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File: 1456281118668.png (195.71 KB, 1484x744, 371:186, new_zealand_flag.png)


I'm not sure if there have been previous threads, but there is now!


wellington reporting in


The black and white flag sucks, if you must shake off the chains of imperialism fine but the red blue white one looks so much better



Wellington too!


Wellington as well





OP here, I'm from Wellington too, funny.


are we all on the map?



I added myself yesturday, but either it takes a while to get approved or I messed something up with the location, because its not there yet..


Chch here.



tron reporting in


Hai, Christchurch here. Not on the map yet.


Now on the map :3


You kiwi's have cute accents. c:


>tfw no qt to facefuck


File: 1457435063567.png (283.25 KB, 596x595, 596:595, sadcu.png)


>tfw no big strong aussie bf who teases you about your accent while he fucks you


Finally got added onto the map :3 (chch)


I guess this is dead but I'll ask anyway. Do any of you fellow kiwis know any good websites for buying toys? I know I could probably just google search But i guess you guys will know whats good :3



>I use wildsecrets, its probably the cheapest and easiest to deal with



Thanks, I'll look em up <3



where are you from cutie?


File: 1460322522659.jpg (130.76 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 20140407_132107.jpg)

Ayyyyy, Invercargill :^)



Wrong, there a no cuteboys below Dunedin

Added myself to map. Tfw only qt in Palmy Q_Q


>tfw no kiwi bf

Come on, you guys are Aussieland's Canada, we're a cultural match in heaven, right?


File: 1460352026908.jpg (64.74 KB, 615x820, 3:4, 3a7ffde4-c16c-4217-89cf-e2….jpg)


yeah there is.. I'm in Invers :P



Tbh we're nowhere near as nice as Canada

Every Canadian I've met (which is a lot) has been genuinely super lovely

Kiwis however are v withdrawn



Withdrawn is better than obnoxious imo.



Like the Dutch



You're actually pretty close to me :P



Prove it. Timestamped photo of you blowing Tim Shadbolt pls

Also if ur Jesse on the map, nice butt


Where u tho



Lol, lets not talk about that. No idea how to remove. Was reallly drunk when I put it there.

also I'm both people you just replied to.



But. Invers isn't close to Palmy



Fuck. Thought you were in Dunedin.



Nah just pointing out that everything below Dunedin is a cultural wasteland. I grew up in Invers tho. How old are you?




Oh I wouldn't have gone to school with you then. I'm 22. But I left Hargest at like 15



Awh fuck ;( You should come back and say ello.



I was down there in January for the first time in a year. But I won't be heading back down till after the ski season Q_Q

Come to the NI. More qts and less skinheads



RiP the dream


File: 1461286748252.jpg (1.35 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, tmp_6150-IMG_20160217_1940….jpg)

any other cuties in auckland?




Uwa~ you're adorable!! I'm totally jealous that you kiwis get to enjoy such a cute boy!


chch here, really need someone to cuddle



inb4 not in auckland :/




fuck i'm retarded sorry







Yea I'm over in Ilam.



Nice, that's actually pretty close…



Where are you at?



Uhh… Near Hagley



Hey! So, whereabouts in Auckland do you live?



i live near botany, what about you?



Ponsonby. S-Steam?



email me first, it's in the email field


File: 1463391925098.png (33.88 KB, 650x1175, 26:47, tumblr_o6s3jvePW91un0emko1….png)


come on queer





File: 1463396211947.png (138.73 KB, 299x432, 299:432, 1461718651964.png)


sent ;)


File: 1463556540727.png (314.82 KB, 800x984, 100:123, 8kfukd8.png)


did you get my reply fagboy?


Need a cuteboy to cuddle in Christchurch.


File: 1464436911294.jpg (42.89 KB, 645x428, 645:428, 1462951610546.jpg)


Christchurch? I'm near Hagley :3



I'm over in Ilam.



I'm not around this weekend, but we can get in contact sometime may-b



still looking tbh


Nazi Land


Still looking for a cute boy to cuddle in Christchurch,

pls email


>tfw literally more nz cuteboys than Australian ones

rip :(


bump this shit. need nz cuties.


Is sockdreams.com the best place to buy thigh-socks in NZ, or is there a local store thats cheaper/better? Has anyone bought from there before?



