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2beac2  No.725700

Can we have a thread for Amy Bouzaglo? Bitch is fucking insane.

>Met some Italian in Vegas

>Got married after five months when she realized he was swimming in cash

>Super heavy Christian (probably protestant)

>Never had children because she didn't wanna get preggers, insists her three cats are her children

>Claims to "speak cat"

>Convinced foreign husband to open a restaurant for her

>Husband and wife get a bad review

>She goes from a little nutso to batshit insane

>Is paranoid/convinced the "haters" are trying to close down her "bakery"

>Manages to convince Gordon Ramsey to walk off set because she's so fucking bat shit insane

Fast forward a few years…

>Husband has been deported after chasing someone with a knife/being tied to gang affiliations

>Crazy cat bitch was caught selling pastries that she bought from grocery stores and cut up/resold at a profit

>Restaurant was obviously shut down

>Is still commenting on the youtube version of her Kitchen Nightmare episode to this day

>Is still on jewtube throwing crazy rants and insults around

Anyone who watches the episode should get an idea for how much of a potential target crazy cat bitch is, but if you don't want to waste 40 minutes, there's a synopsis here: https://www.realitytvrevisited.com/2013/05/us-season-6-amys-baking-company.html

This is her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCknhSzem3-AEXT5AQP1eE3A/discussion

She's apparently commented on stuff as early as the last couple days given there's people who responded on her youtube profile just 12 hours ago.

Her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amysbakingcompany/?hl=en

Her fagbook page (allegedly): https://www.facebook.com/amybouzaglo

a215d6  No.725778

>>Husband has been deported after chasing someone with a knife/being tied to gang affiliations

When did this happen?

2beac2  No.725846


I read it somewhere in the comments.

6a20e1  No.726381


Her whole face says "I want to talk to the manager".

6a20e1  No.726591

2beac2  No.726978


>He's Israeli

>Not even Italian


a215d6  No.727673



a44636  No.729974

All this effort just to viral market your blog post about an old TV show no one cares about.

b8bcdc  No.730046


It is you fucking foxdick. All you fags alongside the IronyLosers, Spic Fuentes, Null, and all the foxdicks need to get raped alongside the furries then have your necks sawed off.

6a20e1  No.731141


Tell us where the bad nazi touched you

fffc4f  No.731298



You know what that explains everything down to his shit personality and over-aggressiveness

2a45d5  No.731315


make a video of it and sell it for money! ID BUY THAT

f34371  No.733292


>Super heavy Christian (probably protestant)

>>Never had children because she didn't wanna get preggers


c75074  No.733382

The husband is not Italian. He's a fucking jew Israeli born in Morocco.

c75074  No.733383


They had a child like a year ago.

c75074  No.733395

Oh and Sam is not deported. He lives with Amy in California and do catering.

6c9a5e  No.733736


Poor child. Imagine growing up with those two as parents.

70a5c8  No.735127


Delete this right now goy

2beac2  No.749407


It was more like I was watching an old TV show no one cares about and the thought struck me that she's still at it after a quick five minute search.

59d1c7  No.751202

If there arent nudes, the potential for this thread is low. Her 15 minutes of fame is up and she knows how to keep a low enough profile to not stoke too much of the internet's wrath. All she does is shitpost back on youtube. Not sure what else we can do.

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