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File: 4fb1642359941d3⋯.mp4 (889.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4fb1642359941d3a0547990d7b….mp4)

e9781c No.367336

Feb 2018

>Adam Racewarski and papa JF invites a kike to debate immigration, with predictable results

>Destiny and Pascal Leroux are suspended from Twitter for doxing Tonka

>Destiny ordered his fangirls to mass flag people left and right in a fit of autism

>Vee claims whoever watches Dragon Ball is a pedo, continues to get more spastic as the days progress

>Sargon gets butthurt at the "kick Vee" meme and thinks it's a legitimate deplatforming attempt by the alt-right

>Jared Taylor goes on warski live, a dozen leftists bitch out

>Spergon of Blackdad spergs out at animetranny's chat and calls them "White niggers"

>Jim musters the strength to shitpost all over sargon's head

>Nick J. Fuentes vs Kike, knives are drawn on stream, it's literally Anuddah Shoah

>'Alt Right Leaks' appears on Twitter, posting random screenshots from alt-right Discord servers and, for some reason, making the same grammatical errors as Kraut.

>Jim tells Andy and Tonkasaw they're banned from Israel because the SPLC noticed them, Andy proceeds to call them with his best kike impersonation. Spooky stuff.

>Literal 12 year old ancap destroys the liberalists' arguments

>Tariq "Kang" Nasheed debates Jared Taylor over how the world is run by (((White supremacists))), says his dick is a WMD

>Sargon 'has a conversation with' Andrew Anglin and it's a Spencer 2.0

>Anons continue to message Codrin Stavri "Vee"'s friends and family

>Sargon fears the Enoch

>Sargon continues his fart huffing after being B.T.F.O. by Alt-Hype

>Vee keeps linking /cow/ to prove the alt-right are literally islamic sjws, causing a few liberalist concern trolls to pop up

>Kraut is back on jewtube


>Sargoy reported to authorities for hate speech, vee and sargon actively sperging out over us

>Nick debates a black man who goes full on We Wuz Kangz and shieeet

>Sargon gets notified about being reported and Vee claims he has worse fetishes than vore

>Sargon's CV released, find out he's a literal dish-washing, call-center brainlet who got shit grades (sasuga)

>Joe Biggs and Destiny debate gun control, Destiny pilpuls at the speed of light

>/cow/boys fuck with Vee's channel, get some videos taken down, Vee cries on the Kumite, Tonka and Andy say the evil nazi trolls should be disavowed

>the Anglin/Sarg'n debate gets taken down for hate speech

>Vee streams with a turk, a naked child jumps in, Vee deletes the video

>ShortFatOtaku tripfags

>Vee tries to get goyimergate to attack /cow

>Jimbo sets up a debate with vee

>Vee spends all night and morning arguing with Tonka on twatter

>JF becomes a natsoc

>Kuck&tears and friends keep trying to claim JF is a lolcow

>Vee gets fucked in his own house by Jim so hard he falls off his chair

>Jim no longer apolitical, comes out as an American-Hapa Imperialist

>Tonkafag argues with some spic on a cuck/pol/ stream

>Vee confirms calling the police on Sargon works

>Sargon fucked a Jewess? (CONFIRMED)

>Nazbol contacts Lucy again with this news (I disavow)

>A few septics had an orgy as MundaneCuck watched

>The jewess (((finds us out)))

>Sargon is reported for breaking every law imaginable by NazBol Gang I DISAVOW

March 2018

>Sargon goes crying to every msm outlet and faggot e-celeb that will listen about how he was locked out of his gmail account for 8 hours

>Warski gets a strike preventing him from streaming for 90 days, gets it overturned almost immediately

>The Bloodapalooza turns out to be a spergshow of highest order. No refunds.

>The Video Anon continues to tease us with his lack of a completed video

>Jim turns up the gas on the the facebook pedo ring

>Sargon has an event where paid actors mob him on stage and hand him an Antifa flag: idpol PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD

>Sargon's capture of the ANTIFA flag provides memetic energy, MSM proclaims him to be alt-right

>Vee and JF battle on Twitter and stream over a period of several days, Gypsy kicks himself at one point

>Sargon and (((Halsey))) have a friendly chat, agree that there's no European culture, Sargon goes off in the comments

>Kraut gets one of his conversations leaked where he cries about losing to the altright.

>Godwinson crashes the liberalist beer hall putsch

>After Sargon steers away from true liberalist principles, Andy starts Liberalist Canada, which carries on true spirit of liberalistism. Anyone worth anything disavows Sargon and joins in.

>Andy copyrights Liberalists™. Sargonites (formerly known as Liberalists) meltdown. Liberalist International in official pro-white grassroots movement.




The Individual Rises: The Cult of Liberalisticistism


Carl's CV


5508eb No.367337


5508eb No.367340



Wow it sure is quiet in here. Come on, don't you wanna celebrate the creation of a state of trannies?

e5841a No.367341

How to tell if someone is a Sargonite on /cow/:

>"/cow/ is the real lolcow"

>"lol the alt right is so salty"

>"only spergs spend all day talking about edrama"

>"i thought /cow/ was meant to be the most self-aware people ever"

>"the right is just as cucked as the left"

>"you know you're just giving X Sargonite more subscribers/shekels, right?"

bc50ec No.367342



waiting on andys trapnostate tbh famalam

bc50ec No.367343


the soyfather probably be here himself today after yesterday obv the capo's aren't doing a good enough job i can't wait

on another note was andy on last night? just woke up and I gotta go to work looking to catch up when I get back

e9781c No.367344

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

/bybs/ autism stream going on right now.

Does anyone know the upcoming matches? I heard Dean vs someone, possible Karen vs Jim, and Warski's taking a week-long break. We need to set up a schedule.


Andy did a stream with Jim talking about his takeover of the liberalistism. It was the funniest I've ever seen him.

5508eb No.367345


Wew starting to sound a bit paranoid there mate

68f4ca No.367346

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah Andy did a stream on his channel about it. First 10 minutes the guest was shit so they kicked him, the rest of the stream was very good conversation and jokes about the new Liberalist movement

bc50ec No.367348

>>367344 nice dubs


cheers lads something to watch when I get back

e5841a No.367349


I've been making observations throughout the threads, it's not paranoia. They all have the same tactics. You're either new here or haven't been paying attention to them.

e9781c No.367350

File: 13f72cba168358e⋯.jpg (54.03 KB, 1300x412, 325:103, imadethis.jpg)


They try to use the same tactics on here as they use on the streamchats, their reddit, and twitter.

bc50ec No.367351


you know >>367341 is kinda right, don't you?

especially the /cow/ is the real lolcow bit all that needs is a smug fat huffing chuckle and it would be straight out the midgets mouth

5508eb No.367352


>You're new here

Nice projection.

37d374 No.367353

Is today's kumite refusing to load for anyone else? Never seen Youtube take this long to re-encode the video or whatever it is they do.

e5841a No.367354


I'll make sure to add "you're just being paranoid mayte" to the list.

371f57 No.367355


yes for me too

5508eb No.367356


The lack of self awareness is stunning. Are you an Ethnonationalist by chance?

6884db No.367357


it did that to me during the warski stream, i'm catching up now.

e5841a No.367358


Yes I am an alt righter. /cow/ is a alt right hub

5508eb No.367359

File: 0e9068c79a5498a⋯.jpg (51.59 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 0e9.jpg)


Who said anything about the Alt Right?

14ed91 No.367360


fuck off vee

f40c82 No.367361


Don't forget spouting lame memes, particularly 'rent free in your head'

e9781c No.367362



e5841a No.367363


Why are you being so aggressive? You seem like you're trying to hide something.

5508eb No.367364

File: 209be50a51b9240⋯.jpg (7.2 KB, 149x218, 149:218, 333285-zoomjap.jpg)


Are you upset you got caught out, shill?

e5841a No.367365


>i-i'm not the shill, you're the shill

Here we go…

5508eb No.367366

File: fbf23dfdb22e3af⋯.jpg (36.88 KB, 641x480, 641:480, anime.jpg)


Pic related. Stay salty.

e5841a No.367367


better switch IPs and start over

5508eb No.367368

File: a1c1ac064f00198⋯.jpg (49.08 KB, 676x858, 26:33, 000Mad.jpg)


Yeah I'm sure you will.

792e29 No.367369

File: fb99f2032314a66⋯.jpg (29.95 KB, 702x350, 351:175, fb99f2032314a66af14822285e….jpg)

File: d9e73e9a5334065⋯.jpg (29.11 KB, 788x209, 788:209, d9e73e9a533406524f337d29ac….jpg)

Hello fellow alt-righters. Daily reminder that White people can't go extinct because the colour "White" doesn't exist the learned former leader of the Liberautistisms, who has read Locke, says so.

77d69b No.367370


Holy shit that guy Jeremy at the start had a weird head, a Spencer haircut and was probably very high on coke+super-autism.

Who is he /cow? Should we dig?

834137 No.367371

File: 0c34b6900a8954f⋯.jpg (8.36 KB, 246x278, 123:139, 0c3.jpg)



What an epic duel of wits.

f40c82 No.367372



>reddit reaction images

I smell a gypsy or someone through whose orifices his greasy penis has recently passed

e5841a No.367373

File: 1b56aed2fe68cf6⋯.png (93.47 KB, 331x429, 331:429, 1435232303845.png)



5508eb No.367374

File: 39748c2b0c1b251⋯.jpg (6.35 KB, 250x241, 250:241, 1406248015414s.jpg)


>Y-you're reddit

Just stop, you'll embarrass your whole board again /pol/.

77d69b No.367375


Forgot to link le 56%'s jewtube channel. He does movie reviews and er… other interesting stuff.


f40c82 No.367376


>better switch to pepes

Has no one yet explained poster IDs to you?

5508eb No.367377

File: 12b88cae3b5ce00⋯.jpg (317.13 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 1511834341941.jpg)


>switch to


e9781c No.367378

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I feel bad for him tbh. Apparently they want to give him another shot and debate Roosh.

8aa5da No.367379


>I don't care if the white race dies out

Define "white"

f40c82 No.367380

Do any of the Liberalistists have enough wherewithal in meatspace to actually go through with a lolsuit?

8aa5da No.367381


I'm sure there's bound to be somebody that could help our boy Sargon out…

f40c82 No.367382


I see what you're saying, my heart also goes out to him, I hope he can find a wise and kind individual

77d69b No.367383


Well, the best thing that can happen to him is someone fucking with him. His last video has one like and four dislikes. At least this would give him some attention.

e5841a No.367386

>I don't think we have a culture, i'm just a fuckin white guy

Who is this cuck?

5508eb No.367387


>Being so insecure about your ideology you go after a literally who because he said whites have no culture


e5841a No.367389


what ideology? Are you using the alt-right boogeyman thing again?

6ce0d8 No.367390

File: 325f57db7f17889⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 492x283, 492:283, 6e4235d4af3d085f9ce2e03c26….gif)


anon, what if i told you it's just a bunch of bored anons trolling the shit out of you just to laugh at your paranoia?


5508eb No.367391


Well hey, you're the one who keeps harping on about the alt right for no reason. You got beef with them instead, and this is some super secret way to vent your frustrations about how whites don't deserve an ethnostate?

cbacb5 No.367392


It’s called Western Culture.

e9781c No.367393

File: 47178eed04729cf⋯.jpg (292.31 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 4a004a13f07e3f6ea14d7e0d95….jpg)


Which stream was that from? It's so pathetic. They're so desperate to signal their submissiveness to the status quo.

<"Please don't whip me Bawss I'm a good housecracka"

e5841a No.367394


yeah, you're right. They're all trolls


>and this is some super secret way to vent your frustrations about how whites don't deserve an ethnostate?

This makes no sense

e5841a No.367395

5508eb No.367396

File: 73931e1830cda5f⋯.png (330.88 KB, 370x500, 37:50, ClipboardImage.png)


I dunno lad alot of 'westerners' don't look that white. And what exactly is 'western culture'? People talk about it but if it's just a broad definition that only means a bunch of european cultures it's not really a culture, you're just categorizing culture by geography.


You, you make no sense, yes.

e5841a No.367397


>You, you make no sense, yes.

So you're implying that if you are against the alt-right, you are against white people? That's like entry level shit, further proving that you are new to these threads.

>inb4 ur projecting xD

cbacb5 No.367398

File: 3b58ab5b0437586⋯.jpeg (251.54 KB, 800x602, 400:301, 2015D489-937D-44CA-8C45-D….jpeg)


anon, what if I told you that he posted that just to encourage those kind of posts he was pretending to be mad at?

0d66d5 No.367399

File: 3e03af97522c8b8⋯.jpg (48.09 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Tetsuya Naito Choked.jpg)

I listened to the Godwinson vs. Veeh debate and I've got to be honest, Vee keeps bringing up "the alt-right is nothing more than x, y, z, muh horseshoe theory is manifesting itself, rent-free in your head, maute" which really makes me want to just choke or maybe slap the shit out of him. Like what the fuck, Godwinson was right that the liberalists wants to erase racial identity especially of the whites in order to achieve "peace and equality" and Vee was smug as fuck with all his strawman and red herrings. What made it worse is the chat… My god, it's a cancerous shitshow.

b47528 No.367400


le ebin rent free amirite, fellow shadilay?

4f842a No.367401


>the soyfather probably be here himself today after yesterday

I don't see that happening. Keep in mind he wouldn't dirty his hands coming to such a lowbrow place as /cow/. For god's sake I bet most of us haven't even read Locke.

e9781c No.367402

>whites evolved a high-time preference due to having to plan ahead for winter

<see that proves it's geographical and not race!

Absolute brainlet

c63489 No.367403

File: cf9d176cf2b474a⋯.jpg (72.02 KB, 510x680, 3:4, thucy.jpg)


>For god's sake I bet most of us haven't even read Locke.

But, how many of us have read Thucydides?

e5841a No.367404


it's cheddar man tier shit

cbacb5 No.367405

File: 27d4540e851ec30⋯.jpeg (50.42 KB, 500x375, 4:3, A7DD43FF-C8BA-49A7-9AE0-3….jpeg)


You simply have to ask what a person means by the term. Western culture can also be looked up if you’re actually curious. European culture is what I would call a part of Western culture. Now of course you can split that down much further.

>I dunno lad alot of 'westerners' don't look that white

Neither do ALL people born in Sweden. The idea though, is if people from the middle of Africa flooded it completely, it wouldn’t remain what it is. You could say that is the “new” Sweden, but then you would just be dodging the point. The point being whites in general have a culture that is different, that they take with them wherever they go. The idea is that culture can in part be rooted in genes. I think this is obvious.

5508eb No.367406


So America isn't the west now eh?

e9781c No.367408


And his solution was to move all the niggers to Europe so they'll "learn" high-time preference, as if evolution takes a weekend.

cbacb5 No.367409


Who said that? Not I.

b47528 No.367410


look all we need to do to assimilate these millions of nonwhites is a couple hundred thousand years of natural selection

5508eb No.367411


Sure it is. America isn't even really that majority white and if they're a part of western culture, then how can you say western culture is 'white' culture?

e5841a No.367412


and then their skin will magically turn white after a few thousand years

b2f024 No.367414

File: 2220efb8be04a35⋯.gif (2.59 MB, 200x150, 4:3, 1495964179717.gif)

>200 years ago there was a gentlemen's club full of autists mocking the spergs across the street for their gay liberalist movement

I literally can't stop picturing this

b47528 No.367417


we could paint them white but they might eat the chips and we would be back at square one

cbacb5 No.367420

File: e0d7eb0d2afafff⋯.gif (518.93 KB, 400x265, 80:53, CD985B0C-9282-4298-904A-1E….gif)


>sure it is

I didn’t say it wasn’t. You got confused. Look at my post again.

>America isn’t entirely white

That’s your same argument, which I already showed to be flawed.

>how can you say western culture is 'white' culture?

I’m saying whites create it. Simple.

5508eb No.367421


No you didn't. If whites in general have a culture why is western culture 'white'? It's not if America is supposedly western since it's not that white. And even Europe isn't all white, if you include countries like spain. And if you get deeper into it you know Hitler didn't consider slavics white right? So the idea of western culture being 'white' or even really european culture being 'white' is bullshit.

e9781c No.367422


>America isn't even really that majority white and if they're a part of western culture, then how can you say western culture is 'white' culture?

Because if you magically took out all the history of whites and their inventions out of America, and replaced it with Africans, you'd have a bunch of niggers living in mudhuts throwing sticks at indians

37d374 No.367423


America died during the civil war. It has no culture and currently exists as a landfill for the world's genetic trash.

5508eb No.367424


So america isn't white, got it.


Prove it lol.

e9781c No.367425


>Prove it lol.

I don't need to. Nobody who's arguing in good faith would disagree with what I said.

5508eb No.367426


>Nobody would disagree with me or else they're clearly not being honest

Okay bucko.

cbacb5 No.367427

File: 014210ca7594c58⋯.jpeg (30.63 KB, 333x400, 333:400, B3B948B9-BD29-45BD-8A89-F….jpeg)


>If whites in general have a culture why is western culture white?

Because whites create it. Knowing that, simply ask where whites have been. Problem solved.

e9781c No.367428


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry you got niggerbrain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5508eb No.367429


>Whites create it

Prove it. There's no evidence that it's something only whites can do.

cbacb5 No.367430


>There's no evidence that it's something only whites can do.

I’m not sure what you’re asking? Did you think I meant culture (in general) only exists for whites? You need to clarify your post.

e5841a No.367431


I'm glad I riled you up earlier. Now your true colors are shining through.

55c721 No.367432

File: 7b14e855c8e4e1b⋯.gif (2.09 MB, 500x473, 500:473, 7b14e855c8e4e1bc00b096daba….gif)

58ba2f No.367433


I think he's saying that the Bantu would have invented Christmas or something, given enough time.

e9781c No.367434


Prove that niggers, left alone, could create and maintain a white western-like society.

Oh wait lol they tried that. More than once. Whites even gave them a free civilization starter pack and they still fucked it up.

37d374 No.367435


Obviously "America" is nonwhite if you reduce it to a mean. Its average IQ is also 98. However, if the whites are analyzed on their own they tend to be on par with other European nations.

5508eb No.367437


Prove to me that another race couldn't achieve what western culture has.


Burden of proof is on you, I don't need to prove something I'm not directly claiming. Your assertions are not evidence.


Okay? America still is a part of western culture and therefore western culture is not white. Arguably America, the least white country in that group, out performs all the whiter countries, yknow.

55c721 No.367438

File: 6bec48fda9944f5⋯.webm (1.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jf-vee-mom.webm)

788e60 No.367439


You also forgot that they reply to every (you)

e5841a No.367440


>Your assertions are not evidence.

See: Liberia

e9781c No.367441


>Burden of proof is on you, I don't need to prove something I'm not directly claiming

Then what are we arguing about? We both agree that niggers, left alone, could not create and maintain a white western-like society. Good debate.

5508eb No.367442


No, you believe that. Prove it.


Liberia tried to go full western eh? Tried taking a page right out of europes books did it? Nah, but Nice try.

55c721 No.367443

File: e8026ac455f23a0⋯.mp4 (10.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, vee_btfo.mp4)

a8d8b8 No.367444

what is the link to the liberalist of canada discord? for fucks sake why can't i find it anywhere?

