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File: 1418858248938.png (214.31 KB, 666x301, 666:301, mootcuck.png)


im too lazy to make an image board. and after all this is nothing but a circle-jerk so heres this iframe.

moot gets cucked in every thread
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Alright, which one of you borked cuckchan? 4chan is broke as shit rn

File: 1cd2a8082d56500⋯.jpg (354.44 KB, 1000x772, 250:193, 1482749036091.jpg)




Keep chowing down on those nigger cucks, jew

File: a006617a1ec448f⋯.png (156.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 125953364623.png)



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just plain copying works



Perfect triforce appear

Press F to pay respects



▲ ▲


▲ ▲



▲ ▲

File: 1452588642159.jpg (183.09 KB, 973x1600, 973:1600, IMG_0764.JPG)


18 y/o bbc whore

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File: 1452588686883.jpg (190.49 KB, 973x1600, 973:1600, IMG_0761.JPG)


Luna Whoregood?


I want all the pics of this girl


Social media and the TV has turned all white girls into nigger cock cravers. Those things hypnotize them into fucking mud monkeys.



No, that didn't happen. This has been happening since forever, even before the first African slave in America.

File: f3f52a194e28cb9⋯.png (6.39 KB, 225x225, 1:1, no leftypol allowed.png)


Hey guys, as you may have heard the 8chan cup is coming up and we would really use your help in banning /leftyhandedpol/ from participating as they do not respect chan culture or history.

The argument is that they are "a part of 8chan".

Our argument is that they are a part of 8chan the way cuckchan and reddit raids are a part of 8chan.






File: 574341d20688eb3⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 700x600, 7:6, wiggle_lizard.gif)

ahahah what the f*ck is this

if you post on 8chan you're a part of 8chan it's not for a bunch of random users to decide

you're objectively a part of a website if you post on it

this secret club shit is g*y as hell we're not special snowflakes it's just an imageboard lel

grow a pair and embrace free speech

imageboards were never meant to be hugboxes you just don't bump threads you don't like and contribute to ones you do to improve the quality of them but this is so far lost and people only care about it adhering to some weird arbitrary set of rules they made up

i bet you guys don't even know what noko is

File: 1468357852524.jpg (147.92 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, hopesolo.JPG)


sexy girl body parts here

post the best you got




That gaping used up roastie is gross as fuck.


File: cda0750b1f63a13⋯.png (64.01 KB, 1262x347, 1262:347, Roastie.png)

File: dc5506cd90edb5f⋯.png (115.35 KB, 227x191, 227:191, when your owner is a trann….png)



File: 1f1b90ae103fbcf⋯.jpg (109.2 KB, 708x895, 708:895, another anzu very nice.jpg)


fuck hiroshimoot

fuck Donald Drumpf

fuck the alt-right

fuck Kevin Spacey

and fuck that alolan vulpix I received on wonder trade

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File: 56c7bfc5617a79f⋯.jpg (28.97 KB, 639x566, 639:566, 19554808_546524905711674_9….jpg)


praise hotwheels



any porn of her


File: 93cd385bfc4dec9⋯.jpg (221.16 KB, 800x872, 100:109, girl.jpg)


no but she took some lewd pics


agreed op

File: 996a98f1d02cc42⋯.jpg (23.88 KB, 377x567, 377:567, index-37.jpg)


what if there was a branch of the military that had really easy training and you can pretty much do whatever you want and also you are allowed to smoke weed on duty.

think about it, they would have the highest (pun intended) KD ratio because they wouldn't rush in like other soldiers they would be careful and think about what they are going to do before they did it.

like soldiers but intelligent

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it's called the us army lmao


File: 4ed195ae9772025⋯.jpg (33.5 KB, 500x391, 500:391, 12d98bc37cf8f803f76b2b5a12….jpg)

whoa duude it's like when a when aaa….


whoa duude it's like when a when aaa….



>us armayyyyylmao


> someone who's never smoked weed

File: e56c1f5550487af⋯.jpg (21.14 KB, 214x252, 107:126, 1425057822125.jpg)


official ban support thread.

I know what you're going through and want you to know we are here for you


I was permabanned for shitposting.

How will I ever recover.



me too mate

me too


I was tempbanned for talking politics in /pol/ and the reason given was that I was not talking about politics. It was a 3 day ban so I can't appeal it. They always do that when they want to ban someone for no good reason.

It was probably because I was asserting that the goal of communism is seperate to the method of bringing about communism. The problem with communism is that it tries to use the state to free society from the state, when the state is inherently corrupt it makes this impossible.

A stateless society ie what Anarchists and true commies want is not what /pol/ on here or cuckchan think it is. It's just decentralisation. Sorry for the offtopic post I needed to rant

File: 91fb1f27dd4beef⋯.jpg (5.11 KB, 250x208, 125:104, 1522411722617s.jpg)


>tfw need to get my dick sucked



suck it yourself faggot

File: 1422152937414.jpg (86.42 KB, 691x922, 691:922, 2183361.jpg)


I just wanted to let you know I found this board by typing in www.cuckchan.org into the address bar.




File: 661395bfdc81121⋯.png (65.82 KB, 657x778, 657:778, 4bc.png)


File: 1dabf413a5e2fe8⋯.png (105.87 KB, 612x491, 612:491, IMG_2599.PNG)


Did niggers do 9/11?

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Islam is the problem.







File: a57858724597d22⋯.jpg (54.02 KB, 1280x731, 1280:731, cruise_ship_fight_brawl-YO….jpg)


>large Italian family goes on a cruise

>spends entire cruise attacking people randomly

What is it with shit skinned people and them having the same civility and culture that of a rabid dog?


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File: 3c476fc264ac5ad⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 2586x2533, 2586:2533, italy white.jpg)


Reminds me. Anglos drink one beer and immediately want to pick up fights.

But the worst tourists…the germans. holy shit, they piss in public, they have sex in public. absolutely subhuman cultureless people

Stalin should have given orders for hsi army to wiped out all the germanic race in 45 instead of just raping germanic females.


File: d6fe3a59233cef3⋯.png (183.54 KB, 492x477, 164:159, wheres kirino.png)


>making an infographic with no source





File: 53997178813cf32⋯.jpg (44.84 KB, 523x568, 523:568, 96ange5.jpg)


>Angelo R. Mozilo (nee Abe Moishe?)

Nice try, (((OP)))

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