 7c445af45cde4ae⋯.mp4 (1.07 MB, 824x464, 103:58, merger.mp4)


>click vid

>instantly shilling weeb shit

Also, for some real degeneracy watch vid related

ccbed1 No.309115


Jesus Christ, I’ve known people with yellow fever but this is taking it to a complete different degree.

0c6208 No.309116


His logic was not too dumb but he should call himself a eugenicist. Also how come the new liberalists movement can't understand ideas?

224889 No.309117


This is powerful autism.

da0021 No.309118




off-topic, but what's with these faggots and their fascination with the "deal with it" glasses?

2409f5 No.309119


Compensating for being a beta

2409f5 No.309120

File: 102af3e4654aaf1⋯.png (700.76 KB, 963x906, 321:302, 1.PNG)

I'm starting to do some digging on this Yellow Fever faggot. Nothing to deep yet. I found his steam though through Sargon and Vee's friend-list. I have yet to see if these names lead to anything juicy, I want to see how deep the tism goes

0c6208 No.309121


as I've stated before >>309111 they are parasites so their parasitic nature is not the usual one with stealing nutrition but memes.

2409f5 No.309122

File: 100c0883a185b28⋯.png (14.68 KB, 581x112, 83:16, UNO.PNG)

File: 75bfa0a0744d0a7⋯.png (13.81 KB, 588x122, 294:61, DOS.PNG)

File: 621acbdf305982d⋯.png (13.63 KB, 584x112, 73:14, TRES.PNG)

File: 4d75199f21d8202⋯.png (12.51 KB, 581x123, 581:123, CUATRO.PNG)

File: c527554420556cd⋯.png (32.46 KB, 595x248, 595:248, CINCO.PNG)

f4c215 No.309123


Jim, I'm sure to his lasting horror, essentially started this whole anti-SJW bullshit, and they all want to be him. They don't understand that he's just a normal person who laughs at retarded shit on the internet because they're crippled by autism.

So when they act like speds, and he laughs at them, they feel like it's a fundamental betrayal.

b84207 No.309124


>366 DLC owned

It's not real dirt but god damn I want to kill this faggot

224889 No.309125


I have a hard time believing this is not a troll. If for some reason he's being sincere, just tell him he's advocating for east asian genocide. That should throw him for a tism spin.

2409f5 No.309126

File: d868ce07d49e297⋯.mp4 (4.49 MB, 854x474, 427:237, AAAA.mp4)


He's dedicated if it is a troll

da0021 No.309127

File: c1b50b4e68def4f⋯.jpg (55.16 KB, 487x364, 487:364, Alan Rickman is not please….jpg)


>The Meme King



f4c215 No.309128


We all know what kind of white man is obsessed with Asian women.

2409f5 No.309129

File: 1146010deb3d9db⋯.jpg (190.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, this.jpg)

3ccebd No.309131

File: d85ffafe2a244ee⋯.jpg (38.91 KB, 801x332, 801:332, sargon bake the cake.jpg)


0df3e5 No.309135


What a transparent avoidance of the question.

da0021 No.309137


Yeah, I thought about for a bit and I guess that makes sense

196381 No.309138


Fuck me it's hard to read that kanji with that image quality.


Futsuu no chameleon

ordinary chameleon

If that helps.

196381 No.309139


Oh right, it usually translates as plain OR ordinary and is written as Futsū.

535ab7 No.309140


(((White))) Communists.


>Destiny calling anyone a pedophile

Is he just trying to divert attention, or does he want to use JF as an experiment for his Ethical CP?

da0021 No.309141


>I don't want to bake a cake for a gay wedding

<Well nobody said you have to work at a bakery

<Irrelevant statement about ethnostate

20a939 No.309142

Fuck, I was hoping he'd have a pixiv account so I could check what hentai he looks at but nope. Looks like breaking my fucking eyes on that kanji was a bust so far. No NND acct either looks like.

0a405e No.309145


What if his hentai were all private though? HOW WOULD THE ETHNOSTATE WORK THEN HUH ?!?

7b967d No.309148


The nips would have to find their own genes.

Also, nothing on major japanese search engines.

2ff063 No.309149


>Now spencer can criticise sargon's ideology back and throw any question sargon asks back on him.

Wasn't like Spencer wasn't already deflecting sargon's questions with shit he said already to begin with.

224889 No.309150

File: 7a6e2c48003363e⋯.png (101.56 KB, 665x497, 95:71, have you even read loki.png)

2ff063 No.309151


I'll never understand why /pol/ likes anime to the extent that it does. Though, that's mostly because the only time i asked, they basically responded with "Well Hitler would've liked it!"

02ae5b No.309152


Pure gold.

535ab7 No.309153


The simple answer: Because there's nothing else to consume

The convoluted justification: Because japan is an ethnostate, it's fine to admire their culture and consume their media

2409f5 No.309154


Coming from a /pol/ user, part of the reason I watch anime is because it never feels like blatant propoganda and honestly because there are no God's Chosen People directing or pushing their interests

3ccebd No.309155

File: 4586565459d1708⋯.png (552.94 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, kaz moe.png)


Probably just the fact that 4chan started off as an anime board, and so the culture always stemmed from that. Personally I'm not a big anime enthusiast and haven't bothered with much outside the obligatory stuff like NGE and Berserk, as well as watching DBZ as a kid.

I'll never understand anyone watching moeshit unironically, but I love posting the smug anime girls in SS uniforms like everyone else. I like the artistic dissonance of 2D waifus and "muh scary fascism"

9e18cb No.309156



d143bb No.309157

Sage for off topic, check the comments on this vid for a laugh(Not embedding because the main point is the comments). He starts off by mentioning noel ignatiev but ignores he's a chosenite, so you can guess the reaction.


8dc91e No.309158


I'll give the reasons why I like anime.

1. I like animation. It draws me in in ways movies can't. Vivid colors appeal to me for some reason.

2. I like the style, esp. more so than anything in the west with its potato heads

3. They treat adult topics, animation in the west doesn't unless it's capeshit animation.

I dislike episodic series and that's what cartoons in the west primarily comprise.

a34539 No.309163


<I found his steam and didn't exploit it fully.

Is Fail your waifu or something?

https://archive.is/plCq5 mainpage

https://archive.is/HONzd groups, look at the first one

https://archive.is/uHpib shit taste inbound


27ad34 No.309164

File: d23e59c559f771f⋯.jpg (12.48 KB, 238x378, 17:27, 1520.jpg)

File: 2ea82b48ffb96e5⋯.webm (7.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, German quest for relevanc….webm)



>Western Civilization

2409f5 No.309165


That seems to confirm it, him being group admin, on Sargoy's friend-list, from New York, age matches up. I was only hoping I could dig up some better info than just game stuff. I'm not the guy for that honestly.

0a405e No.309166

File: 0e36fb73e538fa2⋯.gif (490.36 KB, 500x290, 50:29, laughing varg.gif)


>Western Civilisation


9bac05 No.309167

File: ebb27de73ce56b5⋯.png (107.31 KB, 1007x601, 1007:601, forbidden base rates.png)

Using forbidden base rates and other kinds of socially unacceptable but perfectly valid reasoning devices could be a good tool to cause infighting. They haven't explicitly included Rationality in their principles but that is always implied for big brained youtube intellectuals like Sargon and it has the potential to cause a lot of conflict with their other principles.


a34539 No.309171


By the way, the only member of the group named after himself is on Jim's friends list. Either Sargon is really trolling him with his mini onions. The other alternative is not plausible at all.

da0021 No.309173





>Richard White


hmm, now who could this be?

2ff063 No.309174

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's an old blog, but that's about it.


Curiously, there's a 2nd Q&A video link he posted on facebook that simply don't exist anymore. Here's the first one for anyone who can stand this shit, god knows i can't.

I dunno though, i think he doesn't actually have a history, and his only reason for existing is just sucking sargon's cock.

9bac05 No.309175

File: a854798bec922e1⋯.png (227.81 KB, 332x667, 332:667, forbidden base rates2.png)


forgot second pic.

Their principles of "Blind Justice" is explicitly about engaging in flawed reasoning.

