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File: 4fa87e4bb1ffe9f⋯.png (471.8 KB, 795x1100, 159:220, Sweat.png)


Here we can try this since we have lots of these kinds of threads all the time.

If you need help becoming cute in any sorta way, you can ask questions in this thread and our resident qts will help you out probably.


Where do you cuteboys go to find men who are into fucking young androgynous boys but aren't 50 year old hairy rapists?


is keto good for reducing bodyfat? im' already really skinny but i'd like to get leaner while still gaining some muscle


scruff has pretty good search filters. there are still some of those dudes but also a lot of normal fags too ime



if you want a fuck, nowhere.

if you want someone worth a damn to love, anywhere you can find such a person.


As an aspiring cuteboy with tons of body hair (especially the legs), what can I do to improve the situation? I've got dark hair and pale skin so it really shows when I try shaving :(



>dark hair and pale skin

You are literally tailor made for laser/IPL. A good home kit will cost you around 400 bux, take a couple to several months to have really noticable effects, but damn if it wont be worth it all in the end.



Thanks a lot for the rec. Are there any noticeable differences between a decent home kit and professional treatment asides from the price?



If you can get it over there, I'd try a depilatory like Magic Shaving Powder before you do anything else simply because of the price, unless you want to go get waxed which I haven't tried yet but have heard works well for most people. It's relatively cheap compared to most other stuff out there and although the hair will obviously grow back at some point, it took a couple months for mine to fully come back in, and that's coming from someone with dark, curly-as-fuck hair everywhere, just about the worst kind for shaving. Try to get the 12-pack of the fragrant stuff (https://www.amazon.com/Magic-Shaving-Powder-Gold-Fragrant/dp/B00DYXW01W/ref=sr_1_4_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1543453428&sr=1-4&keywords=magic+shaving+powder+12+pack) so you get your money's worth out of it. Here's a nice guide posted by someone from this board on how to use it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YNGUSH6zutTcv_osPURNvH8K19mXiX730Y-JeDRMNbI/edit?pref=2&pli=1. As the guide says, make sure you test out a small amount of it somewhere on your body that'll be well hidden to start with jic you have a bad reaction to it, God forbid. Unfortunately, unless you have a BF or someone willing to help you with your back, you'll probably have to get that waxed since it'll be damn near impossible to use the powder there and get the hair off of it, but for everywhere else, you should be good. Just make DAMN sure you don't put it anywhere you still want to keep hair (e.g. your head) because it WILL take it off.



Thanks a lot fr, literally have not heard of this powder before so I'll be sure to check it out. Cheers for helping a fellow cuteboy out.



Of course, happy to help. :) Whatever you end up doing, I hope it works out for you.



I use this powder too in addition to home lasering. It works pretty darn well, but personally I don't wanna be buying this shit years and years down the road. I want something permanent, even if 40-50 yr old me will eventually regret it. And maybe its just me, but when I tried that powder on my face it got maybe half my facial hair and ignored the rest.


What are the half-face masks like >>387029 has on called and where can I get one?


anyone here able to offer any advice on anal bleaching?


Just wanting feedback on my new weight loss plan ^_^

I've decided to change my diet regarding foods that I eat at university to strictly apples and sunflower seeds.

Besides that I will be having one proper meal a day which is dinner but that's never to unhealthy because I'm vegetarian.

Also I will be biking to and from uni up to 5 days a week which I should be around 10 hours a week of biking through hilly areas.

The only consistent unhealthy thing I can think of consuming will be an energy drink every Tuesday when I have early morning class.

I'd be super keen for any feedback and suggestions on what else I should try :3 thx <3



the one thing i would be careful of is overstretching yourself. cycling can take a toll on you, i remember once nearly passing out crossing rail tracks when i was on a diet and daily cycling routine. should go without saying ofc, but eat plenty of water, and maybe a banana before you set off.



my main issue is that I'm a retard who's super picky with food

the only fruit I eat includes green apples, purple grapes, watermelon and blueberries

I'm fine with all vegetables though (except tomato)

idk why, I'm just really grossed out by a lot of squishy foods which at least also includes candy

but yea, that's why I went for sunflower seeds, they're cheaper than nuts and are dry

also before I go anywhere I make sure I have a full water bottle ^_^



cool, just be careful with any high intensity cardio on a diet. if you feel yourself getting light headed its time to pull over to somewhere safe for a minute or two.



search for dust mask on aliexpress



or anime mask on wish


File: f47bd0225dc62e3⋯.jpg (487.94 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 39f3f292-c970-4c39-99fb-b8….jpg)


had to do a deep scroll through my tumblr to find the pic of mine from wish lol

sadly I left it at my grandparents holiday home after snowboarding ;-;


File: 9121ac90251d43c⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2448x2448, 1:1, 20181205_134843.jpg)

I've had what I'd describe as chicken skin on my neck for my entire life. And I'm sick of this shit.

Anyone have any tips on how to get rid of this? The best idea I have is a chemical peel, which is very extreme.


File: 8b45ca1a1cd207f⋯.jpg (21.68 KB, 400x400, 1:1, comb.jpg)

I managed to grow out my hair decently but every time I get out of shower, I see that I left some substantial amount of hair in the bathtub.

Does anyone here some tips to prevent this? Or some directions where I can find info on this? Ideally something I could do in secret?



Doesn't seem like too big of a flaw to me. Maybe you could try and accept everyone has some flaws. Be glad this one is so minor.



welcome to long hair woes. youre gonna lose what seems like a lot of hair, but thats only because the hairs are larger than normal.


File: c3dcc2c61463053⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2448x2448, 1:1, 20181205_150206.jpg)


It's a lot more apparent in person, and under normal lights.

I should have taken that into consideration.


File: b63719edd224212⋯.jpg (54.39 KB, 811x1080, 811:1080, leftarm.jpg)

File: 2c5fe2d7a1aea84⋯.jpg (56.11 KB, 811x1080, 811:1080, rightarm.jpg)



It's probably something like keratosis pilaris, which I'm pretty sure is what I've had on both my upper arms for as long as I can remember (pic related, sorry if lighting makes it hard to see). Apparently, moisturizers and prescription creams can help with it a bit so you can try that to see if it cuts down on it any. I've also started using a separate hand towel to dry off my face after I shower and taking cold showers instead of hot ones like I used to since both things are supposed to be better for your skin as well as your overall health, so you could look into those as well. I'm the same anon who posted this >>397784 btw so that's been a recent issue for me too and is mainly why I haven't posted any pics of myself on this site so far, so you're certainly not alone in feeling self-conscious. I've never had clear, perfect skin at any given time in my life simply because of genetics and I probably never will so I've just accepted that fact and am trying to deal with it as best as I can, but I still can't help but feel a little jealous of most of the anons who post themselves here sometimes and how perfect they look.



apparently it's regular for long haired mother fuckers (including wamen) to drop off around 50 hairs a day)



I was really hoping you wouldn't say KP.

