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File: 1b5ca80f06a5a73⋯.jpeg (163.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, DdGGzJ1XcAAMn2D.jpeg)

9c6e4e  No.445487

Last thread:


Chris' cocks is starting to dry up except for a couple of edgelords who are paying him to give shootouts to school shooters. He has yet another court case to deal with for trespassing at yet another game store that he was banned from but most likely he will get off easy by playing the autist card. Other than that, there's nothing to report other than he thinks he's in a poly relationship with two of his OC DONUT STEAL characters aka himself and meanwhile the faggots who are trying to be the new inner circle have a Facebook page and are trying to get paypig donations for fucking with a retard.



0bedcf  No.445696

File: 01e86b96f73ec5f⋯.png (143.45 KB, 838x526, 419:263, update.png)

File: 30e83fddd1c71e7⋯.jpg (50.21 KB, 337x599, 337:599, 337px-Koozbane1.jpg)

File: ace7e4aeccd9f99⋯.jpg (54.46 KB, 337x599, 337:599, 337px-Koozbane2.jpg)



Building upon the last thread: Koozbane apparently graduated from just cheating Chris out of $50 to trying to monetize facebook posts about him.



0bedcf  No.445711

File: 16dcb970bacc33a⋯.jpg (74.12 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 18698132_836468059853253_2….jpg)

File: 4fbc4e4b1643f25⋯.jpg (158.3 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 25659281_1553013218086653_….jpg)

File: 7ec00997b3fcf0e⋯.jpg (126.81 KB, 958x960, 479:480, 18698392_836468533186539_3….jpg)

9c6e4e  No.445734


Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

I don't understand to begin with why you'd want to fuck over someone as legitimately mentally retarded as Chris, but even if you did how could you do it so shittily that it takes almost no effort to connect your foxdick farms account to your IRL Facebook account?

7225ad  No.445757


>don't understand to begin with why you'd want to fuck over someone as legitimately mentally retarded as Chris

Well just look at the classic trolls who are still revered on foxdick farms and you'll see the answer - cripples, tiny Jewish manlets, edgy (then) 13 year olds, etc. They were just better at keeping their heads down.

b247e8  No.445760


>Koozbane apparently graduated from just cheating Chris out of $50 to trying to monetize facebook posts about him.

I want to shit on Chris for not getting the money first, but it's still pretty fucked up to cheat him out of the money, even if he is gullible. I like seeing Chris trolled but the dude doesn't deserve to get hurt or lose cash over it.


No surprise he looks like a freak with a whale. Good digging anon, I'll join in to and see if I can find anything you overlooked. Koozbane could have some julay within him

b247e8  No.445763

File: 69d66c1ada302bd⋯.png (20.73 KB, 248x322, 124:161, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 81c69fdaf424800⋯.png (496.25 KB, 588x661, 588:661, ClipboardImage.png)

Should I try to engage? Also if this kid isn't a Jew I'd be surprised

eab4c5  No.445808

File: 2cd5eb6459c77e6⋯.jpg (170.52 KB, 750x910, 75:91, 1525468823579.jpg)


Only a jew won't depart with his shekels… Even if it's to fuck with an autist.

0bedcf  No.445935


The FB is wide open. I didn't even scratch the surface of his or Amber's FBs.

He goes by "Cody Pittman" btw, + Corinth and the whole thing is wide open.

01eed2  No.446044



b247e8  No.446055

File: f7c8854ac452ff0⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_1712.PNG)

File: 6cb63161ca1660f⋯.png (226.89 KB, 1242x1557, 138:173, IMG_1714.PNG)

File: 5e86437c953cb85⋯.png (193.41 KB, 1242x1615, 1242:1615, IMG_1715.PNG)

87b03e  No.446174

File: b71bc33d9e64532⋯.jpg (20.84 KB, 500x378, 250:189, images.jpg)


I thought my snaggletooth was bad. That little kike's got a genuine old Chomper

87b03e  No.446178

File: b71bc33d9e64532⋯.jpg (20.84 KB, 500x378, 250:189, images.jpg)


I thought my snaggletooth was bad. This little kike's got a genuine old Chomper.

406969  No.446208

Who would win in a Pokemon battle, Christina or JustinRPG?

a5f016  No.447748

Fuck off foxdickfags.

>reeee reee someone other than us is doing something to chrischan reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ec17c3  No.448397

has chris engaged in prostitution yet?

f9b7f7  No.450477

File: 3fc19c638499824⋯.png (121.65 KB, 720x666, 40:37, Screenshot_20180517-003926….png)

I have no clue what's going on with this Twitter account, but Chris is once again proven to be utterly delusional and the salt is hilarious

7ef4e4  No.450873

File: 9f85072e8200ac5⋯.png (10.44 KB, 531x339, 177:113, 1462582901774.png)


What the fuck

6db2b5  No.450894


Chris is calling out the one person who is an even bigger loser than him, Michael Butthirtes.

f9b7f7  No.451293



a38cc6  No.451663



a38cc6  No.451666


Everyone should message him and tell him to pay up

a38cc6  No.451679

File: bb38860d7f49a73⋯.jpg (155.15 KB, 1006x535, 1006:535, loldakota.jpg)

b247e8  No.451685

File: 3886b3415f9639c⋯.png (24.1 KB, 262x332, 131:166, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3886b3415f9639c⋯.png (24.1 KB, 262x332, 131:166, ClipboardImage.png)



Will he pay up?

2a30cb  No.451772

File: 46bfde5959e5358⋯.png (250.7 KB, 625x778, 625:778, sorbetstolen.PNG)

File: ac78860581aeb0e⋯.png (40.44 KB, 1215x276, 405:92, d.PNG)

File: 6737dfe31b417a2⋯.png (149.75 KB, 1223x589, 1223:589, dd.PNG)

Another Foxdicker made the mistake of trolling Chris today and bragged about it in Moon's territory instead of here

b247e8  No.451786

File: 1de18126b5b9d5a⋯.png (35.58 KB, 584x140, 146:35, ClipboardImage.png)


Why do they hate fun so much over there?

2a30cb  No.451828


Because they're all power hungry kikes like their glorious leader. They believe "they know Chris the best" despite the fact Moon is a CWC newfag. They accuse other trolls of controlling Chris (kind of funny how this would've been fine 9-10 years ago, you'd think so-called oldfags would know that) and think they're the only people allowed to interact with Chris

13e852  No.451872


Context of image 1? Is that CWC's cat?

61354e  No.451909

File: 1823f2a78f78148⋯.jpg (53.06 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 32819527_1755749647852840_….jpg)


It's a lookalike. Chris lost one of his cat's last week and is just now trying to do something about it. So he went straight to social media and posted a picture of a flier asking people to help find his cat. Someone tricked him with a fake picture via text messages and Foxdickers got all bent out of shape over it because to them internet trolling is "literally the worst thing evar" because they're socially autistic.

9099d8  No.451957


You'd think within the horde there'd be a printer he could use.

5094cd  No.452143

File: 7c51c6408a01db8⋯.png (230.28 KB, 982x966, 491:483, Screen_Shot_2018-05-18_at_….png)

Chris just doxxxxed someone on Twitter again.

He deleted the convo 6 minutes later but a Christorian caught it in time. Posting here for your convenience.

b247e8  No.452204


How does the madman dox so well?

2a0fe9  No.452300


Hes being fed info by rival foxdick factions. Chris is becoming like the balkans, an area of proxy wars.

0bedcf  No.452311

File: 234858d03a7d972⋯.jpg (105.74 KB, 600x771, 200:257, one_flew_over_the_cuckoos_….jpg)


I wish the big silent Indian would just smother him with the pillow and set him free.

72f5da  No.452363


I don't see what's so funny about this. Can't they be a little more clever?

2a30cb  No.452394


If you think you can do better, why don't you give it a try? Foxdickfags just bitch and complain about CWC being boring (despite the fact he's already a dead cow), but when people try to julay cocks, they say "this is going too far" or "they can do better".

ce7c2c  No.452406

File: 43da13483c892c8⋯.jpg (26.31 KB, 216x377, 216:377, 0715-ChristianWSarahcroppe….jpg)


Chris isn't a dead cow, far from it. I'll admit, things have been calm a bit for Chris lately, but calling him a dead cow is an outrage, it's just not true. I've been following him since 2006, god help me.

c33450  No.452415


>I've been following him since 2006, god help me.

Do you have your own thread yet? JUST

4b4854  No.452444



There is a controversy about the proper spelling of the word "doxing"; some write it with a double x, but that is a mistake.

The digraph "xx" is pronounced like j in Spanish or the "ch" in German "ach". It is used with computers a replacement for the letter exx, which has a single stroke going down to the right and two parallel strokes going down to the left, because computers generally can't handle that letter. The exx is derived from the Greek letter chi, and pronounced like it; but since that Greek letter looks like our "x", it had to be modified with an added parallel stroke when it was introduced into English.

Thus, we usually have to write the name of the oil company as "Exxon", though its proper spelling is "e exx o n". (Don't make the mistake of pronouncing "Exxon" like "exon"; you will appear unsophisticated.)

The exx also gives us an unambiguous way to phonetically spell the exclamation of disgust, "yexx" or "ixx".

Since the word "doxing" is derived from "docs", it should be written with a single "x", as it is pronounced.

As for the ethics of doxing, I think it is ethical to reveal the home addresses of people who have committed grave crimes such as torture and aggressive war if the state declines to prosecute them, but it is wrong to do that to people one simply disagrees with.

Copyright 2014 Richard Stallman Released under Creative Commons Attribution Noderivatives 3.0 or later

5094cd  No.452447


>waste of trips by shitposting copypasta in wrong thread on a FRIDAY



aa63fe  No.452463


lol yeah if only these weens were to curate a wikipedia about Chris' long list of private and public embarrassments… that'd be less cruel

d1a8f6  No.452737





lmao you guys realize that you're backing a lolcow? This is the guy behind the fake found cat text - http://archive.is/SEXN0

2a30cb  No.452886


I've known about that dude for a while. He himself is pretty 'tistic but him pulling a DOX on that faggot moderator made me chuckle. Foxdickers getting tricked by lolcows is gold

72f5da  No.452975

File: 4e39d9970afbd20⋯.png (361.69 KB, 445x530, 89:106, aaah.PNG)


>If you think you can do better

It's not that I think I can do better. It's that telling him you found his cat when you didn't find his cat is actively unfunny. Chris is passively funny, you don't need to try and coax liquid out of him at all. Unless you have some really funny idea, you should just stand back and watch.

c09c2c  No.453016


>Chris is passively funny

Watching Chris make pouty faces and beg for money isn't funny. When people get cocks out of him for free, it encourages other people to do the same, costing him money. A lot of CWCnewfags genuinely think paying Chris will generate "Christory" (whatever the fuck that even means). At least this way, not paying for cocks will cause more natural chimpouts even if the manipulated cocks are shit

20673e  No.453027


>Can't y'all have a heart?



Him name hopkin green frog

e84a4c  No.453028


>forum dedicated to laugh at the spergouts of some idiots that hang themselves on the bait

>trolling is the worst thing ever

Jesus, what a bunch of hypocrites.

9099d8  No.453044


>Watching Chris make pouty faces and beg for money isn't funny.

this tbh.

2a30cb  No.453054

File: 0a810da783bc864⋯.png (42.18 KB, 545x475, 109:95, 33535.PNG)

9099d8  No.453101


>Taking activity to twitter

>Not calling a lawyer

>Not writing a letter to the mortgage company to explain the disparity

>Establishing story arch to beg for more money soon to buy toys

Yep. It's Chris-chan.

44fe06  No.453200

File: 78befeb508ca044⋯.jpg (19.38 KB, 236x286, 118:143, 9348b98aa97338876a12f0466b….jpg)


Fuck those money cougars!

d1a8f6  No.453222




>When people get cocks out of him for free, it encourages other people to do the same, costing him money.

Nope. Have you seen the autism swarm that is Chris's Twitter followers? They constantly try to "troll" him and Chris barely bothers to reply. Hirtes had to spam him thousands of times just for Chris to notice him enough to make fun of him for a few days.


They're not saying trolling is the worst thing ever. They're just saying it's a dick move to pretend to have someone's missing pet.

2a30cb  No.453225

b247e8  No.453249


>dick move

And making him shove a medallion up his ass wasn't a dick move? Foxdickers are getting assblasted about harmless shit

093838  No.453403




You have autism.

e751b3  No.453618


at least hes getting pussy


e751b3  No.453622



dude is he really losing it this time

d1a8f6  No.453648


>And making him shove a medallion up his ass wasn't a dick move?

It was. Your point?

aa63fe  No.453712


they're low-key calling you a faggot

1b6756  No.454077

> Pretend to have found Sorbet

> Set up location for Chris to pick him up

> the location is Michael Snyder's house

> film from the bushes while wearing a pickle suit

these are the sort of things I miss

8b5f9f  No.454157


I used to live in Council Bluffs. Chris is right about one thing, that part of town is a shit hole.

0e3845  No.454214


>jealous of some faggot with a 3dpd

>jealous of some faggot with a literal p

Get it together anon.

1f7454  No.454218


I thought somebody had actually kidnapped his cat.

9099d8  No.454252


How many cats do they have? Can you imagine how much the horde smells?

b36872  No.454900

File: 23d075f9f792378⋯.jpg (178.64 KB, 1199x815, 1199:815, chrischan goes full homo.jpg)

I think Chris has gone full homo.

c2cb2b  No.454903



Nigger, he was offering to suck someone's cock for 500 burgerbux. That ship has long since sailed. I might be mistaken on the amount he was asking.

b36872  No.454905

File: d89fce3a52e279b⋯.jpg (25.44 KB, 230x316, 115:158, bob saget meme.jpg)


I don't know. Sucking some dick for money isn't neccessarily gay.

c2cb2b  No.454909


That's just gay prostitution. Still very gay. If you're willing to be gay for money then more power to you, but it's still gay.

9099d8  No.454913

Yeah, Chris has a lot of problems, but a bitch ain't one.

b36872  No.455145


Doing gay stuff and actually being gay are 2 different things.

72f5da  No.455152

File: bd4ac6ab57b1540⋯.png (153.6 KB, 475x330, 95:66, NoHomo.PNG)

131670  No.455501


So wait… Sucking someone's dick is now somehow now gay?