Honestly unsure, I got mine from a little Japanese side store. They're very nice.


LAWL wut an NZ thread here of all places?

Christchurch reporting for duty!

Not a cuteboy unfortunately. Too masc.


File: 1467789412224.jpg (385.22 KB, 3000x2067, 1000:689, Milo-Yiannopoulos.jpg)

That feel when no submissive cuteboy to snuggle with on these cold nights

That feel when no submissive cuteboy to get to know, play vidya with and watch movies with

That feel when no qt submissive cuteboy to hang with and do lewd things with you and your gf

Why even live


File: 1467810405687.jpg (298.81 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, nigguh.jpg)


twf would be yours, but you're 20% not in Invercargill. Why even live.


File: 1467810892129.jpg (68.8 KB, 500x414, 250:207, tumblr_o3vm96Wk5u1ugesqco1….jpg)


by 20%, I meant 100. I have no idea why that happened.



I'm the masc peep from chch just above the post…. but you could say I'm 2% in Invercargill. I was there for a week a couple weeks back. I'll probably be there for a week in December and could feasibly plan another trip down (my gf wanted me to visit more any who).

Y-y-you don't happen to be the sole anon on the map from Invers?



I never put myself on the map. But I live pretty close to that anon actually. He's Just down the road from me, fun guy.



W-why don't you cuteboys hang more?

To be fair Invercargill isn't too bad. Has what a city/town would need and is super chill.



a u c k l a n d





>with you and your gf

nevermind, kill yourself


That feel when no submissive cuteboy to cuddle on this cold night



Where do you live?



He's way too submissive. Like.. eeep





>He's way too submissive. Like.. eeep




Nah you've got no idea. Soooo subservient



You're not making him sound any worse :p

Sounds like wife material to me



I guess. Too slavey for me tbh fampai.



Sooo what did you get him to do? :p

You a submissive cutie yourself?



I mean, he's got pretty extreme agoraphobia so I went to his house. SO clean. Like old lady house sorta clean. Sat around played some video games, he was always getting for and tea and shit, really fun guy. Just got weird sex kinks.



>I'm overly clean

>I have tea all through out the day

>I like vidya

Yes please!

Curious now about these kinks hahah I mean how weird could it get




Go look for yourself.



>how weird can it get

>never replies

>soul is scarred




Sorry just in FFXIV with me healslut.

Butttt I did read a couple stories and I see what you mean now haha

In saying that if they're the NZ anon posting in one thread about their ideal fetish, it's pretty tame in comparison and blood, I wouldn't mind if a submissive wanted to cut me slightly cause they got off on that or the smell of my blood. Sounds primal. In saying that, yeah a lot of it was out there.



Yeah I called him on being that guy and he admitted to it. He's too shy to let me come over again. Kinda miss him.



>being shy

Sounds cute asf even with the /sfg/ shit lol still you never know when he might cut you up into little pieces.

He/she a passable trap at least?



If he got onto hormones yes. He'd grow itty bitty titties. As it is he's just very very cute.



And yourself anon? I bet you're a cutie :p



I wish

just an average guy :)



Nigga, don't lie to me. What do you do any who?



I manage a bar.



Is it true that the only Club in Invers is the Lone Star with the tables pushed to the side?



Not quite :P



If I ever hit up your club what should be my code word :p



Ask for Gasper. I'll show you around :)



Not the Thar and Feather right? Just so I can narrow it down haha



Louies Cafe & Tapas Bar; if you must know :P



Guess you fell asleep, night anon.



Sorry anon, got super high and was super drunk.

Feeling tragic today haha

How'd you sleep?



I slept pretty well. Yourself?



Slept like shit lol

Must be cold as fuck in Invers



Palmy isn't that far from wellington



yeah -2 pretty much every night.

Need a cuddle buddy :P



Anybody wanna add my steam? It'll be easier than talking here



Keen, post it!




>super chill

You're right, it's fucking frozen down here right now



You're in invers?







Three Invercargill anons.




huh? No thanks.


any of you goys in Tauranga?



I was recently.



ye niga


Still looking for a cuteboy to cuddle in Christchurch, I'm in Ilam, pls email


I just thought I'd see how the rest of the Kiwi qts are going. I'm seeing way more than I used to.

