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File: 78272db027c60ca⋯.jpg (602.76 KB, 1080x1635, 72:109, moviebob_double_standard.jpg)

File: 0de0a6ea6eb3be5⋯.jpg (550.06 KB, 2098x1500, 1049:750, moviebob_fascist.jpg)

File: de9dcd8e1d92ce0⋯.jpg (200.48 KB, 982x472, 491:236, moviebob.jpg)

812286  No.511377

Previous thread (>>365142) hit the sage limit.

Booby Blob is SEETHING over the recent PR firings in Hollywood and Twitter purges among panicking celebrities. One wonders if he should follow their example

c41489  No.511391

File: 3d9ff78acc18aad⋯.jpg (69.9 KB, 452x463, 452:463, 1d039a532c08d5e6473d3e6c68….jpg)

>morality doesn't matter but I have the moral high ground but now people who I don't think have the moral high ground are making appeals to the morality that doesn't matter and I think this is immoral so I'll make an appeal to morality by denouncing them for not being moral in appealing to morality, which isn't important.

Hoo boy, I can imagine the "alt-right" threatening the existence of his Cape Cape Wahoos really rustling his Gabemies.

974366  No.511393

Bob's getting rehired by The Escapist. SJW piece-of-shit Russ Pitts bought out (or rather bought into the company that bought out) the people who own The Escapist and his condition was that he be rehired as editor. One of his first acts was to rehire this abortion

974366  No.511399

File: fda0e0ef9be93c6⋯.jpg (61.32 KB, 571x618, 571:618, Escapist3.JPG)

File: 51d702a8697ab97⋯.png (12.41 KB, 577x222, 577:222, broteampill on Russ Pitts.png)

He's all on Twitter like 'I won! I won!' but if you think about it, what the fuck did he win? He's where he was four years ago, which is where he'd still be if he wasn't a fucktard.

Furthermore, he was so quick to resign to show those ebil goobergater nazi subhumans that he probably didn't think about what he was signing up for. When they fired him The Escapist was doing well. Now The Escapist is so deep in the toilet they had to be bailed out after firing all the other contributors just to keep paying Yahtzee.

9eafef  No.511492

File: 57dffcab14317ae⋯.png (365.76 KB, 2136x1900, 534:475, 1448906214099.png)


They let him have his job back because he'll work for much less than they used to pay him, and literally everyone else has either quit or been fired.

93d65e  No.511496

Friendly reminder this guy wrote a ~200 page biographical fanfiction for Mario 3.


974366  No.511512


Exactly. He's come back at severely reduced pay and Pitts will probably make him sign a non-compete which means bye bye paypig. He would have been better off doing what he's been doing the last four years but he'll shoot himself in the foot just to show those ebil nazi goobergators

565077  No.511518


His entire existence is a battle against the forces of gamergate. When he finds an extra peanut at the bottom of the bag

<haha! take that, trump! i win again!

when he stubs his toe

<curse you, nazis, you won't get away with this!

9eafef  No.511535


Ironically if he had done absolutely nothing it would have been better. He could've bragged about leaving the sinking ship.

But now he's hopping on the sinking ship full throttle in a desperate attempt reclaim the lost relevance he once had.

42c644  No.511585

File: a2fd62fa972fdff⋯.jpg (90.42 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, moviebob's fantasy.jpg)

a4b183  No.511592


>working for the escapist

>"lol joke's on you i won"

I don't have a smug enough face for this.

abf54d  No.511638


Escapist is still relevant after it went to the shitter?

>Ha hah I won

Won what? Everybody who isn't a manchild faggot like Bob and Timbox left Escapist.


That guy is still there? What's he been up to?

312a8b  No.511641

File: 1d4c51181f7a459⋯.png (60.5 KB, 509x523, 509:523, bob jackass.png)

File: 5e6fa2e31c4608d⋯.png (40.07 KB, 499x459, 499:459, bob jackass2.png)

How smug can Bob get?

974366  No.511642


>What's he been up to?

He got married actually. He's become a big boy

974366  No.511644


>This thing is a one-man operation currently: My own cameraman, director, producer, editor, writer, FX/graphics - my own business manager

And he's terrible at all of these things.

312a8b  No.511652

File: 3d5b1f78067f9de⋯.png (41.41 KB, 503x525, 503:525, Bob you idiot.png)

File: bbc56c4f46c90d4⋯.png (51.09 KB, 499x507, 499:507, Bob you idiot2.png)

File: 3fdb83500f604d1⋯.png (45.41 KB, 493x459, 29:27, Bob you idiot3.png)

File: 726870bb9194108⋯.png (47.37 KB, 499x487, 499:487, Bob you idiot4.png)

And Bob wonders why so many people are fed up with the left.

abf54d  No.511660


>The election was tainted

Like how there was proof that Clinton literally and blatantly rigged the Democratic election to fuck Bernie Sanders over, Bob!?

a4b183  No.511676


Don't forget about the millions of "undocumented" immigrants that voted for her.

93d65e  No.511682


And dead people.

5de3fc  No.511720


I love how much you can tell his hatred for White working people is because he hates his family. He encapsulates liberals perfectly. He's a horrible person yet believes he's "good" because of his politics.

abf54d  No.511721


I want him and other liberals to meet someone that's a minority or a half-minority, yet hates that side of his family (in other words, a half spic, half white who hates the spic side of his family) to see how "multiculturalism" and "MUH DIVERSITY" really works out of their shitty world..

c41489  No.511765


>He's where he was four years ago

He's actually worse off. Remember when he came clean about having diabetes, and he attributed it to stress eating after losing his job? Getting rehired isn't going to un-diabetes him.

df2470  No.511767


I hope movie bob tries to join Antifa. Just to watch him get his fat ass get kicked in.

974366  No.511803


He'd have to leave his basement

351fce  No.511852

File: 90d78476ee16b16⋯.jpg (131.34 KB, 735x874, 735:874, Moviebob_lives_in_a_baseme….jpg)

>he literally lives in a basement


312a8b  No.512013


Bob is a Neckbeard story waiting to happen.

784f70  No.512036


And yet he is the type to rail about "muh trump supporters in trailers/filty hovels etc".

Fucking ridiculous.

a4b183  No.512046


>waiting to happen

No, he's an ongoing neckbeard story.

42c644  No.512082

File: fba117b76014f90⋯.jpg (64.82 KB, 574x503, 574:503, HWR.JPG)


>Basement Apartment

Why can't he be straightforward and admit he lives in a basement? Sure, it doesn't make him look good admitting he lives in his mom's basement, but at least he'll be direct about it.

910ad3  No.512097

File: 0c7eaaddcc3c3e5⋯.png (226.89 KB, 793x736, 793:736, 0c7eaaddcc3c3e584ad2656209….png)


Because the left's M.O. is to twist unflattering truths into something self-complimentary, no matter how ridiculous and transparent. blob would lie to himself and pretend his part of NASA's extended research program before admitting his the very definition of a basement-dwelling loser.

565077  No.512101


I can understand people who aren't white nationalists, or people who think Trump will ruin the country, or people who really think race is a social construct and if we just band together and hug hard enough we'll all get along.

What I can't understand is how anyone can like Hillary Clinton in any capacity.

Also funny that he poopoos "baseless superstition" while giving a speech that wouldn't be out of place in a cult meeting.

312a8b  No.512121

File: 07422b9f1efd41f⋯.jpg (47.5 KB, 439x480, 439:480, asmdafaq.jpg)


>The wage gap is a thing.

>Morality is actually baseless superstition.

>Global unification is good.

Bob is drinking the Kool-Aid by the truckload.

df2470  No.512130




Is bob still living in his Mom basement?

9eafef  No.512147


We're talking a self-identified leftist who believes in eugenics. This isn't just kool-aid, it's straight up retardation.

e71099  No.512211


Imagine defining "winning" as being allowed to write for a blog again years later. I mean, as opposed to getting a real job or girlfriend or losing ten pounds that couldn't be attributed to rounding error in the scale.

Or, really, anything.


>muh survival of nation

>also nations are dumb

God damnit, bob.

ae6c47  No.512214


This is how champions live you shitlord. #resistancefighter

d1781f  No.512219


Wasn't Blob a Randian a few years ago?

He kinda reminds me of Francois Tremblay who used to be a fanatical ancap (Even wrote a book about "Who will build the roads?") then became a antinatalist ancom and IIRC is a unironic tankie nowadays. All while working as a shelf stacker.

974366  No.512238


>Wasn't Blob a Randian a few years ago?

He arguably still is, he's just made a bizarre combination with leftist SJW rhetoric

d14fc9  No.512242


I thought he was just a typical conservative. I'm pretty sure his old website had an enormous American flag plastered over it.

Bob's attempted intellectualism is really pathetic. The only reason he's an SJW leftist is because he's told that it's the ideology for "woke, smart people."

93d65e  No.512277


Video game critics haven't been Randian since Bioshock came out. You could argue they never were to begin with if you wanted to be pedantic but ever since then they stopped even pretending to be.

ccf3ea  No.512323

File: cfad783eaed0f88⋯.png (454.16 KB, 640x960, 2:3, Leftist Basement Dwellers.png)

93d65e  No.512331


So 1 of every 3 antifa members is unpaid then?

42c644  No.512375


>2/3 are employed

Too much i say.

974366  No.512452


Most of them probably work as baristas

812286  No.512470


Eugenics was a progressive viewpoint at the dawn of the movement in the early 20th century. Bob is just bringing it full circle.


It's third positionism as espoused by Ignatius P Reilly after skimming Wikipedia summaries.

56d025  No.512518


I never understood people who put all their stuff in the basement. Unless you live in Kansas, the top floor is usually the safest place in your house/apartment to keep your electronics.

312a8b  No.512537

File: fcf1dc0a3d49e4d⋯.png (61.18 KB, 467x599, 467:599, bobclip.png)

Only a neckbeard could say something so stupid and dripping with arrogance.

910ad3  No.512578

File: 66b3e11f5696941⋯.png (642.33 KB, 526x511, 526:511, 66b3e11f56969415c5e27bc6b9….png)


>A morbidly obese drain on society implying he can eve get that bat to shoulder level, much less swing it without his arteries blowing out like worn tires

Which came first, the fat loser who refuses to shape up, or the political movement that uses such ilk as useful idiots?

227122  No.512597

File: a1bbc43a11cc5de⋯.png (364.25 KB, 478x644, 239:322, Captur3e.PNG)


>it is a semi-regular thing that coyotes get into schools and attack children

>this serves to further highlight how defenseless a school really is

>arming teachers would literally lead to the extinction of the species because they would shoot the coyotes

This man is some sort of giant retarded talking vagina.

e71099  No.512598


I think bob, like a lot of his kin, mostly adopt opinions for the sake of spouting them on twitter rather than as a reflection of sincere belief. Infact I'm not sure he even believes the latter is something people do.

565077  No.512601


I'm a bit of a brainlet, can someone explain this to me? Is he saying mexicans and niggers are violent feral animals and need to be exterminated?

18ee53  No.512606

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Threadly reminder that he thought gamergate was a reaction the right was having to finally getting a female president

e71099  No.512674

File: 6c07cbbf4c0e19a⋯.jpg (114.79 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1455104055594.jpg)


I can only imagine how hard he must have melted down when she lost.

9eafef  No.512677


The idea is:

Drumpf isn't doing enough about school shooters.

If it were coyotes instead of people with guns, Drumpf would kill all the coyotes in the world.

Guns are bad and Drumpf was bad.

If that seems confusing to you, it isn't confusing. It's just retarded.