84dacb No.309176


Start digging through some anime forums and doujin archives. He likes anime, and probably wants to fuck lolis.

a5febd No.309178

54f7fd No.309180

File: 374706cdf96123c⋯.png (571.66 KB, 923x508, 923:508, 265.png)


>325 hours in Dragon Age 2

a22dfc No.309181


>never feels like blatant propaganda

That's why it's full of pedophilia, promotes worthless NEET parasite behavior, mental illness, and even has tranny-style degeneracy, right? Everything in anime is completely contrary to /pol/ political views, yet somehow it's bannable to say anything bad about anime because the moderation collectively has a Sargon level IQ.

a11b46 No.309183


it's less pozzed than western media

535ab7 No.309187


Yeah, but like what? You aren't giving any examples, and anyone who actually browses /pol/, even the cucked nu/pol/ can see that you're talking out your ass.

If there's a few shitty shows made by those crazy yellow bastards that promote that garbage, they're shunned and ignored.

224889 No.309188


Anime is degenerate, but there still a lot of tradition and routine that you don't notice is missing from the west until you start watching an american show.

f4c215 No.309189


I don't think it promotes any of that. I don't really like most animu, but if you watch for instance the ones featuring relationships, they are something akin to the natural order of relations between the sexes. Women are demure and submissive and concerned with purity, and men at least try to be good enough for the women.

Contrast that with the vapid, emotionless degeneracy, casual promiscuity, and race-mixing of Western media.

2ff063 No.309190

Looked through what he's following on the tweeter to see if there was anything to narrow it down, not much luck there. Dumb fuck actually seems to like NIS America though, which for a weeb i would think is verboten, but maybe he has an account on their forums.

a22dfc No.309191


>t. sargon


>Women are demure and submissive and concerned with purity

When they're not "comically" stomping on the pussy male protagonist's balls with WACKY emotional faces in a HILARIOUS comedy segment in between 5 minute talking segments rendered at a buttery smooth 2FPS.

>contrast that with

They're all cancer.

535ab7 No.309192


>Asking for examples makes you Soygoy

Not sure if you're projecting who you are or if you're just retarded.

f4c215 No.309193


Hence why I don't like most anime. I think it's just a window on a society untouched by Marxism, at a basic level.

f4c215 No.309195

Animu is pretty off topic from Sargon's autism storm.

2409f5 No.309196


Depends what you watch. Pathetically enough when I saw Clannad as a teenager it made me want to have a children and family so it's not all degeneracy

da0021 No.309198

File: d4e83d911dd4d8e⋯.png (306.8 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1424039438229.png)



>All anime is the same

f4c215 No.309200


You can see how the people who made it view relations between men and women, and how different and superior it is to the West.

Although the fact that they seem to like disgusting, pussy, ineffectual male protagonists is probably something they need to deal with.

e9a2c6 No.309201


That what you get for watching seasonal garbage.

da0021 No.309202


probably just the Stepfather or one of his goons derailing

460009 No.309203

File: 732965923e19ef3⋯.jpg (360.02 KB, 1424x2144, 89:134, Democratic rule.jpg)

File: 8f253ac61e1b58e⋯.png (30.44 KB, 521x473, 521:473, Sargon agreed upon lies.png)

File: 418e3e6ce0a782c⋯.png (72.4 KB, 824x841, 824:841, Sargon didnt expect to win.png)

File: 87f42f316404166⋯.png (52.48 KB, 827x551, 827:551, Sargon agreed upon lies 2.png)


Stop watching the moe shit and watch a real anime then

224889 No.309205


We've been spoiled lately since at least every other day he's done a multi hour live stream or video engaging in supreme amounts of insanity ego and autism. Now that he seems to have left the house to pick up his wife's son from school, we went off topic. I guess its time to wait for the next step in his great political movement of laughs.

2ff063 No.309207

While searching in vain for Louis' history i found this nightmare


>thunderf00t,sargon of akkad and tl;dr are based

>stefan is a freak

Holy shit, what kind of alternate universe hell is this shit from

2ff063 No.309209

>The wordfilter triggered even though B T F O wasn't in it

https://archive.4plebs.org/pol / t h r e a d /57453949/

08d1da No.309210


>https://archive.4plebs.org/pol / t h r e a d /57453949/

<after watching both youtubers:

<sargon of akkad is better than teal deer.

<sargon has better points to make, is way more consistent


224889 No.309212


I remember before gamergate /pol/ thought Sargon was sekret /pol/ack because he actually talked about multiculti shit when no one else really did it. Not only were they wrong, but Carl doesn't really know how to deal with 4chan in general. Eg: using a meme for monetary gain/opportunism.

4b265c No.309213

File: 926a7e66821b179⋯.png (22.47 KB, 607x208, 607:208, Sargon fans vs Jim 1.png)

File: 5c2dd05384eb9a4⋯.png (32.95 KB, 607x325, 607:325, Sargon fans vs Jim 2.png)

File: abeee92bc08c1cf⋯.png (36.18 KB, 595x345, 119:69, Sargon fans vs Jim 3.png)

2409f5 No.309217


It's seeming like Louis despite his spergery at least cover his tracks online.

facts we do know:

>27 years old

>works as some sort of insurance fraud investigator

>lives in Buffalo, New York

>5'9 manlet, slightly overweight (self reported)

>"looks Irish" (self-reported)

>went to Buffalo State University

>had a few papers published in some sort of New York polsci journal. Think the topic was about (racial) voting patterns for Democrats or something(?)

da0021 No.309218

File: 878b095c008fde8⋯.gif (3.9 MB, 385x392, 55:56, de6.gif)


>his excuse was that people weren't "attacking"

>because poltards sending death threats to randos was definitely the best course of action for gg

224889 No.309219


>Metokur has blood on his hands

I read that whole thing waiting for a punchline

f4c215 No.309220


Kraut's people were stab;e and self-aware in comparison to these assholes.

I'm sure CRP will be a thing at some point later, it's already shaping up. The shit about JF was garbage Destiny made up.

f4c215 No.309221


I meant 'stable'.

4b265c No.309222


That guy is also the same faggot who wanted to ostracize Vee for appearing on stream with the enemies of the liberalist overmind

224889 No.309223


Loving every laugh. These same niggers are salty he left their gay movement years ago, but still cry for him to come back as the savior of the liberalist race.

f0c090 No.309224


That first image

Good to see sargon's audience thinks 'it's current year' is a valid argument. Maybe the early internet was better than this social media e-celeb, advertiser friendly internet.

>He's a coward for not putting on the guy fawkes mask and marching down the street under a kekistan banner.

Yeah, it's not cowardice.

third image

>jade got doxxxxed after metokur fucked (fingered) her on stream

>they broke up after that

>he left gg to win her back

Where is this retard getting this fiction from? None of that happened.

39755f No.309225


Drilldown Meta is somebody's sock account. The accounts only a few days old and he's been going after everyone he thinks is alt-right, even Styx.




10f968 No.309226


CRP is delusional but lacks the cultish fanbase to really push him over

a6b1c4 No.309227

File: 4f79b1f85d6c2e6⋯.webm (3.74 MB, 512x288, 16:9, 1428039988939.webm)

4b265c No.309228


CRP might be vicious and slimy as you want, but he's a little lamb next to Sargon

290489 No.309229


>Freedom of Association

Freedom of association also means freedom of disassociation, so people can choose to have a nigger free experience which is in direct opposition to his opposition to discrimination based on race. Why did people ever see this quadroon as anyone worth looking up to?

>no right to bear arms

immediately discarded

2a3c5f No.309233


Don't forget he mind-fucked Sargon into stepping up as a reluctant leader. Not defending CRP, but he used PUA mind tricks and Manchurian camerawork to set Sargon on this course.

224889 No.309234


Now I'm just imagining the Stepfather handing some lacky a list of liberalist enemies to "destroy".

2409f5 No.309236


Sorry goy, once our liberalist democracy is place it can never be removed, even by voting against it!

e9a2c6 No.309237


Just like how democracy was intended to be.

224889 No.309241


We've seen the effects of loki fully in America already. You allow a bunch of immigrants in based on "merit" and ignore things like group preference and religion out of a need to be artistically secular. It turns out that they are extreme collectivists and try to enact laws that you must in tern suppress for the greater good of the collective. This is what happened with hordes of Nordics who came to Utah to become Mormon and tried to make polygamy legal. Now imagine if the United States was ONLY Utah, and you see how democracies can so easily undo themselves even with muh checks and balances.

290489 No.309243

File: 5e04ce41056eefc⋯.jpg (31.66 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 5e04ce41056eefc33eeb867851….jpg)


>it can never be removed, even by voting against it

>implying I'd try to remove it by voting

4b265c No.309247

File: a766f9b3a2f6fb9⋯.png (47.88 KB, 602x543, 602:543, Autism.png)


CRP is the chad lolcow


>I'm no fan of DesTINY, but let me deepthroat him a little bit

What is it with DesTINY fanboys creating totally not shilling new accounts to sperg out?

