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File: 4fa87e4bb1ffe9f⋯.png (471.8 KB, 795x1100, 159:220, Sweat.png)


Here we can try this since we have lots of these kinds of threads all the time.

If you need help becoming cute in any sorta way, you can ask questions in this thread and our resident qts will help you out probably.



See a doctor?



>he cant make you cum a second time?

No, my refractory period is a few hours. I've tried to build stamina by toying myself, but it's not the same as the real thing.



o o f

hows the post-orgasm dicking?



It's nice I suppose. I go soft pretty fast but the stimulation is still enjoyable.

I've tried riding him, I can last longer but unless he holds me up I always get weak towards orgasm end up either falling on him or falling backwards.


File: 829d4f94116f0f0⋯.jpg (133.66 KB, 1920x1067, 1920:1067, serveimage.jpg)

Is cute hairstyle on male who isn't trying to trap bad in professional environment?

I had what I think was cute hairstyle, simply lash touching bangs and hair on sides down past my ears. But my sister convinced me to cut it shorter and get some hairstyle made since I was about to have a job interview. Its not all that bad but I think maybe I would have been happier with my former hairstyle and hair length.

Ideally I would like to have hair just above my jaw or somewhat longer maybe.

Does anyone else here changer their hairstyle for work related stuff?



No dude those are Fordyce spots. Basically acne. Super tiny white bumps, chalky stuff comes out but they're a pain in the ass to see? If I can find a picture I'll show you, anon.

It's genetic, you can't get rid of it in entirety, but good hygiene and regular washing can reduce the amount by a (small) margin



you can get them removed by a doctor


anyone familiar with rosacea around here?

are there any exfoliators or bodywashes that are safe to use?


File: 6ac20a4ae192f7b⋯.jpg (603.45 KB, 945x646, 945:646, 24290942_p0.jpg)

What to do when you have an embarrassing fetish? I kind of want to watch my boyfriend doing lewd things to other boys.



>wanting to be a literal cuck



I can kinda get that. I'd personally like to be fucked by other boys but that's just because I'm polyamorous

Just get into a discussion about fetishes, start with simple stuff and see how deep you can go. If he/you gets to really crazy stuff, there's a good chance he'd be down to try new kinks.



dont let your employer dictate to you what you can look like outside of work, anon. get yourself a cute hairstyle, but if youre paranoid get one that you can also wear in a professional manner. dont be in the habit of tying your hair back though, thatll fuck your hairline right up and make you start balding prematurely.


consider joining in and having that third boy be basically a new cute toy for a bit? its what me and mine do.



What kind of work?

imo you just need a clear face during an interview.

At my old labor gig I just had out of the way but I had headgear so no big deal.



Got a lot of ideas but no motivation, looking to add on snap and get teased.



File: af5385283bd7e26⋯.gif (847.83 KB, 500x281, 500:281, tumblr_miuq5rSWcU1rvbjx3o2….gif)

Can anyone recommend some skin/personal care resources? I'm just getting into being cute/feminine and it shocks me to realize how much more work it takes than being a guy. I feel lost.



pls respond



Is it the milk?


Does anyone have a guide or anything on making good pictures?

I don't even dislike how I look but I think I'm doing something wrong when I look 10x better in the mirror.



Use face cleanser. Then a face scrub to exfoliate. Then moisturise. Once a week use a face mask if you want. Eye balm for puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Shampoo and conditioner should be seperate, not a 2-in-1, and ensure they are sulfate and paraben free. File your nails, don't clip them.


As >>402495 said, I need to work on my presentation. Are there easy guides to better photography, and do you have any personal tips for me?



I've shaved a lot of my body but still have a lot left to do. I am really looking for tips here.



I honestly envy you. Try drinking a bit beforehand, it makes me last a bit longer. Weed may also help mostly for you to enjoy the after-orgasm sex. Also adderall but that shit's poison so no no dont do that actually it's a terrible idea holy shit


File: 7b2c34d0c0fdb6c⋯.jpg (52.26 KB, 548x469, 548:469, meme.jpg)

Any advice for getting closer to someone to a guy who lives outside of my country?

I've been trying to keep some daily conversations, but he always kind of stagnates the conversations. I attempt to throw openers at him about his day/forms of media he enjoys/misc topics which are interesting enough. After answering the question he doesn't seem to really throw anything back at me that I can use to further then conversation. I have also tried watching some anime with him but after watching a few episodes with him in the evening he doesn't want to continue it. He just "doesn't feel up to watch it". I don't know what to do. I can understand what that feeling is like, if its connected to being depressed, but I don't know if its that and not him disliking me.

I've mentioned for us to be open and that if he doesn't want me bothering him to just tell me outright instead of us getting annoyed with each other. Me getting annoyed from his lack of attempts to further things to get to know each other and him getting annoyed from my constant attempts to get him to open up.

I'll keep it up until he lets me know for sure that he is uninterested or some other reason. Just kind of hard to do this relationship stuff as someone who has literally never had one before and is just KHV.


just started taking pyguem because leaking pre is cute. how long does it take before the effects kick in?


File: 2e08847cbcf2166⋯.jpg (9.01 KB, 284x284, 1:1, bdf425de0be517215474598797….jpg)

could someone recommend a good razor? im looking for something really delicate became im scared of getting a cut on my benis, preferably on the european amazon

thank you



Wax or use deeplitation chemicals like NAIR. Note: It is extremely painful to use on your junk, but that can be mitigated by taking a 3rd plateau level dose of DXM. (I would just trim if I were you because I can't stand itchiness).



do not ever use nair on your junk, youre essentially giving yourself a fucking chemical burn and youll be fuzzy by the time its all back to normal.

either get professionally waxed or get a good razor from wilkinson sword or the likes



Remember to drink lots of water when youre taking that. Not sure how long it will take before you get effects.


This may be a stupid question, but what exercises do you guys do for removing fat from your upper body



You can add muscle to specific places but you cannot remove fat from specific places. All that shit marketed for women that "burns belly fat" or whatever is a blatant lie. When you lose weight, fat will be burned off from all over your body at the same rate. If you want less fat on your upper body, anything you do will also remove it from your thighs and ass and etc.



k, killing myself then


File: 8730ea0ae1ebbfb⋯.gif (420.64 KB, 500x260, 25:13, broken_charmander.gif)



I'm thinking of giving up and just stop bothering him. While he does respond, its always me initiating the conversation.

I don't want to feel too pushy messaging him everyday how he is doing, and there isn't a lot of other stuff I can talk about because I don't want to come across as too intrusive by asking him personal questions. How do people do this, because I don't know.

Maybe I'm just wasting my time and being nothing but a bother… I've tried all that I know of but he always excuses himself from doing stuff together, like watching something or playing something. Then he talks about his day how he went out to dinner and watched a movie and I worry that he already has a bf or something I don't fucking know. I'm a bit paranoid and don't desire to come across as possessive by asking him who he was with. Maybe he wants that kind of thing though. Fuck.