55c721 No.367445

File: 3f79bc2af47478c⋯.mp4 (5.69 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Inside Vee's Mind.mp4)

cbacb5 No.367446

File: 14aaeacc18c6386⋯.jpeg (18.06 KB, 193x261, 193:261, 69055B7C-8576-4B4A-BCE7-9….jpeg)


>Prove to me that another race couldn't achieve what western culture has

Well if no white people existed, it would be nearly impossible for the exact same culture whites created to exist by nonwhites, since so much white history (including groups genes) would depend on it. You don’t even have to make the argument that it’s a better culture, only that it’s different.

58ba2f No.367447


>Prove to me that another race couldn't achieve what western culture has.

They haven't, even when provided the tools to do so. See: reality.

>Your assertions are not evidence.

Do you want to be spoonfed? Are you going to engage with this topic in good faith, or are you going to pout like a child and cover your ears. You only have to look at the failures of certain races within white nations, let alone foreign nations. Take a trip to Chicago.

>America still is a part of western culture and therefore western culture is not white.

That's an assertion. Prove American culture isn't white.

e9781c No.367448


I don't think you have a very good grasp on basic logic.

58ba2f No.367449


>Liberia tried to go full western eh?

The government was established with a western constitution and system of laws.

e5841a No.367450


>Liberia tried to go full western eh?

Yep. Then when the whites left it turned into a shithole. This is basic history, it's not a conspiracy theory.

57b474 No.367451


White nations don't have the EXACT same culture between them either. And if you wouldn't have england most white nations would probably authoritarian today

68f4ca No.367452


I was going to ask for trap porn to prove that you are worthy of becoming a Liberalist™, but those trips deserve an invite


5508eb No.367453


I'm not talking about the exact same culture, I just mean its general accomplishments. Why couldn't another race accomplish much of the same stuff whites did? There's no reason they can't, "Whites" or europeans, just had a good geographical position that lent itself to agriculture and growth. That's all.


>They haven't

So America doesn't exist now?



'Whites left' so they didn't try to make it western, whites did. Gotchya, so basically Liberia isn't an example.

6b59a4 No.367454

Anything new in relation the gypsy?

55c721 No.367455

File: f6620c02b1c729c⋯.png (498.86 KB, 1050x591, 350:197, vee_gypsy_lies.png)

37d374 No.367456

7 And there was war in heaven: Andy and his liberalists fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his liberalists,

8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Stepfather, and Sargon, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his false liberalists were cast out with him.

10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our Enlightenment principles and the power of his Individualism: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

Bloodsports 12:7-10, King Jim Version of the Trapnomicon

e5841a No.367457


I'm starting to think this is actually Vee.

57b474 No.367459


No, its Sargon. this is vee

788e60 No.367460

File: 3401fc195e655c8⋯.jpg (97.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6d0bfc5b.jpg)


His spelling's too good. Maybe he's been learning?

58ba2f No.367461


>Africans don't have a good position for agriculture and growth.



e9781c No.367462


>all these semantics

>ignoring facts

>not understanding logic

All you need to do is misspell every third word and you'd have a great Vee impression.



5508eb No.367463


Rhodesia… made by whites. You see a pattern yet? Blacks weren't establishing a country based on 'white' culture or western culture. They were never integrated. Whites just colonized them.

58ba2f No.367464


Then the blacks took over and starved, because they could not feed themselves.

a8d8b8 No.367465


thanks dude

55c721 No.367466

File: f12ed436640f05d⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jewgon_puppet_master.png)

57b474 No.367467


The Germans Spanish or the Russians would not have brought democracy in the world. You are taking away British culture and are giving it to the whole Europe. Remember that Italy, Germany, and almost every other european state was a dictatorship of some sort. If American and its allies wouldn't have won the war you wouldn't have as much freedom as you do now in Europe

cbacb5 No.367468

File: 63a203fa062ec5e⋯.jpeg (29.09 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 231AAE01-E400-413C-B7B6-F….jpeg)


>White nations don't have the EXACT same culture between them either

You are actually making my point for me. Go back and read my post again.


>I just mean its general accomplishments

Well then, what did you mean by culture? Just what you consider good? I wouldn’t say that other groups wouldn’t come up with similar “good” things. If you’re saying that accomplishments between different groups must be equal, then you’re denying the reality of the world we find ourselves in.

58ba2f No.367469




freedom is just a buzzword

57b474 No.367470


Go to mainland China, then come and say that with a straight face

5508eb No.367471


Sure, they still were culturally african. They hadn't integrated or chosen western culture, so that's just natural. It wasn't 'inherent' or anything.


Sure thing, because what you're saying is that the least white western country is the best.


Democracy, Freedom, Human Rights, modern technology, etc etc. I can give you a list but if you value western culture whatsoever you probably understand what's good about it. I don't mean that blacks would have come up with the exact same traditions (which usually are meaningless) and holidays and stuff.

a0121e No.367472

File: e5f8decc2cdc16f⋯.jpg (99.87 KB, 495x629, 495:629, chinese shitposting.jpg)



>The race of people whose entire collective history consists of them trading one despotic government for the next at the cost of millions.

A true freedom-loving people of high minded romanticists, indeed.

58ba2f No.367473


>Western values aren't white

>see China

You're veetarded.


>Sure, they still were culturally african.

They were also racially African. Almost like race and culture are connected somehow. Like culture is an expression of genes, or something.

e5841a No.367474

Here's the revised list:

How to tell if someone is a Sargonite on /cow/:

>"/cow/ is the real lolcow"

>"lol the alt right is so salty [referring to the /cow/ board]"

>"only spergs spend all day talking about edrama"

>"i thought /cow/ was meant to be the most self-aware people ever"

>"the right is just as cucked as the left"

>"you know you're just giving X Sargonite more subscribers/shekels right?"

>"Sargonites/liberalists/reddit don't even come here, you're being paranoid"

>"X is living rent free on the /cow/ board"

What else am I missing?

e9781c No.367475

File: f32e5057523eebd⋯.mp4 (2.25 MB, 640x640, 1:1, IMMA KEENG.mp4)


What does being "culturally african" entail? Having shitty time preference, being predisposed to violence, and having low intelligence? Sheeit, almost like their long lost cousins in America.

788e60 No.367476


That they reply to literally every (you) they get, look at 5508eb.

5508eb No.367477


See: America. Plus, blacks in britain are starting to have pretty high IQs. Higher than the average british woman I've heard.


What does being "culturally white" entail?

aa78fb No.367478

File: bf424df78ae996a⋯.jpg (91.59 KB, 279x420, 93:140, 0b7ee1a18183a88f969f9cda16….jpg)

File: 7fbec5366aa8813⋯.jpg (187.18 KB, 1242x683, 1242:683, 7fbec5366aa881325ad4b9bed0….jpg)

File: 4915ff2d7168c3b⋯.jpg (139.01 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 12814737_1219675108061995_….jpg)

File: 8667717d7ab1ae2⋯.jpg (81.41 KB, 1242x371, 1242:371, 8667717d7ab1ae236024c39584….jpg)

Veeh Facts

Veeh is a gypsy

Veeh is a NEET

veeh is gay

veeh is into lolicon

veeh is a furfag

Veeh lives with his parents

Veeh has called Sargon his daddy

Veeh is a degenerate vore fetishist and basic sexual deviant

Veeh roleplayed he had a kid while being a gm in wow

Veeh thinks that Romania only has communism as culture

Veeh was playing a hentai on christmas

Veeh wants to have his mom in a gangbang with sandniggers

Veeh lurks here because of Veeh facts

Veeh is a personal lapdog of the Stepfather

Veeh shitpost more then most people

Veeh was on twitter for 20 hours to do damage controll

Veeh was wearing a 3day old shirt while doing a 20 hour twitter defense

Veeh larps as doctor while in fact being a nurse

Veeh larps about being a Microbiologist while in fact he was washing the the beakers and vials in a microbiology lab

Veeh lies about having a law degree

Veeh was 4-6 years old when the Iron Curtain fell

Veeh raged quit on Baked Alaska stream when he is usually the last to go off

Veeh is the new leader of libarlistism

Veeh raged quit on Baked Alaska stream when he is usually the last to go off

Veeh made videos on how to pick up women

Veeh claims/lies he ghosted women

Veeh is afraid of Mike Enoch

Veeh steam id-username is a digimon monster

Veeh thinks /cow/ is an alt-right board

Veeh has no shame and proudly shows his mother on youtube

Veeh can't stop comparing /cow/ to feminists and radical Muslims

Some anon-senpai got into Veehs head while having some fun with him

Veeh is such a newfag to imageboards he only used them to shill gamergate videos in 2015

Veeh can't wrap his prehistoric head around reddit spacing

Vee is a meme thief

Vee thinks South Africa is an example of National Socialism

Veeh is still a newfag

Veehs debate tactic is pure strawman

Veeh still has no shame he talks about his mom and cocks for twitter virtue signal points

Veeh would rather defend The soyfather then his own mother

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Veeh does not know that Asgard is in Norse mythology

Veeh compares Asgard to Wakanda because booth showed up in Marvel cinematic universe

veeh only has a bunch of books behind him too look smart

Veeh unironically hates Gypsies

Veeh thinks a nation's culture consists entirely of popcorn flicks

Veeh is probably a JRPG "poser" gamer because he claimed he played Valkyrie Profile but does not know of the Norse mythology that is in the game

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veeh claims to have a girlfriend while living with his parents

veeh has wasted 199 days / 477.70h per year of playing video games on steam

37d374 No.367479



>50 years of Soviet rule

>Germany is so mindfucked that they're still under Soviet rule even though the USSR is dead


Are the Chinese really less free than EU/America? Google banned the word, "gun" in shopping searches. Facebook colludes with governments to censor people who speak out against globohomo.

aa78fb No.367480


part 2

veeh was a janitor in a microbiology lab

Veeh fanatically defends a 40 year old british neet called the stepfather who lives in social housing despite making almost 10k a month being a fucking NEET

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Veeh giggled like a school girl when senpai Jim noticed hin

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Veeh claims to have played with the ass hair of a "woman" he fucked

Veeh favorite artist made a guest appearance in one of Jim's vids called Deviant's 2 : get in my belly

veeh is shilling his version of bloodsports that is going to be a commercial for liberalistism

Veeh is not even white but is most likely what is known in Spanish as Criatura de la noche

Veeh made a 50min re-video that made the most tolerant Frenchmen named J.-François Gariépy say fuck this gypsy

Veeh is afraid of JF Geripy

Veeh is still shilling for his new bloodsport platform

Veeh lazily posted a women he thought to be Spanish in an attempt to prove white people didn't exist, but it turns out shes Ukrainian, a well know nude model, and white as snow





speculative Veeh facts

Veeh likes to roleplay as other video creators

Veeh likes lolicon manga

Veeh imagines himself as a 13 or younger girl when he plays video games

Don't let you're kids near Veeh

the tripfag called vee in thread 9 was presumably veeh

Veeh lies about being every form of profession so he could seem smart

Veeh might be the offspring of Quasimodo

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would probably go to jail for said fraud

George Lucas might be making these Veeh facts since Star Wars turned to shit


>"There are all of these sharks in the water around me, I know I'll cut myself and calm them down with my blood!"

t. veeh, master tactician

55c721 No.367481

File: 554027f42be93b4⋯.png (518.46 KB, 486x665, 486:665, vee_le_vore_face.png)

e9781c No.367482

File: 04cf27ebeb4b749⋯.mp4 (337.91 KB, 640x360, 16:9, black ppl.mp4)


Answer the question. Stop being dishonest.

a0121e No.367483

File: f707cc325a76742⋯.jpg (26.46 KB, 400x470, 40:47, 1372225221148.jpg)


>What does being "culturally white" entail?

You can trace a genuine ancestry since you actually know your father, for starters

aa78fb No.367484

File: 837f66f32c90712⋯.png (122.77 KB, 469x479, 469:479, 837f66f32c90712861c24af6cb….png)

File: 4915ff2d7168c3b⋯.jpg (139.01 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 12814737_1219675108061995_….jpg)

55c721 No.367485

File: 51c1810e23ebc02⋯.gif (997.47 KB, 500x332, 125:83, 1c52b7be9dfdc16c217442ebde….gif)


that webm kek

58ba2f No.367486


You keep making the assertion that American culture isn't white. Prove it. Hyphenated cultures don't count, otherwise they would not require a qualifier.

>blacks in britain

Still commit more crimes. Still regress to the mean. Some immigrant nig doctor will have higher IQ, his kids will revert back.

57b474 No.367487


Most of europe is still under soviet rule. And yeah China is less free then Eu/america. Its eastern europe on steroids.

They even have a goverment program where if you're friends with people who are political dissidents on facebook you lose points. if you don't have enough points you can't get govermental jobs or get bank loans. Its a system designed for people to police each other

cbacb5 No.367488

File: 748de6eb506361a⋯.jpeg (34.81 KB, 206x299, 206:299, F8545DD1-CC47-4361-B5E4-B….jpeg)


>Democracy, Freedom, Human Rights, modern technology, etc etc.

Do you mean all these (and more) would be exactly the same from different groups of people evolving in different environments? I think you probably mean well, but you need to think this out a bit more.

>If you value western culture whatsoever you probably understand what's good about it.

That’s incorrect. Which is why politics is a bunch of arguing. I have my opinion, and you have yours.

>I don't mean that blacks would have come up with the exact same traditions (which usually are meaningless) and holidays and stuff.

What about the exact same advancement in science? Are you seeing the point now? Then from there, all advancements as you see it cannot be equal. Try to get past whether or not if feels wrong to think that, and ask yourself whether or not it is true.

57b474 No.367489


The Ottoman empire and China could of come up with many of the advancements whites did.

cbacb5 No.367491


The point being made, is that it cannot be equal.

a0121e No.367492

File: 1a136941a36071a⋯.jpg (104.88 KB, 391x525, 391:525, 1a136941a36071a5a7956eb604….jpg)

File: 3011ffde518b458⋯.png (132.53 KB, 275x313, 275:313, 100% vore.png)


No, you see:

>Americans aren't white

>Italians aren't white

>Irish aren't white

>Finnish aren't white

>Greeks aren't white

>Slavs aren't white

>Magyars aren't white

>Iberians aren't white

>Germanics aren't white

>Celts aren't white

>Ossetians aren't white

<Romans weren't white either goy

And of course

<Jews invented democracy and free speech

t. Vee

58ba2f No.367493


The 'Chinese' had discovered gunpowder in the second century. Gunpowder found it's way to Europe sometime between the 12th and 13th centuries. Less than a hundred years later there were hand held firearms. The Chinese had gunpowder for more than a thousand years and didn't invent what the Europeans took less than a century to do.

>Arab tech

No. Insert the "I made this" pic here. All they came up with is stealing credit for the accomplishments of other groups.

5508eb No.367495


>Prove it

Look up American Demographics. America isn't even really majority white anymore. Alot of people are mixed race (and everyone is a mixed ethnicity) too.


Who said different environments? I am arguing that any race could adopt or, given the environment, create a culture with similar accomplishments as Western Culture.

>Same advancements as in science

That's not the same as meaningless traditions. Nobody is going to come up with an alternative theory of gravity, those sorts of things are simply hard facts.

a0121e No.367496

File: 174800f577d9b90⋯.png (1.87 MB, 798x1001, 114:143, sargon thomas.png)


History shows the contrary; with both the Ottoman Empire and the Great Qing Dynasty being autocratic Hell-holes until a civil war staunchly opposed to any democratic reforms, ironically enough, because they considered them "filthy western influences". Only civil war and European interventionism could force them into democracy.

e9781c No.367497


It's also irrelevant to the black point. Whites have a history of scientific and cultural development, so it's not fantastical to say they would come up with it eventually. Blacks don't have that kind of history you can point to. It's a fairytale to say they'd be able to replicate the wonders of white civilization.

a0121e No.367498

File: 1a136941a36071a⋯.jpg (104.88 KB, 391x525, 391:525, 1a136941a36071a5a7956eb604….jpg)


>I am arguing that any race could adopt or, given the environment, create a culture with similar accomplishments as Western Culture.

What empirical evidence do you have to base this assertion on, or is it from purely ideological grounds that you believe this to be true?

792e29 No.367499

File: 6750dfb44c2f80a⋯.jpg (21.5 KB, 220x341, 20:31, Plutarch.jpg)



Wow. Just wow. I can't even. It's like you've never even read Plutarch.


Anything blacks can do, Whites can do better.

Whites can do everything better than you.

58ba2f No.367500


>Any more

When people talk about American culture, are they talking about it's historical culture, or some possible future culture. Even today people mean white, western culture when they're talking about America. When they aren't, they make sure to include the distinction, such as Latino culture or Black culture or Jewish culture.

5508eb No.367503


Is that why America, the western country with the most blacks, is better than 'pure' european countries?


They really don't. America culture is part latino and black and jewish culture.

e5841a No.367504

File: 90162aec278570e⋯.gif (3.11 MB, 500x500, 1:1, anita_scateesian.gif)

0d66d5 No.367505


>with the most blacks, is better than 'pure' european countries?

Nigga, Africa wants to say hi.

5508eb No.367506


Africa doesn't have western culture. It hasn't been adopted whatsoever.

792e29 No.367507


>Is that why America, the western country with the most blacks, is better than 'pure' european countries?

Oh my God. It's like you've never even read the "Bell Curve" or been to Detroit. [smug chuckle]. I can't even.

a0121e No.367508

File: 24f2145dc8a5cb9⋯.png (382.08 KB, 479x432, 479:432, thisiswhatpeakperformancel….png)


And to think you entered the thread with

>hehehe silly anons aren't you just paranoid? xDDD Praise traps my fellow Warski fans!

<Y-you mad I called you a s-shill?

Just embarrassing tbh lads

7e12f4 No.367509


We have citizen scores here in the US too. Just its called a probabilistic threat matrix which is someone's overall likelihood of "going hot" or taking radical action.

e9901b No.367510


I don't think it makes much sense to argue with you. What you want was tried in Hawaii, in Sierra Leone, in the Dominican Republic. They all became shitholes and the DR with what little they have, are desperately trying to prop Hawaii back up as we speak. Every attempt at putting your outlook into practise has failed, see the writing on the wall already. You're like a commie arguing that every socialist/communist country that ended up being a despotic nightmare with no counterexample, just 'wasn't real socialism', rather than to begin realizing that maybe the idea for a system is inherently faulty.

But that you're a retard should have been obvious from the get-go and why all those other anons argue with you is an enigma to me

> comes to /cow/

> argues politics

> with a basic bitch tier leftist outlook that screams no knowledge and no experience

You know, commies are actually more engaging because they at least know a lot more than you and have explanations on hand why certain thigns are true but don't matter as much. Just an example for what I mean with no knowledge and no experience.

> I don't mean that blacks would have come up with the exact same traditions (which usually are meaningless)

> traditions are meaningless

Back to the drawing board, start posting on /pol/ when you've read a book on the broader European culture and it's origins. Extra difficulty: The author can't be Jewish or the reading doesn't count.

e9781c No.367511

File: d341c43b3da64c7⋯.webm (1.32 MB, 800x450, 16:9, destiny triggered.webm)


This is going nowhere. You're not equipped to have this conversation. What's your plan going forwards? You already made your argument.

>I am arguing that any race could adopt or, given the environment, create a culture with similar accomplishments as Western Culture.

So how would you say you'd make them adopt white culture? Invite millions of them into Europe and hope they adopt Western Culture? Forcefully impose Western Culture on their home countries? Or cross your fingers and hope they'll make it themselves?