2409f5 No.309248

File: d6825649f6fea60⋯.jpeg (107.78 KB, 585x782, 585:782, image.jpeg)


Sorry, collectivist, I and my fellow individuals (we is a collectivist term) are in control of the military now. Communists and foreign nations are allowed to subvert the state, but you gotta bake that cake and can have any ideology except if it is in support of the white race!

f4c215 No.309249


I didn't know stumbling over your words, name-dropping authors, nervous laughter, and repeatedly asking for abstract principles and a definition of one of the most numerous genetic populations on Earth qualified as going easy on someone who you could easily brush aside.

Anyone implying Destiny is some kind of chad debater is either delusional or shilling for him. Or just him. Doesn't he call himself 'Omni Destiny'? 'Drilldown Meta' is sort of vaguely similar.

I like that this movement is only a week old and this post already seems to be running damage control.

0c6208 No.309252

File: 4ed205dd8a45f48⋯.jpg (299.79 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, rageafterstorm botty.jpg)


they must've gotten really buthurt.


huh, how is desTINY even relevant to this? unlike rageafterstorm where it all started because of a niggers literally muh dik situation.

290489 No.309253

File: 9fe5cf12f2f19ab⋯.jpg (173.53 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, 9fe5cf12f2f19ab0c4660c6474….jpg)


Ok, then I guess I'm taking out infrastructure and watching the chaos.

2a3c5f No.309255

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sargon 'analyzing' a book about cult behavior and how it relates to political groups. Don't expect any actual analysis of the book, just 30 minutes of Sargon reading cherry picked quotes from text. Because SJW's are like a cult, amirite fellow Kekibros?

The first 5 minutes is worth watching, I guess. Because it highlights Sargon's actions perfectly. He could be analyzing the liberalists in this video.

a22dfc No.309261


>look at cuckchan

>a site that has been broken, compromised, and full of retards since 2014

>act surprised that it's full of retards


It's like a mirror image of the anti-Trump left. All that shit that's objectively false and completely made up.


>board of peace

>sending death threats

Never happened.

9a892b No.309270

File: 42d43405da3a6d6⋯.png (84.65 KB, 606x606, 1:1, soygon.png)

79f959 No.309273



Anyone has that powderpuff girls parody of Sargon and kraut?

79f959 No.309274

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Kekistan is anonymous 2.0

6d0e13 No.309275



1a7147 No.309276


I think you're assuming that Sargon is more analytical and calculating than he really is. I think at least three factors are

>1: He (barely even having talked to him) saw jim as a friend and now sees him as a traitor. (see Re: Drama Faggotry)

>2: For some reason, the Septic community sees Jim as some sort of unbiased internet god. (I don't quite know why, though)

>3: He respects Jim, and it's very difficult (at least with Sargon's ego) if someone you respect just doesn't take you seriously.


He's really pissed of. And he highlights hs own reply but still doesn't get as many likes as his detractors. Also, why

84dacb No.309277

File: 390c86d49737239⋯.jpg (28.25 KB, 280x394, 140:197, 887_Erzherzog_Franz_Ferdin….jpg)

>last year Kraut attacks Rage, chasing her off the web

>Kraut gets humiliated after blaming the alt-right for all the hate he got for his actions

>Kraut gets caught doxing and flees from the net

>the following year, Sargon starts attacking the alt-right, and gets raped by Spencer

>Sargon doubles down and forms a shitty group to take on the alt-right

>within this year, we're likely to see the death of Sargon's Internet career

I wonder if Rage realizes that she was the Franz Ferdinand of this entire shitshow?

The Trump curse was just supposed to be a meme, but I think that we're dealing with something more serious now, like a curse that strikes down anyone who fucks with the alt-right.

1a7147 No.309278



>Also, why

So you only have your rights in certain situations, as long as the situation is voluntary? If I'm a baker I can't dissociate my property and person from potential customers. Can I have my speech rights taken away if I'm a priest? Can I have my right to a fair trial (which, btw, I haven't seen in any liberalist list of principles) or protection from the law stripped away if I speak out againts Liberalism?

9a892b No.309279

File: 12752144d54d78f⋯.jpg (32.64 KB, 501x358, 501:358, DTUx50DWsAEBFVZ.jpg)


1a7147 No.309281

File: e8d02b876483d04⋯.jpg (968.34 KB, 4566x1723, 4566:1723, 6Olktcz.jpg)

File: d6b713c7dd6efc6⋯.png (34.96 KB, 892x1118, 446:559, OCBKIPQ.png)

File: 30a9468673628cb⋯.jpg (99.46 KB, 1048x1048, 1:1, tNs1V22.jpg)

File: c85d9e089f7210d⋯.png (4.7 KB, 354x278, 177:139, WoUE5SK.png)


Take your pick, fellow Liberalists. I found these suggested logos on reddit/r/Liberalist: http://archive.is/uIQXf

Which should represent the collective in the future?

cff50c No.309282


They look like logos I would see plastered on a second-rate law firm

f3c401 No.309283


The first two do, the last two don't even rise to that level.


I hope they choose the first one it already has some (((echos))) started beneath the bird.

0df3e5 No.309284



The last one is just a fucking parallelogram with circles on its corners.

3d9b12 No.309286


Second to last looks like a trout giving birth to a fucked up demonic phoenix.

1a7147 No.309287

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Perhaps the curse only rubbed off on him.



>>the alt-right is afraid

>Of what? Does he think that people are going to move from being white nationalists to liberalists?

I think I figured it out! He lied about not having seen the Murdoch Murdoch video (embed) where they call him afraid. Now he's either trying to get revenge by insulting them back or he's just projecting.


That's an owl being the flame of a tourch, you fucking collectivist, scared, Alt-Right, troll!

f05039 No.309288


>Yeah, it is pretty funny how his posse all seems to have abandoned him.

I wouldn't say abandoned, it's just that most of the ones who'd be worth a damn were implicated in the Kraut thing so they're laying low. It'd be like if 80% of Don Sargonne's underlings were caught and are now in prison and the only ones are left are complete shit.

018a9d No.309290


How do you do fellow kids.

dde7a8 No.309292


The best part is he used the fucking template without any editing.

82f84f No.309293


>jim thinks anonymously shitposting online can actualy do anything in the real world

inb4 anonymous shitposters bring down Sargon's gay cult before the year is over.


>that's racist dawg, come on my dude

Wow, alt-right forever B T F O

62d6c9 No.309294

File: 2e3135e07dc3ed4⋯.png (150.17 KB, 395x399, 395:399, 2e3135e07dc3ed40e6e85eace0….png)

Should we start spamming nigger/asian porn to see what reaction we get from the yellow fevered literately who?

82f84f No.309296

File: 0a66ea6f65ba0b6⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, HAPA GALAXYBRAIN MASTERRAC….jpg)


He probably wouldn't care seeing as he's a leftist. Maybe ugly hapas would make him sperg?

4edb35 No.309297


Might be able to get under his skin seeing as he seems to be the type who would be a /pol/ack if it was not for his yellow fever inspired white/asian race mixing"ubermensch" plan.

4aade4 No.309300

File: 0e4bcb5e0241433⋯.png (351.11 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1515192585457.png)

New thread when? Bakers please respond

1a7147 No.309301


From Soygoy's video:

>"How to Leave a Cult"

>"To leave a cult, one must first understand that they are a part of a cult, invisible or not."

>"Deikman offers six behaviours one can identify in themselves to establish whether or not they participate in cult thinking."

Let's see how the Liberalists fair, shall we?

>"1.Speaking of adversaries or outsiders as if they were all the same; characterising them by negative traits only; attributing unflattering motives to them but not oneself."

The only people who dislike the Liberalist movement this are collectivist Alt-Righters who are afraid of us!

>"2. Lacking interest and information concerning the actual statements and actions of opponents or outsiders."

People who are collectivists want to deny everyone their rights and

>"3. Failing to consider the possible validity of an adversary’s point of view."

Why would I listen to the dang-dirty Alt-Righters opinions? They're our enemies! I'm not going to take advice from my enemies!

>"4. Not taking a critical look at one’s own position."

Do I even need to say anything here?

>"5. Disapproving or rejecting a member of one’s group for departing from the group position, devaluing the dissident, regarding him or her as an annoyance or a problem."

Vee is a traitor, he's saying bad things about Sargon! Metokur is a hypocrite and an enemy!

>"6. Feeling self-righteous."