910ad3  No.512689


Nice subtle shin megami tensei undertones. Oh christ, blob vs the fatlus army would be dream come true.

4ea9a8  No.512693


>Note: Yes, this is what I ultimately came up with: The Care Bears are Archangels, the Cloud Keeper is an Old Testament "god," Grumpy is a sympathetic Lucifer and this is (loosely) "Paradise Lost."

812286  No.512705


This completely falls apart even in Bobby's World, because if there were a coyote rampage going on he would be sperging about the need to conserve the species instead of letting a few dead kids get in the way of preserving the ecosystem's biodiversity for future generations. He's already established that in the past that he's fine with forcing what he estimates are obsolete manual workers into poverty and death if it means keeping old growth forests pristine and coercing investment in idealized FutureTech.

The eerie thing, though, is that there aren't that many people who don't think like potatoes Chipman here. They just don't let it all hang out as often as him, or at least without the benefit of anonymity. He's the unchecked id of lots of would-be dork knights.

312a8b  No.512766

File: 70ab0cd04938be0⋯.png (59.72 KB, 503x577, 503:577, clip bob bob bob.png)

File: c9fd3bae7a41560⋯.png (23.26 KB, 508x219, 508:219, clip bob bob bob2.png)

Don't you hate it when idiots try to sound like experts?

a4b183  No.512768


It's funny. The sort of shit blob says is the kind of thing most people look back on after they've graduated high school and are embarrassed about.

18ee53  No.512827

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



8ecaea  No.512832


>fan noise

>static noise

Does this guy not understand that audio recording is important as well as the video?

974366  No.512865


He barely understands how to make videos.

db493d  No.512872


This guy's principles are as solid as his muscle tone.

df2470  No.512875


What’s the odds bob related to Mundanematt?

312a8b  No.512920


Come on even Matt isn't that fat and ugly.

312a8b  No.513139

File: 8e96ab24c54c5df⋯.png (41.63 KB, 499x477, 499:477, clip bobtard.png)

File: e275e73b3b6cb1f⋯.png (45.11 KB, 503x641, 503:641, clip Mbob.png)

Being an asshole is second nature to Bob.

df2470  No.513157

File: ad3f5524c52fc0d⋯.png (58.83 KB, 1136x490, 568:245, B6ADEE40-3858-455D-B330-83….png)

File: 64f5767d31d2d3d⋯.jpeg (17.52 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 6C4F46F1-30E6-4425-A87B-B….jpeg)


>even Matt isn't that fat and ugly.

He was fried from big al toy barn for a reason.

af33aa  No.513159


>sitting on your ass in front of a computer all day is "working class"

Then channers are the fucking USSR.

154e0a  No.513165


>being an asshole

And a male feminist ally waiting to get good boy points.

e71099  No.513181


>take the piss out of authority

>pop culture garbage isn't important

Either bob doesn't understand the implications of what he's saying or the body snatchers are pro-gg.

312a8b  No.513220

File: 4c9ac619a39288a⋯.png (256.36 KB, 503x621, 503:621, bob she-ra.png)

File: c55a9030f5a2a40⋯.png (229.15 KB, 499x517, 499:517, bob she-ra2.png)

File: fb4439b94b6e96f⋯.png (57.4 KB, 499x635, 499:635, bob she-ra3.png)

File: d35c3b3230dec99⋯.png (46.52 KB, 505x511, 505:511, bob she-ra4.png)

File: fffef711d4aba26⋯.png (120.78 KB, 495x455, 99:91, bob she-ra5.png)

Bob on the she-ra reboot nuff said.

42c644  No.513254

File: 89e30af909769df⋯.jpg (50.34 KB, 564x608, 141:152, believe women.JPG)

File: 77f0110b3dbbc90⋯.jpg (44.22 KB, 564x446, 282:223, hoax.JPG)

He lost me on this.

312a8b  No.513452


He's saying that Gunn's creepy tweets should be ignored because he's a leftist like Bob.

42c644  No.513570


>You should believe women who tell ties as opposed to """nazis""" who tell the complete truth and nothing but the truth

9eafef  No.513571

File: 576fcbe66866eff⋯.gif (34.75 KB, 167x200, 167:200, Fedora tipper.gif)


>Old Testament "god,"

1fbff0  No.513576


God, I'm gonna party so hard when this dump truck kicks the bucket I won't be able to feel my head in the morning. All his tweets are like this, he's always angry in a passive aggressive way.

974366  No.513615


I really do think that he should have died instead of TotalBiscuit

69cb75  No.513628


>tank the 4th biggest franchise

Bob really thinks Guardians 3 is going to flop? Like the general moviegoing public is going to refuse to go see it because there's a different director? Jesus Christ, this fat fuck is beyond delusional.

312a8b  No.513726

File: 9316265200b659f⋯.png (51.17 KB, 505x599, 505:599, clip bob's hate for trump ….png)

File: 7c6744903db9aa2⋯.png (46.68 KB, 507x577, 507:577, clip bob's hate for trump ….png)

File: 3646c1e8a6f0aaf⋯.png (52.09 KB, 501x587, 501:587, clip bob's hate for trump ….png)

File: 6f1eb4a5d42b12b⋯.png (60.39 KB, 499x625, 499:625, clip bob's hate for trump ….png)

Bob and his ilk call themselves tolerant yet they say shit like this about people you don't vote the way they do.

93d65e  No.513793

File: 175bc2c5aa452e8⋯.jpg (674.55 KB, 1656x3093, 552:1031, total_biscuits_first_post_….jpg)


They both deserve it for not really all the different reasons.

974366  No.513975


I disagree. TotalBiscuit was just your garden variety pompous asshole. MovieBob is something else entirely. MovieBob is much more deserving of the long, slow and painful death that TotalBiscuit endured.

ae3caa  No.514003


Lmao at all the bugs in that thread

>I feel so vindicated in being a lonely loser who cut ties with my family, now that movieblob hates working class whites as much as me!

Also love the argument that "racists" have never come in contact with other races or that their parents just taught them racism. My parents only ever told me not to be racist, and I was a lot less racist before I moved to the city and started interacting with various muds. Racism is in all of us, and it is only amplified to being exposed to people of a different race.

The argument works a thousand times better against them; do you think any of these bugs have actually spent time with or given even a moderate cuckservative a fair hearing? None the less actually living in a neighborhood where the plurality are niggers.

565077  No.514015


What genuinely unlikable people.

312a8b  No.514026

File: 7da3b94620dac2b⋯.png (68.02 KB, 503x645, 503:645, clip bob woosh.png)

Fuck!! I haven't seen someone fail to grasp Orwell this bad since Hillary Clinton said that 1984 is about how you should trust the government.

565077  No.514027


>an animal farm movie sounds boring

>unless you made it about nazis and trump, then i'd like it

910ad3  No.514033

File: 3ebee4f5341e2e7⋯.jpg (18.59 KB, 552x653, 552:653, 96c91689b488b439bcaba0a520….jpg)


>The nauseating background design straight out of 1998

>The font is ill-formed and blends in with the background

>The fucking punctuation

Anon I am not strong enough to read all of that garbage, could you please be kind enough to give us all a TL;DR?

974366  No.514079


It's pretty hard to summarise. I doubt even TotalBiscuit knew what it was he was trying to say. The best I can do is he said some shit about how we don't know whether or not God exists because we don't know what's out there.

I dunno. I read it through once and that's twenty minutes of my life I'll never get back

312a8b  No.514206

File: 9fd2bebd90f5c1e⋯.png (53.25 KB, 507x651, 169:217, clip bob absolutes.png)

File: 84398198411e0ed⋯.png (27.75 KB, 505x339, 505:339, clip bob absolutes2.png)

You know what they say about people who sees everything as black and white.

42c644  No.514364

File: 0927e96d8e952e5⋯.jpg (74.46 KB, 567x631, 567:631, Borders1.JPG)

File: e58897536ecdd5f⋯.jpg (60.35 KB, 571x521, 571:521, Borders2.JPG)

784f70  No.514369


>hates the white middle class/working poor

,says they are "obsolete"

>loves uneducated low iq illegal manual laborers


d9c055  No.514392


Does he not realize that the wall is supposed to keep Mexicans out so they'll be forced to turn around and take their country back from the billion crime organizations that have been dictating it for decades? Leave them no alternatives and they'll eventually take the plunge

312a8b  No.514410


>Extra super racist squad of police

Is it wrong that I want to hit this fat far left fuckwit with Balrog's Gigaton blow?

565077  No.514466

File: 2d4a231bb36b23f⋯.jpg (548.94 KB, 982x472, 491:236, moviebob.jpg)


The truth is that some things really are simple enough to eclipse and require no deep discussion.

Koopas are bad. The opposite-of-koopas are good. There isn't a middle or an offsides. You get to options - pick one, and stop blathering at me. You've nothing interesting to say.

6ec2cf  No.514473


> It's like having your door closed while you're at home, and if somebody rings the bell they DON'T automatically get shot or arrested.

That's exactly how closed borders work. Has Bob ever been to another country? You get to the border, show your papers and then the officials decide whether to let you in or not.

Here is one thing I don't understand: if America is this horrible racist country run by literal Nazis, why is it that all these "people of color" so desperately want to go there? If there was a country that wanted me dead, that would be the last place I would want to go to. Someone should ask Bob about that.

d16840  No.514476

File: e57ce5a1acb6426⋯.jpg (15.57 KB, 255x241, 255:241, e57ce5a1acb6426abbd1ba0e21….jpg)


>channer scum


93d65e  No.514491


He probably does subconsciously which is why it triggers him so much.

d16840  No.514497

reading thru dobson's and bob's thread, the phrase "first world problems" come to mind. forget politics, I want these fat fucks in mexico or south africa, or some other third world country, see how long they last

e3041e  No.514499

File: 199ef031ba3a851⋯.png (202.74 KB, 680x714, 20:21, werner polis.png)


>Mocks people who are fans who don't want nostalgic things desecrated by cynical cashgrabs all while being a giant Nintendo fanboy

>The entire second pic and his job and what he's doing in that second pic.

286a16  No.514506


It feels like people who obsess over cutesy colorful childish media tend to be more pretentious than people who just enjoy media about men punching each other

974366  No.514707


>The-opposite-of-nazis are good

>Stalin was good

>Mao was good

>Pol Pot was good

>Fidel Castro was good

>Antifa are good

You know it astonishes me that there are people out there who genuinely believe Bob to be intelligent.

6ec2cf  No.514825


>Also love the argument that "racists" have never come in contact with other races or that their parents just taught them racism. My parents only ever told me not to be racist, and I was a lot less racist before I moved to the city and started interacting with various muds. Racism is in all of us, and it is only amplified to being exposed to people of a different race.

I used to believe that homosexuals are just normal people, except that one weird quirk, because that was what I got taught. It wasn't until I got older and saw a pride parade for real that I understood that faggots are a disease upon society. I have no idea how anyone could see such a display of degeneracy and not come to the conlusion that razing the entire city with fire is the only right option.

910ad3  No.514833

File: 146c69aabe627ec⋯.png (224.08 KB, 621x706, 621:706, 785d3e12635ecdc675fa0bee47….png)

File: 90686f9b2b6f057⋯.png (189.49 KB, 1112x2893, 1112:2893, faggot statistics.png)

File: 769d190d6b05b5d⋯.png (111.03 KB, 1201x913, 1201:913, faggots are just like you ….png)

File: 172b7a53a3d5bba⋯.png (254.45 KB, 1498x537, 1498:537, faggots are just like you ….png)

File: f7bec0ee5173ddd⋯.png (347.72 KB, 1452x752, 363:188, faggots raising childre wh….png)


Have some secular reasons to despise faggots anon.

e71099  No.514971


He's more or less saying that evidence and arguments don't count when they're fielded by "nazis" (i.e. people he doesn't like (i.e. people he doesn't agree with to begin with.))