I'm just going to be forever alone with these kinds of results



So I need to lose a little weight, not much, but whenever I try I end up falling into dangerous habits like eating very little and vomiting after every meal. I always snap myself out of it but I still need to lose that weight. Any advice?

I only want to lose about half a stone/ 7 pounds



that is fuck all m8, just run a month of eating 500 kcal max meals and no snacks and youll be there. Alternatively eat one big meal and a couple healthy low kcal snacks a day like i did.



Eat differently and more healthily, but still fill your hunger. Also work out, cycling and jogging is great. Then give it time and you will eventually see resulsts :3




Meant to reply to this, sorry




lots of times, being comical or even a little over-the-top can lead the way to breaking some deeper ice

sounds like a fortune cookie but that's my snippet for today


Aspiring cuteboy but I have hair EVERYWHERE.

Legs, arms, feet, toes, lower back, shoulders, stomach, hands, balls, butt… None of it is especially thick, but all I can do right now is upkeep key areas. What's a realistic solution if I want to go bare in the future?






If I wanted to destroy my body for looks I'd take HRT


How do I stop my face from being red as hell? And how do I stop it from having dead skin flakes all over in the morning? I'm looking at 101 stuff, could it just be that I'm taking hot showers every day and sleeping on my tummy with my face often in my pillow?


File: b3431c02f294937⋯.jpg (1.98 MB, 4656x2218, 2328:1109, 0304191841.jpg)

File: 85ba2b5d173a664⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 4656x2218, 2328:1109, 0304191841a.jpg)

Why do my legs look like this? I moisturize every day, and shave everyday because I'm blessed with genes of a Bigfoot.



not to necro, for mine (which is very similar to my fathers, both hairline and crown) i've used a 10mg/g hydrocortisone acetate cream, which you can get prescribed for random red marks & spots that "dont respond to blablaoverthecounterbla", and might just be OTC elsewhere idk, i've not seen major regrowth (but also not been very aggressive with it as it can thin the skin over time with constant use, why it's not prescribed for it i guess), but there is clear new follicles where there was once none, darkening up that area enough to be easily hidden which is good enough for me right now. It may work for you for actual regrowth if you stick to a routine. I've heard mixed responses and in some cases it seems like it wont work.


I know that this is probably a dumb question, but how does one do enema properly? I've got one of those bulb things, and did what I've read online about using it until the water runs clear, but I then start getting into it and… well, let's just say I'm airing the smell out of my room right now.


File: 4aa1033295e88ad⋯.gif (66.35 KB, 485x341, 485:341, uh.gif)


if you use too much water at once it can release some dirty stuff deep inside. only do this if you wanna like go rly deep yourself or something

otherwise just use a smaller amount, wash out and repeat

around 500ml is fine for mee!



Hmm, might be worth a shot. What are these hairs like?


Half a bulb at a time, deep cleansing is either an hour long ordeal or a waste of time. Clean butts, like abs, are made in the kitchen. The best prep is eating light with proper hydration on that day and the day before.



Wait, really? I've been using *way* too much then trying to get a deep clean. How long would I be good for if I did that?



Like, I like keeping a plug in for a good while, so I don't know how long it would last.



Deep cleans last longer but take an assload of time. Like i say, clean bottoms are mostly made in the kitchen.



Donkey kicks are the GOAT of ass exercise



they look harsh on the knees



>70 squats

that'll build endurance, not hypertrophy. glutes are sort of a weird compound muscle so you can't only do any one thing for them. it's hard to adequately train the lower body without adding weights to your routine. this anon has seen pretty good results and seems pretty knowledgeable all around.


otherwise doing things like hill sprints & biking on inclines are probably pretty good. but you also need to be sure to give yourself rest days, that's when you actually build muscle


File: 75f890d81b19eca⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 2400x3200, 3:4, skin thingy.jpg)

Photo taken a few days after the shave, so hair has started to grow back.

I got this thing in the perineum region. What is that? An ingrown hair of sorts? How do I get rid of it? Do I just scratch at it until I destroy it? I'd prefer to keep that area completely smooth…



Its just a skin tag. Tie floss around the base of the skin tag. After a few days it will fall off.


Which hair style is your favorite?

I was just wondering if I should let my hair grow out, but still I dont know what to do when it does, so Im asking you guys



long hair is cute, id recommend looking at your face and your favourite cuteboys to pick a cut, because long hair is made or broken by how its cut. failing that, theres 4chans /fa/.


How do I get thicc thigs and a plump butt? Help me /cb/


File: b1b1ea04282d63c⋯.png (302.3 KB, 506x562, 253:281, I just jerked off too much.png)

Generally, I am pretty thin, but how can I get a tummy like >>402878

I think I know the answer, cardio, exercise, cut the sugar, right...?

Main question I have though is how risky does anyone think getting a $50 hair-removal laser kit off of Aliexpress? $300-400 for a brand name one is probably impossible for me. I have light skin, dark hair so I am prime for it, right...? Have tried epilating, waxing, hair removal creams, but nothing gives better results than just shaving, which I dislike having to do every two days.


is anal bleaching safe if you have sensitive skin? i'm nor even supposed to use scrubs or exfoliators


working on the tummy right now too anon. assuming you're doing everything right on the exercise side of things, the biggest factor is diet. getting sub 10% bodyfat requires you to eat really clean, having a meal plan helps a lot too. i hope you like chicken


some people seem to do really well with intermittent fasting & keto. i haven't tried either of those yet though.



How about instead focusing on becoming awakened?


File: b4fcc3bded567e8⋯.png (7.39 KB, 443x376, 443:376, 1351450084868.png)

I'm really worried right now. Almost to the point of obsession, so I'm going to turn over to you guys for some help and maybe some assurance. I'll be sure to keep this brief.

A few days ago I decided to buy a comb for myself. I never really bother to comb or brush my hair since it usually comes naturally. I never found the need.

Anyways, when I combed the front side of my hair, I took a look at the comb and it had, like.. 5 or 6 hairs sticking to it. This happens every time I comb any side of my hair. Needless to say, this got me worried as heck, am I really experiencing hair loss this early?

I've looked it up online and apparently human hair can shed, so I'm hoping that's the case, especially since it's the season transition.

If it's not, though, then what in the world should I do? I've been told my whole life that due to genetics most men will experience hair loss. That's okay, I get that. But is there any sort of special shampoo or cream I should take to prolong this? I'm not even 20.

Sorry if this post is a bit disorganized, I'm just really worried that I decided to type whatever's on my mind. I hope for my own sake that I'm overreacting.


File: 0ec071821c6dfad⋯.jpeg (189.87 KB, 722x1280, 361:640, B94C3565-ACA1-45EB-9032-6….jpeg)

File: fed1950df0a7ed9⋯.jpeg (206.77 KB, 722x1280, 361:640, 1A66954A-EC87-460A-AD64-1….jpeg)

Chat to me if it suits your fancy; I’m new to the scene and will probably surprise you somehow, I want a friend like a pen pal or someone to talk to on a feminine level,



you talk like a fag and your shit is all retarded


File: 0d4ebff7ef5dd47⋯.png (348.67 KB, 360x640, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

I tried out some makeup recently. Thoughts on my first attempt at eyeliner + mascara?