"I don't wanna be doing this, but I have to be doing this. Someone has to be doing something … so if anyone has a better idea, I'm all ears, but it seems no one does."

0c0896 No.309302

File: aadc0629384d71f⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 225x248, 225:248, omaneta.jpg)



>still a serious part of internet culture.

f05039 No.309303

File: 0f38bbaaf04230f⋯.jpg (475.8 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 91G2PTitBWL._SL1500_.jpg)


You forgot to point this out:

>Speaking of adversaries or outsiders as if they were all the same

Hmmmmm, that reminds me of something…

dae904 No.309304


> he highlights hs own reply

Not to be a Sargoon apologist, but "highlighted reply" is the message that appears when you use the direct URL of a YouTube comment.

0c0896 No.309305


/pol/ was way to trusting back then. I thought, that he was some YT MiGTOW or some shit like that and dismissed him in the beginning. I have way underestimated the narcissism of fedoras who follow him. In fact I know that at least one volunteer of a board that has imploded last year fits that bill and his reaction to r/K theory was as negative.


That's bullshit. I can still get evidence for that from git gud, but I can't be arsed, because Gitlab shits its pants as soon I attempt to load the happening repository.


That was Bullshit too and I fell for the Jade left Jim over the scandal part. No, Jim saw that was going with the shekelers and chucked the brand to not waste his and /v/'s time.


If Sargon doesn't believe in God, why is the Holy spirit depicted in two logos? Also the torch is blatantly stolen from European Libertarian organizations. Libertás had in the logo for example. Nothing original.


On a slow board like this? Are you autistic or something?

82f84f No.309306

File: 15bc571c377781d⋯.jpg (90.01 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 15bc571c377781dba3a769ac7b….jpg)


Wewlad, it's stunning how spot on that is.


>Jim saw that was going with the shekelers and chucked the brand to not waste his and /v/'s time.

Jim says that, but he left just as it was getting cringy. He probably just left because he has a sixth sense for internet humiliation and didn't want to be there when the scalps started getting harvested.

4b265c No.309307


>Speaking of adversaries or outsiders as if they were all the same; characterising them by negative traits only

That's literally what the horseshoe theory is all about

72c527 No.309308

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ef9c31 No.309312




Spot on analysis from March

This has been building for awhile now

0c6208 No.309317


what has Veeh done now?Since he seems like Sargon's personal lapdog or ego masturbation material.

535ab7 No.309318


I think its both. Jim knew it was getting cringy, and he knew the movement had done all it was ever going to do, and decided to take his ball and go home. Not that I blame him, just looking at the GoyimGate threads on /v/ you can see that they're still asshurt that he left, and a part of it stems from the fact that they're politically impotent now.

64a5e1 No.309319



>eviscerating anyone

top kek. He sure showed me, how will I ever handle a guy defending child porn and wants to fuck his own daughter.

82f84f No.309321


Vee keeps going on the Morning Kumite, who are Sargon's enemies now because they asked him if he wanted to come on and debate.

Vee also did a video saying Sargon did a poor job explaining liberalistism to Jim.

Now he must be expelled from the cult because he talks to outsiders and doesn't mindlessly worship every little thing Sargon does even though he basically does, but they don't see it that way.

2409f5 No.309322

File: 68f1e6deb0144d4⋯.jpeg (181.91 KB, 1238x1291, 1238:1291, image.jpeg)

Yellow fever tweet of the day

4b265c No.309323


He had the insolence to present himself on a tonka stream and have a non-aggressive interaction with notorious enemies of the Individualist Collective such as Jim and Andy, thus he must be purged from the movement

4b265c No.309324


I never heard of this fucking sperg before the stream with Jim, but damn he made it quick to my personal top of most unbearable skeptics™

0c0896 No.309325


This is exactly what I said. It would have been a waste of his fucking time. He wanted something effective, not something cringy.


We are still having that shit? I wish Mark would tell everyone to move, but it would be a great mistake that leads to meta denbs out of the ass. Most of them aren't /v/-regulars.

0c6208 No.309326



you gotta be shitting me, so vee is going on other streams and more or less doing marketing for soyboy but the soyboy does not understand what vee is doing?

OK, I'm kinda feeling bad for the lapdog vee, if that is the case.

535ab7 No.309327


Yep. I wander over occasionally to see what they're like, and they're basically the /v/edditor containment zone.

82f84f No.309328


Exactly. He goes on and tries to explain Sargon's mistakes and defend his positions, and apparently this is treasonous to the liberalists.

0c6208 No.309329


Huh, so that is why this Louis Le Vau is the new lapdog? In other words Vee is not officially been put down by the Don/soyfather but he will be put down when we hear from Vee himself he can't contact him.

This is rather interesting.

2409f5 No.309332

File: 916e8b29427d321⋯.jpeg (106.47 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, image.jpeg)


Louis Le Vau has always been a shabbos goy for Sargon, he just doesn't have a big enough channel to effectively serve Sargon. The Stepfather reaches out to small liberally-minded channels, leaves some nice comments and sooner or later brings them into his streams and attempts to assimilate them. Few can resist, being a small channel seemingly noticed and enjoyed by a much larger and sucessful channel such as the Stepfather and are thus turned into willing slaves. If Vee loses favor expect Sargon to promote Louis like crazy to prop him up

10f968 No.309334


Vee is like Milton from Office Space. He hasn't been formally fired, but eventually he should realize he's done on his own

4b265c No.309336


I don't know what the soyfather himself thinks of this, for now it's mostly his braindead fanboys in the comments

10f968 No.309337


He doesn't have to think. He let's his pawns attack the enemy and if one of his pawns makes a competent, salient point, he can just copy it as his "Official" response. Morons are field testing arguments on his behalf. Treat his comment sections as beta tests for his future viewpoints

3ccebd No.309338


just like USSR all over again. Vee didn't clap long enough.

1a7147 No.309343


I've actually gained a lot of respect for him during all this. He's still annoying and pathetic, but I didn't think he had the balls to disagree with the Stepfather.

10f968 No.309346


He disagrees with the Stepfather the same way MSNBC would "disagree" with Hillary: Throw a softball criticism in a way that allows them to knock it out of the park later. He's running defense while appearing unbiased.

f3c401 No.309347


>but I didn't think he had the balls to disagree with the Stepfather.

He didn't. He made a video with a clickbait-ish anti sargon title, that I think he may have taken down since I can't find it anymore that in actuality, declared sargon to just be too smart. See, sargon didn't convince Jim because sargon uses smart words that average people like you,me, or Jim just don't get.

Since then, Vee has made several videos and gone on a bunch of streams talking about liberalistism.

64a5e1 No.309348



Yeah Vee's a little gypsy rat who's trying to play both sides. He's "criticizing" the soyfather in the weakest way possible. So he can say "see i'm not a cock sucker, i criticized him!" while also going "I'm not against you Sargon i'm a good goy asking you easy questions for you to knock out of the park and make you look good!".

1a7147 No.309349

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This video is the best part of the Sargon-JF-MW stream. In it, JF, despite having drunk two bottles of wine, puts Sargon in his place and then asks

>Is there anything wrong with identity?

Sargon immediately pulls the "It's late, I've got to go" excuse.




Really? Wow! I've been outsmarted by an henta-addicted gypsy. The shame!

2a3c5f No.309351

f3c401 No.309353



shit, got distracted looking for the "criticism" video and didn't get to the point

The only reason enlightened free thinking liberalist™ are turning against vee is that they so can not handle the possibility that sargon and by extension they could be wrong, that they never even bothered to watch the video. They read the tittle/saw who was hosting the stream had kneejerk "this isn't muh hug box, I is scurred" feeling and ran to tell the stepfather about the bad man saying wrong think. Jokes on them sargon is almost certainly the one orchestrating his every action up to and including throwing in the soft critique.

b84207 No.309354


I understand JFs position perfectly there.

2a3c5f No.309356

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this is going to be the best year ever

6c1203 No.309358

So, any bets when Jim's video on Sargon comes out?

2409f5 No.309359


Is he making one? If so that'll be better than the Kraut series

3ccebd No.309360


All really depends on how badly things escalate. Reminder that Kraut was originally going to be a single video to be made over a weekend, but the fire kept rising.

This could be the tip of the iceberg

b84207 No.309362


More like the tip of the nosebeg.

f4c215 No.309363


He braves the Kumite without fear. That makes him twice the man Sargon is, whatever his flaws.

Sargon sends his lackey to passively-aggressively front for him. I have no respect for that sort of behavior.