(I'm the chch boy on the map)



awww, I used to go to school in Tauranga!

Lovely place! Gosh, I miss that time…



Sometimes! It's my hometown but I'm wellington based.

hanatarashed is my steam url

Please can all of you put yourselves on the new map and stop being Huge Noobs



I'm on the map, well I will be when it's updated. I think I forgot contact details though o3o


Sooo anons, how is the weekend so far?

>tfw no cute femboi to snuggle and do lewd things with

Why live.


>>266587 >>266672

Yo my Auckland boys. On Bucklands Beach myself. chill evening atm, enjoyed the rain today, just playing OW and listening to Fat Freddy's



Oh yeah forgot to say in my post, anyone else in this thread coming up for Armageddon?


tfw in chch and no bf


File: 2f841cf36df0159⋯.png (395.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1401935876249.png)

Wellington/lower north island cute boys please be my bf.



There's a really cool guy in Christchurch. His name's Damien. I did something wrong and pissed him off so he won't talk to me anymore, but he's pretty cool still. Took my virginity c:


Hey anons, auckland boi here. just playing some mhx being cute.

need a strong man for Lewd, I was going to put a marker on the map but there were no boys in auckland last I checked .


Im going!



Bucklands Beachfag here, How is MHX? been looking into getting it.

Also 6'6" and I do weightlifting for sport

What part of Auckland are you in?



I'm in wellington! hi there!



Hey! Got an email or some place you might wanna chat on?





Show how cute anon


File: 26ffe35b31e9d4a⋯.png (1.93 MB, 2559x1439, 2559:1439, SIEG_HEIL.png)


New Zealand is the best currently existing country. All kiwi's can be proud.



Eh we're too liberal for my liking. We're behind the states so I foresee high levels of radical-SJWs in the next 5-10years. Going to be a bad time mang.



Woah new boy?


Heya, auckland here. Looking for a cutie to snuggle up with on cold nights so I don't feel as lonely. Into music, gaming, cuddling whilst watching tv shows, and whole loadsa other things too.

If you want to talk then skype is acrethaen, and kik is acregy.


File: 8ec954a69e57155⋯.jpg (79.42 KB, 500x667, 500:667, tumblr_muoh7j06qw1qfyxjeo1….jpg)

is there anyone in this thread that isn't a normalfag?



what do you define as normal, fag?


Skype: Naedlhund

Non-trap looking for boypussy for nurturing/talking/pervy stuff.



Oh, and Auckland btw.


File: 25b0ac490bfe388⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 540x303, 180:101, Keijo-Episode1-Omake-8.gif)


Don't you have a Jewish Prime Minister? Unless you like niggers and cut cocks I suggest you remove him.

PS sheep are better than pigs



Second this.


File: e1f9b7d75e4527b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.75 KB, 590x895, 118:179, Top20-Autumn-Anime-2016-5.jpg)

Looking for a rich blonde cuteboy who makes a perfect trap and likes to dom and will marry me ^,^


Kuranoske is my husbando

I like unicorns and rainbows too :P

KiK: Voxxe_V



Are you expecting something as an American in a New Zealand thread?



New Zealand need to become like a British Switzerland, a Valinor, a refuge for the fairer races.


Me, Myself, and I?


File: f506747d65817d5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.88 KB, 600x853, 600:853, f506747d65817d55b0885da3bd….jpg)


lol expectations…


Why is our thread so active all of a sudden? It's nice



Friday night I suppose.



Sorry dude. All I am is a rich cute red head who likes to dom and play games.



yeah I guess


File: 0ac70090f8d8f83⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.57 KB, 600x900, 2:3, Top20-Anticipated-Autumn-2….jpg)


Red is nice too. My hair down there is red red, but can you Trap?



You could teach me, babe.


File: 408f795eddc360a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1440x808, 180:101, Tsumamigui3-Episode1-EroAn….png)


Have to teach myself first. I'm just an Internet trap that lives with religious parents because I'm a whore who likes money but doesn't want to put out.


File: f121ae3ca4470f0⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.83 MB, 853x480, 853:480, Tsumamigui3-Episode1-EroAn….gif)


I'd need my own place with rent under $900 a month to go full IRL Trap.



