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File: e265baa31e48121⋯.jpg (846.06 KB, 1200x4675, 48:187, s'arais.jpg)

File: c5a1becb00851b5⋯.png (574.19 KB, 953x1379, 953:1379, s'arais post.png)

f15d9b  No.525158

Autist has currently almost spammed the last one to death.





Here's the skinny: S'Arais is an extremely autistic vorefag, fat fetishist furry who can't stand when people make fun of him and refuses to take any advice whatsoever. He's gotten banned on several websites for several different reasons. He was recently banned from /v/ for acting like a sperg in their Doom threads.

He'll enter this thread and spam it just like he did the last one.

d25270  No.525166


d59fe3  No.525167

File: 0a08dfdef78ff18⋯.png (5.89 KB, 530x146, 265:73, S'Arais address and number.png)

File: 096036bdf856e7b⋯.png (467.88 KB, 551x712, 551:712, S'Arais steam profile.png)

File: f19b98c0ab6795d⋯.jpg (94.54 KB, 245x282, 245:282, robit.jpg)

>Population of Gananoque ON, 2016: 5159

>Population of Gananoque, ON between the ages of 20 and 24 in 2016: 245

>Males of Gananoque, ON between the ages of 20 and 24 in 2016: ~123


>Incidence of newborn boys named Tristan per year (based on 2008 USA data, when statistically the most newborns were named Tristan. Believe me I looked and this is the absolute best case, all others gave even smaller percentages) approx 5595 in 4250000, or 0.1%. If using data prior, the chances fall far below this number.



The probability of these dox being wrong is so astronomical that it's all but guaranteed that they're correct.

d25270  No.525169

Some interesting shit from the /v/ thread.


25cc3e  No.525175


I'm impressed at the level of research done to prove these dox. Good job.

d59fe3  No.525181

File: 2a0946c7c419de7⋯.png (24.37 KB, 435x232, 15:8, S'Arais' location on some ….png)

File: 01c48669b326950⋯.png (778.88 KB, 1091x757, 1091:757, S'Arais Wishlist, showing ….png)


Actually I used the wrong version of one image,and forgot another one. Here they are

192344  No.525194

File: ca0d1e59320699f⋯.jpg (64.41 KB, 612x642, 102:107, man.jpg)

all you have to do is stop posting like an actual autist who doesn't fit in and everyone will literally forget you and leave you alone, replying to this thread is doing you no favors; but in all honesty, you should stop posting altogether, because I don't think you can speak like a reasonable person. In fact, its amazing the lengths at which you go to prove how proud you are of your bullshit, but are unable to own up to the fact that you obviously sperg out far too often for your own good


yeah dude, what's the odds that everyone else is wrong but you're somehow not

192344  No.525201

File: 1c7063686b6e7cd⋯.gif (2.33 MB, 441x329, 63:47, 13.gif)


whatever you say dude, you're being dishonest to yourself; that plausible deniability only runs so far, no random asshole on the internet would dedicate several hundred posts of his time to defense force for some random sperg on the internet, and everyone here in this thread knows it

call me a nigger for giving you honest advice though, that really proves the caliber of person you are, I guess was pretty spot on the money for calling you Tokai but an asshole, at least he has the decency to admit he's in the wrong

b6497e  No.525227


It sure would be a shame if someone set his house on fire.

6b619f  No.525244

File: af796a16b7d6cc0⋯.png (18.04 KB, 350x278, 175:139, I'm sure.PNG)

Cry about it

cb7fca  No.525253

in the span of just eight days you've successfully turned yourself into a bona fide cow

congrats s'arais, I've never seen somebody do it that fast

d26273  No.525292


9a858b  No.525364


archive of previous thread

c8c4ea  No.525406

File: 51cc37fa0b71436⋯.jpg (10.13 KB, 192x279, 64:93, 51cc37fa0b71436ec2222f066d….jpg)


Is he ok? Did he hurt himself?

9a858b  No.525410


Minor interjection, that's an Andersen. The actual name he gave out is Anderson.

9a858b  No.525414



Moreover, it's unlikely that he's living on his own or that he registered a house using his own name, it's more likely that he's still living with his parents and that it's registered on their name, shortening the list of suspects to these:


442adb  No.525418


That's a good point. So we have 17 names, any ways to narrow it down from here?

442adb  No.525419


Suppose we could look for parent social media, see if they have a kid.

bd156e  No.525420


There's also the possibility that he's the son of these people. Maybe someone should check to see if they know what their son has been up to lately.

d25270  No.525421


He got deleted.

c8c4ea  No.525426


>banned for 2 weeks

That's too long, mods. please unban him

As we all know S'Arais is an upstanding citizen who would never ban evade.

d854c7  No.525431

/v/ here S'Arais actually came back to the doom thread and admitted to ban evading then was swiftly banned, what is surprising is he didn't show up to the /v/ thread mocking evolve .

c8c4ea  No.525433


>admitted to ban evading


b16e9c  No.525436


I agree, and as we all know it's impossible to ban evade anyway.

d854c7  No.525437


Posts were deleted by vols.

9a858b  No.525440

Here's something from the long past:

http://aliens.wikia.com/wiki/Talk:Xenomorph (http://archive.is/VRxIY)

Scroll to the Gender Reproduction section and you will see an edit by our own S'Arais eight years ago, IP address included. And if you feed that IP address through a location tracker, you'll stumble upon Canada. Coincidence? However this address is too old to be of any use now, but it does highlight that if you consider that S'Arais is 23 years old by his own admission, he has been building his fat xenosona for roleplaying eight years ago when he was like 15 years old. This is further confirmed by this stillborn furfag Steam group founded in 2010 (https://steamcommunity.com/groups/comebackradian) which acknowledges the existence of this "S'Arais Hive". There's only one post in that group which is just some binary text, and it has only one reply by S'Arais' account… made in 2010.

a8087a  No.525446


Yes he did. >>>/v/15340386 is very obviously him.

81b0da  No.525451

File: d729465b0fee9e1⋯.png (67.09 KB, 200x239, 200:239, dare you enter my magical ….png)

d854c7  No.525454


I'm guessing the mods banned him before he could sperg that thread to death.

9a858b  No.525467


That said, the IP address in that wiki does lead to this page in the Blockland forums: https://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=60851.10;imode (http://archive.is/Y2H9o)

It's a post of a banlist for some server, and if you follow the aforementioned IP Address you'll come across this:

>Colten 752 Miles Blue Tails Prower 6655

Miles Blue Tails Prower most likely being his old username. It's a massive pain to search, though I found this other post on the Blockland forums at least mentioning the name about a seven year old girl trying to start a clan called Chao Team with MBTP (young S'arais): https://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=60585.msg986825#msg986825 (http://archive.is/3gxAv). Unfortunately to search the forums you need to have bought the game. It might be worth looking further into this handle, even though search engines will make that impossible.

c8c4ea  No.525470

File: 71f234b3c17ddd2⋯.gif (483.05 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 2186e9aecac4e01fa043541e2d….gif)


You're doing gods work, anon.

9a858b  No.525475

File: 1221be022bf5b77⋯.jpg (139.48 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, inner_feelings_by_animepro….jpg)

Also here's his birthday date for precision's sake according to his account on a WH40K forum (it only has two posts of no note, though): http://forum.eternalcrusade.com/members/saraisxeno.35942/ (http://archive.is/Vg9XE)

>Dec 18, 1994 (Age: 23)

I'd start looking into his possible school records. Often schools posts photos of their students on social media accounts or lists them as graduates. If Tristan ever graduated, that is. Gananoque ISS would be a good place to start.

Also something from our aspiring artist: https://www.deviantart.com/animepro6500/art/Inner-feelings-366567531

>Inner Feelings

<This picture was drawn one night after I can back home and heard all about my sister winning her math olympics event, it's not my sister that I'm mad, it's the fact that I'm never reconized by my parents for my abilities. It's also based off a sketch I drew a year earlier when I wasn't apprecated by my parents about my talents. The picture itself was just the way I felt, I felt like all good in my body with cut up and all that was left was hatred and jelousy (if that's how you spell it…)


d854c7  No.525479

File: f4a40e16c61f831⋯.png (375.8 KB, 514x536, 257:268, autism levels.png)

57983f  No.525482

>bunch of accounts with the same Sarais name

Internet security failure for him, a bountiful harvest of data for anyone that wants the cucknadian faggot to burn. This is going to be hilarious.

c8c4ea  No.525484

File: 5b73f0afcfd58aa⋯.png (2 KB, 300x51, 100:17, bazinga.PNG)

File: 3d76a8cc3e4e5bd⋯.png (293.86 KB, 544x404, 136:101, 6f057f57b28a66e2cf6913a877….png)

b16e9c  No.525485


Considering that he linekd a bunch of DA accounts, one with the name Miles Blue Tails Powers, that animepro6500 might actually not be him, just as he claims. Don't factor it out though.

851ed0  No.525493

Hot damn, i used to see him around on zandronum servers and he always sperged out when his team lost.

Din't think he was this level of pathetic.

d854c7  No.525496

Some anon on /v/ did the math and he has made post sperging on /v/,/vr/,/vg/ and /cow/, he from what the anon estimated was 3000 posts with another anon stating that it would be

>3000 posts in 3 days

>Around 125 posts every hour and 2.1 posts per minute on average

d26273  No.525565

d26273  No.525567

>>525484 meant for >>525485

d26273  No.525571


Not him. Differing post style.

0a5218  No.525585

OP confirmed a fag.

0a5218  No.525591


Didn't happen then.


Nope. Not them. No son.

9a858b  No.525592



>As time passes, you gain new intrests and the like, For me, I got atttatched to the shroobs, Then Yoob, I eventualy started picking yoshi instead of the other characters for reasons unknown, Finaly i got intrested in yoshi and it stuck….

>As of sutch, In one roleplay on starcraft, I took complete advantage of this, The old blue extracted some DNA from a yoshi and changed himself into a yoshi…

So it's true what they say about Yoshi players.

0a5218  No.525593

repost of the DA pages:




history suggests that the "dawabbajack" was intended for the purpose of shitposting and playing games, but since nobody even used it for that, he got pissed and deleted it.

there's also this tidbit from old steam pages:

"Please do not assert that I acctualy belive I am a Xeno IRL Or do, It will bring amusement to me"

0a5218  No.525594

9a858b  No.525595

File: 1869eb85a52bf46⋯.jpg (38.66 KB, 555x585, 37:39, _request__gloriusro_by_whi….jpg)



https://www.deviantart.com/whippetwild/art/request-Gloriusro-76948811 (http://archive.is/V0qx6)

>This is the request I was asked to do by :devgloriuso: and it was different to say the least. We chatted and sent messages/images by MSN to get the desired result.

>idea and request by Gloriuso

>drawing and coloured by whippetwild.

>I stuck the warning on as I felt some viewers might feel sick looking at it.

>I did.


<Gloriusro: *nods yes*

>posted in 2008

Even at the age of 13 he was into vore. How do you fuck up parenting this bad?

0a5218  No.525596


You let them watch The Thing

0a5218  No.525597


On top of this:



These and the various cartoons and games involving it over the years leave it to no surprise.

0a5218  No.525598


So, the final diagnosis?

They fucked up parenting this bad because they didn't even try. They just left him to his own devices while the lot of the family just chewed each-other out with bullshit stories, meanwhile the staff of schools tended to be abusive; this behavior doesn't come from inter-student bullying.

It's likely why he's so clingy for anybody to play any game whatsoever at all with him; nobody bothered with him, period.

beacbd  No.525599


d66f8c  No.525600


They are probably just as sickened in hindsight. If that's supposed to be on the basis of "The Thing", then the artist fucked up.

You can pinpoint the exact point this is pulled from


d66f8c  No.525601

By his own admission, he's also viewed https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Offended before the old ED went down.

e711d7  No.525602

Christ, no wonder he hates everybody.

9a858b  No.525604

By the by, if anyone is interested in seeing what his Steam profile looked like before he made it private, just throw his Steam profile link into the Wayback Machine.