0428b0  No.456117


Barb all but destroyed the lives of both her children and Chris will be especially fucked after the circling reaper mercifully takes her to oblivion. Pretty sure that counts as a bitch.

03d91a  No.456159


i've read that doujin

it's meh, 5/10

9099d8  No.457427


I am corrected.

fd12df  No.457504


Its more that you can suck dick and not be gay, since you might not enjoy it,

342f50  No.457624

File: a0ac4703ef799b3⋯.webm (1.01 MB, 1920x800, 12:5, Dean walks away.webm)




Nigga! No matter what spin you throw on it sucking another dude's dick for money is gay! Money involved or not!

9c6e4e  No.458911

File: 66db0f0033a3c15⋯.png (610.11 KB, 597x818, 597:818, upload_2018-5-19_22-43-54.png)

File: 14f53e77a7cf26f⋯.jpg (256.03 KB, 1080x1286, 540:643, Screenshot_20180520-084545….jpg)

File: f44e8ebf0978449⋯.png (68.09 KB, 720x489, 240:163, 20180520_215059.png)

File: 654432b90d91021⋯.png (560.64 KB, 720x827, 720:827, 20180520_214959.png)

File: c1ae9b4ca71c0b4⋯.png (313.06 KB, 532x680, 133:170, Kug.png)

Chris using the death of his other cat to get more monies. Last photo is Idea Guy meddling in Cwcville again.

9099d8  No.458978


I wonder how old that cat was. And is his name pronounced Polo like the sport or Pollo like the Spanish word for chicken? Or is it Paul-o?

Did he just lose 2 cats in 1 week? What is going on?

1250ed  No.459191


How are they out of food? They just got some new cat meat to eat

de10ab  No.459216


That poor cat looked gnarly as shit, I mean look at that fur it's like a feral and also peep at that nasty water dish with what looks like dried bits of food on the walls.

Chris shouldn't be allowed near animals for their sake. Fuck, that poor kitter is in a better place now.

de10ab  No.459221


Most likely inadvertently poisoning them from their disgusting garbage home or simply lack of basic care and hygiene.

9099d8  No.459263


It's really sick when people horde animals like that when they can't take care of themselves.

2ba8f7  No.459291


I don't understand how they could possibly run out of food when I guarantee both of them get EBT/Food stamps, and for two people who do not work at all, that would be quite a bit of money every single month.

72f5da  No.459512

File: de619b4b878f640⋯.jpg (148.61 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, de619b4b878f64053669be2623….jpg)


If it were a normal person's cat, I would guess that it's short for Apollo, and pronounced as such. Pronouncing it Polo is grammatically wrong because the two consecutive L's mean that the syllables are supposed to end and begin with an L sound. It also doesn't make any sense to name your cat after the Spanish word for chicken. If you did that, I would be forced to suspect that you are some kind of autistic retard. However, given that Chris' genes bear a terrible curse, I think Polo or the Spanish pronunciation are far more likely.

Remember, Chris is Honor Roll. He believes that because he took Spanish one time in high school, and is 1/36th Cherokee, that he is some kind of globetrotting, cosmopolitan, Renaissance-tranny sexgod. Therefore, my money is on him naming his cat "Chicken."

9099d8  No.459708

File: 753e8b75ee8dffb⋯.png (243.55 KB, 601x421, 601:421, 992edca7965cee11191440e410….png)


>Therefore, my money is on him naming his cat "Chicken."

2a0fe9  No.459792


It's not surprising but chris is shit with money (as we all know)

So he is surely using EBT to purchase expensive "quick" food like microwaveable meals and such. Probably stuff like namebrand things like those TGI Fridays microwaveable appetizers. Plus chris is a fatass and im sure eats more than he needs to.

It's also possible this is a flat lie chris is using to get pity and thus money. He is known to lie to get charity from his followers.

a38cc6  No.459833

822305  No.459836


There's a reasonable chance they don't even qualify for EBT since their household income isn't very low.

Barb collects a pension and social security while Chris gets ~1000 autismbux a month plus a few hundred more from whatever he can scam from retards through paypig and his ebay sales. It wouldn't be surprising if they comfortably cleared 40k a year.

9099d8  No.459850


This is why people shouldn't give Chris money. He doesn't know how to spend or use it.


Do you think Chris puts all these paypig and paypal donations on his tax return? They are taxable income afterall.

4b4854  No.459881


Microwave meals are hardly the issue, as he's previously been shown to prefer "Hungry Man" meals, which have a pretty good price per calorie ratio. More likely he's buying takeaway which really can put a dent in your wallet depending on where you're ordering from, or just eating way too much(also very likely).

09093a  No.459892

File: 7a9911c6ed19859⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 330x312, 55:52, 7a9911c6ed.gif)


That cat was dead hours before that picture was taken! Anyone who has cared for pets can see that. For fuck's sake you can see the eyes are sunken in, look at the mouth. 10 days ago Chris had a photo of Pollo in a healthy condition. What happened in the 10 days leading up to Pollo's death is a mystery. More than likely, the cat ate something from the horde, got sick, Chris and Barb didn't care to spend the money on it because "Severus" and now, he's using a dead cat to shill for money and claiming that Pollo is still alive but knocking on death's door?!

R.I.P. Pollo, Your suffering is over. Ascend from the horde and go up to a deluxe litter box in the sky-y-y.

72f5da  No.459902

File: fa6e53f5a2ef6d6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 605.75 KB, 2592x2592, 1:1, d6569f338782250f43d21506cb….png)


>It's also possible this is a flat lie

Or a fat lie!

0bedcf  No.459926

File: cbaa497ce954ac4⋯.jpg (47.32 KB, 640x480, 4:3, youtu.be-3i0yRM-kGpg (1).jpg)


The interest on their debt likely takes a large chunk out of their monthly tugboats. They got around it for awhile by first taking out a new mortgage on their home (a great idea for an 80 year old widow and her retarded son who can't even mow the lawn). Then they took out new debt to essentially pay for old debt. Now the only access to money they can find is high-interest and designed to harass deadbeats.

These crises are going to happen over and over again with greater and greater severity. They should probably bankrupt out of it but Barb is probably terrified of losing the home, and she'll probably die before the process is over anyway.

Bob left them a fully paid off home which they burned down, money in the bank which they spent when they tried to run over Michael Snyder and they've run up tens of thousands in debt since on fixed incomes. Chris is going to go into solo life with nothing.

3ecf3b  No.459968


I wouldn't be surprised if Chris doesn't know how to file a tax return. Plus he's never had a job so if he did file a return and just claimed a bunch of autistic shit on there the IRS would've audited him. Just speculating tho.

9099d8  No.459971


Seriously. They can't take of themselves, obvious to any outside observer, they don't need animals around. In one of Chris' videos, there is literal shit on a newspaper in plain view while Barb is begging for money. This is a health code violation. Bob was right about the Health Department condemning that house.


Anyone who gives Chris money after this should be evaluated for mental illness. There is no way a healthy, self-aware person will give money to someone who can't even take care of a cat let alone pay off a mortgage. This is disgusting.


>The IRS hasn't audited him yet.

It sounds like Chris will now learn what an ass fucking truly means.

a2f199  No.459973

File: 5f3d40d9a896787⋯.png (274.65 KB, 838x500, 419:250, anglo spawn.png)







>American "people"

Is that anglo blood or are they ugly for another reason?

44fe06  No.459978



>there is literal shit on a newspaper in plain view while Barb is begging for money. This is a health code violation.


brainlet detected

3ecf3b  No.459985


Does he have any small dogs? Even if he does they live in suburbia so there is no reason for feces on a newspaper inside.

3ecf3b  No.459992


Anyone who gives Chris money at all should be sent to a head shrink.

I'm curious to see how he would react if after one of his begging videos someone contacted Chris and said "yeah I'll help you out with your bills… but I'll only send the money directly to your creditors on your behalf." I wonder what kind of excuses he would make to get the money to spend on more toys and games.

9c6e4e  No.460055

File: 7c69f419025cfa5⋯.jpg (72.45 KB, 721x1281, 103:183, FB_IMG_1526586989125.jpg)

File: 42ae8fe4249b81f⋯.png (90.57 KB, 1080x422, 540:211, Screenshot_20180517-165625….png)


Don't forget that his cat Pollo died a day or two after his other cat Sorbet "ran away". I don't know what's going on in the Chandler household lately but it's either extreme animal neglect/abuse, foxdick fags meddling, or both.

9099d8  No.460103


I don't care how small a dog is or how much a cat is a cat, they go outside to shit a piss.

9099d8  No.460105


Fucking aweosme anon! This is what needs to be done. Chris doesn't understand money, so he can't spend it appropriately. If donators just gave it to his creditors, he could beg for money or whore himself out literally.

9099d8  No.460110


It's quite clear that Chris and Barb are hoarding animals they can't take care of, which is a clear health code violation, and that the Health Department plus the Tax Department should investigate to make sure that everything is tip-top.

68ba26  No.460123


To think of how many animals died in that house. I'm actually surprised how Chris' old dog Patti lived for so long. I think people should just let Chris go cold turkey and not give him money. Economics clearly is not Chris' strong suit.

aa63fe  No.460129



>nnyyuuuhh they have two cats two dogs which shit inside, call the police it's a health code violation rite now

I get that we're gangstalking a retard but maybe chillax a little

9099d8  No.460132


>He let more animals die?

Why are people giving him money? Fuck this guy. Let him suffer pain.

68ba26  No.460135


The CWCiki pretty much documents how many pets died from Chris' neglect. There are even some that are even at question if they are missing or not.

0bedcf  No.460149

File: 911d32cd8e0d937⋯.png (239.47 KB, 504x378, 4:3, ChrisPupsPeed.png)



They called the public health authorities several times when THAT IS MY HOUSE was aired. Greene County didn't care when Bob was dying and being bitten by insects, they wouldn't care now.


As far as i remember all their dogs piss and shit inside the house, both 14 BC and the rental. It's weird, they have dogs they never let out and cats they put outside and who get hit by cars and disappear

da5ad3  No.460159


Hows it going, Hirtes?

44fe06  No.460213

File: 006d09019d081f8⋯.jpg (62.18 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1524052686539.jpg)


Whatever aspie but from training pads to paper training and litter boxes many people many, many pet owners choose to do otherwise. Also letting a cat shit outside is shit behavior, they hide their shit and love flower beds and gardens spreading germs along the way. Could really fuck up a pregnant woman tending her garden if your cat makes it his litter box.

557cbe  No.460219


Who are you quoting, friend?

771a8f  No.460238


Is there anyone whose given him money online who has come out and admitted it? I'd be curious to find out the kind of person who would. Might be another cow with their own antics to laugh at.

da5ad3  No.460241


Joshua Wise

771a8f  No.460242


Also does anyone know the age of that cat? It didn't look that old. Maybe 6 or 7 at the most. My cats going on 12 and I completely forgot that's old by cat standards until I thought about it just now.

557cbe  No.460260


15 apparently

6759f6  No.460300


gib me ur anal massages pls

2a0fe9  No.460311


Imagine having to be the IRS agent assigned to this case

>Having to explore their home

>Looking up chris on internet and ya know. *All of this shit*

>Having to figure out the value of his autistic creations

I would gain a point of pity for the IRS that day

2a0fe9  No.460312

File: 24e9c93052bf1ce⋯.gif (496.21 KB, 498x377, 498:377, 24e9c93052bf1ce17092390646….gif)


THIS is the kind of trolling I can get behind. THIS!

ecab61  No.460346


This is giving me Taxman flashbacks.

80f2ae  No.460347


How's it going, Kengle? Sending Chris more of your life savings?

771a8f  No.460350



I might give this a go tomorrow. I don't have a Twitter or fb account and have never done any serious trolling before. If anyone else wants to go ahead. I think by this point even Chris can figure out what a freshly made dummy account looks like. I just want to see the happenings.

771a8f  No.460353


It might be funny if someone tried this while posing as the type of person whose generally disagreeable to Chris. Like ultra conservative or religious.

"I'll pay your mortgage my son, but first let me tell you how our Lord Jesus Christ saved our souls from damnation." If we make him uncomfortable enough he might do something funny/cringy.

Just an idea. I'm still reading up on this glorious autist and it seems lately that whenever someone trolls him his reaction either isn't that funny or it just comes off as too manipulated or manufactured.

09093a  No.460403


There is no way that cat is 15. That's a 7-8 year old cat in those pics. Unless Chris was feeding it from his hungry man dinners for all those years and the chemicals preserved it like a Dr. Van Haagen creation.

9e2e92  No.460418


This Youtuber who put a trigger warning for "transphobia" on a video because he quoted Chris using the phrase "real girl parts" gave him $1000

0bedcf  No.460463

File: 466076853780778⋯.png (458.18 KB, 638x633, 638:633, 1517536344040.png)


Do Kengle and Hirtes have some kind of Highlander thing about being the only other autist allowed to orbit Chris?

>Just an idea. I'm still reading up on this glorious autist

Tell us more of your ideas, guy that's just "reading up" on Chris Chan for the first time. Fucking Metokur.

9099d8  No.460763

>Did I really make all those posts?

I am sorry /cow/ for my rampaging posts in this thread. I am also sorry for personal attacks against Chris. I have no excuses.

fa98de  No.460780





That is a dumb idea. It would just mean that Chris could keep begging for bucks and spend the money he would've spent on the debt on more toys and video games.

0bedcf  No.460833

File: 89d4942f30b6b78⋯.png (85.21 KB, 557x378, 557:378, ngbbs56031b3a7d20d.png)


You just don't appreciate how AWESOME it is to troll Chris by paying off his credit cards. I hear they're going to pay his property taxes next. Haha trolled epic halfchan style.

e84a4c  No.460857


There's some idiots that had the masterful plan of trolling the IBS by donating superchats with negative messages.

Probably the same people/guy with 7 proxies

14497c  No.460909

Has this virgin manbaby faggot cut his duck off yet? Someone needs to pay for the fatfuck's sex change operation

050ffc  No.460934


The unclit 2.0 was bad enough, I don't want to think about Chris dilating his mutilated dick with a dildo everyday to keep the wound from closing up

9c6e4e  No.462872


There's the buttHirtes.

b36872  No.463234



It's not gay if you're doing it solely for money or favors or out necessity. Actually enjoying it however is totally gay.

b36872  No.463237


He said Pollo was 15 years old.