Why don't you respond to this anon, too? >>367498 I saw you duck that.

2af2e3 No.367512

/cow/ are the real lolcows

a0121e No.367513

File: cd9450a8e383302⋯.jpg (148.68 KB, 652x1026, 326:513, 1472707685529.jpg)


No you see, Vee explained that "democracy" is as much a white idea as electricity is, but then lookie here, we can install a power grid in Afghanistan – so why not democracy as well?

Checkmate, Alt/cow/ nazbol racist.

788e60 No.367514


I can't believe you fucking white nigger racists. You're telling me that if I put the entirety of the blacks on typewriters that one of them won't eventually write Two Treatises of Government?

1cb3c0 No.367515

File: bcd130f5a66ceff⋯.jpg (21.31 KB, 640x253, 640:253, image.jpg)

Anyone know where I can find the original rationalist post where this image originates from? need it for a video i'm working on

5508eb No.367516


Hawaii is one of the most widely sought vacation spots, the Dominicans never adopted western culture nor did Sierra Leone. I don't even think the latter is that unsuccessful tbqh.

>You're like a commie

No, it'd be like if you were trying to tell me socialism failed and you gave me the USA as an example of a failed socialist country.

>Why all of these other anons argue with you is an enigma to me

You're doing it right now.

>Traditions aren't meaningless

Tell me about how important santa clause is, or oktoberfest. Sure, they're fun, but if you think those are the reasons why western culture is successful and accomplished so much, you're frankly retarded.


Why do you always strawman on immigration? Nobody ever said they wanted mass immigration. If a million africans are just allowed to come in and given free refugeebux, they'll never integrate, so nobody is advocating that. It's like you don't even recognize the problem.

cbacb5 No.367517

File: 4844c4ef184207a⋯.jpeg (99.59 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 44F7AC64-5EA2-44B3-94D1-A….jpeg)


>Who said different environments? I am arguing that any race could adopt or, given the environment, create a culture with similar accomplishments as Western Culture

You point is nonsensical. What made groups different included the different environments and mutations. What they are now is simply the result.

e5841a No.367518

File: 4ad890c3e92315b⋯.jpg (7.55 KB, 350x144, 175:72, images.jpg)

File: ac7ea65ba7d596c⋯.jpg (20.83 KB, 300x225, 4:3, 6509423.jpg)


literally the Chapo Trap House of youtube

e9781c No.367519


>Why do you always strawman on immigration?

I didn't. I asked how you plan to make them adopt "Western Culture". I noticed you dodged that guy's question again, too.

5508eb No.367520


So then what, invite them into europe by the millions and in a hundred years they'll all turn white? You're saying the same things people were mocking earlier.

7e12f4 No.367521

File: 23012b3d1a69f6b⋯.jpg (45.98 KB, 538x536, 269:268, Radical_Individualist_Ches….jpg)

Anyone here down for some Sargonist Chess?

a0121e No.367522

File: 4387a54175690be⋯.gif (2.15 MB, 472x360, 59:45, 1465474444239.gif)


>the Dominicans never adopted western culture

What language do they speak? You tell me.

>nor did Sierra Leone. I don't even think the latter is that unsuccessful tbqh.

The country renowned for its high quality of child soldiers and a civil war between cannibal warlords every decade; a truly culturally sophisticated and enlightened society indeed.

>Tell me about how important santa clause is, or oktoberfest. if you think those are the reasons why western culture is successful and accomplished so much you're frankly retarded.

You caught us lad, all tradition is merely the summation of a people's holidays and ethnic food.

>If a million africans are just allowed to come in and given free refugeebux, they'll never integrate, so nobody is advocating that. It's like you don't even recognize the problem.

The problem is that they don´t integrate, now we're getting somewhere – now what do you suppose the final solution to that problem is? Aside from, y'know, trying to integrate them even more by giving them copies of John Loki.

e5841a No.367523


look at the black pieces, they're all collectivists. They lose by default.

792e29 No.367524

File: 4e106b334412aa4⋯.jpg (24.56 KB, 600x405, 40:27, Murray raw data.jpg)

File: 67a73d1c026ebaa⋯.jpg (189.48 KB, 625x467, 625:467, SalivaBasedIQTest.jpg)

I'll just leave these here.

37d374 No.367525


"I don't care about the white pieces."

5508eb No.367526


>What language do they speak?

English is now the requirement to be western? I guess only britain and america are western culture now.

>The country renowned for its high quality of child soldiers and a civil war between cannibal warlords every decade; a truly culturally sophisticated and enlightened society indeed.

I don't believe you.

>You caught us lad, all tradition is merely the summation of a people's holidays and ethnic food.

Well, go ahead and prove me otherwise. I'll wait.

>The problem is that they don´t integrate, now we're getting somewhere – now what do you suppose the final solution to that problem is?

Of course, I see the true light now, we'll just go and murder every non white, that way we don't have to feel so insecure anymore.

cc7098 No.367527



*chuckle* checkmate collectivists.

e9781c No.367529

File: ecc989c44c5352e⋯.jpg (25.92 KB, 498x350, 249:175, checkmate.JPG)

cbacb5 No.367530

File: 4d9386dcda29afb⋯.jpeg (55.55 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 48539F9D-3D21-4E46-8ADB-C….jpeg)


>So then what, invite them into europe by the millions and in a hundred years they'll all turn white?

You’re still missing the point. You are speaking after the fact (after all current changes). Check my post again. What you’re saying is nonsensical.

792e29 No.367531


>Moves the Queen right in front of the black pawns

"Your race will die out. I am part of the White Genocide." [Smug chuckle]

a0121e No.367532

File: f9e0f563a1cc391⋯.png (145.33 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1480565860320.png)

File: 3c8213ecd5b1cfe⋯.jpg (187.63 KB, 687x631, 687:631, jahans mint af.jpg)


>English is now the requirement to be western?

They speak Spanish, you fucking retard. And no one said anything about "requirement". You said these niggers didn't adopt anything from Western culture, which is patently untrue by virtue of them speaking fucking Spanish – now go ahead and backpedal by arguing how a language isn't inherently part of culture.

>I don't believe you.


788e60 No.367533


>Well, go ahead and prove me otherwise. I'll wait.

Why should anyone even bother when you'll just switch the goalposts like the 14-year old master debater brainlet that you are? Here's just one part of tradition that isn't muh efneek food and people celebrating in frilly costumes because it's enough to debunk your 105-110 IQ subhuman musings - attitudes and social norms concerning different social groups, for example the way one is supposed to address and treat their elders, the way a person who is lower on the social hierarchy is supposed to address and treat someone in a superior social position compared to them etc.

a0121e No.367534

File: 1e16d902ad1bf85⋯.png (379.7 KB, 749x332, 749:332, unknown (3).png)


Don't bother lad, he'll claim he just flat-out "doesn't believe you", like he does when you bring up the fact civil wars tend to happen in African shitholes like Sierra Leone

58ba2f No.367536


>They really don't. America culture is part latino and black and jewish culture.

Exceptions don't make the rule. If you add a qualifier, you're not talking about orthodoxy.

b2f024 No.367537



788e60 No.367538



a0121e No.367539




e9781c No.367540

File: d4cdea7ff08907a⋯.jpg (41.35 KB, 479x530, 479:530, iceberg.JPG)


Nah bro culture is just Taco Bell lmao chill stop being racist we're all da same

792e29 No.367541



But we're *all* Africans. Checkmate, collectivists.

e9901b No.367542

File: 0f2af6c9609c925⋯.png (923 KB, 2372x1412, 593:353, liberalistsonniggers.png)

Since our little Lokist is so hell-bent on defending the precious niggers he worships so much, let me just contribute some Liberalist oc and dump some nigger shit.

58ba2f No.367543


1st move in 21st century chess: My king throws a baggie of crack toward the line of pawns.

a0121e No.367544


You still got the template of this? I'll crank out a few of my own when the mood strikes

e5841a No.367545


you probably can't even prove that black crime isn't caused by lead paint chips

823cdc No.367546


vee and sargon has established a community of dickwashers ,that slobber at every opportunity to suck their dicks. In every video sargon and vee all like 100 of comments with Muh horsehoe ,so his fans just mimick his talking points so they get Upboated. Its quite pathetic

788e60 No.367547


Before you even start the chess game you have to get the opponent's chess pieces to eat paint chips, then you just wait for them to start capturing each other.

66bbad No.367548

Okay so which one of you is being Vee on the liberalists discord? He just posted the Vee facts.

823cdc No.367549


Vee your retarded non arguments dont work outside of your echochamber

a0121e No.367550


Cap it and show us which Discord, nigger.

e9901b No.367551

File: a942f012c697a8f⋯.jpg (44.29 KB, 600x565, 120:113, 0b5b75170147c3e461f0066f0a….jpg)

File: e0529f60ce6a6aa⋯.jpg (231.12 KB, 956x950, 478:475, 238904578320.jpg)

File: 451fd578a485776⋯.jpg (78.92 KB, 500x417, 500:417, 1514575929466.jpg)

File: 66b5dc4bd9e0ce3⋯.jpg (67.13 KB, 750x554, 375:277, 1514694583840.jpg)


If as an ethnic group, you have such a high prevalence of eating lead paint chips, then you deserve to be removed from the genepool

b87794 No.367552



a0121e No.367553

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Absolute nectar

e5841a No.367554


The paint companies obviously manufactured paint that only tastes and smells good to the blacks. It's institutionalized racism.

b87794 No.367555


How do you make typos in the video title wew

a0121e No.367556


Vee has transcended such oppressive constructs as petty white Anglo-Saxon linguistic conventions.

e9781c No.367557


It hurts them, too. Their ideas are never properly challenged. When they come outside their bubble to talk to real people, they lose their shit and it turns into the Spencer debacle, or Vee's nonsensical babbling about Romania.

The alt-right guys, they're not cruel to each other like we are, but they' still try and make sure they learn from their mistakes. The liberalists just ban dissenters and call them subversive alt-right trolls.

Sargon and his cult are becoming more and more humorless. You can see them getting more unhinged every day. They're talking about how childish Andy is being and how he's "a little turd" . Who the fuck talks like that? They can't even laugh. Why? Did they see the last stream? He's obviously having a lot of fun, and so is everyone else watching him. His Liberalist Fuhrer character is funnier than his standup, but they can't lighten up and see the funny side.

b87794 No.367558

File: 6a393377ec26f1d⋯.png (269.55 KB, 449x494, 449:494, 1515172484367.png)


Hey, we're trying to save the world here, grow up.

2af2e3 No.367559

File: 8958ac8b4ab48bd⋯.jpg (31.24 KB, 830x231, 830:231, andy.JPG)

uh goys…this is all fun and games but andy's bleeding subs and views

6b59a4 No.367561


I'd say Vee is much more calm and collected than Sargon is at the very least, in relation to the way he participates in streams. Not only that, but that gypsy has the balls to go on at the very least (don't know how people can deal with that voice though).

He did do that short debate with that Jim copycat on the Kumite today though, although id say it seemed as if they were both somewhat autistic, any opinion on that anon?

e9901b No.367562

File: 20124e62b6693cb⋯.jpg (10.55 KB, 236x168, 59:42, 1515023179665.jpg)

File: 446a0f24d67c67c⋯.jpg (408.94 KB, 1458x1146, 243:191, 1515020619799.jpg)

File: a3c0ea28974e90b⋯.jpg (44.04 KB, 768x361, 768:361, 1513358767726.jpg)


I don't. I just took one of the big ones that have been posted in past threads and edited out the fag statistics.

b87794 No.367564

Where did the trap memes come from? Like is there a special context with the liberalists?

e5841a No.367565


It's all of the liberalists-lite and butthurt redditors. They were just sticking around because they were mildly entertained. T

58ba2f No.367566


Andy was ogling a tranny while watching Godwinson's video of the Liberalist meet up.

e9901b No.367567

File: 0713a2843a211b1⋯.png (205.2 KB, 500x587, 500:587, coalBurning_results.png)

File: 9ea0ddf889abc29⋯.jpg (18.43 KB, 480x417, 160:139, DL5BVKuVoAAeJyp.jpg)

File: 514dbb6fd287590⋯.jpg (70.57 KB, 547x500, 547:500, demographics.jpg)

File: ba6edf7532013f8⋯.jpg (105.48 KB, 539x717, 539:717, 1513944376803.jpg)

e5841a No.367568


why are american asians so cucked? You'd think they would vote red.

66bbad No.367569


Oh please he'll make that back in a day or two. Hes been gaining 100 subs a day or around for awhile now.

e9901b No.367570


Because they haven't been watching what's happening in China and other Asian countries. They think this is all about getting back at whitey and that they will be spared if they help make it happen.

e9781c No.367571


He's making more money than ever and he's stopped doing the old rant-at-the-latest-buzzfeed-video shtick, so I wouldn't be too worried.


I don't think it's that he's collected, I think he's less easily shamed. Sargon probably has the sense to keep his autism in check, whereas Vee sees no problems sharing it with the world whether they like it or not. I guess in a way that gives him a little respect, like how you watch a retard take a shit on a sidewalk while flipping off passers-by, and think for a second "damn I wish I could give that amount of fucks".

>that short debate with that Jim copycat on the Kumite today

I'm still waiting for that to finish uploading. Was that the strawman guy who was on /bybs/? He seemed ok.

1cb3c0 No.367572


No one? I remember seeing it one of the earlier threads. I'm trying to show how often Sargon rebrands himself once he realizes the current label is embarrassing.

e9901b No.367573


Yeah, he's probs referring to Strawman. Some of the liberalists are - yes, even now - colossally butthurt about this one guy, because of some shit involving a tranny's reddit account and modding skyrim for porn about getting gangraped. That's where the screams of Jim-wannabe come from. He's guilty as charged, but the hysteria is too tasty to not defend him in sight of it. With the kind of panic these freaks exhibit whenever someone brings up what they fap to, it's almost like they're beyond-1488-redpilled on themselves and terrified of anyone getting an idea of what makes them tick.

58ba2f No.367574


Try the Rationalist facebook page.

e5841a No.367575


@33:38 - 33:50

Shit makes me cringe so hard. He's literally asked this question thousands of times in thousands of different formats

cead7e No.367576

File: 9549e7c744d988f⋯.png (39.81 KB, 362x454, 181:227, Smug Anime Girl 16-2.png)


>>reddit reaction images


Tell me goon. Tell me how the smug hurts you.

b47528 No.367577


It is because mr. "In Romania" can't see how the modern world is discouraging family building among the white population from his gypsy wagon.

e9901b No.367578

File: 83a7dddfa7907d7⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 353x453, 353:453, 83a7dddfa7907d785d0de56a70….jpg)

File: 702a23d13ae3218⋯.jpeg (26.23 KB, 338x358, 169:179, received_1301718819928735.jpeg)

File: ebf699b2b4e1f49⋯.jpg (21.95 KB, 419x314, 419:314, ebf699b2b4e1f49df82d6c30c0….jpg)

File: f0424aad5c086ac⋯.png (101.01 KB, 392x356, 98:89, f0424aad5c086acc1132524dbe….png)


> shieet faces are fine but anime smugs get under someone's skin

Yes, I'm seeing the point you're making.

bc50ec No.367579

back from work what did i miss :^)

937f35 No.367580

File: 6b6335cd4071a61⋯.jpg (38.33 KB, 603x679, 603:679, 777.jpg)


>I don't believe you.

What a shameful surrender.

e9901b No.367581


Andy trademarked Liberalist and the reactions are still rolling in. It also got a few of these faggots to come here to bring us the true enlightenment of Locke's tabula rasa that totally none of us has ever heard of.

b47528 No.367582


/cow/ is now an internationalist liberalist board now

90df55 No.367583

All of these characters seem to be the same unfunny tone police from gaymergate: Sargon, MRA trannies, Mundane Fat, etc. They all lack a realistic sense of self, relying on e-fame to shape their personality and worth. Any issue must be clandestine sabotage, and not a result of their own ego driven behavior.

Andy and Jim have become nefarious evil-doers. Andy is just a guy taking advantage of someone's laziness. Jim is just a faggot online, and that's what gives him the oily feathers from which all shit and piss rolls off. Autismos are just going to keep going after these guys until they are naked in the streets following Sargon in a YouTube parade.

b87794 No.367585


Liberalist-lite types could learn from the latest Warski stream. Kept laughing throughout.

cead7e No.367587

File: 8107c33afc443fa⋯.png (368.52 KB, 638x398, 319:199, sargon-and-vee-at-the-UN.png)


>Vee 2050

>Chinks have infested Romania

Aaah, muh booming romanian individualistic economy

>gets noodle pack

We have so much wealth and freedom

>gets entriched protein pack that looks suspiciously like dried up shit

Our people are free and wealthy

>Chinese propaganda blasts off from street speakers mounted on buildings

And my glorious chink wife is playing with her fully chink children and my mixed mongrel which I'm so proud of, along with their chink uncle. My genes have made it.

>wife screams in chink

Truly wonderful society. My genetic son doesn't go to school and is free to pursue his individualistic desires to his hearth's cocks

>kid gets ready to beg on the street for money

Unlike those FILTHY COLLECTIVISTS in all the surrounding nations

>scoffs in Sargon

Sargon sensei warned me about them. Such FILTH.

>reaches for trashcan to pick up a meat patty of unknown origin

Do you know what they do? I WILL TELL YOU WHAT THEY DO!

>gypsy voice

Those fucking right wing SJWs are forcing, FORCING, their children into schools, where they teach them how to fly spaceships! Can you imagine the authoritarianism?! Do you know who processes their toxic materials?! We do!

>chest beat

Because WE ARE FREE! What possibly could they need from their entire population knowing how to fly spaceships and other useless things. Why do they need doctors? Can't they just get them from other countries. CAPITALISM RLZ!

>angry face

And do you know what they do (head twirl) DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DO? They have eugenics! UNBELIEVABLE!

>laughs in Sargon

Those collectivists, actually think that high IQ will make their nations superior. What are they gonna do, put it on ID cards


And while those morons are on their way to the moon to establish a city there (scoffs) or their expeditition to the mars. They are so irrelevant. Fucking nazi

Well, I hope you enjoyed this video. I will ebeg now. My son is working and I have to pay my university fees for my new degree in gender studies.

bc50ec No.367588



i seen all that last night on kumite i got warski on atm trying to catch up on that, was funny as fuck watching sargoy ragequit his stream had anyone got a webm of him reading another screen, gulping then saying ' i have to go now' it was top fucking tier keks

also was godwinson on vee worth a watch i imagine the gypo got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd

b47528 No.367589

File: 9c809095ec6bb97⋯.jpg (55.16 KB, 612x487, 612:487, redddit.JPG)

one of jim's "biggest fans" is turning against him! is this the end of Jimmy Metokur?

