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File: c3e32ab75929571⋯.jpeg (406.55 KB, 1125x968, 1125:968, 02A31EC8-4CF1-47AF-A716-1….jpeg)

File: 7acdece3bc917ea⋯.jpeg (410.65 KB, 1123x1601, 1123:1601, 72A454E8-7F3F-464E-A3C8-D….jpeg)

File: d5a4bd15ad6c6d0⋯.jpeg (106.69 KB, 1125x1075, 45:43, DE340CC3-7057-481A-9718-D….jpeg)

File: dc8eb2dd58e9f6f⋯.png (280.78 KB, 962x434, 481:217, 0B5EBDAA-CFF6-4E0B-AAD2-AC….png)

2c68cf  No.741485

Old thread hit limit:


Chris is getting banned by the last remaining people online who weren’t trolls and had tolerated his presence and he’s now reduced to white knighting for a guy who’s had a decade-long reputation for creeping on underage girls at cons and spouting homophobic slurs.

-Is Barb a Highlander who will live forever?

-Will Chris’ creditors ever figure out a way to get their hands on his eBay money?

-Will Chris’ head explode when the Sonic Movie is released?

-Will Chris ever make his Twitter public again?

-Will an Idea Faggot ever get Chris’ attentions who wants to make him drop the tranny bullshit?

-How long before 0def44 shows up to shit up the thread by telling us 63 times to ignore Chris?

6dade4  No.741570

Nice. Any new developments since last night?

611e10  No.741595




No, it already has!


No, I think that'd be a step too far for even then

Very soon!

5d4974  No.742094


>Is Barb a Highlander who will live forever?

<No, she'll be a shriveled up worm beast that will live forever

>Will Chris’ creditors ever figure out a way to get their hands on his eBay money?

<Not before he wastes it on stupid bullshit

>Will Chris’ head explode when the Sonic Movie is released?


>Will Chris ever make his Twitter public again?


>Will an Idea Faggot ever get Chris’ attentions who wants to make him drop the tranny bullshit?


>How long before 0def44 shows up to shit up the thread by telling us 63 times to ignore Chris?


3bce9c  No.742108

>Will an Idea Faggot ever get Chris’ attentions who wants to make him drop the tranny bullshit?

The only way to get Chris to drop the tranny act would be with a love interest, after all, a love interest convinced him to become a transvestite in the first place. It would most likely need to be a sweetheart that is willing to meet him IRL or something like that, in order to maximize his interest in her to the point where he will disregard everyone else and do as she asks.

The problem is that there isn't a single person in the world who's willing to go that far.

2c68cf  No.742707


>likely need to be a sweetheart that is willing to meet him IRL

This is a given. The troon squad got so far because they met him in real life. Then again Jessica Quinn had his attention until she broke up with him the day before they met up for a date and he still thinks she’s real.

a98a74  No.742739


Someone who could draw could do it in a week right now. With Chris being emo everyone on twitter is blocking him, a decent artist would become his new best friend. "I want to draw you but I can't draw womyn" is all it would take to convert him

2c68cf  No.742791


I don’t know if it would be that easy unless you were a TRUE AND HONEST girl who lived near him and were willing to go to extreme lengths. If you were a girl with similar interests who met him immediately after getting his attention online (which might cost hundreds) you’d be able to pull it off in a few days.

3561ff  No.742887


I reckon this could be done by finding some prostitute (that's REALLY desperate for money) near Chris and paying her a hefty sum so she pretends to like Sonic and plays his girlfriend for a while, while asking him to behave like a man again.

But again, who (apart from foxdicks) would be willing to waste this much money on Chris?

611e10  No.742954

Nah, much like Toon Reality, I think trannyness has become something ingrained in Chris at this point that it'd take a severe person of influence to tell him to knock it off. Like you'd have to be Chris's caretaker, and even then like a child he'd try to find ways around it because he simply wants to buy into that crap.

cabe51  No.742966


No one.


Additionally if he is taking hormones, I believe this is a yes, he is fucked. That shit is litterly poison for the mind. He would need intense psychological and hormonal therapy just to get his ass back to baseline bitch mode he was at before.

a98a74  No.742974


There is no way chris is taking hormones. He can barely wipe his own ass and won't use illegal drugs.

9eb3d4  No.743006



IIRC isn't he just rubbing some over-the-counter estrogen cream on his mantits or something like that?

8067b7  No.743084


Doesn’t Chris smoke weed? Why would he care?

2c68cf  No.743210

Chris smoked weed with the teen trannies so he’s definitely softened his stance on drugs. Marvin at the farms swears Chris is on HRT but we’ve never seen proof.

2c68cf  No.743214

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New Chris cocks. Bonus points if you make it through the entire ten minutes.

d5caf3  No.743258


Stopped when he said

>learned from [his] past mistakes.

because we all know that isn't true.

7e6f10  No.743321


His tits are the proof. They're taking shape, sure he doesn't look feminine but his rack no longer looks like just another pair of fatass moobs.

6dade4  No.743785


For a while he thought that SoySauce was helping him grow tits but in reality he was just retaining water due to the salt and gaining weight. Wonder if he stopped that

b8b91c  No.743879


Was it deleted?

141d48  No.743886

File: c7079babf9504e2⋯.jpg (315.93 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190208-201327….jpg)

141d48  No.743889

Nope, I'm a fag, Chris pulled it.

67363f  No.744043


What was it?

Anyone save it?

d5caf3  No.744065


He was e-begging for all of the people on twitter who blocked him to let him back in because he has "cyberbullied since 2007 just like them".

It was just a lot of nonsensical jibberish that barely formed a coherent thought.

2c68cf  No.744144

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here’s the re-upload.

67363f  No.744182


Thanks chief.

9d94f6  No.744567


Bless you anon, you will definitely be taken during the Sonichu Rapture.

58494a  No.744601

I used to believe Chris would attempt to execute a Tranny Phantom style mass shooting but the closest he can try now since he is losing the small grip on reality he had since Bob's death is a massacre with his imaginary super powers.

173291  No.744616


A canon comic where Chris fucking murders everyone in Cwcville including the brutal on-screen deaths of all his 'chus would be hilarious, exciting and tearjerkingly hearbreaking all at the same time.

I don't want it.

025585  No.744893


>>How long before 0def44 shows up to shit up the thread by telling us 63 times to ignore Chris?

Why doesn't anyone just IP ban that nigger, or at the very least wordfilter him?

2c68cf  No.744936

File: dc976554215c95f⋯.jpeg (724.71 KB, 1125x1687, 1125:1687, B82C197D-95F5-4AB4-B575-1….jpeg)

Chris tried his hand at being a movie critic.

59291a  No.744986


>I have been cyberbullied since



>fumbles with his fingers



2c68cf  No.745071

File: bb0e8cbacae1c8a⋯.png (881.02 KB, 611x691, 611:691, 2738170D-25A1-427E-BFEA-C3….png)

File: 25bf6461d8943c6⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1070x612, 535:306, A2D0A4A7-9392-4B6C-9946-86….png)

File: c18bdb749eeed70⋯.jpeg (551.16 KB, 1125x1126, 1125:1126, 1AE5AFAB-2858-4E99-BF92-A….jpeg)

Between Chris’ new twitter avatar and screen grabs from his latest video he looks absolutely insane.

ecc3eb  No.745077


Tranny CWC still looks better than Narcissa-Cosmo

30296d  No.745116

File: bf1d3aabff1cfe2⋯.png (516.52 KB, 474x632, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)



Even after all these years I still have trouble believing that this is a real person and not some sort of elaborate long-con troll.



54d7ac  No.745181



He's since acquired legit hormones via informed consent. Been on them for a couple years.

31775c  No.745362


What would happen if everybody stopped fucking with Chris? Would be even more insane now that nobody is paying attention to him and all of his paypigs are gone?

I think even if Barb dies and he becomes homeless the amount of attention he gets even from people who only laugh at him would keep him from running in traffic.