There's some interesting links and tidbits to be found here. Around 2016 he had like 150 Steam friends, and around 2017 he's reduced it to like four. I guess the paranoia of being hunted by the Doominati must've gotten to him, which most likely explains the Discord logs of him purging his own S'Arais' Hive Discord channel too.

e711d7  No.525609


Keeps claiming he was back-stabbed and if they ever were really his friends, they wouldn't of let Evolve and Firefall die despite buying them copies, and/or would of bothered playing with them

e711d7  No.525612

Also for the record; S'Arais only ever started doom mapping in 2017, by his own claim of "Trying to escape furshit"

a8087a  No.525626


Makes sense considering how hard he tries to pull the "muh Doomguy muh rip and tear muh skellies" shit when he avatarfags.

e711d7  No.525628


He's been around the community since pre-skulltag, though. I've seen the nametag on zdaemon. He was no doubt further fucked by finding THAT room in the SM HQ

18556a  No.525629


I know that's he's got a huge grudge with that Elliot guy for whatever reason that seems to go back a few years, he brought the name up a lot in his many discord rants.


e711d7  No.525630


Further proof of what he says; Haunted wasn't some "fnaf" thing, and it wasn't initially made by him.

So what he's saying might have validity.

18556a  No.525631


And now I just found this after a quick pastebin search:


A fairly recent chatlog in which S'arais, going by "Trying to fix things atomisk did" claims he was in a car accident.

18556a  No.525632


My mistake, it's 6 years old but it was only posted recently.

e711d7  No.525633



Goes to show that when he fucks up he makes fun of himself.

18556a  No.525634


You're not very convincing by the way

792e2e  No.525635


Hey S'Arais.

e711d7  No.525636

Met them from MAG hq, but no. wrong ballpark.

792e2e  No.525637


Bullshit you dumb lying nigger your typing style gives you away.

18556a  No.525638


What's your thoughts on him then, he's a real dumb motherfucker, right?

e711d7  No.525639


You don't even need to tell me that. Shit like this just accentuates it though.

18556a  No.525640


I'm sure you've got some stories of your own to share.

e711d7  No.525642

Staying anonymous.

d26273  No.525745

he's at it again

9a858b  No.525771

File: 3309d317854529e⋯.jpg (669.92 KB, 1858x943, 1858:943, zee.jpg)


I looked into that map and stumbled upon some FNAF Zeemap (https://www.zeemaps.com/view?group=1130935). If you look up Springinator (S'Arais' old FNAF handle) and try to route it with Google Maps, you'll stumble upon 320 Charles Street South, Gananoque. Looking up the address on the Yellow Pages nets you some I Brewster or G McGuire who lives there instead of an Anderson, but who knows, it may be a relative. I don't think it's a general waypoint that's just the center of Gananoque either, if you enter Gananoque, Canada in the map it'll set a waypoint elsewhere in the actual center of the city.

9a858b  No.525785

File: bc03bfc84db2d9d⋯.jpg (64.26 KB, 640x480, 4:3, hni_0072_by_qtkidz01-d6vtd….jpg)

File: 1d5235669571210⋯.jpg (68.94 KB, 640x480, 4:3, hni_0073_by_qtkidz01-d6vtd….jpg)

File: 950f3cea212140e⋯.jpg (55.92 KB, 640x480, 4:3, hni_0075_by_qtkidz01-d6vtd….jpg)

File: ab48eb4866e4fbb⋯.jpg (78.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, hni_0076_by_qtkidz01-d6vtd….jpg)

File: 3b8817f5c73780b⋯.jpg (52.57 KB, 640x480, 4:3, hni_0077_by_qtkidz01-d6vtd….jpg)

Something most people seem to have missed, in one of his DA journal entries (https://www.deviantart.com/animepro6500/journal/My-Blog-day-2-392447736#comments | http://archive.is/iaFvG) he mentions he's started development on a game with his sister, who also has a DeviantArt account with the name of qtkidz01 (https://www.deviantart.com/qtkidz01 | http://archive.is/7g43F). She's from Canada, and her real name is Madelynn, which would make for a Madelynn Anderson. Not Madeline, but Madelynn. A bunch of interesting things to note here:


>I have brown hair but I want either a purple or blue streak in it. my hairs almost black so that kind of brown so it would have to be a light purple or blue (Yes you are being sneaky but what ev')

>We actually had kittens in our barn once but they all died and were given away so kittens are iffy

Apparently they have a barn, meaning they probably live somewhere on the outskirts of the city.


>Q7) Do you have pets? (and if so what types?)

>Yes one dog (Pepper) a chow chow and my brother has two guinea pigs!


It's a bunch of pictures taken from inside the house with a 3DS. What's interesting is that we can at least gauge what their house looks like this way.

9a858b  No.525789

File: 5e738b44c018376⋯.jpg (249.09 KB, 1314x715, 1314:715, the big man himself.jpg)


Ok, I think the Animepro6500 account may in fact not be him at all. It stumbles upon a Tristan Anderson who also just so happens to be living in Ontario, Canada , but the days of birth do not match up, the places of birth don't, and neither do the interests. S'Arais has explicitly been more about xenos, PC games, and the Sonic fandom, whereas this other Tristan draws more generic furry art instead of commissioning it like S'Arais would, and seems to be more interested in 3DS Nintendo games.

Here's the Facebook profile of this Tristan: https://www.facebook.com/tristan.anderson.754365 | http://archive.is/XDeJy

I've never seen a red herring this fucking big. This may be him, but until a link can be established between S'Arais and AnimePro6500 I can not say for certain that pic related is in fact him.

ec5426  No.525793

Turns out there was never a legitimate ban from the alfa legion. "Champion Plague Nexus" was well known for commonly placing temp-bans on people for humorous effect on timing.

851ed0  No.525830

Just so you know, he's shitposting on the /vg/ thread again.

2b233c  No.525832

File: 152830e8dac9ec9⋯.png (40.69 KB, 605x341, 55:31, Yghsk.png)

>Hey dude sorry about gloating about your best friend dying in a house fire but if you're ready to put it behind you then so am I

ec5426  No.525934


Can't be, he's banned. I'm convinced it's somebody else setting him up now.

d59fe3  No.525937


He's not banned on /vg/

ec5426  No.525940


Doesn't mean it's not the case.

And most of this has been debunked.

d59fe3  No.525942


Oh, hi faggot. How's the cat?


4b5657  No.525944


>Someone is setting him up by uploading a video of his map to his YouTube channel

Imagine thinking anyone was this dumb.

ec5426  No.525947


>Anyone was this dumb

You're a shining example of that and proof of what's being said, considering I said that there's no way he could be shitting up the /v/ and /vr/ threads when already banned. He's banned on /cow/ too.

4b5657  No.525948

d59fe3  No.525949


Nobody said anything about /vr/ you spastic.

ec5426  No.525951


Still part of the places he's been "shitting up".

Get with the plan.

d59fe3  No.525952


Do you understand how easy it is to spot you? Honestly I could have done it on the first post if I was even paying attention. 2 posts was so glaringly obvious that nobody could miss it if they tried. Why even both ban evading?

ec5426  No.525954


You need your eyes checked. But hey, keep claiming each-other are him. He's too fucking retarded to do a WEBM FOR RETARDS, so what makes you think he can ban evade?

He can't. The logic doesn't add up. The entirety of this thread has kindly been debunked as fake by 9a858b

d59fe3  No.525957


You dumbass nigger we spent the whole week watching you pathetically sockpuppet and ban evade.


Let's get a new highscore of retardation.

ec5426  No.525960


So it's you?

Joined the thread today, jackass.

You get no more help from me. Have fun with your pissed-in ballpit

5c0f75  No.525963


Sure you did Tristan.

d59fe3  No.525965



What help?

ff4cf1  No.525969


If you didn't throw around middle school insults so much someone might actually fall for the act you know.

ec5426  No.525970


>he says while IP hopping

d59fe3  No.525971


>th-there can't be this many people calling me out! S-samefag!


ff4cf1  No.525973


My God this delusion. You really are stupid aren't you.

5c0f75  No.525975


Don't forget, everyone is the Doominati/Terminus/AlfaLegion


You outed yourself too easily. Imagine having been harping on about never having ban evaded and then giving us proof you ban evaded this quickly.

d59fe3  No.525977


But I really am Terminus. Really. 100% serious. Not kidding. I'm sitting in the Doominati HQ right now getting sucked off by some aspiring Doom Forum moderators.

d59fe3  No.525978


How'd you know I was Terminus?

5c0f75  No.525982


That's easy, it's because I'm Terminus

851ed0  No.526096


I had to report your posts just to see half the thread get deleted due to your own stupidity. Thanks for ruining another doom thread with your bullshit by the way.

I seriously hope someone uses the dox posted on thread and laughs in your face at how stupid you are and how terrible you are at mapping, holy christ all of them are utter shit.

4a2837  No.526117


Sweet, but I don't play DOOM or map for it, you've the wrong guy.

e63f0c  No.526119


By the way, If you sincerely think this is me, there's no way Rene' Descartes could even be alive that long, as he was a very poor fisherman and never realized there was no bait on his hooks.

4a2837  No.526120

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hello, I'll take those replies.

4a2837  No.526121


Seems we triggered a nerve in the others.


ec5426  No.526122

I'm totally sarassis guys

ac36a1  No.526158



The fact that you've kept the same id in the various doom threads you're busy shitting up makes it look you are in fact too stupid to figure out how to reset your ip.

And some of these posts are made way too late to have been from a library so I'm going to go ahead and assume you're getting one of your few furfag butt-buddies to play messenger boy for you.

Just a hint: hapless attempts at correcting the record on fresh ids makes you look embarrassingly obvious.

ec5426  No.526166


here's a hint: you're a fucking idiot.

d854c7  No.526193


Please just stop

ec5426  No.526195

46f00c  No.526201

Tristan lost his shit completely, didn't he?

ec5426  No.526203



show's over, go home

46f00c  No.526208


Hi, Tristan, there's only 3 more acts more show is over. Hell with you we can get /cow/ exclusive 50 episode series of your furfag autism!

ec5426  No.526211



Give it up.

46f00c  No.526212


>G-G-G-Give it up

More you say, sure! Are you feeling tad hot under the collar, furfaglet?

c8c4ea  No.526224

File: 988800e05b07b08⋯.jpg (113.97 KB, 1024x764, 256:191, 988800e05b07b08003daf2868c….jpg)


>posting a link to an image

>not just posting the image

Ok, not even S'Arais is that stupid. Probably one of his discord furries.

9a858b  No.526226

File: de3ec5c101961d6⋯.jpg (856.5 KB, 1853x947, 1853:947, zee2.jpg)

File: 153ffd685bb102c⋯.jpg (639.03 KB, 1853x946, 1853:946, zee3.jpg)

File: 5c6991d2c9475f3⋯.jpg (568.73 KB, 1350x911, 1350:911, zee4.jpg)


A 2015 issue of the Gananoque phone book only list four entries under Anderson (see page 10-11). Maybe that can narrow down the list of suspects.

I'd also take a look at this link: https://www.411directoryassistance.ca/People411/peoplesearch.php?txtwhat=Anderson&txtwhere=Gananoque%2C+ON&search.x=0&search.y=0

I'm inclined to believe that the most likely addresses are those with two names registered to them, namely a father and a mother. None of his chatlogs or behavior suggest that his parents have divorced, that he holds a job, or that he lives on his own. He's got no LinkedIn account I could find, meaning very likely he never even entered the professional sector/has a job. I could be wrong, there are some Tristan Andersons in Canada which may prove something, but you need a proper LinkedIn account to view full profiles and I'd rather not use my personal one, on LinkedIn you can see who viewed your profile.

I have a fleeting suspicion it's the first pic.

01b4be  No.526227

File: c88aa4efb35b538⋯.jpg (67.4 KB, 843x426, 281:142, Screenshot_2018-08-25-10-3….jpg)


Now what are the odds the other site just had his name misspelled? If he's actually 23 it's possible he's on social assistance and living alone.

ac36a1  No.526231


I do find it a little hard to believe he'd be able to take care of himself on his own, especially if his parents were still around and he had the option to mooch off them.