Hey, ive been having this strong sexual urge to suck dick. I've never sucked dicl before

I know this is probably unrelated, but where can I go to get some easy dick to suck?


File: 267eaa5eb0a0ffa⋯.gif (3.08 MB, 445x250, 89:50, image.gif)



if you're serious go to a gay bar or use zeemaps or something there's literally a thread here for that

maybe those dumb discord servers but like i said they're dumb and are usually full of desperate attentionwhores who don't actually do anything

also craigslist if you want stds

i dunno that question was just funny to me



You are overreacting. 5 or 6 hairs is nothing and completely normal after brushing, especially if you've never brushed your hair before.


I'm an anal virgin, I wanna start getting fucked soon. I was thinking of buying some sort of toy (buttplug,dildo idk) to practice a bit. What should I be looking for?



something small, long, and varied in diameter for stretching with something other than fingers and exploring yourself in there, so you know what you can handle. a double ended dildo with 2 different sized ends. that would be your best bang for buck.

buttplugs are fairly cheap compared to dildos, though expect to pay for a good aneros.

always buy from a sex shop, either online or offline. cheap shit that isnt labelled for internal use is potentially dangerous so dont use it. never buy from china. dont underestimate the value you can get from a brick and mortar sex shop either, theyre generally rip off prices but if you hit a sale or a bargain bin up they might well beat internet prices by a significant margin.



Thank you


A really stupid specific request, Any average height boys have any recommendations for cute kneesocks/thigh Highs? I'm 5'9 ish and almost all the cute ones are a inch or two off.



read the dimensions on aliexpress, the higher the height the better. largely its a fuck about tho, most wont to high enough.

alternatively, you could consider buying western brand ones, google for lingerie stores in your area.


File: e6cd143bfe84bf2⋯.png (1.89 MB, 907x1290, 907:1290, ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone know how to make improvised cages and dildos/buttplugs with acceptable quality? (Meaning I don't get colon cancer or whatever the fuck.) I do not have a lot of privacy at home since you are in debt until your 60s around here if you want your own property and can't just order the real thing without having to fear that a relative of mine simply opens it or asks questions.



Packing stations. Other than that, a cage can be done with some strings.



Thanks for the strings tip, packing station won't help though. Still have to walk with the packages past some people I know. I'd still get asked questions since I never order anything online and rarely get packages



Order to package station. Go to package station with backpack. Put package in backpack. Open package at a private place, get rid of packaging material. Put toys in backpack, cover them up with something else.

As for the string bondage, be careful with it You wouldn't want the blood in your member to go septic, you really wouldn't want that . Done it a few times, and it's pretty good. If you do it right, impossible to get a hard on.



Do you not have sex shops in your area? I can't order stuff to my house either so I just but it in person, put it in my backpack and no one knows.



No, I'm living in a rural area and everyone knows each other, that's what I'm so fucking afraid of.

Takes just one person to see something and the entire region knows, which is also why the backpack idea from >>405191 isn't gonna work out. Walking in the post department with a backpack as someone who never does it and quickly storing a suspiciously unsuspicious package in it qualifies already as a gossip topic for some.



Then leave the rural area under false pretense…if people can smuggle drugs into Europe, you should be able to smuggle a fucking dildo/cage/whatever somehow. Just have to be creative.


Have you anons ever found a FWB or BF on a site other than /cb/? If so which? I've pretty much exhausted my options on here and wanna try other sites.



theres fetlife if youre kinky in any particular way, and grindr, if you really wanna put yourself through that. you could always try 4chan britfag threads, or any other thread there that takes your fancy if you wanna get chatty with people in trap or gfur or whatever threads.

i met my boyfriend on /b/ some 5 years ago now, met a fair few people on /b/ in fact. was a different time back then though, and i dont browse /b/ anymore for a whole host of reasons.


File: 5a93971a04c16d1⋯.jpg (49.33 KB, 500x666, 250:333, 1524779485850.jpg)

How can I get the kind of body slutelf has? I've lost fat and am now skinnyfat. I don't know what kind of exercise to do, or how much though. Anyone know a specific workout I can do which specifies sets and reps?



for slut elfs body id wager a low calorie intake and vigorous cardio and calisthenics are what you want




try intermittent fasting and look into leangains/ body recomp diet.


low bodyfat is all about eating the right things and doing it in a manner that doesn't make you so miserable that you give up after a few weeks.

keep track of what you eat and just generally try to cut out sugary drinks and beer as much as possible. vodka and whiskey are still ok

artificial sweeteners have been linked to increased abdominal fat storage so just avoid them entirely.

don't worry about doing too much exercise, even with heavy lifts the most you can gain is about 1-2 pounds of muscle per month. bodyweight programs are also good but they require more dedication imo & don't target the lower body as effectively as weights do. so you should consider some weight training b/c depending on your genetics, getting lean might make your butt smaller too ;_; unless you compensate by building muscle




I already do intermittent fasting.

I have a barbell. I have a total of 16kg of plates with it. And two dumbbells. Not a lot.

I am thinking couch to 5k for cardio.

Then lift weights with a three day split. So Monday is push day, Tuesday is pull, and Wednesday is squat, then repeat the next three days with Sunday being a rest day. I'm low calories and not enough protein to get big so it'd just fill my muscles out a bit more but not make me bigger than I want, correct?

Push day would be floor press (No bench), overhead press, tricep extensions with the dumbbells.

Pull would be deadlift and rows. Should I do pullups in addition?

Legs are just squats and calf raises.

Do crunches and planks every day except Sunday.

I've been doing this for a while except the couch to 5k, and I just wanted to make sure it's right. But then I thought maybe it should just be bodyweight. It's so confusing.


I want to have a nicer waist, I also quite like corsets, is there anything like a corset that wouldn't accentuate my bust? I don't really want to have boobs but I'd like to have something I can wear under my clothes that would pinch my waist and put more emphasis on my hips.


How can I obtain a better/more feminine waist-hip ratio? I'm not a rectangle but I'm not curvy either and I really want to be.


What are some exercises I can do at home with little to no equipment? All I own is some 2-5-10 pound weights, and a treadmill. I'd go to the gym but I live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere so the drive isn't worth the trouble.

Anything to tone myself, get a butt, whatever. Working on my diet too so that should help down the line.




reddit search bodyweight exercies


how do i get rid of chin fat

im not overweight at all, i just gathered it over the years i guess



glute exercises id think would be your best bet


thats not how it works fam, are you sure you havent put on fat at all?



Godly genetics help too





Hey, wanna chat? With Sieg?

Discord Sieg#6256


Anybody have recs for some cheap faggy clothes (arm warmers/stockings/panties/etc)? Not looking to make it serious :^) but I might as well give you guys a good nut before I get cuteboy death.