Keep in mind, this dude counts himself among the "intellectuals."


lol avoiding check points and sneaking in is the exact same thing as ringing a bell. Good one bob.

80c878  No.514983


>fake tweet

>valid stats, no argument here

>random cherry picked examples

cool dood

dabdc3  No.515009


Isn't The Escapist fucking dead now?

dabdc3  No.515010

File: 7e1b9e0501e7746⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1001x1100, 91:100, laughing humble water filt….png)


>Literal fucking basement dweller

I'm in tears right now

93d65e  No.515011


It will be the moment Yahtzee leaves and makes his own channel.

ed7261  No.515014

File: ad39e3c8cb39895⋯.jpg (341.45 KB, 1280x1060, 64:53, the true face of ∕v∕.jpg)

File: 50fca6c73c891e6⋯.gif (67.28 KB, 79x113, 79:113, BobBobBob_small.gif)


No Blob has always been a full blown leftist.

dabdc3  No.515016


I assumed he moved to SF to find a new career or network.

df2470  No.515022



>some other third world country, see how long they last

Homo and tranny propaganda only exist in the first world for a reason. Even the communist nations the left loves so much jailed or killed gays and trannies on sight. I wouldn’t be shocked if there a big homo exodus outta Europe in the future. More third world refugees means more anti-faggoty. It forcing younger Western European to realizing LGBT shit and anti-white propaganda is damaging to society.

df2470  No.515023



>It will be the moment Yahtzee leaves and makes his own channel.

Yahtzee doesn’t seem that smart. He probably gotten contracted to stay.

ed7261  No.515055

File: 98c80f1ba4e892b⋯.png (307.46 KB, 533x501, 533:501, blacked faced bob 2.png)

File: ddfc19f0c9a8e00⋯.png (272.41 KB, 406x447, 406:447, blacked faced bob.png)


If someone (with video editing software) put Bob in blackface and then substituted the word Gamers for Niggers and freeloaded the video.

Well that would be golden.

ed7261  No.515056

reuploaded *

42c644  No.515063


Yahtzee's the type who has talent but stays working for a shitty company for convenience. Moviebob's the guy who has nothing else but the company despite being a shitty worker.

784f70  No.515069


Or about how fucktons of Zimbabwe blacks were rushing into evil apartheid South Africa. That one would make his head explode.


Or maybe not. He would probably say that they were traitors to based bob Mugabe.

93d65e  No.515080


I don't think he even does it for convenience, actually. He loves bitching and playing the oppression card so he probably just enjoys living under the corporate boot.

312a8b  No.515180

File: f7ce9949ac2c7fa⋯.png (45.14 KB, 507x619, 507:619, clip BOB derpman.png)

File: 84a7d83c254cdb7⋯.png (43.87 KB, 503x537, 503:537, clip BOB derpman2.png)

Bob has no reason to call himself an intellectual when he's saying things like this.

910ad3  No.515191



<Doesn't engage the thread topic

<White-knights degenerates

<Muh tranny and fag pr

<M-muh c-cherry picking!!11

Aren't cocksuckers supposed to be good at banter? When did your skin become as thin as your colon lining anon?


Is yahtzee still getting views? The angry, edgy reviewer fad died out in 2010 from what I remember.

dabdc3  No.515198


>Is yahtzee still getting views?

Not on the escapist's website. Only on youtube really

974366  No.515259


>Yahtzee doesn’t seem that smart

It's not a question of smart. Yahtzee stays with The Escapist

A) because he doesn't really care

B) because The Escapist will pay him a flat rate which means he doesn't have to worry about things like the adpocalypse fucking with his earnings. ZP is basically steady work for him while he works on other projects, like getting his novels published

974366  No.515261


Bob has no reason to call himself an intellectual generally but he does it anyway

e71099  No.515339

File: f97ac8721131c52⋯.jpg (233.17 KB, 533x965, 533:965, redcap.jpg)


>people being beat up and attacked by emboldened bigoted redcaps

4727af  No.515798


You don't have to. It was posted when it happened. He was tweeting NON-STOP, even more than usual.

4727af  No.515800


>no one meaningfully cared about the pedophile jokes

So? No one honestly cared about Rosanne's tweet or Paula Deen's n-bomb from 40 years ago, yet here we are.

312a8b  No.516153

File: 8ccf5d3c8429a14⋯.png (48.23 KB, 505x547, 505:547, clip bob fuqed up.png)

File: c37993de0ca8836⋯.png (51.65 KB, 497x623, 71:89, clip bob fuqed up2.png)

File: 4ab4807ea55d9ca⋯.png (53.73 KB, 505x641, 505:641, clip bob fuqed up3.png)

File: 17363d3165afe94⋯.png (12.47 KB, 505x175, 101:35, clip bob fuqed up4.png)

My face and palm hurt after this one.

e71099  No.516322


>There isn't even the pretense that one group has to lose so the other can ascend anymore

Funny enough, these words by themselves also explain why people are getting so fed up with identity politics.

812286  No.516415


For all of their accusations of other people being "reactionary" Bob and Company don't appear to understand that reactionaries… react. There wouldn't be a youth alt-right presence measuring more than a rounding error or even fervidly civic nationalist "MAGApedes" if it weren't for people like them making a holy icon out of a double standard for identity politics. Never would have been a Gamergate. Never would have been a Frog Twitter. Probably wouldn't have even been a real Trump campaign. They are the architects of their own nemeses. Deep down, though, I think it's what they want. They want THEIR nazis to punch. They want THEIR Civil Rights marches. They want THEIR Vietnam. They've idolized the teenaged Boomer rebellion narrative and seek their 21st century cartoon reboot to live out.

565077  No.516441


None of Bob's writing actually makes its way into my brain. It goes in one ear and out the other. I have to read his bullshit three times before I get what he's saying. You have to come at it with a specific mindframe, like how scientologists talk about thetans and SPs.

df2470  No.516442


You think this is Butt hurt. Lindsay Ellis friend Bella called Bernie Sanders KKK leader.

09a400  No.516473

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Apparently not, but he sort of likes her philosophy. Found this video about it.

1e393e  No.516548


That is what happens when people fetishize victimhood. They want those sweet victim points, they want a cause to fight for, but they want to be in control of the problem they are fighting. If those weak-willed faggots had to face any actual adversity they would be the first to piss their pants. Bragging about punching Nazis is easy behind a Twitter account or when you are masked in a mob.

312a8b  No.517122

File: 73831c50924de4f⋯.png (39.9 KB, 497x369, 497:369, clip bob gamerz.png)

File: c9a51b108b2d011⋯.png (66.46 KB, 501x605, 501:605, clip bob hillary.png)

File: 792d6fb87449fee⋯.png (49.95 KB, 503x553, 503:553, clip bob white nerds.png)

These are so stupid they hurt my head.

784f70  No.517128


Huh, the way he acts, I thought he would have been a major Randroid.

df2470  No.517132


Ayn rand Far more liberal than she is conservative. She promoted selfishness and hatred religion. ( yet okay with Judaism and Islam strangely enough even though she hates Christianity and Buddhism)

0d1264  No.517136


>(((Fellow White))) nerd

I'm calling him Moviebagel from now on.

93d65e  No.517137



Where have you guys been? Rand has been the punching bag for every strawmanning retard, liberal or otherwise, on the internet for over the past decade. She's like Dan Brown for people who want to feel politically intelligent.

9eafef  No.517138


His opinions are so basic, stupid and repetitive you could just copy his tweets from months ago, change names around and keep random generating shitty takes from him forever.

9eafef  No.517140


and yet MovieBob has praised her in previous tweets and actually suggested "good" developers should copy Atlas Shrugged to spite sexist game nerds.

910ad3  No.517158

File: fcb5aa8ee9e08c1⋯.jpg (100.7 KB, 640x480, 4:3, phenotype.jpg)


I'd say he has some troll traits, but with all the dried crisco under his skin it's hard to be certain.

df2470  No.517206


I swear half of the folklore monsters in the world were inspired by Jews.

812286  No.517252

File: 2035fe6b4266f4c⋯.jpg (14.79 KB, 480x360, 4:3, spoony.jpg)


Man, it's such a mystery why the quality of entertainment industry output has been on a steady decline. Must be not enough people who love and cherish the product being purified from the process and replaced with ironic deconstructionists.

I'm kind of surprised that Max Boot isn't retweeting Blobert's hot take considering that man has never heard of a war he didn't like except for a trade war.

The third tweet is the worst. People who self-deprecate like this are doing so with the most transparent insincerity. It's a weak distraction from their conspicuous narcissism. Play into their own self-debasement and see how reliably they meltdown.

93d65e  No.517288


The Volsung Saga in particular is about greedy dwarves who turn into reptilians when they're found out. This isn't even a joke.

e71099  No.517457


I like how he keeps claiming hillarys unpopularity is down to being demonized by republikkkans for decades, thus implying that she was ALREADY unpopular when they decided to back her, but somehow can't quite connect the dots and conclude that running her was a shit move. Bernie would have won

974366  No.517487


>Bernie would have won

No he wouldn't

312a8b  No.517617

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Got to hand it to Bob in one video he proves that the left can't meme, and gives ammo to the living Muppet Peterson.

784f70  No.517624



>Someone who advertised themselves as a "democratic socialist"/ had communist sympathies would ever win the presidency in America where all socialism=communism thanks to 50 years of Cold War "reds under beds" propaganda.

Big old nope there.

93d65e  No.517671


At this point I'm convinced they attack this guy with the weakest shit possible just to drive more people to him. He's been confirmed a CIA asset multiple times so it's not even that big of a leap.

9eafef  No.517675


>in America where all socialism=communism thanks to 50 years of Cold War "reds under beds" propaganda.

I'm pretty sure the fact that communism and socialism are the same thing is what makes people say that.

a0c0fb  No.517716


Communism and Socialism are the same thing

a0c0fb  No.517717


Honestly this

312a8b  No.519350

File: 63063c2cada141e⋯.png (46.23 KB, 495x457, 495:457, clip bob everyonenazis.png)

File: 349db7208dcefff⋯.png (58.47 KB, 503x601, 503:601, clip bob everyonenazis2.png)

File: 61a2d1f75f50cd3⋯.png (55.82 KB, 499x633, 499:633, clip bob everyonenazis3.png)

File: 9a9e0e27bd1102b⋯.png (256.36 KB, 503x595, 503:595, clip bob everyonenazis4.png)

File: d6b50dbfca9e374⋯.png (126.09 KB, 503x389, 503:389, clip bob everyonenazis5.png)

Bob is saying stupid shit like this and calling himself part of the liberal elite?

8ecaea  No.519370


I doubt it was actual Nazi's that got that guy fired. They are 90-100 years old by now, if any are still alive.

312a8b  No.519449


To people like Bob anyone that isn't on the left is a Nazi.