21dc73  No.463258

Friendly reminder that Chris

> Graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computers

> Had sex with a sexy cherokee woman, he is no longer a virgin

> his entire adult life has been spent shitting his pants and doing nothing but jerking off and playing video games

> he has a world famous webcomic with supporters who give him thousands every month

> Even A list celebrities like Pewdiepie knows who he is.

> He can accumulate all the debt he wants, his paypigs will pay it off for him.

> Has had multiple fan video games, documentaries, and comics made about him.

> is so famous than many women will sleep wth him just to be a part of Christory

Chris is winning at life.

771a8f  No.463514


I never said anything about actually giving him money. I only wanted to see how he would react.


If he tried to beg for money again in the same month for his "mortgage" a screencap of the convo could be posted to his social media to call him out on his bullshit and also for laughs.

fa98de  No.463706


Yeah but you'd still be paying his mortgage for him. He'd just bullshit and say he needs money for Barb's teeth or bananas or some shit like that

050ffc  No.464627


If I pretend to be autistic and whore for attention will foxdickfags start giving me money?

911c17  No.464915

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No idea.

0bedcf  No.465850

File: d9d1e31f4193570⋯.png (109.53 KB, 632x541, 632:541, kengle-btfo.png)


He'd react like the homeless man who is given a sandwich when he claims to be hungry and then keeps asking people for money because he's hungry. KF gave him a bunch of money, food and other shit after his house burned down and he still begged for more while his Lego addiction was out of control.

> If he tried to beg for money again in the same month for his "mortgage"

But he really is in debt to predatory lenders. What he's claiming about the new mortgage company is consistent with many other consumer complaints. They buy loans from other mortgage lenders when the original company computes that there's a substantial risk you will default; most people never voluntarily do business with this lender.

735a58  No.465995


pretty sure associates degree in CAD from bumfuck community college aint no bachelor's degree in CSci.

f22154  No.466571


With this in mind I guess his achievements are fairly lacking.

dd01cb  No.466986


Is Ken still stalking and obsessing over Gloria Tesch?

39cc9c  No.468445


It's way less the amount of animals and way more the state of the house. The loads of shit everywhere blocking walkways, the clogged toilets, the broken power lines, the moldy carpets all come together in a huge mess that is a living health code violation.

I've been in houses like this where people just let their cats shit anywhere. Sane people with stable jobs even, just fucked houses. Their animals are usually alright until they get sick. It's the house itself that is the problem here.

9c6e4e  No.469422

File: ba0e7fb78fc903d⋯.png (363.57 KB, 720x795, 48:53, 20180528_152010.png)


He's moved on from Gloria he now blogs about Islam and works on his own horrific and nightmare inducing artwork.

ae73ac  No.469733


You keep holding on to this delusion that I plan on giving a literal retard more money to spend on stupid shit. Like I said before in this thread, it was just an idea.

All I've seen lately from jewtube and fox dick farms threads is a bunch of edgelords who come up with retarded ways to troll him like like actually giving him money for shitty made Sonichu comics and merch.

I respect the fact that you don't have to like the idea, but at least I'm trying to come up with something here. If you don't like it then why not contribute something to make it a better idea.

ae73ac  No.469735


I didn't know that last part, my bad guys. Just scrap the idea then. I wish there was some way to get some old school lulz out of him before his life (quickly) turns to shit.

a40dde  No.470142


>I wish there was some way to get some old school lulz

The only way to get any "ebin lawlz" these days would be to convince him he was better off as a man, and somehow create some elaborate plot for him to be suckered into. If he were to cut his hair and go back to clown shirt Chris, the few troons that support his paypig would dip out. Tbh this probably could actually happen too (in time). People are just too pussy to try anything new because they're scared of losing their 'in' with Chris

f22154  No.470281


It's a risk someone needs to take.

However the homeless Troon saga does sound intriguing

2a0fe9  No.470803

Anyone here use "It has been ___ days since Chris applied for a job." counter on CWCki as a kind of calender system? Hard to describe but it really is telling just how long chris has been utterly detached from society as a whole.

He gets the sum total of his human interaction face to face daily from mcdonalds employees.

ce7c2c  No.470817

File: 7b51feffa5fd5ed⋯.jpg (105.5 KB, 842x774, 421:387, checkem.jpg)


There isn't one physical location he can mingle in a social environment for too long, his autism gets the better of him every single time. At this point I don't it's even his autism that's to blame, it's more like his arrogance and spoiled brat behavior, his shitty personality. He has been chased out of game places, he could have just behaved and not spooked anyone, been accepted, I'm sure people catered to him and his autism, but being the piece of shit he is, always ruined it. He has only himself to blame, and his parents didn't tell him hey calm down, just get along with everyone at these places, they actually fed his sickness and blamed the victims of his obsessive idiotic tantrum like behavior. Fuckin sad actually, he could have had a weekend get away to hang out and play his games with people, but he ruined that too.

2a0fe9  No.470828


Agreed 100%: Chris has a shitshow of a personality that is more based on his upbringing than his autism. If he was TRUE and HONESTLY sans autism he would *still* be a fucking obnoxious horrid wretched fuckface. His personality is so grating and despicable I feel myself having ween urges if I watch his smug/arrogant videos. I can honestly say (here comes the weening) that I would gladly watch CWC getting the shit kicked out of him with glee.

0bedcf  No.470909


When he was pretending that Nightstar was a different person, the only think he could think up for a career was that she worked at multiple McDonalds.


He lives in garbage with his demented mother, dancing for donations from stoned millennials and increasingly talks about Sonichu as if its real. What's trolling compared to this? Shoving an entire Xbox up his ass isn't as much of an assfucking as real life is giving.

2a0fe9  No.470925


This. We are gazing at the Death Ride of the aspie. He is becoming more and more mentally unwell and I firmly believe the last 'anchor' he has in this world is his mom. Once she dies I predict the following:

>He will attempt to re-enter gamestop using "MY MAMA DIED WAH" card

>He will get violent towards staff, possibly even the fucking police

>He will end up with serious charges that his 'tism will not save him from.

>He will end up broken and either in jail or homeless

68ba26  No.471007

File: 99042d94bb8bdb0⋯.mp4 (8.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Even Flow.mp4)


Well if Bob's death brought:

>Chris becoming a "tomgirl"

>Gamestop/Sonic Boom fiasco

>the financhu crisis due to Chris not knowing how to use money (i.e blowing his money on toys rather than paying bills) leading to begging often from people to give him money

Barb's death could also

>turn Chris more mentally insane that he could end up getting picked up by the "nice people in white jumpsuits" living forever in an asylum.

>(very unlikely to happen) actually mans up and gets his life together

Vid related if the homeless chris saga happens. This will remind me of how Chris' own actions caused his downfall.

aa63fe  No.471023



it's always funny to read the foxdick and /cwc/ armchair psychologists just pretend to mull things over about their objects of schadenfreude… oh yeah, chris isn't insane he's just got a bad personality

30f7f6  No.471033


He looks a bit like a shaven DSP in that pic.

3c06e8  No.471228

File: 6872258a75c25be⋯.jpg (50.91 KB, 640x558, 320:279, 3c24e821f50698b38fdde5dd1a….jpg)

How's it going to end?



Death in a house fire?

b4e327  No.471235


All 3¿

Some trolls should get Chris into live streaming (for dem donations of course). We would get some significant cocks for research perposes, get him some chash to keep this train rolling, and hopefully record some crazy shit.

2a0fe9  No.471241


Suicide is unlikely due to his ego. Prisom if he keeps commitimg crimes however is likely, especially after barb dies. Other possibility is a heart attack or something from his diet/drinking. He might also get trapped under the horde

3c06e8  No.471270


Yeah, his health is probably a huge chance.

faed81  No.472074

Did anyone ever take Chris up on his offer to suck dick for money? I can't even begin to explain how big an erection I get thinking about watching Chris give some really sloppy hoodrat head and taking a fat load all over that greasy face of his. Go ahead and call me weird but if I had the chance to get him to service me orally I would pay him extra to wipe my cum off his face with McDonald's French fries and eat them.

b247e8  No.472095


Hit him up, anon. Don't let your dreams be dreams

9c6e4e  No.472348


I would literally pay money for this. Not because gay but because if we got a video of Chris sucking a dick and taking a load like a good cum dumpster then there'd be nowhere else to go with Chris trolling and we could finally let him live in peace until he finally finds an untimely death freezing to death as he sleeps in an alleyway.

22eeb7  No.472517

"Deleted scenes" from some fags interviewing Chris Chan. Highlights-

"I tend to get paunchy."

"I accidentally got high off cold medicine one time."

"High is not my general thing. I'm definitely more sober."


22eeb7  No.472539


The way people from Foxdick farms complain about white knights is really fucking gay when most of them are white knights to Chris themsevles.

ae73ac  No.472542

When he actually dies someday I wonder how much the estate sale will bring in…

11134e  No.472554


The only people that would even be marginally interested in buying that dump would be a consortium of weens that would turn the house into a museum (after extensive renovation that would make the house appear as it was pre-fire sans the hoard or just Chris's room circa 2008-13). The zoning might be a bitch unless they limit the number of people that could visit each day and if that were to happen, they might as well throw in a tour of Fashion Square Mall, McIntyre Park and PVCC provided they pay all parties of course

b753e2  No.472610


Chris was never passively funny, he was always provoked. You have a guy who can't help but over react so you bait him into oblivion.

Look at the documentaries on the guy, you can see all the funny stuff comes from people edging him that way not naturally.


Twitters more effective than a lawyer these days. Most companies monitor it with a bot that alerts them to any mentions. They will respond extremely fast in order to avoid PR nightmares.

b753e2  No.472611


He wouldn't. Which would be funny because he would end up with no way to fap and a barbie smooth crotch.

But if you managed to do that you would be the ultimate troll and it would be wrap it up time.

72f5da  No.472621

File: cd794fd338008cb⋯.png (273.56 KB, 416x323, 416:323, 987897.PNG)


>I would literally pay money for this

You can though, what are you waiting for? You don't have to let him suck your dick, you can have him blow a tranny hooker while you film. This is the only acceptable way to give Chris money.


>Chris was never passively funny, he was always provoked.

I disagree strongly. The only funny shit anyone ever did was the Liquid Chris stuff. Meanwhile, he produced the Sonichu comics unprompted, and constantly breaks the law in retarded ways. Unless someone told him to go wage jihad against Sonic Boom, or run over Michael Snyder, in which case I take it back for whoever did that.

b753e2  No.472632

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e33138  No.472878


Replace eveyrone with sonichu characters and heighten the voice of the guy to make it more relateable.

7225ad  No.472926


Sonichu comics became funny when they started being his troll revenge fantasy, without troll interference they would've been generic adventures like the first few issues.

dc93ce  No.473039


why did you include that image of charls

0bedcf  No.473282

File: 8c963303df632b8⋯.jpg (171.05 KB, 512x695, 512:695, E1p38.jpg)

File: fef2a89ee753bec⋯.jpg (158.91 KB, 512x704, 8:11, E1p39.jpg)

File: fbe4695d459664e⋯.jpg (163.45 KB, 500x690, 50:69, Ep1p40-original.jpg)

File: d821fee86c06714⋯.jpg (199.35 KB, 512x703, 512:703, E1p41.jpg)

File: e2ade5271f98966⋯.jpg (150.94 KB, 512x703, 512:703, E1p44.jpg)


I hate you for making me look this shit up, but Sonichu #1 was the first with "real life adventures." Hanna technically "trolled" him but it wasn't a bunch of online failures orchestrating it, just some random girl and her boss. Wes-Li and Mary Lee Walsh appeared in the next one, and there was nothing trollish about that at all.

Yes it was always his revenge fantasy but life trolls Chris, the manajerks and everything were baked into it.

b4e327  No.473508


I have never actually given it a read. I have a background in clinical psychology so i am sure to really analyse the work and be disturbed as fuck.

7225ad  No.473666


The way Sonichu comcs show how Chris understands the world is the most interesting part of it.

f22154  No.473700


Not denying that, just know that is one fuck of a rabbit hole I'll be driving into.

093838  No.473989



>I can't even begin to explain

Better fly to Virginia and get that dick sucked then.

87831d  No.474012


The kid on the right looks like someone just shot a load on his fag face.

ff4d80  No.474143

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Livestream with Chris-chan.

aa63fe  No.474195

who knew Mr.Bundy was a sonichu?

384f27  No.474203

someone should introduce CWC to second life, he/she/it would fit right in with the hoards of trannies and furfags

384f27  No.474205

File: 147a94fb0c0dfaa⋯.jpg (114.8 KB, 921x868, 921:868, chris_vs_straw_by_captains….jpg)

441d40  No.474258


I really like how he did this, not mean at all.

He's respectful of the obvious mental impairment that Chris has, he has obviously worked with mentalists before.

7d0f6b  No.474260

File: d2e257ffed96a6f⋯.png (2.9 MB, 2268x2412, 63:67, shameful fap.png)

dffe5e  No.474320


what a stand up guy

dffe5e  No.474324


>Chris, Bob, and Ted Bundy were half sonichu


b4e327  No.474360

File: 6aebafb5139ab46⋯.gif (1.3 MB, 499x280, 499:280, wut-gif-20.gif)


>Ted Bundy (wad) half sonichu

Damn I need to listen to that interview.

b4e327  No.474382



Fucking phone.

f22154  No.477584

So after watching the latest interview, he is totally fucking nuts.

Also part12 of the Ligit documentary is out. It is facenating to me how much stuff came out so fast. You oldfags had a wild ride.

c939aa  No.477826

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Guys, I'm pretty sure Chris something to do with this.

How are we going to stop this madman?