1fe062 No.309366


Jim won't be making a video until Soygoy's failure because more notable and the more cult-leader aspects of his personality come to the forefront. Soygoy needs to face social consequences before Jim will jump in. This is partly because he already has a few other videos lined up. A second reason is that he's not the type to dump 50 videos over speculation and that little cocks – he likes to have things mature and ferment until he really has something to show. A third reason he won't release a video very soon is because Soygoy took shots at him, and while he was being blatantly manipulative and creepy about it, and while Jim did show the world how fucked in the head he's become, Jim doesn't want to be seen as reacting to a personal attack. Jim fashions himself as untouchable and disconnected, so he avoids doing anything that makes it seem like he's personally involved. This is a good move too, because to do otherwise would imply to some that Soygoy is actually valid or notable at this point.

224889 No.309367


So I guess Sargon needs to be loaded up with oxycodone in order not to be a spazz when talking to white nationalists.

224889 No.309368


You're putting too much thought into it. Jim will make a video if sargon's cult ends up being funny enough.

7bc58a No.309370


But maybe the critical condition of being funny enough will be achieved when all of the circumstances anon described come to pass.

82f84f No.309371


He does make his videos for outsiders so they can keep up with what's happening, not autists like us who follow every step along the way. I doubt he'd take a shot too early because it would seem like Sargon got to him.

e9a2c6 No.309372

File: 51a953e9f4ad73d⋯.gif (1014.7 KB, 460x266, 230:133, 51a953e9f4ad73d1128d9b9902….gif)

File: 81939213f7e4a19⋯.jpg (63.5 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, DTcb-VXXcAAG2Cf.jpg large.jpg)

File: 71b7fc316dd64b9⋯.jpg (56.11 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, DTccQzSW4AE_Nff.jpg large.jpg)

File: a7ccfc0b284e83c⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 841x720, 841:720, [shekelfansub]Shabbos_boat….jpg)

Oh my… we've reached level of cringe we didn't expected since Kekistan.

2409f5 No.309373


Where are these being sold? Maybe I should make some shirt design and jew some people on Amazon into buying it

224889 No.309374


>Assyrian despot


Do you think they think about these things when designing them?

2409f5 No.309376




Time to make some sheckles, lads

da0021 No.309377


You mean this one? >>308789

0c6208 No.309378



these cannot be real, this is too early it seems like Sargon has done an EA games when they jizzed on the idea of battlefront2 lootboxes.

da0021 No.309380

File: 59dc3000cb2b342⋯.png (114.98 KB, 768x768, 1:1, le may may.png)


>I went to the reddit


why did I do this

I can feel my IQ stagnating already


224889 No.309381

File: d5285a655ed8e27⋯.png (75.27 KB, 628x867, 628:867, lol.png)

This is just Kekistan again. Sargon just wants to take the non-racist parts of /pol/ and market it to normies to make money. Only this time he actually wants to get into parliament by using dead memes from reddit.


Not even a week into it and they are cucking themselves lol.

290489 No.309382

File: 9de9273d9cf51eb⋯.jpg (105.7 KB, 829x950, 829:950, 9de9273d9cf51ebbfc62ee43e9….jpg)


>If we meme ourselves, the enemy can't meme us, and we control the meme discourse.


I want to think he's deep undercover

0c6208 No.309384

File: 85217cc255d294f⋯.png (405.25 KB, 1460x905, 292:181, librealists tshirts.png)

so how is this when searching an application for making shekels on the liberalist brand?

82f84f No.309385

File: 89fff8e36daf19d⋯.png (231.79 KB, 500x375, 4:3, is that so.png)



I was supposed to set up my PayPay this week but I got distracted with other stuff.

Oh well, maybe it won't be dead already by next week as if


>if we meme ourselves the enemy can't meme us and we control the meme discourse

64a5e1 No.309386

File: 1201f033c28e2af⋯.jpeg (431.46 KB, 1536x1623, 512:541, yellow fever boy.jpeg)

Yellow fever boy is flagging down videos using clips of his stream with Jim. Funny, i could've swore that Sargon got pissed when DesTINY striked down clips of him on Sargons channel. Surely the Soyfather will disavow the Yellow fever boy, any minute now.

2409f5 No.309387


What a pussy, I'm gonna go flag some of his shit and see if I can get results

2409f5 No.309388

File: 8f24add0230629b⋯.png (35.39 KB, 623x297, 623:297, notonthat.PNG)

File: 66386fb5e2f131a⋯.png (45.47 KB, 598x375, 598:375, lmao2.PNG)

224889 No.309389


And remember how much Sargon and Louis Yellow Fever was sucking Jim's dick and asking him to their larping group? Now they hate Jim and he has become an enemy Liberalist ethnostate. Seems like a pretty lulzy cult to me.

82f84f No.309390


Gotta make dem shekels. It's nice to see the Liberalists put youtube ad-revenue in the tens of dollars above the freedom to share information.

84799b No.309391


nice dubs,

that said, whoever initially uploaded it should then just dub over it in a stereotypical asian voice saying "OH VELLY VELLY NICE POINT KINGMAN!" and expanding for a few seconds every now and then to make it "transformative" problem solved, faggot PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD

2409f5 No.309392

File: 992bab73581e6bc⋯.png (102.18 KB, 591x539, 591:539, INFIGHTING.PNG)

infighting alert

84799b No.309393


bonus point I figured out what the word filter was

1fe062 No.309394


Well yeah, that's pretty much what I said. I was just saying that he won't make one "soon". I expect that he will make a video as soon as there's enough material for Jim to sink his teeth into.

1fe062 No.309395


>Infighting in a individualist collective tied together only by poorly thought-out opposition to SJWs bound together only by their cult-like love of Sargoy

Wow, who would have guessed? I can't wait for things to get heated.

79208e No.309396


Good one. Never used to pay attention to this side of yt before, but this shitstorm is going places.


>this is going to be the best year ever

What are the chances of JF-Varg talking?

There are some short interviews out there but nothing since he begun with yt. Considering he lives in france and speak french it would probably not be hard to pitch the idea to JF. Considering they wish to invite different people (antifa being the rare fish for the moment) the only obstacle would be convincing Varg but JF has a good track record on showing respect to guests and dig into their ideas which is a possitive for anyone who are engaging on the public space. So despite Varg choosing to purposely make his most insecure subscribers remove themselves (when he made some statements last year), there is not a negative for him to throw a wide net and repeat this purge once more. Also considering how Sargon made "what is white" into such a big thing, and thin skinned people who got triggered there are some overlap. All I see is a /comfy/ stream, pissed off people, pissed of (((people))) and some discussions about permaculture, living a simple life, race, etc.

However I don't see this happening until later this year when there are more shows in the baggage to lure with, and the request would have to come directly from JF, so that he can forward why they would want him on in the first place. Just has to sell it to JF. Spencer was large, but not nearly as interesting as this could be. They can't regurgitate pundits like Tara, Styx, [insert random alt-right person] forever.

f4c215 No.309398


Isn't JF going to be busy this year bankrupting Destiny?

0c6208 No.309401

File: 70445b5ff81e331⋯.jpg (179.27 KB, 567x516, 189:172, tinytim.jpg)


But one could still try and contact Varg and ask him for some shekels if he wants to be on.

Tiny Tim is probably going to fall hard this year, and it's going to be funny.

79208e No.309402

File: 7f3421a5a966c87⋯.png (210.93 KB, 450x450, 1:1, tiny.png)



Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

2a3c5f No.309403

File: 4d8c7b6059dcc96⋯.png (85.35 KB, 1114x354, 557:177, 1515876128054.png)

Never seen this Anglin debate, or paid much attention to him really. Seems like it will be a bit of a shitshow. Then again, Sargon lost to fisty splinters, so maybe some untermensch can rustle his jimmies, too.

0a405e No.309404


Wouldn't JF be the first person he would talk to online? Love the idea though of him in debates with peoples, especially him taking on Abrahamics and Antifa.

1a7147 No.309405


Just like with Trout, debating the Alt Right will more and more become Soygoy's life now.

82f84f No.309406


Anglin is more of a memer than a heavy hitter, but he might throw out some mean words that will trigger Sargon, unlike the other guys who try to remain professional.

