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File: 8718e3a3a66b19d⋯.jpg (163.27 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Out of suit.jpg)

File: dadacea4c4f6c14⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1046x762, 523:381, Glowfox.png)

File: 99bf643e72c6afd⋯.jpg (521.54 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, Sephius out of suit.jpg)

40168e  No.548612

Because last thread hit the bump limit it deserves new one.


Involved people





>Sephius https://www.furaffinity.net/user/SephiusRivendare/



cocks to follow

40168e  No.548615

File: a04548ccc3e5ae2⋯.jpg (354.06 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, Sephius.jpg)

File: a8200dd1ae2c1a0⋯.jpg (211.86 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, photo_11.jpg)

File: a5a8d3b6b1cf048⋯.png (251.21 KB, 630x892, 315:446, Sephius death rapist.png)

File: e99bf52cf6a39b9⋯.png (43.65 KB, 630x900, 7:10, Sephius log.png)


40168e  No.548619

File: 082d0320eb86e8d⋯.jpg (65.07 KB, 1125x791, 1125:791, PO.jpg)

File: 38d450ada70805a⋯.jpg (63.49 KB, 686x483, 98:69, Maw.jpg)

File: dd979bfe09db317⋯.png (157.23 KB, 526x924, 263:462, Maw.png)


47dd1f  No.548640


Spoiler that shit, I don't want to see it.

40168e  No.548650

File: 6a582352f778450⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.34 KB, 540x960, 9:16, photo_39.jpg)

File: 1bc56263ace5f1c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 154.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, photo_44.jpg)

File: 46824992203daa2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.08 KB, 520x292, 130:73, photo_44_thumb.jpg)

File: 5c3aa2cd8d884b8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.42 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, photo_86.jpg)

File: f30c375e9d28e52⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.28 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, photo_87.jpg)


My bad, rapid fire posting and covering every furfag involved takes a toll on focus


40168e  No.548666

File: c2c47cd32673d7a⋯.png (55.07 KB, 531x890, 531:890, Glowfox degeneracy.png)

f52e48  No.548909

File: 8ce22aa0ba226f2⋯.jpg (31.38 KB, 320x306, 160:153, checked satan.jpg)

40168e  No.549136

File: cfa4c5410a658bb⋯.png (46.46 KB, 986x768, 493:384, Kudos 1.png)

File: fbdc58cbfedd3a3⋯.png (68.72 KB, 940x820, 47:41, Kudos 2.png)

Posting these because anon was a quick thinker


6cdf39  No.549213

File: 857ea3f240f475c⋯.jpg (96.97 KB, 640x788, 160:197, crime against humanity.jpg)

27073d  No.549457

Last employer: 5410 Campbells Run Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

House: 111 South McDonald Street, McDonald Pen

Josh Hoffman

27073d  No.549458


Some anon found the actual unit, but that is the general building.

c601e9  No.549553


well, it's this the reason why i never really aproach more with furry fandom

d1ad68  No.549579

Let the reckoning come for these delusional retards that think fucking an animal is pleasure. we need Vlad the impaler again to put a 1000 furfags' head on a pike. Jesus christ.

40168e  No.549766


White pages, my nigga

6e5ac2  No.549795

File: f6c565772c74266⋯.png (131.76 KB, 505x445, 101:89, upload_2018-9-22_10-28-51.png)

File: fc9fa66bcbd1240⋯.png (118.22 KB, 724x2104, 181:526, fss.png)

File: 394ebe744e42825⋯.png (33.97 KB, 582x456, 97:76, mutila.png)

this Woof character is a Jeffrey Dahmer tier sicko. The pictures of the events he is describing are all in the archives.

ca30c0  No.549811


Looking forward to hearing about his violent death tbh.

9710cf  No.549928

File: 4d27bb92fd4bb48⋯.jpg (34.53 KB, 528x599, 528:599, 4d27bb92fd4bb48e0354ce7a7b….jpg)

>mfw this entire situation

Our mission is not complete until the rivers run red with the blood of furries.

46bd8b  No.549984

File: d75beea3c2aa9aa⋯.gif (58.63 KB, 658x335, 658:335, until the rivers run red w….gif)

Okay, a big question is- where do they get the animals? Specifically, "cocks" producers like Woof, who seems to murder a significant number of dogs.

From a shelter? From people who hand out puppies and don't give a fuck? I don't have the stomach to look at this shit directly, but from the descriptions of this shit, all of the animals seem to be trusting of people, because none of these fucks get bitten, as would probably happen with random stray dogs.

Checking animal shelters in their area and/or warning them about these people could be useful.

294a48  No.550021


Read pic 3 from >>549795

He gets them from charity groups and shelters, and they prefer puppies and small dogs since those can't do anything back.

40168e  No.550043


/tv/ is a degenerate board

I wonder what >>>/zoo/ thinks about this?

46bd8b  No.550047


Yeah, skimmed through the pic and didn't notice, but I already thought so.

That's so fucking sick, they give the dog away to what they think will be a good home, and it just ends up getting raped and killed.

At this point I think people should be screened for furryness before adopting an animal.

7b4b64  No.550138

File: 4391fefd075bbb3⋯.jpg (18.09 KB, 200x227, 200:227, 439.jpg)

bb816e  No.550577

File: be826f430c20345⋯.png (356.1 KB, 1914x1439, 1914:1439, Untitled.png)


I don not know how relevant this might be, but I have found ways of interacting with Hybernation in real life. Hybernation is a furry artist and zoophile, she fucks her dog with her husband. There are photos of both of them fucking their dog in the logs. As far as I'm aware, they do not hurt dogs, however, she was mentioned in the logs with Elite Knight and SnakeThing. I have a feeling that she might be willing to out SnakeThing with enough shaking, as she might know him personally.

b3b34a  No.550618

Have any unfortunate accidents happened to any of these fags yet?

plz say yes

670c35  No.550631

File: e4a79f6aac02d97⋯.png (319.96 KB, 404x462, 202:231, nelizar_realface2.png)

Levi Dane Simmons (SnakeThing/Nelizar)

Apparently he was an important figure/organizer of the whole Zoosadist circle.

Gonna dump some conversations

670c35  No.550632

File: 432dd5817f311b4⋯.png (30.45 KB, 532x772, 133:193, nelizar_ember_convo1.png)

File: 2d8e58be1f7ed1d⋯.png (33.07 KB, 532x820, 133:205, nelizar_ember_convo2.png)

File: b8eab84c5c8263c⋯.png (148.81 KB, 503x793, 503:793, nelizar_ember_convo3.png)

File: 0020d7571ac72f1⋯.png (25.95 KB, 496x776, 62:97, nelizar_ember_convo4.png)

670c35  No.550633

File: 3c38f068eeffffb⋯.png (40.65 KB, 578x712, 289:356, nelizar_sephius_convo1.png)

File: c90c87288aa9b24⋯.png (36.55 KB, 672x638, 336:319, nelizar_sephius_convo2.png)

File: 8f3d7f7415fbb12⋯.png (128.52 KB, 530x764, 265:382, nelizar_sephius_convo3.png)

File: f6c565772c74266⋯.png (131.76 KB, 505x445, 101:89, nelizar_woof_convo1.png)

File: a004345ecbc4026⋯.png (37.52 KB, 614x774, 307:387, nelizar_woof_convo2.png)

853076  No.550988

File: 5cac6443cb7d2bc⋯.mp4 (260.95 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 5cac6443cb7d2bc943126bdb89….mp4)




I was going to check the archive just out of curiosity but not anymore.

c0a6b6  No.551015


Long shot, but does anyone have a cache/archive of that craigslist posting? I tried searching for it and came up empty.


bf3f46  No.551016


Pics or didn't happen. Too easy to larp on the internet.


rescue homes don't give a fuck. Most dogs get put to sleep any way so having someone else do the job is fine for them.

294a48  No.551624

File: 0fd7369fae7beac⋯.jpg (133.24 KB, 1200x1170, 40:39, solution to furries.jpg)

Reminder that there's an easy solution.

f5051b  No.551746

Watcha slidin', tumbles?

40168e  No.551833

File: 5fcdce726298792⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 159.29 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, photo_117.jpg)

File: 9b5f4f77b4ad0f4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.64 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, photo_120.jpg)

File: 8c15a79bba32c3b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 162.46 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, photo_123.jpg)

When a thot is whoring for zoosadists, I suggest suicide

63eaec  No.551912

File: a340f6b30707554⋯.png (74.95 KB, 214x251, 214:251, 0ff29d612931852eff0bd7f6b8….png)


Painfully average.

What's the context for these anyways?

bab7b4  No.551929

File: 7b723f33a811a65⋯.jpg (132.82 KB, 1692x816, 141:68, 1496300653126 - копия.jpg)


those are some small ass titties

99a6ee  No.551942

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Holy shit. Anyone else noticed that keroro Looks like kthan Klein? Keroro a Jew isn’t he?

99a6ee  No.551944


What’s wrong with her pussy? That’s a tranny isn’t it?

670c35  No.551979


Anon, you also posted this shit in the H3H3 thread, what are you trying to accomplish?

99a6ee  No.552001


Seems like a connection. They look too much a lot to not be related.

670c35  No.552004

File: 0ee3e1e8f9481e2⋯.png (50.73 KB, 456x257, 456:257, 0ee3e1e8f9481e2af0673e657d….png)

6e5ac2  No.552127


go look at the pics on the archive at foxdicks. i assure you its real.

9dde87  No.552230

File: f02dca3d5e765d4⋯.jpg (14.53 KB, 318x318, 1:1, 1444790549762.jpg)

>actual snuffshit made by furfags

>the offenders aren't getting doxed & swatted

6e5ac2  No.552232


they are. its being worked on. foxdicks doxxxxed the guy that knows the address and full name of the snuff guy

6e5ac2  No.552238

40168e  No.552538

File: 2fa29620db938c6⋯.jpg (114.18 KB, 1000x1014, 500:507, photo_9.jpg)

File: ece5ed96f45eac6⋯.jpg (144.97 KB, 1280x1226, 640:613, photo_133.jpg)

Reminder of the fact that these zoosadists are


They have their connections to 'artists', glowfox the faggot himself is a scribbler. These degenerates try to cover up this shit in every possible way possible

40168e  No.552587

File: d277748509cc942⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 30.4 KB, 604x859, 604:859, Hybernation.png)

File: 5fc994167932770⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 303.57 KB, 535x871, 535:871, Hybernation 2.png)


Sorry for being late, I'm juggling between IRL shit, doing look ups on these fucks, Eddie and Serife at the same time.

Oh boy do I have context for that one. The bitch is a furfag artist Hybernation.