I have it on my arms and my legs. nothing works. strange it doesn't have the red bumps that are typical with it though.

oh well… I'll just treat my legs like I do my arms and legs. thank you



Yeah, sorry. :( I'm not a doctor so that's just a guess but that's what it seems like to me.



nah dude. it's cool lol <3

don't be so hard on yourself, you're just giving your best advice given the situation.



Thank you, that's reassuring. : )

I guess I should try and be gentler when drying off my hair too..


File: 923b611489c5b70⋯.jpg (347.28 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, IMG_20181203_020637.jpg)

File: cf3a996e3a06498⋯.jpg (389.95 KB, 1536x1920, 4:5, IMG_20181205_002856_799.jpg)


also it might be good to find something that works well for your hair

I personally I only use conditioner when I wash my hair.

I probably shampoo once a month.

also after I shower I wrap a towel round my hair till the towel is soaked, then I spray heat protection spray in my hair and wrap it again till it's mostly dry

then I throw in some leave in conditioner before I go to sleep

the spray is just because I straighten my hair

but my hairs not that long and is trash anyway (added some random pics, it's barely past my face lol)



Thanks anon, I appreciate that



Thanks for advice but I only have shampoo and shower gel. I am in the closet so I cant justify buying hair conditioner. Also, my hair gets oily often so I shower like every second or third day and almost always use shampoo. My sister is often trying to butt in to how I care about my visage and I dont like her ideas. Its bothersome a lot but I try to hold onto my own.

Also your hair looks pretty good, I dont have it so long. Don't know if I will, before I move out of parents house.



heck I didn't know that in some places using hair conditioner was considered gay



I am not sure myself but I assume I would get supicious since I live in central Europe, in state which largely disagrees with gay marriage and in conservative, Christian family…

It sucks.



that's gay :/ people are pretty chill with it here

but even then, like everyone I know uses hair conditioner



I believe you. But for the most of my life I didnt care about my visage. That changed once I got into long distance relationship..

But I doubt I can start using conditioner without getting rather suspicious for me.

I already raise suspicions of me by maintaining longer hair than usual. :/

All of my family is dumb in this sense, saying how they dislike my hairstyle. But my liking is more important.



I guess I kinda get that

my fam always made fun of me for having long hair/caring about my appearance till I came out as gay

like, if people think you're straight but you do anything remotely feminine they get really weird about it

so it must be harder in a place less tolerant to gays ;-;


File: 58b309b9d8ba5d1⋯.jpg (2.88 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20181208_035752.jpg)


actually heck, that also gave me flashbacks

I went to a hard out catholic school

and because I was a bit girly guys used to pin me down and beat me up a lot

I eventually learned to like it

but then they started doing stuff like pushing lit matches into my arm

that was like 5 years ago but I still have the marks and it upsets me because I know they won't go away

and they just remind me about how much I was hated just for being me lol :/

but it eventually got better once I got out of that place



I feel ya. I had shit classmates too. But no marks from it, thankfully.


This doesn’t deserve its own thread so I hope it’s okay for me to post it here.

I was masturbating a few days ago, and I started off by just massaging my prostate through my perineum with my fingers. This alone felt quite nice, and I started fingering myself after about 5 minutes or so. I felt like I was hitting exactly the right spot to get an anal orgasm, but my wrist started to get tired of fingering myself. Instead, I was too horny to just stop, so I started working my dick until i was about one stroke away from cumming. Then I stopped touching my dick entirely and focused just on rubbing my prostate through my perineum. I think it worked, because 30 seconds after i let go of my dick, my entire body started trembling and convulsing with pleasure. Pretty soon I had covered my stomach with jizz.

Does this count as an anal orgasm? I’m definitely going to try again, but instead with a proper dildo. I might still edge myself, but i want to do it as little as possible.



I'd say so

also vibrators are better than dildos

or you can get a vibrating buttplug with bluetooth controls



Then post access info for the buttplug.

: )



I don't actually have one but I want one lol

It would be weird and cool if you could set it to vibrate on phone alerts



>get an amber alert

<Silver Chevy Volt involved in potential child abduction, please notify authorities if you see this vehicle


>cum everywhere

You guys don't get amber alerts, do you?

Also, I was thinking about buying this, since it's inexpensive and looks like fun


but right now i'm trying not to fap so I can be at maximum horny when I go for the anal orgasm later this week

As a rule of thumb, I don't shop horny or hungry.



tbh the only other time I've heard the term amber alert besides this comment was in the title of a brickleberry episode

I just assumed it meant "hot chick" or something lol


File: 9857a16eb3c17e1⋯.jpg (642.97 KB, 2592x1944, 4:3, PSX_20181210_135735.jpg)

my hair is becoming a fluffy mess and hard to manage, I'd usually cope by just wearing a beanie but it's summer and I'm dying

what should I do with it ;-;



one think that really help a lot it get a good hair cut, tell the stylist to cut your hair in layers, that way you will keep the length, but not the weight and therefore it will be less fluffy, other thing you can try it's using hair mousse after bath, but your head can get itchy it you use a lot and if you dont remove it after a while.



some products are kinda gay to use coz I straighten my hair

but I'll definitely go about getting it layered :3

I currently use heat protection spray and leave in conditioner tho



I am curious, is it worth using heat protection spray if one doesn't use ironing tool on hair?



I'm not too sure, it may be worth it if you have dry hair. but there's also leave in conditioner for that


Does anyone here have general advice for shaving your legs for beginners? My first time I was surprised with how smooth my thighs ended up being and then surprised again by the sheer agony caused by goosebumps! I'm going to try a slower shave this time and to try for a closer shave to see if that helps at all this time.

In return, I really recommend wet-shaving personally for my face; if I consistently shave my face tends to look much smoother and nicer. I use a double-razor but that part really isn't important, I think the soap you use has a much more noticeable impact. A few recommendations: Mike's Natural Soaps has some really nice bath soaps and shampoo bars as well as some good quality shaving soaps. Barrister and Mann is currently my favorite shaving soap producer. If you're just starting wet-shaving I recommend Taylor of Old Bond Street which you can just get on amazon or something for being cheap and just a decent starting point. You do need a shaving brush to use any of these though.

I'm very interested in soap so if you have any questions about soap, let me know.