784f70  No.519455

File: 4df93a2e7e4f112⋯.jpg (285.9 KB, 1636x1341, 1636:1341, speaks to the workers.jpg)


>what is national socialism

8ecaea  No.519482


He makes himself look like an idiot.

df2470  No.519490

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How do you think bob will justify MCU stars and crew unfollowing James Gunn after he started making jokes about raping his daughter after Disney fired him? Only ones defending him are the guardians of NAMBLA cast. The fact the worse actor and most replaceable person in guardians of Nambla think he can show Disney Who boss by threatening to quit shows how much of a hugbox Hollywood is. Dave Bautista probably the dumbest wrestler next to CM punk. He pulling the same shit when Daniel Bryan got a pushed instead of him. Disney probably consider him less of a Star than WWE. Crying cyber Nazis when normies were gross out from years of child rape jokes doesn’t help.

30b3c0  No.519497

Bob would look really fucking hot with a thick BBC shoved down his throat. I bet with proper training he could give better sloppy head than those hoodrats in the ghetto who work hard for their money.

312a8b  No.520330

File: 35ab9a53e64b2e3⋯.png (171.35 KB, 499x373, 499:373, clip bob vs gbee.png)

File: fb9bf358c14d08a⋯.png (52.42 KB, 509x439, 509:439, clip bob vs gbee2.png)

File: 44065f7a8596925⋯.png (39.48 KB, 505x567, 505:567, clip bob vs gbee3.png)

File: ea24c2a9f9faa8a⋯.png (45.37 KB, 497x599, 497:599, clip bob vs gbee4.png)

File: 12f0ca1cc277ce6⋯.png (44.49 KB, 499x441, 499:441, clip bob vs gbee5.png)

Someone locked horns with Bob and won.

974366  No.520331


I think Bob's white knights might be even more pathetic than Bob himself

16596e  No.520332


>How do you think bob will justify MCU stars and crew unfollowing James Gunn after he started making jokes about raping his daughter after Disney fired him?

Obviously time traveling nazis tricked them/russians hacked their brains/they're not real people.



974366  No.520333

File: b11d4a01e2103b5⋯.png (50.13 KB, 637x371, 91:53, QcfJV3y.png)

File: ed9b579772206b4⋯.png (45.19 KB, 637x374, 637:374, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Bob ….png)


Bob has a history of defending paedophiles and sex pests. He said Polanski should go free because conservatives want him to go to jail (I didn't think Chris Rock was conservative but whatever). He defended Nick Nyberg. He was told about Devin Faraci and pretty much just ignored it until he no longer had a choice. Now he's defending James Gunn for making paedophilic jokes. I wouldn't be surprised if he continues to defend Gunn if he should turn out to be an actual paedophile, which I'm starting to suspect he is. He accepted his firing a little bit too well.

812286  No.520546


Remember it all goes back to his most infamous line, "There are no bad methods, only bad targets."

For CinemaRoberto there are no consistent principles; it's just a matter of who/whom. Anything that he thinks will usher in the fatbeard paradise singularity he anticipates where he will don a toga and appear on a twelve story high hologram reviewing the latest cerebral download experience for his millions of enlightened patrons.

910ad3  No.520634

Anyone got blobbo's doxxxxxx yet?

061401  No.520637

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




For decades they were different. But then this happened:

351fce  No.520702


Who cares? It there's no difference if a guy a socialist or a communist, in both cases the guy is likely to be either a poorfag that believes he deserves free stuff or a turbokike that wants to gain wealth and political power by exploring the stupidity of the first individual.

565077  No.520781

File: 60d407f31f5d8ee⋯.jpeg (194.88 KB, 1121x1182, 1121:1182, an adult male takes a sel….jpeg)


You expect a man who looks like this to have a coherent and consistent worldview? This is the face of a man driven solely by appetite and flashing cartoon lights.

dba6b3  No.520803



974366  No.520808

File: 3f51d5da9576619⋯.jpg (271.82 KB, 1500x803, 1500:803, 0D0A5181.jpg)


His friend Gabe discusses it here: https://keepetclassy.podbean.com/e/cosmic-cast-1-gabey-in-usa/

You can see their wedding photos here: https://www.kessandyahtzee.com/photos/

781d77  No.520814



It doesn't help either that the MSM's efforts to cater to the lowest common denominator have helped create a climate where any middle ground has all bit disappeared.

312a8b  No.520823

File: e54f699c9cbe170⋯.png (74.12 KB, 407x521, 407:521, clip bob vs steve j.png)

File: a2c1a64ac787a7f⋯.png (76.02 KB, 409x375, 409:375, clip bob vs steve j2.png)

File: 2224e22a8fc5114⋯.png (37.1 KB, 411x555, 137:185, clip bob vs steve j3.png)

Bob's got some balls here.

910ad3  No.520832


Very telling they press photo didn't show off the bride's face. I know emuland isn't full of good-looking people at all, but he must have really scrapped the bottom of the barrel if he's too embarrassed to show off his trophy wife at his wedding.

9eafef  No.520861


>Running to Daddy Jack to censor the bad guys when they hurt your feelings


No, those are called "ovaries."

3d26c1  No.520863


I like how Bob is too much of a coward to tweet at EVS.

974366  No.520912


>Very telling they press photo didn't show off the bride's face.

It's not a press photo, it's one of their photos. I picked that one so you could see Yahtzee actually putting a ring on this woman's finger.

Far as I know the press didn't report shit about Yahtzee getting married. Yahtzee probably wouldn't want them to anyway, he's kind of a private person. Doesn't shit everything all over twitter unlike Blob here.

>I know emuland isn't full of good-looking people at all

1) She's a burger. Yahtzee moved to burgerland two years ago

2) Nigga what? Australia is full of fine-ass bitches?

16596e  No.520963


>2) Nigga what? Australia is full of fine-ass bitches?

Problem is they're all hidden in basements.

df2470  No.520984

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Clean shaven movie bob looks more like a pedophile than regular movie bob


How soon until Bob start calling Doom eternal alt-right racist propaganda like the rest of the game journalists?

3d26c1  No.521028


>Bob: "Hey Lois, remember that time I punched the nazis while quoting Mao?"

>Lois: "It didn't happen, Bob. Also I'm a character on a tv show, I don't exist, you fat fuck."

>Bob: "Aw…"

aaaf1d  No.521090

Imagine being in your late 30's and your biggest worries in life are "nazis" being on twitter, and the director of a comic book movie getting fired. Being a manchild must be one hell of a ride.

312a8b  No.521326

File: ccd0b9ca6d94bd1⋯.png (38.21 KB, 413x447, 413:447, clip evs bob.png)

File: af86713612b4615⋯.png (45.44 KB, 405x601, 405:601, clip evs bob2.png)

File: a754392f138989a⋯.png (51.14 KB, 407x561, 37:51, clip evs bob3.png)

File: 48a257011ed2f35⋯.png (51.38 KB, 407x577, 407:577, clip evs bob4.png)

File: 2b69d74edc1139d⋯.png (19.93 KB, 399x268, 399:268, clip evs bob5.png)

Bob's on a roll here

a4b183  No.521391


>Bob's on a roll here

He has to be. He's too fat to walk.

565077  No.521399


>when someone calls someone else a pedo with no evidence it's because they're a nazi/nazi sympathizer

I'm going to start using this in reverse.

>what, you calling me a nazi? you some kind of kid toucher or something?

974366  No.521403


Bob's impotent threats of legal action are always funny

45f294  No.521469


The sad thing is that you'd be far more likely to be unintentionally correct. If we take the (((pedo apologists))) at their word and 3-4% of the population wants to rape kids and compare it to the literal 500 Neo-Nazis in the US, we're talking about a ratio of 19,500 to 26,000 pedos to 1 Nazi.

8f27ad  No.521471


>r-report the meanie! I am totally not a pedofork!

lmao, I mean, it's not like his leftists buddies would hate him or anything if he came out of the kiddie closet

974366  No.521482


>make post about how Bob constantly defends paedophiles

>twatter user calls out Bob for constantly defending paedophiles

Is this Steve Johnson a /cow/ anon?

f0537a  No.521489

File: a0ffc2ff55d46eb⋯.jpg (275.22 KB, 1500x973, 1500:973, 0N5A1861.jpg)

File: 30e7ee937866d70⋯.jpg (139.31 KB, 1000x811, 1000:811, 0D0A5063.jpg)


You just had to click, she looks fine, above what I expect from an internet game reviewer.

93d65e  No.521508


The moment his spite marketing check from Bethesada shows up in the mail.

974366  No.521518


She's not tatted up and she's not a blue haired landwhale so even though she's kind of plain she's instantly better than 90% of e-celeb wives. I wish them well

312a8b  No.521553

File: d4a199581a44294⋯.png (50.79 KB, 409x647, 409:647, clip bob mad.png)

File: d04c1465281ecbe⋯.png (46.7 KB, 405x573, 135:191, clip bob mad2.png)

File: 939d5844201dba0⋯.png (120.31 KB, 405x625, 81:125, clip bob mad3.png)

Bob is getting pissed now.

312a8b  No.521554

File: 150ab77a3c4cd9f⋯.png (50.79 KB, 409x591, 409:591, clip bob mad4.png)

File: 355fd3d915a071b⋯.png (126.35 KB, 411x595, 411:595, clip bob mad5.png)

File: 0adbd8796634b85⋯.png (188.55 KB, 407x645, 407:645, clip bob mad6.png)


second part.

6cb2d9  No.521559


>where's the right wing metoo movement

So either he's saying that, curiously, all the metoo victims are leftists, or he's saying all the people getting accused are leftists. I can't say either interpretation make right wingers look bad tbh.

a4b183  No.521592



Just wouldn't be blob if he did have his hypocrisy on clear display.

312a8b  No.521685

File: 0606e442b89b3ec⋯.png (63.69 KB, 407x607, 407:607, clip bob pushback.png)

File: 085f37473f616d4⋯.png (38.1 KB, 403x463, 403:463, clip bob pushback2.png)

File: 7450175a218db7d⋯.png (128.08 KB, 405x423, 45:47, clip bob pushback3.png)

Bob is losing it.

974366  No.521708


This would imply Bob ever had 'it'

565077  No.521714


>if you say pedo jokes are sick then someone will shoot a movie director!

He didn't seem to worried about nutjob communists physically attacking politicians when Maxine Waters was inciting mob violence.

5db8a1  No.521821

File: bf9b9012566acd5⋯.png (171.21 KB, 720x719, 720:719, Screenshot_2018-08-15-22-1….png)

He just delet this kek

312a8b  No.521845


>conservatives are almost always bad people

This just proves that Bob is a useful idiot, and not one of the liberal elite as he thinks he is.

1d729a  No.521876


Projecting a little too much, no wonder he deleted it before he could be laughed at.

1fdd91  No.521884


Her supporters were some of the most delusional twats you could imagine. At the time of the election, I had a coworker who refused to even believe the stories of Hil's temper tantrums (of which there are many) let alone the other shit she's pulled.

To my eyes, it's mostly confirmation bias. These were the same people who still believe that the MSM covered the election fairly, since CNN, MSMBC, NYT, etc were telling them what they wanted to hear.

974366  No.521898


He should probably do something about his daddy issues

312a8b  No.521926

File: e388b7574a77236⋯.png (78.05 KB, 409x605, 409:605, clip bob nanas.png)

File: 290c6f3494edf1d⋯.png (19.42 KB, 403x253, 403:253, clip bob nanas2.png)

File: e023b37f20b31a2⋯.png (99.54 KB, 401x509, 401:509, clip bob nanas3.png)

Oh Bob kek.

5db8a1  No.521940

File: 83ed4d17c7d206c⋯.jpg (170.07 KB, 567x846, 63:94, DkulfTTX0AAbUB4.jpg)

Oh Bob

565077  No.521944


>bad people should have bad things happen to them, good people should have the opposite

lol he gets his ideas of morality from Super Mario 3.