034199 No.367590


You know how to tell if Jim has triggered someone? See if they claim to have triggered him somehow. All these assmad faggots do it.

dabfd3 No.367591


Not big enough to give paymetons though

e9781c No.367592

File: 508c027c7ea8281⋯.jpg (74.48 KB, 577x596, 577:596, meto1.JPG)

File: 892f319e4579032⋯.jpg (31.75 KB, 565x221, 565:221, meto2.JPG)

File: 71f6f0b7a1a49f1⋯.jpg (36.03 KB, 297x452, 297:452, meto3.JPG)


It's a fat mexican weeb tea-drinker with no kids. Was only a matter of time until something Jim did triggered her.

e9901b No.367593


It's worth a listen but not for entertainment. It's mostly what you expect from a not completely off-bounds discussion between liberals and alt-righters. Godwinson tried to reason with vee and dankula but kept running into the same roadblock. That roadblock being as usual the tabula rasa shit. Dankula argued and insisted that if we colonized another planet, dumped a bunch of niggers there and left them to their own devices, they would eventually become a democratic society and technologically advance. It's just more of the same 'it's just a coincidence that the west invented all these devices, chemical processes and governmental systems, if we had just given the rest of the world more time, they would have all come up with and applied it eventually' nonsense. The whole set of implications that is

> culture is only the sum of a collective's individual behaviour

> behaviour is influenced by upbringing and genes

> upbringing is influenced by genes

> behaviour is ultimately the result of genes

> culture is ultimately the result of genes

> certain cultures, value systems and the governmental systems that they lead to are ultimately genetic

> social environments that encourage and lead to innovation are ultimately down to genes

The most frustrating about liberals from reddit (let's be honest, everyone who outright denies the above is going to come from reddit where the mods just ban any information that may lead them to those realizations. The only ones from SA are sjws pretending to be liberals and everyone who browses imageboards and is interested in politics ends up browsing /pol/ and everyone who browses /pol/ for long enough ends up somewhere between pro-white lolberg and full gtkrwn) is the lengths to which they will go to protect themselves from it.

> No! Fake news! Fake news! Blacks don't commit crimes, that's just racist propaganda.

> They're just isolated incidents, there is no crime problem.

> Okay, but the crime problem is just due to mitigating factors, remove the white oppression and they'll all basically turn white

> Okay after you've proven otherwise, I admit there is no systemic gatekeeping of Blacks out of industries or universities but it's still all due to mitigating factors. It's definitely not their own fault, they just grew up in bad neighbourhoods.

> Yes it's a complete coincidence that every neighborhood that turns Black magically turns into a bad neighborhood.

> I know we have niggers in every western country who don't improve in spite of it, and I know we tried multiple times to create 'culturally white' black ethnostates that immediately devolved into nigger tier poverty and unrest the moment the Whites left, but I just know that it's all only due to poverty and culture and it's never their own fault ever

> Sierra Leone is perfectly fine. Obviously we need to create more black nations and eventually one will be a shining diamond, free of the problems of our time and brimming with luxury and scientific advancement.

> I just know it. All these academics and ecelebs I turn to for knowledge told me so

> F-Fake! All these crime stats are fake! Look, Destiny had this one person on that claims to have made this one statistic and who says it's badly sourced, don't you dare check out those sources they're all cherrypicked and fake. Obviously all stats that portray my precious niggers badly are right wing fake news

> Yes, if that means dismissing Pewresearch, Consad or similar sources, then they're all basically the daily stormer

> Yes, the New York Police Department and the police departments of other major cities as well as the FBI are obviously just right wing fake news, and any stats that come out of them should be disregarded.

> Those police offices and federal agencies staffed with people either openly hostile to the white population or terrified of being called racist? Yes these are just daily-stormer-tier far right rags and their stats on crime are just right wing fake news to defame Black people

bc50ec No.367594


are you talking about mondays kumite? or vee's stream yesterday ? I quite like dankula becasue I'm a jock but this liberlist shite is a fucking joke and dankula sayin NO party in scotland is for free speech is bs when in how own vid on the snp he said EVERY party apart from the snp wants to repeal the hate speech laws, they have to get their shit sorted out

3de805 No.367595


A grab of "I spent $1300 to make Sargon upset" would be bretty good

034199 No.367596

File: c8e013d40ea1b8a⋯.jpg (66.29 KB, 600x449, 600:449, 9d0241dbae476e7b6095f6a8eb….jpg)


Watching this train of "Gotcha!" niggers over the last week or so has been so goddamn entertaining. Even more so when they hang themselves with their own rope trying to prove Jim is triggered by them. It's potential lolcow material for weeks. So many spergs unaware of how fucking idiotic they look. Case in point, the fellow anons who are totally not from reddit right here in this thread responding to every single (you) like their eReputation is on the line.

bc50ec No.367597


I just like to interact with other anon's here, that's why i always respond to (you)'s

dabfd3 No.367598


You forgot her being a brave sexual troll survivor anon

938b73 No.367599

This thread is dead. You sure lols that lasted less than a day was worth 1300 dollars?

792e29 No.367600

File: e7c10a7e3da746a⋯.png (80.14 KB, 1272x800, 159:100, global-iq-scores-black-whi….png)

File: 63f814b38420311⋯.jpg (390.78 KB, 716x888, 179:222, DNA IQ test.jpg)


Racial IQ statistics and articles about DNA-based IQ tests really trigger the Sargonites. It's like holding up a crucifix to Dracula.

938b73 No.367601


Sargon acknowledges race though.

dabfd3 No.367602


pretty sure its getting tonka to that belt and made the sargonites sperg.

788e60 No.367603

File: f23dd6464e845bc⋯.png (532.97 KB, 900x750, 6:5, 14df4ecbdf61f3d545f3e5162f….png)


What is white though?

938b73 No.367604


He just says that to make you sperg out.

dabfd3 No.367605


besides its early AM hours in burgerland.

788e60 No.367606

File: 3d54a7b3726b044⋯.png (710.56 KB, 1024x606, 512:303, d11d568da752125a23e588d10e….png)


Oh yeah I forgot, that is his new favorite meme right?

e9781c No.367607

File: 9c0ce04ed949dc8⋯.jpg (29.98 KB, 588x274, 294:137, akshually.JPG)

File: 58f9f8a1dbbb68e⋯.jpg (82 KB, 613x684, 613:684, merchant.JPG)

File: db65cc8de8de268⋯.jpg (58.3 KB, 608x445, 608:445, brazenatheist.JPG)

File: 56a4cc3ec66a1ed⋯.jpg (33.17 KB, 284x459, 284:459, brazenatheistwaaaah.JPG)

Surprising absolutely nobody, the liberalist-lites still don't get the joke as they are too busy angrily post on twitter.


>sexual troll


e9901b No.367608


> unironic mutt

> old enough to be an aunt

> but not a mother

> sexual troll survivor

All I needed to know.


It's 4 in the morning EST. All Eurofags are at work and all burgers are asleep. It's only Aussies that can be here and yet the thread is going.


He does, but he doesn't care because he will be dead by the time his son gets raped to death. But his followers unironically ascribe to everything in the 'race is skin-deep' field. That's not even mentioning the midget and his following with it's 'we literally have no coherent political stances whatsoever except being against /pol/' outlook.

938b73 No.367609


Oh I forgot only liberalists can sperg out and the same criticism isn't allowed to be used against you, right?

792e29 No.367610


He still gets really triggered when people point out that almost all of the Negroes are retarded and starts sperging about how it's all "culture" and how one day the the black retards will be more successful than we are.

788e60 No.367611


You're completely right my friend. We're the real cows here.

2af2e3 No.367612

the real lolcows are right here at /cow/

/cow/ are the real lolcows

8d37a3 No.367613



Finally you are embracing the cowshoe theory

dabfd3 No.367614


>Expecting philosophical thought from a fucking clown.

e9901b No.367615


> hicks

> aka hillbillies, the rural, meth-addicted cletus stereotype from hollywood

> not having watched shit and just assuming everyone is cletus

> kike Enoch and fat boomer kike are hicks

> JF is a hick

> the autistic faggot AltHype is a hick

> the Egyptian snek is a hick

> the self-admitted kike FrameGame is a hick

> implicit dick is a hick

> Sargoy is a hick

> Styxx is a hick

> Weebo is a hick

I cringe everytim

b47528 No.367616


>mexican with no kids.

if only they could all be like that

e9781c No.367617


We have threads on certain /cow/ anons all the time. All the namefag forums, social media, and eceleb worship has rotted your brain, bud. You seem to think we're just like your insulated discord cult.

938b73 No.367618


is that why whites willingly marry and breed with blacks?


So are you really saying /cow/alt-right/whatever can't sperg out then?

bc50ec No.367619


see >>367341 at the start of the thread on your way out

788e60 No.367621


No I'm not. You're lacking reading comprehension here, nigger.

938b73 No.367622


Yeah I didn't say you were the real lolcows. Putting words in my mouth.

2af2e3 No.367623


getting a little /pol/ tier paranoid there

dabfd3 No.367624


>is that why whites willingly marry and breed with blacks?

You know that shit's forced and even some niggers are getting tired of the gentrification shit in their slums.

e9781c No.367625

File: 2a6082d227c7563⋯.png (375.4 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2a6082d227c7563074cb5c3ed6….png)


I'll put something in your mouth, my loyal subject.

938b73 No.367627


/cow/ has been /pol/ ever since this whole bloodsports shit


yes people are forced to have consensual sex. What are you talking about

938b73 No.367629


I'm out

e9781c No.367630

File: 81f8fa9f402a188⋯.jpg (90.97 KB, 600x1000, 3:5, 81f8fa9f402a18899806d3d603….jpg)


He's saying even with it being heavily promoted in media, and saying you want to date within your race being vilified, still nobody wants to fuck niggers lol

No wonder why tbh

e9901b No.367631

File: 64e930ae599fd8c⋯.jpg (60.79 KB, 461x346, 461:346, 1512437783640.jpg)

File: db64110327166bc⋯.jpg (145.08 KB, 1040x630, 104:63, 11f0bce3d205ca91207b422b1f….jpg)


> /cow//alt-right

Back to the drawing board.


The only whites that marry and breed with blacks are people who were raised by well-meaning, race-denying liberals. They grew up watching hollywood productions about how all blacks are nice and friendly and totally have the best intentions at all times, and were taught in schools how they themselves are evil, how they deserve to be wiped out for perceived affronts against other cultures, how the world is better off, the less white genes there are in it, and then went to college where every class begins with the professor prosletyzing how whites keeping to themselves is a crime against humanity. Each one of them grew up in a corporate bubble where the only permitted material they were exposed to, was designed to deceive them into having false ideas about their surroundings and to shame them into making a big mistake. No white person of either sex who goes black, ends up happy.

792e29 No.367632


Once, when I was a boy, I saw a fat white woman with a black man at a mall. "Mommy", I said, "Why is it that whenever I see a white woman with a black man the woman is always fat?". She replied: "Those women are too ugly to get a White man so they had to settle for a nigger."

Women who fucked up their lives have to settle for blacks. Race mixing is a kind of voluntary eugenics program in which ugly women voluntarily remove themselves from our gene pool, guaranteeing that the next generation of white women are even more beautiful than the present one.

b47528 No.367633


start a thread then

7e12f4 No.367634


That'll teach his ass to learn how to read.

cd02e6 No.367635

File: 58a3d9055147b02⋯.jpg (30.4 KB, 640x711, 640:711, cat_war_never_changes.jpg)


>first pic

>ruin the hard work of individualists who are fighting against the people who would see you in a gulag

<we are, or are soon to be, the sole guardians of the world against the menace of blue-haired communism

This is following Sargon's "discussion" with a Maoist in which he expressed a belief in UBI and the inevitability of communism while forcing the communist to take orthodox communist stances.

>our version of communism will be better, it'll allow free speech, video games and vore porn

bc50ec No.367636


there was more to that post than the bit you focused on


>getting a little /pol/ tier paranoid there


>the real lolcows are right here at /cow/

>/cow/ are the real lolcows

I was wondering why you were getting involved but you're obviously just a liberal collectivist :^)

788e60 No.367637


Giving up already? Man, at least your guys who came here before were more tenacious than this.

e9781c No.367639


<hi fellow Cowboys, you guys are a being a bit racist dont you think?

>old gore posted


Notice also how he didn't just leave, he felt the need to sign out as if this was a discord chat or something.

b47528 No.367640


If only white people could be so cultured

d346bb No.367641


We can easily assimilate them into our society goy, if they weren't Sharia Muslims we could all coexist in our White nations.

2af2e3 No.367642

File: a1fa19e7bddb48f⋯.jpg (80.56 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 1504464768966.jpg)

listen you stupid /pol/ fucks, I've been having some laughs with this sargon shit and helping out but sometimes I think you are stupid as shit so I start fucking with you here and you get all paranoid "muh shills" "its da liberalists" just like you do on /pol/ with "muh joos muh shills" just chill you dumb fucks

dabfd3 No.367643


Are you that "I don't like /pol/ but i do like /cow/" anon who responded with smug anime pics and then dropped out once hitlerposting was present and then tried to le epic troll in the near ending of that other thread?

I havent forgot you little nigger, its been stated that that shits communist discord subversion tactic

e9781c No.367646


No, it's that you get butthurt by the /pol/-tier opinions, so you can't help saying something. Stop pretending you're ebin trolling when your keyboard is sticky with tears.

494935 No.367647


h a r m o n i o u s










2af2e3 No.367648


>u so triggered with /pol/


dabfd3 No.367649



b47528 No.367650

File: 5a341a07d26d579⋯.jpg (41.48 KB, 602x522, 301:261, achallenger.JPG)

Some nobody is going after the sweetheart

e9781c No.367652

File: 81dfedbc01611ef⋯.jpg (20.34 KB, 400x346, 200:173, comeon.JPG)


It's pretty easy to tell butthurt on the internet, lad. You don't hide it well.


If this is another guy pretending I'm going to be pissed.

f505e9 No.367653


to be fair, sometimes these days you do see skinny white women with black men

because the 100% crack diet is incredibly effective

3de805 No.367654


He does know right, that you can't win a debate against Jim, Jim is not a tangable thing but rather the reflections of those who stand behind him like a mirror or a wall, he faces jim and he faces himself

b47528 No.367655


the only thing worse than a coal burner is the cucks who try to "integrate" their mongrel relatives into white circles

2af2e3 No.367657

File: 834e95c15414154⋯.jpg (158.7 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1520170227814.jpg)


k see you on another thread where i make some low effort post like "you will never be able to defeat sargon, he's getting more and more subs" and derail it with you spergs going over and over again "its da liberalists", "its da shills"

cd02e6 No.367658


Seriously, are we just incredibly good at discerning genuine spergouts? Which year of imageboards teaches butthurt detection? No-one else seems to have any clue at all.

788e60 No.367659


You get free butthurt detection 101 classes if you buy 8chan Premium

e9901b No.367660

File: da42cd8cc00ca82⋯.png (122.33 KB, 454x685, 454:685, 1513317494562.png)

File: 63551835a6570ed⋯.png (387.4 KB, 600x673, 600:673, 7c7f4430f1475ce5f355e75444….png)


> gather around a faggot

> beat him till he's bleeding, light him on fire and then swing random shit at him until he stops moving

Got to admit, those jungle monkeys really know how to party.



I'm going to lay it out to you in a way that the others aren't. Maybe you'll notice it that way.

> comes to a thread about poking at Liberalists where you're bound to see people saying /pol/ shit and acting surprised that you do

> getting so assblasted at seeing some good, rich, African culture you need to immediately respond with a white girl presenting a hunted deer like 4tehlulz animal cruelty and swarming faggots like a spineless mob are the same thing

e9781c No.367661


<see you on another thread where i sperg out at ebil internet nahtzees and people point and laugh and call me vee

Such a puppetmaster


You must just get a feel for it after a while, like how you start noticing differences in body languages if you're stuck in a lot of meetings for a few weeks.

2af2e3 No.367662



i can keep making these low effort posts and you fags just keep replying to me about how you're the master /pol/ trolls, see, the thread is now about replying to me

f53a93 No.367663


>Everyone replying to me is so butthurt, look at how hard I'm trolling you

This shit is getting old, come up with some new fucking tricks

c36740 No.367664

File: ad955d57600ecef⋯.jpg (58.34 KB, 896x617, 896:617, Gaius and Aulus.jpg)


>"Let everyone one in love come and see. I want to break Venus' ribs with clubs and cripple the goddess' loins. If she can strike through my soft chest, then why can't I smash her head with a club?"

e9781c No.367665

File: e3890e979c09489⋯.jpg (26.59 KB, 598x512, 299:256, 0ae9bde6469b116323b07f012f….jpg)


>a board dedicated to laughing at retards is now laughing at me!


2af2e3 No.367666



it's not my fault that /cow/ are the real lolcows

bc50ec No.367667


wasted trips tbqh

57b474 No.367668


Nonsense. The good people on /cow/ are highly educated political scientists who have uncovered a vast world wide jewish conspiracy and are laughing at the people who have not yet figured it out by implying that political ideas, just like any other ideas, can be past from human to human. Absolute madness.

2af2e3 No.367669



you will never be able to take sargon down, he's earning more subscribers, views and $ than ever while you sit here talking about him

e9901b No.367670



If I had to describe in words how exactly you identify it, it's that the difference between someone genuinely trolling and damage control is that the latter, there is a great sense of hostility, combined with the person in question clearly distancing themselves from who you're talking to. In these threads, you'll see that in shit like

> /cow/ is just /pol/ now

That one example, you'll also find as part of someone backpedaling

< Ha! $1.3k dollars wasted. There is no way he will make all that back from superchats just from growing his audience over stirring the pot further. You mad? Alt right PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD!

> /cow/

> alt right

You might want to slow down and overthink what you're posting.

< you guys are basically /pol/ at this point, where's the difference?

Generally everything is about getting gotchas/checkmateracists out of everyone around you.

3de805 No.367671


What ever satan

792e29 No.367672


you will never be able to take Andy Warski down, he's earning more subscribers, views and $ than ever while you sit there talking about him

4d1cbe No.367673

File: 72c7fd3eb32ff41⋯.webm (2.88 MB, 528x480, 11:10, sargoy.webm)


lol, they all start crying and running away when cave his skull in.


Who's trying to take him down? Tell me so I can disavow. I want this to last as long as possible. What a wonderful day.


3de805 No.367674

So why the fuck are these cunts taking this seriously

2af2e3 No.367675



you will never be able to take Vee down, you've flagged him hundreds of times and he took all of your strikes off his channel in less than 24 hours

can't even beat a gypsy, pathetic.

4d1cbe No.367676


reddit syndrome, it's like down syndrome but but it's not genetic

9c04b7 No.367677


That happens when people forgot their roots and history.


>the /pol/ boogeyman


3de805 No.367678

File: ad8ad517c9a9882⋯.png (475.85 KB, 1030x577, 1030:577, 68d5cb641ca0baec244d98d6ff….png)

Heil Racewarski and the Trapnostate tbh

9c04b7 No.367679

File: fe55894e1409cc4⋯.jpg (168.76 KB, 802x1145, 802:1145, read nigger.jpg)


Here you go.

792e29 No.367680


you will never be able to take Jim down, he's earning more subscribers, views and $ than ever while you sit there talking about him, pathetic

3de805 No.367681


I don't know about American Asians but the case in Australia is most don't know a lick of English and just do what ever China tells them to

2af2e3 No.367682


you will never be able to take TheQuartering down, he's earning more subscribers, views and $ than ever while you sit there talking about him, pathetic.

3de805 No.367683


I don't see any Pantheon in Aboriginal Australia

788e60 No.367684


You will never be able to take JF down, he's conquering autistic pussy while you sit there talking about him, pathetic.