File: 019f1529ad10fbf⋯.jpg (3.03 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20181211_114152.jpg)


you should get used to moisturising your legs after you shave

it helps add extra smoothness and reduces the hell out of bumps

I personally use shaving cream in the shower to do my legs, towel off then apply moisturizer asap



i have heard that coconut oil is a good option, but i dunno how good that is with shaving specifically. i turned to using a body groomer just to avoid having that issue altogether.



I'm pretty sure the moisturizer I use is coconut based but idk, I just follow my mums leg shaving routine

if I were to move to a more affordable situation I'd definitely be getting my legs waxed lol



you asked your mum how to shave your legs?

wax strips can be had cheap where i am from the likes of boyes, but im too plump to wax in some places.



yea, my mum buys me nail polish and girl clothes so it wasn't a big deal

and I was meaning going to a place that does the waxing for you coz I'd be too much of a bitch to do it myself




well i would probably need a hand if i wanted to wax my ass, but trimmers and razors do me fine for now



Thanks my dude, I'll try that tomorrow. First time I shaved my thighs they seemed just fine, but I should've realized that it's just like shaving your face and that the skin would be irritated without proper after care.

Are alcohol and other astringent products (witch hazel) any good for your legs or should I stick to something moisturizing?


This is more of a general question than a /cute/-specific one but what's the best way to douche yourself the day you're planning to get railed if you're a total virgin when it comes to bottoming like me? I've heard to not eat red meat or pepper but is there anything else to avoid, and how long before I get fucked should I plan on not eating it? I've also heard to eat a shitload of fiber either the day of or the day before but I'm not too sure about the specifics on it. My general plan as of right now is to use a water bulb and/or a Pure for Men pill to clean myself out with and then stretching my ass with lube on my fingers for a while (don't have a dildo unfortunately so I can't safely use anything bigger than them beforehand).



I personally haven't tried alcoholic stuff on my legs just moisturizer and I may have tried aftershave once or twice a few years ago

but from memory I think I tried alcohol on my face after shaving and it caused irritation/redness



use a carrot with a condom on it lol

as for diet, I'm a full vegetarian and it's typically fine so definitely try avoiding meat before hand



If alcohol is too harsh for your face you could try a alum block or witch hazel if you want to try an astringent. They hurt like hell wherever you have cuts on your face as they seal them for you and I like to use one in the summer especially. Some people can be allergic to alum and probably witch hazel too so be careful with either. I might try alum on my legs to experiment too!




long and short of it is eat light on that day and the day before. lots of vegetables is a good thing, i personally shoot for like half my plate to be non-starchy vegetables in my main meal.



some pornstars who do anal dont eat 12 hours before

you should douche before youre about to get pounded, douche until clear water comes out


File: 6610ed8aa00e364⋯.jpg (109.99 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, cute.jpg)

I wanna look like the boy on the left!


File: e9fec77eab053f8⋯.jpg (206.41 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, image.jpg)

Seeing bf for the first time in a while tomorrow, do I look cute or whack?



that shirt looks kinda out of place tbh, too plain for the cap. could just be the angle tho.



ye ok, might chuck a jacket over it or try something different. Thanks


File: b2ed41e72c78f2b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG_20181215_162428.jpg)

i have a really spotty fucking ass for some reason and nothing i do seems to solve it. ive stopped shaving and now i just trim but it seems like i still have issues with spots down there. anyone got any advice on how to deal with it? its kinda embarrassing tbqh.

also, ignore the fat pls, im working on that shit.



Sorry, I am not expert but maybe visit skin doctor? I mean, I know its embarassing but its not so bad. They deal with that kinda stuff.

Also, I think it looks pretty good aside the spots, not quite fat.



its about 24 lbs than it could be, but that wont last long.

dunno if i can do that on the NHS tbh.



What is NHS?



national health service, basically nationalised healthcare



I dunoo what you mean by that you dont know if you can do "that" in NHS.

But I think we can agree that the spots on your butt aren't what should be on healthy buttocks skin. You want to get healghy skin again so you should go to your health service.

Believe me, I speak from experience. I had far less rash on butt than you do. But one summer I neglected care for my buttocks skin and one of the pimples kept growing worse. I was ashamed to go to skin doctor with it. Until it was too late. I got really nasty pus in there and in the end had to undergo two small surgeries, wear some straw which drains puss and had to do some chamomile baths for butt.

As bad as it sounds, it got cleared up and healed relatively quickly and without scar.

So if you can, definitelly get a doctor on your case.



will do fam ill see to it when im free


Is there any actual way to get a bigger butt/glutes at home, or do i need to go to the gym to do squats and etc?





Thanks for the advice, anons. Followed fairly closely and I was perfectly clean by the time I got fucked, but I have to admit that even though it wasn't quite painful, it was definitely uncomfortable and weird. I tried to relax and enjoy it, I really did, but to be completely blunt, it just felt like I had to take a huge shit the whole time and I kept unintentionally pushing his cock out with my ass, even though it was for less than 10 minutes and he didn't even go at me that hard. There was no pain or anything like that afterward, thankfully, but I just can't get over how un-enjoyable it was for me and want it to be better next time. Did it feel that way because I didn't prep myself well enough beforehand due to being short on time or was it just because it was my first time? Do I need a dildo or a butt plug instead of just my fingers?



tbh the first time I experimented with anal it was weird and uncomfortable

but I eventually craved it again

after a week or so of practicing with objects it got a lot easier and way more enjoyable

if you can afford it, definitely get a vibrator and lube since the lube helps for easy access and a vibrator helps relax the area and feels nice af tbh



also I forgot to note

while I do reccomend using condoms during random hookups

from personal experience not using them feels 100× more comfortable for anal

idk why but when people use them it feels so cold




Ok, well that's good to know. I was almost afraid I was doing something wrong or something like that. I'll look into getting some kind of toy, then.

>while I do reccomend using condoms during random hookups

from personal experience not using them feels 100× more comfortable for anal

I've heard that before too so it must be true in general. I really do want to get barebacked at some point since it seems hotter than hell, especially when they finish inside, but yeah, I don't want to become a walking Petri dish so unless I know and trust the person from previous experience, I'll probably ask them to wear a condom.



yea so using a toy to get used to it is a definite good idea and condoms arw the way to go till you're with someone you trust ^_^

I'm at a point where my bf can just use saliva/bareback and it feels good



Great, thanks for the info then, anon :)



you look cute. would bang tenderly


I'm balding. Is there any hope?



back of head or receding hairline?



there are treatments that can stop it or slow it down considerably but make sure you get on them as soon as possible, you really have to catch it early





It’s a little late for that. Plus I don’t want to take any medication



Could get a transplant if you can afford it, other than that just hope that some of the new treatments getting developed that supposedly don't have the nasty side effects actually come out soon



youre fucked then. the only effective method of actually stopping it is basically hormone therapy according to my doctor. i looked into this shit when i got paranoid about my receding hairline. hair transplants exist but theyre pretty damn expensive, and just about the only actual solution to balding.

might be best to just roll with the punches on this one, anon. if your look depended on your hair, youll just have to find a new one.