82b20f  No.522018


James Gunn didn't do anything to any children, though.

974366  No.522019


He's too fat for mirrors

312a8b  No.522036

File: e38b7f40680be60⋯.png (41.76 KB, 407x485, 407:485, clip bob bull.png)

File: 4d86013a21292d0⋯.png (102.1 KB, 413x635, 413:635, clip bob bull2.png)

File: 13c55436402e323⋯.png (39.6 KB, 413x563, 413:563, clip bob bull3.png)

File: 32ad7f6f9dd0a77⋯.png (115.67 KB, 405x609, 135:203, clip bob bull4.png)

File: 38dd17f8466375c⋯.png (40.94 KB, 409x567, 409:567, clip bob bull5.png)

How much bullshit can a guy spread?

784f70  No.522092


>if you don't feel sorry about some elite Hollywood scum losing their job, you are a bad person and should die.




974366  No.522394


Bob's lost his already tenuous grip on reality

a49841  No.522438

File: dfdb74d389ec0bf⋯.jpg (76.8 KB, 576x404, 144:101, nazis!.jpg)


So, he's acting like a white knight to some celeb that doesn't give a shit about him. Wishing bad things to happen to people he doesn't know must really make Bob feel heroic.

Or maybe he's convinced himself that it's okay to be hateful if you're being hateful to literal NAZIS!

c2c95f  No.522446



565077  No.522579

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bob made a 46 minute video about #RehireJamesGunn

df2470  No.522873



>James Gunn jokes about raping his daughter after Disney firing

>has pedo theme parties

You have to be a Nazi to laugh at James Gunn!

df2470  No.522875


Someone should send screenshots of movie bob defending pedo parties to his employers.

a4b183  No.522887


You're assuming (((someone))) that's willing to hire Blob wouldn't be pedos or pedo sympathizers.

df2470  No.522889


True. But game journalists might be worried about bad PR about promoting rape culture.

93d65e  No.522890


If Escapist hadn't fired him yet I don't think they ever will.

de745b  No.522892

File: 51bc48dd254f785⋯.jpg (58.55 KB, 567x504, 9:8, salt1.JPG)


His employers already know

de745b  No.522893


They rehired him because the new owner is so deluded that he believed Archon fired Bob because Archon was right-wing or whatever. I think they're slowly learning that it was because Bob simply cannot control his autism.

de745b  No.522894


>bad people should have bad things happen to them

>MovieBob lost his job, got 'beetus and became a complete laughingstock

I mean, he's not wrong

1fdd91  No.522912


So how long do you suppose it's gonna take for him to work himself up enough to bring on the inevitable heart attack?

93d65e  No.522914


Whenever Nintendo inevitably makes Mario into a Trump standin.

df2470  No.522990

File: e017336723afe2c⋯.jpg (54.23 KB, 576x390, 96:65, Lindsay Ellis shill for Pe….jpg)

Question. Who will damage control over Defending James gunn first? Movie bob, Lindsay ellis or mundanematt?

8ecaea  No.522994


Throw some weiners at her face and she will forget everything.

f016d8  No.523066


>The first 4 fucking minutes of this shit is he saying nothing relevant about James Gunn

And this motherfucker made youtube videos for a living?

de745b  No.523067


It was easy to make a living as a Jewtuber back in 2008, especially if you leeched off the popularity of Yahtzee and AVGN like Bob did.

93d65e  No.523071


Back then his videos were almost exclusively on Escapist.

de745b  No.523084


Even so, that's how he's had a career. He used to post his videos on the same sites as two much more popular people

6cb2d9  No.523113


To be fair, not saying anything relevant is probably bobs best shot at not saying something dumb.

3d26c1  No.523120


The Escapist doesn't care since they've re-hired him.



He won't acknowledge it. He will make a video about someone who got bullied to death.

312a8b  No.523135

File: 8e88f9914fef31c⋯.png (55.76 KB, 407x621, 407:621, clip bob fuq u.png)

File: 3c25edf12b26460⋯.png (24.01 KB, 411x265, 411:265, clip bob fuq u2.png)

File: cd2cd797b41eb64⋯.png (42.92 KB, 409x499, 409:499, clip bob fuq u3.png)

It takes real talent to make yourself look stupid every time you open your mouth.

df2470  No.523208


>The Escapist doesn't care since they've re-hired him

The escapist won’t be around for long. They recently said they would go apolitical to save themselves. Yet they re-hired movie bob.

df2470  No.523210


Mundanematt recently made a video about a nurse that committed suicide. He compared himself to the nurse.

4ea9a8  No.523338

File: 8e3313658b98d99⋯.jpg (44.21 KB, 575x546, 575:546, C6xRCr4VsAA441A.jpg)


Funny you should say that

de745b  No.523350


>There are days when I'm sorry for every small bit I contributed to making "Professional YouTube Gamer Person" a thing

Well, let's unpack this. He's not Professional. He's not a Gamer (by his own admission) so really he's just a "YouTube Person". Certainly not a YouTube person who contributed to anything given that more than ten years later still nobody knows or cares who he is.

784f70  No.523356


>Persian/Yugoslav mix cares more about white people then most white people.


93d65e  No.523358


I get the feeling he only does it for the infamy and attention. That's better than nothing I guess but still.

de745b  No.523372


If he did it for the infamy and attention he'd post about political shit more often, like Blobbert here. Instead he's generally uncomfortable bringing up political issues and usually only does so when he feels he has to say something. A lot of the controversy surrounding JonTron and his 'problematic' opinions was somewhat accidental on his part, for instance he probably had no expectation that SJWs would lose their shit over his calling the PS Plus 'retarded'

d14fc9  No.523375


Persians are Slavs are both Aryan. Look at Jon's skin tone and he's clearly white.

93d65e  No.523382


I never see or expect genuineness in ecelebs.

df2470  No.523396

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Does movie bob think he famous by people laughing at him? Even Razorfist is both better known and more influential than blob. And he doesn’t have game journalists backing him or feeding him viewers. With far less subs razorfist already boogeyman to koGabea fanboys when he points out koGabea bad writing and him bleeding konami money by fucking around with celebrities on company yen.( konami finally turned a profit after firing koGabea. Almost like he was fired for a good reason.) fuck I even say Mundanematt still more popular and Influential than blob.

1e393e  No.523623

Non-American here: who the fuck is James Gunn and why would there even in the most paranoid social Marxist's fever dreams be a group of conservatives who want him fired?


> Persians are Slavs

Did you mean "Persians and Slavs" or do you really believe that Persians are Slavs.

93d65e  No.523626


Some no name Hollywood writer/director nobody would've even pretended to care about if he wasn't hired for Guardians of the Galaxy, which by the way only happened because he was cheap as dirt.

061401  No.523647

File: ca40ad0640289e2⋯.png (132.69 KB, 215x255, 43:51, 1497353965313.png)


DPRK are not allowed to protect their culture

312a8b  No.523705

File: a59f798dd59312f⋯.png (49.03 KB, 409x643, 409:643, clip bob boast.png)

Bob puts the ass in asshole.

df2470  No.523709

File: c6e42fb6578e6a8⋯.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1987x3056, 1987:3056, C4E8DE33-6DC2-47C9-AE13-8….jpeg)


>Bob the advocating blocking people on Twitter is Butt hurt he got block on twitter

I bet bob thinks tom king Batman run smart. The guy who made Batman an atheist over Catwoman leaving him for bane.

312a8b  No.523859

File: bc234bedbf8cd90⋯.png (47.18 KB, 405x643, 405:643, SJW bob.png)

File: 1729d58eab88898⋯.png (49.02 KB, 407x629, 11:17, SJW bob2.png)

File: c6ede6ccea2aa25⋯.png (33.52 KB, 405x483, 135:161, SJW bob3.png)

Bob and his cronies are the reason why people use the term SJW.

df2470  No.523872


Movie bob is proof that Millennials got screwed over by the 80s kids generation.

113944  No.523884


Gunn getting shitcanned really is Bob's "Sonic's arms aren't blue!" isn't it?

50a522  No.523890


What the fuck is this shit? Why would batman give two flying fucks outside of 5 minutes of being let down that she passed up BatGod for a brazilian? It makes zero sense. Im glad i dropped comics.

df2470  No.523891


>What the fuck is this shit?

Tom king award winning writing. DC now ignoring Batman visiting the afterlife and befriending supernatural beings like Wonder Woman and the demon Etrigan. What worse DC recently ruined damian Wayne by having Slade literally cucking Batman. Now only talia bang slade. Batman been raising Deathstroke son as his own for 14 years.

50a522  No.523893


Jesus christ.

4af53c  No.523920

File: ed7cd90aa0e9515⋯.jpg (63.84 KB, 540x739, 540:739, What-the-fuck-am-i-reading.jpg)


I hate this century

565077  No.523925

File: 554c5d5c74fbf91⋯.png (251.03 KB, 950x314, 475:157, ClipboardImage.png)


>you should see the pretzels they bend themselves into to avoid saying superheroes are social justice warriors

These niggers see themselves as superheroes. Nuke LA.

93d65e  No.523927



df2470  No.523928

File: d2fd71545a0e08e⋯.jpeg (292.03 KB, 700x1134, 50:81, 97894C88-48EA-4A4B-A1A7-9….jpeg)


The whole Batman always being an atheist is le geek culture type historical revisionism characters. Even in post crisis dc Batman at most non practicing Catholic or a agnostic that doesn’t deny the exist of the supernatural or afterlife. Fuck shakes. Batman bat inspiration is from Bruce Wayne praying for a omen. http://www.adherents.com/lit/comics/Batman.html

4af53c  No.523929

File: 3616a34696ca574⋯.jpg (84.51 KB, 600x393, 200:131, GoddamnBatman.jpg)


God, I'm getting old. Almost makes me miss the goddam Batman.

df2470  No.523930

File: 3dfc14c6d73bef0⋯.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1988x3056, 497:764, 62D60F5A-D755-4D51-A594-2….jpeg)

File: 62713ef60024131⋯.jpeg (95.94 KB, 838x449, 838:449, 8DD3C36E-BCA2-45D3-B422-8….jpeg)


As much shit frank miller gets now. I’ll take all star Batman to new 52/rebirth dc and nu-marvel. We wouldn’t get MCU civil war captain America vs iron man if it wasn’t for the dark knight returns. Frank miller did both nihilistic and homoerotic joker long before Alan Moore and Zack Snyder got credit for both.

312a8b  No.523942


Cohen is just a female and skinny version of Bob.

df2470  No.523945


Liberals are why I am happy San Francisco now a India tier shithole.

ea6097  No.523954


And to think, when they shuffled the darkies off to Oakland and charged a toll to drive back into SF they thought they were in the clear.

de745b  No.523959


Frank Miller's a hack now and hasn't had anything original to say since the 90s but I would take a hundred Frank Miller written comic books over even one of what these idiots are putting out right now. At least All Star Batman and Robin was well drawn.

784f70  No.523962


>blob goes full "fellow white people"

I wonder if he is jewish.

de745b  No.523987


Doubt it. He's frequently complained that his parents sent him to Catholic school

93d65e  No.523991


Well that narrows it down to homosexual or Saracen then.

312a8b  No.523995

File: 9ebdc41cdc774ea⋯.png (57.79 KB, 401x597, 401:597, clip bob vs bible thumpers.png)

File: 1bda72f83266fb9⋯.png (26.05 KB, 411x397, 411:397, clip bob vs bible thumpers….png)


Speaking of here's Bob view of the religious.

df2470  No.524075


>At least All Star Batman and Robin was well drawn.