842fb9  No.745449


Pic 1 is probably in my top 10 reaction images to good news now, thanks Chris.

6dade4  No.745577


>Even after all these years I still have trouble believing that this is a real person and not some sort of elaborate long-con troll.

The majority of what we see and know is what he personally puts on the internet. He is not really autistic, he is just a great comedian who got bored in his sped class one day and decided to be funny. He is the Andy Kaufman of our generation.

d5caf3  No.745659

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Chris's first video. He completely ignores all of the advice he gives himself and everyone else.

>Stay straight

>Focus on your "true, original" gender

>Don't do drugs or alcohol

>"What is definitely not cool is thinking and doing these things that will harm you and gross everyone else around you." @ 1:09

>"Don't do it because I haven't done it."

The whole video is essentially a how-to on not being today's Chris-chan.

2c68cf  No.745771


That’s not an accident anon. The original inner circle’a entire long term shtick was to turn Chris into everything he hated when the internet discovered him in 2007 and this video was cited as the guideline.

ee0201  No.745776

File: f0abb7f8e3c3460⋯.jpg (31.85 KB, 500x413, 500:413, Browsing 8chan.jpg)


Looking at this, he just seems like any ordinary autist. He says some cringey stuff, but he has a grip on reality.

How did it all go so wrong?

2c68cf  No.745796


>How did it all go so wrong?

People do not get just how badly trolls did a number on him. Chris was an extremely naive southern bumpkin with a retard-level IQ who all of a sudden was flooded with emails from people who claimed to be true fans. (Remember that there was a period of time where Chris was contacted by trolls but had not yet found out that he was being ridiculed on ED and 4chan)

Chris was basically catfished over and over until his brain was mush and he was easily influenced.

d5caf3  No.745810


That doesn't give Chris an excuse to stray from his own path that set him for himself in the video.

If he was capable enough to write the script, read it, and make the video, he was capable enough to stick with it regardless of external influences from the Inner Circle, A-Log's, weens, whatever.

He knew how important it was for him. He wore a sportscoat.

82f8fe  No.745814

File: dddce55972b9644⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Mark (Shaved).jpg)


Naw, that's mark mann.

611e10  No.745820


The tranny/gay stuff wasn't them though, Chris went down that path on his own.

67363f  No.745832

File: 9410bae0387d18b⋯.jpg (37.84 KB, 385x486, 385:486, cwc.jpg)


First image is gold, have one I made a while back.

2c68cf  No.745835


The PVCC literally made a fake forum called Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia and populated it with fake users and concocted fake threads before having someone recommend that Chris go to the site. This is how the tranny idea originated, Chris was eased into it by first exposing him to the idea of hetero trannyism they dubbed being a tomgirl.



It wasn’t anything he strayed from easily or quickly. It was a slow, painful, beytrayal of his original ideals coupled with trolls influencing him to do more harm to his life, his reputation, and his options.

611e10  No.745871


First off, the PVCC guys claim that Chris went tomgirl on his own although I have no idea if that's true or not because there was a rumor that someone was using Chris to transition alongside. Either way, Chris made it very clear at the time that even though he was tomgirl that he was still straight as an arrow and you can see him blowing up at some posters in the tomgirl forum for being gay

Actually going gay came later as he was fitting in with more and more people on facebook

ee0201  No.745878


Chris' intelligence is in a real sweet spot - or arguably sour. He's dumb enough to get suckered into LGBT thinking and to get cat-fished over and over, but just smart enough to use a computer and do basic things for himself. And it's just enough smarts to keep getting him screwed over when he interacts with the world.

If he dropped a few IQ points, he'd just be another idiot and nobody would really know him outside his town. Losing Barb may be the trigger for that.

2c68cf  No.745890


The main issue Chris has with reality is that his perception of what is real and what is not has been has been warped beyond any functionality over the past 12 years.

ee0201  No.745939


Did he mention something about our universe merging with his CWCville universe? I don't keep track of lolcows very much, but I think I remember something about that.

b050c3  No.745960


>the PVCC guys claim

If you beleive anything they say, you're retarded.

611e10  No.745989


Well they don't have mind control and can only mdestly influence him in directions. Even then, sometimes he flies off in a direction they didn't intend. During the Jackie saga for instance, the PVCC wanted Chris to meet up with "Jackie" but then Chris overdrew his bank account. Even today, he fell for the Ideas guy shit because he legit wanted confirmation that Cwcville was real.

Reports are icey at the time he decided to go tranny and become a faggot but from what we know he decided this on his own

9a5e4b  No.746113


> but the closest he can try now since he is losing the small grip on reality he had since Bob's death is a massacre with his imaginary super powers.

< Be random passer-by in the mall

< All of the sudden a fat tranny starts yelling in the middle of the hallway

< "Attention everyone, this mall shall be the first place to merge with our sister dimension. Most of you will not survive, but this is the way it must be!"

< Tranny starts straining himself, looks like he's about the shit his pants massively

< Tranny collapses on the floor from a brain aneurysm he gave himself.


>If he was capable enough to write the script, read it, and make the video, he was capable enough to stick with it regardless of external influences from the Inner Circle, A-Log's, weens, whatever.

How much do you think that script is really what Chris considered to be good? My bet is that he simply adopted what his parents and environment taught him, and when he found a new environment he simply adapted to it.

c7311f  No.746315

File: a30272fd3eaa327⋯.png (4.95 KB, 675x77, 675:77, HRT2.PNG)

File: 561afe89cd91328⋯.png (11.8 KB, 671x222, 671:222, HRT.PNG)

The key to understanding Chris, is to realize his mind is truly stuck in the form of a child. Knowing that, his delusions can be seen as a sort of chuunibyou-ism that will never be grown out of.

General comments on Chris being a tranny: I remember the time he started going "tomgirl" etc.. Then, I recall it being transparent as hell that he was just doing it to try to get pussy. Immediately after declaring himself a woman, he was trying everywhere to "rub pussies together" with other lesbians. He idealized females because he wants to fuck them, he wants to be "idealized" too and escape the disgusting beast that he truly is. Out of pure desperation he eventually started getting into gay shit when that wasn't pulling anything in.


Pretty sure it's 95% the pushup bra he wears now.


There's some claims on the cwciki: see pics. Not really irrefutable proof though.


The fact that you think you can convince people that that is Mark just makes you look retarded dude. You lack self-awareness, the hallmark of a autism.

c7311f  No.746316


>My bet is that he simply adopted what his parents and environment taught him

This, Chris's mind is like clay.

7e6f10  No.746348


It could have definitely started off as a ploy for china but nowadays he's fully into it as an end itself.

ceab7b  No.746686


The foxdicks have dug up Chris insanely fail sock account that he uses to stalk his block bronies. Cant wait to see that get block for more crazy Chris cocks.

ceab7b  No.746694


his stalking account is @CPU_CWCSonichu, which has the same layout as his old twitter. and confirmed to use Chris personal email account.

f6b7db  No.746700


Apparently the merge will happen in 20 years and the residents of CWCville will rest until then.

115663  No.746845

File: e1480dfe72ee4a4⋯.png (940.08 KB, 1270x668, 635:334, ClipboardImage.png)

af7817  No.746903


Not watching because I'm with normies.

But that thumbnail face.

d5caf3  No.746963


Watching what? It's a picure.

5b2d2a  No.747160


The fucking reactions are hilarious. God damn I laughed hard.

5b2d2a  No.747169


Just an FYI, 4chan was not the catalyst for any of this. We found this guy way back and basically laughed. We only bothered him about making comics. Now other groups practically co-opted him when /b/ got tired of him like the board normally does because /b/ is adhd incarnate. /v/ had a good laugh as well ad fucked with him a little bit more. But the real scary part is when other groups formed to solely dedicate their time in fucking with this guy.