So what's the best way to deal with pubes. I have no intentions of being a boi because im a straight fat hairy bloke. But would appreciate some tips on dealing with pubes, specifically on balls. I've tried scissors, I've tried electric trimmers, both ended with me getting cuts. I know I don't quite belong here but thought you guys might be able to help.


File: c61bcabe6ee28ad⋯.jpg (98.97 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, HPIM3027.JPG)


Honestly, I just use a standard razor for my nether regions (dick/balls, inner thighs, taint and asshole, specifically). I'd never use an electric razor down there because everything's too damn sensitive so you're a braver man than I am for attempting that. If you wet the area, use plenty of shaving cream, use a clean razor that isn't dull and go VERY slowly, you can do it without cutting yourself because I've done it countless times and have only cut myself down there once or twice and that was just because I was going a bit too fast. If you have them over there, try to get a Schick Hydro (pic related) or just some kind of water activated razors in general that easily glides across skin when wet. What I do with my balls when I go to shave them is lightly but firmly hold the scrotum, the skin beneath the testicles themselves, while very lightly shaving around my hand with surgeon-like precision. A word of warning: it WILL get a bit slippery with the shaving cream so just be aware of that and adjust your grip accordingly when you start. It's kind of hard for me to explain to you without you doing it yourself but once you try it like that, you'll see what I mean and get the hang of it. Hope that helps, anon.



Hey man I really appreciate the help. I've never used a wet shaver before, only ever electric razors. I'll try it out on my legs first to get the hang of it. I've heard you can use soap instead of shaving cream, is this legit or a recipe for a bad time? If I give it a try and it ends up alright maybe I'll even post a pic lol



Not him but regular soap is going to give you a bad time. I hear some people use conditioner but I like to use a shave soap with a shaving brush for everything.



I use a 5-blade razor. The 3-blade doesn't glide as smoothly.

Conditioner is my choice over shaving cream. Definitely don't use soap as it is not thick enough.

Every time I'm in the shower, my cock, balls, taint and asshole get shaved. After smearing around a squirt of conditioner, I'll grab my glans and hold it upright and lightly run the razor down the shaft and over my balls overlapping the strokes. Then I'll gently shave around my asshole using back to front strokes. Finally I'll shave my taint from back to front by grabbing my sack to kind of straighten it out to be on the same angle as my taint.

The shaft and front side of my balls get shaved while standing. For the rest I drop down onto the balls of my feet which tends to tighten up the rest of my nethers and allows me to spread my legs for easier access.

Gentle pressure on the skin as it nicks quickly. Firm pressure on the razor. I tend to hold the razor with a few fingers (like a tea cup) rather than with my whole hand (like a stein). Hope this helps.




Definitely appreciate the advice, thanks guys. Next time I'm shopping I'll pick up some razors




well it's a drawing



Would hold hands with


File: af50c554662101d⋯.png (15.11 KB, 666x108, 37:6, 8ebe3d705063952d841221eddd….png)

Anyone know if this stuff is safe to use as a lube? It's pretty slick.



>Would hold hands with

would nut in dat ass


File: 61fd9ae228a4c46⋯.jpg (206.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20190104_163649.jpg)

What are the best exercises for a better ass? I already do 70 squats every few days, but only picked that up recently. Are there any others I need to do, or do I just need to give the squats time to make any difference?



if you want a shapely ass you need to go heavy, not long.



Uuuh i think you might get a yeast infection if you do so.



aye, style your hair a bit though



yeah, if you know how to dress and groom yourself. go read the tuxbell wiki and hit up young stalin for good haircuts and some infographics.



>Do I have potential to be a cute?

do you like thick cocks in your ass?



File: 6c65d20b2edcaee⋯.jpg (163.6 KB, 700x730, 70:73, IMG_3181.JPG)




I used koji-san soap. Its a skin lightening soap that you leave on for a bit, how long depends on your skin but I did 5-10 mins a few times a week. It has helped a shitload and I'm almost cleared up now.

I also used vitamin e cream and a + d vitamin cream afterwards.



that brand, or any kojic acid soap? ill buy some for sure and give it a go

separate creams? how much do you pay for these?



The one I bought was koji-san. Separate creams can't remember the brands, just got them off amazon. Spent around 20-30 bucks overall.


Any advice on having bigger cumshots? I know some people think its cute having tiny loads but I get kinda embarrassed by mine.



i managed to get the vitamin E cream for £1 from boyes, but i guess ill have to go grab the others elsewhere.


fap less often and take the usual supplements for it, those being pygeum, saw palmetto, maybe soya lecithin too.




also, ive been told i can only get vitamin A + D cream from a pharmacy



Thanks. Where's you guy's prefered place to buy those btw? Amazon prices decent?


File: 69f458dc5190536⋯.jpg (87.46 KB, 724x345, 724:345, 1547091246657.jpg)


decent, you could also try any of these "herbal medicine" places. also someone posted this on /fit/ not long ago and i thought it would be relevant to you.


File: ff0162592e65cd9⋯.png (87.26 KB, 304x441, 304:441, 1439091714509.png)

Don't know if this has been asked yet, sorry in advance if it has, this thread is really long.

Where should I go about finding a girl who's into GFD/RR/MDlb relationships? I've tried FetLife and all the other BDSM dating sites as well as Tindr, but I can't seem to get any results after many months if trying.

Do you guys have any sites or groups that have given you results?



look for emo drug addicts in their early to mid 20s, those girls are mental (dated one before I knew I was gay, she kinda helped me figure out I was a homo)


My ass is all sorts of covered in stretch marks. Is there a filter or some way to conceal them in a photo without photoshop?


File: 50cfd2c29226f20⋯.gif (307.7 KB, 599x445, 599:445, 50cfd2c29226f2067cdfe9f8e8….gif)

Anyone got some advice for changing a bad personality?

I'm kind of an asshole against my own will, whenever I'm calm things are fine but I'm very prone to anxiety which with me tends to form as a mix of sadness and anger. Plus I'm not too hard to provoke on a select few topics even without that, so kind of a volatile person. I hate it, I hate hurting people and later end up hating myself even more for having lashed out or been depressing. I've been trying to keep myself on a tighter leash to prevent this and while it's worked for people trying to provoke me or around stuff I normally get riled up by anxiety still brings out my inner asshole.