But I don't think his parents have been mentioned once in all the chatlogs/posts despite sarais' obsession with supplying TMI, maybe they're dead?

b0552c  No.526232


What? He's mentioned them a bunch of times, mainly saying they never gave a shit about him. I still do think he's probably on welfare or something. That math anon did up top is actually good, just the initial dox are shaky. If anyone can prove a Tristan Anderson in Gananoque it's most likely him. T Anderson is quite close.

d59fe3  No.526329

He's back on /v/, let's see how long that lasts.

a8087a  No.526334



d59fe3  No.526340



25899d  No.526344

File: 0b9d8b7b168870a⋯.png (12.26 KB, 431x100, 431:100, 1.png)

File: 67d888ce31a571e⋯.png (26.85 KB, 823x180, 823:180, 2.png)

File: 5dbc35de7906b7f⋯.png (65.66 KB, 618x555, 206:185, 3.png)

File: da573b759793173⋯.png (14.96 KB, 493x115, 493:115, 4.png)

some discord caps

a8087a  No.526345


>2 posts in an hour

I doubt it really.

d59fe3  No.526346


It's the exact same ID he's been banned under 3+ times.

a8087a  No.526347


Looks like you're right.


9a858b  No.526356


Alright, so:

>lives (lived?) with his single mom (less likely possibility: has a step-dad)

>smokes pot

>never finished school probably, has been in multiple schools (outside of Gananoque?)

>is a mangled motherfucker, no wonder he's into xeno

>been in a car accident before 2017

His constant expulsions probably explain his unwarranted self-importance. He wasn't bullied thoroughly enough. Maybe said car accident is archived, though it's a shot in the dark if it didn't happen in Gananoque.

You got more discord caps/logs?

d59fe3  No.526359


>is a mangled motherfucker

As much as he has said this, considering how much he lies he could be embellishing it for sympathy. A look on his twitter has him talking about throwing up blood, which IRL would land you in a hospital pretty damned fast, but no mention of a hospital trip. Interestingly he does try to use it to excuse a sperg fit he must have thrown.

c8cc33  No.526364


>He wasn't bullied thoroughly enough.

He's claimed that it was always the staff rather than the students that did that; he could normally just tune the other students out, but the staff were fairly 'abusive' with their power.

25899d  No.526365

File: 2f079cb69bc5a59⋯.png (96.75 KB, 1088x847, 1088:847, turning the frickin frogs ….png)


A lot of his discord logs are just him rambling to himself about trivial shit while everyone ignores him so it's hard to find anything of any substance.


I've seen an odd mention of him faking his death years ago so I assume this supposed car accident has something to do with that.

d59fe3  No.526368


>why would a company want to kill their customers

>why wouldn't they

Truly we are dealing with a formidable intellectual

b5d841  No.526444

File: 0f98da77ca99fcd⋯.jpg (232.54 KB, 1252x1346, 626:673, 1432062738978.jpg)

Papa Vanu does not approve of your actions, S'Arais.

d26273  No.526488

He probably meant "complete/finished" in the sense of it being a finished development-wise map, but wanted to know how to revise. Much like "release candidates"

c764e3  No.526513


This pretty much confirms that he isn't animepro6500, right? Doesn't seem like animepro had many issues in school.

It also seems like he's dyslexic with all the spelling errors he makes. S'Arais spelling seems pretty decent though.

4bceb4  No.526518


That's still no reason to get so upset that you make several posts in a row, all detailing that you obviously know the anon is just baiting, and trying to look smug about it.

2650af  No.526987

File: 271333edb911e41⋯.png (110.36 KB, 758x812, 379:406, ClipboardImage.png)

2650af  No.527000

File: e3958d7f343e921⋯.png (51.92 KB, 943x451, 23:11, ClipboardImage.png)


Pic related


And madnessfagging.

d59fe3  No.527148

Did he get banned on /v/ again? All his posts are gone but it doesn't look like there was any spergout.

d7b216  No.527394


It seems like it, which is a real shame because I liked the look of what he was trying to accomplish. Obviously they are not the best but he's clearly struggling to 'prove people wrong about him with this project', but I really, really like what he does try to put out, technically-speaking (blending D64 with D2 with an "abandoned, decaying arctic techbase" theme). He has been posting in >>>/vg/79754

d7b216  No.527396


had it reversed.


5e09a3  No.527407

File: 5a2bdbe8a96f709⋯.png (326.33 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 5a2bdbe8a96f709cd1133ad67a….png)



>Posted within the minute of him posting on /vg/

At least learn the basics of color theory before you start trying to fellate yourself.

A blind person has a better chance of making a less eye straining palette.

d7b216  No.527410



Fuck off.

Nobody likes desaturated brown-and-bloom COD garbage

5e09a3  No.527415

File: ec752f7b37e9d8d⋯.png (107.43 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, Evolve.exe_2015-02-11-16-3….png)


Too bad that's exactly what that piece of shit DLCfest Evolve was.

d7b216  No.527416



It really wasn't, but keep picking maps wherein there is no color just to slave your own argument

d7b216  No.527417


Infact, rotate your camera approx 30 degrees to your right and you will see the wraith's caging. A clear ORANGE-y fluid, Not to mention your game seems far more de-saturated and dull than the game originally was.

You're also completely full of shit. There is nothing wrong with cyan lights throwing cyan lights, and green lights throwing green light.

c764e3  No.527418

File: cad10cbc4331a9e⋯.jpg (60.42 KB, 640x640, 1:1, cad10cbc4331a9e5b09449ac9a….jpg)



We missed you.

d7b216  No.527419


Considering """""""""""""We""""""""""""""" have never met, you should get your brain checked.

c764e3  No.527420

File: e0a9ff0d89d878d⋯.jpg (29.84 KB, 400x400, 1:1, e0a9ff0d89d878db1baa6bf21a….jpg)


Why are you so bad at this?

d7b216  No.527421

a8087a  No.527422

Evolve is garbage.

d7b216  No.527423


Not my fault you're too dumb to play it.

d7b216  No.527425


color theory is a fairy-tale.

c764e3  No.527426


To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to play Evolve. The gameplay is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the mechanics will go over a typical player's head. There's also Griffin's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these mechanics, to realise that they're not just fun- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Evolve truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in chasing a monster across an empty map, which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Turtle Rock Studios's genius wit unfolds itself on their monitors. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Evolve tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

d7b216  No.527427


Aside from the blatant copypasta…

>To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to play Evolve.

This unironically.

Almost every idiot mindlessly ran in a circle after the thing, despite being told to cut it off and predict where it's going. These are probably the same idiots who think QUAKE 3 and other arena shooters are garbage.

5e09a3  No.527428

File: cf0c4b8f841cc83⋯.png (10.27 KB, 99x80, 99:80, 1510037878410.png)


Your understanding of it certainly is.

a8087a  No.527430

File: c4babdd68208414⋯.png (77.07 KB, 474x711, 2:3, 951c7a8e0535ec432f9da61fdf….png)

d7b216  No.527431



don't write checks your ass can't cash.



The metaphor here is that humanity is unable to EVOLVE and is, ultimately, a parasite doomed to destroy itself.

5e09a3  No.527433


>People didn't like this shitty game that I liked whacking off to

>12 year old nihilist mode engaged

d7b216  No.527435


>Liking a game other people don't like means you're jacking off to it

There isn't even an image to describe how baffling this non-logic is.

d7b216  No.527438

The hilarious thing is that if you even knew the slightest thing about the color theory you claim is being violated, you'd see it's being used anyway.

c764e3  No.527439

File: cddf011817565cb⋯.jpg (29.87 KB, 670x503, 670:503, cddf011817565cb0d8bc4d94e3….jpg)


>liking shitty games

d7b216  No.527441


>moving the goalposts

>shitty game

lmfao, if you thing evolve was shit,you think leonardo davinci was shit too

or the infamous scream painting

or even 'starry night'

c764e3  No.527443

File: 86ce5a3ff5e5349⋯.png (583.65 KB, 680x989, 680:989, 86ce5a3ff5e534973c720047f8….png)


Oh, you're merely pretending. Lame.

d7b216  No.527444


I'm not sure who's "trolling" who, anymore.

If one was truly intelligent, they would of looked past the shitty marketing and see how Evolve's demise is a blow to the gaming industry as a whole, and not only that, but a blow to the very concept of games as a past-time or existence. They're not true gamers. They're part of the mainstream disease starting from 2009. A true game enthusiast would see how important Evolve really was; as it was not afraid to do something extremely unique and experimental; and the fallacy of "just l4d but only the tank" was a claim made by people who don't even play videogames; as the only thing remotely similar to the Tank is the Goliath; who's only similarities is that he's FUCKING RIPPED and throws rocks.

It is significantly more difficult to kill a Goliath than a Tank.

442adb  No.527446


ur pretty dumb

d7b216  No.527447


You're cute too, Timmy.

442adb  No.527448

c764e3  No.527449

File: d7a24d55d8d474e⋯.jpg (297.35 KB, 725x1080, 145:216, d7a24d55d8d474e5df4ae3b2ee….jpg)

I want fake S'Arais to leave.

d7b216  No.527450


Cool thing slick.

Got anything else or are you just going to fall back on the generic basic garbage that has no actual semblance as to what's being done?

442adb  No.527452

d7b216  No.527453


Why not talk to the real one then?

5e09a3  No.527455


I'm quite sure it's him considering he's crying about this thread in /vg/ right now

I get you though, every time I get an idea of just how much of a idiot he is, he proves that he hasn't even hit peak dumbfuck yet.

d7b216  No.527456



I think the term you're looking for here is "calling you out for your bullshit and being a dumb twat"

c764e3  No.527459

File: 61e55e053548c76⋯.gif (565.46 KB, 500x376, 125:94, cd1e9b406ee5ab4898768fff89….gif)


His replies were so stupid I assumed it was someone pretending to be him and overdoing it. Guess I was wrong.


>last 6 posts in the /vg/ thread are his


d7b216  No.527460


>I was merely pretending to be retarded!

442adb  No.527462


I'm just trying to wear him down with boredom.


Just walk away tbh.

c764e3  No.527463


That's not what I said.

Anyways, you should still be b&, right? Are you ban evading again?

d7b216  No.527464


I came here to laugh at you!

442adb  No.527465

d7b216  No.527466


Begone gnat.

a8087a  No.527467


With how quick he is to respond how could there ever be a doubt?

d7b216  No.527468


There's more than enough doubt considering this entire thread has been blown the fuck out.

442adb  No.527470


You're rhymes suck dude.

d7b216  No.527473


>He thinks I'm trying to rhyme

5e09a3  No.527474

He starts sageing when he's real upset.

d7b216  No.527475

""""""""He"""""""""""" starts saging when he finds a low-quality thread.

442adb  No.527476

a8087a  No.527477


So this thread was high quality 20 minutes ago?

d7b216  No.527478


No, it was always shit.

442adb  No.527481


What is your opinion of Africans?

d7b216  No.527482


The skin color doesn't even make sense for the enviroment. Shit nigger, why is your skin BLACK? It's hot as fuck over there.

7333c8  No.527483


d59fe3  No.529416

>S'Arais unironically believes that Leonardo da Vinci himself would defend his Doom map coloring decisions


46f00c  No.529418


>S'arais the nigger shows his nignorance

Nigger look up adaption. Nignogs like you are more suited to work in fields due to tolerance to sunlight and low IQ

a8087a  No.544005

He's been spamming /v/ for a few hours now. Bumping for potential new spergout.

e8c9dd  No.544245


Where and what has he been spamming?

a8087a  No.544259


One line OPs that are just him bitching about his week old Doom blog he necrobumbed getting deleted and then replying to himself talking about how everyone is cuckchan. All while posting images with cuckchan filenames.

8fe9dd  No.544385

Evolve is a terrible game.

30ca8e  No.545350


How are you so fucking bad at video games despite it being the only field you have any interest in, Tristan?