Here is she sucking dog dick

Since 8ch allows existence of >>>/zoo/ I'd assume there is nothing wrong posting these spoilered

bf3f46  No.552691


What does it say about you as a person when out of 6 photos we have of you the best is the one where half your face is covered by a dog dick?

I'd like to know how she got into this shit. She's not hideous so she could have been a standard roastie. what drives an average girl to end up as a dog cum rag?

40168e  No.552769

bf3f46  No.552795


Obviously but I want to know why. Did she do this often? Was she pressured into it? What happened for her to end up sucking dog dick?

40168e  No.552814


She wasn't she was confessed zoophile. She identifies as a dog after all.

Furfags fuck dogs, literally.

See the chatlog I posted

40168e  No.552849

File: 9977cfd8d115a73⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 367.9 KB, 574x935, 574:935, Hybernation 3.png)


Here. Shes not forced

66e881  No.552863


What happened to his tail?

She didn't chop it off for her own furfag uses, I hope.

15e60c  No.552951


Sexual attraction to dogs, what the fuck do you think

fe9cc8  No.553110


For real, get their dox and mail it to every person in their hometown. 100 residences is $100. Hardcore hurtcore/necrocore will turn some heads.

bf3f46  No.553135


That is usually some kind of trauma or social retardation. You don't just fuck dogs for kicks on a whim.


Facebook groups work pretty well. As does contacting family members on facebook.

40168e  No.553359


Degeneracy and furfags normalize otherkin bullshit and dog fucking.

Furries have no grasp on reality

bf3f46  No.553369


I can see you're clinically retarded.

40168e  No.553395


Obviously you haven't talked to furfags or looked at Furfagginity. Those retard think themselves to be dogs and live comfortable 1st world lives.

Because of the Identity politics, LBGTQXYZ pushing whatever kink and legitimize things like pedophilia and zoophilia.

These furries are entitled (For fucks sakes glowfox lives in a condo with swimming pool and all)

Do tell me professor what sort of trauma these dindu nuffin furries go through?

For fucks sakes look at Furfagginty, you see every paraphilia under the fucking sun there. This degeneracy is normal for furries

And Hybernation hasn't experienced any kind of trauma, she's just another special snowflake roastie.

Are you some sort of trollshielding furry?

bf3f46  No.553680


There is never zero trauma involved. That's bullshit.

There's always something which makes them do it and having a lot of money doesn't mean daddy wasn't fucking them.

15e60c  No.553681


I'm a furry and I've never been touched inappropriately in my life. No trauma, nothing. Almost sheltered if it weren't for public schooling

66e881  No.553684


And (I hope) you aren't trying to rape a dog, because you don't have trauma induced issues.

40168e  No.553729


>Refuses to look at Furfagginty

>What are snowflakes in current year

>What is sexual liberation.

Nigger if you don't know nature of the place where she came from and company she whores for you should just shut up.

Hybernation is a otherkin if you missed that fact. Furries are mentally ill and degenerate by default, no trauma needed.

20a1a1  No.553792

File: f87b4c7552c1883⋯.jpg (55.36 KB, 854x960, 427:480, f87b4c7552c1883c30468c0054….jpg)

20a1a1  No.553794


In the furry fandom? Probability is very high.

40168e  No.553866


Doggy cock makes long beef curtains

40168e  No.554473

File: e32773e9e407e09⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 29.86 KB, 532x820, 133:205, Ember Fisting.png)

File: 37cc0611d7b0c6e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 112.42 KB, 503x793, 503:793, Ember Lewd.png)

The ride never ends, dear lurking furfags

1a60c5  No.554498


Local news station will eat it up.

40168e  No.554849



Dog bites man never hits the news



Really makes headlines

40168e  No.554874

File: 77017b9abe1ff2e⋯.png (631.06 KB, 626x643, 626:643, Jimbo.png)


6fdc20  No.554879


Man doesn't just fuck dog, man cuts off dog's head and fucks it, apparently.

Should check for missing pets in their neighborhoods, if someone's dog got stolen and raped to death, people will definitely be out for blood

40168e  No.554885


Any local rags in Pennsylvania that could sink into this?

It would be ridicilously hilarious if there were papers that had 'submit a tip'

40168e  No.554905

650ca4  No.554910

File: 05c01d3324b2f27⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 3be52a5cf3e7225f577b8f6f89….gif)

40168e  No.555341

File: 2c2bc9945c85230⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.26 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, photo_18.jpg)

File: dd621a0543efa57⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.64 KB, 879x501, 293:167, photo_16.jpg)

File: 361e849b1d9585f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.14 KB, 499x848, 499:848, photo_23.jpg)

File: c1e2c7a2f50a457⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.4 KB, 412x495, 412:495, photo_31.jpg)

Obligatory cocks bump while preparing from Plebittors video

818241  No.556279

File: 4a2d9355b41b648⋯.png (239.37 KB, 696x720, 29:30, 0btR08J.png)

>Furry community will believe any screenshot of evidence, whether it's even real or not.

Does this mean it's possible to use popufurs to manufacture huge amounts drama on a constant basis? Like could you just pull a ton of images off the deep web, and edit some text chats, and get a big popufur YouTuber into hot water that the community automatically assumes is true?

Because even if somehow Kero is 100% innocent, he's still fucked, and the furry "community" is still fucked.

Is it possible that the furry community loves drama so much that you can make them tear their own community apart?

63eaec  No.556283

File: b1efdcd70f53741⋯.jpg (69.61 KB, 390x313, 390:313, bill cosby the magic the g….jpg)


Why hello there Mr. False Flag. Looking for handy screencaps to defend your furfag internet celebrity while parading it as "proof" that these furfags aren't fucking dogs?

818241  No.556286


Are you so retarded that you can't read anything past the first sentence?

40168e  No.556298

File: 32607767b30c9f3⋯.jpg (15.74 KB, 300x281, 300:281, Yiff.jpg)


It has to be half true to be damaging or impactful

This shit is very, very real.

6acef5  No.556329


This kind of sick bastard is why I kept all the puppies my dog had, you just never know where they'll land, I trust nobody.

63eaec  No.556411

File: 5bf528f06486489⋯.png (203.76 KB, 431x239, 431:239, 1448756846894-1.png)


No, I read past it, and noticed that you didn't make any posts beforehand, and your filename is about as long as an imgur image.

>Screencap post suggesting creating false flags against furfags that have photos of themselves fucking dogs already

>"See, it's just 4chan/8chan trying to start drama! It says so in this post! Kero didn't fuck his dying dog! That's just a chan prank!"

I am seriously at a loss if you didn't realize that even making a post like that was a bad idea because any furfag can use it as an alibi for anything else that might be dug up, or if that's exactly what you were going for.

Also, don't berate others for being 'retarded' if you're going to type script kiddie shit like "Like could you just pull a ton of images off the deep web."

08eb10  No.556424

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you hear that? that's the sound of backtracking

>i-i never tried to defend him even though my clickbait title said he was innocent!

40168e  No.556435


>Sonic comic

That autism aside, I'd like to add

This kind of shitstorm can be caused only by GENUINE leaks/uncomfortable facts and pictures or video

Moreover talking shit about each other is par to the course to /cow/ in all of my threads that I've made, I've been called retarded and then some.

d3a00e  No.556536

File: 9db3f5d2a199f2a⋯.gif (48.78 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1465005138228.gif)


i hate this pizza face faggot

b7ce40  No.556581


so what are the odds that he is also an animal fucker

670c35  No.556606



He has been going nuclear on twitter and he has also being contradicting himself while closing down multiple messenger type apps

60a6d2  No.556673


why does he even facefag with that kind of acne?

ee9efc  No.556765


That man is innocent

40168e  No.556823

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


578111  No.556850


>direct mention to KF at 18:20 completely ignoring us

Fuck you J.im

6f9614  No.556855


Why do you want him to mention this place? Do you want a bunch of newfag Jim viewers to shit up the board?

578111  No.556859


Fair point. Better let Josh have some recognition in his pathetic life as uneducated webmaster.

1cf746  No.556860


I remember Gym mentioning /cow/ in one of is videos before and it resulted in disaster for this place.

cea5a9  No.556877


GabeN mentioning a place is an attack on the place.

b11ead  No.556892

File: b54af20025e4572⋯.webm (11.61 MB, 490x360, 49:36, It Wasn-t Arizona.webm)


That is next level fucked up.

670c35  No.556894

File: 8bcbcf063613923⋯.png (272.74 KB, 792x1072, 99:134, 2018-09-30 18.05.46.png)

Can you get conjugal visits with dogs?

670c35  No.556895


Are you retarded? Remember what happened when he name dropped us during the IBS shitshow

b3b34a  No.556898

File: 160d20005551d38⋯.jpg (20.31 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 160d20005551d3842bda770336….jpg)


only in Canada

f78384  No.556908


He won't need it. He'll be the bitch getting raped. You know I could literally watch a human being being spit roasted alive while I eat popcorn but this animal shit makes me rage with the fire of a million suns.

48e560  No.556939


> while closing down multiple messenger type apps

Source on this?

2eb7e9  No.556946


You gotta love that about dumb furfags from the 90s. They use iphones and basically dox themselves. Oh i hope Pittsburgh news does a nightly news on this so everyone underatands anthrocons so degenerate.

0eb3f7  No.556953


Do you know how to read 3-5 posts above you faggot

670c35  No.556959

File: f87439d202b06ff⋯.png (120.38 KB, 772x402, 386:201, 2018-09-30 19.23.44.png)

File: 261b5c662be1104⋯.jpg (77 KB, 1910x276, 955:138, IMG_20180930_192247.jpg)


Since day one he disabled jewtube comments, deleted his Telegram account and now he is deleting Periscope

63eaec  No.556986

File: 9fd6e5955a9e7d9⋯.jpg (13.93 KB, 226x226, 1:1, 9fd6e5955a9e7d911c4f0cbe87….jpg)


>>Sonic comic

It's reaction image gold as long as you steer clear of this Ken Penders shit (Penders is a cow himself, but he hasn't done anything as of recent to warrant an active thread).


Even though it's likely for damage control, did he really have anything worth looking into for his Periscope anyway? All I know of the site is that pedos try to use it to masturbate to children, so having the archives pasted somewhere could stand for a good search or two.

99a6ee  No.557006

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>the offenders aren't getting doxed & swatted

That’s too good for them! I rather they be sent to the next John Wayne gacy.

8391bf  No.557089

540214  No.557107


gay video don't watch

bf3f46  No.557186


What do you think you're replying to? They're already here shitting up the board.