Sounds like you're in auckland.

$130 a week is average rent remember that.

Try and get $200 - $250 a week to live steady.

Also if that's the case then just come visit and i'll help you.


File: fcaa456c6d5688d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 1032x1457, 1032:1457, d20fe85cc468454fccc6bba440….png)


Ah I'm actually talking about when I lived in Vancouver, CA. I moved back with my parents because I couldn't afford the $1600/month~ rent (food/utilities/parking included). I should have just found somewhere cheaper to rent or a room mate… but I was too paranoid, and… long story.

Also Auckland sounds worse than Hongcouver… that is impressive.


File: 3bf64722236fcd0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 878.26 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, d538d810fe130f20aacd734029….png)


nvm cheaper, but still expensive.

I want to visit middle earth someday : )



why are you looking for a cute boy from here then?



That's what I said.



Yes but I wanted to repeat the question now that we established he truly isn't in nz.



yeah, I guess. changed vpn from america to Iceland so I guess he coulda been using one.


Mystery Icelandic guy aside, what's everyone else up to tonight? Waiting for Xur to show up in Destiny myself.



Waiting for some that dick am i right boys ex bee



mhmmm. If any qt's in Auckland around and like to play vidya hmu



Sure give me some details about yourself



18, 6'6" do weightlifting as I said before but I wouldn't say built. got a bit of chub going on. out of school, live on buckland beach. I would say average looks but that's up to whoever. Also I vidya on everything. anything else?



Nah, you seem like a cool dude. In remuera myself, 5'11, 18, thin.



hm, You have discord?



yeah sure its jewmotile. Will be back in a bit though cos dinner.







Oh, apparantly I need to add the 4 digit tag in your username to find you on discord.



jewmotile#2257 there ya go bud


Auckland mt albert area here.


Posted earlier, but traps (and anyone who feels like chatting) feel free to add me on skype: Naedlhund (name comes up as adfgdfg sdgfsdfgsdfg)


wew place was on fire(ish) for once and I missed it



It was like 3 people don't worry


An curious straight guy appears. Auckland



And then there was a misspelling



Well what are you curious about, and looking for?


AHHHHH earthquake I need a cute boy to hold me pls



Christchurch or the one in central north?


Never fear Christchurch cuties! I'll be here to comfort you kek






I want to suck a traps dick, really


>be gay

>get bullied

i hate this place



Bullied here?



My issue is the opposite. I want a trap to suck my dick… but who doesn't



oh not here, no

not that i really care about being called a faggot or whatever on the internet

in nz



D'awww where you from anon?




Gonna take a wild guess and assume Hamilton, or Tarinaki


Any bored cuties in Christchurch?



auckland 23m here originally from overseas



I'm in Christchurch and I'm bored.



I hit you up bae


File: d5863167c6dc60e⋯.jpg (28.58 KB, 600x440, 15:11, 3eed792b-73f1-46f0-8e9b-9b….jpg)

My steam is Cicavic and my kik is epicpiffle

I can be either a trap or a regular guy I guess. I'm in the stage of getting to decide what I want. Looking for anybody chat with.


How are the cuties this xmas?


File: d3397b472a94320⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1216x1124, 304:281, human reporoduction.png)


>Find your perfect sexual match with an equal libido to you

>You're philosophical and ideological opposites

>Three weeks of talking turns to a week of bickering

>Arguments too frequent to ignore differences

Christmas was alright though



I went through that. Only it went on for waaaaaay too long.



In what ways were your views different?



We just blew up a stupid argument about the hypothetical future of the world and whether or not isolationism is okay in the face of increasingly complex turmoil. I got way too personal and yeah, I said stupid shit and now he hates me.


File: b1866273da68d7c⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 5a107719-20e5-4dcc-8f55-be….jpg)

18, christchurch, Burnside area

Not technically a cuteboy, but I'm cute, and a boy, and looking for someone to chat with and MAYBE meet up, kinda shy, and I have a stammer.

Kik: hukuma2000



literally the worst feeling, happens too much to me :/



Posting from India wahhh



He's a big liar


24/m/auckland here, want to find out how bi I am over the weekend


Alright I know the threads dead but im 21, cute and to shy to talk to people irl.