These guys made their own forums and boards just to cause him havock. There was no grand strategizing on 4chan about messing with him on with things like making him shove medallions up his ass. It was already done off site and then posted to /b/ and /v/. 4chan was basically to post the aftermath and never did I see outside the initial trolling of chris chan anyone devising plans on how to completely fuck with him on the levels we have witnessed in the past including cat fishing. This was all done off site in some other groups. The thing is, 4chan was there for all of it but this is one of those times where 4chan started something, wanted to leave it alone and autistics got a hold of it and ruined him. 4chan had a good sense of self moderation. People knew when to back off, knew when to bite and not let go. ANONTALK was one of them that 4chan did not let go on until he basically got his life ruined and fell into obscurity.

What we really should of done is fuck with the people fucking with chris chan. It would of been two birds with one stone. I honestly look back and feel somewhat bad for his parents. We should of pulled the plug on this a long time ago and got caseworkers involved and him removed from the house. But no, we just sat back and watched. Now barb has to suffer while chris spends their entire savings, going into debt, possibly going to lose the house and the chandler household is going to be ruined. I also blame the siblings. Sure I can understand them not wanting to deal with that but at a certain point they could of stepped in and easily solved all of this. Declared both people to be mentally or physically unfit to process day to day and manage finances. They didnt. They let chris run over their ailing parents. Yea looking back we could of ended this a long time ago. Shit man now I feel bad for being apart of this shit.

2c68cf  No.747181


I completely agree with you except for feeling bad for his parents. It was easier to feel sorry for Bob since he had a life filled with accomplishments but he stuck his dick in crazy after all his good kids grew up and Chris was born.

Don’t forget that when Chris was diagnosed with learning disabilities his parents reaction was to get a second residence in a different city in order to not have to deal with the school district who insisted he be put in special ed and ride the short bus. As far as how they handled Chris’ trolling I agree they could’ve done better but they were aging fossils trying to deal with internet trolling when they barely grasped what the internet was.

9a5e4b  No.747215


> should of

> would of

> could of

You should have learned proper English, then you would not have looked like a moron and could have written a normal post.


> in order to not have to deal with the school district who insisted he be put in special ed and ride the short bus

Does special ed even work? I would be afraid that psychology quacks fuck up the kid even more and prescribe (((medication))) like it's candy.

762aa9  No.747301


Nigger all that fucking text to say “we shoulda saved chris we would have been heroes. Instead the internet turned him into a massive retard.”

Shut up turd.

a98a74  No.747346


Chris's parents were assholes and that's why the other family members hate them. People tried to get Chris taken into care and all that other shit, it was a primary way to fuck with him.

You're just some newfag who feels guilty for being part of a website that trolled people. And that's all it did. If Chris's parents had wanted to stop it they could at any time, they just take the internet away from Chris. He can still play games offline, he can still make stupid videos but he can't unload them any where or interact with strangers. That's all it would have taken to avoid all of this. But they did and now they get what they deserve.


Special ed isn't supposed to make you a genius, it's to keep you out of the intelligent people's way. Remember Chris went to college, Chris went to college. Consider how fucked your educated system is when Chris is able to get into a college.


Chris did anything to chase pussy but it's social media that really pushed him over the edge. He spends all day on twitter with the furries and trannies in various degenerate communities.

842fb9  No.747448


It's not really an education system anymore, it's just a student debt farm.

b31c85  No.747476


chris isn't that stupid - he's just gullible. like some other anon said his intelligence is in this horrible gray area between retard and normal but stupid person.

he made the original sonichu site by himself. there's perfectly sane people that can't wrap their heads around photoshop, a scanner, or HTML.

the problem is that he's not so retarded that he can't do basic things, but he's too retarded to block or at least be skeptical of people who are fucking with him.

normal person who makes shit comics:

<i know my comics aren't great but i want to be an artist and keep improving them

<hey, this girl wants me to hump a stuffed raccoon, what a weird bitch i bet she's fucking with me


<my comics are great and i have loads of fans

<hey, this girl wants me to hump a stuffed raccoon, better do it and record it ASAP

2c68cf  No.747494

Friendly reminder that the magic potion man was Marvin/Canine and he now tries to hide this fact because of all the negative connotation with Chris trolling now.

173291  No.747691

File: 5d843bbe0784627⋯.png (225.98 KB, 336x416, 21:26, ExpressionOfPayne.png)



I don't know who that is.

Is that pressing information?

ca2696  No.747723


Good ol' Chris still taking his morality lessons from comics and children movies.

d5caf3  No.747767


>Chris went to college

That's another thing that pisses me off about him. He has a degree yet doesn't try to get any kind of job with it. He is one lazy loser.

ca2696  No.747913

File: e2c903ef916278d⋯.png (295.29 KB, 887x636, 887:636, maitre_d'.png)


Did he really say he was "high functioning" autistic?

7e6f10  No.748130



>calling Chris out on extremely old obvious shit everyone already knows

Is that you already, 0def44?


"High functioning" only means he's not one of those autists that just drool, make weird noises and punch everything and everyone in vicinity all day (along with themselves).

943134  No.748165


This post raises a valid question, though. How much does Chris even remember from what he learned in college?

a49ed4  No.748261


Implying Chris learned anything in college

7e6f10  No.748274


He took 6 years to barely pass it and his projects were oversized shit, and he hasn't used those skills since, not even to help himself with the comic. Yeah, it's not gonna help him much.

ca2696  No.748388


Do they even teach anything remotely useful in art schools?

I recall George Rockwell writing in his autobiography that his school was a complete sham shilling (((modern art))).

7e6f10  No.748393


It's not an art degree, it's a technical degree. One that isn't particularly useful by itself and isn't even offered by PVCC anymore.

2c68cf  No.748763

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Chris didn’t know what jobs he could get with his degree during the kacey call (attached it because it’s probably the greatest thing the PVCC ever got out of Chris) and when a fellow churchgoer told Chris to send him his resume Chris declined because the business was a 20 minute drive and therefore too far. This sums up everything you need to know about Chris’ potential.

28b320  No.748823


Low functioning kinds can't talk.

227349  No.749067


Ahh the classics. This and the Alec calls are the best. How far we have come.

d5caf3  No.749194


It was pretty great to hear Chris get despondent as dude calls him a retard.

43a63f  No.749419

File: 2e74e9bf2aaa484⋯.gif (67.82 KB, 115x80, 23:16, ladysmoke.gif)


He went to a small community college, any idiot can get into those. I agree with you however that bob should have cut down that internet for good. I am curious if barb uses the internet at all. I mean in any capacity, netflix even.



Also who is marvin. Sounds familar kinda.


Funny to me the degree isnt even offered. A perspective employer (I know, >cwc getting a job) might notice this. Not that CWC's lack of work history and internet footprint isnt enough to destroy his ability to get work.

Speaking of if CWC woke up tomorrow and decided to get a job could he even manage? I mean he's banned from most retail places in town. Any fast food places might contact wendys idk. But any employer that checks the net about him are going to see an eyeful. Not to mention his criminal record.

>>748763 showcases exactly everything wrong with CWC. The dad character basically extracted how pathetic and unready cwc is for the real world. Something that is coming rapidly towards him now that barb is one snorlax paw in the grave.

726735  No.749466

File: cb01dd4081efece⋯.jpg (105.09 KB, 1200x756, 100:63, qq.jpg)

Sonichu holds a secret my fellow anons.

5d4974  No.749845


Is this CWC or Gail?

f6662e  No.750412


>He went to a small community college, any idiot can get into those.

Yeah, the tuition is dirt cheap (and usually can be waived, CC systems are heavily subsidized) and they accept everyone with a high school equivalency. Really no question of applying but not making the cut. Unsurprisingly they're not very motivated students. Where I live our community college system has like an 85% dropout rate after 1 year. Six years is probably some kind of record.


>decided to get a job could he even manage

Probably on the level of a man raised by wolves integrating into normal society. It's been decades since he had to get out of bed and go anywhere and do anything at a specific time and on a regular basis.