8fe9dd  No.545366


>half the average winrate in solos and squads

>a kill every 5th match

Wew, when I still played this trash I had 55% duo winrate and a 12 k/d.


afbf69  No.548984

good job goyim

afbf69  No.549037

>He needs to have a good k/d to enjoy a vidya

>He can't enjoy every nuance a game has to offer

You're the cancer killing vidya.

a73c59  No.549114

File: 4c52cdf44685930⋯.jpg (140.95 KB, 1300x848, 325:212, 12028376-worried-man-in-fr….jpg)


>Ugh, you simpletons can't possible understand what a deep, nuanced game Fortnite really is


afbf69  No.549120

File: f25873c66af9963⋯.jpg (41.55 KB, 341x531, 341:531, q3crashbig.jpg)


Lauffin' at you. I almost feel pity

a73c59  No.549125


Have fun playing with all those preschool children I guess

Do we have to add kiddy-diddler to your list of sins? I wouldn't be all that surprised

afbf69  No.549126

File: 5cc7af3237c7a8d⋯.gif (2.8 MB, 480x262, 240:131, .gif)


>you are THIS desprate

4c061f  No.549150


>preschool children

Imagine being so bad at vidya that you get destroyed by literal children.

afbf69  No.549153


Imagine being this much of a subhuman that you get offended that people like something you don't, for reasons mongoloids like you could never begin to comprehend.

4c061f  No.549160

File: 8789b616362b452⋯.jpg (21.81 KB, 602x438, 301:219, 8789b616362b452a06dd783c5e….jpg)


The average fortnite player is probably 8 years old. How are you still below the average in stats?

afbf69  No.549164


Why do you give a fuck about stats?

You think it's the only thing that matters, hence why you and your codbab ilk are a disease.

a73c59  No.549171

File: 9a75c63bffd4771⋯.png (531.63 KB, 570x550, 57:55, 22-47-28.png)


ok pedo sped

afbf69  No.549175

File: d6eb7a2b8855df6⋯.jpg (21.15 KB, 268x268, 1:1, seriousengine_packageprevi….jpg)


l m f a o

>liking something you don't like and are obviously too fucking stupid to understand now makes you a pedo

>liking something you don't like is a sin

No wonder you're going to die a slow painful death.

4c061f  No.549180

File: eaf42eb81571d8d⋯.jpeg (25.24 KB, 750x573, 250:191, eaf42eb81571d8d12493b37e6….jpeg)


>Why do you give a fuck about stats?

Because they indicate that you can't even beat a 10 year old at videogames. You're probably just low IQ, don't feel too bad.

3e354a  No.549181

from professional evolve shill to professional fortnite shill

moving up in the world, tristan boy

afbf69  No.549185


Nah, the truth is that you're a stat-padding nigger who thinks anybody with more than a single braincell gives a fuck about k/d/r.


>liking something you don't immediately makes you a shill

Guess you really are a preschooler!

3e354a  No.549194


you have to be putting a conscious effort into reaching a k/d as low as fucking .20

so that's like negative stat padding

you're not actually THAT bad, right?

4c061f  No.549195

File: da3b8573c0f04d0⋯.png (281.55 KB, 700x900, 7:9, da3b8573c0f04d045bacc52f51….png)


>anybody with more than a single braincell gives a fuck about k/d/r

That's what I'd be saying if I was in the bottom 10% of players in a game mostly played by pre-teens. How do you even have fun playing 600 games and getting a 100 kills?

afbf69  No.549198

File: 13698856463814f⋯.jpg (102.77 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, quake_3_tank_jr_wallpaper.jpg)



I, unlike you, am capable of enjoying the whole of a vidya instead of a pathetic fucking meaningless number ticking up.

afbf69  No.549200

File: 0b762916434c99f⋯.jpg (163.9 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, wonder.jpg)

Simply gorgeous.

3e354a  No.549201




is this just another gross fetish thing thanks to your broken brain and/or genitals?

do you enjoy getting the shit kicked out of you and being made a fool of?

would certainly explain why keep coming back here

afbf69  No.549207

File: 06677a27b96f165⋯.jpg (237.2 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, command-conquer-tiberian-s….jpg)


>He thinks anything I do with vidya has anything to do with fetishes

and you have the audacity to claim I'm the gibbering retard.

I'm the one kicking the shit out of you faggots, considering only one person has had the intellect to investigate and find out that that most of this shit is fabricated as part of a smear campaign.

You're so fucking stupid you can't even appreciate such beauty as this.

4c061f  No.549210

File: be7f8cbbcd6db27⋯.jpg (78.69 KB, 640x640, 1:1, be7f8cbbcd6db27e4122c4bdba….jpg)


>enjoying the whole of a vidya

A real fortnite connoisseur, eh?

I guess walking around and dying must be real fun to you. Or do you just build a nice home and roleplay?

I can't understand how you could be this bad without actively trying.

3e354a  No.549214

fortnite is the pizza

the skins are the appetizers

afbf69  No.549215

File: 3f6b990f6a6dcb4⋯.jpg (648.02 KB, 2404x1260, 601:315, death of a species.jpg)



literal braindead mongoloid

why don't you go back to destroying this once glorious passtime, you subhuman grotesque?

you and your chadbro faggots always destroy everything you touch.

3e354a  No.549229



are you just playing a different fortnite to the rest of the world or something because the one im thinking of is the current quintessential normie dudebro game

like what a bizarre fucking hill for you to lay down and die on after all that sperging about the death of videogames and how casuals ruined the industry

afbf69  No.549235

File: c9aee06638a7474⋯.jpg (430 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 0-mystic_radar_v10003.jpg)


>B-bu-but this type of players plays it and i have zero argument

Start enjoying the finer things in life you stupid fucking cunt.

3e354a  No.549244


please tell me what are some of the finer things about Epic's Fortnite™

what are those subtle details that only you and your virtuoso eyes can appreciate while the boorish philistines are too busy getting kills and winning games?

afbf69  No.549247

File: 14df2606bb4635d⋯.png (172.63 KB, 220x313, 220:313, PlanetSide_Coverart.png)

File: 549c924480a0ecf⋯.jpg (206.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ut2004_gffx5900_2.jpg)

File: f06cbf47c507f72⋯.jpg (221.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, deum.jpg)

File: e9e058a51515f22⋯.jpg (80.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, samjam.jpg)

You are like gnats before me.

Simpletons, scoundrels.

Who cannot appreciate a great artstyle

Who think k/d/r/ and "MUH GRAFFIX!" are the only things that matter

Who expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter and expect the game to play itself

Who cannot appreciate the glory and wonders of these images.

You are beneath me in every single way. And your attention-whoring KDR will change none of this.

You are a disease.

4c061f  No.549251

File: 4f043da26cbf04f⋯.jpg (53.25 KB, 720x709, 720:709, 4f043da26cbf04ff45e73418c2….jpg)


>if you want to be good at your hobby you ruin it

I guess I can see where you're coming from. People that aren't complete trash at vidya ruined it for you because you're just that bad. If everyone was as bad as you you wouldn't actually be bad. Very high IQ logic.


I can't even imagine how bad you are at these games considering how bad you are at fucking fortnite. If you watch a DSP video can you identify with him?

afbf69  No.549253

File: 624a978c93c732d⋯.jpg (86.42 KB, 902x960, 451:480, 1517631766356.jpg)


You are also incapable of appreciating truly great gameplay, as Evolve was a blatant indication of mindless retards who couldn't learn to play a fucking game and dismissed it as shit- when the hilarity is that they themselves were shit at it.

You beg for something different, then scream when it is.

You are a plague. You are killing this hobby.

You are unable to appreciate anything past your own fucking egotistical KDR ass-patting.

You are unable to appreciate the hard work and effort put into the games. You think you can just press a button and get cocks.

You valvedrones are a fucking disgrace.

You are not capable of appreciating any irrelevant bullshit story that may or may not have any bearing on the game itself.

You are incapable of truly enjoying this hobby. And you need to leave before you ruin it for everyone.

3e354a  No.549255


hey man im having a blast with dq11

maybe you wouldnt be such an whiny, aggressive little shit if you actually played some good games instead of evolve and fortnite

afbf69  No.549256

File: 16b3bb1e9d341ff⋯.jpg (301.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 432b4e1ba68a8d57f0d59f222c….jpg)

You are incapable of appreciating a videogame at all, so why do you insist on shitting up the entirety of it?

Your fucking battlecods are a disease, and you're angry that your kind is dying.

afbf69  No.549257


>I'm having fun with rehashed cash-cow garbage that's the exact same title as the last one, only reskinned for maximum kikery.

>dragon quest is a good game series

You are a fucking retard.

4c061f  No.549258

File: 3b8c86465622766⋯.jpg (10.06 KB, 193x262, 193:262, 3b8c86465622766e6bf0d04373….jpg)


I think this might be a missunderstanding. We aren't laughing about your K/D itself. We're laughing about how bad you must be at vidya eventhough you've probably played tens of thousands of hours more than most of the fortnite playerbase.

I hope this clears up the missunderstanding :)


>I'm having fun with rehashed cash-cow garbage that's the exact same battle royal as the last one, only reskinned for maximum kikery.

>battle royal is a good game genre

You are a fucking retard.

afbf69  No.549260


>literally no argument

Enjoy your battlecod you fucking whale.

You know I'm right.

You have no understanding of what a good game is.

You are everything wrong with the new generations and are blatantly too young to be on this site.

3e354a  No.549261


>i play fps game

right back atcha bitch

afbf69  No.549263


>I play a wide variety of videogames


3e354a  No.549265


you must have really upset him with that one

afbf69  No.549268


Nah, I'm just burying a shit thread that's been pretty much disemboweled. See >>525789

You've had me figured wrong ever since these errenous shit image macro images were first created. And only 9a858b had the mental capacity to not mindlessly follow whatever they were fed.

You are, by definition, NPCs following your code.

4c061f  No.549274

File: 6b229c43043799f⋯.gif (254.83 KB, 500x354, 250:177, 6b229c43043799f7fee1843336….gif)


I'm currently playing the Kiseki series. I'd highly recommend them. You should play on easy since they're probably a bit too hard for you otherwise.

3e354a  No.549275


one single detail debunked, the rest of it is still true though lmao, address, name etc

afbf69  No.549278

File: 2a635fc0baffdfc⋯.jpg (164.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, i only need 3 letters for ….jpg)


>all of it being debunked makes it true

>Every single detail was found to be wrong


>visual novel garbage made for cucks

>not superior EDF MASTERRACE

Fucking retard

afbf69  No.549280


>A literal non-game

l m f a o


afbf69  No.549282

File: 16a1fbe3a5a5d61⋯.jpg (225.11 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 0000002957.1920x1080.jpg)


I feel so fucking sorry for how pathetic you are that I'll set you on the right course of a REAL game that isn't fucking normalfag shit of

"hurr shit around and announce our attacks and stand around like a fucking retard waiting to get hit"

4c061f  No.549284

File: 65e12ff031850d7⋯.jpg (14.07 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 65e12ff031850d7484e719510a….jpg)



>visual novel

>A literal non-game

Are you having a stroke right now? Or are you that pissed off?

afbf69  No.549285


Neither. You have the audacity to talk about the quality of a game when you're not even fucking playing one.

Name 10 fucking REAL games, you mongoloid. Then I might pretend that your shit opinion matters.

3e354a  No.549288

File: 1d52c208decd5da⋯.png (24.39 KB, 820x306, 410:153, 0-09-58.png)


the deviantart account is the sole wrong detail in the op image

it was the only thing you ever kicked up a fuss about while ignoring and essentially confirming everything else to be true

you even got so upset by it that you handed over your actual da accounts

basically, youre real fuckin dumb

afbf69  No.549291


Nope. Much of the alfa legion bullshit is false.

Keep being wrong about me, faggot.

3e354a  No.549296


you get banned from essentially everywhere else you shove your ugly mug into

pretty believable if you ask me

4c061f  No.549297

File: 97ef7d203df9c91⋯.jpg (16.95 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 97ef7d203df9c918f16eab45ae….jpg)


>game that isn't fucking normalfag shit of "hurr shit around and announce our attacks and stand around like a fucking retard waiting to get hit"

>turn based combat is normalfag shit

I don't even know what to say. Maybe I need to play some Fortnite to make me less of a normalfag.