Also, my phone cameras sucks. Anything cheapish that can take good quality lewds?



aliexpress sells costume quality slut clothes dirt cheap, but if you wanna feel lood nothing beats the real deal. try visiting lingerie stores and seeing what takes your fancy.


File: 2b3330aff3c42a4⋯.jpg (505.26 KB, 2197x1131, 169:87, hair.jpg)

Is my hairline receding or am I being a paranoid retard again?



nah, and if it does and it aint too bad dont worry about it. youre a fucking dude, anyone who bitches about receding hairlines would find their time better spent fucking women.


I accidentally cut myself shaving and now I have a visibly whiter mark on my skin just above my dick

What do



color it in with a sharpie


I want a plump butt. How do it??



yo but seriously though


Any advice on talking to a friend who thinks he’s “gross looking”? I just found out he’s been feeling down because of his male appearance. I see nothing wrong with his looks.

Also noticed on his social media profile it says feminine pronouns which he hasn’t mentioned to me.. I think he’s embarrassed/ashamed.

I just don’t want him to think he has to be someone he isn’t around me.


File: e6ba8814219c8ae⋯.png (2.78 MB, 1124x2048, 281:512, ClipboardImage.png)

tryna grow my hair long wayyy past my shoulders but at the moment it keeps getting to an awkward messy as heck stage, is there anything I should try? even hairdresserwise that doesn't involve getting length removed <3

or should I just stay a messy haired bitch for the time being>


o heck, also my hair's also naturally super ultra curly, I do straighten it after washes <3


File: 91743a8c8db8db2⋯.jpg (41.94 KB, 600x278, 300:139, 91743a8c8db8db2108557de81f….jpg)


Your hair looks dry as fuck. What shampoo and conditioner are you using?

Also i hope you are using heat protection spray when you straighten it (that's if you are straightening it with heat) as that will ruin your hair.

The way i get my hair not so curly, and nice and lush, is i have a shower, but in the shower i apply conditioner and brush it through my hair with a wide tooth comb, then i wash out the conditioner like normal. After the shower ends i squeeze the moisture out of my hair, and then i part my hair in the center with either a normal brush, or a smaller toothed comb. My hair is still usually dripping at this point, so i grab a really crappy t-shirt that i have been using for a few months and wrap it around my head like a head towel. Usually i will have that on for about 10mins or until my hair stops dripping. I take off the shirt and put it in the sun so it is dry for the next day. Then i part my hair again with a brush, and brush it like normal, and then i literally just go on with my day with semi-wet hair, which drys its self after about 30mins. Lot's of people compliment my hair on how well maintained and soft it is. Also the longer your hair gets the less curls you have, so don't kill your hair before it has grown long enough to start pulling the curls down.

And DO NOT rub your hair with a towel or a shirt or anything. Press the t-shirt into your head so it soaks up water like a sponge when you first put it on. You still might have curls but they will be reduced, otherwise all you can do is keep straightening it but make sure to use heat protection!!!

Hope this helps



yea my hairs pretty cruddy atm, I just use random conditioner my flatmate gets, though I'd be keen for any reccomendations for people who straighten their hair ^_^

I do use heat spray though and I did just get some hair straightening cream to try out because of the recent dryness ;-;

after I shower I just wrap my hair in a hairtowel for 10-20 min till it stops dripping then let it dry naturally from there, or I use a hairdryer if I wash in the morning and have to get ready for uni (at night I'll sometimes wash my hair before bed then sleep with a towel on my pillow)

I rarely use shampoo, just conditioner most of the time ^_^

I'm glad to take any recommendations on hair products for in shower though


File: 99d6c431a3d561f⋯.png (967.38 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

actually here's a pic of what my flatmate gets


File: d7b6ac03fc47220⋯.jpg (26.57 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 5738df39-fde4-41ea-97ac-3d….jpg)


Ngl you should constantly be using the same conditioner every time you shower, and i do recommend shampoo as well, combined with the same conditioner everyday (i recommend pic related as its cheap and does the job). Does your hair still look the same if you leave it to dry or hair dry it?

If all else fails, at least you don't have curly aboriginal hair. Plus, you can always tie it up! I'm sure that would look nice.


File: 589eb878fef51b8⋯.jpg (19.66 KB, 355x275, 71:55, 51z1RDcWONL._SX355_.jpg)


Also works well, but is expensive.



I used to use treseme but was told it was uber trash so I stopped using it ;-;, as of recent though I've only been using the sunsilk stuff.

if I can find the other stuff online I don't care for price as long as I can do part payments lol

do you have a discord to continue to convo there? I don't wanna annoy people here with my extensive hair questions ;-;

this is mine: SoyboiSupreme#7675

though I do have other socials if you'd prefer?


Sooo, how do I go about determining my size when buying clothes clearly meant for girls? I've never bought clothes before, I've only slowly collected what my sister was going to throw away over the years. I'd like to start buying some from amazon, since they can ship to a pickup location instead of my house. Is there a universal size chart I can go by? Also, is there a starter pack for cute clothes any of you would recommend?



Goodwill & other thrift stores have fitting rooms…

Quality new clothes at a cheap price & new high heel shoes & boots as well…

take notes cuz all sizes are not measured the same from different manufacturers



I'd honestly look up common size measurements then measure your own clothes with a ruler/tape measure to determine your girl clothes size.

because I sometimes buy things from wish I tend to do that since I love super over sized clothing and their sizes are mega off lmao.

plus I only wear girl shorts when it comes to pants. (though I've gone to fitting rooms for that most of the time)





Also, Amazon gives me the option to ship to a pickup location, are there any other online stores that provide that same option? I'd like to avoid shipping to my house if I can.



idk how it works in the US, but here, supermarkets are pick up locations for stuff you buy online.

I'd personally ring whatever amazon considers a pick up location and just ask them if they hold on to items from other stores ^_^

otherwise if possible, ship things to a friends house <3


File: 255c17bb27943c8⋯.jpg (118.36 KB, 1247x702, 1247:702, D3KA_HGWsAMgl9K.jpg large.jpg)

what does /cuteboys/ think of taking a minimal amount of hrt or anti-androgens to try and further achieve the femboy aesthetic?

been thinking about this for a while now because i want to be cuter with less body hair, soft skin and soft hair and stuff

but i also dont want to destroy my body or grow tiddies



It would slowly destroy your bones, do not attempt.



it doesn't destroy your bones

however, there is some inherent risk still not fuuullly understood but I'm pretty sure it comes mostly in the form of peeing too much or mildly fucking up your liver, depending on which drug you take

if you're already in good health there really shouldn't be a problem, and in the event you notice bad things happening, if you're on a low dose you can probably stop

there are also ways to do it that don't grow tiddies, but keep the other effects

I'd say go for it, but be on the lookout for warning signs


3x Pushups To Failure

3x Squats To Failure

3x Pullups To Failure (Can't do a single one now but working towards it with scapula pulls)

3x Side Planks For One Minute

3x Crunches To Failure

Lost fat, but have shitty body composition. Can I just do this?