It's just sort of reflexive and even if I try to stop I end up bouncing back and forth for way too long. Anyone got some advice for this? I don't want to be an asshole.



is this a speech or an action problem? speech can always be apologized for, but actions can be a lot harder to make good on.

this sounds like something you need to talk through with an actual therapist or something, if its induced by mental issues then i dont know if anything anyone can say here will help much.

if its just lashing out without that kind of influence though, what you need is self-control. youre hardly the first person to take an honest look at themselves and find their character wanting, but if you want to improve you need to take the mindset of being utterly ruthless with your judgement of yourself and commit yourself to never repeating past mistakes. walking away when you get angry is probably the easiest way of allowing your mind to take over emotional whim, and habituation is the key to any change in your passions.



also, hats off for actually being honest with yourself and trying to improve, its more than some people do



I feels, teach yourself more self-control. First try to recognize when you're being this way, just noticing it when it happens makes it easier to mentally reframe it. If you can notice it, you can start to take small corrective steps. The other day someone said something snappy to me, and I was able to catch myself and tell myself not to engage. It was a small token but it had a small effect. Remember that change is often a piecemeal process and it takes time and effort to actually get yourself where you want to be.



It is speech, I'm a pacifist so I'd never hurt anyone and otherwise the worst action I'd do to someone is avoid them. Not super great with apologizing since most of the time people either think it's insincere or get mad at me, I really don't know what to do when that happens.

I haven been diagnosed with some pretty severe anxiety before. I've gotten a lot better but whenever I'm forced into situations that set me off I go into that volatile mode for a good while after. Otherwise I think I got pretty good self control since I try to always be conscious of what I'm saying.

Think I'd come off as weird if I just went full recluse when I get set off just to be safe?


I know this much since I've been trying hard to not be an utter cunt. Weirdly I learned it helps to just imagine bullshit conversations with someone who makes me want to snap at them, you should try it too if thats a problem for you.



I didnt mean actual violence, but other cuntish things like revealing intimate details about people or anything of that sort of nature.

You cant help if people dont want to accept your apology, best you can do is offer it as sincerely as you can and explain it to them so they understand. As far as i can see thats the only way you can hope go be forgiven for your excesses there.

Its far better that you make yourself scarce and offer an honest explanation later than you do something you would later regret. Even if you have to lie, its better you do no action that you would dislike yourself for.


I'm in a real tough spot here… My boyfriend of 4 years left me a while back, and I'm just getting over it now.

Problem is a live in northern Idaho where gays are sparse, there is no night life, and I work late weekends anyways.

How do I find gay guys out in the wild? I'm so pent up I'm almost ready to ask every cute guy I find to jump into bed with me.

Is there some sort of tell that someone is gay? Like, clothing, jewelery, tattoos. That sort of thing.



grindr if you want hookups and are willing to tolerate grindr, else you best be prepared to simply find someone somewhere and deal with potentially having a bit of distance in your relationship.


Is there any real cure for having wide shoulders? I mean, it's not horrible but they kinda just stick out and it looks out of place



make your hips wide enough to match with some weight training.


anyone know if keto is good for getting that slim low-fat look



Sorry for the late reply but I've been doing 40 squats a night with 10 pounds, is that too little the change anything?



for optimal gain you want high weight low rep. for high weight though, you need to know how to squat properly, youll probably want to do it with an olympic bar on a rack, with someone experienced spotting you to make sure youre using proper form.



anything is good for that low fat look if you eat the right amounts of it. make sure your macros and your macros check out and alls good, but if you want to be low fat and good looking you really want a bit of muscle too.


Random question, is it possible to cum from fellatio?


What is the secret to a perfectly flat tummy? I know low body fat, good pelvic tilt and debloat diet, but what else can I do to become flat as a board?



1000 crunches a day



The one on the left is not a trap, just a faggot.



But that's the thing, won't gaining muscle make my stomach bigger by adding mass to the area?



do those and planks until you get a flat stomach but then stop so you don't get muscle definition


How do I make my voice lighter and smoother? I've got a kind of deep accented voice


File: d05dc52ec25170d⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG_20181216_154313.jpg)

Shit I'm so tired of constantly being alone or having to talk with mean people, so I'm gonna post my photo online, at last. I can be cute sometimes, I guess.

Why are there so much retards or slut normalfags on dating sites?



I also hope I'm not gonna be ostracized here in Russia (proxy flag) since my face is online. Well I was gay since early childhood, its either this or loneliness and suicide. Whatever, I don't have any nice citizen reputation to lose in the first place.



Oh well, I changed it to photo with covered face again. I'm fucking coward.


welp, disregard that

its hemorrhoids




F indeed



I think you're handsome.



Would date and would cuddle.



get the book Set Your Voice Free by Roger Love, easily learn to change your speaking voice to whatever you want and sound more attractive


I'm worried about my hairline receding or going bad. How do I check if I am? I noticed the top left of my hair line where my hair parts is kinda weird in the sense that a bit of the hair isnt connected to the rest of my hair so it's like it's own patch of hair. Is it just my hair parting? What does balding even look like?


I made a thread for this awhile ago but it's dead now and I don't want to make a new one, can anybody help me out here? I'll repost the thread I made word for word.

A lot of people have the problem of not being able to orgasm from anal, but how do the more sensitive of us build up stamina to stop ourselves from having an orgasm? I cum embarrassingly fast, less than 10 thrusts guaranteed. I want to be able to enjoy sex and not feel like a fleshlight after the first few seconds.

The only advice I got was "masturbate more before sex", but that's not very helpful if you want to enjoy sex as well.



just like, let him carry on


I get a little acne whenever I shave, more so on my genitals. Any remedy for this?



Exfoliate everyday



I already do that, I'm looking for ways I can last longer.



aloe vera post-shave balm


he cant make you cum a second time?


I've got what I think are called sebaceous cysts on my ballsack. Had them for years. Tiny white bums and this white stuff comes out when you squeeze them. They always come back.

Is there anything I can do?



See a doctor?



>he cant make you cum a second time?

No, my refractory period is a few hours. I've tried to build stamina by toying myself, but it's not the same as the real thing.



o o f

hows the post-orgasm dicking?



It's nice I suppose. I go soft pretty fast but the stimulation is still enjoyable.

I've tried riding him, I can last longer but unless he holds me up I always get weak towards orgasm end up either falling on him or falling backwards.


File: 829d4f94116f0f0⋯.jpg (133.66 KB, 1920x1067, 1920:1067, serveimage.jpg)

Is cute hairstyle on male who isn't trying to trap bad in professional environment?