>Then I might pretend that your shit opinion matters.

Do you think I care about the opinion of someone who is unable to have average skill in a game made for little kids?

Why are you triple posting? Are you that miffed?

afbf69  No.549305


Except plague champion nexus hardly ever "bans" anyone except for humorous effect and then removing it immidiately after.

I was never banned from the alfa legion.

The only fucks I have about the shit that was FNAF was the baseline concept of "jesus christ psychotic death-robot iron maidens which are inexplicably out to kill the fuck out of you", their use in the GMOD images was out of simplicity's sake; larger, chunkier, blockier models were generally easier to work with and pose than default models given with the source engine, Aside from this, "Haunted" had nothing to do with it, nor was it a primarily-horror game despite the namesake.

COSI was a group made for the sake of playing vidya together, but those dumb faggots never used it for it's intended purpose and tried to use it for a yiff cesspool, which is why it was purged.

afbf69  No.549309

File: 2c6b74cc0ac7e34⋯.gif (81.41 KB, 640x480, 4:3, X_com_UFO_DefenceUFO_Enemy….gif)


t. never played an actual fucking videogame in his life

Turn-based is fucking garbage and only has ever successfully worked in the context of X-Com.

3e354a  No.549320

File: f63c81c446b5b90⋯.png (208.5 KB, 1675x1089, 1675:1089, springy losing it.png)


i know you were absolutely obsessed with fnaf for at least a year though

even ghost thought you were an annoying faggot and that dude has the patience of a saint

4c061f  No.549323

File: 052f1f82b2bb389⋯.png (26.26 KB, 460x522, 230:261, wew .PNG)


Well I've played fortnite and I'm not as awful as you are :^)

afbf69  No.549326



A minor interest in a baseline concept of the game is not obsession.

And again, I'm entirely right in those images.

afbf69  No.549330


Also, hello ghost. Stop being a faggot nigger. To think I supported your ghostquest shit due to it's eldritch what-the-fuckery and intresting take and detraction from the source material.

3e354a  No.549333



hmm, that sure is a fucking ton of namefagging for a "minor interest"

afbf69  No.549336


And you have the audacity to say I'm obsessed.

3e354a  No.549339


lmao i wish

hes too busy writing downy porn these days


is that you admitting youre a dirty little liar?

afbf69  No.549345


You're already too fucking inset in your own asshole, so trying to remove you from it would be a futile effort. All of two people would know who ghost is, so yeah, strangle yourself ghost.

3e354a  No.549349


tell me about your tulpa

afbf69  No.549350

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Honestly, if you didn't want to prove I was superior to you, you would of never posted

Thanks for continuing to confirm I'm the best, and you're a little gobshite who needs to hide behind anonymous.

You're a disease. And it disgusts me to see everything gaming was founded on be completely lost due to the kike's influence on your generation.

I think I speak for everyone who's name is inherited from the knights of the round table when I say,


4c061f  No.549362

File: 7c2d3de7360b94c⋯.gif (1.31 MB, 245x280, 7:8, 7c2d3de7360b94c797ce76216b….gif)


>hide behind anonymous

<on an anonymous imageboard

Very interesting. You should go to reddit if you dislike anonymity that much. They'll gladly take a blogposting attention whore like you. Maybe they'll even ban all the people who are mean to you.

afbf69  No.549365


>literal basic bitch coward

GG fagstain. I've been doing this longer than you were an itch in your daddy's sack, and a cuntstain that your mother failed to abort.

4c061f  No.549384


You realize how retarded you sound, right?

afbf69  No.549386

File: 47bb67a725a4937⋯.gif (443.4 KB, 480x238, 240:119, 8c6.gif)

stupid kike

41fd8d  No.549391


You sound even more like a redditor when you use words like "cuntstain"

4c061f  No.549396

File: 3e0e816389f64d9⋯.png (509.73 KB, 770x789, 770:789, 3e0e816389f64d93eda5fca7a0….png)


>being anonymous on an anonymous imageboard makes you a kike

Flawless logic.

Why do you post that gif without giving me my (You)? Completely defeats the purpose.

afbf69  No.549397

File: f2a0b2d647c8857⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 9d1.jpg)

>reddit calling an originalfag reddit


a8087a  No.549432



Do marketing departments pay in poutine and furry porn?

4c061f  No.549913

File: ed9a2d7968585c5⋯.jpg (93.89 KB, 649x654, 649:654, ed9a2d7968585c5475e52346d7….jpg)



>hates anonymity

Checks out.

a8087a  No.549942


Don't forget the knowyourmeme filename.

4c061f  No.550560

I guess S'Arais realized that I was right and he was wrong. I hope you learned something valuable.

afbf69  No.551032

File: bdf17b6cf92379a⋯.gif (30.06 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1501543999757.gif)


good joke

a8ad4f  No.551058

>Furaffinity account wiped and disabled


make up your mind, you autimso

5a258c  No.551131


Since you're being pretentious faggot, I'm asking on your opinion on DVII@Map21.

afbf69  No.551275


Impressive in all aspects; the fact that the theme is sorely underutilized in many doom wads is astounding.

afbf69  No.551284


On that note however, the map immidiately following it is extremely autistic and there's no reason to lump random fuckin' nintendo characters and shit in there.

afbf69  No.551308


I stand corrected, it's map 23, not map 22.

4c061f  No.551704




>triple post

Are you too stupid to say what you want to say in a single post?

This is why everyone hates you.

d854c7  No.551765


Jesus fuck

493da6  No.626463

i forgot how much of a thin-skinned sperglord s'arais is

and it's interesting because the only reason he's managed to get away with this is because he's in such a fucking small pond

if he only got into a bigger scene, he'd be a legendary faggot the likes of which autism has never seen before

62699a  No.670405

File: 03f0b6c1e60ed4f⋯.png (217.28 KB, 298x403, 298:403, revenantbench.png)

Hey /cow/, coming in from the /vg/ Doom thread, didn't know this faggot had a thread for himself. I also couldn't have imagined he was the evolve shill AND a furfag, this is better than I thought.

Anyhow, he's mostly just sperging about the Cacowards being a circlejerk and making claims about Terminus and Sargonmy without any real proof on the /vg/ Doom thread because, and I quote, "unlike the sociopaths that now control the community, I don't obsessively save every scrap of evidence" and "evidence can be fabricated and/or omitted to push an agenda". His mental instability and persecution complex practically bleeds out of his posts.

de6aad  No.671632

File: fa416e58fb06f1a⋯.png (167.78 KB, 1806x902, 903:451, pathetic.png)


>coming in from the /vg/ Doom thread, didn't know this faggot had a thread for himself

He got a post deleted and has now started a full on 'raid'. This is pathetic.



00b3f7  No.671756

6f94c7  No.671757

Y'all still gay

6f94c7  No.671758

File: 1ac0c8459938ab4⋯.png (149.8 KB, 534x438, 89:73, ClipboardImage.png)

We're reaching levels of fucked up degenerate that shouldn't even be possible.

2fa996  No.672028



Shut the fuck up.

6f94c7  No.672038

c8cc33  No.672132

>Rachael sperging out again

Oh shit, he might actually have been right all along about the vets dooming the community.

493da6  No.672226


no you aren't, s'arais

a8087a  No.672248


We have IDs you know


6f94c7  No.672250


So why did you make the mistake?

6f94c7  No.672251

6f94c7  No.693450

Alright, fuck it, rezzing a cow thread about myself because I figure people still have me pegged wrong. I'm really not what you belive me to be, and I'm sure you're not the same way, so let's actually talk like gentlemen instead of squabbling.


6f94c7  No.693459

File: 9131e859501447e⋯.png (79.25 KB, 227x295, 227:295, HurpDurp.png)

File: a7fecba5fd7475a⋯.png (230.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1536989786271.png)

File: 7244b84ef9405c4⋯.png (173.73 KB, 455x455, 1:1, unkown.png)


And likely a small explanation of my evolve (and now in a similar vein, Subnautica) Autism; I clung to it after years of bitter cynicism, seeing the game revived a long-dead inner child, made me have faith in Vidya again, helped me through a stressful court situation, and served well as a coping mechanism as I enjoyed the wonders it had to offer; and it truly upsets me that people will never experience or remember it the same way I do; will never have the same encounter or memory.

Oh well, I don't expect any of you to be reasonable; so I'll just make a retard out of myself again and post that retarded xenomorph OC that I haven't used in ages; So much for trying to escape that furfaggot degeneracy; It/roleplay was just another game to me when I was a kid; so that's why I went to F-List to try and flesh it out from being more than a living shitpost. Maybe I shouldn't of been a gibbering retard and make a highly sexual/fetish-focused character if I'm not even remotely comfortable or intrested with those situations most of the time; and only really fap out of nessecity to releive stress and because my mind is unfortunately wired that way.

Wew, Autism. But that's what Court does to a man.

6f94c7  No.693467

File: 2c151d145a78c52⋯.png (494.74 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 1407056372.kurohachuurui_s….png)

File: c93d4848abfe3ca⋯.jpg (59.5 KB, 1080x691, 1080:691, 1452197853.arcenio_bob.jpg)

File: 3d4b310c58e69f6⋯.png (70.73 KB, 1280x989, 1280:989, 1454168183.flufflestuff_yc….png)

File: cff100184f93376⋯.png (33.03 KB, 380x422, 190:211, 1273354016.e413_s_arais10.png)

File: 88b7a66f2582e54⋯.jpg (907.3 KB, 1280x1026, 640:513, 1415315633.sugarboy_dellxe….jpg)


Maybe this is why I'm so autistic about Kelzad's Yeelon character too; He's a really cool character and I think I can relate in some ways; but really I just like the animations because they've been a highlight in a shitshow life.

God I wish I never met Fatchaos, Sanagi, and all those other degenerates who warped my mind with their ERPs when I was a minor; but fuck it, I'm here now, and I'm a retard who thought he could dispose of his fetishes by lumping them on a character that was originally intended to be used as an antagonist role in Film/Games; whilst also giving a logical character to a seriously-messed-up Xenomorph Queen without fucking up the species and instead going "What would it do if it had a better control over it's own physiology and evolution, based on it's conditions and personal desires; Given that it's insane, rather than spew out eggs (which it can still do); it's modified itself to be internalized in a similar manner to the Ressurection queen; but without the genetic impurities; and serving as a Mobile Hive; with the "fat" really just being the sci-fi term of Biomass; which can have it's state/tautness/whatever modified by modifying and shifting internal it's biology/structure around for whenever it suits it's needs.

Wew, autism. But I guess I'm bored, nervous, grinding my teeth, and trying to set myself apart from the legions of gaggling Furries that I never really quite felt entirely lax with

After all, S'Arais wasn't always meant for fetishistic purposes; It was created for imaginitive roleplay scenarios in mind and the "what ifs" of developing a parasitic broodmother that, due to it's lunacy, behaved diffrent from other Xenomorph Queens; but was still unquestionably a Xenomorph, despite it's diffrent behavior and temperment.

Whatever, fuck it, here's more filth; because I'm fucked no matter what, my death warrant is signed, and nothing will ever change what's happened, so might as well keep on digging myself a deeper hole.

Sugarboy does it right; though. Nice detail. That's how I've wanted the arts of her to look; Still properly intimidating and doing justice of a horrifying monster that just as readily wants to turn you into one of it's own brood, or do other manners of extremely horrifying shit.

Because, y'know, It's a pregnant, parasitic broodmother, and Xenoqueens usually outsize most other species anyways; so the big girl has really weird shit in it's kicks; usually involving inflicting it's persuasion of extreme heft and pregnancy onto others; before subjecting them to it's own insane debauchery absorbing them into it's own mass as living, sentient pudge in a flesh prison; or becoming part of it's reproductive system, or merged with it's anatomy in general; as if she somehow came across and obtained the capabilities of John Carpenter's The Thing.

Honestly the only logical explanation I could come up with is H.P. Lovecraft's Shub-Niggurath combined with some Weyland-Yutani fuckery and a psychotic "cult of The Mother" that worships her much to her annoyance, and even then that's just a really shitty shoehorn in of Quake 1's Shub-Niggurath

God, whatever. I should stop.