Can’t remember the last comic that impressed me with art. I still think holy terror a fun read. If holy terror was about evil Christian terrorist instead of Muslim jihadist it would’ve won industry awards for being WOKE.

312a8b  No.524427

File: c274073cd503918⋯.png (36.01 KB, 409x539, 409:539, clip jackass.png)

This is dumber than the time he compared #gamergate to the stormfags.

5653f5  No.524455


>Can’t remember the last comic that impressed me with art.

Electriic Retard.

55a585  No.524456


so, bob is one of those morons who would post trump touches wall.jpg o here?

565077  No.524519

File: a0b109776f33d96⋯.webm (11.71 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, election night2.webm)

File: b1278f6f0cd0ae8⋯.png (148.54 KB, 521x551, 521:551, ClipboardImage.png)


Bob will spend hours researching and discussing the intricacies of the Die Hard franchise, but his incredibly nuanced view of the 2016 election is "they hate jews".

93d65e  No.524540


>his incredibly nuanced view of the 2016 election is "they hate jews".

That's actually a lot more accurate than most writeups.

de745b  No.524829


>Bob will spend hours researching and discussing the intricacies of the Die Hard franchise

Lol no. Unless by researching you mean 'reading Wikipedia' and by discussing the intricacies you mean 'spouting his own highfalutin, pseudo-intellectual drivel whilst thumbing through a thesaurus in an effort to make himself sound cleverer than he really is'

312a8b  No.525465

File: 040a9fd6fdb418b⋯.png (32.05 KB, 411x447, 137:149, clip Bob tds.png)

File: 2400f2e3a9fda2c⋯.png (44.87 KB, 413x459, 413:459, clip bob tds2.png)

File: 82a396ec2df0502⋯.png (165.59 KB, 407x389, 407:389, clip bob tds3.png)

Bob may want to lay off the tweets if he wants to convince people that he's smart.

df2470  No.525608


We should investigate pro movie bob tweets. Movie bob fans are probably bigger losers than him.

312a8b  No.525614


Well two of his biggest fans have threads on this board Dobson and Jerry Peet.

565077  No.525618

File: 51be7914a70dc07⋯.jpg (69.92 KB, 580x450, 58:45, darkly1.JPG)

File: b7a82326d9c8868⋯.jpg (137.27 KB, 1312x628, 328:157, autism.JPG)

File: 0bdb93211633c37⋯.jpg (117.31 KB, 932x660, 233:165, seedarkly dot com.JPG)

File: d748263ee65de24⋯.jpg (158.47 KB, 946x676, 473:338, seedarkly gothindustrial s….JPG)

File: c11e567f91444f6⋯.jpeg (22.7 KB, 476x428, 119:107, dj xero.jpeg)


Found an autistic goth DJ.

93d65e  No.525627


>Movie bob fans are probably bigger losers than him.

Not physically speaking I would imagine.

df2470  No.525735


What the fuck is that website?

312a8b  No.525740

File: f7d497c0d547518⋯.png (52.96 KB, 407x637, 407:637, clip bob delusion.png)

File: 368e50a90145a23⋯.png (44.94 KB, 409x599, 409:599, clip bob delusion2.png)

File: 15274afea1ff9c3⋯.png (43.33 KB, 409x543, 409:543, clip bob delusion3.png)

File: efe15b9374b1f16⋯.png (34.48 KB, 409x241, 409:241, clip bob delusion4.png)

Holy shit Bob!!

6cb2d9  No.525829


Bob probably thinks trump eating a bucket of KFC is some kind of hidden racist message (but only to fool his supporters into thinking he's a racist bigot working class (doesn't exist) nazi like them (which he is but they're still fooled, because 1/?)).

312a8b  No.526095

File: e3e5ab7185c2a97⋯.png (41.47 KB, 411x557, 411:557, clip bob hates RDJ.png)

Bob went full retard.

312a8b  No.526251

File: 979691d6fee49a9⋯.png (38.09 KB, 411x397, 411:397, bob nike.png)

What will Bob shit on next?

df2470  No.526689



>Bob blame madden toxic masculinity on autistic shooting

312a8b  No.526853

File: 61e7cadc1a91cfc⋯.png (129.03 KB, 411x493, 411:493, clip wnr bob.png)

Thank you weaponized nerd rage.

349572  No.526855


>audible pig noises

93d65e  No.526858


You can really tell his biggest fear is having Mario taken from him. Not dying alone or at a young age, not being hated by everyone, not losing a chance to do check off something on the bucket list but just a video game.

42deaa  No.527079

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>You can really tell his biggest fear is having Mario taken from him

More reason why a mario American game football should happen.

c2c95f  No.527136

File: 9b98903470932dd⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 300x168, 25:14, Charging Chuck.jpg)


There are packerfags and chargerfags as enemies.

9eafef  No.527213

File: 84d1d3dbbea85fb⋯.png (173.35 KB, 372x331, 372:331, I know of a world where me….png)


>Blaming the shooting on jocks and football

At this point, Bob is so predictable and pathetic it's like he escaped from a cartoon.

312a8b  No.527451

File: 6220d4d60677e8e⋯.png (29.56 KB, 410x331, 410:331, clip bob razorfist.png)

File: d7fd1b8bbc8b21e⋯.png (35.55 KB, 407x487, 407:487, clip bob razorfist2.png)

Nobody can smackdown Bob the way Razorfist does.

93d65e  No.527454


I guess you could say his world view is rather two dimensional.

349572  No.527578


He makes it into an artform making fun of fat retards.

df2470  No.527703

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Razorfist a fan of Scott Steiner. No one can bring down fatties like Scott Steiner.

42c644  No.528211

File: 83c1820440458e5⋯.jpg (46.94 KB, 1478x201, 1478:201, now that's a critic.jpg)


de745b  No.528224


I don't know how they've managed it but NeoGaf/Resetera have managed to have the absolute shittiest opinion about just about anything that you can have

42c644  No.528235


They weeded out all the sensible people so only retards stay there. Kind of like Gamergate, only with bans instead of insufferable autism.

93d65e  No.528242


There were never sensible people on resetera.

227122  No.528269


You know you have it bad when you're getting owned by discount StyxHexenHammer777

4ea9a8  No.528394

When/if MDE gets around to making new cocks again, I would love to see a video in the style of An Inconvient Anime or Gamer Dude where they rip Blob to shreds. A parody about him literally writes itself

42c644  No.528639


There were. That lasted 1 day, at most, because people thought the shit with NeogGAF wouldn't transfer there, despite the mods actually being more free to be ban happy than before.

312a8b  No.529149

File: fef2a7d55b4a40e⋯.png (58.62 KB, 535x641, 535:641, clip bob 30%.png)

File: 24c9d2a3ef822ca⋯.png (54.63 KB, 531x629, 531:629, clip bob 30%2.png)

File: 1a47d5c9e5a54d8⋯.png (48.04 KB, 523x541, 523:541, clip bob 30%3.png)

If 30% of the populace can be called Nazis, how far left are you?

5d1b8a  No.529266


I saw him on the escapist youtube channel. Honestly he wasn't bad when he stuck to Comicbook guy nerd lore even though he's admitted himself he wikipedias a lot of his knowledge.

>Check his paypig. He's up by 1.5k more than he was back in the day

Honestly, he should be happy. He's somehow managed to pander to an untapped feminist incel corner of the internet.

Bob is a retard, he's mostly irrelavent as a person and anyone who gives him money is ashamed to admit it (especially the SJW cunts he worships) but somehow he's managed to survive.

By no means VICTORY! But damn impressive for a fat ugly sack with no talent and limited skills.

273cc3  No.529308


Brandyn seems like a pretty decent guy. Rarely do I gain admiration for random people simply by reading their tweets.

Someone that smart and reasonable could easily be turned to natsoc over a couple years

273cc3  No.529309


>he smoked weed, that's comparable to probably being a pedophile!

312a8b  No.529636

File: 128da0a903094d9⋯.png (59.07 KB, 533x567, 533:567, clip bob states.png)

File: d81268b36e536a4⋯.png (24.13 KB, 529x349, 529:349, clip bob states2.png)

I bet Bob likes the smell of his own farts.

784f70  No.529647



Someone with a twatter should bait him with stuff about the whites in South Africa.

df2470  No.529678

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



>Liberal media bias is a myth

>Ignores blue states having more poverty and graduation rates than red states thanks to places like Detroit

How would movie bob justify outside of the entertain industry. majority of Black doctors, engineers and scientists are registered Republicans or at least vocal conservatives? I bet blob is someone who would call Ben Carson an Uncle Tom.

df2470  No.529680



Fucking auto correct. I said lower graduation rates. I swear Apple IOS auto correct is censoring people politically. What I get for borrowing a iPod.


312a8b  No.529693


> I bet blob is someone who would call Ben Carson an Uncle Tom

He is and that's what he called the people who where part of #notyourshield Too bad he deleted those tweets.

df2470  No.529700


I wish Gamergate saved a lot of tweets

93d65e  No.529710


A lot of dumbasses did and censored the name and/or saved with relative timestamps. Every time I tried to tell people in threads how stupid it was to do that I'd get dogpiled by obvious redditors or banned.

565077  No.529973


>culture thrives in blue states

Obese mulattos write a lot of operettas do they? Oh, he means taco trucks and interior semiotics.

312a8b  No.530327

File: b8526716a88bf59⋯.png (49.57 KB, 535x593, 535:593, clip bob socdem.png)

File: d76f82df98451d4⋯.png (57.39 KB, 525x565, 105:113, clip bob socdem2.png)

File: 47bd63436890d3d⋯.png (43.87 KB, 527x643, 527:643, clip bob socdem3.png)

File: 2607980701694e9⋯.png (41.12 KB, 535x553, 535:553, clip bob socdem4.png)

File: 6fe9c99945e78c4⋯.png (230.38 KB, 531x605, 531:605, clip bob socdem5.png)

This is rich.

312a8b  No.530329

File: f5c597fe89dc3d8⋯.png (43.68 KB, 531x383, 531:383, clip bob socdem6.png)

File: 8cf7d5f2baefc09⋯.png (172.23 KB, 535x447, 535:447, clip bob socdem7.png)

312a8b  No.530535

File: 228f71878535947⋯.png (49.66 KB, 531x647, 531:647, clip bob luvs warhawkdems.png)

File: b87881f7e0245ec⋯.png (55.74 KB, 533x639, 533:639, clip bob luvs warhawkdems2.png)

Supersealliontimes gets the best of Bob's fans.

df2470  No.530640

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Bob thinks Venezuela a socialist paradise

I guess The Brazilians trying to stop Venezuelans from sneaking into Brazil are racist white Supremacists.

312a8b  No.531555

File: 8ebe4f98a78c79f⋯.png (54.55 KB, 531x555, 177:185, clip bob ayn rand.png)

File: 2bcba3579de153a⋯.png (59.94 KB, 533x599, 533:599, clip bob ayn rand2.png)

File: 414b87c633f4785⋯.png (35.67 KB, 537x435, 179:145, clip bob ayn rand3.png)

File: b51ddf43b60a13b⋯.png (24.57 KB, 529x311, 529:311, clip bob ayn rand4.png)

What's with neckbeards liking Ayn Rand?

9eafef  No.531565


>More Ayn Rand cuntriding

He really goes out of his way to make himself as ridiculous as ridiculous as possible, doesn't he?