2a30cb  No.477937

File: 7fe7e78ac29889e⋯.png (223.23 KB, 450x359, 450:359, 55.png)

File: 676b4815784ee4c⋯.png (112.73 KB, 1222x748, 611:374, joshxcwc1.PNG)

File: 70eb25f798bb7d8⋯.png (44.42 KB, 1217x209, 1217:209, joshxcwc2.PNG)

It's official, Chris is now Josh's house pet

2a0fe9  No.478685


Holy fuck i KNEW it. I fucking knew it. Ideas Guy = Josh

7d0f6b  No.479405

File: a6d21193124abb5⋯.png (33.07 KB, 733x140, 733:140, null doxing.png)

c2733f  No.479407

damn Chris is fucking old now

11134e  No.479421


The FBI niggers didn't stop some goblino autist from killing 17 kids after he made videos and comments explicitly saying he wanted to be the deadliest school shooter of all time. What the hell could possibly make Josh think that they care about spergs fucking with a middle-aged granny in Bumfuck, Virginia?

b4e327  No.479638


This is truth

Anyone have opinions on the latest Documentary series being pulled down (like the channel getting flagged off YouTube)? GenoSamuel2 is the channel name.

For me it's a damn shame.

b247e8  No.479716

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What the fuck? The channel itself isn't gone but the entire series is down. I hope he keeps it up, it was a great series

b247e8  No.479720


correction: his other channel is gone

2a30cb  No.479775


>great series

Wasn't it basically just a text-to-voice reading of CWCki articles mashed into 40 min videos?

62e13a  No.479916


Holy shit you're a retard.

2a30cb  No.479924

File: 64403267a04c245⋯.png (59.07 KB, 1214x327, 1214:327, 66.PNG)

ec0c0e  No.479965

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7d0f6b  No.479967


So what happens when Josh runs out of funds, or Chris loses it unable to cope with her death? Whatever, it's his money, he can do what he wants, just hope Weev won't get mad he's misusing HIS cash.

11134e  No.479981


There's a far simpler way Chris can deal with the debts Barb is going to leave him with and keep the tugboat along with the house: Declare bankruptcy.

0bedcf  No.479989


In most cases, yeah but it's not fully owned anymore as they took out mortgage loans using the property as collateral. This wouldn't be in question if he could keep current on the payments. I doubt he could.

And lol at Josh being anyone's financial advisor, a guy with a thousand get rich quick schemes that he jumps from like a con-man with ADHD. He hasn't much more sense about money than Chris, and I think you could argue that Chris has been way more successful in business than Josh has.

92e265  No.479994

Isn't Jawsh struggling to make ends meet himself? If I recall correctly he has to go to the laundromat to clean his clothes like a nigger and is practically homeless. No ads are embedded into foxdick and he's pretty much a NEET so I don't know how he's going to solve CWC's situation at all. I assume he just gets money from his parents.

719d78  No.479997



I think that's joshs way of saying he hopes to move in with chris and start fucking him

fa98de  No.480007


There's no way that anyone is going to give a fuck about that

d1245e  No.480098


Null can barely take care of himself emotionally or financially. How is he going to take on the immense burden of being Chris' tard wranger, bodyguard,AND financial pimp?

Chris had Rocky at his church watching over him for years and look where that went.

If Null thinks he can somehow save Chris from the widening financial hole he is already in, let alone the total economic meltdown that's to occur once Barb is dead, he's as deranged as Chris is.

719d78  No.480197


No, I meant he wants to get free rent and share a shithole with a complete autist.

It'd be a step up for him really.

d1245e  No.480230


Knowing how Chris has a giant ego that compels him to mistreat even his most loyal of fans, I can see where this is headed. Chris is going to treat Null like a bitch and constantly remind him who owns the house Josh is living in, and Josh will be arrested as a fugitive in Hong Kong two weeks after police do a welfare check and find Chris' strangled body in the shed.

d1245e  No.480236

As Cole Smithey is older than Chris, I wonder if that gives him more of a say on whether to have the house put put up for sale after Barb is dead. Chris may get some cut of the profits afterwards, but it'll be quickly burned up on Legos and downies no matter what Null tries to do to stop it. Chris may have trusted Josh to handle his affairs, but I don't think Null has legal Power of Attorney.

d1245e  No.480240


P o n i e s = "downies"

LOL! I love that filter!

f06bb3  No.480241

After listening to the recent interview, I have come to the conclusion that Chris has lost all touch with reality (more so than usual) and if he wasn't such a fucking inept retard he would have most likely shot up a school or a Gamespot. And even after all these years, he still thinks that there are legit fans of Sonichu, despite the fact that everyone on the internet who has bothered to look up Sonichu knows how goddamn horrible it is.

d1245e  No.480257


I'm still in awe how Dank was able to keep a straight face during that interview. I could have swore that he should have lost it when Chris started talking about how Ted Bundy was a half-Sonichu who was framed. Dank should be hired by the legit news agencies to handle interviews of mass killers and despots.

0bedcf  No.480266

File: a99d1db0bba3019⋯.jpg (277.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


I can't wait for the six part Netflix series. Give a shout out to your niggas on /cow/, Mr. Jarecki!

0bedcf  No.480268


With Cole, most people will assume he wouldn't care, and that might be true but death and inheritances bring out every manner of estranged relatives. Everyone says they love their family and they fight like fucking shit-throwing monkeys when one of them dies.

Re: Null, it's hilarious that he doesn't recognize himself as merely the new Anna. It's not like no one else ever thought of this before and "protecting" Chris from the meanie trolls for their own self-aggrandizement is a new concept. Everyone who tried it had it blow back.

d1245e  No.480269

File: a24116152d3d548⋯.jpg (186.55 KB, 710x473, 710:473, nool.jpg)

719d78  No.480271



Yeah, I'd watch the fuck out of that show.

It's a pity Dumb and Dumber has already been used as a name.

Mebbe Autist and Autisticer ?

0bedcf  No.480345

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's just fucking looney toons now, not to put too fine a point on it. It's like the little barrier of grey matter that kept him self-aware that what he was drawing wasn't real eroded until this nightmare of unicorn pokemon hedgehogs burst through and claimed him as a war bride.

aa63fe  No.480379


yeah just let the estate go to whoever can con the person out of it, no reason to fight over something as petty as houses and fortunes

b4e327  No.480436


He says he is moving over to several other vid hosting platforms and keep the vids comming. Thank God as it is a masterpiece. It will litterly be the go to Master reference besides the cwcki in the far future.

Also I would Ligit feel bad for Chris once Barb dies. However the ensuing show would be spectacular. Like a dying star giving off the final Super Nova of insanity.

a5f016  No.480485


To be unnecessarily fair, the FBI didn't stop Cruzberg because the feds had a vested interest in letting the event go through for fairly obvious political reasons.


It's pretty lame actually, as is the "ban on sight" rule for posting them.


>getting unironically mad about cartoon horses

08f0e9  No.480599


They really are the Autistic Mafia.

0bedcf  No.480803

File: 3a35c0dcb751558⋯.jpg (53.74 KB, 640x635, 128:127, 1512872575900.jpg)


> nobody should fight over the house

Nobody said anything of the kind, I have no idea how you extracted that from the observation that inheritances bring out the worst in families.

But now that you mention it: please consider that your champion in this "fight" is Joshua Moon, a man who has made even less money than Chris, primarily from TORMENTING Chris.

0bedcf  No.480812

File: 97f6398193ba83c⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 295x399, 295:399, swansonc.jpg)


Dementia can mean a very long slide into oblivion, with the patient still alive long after all those things that made them who they are are lost. Five years from now this could still be going, with 14 BC looking (even more) like Gray Gardens and Barb needing Chris (even more) for everything.


I think a 40 year old man who has this kind of obstacle would just break in front of it rather than overcoming it. Barb is probably the only person who actually does care about him. I'm not so deluded as to pretend I do, and I definitely know the people who have spent years Truman Show-ing his entire life down to pretending to be his high school friends don't. They said the same thing, actually -- he needed to "get over" high school and the only way to do that was to impersonate his gal pals and intentionally hurt him.

Weens (and Josh is included in this) taking care of him for their own retarded reasons? I think it's more like they'll treat him like a foster kid, and when they're irritated or find him unmanageable they'll just dump him on someone else. Josh, Marvin, none of these people have healthy adult relationships in their own lives, the idea they could take care of a person like Chris by giving him a weekly stipend of crayons and vegetables in a bucket is delusional. Picture unrelated.

7225ad  No.480817



I love how they usually excuse him as "he was 13 years old at the time! All 13 year olds are sociopaths and they all do this shit!" due to their usual exhibition of hatred of children that's stronger than the left's. Yeah 13 year old do do stupid shit, they're growing up no fucking shit but convincing a mentally challenged adult to shove shit up his ass just to impress older guys is a clear sign that something is fucked up. Should Bluespike suffer for it now? No, of course not but I'll be surprised if he's not inherently fucked up in some way.

719d78  No.480973


>null having plan B

He'd need to come up with a plan A first

Except for his usual plan A of talking shit in chat while a horde of autists slobber for his attention

992c99  No.481116

File: ea949cd613eea92⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1361x285, 1361:285, noolfool.png)

JoshTard wants to be Chris' bodyguard and financial adviser, but he doesn't even know the full financial situation at 14 Branchland Court.

At best, it's been guessed that the debt hole for Chris is at least $130K. Even if Chris sunk his entire $1200 a month tugboat into that and never ate or spent money on anything else but the debt, it would take him over NINE YEARS to get that paid down. Factor in the compounded interest and that debt would never get paid off.

I think Null's in for quite a ride as well as Chris will be after Barb's funeral and all the debts are tallied up.

992c99  No.481130

File: a62d469e17a7db7⋯.jpg (155.14 KB, 1362x281, 1362:281, Nullman.jpg)

ROFL! Moon thinks he's the Hero CWCville needs.

80f2ae  No.481149



2a0fe9  No.481257


Fucking this, Josh is the worst kind of villain. He wants Chris as a pet.


That kid was definitely fucked up, and is probably a fucked up adult years later. A random YT comment on this video that touched on bluespike put it well: His hometown probably has a lot of missing cats.


>Moon taking over Chris's fiancials

Let Josh the dumbass tether himself to that sinking tugboat, Josh needs to his rock bottom as much as Chris needs to at this point. I can tell you straight up that Barb/CWC's debt is insolvent without a miracle. I doubt even bankruptcy would help at this point. Chris would NEED gainful employment which is about as plausible as teaching an elephant ballet.

12b07f  No.481352


LOL, Josh is trying to be the new Barb; he's desperately trying to help Chris fix his Commodore 64 while reporting his trolls to the FBI and DHS

a221bb  No.481356


What will chris do when josh dies ?

aa63fe  No.481360


are you autistic by any chance?

760755  No.481377

You know, ten years ago I kinda felt sorry for Chris, sure he was a complete fucking ass and creep, but he would always find ways to dig himself deeper and deeper into drama with trolls. Now? Now it's hard to really feel anything for him outside of indifference.That interview just cemented the idea that Chris is pretty much mentally ill at this point in time and nothing he says makes any goddamn sense anymore, like seriously what was with that Ted Bundy shit? It will be interesting to see what happens to Chris after Barb kicks the bucket, doubt he'll find someone else to leach off of (unless he has extended family members) he's pretty much gonna up in some sort of mental hospital, I can't for the life of me see anybody unironically wanting to help him.

409b53  No.481381


>Bachelors degree

Just because it took him five years to get it doesn't make it a Bachelor's Degree

409b53  No.481382


>unless he has extended family members

He does (he has immediate family members as well) but they don't want anything to do with him

a221bb  No.481390


You talking about josh or chris ?

It gets confusing these days.

7225ad  No.481429


I felt sorry for Chris from the beginning too, but being sorry for Chris is only a development from the post-organized trolling era (well, the current Tomgirl era has been going on longer than the classic era anyway) - 10 years ago everyone was convinced Chris is a monster in human form, he's everything from a klansman to a legit Nazi and more. It was trendy to create many outraged videos addressed to Chris (as if he were watching) on YouTube telling him to get a life and a job, which inevitably birthed A-Log who thought taking it even further would make him the coolest thing ever. If I ever said "Chris is mentally disabled guise, he really can't handle himself in all of this" back then I would get many outraged replies listing every -ist adjective Chris supposedly is. I think the change was simply because most of these people grew up and moved on and many of them don't realize what Chris has turned to.

409b53  No.481431


Chris, obviously. Don't know (or care) about Null

7f8290  No.481435

The threads down at KF are getting to become a bizarre, almost North Korean propaganda level kind of read. People are sucking Null's e-coQ hard by commenting how much better and healthier Chris is doing once Josh took him under his wing. As if all Chris had to do was to go out and get some fresh air as the cure-all to his problems.

Moon is acting like he's having a field day doxing anyone who so much as makes one single post telling Chris that his life is awful, as he swaggers around acting like the Feel he's getting thinking of all the ways he's getting back at all the meanies who have messed with CWC are all the reward he needs.

All this shit, just because Null is a sad little sub-Chris who feels the need to do some STIGGINIT at anyone who so much as goes near his pet retard.

As past incidents have proven, the more often Chris goes out in public, the more likely he is to get himself into trouble. We all know how he uses his pepperspray as a weapon for him to attack those who defy him. Now he's walking around carrying a baseball bat in public (and into businesses). Imagine yourself walking into a 711 with a baseball bat and think of all the ways such a thing would turn to shit.

And Josh is a damn fool for thinking that he can somehow help save Chris in the post-Barb world. Thanks to Barb not giving a shit about anyone/anything anymore, Chris had been made to co-sign on all sorts of loans that he'll legally inherit after she's dead. Chris may be immune from having to pay thanks to his ungarnishable tugboat, but that doesn't mean that the house and cars can't be repossessed by the creditors. And the tugboat isn't immune from state/federal debts, like unpaid taxes. And since Chris' credit cards are maxed out and he has only paid the bare minimum each month, there's no fucking way he could ever get out from under so much debt on his tugboat alone (anyone know if paypig/GoFundMe assets can be seized?).

And Chris is an insufferable asshole who always ends up trying to dominate over anyone stupid enough to be his friend. He even cast Rocky aside when he thought that she was no longer of any use to him. Chris will do the same to Josh, and Josh will try to reassert his dominance over his pet by doing the same. This will not end well.

7f8290  No.481458

File: 46b525b7eaeeb3e⋯.jpg (318.87 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, nullpony.jpg)


Oh, Chris knows about Null all right.