6c1203 No.309407

File: 06755981a21e34f⋯.jpg (198.24 KB, 1300x975, 4:3, 16422716_1246328932070732_….jpg)


My god, these are some Martin Schulz tier "memes"

290489 No.309408

File: af47cb21b33ee94⋯.jpg (12.73 KB, 284x425, 284:425, 7fd7bebf9ff96ac0f57efcd9f5….jpg)


Their eyes are soulless

4b265c No.309410


Jesus i think the estrogen levels in my body went up just by looking at that pic

82f84f No.309411

File: 56d5b155c82b828⋯.png (1.6 MB, 960x1680, 4:7, 099786381dc55a7449120dbdf7….png)


Whenever I see the "men" these leftist chicks hang out with I can only think of one thing.

f4c215 No.309412


Sargon is definitely getting into 'hello fellow kids' territory, although he isn't much older than me. I think he's always been that sort of guy. This year is gonna be great.

f4c215 No.309413


Completely accurate. While it's hard to overlook them ruining literally everything, one has to feel sorry for Western women. They crave the return of the natural order, but Western men have made themselves their sycophants.

dae904 No.309415

File: 6b1cdce4550dec8⋯.png (581.78 KB, 753x899, 753:899, pol-1382816219147.png)



Also their expression reminds me of this shitty meme>

5e7182 No.309416

File: 7901d9e915351b1⋯.jpg (181.22 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, xqmt.jpg)

So, out of this picture of the Septic Community, how are still "with" Don Sargon? I don't really know who any of them are beside Sargoy.

2409f5 No.309417

Sargon's wordpress has been updated. Freedom of association is now MISSING from the list of principles KEK


4b265c No.309418

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I wonder why

He seemed so smug about it

2409f5 No.309419


We should Sargon to always do whatever is most expedient for him

2409f5 No.309420



*should expect Sargon to

9a892b No.309421


because then somebody might feel free to associate with the alt-right or a dangerhair.

82f84f No.309422


>no room for the indian

Or is he just more comfortable eating cross-legged on the floor?


Would this be Sargon's doing after realizing he couldn't defend it, or one of his lackeys who is particularly progressive?

2a3c5f No.309423


Bake my cake tho

1a7147 No.309424


Didn't they remove it a while ago?


Wonderful how he responds immediately without giving it a second of thought, despite the fact that it's so poorly thought out.

Could we make a list of freedoms Liberalists doesn't want us to have? I'll start:


Sargon's a bake the cake liberal.

84799b No.309425


its a catch 22 woven into his hare brained scheme. If you have freedom of association then people might get in with wrongthinkers like the alt right and support nationalistic "collectivism." If you don't have it you are being authoritarian and not allowing individualistic choice. The icing on the gay cake keeps getting more and more delicious.

1a7147 No.309426


>Could we make a list of freedoms Liberalists doesn't want us to have? I'll start:

I was going to write more here, but I could only come up with

>Freedom of association

so I scrapped the project, but I fucked up and forgot to remove the line.

6c1203 No.309427

File: 6cff2887be0c02f⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, gottkanzler-schulz-teaser.jpg)

File: 9207d37a3787e66⋯.jpg (38.25 KB, 630x335, 126:67, schulz-reddit.jpg)


During the german election a bunch of autistic lefties thought it would be a good idea to literally rip off the memes of president Trump, call him Gottkanzler (God chancellor) and shit up /pol/ with them. They are some of the most forced and pathetic memes on the internet.

2a3c5f No.309428

File: 97c05b481e8794a⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 256x197, 256:197, needs_a_shop.jpg)

2409f5 No.309430


>Could we make a list of freedoms Liberalists doesn't want us to have?

right to bear arms

9a892b No.309431


Carl's wife's son becoming a tranny?

3ccebd No.309432


Well this will certainly be interesting. Anglin has been guests on podcasts and such, but I don't think I've ever heard him debate, nor do I think he'd be a good debater. He's really good at writing articles and memeing, but less so having that on-the-fly silver tongue that guys like kike enoch and molyjew have.

Then again, I assume Anglin is just going in for the memes and to shit on Sargon and trigger him. Will be interesting nonetheless.

82f84f No.309433

File: 439e4aba4f52a13⋯.jpg (139.29 KB, 673x600, 673:600, liberalist israel.jpg)


>Could we make a list of freedoms Liberalists doesn't want us to have?

Could we argue them into promoting uberSJW values?

<it's my right to identify as a woman and use the little girls' room

<it's my right to identify as whatever race i choose and gain the benefits that come with that

<it's my right to become beautifully obese, and if you don't pay for my healthcare you're infringing upon my individuality

<it's my right to punch drumpf-voting nazis who literally want me to die because they don't want to pay for my hormones

<it's my right to possess ethical child pornography and share it with my individual friends

4b265c No.309434

File: c6e6689740b464c⋯.jpg (44.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, avatars-000109092020-z3mzn….jpg)


2a3c5f No.309436


If he's opposed to group rights then he is opposed to organizations that are accorded rights which are particular to their specifically-stated functions and their capacities.

Unions: No more collective bargaining.

Trade associations: Vee can finally get his medical licence and bar association, because they have no right to determine who can be a practicing doctor or lawyer. Also you can no longer collectively bully corporations through Fair Trade associations and advocacy groups.

Political parties: No laws determining who can get funding and from whom. Woohoo.

Class action law: We're all individuals now.

Chambers of Commerce: now local business can compete with multinationals on an even playing field

This is like libertarianism, but without the implicit Christian morals and half-baked economic theories backing it up.

2409f5 No.309437

File: cd5dc301710bcb8⋯.jpg (135.65 KB, 885x990, 59:66, 1489964897052.jpg)


>No laws determining who can get funding and from whom.

>No more collective bargaining.

>We're all individuals now.

Sounds like a Jewish wet-dream

a91ee2 No.309438


Sargon has launched this in such a way that it's totally centred around him. It would be totally humiliating for any youtuber of even minor significance to come out as part of it now, and, as we all know, 'sceptic' youtubers have very big egos.


He's probably underestimated Anglin (who is actually quite astute, despite his appearance) and taken him at face value as some sort of dumb skinhead. It will be even funnier if Sargon goes in overconfident and gets b t f od by Anglin, since Sargon almost certainly considers him far beneath him.

2a3c5f No.309439


To be honest, I have never paid much attention to Anglin because he comes across like a dumb skinhead. I'll give him another look.

1a7147 No.309440

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Actually, Sargon specifically said in an old (perhaps 2015) video response to an SJW that unions are not collectivist, because they protect workers, and workers are individuals. I don't know the name of the video, and I would appreciate it if someone could find it, but it was the first time I remember him saying something I found really stupid.


He had a spat with Soygoy a few years back, because Sargon said Rotherham was a British problem. Attached video is from that spat.

e9a2c6 No.309441


Reminds me when the revolutionaries abolished the artisans guilds in France.

3ccebd No.309442


The dumb skinhead thing is just a meme. The only reason he has a shaved head is because of male pattern baldness.

He came form /pol/ and he's one us. He decided to make a news blog in the same style as /pol/, using lots of agree-and-amplify, meme culture, breaking down taboos, etc. IMO it works very well, and I quite like DS's style. Reader base is, from what I understand, a little on the younger side, but that's a good thing and indicates it's good propaganda and doing an effective job reaching out toward the younger generation.


>He's probably underestimated Anglin

Fair enough, but I just don't think Anglin is that quick on his feet in a live debate. I've never heard him debate, but just from hearing him in the few rare times he's done podcasts or whatever, he doesn't come off as that sort of guy.

But then again, Sargon is a retard and gets blown out by low-energy guys like Millennial Woes all the time, so it's not like the competition is anything to worry about either.

I'm sure it will be entertaining regardless.

3ccebd No.309443


>Actually, Sargon specifically said in an old (perhaps 2015) video response to an SJW that unions are not collectivist, because they protect workers, and workers are individuals.

His entire liberal worldview is entirely contradictory. He just makes post-hoc rationalizations for why X is collectivism or why Y is not collectivism.

Another sticking point I must emphasize is that from what I can tell, Sargon is a neocon on foreign policy. He's so in love with his brand of liberalism that he's said in the past that he's in favor of toppling foreign regimes in the name of spreading liberalism. Peak trotskyism.

4b265c No.309444


I don't know about Sargon, but Kraut was a full blown neocon when it came to foreign policy

da0021 No.309446


>I don't really know who any of them are beside Sargoy.