40168e  No.557196

File: 919566b60d1f6d5⋯.png (50.11 KB, 709x576, 709:576, Ember Dylan.png)


He molested his dog in his garage, videos surfaced where he gave a tour of his garage and one of his doggyfucking videos include similiarities to walls and floors

EmberWolf's dox in picture related

99a6ee  No.557197

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>gay video don't watch


Don’t worry. Hooktube it

0f8a34  No.557208

Real quick, I live in West PA. If this fat dog fucking faggot doesn't kill itself(very likely at this point) and this makes it to a judge, would it be in bad taste to fuck with him as he's going in and out of the court house? Taking some cheap shots at a gay furry zoophile IRL sounds like fun to me tbqh.

40168e  No.557213

File: 74ce39af08fca53⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 257.29 KB, 592x856, 74:107, Sephius fist 1.png)

File: 893bd4cc192d081⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 252.83 KB, 596x854, 298:427, Sephius fist 2.png)

40168e  No.557219

File: 74ce39af08fca53⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 257.29 KB, 592x856, 74:107, Sephius fist 1.png)

File: 893bd4cc192d081⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 252.83 KB, 596x854, 298:427, Sephius fist 2.png)

Patrick Pauger "Sephius Rivendare "

lives in Austria

6460 Imst


Brother Daniel Pauger

Sister Manuela Posch (formerly Pauger)

Mother Rosi Andreatta (formerly Pauger)


Marco Christof "Keltus (aka Keltus Wolf)"

e2c512  No.557253


Youre not from here, are you?

19e14e  No.557254

File: 085b1a86d5f3b13⋯.gif (2.6 MB, 450x337, 450:337, 1975D3A8-15F6-4438-A4CF-DD….gif)

I need to wash my computer with bleach. Put me in a room with this fat fuck

e2c512  No.557257


>newfags using hooktube

e2c512  No.557259


go and do it but dont bring the blood over here.

99a6ee  No.557275

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Does keroro have a rich daddy protecting him? He comes across as a spoiled kid. I’m getting Yellow bastard from sin city vibes. Keroro hopefully share the same fate as yellow bastard.

40168e  No.557284


His life and reputation is ruined. Couldn't hurt to twist the knife and force the fucker to do the RC Fox

40168e  No.557297

File: 0d48d7d2299219f⋯.pdf (3.04 MB, Kothorix-Kero log.pdf)

The telegram log between the faggot dragon and Kero.

83c8b6  No.557386


I'll just yell shit lile "foxdick Farms sends their regards", no need to bring it here.

4441b7  No.557394

File: 2105a072bfe6c20⋯.png (162.03 KB, 500x609, 500:609, Stress.png)

I've heard there were around 2000 people involed in this. What the fuck. Is there a hub for all this?

66e881  No.557406


>around 2000 people involed in this

Where have you heard this?

4441b7  No.557409

File: 66bda34a61c2e07⋯.jpg (25.52 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1533144801136.jpg)


Honestly don't remember. Might have been the dreamkeepers stream. The last one had a guy on who's fairly knee deep in the furry community.


3b10fe  No.557414

File: 7713b0ba3585f32⋯.jpg (727.64 KB, 1600x1329, 1600:1329, yih.jpg)

d22854  No.557428

File: 627bfe695a169ce⋯.png (86.72 KB, 268x325, 268:325, 1521871767650.png)

Holy fuck

40168e  No.557431


There was a huge telegram dump 7.4 GB in total

Trimmed is around 95 megs

cd01af  No.557443


>one guy says that 20% of furries are into zoophilia

>the other guy says that it's actually more than 30%

The fucking state of this community

40168e  No.557447


Here's a dump of another zoosadist group that involves Woof, who has ties to snakething and who has ties to Kero.


cd01af  No.557473


>little puppies

>the sad face of the dogs

>they were probably good doggos

If I ever rise to power, I'm gonna make Hitler look like an amateur.

Not even "concentration camps", just straight up torture camps is what they deserve

9dde87  No.557501

File: 1010b4b52e90820⋯.png (27.99 KB, 994x157, 994:157, ClipboardImage.png)

Iunno anons, should we forgive him?


>make them tear their own community apart?

Please god let this happen before the end of the decade.

66e881  No.557507


I forgive Kothorix. He was a closet MAGApede and an anti-SJW, and actually exhibits self-awareness.

That said, I still want all furfag "community" eradicated, since it leads to degeneracy-spiraling.

554a5f  No.557566


No. All furries must burn. Their "community" breeds degenerates. Kero isn't an exception, he just got caught.

c404b0  No.557654


>Not performing gender reassignment surgery on them and prostituting them

lmao "torture"

de191a  No.557891



9256bb  No.557899


>Their "community" breeds degenerates

all the degenercy existed way before the community started. different label, same acts.

9dde87  No.558245

File: bece79acd630505⋯.png (71.4 KB, 1283x162, 1283:162, ClipboardImage.png)

foxdickfarms spills the beans.

8d90ff  No.558363


but the horrile art from the penders era is a goldmine for reaction images

60df9c  No.558446

File: fe11826ec403809⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 256x192, 4:3, 86878827.gif)

Daily reminder:

If you're a furfag and are posting here, you are not welcome.

You are part of a group that fucks animals, everything about you screams degeneracy. Any argument in defense of the so-called "good furries" only shows your blatant cancer. Die.

540214  No.558459


what if i just masturbate to pictures of anthropomorphic animals but don't take part in anything that could be considered a group

60df9c  No.558564


What part of Yiff in Hell didn't you get?

4441b7  No.558625

File: 856354d9f47c433⋯.jpeg (14.9 KB, 960x718, 480:359, JustDoItFaggot.jpeg)


Send em all your shit

63eaec  No.558633

File: 90e6aebe4cf830e⋯.jpg (23.78 KB, 535x535, 1:1, no seriously wtf is this s….jpg)


I don't feel like sifting through 500 Knuckles recolors just to find a few good Sega/Freedom Fighter reactions.


>Iunno anons, should we forgive him?

Is he going to make a video retracting his statements clarifying some of the evidence and his new feelings while taking the other one down?


That's what they all say.

4441b7  No.558640

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a672b6  No.558656

File: 669b9d37c29ff2e⋯.jpg (63.49 KB, 620x693, 620:693, duce.jpg)

>ha ha funny animal man autism

>ha animal man autism

>sad animal man autism

>unsettling animal man autism causing self-harm and harm to others

>repugnant animal man autism involving real people and real animals

>animal man autism involving kiddie diddlin' and animal abuse

>wide-spread systematic kiddie diddlin', child sex slavery and animal abuse at animal man autism conventions

I just wanted to laugh at funny animal man autists with no self-awareness.

4441b7  No.558658

Seem to be no threads about this on cuckchan. Are they being deleted by furry mods? We can't let them memory hole this shit

7f3b71  No.558662


Where on the 4chins would you be able to post about lolcows?

d97265  No.558663


>Jim gets so unsettled when they start talking about how they enslave children and sell them to wealthy clients as toys that he ends up just ending the stream early

Good grief.

f66069  No.558670


I think it had to do more with his superchats being nuked.

d97265  No.558673


No, after he went on break and came back after cooling off a bit it was pretty obvious he was thoroughly tired and deflated and just didn't want to keep going. I predict he'll release a new video with a more serious tone summarizing it in the coming week.

f66069  No.558674


Here's hoping.

67f1a0  No.558696


Where's the backup?

d97265  No.558697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

67f1a0  No.558698



8391bf  No.558710

File: 4f6fa5a0b8985ae⋯.jpg (23.11 KB, 320x240, 4:3, fredfire.jpg)

File: 2d89ecfc81e7be8⋯.jpg (13.9 KB, 320x240, 4:3, fredgun3.jpg)

File: c48f786be60dbed⋯.jpg (47.13 KB, 480x515, 96:103, 1536175913927.jpg)



>mfw I'm disgusted but at the same time I'm not surprised

>mfw the west has degenerated to the point where I have become slightly desensitized

Can we convince Fred to get out of retirement and do one last hit?

670c35  No.558726

File: 0ede10105bc5f8b⋯.jpg (32.08 KB, 818x504, 409:252, IMG_20181003_101049.jpg)

File: 21017c58d055eb5⋯.jpg (57.87 KB, 814x500, 407:250, IMG_20181003_101055.jpg)

File: 2f708eee69e8a0c⋯.jpg (59.29 KB, 815x550, 163:110, IMG_20181003_101057.jpg)

File: 176f808120a0a7f⋯.jpg (71.39 KB, 816x636, 68:53, IMG_20181003_101059.jpg)

Kero gets assblasted when a fellow furfag didn't want to lie for him during a jewtube interview about this whole shitshow

66e881  No.558727


>The puppy rape was just the start

>Literal child trafficking for 6 to 7 figures a piece

>Cutesy talk about child rape and drugging

26a7c7  No.558763

Should we raid his twitter or youtube?????

670c35  No.558804


Nah, he's already digging his own grave.

Besides, we don't want to give furfags reason to feel compassion towards Kero, raiding him would only make him look like a victim

770690  No.558827

File: e1682ca17320e79⋯.jpg (24.12 KB, 500x437, 500:437, e1682ca17320e791a247644337….jpg)

Lads, this shit has me genuinely depressed. Luckily I'm dying, so I'm spending my last few months convincing everybody around me that the west needs to burn and start over.

This absolute clusterfuck is the ammunition I needed to give some of my friends that final nudge. Whatever afterlife awaits me, I know my place in is now guaranteed.

ead777  No.558833

File: 52f270fd67d0dbb⋯.jpg (12.88 KB, 500x326, 250:163, 1345460339652.jpg)

>furries are finally internet enemy number 1 again

It's been too long.

6b3f9e  No.558844


3/10 larp

b11ead  No.558942


Did he decide to follow through with the video?

Last I saw the gay dragon backed out.

2483e1  No.558965

>That fucking face

no wonder he fucks kids.

9dde87  No.559037

>be someone who doodles cutesy, klonoa-like critters

>see all the details in their disgusting glory

>feel sick and scared

Why do these people exist?

853076  No.559159


Sometimes I'll catch myself smiling at some kid's show, enjoying the cuteness and innocence of it. Then I'll suddenly realize "someone out there wants to fuck this talking cat" and have to turn it off.

eaf9de  No.559175

File: 5669545d095c864⋯.jpg (138.18 KB, 600x752, 75:94, stalin sees the fruits of ….jpg)

>tfw i never understood the furry hate until now

All I knew about them was that they drew bad porn and they're everywhere. And I did know that some of them did this shit but I always thought it was just sick individuals taking it too far, you don't send an entire school to therapy just because one of the students shoots it up. But now that I know that there's a large community of them, the mob mentality, how even the furries that aren't confirmed to do be sickos are defending them, now I understand.

bf3f46  No.559191


90% of Furries are sexual deviants at a minimum. The other 10% are naive kids the others will groom into sexual deviants.

furries are broken people, they consider the furry community to be their "family". That's why they defend it.