760755  No.481465


I never understood the need to keep Chris going, like there are other cows that are way more funnier to fuck with than Chris. Chris is just a fucking nut case at this point, even if you fuck with him he's not gonna react like he did back in 2007, he'll just say a bunch of inane shit and then go back to making Sonichu comics and make cringe worthy tweets. Josh is a such a fucking thirsty nigga it isn't even funny.

54a8b9  No.481497


Couldn't have said it better muh self. If chris was a tv show, he jumped the shark a long time ago.

66b002  No.481507


I thought it was a 2 year college. Doesn't that = associates degree?

a221bb  No.481544


A lot of us have done exactly that

He reacts pretty much how chris used to

961e91  No.481557


The only reason there isn't a massive thread on Null there is because he owns the site. And he won't live to see a thread on him get made because I believe that he'd sooner do his best Budd Dwyer imitation than suffer the ignominy of being mocked on his own site.

80f2ae  No.481640

File: f8462c338855129⋯.jpg (77.56 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)




Now Josh is mad and is impotently raging at the weens who fell for his badass honeypot e-mail operation


Is Josh the new Barb or the new Kengle? Thoughts?

7225ad  No.481687


I for one can't wait for Josh to execute his plan and see it crash and burn.

bb4b95  No.481735


It does, you misread the post.

a221bb  No.481967


Pretty sure josh wants to be the new Julley tbh

3820ec  No.482430

File: 6396aa6867b7b2f⋯.jpg (107.53 KB, 853x904, 853:904, Mr.Baldrick.jpg)

Something came to me while I was on the shitter a bit ago.

What if Null's sudden support of Chris is just his Cunning Plan to shield himself from the growing shitstorm against cyberbullying that KF is getting. Like this is his way of saying "Me? A cyberbully? Noooooononononononononono! I actually *support* victims of cyberbullying, like my good dear friend Christine Weston Chandler here."

Sort of like the way a bigot denies that he's a bigot because he has "a black friend".

a221bb  No.482493


I'd believe that.

It's about joshs level of cunning.

This is the guy who put infinity next on his resume as if it was an achievement remember

760755  No.482580


I honestly do believe that he's dumb enough to do that, seeing as everyone knows FoxDick doxes people for some of the most petty reasons, Josh needs to cover his ass in case someone with a fuck load of resources tries to take the site down again. The thing is, nobody is gonna buy that shit, go to any thread on that shithole of a website and you'll find a shit load of personal info on said person. But I guess we can ignore all that because Josh is nice to Chirs you guys! Can't wait for some of the fucks on the DSP thread to use the same argument, "Oh we don't hate Phil, we just wanna see him get better!"

a5f016  No.482668


> "Oh we don't hate Phil, we just wanna see him get better!"

You're a little late on that one. Hell, that was half of the SOK's schtick.

b3accc  No.483146


Does he even still make comics? I heard he stopped doing it and a bunch of people are pissed off because they already paid for them. Why anyone would give Chris money for something that isn't a thing yet is beyond me.

912dc5  No.483183


Mostly just to fuck with him, but like I said, fucking with modern Chris isn't the same as fucking with past Chris. As he's too much of a fucking nutcase to really respond to trolling like he used to. Now all he does is say a bunch of fucked up shit in videos/tweets and then he'll go back to being a faggot.

2a0fe9  No.483261

File: d382b85c14ae18f⋯.png (103.72 KB, 1670x780, 167:78, Capture.PNG)

what the fug happened to the cwcki???

287e05  No.483312


Looks fine to me. Probably some trolling. I'd be whacked if the cwcki site does not have decent backups incase of vandalism. Not to mention the thing is probably mirrored somewhere by randos

7225ad  No.483322


The angry energetic Chris full of outrageous over the top reactions never existed. He was literally created by a committee. Not that it was all 100% scripted either, but basically Chris would have never had any of his memorable moments without being prodded in their direction.

72f5da  No.483365

File: f271067f78f1ac7⋯.jpg (115.32 KB, 758x838, 379:419, DHO8Ec_W0AIFzLQ.jpg)


>Sort of like the way a bigot denies that he's a bigot because he has "a black friend".

16f35e  No.483608

File: 440151ce981b7fc⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1364x636, 341:159, hayguizestawpit.png)

"Trolling Chris was fun but when Bob died my balls fell off and now I don't get as much fun out of it anymore. So you guize better stawp it too or I'll DOX ALL THE THINGS" – Null

fa98de  No.483611


So a-logging one particular mentally ill man is not okay, but a-logging many of the others featured on the site is okay

2472fb  No.483613


I'm confused.

Are you defending josh in a particularly obtuse way or are you defending lolcows in general ?

fa98de  No.483616


Neither. I am calling out Josh's hypocrisy

16f35e  No.483617


Neither. Just saying how much of a hypocrite Null is by acting like Chris is now a Sacred lolcow that no one may be allowed to contact, while he's doxing everyone.

Moon is trying to literally own Chris like his own personal pet retard.

62e13a  No.483632



I'm going to fuck that plump round ass of yours baby bear

16f35e  No.483641

File: 0c187a53474a8b1⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1362x497, 1362:497, ulteriormotive.png)


Yep. It looks like at least one of the other foxdicks is starting to suspect Null's ulterior motives for becoming Chris' pimp.

16f35e  No.483652


And I keep hearing Null ranting about a couple of people who committed extortion on Chris, which I find highly suspicious on at least two counts:

1. Chris is up to his receding hairline in debt. It's not like he has several hundred thousand in an offshore bank or invested in Bitcoin.

2. How can you extort someone who has released videos of himself humping a blowup doll and danced in blackface? Chris is absolutely impervious to shame.

And I think Null (and Chris to some extent since he always exaggerates everything) are full of shit about these alleged blackmailers.

Josh, if you're reading this, I'm calling you out you lying faggot. Produce proof of this extortion scheme you claim robbed Chris (and for how much) or SHUT THE FUCK UP!

5ff9a8  No.483687


>2. How can you extort someone who has released videos of himself humping a blowup doll and danced in blackface? Chris is absolutely impervious to shame.

By playing pretend.

I understand if people are skeptical, but I will be explaining everything by the 15th of next month. I am still hoping to have arrests made before posting what I have. If I've not explained it by the 15th that meets expectations of what I'm hinting at, I will personally post a video saying /cow/ is better than the KF.

16f35e  No.483693


Assuming this really is Josh Moon instead of some rando faggot,

You got jack shit, Null. If these were actual crooks you would have doxed them by now.

You can't even hold back on doxing some nobody who simply emailed Chris to "get a job". If there were actual criminals out there messing with CWC then you would have doxed the fuck out of them by now without hesitation.

PS: The FBI isn't going to be your private army to punish Chris' enemies. Hell if anything, I bet they have an open investigation out on you & foxdick Farms instead.

b5576a  No.483694


Patience, mad lad.

16f35e  No.483695


I don't need to wait a month. I already know you're lying, and so does everyone else here.

b5576a  No.483697

16f35e  No.483698


LOL! And I thought Chris was the one with his head deep up his own ass.

Going to be a treat watching you fail, guy. The FBI probably sends you straight to a dead-end voicemail box the moment they identify your voice.

b5576a  No.483699


Chris has gone to the police, I've gone to the police, I've filed an IC3 report, and when the FBI came (unrelated visit lol) I used that as an opportunity to put papers in their hand regarding Chris's problem.

I'm going to follow up with that agent by the end of this month and if there is not some assurance there are imminent arrests I will disclose everything. Whatever you think it could be, it's worse.

b5576a  No.483700

But that's all I'm going to say on the subject. You're being rude and I owe you no explanation.

Just ask yourself what I have to gain from lying about criminal matter, and why Chris would trust the guy who runs the KF with all of his social media if I wasn't pulling off a genuine feat.

16f35e  No.483703


No one believes you. You lie even worse than Chris does.

16f35e  No.483705

File: ac41f73b0302294⋯.jpg (29.36 KB, 559x358, 559:358, GOD_WILL_SMITE_THEM.jpg)


>Whatever you think it could be, it's worse

Sending a tweet or email to Chris to call him a scammer or to get a job isn't something the FBI gives a rat's ass about. If you think there's going to be doors bashed in from coast-to-coast rounding up all of the people who said mean things to some fat tranny in hillbilly country, you're on meth.

16f35e  No.483707


Answer me this BTW. If Chris is always so fucking poor and swimming in debt, how could he have anything for extortionists to take?

Take your time trying to mental gymnastics your way out of that. I'll wait a few days.

0bedcf  No.483726

File: 854b339db859d64⋯.jpg (42.37 KB, 728x522, 364:261, 854b339db859d64bb5bde99d18….jpg)


Hm, this is almost exactly what he said when he outed Thetan, Trashraider & the rest. Josh took the moral high ground (as if his forum wasn't built on a retard drinking his own semen by the very people who goaded him into it. And also stole his credit card.) Thetan even had to do what looked like a Maoist "self-criticism struggle session" where she confessed that she had lost her senses when trolling Chris.

Less than a year later Josh was posting everyone's dox and whatever restraints there had been were gone.

My theory is this is all self-revulsion, he's disgusted that the "mark" he's left on the world to date has been a retard forum. So every now and then he lashes out. It's about as enduring as the multiple times he's quit or shut down the forum entirely.

e17cea  No.483762


This. Josh is kinda embarrassing right now tbh.

2a0fe9  No.483763

0bedcf  No.483790

File: a7dbd84e964f6f7⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 350x268, 175:134, 1517538135669.gif)



Here was that thread:


His revulsion at being "that Chris Chan guy" is why he starts so many vainglorious projects. He wants to do something that is memorable, that contributes to the world, and most of all that doesn't pin him as the guy who runs a forum about gangstalking the retard who made Sonichu. So he tries to hitch onto here, onto Gab, his payment processor, FinalSolution, owning an IP block, a domain registrar - an endless run of projects that don't really fit a market or a need other than Josh's own need to become notable for something less disgusting than what he's notable for now.

Next month it will be something else, because he's not doing it to help Chris or the world but to wash the stain of 5 years of doing this off of him.

cd34ef  No.483874

File: 7f9fd8abbe14500⋯.jpg (70.58 KB, 527x438, 527:438, cwcofthehill.jpg)


>become famous for hosting a retard harassment community

>become famous for selling T-shirts to NEETsocs

>become famous for being a sub-Pajeet for third string websites

Do not be concerned if you've made castles in the clouds. That is where they belong. Now put the foundations beneath them.

3820ec  No.483886


Ever since "Sick Nick" Bate got busted, KF has been trying to take credit for the takedown (FYI it all happened when Nick's niece finally spoke out about what he did to her. KF had jack shit to do with it). They now think they are the Internet Batman with the belief that everyone on Earth is a lolcow except themselves and Null's "Chosen Ones".

Null doxes someone he personally doesn't like, and all the rest on the forum nod in approval and hogpile in like the nutless cucks that they are, out of fear that if they don't yowl loud enough, they're next to get doxed.

I wish there were some blackhats out there who would rid us of Null once and for all. Just obliterate the shit out of him and send him away screaming from the internet never to return. His arrogance on whom gets protection/whom gets oppression is really fucking tiresome.

b2f16b  No.483890


>I wish there were some blackhats out there who would rid us of Null once and for all. Just obliterate the shit out of him and send him away screaming from the internet never to return. His arrogance on whom gets protection/whom gets oppression is really fucking tiresome.

How desperate.

871704  No.483891


No, being rude would involve calling you an enormous faggot nobody.

bb4b95  No.483972


>Nick's niece

Pretty sure it was his sister

bb4b95  No.483974


Why doesn't he just quit the internet? You know, like a sensible person might do (or have I answered my own question)?

3551bc  No.484087


I think Null sees himself as a sub-CWC when he looks in the mirror. He too has no job and mooches off his mom. He has no actual job skills to support himself, and when his mom is gone, Josh will only be slightly less likely to become homeless like Chris is guaranteed to be after Barb is gone.

KF and his small gang of sycophants is all he has going for him. It's his own personal CWCville. If he lost that, I truly do believe that he would commit suicide.

PS: Null sure likes to tell other people to go "neck yourself" a lot, doesn't he? It's like Chris whenever he says "among which" all the time. It gives him that tiny little rush in his peabrain that he's better than others every time he says it.

aa63fe  No.484092


why would you doubt that a lightning rod for sadists, sociopaths and autists might encounter something worse than getting told to get a job after a decade of gang stalking?

I bet somebody made him dig up his dog roll it up in a carpet and toss it off a bridge tbh

3551bc  No.484101

File: 820940521e9ba1d⋯.png (61.93 KB, 666x490, 333:245, upload_2018-5-10_18-20-46.png)


>I bet somebody made him dig up his dog roll it up in a carpet and toss it off a bridge tbh

If that happened, then I hope Chris made a video of it. lol

Null is claiming that a couple of people conned Chris out of his fortune, which I sincerely doubt he ever had has since Chris is hopelessly deep in debt.

Yet I am curious to know what deep dark secret Chris is hiding that he's so desperate to keep hidden from the world that he's willing to pay extortion money to avoid it being leaked.

b4e327  No.484133


>Yet I am curious to know what deep dark secret Chris is hiding that he's so desperate to keep hidden from the world that he's willing to pay extortion money to avoid it being leaked.

He was a straight white cis male all along, his life is a triple lie.

But seriously, it might be some kind of fucky Plot stemming for some idea guy like trolling. Who knows. Hopefully it will all come out in the wash.

c3444a  No.484478

File: 90141030804ded5⋯.png (57.04 KB, 720x368, 45:23, 20180618_164603.png)

According to a thread I read yesterday on the farms Marvin said Chris got "Nigerian prince'd".

Chris posted this almost a week ago. Since we all know that Chris can't put together a website I think it's safe to say null is helping him out in the same way he helped out Deagle Nation.

2d3a90  No.484492


>null is helping him out in the same way he helped out Deagle Nation

Fucking him in the ass repeatedly for autistic applause ?

992c99  No.484545


Any email sent to that address is just a trap for Null to dox more people. He really really wants to be Chris' new Mommy

c3444a  No.484576

File: 0b2fd25a49715d5⋯.png (159.32 KB, 720x763, 720:763, 20180618_190844.png)

File: c1375e75ce441ac⋯.jpg (116.55 KB, 999x749, 999:749, s-l1600.jpg)

And as usual, Chris is charging more for an item than anyone else on ebay is.