I had what I think was cute hairstyle, simply lash touching bangs and hair on sides down past my ears. But my sister convinced me to cut it shorter and get some hairstyle made since I was about to have a job interview. Its not all that bad but I think maybe I would have been happier with my former hairstyle and hair length.

Ideally I would like to have hair just above my jaw or somewhat longer maybe.

Does anyone else here changer their hairstyle for work related stuff?



No dude those are Fordyce spots. Basically acne. Super tiny white bumps, chalky stuff comes out but they're a pain in the ass to see? If I can find a picture I'll show you, anon.

It's genetic, you can't get rid of it in entirety, but good hygiene and regular washing can reduce the amount by a (small) margin



you can get them removed by a doctor


anyone familiar with rosacea around here?

are there any exfoliators or bodywashes that are safe to use?


File: 6ac20a4ae192f7b⋯.jpg (603.45 KB, 945x646, 945:646, 24290942_p0.jpg)

What to do when you have an embarrassing fetish? I kind of want to watch my boyfriend doing lewd things to other boys.



>wanting to be a literal cuck



I can kinda get that. I'd personally like to be fucked by other boys but that's just because I'm polyamorous

Just get into a discussion about fetishes, start with simple stuff and see how deep you can go. If he/you gets to really crazy stuff, there's a good chance he'd be down to try new kinks.



dont let your employer dictate to you what you can look like outside of work, anon. get yourself a cute hairstyle, but if youre paranoid get one that you can also wear in a professional manner. dont be in the habit of tying your hair back though, thatll fuck your hairline right up and make you start balding prematurely.


consider joining in and having that third boy be basically a new cute toy for a bit? its what me and mine do.



What kind of work?

imo you just need a clear face during an interview.

At my old labor gig I just had out of the way but I had headgear so no big deal.



Got a lot of ideas but no motivation, looking to add on snap and get teased.



File: af5385283bd7e26⋯.gif (847.83 KB, 500x281, 500:281, tumblr_miuq5rSWcU1rvbjx3o2….gif)

Can anyone recommend some skin/personal care resources? I'm just getting into being cute/feminine and it shocks me to realize how much more work it takes than being a guy. I feel lost.



pls respond



Is it the milk?


Does anyone have a guide or anything on making good pictures?

I don't even dislike how I look but I think I'm doing something wrong when I look 10x better in the mirror.



Use face cleanser. Then a face scrub to exfoliate. Then moisturise. Once a week use a face mask if you want. Eye balm for puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Shampoo and conditioner should be seperate, not a 2-in-1, and ensure they are sulfate and paraben free. File your nails, don't clip them.


As >>402495 said, I need to work on my presentation. Are there easy guides to better photography, and do you have any personal tips for me?



I've shaved a lot of my body but still have a lot left to do. I am really looking for tips here.



I honestly envy you. Try drinking a bit beforehand, it makes me last a bit longer. Weed may also help mostly for you to enjoy the after-orgasm sex. Also adderall but that shit's poison so no no dont do that actually it's a terrible idea holy shit


File: 7b2c34d0c0fdb6c⋯.jpg (52.26 KB, 548x469, 548:469, meme.jpg)

Any advice for getting closer to someone to a guy who lives outside of my country?

I've been trying to keep some daily conversations, but he always kind of stagnates the conversations. I attempt to throw openers at him about his day/forms of media he enjoys/misc topics which are interesting enough. After answering the question he doesn't seem to really throw anything back at me that I can use to further then conversation. I have also tried watching some anime with him but after watching a few episodes with him in the evening he doesn't want to continue it. He just "doesn't feel up to watch it". I don't know what to do. I can understand what that feeling is like, if its connected to being depressed, but I don't know if its that and not him disliking me.

I've mentioned for us to be open and that if he doesn't want me bothering him to just tell me outright instead of us getting annoyed with each other. Me getting annoyed from his lack of attempts to further things to get to know each other and him getting annoyed from my constant attempts to get him to open up.

I'll keep it up until he lets me know for sure that he is uninterested or some other reason. Just kind of hard to do this relationship stuff as someone who has literally never had one before and is just KHV.


just started taking pyguem because leaking pre is cute. how long does it take before the effects kick in?


File: 2e08847cbcf2166⋯.jpg (9.01 KB, 284x284, 1:1, bdf425de0be517215474598797….jpg)

could someone recommend a good razor? im looking for something really delicate became im scared of getting a cut on my benis, preferably on the european amazon

thank you



Wax or use deeplitation chemicals like NAIR. Note: It is extremely painful to use on your junk, but that can be mitigated by taking a 3rd plateau level dose of DXM. (I would just trim if I were you because I can't stand itchiness).



do not ever use nair on your junk, youre essentially giving yourself a fucking chemical burn and youll be fuzzy by the time its all back to normal.

either get professionally waxed or get a good razor from wilkinson sword or the likes



Remember to drink lots of water when youre taking that. Not sure how long it will take before you get effects.


This may be a stupid question, but what exercises do you guys do for removing fat from your upper body



You can add muscle to specific places but you cannot remove fat from specific places. All that shit marketed for women that "burns belly fat" or whatever is a blatant lie. When you lose weight, fat will be burned off from all over your body at the same rate. If you want less fat on your upper body, anything you do will also remove it from your thighs and ass and etc.



k, killing myself then


File: 8730ea0ae1ebbfb⋯.gif (420.64 KB, 500x260, 25:13, broken_charmander.gif)



I'm thinking of giving up and just stop bothering him. While he does respond, its always me initiating the conversation.

I don't want to feel too pushy messaging him everyday how he is doing, and there isn't a lot of other stuff I can talk about because I don't want to come across as too intrusive by asking him personal questions. How do people do this, because I don't know.

Maybe I'm just wasting my time and being nothing but a bother… I've tried all that I know of but he always excuses himself from doing stuff together, like watching something or playing something. Then he talks about his day how he went out to dinner and watched a movie and I worry that he already has a bf or something I don't fucking know. I'm a bit paranoid and don't desire to come across as possessive by asking him who he was with. Maybe he wants that kind of thing though. Fuck.

I'm just going to be forever alone with these kinds of results



So I need to lose a little weight, not much, but whenever I try I end up falling into dangerous habits like eating very little and vomiting after every meal. I always snap myself out of it but I still need to lose that weight. Any advice?

I only want to lose about half a stone/ 7 pounds



that is fuck all m8, just run a month of eating 500 kcal max meals and no snacks and youll be there. Alternatively eat one big meal and a couple healthy low kcal snacks a day like i did.