792e29 No.367685

Has anyone got the latest on the Karen / Jim episode from yesterday?

cd02e6 No.367686


>it's not genetic

Who knows, it might be. We'll never find out because a common symptom of Reddit syndrome is being a cuck and hating the idea of having children.

bc50ec No.367687


his stream from last night is fucking hilarious catching up atm

4d1cbe No.367688

File: 05c01d3324b2f27⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 3be52a5cf3e7225f577b8f6f89….gif)


If it is then it should die off in a generation



bc50ec No.367689

>>367688 checked

so vee is minister of fetishes now?

c36740 No.367690


It's always hilarious to see them try these weak attempts at insults

>"Jim is the REAL lolcow because he fingered a chick on a stream"

>"JF is the REAL lolcow because he chainfucked women across multiple states and because Duke penalised him for fucking his coworkers too"

3de805 No.367691


I am watching it now and it's pretty fucking great

Up to Volkswagens and Hugo Boss

4d1cbe No.367692


Fake vee is, but I think Andy would be happy to have real vee take the position.

9c04b7 No.367693


The bend over position?

0fda22 No.367694


Well you have to remember 99% of Sargons fans are incels. So the fact that their enemy's touch women enrages them to a insane degree.

3de805 No.367695

dabfd3 No.367697


How the hell did he get caught anyway? Was the chink that good looking?

e9901b No.367698

e9781c No.367699

File: 08838698c83fc8b⋯.webm (51.85 KB, 640x360, 16:9, lt soije.webm)


They insult JF over sex. They insult Jim over leaving gamergate.

Their two biggest punches are

>muh cummies

>muh videogames

e9901b No.367700


To be fair it's less that Sargoy's fans are incels, it's more that Kraut's, Spino's and Destiny's fans are incels. And it's them that have more of an issue with jim and JF than Sargon. Sargoy has a lot of fans that aren't.



c36740 No.367702


Can't remember how he got caught, all I remember is that while Jim was busy fingering Jade, KoP was drunk and talking in the background about how the Holocaust never happened.

dabfd3 No.367703


Fuck mate im sorry for the blunder i meant JF because imo that hole fucked him over badly in the end

cd02e6 No.367704

File: b7d266e25422a9e⋯.gif (999.49 KB, 250x251, 250:251, we_just_don't_know.gif)


There's been pictures floated somewhere in thread 9. She's not top-tier, but she's got fairly big tits, so I guess by gook standards she's not bad. I dunno, I don't consider myself a squint-eye connoisseur.


What happened to KoP anyway? I deliberately kept away from him while GG was on its deathbed because I was trying to avoid the e-celeb drama, and given that this is like a GG family reunion, I'm surprised I don't see him around. Did he get bullycided permanently?

396bfb No.367705




It's this kind of shit that makes me miss the bix nood threads

3de805 No.367706


In otherwords their two biggest punches are shit we called them on earlier

e9781c No.367707


Maybe Jim wasn't fingering her at all, maybe she was just getting off to KoP's speech.


Last I saw he was sperging on foxdick about Dark Syde Phil.

c36740 No.367708


Don't know about JF's situation but if I recall correctly, liberalists are trying to make it sound like he fucked his students, which would be perfectly fine as well since university students are over 18 but I guess they just want to make it SOUND like he is fucking underage girls by taking advantage of his status.


KoP was always a cancerous tripfag. And no he didn't go away, it's just that nobody gave a shit about him after GG. His involvement in the current state of affairs is that KoP was the one that posted CRP's dox on foxdickfarms after Kraut gave the dox to TheGuardian.

cd02e6 No.367709



Shit, I was hoping he'd learnt some manners. Serves me right for expecting personal growth out of a tripfag.

4d1cbe No.367710

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>muh cummies

kink shaming when vee and sargoy have pretty fucked up kinks

>muh videogames

And they're the ones who fucked up gg movement


I'd like to see some evidence for that claim but I was guessing that too. I'm beginning to doubt that now with the reddit liberalist shitshow yesterday. Reminded me of scene embedded

dabfd3 No.367711


I know he fucked a secretary but fuck what the fuck was she that hot?

396bfb No.367712


JF is French, it's in their genes to be whores.

3de805 No.367713

The Director sounds like Obama tbh, stutters and all

4d1cbe No.367714


>kink shaming when vee(vore) and sargoy(trap happy endings) *and kraut(cock splitting and being a bdsm sub) and holiday(pedophile and dildo connoisseur ) and amazingatheist (exhibitionist, sticks bananas in butt on cam for free) have pretty fucked up kinks

**I'm sure there's more

3de805 No.367715


Don't Forget Sargon and ARK

3de805 No.367716


Don't you knwe Vee only pretended to like Vore because he has a worse fetish

His fetish is that him, Mister Metokur, and Destiny are all the same guy and his fetish is masturbating when someone falls for the ruse

e9781c No.367717


I thought he kind of detracted from the stream tbh. I don't know if he's a nice guy or not but he couldn't really keep up with the jokes.


I wonder when someone will dig deep enough to find out Quarterpounder's fetish

9c04b7 No.367718


Wait what?

0fda22 No.367719


KoP is big on the foxdick now. They "humbled" him apparently. He is sort of involved in the Kraut drama as well as he was the one who made CRPs thread. What is it with that forum being a way for furfags to blend in and "troll" others to stop them being trolled themselves.

396bfb No.367721


That shit still blows my mind, the game was out for not even a year and he already racked up 2700 hours on it. Back in the day I was really into Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution and went to tournaments and everything, I played the game for about 5 years and I still doubt I racked that many hours into it.

c4a0b4 No.367722

File: e119d5757299761⋯.png (463.95 KB, 500x742, 250:371, grow up movie bob.png)

e9901b No.367723


A little tidbit on TJ. Anyone who used to watch/listen to his podcast knows that he's also a massive vorefag. Much, much moreso than Vee, to the point where it came up multiple times that he argues for people to have the right to have themselves killed just so others can eat them. That's why he's so invested in being pro consensual euthanasia. I also recall Scott bringing up from time to time how people keep sending TJ vore art (they shared an e-mail address at the time). And from that time when he was breaking up with that FtM tranny, it also appears he was into either watersports or scat. There is a fucking reason why TJ's idol from ancient times is Diogenes.

6b849d No.367724

File: ed593f3d7527fec⋯.webm (5.43 MB, 488x272, 61:34, How_Niggers_War.webm)

a2e678 No.367726



A bit late but it's from Skeptic's website. Apparently the whole site is gone now but here's an archived link:


a30752 No.367727

File: 5d44032a7b14fbb⋯.png (167.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, a3931ad88bf5cbfe0dde098705….png)




3de805 No.367728


Don't you know, it's like that episode of Family Goy where Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore are just acting roles played by Cameron Kirk

Except it's just Jim masterbating while creating a shitstorm


4d1cbe No.367729

File: 693cafa56360786⋯.jpg (10.17 KB, 202x165, 202:165, 693cafa5636078682d48df3a27….jpg)



lou, openly fetishises asian women on twitter, posting pics that he jerks off too, I guess it's a form of exhibitionism


Vee said that, but vore is his fetish, but he also eats baby fetuses which is why he's on permanent leave from the hospital


I can't imagine what a 40yr old player of children's card games would be into. I wish he'd stop being a cow, he did so well with the wotc pedo vids


Did he want to eat or be eaten? AA eating Vee would be an amazing final episode in this wild ride

3de805 No.367730


This is not the Alt Kike you Spencer Lover

This is the Liberalist Trapnostate

dabfd3 No.367731


Did they ever discuss them in DP?

I know they play the scammer joke in DFF but i havent heard of this. I'm interested.

e9781c No.367732


>What is it with that forum being a way for furfags to blend in and "troll" others to stop them being trolled themselves.

It's namefag erep shit, so they fit in better and can set up cliques.

3de805 No.367733


Yeah I dunno what was up with him, but if I needed an Obama impersonator I'd hire him

cd02e6 No.367736


Christ, the slippery slope is real. All you need is a half-baked reason to take a step down Faggotry Road and you'll reach the end right fucking quick if you've got nothing and no-one holding you back.

Convincing yourself that other people are morally wrong for judging your degeneracies is usually the first step.

>Sexual urges are natural

>So I can do whatever I want and it won't affect me in any way

>If this idea spreads on a societal scale it will have no consequences whatsoever

3de805 No.367737


I know a 40 something W40K player whos a literal cuckold, among other things, but that's a story for another time

4d1cbe No.367738

File: 4a0697000a15abc⋯.jpeg (691.95 KB, 1808x1204, 452:301, 4a0[1].jpeg)

File: 45f739a09a45de6⋯.jpg (70.86 KB, 500x571, 500:571, 45f739a09a45de61391a86a108….jpg)


Fuck you aut-libermann shitlord, I'm a lokist

0fda22 No.367739


Getting off topic. But the whole site is just laughable. See the shadman thread. If shad is a lolcow i will eat a hat. The dude just draws edgy porn for attention. But all they fucking do is link it and moralfag about it. If he said anything lolcow worthy i would be the first one there to shit on him.

c36740 No.367740

File: 388199c5623c3c1⋯.mp4 (11.96 MB, 634x430, 317:215, Banana man.mp4)


>All you need is a half-baked reason to take a step down Faggotry Road and you'll reach the end right fucking quick if you've got nothing and no-one holding you back.


4d1cbe No.367742


kino music video, saved

e9901b No.367743

By the way in a recent Kumite, I recall Tonka mentioning something about an archived r/Destiny thread of Destiny telling his audience to flag Baked Alaska. Anyone got a sauce on that?


Just take a look at the Sargonites that ended up becoming ecelebs. Kraut got to kidnap a woman, but that woman willingly came to his house, so he's not necessarily a full incel. Count Dankula has a gf, Vee ghosts on women he has dates with, so for a start, he gets women to agree to go on dates with him. And it's not his direct following that argues this either. It's always part of either the Kraut Saga or the Tiny saga or the ARL+Spino episode where people come out of the woodwork left and right holding what comes down to the crime of having sex with women against those two.

e9901b No.367744


Nigger I listened to over a hundred of their several hour podcasts and stopped doing so years ago. His dedicated fanbase has an entire wiki just about the DP, his shit about wanting to be eaten and his tumblr posts about his gf are bound to be there somewhere.

e9901b No.367745

4d1cbe No.367746

File: d458a1d80dd415e⋯.png (411.34 KB, 500x665, 100:133, fixxed.png)


This is not all x fallacy argument, you're an actual sargonite?

>Vee ghosts on women he has dates with,

Believing anything vee says, 1-800-cmon-now

0fda22 No.367747

Reminder that liberistismists love to pull the

>I was always with you

>I was laughing with you

>I find it funny

Cards when they fail.

Quatering did it

Dank did it

And Sargon and Vee will say it when it hits them that they have lost.

3de805 No.367748


I feel like that's Terry A Denton on the Top left for some reason, maybe it's the Beanie

dabfd3 No.367749



The wiki got nuked once its been leaked about ben fucking fans in meetups and a pedo discord mod

9c04b7 No.367750


>And Sargon and Vee will say it when it hits them that they have lost.

They already understand they lost. Vee sounded like he was crying yesterday after Andy went on his stream and Sargon stopped boring ass stream when he got word of it. But Sargons ego is too big to admit he fucked up.

0fda22 No.367753


Oh i know. But it will take at least 8 months before they come out and say it failed. Then they will say

>Yea half way through i turned it in to a epic troll on the salt-right living rent free in da headz. I was laughing the entire time.

Like it fools anyone but the most devoted of Soyfathers cult members.

9c04b7 No.367754


Fair enough. Vee is already doing to "im laughing about it" shit while he sounded like he was crying.

4d1cbe No.367755

File: efc0900581bf64c⋯.png (800.8 KB, 1287x799, 1287:799, louis_evidence_1.PNG)


Anon earlier pleaded to jim to make a video we can use to remind them.


I don't hold out hope that they will. I think one of us should do it.


It's pic related

e9781c No.367756

File: b9bf0bdc3d3c41f⋯.png (549.61 KB, 875x557, 875:557, b9bf0bdc3d3c41f5300da34b65….png)


I like retarded shit like this. It always slays me.

c4a0b4 No.367757


The moment sargon shut off the stream he lost. All of it could of been minimized if these sargonite Shilltubers didn't take it so seriously. Their reddits, their discords, and Twitters all went up in arms and went full autism. Welcome to normie politics Sargo :^)

9c04b7 No.367758


I bet Elliot is smiling in heaven.

396bfb No.367759


Vee was completely out of his mind yesterday, he started talking to Andy about some fucking 18th century economic philosophy despite Andy just fucking around and taking the piss out of Vee the entire time on his stream, then Vee came to Tonka's stream, started motormouthing like Tiny and when Jim said something he started playing pretend psychiatrist and said "LET ME DIAGNOSE YOU, JIM!"

9c04b7 No.367760


The gypsy is broken for sure. Just like our Japanse trap hentai's.

58ba2f No.367761

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



No Mutants Allowed. Imagine the Fallout 'community.' Now imagine the kind of autists that think gaming reached perfection in 1998 and wished Black Isle were still in business. She's either the pet spic of some neckbeard or lying about being female.


9c04b7 No.367762


I knew NMA was autistic but this is some next level shit.

e9901b No.367763


Dump everything you got. Let's see if we can make something ourselves.

0fda22 No.367764


If he thinks we are bad, imagine if the press even gave a damn? Fuckers like that go for the blood on jumped up fake ass internet youtubers who think they have a political stance. Even his cry post about being attacked by antifa got pushed off the agenda as soon as some real news came out.


This is also a tactic that Vee uses.

>In my country Romania………shit that does not relate to what was being said.

It fucking annoys the shit out of me that nobody has said to him how fucking irrelevant Romania fucking is. It is post USSR shit hole that is forgotten on the world stage and is only known to produce gypsys.

9c04b7 No.367765

e9901b No.367766


Fair enough, all I got is conjecture and anecdotes at this point.

396bfb No.367767


He really is like the Romanian Bandit Keith

c36740 No.367768


During the liberalist coup-d'etat stream his argument was literally just "a starving family in Africa could have eaten that", after which he simply changed it to "a starving family in Romania could have eaten that" when he noticed that nobody gives a shit about "b-but muh starving Africans" argument.

e9781c No.367769

File: 1b083606aa25427⋯.jpg (49.14 KB, 574x396, 287:198, rangerwho.JPG)


Someone she doesn't like gets censored and she still somehow makes it about nazis victimizing her.

58ba2f No.367770


>Sargon, Archwarhammer and Vee were doxed.

They all put their own names out on the internets, for everyone to see.

4d1cbe No.367771

File: e06438de215d55f⋯.png (35.81 KB, 505x466, 505:466, happy_birthday_1.PNG)

File: ff2512787512366⋯.png (28.04 KB, 661x521, 661:521, thomas_nelson_voter.PNG)

File: 9cf550d99c4751c⋯.jpg (8.88 KB, 227x227, 1:1, Thomas_Nelson.jpg)


cowanon who doxxxxxxxed him did a good job, he tweeted it at him and got blocked immediately.


Fair enough, I will say, look at the demographic at the liberalist meetup in godwinson's video, count the women. I didn't look too closely at the crowd in the king's college video, liberalist women might be more inclined to go to college talk then a pub in downtown rapeandacidinfaceistan

0fda22 No.367772


Vee really shot himself when he said that using CRPs info was "public information" didn't he?

4d1cbe No.367773


Can an anon confirm that he also said that was a doctors salary for a month in Romania? I might have misheard him

c4a0b4 No.367774


RangerBoo, more like Ranger Boo Hoo

a2d588 No.367775

File: 821462f347d53b6⋯.jpg (354.96 KB, 673x513, 673:513, faggot tree.jpg)


What are you talking about?

dabfd3 No.367776


Reminder there was a kike tranny there too.

97b589 No.367777


He said it was around 200 I think

6b849d No.367778

File: d81d4727f2c7e83⋯.jpeg (54.82 KB, 520x748, 130:187, DYMypifXcAARG--.jpeg)


>What are you talking about?

I think anon was referencing this pic related

05efa2 No.367779

I hope I'm not the only one who noticed this in the most recent Kumite with Vee.

>Failure: "Why don't you just leave Romania?" I think it was Failure that asked it…

>Vee: "Too many people leave, not enough to help old people, is why I stay in sheethole."

>… A little later…

>Failure: "So why quit being a doctor?"

>Vee: "I quit being a doctor because I make more money on the Patreon."

>quits being a doctor, a person who helps people, to do YouTube fulltime

Dude's a cunt with zero morals ain't he?

c4a0b4 No.367781


He cant even leave romania because far as i know in europe his degree in that shit country won't even be recognized. Another Money Badger Shill. He was in gamergate and he still is. what a shock

2af2e3 No.367782


due to patreon dollars he makes more than double the average wage in romania due to currency exchange, if he went to a western country he would barely survive on the patreon bux that he makes but he can live like a king if he stays in romania

a2d588 No.367784


Vee literally said in a stream yesterday that he was a horrible person who didn't care about humanity. He's a fat waste leeching off the human race.

97b589 No.367785


He said his grandmother hated doctors. I don’t think she hates doctors just one particular “doctor”

05efa2 No.367786




>his degree in that shit country won't even be recognized

Makes sense.

CRP needs to change his "You're not a doctor Vee." to "You're only qualified to be a doctor in that shithole country."

Off-topic but what is CRP doing these days? Haven't heard from him.

Also, Vee's still doing the gaymergayt shit? Like actually still using the hashtag on twitter?

Didn't he somewhat recently tell Jim he thought it was dumb now?

>he can live like a king if he stays in romania

Still my point is, he complains that too many people leave Romania and there's not enough left to help the old people.

Yet he quits his job as doctor; one of the most useful jobs to help old people; because he simply makes more shekels doing JewTube.

>Vee literally said in a stream yesterday that he was a horrible person

At least the hypocritical money grubber admits I guess.

aa78fb No.367787


these are something that should be on the veeh facts for sure.

2af2e3 No.367788





this is the cost of living in romania

vee makes around 5k+ RON (romanian currency) just doing shitty unedited videos, he also doesn't live in a big city so his costs are even lower, he lives in his dead grandparents house or whatever so he doesn't even have to pay rent.

396bfb No.367789


That's more or less true, but it's a bit more nuanced than that. The degree itself isn't recognized without a license, thanks to the EJew if he had a license he could go to any Western European hellhole with his gypsy witch doctor degree. France specifically is the place for Romanian doctors to emigrate to. Thankfully the Veetard was too lazy to finish his internship.

aa78fb No.367790


huh, interesting. I thought he lived more or less with his parents.

e9901b No.367792



Nice. Ironically Louis, while being the most open about it (aside from TJ of course) strikes me as the least degenerate of the entire bunch. His entire taste is just human women and that's it. It's all fanart of vidya/capeshit about grown women and the occasional annie may girls. I would love to see his reactions from watching what E;R has to say about life is tumblr. That would be gold.


Sweet, got any sauces or material on that? Maybe a fingerpointer on which thread to visit?

cead7e No.367793

File: 81d7a74556e9c7c⋯.png (449.14 KB, 544x594, 272:297, High Impact Sexual Violenc….png)


>200 years there was one autistic fuck with delusions of grandeur made a political movement and named in Liberalists

>a group of people formed to constantly take the piss out of them

>1870s is the time trademarks came into existence

<yfw trademark laws were basically invented for the sole reason to fuck with some upper class twat who thought he was smarter than he actually is

History is cyclical and so are memes.

9c04b7 No.367794

Reddit is still crying.

0d66d5 No.367795


Can you put Vee's income into the perspective an average American monthly income doing minimum wage job?