3551bc  No.484631


And according to several people, it's not even a real signature.

PS: I bet the frame is hiding bedbugs.

c3444a  No.484637


If it belonged to Barb I would imagine that she either got swindled with a fake or she knows it's fake and is trying to make a buck.

fa98de  No.484640


where did you see it was fake?

1e479e  No.484661


Some people in the Twitter thread are saying that.

I have to admit that it does look suspicious. Most times, a personal signature might have something added like "To _, Best, [name of celebrity]".

Chances are this thing is an autopenned signature that was sent out to everyone who sent JC a fan letter.

fa98de  No.484670


i wouldn't be shocked. barb is white trash so who knows where she got it

0bedcf  No.484756



Interesting article I found on the subject. Due to the huge variation in his autographs most of them are believed to have been signed by his fan club secretaries.


Apparently tons of fans would mail him stuff to sign or letters or whatever. I have a relative who was an autograph collector, apparently you could buy magazines (like the one above) and it would list people who would respond frequently, back before the memorabilia business became a big deal.

d63671  No.484757

What's funny is that if anyone else was claiming that Chris had been the victim of a crime no one would brush it off as impossible, but because it's Josh /cow/ can't help but come up with these sad fan theories for what "it" really is.

0bedcf  No.484763

File: c3c54f9eccf81d9⋯.jpg (81.12 KB, 1029x684, 343:228, MKhjqZD.jpg)


One can simultaneously believe Chris was a victim of a crime and Josh is a pathetic piece of shit, anon.

2d3a90  No.484765


No, what's funny is your face faggot

2d3a90  No.484768


foxdicks can't, that cult programing runs deep

16f35e  No.484782


It's not possible to steal from Chris because he never earned a single penny of the money he ever got. It's *liberating* money from Chris that he stole in the first place.

c3444a  No.484805


I really don't give a shit about Chris getting screwed over financially but if he did indeed get scammed I can't wait to hear the whole story. Regardless of whether or not they're prosecuted we all know the scammer(s) are going to end up being more pathetic than Chris.

16f35e  No.484811


You have your own forum, Null. Fuck off.

cd34ef  No.484819

Is Null going to slip CWC any of them sweet red pills and persuade him from the crooked tranny path to the way of the life rune?

37a374  No.484831

File: 1499f291d1a3c4a⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 489x277, 489:277, bringoutthegimp.jpg)


Null plans to take Chris into his own home after Barb dies so he can chain him up butt side up naked & spread-eagle on a dirty mattress in his basement & use him as his own personal "Gimp".

2d3a90  No.484862


That would actually explain why the foxdicks worked so hard to turn chris tranny

It's all been part of joshs master plan to get free housing and sex

c3444a  No.484895


You don't know how IDs work do you?

80f2ae  No.484899

File: 404b4f84bf38643⋯.png (9.92 KB, 222x156, 37:26, screenshot-www.patreon.com….png)


Chris has been running his own scam via paypig for a while now, look at the comments on his site

b3f9f6  No.485476

So is Josh the latest idea faggot? I hope at the very least we get a semi platonic bromance saga.

909029  No.485587


Josh has CLAIMED that he thinks that Chris is at his best when he's left alone to do stupid things.

This claim is total bullshit of course because Chris is really fucking boring when he sits in his room begging for money and selling off garbage on eBay.

The past 11 years have shown that the best events in Christory, the date videos, the Julie & Kacey calls, the house tour videos, etc., have all been due to the influence of trolls such as Clyde Cash and Surfshack Tito.

Null obviously wants Chris to be his private retard and no one but Moon and his harem of asskissers will be allowed to watch & laugh. Anyone unauthorized who gets near Chris will be doxed on sight.

Null thinks this is an easy task for him to watch over Chris from his house (or I should say, Josh's MOM'S house) in Florida, but when the day arrives for Barb to keel over, a whole lot of weight is going to come crushing down hard on Chris (and Josh). Null thinks he can save the house for Chris but that's already a lost cause since the house already has a lien on it from the creditors who sued Barb last year.

And I can't see how Josh can help Chris get his own apartment with his credit score so deep in the shitter, plus trying to make sure month after month that Chris doesn't burn the monthly tugboat on more MLP Funkos instead of paying the rent. A landlord isn't going to give a fuck if Chris is an autistic lesbian transwoman bisexual in a 3-way marriage to 2 imaginary characters when he's three months behind on the rent.

Section 8? That's even less likely for Chris when he'll need it most. States are so limited in funds that they only accept applications for S8 around every three-five years when they open up for new applications within a ONE DAY window, THEN there's going to be the wait period that could take two years after that. THEN when his turn comes up, he'll have 60 days to find an open place that accepts Section 8 or lose his voucher. DR:TL, Section 8 isn't going to rescue Stinky Winky when the Sheriff has served papers to vacate 14 Branchland Court.

At best, all Josh can do is to help give Chris some relative peace in his few remaining years (or, as close to a normal life that a nutbag like Chris could ever get) before the CWCpocalypse arrives. Null is in way over his head trying to save Chris from what's about to come.

cd34ef  No.485632

File: 9f85072e8200ac5⋯.png (10.44 KB, 531x339, 177:113, even_gondola_is_afraid.png)


I expect that CWC will be served an eviction, try to defend the house by waving around his Megatron pistol, get shot by a white hick sheriff who thinks it's an actual weapon, and for the story to end up in international news oversaturating commentary with normalfags.

60b0d9  No.485719


Is this drawn by the Electric Retard guy?

>What will Chris do when Josh dies?

Funniest post I've read on this board, btw.

0100c2  No.486690

Can anybody describe what Chris' duck look like and what exactly happened to it? I hear it's pretty deformed.

b4e327  No.486709


Never dive down that rabbit hole. But it is bent real bad. Chris stuck shit up it, damaging the tissue resulting in internal scarring.

2a0fe9  No.486713



More or less this. Chris will be evicted and will try to play his victim card. Realize it utterly fails and that he is now effectively homeless. he has spent the last 5 years alienating any friends/family that would possibly help him out. I doubt many will after what happened after the housefire.

A really horrid thing to do to chris would be claim to be willing to take him in and have him spend whatever cash he has driving to a sketchy urban area and end up at a fake address. Like his ill fated ohio trip. Except this time he'd be stuck.

7f2bd2  No.486714


He actually stuck something up his urethra?

9177ff  No.486721


Rumor is that he wanked too hard one day and he literally broke his dick.




I doubt that trick could be played twice on Chris. Unlike back then, Chris probably has GPS in his car now. Plus Pimpdaddy Null would check ahead for him to make sure the address was legit.

7f2bd2  No.486732


Must've been that retard strength lol. Also didn't Null say something about a happening he was going to announce yesterday? Something involving steeling from Chris and the FBI? I know it's bullshit but still was mildly curious.

2a0fe9  No.486763


True. But if null fails to save chris (mind the death of barb and resulting foreclosure might happen to rapidly null cant readily respond) the manchild might seek any port in a shitstorm. This might be a way to coup e'tat chris away from null's influence.


I thought that was supposed to be in July. Either way, Null is full of shit. Null is a habitual liar, conman, wishy-washy cunt with no spine, and lolcow that is surpassing CWC in size.

adeb74  No.486838


I haven't read too much on Null yet. He just got on my radar a couple of weeks ago. No doubt he's a faggot little bitch whose trying to horde Chris all to himself. What I find interesting though is in Null's attempt to white knight Chris he only ends up solidifying the fact that Chris is a total retard who literally cant whipe his ass without someone standing there helping him and an all around shitty person.

adeb74  No.486840


I mean someone like him announcing to everybody that nobody can troll Chris or have any contact with him is just going to make people want to troll him even harder lol.

5fc144  No.486860


Despite the efforts of PedoJosh, trolling Chris is still possible. Just do it behind a few proxies and use a burner phone when in a voice conversation with Chris and Null can't dox you.

And I'm looking forward to July 15th, which according to Null, is supposed to be the day when he blows the lid off of this dark conspiracy like it's Watergate if the FBI laughs & hangs up on him.

He better hope he's damn fucking sure he has actual evidence to back up his allegations though, because doxing public info may be one thing, but making false criminal accusations is something the victim(s) can lawyer up and file a suit over.

And, would Josh ever bother to take these alleged thieves to court in a civil suit? How come he hasn't by now? Maybe it's because……….Null is full of shit?

Josh talks big like an Internet Tough Guy that he's at his best when under pressure, but we all know that when pressure happens (like when a mad tranny shows up out of the blue at his front door), Josh pisses his pants and runs to go hide in the bathroom until Mommy can make the bad person go away.

adeb74  No.486902


He lives with his mom kek, not surprising at all. When Chris becomes homeless I bet Null ghosts him.

f07d14  No.487109


>and when the FBI came (unrelated visit lol)

So, getting back to this line, I'm curious. What was the original reason for the FBI coming by to visit, Josh? More Vordy shenanigans?

00d0ec  No.487111


It's great to know our tax dollars are being spent to waste time investigating twats like Josh.

e6d0d5  No.487116


>no time to investigate widespread corruption in its ranks

>no time to investigate known terror threats

>no time to investigate known mass shooter risks

>infinite resources to deal with Drumpf and shitposting

That entire agency needs to be replaced from the ground up.

caecdb  No.487611

Chris is at the Too Many Games con in PA right now and the stupid greedy fucker's already violating convention rules by selling his crap inside the con without buying a dealer's table or having a state sales tax license.


2a0fe9  No.488084


Report him and get him banned. Of course he'd play "da trollz" cause chris is probably literally incapable of self realization.

0231db  No.488092


Contacting the con staff via Twitter (TooManyGames@TooManyGames) should get their attention if enough people do it. Include the CWC tweet URL above as evidence.

72f5da  No.488267


>getting a retard thrown out of a con for violating laws he cannot understand

That's cold

e6d0d5  No.488272


I'd say that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but Chris willfully breaks rules and laws all the time. You can't excuse him, just because he's a stumbling buffoon.

a5f016  No.488286


>h-he's retarded, h-he can't be held responsible for his actions guys

Fuck off retard.

2a0fe9  No.488300



Good work.


"cannot understand", yeah bullshit. He chooses to remain ignorant. He's chosen ignorance for a decade. Hes arrogant and pitying his 'tism is just enabling him like Barb.

465bb2  No.488310


As you like to say a lot Josh, "Go neck yourself".

72f5da  No.488348

File: e9e012afcfe6037⋯.png (558 KB, 582x622, 291:311, EwwWhyWouldYouTouchHim.PNG)


>ignorance of the law is no excuse


>He chooses to remain ignorant.

He's not ignorant, he's literally retarded. As >>488286 said, he can't be held responsible for his actions.

I'd maybe hold him responsible for macing that game store employee, but even then I have to wonder whether he's too autistic to understand that his actions can hurt other people.


>As you like to say a lot Josh

Do you have me confused for some well-known white knight? I just think it's cruel to deny a soon-to-be homeless retard a few final days of feeling human

e6d0d5  No.488365


And I think we won't have an opportunity to keep up with his antics once he's a homeless retard, so I want to get a few more chuckles from CWC while we still have time.

be38cb  No.488389


>As >>488286 said, he can't be held responsible for his actions.

Yes he can. That's why he's always going to court and having to pay fines every couple of years.

2e14de  No.488393

heart attack?

be38cb  No.488394


>I just think it's cruel to deny a soon-to-be homeless retard a few final days of feeling human

Why does he deserve that? He hasn't earned it. If anything, his constant scams and acts of arrogance/hostility have proven him to be more than worthy of the mayhem that's about to come.

PS: Fuck off, Josh.

2a0fe9  No.488403


Fuck that. CWC has ran scams. CWC has launched death threats. CWC is a shitstain of a human being and any empathy he may have garnered over the years he quickly squandered right afterward. He's in deep debt both fiscally and karmatically.

So fuck off josh, you have no power here.

bb4b95  No.488407


>As >>488286 said, he can't be held responsible for his actions.

That's not what >>488286 was saying. He was actually suggesting the opposite

bb4b95  No.488409


He understands just fine, he just doesn't think that laws apply to him

be38cb  No.488426

But wait! There's MOAR!

Looks like Chris was inappropriately groping at attendees (most likely the female kind) and when he got confronted, he collapsed into a fetal position and bawled his greasy head off.


01467a  No.488429


why dont they just drag that fat fuck off? are they so disgusted that they wont touch him? i can understand that.

be38cb  No.488431


Guy who posted the video says Chris was ejected from the con. Trying to get confirmation of that now.

01467a  No.488432


we need more videos. is he still cowering at the floor?

bdf1e2  No.488435

File: 51025e792bb5484⋯.jpg (44.33 KB, 307x438, 307:438, Man Baby.jpg)


>as she staggers back to his car


c4d3d5  No.488442




>security guard moving a piece of cardboard away from Chris

Could it be? An actual new Attraction Sign?

be38cb  No.488446


Sorry. That was a typo. I'm so damn overjoyed at seeing Chris finally being held accountable for his gross actions!

80f2ae  No.488447


Check the farms, Josh is on the warpath for whoever caused this. He's threatening the family members and associates of any trolls

be38cb  No.488457

File: 873cc05eefca702⋯.png (21.77 KB, 788x120, 197:30, twololcows.png)


LOL! Having Chris booted from that con is plenty of lulz alone, but knowing that Josh is filling his diaper with buttrage makes this the BEST! DAY! EVER!!

cd34ef  No.488474

File: eb658065e90deb7⋯.jpg (7.43 KB, 193x250, 193:250, le_happy_cowboy.jpg)



Chris-Chan didn't even get thrown out over what the trolls were tattling on him for doing: Stealing vendors' space and violating state tax law, which could blow back on the convention. He was ejected for molesting other attendants. It was, once again, something entirely of Chris's own actions and decision without any input from weens.

c5a09c  No.488477

File: c47910c0b97128e⋯.png (1.71 MB, 657x899, 657:899, CWCreport.png)

A is A, and Chris is Chris.

What did the con staff think was going to happen when they invited that schizzo to their con? People tried to warn them about Chris. They didn't listen.

bb4b95  No.488479




c5a09c  No.488480

File: 49f74761248dff9⋯.png (2.83 MB, 1366x720, 683:360, lolnullsucks.png)


All that hard work that Jos put into this project of his to rehabilitate Chris. Getting Chris an all-expense-paid free trip to a convention.