Eat differently and more healthily, but still fill your hunger. Also work out, cycling and jogging is great. Then give it time and you will eventually see resulsts :3




Meant to reply to this, sorry




lots of times, being comical or even a little over-the-top can lead the way to breaking some deeper ice

sounds like a fortune cookie but that's my snippet for today


Aspiring cuteboy but I have hair EVERYWHERE.

Legs, arms, feet, toes, lower back, shoulders, stomach, hands, balls, butt… None of it is especially thick, but all I can do right now is upkeep key areas. What's a realistic solution if I want to go bare in the future?






If I wanted to destroy my body for looks I'd take HRT


How do I stop my face from being red as hell? And how do I stop it from having dead skin flakes all over in the morning? I'm looking at 101 stuff, could it just be that I'm taking hot showers every day and sleeping on my tummy with my face often in my pillow?


File: b3431c02f294937⋯.jpg (1.98 MB, 4656x2218, 2328:1109, 0304191841.jpg)

File: 85ba2b5d173a664⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 4656x2218, 2328:1109, 0304191841a.jpg)

Why do my legs look like this? I moisturize every day, and shave everyday because I'm blessed with genes of a Bigfoot.



not to necro, for mine (which is very similar to my fathers, both hairline and crown) i've used a 10mg/g hydrocortisone acetate cream, which you can get prescribed for random red marks & spots that "dont respond to blablaoverthecounterbla", and might just be OTC elsewhere idk, i've not seen major regrowth (but also not been very aggressive with it as it can thin the skin over time with constant use, why it's not prescribed for it i guess), but there is clear new follicles where there was once none, darkening up that area enough to be easily hidden which is good enough for me right now. It may work for you for actual regrowth if you stick to a routine. I've heard mixed responses and in some cases it seems like it wont work.


I know that this is probably a dumb question, but how does one do enema properly? I've got one of those bulb things, and did what I've read online about using it until the water runs clear, but I then start getting into it and… well, let's just say I'm airing the smell out of my room right now.


File: 4aa1033295e88ad⋯.gif (66.35 KB, 485x341, 485:341, uh.gif)


if you use too much water at once it can release some dirty stuff deep inside. only do this if you wanna like go rly deep yourself or something

otherwise just use a smaller amount, wash out and repeat

around 500ml is fine for mee!



Hmm, might be worth a shot. What are these hairs like?


Half a bulb at a time, deep cleansing is either an hour long ordeal or a waste of time. Clean butts, like abs, are made in the kitchen. The best prep is eating light with proper hydration on that day and the day before.



Wait, really? I've been using *way* too much then trying to get a deep clean. How long would I be good for if I did that?



Like, I like keeping a plug in for a good while, so I don't know how long it would last.



Deep cleans last longer but take an assload of time. Like i say, clean bottoms are mostly made in the kitchen.



Donkey kicks are the GOAT of ass exercise



they look harsh on the knees



>70 squats

that'll build endurance, not hypertrophy. glutes are sort of a weird compound muscle so you can't only do any one thing for them. it's hard to adequately train the lower body without adding weights to your routine. this anon has seen pretty good results and seems pretty knowledgeable all around.


otherwise doing things like hill sprints & biking on inclines are probably pretty good. but you also need to be sure to give yourself rest days, that's when you actually build muscle


File: 75f890d81b19eca⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 2400x3200, 3:4, skin thingy.jpg)

Photo taken a few days after the shave, so hair has started to grow back.

I got this thing in the perineum region. What is that? An ingrown hair of sorts? How do I get rid of it? Do I just scratch at it until I destroy it? I'd prefer to keep that area completely smooth…



Its just a skin tag. Tie floss around the base of the skin tag. After a few days it will fall off.


Which hair style is your favorite?

I was just wondering if I should let my hair grow out, but still I dont know what to do when it does, so Im asking you guys



long hair is cute, id recommend looking at your face and your favourite cuteboys to pick a cut, because long hair is made or broken by how its cut. failing that, theres 4chans /fa/.


How do I get thicc thigs and a plump butt? Help me /cb/


File: b1b1ea04282d63c⋯.png (302.3 KB, 506x562, 253:281, I just jerked off too much.png)

Generally, I am pretty thin, but how can I get a tummy like >>402878

I think I know the answer, cardio, exercise, cut the sugar, right...?

Main question I have though is how risky does anyone think getting a $50 hair-removal laser kit off of Aliexpress? $300-400 for a brand name one is probably impossible for me. I have light skin, dark hair so I am prime for it, right...? Have tried epilating, waxing, hair removal creams, but nothing gives better results than just shaving, which I dislike having to do every two days.


is anal bleaching safe if you have sensitive skin? i'm nor even supposed to use scrubs or exfoliators


working on the tummy right now too anon. assuming you're doing everything right on the exercise side of things, the biggest factor is diet. getting sub 10% bodyfat requires you to eat really clean, having a meal plan helps a lot too. i hope you like chicken


some people seem to do really well with intermittent fasting & keto. i haven't tried either of those yet though.



How about instead focusing on becoming awakened?


File: b4fcc3bded567e8⋯.png (7.39 KB, 443x376, 443:376, 1351450084868.png)

I'm really worried right now. Almost to the point of obsession, so I'm going to turn over to you guys for some help and maybe some assurance. I'll be sure to keep this brief.

A few days ago I decided to buy a comb for myself. I never really bother to comb or brush my hair since it usually comes naturally. I never found the need.

Anyways, when I combed the front side of my hair, I took a look at the comb and it had, like.. 5 or 6 hairs sticking to it. This happens every time I comb any side of my hair. Needless to say, this got me worried as heck, am I really experiencing hair loss this early?

I've looked it up online and apparently human hair can shed, so I'm hoping that's the case, especially since it's the season transition.

If it's not, though, then what in the world should I do? I've been told my whole life that due to genetics most men will experience hair loss. That's okay, I get that. But is there any sort of special shampoo or cream I should take to prolong this? I'm not even 20.

Sorry if this post is a bit disorganized, I'm just really worried that I decided to type whatever's on my mind. I hope for my own sake that I'm overreacting.


File: 0ec071821c6dfad⋯.jpeg (189.87 KB, 722x1280, 361:640, B94C3565-ACA1-45EB-9032-6….jpeg)

File: fed1950df0a7ed9⋯.jpeg (206.77 KB, 722x1280, 361:640, 1A66954A-EC87-460A-AD64-1….jpeg)

Chat to me if it suits your fancy; I’m new to the scene and will probably surprise you somehow, I want a friend like a pen pal or someone to talk to on a feminine level,



you talk like a fag and your shit is all retarded


File: 0d4ebff7ef5dd47⋯.png (348.67 KB, 360x640, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

I tried out some makeup recently. Thoughts on my first attempt at eyeliner + mascara?