SAraisVanu #4785


Call me a faggot if you like. I don't even know what I'm doing here when I should be sleeping/ignoring all this shit; Instead, my mind will forever be plagued by a morbidly obese heaving blob of a pregnant, parasitic insect broodmother who's sole desire is to gorge itself relentlessly on the universe and sees all other lesser species as it's offspring; and will readily devour them in order to add them to it's own progeny; or turn them into heaving blobby, pregnant masses too; not unlike the movie Slither's "Wombs".

I really need to stop, But fuck it, The only thing I'm good at is being a fucking retard; so I guess you're free to do that.

unless you're one of those weird degenerate fucks who has gotten a fetish and wants to become sentient xenomorph fat and feel everything their host feels; sloshing, wobbling and all.

Honestly it's rather comical the more I think about it, given the "Putrid Bloated Cunt" nickname, and how she's originally developed off of shitposting, injokes and memes.

c53a90  No.693478


Yep, that’s a lolcow.

6f94c7  No.693501



Yeah, no shit. Oh fucking well, this was predetermined since before I was ever born, so I better just say "fuck it" and roll with it anyway until the next time I sperg and try to cleanse myself of it again.

6f94c7  No.693516

d53f00  No.693521



Fat xenomorphs are kinda hot to be honest bbq.

d77c5e  No.693575

what in the actual fuck

6f94c7  No.693621


what >>693575 said.

dude what.

She's got a hell of a lot of disturbing things to her, man. Fuckin' furries man, twisting my mind with their yiffy RPS when I was a kid.

f181d2  No.693630

File: 2420f66193e025f⋯.jpg (38.15 KB, 308x373, 308:373, 242627.jpg)


You've done something 99% of cows never do, you realized you act autistic.

You have had an epiphany and you can actively change yourself. You can escape the label of being a lolcow, you can become an example of how to turn yourself around like Ulillillia.

6f94c7  No.693637

File: 2cc606cc1c6cc8d⋯.jpg (319.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1510615385.meanybeany_gaht….jpg)


I've been trying to escape it for aeons anon; Doom Mapping was both my attempt to actually do the thing I've wanted to do most since childhood, and was in part another feeble attempt to escape such faggotry.

Oh well, I'll have to give up until the next time I have one of these moments, given the inevitability, or until I try to "purge" it again and fail, being a retard in the process

f181d2  No.693639

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Stop talking to your furfag friends, spend less time online, and most importantly: stop feeling so fucking sorry for yourself.

You'd be amazed how fast your personality can change by going on a two hour walk everyday.

I've already said it, I can't overstate the importance of burning bridges with your furfag friends. Sam Hyde has a good video on this.

6f94c7  No.693642


I get and have done so, my friend. I keep coming back every time, and, honestly, despite how much they irritate me, I'm not going to scorn them based on a character or something; I hate those who fit the steryotype perfectly, Krinkels, Draconder, and a couple of others seem to be the ones that stand out and are a bit more removed from the "Furry" thing- not shoving it in your face, yelling about drama, high quality and care put into the art, really neat monsters and cyborgs, the like.

I know you say I'm lying if I'm not jacking to it, but unfortunately I gotta accept that regargless, as I tend to. I'd rather not have to release tension and stress in such a manner at all, nor any NSFW images, and I'd much rather keep the fetish stuff out of the main focus,- SFW is better because it's easier to appreciate as art, and not something somebody's jacking to.

I mean, I made a copypasta and am basically cucking myself here:

[Note: This is a copypasta being pasted to everyone I may have wronged or the name seems familiar, As such, this may not apply to you or have details that don't make sense]

I apologize for being the unforgivably shit person I am; treating you and the others like shit; I guess this was predetermined before I was born anyway; personal defects, stress, anxiety, coping and all the like, even after I've failed to properly cope after my first time going to Court, and my cat dying making things worse; You and the others have seen me at my better moments, and I apologize for my behavior- even though it's inevitably bound to happen again. -I'd rather not have it define me; but the lot of you know my discomfort around others who fit the concept of "furry", and even moreso when they seek sexual things; despite the irony of the character being highly based around it

I have no idea why I'm re-adding you after years of not talking, but I guess the only thing I'm good at is making a complete fucking retard of myself, and this was concidered beifly a while ago; I'm a dumb, twattish cunt who seems to be having a stroke from anxiety due to court, and I've been a complete fucking douchebag to all of my former comrades; but I guess I just need to get my mind off of things and/or take measures to help keep myself away from furry degeneracy; as ironic as that is.

I don't blame you for you thinking and treating lowly of me, though, I'm the spastic, autistic, aspergers ridden twat whos' mind and body are attacking themselves and had an attempt to lump fetishistic bullshit into a fictional character so they could be rid of it, blow up horribly in my face.

6f94c7  No.693652

File: 6f1edd382abd95e⋯.png (311.9 KB, 1280x896, 10:7, ClipboardImage.png)

but ok

im not even sure what the fuck happened

d308dc  No.693665

so are you a feeder or a eater?

6f94c7  No.693671


I don't really like RP nonsense anymore, but it's a parasite; The character is for all intents and purposes made out of shitposting, injokes and memes; and that's practically it's "personality",

Really I tried to think of something that would be against the mary-sueish nature of it, as slapping shub niggurath and weyland-yutani ontop is inexcusably lazy; which is why I wanted to use F-List as a way to further develop a character I made when I was far younger.

court's making me have a stroke or something

d308dc  No.693672


so there's no fetish going on here with it.

6f94c7  No.693674


The fetishes came after the character and got old enough to comprehend what I was watching

d308dc  No.693676


but what is the fetish.

6f94c7  No.693680

File: 21febb7eacfd26b⋯.gif (21.44 KB, 455x364, 5:4, degeneracy.gif)


I honestly don't fucking know, dude. Dick does what dick wants. She's practically a "disgusting fetishbeast"- they pull a couple of elements from diffrent sources, my spine hurts, and is certainly more body-horror than most queens, She's basically managed to duplicate The Thing's capabilities to some extent. It's honestly just really slapped together haphazardly, and I just wanted to make something cool with it, not have it relegated to fapfuel

6f94c7  No.694226

File: 0f6da7c755ddef6⋯.png (27.34 KB, 185x258, 185:258, curvy_yeelon_transparent.png)

most of the images are really shit and even the concept of the character was fucked from the start.

shit nigger it's a monster. it's supposed to be spooks. it's supposed to be disturbing, the autism story that created this shitshow is baffling even to me.

h.r. giger is fucking weeping; but he accomplished what Tumbles the Stairdragon never could.

probably just bored shitposting here while i wait for MC11 and Realm 5

this asshole is a meme.

f05fd4  No.694228

How was court?

6f94c7  No.694229


>most of the images are really shit and even the concept of the character was fucked from the start.

i want to make it apparent that it's my abomination doomed from the start, not kelzad's

gee, i sure wonder what ganon's up to?

6f94c7  No.694230



f05fd4  No.694235


Why'd you do it anyway?

6f94c7  No.694236


Specifics doc?

f05fd4  No.694241


Keying your Aunt's car.

6f94c7  No.694246

File: 06ef616f55c7065⋯.png (242.3 KB, 526x503, 526:503, 06ef616f55c7065fc35b2105ba….png)



Friend, I'll tell you this. It wasn't a concious decisiojun. and its becomign hard to write this.

Local insane retard wonderkind makes a complete fucking fool out of himself. Everyone expected this.

I'm spooked as shit.

f05fd4  No.694250


Now that's not revealing very much.

What about this: how did you get caught?

6f94c7  No.694253

File: 0837373b0a6dd7f⋯.png (96.26 KB, 1280x1005, 256:201, Screenshot_Doom_20190101_2….png)


I asked the library to call the cops on me shortly after the incident, as I was being a fucking retard.

f05fd4  No.694255


Okay, next question.

Why did you bring the airsoft gun into school and who did you point it at?

1cc4c9  No.694256


So if it wasn't a conscious decision, was it caused by some mental condition like multiple personality disorder?

6f94c7  No.694258

File: 993f06405a83de8⋯.png (96.83 KB, 500x213, 500:213, tasty.png)


I had it and a baclava on (they had seen it before and i usually took it off before going inside, kept my face warm); however I only really realized I had it when I got into the school. It wasn't taken out of it's fabric holster, and I handeded it right over to a staff member as soon as I walked in.

They called the police; which is understandable though, really, as it's law/protocol.


>So if it wasn't a conscious decision, was it caused by some mental condition like multiple personality disorder?

I genuinely don't know what it is as there was never a real absolute confirmation, but "I've got mutants and contamination IN MY BRAIN!"

76156c  No.694280

Who the fuck even plays Evolve anymore?

Not even going f2p increased its playerbase.


d53f00  No.694743


Aren't the servers dead now? No one even draws porn of it anymore.

6f6c7a  No.695876


I'll fucking bet this is the article about whatever good old Tristan did.

6f94c7  No.700152


>18 year old

>In 2018

Are you clinically retarded?

6f94c7  No.700153


Obviously I am. Let's try this again


>18 year old

>Born in 1994

>In 2018

Are you clinically retarded?

1cc4c9  No.700198


Can't expect everyone to know your age. Anyway, since you're back, how did court go?

6f94c7  No.700199


I take it you haven't been paying much attention to the thread considering fuck all happened. >>694230

also what's wrong with this nigger >>693521

1cc4c9  No.700200


I thought you posting here again meant that it had happened by now, but looking back, I shouldn't have expected the legal system to be that efficient.

6f94c7  No.700202

File: af3901183152868⋯.jpg (8.84 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 462362avr4325624.jpg)


You should of laughed at the concept of efficient legal systems.


1cc4c9  No.700207


So how long can we expect to wait for something to happen?

6f94c7  No.700210


Basically nothing's gonna happen man; They're just drawing it out to piss everyone off.

1cc4c9  No.700220


Sounds pretty typical. Also, I noticed you reactivated your FA. Dunno why you'd torture yourself like that, but you'd be a lot better off if you got away from that faggotry for good.

6f94c7  No.700227


Not like it'd make a genuine difference considering the gobshites socially engineered to believe anything that's said about me.

Still gonna scoff at people's faggotry, though.

1cc4c9  No.700229


Suit yourself. Just don't come crying to us when it makes you miserable again.

6f94c7  No.700230


I find it humorous how you think any crying is involved.

b772a3  No.704897

>FA activated again


1c0023  No.704910

Everyone involved in that 4chan story has autism

6f94c7  No.707282


You don't say? The alfa legion one is practically false, considering the entire group was W40k-themed shitposting.


Too spicy for you, gent? I'd love to piss you off on your FA.

a31d4a  No.707352

he's been spamming the 4chan /trash/ recently because he got ban by the fatfur discord

6f94c7  No.707358


That was over a year ago. I literally don't give a shit what those autists do in their threads; I've got nothing to do with it since I haven't even been on /trash/ in ages; though their raging erections for a shitty mary sue won't let them clue into that

a31d4a  No.707369

File: 77c3bdb225a495c⋯.gif (1.01 MB, 630x502, 315:251, 1520524619973.gif)


then who is spamming the thread? they think it's Tristan but when a simple poster gets called "kys sarais" all the fucking time everyone on the thread get annoyed that include me, who the fucker is spamming "kys sarais" all the fucking time?

6f94c7  No.707372


You're acting like I have the slightest clue, dude. Like I said; working on doom wads and such was an attempt to rid myself of such faggotry; but clearly that had no bearing on the subject.

6f94c7  No.708813

How did I even come up with such degeneracy anyway? It terrifies even me sometimes. What even is half of this shit? It's kind of sickening.

b8cd47  No.709260

File: e5a9fb21240e455⋯.png (11.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 747xh5k.png)


>Deactivated again

1cc4c9  No.709699


I bet it has something to do with him being forced to see a psychologist.

2fa996  No.711256


Trying to get away from fetishes is something that doesn't work. The best you can do is tame things down, don't let it take over. It would be beneficial for him, however, to change to a new account that just lurks and likes images.