8391bf  No.559207

File: 21a89a9f782576b⋯.jpg (120.21 KB, 603x582, 201:194, 1538294481024.jpg)


>Great Lakes Fur Con

Oh fuck, I remember someone at highschool wore a t-shirt from that event.

This shit hits a lot harder when its closer to your hometown.

9dde87  No.559213




>want to connect with more drawfags

>join quest IRC because they've cute artstyles

>it's full of furries

I left because of some political and personal shit, but I honestly can't believe I got suckered into it. I hope i'm not irredeemably tainted.


Wrong thread, nigger.

ead777  No.559224


Even without the dogfucking they are by far the most obtrusively annoying group of people on the internet.

bf3f46  No.559228


>Join a furry server

>Don't immediately leave while telling them to kill themselves

>A.a.am I tainted?

You're a fucking furry and the only reason you're pretending to hate them is they kicked you out.

8391bf  No.559232


>Then I'll suddenly realize "someone out there wants to fuck this talking cat" and have to turn it off.

The internet has fucking destroyed our innocence.

9dde87  No.559273


>don't immediately leave while telling them to kill themselves

I guess suggesting that maybe the refugees flooding in would've sufficed because they booted me over that. Well, a few mods did.

9dde87  No.559277


>pretending to hate them

>needing a reason to hate "neverdrumpf"-tier furries who absolutely cannot let old autism go

I should've known better than to reply to someone who uses periods for stutters.

24fdab  No.559904


>You know very well the police aren't going to do anything.

>They are going to.

Holy shit, did he just indirectly confirm that he's going to be caught with something incriminating?

40168e  No.560370

FBI manhunt on SnakeThing for molesting kids, grooming them and possessing CP.


afafb7  No.560417

File: 5aac7345b2b68ad⋯.jpeg (332.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 04e60d48bd4d839e7062d1454….jpeg)


And Jimbo stated in the stream that the total dump is 20 GB's. Didn't anyone archive it, if it was ever uploaded untrimmed? Also, afaik, some new videos were surfaced with one of them being Kero's dog getting fucked in his own garage, I think. Never seen an archive of that either. This is all such a shitshow.

670c35  No.560438

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For anyone out of the loop, Ashley is the fat fuck that interviewed Kero last week, he is a diaperfurfag married to another diaperfurfag who changed his na,e to Sonic Fox or something autistic like that

a672b6  No.560440


That Ashley thing looks like Rich Evans' and Clint Eastwood's least compatible parts put together into a dress.

4441b7  No.560485


You notice it's always the people into the slightly weird porn. Like you can tell which ones a fucked up based on whether they can just draw two characters fucking and enjoying sex or if it's always CuckRapeNTRFloppingBallsEverywhereMonsterCockFeral shit. Like Adam Wan can draw amazing but fuck all his porn has a bad vibe to it. Is this making any sense?

f52e48  No.561632

File: 611ce8ee3b22f9e⋯.jpg (28.07 KB, 641x653, 641:653, 611ce8ee3b22f9e39f9ca77184….jpg)

Just look at all the shekels people are pouring on Jim for basically a /cow/ investigation.

540214  No.561638


>basically a /cow/ investigation.

the guy's literally just reading the foxdickfarms thread but he's got the audience and the audience has got the fervor and shekels so paypiggies gonna pay

9dde87  No.561715

if CommonSpic saw this shit in it's entirety he'd get a stroke

99a6ee  No.561718


>Just look at all the shekels people are pouring on Jim for basically a /cow/ investigation.

Jim is like a edgy Matpat from game theory

ead777  No.561720


From masturbating? That guy really liked to bring up dogfucking.

9dde87  No.561725


How much do you want to bet he's secretly one of them?

911cf3  No.561891

File: 7d9aa8a257f3df1⋯.webm (1.9 MB, 400x226, 200:113, just do it.webm)


This is true in general even just by what people watch. If somebody is watching rape porn today, they are about 2 more years of delving away from their first minor sexual assault. And 5 years away from protesting for womens' rights.

Porn is like drugs. Everyone starts with either weed or painkillers then slowly edges further down the road. Most people get off the road, or die, before they're pimping their own kids for heroin money. But you'll never find somebody doing that who can say honestly "I was completely sober until one day decided to try an 8-ball". It just doesn't happen.

Same is true for porn. Nobody who has never watched it just suddenly decides to watch furry diaper rape.

Ted Bundy explained how porn and degeneracy develop in his last few interviews before being executed, but everybody just assumed he was passing the blame onto porn as a last ditch attempt to get out of it.

66e881  No.562002


>Porn is like drugs.

Bingo! I used to use furry porn+masturbation as a 'harmless' hallucinatory drug for escapist purposes. But then you need more, and the degeneracy grows and grows until you either level out, quit, or apparently end up like these 'people.'

66e881  No.562009


I've seen one guy who liked a combination of brain-parasite/possession, diapers, gore, and basically-dying 'porn.' It's a form of turbo-cuckoldry and disdain for self-control and responsibility that always disgusted me, but I assume a person who jacks it to this is in the same condition as a person who likes "shooting meth, fentanyl, and crystal pepsi into your bellend at three in the morning while watching a Night Court marathon." I'm sure there's a lot worse (especially if it were IRL stuff), but I've never encountered it.

540214  No.562010


anything drawn by smudge-proof

f3a960  No.562869

bump because crimes are more important then drama and autism

bf3f46  No.562901




It's funny how a guy telling you to get your shit together triggers so many people. Commonfilth was right. A lot of white's problems are caused by themselves. If you can't resolve your own shit then an ethnostate is worthless, it'll just open the gates to the nignogs again and start everything over.

Bestiality cocks is overwhelmingly made by white, jewish and asian girls. Don't know why but it's a pattern any one can see. Commonfilth got sick of white nationalists trying to troll him so he trolled them right back. He julayed the shit out of all the fags whining about his whitegirlsfuckdogs hashtag.


That's all he's ever done. He just reads image boards and then compiles it into a youtube video. When Gamergate took off all the e celebs did the exact same thing. People would check into youtube for the 30 minute videos to listen to while they played games.

Gabes doing the same shit he ever did but now he's e begging.


Porn fucks with your brain but rape porn doesn't mean you're a wannabe rapist. Everyones fapped to weird shit and felt dirty for it afterwards. Seeing some Russian thot fucked as she's tied up is hardly a warning sign. Stuff like Vore maybe but rapes a pretty standard fantasy for men and women.

ead777  No.562909


>It's funny how a guy telling you to get your shit together triggers so many people

Literally the only person getting triggered here is you. Keep at it champ.

40168e  No.562947


>Defending Common spic

Do you want to show that 'research gay porn', faggot?

3e3f45  No.565811

bump. crimes > autism.

40168e  No.571924

File: d9c5b2c3dac3200⋯.webm (10.1 MB, 160x90, 16:9, Kero Sperg.webm)

Kero made paypig only video and private'd it in a instant, but here it is

40168e  No.572023



Compression happens


68cec8  No.572725

File: e379b0e7fe5043c⋯.jpg (40.37 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 71bbCcpp1vjynueo1_500.jpg)



That is legitimately horrifying

fffbe2  No.572822


Im horrified

15e60c  No.572893


I loled

15d545  No.573119

Has anyone gotten arrested yet or is this going to get away and go unfestered so these sick fucks can make alts and get back to molesting and abusing animals. also the people exposing zoosadists wont expose zoophiles. how two flipped faced coin is that.

15d545  No.573120

oops meant to add molesting children too. seriously theres a whole leak thread on foxdickfarms about the furries mostly popufurs and fursuits that like real children. with furpocalipse right around the corner whats stopping them from waltzing in and molesting children?

5b4738  No.574303

Bump, waiting on these sickos to be arrested.

601504  No.575778

File: 7e8475265ca8930⋯.jpg (44.45 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, 7e8475265ca8930575d62838ad….jpg)


ayy lmao these fags were into crush too?

948157  No.578180


I know i'm really going to regret clicking on those pics

948157  No.578182



So you make the fursuits pictures NSFW but the animal fucking pics are completely uncensored?

Go fuck yourself

cea5a9  No.578193

I like that there is more zoophile porn on /cow/ now than most furry boards. It is amusing to me.

40168e  No.579456

There's more shit on Kero incoming, both forwarded messages and and his obsession with his dog's poop chute.

e62081  No.580624

File: 8f6aae41cdd2037⋯.jpg (27.2 KB, 480x360, 4:3, mario is dead.jpg)

can someone fill me in here, when did all this pedo shit start popping up?

bf3f46  No.581209

Remember when image boards would find minor animal abusers and ruin their lives? Well now they can't even go after dog rapists and murderers.

967b0f  No.581274

File: 5fa73c07f7684db⋯.jpg (59.21 KB, 600x660, 10:11, 5fa73c07f7684dbed472d7b52b….jpg)

>Suddenly the whole incident goes quiet

40168e  No.581535


Kero is under investigation, new logs surfaced. It's slower to work on overseas fags like Sephius

ede600  No.585124

I find it hilarious that everyone still supports him after hes been outed. I hope a dog bites his dick off so he can never abuse and harm animals again.

Oh man lets not MUH fandom go away forever. I knew and always knew the truth and furries being shit faces still don't believe the truth. its so funny about how many of them are in the closet about liking real animals. news flash if you like the anatomically correct ones, your one degree from real zoophillia. this is like MAPS and no contact pedophiles, same BS but now its something that cant TALK back and say no and will put up with anything there owner does to it obidently and still wag its tail. its not wagging its tail because it likes you, its wagging its tail because thats basic instinct, i cant wait till all the major furry sites get warranted and investigated by the big 3 letter agencies for harboring criminal activity and allowing criminals to engage in illegal activities via there site and use it for communication purposes. theres so many ways the feds can fuck them on this case that they will never see the light of day and you know what, it wont ever happen. kero and most of his squad will be let go for lack of knowledge and a poor defense of autism, when non of them have or exibit the functioning of ASD (coming from someone who has it), they were all well aware of what they were doing and now they got caught so they run and cry to rich mommy and daddy who support them.

I hope his animals get confiscated and hes not able to be around an animal for even engaging in such an extreme practice. I thought zoophiles were bad, this tiny group of pedos/ animal extremists takes the cake. I hope there all arrested and tried with animal abuse and put in jail for like 5 years or more.

66e881  No.585273


>put in jail for like 5 years or more.