7e6f10  No.750419


Chris pulled through because it's not like he had much more to do at the time, he wasn't employed and Bob gave up on Chris being a functioning adult so I suppose he just let Chris finish it taking classes part time to get it done so he can have a nominal degree in something. And for one year of that he was banned.

7e6f10  No.750511



>if CWC woke up tomorrow and decided to get a job could he even manage?

Chris could potentially get a menial job, those don't do google searches and his criminal record isn't serious enough. He just won't because he has no reason to, his tugboat and e-begging give him more money for less. Plus he's fail at keeping one of these jobs either through sheer incompetence or by creeping people out (if they require interaction, as was with Wendy's).

d5caf3  No.750536


Gatesway and Goodwill provide jobs for people with disabilities. Shoot, even the Virginia Department of Health and Human Services will provide him with some kind of job he is capable of. Chris is just fat and lazy and deserves all the derogation he receives.

2c68cf  No.750552

File: affb4950da46910⋯.png (22.88 KB, 733x376, 733:376, 273C1370-8CA7-4B5C-B92F-95….png)

Chris was gonna do a Q&A with some redditfaggot but this happened.

d5caf3  No.750562


>hater trolls

If that existed, all they need to do is barage him with his first few videos so he has another existential crisis.

979db8  No.751101


Well, his ally is stupid.

dcdd30  No.751149


I think that "ally" is either another fictional husband or Josh.

b8b91c  No.751152

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fuck Hulk Hogan he a Nazi!

My favorite wrestler is Chris Benoit now!

Is this a Red flag?

d5caf3  No.751154


Nah. I think that's one of his mom's blankets.

5b2d2a  No.751194


Who the fuck said anything about being heroes. This wasnt about swooping in and saving the day. This was about pulling the plug on a failed experiment. Thats it. This shit should NOT have devolved and spiraled down to this new low. Are people considered heroes for starting fires and then putting them out? No, the same thing applies to this. We started this, stoked the flame and then watched as the small backyard fire encased an entire neighborhood. This was something that needed to have ended after the first year. If anything this is a how to on what not to do lest we end up creating more monstrosities that are released upon the world. Can you really imagine more of these fuckers going around doing the same batshit insane things that chris has done. Chris has hit people with cars, has sexually assaulted people, (possibly) killed animals, ruined his parents life. All because we didnt decide "alright, enough is enough" and just end it like we usually did. This is that one time we didnt end something we all saw was going out of control.

d5caf3  No.751211


Well said.

dcdd30  No.751217


> Chris has hit people with cars, has sexually assaulted people, (possibly) killed animals, ruined his parents life

You know, that shit would probably happen even without any troll. Chris wasn't doing that because somebody was trolling him, but because he is autistic.

0a5133  No.751219


We're not Chris's tardwrangler. Hell, we didn't tell Chris to do any of this shit. If we are guilty of anything, its giving Chris attention but that could apply to any moron with Internet access that does unintentionally funny things.

025585  No.751432


>barage him with his first few videos

Why isn't anyone doing this?

b1a496  No.751612

File: 2501bbbd19c4c25⋯.png (73.29 KB, 1024x275, 1024:275, Capture1.PNG)

File: ecd3116a0342c90⋯.png (78.16 KB, 1010x314, 505:157, Capture2.PNG)

So the foxdick fags are vetting Chris's twitter followers now.

a4624d  No.751718

File: 1cac0ac45ba3522⋯.png (99.15 KB, 1457x395, 1457:395, chrisfag.png)


Does this fag wipe CWC's ass as well?

d5caf3  No.751849



That dude really wants some of Chris's tranny dick.

611e10  No.752054


Looks like Mike Hirtes has a new worst enemy!

9d94f6  No.752096


>Can you really imagine more of these fuckers going around doing the same batshit insane things that chris has done.

Do you know where you are? If we can manufacture lolcows, we'll all be rich!

cfdc75  No.752268


>irl intervention

Foxdicker internet tough guy

>Empty threats

>Thinks blocking does something in the long run

>Actually vets for Chris

I bet this faggot ERPs with Chris too. Does anyonr know his twatter handle?

7e6f10  No.752317



It's pretty well known (not his real name, it's an alias, he's well protected against doxing due to Mutually Autistic Destruction), nothing remarkable though. Doesn't even have any strange nerd-hating posts like on the forums.

dcdd30  No.752394


He is probably just another salty foxdick, which wants to stop all the evil trolling, but actually is enjoying watching it.

103063  No.752469

How much money would have to be offered to get Chris and Barb to make a sex tape or at least have Chris film Barb showing her pancake tits?

2c68cf  No.752521

File: 0d71954d73dd5fc⋯.jpeg (762.23 KB, 1125x1813, 1125:1813, 4043258E-B67C-40EA-B0E2-0….jpeg)

File: c27c6035752ba9a⋯.png (637.48 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 76DEF9D7-4F1C-4D24-ADF3-48….png)


Chris only went back to the GamePlace because LoveYouLongTime aka Kim Wilson on FB told him that Snyder sold the place and the new owners didn’t have a ban on him. Everything that happened after Chris walked in with Barb and realized Snyder was still there is all on Chris and Barb though.



That’s Marvin, or canine as he was known in the inner circle days. He was the fag who dressed up in a pickle suit and stole Chris’ date in front of Bob at the mall. He was also the fat kid in the magic potion video and he was also the guy who made this video:



After Bob died 99% of the inner circle felt trolls remorse and moved on from trolling a retard. Marvin however just moved over to the foxdick Farms and joined LoveYouLongTime and AutistBensonLeary as the resident Christorians who are considered experts on Chris. (In Alec’s defense he steers clear of the CWC subforum and doesn’t care to dwell on Chris)

Marvin now hangs out at the farms and fancies himself the authority on all things Chris. He was a fat autist who was lucky that he lived in Baltimore when the inner circle needed people on the ground irl. When cogsdev, the creator of the cwcki went full SJW and wanted to delete the wiki to hide the fact that he used to cyberbully a retard from his new commie friends Marvin removed his admin privileges and became the sole owner of the cwcki. In reality he’s a fat white autist who lived for years off trust funds and was a functional alcoholic while getting through college. According to his Twitter he does something in programming.

Not too many details are known about Marvin due to the fact that Marvin and Cogsdev have a Cold War doxxxxxxxing stand-off that keeps either of them from being doxxxxxxxed.

In other news, Chris is starting a brand new Twitter. Pics related.

025585  No.752542


What's done is done. At least make sure that Chris goes out with a bang, or at the very least something truly profound or memorable when his goose inevitably gets cooked.

f6662e  No.752560



Canine has spent more than a decade now not just following Chris but devoting a huge amount of his time to trolling, interacting, stalking, filming, etc. I think he'd actually suicide if Chris did it first.

7e6f10  No.752608


>He was also the fat kid in the magic potion video and he was also the guy who made this video:

The magical potion man looks nothing like him, the guy in the message video is someone different as well. Canine is skinny and has problems with stuttering.

2c68cf  No.752613


This. Chris is his legit hobby and for years while riding the trust fund wave his life was Chris. He’s responsible for a lot of things that have happened to Chris and as the left gets thirstier and thirstier for shitlords who exploit vulnerable people he’s scared to death of being doxxxxxxxed. This why you’ll always find shills saying he’s not the guy in this video or that etc

7e6f10  No.752616


>This why you’ll always find shills saying he’s not the guy in this video or that etc

Oh come on, you could at least quote me directly.

Anyone can buy a pickle suit. How do you turn a tiny skinny stammering guy into a normal sized normal speaking one?

2c68cf  No.752948

File: e89b7f48a6f3fac⋯.png (614.35 KB, 592x578, 296:289, 32CD34D1-BE66-468A-BA29-73….png)

File: 639958b4b88afa2⋯.png (410.95 KB, 1068x1678, 534:839, F99D5AEC-FAD8-4D59-8D2A-AB….png)

New tweets from his new account.

d5caf3  No.753053


What's this guy's problem?

f24e8a  No.753163


>use pronouns

Is this Chris Chan's tweets or is this another tumblrina?