You'll be better off doing a series of set amounts, and doing the last set to failure.

Figure out how much you can do to failure without pause and then do like 80% of that.

Crunches do them every day of the week, alternate for the rest of the muscles. If you're looking for tonification you're actually looking for hypertrophy, so look up on that topic.

Recomended is 4 to 5 sets of 8 to 15 reps, and again, if you wanna do to failure do just the last one.

Eat lots of protein and fiber, and healthy fats (cheese if you're not lactose intolerante, nuts walnuts and all that) and avoid sugar as much as you can. Remember grains and bread and flour based food also count as sugar.

Good luck cuteanon, feel free to ask anything I'll be cheking this for the week.



OK how is this.

>4 sets 8-15 every other day

>Then 1 set to failure

>When I can do more than 15 on any set, do a harder variation of the exercise

Is that correct?

Why do crunches every day? What if I progressed to a harder ab workout like leg raises or hanging knee raises. Do those every day too?



The setting you're describing is good. I'd suggest to do 3 sets and one to failure if you're just beggining and struggling, but if you manage to do 4 just roll with it.

Abs everyday because that muscle group recovers faster, since it is everyday of your life under stress. If you do a harder workout, the aim would be to do it everyday anyways, but don't rush it or you'll be wornout. So do the hard workout three times a week and work your way up to every day.

Remember to hold your stomach as flat as possible, as if you were 'sucking it in' to avoid having an outward belly. Also during crunches or similar movements you should exhale at the same time you contract the abs, pushing the belly in and do the movement. Takes a little bit of practice and then it'll be like breathing.


File: cd2890b7b6a76d1⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 242x346, 121:173, Screenshot_20190521-194612….jpg)


idk if this is relevant, but I do highly recommend this app.

it takes about 15-20 min out of your day just doing some exercise, at first I found it extremely difficult, but within a week it got tremendously easier <3

I tend to just put on music in the morning and work out to this app, along with a 10-20 min run each night the weather isn't bad and it's had me losing a couple KG a week ^_^

but at the same time I tend to eat heck all and I'm a vegetarian who's allergic to dairy products so that kinda limits my unhealthy food ;-;

also it has a male/female option, I do the female exercise and I replace some of the exercises with squats since it's good for the booty <3


i think 8chan needs help with spam detection


File: 77c56b3a01e8e62⋯.jpg (1005.66 KB, 1135x985, 227:197, __original_drawn_by_haseku….jpg)

https://Link filtered: Report this post/nya/



ht tps://Link filtered: Report this post/nya/


ht tps://me guca. org/nya/


File: 45e03fce16c776d⋯.png (988.43 KB, 746x890, 373:445, __original_drawn_by_pinb__….png)


Escape this unfree board cuties nyaaooww~


I don't get how anyone could be satisfied with knee-high or just slightly overknee socks. I just don't feel like they're complete if they don't go all the way up.

I wanna buy some striped socks really badly but for the love of god, I can't find any that have at least a 70-80cm height.

Does anyone have any idea where to get those? Unfortunately, discrete packaging is a must a well.



sockdreams is a thing

there are other similar places, i believe


File: f5b1695b566ea55⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 30000AED-2CC8-4784-809F-8….jpeg)

File: 048a8e07fb8078e⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 575.07 KB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 9EE98E25-7427-43CD-81BE-F….jpeg)

Spoilering in case I’m doing it horribly wrong, but is this how a caged uncut dick supposed to look? I don’t know which is the right size for me so I’m just guessing



Also sorry about the stubble. I'm lazy and haven't shaved in a few days.



But they don't have pink/white ones:


Or is that colour just temporarily out-of-stock? Never ordered there.

My problem is that, according to their site, they have to put their company name as the return address when shipping to places outside of the US, which somewhat violates discretion.



looks out of stock

i havent either but i know a bunch of people who have and they say theyre legit.

also, they sell fanct dude socks as well so theres that.


File: 186c9725d1054ce⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.88 KB, 811x1080, 811:1080, chest.jpg)

File: a522aece1c4b61a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.25 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, leftleg.jpg)

File: 184cb5f42f63d8a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.75 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, rightleg.jpg)

Within the last couple years, my skin has progressively gotten worse and worse overall and I'm not really sure why.

It sort of started with my toes getting so dried out in the winter that they turned red/purple, cracked and eventually bled all while itching yet hurting if I didn't cover them every single day it was cold out with this stuff called O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet, which helped. Then last August/September when I started shaving my body and working outside in the heat for my last job very regularly, I got folliculitus like crazy from what I'm assuming was a combination of ingrown hairs (was cursed with dark, curly hair so shaving anywhere has always been a pain in the ass) and my clothes rubbing up against my skin so constantly. It was initially just on the knees and part of my thighs but it spread all the way down my legs to the ankles as well as all the way up to my inner/outer thighs before eventually going to my arms, shoulders, upper chest and back a bit. It got so bad that I had to rub this topical prescription stuff on all the affected areas for a while, which helped somewhat but it's still there and hasn't fully gone away since, and I'd argue it's even worse sometimes. Then last winter, my fingers started doing the exact same thing in the cold that my toes did even though I always try to protect myself from the elements, including wearing gloves when it's not warm enough outside to go without them, so I had to buy stuff specifically for hands that seems to help overall, although everything below the nail to the tips of my fingers looks really worn and whatnot but at least they don't hurt/itch anymore.

However, the folliculitis shit is what really bothers me because it's been there in some way for almost a year now with no signs of going away whatsoever. I'll admit that my diet isn't always the best but fuck, it's not nearly bad enough to be causing me visible skin problems. Every blood test I've taken shows that I don't really have any autoimmune diseases or other such related issues to speak of so it seems to be purely dermatological/genetic. And speaking of dermatological, I saw a dermatologist recently who suggested a couple things that didn't really work and wasn't able to give me a diagnosis for really anything so that was a complete waste of time and money. I don't do any kind of hard drugs, I drink in moderation only and I don't have any STD's so those factors can be completely ruled out altogether. I've tried different soaps that are supposed to help with acne and bad skin but none of them do much for getting rid of the bumps, PanOxyl was good at first before it dried my skin out to the point that it was turning red and almost flaking off so I had to stop using it because it was actually painful, taking cold showers to keep the pores more closed off does next to nothing, etc. I just hate the fact that I'm doing everything I can to try and get rid of what should be a relatively simple problem and yet for some reason, NOTHING FUCKING WORKS AT ALL. My skin looks absolutely gross and I hate the way it feels too but there seems to be nothing I can do about it.

The only thing I can think of that would even remotely help is to just stop shaving my body since I tend to get bad razor bumps no matter what I do and even though I'm not too sure, that could be what's causing at least part of the folliculitis but God, I can't stand being hairy all over anymore because it just bothers me how it feels and my partners enjoy me being nice and smooth too so I'd really rather not stop doing that if I can get away with it. Any suggestions at all or am I just doomed to have bad skin for the rest of my life? (Pic related are the bumps in question, spoiled because they're kind of gross looking).