Is there anyone from auckland who would like to chat ? I like video games if that helps ?


i'm not in new zealand lol




Oh yay, how do i contact you?



You are too cute.


You make a point. A lot Canadians I know online sorta look like the white New Zealanders.

Not those ugly natives. Whatever they are called. Maouries or whatever.



skype and steam are acrethaen, kik is timpanthy



wait no thats not my kik



nope, i was just on holiday


Visiting New Zealand starting next month for a backpacking holiday, starting in Auckland.

Scottish, 5'11, still chubby but I've lost weight and plan on continuing. Looking to meet up for whatever, chilling is fine too.

Kik: JagScotland


God Invercargill is boringgggg



Auckland's no better, Christchurch seems to be where its at for the qt's.


I don't normally comment on people much but you sound really fucking cute.



I just moved down from Christchurch ughhhhh

Though Christchurch is where it's at in general… the one thing I don't miss are the bumpy roads



thank you thank you

still cant find a dom to cuddle up to tho :(

Where are all the chch tops at?

be nice, im a virgin



Moved to Invercargill apparently :p



Post more pics of yourself anon…. for research purposes



cant we just share the role? 3:


any from hawkes bay? :3


Jesus we still have an nz thread?



invercargill is the south islands worst city



I'm homeless, does that count as not normal?


Dunedin here, monitoring this thread.


File: c2c2a32c320750d⋯.jpg (403.41 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 20170212_180209.jpg)

File: f936157c6259297⋯.jpg (490.22 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 20170212_182322.jpg)

File: a9de95da2507e6e⋯.jpg (388.39 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 20170212_180131.jpg)


Here ya go, hope the research goes well :)


Naw, I would be a horrid top :3


Auckland tall guy, where are all the small cuteboys


Christchurch here, still looking for love.




This thing does not exist friend.



same here, are you a qt?




Wellington is ded



ur ded xd


File: 574027199ec2668⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 446x559, 446:559, 1496177377824.jpg)


jess is a fag


File: 15eb6f5aed8310e⋯.jpg (198.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, well fuck.jpg)


tonight I'm a sadboi


File: dae31e3b01a77df⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1484993822865.jpg)


we'll get you extraction solidier


File: 3532ffcee09beaf⋯.jpg (872.85 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, me.jpg)

Hi idk if anyone will be interested, but 19/mtf/wellington here.

I'd prefer not to expose my contact info so just reply with your info if you want to do anything.


File: a13ab5974f8ca62⋯.jpg (431.65 KB, 1549x955, 1549:955, 2.JPG)


Any cute Kiwis near Albany?

Shoot me an email at kkeewee3@gmail.com and I'll gibe discord or something




got any other pics?



Geeze, idk how NZ has more qt's than Melb does. Would cuddle+lewd




Yeah but I'm hairy af.

Cute boys wouldn't be into that…would they?



Don't you post on half-chan's /bant/?


What's up lads, just moved to Auckland from Canada and have been looking to meet some people. I've tried to add myself to the Zeemap but it'll probably take a while so is anyone here near the CBD? I'm keen to just talk to someone at this point, my main bro's been dogging me the past few days and all my other friends are on different continents.



Hey, I'm near the CBD! Do you have a Discord or anything you would want to talk on?


File: 6a13195e1adeee6⋯.png (3.2 KB, 411x354, 137:118, 159891326477.png)


Hey there anon! I don't use Discord a lot but I can keep it open if you want to use that. My username is [95]Love_it!



Anon you gotta include the 4 numbers after the hash in your username, otherwise I can't add you!



Oops, the hash is #8783



Still not working ;_; do you want to try adding me? Mudokan#9934


File: 510a741566b4aa2⋯.png (161.34 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 123533.png)


cute boys there?


any cute boys there?



Why not post on the Zeemap friend?


Hey /cuties/, I just added myself to the map but thought I'd say hi!! I'm living vicariously through porn and RP sites since I'm not getting enough at home >>



Also added myself, kinda scared about all this


File: da9e9265d37a602⋯.png (44.84 KB, 900x620, 45:31, 1516177200309.png)



Where you are lads currently living? Also don't feel scared anon!