9c04b7 No.367797

Cunt Dankula is crying too https://twitter.com/CountDankulaTV/status/973735761299361792

>i-i'm l-laughing about it

2af2e3 No.367798


vee makes enough to rent a whole 3 room apartment in the city center and still have half of his romanian bux left

569724 No.367799



That is also a lie by omission. Besides the fact that salaries were recently raised and even a rezident gets 800 bux, which is quite good for one man, every doctor gets huge amount of tips and gifts. They all easily make thousuands of dollars each month.

Vee is just a shit doctor.

cead7e No.367800

File: c46bd34aae36f41⋯.jpg (13.73 KB, 480x360, 4:3, There is no need to be ups….jpg)






Note that he is not even a glorified nurse. I'm not even sure if he's a microbiologist to begin with. He could have gotten an internship in a microbiology lab with a state program but I doubt that. Last thing he said is that he still hasn't made the switch to internal medicine, after which he said that he still hasn't taken some exams(whether it's for the switch or his BA in microbiology I don't know, that opens a whole new can of worms), and somehow he wants to do a phD and open his own business while his thesis has to do with psychiatry. Fellow mongolian finger painters, I do not know what to make of this goblin's education.

4d1cbe No.367801


> The liberalists and (((thinkers))) of the age expected great things from a people see niggers thus fortunately conditioned and circumstanced.

Nothing has changed, >>367793 you're right, it's cyclical

0d66d5 No.367802


Like how much? $500 a month just on rent alone and have tons of leftover money? God, he's having it better than I do. God damn it.

05efa2 No.367803


I thought he one of those "doctors" that go around hospitals marketing the new pills that have came out.

Like that one chick in Scrubs Dr. Cox hated.

05efa2 No.367804


>God, he's having it better than I do. God damn it.

He lives in Romania, no he doesn't.

dabfd3 No.367805


In the older threads around the time Godwinson released his Liberalist meetup vid (You should watch)

Its sargon standing with jew kike in blonde hair the replies were stating it was a kike

2af2e3 No.367806


oh he is having a very comfortable live there with the the currency exchange rate

and he only has to make shitty unedited videos

2af2e3 No.367807


well yeah for a 3 bedroom apartment on the city center, if he wants a 1 bedroom apartment it's only 1/5th of his total income

anyway he doesn't even pay rent because he lives in dead grandfather's house

05efa2 No.367808


He's fat, has a 6 year old style haircut.

Wanks it to vore.

Is literally part of the SIDF.

I wouldn't call that a comfortable "life" tbh.

More like a depressing existence.

4d1cbe No.367810

File: e5fe60fa869b600⋯.png (710.15 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 57a5a32260fe2a5861ef02676b….png)


He also said he diagnosed his grandmother as having a heart attack. She didn't believe him and is still alive and he didn't stop streaming long enough to take care of her or keep an eye on her. He's either A MASSIVE PIECE OF SHIT or lying as usual.


>strikes me as the least degenerate of the entire bunch.

Agreed. I still find it odd sharing the images the he just jerked it to on your twitter.

>>367799 checked

>every doctor gets huge amount of tips and gifts.

Yeah I heard about this, if you don't give your doc something beforehand expect a bad time. There are some docs who aren't utter gypsy scum but I heard they're the minority.

4d1cbe No.367811


*on his twitter

a2d588 No.367812


Are you fucking telling me that this has happened before? Can I get come sources on Liberalistism being the reason behind patents?

aa78fb No.367813


he is lying. Most people that get a heartattack when they are awake have serious pain that the ambulance usually give them morphine, also allot of them get a panic attack at the same time because of the pain.

bc50ec No.367814

kumite better be gud today it's been preddy gud all week but I'm tiered as shit and these long ass streams take it out of me sometimes

0fda22 No.367815


I bet it will be salt mining the trademark troll. Passably a bit of damage control by a few of the dons capos. You know in that passive aggressive tone they do.

>Ha yes you got us epic troll Sargon laughed and is still laughing…..at you.

cead7e No.367816


>in that passive aggressive tone they do

Vee did it last night and so did Quartering.

cead7e No.367817


>Are you fucking telling me that this has happened before?

I wouldn't be suprised if this happened in the Roman Empire as well.

>Can I get come sources on Liberalistism being the reason behind patents?

Andy said Liberalist existed since the 1800s and in 1920s, and this stream around https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHAWKjEM4dk the 28 minute mark Jim confirms it. I will not put it past historical proto-anons to have done trademark laws just for shits and gigles.

05efa2 No.367818


>Most people that get a heartattack when they are awake have serious pain

Yeah even if it was a minor heart attack, she would've still been in a dire situation because his GRANDmother is still an old biddy.

e9901b No.367819

File: aded4a021026b1d⋯.png (547.73 KB, 1232x614, 616:307, firsthoughtslouis01.png)


Now let's see what the first things that occur to me are. Could this be the first hint at what kind of fetishes we can expect to come out of Louis?


Oh, you mean crayzeehair, yea I knew about that I just didn't know zir was a tranny.


> Agreed. I still find it odd sharing the images the he just jerked it to on your twitter.

Meh, Ted Cruz already did it, so with some youtuber it doesn't really shock me.

cead7e No.367820

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

was supposed to post a pic but forgot

e9901b No.367821

File: 6052915a77ff215⋯.png (811.52 KB, 920x960, 23:24, firsthoughtslouis02.png)

Fucking lame-ass bumfucknowhere internet and this shitty website are forcing me to upload 1 at a time.

e9901b No.367822

File: b85f6e6021ec5bf⋯.png (200.23 KB, 650x520, 5:4, firsthoughtslouis03.png)

05efa2 No.367823


>was supposed to post a pic

but dats a vid tho

cead7e No.367824


with the previous post, that's why I didn't embed the vid

bc50ec No.367825



some anon earlier said they wished quarterpounder wasnt such a cow beast he did good work outing the pedos at wotc and i agree but jesus christ he is one salty fat bastard it's like these people went to priovet school and never dealt with people fucking with you for no reason, you would think a soyboy into a card game would be used to being bullied ffs dun bully those wargames though 40k is fun no bully

05efa2 No.367826

File: 5883d4eadf204e2⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 12131242354.jpg)


>Thankies for the watch

a2d588 No.367827

File: 37e0a70118a583e⋯.jpg (38.11 KB, 500x351, 500:351, pepe roman caesar.jpg)


>I wouldn't be suprised if this happened in the Roman Empire as well.

>year 0

>Decius creates a political party to combat members of the senate

>former friend Gaius Scatpostius starts mocking Decius in the public square

>Decius clenches his fists in rage and shouts at Gaius

>Gaius doubles down and has his friend Julius Vocius lay official claim to Decius' political movement, turning it into an even bigger joke

>Devius drowns himself in the Tiber a week later

>the plebs laugh and carry on

cead7e No.367828


>did good work outing the pedos at wotc

Which he knew about for years beforehand. He brought that up after he got banned from MTG competitive events.

0fda22 No.367829


To be honest i think it is because like Dankula he "owes sargon his channel". He gets assurt by proxy for the soyfather. He would have nothing if it was not for the soyfather so he is one of the most loyal defenders.

e9901b No.367830

File: a86f846a2993608⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1628x736, 407:184, firsthoughtslouis04.png)

4d1cbe No.367831

File: 1de7fcd81c0db6e⋯.png (604.53 KB, 880x649, 80:59, ClipboardImage.png)


> Could this be the first hint at what kind of fetishes we can expect to come out of Louis?

Feminist, tumblrina hentai… that's a serious, niche fetish, he must be an intellectual.

>Ted Cruz

Are you implying lou is a serial killer?

aa78fb No.367832


even minor heartattacks would feel like a panic attack where normal people don't like the symptoms off. So yeah he is a lying cunt.

e9901b No.367833


> feminist

> porn is about physically injuring and dominating women

You can't make this shit up.

bc50ec No.367834


prolly tbh


i agree, like i said earlier/ another thread i like dankula he's got a sense of humour but he mad ea cunt of himself on kumite other day "i dont owe sargon nothing" then 2 secs later "noone knew who fuck i was until sargon let me do twis"

so which is it? dankula don't get bothered in the shitepipe over something that takes the piss look at your own videos

0fda22 No.367835


Well like Jim says everyone laughs till they are the furry. Same apply to these people Vee,dank, quatering.

2af2e3 No.367836


this quarterpounder dude is just… I don't even know…. he just disgusts me

2af2e3 No.367839


it's well documented that these "male feminists" are usually just using feminism as a shield for their rapey ways

e9901b No.367840



I need some fucking context because that webpage alone doesn't give me any. Where can I read up on this?

0d66d5 No.367841



Is it just me or Thomas have a shit taste in porn artwork?

cead7e No.367842


Dunno, search for British political history of the 19th century.

4d1cbe No.367843

File: 1e437319a55a334⋯.gif (2.54 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1e437319a55a33445e55126613….gif)


>Which he knew about for years beforehand. He brought that up after he got banned from MTG competitive events.

/cow/ is good for putting this shit into perspective, thanks anon.

They took his child games and he went (((sampson option))).


Virtue signalling what they're not. It's a common pattern with sjws and a lot of the septics.

4d1cbe No.367844


Apologies for the shitty gif, only noticed the file size now, will fix that

97b589 No.367845


Here is the how it went. He made fun of the cosplayer so he was banned from the game. He attempts in his own words to try and start a second gamergate. Comes into the pedo info along the way

57b474 No.367846


He said he was a microbiologist which means he doesn't have access to patients to give him handouts


This article confirms that doctors get 250$. But it is possible wages went up since 2014

85a0c5 No.367847


A lot of pornstars are into feminism and bitch about pussygrabber drumpf on twitter after a bunch of niggers ran a train on them.

232d82 No.367848


That's pretty hot tbh. Has anyone got a link to the vid?

4d1cbe No.367849



You replied to the wrong comment, want to try to make sense of the heartattack bullshit? Or just ignore it like whenever anyone else points out vee's obvious bullshit.

494935 No.367850


i remember her from efukt, she had a series of videos where she writhes like a fish and screams her lungs out while being cuntfucked. great stuff.

57b474 No.367852


Yeah I've watched the stream he said he thought it might be a heart attack and asked her to go to the hospital to make sure but she refused because she is afraid of doctors. He pointed out there is not much he can do if she doesn't want to go this happened 3 days before the stream took place and Vee said he lives alone. I don't see your point.

314847 No.367853

bros how do I get into the coach coin business

4d1cbe No.367854

File: 8d311235fe1bf2c⋯.webm (188.95 KB, 640x360, 16:9, crp_I_understand_everythi….webm)




I think it's her


>As a doctor, I should've waited to see if she was ok, alright maite, because I thought she was having a heartattack, but instead I had to go on youtube to collect some sheckels and defend daddy sargon.

Reminder, vee calls sargon, daddy

2af2e3 No.367855

File: 4a98f1a2b21d2d1⋯.png (261.67 KB, 618x618, 1:1, liberalist-TM-618x618.png)

ancaps win again

05efa2 No.367856

File: 4486740ff361bc4⋯.jpg (88.89 KB, 707x263, 707:263, 1517269609360.jpg)


>derpy derp orgasmo girl

>derpy derp

57b474 No.367857


Vee did not release any streams or videos that day as far as I can see anon. Stop making stuff up we're not CNN

4d1cbe No.367859


Was he not on a stream?

a8ee35 No.367860

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Blood for blood god!

Outside of his echo chamber ee is the most insufferable cunt

232d82 No.367861

6ce0d8 No.367862

File: 619e34ce05727fa⋯.png (178.38 KB, 591x688, 591:688, wtflol.PNG)


I don't know what to believe anymore


lol wtf is this shit?

>"you were my hero jim"

>"but you let me down"

>cries about it on social media

>"thanks for the support retweeting me reddit"


>sexual troll survivor

didn't know you could die from getting forcefully dicked

dabfd3 No.367863



4d1cbe No.367864

File: 5e36c7ae0517eb2⋯.png (180.31 KB, 700x950, 14:19, 3df2b0d83a8a3feb921c223587….png)


Also, he's released a vid EVERY SINGLE DAY

Fuck off lying liberalist lite, every fucking time, it's a lie or strawman or some other strawman

4d1cbe No.367866

File: 8107c33afc443fa⋯.png (368.52 KB, 638x398, 319:199, sargon-and-vee-at-the-UN.png)






Can't wait to see daddy sargon and vee at the UN asking them to protect the liberalist lite from the nasty boogymen

85a0c5 No.367867

57b474 No.367868


You said stream and now you're moving the goal post. Videos can be prerecorded streams are live. He was planing to leave for the UK so he could of had videos ready for that like most youtubers do when they plan to go on vacation.

18e009 No.367869


Underrated post.


Hi, Jim!

>didn't know you could die from getting forcefully dicked

You clearly need to improve your raping techniques.

87fecc No.367870

File: fa7e3e75714e255⋯.jpg (18.42 KB, 300x300, 1:1, the liberalists.jpg)

File: 4fb1642359941d3⋯.mp4 (889.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Andy_I_am_Liberlist_captai….mp4)


>Some Jews like Gabriel Riesser, the most prominent Jewish spokesman for emancipation in the German states, believed new laws would erode the social gulf by encouraging mixed marriages. "A consequence of our new law," he asserted, "will be that marriages will be mixed, and that religion will no longer be a permanent and insuperable dividing wall preventing a union of peoples." This sentiment was taken further by David Strauss who hoped that emancipation would inevitably lead to mixed marriages which would "bring about the disappearance a peculiarities and ossified traits which have so far made of the Jews such a burden on our civil society."


(my apologies for the history)

History of the Jews, volume 5., ctrl-f "liberalists"


I think it's in a generic sense, referring to the liberalist forces at the time. The novelty of the image notwithstanding, haven't found any evidence of anon's interpretation yet…

4d1cbe No.367871

File: c3b5eca15bac181⋯.jpg (110.92 KB, 336x293, 336:293, vee LIVING COLLATERAL DAMA….jpg)


Doesn't know what moving the goal post means. Poor reading comprehension.

Definitely a liberalistlite.

>Vee did not release any streams or videos

You said he didn't do a video dum dum, I asked if he was on a stream, I didn't say he was on a stream, I said he was on youtube

68f4ca No.367872


Vee, no one believes your obviously bullshit lie on the stream, even the comment section afterwards was calling you out for the story of getting over the counter medication for a heart attack

e54b48 No.367874

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Andy has converted another individual to Liberalistism. Vid Related.

8d37a3 No.367875


Stop shitposting and upload a video, faglord

85a0c5 No.367876


I'm sure the guy who just shits out unedited videos takes the time to pre-record.

0b420a No.367877

Anyone got any reactions from the stepfather on andy taking his precious little movement?

1542de No.367878


t. Guy whose never been to mainland China.

6ce0d8 No.367879

File: d2f8467e240f798⋯.gif (6 MB, 634x422, 317:211, 6cd8c43ef63a2e88f06c516eee….gif)

314847 No.367880

is andy going to make a liberalist international website? I want to do some SEO and boost it up so that it's the first result for liberalist

0fda22 No.367881


Rage quit his stream. The Don rarely shows emotions in public. But little bits of salt leak out when he orders his capos to run damage control.

We know that he is enraged at Andy because of the sperg outs from Vee,Quatering and Dank.

dabfd3 No.367882


The fuck? I get there's some youtubers who do quality shit but Vee and Sargoy just prop a webcam and read a fucking article (with Vee's being unedited) The fuck did they deserve a vacation?

It just seems that /cow/ is fucking their minds up hard and to go to some resort like that dumb kansas nigger broad

5fe38f No.367883



ec9945 No.367884


That's the entire problem though. Why do you think the Stepfather meme came about? Sargon props up other channels and plays kingmaker in exchange for them kissing the ring on his hand and pledging eternal loyalty as a footsoldier in the Skeptic Mafia. You see the exact same story play out whether it's Vee or Kraut or Quarterpounder or Louis or Dankula. Maybe in an alternate reality, these guys (sans Kike&Tea) could've been decent people, but they chose to make a deal with the Stepfather and sold their souls.

4d1cbe No.367885

File: e807f86dfc5cd18⋯.webm (466.65 KB, 634x422, 317:211, keebler_elf.webm)



Please take this anon

e9901b No.367887


I don't know, the second source makes it sound like it's a specific movement at the time. And like Riesser at some point went

> hey liberalists

> You guys have to talk about the JQ now.


> Adam Warski gave the Liberalists new principles: Trannies, hentai and the ethnostate

I can never not burst out in laughter. Imagine explaining all this to a normalfag.

ec9945 No.367888


It's pretty astounding how basically all these soyboy-tier hobby events are filled with pedos. Remember when Destiny was outright admitting that pedoshit happens all the time in his MLG gookclick circles?

58ba2f No.367890


It's funny, but Vee is more tolerable when I'm watching him on someone else's channel. Good lad.

ec9945 No.367891


I'm really curious what Sargon's next play will be.

If he continues with the Liberalist title, Andy will strike him down legally. And even if he doesn't take actual legal action, anyone who looks up "liberalist" will be met with a ton of shit about white supremacy and futa porn. Classic Zyklon Ben Garrison treatment.

If Sargon once again tries to ditch the name and go with something else, he'll be forever mocked for once-again running away from a title and rebranding for the 11th time, which will get memed on even harder than before.

4d1cbe No.367894



Trips of Truth

I remember Destiny saying that on the kumite, I think it was the one with the 56%er twitch girl that cuckchan likes I also think she's hot

I think there's pedos where ever there are kids organised into groups unfortunately, especially when there is little to no vetting.

aa78fb No.367895


Vee really is a retard he does not understand hatespeech laws.

0fda22 No.367896


Yes. That's what makes it so obvious when quaterpounder, dank and all the rest come out sperging. We know it is an order from the top.

What i would not give to see Sargons PMs between these people. To see his damage control and his autistic try at playing 4d chess.

What makes me wonder is if he changes the name and stuff to get around Andy's copyright. They had a guy on kumite that says he is a liberalist that does not take orders from Sargon. He will have to take orders now, or else.

e9901b No.367897

File: cf5f990843f3cc2⋯.png (63.21 KB, 934x400, 467:200, AdamRiesser.png)


forgot pic

314847 No.367898


The ex liberalist streams were having the mods ban anyone who mentioned warski. I think they might just ignore this whole thing

bc50ec No.367899

>>367522 (checked)

>giving them copies of John Loki.

topkek lad

87fecc No.367900



He was a descendant of Rabbis. Their assessment of the JQ was from a different perspective. The first link gives describes this some…

cead7e No.367901

File: 348feffeeba3c52⋯.jpg (16.74 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Smug Anime Girl 44.jpg)


>I think they might just ignore this whole thing

Andy is a nice fellow, but even his patience has it's limits. If Sargon ignores it and continues to use Liberalists and doesn't pay Andy his royalties, there is gonna be a lawsuit. And it really won't look good for Sargon to get sued twice for copyright infringement.

ec9945 No.367902


>ex liberalist stream

what's that? Also if they ignore the entire thing, that will be even better for us, because isolating yourself and becoming an even-less-self-aware echo-chamber will just turn them into even larger cows, more disconnected from reality than even before.

8590dd No.367903


You can't get checkmated if there is no king



I'm still waiting for deviants:Jim fetishes edition

or another comfy metocast?

anything you lazy asian hiv-ridden racemixing patreon-whoring fruity dipshit?