Hey, ive been having this strong sexual urge to suck dick. I've never sucked dicl before

I know this is probably unrelated, but where can I go to get some easy dick to suck?


File: 267eaa5eb0a0ffa⋯.gif (3.08 MB, 445x250, 89:50, image.gif)



if you're serious go to a gay bar or use zeemaps or something there's literally a thread here for that

maybe those dumb discord servers but like i said they're dumb and are usually full of desperate attentionwhores who don't actually do anything

also craigslist if you want stds

i dunno that question was just funny to me



You are overreacting. 5 or 6 hairs is nothing and completely normal after brushing, especially if you've never brushed your hair before.


I'm an anal virgin, I wanna start getting fucked soon. I was thinking of buying some sort of toy (buttplug,dildo idk) to practice a bit. What should I be looking for?



something small, long, and varied in diameter for stretching with something other than fingers and exploring yourself in there, so you know what you can handle. a double ended dildo with 2 different sized ends. that would be your best bang for buck.

buttplugs are fairly cheap compared to dildos, though expect to pay for a good aneros.

always buy from a sex shop, either online or offline. cheap shit that isnt labelled for internal use is potentially dangerous so dont use it. never buy from china. dont underestimate the value you can get from a brick and mortar sex shop either, theyre generally rip off prices but if you hit a sale or a bargain bin up they might well beat internet prices by a significant margin.



Thank you


A really stupid specific request, Any average height boys have any recommendations for cute kneesocks/thigh Highs? I'm 5'9 ish and almost all the cute ones are a inch or two off.



read the dimensions on aliexpress, the higher the height the better. largely its a fuck about tho, most wont to high enough.

alternatively, you could consider buying western brand ones, google for lingerie stores in your area.


File: e6cd143bfe84bf2⋯.png (1.89 MB, 907x1290, 907:1290, ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone know how to make improvised cages and dildos/buttplugs with acceptable quality? (Meaning I don't get colon cancer or whatever the fuck.) I do not have a lot of privacy at home since you are in debt until your 60s around here if you want your own property and can't just order the real thing without having to fear that a relative of mine simply opens it or asks questions.



Packing stations. Other than that, a cage can be done with some strings.



Thanks for the strings tip, packing station won't help though. Still have to walk with the packages past some people I know. I'd still get asked questions since I never order anything online and rarely get packages



Order to package station. Go to package station with backpack. Put package in backpack. Open package at a private place, get rid of packaging material. Put toys in backpack, cover them up with something else.

As for the string bondage, be careful with it You wouldn't want the blood in your member to go septic, you really wouldn't want that . Done it a few times, and it's pretty good. If you do it right, impossible to get a hard on.



Do you not have sex shops in your area? I can't order stuff to my house either so I just but it in person, put it in my backpack and no one knows.



No, I'm living in a rural area and everyone knows each other, that's what I'm so fucking afraid of.

Takes just one person to see something and the entire region knows, which is also why the backpack idea from >>405191 isn't gonna work out. Walking in the post department with a backpack as someone who never does it and quickly storing a suspiciously unsuspicious package in it qualifies already as a gossip topic for some.



Then leave the rural area under false pretense…if people can smuggle drugs into Europe, you should be able to smuggle a fucking dildo/cage/whatever somehow. Just have to be creative.


Have you anons ever found a FWB or BF on a site other than /cb/? If so which? I've pretty much exhausted my options on here and wanna try other sites.



theres fetlife if youre kinky in any particular way, and grindr, if you really wanna put yourself through that. you could always try 4chan britfag threads, or any other thread there that takes your fancy if you wanna get chatty with people in trap or gfur or whatever threads.

i met my boyfriend on /b/ some 5 years ago now, met a fair few people on /b/ in fact. was a different time back then though, and i dont browse /b/ anymore for a whole host of reasons.


File: 5a93971a04c16d1⋯.jpg (49.33 KB, 500x666, 250:333, 1524779485850.jpg)

How can I get the kind of body slutelf has? I've lost fat and am now skinnyfat. I don't know what kind of exercise to do, or how much though. Anyone know a specific workout I can do which specifies sets and reps?



for slut elfs body id wager a low calorie intake and vigorous cardio and calisthenics are what you want




try intermittent fasting and look into leangains/ body recomp diet.


low bodyfat is all about eating the right things and doing it in a manner that doesn't make you so miserable that you give up after a few weeks.

keep track of what you eat and just generally try to cut out sugary drinks and beer as much as possible. vodka and whiskey are still ok

artificial sweeteners have been linked to increased abdominal fat storage so just avoid them entirely.

don't worry about doing too much exercise, even with heavy lifts the most you can gain is about 1-2 pounds of muscle per month. bodyweight programs are also good but they require more dedication imo & don't target the lower body as effectively as weights do. so you should consider some weight training b/c depending on your genetics, getting lean might make your butt smaller too ;_; unless you compensate by building muscle




I already do intermittent fasting.

I have a barbell. I have a total of 16kg of plates with it. And two dumbbells. Not a lot.

I am thinking couch to 5k for cardio.

Then lift weights with a three day split. So Monday is push day, Tuesday is pull, and Wednesday is squat, then repeat the next three days with Sunday being a rest day. I'm low calories and not enough protein to get big so it'd just fill my muscles out a bit more but not make me bigger than I want, correct?

Push day would be floor press (No bench), overhead press, tricep extensions with the dumbbells.

Pull would be deadlift and rows. Should I do pullups in addition?

Legs are just squats and calf raises.

Do crunches and planks every day except Sunday.

I've been doing this for a while except the couch to 5k, and I just wanted to make sure it's right. But then I thought maybe it should just be bodyweight. It's so confusing.


I want to have a nicer waist, I also quite like corsets, is there anything like a corset that wouldn't accentuate my bust? I don't really want to have boobs but I'd like to have something I can wear under my clothes that would pinch my waist and put more emphasis on my hips.


How can I obtain a better/more feminine waist-hip ratio? I'm not a rectangle but I'm not curvy either and I really want to be.


What are some exercises I can do at home with little to no equipment? All I own is some 2-5-10 pound weights, and a treadmill. I'd go to the gym but I live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere so the drive isn't worth the trouble.

Anything to tone myself, get a butt, whatever. Working on my diet too so that should help down the line.




reddit search bodyweight exercies


how do i get rid of chin fat

im not overweight at all, i just gathered it over the years i guess



glute exercises id think would be your best bet


thats not how it works fam, are you sure you havent put on fat at all?



Godly genetics help too

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