I'm first anon, in Auckland CBD (hoping to be a qt uniboy). I don't seem to be on the map yet though :/



Second anon here, in the bay of plenty. Im scared because they could only be in it for sex and i'd be seen as a prude for just wanting to talk to someone


File: de5a221a22f3c55⋯.png (37.25 KB, 824x837, 824:837, 1516730051880.png)


I think it only updates once every couple weeks. I was lucky enough to get on it quickly though! Are you studying at AUT?


It's a 70/30 split between people who want to talk and people just looking for hookups from my experience



Lets hope my luck is favorable then



Nah I'm at UoA, so glad I got back to uni today, summer holidays make me wanna die of boredom >>



Oh that's cool! I live surprisingly nearby to the campus actually, but I've only been once to use the library. What're you studying anon?


At least the odds are in your favour



Just started my 3rd year of medical school so I'm over at the hospital campus. Are you a student too or in employment? :3


I'm originally from the Bay too! Tauranga's not so bad but when I was living out in the sticks I hated every moment of it. What do you think of the place?



Eh, kinda indifferent. Things are nice but its hard to appreciate the location when ive got nothing going on aside from being trapped at school with no friends.



Ohh, where's the hospital campus? I didn't realize their were multiple different ones although that does make sense! I personally graduated 3 months ago and I've been working at Grafton hospital for almost 2 months now, but not as a doctor or anything ;P


I fell in love with the bartender at Lenin when I was hammered at a pub crawl last night. If he happens to be here I just want him to know that he's a fucking 10/10.


Yeah I struggled with that as well when I was in high school. Do you have plans for when you get out? I honestly found life so much better when I moved away, got a fresh start in a new place with the opportunity to make new friends that actually gave a shit about me. If you're thinking about trying out something new rather than staying where you are then I'd say absolutely go for it, you won't know if it will work out for you until you give it a shot.


Oh if you're at Auckland city Hospital then my campus is literally on the other side of Park Road from you, the grey dystopian-looking buildings :P I've got ward rounds over in the hospital proper in the second semester this year and hoping to be posted there full-time for next year.



My plans at the moment is to finish the year (hopefully early) and either get into training or start an apprenticeship



Oh damn that's really close! I only realized during my shift yesterday that their were UoA buildings there lol. I'm pretty new to town so haven't really figured out where things are in relation to each other. I'll be working at the hospital for a minimum of 5 more months so I'll probably see you during your rounds spookily enough



Good plans, if you can get your hands on an apprenticeship or some training straight out of school then you're already setting yourself up well, my younger brother fucked around once he got out and is struggling to pick up anything decent and long-term. Once you're out of high school the world opens up so much, it was like a whole new world once i moved out and came out.


That's so cool, fuck we've probably even crossed paths before and not known it. Where are you from if you're not from Auckland?



I'm from the UK but have spent the last five years or so in Canada so I sound Canadian according to literally everyone. It's a pretty surreal experience honestly, almost as surreal as knowing their was a qt from /cuteboys/ at my workplace. Do you know what ward you're gonna be in out of curiosity? I'm mainly in the support building which is right next to the car-park on Park Road. I'm also gonna assume that unlike me you're from NZ :P



Ahh no I'm not sure what ward I'll be in, probably a general medical one but that's a wild guess. At the moment we have no reason to head over the road, but I think in August we start going over once a week. Hoping to be posted at ACH full time next year though!

I'm actually British too, but I have lived in NZ most of my childhood so I'm kind of expected to consider myself a kiwi really.



Ohh ok, I think I should still be there by then! Maybe not for too long after that though, but there's a decent chance I'd see you around before I finished my contract. Where abouts in the UK are your family from? I'm from Scotland myself.


File: b234577e0ffea34⋯.jpg (291.84 KB, 944x1050, 472:525, fufufufu.jpg)

i'm surprised i didn't know this thread exists until now. central auckland / uni of auckland anon here (in halls of residence).

who else does commerce here? it's pretty damn boring but i hope I land a pretty good job with it.



I'm from Gloucestershire originally ^^ Left when I was 8 and still haven't been back. I'll hopefully still be active on the NZ thread here by the time I start visiting the hospital, I'll let you know what ward I'm posted to :)


Using a picture of Kisumi? A boy after my own heart… I've got friends doing Commerce and they pretty much say the same thing, what are you majoring in?