Please define 'alchohol only in moderation'. Different people do have different tolerances to that sorta stuff.


File: 7529a090213f007⋯.jpg (586.25 KB, 1432x2164, 358:541, zRclrIW.jpg)


This is a good starting point

It also really helps speed up your ability to heal wounds and scabs if u have trouble with that type of thing.

I was 12 stone but now I'm 9 stone and I feel pretty sexy. I'm on week 4 if the regimen and I eat like maybe 1000 calories a day (I should really be eating 1600 but I find it hard)

I can't find puera mifica to add to my daily vitamins though which sucks, does anyone know where I can get some here in bongland?



This is going to sound psychotic but pluck them with a tweezer, its tedious but you get really good results from it especially if your skin is really pale and tranluscent like mine.



aah fuck i sometimes do that myself

i really should get an epilator, it would be a better idea than manually tweezing



I like the outfit and like to dress that way myself. Also you look like you could be related to me somehow even though we're on different continents. Almost thought you were my brother for a second.



I mean only 1-2 regular sized bottles of malt liquor (about 11.2 fl. oz. each) a week on average, if that really



I'd avoid that if I were u, and I'm saying this as an Irish girl

get some vitamins and omega 3 from the store, that seems to help a lot with healing. Also drink lots of water.

also don't shave against where your hairs grow because you'll just get ingrown hairs that way.



Thanks for the suggestions anon, I'll try them and hope they help :)


Was fat. Lost weight. Still improving. My ass however is a saggy and revolting. The ass of a dumpy post wall woman.

Tell me how to fix it please. 100 squats every day?



aah fuck, i have this exact same problem when stood up straight. im hoping that dropping to 130 lbs or lower will force my skin to respond a bit by removing the remaining back and hip fat that keeps it as it is.

if anyone else has any knowledge on the topic tho id love to hear it, as is im hoping going borderline anorexic then packing on muscle will help.



Ugh your body is fucking disgusting my friend. Please never again take a photo of it I am very sick now fucker.


You should get plastic surgery from a Muslim :^)


English are a fucking plague with the ugly if you understand my drift fuckhole.



take your french niggetry elsewhere, faggot



Ohohohoh silly little fucking english. Where are you with fucking talk like you are so big eh? If I was there I kick punch you face and then what can you do but cryy to me boy. Why your a womens are fucking pigs and you are disgusting too yes?



over in england, silly

yes our women are ugly, its why so many of us date men


File: ec2832068662ba5⋯.jpg (26.67 KB, 675x467, 675:467, 5786.jpg)

kind of unrelated but why does my peepee stays solid as a diamond while i'm playing with my exit escape? I see a lot of cuteboys totally flacid while doing

am i a less cuteboy for that?



not at all, anon. youre one of the lucky ones who can stay aroused up front like that


Warning! /pol is threatening to firebomb gay parades




>actually going to pride

will anything of value actually be lost?


File: 6f5fafd8fed8042⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.32 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, persistent red bumps.jpg)


Looks like you were right about that. Most of it did fall off. Thank you for the advice.


(Trigger warning: unshaven thighs)

So I'm not the only one with this affliction.

My situation doesn't appear that bad for now, but it's gradually getting worse. Are these red bumps folliculitis? Or ingrown hairs? I can't tell the difference, I only have a hunch that it's the former. I'm stupid and cannot into skin care. I have stopped shaving for now, hoping these bumps resolve if left alone, but they aren't going away yet. I am guilty of shaving against the grain all the time for a closer shave. I'll change that. I would really like to know what I'm dealing with, and how to prevent it from reoccuring.



I have pretty much the same problem with red spots on my thighs. I also have some bumbs at hair foliculis at my neck area where I usually tweese the facial.

Considering I am still hiding my body hair removal from my family, I am getting really discouraged to keep trying. Its awful…



*Tweeze out my neck hair


Is there a way to make my body hair weaker?

In some parts I have those little blonde hairs and others are just hairy af

I'd like to have those blonde hairs everywhere. Any creams for that?



Based. You're Schutzstaffel-tier. Please have Aryan children for me.


whats the cheapest one should spend on an epilator to get one that will actually get the job done? im sick and tired of the issues with razors and nair, but i cant throw down a lot of money on a device i cant return and im not sure if i will want to use.


ive got a LOT of questions on how you guys do this shit

>be me

>shave pubes

>instant ingrown hairs and acne

>try sugar scrub

>dosent work

my groin is now inflamed and looks like i have a std even though im a virgin

also how do I get a bigger butt lmao



shaving well comes down to proper tools and technique, but for some of us its never perfect. i started when i was like 20 and 5 years on there are times my groin still looks like a bomb site if i fuck something up. go hit up /fa/ and find a shaving thread, learn to shave your face well then apply the same shit to your junk. alternatively, pick up a body trimmer and be content with never quite being smooth all over but being mostly smooth in less important places. if you need a super smooth body your only options are to have hair permanently removed with lasers/electrolysis as a lot of trans people do, get waxed professionally on the regular, or get an epilator. word to the wise though, never use an epilator on loose or sensitive skin like your face/junk.

theres also nair, but using that frequently will give you ingrown hairs and if youre sensitive to it like i am it will give you chemical burns on your junk that you wont feel til you go to wash it off and it suddenly feels like youve lost a layer of skin there or two.



>also how do I get a bigger butt lmao

genetics or squats

the heavier the squat the faster the glute development, but dont half ass your squat form or youll fuck your knees/back up potentially for life.


What is best way to shave my body hair??



Keep getting zits on my ass, just past the bum crack close to the bottom part. Anything I can do or is it just one of those things you have to deal with sometimes?



are they zit zits or just ingrown hairs?



Zits I think. I can pop them and pus comes out.



doesnt mean it isnt an infected hair folicle


What is best exercises to lose weight I'm 60kg

I'm 169cm



objectively, swimming if you only want to do a single thing. if youre willing to do a mix, then cardio of your choice every other day and lifting weights (focus on heavy compounds and get someone to teach you how to do them safely) or doing a variety of bodyweight exercises for your other days. dont forget to stretch daily too.

the main thing in losing weight tho is calories, its far far fucking easier to simply not eat the calories than it is to burn them off. if youre active, a 1500 kcal diet should be fine. if youre sedentary you may wish to go lower for speedy results, but always keep it above 1000 kcal and if you find yourself simply too tired to do things you need to then eat a little more.



very effective and avoids things like ingrown hairs that shaving and nairing can easily give you if you can deal with not being baby smooth. be wary of catching yourself with the blades tho, you dont want to nip yourself.


File: 02625c60a155e0b⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_20190608_190337.jpg)

is my skin white??



no, im afraid to inform you that you are in fact clearly sub-saharan african in descent


File: 600ceccf47a8e2c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 200.67 KB, 515x470, 103:94, naomi.jpg)

Anyone have/had skin discoloration around buttocks?(pic rel).



It´s on the UK amazon.