There was child rape going on. It's a LOT more than 5 years.

ede600  No.585394


lmao well they all deserve it, hopefully this festers out more of the pedophile furrys in the fandom and gets rid of them.

ad68e4  No.588959

has anyone been arrested yet, i heard nelizar got arrested and is probably being hung by his testicles for molesting his cousin or something along those lines but who really knows or cares tbh. im convinced furries are lying on the police stuff to attempt to sweep it under the rug and harbor dangerous individuals. they really need to start putting more non furry fandom police at coventions and doing more hotel sweeps and checks randomly for drugs and illegal activities and seizing peoples cellphones and whatnot before they can DFE.

ead777  No.588970



They need a good mass shooting or bombing is what they need.

ad68e4  No.589078


im not suprised another chlorine attack has not happened with all the expose of people being zoophiles/ zoosadists why havent people gotten outted/ websites raided and taken over by police.

fishy if you ask me. alot of this id go to say seems fabricated so the offending parties can slip into the darkness almost like a prewarning and DFE and go BAWWW there just trolling me.

checkmate motherfucking were not trolling you the information and logs we have are really best give yourself up , no, not you them.

also there were attacks on US soil recently, I have a feeling someone with alot of money and power is using that as a distraction to hide this potentially international fuckover of people. lets hope this ring gets broken up asap.

6eb765  No.590317


I think I read something about the chlorine ending up being spilled a few floors up in some random hallway.

That sounds more like some butterfingered fucknut trying to steal pool supplies and accidentally dropping the hoard. Staircases, vents, maybe under something in the main convention area sound like much better places for deployment.

Then again, maybe there were some house parties on that floor.

2ad043  No.592321


yeah they dropped it on the party floor but didnt drop it somewhere correctly, had they dropped it in the hallway they would of inflicted maxiumum damage. they probably grabbed the powder bare fisted through and burned themselves as its extreme caustic. so id look back at any medical reports for chemical burns to see who the offender was during that time, probably already covered up by the fandom.

also, theres always a party floor and theres always under 18s that DO sneak in despite what they tell you, it has to happen man teenagers are given free reign. just look for the red badges/ minor badges.

alot of the minor furries/ kid furries, in photos also have been known to turn there badges around to hide it for some paranoid reason.

2ad043  No.592549


ead777  No.592580

File: 564377facc75e7b⋯.png (30.85 KB, 680x591, 680:591, 1eb0af735bdrgheth4675sa6b6….png)

>mfw this leads to another CSI and LaO episode about furries

2ad043  No.592582



554a5f  No.592630


I'd much prefer it leads to furfags being dragged out of their parent's basement and hung from trees.

9b523f  No.592650

File: 357b9fe778d4783⋯.png (905.05 KB, 720x892, 180:223, cheese kid.png)

2ad043  No.594926


66e881  No.594946


Perhaps the greatest PR victory of the furries is that they're called a fandom rather than a fetish.

2ad043  No.595119


>o new posts) ( Auto) 2

>234 replies | 77 images | 93 UIDs | Page 1

>[Post a Reply]


its a fetish. the japanese kemono suiters and culture and the RUS furs and stuff are the only ones that i really respect the euro furs and uk furs and shit really fetishize it beyond the US furs. if you think the US furs are kinky look at the Uk/ Euro furs, its STD/ Public/ Pup orgy heaven.

2ad043  No.595124


in terms of calling there culture not a fetish. the japanese make everything fun and cute and have a great cuture of respect. alot of them im friends with on IG so yeah that says alot when they go out of there way to become friends with you despite not knowing you, makes me feel like i really dont need the furry fetish i mean fandom at all. oh wait i dont. i moved beyond it on december 7th 2017

acd487  No.595342


From the context ("You don't intimidate me.") it rather seems like he's trying to threaten to send the police after the fag dragon if he publishes the video.

bf3f46  No.596007


>Furries are cute


>They make everything fun


>It's not a fetish


>im friends with them on the internet

Double Wrong.

b60364  No.596041


It won't. Furfags, being heavily leftist, are no longer on the list of acceptable targets. If anything, they'd just make the episode about incels/gamergays persecuting them.

2ad043  No.596082


dont be mad because america is now fucking in the 10th century and asians and sand nigerias are superior to americans. hell any country is superior to america at this point its so backwards and has the largest rich poor divide bigger then india.

ead777  No.596143


You sound like an assmad pajeet.

c85571  No.596221

File: 2b4b4f23a301eaf⋯.jpg (53.31 KB, 1415x442, 1415:442, pooinloo.JPG)


>largest rich poor divide bigger then[sic] india[sic].

What planet are you living on? Just another delusional retard.

You do realize that a LOOOOT of Europeans, Asians, and Indians come to the US just for our Universities.

Then again, when India's stereotypes are PHP developers and creepy thirsty dudes, I'd start shouting about sour grapes as well if I were you.

It must suck to live in a country where the amount of children that die of dysentery every year is measured in thousands. I mean, a literal disease from being around poop.

Also about the backwards thing, ever notice how music generally follows American trends and how even an African kid in the sticks knows who Mickey Mouse is?

Yeah I can't think of a single thing India is known for other than streets for shitting and the curry that causes it.

Have you ever stopped to think that even China has made it farther than India has? oof.

And how India has 1/3 the landmass of the US, Almost 3x the population, but 1/9th the GDP?

One. Ninth. Let that sink in, pajeet.

Now, I know math must be difficult from learning it in a park while wearing sandals made from drifting aquafina bottles that landed in your hovel held together with melted VCR tape, so let me explain.

American GDP = 15.8t (usd), India GDP = 1.84t (usd)

American population 400m, India poopulation = 1.2b

GDP Per Capita (per person, for you):

US $45k

India: $2.4k

Aesthetic portfolio gains, indanon

India median per-capita salary is $616

American median per-capita is $26,964

Meanwhile, on Amazon…

>pic related

So the next time you talk shit about the US, just know that there are toilets I can buy today that are worth more than each person makes the COUNTRY and four times more than what the average indian makes a year.

Poo in that, faggot.

2ad043  No.597413

reposted from the pedophile thread.

2ad043  No.597414

File: f7f1a2e9e6c5c2a⋯.png (43.91 KB, 1266x458, 633:229, keroroproof[1].PNG)

reposted from the pedophile thread. 1

66e881  No.597426


I thought the Iranian IP thing was just a pic he pulled from an internet search.

ead777  No.597508


Who says it has to have them as the target for me to care? Hell, if anything the CSI furry episode was sympathetic towards them and it was still funny.

2ad043  No.597537


i dunno some are saying its an vpn some are saying its fake. I dunno. but if hes saying theres a random IRan login then his credentials would have to be given out and he didnt do that. theres no way that for 2 years of being in a zoosadist group that it was anyone but him.

you cant sit here and tell me that he had no involvement. he was well aware of what he was doing and now that hes caught hes doing damage control.

2ad043  No.597538



2ad043  No.597600

le bumpe. also apparently neilzar was released on bond not bail which was mean if he violates any of the terms of his release his bond will be revoked and he will spend the rest of his time in jail

not that he probably wont, trying to talk down felonies is incrediably hard and him trying to use the autism defense will not fly. i doubt he has a history, because its such a common defense that its hurtful to people who actually have ASD and dont know any better/ are developmentally delayed.

i do suspect he has touches of it due to his way he acts and whatnot and his manner of dress and mannerisms but he was well aware of what he was doing during this entire thing so its not really a justification for his actions.

b4f845  No.600463

bump to top. so funny how furries forget about people committing major felonies

ead777  No.600510


I'd probably forget things pretty easily too if seeing the squirrels rummaging around outside made me hornier than Dan Schneider at a Chuck E Cheese's.

b4f845  No.600515


thats a digusting image to think of.


b4f845  No.600516


do you think furries dress up like a car in that one episode of family guy and engage in orgies.

0640b6  No.600952

File: 85fe36b8a7719cc⋯.gif (822 KB, 358x325, 358:325, 85fe36b8a7719cc5baa1b35ae2….gif)

File: 162615e7c541111⋯.jpg (90.71 KB, 831x960, 277:320, displeasure.jpg)







b4f845  No.600989


they probably dont want to do shit because if they take the furry fandom down they will take alot of rich and important people down with it.

also if they get rid of the problem, it puts them out of a job and then they have to go after real crimes and not spend there days jerking off and making free cash policing something thats just a fancy file server/ message board system

ead777  No.601934


Probably the same reason drug dealers don't turn in their suppliers.

554a5f  No.601949


Gee, I wonder why the (((FBI))) doesn't want to do anything about animal/child rapists.

aa7c8c  No.603304

File: 8b302e9235b9f56⋯.png (4.15 KB, 256x207, 256:207, 108034d2ec4cb83da33e1847e2….png)


I can tell you this: Fucking the animals isn't going to draw any ire. It's the assault and murder parts.


That's a man.


You could ask the exact same question about literally anyone you know the fetishes of. The very same question could be asked of you for the fucked up shit you're into. Once you get past the initial shock of "oh wow something disgusting on the internet I've literally used the internet for a week so I'm not a newfag", you learn to accept that people as a whole are fucked up.


You're literally retarded. It's fetish shit. The massive majority of furfags dont' think they're actually the animal they represent themselves in anthro form as online. Modern furries are by and large homos and increasingly tranny as a byproduct of it being a very leftist community and that kind of insanity ever-increasing among the left, but frankly, you sound like a pearl clutcher from nu/pol/ obsessed with degeneracy to the point you don't understand what you're actually looking at and just throw out knee-jerk reactions to everything.


You're also retarded. Homosexuality, pedophilia, transsexuality? Those are caused by sexual trauma. Fucking watching Zootopia can turn people into furries. Just seeing some of the better drawn porn can turn people into furries. Did this board get taken over by modern day puritans or normalfags that have never seen the internet outside of facebook before that think they have room to shit talk while their pornhub account is used to view some truly heinous shit?


Manufacturing lulz is pretty gay.


>people that like animals like animals

What a startling revelation.


Go moralize on nu/pol/, fagboy. You have no power here.



Imagine being this WEAK.


Finally, someone with some fucking sense.


And here's the retard commonspic cultist. You realize that faggot intentionally sought out fag porn, deep "research" into less than 2% of the world's population, and decided that somehow represented all white people and championed the idea "all whites should die because niggers that go to church are better than whites who don't", right? Kill yourself.


Learn to compress better. Even with weebum, resolution has a small effect on file size. It's bitrate that you should be concerned with. Don't go below 240p as a general rule, otherwise you get unwatchable videos.


>molesting children

I don't feel like going through 8 hour streams. How young are we talking? How severe should I consider this?

66e881  No.603335


This guy knows what's up. The only thing I could add is to point out that overexposure to wide swathes of furry porn can induce an artificial sense of homosexuality, and the moral decay that comes with it which nearly ruined my life. Reducing the amount or restricting the types of pornography consumed would cause much of the degeneracy present among furfags to simply evaporate (though a lot of Zyklon will still be required for mop-up e.g. the subjects of this thread).