File: bc385ad239145d0⋯.jpg (29.21 KB, 300x408, 25:34, kisumi2.jpg)


I'm majoring in finance. Was doing a double major but dropped because of the stress I was going under. Now I'm enjoying this a lot more, especially the general eds.

I might be picking up a minor in History, since it's a massive passion of mine.

What about you, anon? I should also mention, seeing who you're replying to, that I'm England-born myself. I'm from Kent! Lived here for twelve years now.


File: 93b1f07e4fc243c⋯.jpg (340.33 KB, 700x1050, 2:3, Yukine.(Noragami).full.165….jpg)


Ahh, I think most of my friends are accounting majors, a lot of them did a similar thing to you though, starting as a double then switching over to a single major.

I'm in third year medicine over in Grafton campus, living down near Britomart. I would love to be able to minor in politics or history too, but the degree doesn't allow us to take any other courses than our prescribed ones. I've got enough of a workload as it is though :P


File: d5f1387671b4199⋯.jpg (75.91 KB, 1200x1039, 1200:1039, 9s2.jpg)


Oof. Medicine is pretty stressful. I knew a few people who cracked under the pressure on the city campus even in the first year.

Are you enjoying it? What are you planning to do with it when you graduate? straight into being a doctor or something else planned?


File: 978fab94c2bb5c4⋯.jpg (53.76 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 114f116a181753a02e1b63286e….jpg)


I'm loving it, stressful as it is I can't imagine myself doing anything else. Ideally I'll be straight into work once I'm done with it, so long as there are actually places around :/

Twelve years is about as long as I've been here too, funny that there don't seem to be any actual kiwis showing up in the kiwi thread :P What do you do for fun other than hanging out on /cuteboys/?


File: fe91c3f84371f63⋯.gif (444.31 KB, 167x281, 167:281, lildancer.gif)


The usual internet anon stuff, i.e. anime and vidya and weird music tastes.

I'm also pretty into /fa/ stuff, but for actual interests I enjoy worldbuilding, history and going for really long late night walks to god knows where and back home again.

What about you? Got any time for fun things with all the medical study?


File: 5f1dde9f6c92c7f⋯.jpg (107.7 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1515823347962.jpg)


Yep, anime and vidya are pretty much compulsory for anyone on here haha. I'm trying to get a bit more qt atm so it might be worth me dropping into /fa/ as well. I worldbuild too, my pet project atm is a version of Atlantis set in the present. I also spend far too much time ERPing on f-list… >////<


File: db532977fb9ab6b⋯.jpg (91.29 KB, 592x902, 296:451, wired up bunny butt.JPG)


that's a really lewd image. saved.

Hah, yeah, my style is trying to not be too overly expensive but still look well fitted but also a little bit effortless at the same time. Lots of effort goes into being effortless.

Though, in all honestly, I'm a bit of a shut in. Don't really have any friends in the city and my flatmates are always out doing other things(foreign exchange so no point getting attached in any way). Most of my interests I pursue along.

Atlantis in the modern day? I've seen something like that on the /r/worldbuilding subleddit.

I had an f-list account, and I RPed on it but I could never bring myself to ERP on it because I am s h y.


File: 3407296906ac731⋯.jpg (55.18 KB, 562x780, 281:390, 1512086952038.jpg)


Hehe, I rarely bother saving anything that isn't lewd so I'm pretty short on cute boy images.

I'm mostly a shut-in too, I've got one friend that I go visit occasionally but other than that there's nothing really exciting going on in my life. Glad I'm not alone here :)

That could have been me, though I think there are probably a few other modern Atlantises, it's hardly a novel concept.

F-list is where I can actually get my fetishes and sex drive fulfilled lmao, once I got over the shyness it got fun real quick ;)


File: b07acb91029b842⋯.png (220.96 KB, 500x640, 25:32, rope.png)


Were you the one who showed Roman conquest through Atlantis in a map? If so, I'm a massive fan of your map design.

Yeah, my only friend is down south in Otago. I lived down there for most of my time in NZ so it's hometown for me.