24ef7d  No.753819


Chris gets exactly what he deserves, at any point he could get a job and stop buying toys, rebuilding his life and getting in touch with Barb's extended family to figure out what to do with her. Instead, he's trying to be a girl when he's not raging at Twitter blocks. All his problems are his own making, at any point he can simply walk away and turn off the Internet.

b20ccf  No.753821


Is Null vetting people again?

b20ccf  No.753827


There's no way Chris can recover. Even if he wanted to he would get trolled for trying it. If Chris started working at 5 guys and fries people would come in and throw julay shakes on the floor just to watch Chris clean it up and make semen jokes.

It's also hard to blame Chris for his problems. Don't get me wrong I'm not defending his actions, but can you blame a dog for licking it's balls? Chris isn't smart enough to be anything more than he is. If you surround him with trannies he's doing to convert because he isn't mentally able to do anything else, he just isn't.

dcdd30  No.753852


You overestimate his popularity. I'm sure at least 80% of Charlottesville don't even know/remember him. Also don't forget it's real life where people can point at you for laughing at mentally handicapped person, not many people would have balls for doing something they do on the internet.

b20ccf  No.753865


We have evidence of people doing it to Chris. And again, this is Chris. He can't keep his mouth shut about anything. He will sperg out the same way he always does. You don't need internet fame to make Chris a retard.

24ef7d  No.753866


You're wrong, Chris could recover 100% at any time by getting off the Internet. No social media, no ebay, no online sonichu comics. Trolls wouldn't have a way to monitor or interact with him, and would give up after a year of inactivity. Chris would then have more than enough space to get a job, pay his debts, repair 13BC and get barb help. He might even get himself cleaned up enough to finally find a boyfriend-free girl/recovering addict willing to deal with him.

However, this doesn't happen because Chris is a narcissist and demands constant attention. It's why he makes his court dates and doesn't think much of them yet gets extremely upset and throws tantrums when people block him on Twitter. It's why he keeps going to conventions and doing the tranny shit yet doesn't get a job or show much concern over his finances (beyond using it to beg for attention that is). Bob and Barb more or less raised him as the center of their world, and told him that the world could always change around him and that he is never in the wrong. As a minor his parents were culpable for this but as soon as Chris turned 18 he became responsible for his own behavior, and only himself.

Which is why it's funny to see him melt down when he doesn't get attention or gets rejected. His 10+ year love quest will continue after Barb dies, the only thing that could compel Chris to harm himself would be getting totally banned from Twitter. It would be exclusively of his own doing.

496cb9  No.753878


Chris is physically unable to do that. Why do you white knights not understand Chris is mentally retarded? He cannot help himself because he is unable to use his brain to that degree. It's like being a woman.

Look back on when Chris gave his parents a Christmas gift. They could have fraggle rock on VHS or fraggle rock on DVD. He wanted the DVD himself and encouraged it. The encouragement is being self centered. Offering 2 videos to people who don't like the videos in question is a sign of being too stupid to understand christmas. Chris is self centered but that's because he's mentally a child. Chris has the mental age of maybe 5-8 years old. He cannot behave as an adult because he isn't an adult.

24ef7d  No.753901


I'm not suggesting Chris could behave as an adult, just that he could stop acting like a small child. He's clearly capable of doing this since small children don't have the attention span to get a college degree (which Chris has, even if it's a low rent one), children don't have the attention span to sell stuff on ebay, and children don't have the attention span to commit to large projects like his ongoing Sonichu comic series. That more than anything else proves that Chris is capable of being somewhat productive, at least enough to manage a normal life.

He deliberately chooses to do this, not out of mental illness but as a choice he makes because he cannot stand not being the center of attention. He can't do a job because it requires waiting on other people and serving them with his attention, but at the same time he can fill out all the forms to get on HRT and transition into a different gender. Those aren't things kids can do on their own (even tranny kids have their parents do their forms for them, Chris does not because Barb is more brain damaged than him now).

496cb9  No.753914


Chris was controlled by Bob at that stage. Who would verbally abuse any one who tried to stop Chris going into a "normal" school situation. His degree may have been all but honourary just to get rid of him after 5(6) years.

Children do draw comics and build fictional worlds like term. Just look at minecraft projects kids do. You underestimate children and over estimate Chris. He needs a tard wrangler to not sexually assault strangers, that's the level Chris is at. He didn't know you're not supposed to grope people you just met.

A dog chooses to lick it's balls. You can't tell me a dog is smart enough to make that decision if it's balls look like they need a licking.

There are informed consent clinics for HRT. You just walk in and say gimme and they do. remember we have no evidence of HRT. Chris thought ASMR and cutting his taint open would make him a woman.

24ef7d  No.754060


>He needs a tard wrangler to not sexually assault strangers, that's the level Chris is at. He didn't know you're not supposed to grope people you just met.

Most adult men are like that too, it's why they get married because their wife serves the role of tard wrangler via the threat of divorce/child support. Chris is no different, again if he was so retarded where he couldn't manage himself he wouldn't even bother going to court like most crazy people do. However this isn't the case, since Chris is enough of an adult to know that skipping court dates is not workable especially if he wants to continue getting his tugboat. This basic connection between tugboat and obeying a summons is what establishes him as a functional adult and not a cretin.

496cb9  No.754074

Okay you can fuck off back to whatever feminist shit hole you came from. You don't even deserve a (you) when you claim most adult men are sexually assaulting people

24ef7d  No.754116


Stay mad cuck, go outside once in your life and realize that Chris isn't too far from most Mexicans and melanin-enriched youth. But instead of getting mad when a woman tells him No, he cries because his ego can't take it. Again this relates back to his ongoing Love Quest (itself just another demand for attention) and is why he still thinks about Megan.

All this happens not because of Chris's inability to understand some parts of reality but because he has explicitly chosen to reject it in favor of one he himself constructed.

dcdd30  No.754156


Maybe you should go see sun for the first time in this year without fearing that men will rape you on sight. I didn't see so much bullshit for a while.

d5caf3  No.754162

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So Chris can't use his brain now, but he could use his brain here >>745659


You are making excuses, and they don't hold water.

d5caf3  No.754165


>too stupid to understand christmas

You don't even know what Chrismas is, so how can anyone trust your opinion about whether Chris behaved correctly when giving his parents gifts?

d5caf3  No.754173


This is an interesting point you bring up.


If Chris is so mentally incapable to the point that he is like that of a child, then why does he have a driver's license? Children can't drive. He is a danger on the road, and court records prove that it's not just a one time occurrence but a premeditated and repeated danger. If you excuse Chris's terrible behaviors because he has the mind of a child, then surely you would agree that he should not have a driver's license and allowed to drive.

496cb9  No.754180


I agree Chris shouldn't be behind a wheel. I doubt he's safe to play Mario kart with an N64 controller.

335b8a  No.754675


There's a difference between being a developmentally retarded autistic who fills his room with toys for twelve-year-olds, and being such a damaged and broken person that you take a razor blade to your own taint to try and make a vagina.

Nobody is saying that Chris would have turned out to be a productive member of society, but its pretty clear he would be in a better place without the past 12 years of abuse.

2c68cf  No.754678

File: 88196247f398d91⋯.jpeg (92.02 KB, 467x1200, 467:1200, F6D7EE38-B914-4A6E-A42C-3….jpeg)

File: 5b546c5ebf91580⋯.jpeg (77.79 KB, 341x1199, 31:109, 0B4094DF-1159-4DAA-B758-9….jpeg)

File: 203204b8aca6181⋯.jpeg (36.22 KB, 596x313, 596:313, 9F594571-08D2-4039-BB62-6….jpeg)


Marvin actually. He admitted it on the farms in the thread about Chris’ new Twitter.

In other news here’s some leaked Chris chats from last year.