Do we have a /cuteboys/ approved skincare routine

I'm retarded and don't know anything about it



nah, tbh cuteboys could do with a wiki of some sort for good info. theres a lot of shit that would benefit cuteboys that you just sort of have to learn through googling and talking to people more experienced than you.

in general, vitamin e moisturiser with cocoa or shea butter or something right after youve showered and before youve dried off properly is a good idea, then let yourself air dry and towel off after. face wise i dunno, most facial moisturisers are stupid expensive so i just grab nivea stuff.





My body is white but for some reason my buttocks are much darker, how can i solve this? pls help



between the cheeks or on the cheeks themselves?



the cheeks themselves



not a clue then tbh fam. certain creams and soaps can lighten skin like kojic acid based ones, but they might not work.


where the fuck do I find good porn, everything on tube sites is garbage and tumblr is dead



twitter or /b/, pick your poison



you are so beautiful aaaa


Best way to remove hair? Should I use different methods for different areas?

I get hair on chest, abdomen, legs, forearms, shoulders and on my buttcheeks and around my taint and butthole. And of course hair on my benis.


Dumb question:

Say you got a fairly masculine face, frame (i.e. broad shoulders), and are already way past puberty – early 20s – should you kiss all hope of being 'cute' goodbye? Or are they various things you can do, short of hormones that is, to get some sort of desirable shape?

(i.e. mainly a thicker, rounder, more bubbly ass. Or would that look weird on a guy with a more masculine frame?)


What are your experiences with IPL depilation machines?

Specifically the ones that you use at home.

I'm doing some depilation at a center, but the staff is all woman and she doesn't enjoy watching a homo's ass for a job, so I thought I'd try the other option.



depends on what you want really. do you need to be baby smooth? if so, youll either pay a premium for good waxing or epilation (which are painful), or if not you can shave and risk ingrown hairs, or nair and get better results but worse ingrown hairs, or trim with a trimmer and just be sorta smooth.


is being a twunk not what you want? because if youve masc features thats more or less the optimal youth look


home IPL aint as good as professionally done stuff iirc



Apparently it takes more sessions more often, but the results are similar.

Anyway I wanted to know the board's opinion




>Laser: extremely expensive scam with predatory and dishonest marketing techniques. somewhat painful

>Electrolysis: FUCKTARDEDLY EXPENSIVE scam with highly manipulative and dishonest marketing techniques. EXTREMELY painful

>shaving: cheap, huge amounts of work. causes enough irritation that you grow back before your skin recovers anyway, and high risk of insane painful itching all over.

>hand held epilator machine, expensive one time investment, like waxing, but slower and therefor more painful because it's not all at once, but with the amount of inconvenience of shaving because of doing a lot of work. misses a lot of hairs or breaks them instead of pulling them out.

>Nair or similar products: unhealthy horrible shit that will give you chemical burns and not really help you in any way.

>Waxing: expensive unless you know a fairly priced place, and they do exist, but you have to tip 10% at least if they do a good job. 20% if they do an insanely good job. very difficult to find a place that does guys. even more difficult to find one that gives guys a fair price. Helps to be cute, because they don't like creeps, and they get a lot of them. Waxing goes from not painful at all, to extremely painful for a very short amount of time depending on the place on the body. regrowth speed depends on your DNA background. Best method for your money as long as you're not going to a scam place. It's the only method that actually removes hair and leaves you smooth and clean for a while, somewhere from 4 days to a month depending on your regrowth speed, but even then you have a while before you get too fuzzy again. All other hair removal type places always tell you "If you walk out I can't give you this great deal anymore!" and try to get you to sign horrible wallet bank account rape contracts. They also refuse to make promises that anything they do will remain permanent, because they are a bunch of liars and they want to scam you for all your money. They will never make promises to keep treating you if you regrow hair.

Waxing, as long as it is a good place is the only thing that I felt was not a scam because they only do what they promise for a set amount and no contracts, and nothing more nothing less. You get exactly what you pay for.



Someone please screencap and save this for other people who need help in the future. I'm not typing it out again. Hope it helps.



lazer electro are a scam.



stop using aluminum based deodorant



Wax is the only non scam.



>lazer electro are a scam.

i know people whove done laser who say otherwise


File: ee4f887966f03cd⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, IMG_20190626_162651287.jpg)

Is my face ugly? I genuinely have like autofacial blindness and don't know if I ever look good or not.



i mean, a little in some ways. most of how you look depends on what you do with what youve got tho. a good haircut, the right clothes, maybe the right products if youre so inclined. they can all work wonders in terms of cute factor.



>i mean, a little in some ways.

can you specify?



nose and chin a little i suppose, cant really explain it well. lighting might also be hurting you i think.



My nose and chin? Are you sure you're not just noticing my masculine features and are used to people covering up their face with a mask? lol



I'm sorry fam, but the other anon is just being honest.

Don't put yourself out there if you're not willing to swallow the truth.



what >>411016 said. weve all got our flaws, but the only way to get around them is to know them and make the best of things. i look like a fucking lemon half the time in photos tbh and my foreheads too big. i dont think its just masculine features, its just not particularly pretty ones.




What truth? You didn't even say anything other than "nose and chin." What about my nose and chin?

Fucking Chile, lol.



chill, anon. its the shape of them. maybe masculine is the right term, i dunno. to me the shape looks off, less than ideal for a feminine look. not to say all of us have perfect faces either but theres a reason so many people wear masks and shit.


File: 6d8040f04304ce9⋯.png (63.6 KB, 657x527, 657:527, mfw2.png)


I think you're cute anon.



theyre not uncute, but thats not the question they asked.



> less than ideal for a feminine look

I'm not trying to look feminine, I'm a guy.

>theres a reason so many people wear masks and shit.

Because of autists like you that think masculine features are ugly :/


hey thanks :)



No problem!

You have very gentle looking eyes, that faint smile gives me shy yet cute vibes. Plus that's a top qt hairstyle and it looks very soft from that pic.

Tl;dr Your face ain't ugly <3



>I'm not trying to look feminine

you sure about that, anon?

>Because of autists like you that think masculine features are ugly

fam i didnt say you arent cute, i just said those seem to me to be imperfect in a way that i dont think is just masculine unless your hair is hiding the worlds most aesthetic jawline. you dont need to be a 10/10 to be cute, and imperfections dont make someone genuinely ugly. dont misinterpret this as me trying to put you down or anything, you asked for an honest assessment and i gave you one.



>you sure about that, anon?

I'm positive? I'm not a girl and I'm not a tranny.



well in that case you look hella girly for someone who isnt either of those things. a lot girlier than i do. that said i stick by those being imperfections, not merely masculine features. bf says its mostly in the nose, but that youre still pretty cute all in all.


i wanna bleach me bum hole

wat do

this is new territory



> hella girly for someone who isnt either of those things.