>byproduct of it being a very leftist community

I suspect this is also mainly because a reasonable person isn't going to be a moderator/site admin for furfag websites. Only a total degenerate is going to want to devote that much time to a fetish, which invariably leads to left-wing control. Unfortunately there's really no way to tell how many right-leaning furries exist (though they are definitely the minority).

ead777  No.603416


Or rather the kind of person that would want to fuck an animal or an animal person sees only the superficial in the animal part of the attraction. Someone on a farm for example would see a whole lot of horse assholes but they probably wouldn't develop an attraction because it's not in a sexual context and they're constantly covered in crusted shit. There's a reason why most furries don't draw in a realistic style and the few who do go out of their way to make it as clean as possible.

66e881  No.603465


Correct. The brain is highly susceptible to influencing when under sexual stupor. This is what distinguishes things like violent videogames from the degeneracy brought on by pornography.

3a3b74  No.603468


Problem being that that half of these fucks live in EU or South America, where no-one does anything,

For fucks sakes furries willingly believe that Glowfox, Sephius Rivendare among others dindu nothing.

Sephius is a Austrian hardzoo furfag, who still lives with his parents. Glowfox lives in Brazil or some shit.

The saddest part: Furfags willingly defend these people.


I swap proxies regularly for sake of privacy and digging.

That being said, I have handy dandy list and list of previous dumps with logs and videos

Uploading these risk a partyvan. Dump sizes are 90 megs and 7.9 GB respectively. TOR is disabled, so I can't upload shit here either

Scratch that here is the biggest dump so far from hard zoo group


For sake of privacy use a proxy and use Opsec.

66e881  No.606148

File: 3a1baa13e6d312b⋯.png (76.3 KB, 213x222, 71:74, YouTube_2018-11-05_12-34-0….png)

File: f6965d2d72d622f⋯.png (28.85 KB, 723x153, 241:51, The_Furry_Community_Is_Wor….png)

File: 7607e864c75bd76⋯.png (66.84 KB, 1901x716, 1901:716, The_Furry_Community_Is_Wor….png)

File: 9ae3e79d8db0b62⋯.png (10.42 KB, 254x96, 127:48, The_Furry_Community_Is_Wor….png)


>Basically a 30 minute redpill on furry degeneracy and sociopathic behavior


He's still got a little bit of horseshoe theory bullshit going on, but at this rate we may get to witness a full uncuckening within the next couple years. I feel vindicated for defending him a few weeks back >>557507

373f76  No.606244



>a furry who is a christian and a former soldier

I want off this ride

bf3f46  No.606254


It takes time. You may have given them a 100% accurate set of data but they have no clue if it is or not. They have to do their own investigation and get IP records and shit to tie people to accounts.

It'll take 6-12 months for things to go through at a minimum.


Check out this cool kid. He thinks he's an oldfag because he can reply to every single post in a thread.


Any one who wants to claim violent games have no effect on you need to play Mirror's edge then go for a walk in an urban land scape. You will immediately start seeing parkour paths around you because your brain has just been in a scenario where those mattered.

Violent games might not make you a serial killer but they sure as fuck influence the brain. It's an experience like any other experience is and long term exposure leads to different outcomes.


Christianity and the military is corrupted. It doesn't mean shit any more.

b11ead  No.606257


Comment section is filled with "fandom" shielding furfags.

dabad9  No.606293


No surprise.

554a5f  No.606301


>the furry community is worse then you can imagine

>i just assume all furries are zoophiles, necrophiliacs, faggots and pedophiles


ead777  No.606303


It's called not having a diseased mind. You should try it some time.

bf3f46  No.606317


How liberal are you to believe video games don't influence your brain?

fb2ab7  No.606379

File: ca6bc600576a93a⋯.png (294.39 KB, 460x464, 115:116, Image77.png)


Jesus you weren't kidding. They are not only defending the fandom, but they are going in great lengths on how the community is perfect and It's the gay cyan dragon's fault for thinking the community is shit because he only interacted with the "bad apples" of the community

b4f845  No.606893


no they just dont want people to pull back the rotten layers and have there sex cons pulled from out from under them its how they meet in private trade things like child porn make murrsuit porn and do the more extreme fetishes in room parties or there own hotel rooms, the poor hotels dont even know whats going on on the party floor cause nobody does sweeps because the poor guy that does will end up with herpaidsavirus shit and have to bleach his eyeballs and arrest like 100 billion people.

aa7c8c  No.609967



I knew a guy in that exact same situation. Christian, former soldier, hardline conservative libertarian. Guy ended up going gay fat fetishist somehow. PTSD broke his brain, warped by the people he hung out with, who knows. Sad story.



That's an odd non-sequitur for being efficient instead of spamming the thread with replies like some mongoloid. And what a surprise, you not only have that response, but also pushing some retarded idea that vidya makes you a serial killer.


Of course. Furfags, on top of wanting to own every single animal-related group there is including the MLP fandom and yes, legit zoophilia, are by and large extreme left and defend their own. The closest thing to a point furries have is the idea that yes, not everyone that jerks it to bipedal animals in some retarded number of slippery slope fetishes also fucks roadkill.

bf3f46  No.610087


It's always funny when you spot a pathetic loser who acts like a faggot when you say "media influences your brain". It's almost like the media he consumed made him only able to think in extremes.

83015f  No.610131

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Reads through thread

>Only solution is vid related

>I don't care enough to turn it into an mp4 or hooktube link

3a3b74  No.610155

More sick fuckery on Kero


Look at your own peril

Kero fed live birds to his dog among other things.

The best part of this? Zoophiles and furries defend this fuck.

aa7c8c  No.610345

File: 98881e18614d58e⋯.png (93.48 KB, 267x251, 267:251, unknown (4).png)




>fed live birds

Nigger, are you actually this affected by that? Of all the things known about kero, accelerating something that happens in nature (carnivorous predators eating prey) is what gets you moralizing?

b11ead  No.610354


>It's nothing

Nice try, normals will still raise pitchforks over any animal abuse.

It's not hard to find someone with a pet bird.

8b78a8  No.610370


Getting sexual pleasure out of it is sick, but I wouldn't expect a pedophile to understand that.

aa7c8c  No.610372


I'm saying you're retarded.

>guy fucks animal corpses and tortures live animals

<feeding a dog live birds is what sets you off

Do you not know how many reptile pet owners feed live rats and hamsters and shit to their snakes? There are a lot of people with rat or hamster pets too. Are you going to moralize over that too? Assume NPCs are going to react differently?

You're probably some twitterfag or redditor dragged in by Jimbo's entry level videos or IBS that's overly concerned about minor things, I'm sure, but I'm saying if you're going to get up in arms about something, get up in arms over the sodomizing with a stick and fucking corpses.


>I have no actual point so I'll just call everyone a pedo

3a3b74  No.611230


I'm personally not affected, just posting more shit Kero did. This shit indefensible

Dogs are not suppused to feed live, tied birds to satisfy Kero's vore fetish.

Of course if you're from /furry/ this is completely normal.

bf3f46  No.611968

How much of this new leak is chicks fucking animals? We could troll the zoo community every time that shit gets posted on any of them.

123204  No.612134

File: c1102b1ec4c513b⋯.jpg (74.27 KB, 627x678, 209:226, IMG_20181108_203858.jpg)

Here we go boys

b11ead  No.612259



3b52e8  No.612319

File: 80b872711618982⋯.jpg (20.31 KB, 640x574, 320:287, disgust_(2).jpg)


>"I need some time to put something together"

I hope it's a noose and a video of him using it to end himself.

45c07d  No.616176

hi guys my name is kero and i think im a hero.

i should go an hero myself.

hehehe deers.


45c07d  No.616178


its probably going to be a video and this turns out to all be a hoax and a big inside job to allow zoophiles to hide there telegram chats and delete evidence.

45c07d  No.616179



yeah ok.


3c0701  No.619029

my name is kero.

i got a box full of toys

im fresh out of dead ones.

but still making nose.

3c0701  No.619037

hi guys im kero and i survive off of 938 dollars a month and my rich parents.

the rest i make dealing drugs and being in illegal zoogroups and selling myself for cummies at conventions and in my free time i pretend to be a youtuber im going be 1337 like pewdiepopsickle and scream at the camera for an hour.

3c0701  No.619042


i am also kero and i probably mad that youtube just to get closer to children because im also a pedophile.

28a9eb  No.624373


lol v&?

ab8f6c  No.624454

File: 192748694088b1d⋯.jpg (57.14 KB, 1170x345, 78:23, dogfucker.JPG)

Guess he is innocent, this almost illiterate fursuiter said so!

e2f1c3  No.624613




yeah o fucking kay the police will come get you.

also i just told the zooleak on telegram that the cops most likely will not go after the zoophiles and zoosadists unless child porn is involved why they steamrolled nelizar but not anyone else yet harder to prove animal abuse on something that cant talk.


ebba60  No.626300


can someone translate what the dogfucker is saying here?

ead777  No.626372


Mup da doo didda po mo gub dat tum muhfugen yiff nood cof bin dub ho muhfugga

c89203  No.626396

File: 69aac0a1148239e⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 297x229, 297:229, alright.gif)


thats what i was afraid of tbh

3d3bd7  No.626904

File: d182dc338af3036⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1257x2521, 1257:2521, Hybernation the dogfucker ….png)

File: 254937f4bc9aa43⋯.png (5.54 MB, 1264x3523, 1264:3523, Hybernation the dogfucker ….png)



Its pretty obvious in hindsight, she DOES draw a lot of Feral Art.

b4aa57  No.629054


An anon made a thread about with full dox yesterday. All of it is in here


6397dd  No.629169


i like dog dicks up my butthole. and my gf does too. lmao

6397dd  No.629171


goodjob. i will now download this and save it forever and redistribute it on the internet 100 times so people burn.

c0c155  No.629176

File: e781bfbdbc459a6⋯.jpg (12.81 KB, 195x243, 65:81, white male phrenology prof….jpg)

File: eee4cf9d9cf15da⋯.jpg (53.42 KB, 430x562, 215:281, average aryan man.jpg)

File: 26fa12b93b70d6c⋯.png (142.03 KB, 276x400, 69:100, nordid man.png)


>Luckily I'm dying

make sure you respawn as ubermensche. srs

6397dd  No.631052


hopefully he respawns as the aids virus that infects dogs and the people who stick there dicks into them and there dicks of dogs inside of them

symptoms include internal hemmoriging and a paralsis that shocks every muscle on your body from moving but keeps your heart pumping and your lungs breathing so you slowly suffocate to death on your own blood.

dd8f2e  No.631350


>hemmoriging and a paralsis

Nigger if you want to insult someone, learn to spell first, furfaglet.

bf3f46  No.631497


The guy in the middle is half jewish..


you basically just described lymes disease. Which you get from ticks. Ticks are most commonly found on dogs and deer.