910ad3  No.532008


A) Neckbeards are never as smart as they pretend they are and do not read anything more challenging than muh capeshit. See tvtropes for the perfect example.

B) 1984 points out the unkind truth about their totalitarian government fantasies, and Brave New World hurts their self-esteem by showing how awful a decadent society really is to live in (see commiefornia)

That dumb cunt obsessed with steel manufacturing is the only "intellectual" writer left that doesn't pop their frail world view. On top of that, Atlas has such an awful reputation that next to no one actually wants to read it and thus heaving masses like blob have an easier time getting away with pretending they've read more than two chapters and the wikipedia summary.

0e3bc5  No.532049



>Liking Ayn Rand

I thought leftists hated her guts

9e7307  No.532056


>Ayn Rand


What are you on about?

ad3e0f  No.532065


>lacking reading comprehension

93d65e  No.532179


He never played Bioshock so he didn't get the memo he's supposed think she's badong and anyone following him is either too young or too forgetful to remember.

ad3e0f  No.532206


>He never played Bioshock

He did play Bioshock though. Bioshock's one of the few games he actually did play. It's just that in true Bob fashion he completely missed the point.

93d65e  No.532316


I was making a joke.

312a8b  No.532342

File: e5e6eb219847416⋯.png (172.89 KB, 535x617, 535:617, clip bob talks shit.png)

File: 7a61c1618586399⋯.png (379.2 KB, 529x563, 529:563, clip bob talks shit2.png)

File: 56853770d9fc7e6⋯.png (58.91 KB, 535x505, 107:101, clip bob talks shit3.png)

What Bob said here is so stupid it hurts my head.

265eda  No.532357


I hate capeshit a little more every day.

061401  No.532376


>Comic books are serious business you guise!

>I can't just talk about them because I like them, I have to pretend they're important too!

ad3e0f  No.532385


Every time I catch myself thinking 'Bob couldn't possibly be more retarded' Bob comes along and says some more shit to prove me wrong.

910ad3  No.532388



Fun fact: top selling capeshit like batman barely cracks 20K per month, with the infamous "100K issues shipped" that the cucks on /co/ brag about only being the issues shipped to bookstores like barnes and nobles and not actual sales to humans. Capeshit is so cancerous even the shitty sonic tie-in was keeping pace with it.

c77911  No.532449

File: 5cac49aab7a94bc⋯.jpg (85.35 KB, 475x390, 95:78, 5cac49aab7a94bc7db7c87f2db….jpg)

File: d7bd2824c198c9f⋯.jpg (39.67 KB, 536x354, 268:177, d7bd2824c198c9fbf23869cd9d….jpg)


Superhero comics have been in a steady decline since when, the late 80s/early 90s?

It's not like they have anything beyond gimmicks and periodical reboots (Batman is a nigger! Batman is mute Asian lesbian! Superman loves to shove stuff up his ass!) and the only reason they continue is because they don't affect the bottom line of the parent companies too badly and help secure intellectual property.

df2470  No.532451


>Movie bob and LE geek culture or identity have zero culture beyond movies for children and leftists group think


>I hate capeshit a little more every day

I think I hate Harry Potter more. At least comic book fans are beginning speak out against propaganda shit. Harry Potter is pure propaganda.

df2470  No.532455

File: 0f1d5b94f581069⋯.jpeg (184.77 KB, 1012x761, 1012:761, C9E4D360-5F94-4F3C-8445-A….jpeg)

File: 360a9dd4b069892⋯.jpeg (237.09 KB, 1062x863, 1062:863, EC637B95-9640-47C8-97C4-6….jpeg)

File: 0aeb84ad092d6c1⋯.jpeg (134.83 KB, 553x524, 553:524, D7149C5F-B0D3-428C-B823-B….jpeg)


>Capeshit is so cancerous even the shitty sonic tie-in was keeping pace with it.

Wasn’t the IDW my little downy comic held pre-orders records that hasn’t been broken for a number of years? Hell from what I hear the recent power Rangers comic were preforming most of Marvel and DC shit. There a reason why SJW at the comics industry are freaking out over comic gates indies doing so well. They will run the industry at this rate.

ad3e0f  No.532484


The parent companies are starting to consider folding the comic divisions entirely and just going into reprints. The reasons being that, like you said, they're just publishing garbage that doesn't sell and if it's securing the intellectual property that they want, they can better accomplish that by keeping the old comics in reprints.

910ad3  No.532666


>Superhero comics have been in a steady decline since when, the late 80s/early 90s?

You are correct sir, as soon as vidya hit the scene comics entered a nose-dive they have yet to pull out of. This is why early 90's capeshit had more gimmicks than a modern pokemon design, such as holographic covers, killing off superman for two weeks, the reboots you mentioned, and every idea rob liefeld put to pen. Things were so bad that marvel actually declared bankruptcy in the late 90's, and was only saved by Blade's opening weekend.

>>532455 (checked)

>Wasn’t the IDW my little downy comic held pre-orders records that hasn’t been broken for a number of years?

As far as I'm aware that record is still unbroken, which speaks volumes more about the state of /co/cuckery than I ever could. It's going to be interesting to see how companies like Dark Horse and up-and-coming indies take advantage of the big two's slow suicide. Naturally spiderman philosophers like blob will kevetch for years over these changes and lament the loss of bi-racial tranny supergirl (whose also blind).


>The parent companies are starting to consider folding the comic divisions entirely and just going into reprints.

That explains why grant morrison ditched dc to ruin Heavy Metal magazine.

c77911  No.532823


>Harry Potter is pure propaganda.

HP is mainly a mediocre magic-laden YA take on British boarding schools, the propaganda is pure retrojection by the author to stay relevant (hurr Hermione is akshually black despite the cover illustrations approved by me showing her as white etc)

ad3e0f  No.532970


>Things were so bad that marvel actually declared bankruptcy in the late 90's

While it is true that the constant deluge of shit nobody could have possibly thought valuable even five years later ultimately really hurt the industry, Marvel went bankrupt mainly due to a combination of some short-sighted top level Marvel employee, who didn't read comics and didn't actually like the company, deciding that they could kill off the newsstand market (basically most of their exposure) in favour of the, at the time, more lucrative direct market (comics shops etc.) and another idiot at Marvel deciding to buy the third biggest comic book distributor, which meant that all the other comic book distributors had to fold and as a result a lot of comic book shops had to close.

312a8b  No.533435

File: a0c2eb66c1e5c96⋯.png (48.06 KB, 533x519, 533:519, clip bob working class.png)

File: a6f43ca5eba6620⋯.png (61.29 KB, 539x645, 539:645, clip bob working class2.png)

File: cd8f91131d207a9⋯.png (9.72 KB, 536x147, 536:147, clip bob working class3.png)

And Bob wonders why so many people hate is flat dew smelling ass.

910ad3  No.533475


>Two guys who admit to not liking the material their companies produce nearly tank a 60 year old industry leader

It always amazes me that people like this get into the positions that they do, and it happens more in comics than anywhere else. Leave it to short-sighted kikes to bet the farm on a single distribution model and then destroy the pillars supporting that model just to make a quick buck.


The only thing more insulated than blob's arteries is the echo-chamber he's built for himself.

13f8d2  No.534563


>lesbo girl dressed in a modest bodysuit

>fag almost naked


312a8b  No.534663

File: 5792244ef4c8886⋯.png (39 KB, 531x417, 177:139, clip bob reports.png)

File: 286653295812c64⋯.png (499.75 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, QmUAT.png)

File: 36eca44fb506bb8⋯.png (418.36 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, QvEgj1G.png)

Bob's trying to get someone kicked off twitter for pointing out that Bob is a insane zealot.

ad3e0f  No.534722

This guy is suing The Escapist and its new owners because Russ Pitts, the editor, made very specific accusations about the site being used as an alt-right recruitment tool


If the lawsuit is successful and The Escapist has to settle, there's no way it won't affect Bob. Bob's a living liability

061401  No.534765


I agree with Stephen from pic two. Nazis aren't conservatives. They're third positionists, like Juche

565077  No.534792


>my favorite bumper sticker says

Anyone who says this should be tortured to death.

b33b21  No.534796


Dubs of truth, blobbo is going to be kicked off the site for a second time. Also, how fucking insane do you have to be to think a third-rate vidya review site is an alt-kike recruitment tool?

26a977  No.534929


When you look at that site and see fags like Bob, that doesn't exactly make you want to become a liberal.

312a8b  No.534946

File: 1878d7efc364819⋯.png (27.68 KB, 533x281, 533:281, clip bob gaming bs.png)

File: b536587fd87963e⋯.png (62.19 KB, 533x613, 533:613, clip bob gaming bs2.png)

File: 3504915b4633748⋯.png (55.37 KB, 531x565, 531:565, clip bob gaming bs3.png)

Just when you think that bob couldn't be anymore of a cunt.

312a8b  No.534948

File: 7d16bb426d7530c⋯.png (59.14 KB, 527x591, 527:591, clip bob gaming bs4.png)

File: 7871cf6e91ab8fa⋯.png (61.98 KB, 529x555, 529:555, clip bob gaming bs5.png)

File: cc93a76e33d9574⋯.png (30.18 KB, 537x379, 537:379, clip bob gaming bs6.png)

2be366  No.534956


We're now all programmed to hate things based on whether or not we think people we hate will like them

No, that's just you Blob.

Reminder that he liked The Dark Knight, thought it was the best film ever and tard-raged when it wasn't nominated for Best Picture. Then all of a sudden he found out that 'dudebros' and 'the jawks' also liked the movie so now he hates it.

He's hypocritically criticising exactly the attitude he typifies.

93d65e  No.534966


Given how dumb he is I wouldn't be surprised if he actually forgot he liked it originally.

312a8b  No.535302

File: be2333c67f075b7⋯.png (59.77 KB, 537x549, 179:183, clip bobtarded.png)


Speaking of Bob's stupidity look at this.

265eda  No.535329

File: 9cfe25fe59a96b0⋯.gif (320.97 KB, 540x801, 60:89, b45242d19be530f36f0db5d901….gif)


Are we sure he isn't related to Dobson? When it comes to soywars, I think these two are the only ones who came to that conclusion, but let's say it is true, so he's upset that people fund the comics gate guy for providing a product they want, yet people like Blob are constantly butthurt about Disney's commercial failure, even though apparently everything they make is a direct attack to their traditional audience.

9eafef  No.535406



They both seem to think Kylo Ren is a screaming, hollering strawman version of Star Wars fans but they're both too stupid to realize if that were true it wouldn't be some awesome slam dunk against the fanboys, it would be an extremely petty and pathetic form of franchise suicide.

93d65e  No.535611


>They both seem to think Kylo Ren is a screaming, hollering strawman version of Star Wars fans

How does someone even begin to come to that conclusion? Is it because he's >white?

565077  No.535615


The kind of people to read into Kylo Ren so personally that they think he's an attack on gamergaters and toxic masculinity are a lost cause. Not everything revolves around twitter drama you fat narcissistic slob.

75d5b4  No.535619


Kylo collects Darth Vader memorabilia. Just like Star Wars fans!

93d65e  No.535624


I'll admit I've never seen the movie so are the bad guys really just imperial cosplayers? That sounds retarded.

9eafef  No.535627



If you wanna get REALLY fucking woke, Kylo Ren has far more in common with Rian Johnson than he does any Star Wars fan.

>Wants to "change" the galaxy and get rid of the "old" empire and rebels, even at the cost of thousands of lives

>Is adamant to Rey that there is nothing special about her family

>Kills Snoke

>Blows up the rebels

>Basically serves as the enforce of Rian Johnson's effects on the Star Wars canon

There you have it.