7e6f10  No.754743


Chris drives very carefully and he was still allowed to have a license because he's legally an adult. And we don't know what regular 8 year olds could be capable of after 30 years of learning, most 8 year olds are 8 for only one year.

d5caf3  No.754826


>Chris drives very carefully

Not according to 2 vehicular assault charges which are public record.

7e6f10  No.754840


These were fucking deliberate. Otherwise he drives slowly like an old lady.

d5caf3  No.754864


>These were fucking deliberate.

Fuck you, lame brain.

It means he is a danger behind the wheel. If he finds it necessary to _deliberately_ hit someone with his car, he will do it.

This is proven.

With court records.

Get fucked with that shit, asshole.

7e6f10  No.754911


Calm your tits, 0def44. I see your tactic of repeating to ignore Chris hasn't worked.

d5caf3  No.754915


Shouldn't you be more worried about sucking Chris's dick than posts on the Internet?

7e6f10  No.754928


Your edgy persona is more lame than the one that tried to get us by repeating shit ad nauseam.

d5caf3  No.754940


Keep sucking Chris's dick.

7e6f10  No.754946


No, seriously, you need a new shtick. You've been alternating between autistic repetition and "go suck Chris dick" and nothing else for the past 5 threads or so. Start violently threatening to murder Chris like it's 2011 again, for instance.

d5caf3  No.754955


Do you stop long enough to let the taste of Chris's cock leave your mouth?

2c68cf  No.754984


Lol Hirtes just can’t stay away.

d5caf3  No.754992



Oh! You swap Chris's dick with a buddy! You two sucking hard at it!

431deb  No.755055


>Remember Chris went to college, Chris went to college. Consider how fucked your educated system is when Chris is able to get into a college.

yes, a small ass community college that anybody with a pulse can get into i.e. where retards who can't even get into a public uni go. you can go there, but you probably won't get much out of it in terms of education or experience.

025585  No.755099


We know you're gay Hirtes, stop projecting your fantasies onto us.

d5caf3  No.755197


Another friend to suck Chris's cock.

8f6f5a  No.755258

Hey /cow/, this d5caf3 very closely resembles a series of bots that attack /pol/ non-stop. At least I hope it's a machine. Because, holy shit.

2c68cf  No.755262


Does this “bot” act like a liberal faggot NEVER DRUMPFTZHER? Because that might just be Hirtes.

d5caf3  No.755271



More friends joining the "Suck Chris's Cock Party".

8f6f5a  No.755274


No, the /pol/ bots are targeted differently. Whoever the handler(s) is/are knows that most of the users will never accept liberal thought. There are two that are very aggressive: one attacks anyone who supports Trump as being more loyal to Israel than America, and the other constantly bitches about something called Q. Also, Codemonkey made it impossible to ban them so the board is nearly unusable.

The one here could very well be a really pathetic human, but what a thought. It attacks like a bot.

2c68cf  No.755275

File: 203204b8aca6181⋯.jpeg (36.22 KB, 596x313, 596:313, AB0FB87A-8331-4C47-90C7-1….jpeg)

Also, how are we not talking about the fact that Chris admitted that while his own imaginary boyfriend took a break from him he drew rule 34 of his waifus and husband is to hang in his fucking room and spank off to?

025585  No.755286


We know you are, butthirtes.

d5caf3  No.755320



All aboard the "Suck Chris's Cock" train.

d5caf3  No.755327


WHOA! Are you telling me that the dude who made not one but multiple jerk off videos to shitty music and admitted to having sexual fantasies about his elderly mother is jerking off to cartoon characters that he drew? NO FOOLIN'?!

d5caf3  No.755346


What a character.

The man literally runs over the same person twice and committed sexual battery on numerous people in a public convention yet not a single reprimand, consequence, or correction in his behavior.

It's not his fault that he acts this way. He is just retarded, so we have to treat him like that because he is retarded. I know that retards need their special privileges to drool and shit anywhere they need, but Chris gets his retard privileges to commit vehicular assault and sexual battery.

We just have to accept that Chris is a retard, and like a retard, Chris can't help himself, because he is retarded.

Of course he can't get a job because he is a retard, but even most disabled individuals get jobs through government agencies and charities. It's okay that Chris consumes and never contributes; he makes comics that seem to never improve in skill. Takes real dedication from a person to continue pursuing childish interests and not learning a single thing well into his 40's.

Really doing it well there Chris.

2c68cf  No.755373

File: 70d8d7559fd3f16⋯.jpeg (17.23 KB, 237x212, 237:212, 418235B8-EB30-44FE-B290-7….jpeg)

d5caf3  No.755386


Are you trying to make a point?

Hey sorry, guy, my friends don't give a shit about Chris. They don't know who he is, so I am not going to ass them with posting in this thread. I am also not going to bother myself further with using some vpn or proxy so I can pretend I one up'd some homosexual defending Chris for being a piece of shit.

So you can pretend like the number of posts matters at all in this thread while you all continue to jerk each other off into Chris's mouth while he guzzles down all your loads and then feeds you each his from the freezer.

791cf3  No.755395

I’m still holding out for the holy grail. Seriously, if anyone ever manages to convince Chris to suck a dick for cash I will put $500 on it if you find a dick willing to get sucked. I want a firm man in the video who isn’t afraid to get rough and stern with Chris and turn him into a proper depthroat sissy. If you found PNP pansexual freak willing to tolerate Chris and get him to ice skating on a big dick all night the sex tape would be legendary.

2c68cf  No.755400

File: 584e509c4b005d7⋯.jpeg (768.9 KB, 1125x802, 1125:802, 99F30FB2-B6E0-4CEB-8E54-8….jpeg)


Classic Hirtes.

025585  No.755403


>Hey sorry, guy, my friends don't give a shit about Chris. They don't know who he is, so I am not going to ass them with posting in this thread. I am also not going to bother myself further with using some vpn or proxy so I can pretend I one up'd some homosexual defending Chris for being a piece of shit.

>He says, as he continues to shit the thread up while allegedly not caring about it

Just admit it faggot, you love chris.

d5caf3  No.755420


You and your friends are the one's sucking Chris's dick. Maybe he put a gun to your head, I don't know. The guy is a creep. No wonder the girls wouldn't give him no tit.

611e10  No.755489



I really want to know where the inkling of an idea that Cartoon Realities really came into fruition. Like he's always believed it to an extent - the idea that realities like cartoons may exist in some parellel dimension that we'd have no way of contacting isn't too far out - but now he's taken this five steps to say that they all exist in one parallel universe (which makes no sense) which we all contact in some way or form.

I'd actually like him to go into detail about this in a way that isn't just "Cartoon realities exist and you should treat your OCs better!"

bd4304  No.755761

File: 9a3bb669891800c⋯.png (959 B, 105x36, 35:12, Pending.png)

Has Chris made any interesting tweets since he made his new account? I can't see it yet.

dcdd30  No.755958


foxdickfarms record his every fart

c7311f  No.756067


As retarded as it sounds, I think the seed of the idea came from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and the autism and child like tendencies took over from there. He believed that shit long before idea guy got to him, he talks about it on the Alec Benson Leary calls.

d5caf3  No.756467


It's from the "Imagination Land" episode of South Park.

2c68cf  No.756550


It predates Imagination Land. Chris has thought his OCs were with him IRL for a decade at least. Chris told a troll that when he was in Mary Lee Walsh’s office getting rekt he thought Sonichu was there with him.

d5caf3  No.756562


Chris is a liar.

>Sonichu #0

>Cover Date: 24 November 2004

>Began: 3 January 2004

>Finished: 24 March 2005

He didn't even have the comic finished until 2005. Mary Lee Walsh didn't try to help him until late 2003 and early 2004.