Hey, I'm rather slow on responses on here but I'm faster on Discord/kik/whatever, want to drop your contact or add me? Silmaryl#4526



Oh damn, we're practically from opposite ends of the country then lol! Do you remember much about Glouchestershire? I nearly ended up living in Exeter for a few years because my buddy went to Bristol for Uni, so I'm a little curious about what I missed out on from Western-ish England. And yeah that sounds good anon, how many more years of schooling do you have though? You must be getting close to finished if you're already getting placements


Evening lad, what kinda job are you hoping to get?


File: 3c4bfb16a58e1be⋯.jpg (122.76 KB, 600x516, 50:43, dance.jpg)


I'm hoping to get a job in investment banking and/or working in a hedge fund. Probably not in New Zealand, ideally it would be the States or somewhere lovely in Europe.



Where would somewhere lovely be for you anon? I've been looking at the Netherlands myself to be honest, even if the weather isn't always great. It just seems like a pretty comfy place to live, with the added bonus that I'll have plenty of legroom there for once in my life.



Just sent you an add on discord :)


Barely remember a thing lmao. I'm hoping to head back for sixth year overseas elective though. I'm on year three of six, I'm technically not even at the halfway point until the end of the year.


File: d1192fc8f39df92⋯.jpg (403.7 KB, 1691x1691, 1:1, bedroom smooch.jpg)


The Netherlands, yeah! I've heard it's got some of the highest innovative outputs across all sectors in the world. Plus, it's a very free country. Nice and comfy, assuming we don't drown there.



Fair enough haha, I've just always been quite curious since my bro had such good things to say about Bristol and the people he met from the region. I hope you enjoy your 6th year in the UK, it's a pretty nice country and I get a lil homesick sometimes


Exactly, I just hope it isn't too hard to learn Dutch! It seems pretty much ideal otherwise.



I think Dutch has a shared root with English, so learning it shouldn't be too difficult! What do you do for work, anon?



I'm not super worried honestly, I studied Danish at my university for two years and it was a cool experience (apparently my school was #2 in the world for Danish outside of Denmark). So I'm (over?)confident that I'd be able to pickup Dutch if I was living there after a little while. I work with a Dutch guy at the Grafton hospital so hopefully I can pick some phrases up off of him, although we've all been nightmarishly busy since I started around a month ago. I'm working in the support building for the next couple of months, which is kinda scary because my department is just myself and a part-timer!

I'm guessing you're a full time student, is that right? If thats the case I hope you're still having fun even if you're a commerce major :P. Do you go to AUT by any chance?



Cheers man :) I'm looking forward to heading back, if we're both still around on here in 2021 then I'll let you know what it's like back there :P


File: 8749826058195e7⋯.jpg (285.9 KB, 1800x2060, 90:103, 2b.jpg)

Hey guys, just wanting to let you all know that I'm an anon's little bitch at the moment. I've got a plug in my ass that he can control from his apartment, I'm locked in chastity, and he's making me post this shit to all of you because I keep losing at fucking pictionary. Love you all!


File: 6cda1c32980ae74⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 356x200, 89:50, 1423396029437.gif)

Keeping this thread alive sluts!

hmu if you wanna chat

Discord: PJ#0387

Kik: stoopyboi


Also congratulations anon. Living the dream


New Zealand girls for residency


File: 5c440d3c3001608⋯.jpg (34.84 KB, 449x604, 449:604, 1522119202742.jpg)

I'm in Central Auckland until the end of the month, looking for people to chat with and maybe hang out.



File: 0e34353a97b7252⋯.png (582.88 KB, 800x985, 160:197, yand.png)

Who else uni lad here? I'm at UoA and it's shit





don't add this ghosting cunt, he has a reputation for a reason


Just posting in case anyone wants to talk.



I might want to talk. What shall we talk about?



Eh, anything that you want to get off your chest, something to anonymously vent about. Or maybe just how your day was.



You got a Discord? I might be out for a bit, but I would like to talk.





File: 8a2dd61f1178030⋯.gif (19.34 KB, 691x543, 691:543, 1392841188411.gif)

What happened to the zeemap?



What do you mean? I've heard nothing of a reputation? What has he done?


File: bbc579277ad1321⋯.gif (5.98 MB, 640x337, 640:337, SmartSelect_20180724-13420….gif)


Zeemap's dead, baby. Zeemap's dead.



wanganui right here boy


who wants to have sex?

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