I believe its referred to as being androgynous. I have pretty broad shoulders and am 6 feet tall, the only people who mistake me for a girl are children, and even then its usually only when I have a hat + pony tail

My imperfections you're pointing out don't do anything for me either. At this point I just feel like I have a nice haircut (no wonder, I spend like 150~ a month on my hair) with a disgusting face. I want to fix my face.



good luck ever getting a response


i once got confused for a girl by an old man. mind, i was in a wool coat and has near ass length hair at the time.

best you can do is take good care of your skin and shit, but if youre dropping that much money on your hair i doubt youre not already doing that. roll of the die at the end of the day, you look plenty cute as is but i know what its like to want to improve on things so i cant really say much to that.



you just gave me one

i can die happy now




some people say kojic acid works, but my bars of kojic acid soap dont do shit



I'll fuck your shit up anytime, feo y la conchatumare <3

You're nose and chin are not aesthetic. That's it. However the other anon assesment is way more accurate.


File: 2d1d4f31185e053⋯.jpg (36.28 KB, 680x684, 170:171, abstractfeel.jpg)

>tfw don't know whether to go cuteboi mode and shave/lose a little weight or lift weights and go /fit/mode to be a handsome man

Also, what's the best place to get honest advice for how you look and how to improve? Some plebbit forum? /soc/?/ here?



Well there is a /fit/ board if you decide to go that route.

Main thing to be aware of is that cuteboi mode is more temporary than being handsome. Although less people want to fuck you if you aren't a feminine male. My personal suggestion is it go with being /fit/. Even if you never get a bf like the rest of us you'll still have a nice body to be proud of and be in good health.

Take this all with a bit of salt, I'm not you nor do I know your situation well enough.


File: 71709d616bf2256⋯.gif (2.6 MB, 388x424, 97:106, 211318201.gif)


why not both?



I think going cuteboi is pretty great if you can. Its mostly about working on your femine beauty. You probably don't need to be very fit if your body figure is good enough by default. But like >>411318 mentioned, you can hardly go wrong with getting fit.

Though, obviously, if you grow too much mass and muscles then its not gonna be very beautiful, cute or femine.

Lastly, I disagree that if you aren't cute or femine, you are gonna have a hard time dating/sexing cuteboys. Maybe most of them prefer boys with similar looks but others, like me, prefer more masculine looks.


File: 5732475fbb46ebb⋯.jpg (63.75 KB, 480x720, 2:3, 5732475fbb46ebbefbf6a81efe….jpg)


>Though, obviously, if you grow too much mass and muscles then its not gonna be very beautiful, cute or femine.

imo its more about where you grow it. if you get an athletic physique and maintain a lean body you can still look plenty femme.

>Maybe most of them prefer boys with similar looks but others, like me, prefer more masculine looks.

i think its actually probably the reverse given what ive seen, though a lot of cuteboys are also somewhat shallow when it comes to choosing their partners, and oddly entitled at times.



>imo its more about where you grow it. if you get an athletic physique and maintain a lean body you can still look plenty femme.

Yeeah, you said it better, I agree.

Where do you find these pics, by the way? They look great.



its a chilean boi who posts here once in a blue moon then gets shy and delets them


File: f5d1499954652d6⋯.png (570.29 KB, 724x964, 181:241, Untitled.png)


Are my shoulders too broad to be qt?



qt in what sense?



qt qt femboy



I don't think so. You have some nice curves too.



nah, you dont get those kind of shoulders unless you work a physical job or lift a lot of weights.




shoulders too broad to be femme enough for femboy, that is


File: 1a84e5de251f442⋯.jpg (475.23 KB, 840x1100, 42:55, 48e11588d2fcc3136a573c2922….jpg)

File: 33dde4738ca1474⋯.png (548.04 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 75eb7732faed3569fd2f492d04….png)

File: e5ad4967909adb9⋯.png (711.19 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 400e38a3243a2f82d1137eb426….png)

File: 09142a78659d89c⋯.png (578.59 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 41961b27a40363c6809f306cd1….png)

File: b134ae16623d463⋯.png (651.48 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, dee11591fed4e988e53e3077a6….png)


File: 480353b8807eeaf⋯.png (102.36 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 1463705859677.png)

I need help deciding whether or not to get laser hair removal, I would love to never have to shave/wax again, but at the same time I'm wondering if I may regret it 10 years down the line


File: 1b8238c685f4da2⋯.png (96.83 KB, 265x284, 265:284, image.png)

Does this thing work?



kind of?

Not as well as you might think



i just recently grabbed an epilator on sale, a braun silk-epil 9000 series model with 5 heads i think? theyre good, but my experience has been mixed.

first, they take multiple passes to get all the hair. second, your first few strokes will hurt like hell even with a trimmed body. third, expect variable pain levels, my lower legs and my crotch are fine, but my upper legs, torso, and genitals hurt like shit. fourth, these results cant be beat by anything short of wax or laser. rare is it ive ever been this fucking smooth, and ive got way less irritation than any other hair removal method other than a body trimmer.




also, i got mine on sale for the same price as a 5000 series model, but if you can only grab the 5000 one i hear its good too.



I bought one of those. I tried epilating my entire body with it. I used it for TWO HOURS just on the tops of my thighs. It hurt, left a lot of red bumps that took weeks to heal, and didn't even remove half the hair.

I've learned that it's only useful for small areas, and to apply menthol and baby powder on those areas before using it. I don't know if anyone have ever been able to completely replace shaving/waxing/Nair with an epilator, but I certainly haven't been able to.




Well.. Can't decide if I buy it or not, i just want something that will not give me red marks and folliculitis, especially on my ass.



My brother says his works, but I found it easier to take a cold shower, dry off, apply nair with rubber gloves, let it sit for about 6 minutes, take another cold shower with no soap, air dry, and then spraying on some lotion I made from mixing menthol, witch hazel, coconut oil, and mineral oil in a spray bottle since regular premade lotion made my skin inflamed.

It might be worth a try though. Your skin and hair may be different from mine.


I remember seeing a greentext or story here about a guy coming to see an autistic cuteboy at his decrepit house. I think it was split into 3 parts with 3 different images. Anyone remember what I'm talking about?




I do all of this except the weight loss part. I'm at a good weight and have a fast metabolism still at 24. I'm slightly underweight tho. All I want is a bigger butt and abs. Should I diet for the defined abs or add weights?


File: f8fc6aa92ba1bc0⋯.jpg (23.01 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, Laisser-sa-brosse-a-dents_….jpg)

I'm thinking of buying a tooth brush to dildo myself, anyone know if this is really a good idea?


How can I get rid of facial hair? I hate it so much, I try to shave but it grows back too quickly but too short so it's almost impossible to shave off the next day (stubborn stubble)

plus my hair is black and skin is white so it's very visible and gross



You can shave against the grain for smoother results, and that should help with the small stuff but it can irritate your face real bad. You could also try a depilatory (my personal favorite) or an epilator, although I personally fucking hate epilators



Not the bristle part right? If you keep it clean and don't try to jam it all the way in, you should be fine.

You could try a hairbrush too.



Yeah only the hande of course x:

And i'll keep in mind the hairbrush thanks <3

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