58ba2f No.367904


Should Sargon run a fundraiser for his wife's shoes using Andy's brand? That doesn't seem fair.

314847 No.367905


I think Andy might be radicalizing enough where he really would spend tens of thousands of dollars to sue Sargon for the use of liberalist.

97b589 No.367907


He’d do it because he’s bored and thought it would be funny

85a0c5 No.367909


Vee retweeted that, seems to be upset. Also, do you guys think this will make Sargon and co embrace Kraut again?

58ba2f No.367910


The optimal situation would be for Sargon to lodge the internet lawsuit. Or for JF to represent Andy in an international court.

87fecc No.367912


I'd go to a Warski-sponsored Liberalist event, buy liberalist bloodsport merch and all that. It'd offset the costs of his Liberalist Jihad. Seems too like a platform one could push to repeal speech laws from whilst implementing the trapnostate…

18e009 No.367915


I don't know why people are so positive to this video. I like Black Adam, but I just can't stand hearing him debate. His arguments aren't very good. For example, even the Gypsy manages to look good when Godwinson is using a variation of (((Karl Popper)))'s "Paradox of Tolerance" argument in the beginning.

It's weird. It's like he's adopted the viewpoints to be popular, but didn't bother engrossing himself in the arguments and theory behind them. The dogwhistle of Jews being behind WWII he gives after 13 minutes also very much gives me an

>How do you do, fellow kids?


Am I the only one who gets this impression? Am I missing something? As I said, I like the guy and most of his cocks, and I'm not trying to be negative.

314847 No.367916

oh wow maybe andy could sell the trademark to some kike organization that would be interested in fucking with sargon.

2af2e3 No.367917


sell it to anita sarkeesian

e9901b No.367918


I'm honestly waiting for Deviants' in general.

> Deviant's: My little downy

> Deviant's: Danny Phantom (With a guest appearance, namely the mutilated ghost of Randy Stair)

> Deviant's: Pokemon fandom

> Deviant's: Naruto fandom or just Weebs

> Deviant's: Undertale fandom

> Deviant's: Steven Universe fandom

Wasn't Jim supposed to be uploading a video before he began showing up on every kumite and warski live recently?

85a0c5 No.367919


Yes, his schedule is ironically approaching Spoony tier.

314847 No.367920


Jim is very ill right now!!!! (ignore the streams he does constantly)

dabfd3 No.367921

c63489 No.367922

File: ffe79c8f7abc437⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 2190x2445, 146:163, 8348602682_47afd6e3e1_o.jpg)

File: 1524001f1e8d3f5⋯.jpeg (148.7 KB, 819x976, 819:976, Stl Crime Stats.jpeg)

File: 7053dcdd965e123⋯.jpg (194.13 KB, 736x482, 368:241, white stl.jpg)

File: 2165b81ecceb99d⋯.jpg (347.39 KB, 750x506, 375:253, saintlouismissouriapril200….jpg)

File: eba3a386d5a0693⋯.jpg (382.25 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, northriverfrontchainofrock….jpg)


Go to the north side of St Louis and then tell me that. Guess which houses are in formerly white neighborhoods and white neighborhoods.

2af2e3 No.367923

File: e215e4e68985153⋯.jpg (50.07 KB, 1886x105, 1886:105, sargons lawyer.JPG)

Sargon's lawyer is "Wesley Mullen" go go go

58ba2f No.367924


She can be the liberalist ambassador to the UN.

97b589 No.367925


They never disavowed him in the first place

4d1cbe No.367926

File: 5ede699f72254ec⋯.jpg (429.03 KB, 915x928, 915:928, dbd6ba3c6aa1f8b59f4cec8fd7….jpg)


I think it's the quartering or some random sargonite anon, his spelling is better than vee's and he doesn't use sargon's turn of phrases.


Valid critique, he's young and has potential. A few other anons had constructive criticism for him yesterday as well so you're not alone. I'm not as well educated on the matter. I think you think this is /pol/ but it's not, and godwinson digging into the gypsy is fun to watch.

6ce0d8 No.367927

File: de4f76b5125f364⋯.gif (11.87 MB, 800x450, 16:9, 6cd8c43ef63a2e88f06c516eee….gif)


sure anon, have this one as thanks

98d580 No.367928

dabfd3 No.367929


Pretty sure you can buy neighborhoods if the prices of houses are Detroit tier.

There's some liberal fags that bought a block (i think) and making some urban farming shit with it.

It can still be white again anon you just need to be a jew with your financial situation

58ba2f No.367930

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2af2e3 No.367931

File: 490df250acc9c29⋯.jpg (180.42 KB, 1895x772, 1895:772, sargoy.JPG)

File: ab7096a68a23ff7⋯.jpg (53.59 KB, 1150x598, 25:13, sargoyy.JPG)

hey goys, we should send all parties involved sargons antics on the internet, since he's against a negress sending his "niggers" and "jews" clips to her lawyers would be funny


>So Carl, what are these remarks about "niggers" and "breeding out jews"?

85a0c5 No.367932


Sounds good.

2af2e3 No.367933


sargon's lawyer could even quit the case since he's defending such a toxic individual like carl

9c04b7 No.367934


It's the future you want.

4d1cbe No.367935

File: 942525b04f8ae39⋯.webm (14.92 MB, 360x203, 360:203, Tokes' stellar introducti….webm)


You stupid fuck, you have no fucking manners bro! Invest in your equipment!

2b95a6 No.367937


>mister metokur treats his fans like shit

If jim wants to be dsp thats fine by me

I know you read this shit jim

9c04b7 No.367938


Tokes is a kike that scammed some deals

58ba2f No.367939

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a8ee35 No.367940

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think Godwinson gets peoples backs up because of how rude he comes across. Like he refuses to even show any politeness.

>his arguments aren't very good

They sounded water tight to me. They are literally to the letter Mike Enoch and JF's arguments repackaged with a British voice.

Not even joking, vid related must have been Godwinson's inspiration, especially when he talks about Islam and freedom of religion.

c63489 No.367941

File: b4eec53172fc967⋯.jpg (23.33 KB, 338x430, 169:215, b4eec53172fc9673eae3870652….jpg)


What's the point, there are some neighborhoods where almost all of the houses are condemned. The only one that isn't on one of those blocks is the one my great-grandfather built

58ba2f No.367942

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4ee793 No.367943

File: cdb31b70671a1a5⋯.png (471.5 KB, 2372x1412, 593:353, liberalist-international-c….png)

File: 190868d139f2d0e⋯.png (102.52 KB, 1027x610, 1027:610, liberalist-international-s….PNG)

File: 62f3b8d70d862b5⋯.png (225.61 KB, 2372x1412, 593:353, liberalist-international-t….png)

File: 7c49e12d502c165⋯.png (108.77 KB, 1025x608, 1025:608, liberalist-international-t….PNG)

Propaganda anon here, just got back from work, have some quick memes and my templete someone was asking for.

3cd2ba No.367944

File: 9ad605ee3576c07⋯.webm (12.12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, limp-bizkit-break-stuff-v….webm)

4d1cbe No.367945


What's the font anon?

bc50ec No.367946


that the kumite starting then? :^)

4ee793 No.367948


I took original Sargon font, which turned out to be Times New Roman, looks like he haven't put much effort into it.

Text is just TNR italics.

dabfd3 No.367949


>where almost all of the houses are condemned.

if the webuyuglyhouses kikes can do it, so can you. you just need to sweet talk the owner into letting you have the house

and it was just something to keep in mind when shit hits the fan

2af2e3 No.367950

File: 1153a2ccebd160f⋯.jpg (91.6 KB, 1195x756, 1195:756, mlee.JPG)



500e4e No.367951



dcfb48 No.367952

0b420a No.367953


but gaming did peak around 98 to 01.

4d1cbe No.367954

File: 1d6c6d58f5abf92⋯.gif (830.79 KB, 500x445, 100:89, 4DD08A0C-E1C9-4760-886A-4E….gif)


>Adobe Hebrew

2af2e3 No.367956

File: 34c6cd60818b97e⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 425x481, 425:481, 16b.gif)


>Play Sargon's youtube nigger rant in court

>So Mr. Carl Benjamin, did you infringe the copyright rights of this afro-american woman because of your racial hatred?

58ba2f No.367957



I think you mean 82

500e4e No.367958


Is the lawyer jewish? This will buttfuck him even mroe, ahahahahahah. Maybe he will get redpilled by that. (I doubt)

18e009 No.367960


>I think Godwinson gets peoples backs up because of how rude he comes across.

This is the case for me.

>They sounded water tight to me. They are literally to the letter Mike Enoch and JF's arguments repackaged with a British voice.

I don't think so. Godwinson and Enoch are right in that white values can only prosper in a white, monocultural country. In your video, Enoch wisely builds upon this argument and says that letting in enough muslims while letting them practice their religion will allow them to remove these freedoms. Godwinson, however, is stuck on conflating hatespeech laws with incitement to crime. To illustrate the difference between the two:

>It would be in our interest to kill jews

as a statement would be hatespeech, but not incitement, while

>Kill jews

would be both.

Also, I just arrived at the point in >>367860 (22 mins?) where Vee says

>Wasn't it Whites who let the SJWs take over

to show that white values are not conducive to freedom and Black Adam is left speechless and has to change the subject. Here's a tip for next time lad, say something like

>Yes, unlike whites other races kill and opress people to get rid of those sorts of opinions.


>I think you think this is /pol/ but it's not, and godwinson digging into the gypsy is fun to watch.

I just find it a bit difficult to listen to. Also, if he improves because of my criticisms, he'll be able to dig into the Gypsy even more.

18e009 No.367961


>To illustrate the difference between the two:

>>It would be in our interest to kill jews

>as a statement would be hatespeech, but not incitement, while

>>Kill jews

>would be both.

Not saying this is allways how it's implemented in laws, just that it would be the distinction made in classical liberal theory.

cead7e No.367963

File: 2bcb59b7c3ff299⋯.jpg (54.47 KB, 497x720, 497:720, For The Glory of Satan of ….jpg)


better yet his plan to breed out the jewish race by fucking jewish women and taking their money.

2af2e3 No.367964

File: c05ca8ac252d034⋯.jpg (101.95 KB, 470x595, 94:119, c05ca8ac252d0341316bf4f616….jpg)



it's a court in new york, everyone will be jewish and sargon will be crucified

dcfb48 No.367965

File: cd3ef0538deca9f⋯.png (214.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, liberalists international ….png)

(the latin characters are from Minion. if you don't have it, Mignon is a free knockoff.)

6ce0d8 No.367966


>getting sued for infringing copyright

>gets his movement stolen via trademark

Quite unfortunate of him. If he loses he may be in prison for 3months so it seems, I hope the guards allows him to arrange follower meetups during visit hours.

abced8 No.367969

The history of the liberalists should be researched.

There is a lot of potential in that.

4d1cbe No.367970

File: fae826a9d283530⋯.jpeg (47.55 KB, 300x441, 100:147, 8b304093819de1bfbdd372d64….jpeg)


>I just find it a bit difficult to listen to. Also, if he improves because of my criticisms, he'll be able to dig into the Gypsy even more.

I agree



>it's a court in new york, everyone will be jewish and sargon will be crucified

Carl (((Benjamin))) has immunity though.

Sorry for being dense, what's the lawsuit over? If he put something in a video, that's frivolous right? Why are they even hearing it?

2af2e3 No.367971


sargon fucked up, he got dmca'd and re uploaded the video to another platform while gloating about it

2af2e3 No.367972


and he didn't even alter the cocks of the video or comment on the video, just cut out footage off the original

ec9945 No.367973


>I don't know why people are so positive to this video. I like Black Adam, but I just can't stand hearing him debate. His arguments aren't very good. For example, even the Gypsy manages to look good when Godwinson is using a variation of (((Karl Popper)))'s "Paradox of Tolerance" argument in the beginning.

Communists get thrown out of helicopters, enough said. Also, his whole point is that there need to be limitations on free speech, which we all agree with, including Vee. Vee was just being autistic and trying to not count things he didn't like as speech.

cead7e No.367975

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ec9945 No.367977


>to show that white values are not conducive to freedom and Black Adam is left speechless and has to change the subject. Here's a tip for next time lad, say something like

But that just proves Godwinson's point. Whites' liberal values lets subversives like communists, jews, and muslims gain power and have a stranglehold.

4ee793 No.367979

File: 1575acf25ed89e7⋯.png (234.06 KB, 2372x1412, 593:353, liberalist-international-t….png)


Thanks, have a new template

2af2e3 No.367980


do we have a website yet?

dcfb48 No.367982

File: d5e8fcfee0d93d8⋯.png (302.83 KB, 966x333, 322:111, official news source for a….png)

4d1cbe No.367983

File: 26806b6ba050a34⋯.webm (2.9 MB, 800x450, 16:9, niggerfaggots.webm)



This just gets better and better everyday.

He can meet up with his pastor while he's there.

bc50ec No.367985


I don't really give a fuck about anglin one way or another but he can be funny as fuck when he starts taking the piss

5fe38f No.367986

File: 75c26e3dafd9f41⋯.jpg (19.76 KB, 290x259, 290:259, 75c26e3dafd9f41003538ebe23….jpg)

ec9945 No.367987

File: 2a34d90380d4d9c⋯.png (690.65 KB, 1083x404, 1083:404, daily stormer nra.png)


did this actually happen? I'm still seeing the NRA banner

85a0c5 No.367988


I wonder what direction they're going to take now after the double whammy of Spencer legitimizing Antifa in the USA and the Heimbach thing.

dcfb48 No.367990

File: 856469dde187895⋯.png (30.81 KB, 670x644, 335:322, sargon the unforgiving.png)


it can if you believe, Anon.

b87794 No.367991

ec9945 No.367992


That Heimbach shit is a fucking shame. It'd be one thing if Anglin or Weev or one of those guys turned out to be an adulterer, but Heimbach? The guy running the traditionalist workers party who constantly talks about the importance of faith and family? Come on now.

d1e36c No.367993


Vee, stop.

85a0c5 No.367995


You can bet there is going to be documentaries and lifetime movies made about this.

bc50ec No.367996


what's this? I havn't been keeping up to date with much apart from bloodsports and work recently

ec9945 No.368000


At least I guess that settles the "optics debate" or whatever surrounding TWP.

85a0c5 No.368003

cead7e No.368005

File: fd8472816ec786b⋯.jpg (81.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Smug Anime Girl 21.jpg)


>There's no evidence that it's something only whites can do.

<The hight of the Chinese Empire and culture happened after whites moved there and were subsequently assimilated into it

<blonde mummies have been found in the Chinese equivalent of pyramids

<this is why there are some chinks who have caucasian traits and don't have pancake faces

<Japs were nothing more than island gooks before a tribe of nomads went into it and assimilated

<see ronin archetype, most of them died in Perl Harbor

<bushido is analogous to chivalry and so is bagatur

<honorable warriors are a white thing, no analogue exist in non white countries

<India have designated shitting streets nation wide before the Aryans got there

<Egypt, souless ginger hybrids between European and Asian according to skulls

<The Huns were nothing more than roaming mongoloids before the heptalites(white huns) brought Attila along with them

The only thing you have is Ghengis Khan who was a mongol.

2af2e3 No.368006

File: 3e5cae3c41e3fe3⋯.jpg (493.84 KB, 980x600, 49:30, 11-9.jpg)

File: a26b3657d056cff⋯.jpg (60.19 KB, 700x420, 5:3, 6016.jpg)


come on that was settled long ago, would you take these larping degenerates seriously?

there is no fucking positive message here

ec9945 No.368007


Me personally? No, but there was debate in various circles about them, and I was speaking to that. Also

>that kekistan flag

wew laddy

0fda22 No.368009

Someone just mentioned a edgy post on Sargons facebook. cap it.

85a0c5 No.368012


This is an insult to everything National Socialism stood for. Embracing the Hollywood Nazi stereotype, disgusting.

2af2e3 No.368013

File: 29464c70039bfb0⋯.jpg (36.82 KB, 475x368, 475:368, lmau.JPG)


b87794 No.368014

File: 113f34b95550daa⋯.png (161.02 KB, 1000x980, 50:49, 113f34b95550daac80bd3a2c50….png)

314847 No.368017


oh no no no

0fda22 No.368018

File: 1208637fa01742a⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 601:508, DQZlZMcU8AEGrVY.jpg)


>I will post a passive aggressive quote That will show how not upset i am.

>Sargoy right now

58ba2f No.368019


He didn't even repay his kickstarter backers when he failed to make his vidya game, Andy has nothing to worry about.

40c534 No.368020

File: 621a8e90b5c1c91⋯.png (357.66 KB, 814x444, 11:6, 1457897893653.png)


>this twisted sense of self entitlement

His ego is out of control

2b6554 No.368021


yeah I have no sympathy for those guys, bunch of clowns.

ec9945 No.368022


kek, this reminds me of the "alt-right are my greatest enemies alongside the cultural marxists because they made fun of me on the internet" shit in the Sargon/Jim debate stream. He takes himself FAR too fucking seriously.

cead7e No.368023

File: 1a6738d21ce47ac⋯.mp4 (2.9 MB, 854x480, 427:240, sam clapping.mp4)


>he will not get the trademark

<my jewish lawyer will make sure of that

<I will sue Andy for all his worth

>smug chuckle

<You will pay Andy

98d580 No.368024

File: c319e9b58f38a92⋯.jpg (130.02 KB, 800x697, 800:697, 0b5bfca651891fb85490924405….jpg)


By this point you think he would've learned to stop acting cringy but oh boy here we go

e9901b No.368025


I don't think it will redpill him. I'll start off with why.

> Count Dankula

> hitler salute dog video

> The org suing is a Jewish ethnic lobby

> The Jewish ethnic lobby neither knew nor cared until a Jewish journalist told them about it

Yet in spite of the above, Dankula isn't shifting right.

Nonetheless we have to go through the old threads from when the anglin debate had just happened and collect all the clips. Both the clips of Sargon advocating breeding Jewish women and taking their families' money clips of him advocating outbreeding non-Whites, and from the Anglin debate, clips of all those golden quotes from Andrew being oppressed to Jews being in power.


Kekistan flag (before the -istan was added) was actually a /pol/ thing, as in whitenat. In alternate timeline where reddit didn't co-opt kek/kekistan, the /pol/acks might now be conducting rituals in online kekite synagogues.

2b6554 No.368026

File: b35816c8a513f8a⋯.png (111.59 KB, 400x400, 1:1, sargon antifa nazbol.png)


>*smug chuckle* I'm totally not mad yuguize

2af2e3 No.368027

File: e0c4c67f632bde4⋯.jpg (13.37 KB, 342x102, 57:17, deletis.JPG)

bc50ec No.368028


I-I'm not buttmad , the post sargoy, not you anon :^)

85a0c5 No.368029


Is Sargon alluding to his mediterranean origins? In other words, WE WUZ ROMANS?

6ce0d8 No.368032


how about you prove that niggers, shitskins and injuns could evolve into creating white-like cultures? do you realize the niggers in africa are still living in mudhuts and dancing with ebola-corpses even now? Even in pre-conquest southamerica which had nice ancient cultures, you don't see anything like a value system similar to the ones from western countries, they were from a different race, they took a different approach, they developed different sets of values and their culture reflected that. what kind of evidence do you have that all paths lead to rome? There's already evidence that humans aint tabula rasas, their genes affect their behavior, and races are created via mutation of genes, there's no way you can prove a mayan or a mongolian would somehow develop the values and culture that would lead to steam engines, the print or democracy. even now monogamy isn't perceived as a common value around cultures and those who are polygamous are clearly either niggers, chinks or shitskinned. different races, different cultures.

a8ee35 No.368033


t. brainlet

You just don't like him because he triggers you. Probably sounds like your stepdad when he's telling you to show some respect. Godwinson argued that muslims are enemies of free speech and therefore have to be hindered in order to maintain free speech for whites. How did you miss that? He kept saying it over and over again.