9eafef  No.535629


In Force Awakens, it seems like they're a militia made from the remnants of the Empire's military and they actually have to fight a guerrilla war from the shadows. They build another death star style weapon, but they keep it secret until the good guys find it.

That would have been a very interesting, refreshing idea. Evil rebels? Fighting against a slowly reforming galactic alliance that's still "The Resistance" because they've had to fight off the guerrilla sith terrorists so much they haven't been able to settle in yet? A little convoluted to be fair, but very different and an exciting twist on the formula.

But Rian Johnson, brilliant mastermind of subverting cliches that he is, decided to bring the series back to the cliche dynamic of big evil empire vs helpless rebels because he's just that double woke plus.

75d5b4  No.535632


Kylo is a sith lord in all but name. He dresses appropriately for his job, it's not really 'cosplay'.

The rest of the villains seemingly just materialized out of the vacuum of space to give the movies an Empire stand-in without having to work for it. No explanation is given for the stormtroopers, TIE fighters, star destroyers, etc.

312a8b  No.536028

File: d171ddc79192870⋯.png (42.53 KB, 535x459, 535:459, clip bob sjws.png)

Maybe if Bob and his fanbase weren't such far left moralfags then maybe so many people wouldn't use the term sjw.

312a8b  No.537218

File: 7c01a36bb9b1ac6⋯.png (48.34 KB, 529x295, 529:295, Len Stone.png)

File: 76f0ff08dbc5a71⋯.png (46.3 KB, 539x469, 77:67, clip bob len stone.png)

Doesn't take much to trigger Bob.

312a8b  No.537592

File: f803f09765d40b5⋯.png (55.82 KB, 537x499, 537:499, clip bob game derp.png)

File: eae7b20c6561fed⋯.png (25.6 KB, 533x245, 533:245, clip bob game derp2.png)

People like Bob need to be kept away from video games.

9eafef  No.538778



Maybe Bob should leave his basement once in awhile and hear what actual people talk about.

I'm actually pretty sick of MovieBob cocks. It's all him being obnoxious, vulgar and rude to people and showing off his rampant ITG syndrome without actually doing anything funny beyond that.

312a8b  No.539083

File: 1816db8988b8793⋯.png (20.92 KB, 499x385, 499:385, Clip bob political moron.png)

I didn't think anyone could say something soo stupid.

b01b15  No.539105

File: 4befcf1a5bfb301⋯.png (9.79 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1411328404001.png)


Teaching your kids when its time to just shut the fuck up is probably the most important social skill you can teach them and Bob clearly was never taught that.

9eafef  No.539118

File: 07b28727cfd21d8⋯.png (102.43 KB, 294x312, 49:52, Russ 'The Gut' Pitts.png)

>Russ 'The Gut' Pitts mocking victims of the recent hurricane

Time to start a firing campaign!

2be366  No.539170

File: f1853b890844123⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 568x355, 8:5, fWNGOSB.jpg)

File: 229ef69371171aa⋯.jpg (53.04 KB, 563x472, 563:472, OdYM7ph.jpg)

File: 0e7503af7d3310c⋯.jpg (21.18 KB, 561x301, 561:301, rzPtAS1.jpg)

File: e54534844cd7301⋯.jpg (28.21 KB, 568x325, 568:325, sWSgiD2.jpg)


>without actually doing anything funny beyond that

His legal threats are pretty funny. Mainly because he understands the law about as well as he understands pretty much anything else

b01b15  No.539210


>Bob thinks hyperbolic claims, parody, opinion, and assertions not known to be false, count as libel

df2470  No.539226


>Listening and believe goy

>Stop falsely accusing left wingers!

709e0c  No.539248


Its B really, he's been coasting on his spergy adhd-fueled videos for a decade now, why change?

565077  No.539253


>metal slug is just like the simpsons tapped out

I hope the diabetes takes both arms.


People who saw how the respective parties treated Sanders and Trump and didn't smell anything suspicious are a lost cause. I don't like throwing around trendy cuckchan memes but this cornsyrupguzzling virtuesignalling idiot is the textbook NPC.

93d65e  No.539336


I'd compare him more to a low level MMO dungeon boss.




>no possessions of any real worth

>everyone wants him dead

>never seems to actually go away permanently

312a8b  No.540449

File: bd9530d77a13f70⋯.png (68.59 KB, 531x637, 531:637, clip bob predator.png)

File: 453d11452f22605⋯.png (42.64 KB, 529x363, 529:363, clip bob predator2.png)

Bob wouldn't be a SJW neckbeard if he didn't shit on a good movie franchise.

a4b183  No.541900

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>he decided to fight it hand-to-hand

Oh does he mean this fight? The one where Arnold gets his ass beat by the Predator in hand-to-hand combat and has to use a trap to win? Or that the Predator is suppose to be the "honorable hunter" so it doesn't use it's weapons on unarmed prey? It's almost like Blob doesn't know what he's talking about and his fingers are too fat to type something into a search engine to look it up.

2be366  No.542536


What's that? Bob doesn't know what he's talking about? I'm shocked I tell you. Shocked

6cb2d9  No.543706


>I don't know why the predator franchise keeps trying to contrive ways for the predator to be in some sense heroic

It's because it makes for good screenplay, bob.

910ad3  No.544485

>>541900 (checked)


There is no way in hell that blob would watch a movie with a testosterone level as high as Predator. Its a safe bet the fucker skipped out on Aliens because muh space marines.

a68eaf  No.544974


remember how elmer fudd fett would always throw down his gun to honourably fight bugs bunny?

312a8b  No.545137

File: d99679304f397dc⋯.png (45.65 KB, 529x413, 529:413, bob cybernazis.png)

Bob just keeps getting beardy with every tweet.

b01b15  No.545261


>Bob can't even stay away from mainstream capeshit to support his retarded juvenile armchair crusade

so brave wow!

565077  No.545497


>the cybernazis WANT me to stop chugging fructose and watching children's mvoies

Those monsters.

93d65e  No.545505

File: 83899fb723c79ef⋯.jpg (16.03 KB, 260x298, 130:149, 06b01623db0b58525242354353….jpg)



a49841  No.545623


I thought he had diabetes ALREADY

9eafef  No.545727

File: 9a2434d4a82589e⋯.jpg (27.23 KB, 436x255, 436:255, 1393924312278.jpg)


>"I'll keep making the hashtag stick."

>Nobody else is tweeting it.

312a8b  No.545772

File: 7f411000687951a⋯.png (54.54 KB, 531x565, 531:565, clip bob pp.png)

Need I say anything about this?

265eda  No.545776


Yeah, but he's still not dead. I can't wait for him to lose a foot.

8ecaea  No.545810


>Need I say anything about this?

Yeah. What the hell is he ranting about?

df2470  No.545821


How come most anti-christian people always the biggest defenders of Islam?

93d65e  No.545852


Knowing him that was just another lie for pity points.

6cb2d9  No.545891


>the cybernazis

Is bob trying to recruit for the fourth reich?

565077  No.545892


His run on sentence was so long it took two tweets.

93d65e  No.545896


There's a screencap of him doing a 72 part tweet.

784f70  No.545916


Same reasons why atheists never criticize Judaism .

a91144  No.546011


Moviebob is actually capable of higher levels of racism than most people he routinely calls nazis. Considering Obama's stain on the White House to be the swamp Trump is talking about seriously never occurred to me.

df2470  No.546055


>Same reasons why atheists never criticize Judaism .

There reason why the alt-right is pro Israel. Too many Jews in the west believe leftists propaganda. Israeli realized jews are being whip out by their own propaganda.

312a8b  No.546497

File: cb24a2949c207fe⋯.png (43.23 KB, 521x379, 521:379, clip bob an.png)

File: c1084720235f77c⋯.png (64.35 KB, 531x533, 531:533, clip bob an2.png)

Bob just knows what to say to make you cringe.

b01b15  No.546747

File: b4b17a6bc437ab4⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 362x362, 1:1, 1444491511092.jpg)


Its just so painfully transparent his repertoire of movies in general is lethargic as fuck and consists mainly of capeshit made after 2000 and he tries so hard to pretend like his pallet is much broader than it actually is. In reality its probably worse than that, his experience with most movies was probably through osmosis from his orbiters

312a8b  No.547469

File: 3f0ef45ce6c27f8⋯.png (241.41 KB, 529x425, 529:425, clip bob kavanaugh.png)

File: 8ac06697cfdc6d0⋯.png (41.46 KB, 533x425, 533:425, clip bob kavanaugh2.png)

File: d0cc593d8f6b19b⋯.png (46.43 KB, 519x521, 519:521, clip bob kavanaugh3.png)

Your tribalism is showing Bob.

312a8b  No.550980

File: 8b834c45c99f026⋯.png (44.72 KB, 533x391, 533:391, clip bob false.png)

Just when you think this fat bastard couldn't be anymore of an asshole.

df2470  No.551135



Movie bob already look like a pedophile. He should taste == Listen and believe == one day. It wouldn’t take a lot for him to get #MEtoo

312a8b  No.551302

File: 7710d06cdd68a91⋯.png (52.29 KB, 533x529, 533:529, clip bob globist.png)

File: 215648ca3062a16⋯.png (39.89 KB, 525x379, 525:379, clip bob potus.png)

Could Bob be anymore punchable right now?

df2470  No.552302


With how much bob looks like a pedophile. He the last person who should be jumping on the listen and believe bandwagon.

75d5b4  No.553122

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's like he's congratulating his enemies on doing such a great job of achieving their goals. You wanna hear punchable, watch his show.

5e4882  No.553834


>with movieblob

I'll pass

b01b15  No.554853

File: ed5dc12b58c9739⋯.png (135.4 KB, 940x477, 940:477, UN-Members.png)


>the obsolescence of nations and borders in the face of technological and social evolution has never been more apparent

Fat retard doesn't understand that the point of the UN isn't to promote globalism, its to prevent and mitigate global conflict. The majority of UN member states hate eachother and have vastly different cultures, races, and laws.

312a8b  No.554967

File: c47ba7d10ccd207⋯.jpg (253.16 KB, 825x825, 1:1, Dmtm displeased .jpg)


It isn't a Bob video if he's not tossing bullshit at strawmen and shiting on anyone for not viewing things the way he does.

2265af  No.556011

The hilarious thing is Bob will go on and on about how James Gunn didn't deserve to be fired for years old tweets, but he shit his pants and did nothing but gloat when the Access Hollywood tapes came out and people argued Trump shouldn't be President because of a years old offhand comment

9c034e  No.557171

File: 146c8a1d86c4178⋯.jpg (42.92 KB, 604x604, 1:1, serious_pepe.jpg)


With regards to the first image, how can you be that out of touch?

If he really thinks entire populations behave like that, imagine how he really feels inside…

9c034e  No.557172



>automatic voter registration

I bet he wants everyone automatically registered as D, lmao.

4ea9a8  No.565391

File: 6198c43c9799f9b⋯.png (55.98 KB, 587x274, 587:274, twittering with low insuli….png)

A bit late, but here's Bob going full-on living embodiment of "these people want you dead and your kids raped and brainwashed and they think it's funny"

4ea9a8  No.565394

File: 0ced8dbc2914599⋯.jpg (43.31 KB, 568x409, 568:409, matter.JPG)

4ea9a8  No.565398

File: 6f075678da3977e⋯.jpg (67.68 KB, 567x625, 567:625, gunnback.JPG)

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