Let's see, I used to follow a bunch of them. Dunno what they're up to now

From the left of the Stepfather:

>some nigger i dunno

>1/5 of Chris Ray Gun Last I heard of him was dating Lacy Green

>ShoeOnMeme coalburner Not sure

>Armored faggot Only thing I really know about him was the video calling him out for being full of shit by that faggot Luxembourgian (or whatever) layman

>Bundt Cake Still on good terms with the don afaik

>Mundane Matt No idea

>Vernaculis same

>Not a clue

>Computing Forever last I heard was a spat of him calling out the Don for acting like a SJW or something

2a3c5f No.309447

File: 4118bac1a7f6d7c⋯.jpg (68.26 KB, 500x375, 4:3, individual_worker.jpg)


>I would like to toast Don Soygon on behalf of the waste management industry and the teamsters union

>Now we need to talk about how I have been unfairly racially profiled by the FBI and their RICO laws, as though my business associates and close friends are some kind of collective, and not just individuals that all happen to frequent the same deli

>we're calling the bakery a deli now, so we don't have to bake cakes for faggots and moolies

2409f5 No.309449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>not a clue

It's the pretentious alcoholic Jew Wizard of Cause. Here's a video from that photo

2c29e2 No.309450


Isn't the nigger the one who wanted to muh dik Rage After Storm so hard she turned full racewar?

1a7147 No.309452


>Another sticking point I must emphasize is that from what I can tell, Sargon is a neocon on foreign policy. He's so in love with his brand of liberalism that he's said in the past that he's in favor of toppling foreign regimes in the name of spreading liberalism. Peak trotskyism.

Really? Do you have some examples of this? I have a hard time believing this without some source.

9a892b No.309456

File: 5f38101a9af1e22⋯.jpg (123.83 KB, 874x1165, 874:1165, DSa4DwVW4AAFn6M.jpg)

File: b5921e067be369d⋯.jpg (122.57 KB, 1200x826, 600:413, DSa4DwWW4AAS09k.jpg)

File: d28dab0732897f2⋯.jpg (116.92 KB, 640x940, 32:47, 1511991319253.jpg)


>shoe0nhead & armored fatty

he proposed to her because she worships his dick 24/7. she said yes but didn't move to canada.

a91ee2 No.309458


>marrying a coalburner

top kek

82f84f No.309461


<it's a british problem because they didn't arrest the rapists

>it's not the rapist's fault for raping

I wish I was a woke youtuber so I could follow his skeptical logic.


>pissdrunk and slurring his words

>sun is still up

lol, I miss daydrinking.

4aade4 No.309464


Naked Faggot's video is still very relevant


a91ee2 No.309465

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Currently getting lectured by a Jew about how you shouldn't talk to anti-semites

2409f5 No.309467


>click video

>muh holohoax

da0021 No.309469

File: 98a5ea41a930646⋯.gif (866.74 KB, 400x224, 25:14, wtf.gif)

>she said yes but didn't move to canada.

>full time bdsm skype relationship

Dear God, it's worse than I thought.

e9a2c6 No.309472



da0021 No.309474

File: 2a62b20e6bfa05e⋯.jpg (27.22 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Into the shiggy it diggys.jpg)


>Ashkenazi Jews are white

>Spiritual whiteness

>Those people who deny the holocaust…it's like…. Slavery, imagine someone saying there was something good about slavery

>There was nothing good about slavery

2409f5 No.309477

File: cb557d1f65ba464⋯.jpg (42.48 KB, 709x245, 709:245, 1476757405370.jpg)


This is some hardcore kvetching. Jewish victim-complex out in full force

0c0896 No.309481




Suggestion for hilarity: Go in and claim that their victimizer is actually in heaven and maybe they should "chang" their approach.

3ccebd No.309488


sorry, I don't off the top of my head, but I'm fairly certain he's made states along those lines in the past with regards to regime change.

Keep in mind that his website has ZERO discussion of foreign policy on it, and he's said nothing about being non-interventionist. Then add in his "liberalist supremacist chauvinism" and you can see where this leads. 200% eternal anglo

3ccebd No.309490

File: aacbd6302350e26⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1136x1434, 568:717, female happy merchant.png)


>tune in

>within one second hear a super jewess talk about how it's immoral to have an ethnostate or require people to move

>turn 360 degrees and walk away

6c1203 No.309493


plus his boner for the giant english empire

224889 No.309494

All of these people are comically jewish.

0c0896 No.309498


t.selfhating Jew from /pol/

Seriously, just ask him why God has made an ethnostate then and why a [rough description of Mark] is the best proof the old covenant was successful. Hilarity will ensure when the Pilpul kicks in.

79208e No.309500

File: 6eac46a1bc34dee⋯.png (43.83 KB, 611x361, 611:361, overton window 1.png)


Of course it is going to be a circlejerk. At the same time I am not even sure where they get their information from. Is it news, twitter, spencer, youtubers, plebbit, etc? I can't even guess what the % distribution would look like. Perhaps dicky is trying to sell some books but there is no official breakdown so they are fighting against fog (or spergs on twitter). Meanwhile anon spend hours watching the world, digging, reading and discussing but there is too large barriers for outsiders to bother inserting themselves since it comes at a cost (time). Personally I save all the best posts I find and every now and then reread them for fun. I might not be a debater myself but have more then enough to push someone down the rabbithole should they listen.

So the moment they begin listening and are handed sources instead of guessing and assuming, things are definitely going to become interesting. But even that would be from a single individual, not the fog.

6fb7fe No.309501

File: b33aec821d93de8⋯.jpg (8.1 KB, 181x255, 181:255, Disgust.jpg)


He can't even colour it. . . What the fuck? Is he retarded? I thought he used to work in tech or something?

2409f5 No.309502

6fb7fe No.309503


The Not a clue guy is Nick Goroff aka Wizard of Cause a former Democratic union/protest organizer, failed actor, and alcoholic who jumped on Sargoy's dick back in the gamergate days. He also was the cohost of a podcast with Jeff Holiday.

He seems to show up every time the septics are doing shaddy lefty shit.

2409f5 No.309504

JF calling out the Jews is the media

2ff063 No.309506


>The chad liberalist

>Wants to debate

His bitch ass doesn't want to debate though.He has his pet frenchie/Vee do all the work for him.

da0021 No.309507


>he used to work in tech or something?

He worked in a fucking call center

61108e No.309510


Varg doesn't talk to anyone else on yt directly. I think because he has shitty internet: He lives out in the french countryside with his family.

61108e No.309512



i went on that recent stream he did with JF. extreme circlejerk. I was banned from the chat for calling him a Leaf.

82f84f No.309513

File: 62e1ec68e2e4882⋯.mp4 (11 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, heyjews.mp4)


Hopefully more people will do streams like this. It was so fun to sit in chat and shitpost jewfacts. The chat was like /pol/ lite with a couple centrists defending Israel and saying NOT ALL MUSLIMS.

2409f5 No.309514

>defending Israel

Is there a single worse political stance you can hold as a goy?

82f84f No.309516

File: ef6f7c85cc6c65e⋯.mp4 (320.22 KB, 640x360, 16:9, jews.mp4)


I feel like people who defend Israel are either cuckservatives doing so just to be opposite of whatever the left says, or jews. The jewish lady was complaining that no Arab leaders ever want peace. Tried to bring it up in chat that it's because jews are killing them and taking their land, but was time-outed for calling jews insane inbreeds. She was also asked "was Jesus a good guy do you think?" and there was this deafening silence for a good six or seven seconds before she said, "I… guess?Maybe? I don't really know anything about him."

At one point I mentioned in the chat how Israel is unfair to blacks and even kicks them out of the country, and one of the jews on stream interrupted buntyking to sperg out and yell THIS IS ABSOLUTE CONSPIRACY THEORY NONSENSE THIS NEVER HAPPENS.

One of the jews was asked "what is the best thing and the worst thing about Israel?

For the worst he said "too many orthodox jews who don't understand zionism properly" and for the best he had a long pause, began "the business" then stopped and said "I don't know how to say this. The enterprise is good."

Most of the good questions were dodged but it was still a funny shitshow. Hopefully he leaves it up.

61108e No.309517

File: 45dc93c754d3532⋯.jpg (252.22 KB, 1296x964, 324:241, birth of a liberalist.jpg)

2409f5 No.309518

File: 0db27b21d03d5ee⋯.png (89.46 KB, 865x878, 865:878, Mein Kampf Hitler on Zioni….PNG)

10f968 No.309519


I'm far enough right to be on a watchlist and when I try to get the *conservatives at work to explain why they support Israel, I either get a shrug, "they're our (((ally)))" or muh Jerusalem.

It's insane how much overlap there is between the America First types and Israel cucks

0df3e5 No.309520


>Those people who deny the holocaust…it's like…. Slavery, imagine someone saying there was something good about slavery

I could.