66e881  No.631510


>The guy in the middle is half jewish..

That was a retcon they pulled out of their asses after-the-fact, and isn't true in the slightest.

2512e9  No.631517

Is that Snakething cunt dead yet?

6397dd  No.631652


nope hes probably still pretrial investigation.

its okay im miffed too because ive been working at it for a while to see it go dark and see things go quiet on foxdickfarms.

irritating pedophile getting away again.

6397dd  No.631655


oh cool i made a joke without intentionally describing anything. i wonder how many zoophiles have Lyme disease, it might be a good indicator of who has extremely close contact with animals.

d1a649  No.632751

File: 06c654e328b833a⋯.png (82.38 KB, 540x473, 540:473, [space].png)


>wide-spread systematic kiddie diddlin', child sex slavery and animal abuse at animal man autism conventions

Fuck pizzagate, this is where all the actual, hidden pedophilia is.

f2a5ef  No.632807


>The guy in the middle is half jewish

He is also half black, three-quarters Asian and 0.03% Native American.

5cf5a4  No.638307

this entire thing seems like a ruse, nothing has happend and it seems fabricated. will be speaking to someone to have them look into it.

5cf5a4  No.638310


nigga i tried to tell you in 2017


b11ead  No.653837

He's trying to slither away with damage control excuses, again.

The only way he will face justice is local awareness of his actions by outraged normalfags.

Tipping off animal rights people will turn up the heat substantially.

bf37d5  No.654322

reee my names kero and i love animal dicks

bf37d5  No.654323


well then get to it peta brains.

9b414a  No.656099

hi Im Kero and i locked my twitter.

612d54  No.657518

bump for internet awareness.

612d54  No.657702

bump for awareness.

aa7c8c  No.657851



sage for shut the fuck up

f0d546  No.660443


bump for internet awareness so a sick dog rapist and pedophile doesnt get away.

8bf893  No.660594


Did someone try warning peta about this?

8391bf  No.660864

File: c4c9437d147819d⋯.png (82.22 KB, 255x207, 85:69, fug root beer.png)

f0d546  No.662106


got threatened to be murdered for this so im uploading the complete webpage as i forgot the files beforehand ,saved the entire thread includes comments that were deleted.

f0d546  No.662107


please some one do this on kero and nelizar and seipuhs as peta is international.

4b8969  No.662287


Don't bother with PETA, they're liberal art students who use animal rights as their gimmick. Utterly worthless in every way. Flash animation won't stop Kero.

3e6599  No.662732

File: 3acbf60455ad7f6⋯.png (405.47 KB, 471x637, 471:637, HOLY_SHIT_DISGUSTING.png)

ab24bb  No.663159

File: 290ee998e69b27b⋯.png (1 MB, 1562x879, 1562:879, just fuck my theory up.png)

f0d546  No.663295


fucked up isnt it?

ead777  No.663358


They are most likely suppliers for these dogfuckers anyway.

f0d546  No.663388


yep peta is the biggest company who turns blind eyes to zoophillia and guess what else they also fight against, meat eating. guess who else uses the meat eater analogy. zoophiles.

apples starting to not fall to far from the tree. ironic.

f0d546  No.663428

foxdickfarms confirmed hes getting away make sure this fuck and his friends dont go to conSargonons.

cb8cfc  No.663924

File: 917795f372a5cd0⋯.jpg (87.51 KB, 735x879, 245:293, IMG_20181202_200848.jpg)

Haven't seen anyone post this yet

8391bf  No.663959


> hes getting away make sure this fuck and his friends dont go to conSargonons

How would someone accomplish that? The only way I could think of would be bitching to the conSargonon organizers.

340c4c  No.664642



>Reliable source

Choose one

759d71  No.664684


uh no, how about you read the entire thread and tell me why any of these furries should be allowed near conventons or people for that matter or animals? do you just blately defend them for the reason of trying to be funny? this isnt a laughing matter anymore this is something that needs to be stopped before it ruins more peoples and animals lives if you dont care dont post but your comment wasnt needed.

264721  No.664691


What it does show is the uselessness of KF. If they can't help lock up these sickos and people extorting an autistic tranny hick even with their real identities plastered on the first page of their thread (which is usually the first thing you see if you enter their powerword in a search engine) then it boils down to a pack of basement dwellers moralfagging about how at least they don't fuck dogs.

759d71  No.664737


yeah but if its out there its like a beware. so its more helpful for law enforcement to catch them later on when they pop up otherplaces also they sent a giant DOX to the police and have alerted the hilton or hayatt or something about sex offenders going there so yeah theres alot of basement debate but theres also of good that comes out of it.

759d71  No.664741


they got neilizar arrested who was a huge horder and one of like 10 snake heads they managed to cut off, theres still a few dozen more i can name that the leak tried to get out there.

bf3f46  No.664748


You're a tard aren't you? It takes time for investigations to happen. The police can't just go to a website and use it as evidence in court. Every thing presented in those threads needs to be investigated until they have a strong enough case to convince.

Did you forget the point of laughing at people isn't to have the police arrest them for it? You laugh because it's fun.

759d71  No.664755


actually the whole point of these leaks is to get the person in the leaks arrested and convicted for a crime. they may be satirical but posting them to twitter would make there lives easier because of the following they have there thats willing to defend them so by posting it to chans where there too afraid to frequent or would be outed by the way they speak is why they are posted in more niche boards and to places like foxdickfarms where people who have more of a normal mental patttern but not one thats far off from these whackjobs, gets the job done.

it may be fun to laugh the same way police officers use humor to get a case done and entertain themselves but at the end of the day these zoos and zoophiles are nothing more then a criminal.

sorry, not sorry.

-The Internet.

bf3f46  No.664758


Your post is more retarded than Chris is.

8391bf  No.664762


>uselessness of KF

I would say it's more the uselessness of internet randos in general

759d71  No.664768


yeah sure lets not put people in jail who sexually assault animals and molest children, yeah lets not do that at all, is that what you want to get at by calling me retarded? that we sit back and not alert anyone or the police and just continue to let it happen.


759d71  No.664770


yeah its totally useless seeing how the biggest horder who molests his 10yo cousin and ran most of the extreme zoophile groups got arrested and his shit confiscated. yeah that wasnt for nothing at all.

bf3f46  No.664776


You just keep getting more and more tarded. Internet forums aren't how you report a crime and you don't immediately arrest someone because of internet posts.

759d71  No.664779


putting the information out there seeks to make it harder for them to move about freely, yeah reporting it to just the police would of made sense but also putting it out there to expose and make there lives more unberable is also the best option.

because its like a pseudo sex offender registry anyone can now google your name that will will be one of the things that employers and stuff will see when they do a google search on you.

there not never going to be publically shamed and named so the internet did for what the goverment cannot,

you can keep calling me retarded all you want but it only seeks to serve that you are completely blind and uncaring of the welfare of animals and children and the people who commit horrendous acts.

8391bf  No.664782


> got arrested and his shit confiscated

Is he getting away with it or not?

If he gets away with it, then all it's going to accomplish is making the remaining perps more careful.

bf3f46  No.664784


>If you don't care about internet forums you don't care about OTHER THING

Oh no, a dead fox got fucked in the ass by a guy with AIDS. Won't someone think of the undead foxes?

264721  No.664817


>Why should we care that a person in a subculture that represents peak sexual revolution might spread some new STD after fucking a dead animal?

No idea.

bf3f46  No.664824


Let me rephrase that

>Why should we care if degenerates kill themselves through STDs?

Take your moral crusade and shove a butt plug up it you tard. If you're so concerned about them use vigilante justice other wise don't bitch that the legal system doesn't instantly respond to shitty forum threads. If they did I would be calling you a horse fucker right now and having you hauled off to jail.

8391bf  No.664828


>implying diseases don't spread

264721  No.664832


Because all you need to have this disease spread to the "normies" is one person unaware of their SO's secret hobby.

759d71  No.664834


he got charged with animal abuse but they shit his pants and did nothing about his cousin. shame.

759d71  No.664835


i have no idea what i wrote so im going to write it again.

he got charged with animal about but the












about his cousin and have all his devices.

759d71  No.664854








bf3f46  No.664874


And then the wizards will inherit the Earth.

759d71  No.664891


i just wish that there was some type of non lethal animal diease that was spread through sexual contact that would identify people who are intimate with animals but totally show no symptoms to the dog like instant contact your sick after a few days and the doctors do a swab test or something and it matches up to a chart colour.

340c4c  No.665085


>Implying foxdickfags are reliable

759d71  No.665117


shut the fuck up pedo and zoophile defender the information provided is very accurate and unable to be faked over the course of two years, it was all pulled from real chats so stop fucking defending people and give them up already or were going to go harder on you and make you all suffer more,

so you can either make your life a little harder or you can make it totally harder.

foxdickfarms has been accurate thanks to my help and many others. so your an idiot for thinking its all trolling slander, stop defending kero,

his most recent picture of him shows quick and recent weight gain and a soft not erect penis in a bad attempt to hide the fact that he was int a deer necro zoo video,

you dont get red stretch marks being that fat unless its quickly gained as someone who was obease as him would have red marks on his body turn to white ive seen it, its akin to being pregnant it becomes scars.

either that or the photo he was in on foxdickfarms the marks were from an animal because the claw markings are in the same spot where an animal grabs to mount a human (have seen enough zoo porn at this point)

stop trolling and attempting to damage control you wont win, i have way more information then you will ever have, you can lie through your ass at this point buddy but you wont be right,

give kero up or suffer.

your choice. troll faggot.

759d71  No.665120

snipped from my post on fur:

id like to also point out this attachment i dragged from foxdickfarms is kero completely soft and not with a full erection, his penis isnt even aroused in this photo at all:


759d71  No.665121

snipped from my post on fur:

also would like to add that there are removable tattoos that you can use online that are sweat resistant:


759d71  No.665123

snipped from my post on fur:

i like how zoophiles call meat eaters worse then people who commit sexual abuse and engage in a paraphillia.

759d71  No.665125


cause thats all zoophillia is a thiny badly vielled paraphillia and a mental disorder nothing you can do will prove the legal system and people with a proper mental well being that what your doing is okay.

cb8cfc  No.665313

File: 3e6de39837b53fd⋯.png (146.45 KB, 602x766, 301:383, why_furries_are_trying_to_….png)

File: 0b2027908d6a078⋯.jpeg (13.92 KB, 415x354, 415:354, images (25).jpeg)

The furfag that won "gamer of the year" yesterday is apparently involved in the Kero leaks

759d71  No.665326


yeah of course he is and if hes involved in the leaks then that means hes a zoophile because akela is.