And Chris fucks it up big by being such a creeper (anyone surprised? Anyone?) and is banned from yet another gaming establishment.

I bet Null is REEEEEEEEEE'ing so hard right now that he's knocking down satellites that pass over Florida.

ee4c88  No.488485

I dont know who is chris chan 🤔

859331  No.488505

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

As an aside, does anyone have a copy of the song used in this video? I can't seem to find it anymore.

80f2ae  No.488518

File: 060c45eb9cc9978⋯.png (233.25 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1529789753345.png)

Some white knight-on-white knight action going on at the Farms, apparently

80f2ae  No.488523

File: d1aebac6ea5bc69⋯.png (53.66 KB, 1006x316, 503:158, 1529789987351.png)


Null is explicitly threatening this guy and his family, perhaps the FBI should be informed?

aa63fe  No.488529


based null pursuing justice for CWC after all these years of exploitation

a622e6  No.488555

Oh dear Lord! I got one browser window open on Twitter to read the CWC tweets, another window open at foxdick Fags to watch them desperately spin this shit in vain, one on Youtube to be alerted for any new videos of the meltdown, and another window here.

This…..this is like Christmas for me!!

71cff6  No.488564



0ac6ab  No.488587


>"Entire family mate. There are no rules"

So he's going to dox some random person related to someone who shitposted on his hugbox? Or is he threatening violence / swatting?

cd34ef  No.488594


He's going to make a forum about them that nobody will post in and then eat more dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.

2a30cb  No.488652

File: 0a2a221fe69b42a⋯.png (48.94 KB, 1222x278, 611:139, nullgayforcwc.PNG)

0ac6ab  No.488675


No really what is he threatening? "I'll post random people's info on my forum"? Isn't that a great way to give ammo to all the butthurt cows that are looking for a legal foothold to take action against that site?

b63e15  No.488684


Any more videos? I wanna see him get drug out of the con. In a few days Chris will probably make a YouTube video trying to spin this in his favor.

f4e126  No.488685

File: 990c281b7cb95ef⋯.jpg (11.83 KB, 192x203, 192:203, 1310.jpg)


The Ride Never Ends

2e14de  No.488689

File: 9a9f2e4c6737b93⋯.jpg (226.31 KB, 500x680, 25:34, 3fe10865f052a23fc197fd568e….jpg)


>that entire post

Brainlet trying to sound intimidating thinking he can do anything at all with a channel ID. Shouldn't expect anything less from someone who wrote software with hardcoded server IPs and passwords.

a622e6  No.488690

File: 5bc8d827635690e⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1381x290, 1381:290, badass.png)

One, Two. Null is comin' for you.

Three, Four. Better lock the door.

d99166  No.488748


What a totally unique observation.

b77681  No.488764

File: a47912f4c3397f5⋯.jpg (354.76 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DgaSHhUXkAAQus-.jpg)

File: 09bf8d4be3db373⋯.png (365.78 KB, 588x696, 49:58, Screenshot from 2018-06-23….png)

File: 4e00367e1aec745⋯.png (365.25 KB, 587x661, 587:661, Screenshot from 2018-06-23….png)

File: 40f7875fc5b3e7e⋯.png (118.53 KB, 625x710, 125:142, Screenshot from 2018-06-23….png)

da5ad3  No.488767


beats being a furnigger, hirtes

0ac6ab  No.488784


Uh oh is Josh going to post the supermarket that guy's mom works at?

b77681  No.488786

File: 48836c59d38e7fd⋯.png (277.59 KB, 627x513, 11:9, Screenshot from 2018-06-23….png)

File: 5b1c53eb5be728e⋯.png (60.88 KB, 603x398, 603:398, Screenshot from 2018-06-23….png)

File: 220a72c029d7666⋯.png (44.85 KB, 576x299, 576:299, Screenshot from 2018-06-23….png)

File: eac34c3ec181d6c⋯.png (85.48 KB, 603x483, 201:161, Screenshot from 2018-06-23….png)



Not much happening now. Chris is somewhere around the mall if anyone wants to kill him.

a622e6  No.488793

As much as I am laughing my ass off about Chris getting kicked out of the con for being gropey, my BIG larfs are meant more for Josh. This whole outing by CWC was supposed to be Null's first project to try to turn Chris into a human, and he utterly, completely, spectacularly blew it! A total Faceplant of epic proportions that will resonate for years to come.

49e657  No.488795


josh had nothing to do with chris coming to the con, he's just taking credit for stuff that other people did

a622e6  No.488796


Go back to your foxdick hugbox, Josh.

da5ad3  No.488799


hirtes, you really have nothing better to do, don't you?


Josh is pretty upset that someone touched his toy. He makes it no secret that he got control of the guys social media platforms out of stopping some guy extorting money from Chris.

Chris having no filter and suddenly coming out as bi and poly means that he's going to get all kissy with the guys and not just the girls. Josh can't handle this truth, so he's looking for someone to blame.

Oh man, not doxing! What a terrible thing, please have mercy Josh! How ever shall the guy live a normal life after being doxxxxxxxxed on a meme message board?

da5ad3  No.488800


The most Josh can really do is dox people. He knows this, so why he isn't just letting the extorting dude be roasted by the feds is beyond me. If he were to use the dox in an actionable way (swatting) then he'd be looking at getting his whole shack shut down

b77681  No.488801

File: 4c8f067c5a45e64⋯.png (52.05 KB, 1301x270, 1301:270, Screenshot from 2018-06-23….png)

da5ad3  No.488802


Those no-good jerkops! Not even giving Chris as much as a warning? Oh man! It's clear that SOMEONE is responsible for getting him kicked out of here! Time to dox their dog!

cd34ef  No.488805


>implying CWC didn't just mumbleshuffle away from any security guard's attempt to get his attention.

a622e6  No.488807

File: d2856b179eb0aa2⋯.png (27.11 KB, 665x128, 665:128, MallBanned.png)


Chris is always pulling that shit. "Michael Snyder didn't warn me that there's still a ban!", "That Mall tricked me into going back in there!", and now this lying bullshit.

Does Null really believe Chris' lies?

c03ab3  No.488808


What a faggot. Chris threw an autism tantrum and he blames the people running the con. typical Null.

da5ad3  No.488809

efed1f  No.488811

File: db9f572e2d49bd3⋯.png (77.84 KB, 631x582, 631:582, proof.png)

i was with josh wise (idea guy) when they were tricking him to steal monies from him earlier this year.

i had to leave because null told me to fuck off lol. i kept a bunch of pics of the disco group of the autists buying weeb shit and larping with chris to get the money.

did null ever doxxxx josh wise for this or was it all talk

da5ad3  No.488812


he did. Nice fakes. Post more.

efed1f  No.488813


yeah i know its disco so it can be easily faked so youll have to take it with a grain of salt.

most of my pics are about them larping like faggots and scaring chris about killing sonichus and being e girlfriends lol

da5ad3  No.488814


yeah man post more of em

2d7b27  No.488816

This is likely real. Not gonna throw out proof but i would probe more if i were you guys. be respectful, get the cocks then pass judgement. being assholes will just push him away. you dont have to ass kiss, just be civil and you might get something here.

da5ad3  No.488817


it's why I'm not outright calling him a tryhard ween.

If they're fakes then they're good fakes, so I want to see more of em either way

efed1f  No.488818


this is real :/

I was part of idea guys inner autistic circle in early jan of this year. i went rogue once i found out the sperg was taking money from chris, took screen grabs yadda yadda yadda

null found us out and threatened to sue me so i dipped out. layed low for a while. cant even check on the cwcki or foxdick because of the hate null has for me lol

e3979b  No.488819


Gwen and Wise are both doxed. I'm waiting to hear about from the FBI. I'm giving them until the 15th before I start posting information.

I called Gwen's mom and found out more about the family structure.

I assume you're the Canadian? I'd ask you wait until I post what I have, if only because it's an active investigation.

da5ad3  No.488820

File: ffd4a0db136d01a⋯.png (27.07 KB, 375x159, 125:53, FindatherapistJosh.png)


fair enough m8, you going to give us more?


thought you've given up on contacting the police

find a therapist dude

efed1f  No.488821


lol dont you wanna sic your lawyers on me :P

e3979b  No.488822


>thought you've given up on contacting the police

I almost did but I nudged the Fed Invest again and got a reply. I have a turnover date scheduled for the evidence.

e3979b  No.488823


No. I suggested you contact a criminal defense attorney regarding your options. I'm going to drive this stake into the ground if it's the last fucking thing I do.

da5ad3  No.488824


most he can do is dox you but you might spare his wraith or w/e if you give him/us more discord caps.


get a therapist first man, jesus

c03ab3  No.488825



Null you're a fagot. Fuck off.

efed1f  No.488826


i have committed no crime and if you were less of a cunt towards me you might of gotten the screens from me my dude lol

9a6425  No.488827


Oink oink

da5ad3  No.488828


ya sorry man that's just Null. He runs foxdickfarms and gets pissy whenever anyone touches his toy chris-chan. He's also affraid of pigs (because they remind him of police) and sexually into little girls.

He's not with us.He just likes to pretend he has power on some shitty imageboard that barely gets any posts

efed1f  No.488829


yes yes i am aware of the dynamic of 8chan and null. ive known of him since ED. Truth is i liked KF but he told me to fuck off when i was trying to make the faggots stop.

Got any info on Gwen? His bro works in the military wonder how his bro feels about this lol. he was the psycopath of the group haha.

49e657  No.488830


null you just gave written evidence of you threatening CJ's family, don't you think this can be used against you?

every single time someone attempted to sue you your argument was always that you are not liable for the actions that other people in the forum do, but this time you pretty much confessed to be completely related to this threat

2e14de  No.488831


What I like the most is that out of everything you could have possibly responded to in this thread, what drew you out into using your trip was a single, possibly fake screenshot. Gets the noggin joggin'. I doubt you're the real Josh though, since he should have been locked in his closet by his mother a little over an hour ago. It's past bedtime.

da5ad3  No.488832

File: b6ee15cb93a597c⋯.png (254.53 KB, 417x518, 417:518, 1462645459550.png)

File: 55b42dc714deab4⋯.jpg (352.81 KB, 1280x1986, 640:993, 1454045784454.jpg)

File: 436852c8e310213⋯.png (243.34 KB, 409x400, 409:400, 1453954692223.png)

File: 7fad7bdcee2283a⋯.png (118.56 KB, 1482x360, 247:60, Null describes the farms.png)


We're actually kindof in the dark. Yeah, we know some guy extorted Chris. Well, we have Josh's word. For the sake of argument I'm going to assume that your thing is real, as it is rather eye-opening if true.

Something I do want you to know. He's going to dox you either way because of your involvement (even if you decided to fuck off when they were doing it) because doxing is the only way he has any power. I'd love it if you did post the stuff here, as it would actually really stick it to Josh. Oh, he's going to post your name and address and shit either way keep in mind, but we'd really love to see it

(hi josh, how's the third world?)


It might. It wont.

efed1f  No.488833


no i am not josh wise. i am the canadian null has so lovingly referred to. so soft doxed me in the most ingenious way possible.

he and the owner of the cwcki sent the trolls in the group a url that i and everyone else clicked on. thats how he found out i was from canada

a5a504  No.488834


>suddenly coming out as bi and poly means that he's going to get all kissy with the guys and not just the girls.

yeah, Looks like it. I came away with the impression that the long haired blonde dude standing by the table looking on in the

9https://twitter.com/Sungay_Best/status/1010589431424868353) video was the guy who chris chan kissy-face-attacked but I'm not going to be all "we did it reddit, we caught the boston bomber" over this (especially with Null, who looks like Jolyon Palmer with downsyndrome, in our midst.)

e3979b  No.488835

File: 92f700cf405c529⋯.jpg (33.25 KB, 636x846, 106:141, image.jpg)


I already have all the chatlogs, pictures, and receipts. I don't need your help.

We pulled everything off Discord before you deleted it.

a622e6  No.488836


No one gives a fuck about your doxing shit, "Josh". If they committed a crime then either prosecute them or fuck off and die in a sewer hole somewhere.

e3979b  No.488838


That's not how the criminal justice system works. You have to convince the government to care.

efed1f  No.488839


i didnt delete anything lol. they got scared because you made them paranoid .youll be wanting my screens anyways to double verify yout stupid cuntpaste jog anyways

a622e6  No.488840


Null's gonna send in DETECTIVES!

Null's gonna send in POLICE!

Null's gonna send in EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER!!!

da5ad3  No.488841


I doubt you're Wise.

Keep in mind that when I'm talking about "Josh" here that I'm talking about Joshua Moon, not Joshua Wise. Both are creeps but afaik only one of them really hates pigs.


>aaaa I wanna be the guy who blows the lid off this ME ME ME

pretty much what >>488836 says.

e3979b  No.488842


I can't stop him from ratting out his friends. I'd prefer it if he did so they don't like him.

a622e6  No.488843


Well guess what? The govt. doesn't give a fuck about you or your retarded little jihad. And neither do we.

Either shit or get off the pot.

e3979b  No.488845


Lol. Ok. I've said what I had to say. Bye.

efed1f  No.488846

File: 9b814957158d0bf⋯.png (75.19 KB, 837x618, 279:206, gwenisacunt.PNG)


you assume so much of me josh. it saddens me. they were not my friends, or my conspirators. i was there to observe and collect. which i was doing an all right job of until you went and took a big shit on everything. i could of gathered so much more…the amount of shit on there was staggering.

anyways, Gwen was the more agressive of the two who activly pushed chris into giving him money, Wise was more of the LARPER being the various internet gfs and Gwen came along when they wanted to abuse him into doing something…

Gwen was a real piece of work tho.

e3979b  No.488847


I literally saved everything. Chris gave us his account on Discord and we used the API to download the entire history of the channel before Wise deleted it.

a622e6  No.488848



efed1f  No.488850


sitting on cocks like that is real lame josh. shame on you.

a622e6  No.488851


I'm laughing still about the idea of Chris saying that he's giving money to his "PC Goddesses".

da5ad3  No.488852


its them god damn deep state jews stopping you, huh? Man, you'd think voting for trump would magically change things.


naw man you just want to get all the credit yourself. I already told him that you'd dox him anyways, and I'm hoping that he'll at least steal some of your thunder when you inevitably post your big long soliloquy on how you virtuously sacrificed yourself to save chris chan and got control of his social media while you were at it.