4f1903  No.711615


Sauce on this? I've heard multiple people say it, but I haven't seen any proof.

a98512  No.711714

File: 5535cf9819b5e61⋯.png (13.54 KB, 1218x191, 1218:191, chrome_2019-01-18_22-24-48.png)


From the currently deactivated FA page

Going to judge by his recent silence that he got locked up in a ward.

4f1903  No.711720


>Going to judge by his recent silence that he got locked up in a ward.

Fucking finally; I'm surprised it took this long, because it implies he was able to hide his raging autism from others.

1cc4c9  No.711777


I don't think he'd willingly reveal anything that would get him locked up, but at least it seems his parents are starting to take his mental health seriously now. I guess some good came of him keying his aunt's car after all.

a8087a  No.711791


He's a leaf. They probably locked him up over the single straight image hidden in the back of a decade old hard drive.

4f1903  No.711805


He keyed his aunt's car? Shit, I thought this just because he walked into a school with a BB gun or whatever.

1cc4c9  No.711908


I'm pretty sure he went into great detail about it in this thread. He's going to court because some demons or whatever in his head made him key his aunt's car. The airsoft gun thing happened way back in 2015.

4f1903  No.711964


Ah, my mistake; I'm reading through this for the first time and got the order of events mixed up.

6f6c7a  No.720225


Well you're crying on /v/ about getting banned from cuckchan again so there's that.

6f94c7  No.720248


Good god you're dense.

1cc4c9  No.720513


He's doing it there too? I'm not surprised, but I've only seen his spergouts on /trash/.

6f6c7a  No.720604


Mmm, salty bitch tears. Cry more please.

6f94c7  No.721789


at least I know the average /cow/ user is a prepubescent teen.

493da6  No.721861

File: 29435be57ce5129⋯.png (266.13 KB, 500x680, 25:34, unknown 2.png)


you're the one holding a self-inflicted grudge on a made-up illuminati

96e88b  No.721863

Do you think guy would ever be down for making a private video with Eddie Dzial?

6f94c7  No.722110

File: 54300a55d7f6cb5⋯.jpg (28.95 KB, 512x375, 512:375, 123945000689b59e1695449a38….jpg)


Last I checked, they were the ones still holding the grudge. I've been more than willing to work alongside many of them, but they saw it more fit to keep screaming and spewing dramatic bullshit than to shut their gob and just work on a map or something together.

So whatever, fuck 'em. They want to rot and tear themselves apart from the inside, so be it.

have a mercer

6f94c7  No.722116

File: a7b036550bc203b⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, cryptic metaphor.png)

I'm also entirely certain that placing a fucking sprite and helping other people with their maps is hardly a self-inflicted grudge.

493da6  No.722169


>Last I checked, they were the ones still holding the grudge.

you were the one that just got banned for derailing a thread to whine, and then proceeded to whine on 8ch's /v/ about it

>but they saw it more fit to keep screaming and spewing dramatic bullshit than to shut their gob and just work on a map or something

this is you

they have released plenty

you have released nothing and still beg other people to help with lotx

your lack of self-awareness is fucking staggering

508adc  No.722181

So much for abandoning your old internet presence, you must be really desperate for any attention you can get.

6f94c7  No.722182


Oh, it's just ==you==, shitposting about something you blatantly know not to be true.

6f94c7  No.722187

File: 06ef616f55c7065⋯.png (242.3 KB, 526x503, 526:503, 06ef616f55c7065fc35b2105ba….png)

On that note; it's clear that "prepubescent teen" was giving you too much credit. I'm obviously dealing with children from kinder-garden here.

Kiss my ass and suck my dick. I will not be part of your defiling of DOOM's legacy.

a8087a  No.722235

He's back on /v/ and as illiterate as always.


6f94c7  No.722237

File: 5c0b0a8ec31948e⋯.png (204.38 KB, 464x498, 232:249, 12eb3b233523fe64766d98fb5a….png)


>Only one person is allowed to like a game, ever.

good god here we go again

fucking flesh golems i swear.

4f1903  No.722374

>when a lolcow, for the briefest of moments, has a rare episode of lucidity and self-reflection

>immediately goes back on their bullshit a week or two later

It's all so tiresome.

b2a900  No.722424

File: a5763289bb9a43a⋯.jpg (33.02 KB, 398x461, 398:461, 75bdea095afbeb5c53f7b7a8f3….jpg)


This.I felt genuinely sorry fot him and was about to post something encouraging. Not doing so was the right choice after all.

a8087a  No.722435



There was nothing even remotely sympathetic about his retarded passive aggressive diatribe.

1cc4c9  No.722986


It's a shame because it would've been nice to see him become a functioning member of society. Hopefully he has more psychologist visits than just the one he mentioned.

6f94c7  No.723107

File: 87fca6a66e49bac⋯.jpg (126.28 KB, 1067x454, 1067:454, flesh piles.jpg)

I guess that people in this thread have confirmed the limited number of "souls" hypothesis.

Shame I'm the only real person in the thread.

53e704  No.723117



>"I will not be part of your defiling of DOOM's legacy."

>plays with texture filtering on

Christ, you really do have the most garbage taste around.

6f94c7  No.723189


As if texture filtering matters, you mindless fucking drone.

b21e3e  No.723191

File: c456f6b48b69ba3⋯.png (199.52 KB, 960x730, 96:73, c456f6b48b69ba3e3e4ecb2251….png)


>Shame I'm the only real person in the thread

I wouldn't even be suprised if you unironically believe this. Go back to playing Fortnite.

6f94c7  No.723192

File: 0b80104b83e726c⋯.png (5.85 KB, 582x32, 291:16, stupid dumb nigger.png)

And furthermore, that's a negative; you're one of the dumbest parroting cunts imaginable.

4f1903  No.723207


>implying he's even good at something as brainless as fortnite

For someone who devotes most of his life around vidya, he sure is shit at it.

1cc4c9  No.723208


Oh wow, look at you turning it off after getting called out for it.

6f94c7  No.723214


Or alternatively, you're still a dumb fucking twat as I've never had it on to begin with.

Shit bait, I can't even feel sorry for you;

Keep making me stronger.

1cc4c9  No.723230

File: ecff700df9bb26e⋯.jpg (72.7 KB, 720x1065, 48:71, Screenshot_20190125-003806….jpg)


Whatever you say, bud

6f94c7  No.723232


So where are the filters? There's no filters here.

I mean, you can always keep being wrong in this war of attrition.

6f94c7  No.723233

And before you try being a fucking retard again, stretching an image out to fabricate lies for your argument is not filters.

e24ce2  No.723235

File: 85f971012341f16⋯.png (230.95 KB, 544x544, 1:1, 5b52139c5c2493b4ad753d076c….png)

6f94c7  No.723241


Only one posting filters here is you, fucko.

1cc4c9  No.723245

File: 1bdeca2494fc1a4⋯.gif (61.4 KB, 510x446, 255:223, SMK.gif)


I don't know why I'm even bothering to explain when it's so obvious. See how some edges on the textures are drawn at the resolution of their original artwork while others are drawn at your monitor's resolution? That's from a 2xsai filter. It's most noticeable on the hand where there's lots of smoothing and clean diagonal edges. Here's a screenshot from a SNES emulator with the same filter for comparison.

6f94c7  No.723249

Defeat of opposition noted.

6f94c7  No.723251

b21e3e  No.723254


That's not what I'm implying at all. I've seen his fortnite stats. He's probably awful at every vidya he plays.


>not embedding

Double digit IQ

6f94c7  No.723255

>not realizing I did that to piss you off

Single digit IQ.

b21e3e  No.723260

File: 7bac4180bc7f499⋯.jpg (22.15 KB, 340x506, 170:253, 7bac4180bc7f4996e6007b5392….jpg)


>i was merely pretending

Why do I always fall for this master trolling technique?

6f94c7  No.723425

What does it matter, anyway? Seems you just want to bitch about something.

6f6c7a  No.724411

>everyone who disagrees with me isn't a real person

Hoho man, what's your psychologist's name? I'm sure he/she would love to hear that one/

b3c797  No.725295

File: bfa77cb69bd1ddc⋯.jpg (90.98 KB, 862x892, 431:446, 1367443952363.jpg)


>Reactivated once again

This guy claims not to be furry yet how many times has he played the most overused card in the furfag dramawhore deck?

Gonna need a tracker to keep tally of how many times he's "LEAVING THE FANDOM TOTALLY FOREVER THIS TIME YOU GUYS I'M REALLY GONNA QUIT"

4f1903  No.725314


He's just genuinely sick, man. If you've been watching any of the threads he frequents on cuckchan's /trash/, he keeps falseflagging as others saying that he hasn't been there "in months", and is pretending to be his own shitposter in an attempt to get other's sympathy.

1cc4c9  No.725341


I think he does it more for attention than sympathy. He's always super obvious and knows he'll get called out, so when he does, he can just gloat over how he totally annihilated the person who called him out.

4f1903  No.725389


Thread specific ID's should be a mandatory feature on every chan tbqh; I'd love to see how many of those posts are actually him and how many are just other anons egging him on.

a8087a  No.725687


He spams the same 3 or 4 images so often he might as well be posting with an ID.

6f94c7  No.728272

File: 9aa7ce2f5bcc5f7⋯.jpg (169.99 KB, 658x370, 329:185, mick the dick.jpg)


Gee, since it pisses you off so much I should keep doing it

6f94c7  No.728725

It's also very amusing to hear those sex-obsessed lunatics on /trash/ think I'm the one shitting up their threads.- even when it's metaphysically impossible for me to have done so.

Good god they're tsundre.

4f1903  No.728740


You can't actually be this unaware, can you?

6f94c7  No.728752


Are you clinically retarded, child? You can't honestly be old enough to post here if you presume I'm "unaware"

Then again you're an petulant dumb fuck, so I guess the answer is that you're an UnderageB&

1cc4c9  No.728770


>Metaphysically impossible


6f94c7  No.728779


Bitch I haven't even been there in forever. I don't give a fuck if you believe me.

1cc4c9  No.728792


You still haven't explained the impossibility, but I'm glad you're at least aware enough to realize nobody believes your bullshit. Seriously, I can't think of a single person who likes you enough to go on about how you're the saviour /trash/ needs like mr. totally-not-sarais has been doing. The fact that they even stopped abruptly when your internet went out (something which only you could've known) only further serves to rule out the possibility of an impersonator.

4f1903  No.728796


You're not a good troll, sarais. You're not witty, clever, subtle, or even imaginative.

You're just annoying, persistent, and autistic enough to believe in your own megalomania.

6f94c7  No.728807

File: 76378cab0fe9126⋯.gif (315.03 KB, 300x200, 3:2, GUD SHIT.gif)



The fact that you're raging like autists seems to me that you are infact those idiotic faggots from /trash/ anyways and can't even remotely formulate anything coherant, instead relying on strawman arguments, even though I literally haven't lifted a finger. Nice.

4f1903  No.728823


>he thinks this is making him look good on his own lolcow thread

I genuinely can't imagine the sheer lack of self-awareness someone like you must have.

6f94c7  No.728828

1cc4c9  No.728832


Still waiting on that explanation on how it's impossible for it to be you, but I'm guessing you can't because explaining that would be an even greater impossibility.

6f94c7  No.728836


ur a faggot.

1cc4c9  No.728839


Thanks for proving me right

6f94c7  No.728840

File: e8e29db5f5f60e1⋯.gif (991.81 KB, 250x250, 1:1, vVkoPPU.gif)


You're so pathetic you can't even come up with your own material and just scupper it off me. That's rich kiddo.

ad4f9a  No.729054

No lolcow has ever consistently beat people to internet-death before. He's obviously not one, but the rest of the people in here need their own threads for sperging so much.

a8087a  No.729076


Nice IP hop.

ad4f9a  No.729085


Hello cow.

cf084a  No.729267


>Made within ten minutes of another fresh id praising his hideous doom maps on /v/

Please, please, please stop embarrassing yourself, Tristan

You are making me cringe so hard I'm straining my jaw

6f94c7  No.729401


Please, please, please stop being a fucking retard.