8391bf  No.665539


>SonicFox implicated in leaks

This is big. The furfags consider him to be their ambassador:


>the furfags' ambassador was a dogfucker the whole time

Now THAT is humiliating.

ead777  No.665613


Projection and vicarious morality is one helluva drug.

503171  No.665823

File: 8d022652572f636⋯.jpg (168.53 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, kero_nude.jpg)

kero leaked his nudes to try and prove it wasn't his cock in the videos.

66e881  No.665958


>Dakimakura in background

>Bondage gear

Fucking degenerate.

85aecc  No.665966


Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Lolita Express

85aecc  No.665971




I'm gonna tag Trump next, 'cause he's def. a kike.

759d71  No.666105

you better watch out you better not cry you better not pout im telling you why the police are coming for kero soooooon.

they see you when your sleeping they know when your awake they know if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sakes.

so you better watchout.

baby its cold outside.

759d71  No.666106


his penis isnt erect in that photo. sorry to say so but i think thats someone modeling for him, they should ask him to two two photos one of him with the head and bondage gear on and another with the bondage gear off.

and also release old photos of himself prior to his investigation as the videos hes supposed to be in are older then this photo that got released.

759d71  No.666180

759d71  No.666395

kero tried to play a joke and got exposed as being a zoophile, roflmao

759d71  No.666484

kero roasting over an open fire.

a cold animal corpse nipping at his cock.

any time anywhere, zoophiles deserve death.

merry christmas to you.

759d71  No.666500

his name was kero and he fucked his dog,

he killed it,

and he made it suck his slonng..

dead deers are his favorite.

he cant get enough.

he wont admit to his wrong doings.

so were gonna make it touggghh!

759d71  No.666534

my fantasty is deranged,

i fantasie about sticking my dick in keros corpse.

and hope to do so in the near future.

759d71  No.666537

do you guys think kero is talking in private pretending this all didnt happen and denying it like its trolling while a bunch of 11yos suck his cock?

759d71  No.666539

kero is innocent they scream.

while shoving the proof in there face


and i rofl copter to the moon.

759d71  No.666546

Welcome to russian rouleete where theres a bullet in every chamber here mr kero are you ready to play please put this in your mouth and pull the trigger 6 times to win your favorite thing. necrophillia!

a5c24b  No.667381


>kero leaked his nudes to try and prove it wasn't his cock in the videos.

This is some Nike Bates tier shit.

759d71  No.667475


his penis isnt aroused and stuff in that photo hes literally just naked with softie.

759d71  No.667479


oops forgot to add a few more things, it also doesnt seem to be him as furries are notorious for sharing there murrsuits with there friends and bang buddies. i havent seen him comment on it as to refute my claims.

bf3f46  No.667516


I'm on /cow/ and even my penis isn't that small.

759d71  No.667623


well yeah i think ive said like 40 times its obvious his penis is not erect/ the person modeling him is not aroused.

his penis is soft tell him to get an erection and hold it out with his hand.

1f4c9c  No.669601

kero deserves to be a cold corpse with a warm dick in it and then the video sent to his parents to see how he likes it.

d61338  No.671176

kero viciously defended by the own children he grooms.

d61338  No.671269

Kero kero on the wall whos the one that raped that dead deer and killed his dog and all.

its you its you now own up to what you did.

you'll be the pretties of them all in that nice jump suit. ill make sure that they hook you up with a new boyfriend too one with HIV and a fat cock that you wont be able to sue.

63eaec  No.671831

File: 297b64088ad2db1⋯.png (15.96 KB, 800x600, 4:3, a scientific analysis on f….png)


It's semi-erect. If it were laying flat, then the rest of his body would be casting as long of a shadow as his microcock. The main source of light would need to be coming from a low angle that would have a noticeable enough on his right leg.

I went ahead and made a shitty diagram since there's going to be retarded furfags here that want to argue otherwise. The white rectangle is Kero's bed, with the shape on it being Kero (duh). The blue shape is a very generously downsized estimate of his mask's muzzle, and the green is the approximate length of his cock/masks's shadow.

The orange shape is where the light would need to be coming from create a shadow even remotely like the one his cock is casting if it were flacid. I made a point to include that purple mass to the right to point out how long the shadow cast from any part of his body would need to be in order for that to be the primary source of light in the room. Notice there's barely any in the photo.

The yellow shape represents a light in the middle of the ceiling like a normal room, and where the expected shadow of his cock/mask would fall. We know his bed's headboard is against a wall, so that would explain the angle if we assume that directly adjacent to his left there's a wall.

Now, furfag, which do you think is more likely, that somehow Kero is warping the light from a desklamp in some way scientists have not yet manifested just to illuminate his fat gut from all angles except a weird one at his crotch…

…Or that he's embarrassed by his microcock and gently tugged it a few times before posing nude to try to make it look bigger than it actually is?

d61338  No.672329

convicted pedophile skyweres video can be seen here with corey coyote:


d61338  No.672330


alot of them are from me like the funny comments and stuff and looking for neilzar and kero to see if they went to jail. i promise im not a bot but i do make alot of comments on this thread to keep it alive so hes brought to justice by his scalp

d61338  No.672331


i think he photoshopped his cock tbh.

7500a6  No.672804


>actually doing geometry, complete with detailed diagram and in-depth forensic analysis, to describe the position of a furry dick

>nobody on /cow/ sees anything wrong with this

dd6cf3  No.672839


I mean, his analysis is fundamentally wrong, so it's not wor worth responding to

d61338  No.673031




d61338  No.673032


god its like he has a childs penis or something.

d61338  No.673104


<em> penis </em>

d61338  No.673105


you didnt tell me you faggot

d61338  No.673106

<strong> faggot </strong>

66e881  No.673142

File: 21bbb3f1a08bcf8⋯.png (1.77 KB, 73x46, 73:46, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 487925068f51fc6⋯.png (1.86 KB, 86x60, 43:30, ClipboardImage.png)


Here's your tutorial, moron.

d61338  No.673155


dont have that option when posting it just says do not bump and spoiler images.

d61338  No.673158

yeah idk anymore this is dumb

63eaec  No.673448


Hi furfag. Your idol has a microcock. Deal with it.




63eaec  No.673549


ID)O) Y/O)U| W/A\N|T' "'H|A\R;D) T'O) R;E.A\D)?`"'

I|''L.L. G,I|V/E. Y/O)U| "'H"A\R;D) T'O) R;E.A'D)!!"'**

56f1c0  No.673988


death too all zoophiles and homosexuals

56f1c0  No.673991


56f1c0  No.674029

on the 14th day of kero his true crime gave to me, rofls and a cup of tea.

56f1c0  No.674084

bump back to the top.

b6539c  No.675438

File: cdbb48b55973956⋯.png (31.05 KB, 701x204, 701:204, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

too lazy to make a growly/ tora sex offender thread so here it is:



b6539c  No.678118

bump for distain

02832e  No.679660

and another one bites the dust

8b8d60  No.683717

and destroyed

62d2da  No.684414

May kero and friends have a good christmas with the law

ea561a  No.688048


1448af  No.707518

66e881  No.731088

File: db68cd26d30cea9⋯.png (55.23 KB, 596x288, 149:72, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 70ec2cbccbe5280⋯.png (641.46 KB, 621x542, 621:542, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 35adc32a3592e23⋯.png (318.3 KB, 570x262, 285:131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7e7d2cb56717a98⋯.png (671.14 KB, 583x540, 583:540, ClipboardImage.png)

File: baa6c5c402495e2⋯.png (297.96 KB, 616x505, 616:505, ClipboardImage.png)

63eaec  No.744712

File: 016efbf7789e47d⋯.jpg (65.43 KB, 609x678, 203:226, thorfur.JPG)

File: ffe7c349e38dd01⋯.jpg (99.32 KB, 609x766, 609:766, he tried.JPG)

File: 16ccbf1fde8fafa⋯.jpg (86.59 KB, 607x751, 607:751, happyunicorns.JPG)

File: 4e1215e241effa9⋯.jpg (66.21 KB, 602x762, 301:381, furfags hunt their own.JPG)


Don't worry, the pics are in order, and the responses are hilarious.

>This is what Dishonoured Wolf has recently gone through

As someone who followed the DW drama, this is hilarious.

Whenever DW went through a bit of drama, the guy accusing him was an autistic moron who took Discord screenshots without the full conversation, then tried to PM people to convince them that Wolf was a pedo before going public. Wolf posted a response on Youtube later, and provided evidence that he was for the most part innocent, then left Youtube for the drama to cool down. He eventually came back to Youtube unsurprisingly because the drama wasn't substantiated, and people were supportive of him (and didn't falter because a lot of people liked his reviews on movie/games, so the drama was completely nonsensical to them).

Kero, on the other hand, had allegations made public almost immediately, with the source being something internal from his friends and presented in full. Rather than face the allegations head-on, then, he went ahead and tried to dismiss their legitimacy rather than their actual arguments, which didn't work. After that, he started taking pathetic body pics that both didn't flatter him, nor could be shared on sites like Youtube, meaning his defense was rather limited. Regardless of if he did/didn't rape his dog, this was obviously a bad move since it limited how far his defense could spread. Well, that, and the police actually had to get involved for Kero.

Also, the downplaying of what he thinks people care about in their free time in that fourth paragraph is hilarious. Sure, the community that likes to beat off to wolf-people devouring sentient rabbits alive or some shit really cares what adults do on their free time. It can't be about the whole "raping animals" thing, they're just pearl clenching.

>Which is why it leaves me in tears as I write this

Oh fuck off already…

48da94  No.819443

loooks like growly is still active 26 days ago posted to furriesxtreme :


48da94  No.819670


@foxdickfarms @null

a53301  No.853936


1206b6  No.856524

kero is working on a pleadeal to have his charges dropped to misdemeanor. foxdickfarms quoted as he raped dogs so he didnt rape children. belongs in mental ward. -via foxdickfarts

so he was a dogfucker all along. and just proved everyone right. lmao

1206b6  No.856859

nevermind update apparently its cupid the deer.

cf1540  No.859901

kero should contract ALS and then we sick a bunch of hungry rabid dogs on him when hes at his weakest.

hed probably get an erection because hes a sick fuckkk

79d99b  No.864176

cupid the deer has been released from jail and his new private suit has been leaked to foxdickfarms

40bcd8  No.865047

thank you for leaking kero/ or cupids new red panda private suit they were talking about.

f0e685  No.867513

cupid the deer, dog rapist's felony has been lowered to a midemeanor, we failed.

f0e685  No.867734

kero is a child molestor

8b3e5e  No.891622


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