They do give a fuck, Josh just wants glory.

efed1f  No.488854


he literally gave thousands of dollars to them. 3 of them from what i gathered. Null threatened to sue me when i said i was given 50 bucks in an amazon gift card because i wanted proof of wise being legit and not trolling me. guess i shouldnt of done that lol

efed1f  No.488855

the funniest thing too is that these spergs spent all the money they collected on steam games and weeb shit lol…like they get a windfall of shit and they spend it like a bunch of otaku niggers

e3979b  No.488856


You're such a fucking idiot. I said you should take to a criminal defense attorney because you accepted money on behalf of the extortion racket. Your "just there to watch" shit doesn't hold water.

efed1f is @de_devil_tails

He left after I told him to stop involving himself with Gwen and Wise.


Yeah, they bought like, PS Vitas and shitty nip games. Straight to their home address from Chris's local store.

a622e6  No.488857


I seriously doubt that. If Chris can't hold onto any money for one second and he's up to his eyebrows in debt, how can he have "thousands" stashed?

e3979b  No.488858

But whatever, post what you want. The bulk of it will wait until the 15th.

a622e6  No.488859


>Lol. Ok. I've said what I had to say. Bye.


You're such a fucking idiot. I said you should take to a criminal defense attorney because you accepted money on behalf of the extortion racket. Your "just there to watch" shit doesn't hold water.

Why are you still here? I thought you said "Bye" already.

da5ad3  No.488862

File: 98959936f737648⋯.png (367.21 KB, 687x720, 229:240, 1453799514276.png)


yeah, but depending on what deepthroat here posts you'll have to prob dump all of it or risk being outstaged. We can't have that now, can we?


Well, Josh inadvetedly confirmed that you arn't making shit up. I have a few questions

<Got any more?

<Which ones Wise?

<How'd you get associated with these speds?

<How'd you initially convince Chris to send the goddesses money?

<At what point was Josh able to stomp this down, or did you jump ship before then?


bitch I thought you already decided that the law was fucking useless and that you were just going to doxxxxxxx them anyways. I'm sure you know that your big soliloquy is going to impede any serious criminal investiation, so… actually, acting like laws only apply for you is par for the course, keep it up

b77681  No.488865


They should have bullied him into suicide imo

a622e6  No.488866


Convince Chris that the PS Goddess dimension has been destroyed and he just might do that.

0bedcf  No.488867

File: fdc0a2f5a2b9bf0⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 480x256, 15:8, 1.gif)


Next time Josh needs to go with him in person. Chris would go along with it, he's probably familiar with the strategy of a fat girl bringing an even fatter friend along.

da5ad3  No.488869


would have gotten more then just a fat free-speech-warrior interested in putting them in lockup though. Only reason Josh cares is because he can squeeeeze just a bit more out of Chris until barb kicks it.

efed1f  No.488870


lol sure and lumping me in with the rest of the spergs was supposed to instill what then, exactly? if you could sue me you would, and the fact is i am sure you would powerlevel me if you could too so dont sit on that high horse buddy


yeah i got tons more but its a lot of concentrated LARPING Autism. i tried to pick the good shit but its all random because i didnt have time to organize it before josh told me to fuck off

Pithoui is wise

when idea guy first started blabbing his mouth i was on kf expressing excitement that we have a new saga. wise contacted me and i acted as a sounding board for ideas he didnt really impliment that i wanted him to use since he had an in with chris

i have no idea how they started it. i just honestly think wise had that much of a hold on chris…its a shame he took it to that route. could of brought up a lot of cocks but he chose the autism bucks. i found out when wise sent me a screen grab that had chris saying he was "Sending them gift cards'…and i started to connect the dots. the shitty thing is that this was probably going on for months and months, maybe as early as January of this year, maybe more

so i was sending emails to another mod on kf about this, but i was being very vague about what was going on because i didnt really want anyone going in and ruining cocks…but i believe thats where he found out. a little while after that i heard from the group that a troll was talkling to chris and chris was 'acting strange' (in hindsight it was just that Null took control of chris' discord)

before i had confirmation it was null i just assumed that it was some troll who wanted to muscle out the old guard. I was the only one in the group who wasnt shitting themselves because imo even if they doxxxxed me idgaf…but they were so scared of null and his filing of appeals and other legal shit that they went into paranoia mode and automatically assumed i was the troll.

1f5b2a  No.488871

File: d03a672cb231051⋯.jpg (64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


Hey canuck piggy, how do you not know the difference between a lawsuit and a criminal issue? Did you steal money too?

4974bd  No.488872

File: a6d38c24599757b⋯.jpg (52.94 KB, 339x480, 113:160, 51-nTwK1aHL.jpg)


jw is there prison rape in canadia?

da5ad3  No.488873


eh, just dump it. Yeah, it's concentrated autism but it'll make Josh flip his bacon that he's not the big hero blowing the lid on this for free speech. I think we're past bump limit anyways. Maybe make an imgur album if its a rediculous amount.

b77681  No.488874


Stop posting, you childish retard

2d7b27  No.488875


Who was the mod?

efed1f  No.488876


well when wise brought me into the inner group he basically said chris was giving him all the money in the form of steam and amazon cards, i wanted proof to see if he was fucking with me or not so i was given a fancy 50 dollar amazon gift card

efed1f  No.488877


i assume wise was. maybe gwen too


i guess ill just leave though, sorry to piss you guys off i guess youll see it all unfold on the 15th according to null. just wanted to gather some info since i am blacklisted from kf and the cwcki anyways

2d7b27  No.488878


So you don't mean a foxdick mod?

efed1f  No.488879


so 3 out of the 4 posters in the discord group were kf users. me gwen and wise. that entire group was just them getting chris to give them money, but when chris' discord got taken over by null (or someone idk) they panicked and they deleted all of the discord server.

da5ad3  No.488880


yeah but he'll also decorate it so he looks like the hero

thanks anyways

0bedcf  No.488882


< (1)


< (1)

Hey look everyone, Josh is whining in chat about us again.

efed1f  No.488883


hmm, good point there. maybe ill drop the pics…its about 100 plus pics of the discord group and its all out of order though. it wont be as thorough as Nulls dossier

da5ad3  No.488884


if its 100 then dump them in a imgur album. It might not, but it means he wont be able to cherrypick what he finds interesting.

Glad your up to doing this though, sorry I doubted you.

c08424  No.488887

File: dbcfb33d3f02b2a⋯.png (477.7 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1529806113261.png)


You didn't accept stolen money, did you?

You didn't ask him to hurt himself, did you?

You didn't ask him to get him to hurt his mother or his animals, did you?

Would be really unfortunate for you if you did.

275711  No.488888

File: d9c2aa1005ca239⋯.jpg (5.24 KB, 225x224, 225:224, 1529804214096.jpg)




b77681  No.488889


It's confirmed

275711  No.488890

File: ce42e0432ef02a7⋯.jpg (105.9 KB, 1087x777, 1087:777, 1528234737314.jpg)


no no dont be like that

im sure he dindu nuffin

go on good boy, post all your cocks

2d7b27  No.488892


he wont be extradited to the US over a $50 giftcard and talking to people who were being dicks to an autist. Grow up.

275711  No.488893

File: a6e25ca80b6f939⋯.jpg (29.86 KB, 358x344, 179:172, 1529799247322.jpg)


haha of course

if that's all he did that won't be a problem

that's all you did right, anon?

275711  No.488894

File: 2f9b3ddb1e2776d⋯.png (21.78 KB, 112x112, 1:1, 1529792442413.png)

you didnt let chris hurt himself did you anon

2d7b27  No.488895


Even if he did everything they did, he wont be exradited to the US.

b63e15  No.488897


Don't come back. Just stay contained to your shitty little board and be king of the faggots.

275711  No.488898

File: 1f61899bbb82c69⋯.gif (436.76 KB, 500x566, 250:283, 1529804148734.gif)


you must be right. he must be fine.

god speed, canadian bacon. post your fine, fine cocks.

b63e15  No.488900


You do realize that talking about a potential criminal investigation like this could get it thrown out in court as a mistrial. Way to go fag breath.

03b934  No.488901

File: 78c4bf15f4faa31⋯.png (191.32 KB, 490x490, 1:1, 1529804110207.png)


In fairness, the other moron has done the same. I'm surprised it was kept quiet for so long. Wanker really shit the bed by coming here.

2d7b27  No.488902

so what all did they get chris to do?

74d626  No.488905

File: c77e2871e31335c⋯.png (303.96 KB, 512x478, 256:239, 1529806430027.png)

Yes, what all did you get him to do, friend?

efed1f  No.488907


other than get him to draw that dick on the wall and take some pics of him at the gym a whole lot of fuck all. its a bit of a sore spot to me. the group was more concerned with getting paid over actual cocks, and were paranoid after they resumed operations after wise got his kf page of leaking cocks that they didnt want to do anothing other than that.

i tried to get them to answer some questions about the autism papers, and how much debt the chandler household had. but thats it for the most part.

74d626  No.488908


A useful trick is to write it all down so that when you get asked about it you recite the same story later. When you write, speak, and read something it records information to different parts of the memory, so take some time to rehearse.

efed1f  No.488909


copy that. its been a while and i have been away from the chris chan sphere for a bit so its all coming back to me slowly. im looking at the pics to see if i can piece back the narrative.

74d626  No.488910


Good. Remember police are not your friend. "I can't recall" is all you know how to say.

2d7b27  No.488912


youre pretty bad at fearbaiting my man.

74d626  No.488913

File: 39f208b4af637af⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1529809725900.gif)


Don't be like that. There's nothing to be afraid of.

b63e15  No.488916


I mean I'm no lawyer or anything but didn't both of them just confirm that nothing's going to come of this?

b5ff90  No.488918


Null had mentioned in chat he had gotten a trans activist involved and arranged the feds to accept logs, video, and images from him. I guess it doesn't matter now.

0bedcf  No.488920

File: 966fe8c32a5c3c6⋯.gif (961.68 KB, 171x172, 171:172, 966fe8c32a5c3c6e08ae5e1c01….gif)


>Chris tards out in public while Josh makes feeble mumbles of doxing everyone

>Few hours later, Null & random guy tard out here and leak minor cocks about Josh's white knight investigation

IBS threads are leaking into the rest of the board because I'm now suspicious that everyone posting is an e-celeb trying to distract me from the REAL STORY.

b2de92  No.488928

File: 845ac364be0f6c7⋯.jpg (102.48 KB, 495x459, 55:51, 1494638696221.jpg)

>Chris forcibly gropes women at a convention and kisses people randomly like an autist

>All of foxdickfarms are screeching about how its unfair he got kicked out and threatening to doxxxx anyone involved with the convention and how chris is a good boy who dindu nothing

When did they become exactly what they hate?

71cff6  No.488929


When a certain Coke Zero enthusiast got his foot in the door.

efed1f  No.488933

File: 22171cb9a5c29cb⋯.png (124.84 KB, 763x583, 763:583, HAHAOHWOW.PNG)

Just found out that Gwen (KF Name NinFreakLan) is still posting on kf. haha oh wow. I wonder if null knows that piece of shit is the same person he is trying to press charges?

This was his recent twitter before he blocked it. the absolute madman

f4e126  No.488937

File: 95ae146f3f6fd10⋯.jpg (381.66 KB, 1978x972, 989:486, de2bb7d090d64d71f2d574e8c9….jpg)

>Open Chris-chan thread

>Receive Null drama

Good job, dorks.

da5ad3  No.488957


Josh logic: Why report the guy doing it when he can ride a wave of pubicity being the guy who heroically sacrificed himself to doxxxxxxxx a retard?

734d8b  No.488965

Chrischan update: Nigga was asked to leave vidcon after molesting his followers (groping and kissing) and completely shut down curling up on the ground. https://twitter.com/Sungay_Best/status/1010588470899892226

734d8b  No.488967

0bedcf  No.488971

File: a0d82fa5f89774b⋯.jpg (36.65 KB, 600x597, 200:199, FWEFUPYXUWNI5SMXTH3RQSNQSD….jpg)




3bf715  No.488979

Anybody got video of Chris at the Robotnik and Bowser panel? I really wanna see Mike Pollack putting this bitch in his place.

be38cb  No.488985


IKR? All those gamer nerds in the place and no one could whip out their smartphone?

80f2ae  No.489027


Looks like carbonroller's about to get doxxxxed and/or killed by the foxdick CWC Protect Squad

80f2ae  No.489029


Those fuckers deserve every ounce of the wrath Josh is about to bring down on them


He'd have to keep his attack dog on a leash

bdf1e2  No.489276


He is your new husband, Serife

bdf1e2  No.489280

File: ea1f96556feadc8⋯.gif (28.03 KB, 200x319, 200:319, your post made darkseid cr….gif)

>Read thru rest of the thread

>Get autistic foxdick drama instead of Chris

Can you underage faggots keep to your discords?

d50b10  No.489334

File: 205c293dcfe0f9c⋯.png (102.76 KB, 552x308, 138:77, upload_2018-6-23_21-38-26.png)


Lolol that's you, isn't it BUTTHirtes?

d50b10  No.489339


Yep, that's Hirtes. Nobody else has a life so empty that they can sit at home F5ing the shit out of this thread all day and reply instantly.

c3444a  No.489505

My question for the idea guy hanger-on is why the fuck didn't you fags make him drop the tranny fag shit?

173629  No.489588

Twitter and Youtube have been lit talking about CWC since yesterday afternoon. 99.99% of the comments have been negative obviously. The only place that is stupid enough to be pro Chris is over at foxdick farms (big shock!), where they still act like Chris dindu nuffin.

261688  No.490819

f553d4  No.491241

Just curious how a guy like Nool who has no job & lives with his mom can afford international air travel. Is his Dad a Miami drug smuggler?

And that's another interesting thing; who IS Nool's Dad anyway?

e2caa7  No.494351

Can we stop going on about some rando on foxdick farms and maybe just focus on cwc?

742fa8  No.791153

ok im going to use this expired thread to try something for the 62354 time…..




742fa8  No.791156



after 2 fucking years

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