2409f5 No.309521


We're probably on a watchlist posting here kek. I've tried to redpill multiple people on the US and its awful foreign policy with Israel and how they're a rogue nuclear state, drag us into conflicts, worsen our relations with the Middle East, how the lobby is super powerful in DC, etc and it always falls on deaf ears. I'm not even getting into other stuff I know about (ZOG / Jewish oligarchy, Jewish press, etc).

>b-but they're a useful ally! giving them 3 billion is justified!

>muh only Democracy in the Middle East



It's amazing how brainwashed some people can be

10f968 No.309522


Hundred of years later

-Whites are on the hook socially and financially for the past treatment and current status of blacks

-Blacks have a button to press any time they need to reduce whitey's self esteem and a get out of expectations/standards free card

-Whites are the payers of taxes and blacks the recipients

-Blacks rescued from the jungles and given millions to rap about muh dick

I think blacks could make the case for you

82f84f No.309523

File: 94d6699cbc45708⋯.webm (1004.41 KB, 640x360, 16:9, you're going to the gas c….webm)


lel, I actually brought up that exact case and the sperg never mentioned it again despite pretty obviously reading the chat.


The (((ally))) question was being brought up in the chat a lot, and the USS Liberty was mentioned multiple times. I think when they finally couldn't duck it anymore and when Bunty brought up the issue of all the aid America gives to Israel, the jewess said "but we give them information on countries Israel's enemies and Israel is ever so helpful." She even mentioned "sure there's a jewish lobby working for Israel's interest, but there's a Catholic lobby too! And an Evangelist lobby!"

Completely missing the point that no Christian lobbyist is demanding billions be spent on their Christian ethnostate, and despite saying earlier that she's an "atheist jew" and that jewishness is an ethnicity and not just a religion.


A couple people in the chat said "ask Claire Voltaire the jewess if it's ok to deny the Armenian holocaust".

Unfortunately the streamers never responded to that line of inquiry.

224889 No.309524


No, its really just this autistic thing he does where before his opponent can finish their sentence he will accuse them of the exact thing they are accusing him of. If you watch the Spencer debate, you'll see Sargon keep fucking doing it. When Implicit Dick caught onto his spergery, he started calling Carl autistic and stupid. Lol.

2a3c5f No.309525


Because only black people have been slaves, right? I wonder how many of these reparation seekers have lifted a finger to stop modern slavery?

0df3e5 No.309526


It didn't say slavery of blacks. They said slavery.

3ccebd No.309527


This is when jews will tactically claim that mainstream news outlets are all antisemitic.

Believe me, I went to school in an area full of yids and constantly got into arguments and debates with them about all the usual shit. They unironically do not even see their own contradictions.

82f84f No.309528


>They unironically do not even see their own contradictions.

Do you think they do, but don't care? Or do you think the level of pilpul their brain works on makes them actually believe it with no cognitive dissonance?

Also, same question but regarding the liberalists.

2409f5 No.309529


Hilariously there is very little, if any criticism of the effort in that article. I can hardly imagine what they'd say if Germany or the United States tried to expel thousands of illegals, it'd be a shitstorm.

3ccebd No.309530


>Do you think they do, but don't care?

This is what so many people have debated for years and years. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter because it's effectively the same thing externally, but it's still a fascinating question. Are they tricking themselves or do they know they're spewing bullshit to the goyim?

I'm in the camp that it's subconscious and instinctual and they literally do not see the contradictions. The reason why I believe that is because if they were all just knowingly lying, you'd think there'd be at least some jews who will fess up to it. I'm not even requiring a large number here. But you'd expect at least a handful to openly admit at some point "yeah, I guess we do lie and cover up our dirty shit". But not any.

3ccebd No.309531


>She even mentioned "sure there's a jewish lobby working for Israel's interest, but there's a Catholic lobby too! And an Evangelist lobby!"

Another common tactic I'll see often from them. When bringing up AIPAC and such, they try to dismiss it by saying "well yeah everyone has lobbies bro!". Completely denying all context and scale. It's the same as when if you talk about terrorist attacks from muslims, they'll bring up the one or two abortion clinic bombings from the 90s, as if these are at all comparable.

61108e No.309532

File: 0ac186cded2e871⋯.webm (4.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, molyneux btfos jew hypocr….webm)


good example of their lack of self-awareness here. or at the very least the confusion that arises when they're forced to confront double standards.

82f84f No.309533


I think you're right, especially seeing as they argue with their own god about the legalities he set in their holy book. I notice many jews who are self-hating have high levels of European admixture and it makes me wonder if it's just a certain biological factor that makes someone so newthink.


>other people do x

as a defense for your own fuckery is so annoying. So what?

>you raped that child

<so? pedos do it

2409f5 No.309534

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I often recommend normies "the Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy" but I doubt any of them have bothered to read it. The difference in scale is nuts, we don't see our politicians bowing down before other lobbies or see all of the presidential candidates give massive speeches before them

2a3c5f No.309535

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6d0e13 No.309537

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






Fake news. Liberalism has the best foreign policy.

2a3c5f No.309539


I'm a stepkid now

02ae5b No.309540


Absolute nectar.

417735 No.309541


>Chris Channian

Pretty shite acronym, why not use…

>Chris Chaniot

>Chris Chanard

>Chris Chanan

>Chris Chanian

>Chris Chaish

>Chris Chaene

>Chris Chese

>Chris Chino

>Chris Cite

>Chris Casque

79208e No.309543


>Completely missing the point

She managed to glance over the chat comment about the Talmud too. Some brief mentions about muh atheism and "those are the orthodox" jews (and a short sentence without substance about bankers and hollywood surprisingly). But they believe they know enough and that they managed to address the topic and quickly decides to move on, yet they all claim that they want to know the truth. But no shit woman nobody know who you are so try and talk about the topic instead of something that spontaneously arose behind your dead eyes when you hear a word.

That is why they will never succeed, because their platform requires them to know things before going on air. They have neither the time or attention span to get to all the details unless they drop their friends and only focus on hosting discussions with other people. But on the upside racewarski is trying and JF has some level of expertise.

82f84f No.309545


Absolute kino, anon.


Didn't she mention not wanting to debate Styx because "he knows too much about what he's talking about"?

224889 No.309546


It was a bunch of Jews complaining about how informed and compelling the alt right are. You cannot get more jewish.

3ccebd No.309547

File: cbb95ec687b23ac⋯.gif (453.09 KB, 280x207, 280:207, cruz laugh.gif)

4b265c No.309548


wtf i love liberalistism now

2409f5 No.309549


>we are all Sargon's stepchildren

my sides

6dd1f0 No.309550

File: e780f4fdecaf338⋯.gif (3.62 MB, 480x270, 16:9, X5QhcO7.gif)


Zero. To say Varg is suspicious of people putting microphones in front of him is a severe understatement. He has been, because (in his view) he's been misquoted, slandered and taken out of context for decades now.

It's an even bigger problem with him these days because being "misquoted" means going to jail. He's very careful about what he says about subjects that could get him arrested. The best way to ensure his freedom and that of his family is to control the microphone he's speaking into at all times, which is what he does.

(Not a Varg fanboy, not even a pagan, but have been following him out of curiosity since the late 1990s.)

871192 No.309551

File: ab353426a4484c8⋯.png (850.83 KB, 957x900, 319:300, 4e49d482bfc42afe4f45566c31….png)


>its basically libertarianism with less free speech

3ccebd No.309552

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

new alt hype kino

3ccebd No.309553


Not even that. It's not even internally consistent. He begrudgingly says guns are okay, he wants socialized healthcare and welfare, forced cake-baking, anti-discrimination laws, and I guess you get carted off to the gulags for illiberal crimethink.

It's really just berniebro democratic socialism, but without the (overt) progressive lipservice.

61108e No.309555

File: 774bd52587dd36e⋯.png (58.88 KB, 243x255, 81:85, hans harriott.png)



2409f5 No.309556


First JF and now Faulk. Sargon's under constant attack today, will he respond to either one?

3ccebd No.309560


Didn't at all acknowledge Faulk's last video where he PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd the horseshit theory, so probably not.

Doesn't matter if he doesn't directly respond though. The main thing is that this shit really damages his fragile ego, and that's all we need to do to keep him going as a lolcow.

2409f5 No.309561


Good point


3ccebd No.309564


The irony being that he's turning into exactly what MM joked about him becoming. There's some sort of predictive programming shit going on. Like Coach Kinopill telling Sargon he should do XYZ tactics, Sargon smears him and calls him sleazy for suggesting these things, and then literally does exactly what CRP said, shot-for-shot.