6f6c7a  No.729531

File: 3ffc52139d06cd1⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, S'Arais uses filters.png)

>retard can't get (You)s on /v/ fast enough so he goes back to cuckchan for attention


444a9d  No.729539


Stop speaking so highly of yourself shitter

a8087a  No.729560


You really have no self control at all Tristan.

444a9d  No.729563


Yes anon, anybody who calls you out for being a faggot is sarais

6f6c7a  No.729576

File: 089a594e72bfe31⋯.png (830.08 KB, 1136x732, 284:183, Silky Smooth.png)


MMMM filters

444a9d  No.729577



6f6c7a  No.729584

File: 7cf94d42e5f3257⋯.png (249.8 KB, 746x478, 373:239, Faces of filters.png)


If you filter a fat xenomorph, does that make it more or less degenerate? I mean it's filtered so you can't see shit, but at the same time filters are degenerate. This is a metaphysically impossible question to answer I think.

1cc4c9  No.729585


God, you could at least TRY talking differently to make your IP hopping less obvious

444a9d  No.729586


Spotted the lolcow


filters are not a valid argument.

6f6c7a  No.729587

File: 5e0eeb364da0e04⋯.png (55.11 KB, 254x304, 127:152, Lookin' good.png)


Look at this beauty, almost makes you wish you were dragged behind a truck doesn't it?

444a9d  No.729590


So are you just being an autistic screeching faggot or what?

6f6c7a  No.729596

File: 9c63e53c87adaca⋯.png (271.98 KB, 1016x268, 254:67, Vaseline.png)


Which one of these do you think he looked like more when he was laying in the street? I know there's no bitch tears and they're clearly more muscular than old Tristan has ever been in his life, but let's have a poll.

444a9d  No.729599


You really are autistic.

6f6c7a  No.729601

File: d991d01dfb00858⋯.png (577.07 KB, 953x1379, 953:1379, proxy.png)


You're right, I posted this too to prove it! I guess I really am autistic.

444a9d  No.729607

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes. You are an Asperger.

6f6c7a  No.729611


No, I'm S'Arais the crippled faggot. I shitpost for attention because my daddy never wanted me and I bring toy guns to schools because I'm not man enough to take my anger out on the world.

444a9d  No.729616


Don't be ridiculous. S'Arais isn't worth worshipping like you do.

cf084a  No.729618


Don't forget to read all of Tristan's posts in his voice.

444a9d  No.729619


>Audacity pitch-shift


6f6c7a  No.729624


You've got that right! The only reason I haven't hanged myself yet is that my fat sausage fingers can't tie a knot and my belt broke when I tried to use that. I'd exercise if I wasn't such a worthless piece of shit but that would require effort. Sometimes I think my daddy was right to ditch me.

444a9d  No.729626


I think you have a severe disillusion with reality and can't tell people apart.

1cc4c9  No.729627


>Game audio is intact

Come on, now

cf084a  No.729629


No, that's actually how you sound

I did never mention how funny it was how quickly you wiped your youtube channel after I pointed it out, it made me laugh.

6f6c7a  No.729630

File: 5476972436f0982⋯.gif (352.29 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 5476972436f0982c8760e7d6d8….gif)


You're right! My tiny brain doesn't work properly so I often get confused and think everyone is the same person. My therapist said something about "pro-jek-shun" but I don't understand that word.

444a9d  No.729633


come on, now.


Oh, so I'm him now? I thought you were, faggot.

444a9d  No.729636


Guess you'll forever be a dumb fuck thinking they're sarais. The "lolcow" isn't even a lolcow. There's no lulz to be had. He's the only one laughing at how much of a brainless supercock the idiots in the thread are.

6f6c7a  No.729641


No no I'm the real S'Arais I swear! I even use filters in Doom and make bad maps! I have a crippling need for attention and get banned all the time too! Nobody loves me and it's all my fault! I swear I'm the real S'Arais!

cf084a  No.729646

File: 76c9adf5c3c827c⋯.jpg (126.19 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 4000_screenshots_201901282….jpg)

Looks like your pea brain still can't quite get the hang of gmod.

444a9d  No.729650

File: a18af3c9a5bf2cf⋯.jpg (12.04 KB, 260x194, 130:97, jaypag.jpg)


I'm sure there's a medical condition for whatever you are.

6f6c7a  No.729655


It's called a "path-o-lojikul nawr-sis-ist". I think it means when the doctors cut my foreskin off they took too much so now I have a short dick.

444a9d  No.729659


When you obsess so much over this person you have the gay for that you claim absolutely everybody is him, I wouldn't be surprised, downyfag.

6f6c7a  No.729661


No no no, you must be dumber than I am. I'm saying that I'M HIM.

444a9d  No.729664


I guess being what you are, masturbating to foamy's cock in your tight ass isn't a surprise.

6f6c7a  No.729666


No surprise at all. I, S'Arais, jerk my clit-length dick to all kinds of sick shit in between crying from a lack of fatherly love, hyperventilating, and shitposting.

444a9d  No.729667


Is that why you wanted Dan and Dr. Foxy's dicks in your mouth so much?

6f6c7a  No.729669


Because degradation and having everyone hate me is the only kind of attention I've ever received due to being a defective piece of shit, so as S'Arais it turns me on. Brb gotta find my last empty piss bottle.

444a9d  No.729670


You keep on enjoying yourself then, Vakarian.

cf084a  No.729671

File: 2baabdcfa3a11ee⋯.png (143.1 KB, 1280x896, 10:7, 1546596358741.png)



I like how all these decade old grudges always start flying out when you get butthurt.

Tell me about this foxy person

444a9d  No.729673


You should know, shouldn't you? After all, you're so knowledgeable for an IP-hopper.

cf084a  No.729677


You're willing to spill your guts about your criminal record but you won't share a little drama about your jilted ex furfag textfucker?

444a9d  No.729679


Still assuming I'm him, huh? Why don't you go back to sucking him off for TF2 items, Elliot? I'm sure you loved being his bitch and taking it in the ass.

cf084a  No.729685


Wew, another name you say a lot

At least give me a hint towards what they did

444a9d  No.729687


No, why don't you enlighten us, since you're sarais and all.

6f6c7a  No.729690


No I'm S'Arais, and Elliot was my gay lover. Can't you read IDs?

444a9d  No.729693


Not when you keep ip-hopping around like a cow with assburgers.

cf084a  No.729701

The Gananoque public library will be closing in 1 hour.

00b3f7  No.729707


just going to drop this here

444a9d  No.729723

>faggot clams up when he's been had


cf084a  No.729746

6f94c7  No.729774

That was a pretty nice nap, I wonder what's going on in the /cow/ thr-


you guys are rich.

thanks for the lulz.


The more obvious solution is that of you being a dumb faggot and not knowing what a mockup is.

cf084a  No.729780


Was the library busy?

6f94c7  No.729781


Did you even read my post you stupid fuck?

cf084a  No.729792


Yeah, but you're a terrible liar so I'm hardly gonna take any heed

Do you not realize how obvious it is when an id dickriding you disappears and you reappear right around the closing time of a building with free internet access?

Everyone's not as dull as you, Tristan.

6f6c7a  No.729795


But you're not S'Arais, I'm S'Arais and I was jacking my tiny penor to inflation porn.

6f94c7  No.729798


Belive what you like, manchild, I'm just going to enjoy laughing at you idiots tearing into eachother's asshole.

6f94c7  No.729800


Whatever you say cheesedick.

6f6c7a  No.729804


So why do you have 66 posts in this thread pretending to be me? Do you want to be my new gay lover? I'm a power bottom and want to die so you can give me HIV. Just drive on over to the Gananoque public library and we can fuck out back.

6f94c7  No.729805


You're alright kid. Keep being funny.

6f6c7a  No.729811


I'm not trying to be funny, I'm trying to get a dick in my ass and fantasize about my fatfur xeno waifu to replace the fatherly love I never got because even as a baby my dad could tell I was a piece of shit.

6f94c7  No.729814

File: 38d5a16f39c662c⋯.png (110.08 KB, 466x492, 233:246, 1547963113325.png)


what the actual fuck

6f6c7a  No.729817


Sorry, as you know I'm a total sperglord with major issues who makes terrible doom maps and can't read IDs. This thread about me is my only way to get attention since I recently got banned from cuckchan again and nobody replies to me on /v/, so I'm here now. Good thing I never finish anything I start or I might have just succeeded in killing myself by now!

6f94c7  No.729819

File: cf1f9bfd62c55ab⋯.jpg (46.49 KB, 600x600, 1:1, krinkels and the project.jpg)


I guess you lust over me so much with your stalking bullshit that you now genuinely believe yourself to be me and are mixing up your personal life problems with ones I lack.

My maps are great. I'm glad to know how jealous you are about it.

6f6c7a  No.729822


No no, you see, I'm Tristan Anderson. You're the fake.

cf084a  No.729826


>My maps are great

Oh dear, I think that's the wrongest thing you've said yet

6f94c7  No.729827


You're not even good enough to be my fake.

6f94c7  No.729828


Better than most of the homogenized, unrelatable, mazelike garbage shat out.

cf084a  No.729832


Your maps play like shit and look like shit because you're a braindead idiot with no work ethic

Explain how the fuck relatability factors into this in any way shape or form.

6f94c7  No.729833


t. assblasted faggot with maps that don't even look like anything and are just clusterfucks that are a slog to play

keep sucking romero's tranny dick, lol.

cf084a  No.729836


Nice colour theory, numpty

6f94c7  No.729840


That's a hilarious joke, faggot, especially when you screech autistic even when it's followed. Eat shit.

edf7bf  No.737733

>FA down again, twitter wiped, steam url changed

Uh oh, in trouble with your parents again, Tristan?

I hope you didn't key another car.

493da6  No.737792


don't worry, he's gotta shitpost at least 50 more times in this thread first

4f1903  No.738813


Second time's a charm, maybe this time his personal reformation sticks.

10 dollars on him relapsing, though.

6f94c7  No.739132

occam's razor:

ur a faget

6f94c7  No.745129

Art thou agitated?

6f94c7  No.746623

File: 9f4a5eef96382c0⋯.png (6.53 KB, 225x225, 1:1, still da bes.png)

That's what I fucking thought, fucking edgy kiddies thinking they can take a shot at the best.

c4cab2  No.746791


Do something entertaining.

a8087a  No.748740


He's at it again.

6f94c7  No.748789

File: f33d3aabb12cb97⋯.png (96.54 KB, 443x487, 443:487, Untishrhsrhstled.png)


Imagine being eternally assblasted because I'm just that great.

bf7acd  No.749188

881c1a  No.757468

File: 0bd5d28c9e49a6b⋯.png (159.96 KB, 643x352, 643:352, chrome_2019-02-16_12-00-31.png)



6f94c7  No.758477


t. dumb nigger

it's a quote you mongoloid

6f94c7  No.758500

ps: I know who you are.

Imagine getting triggered over somebody using the name of their character in Haunted.

Hi, Elliot.

6f94c7  No.758829

File: d0f8de585f68148⋯.gif (306.4 KB, 512x512, 1:1, shakerais.gif)

File: c969f5333f88d22⋯.png (46.99 KB, 138x298, 69:149, Jack Daviys.png)

If you fuckers REALLY want something worth lolcowery. screencap my profile while it's still there and I'm having a moment of clarity mid-stroke and having smoked some cannabis so my mind and body work right for a change, before I purge it all and try to retreat into myself as a recluse.

6f94c7  No.758871





Don't it ever be said I can't make fun of myself

Don't it ever be said I'm not aware of myself either- I'm dreadfully aware of myself and the world around me; I just can't cope/manage/deal/whatever with it, and therefore my mind tends to operate at a lower state of conciousness/mentality to try to defend itself from further self-inflicted insanity.

493da6  No.760683


>moment of clarity mid-stroke

>tries to justify his behavior with "i'll be ur besty friendy i swear!"

>actually tries to use a tvtropes page to describe himself

>self-named self-diagnosed syndrome

jesus christ

you don't fucking get it, s'arais

you can justify it up however you want, it's not going to work

6f94c7  No.761095


alternatively, you're a fucking faggot.

493da6  No.764272


nah, i ain't you

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