2c68cf  No.756629


Chris created Sonichu during high school for a school project.

cfdc75  No.756668


He created sonichu as part of college project to create a character that isn't copyrighted you daft fuck

Please re-read your history and watch the documentary about Chris

d5caf3  No.756678


>create a character that isn't copyrighted

<use two copyrighted characters

2c68cf  No.756681

File: 3f069ba0ac0864e⋯.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x2072, 1125:2072, 918E8E2E-A9D6-4A0B-AF69-7….jpeg)

File: 3382a58aa75e2e7⋯.jpeg (524.35 KB, 1125x842, 1125:842, 7304480F-5EDF-4AFB-89CB-4….jpeg)

File: de0bf8204165468⋯.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1091, 1125:1091, A2E2E96F-A543-43B6-955A-4….jpeg)


Nigger he made it in 2000. I’m not going to argue it any further because this argument is autistic as fuck but I’ll post what the cwcki has to say and move on.

173291  No.756711

File: d986e8f4c69158f⋯.jpg (177.08 KB, 900x720, 5:4, 1381628993789.jpg)

How much of a raging autistic faggot do you have to be to run into a Chris Chan thread and try to make it about you? Is your opinion of yourself so low that you view your value on the same level as Chris?

d5caf3  No.756726


Why don't you enlighten us then?

7e6f10  No.756730


In Chris's mind that's original. Marvin and his asskissers on foxdicks also believe that because "all vidya and cartoon characters are unoriginal anyway".

d5caf3  No.756748


They must not know the difference between archetypes and characters.

a49ed4  No.759253

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


2c68cf  No.759311


Raging autism.

d5caf3  No.759348


This is boring as usual.

b8b91c  No.759400


Was Chris-Chan skinny back than? If it wasn’t for is nerdy clothes. It looked like he could’ve look transitioning if it wasn’t for his overbearing mother dressing him.

b8b91c  No.759417

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Two videos in one day

When was the last time She-him done this?

013c5c  No.759464

File: a819dcbb1717dfa⋯.jpeg (363.13 KB, 682x650, 341:325, 691AB223-1F1A-454D-8D41-7….jpeg)


He sure captured the tranny look in Lego form well

7796ae  No.759806


Once upon a time, musta been 'round October, few years back, in one o' dose TOP SECRET LAB-MOTORIES de gubbnint keep stashed away underneath Virginia, an EVIL PRINCE, occasion'ly employed as a part-time THEATRICAL CRITICIZER set to woikin' on a plot fo de systematic GENOCIDICAL REMOVE'LANCE of all unwanted highly-rhythmic individj'lls an' sissy-boys!

De cocksucker done whiffed up a secret POTIUM… an' right 'long wid it, de ATROCIOUS IDEA dat what he been boilin' up down deahhhh jes' mights be de FINAL SOLUTIUM to DE WHITE MAIN'S 'BOIDENNN', ef yo' acquire my drift…

Well, he were sure he had a GOOD THING GOIN'… but, dere was always de possobility dat somethin' might fuck up, so, he planned to have a little test, jes' to check it all out befo' he dump't it in de wattuh supply

Sho'tly denafter, wit HIGH-LEVEL GUBNINT CO-ROBBERATIUM, he arranged to have a good-will visit to SAN QUENTIM, 'long wit some country-westin mu- zishnin's, 'n sprinkle a little bit of it on some of de boys in deahhh (since dey done used a few of 'em befo' when dey was messin' wit de ZYPH'LISS)

So, heah dey come wit de POTIUM, dump'nit all in de mash potatoes!

Den dey wen' up to de warden's office fo' some HOT TODDY, watchin' a little football while dey's waitin' to see what gone happen!

Fact o' de matter were: NOTHIN' HAPPENED, so dey went off'n dribbled it in a special shipnint of GALOOT CO-LOG-NUH dat went out 'bouts NOVEMBER!

Next thing y'know, fagnits be droppin' off like flies…'long wit a large number of severely-tanned individj'lls, pre-zumnably of HAY'CHEN EXTRAKMENT!

But NOT DE BOYS IN DE REST HOME! Oh no! Mixin' de shit wit de mash potatoes done SMOOTHED IT OUT a little, so's it wouldn't KILL yo' ass, BUT, it sho' would make y'ugly! 'N ef y'was already UGLY, it'd make yo ass MEAN 'n UGLY…'n ef you was already MEAN 'n UGLY, it'd turn ya into a strange, UNKNOWN KREETCHUH, never befo' seen on BROADWAY!^LThass right! It'd turn ya' into a 'MAMMY NUN'! Head like a potato…lips like a duck…big ol' hands, puffin' up! BIG ONES! Science! ME-jev'l re-LIJ-mus costumery all over yo' BODY! Yow! Oh yeah! Mmmm-hmmm!

506ae1  No.760636

File: ad32bd0e083f6e8⋯.jpg (131.9 KB, 716x1116, 179:279, postal_3_by_alex21rmt-d2zq….jpg)


"Kacey's dad" sounds like the Postal Dude.

aa66c2  No.760928


You mean since he set it to private, or did he create a whole new one?

If the former, he never purged me and to answer your question, no not really. Except for maybe some minor rants about people blocking him and stuff, most interesting stuff probably gets capped and posted here anyway.

Made an archive of his page, should be readable even if you're not following right?


d5caf3  No.761299

File: a59e4fd4e6b32ca⋯.png (123.02 KB, 1261x810, 1261:810, sonichu.png)

Someone needs to let Chris know that Sonichu has died.


f82c3d  No.761411


Please let this blow up into some major autistic slap fight. That would be fucking hilarious.

173291  No.761641

File: b8fd35f83ad4142⋯.jpg (27.35 KB, 640x454, 320:227, 1451193921828-0.jpg)



ac4400  No.761795


I kinda want to show this to a group of actual therapists and see what comes up.

bd4304  No.761943

File: 49adbb92aa13ceb⋯.png (2.75 KB, 600x113, 600:113, Screenshot_2019-02-17 Chri….png)


He never purged me from his original account either, I'm talking about this new one: https://twitter.com/cpu_CWCSonichu

bd4304  No.761945

File: 3b00a0a2cc3e13b⋯.png (656.82 KB, 588x1011, 196:337, Screenshot_2019-02-17 Chri….png)



Also, he just posted this.

d5caf3  No.761964


Chris-chan gonna groom some new kids on a new account now?

Remember when Chris jerked off in front of a 13 year old boy pretending to be a girl?

2c68cf  No.761983


Oh god not this faggot shit again.

d5caf3  No.761989


Don't like the truth? Chris-chan jerked off in front of kids. There is evidence of this.

2c68cf  No.762046


There is absolutely no evidence to support Chris jerking off in front of kids. If you’re a consevacuck who thinks anyone under 18 is a child that makes you an even bigger faggot than before but there’s no proof to show that Chris made that smash mouth video on front of the teen troon squad. In fact the fact that Chris turned the camera on himself and the camera is not being held by anyone and Chris never talks to anyone off screen shows he was alone.

d5caf3  No.762050


>There is absolutely no evidence to support Chris jerking off in front of kids

There's plenty.

>Chris made that smash mouth video on front of the teen troon squad

So that's what happened. More confirmation that Chris is a pedophile.

2c68cf  No.762098


Let’s see the evidence.

d5caf3  No.762108

File: fd56813a864e910⋯.mp4 (7.91 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Chris Talks to Julay-1xo3S….mp4)


Chris jerked off in front a 13 year old boy, multiple times.

2c68cf  No.762122


Chris had phone sex and a weird relationship with a catfish who turned out to be a 13 year old boy. Chris didn’t know Julie’s true identity until the reveal phone call at the very end of his relationship Hirtes you’re trying way too hard. Chris is retarded but not a pedophile.

d5caf3  No.762133


Do you think that matters in court? Ignorance is not a defense.

It provides precedence for intent on distributing his current masturbation videos to children, given the fact that many of his followers are children themselves, this is highly suspicious behavior that could carry very harsh consequences.

e46b1e  No.762153

File: f5ed789c5aa4ce5⋯.png (81.47 KB, 499x493, 499:493, i am in bitch.png)

hahaha, chris did the rapture on people, and added a bunch of randos and stop for some reason. but yessss i m in bitchhhh

d5caf3  No.762180


Post some screencaps of his followers and who he is following, if you please.