Everyone has noticed your vaguley pro-Vee sentiments whenever anyone speaks out of line so stop the act. We know you're here Vee.

58ba2f No.368036


There was one of those found an ethnostate larp threads where anon was going to name his private island Kekistan and invite whites. It's where the flag came from. You think Sargon, with his hatred of Germany, would use a Nazi flag with a halfchan clover?

314847 No.368038


Maybe Dankula will radicalize when someone starts sending mail to the muslim inmates where he is at with all of the anti-muslim things he's done.

bc50ec No.368040


there might be a few but scotland isn't as rife with them as you might think depends what jail he gets sent to

2af2e3 No.368047

File: a9ecc546dc93519⋯.jpg (67.02 KB, 526x400, 263:200, 1468939921923.jpg)

I have a feeling that today sargoy will go ballistic, can you feel it too?

abced8 No.368048


Actually when he gave up on making the game he claimed he has returned the money, but it is not like we have ever seen a proof.

85a0c5 No.368050


1.4% of the population, should be enough to fill the prisons.

ec9945 No.368051


IIRC, he did issues refunds, but only to people who explicitly filed for them, rather than wholesale making refunds on all donations given. Meaning that anyone who forgot about it, was low-information, didn't realize they could go get a refund, etc ended up not getting their money back. Typical jewish trick.

ec9945 No.368053


I think he'll go radio silent and go full Stepfather, just having his emissaries like Vee and Quartering doing damage control.

40c534 No.368055

can someone post the discord link pl0x

bc50ec No.368056


far more white people in jail up here than muds mate


where's the anon who was doing all the sargon pics where he's turning into a demon or some shit?

6ce0d8 No.368059

File: 542e9a5077475aa⋯.png (101.26 KB, 625x467, 625:467, ahosmug3.PNG)


anon did you just mistakenly quote me?

2af2e3 No.368062

sargon is deleting comments

the fire rises

dcfb48 No.368064

File: ac49a2f6a132299⋯.png (18.61 KB, 517x233, 517:233, morning-liberalist-1.png)

File: 388c162a131905f⋯.png (35.27 KB, 533x167, 533:167, morning-liberalist-2.png)

meanwhile, in the timeline where Sargon tries to steal the Kumite.

4d1cbe No.368066

File: 6981a24e8661b4b⋯.png (1009.85 KB, 650x985, 130:197, Sargonet.png)

File: df2ee25c643d40a⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Sargon_maggot.gif)

File: c78f486f78484f6⋯.png (180.77 KB, 400x400, 1:1, sargon_rage_3.png)





ec9945 No.368067



don't let your memes be dreams


meant for


58ba2f No.368069

ec9945 No.368072


>Kickstarter appears to be refusing automatic payments at this time, so please message us via Kickstarter with your name and Paypal email address, and we will issue the refund promptly.

See, I bet this shit is false. "kickstarter appears to be refusing automatic payments"? Bullshit, he's just relying on as many people as possible not knowing about the ability to get a refund, or not bothering going through with the process themselves in order to keep as many NEETbux as possible.

2b6554 No.368076

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jim vs Liberalist

>do you 'ave a loicence for that Liberalistism m8?

314847 No.368078

File: 042462e5168d724⋯.png (218.34 KB, 1288x1332, 322:333, lmfa.png)

lol one of the liberalists on reddit saying that Andy is definetly going to get destroyed by lawsuits turns out to be a fucking sasquatch retard hahahaha

d1e36c No.368080


what did you expect?

b87794 No.368081


Why doesn't Jim want to save the west with them?

ec9945 No.368085


Gotta love the "only sargoy has the ability to save le west!" shit. While also denouncing anyone willing to actually talk about the one thing that could save us.

b87794 No.368086


They keep going on about it as well. Dankula yesterday said the same thing 5 times in a row.

85a0c5 No.368087


Rewind about 10 minutes if you tune in now.

85a0c5 No.368088

Haha this guy is salty.

>hundreds of people working relatively hard

2b6554 No.368090

File: 9d7106f114201f6⋯.jpg (13.81 KB, 255x167, 255:167, 1454809418940.jpg)


>"only sargoy has the ability to save le west!" shit

<we're totally not a cult guize.

<he's totally not the leader of le liberalist guize.

<i'm totally not even a liberalist guize, i'm a based individual!

<you guize are the real cringy cucks!

<we are 90% of Andy's discord server guize.

wew. this is just embarassing.

2b6554 No.368093

File: 761154011221047⋯.png (103.25 KB, 209x646, 11:34, britanistan guard approved….png)

>I had a friend of mine who became a trap

ec9945 No.368095


>another liberalist/civnat ends up having shitskins in his family

Gee, what a shocker. Almost every single person who goes against white nationalism ends up being nonwhite, mixed, or having nonwhites in their family. Funny how that works.

b87794 No.368097



Holy shit. Thanks, lad. This is great

4d1cbe No.368098



>> top kek my dude

314847 No.368099


tfw youre mixed but still pro WN

ec9945 No.368100


Then you're a good lad and not just a cunt who wants to leech off us while screaming "fuck whitey"

dcfb48 No.368102

nobody should clip out the parts where this guy said "kick out all the darkies" and "gas all the jews" as official Liberalist™ talking points.

350b9b No.368106


Not just that

> our ancestors built this civilization

> we can't honor our ancestors' heritage by kicking out the darkies



tbh going by personal experience, you have to be mixed to a degree to be WN. 100% bavarian phenotypes are fucking spineless.

350b9b No.368109

To add to it

> I find any talk of the JQ asinine

> It's all just for neetsocs who can't understand self-responsibility and just want to blame the Jews

> missing the point this fucking hard

Is this guy too high profile to talk to some rando/anon?

ec9945 No.368111

File: 4d7b46afa999f2e⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 280x210, 4:3, bobby bike.gif)


>tbh going by personal experience, you have to be mixed to a degree to be WN. 100% bavarian phenotypes are fucking spineless.


0fda22 No.368112


As a brit i am fucking embarrassed by that utter sperg. More so that he calls himself working class. Guy is so up Sargons ass a real working class person would bottle him.

314847 No.368113

I grew up to a jewish neighborhood so all the antisemite shit I saw on /b/ in 2005 just made sense to me

ec9945 No.368114


They always falsely equate the JQ with blacks randomly bitching about whitey keeping them down. You know, because fuck all the data that about jewish power and influence, let's just do some horseshoeing about negro reparations

b87794 No.368115

>take care of our ancestor's values but not their race

7855cd No.368116

659th for horsefuckery sorry im late

2b6554 No.368117


I don't think most of us, even the ones on /pol/, really understand how much Germans have been brainwashed to hate themselves over the past 70 years. There's no excuse for cucking, but in their case I have some sympathy and understanding.

ec9945 No.368118

File: 4c6b8ebc297439e⋯.jpeg (33.2 KB, 600x886, 300:443, homer disgust.jpeg)


"raising my wife's mulatto son is okay so long as he takes my last name"

314847 No.368120


All the good germans were executed and raped to death over a period of decades

2af2e3 No.368122

sargon just made a reply about andy's NEET's needing to find a girlfriend and deleted it seconds after, couldn't cap it

b87794 No.368123

ec9945 No.368124


I have to wonder how comparable the school system indoctrination is in Germany compared to America. They get browbeaten about muh holohoax, but we get MUH SLAVERY MUH KKK MUH JIM CROW MUH BACK OF THE BUS shit starting in elementary school, and it never lets up. Every history class lesson always makes sure to bring up nigger oppression. Basically every book we had to read in middle school was about poor negroes in the south and how bad they had it.

Having to deal with all this white guilt propaganda throughout school was honestly one of my first redpills. Even at like 13 years old, I'm noticing how this shit is blatant propaganda. Especially when coupled with my school being approximately 50% nog and how the niggers were dumb, violent, rude, and barely literate.

bc50ec No.368125


don't bait him he's obviously nowhere near cracking and i don't want to disavow :^)

ec9945 No.368126


Ah yes, the "ur just virgin NEETs!!!" argument. Yes, because that argument worked so well for the feminists, SJWs, and hillary fans over the past several years. I'm sure it will work better this time, because Sargon.

b87794 No.368127

"Jews have high IQ so it makes sense for them to be on top"

fucking hell

2af2e3 No.368128

File: 48920a47fb20fe5⋯.jpg (23.62 KB, 478x170, 239:85, andysarg.JPG)


cead7e No.368129

File: 26e9e184ae85707⋯.gif (408.07 KB, 842x403, 842:403, Umaru Rangers.gif)

>Sargon is ordering his sargonites to doxxxx the Kumite people because Andy trademarked Liberalist

>Absolutely unsurprising considering he knew Kraut had CRP's doxxxx and so did Vee.

>He is going down the path of Kraut and will join forces with him.

This just keeps getting better and better.

bc50ec No.368130


tweet it to jim/failure

2af2e3 No.368132


don't have twitter

bc50ec No.368133


times like these i wish i had some form of social media

314847 No.368134


We had german exchange students at my high school. From what I remember them telling us it's a lot more extreme. They also got really mad when people gave them roman salutes. Good times

ec9945 No.368135


The tactical race realism argument. Nevermind that their IQ alone doesn't explain the level of power they exert by any stretch of the imagination, the fact that the data on ashkenazi IQ is tenuous at best and the high-end estimates of like 117 are extremely flimsy and based on the number of nobel prizes that they award themselves, or the fact that even IF they did "deserve" to hold that much power, it's still clearly not good for those under them.

If you can argue that whites colonizing and ruling over africans is wrong, then why can't you admit that it's wrong for jews to do the same to whitey?

2af2e3 No.368136

File: 032ebe34d98fd2f⋯.jpg (38.49 KB, 488x230, 244:115, sargoyyyyyyyyy.JPG)

85a0c5 No.368137


Stop it with the mutt fantasies.


West Germany has really had it beaten into them with a 1-2 punch, told to forget their own identity and revel in consumerism. East Germany is somewhat okay, actually has a rising birth rate and they burn down the nigger houses here.

314847 No.368138


I like how quickly he turns on people he calls a friend. Just hilarious to see how vicious this dinosaur game playing guy tries to get.

2af2e3 No.368140


2af2e3 No.368144

File: 831b53dacfcd01e⋯.jpg (25.27 KB, 481x131, 481:131, asdfgh.JPG)

059b9a No.368147

File: 61bf594346f8fc2⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, I'm.png)


I'm going to steal Sargon's spotlight forever

58ba2f No.368148


why so serious?

0fda22 No.368149


Of course he had to rip that quote from Game of Thrones. What's the matter no epic quote from loki or someguy who talked 100000000000000 years ago about shit that nobody cares about

ec9945 No.368152


How are things in Bavaria? I have a theory about catholic areas tending to be less cucky and more willing to stand up for themselves compared to protestant.

ec9945 No.368153


Why doesn't he ever learn that the more he spergs out publicly, the worse things get for him? Hell, this was even explained to his lapdog Vee over and over and over to his face by Jim.

85a0c5 No.368155


Cuckservative, like Texas with less shitskins but the politicians of the equivalent of Republicans are already saying that Islam has to be respected and shit.

76dbfa No.368156


wikipedia's not great for quotes.

b87794 No.368157


Always so tough in the comments and a soft cunt when actually talking with people


Also aren't they, or at least Sargon socialistic? So you have a meritocracy but whites have to pay to uplift blacks?

ec9945 No.368171


Yup. Furthermore, the very idea of "meritocracy" is in complete contradiction with individual liberty. Who gets to decide who/what has the most merit? The state or some other authoritative body? Are you going to prevent me from hiring my friends/family over other more "qualified" applicants? How are you going to judge who's the most qualified? Will the state oversee all private business hiring processes?

b47528 No.368179

File: 48af08b0bcb786a⋯.jpg (19.19 KB, 401x500, 401:500, Capture.JPG)


Is Sarg'n prepared to pay hundreds of thousands to lawyers to get his thousand dollar name back?

58ba2f No.368186


Popular vote. It's more democratic that way.

314847 No.368193

File: 12c237dc121a875⋯.jpg (24.38 KB, 466x216, 233:108, 1521052961044.jpg)

File: 73abfb3cac5a699⋯.jpg (34.06 KB, 507x594, 169:198, 1521052674763.jpg)

jesus sargon

d1e36c No.368197

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm testing out my stream. I'm planning to do a thing where I'll try to invite lolcows on this board and some get some people and try to julay them a little bit. What do you think? Are there any issues with the stream?

350b9b No.368199

File: eff509391cc00a9⋯.png (60.42 KB, 492x796, 123:199, sargoyfacebookspergout01.png)

File: 974689c000ccc5e⋯.png (110.25 KB, 438x842, 219:421, sargoyfacebookspergout02.png)

File: 0efd2420de26496⋯.png (49.42 KB, 474x622, 237:311, sargoyfacebookspergout03.png)


Any twitterfags might help make him understand that sperging out like this doesn't help. By spreading caps of it all over twitter, reddit, discord, wherever.

b87794 No.368200


Why does he keep doing it

b87794 No.368206


>us adults don't care about bloodsports

top fucking kek, Sargon

350b9b No.368207

File: 38ff7c7d7e3fe50⋯.png (52.15 KB, 428x768, 107:192, sargoyfacebookspergout04.png)

File: 7e636ffd1f54f50⋯.png (22.71 KB, 474x296, 237:148, sargoyfacebookspergout05.png)

File: 37925a1bc593a07⋯.png (54.73 KB, 460x764, 115:191, sargoyfacebookspergout06.png)

98d580 No.368208


Because his ego has been hurt. This happens every fucking time.

350b9b No.368210

File: 4d4d1c515fa6d64⋯.png (52.81 KB, 454x658, 227:329, sargoyfacebookspergout07.png)

File: de5d6eb316235e2⋯.png (52.76 KB, 458x674, 229:337, sargoyfacebookspergout08.png)

File: fb3f9ad9451a587⋯.png (56.35 KB, 468x772, 117:193, sargoyfacebookspergout09.png)

b87794 No.368211


And people keep telling him to not let that happen or to not let it show and he still does keek

350b9b No.368213

File: 3fd74893488c480⋯.png (53.77 KB, 408x710, 204:355, sargoyfacebookspergout10.png)

File: 0bbc4fcc9e498ad⋯.png (75.27 KB, 472x542, 236:271, sargoyfacebookspergout11.png)

File: c17ee021050bc0b⋯.png (44.12 KB, 464x540, 116:135, sargoyfacebookspergout12.png)

314847 No.368216


>he might even be charged with perjury for this

I really want to hurt Sargon tbqh

350b9b No.368217

File: d4f1826a5e2faec⋯.png (105.06 KB, 448x830, 224:415, sargoyfacebookspergout13.png)

350b9b No.368218

File: 9636e83c492d7c5⋯.png (41.11 KB, 410x612, 205:306, sargoyfacebookspergout14.png)

As I'm capping and uploading this, he is STILL sperging out. It's not something he was doing like half an hour ago he is going right now. Look at the timestamp on that recent comment.

b87794 No.368222

File: a4ce53e67c59451⋯.gif (109.2 KB, 1247x1068, 1247:1068, 1d0331dfe9cff6c13ecfe61814….gif)


So shut up and ignore it then. This fucking guy

0fda22 No.368226



350b9b No.368227

> With the kind of neetbux he makes, in stark contrast to being a doctor in Romania, he's living like a King

Fuck you Godwinson now I know for certain you're reading these fucking threads.

500e4e No.368229


>im perplexed

>why do people hate me?

>i'm fucking perfect

>I LARP as some ancient guy

>take me serious!


0fda22 No.368230


The liberalists would call it "research".

85a0c5 No.368237



Godwinson on stream again?

98d580 No.368243


On the kumite right now

c84308 No.368245

>check /cow/

>Sargon is having a hissy-fit again

Do I have to make


demented Sargons?

b87794 No.368246


He's bragging about flirting with trannies now

314847 No.368249

did we ever contact the schools of the kids about the awful home life that is present at Sargon's abode?

c84308 No.368252

File: 3510cfc8e36e773⋯.jpg (122.12 KB, 349x519, 349:519, tranny sargon.jpg)


Pics? What the fuck

90df55 No.368253


haha link

b87794 No.368254

File: a07f090ce8f14ca⋯.png (176.41 KB, 464x442, 232:221, ClipboardImage.png)

58ba2f No.368255


Lucy was right. She clearly can't trust him.

b87794 No.368256

>everything is a fucking gotcha so you end up being smug about flirting with trannies

6ce0d8 No.368257


>copyright theft

but andy owns the copyright. sargon is so mad he's talking nonsense.


while Slavee and kids from some romanian village starve to death begging for a piece of bread, king sargon lavishly leeches from the internet while raising his prehistoric tamagotchi and blows 4k grand promoting groups that ain't even his own. Sargon the upper class cuck

c84308 No.368258


Wow a literal faggot

2b6554 No.368259

File: b428db42064dd7d⋯.jpg (54.62 KB, 687x456, 229:152, sargon just_.jpg)


the absolute state of liberalisticisteism

314847 No.368263


wow sargon has really embraced the trapnostate I see

350b9b No.368266

File: 1cfd5766dc3ecaf⋯.png (136.7 KB, 658x596, 329:298, reddit.png)

At the risk of putting my name to it, here goes.

85a0c5 No.368280

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>I'm not a cult member, I'm an individual

Great start.

90df55 No.368286


That's some good shit.

ec9945 No.368287

File: fe3dc80da56653c⋯.png (432.49 KB, 547x340, 547:340, sam hyde laugh.png)


>I'm an individual!

>we treated you with respect why are you so mean to us??? :(((

314847 No.368290


lmfao the liberalist guy starts threatening the other guy

350b9b No.368291


Judging by the stuff he's posting, I'm fairly certain this Spencer fellow is in this thread right now.

Hey Spencer! I'm in those comments too.

314847 No.368292

spencey show that limey cunt whats up. bring up the 2k hours of dinosaur games too

98d580 No.368296

File: 00ff4f199d26157⋯.jpg (11.46 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 00ff4f199d261571351e1d68ea….jpg)

Godwinson is going hard on a motherfucker today

0fda22 No.368297

I love the fact that you burgers can't understand them.

ec9945 No.368302

File: a039c19a3e9dbfb⋯.jpg (49.1 KB, 525x651, 25:31, jahans angry.jpg)

wew lad this is fantastic.

314847 No.368303

I'm liking this godwinson guy. Why was he getting flamed earlier in the thread?



abced8 No.368304

>call the other side bourgeoisie

>start talking about his car and education

314847 No.368308


yeah I don't get when vee used it as an insult either. Do they think we're commies and would be offended???

ec9945 No.368309

File: 579bf9d59d3f895⋯.jpg (15.4 KB, 320x240, 4:3, king homer.jpg)


59c01d No.368314


In countries all over the world, people are taught multiple languages in school. Are they adopting those cultures by using those other languages? A Japanese person who can speak English is now European/English etc?