7696bb  No.762302

File: 3e184b44b11aa7c⋯.jpg (344.81 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1524949048.trailofsev333en….jpg)

dcdd30  No.762437


Chris adds people and Josh with Marvin remove them

979db8  No.762838

File: 28b233bc2baf61c⋯.mp4 (274.03 KB, 360x360, 1:1, How_bout_NO.mp4)

e46b1e  No.763774

File: db9c66ae6717e08⋯.png (151.99 KB, 877x378, 877:378, tabitha chris.png)

File: de619f1d240a6f5⋯.png (97.92 KB, 315x565, 63:113, chris silver quill.png)

File: 9a86b9cf4b52360⋯.png (34.32 KB, 893x145, 893:145, chris nowack.png)

File: 6cfe9e1870acc4a⋯.png (22.48 KB, 650x156, 25:6, chris chan doopie.png)

Does anybody know which twitter accounts block the old account and not the new account?

I found some damning evidence that Chris is still creeping. Time to let people know.

Chris is still creeping on tabitha, silver quill, nowack and doopie in the new account. Spread the word.

d97ab9  No.763876

File: f6385c16cc50bff⋯.png (41.93 KB, 534x533, 534:533, farms.png)

foxdickFAMBLING FARMS is where you whitey crackers get the swag you post on /cow/ you inactive toady rejects.

Chris Chan can outsmart you guys by merely setting this twitter to private. This Cracker Barrel cuck chan shit pedo wasteland has no game.

e46b1e  No.763881

Does anybody know which twitter accounts block the old account and not the new account?

I found some damning evidence that Chris is still creeping. Time to let people know.

Chris is still creeping on tabitha, silver quill, nowack and doopie in the new account. Spread the word. >>763876


Bruhhhhhhh, Chris just added over 2000 followers into his new account, including me. There are numerous eyes and ears in his new "protected" twitter.

22a419  No.763986

File: 82c322c4c47c99a⋯.png (192.45 KB, 474x326, 237:163, nignugz.png)

y34h b4ck 0ff 6uy5! chr15 ch4n 15 4r3 c0w n07 y0ur5. y0u fuck p3d05!

611e10  No.764110


oh great.

Mike's back.

FYI, Null doesn't give a shit about Chris anymore as he refuses to play pretend with a retard.

Get a hobby, mike.

46a1d3  No.764116

Why are Chris-chan threads so shit now?

94c8e2  No.764132


did anyone report it to Twitter for attempting to circumvent blocks?

227349  No.764227


Because we indulge fags Yelling 'PEDO', anons beefing with foxdicks, and other such faggotry. We are becoming the lolcows and that is sad.

d5caf3  No.767279


I haven't heard of that so far, but multiple accounts is a violation.

268f82  No.767654


Chris-chan threads were always shit

01f21d  No.768614

Hey! Let's got k1w1farms to find material to post in /cow! That would liven up your shitty thread!

3dbd79  No.769210


Chris hasn't done anything. Day to day life of a retard isn't interesting. There's no where he can go in person to be a tard left and it's not convention time yet.

43a63f  No.769249


its 1-3 faggots that ruin it. hirtes being the main culprit


also kinda this. his activity has been lowkey. any more word about his trials?

483023  No.769553

File: c798afb583c19cd⋯.jpeg (679.04 KB, 1125x1902, 375:634, F101900A-C453-4EEE-AD42-A….jpeg)

File: 8252c9a731a9433⋯.jpeg (752.53 KB, 1125x1883, 1125:1883, BAB897BB-2D52-4139-AA89-B….jpeg)

Chris apparently has family that will still tolerate him. And Chris is too retarded to realize that the people he’s tweeting at cannot see his replies because his twitter is private.

54d7ac  No.770732


> any more word about his trials?

Just that he's got another appointment with the bullshit therapeutic docket program next week, where they'll just asspat him and give him more movie tickets.

611e10  No.772058


>give him movie tickets

Do they really do this? That's kinda a shit therapist if so.

Have to wonder if he talks about Toon Reality or if he shuts up about it then because he knows that it would make the therapist roll their eyes

c3b1e3  No.772317


Hey, It's yet another new foxdick posts on /cow/ to impress his newfriends in chat episode !

HELLO foxdick CHAT



d5caf3  No.772630


I think his ideas about Ted Bundy are more damning.

2c68cf  No.773213

File: 4a320b36db9938b⋯.jpeg (212.71 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 3997C6D3-E723-4991-A927-8….jpeg)


Hi Hirtes.


The court ordered therapist that he was photographed at by Bryan Silva of all people is an outpatient treatment for crazies. They include incentives for good behavior including movie tickets. As far as anyone can tell he’s still smart enough to not talk about alternate dimensions.

d5caf3  No.773239


His admiration for Ted Bundy is more concerning than gay dimensions.

ffd734  No.773245


Is that a fucking wonderwoman crown?

0b5702  No.773249

File: 1dee070f68c2e76⋯.png (96.15 KB, 1067x1147, 1067:1147, Kf9UrU7_1.png)


>fucking each other in the ass

You would know about that, Mike.

611e10  No.773275


oh thats what that shit was about.

good gravy, Chris is nuts but not on the same level as schitzoids. What he needs is someone he trusts sitting him down and communicating the divide between reality and fantasy, and how even if you believe in fantastical ideas that you can't just broadcast them to people

7e6f10  No.773327


Chris doesn't admire Bundy, Hirtes. He's a dumbass who doesn't fully understand who he was in the first place. It's no different from the Idea Guys feeding him Nazi references.



That's a completely different disorder.

But yeah, Chris isn't schizophrenic or else he wouldn't have to put so much effort into his autistic world, he'd just legit see his imaginary friends and would probably be dead by now.

d5caf3  No.773436


Dude, choke on your next meal. Chris drew a fucking "Bundychu". That's admiration.

54d7ac  No.773496

File: 14e2258c584ac32⋯.png (62.22 KB, 595x346, 595:346, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)



Chris said he was talking about shit like his psychic links to the other dimensions to the shrink and that her reaction was "flabbergasted."

025585  No.773545


Nigger, you're the one constantly talking about fellating chris nonstop. Why don't you go suck him off if you like it so much, since you keep talking about it, Hirtes?

d5caf3  No.773561


That's all right. It looks like you and your friends are enjoying it. Keep sucking his cock.

025585  No.773645


>all right

It's clear that you're the cock connoisseur here, butthirtes. Even Eddie Dzial is straighter than you.

d5caf3  No.773659


You can't stop sucking his cock can you?

025585  No.773745


You're the one talking about it, hirtes.

2c68cf  No.773791

File: e852ca1d65b557e⋯.png (223.13 KB, 720x1132, 180:283, C8F823F6-CF9F-46A6-BF72-AD….png)

File: 633a826f420953c⋯.png (215.09 KB, 720x1140, 12:19, DB2A7051-8E29-47BC-8356-FD….png)


If drawing something makes you an admirer what does it mean when you spend your hard earned tugboat buying furry dick wag penis kegel commissions?

d5caf3  No.773918



Why do you enjoy sucking Chris's broke dick so much?

611e10  No.773987


Chris's crazy is ultimately comparable to otherkins. Wants them to be real, doesn't want to admit that it's a bunch of fantasyland bull.


Honest to god I thought you were just retarded rather than Hirtes. How does it feel knowing that Joshua Wise and his gay pals are forever going to be better trolls than you?

d5caf3  No.774022


Literally who? This thread is about Chris-chan, but you like to suck his broke dick, so I call you out on it.

611e10  No.774745



Oh he's Chris's most obnoxious troll. Here, I'll link his cwcki page so you can go laugh at him.


Dudes a fucking goofball! Maybe even a bigger lolcow than Chris - See, Chris actually does something with his life as a delusional twat. All mike tries to do on the other hand is attempt to get noticed by a retard!

025585  No.775036


Why are you so obsessed with fellatio you faggot?

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