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File: dfb7193660bee58⋯.jpeg (17.88 KB, 237x304, 237:304, 6bbdc05a2db1f135dc7a6a4c3….jpeg)

File: c0c600e37da9efd⋯.jpeg (7.34 KB, 220x229, 220:229, 54c3a1f16cb207a0009b77f24….jpeg)


Is there a broad consensus on the board?

Which is better? Debate it here.

Poll: http://poal.me/zaktc7


>mutilated vs not mutilated

I think the answer is pretty obvious here fam


Who is restoring here? Ive been doing it for a year and 2 months. Working, but still slow. Still feel horrible when I look down.

I guarantee that anyone who advocates for that procedure on this board is trolling. I often make fun of leftists for the whole "trigger" culture, but this really fucks me up.

If this board is still active by the time I am finished I will post a bunch of pics.




If everyone on this board is against (((the procedure))), why is it still so popular in wider society?

Americanfags can you enlighten me as to why it still happens so often in your country? How do the parents justify it? Do they just not know?


Non-consensual life altering genital mutilation that in the west can create profit.

This shouldn't even be a question.


Mass media mind murder.



It really comes down to growing up in areas where everyone else is the same, so you dont ask any questions. I have brought this up to 3 people I considered close and open minded friends, but they brushed me off saying it was not a big deal. They have never known anyone who is natural and will not listen to others telling them of the benefits of staying that way.

Acknowledging that you have been wronged in such a serious way is hard for people. They will have to leave their delusions and come to the terms with the fact that they have lost nerve endings, function, looks, etc… Since I learned that this has happened to me, I have not been able to go even a single day without thinking about it. I think about it every time I go to the bathroom or interact with my penis in any way.

It might have been easier to just ignore the facts from the beginning and lock myself in with a group of like minded (((individuals))), but the truth would come for me eventually. I hope it will come to those friends of mine by the time they get to the point of having children. I will certainly be paying them a visit when the time comes to try to stop them.


File: 00de99cfbe26ed7⋯.gif (793.92 KB, 480x270, 16:9, kazuma thumbs up.gif)

>tfw american & uncut



There is no common education about what circumcision actually does. Kids in school in sex-ed are taught EQUALITY; they don't want to make half of the boys feel bad about themselves, so they claim that it's purely an aesthetic concern and that there is no difference. There's probably also some level of inside corruption controlling what is put in textbooks, as collagen cultured from discarded foreskins (I'm not making this up) for skin-care creams is a multi-million-dollar industry. Therefore, when the doctors tell new parents that it should also be done (which they will always do, as they get paid more if it's done) because of whatever farcical "medical reason", they will usually agree to it because they were never made aware there was a downside. As they think it makes no difference either way, many parents will put less thought into it than how they choose to trim the baby's hair.


Yeah, I was lucky enough to born to a first-generation European immigrant father. Trying to find a boyfriend my own age who also isn't is almost futile, though.


My parents made me do it when I was 17 years old. They were like, "doc says you have to do this surgery" and I believed them and the medical industry. Foolish I was. It was *entirely* my fault for being so stupid, I didn't quite have the capability to say "no" to my parents until my early adulthood (last 2-3 years).

Kinda regret it, but I avoid overthinking this subject as I would most certainly go insane.


uncut is best

much more fun to play with

that being said ive never "played" with a cut dick

i touched one once for like 2 sec and it was kinda ew

looked pretty fucking strange and was dry AND small

wasn't into it.

that being said some cut dicks still look fine BUT they gain nothing from being cut and would still be much better if they still had a foreskin



yeah, no thanks. I like my dick cut the way it is. I'm not delusional, perfectly happy without a coat.



Please do not cut babies up.



You can't know what it's like, so you can't be objective. If you were born without hands, how could you imagine how it might be to be able to pick something up?



>looked pretty fucking strange and was dry AND small

This guy is right, same experiences



What method are you using to restore




Pretty much this was my experience as well. Dry and small, and confusing. I didn't really know what to do with it, seemed kind of painful to try and masturbate it, I thought I'd chafe him. The concept of lube for masturbation never occurred to me. and I'M NOT FUCKING AUTISTIC, but I honestly had one of those low IQ brain-click moments where I realized what the fuck all those moments in fratboy movies where the guy has lotion next to his bed meant.

I feel very bad for the people who have been circumcised, and I've spent years actively campaigning to stop the practice, despite how much I make people cringe when I bring it up. It certainly is a sensitive topic to cutfags, so I don't dwell on it, unless they defend the practice.

As for >>322003 it has to do with the cyclical nature of child abuse, and the fact that parents are able to actively dissociate into psychopathic alters that lack empathy for the rights of a human being to maintain bodily integrity when it suits them or allows them to project onto another the pain that they endured as sort of transference. Much of the time, this is due to the father having been circumcised himself, and thus being traumatized enough to have a split ego that can be amnesiac of the actions of a psychopathic, rudimentary, stunted alter that was contained in the larger ego upon trauma as severe as circumcision. This alter can also emerge in war trance, and other psychological mass phenomena that sort of define the mind controlled nation of America. Our whole government actively promotes this garbage, and of course you have the hypnojew, ahem, tv reinforcing the programming. Vaccines and scary movies probably traumatize mothers so that they too have split egos. Or maybe they're just emotional and highly suggestible, to the point of groupthink despite obviously negative consequences (see: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment, etc.).


This is what sucks. I love you guys, but I really am turned off by cut dicks. Trying to find an uncut guy who isn't an arab is next to impossible in America, it seems. I'm not even in an area that's supposed to have a high rate of circumcision, and my anecdotal experience is limited, but everyone I know or have met is cut, save for one guy I was with, and he was raised by hippies and was also a ballet dancer.


File: ef63f69370e317a⋯.jpg (2.79 KB, 126x97, 126:97, 1363911732265.jpg)

>I'm cut, enjoy being cut, and like cut dicks better

Does this trigger you non Americans?



nobody's triggered but you, friend



Just about everything. TLCX, DTR, DTR Air, and Manual.


I don't give a flying fuck about cut vs uncut. Both dicks can be cute, and both can be very uncute. A cute cock is a cute cock, cut or uncut.



I like hearing cutfags defend their penis. I just think cutfags then going on to mutilate their infant babies is a form of pedophilia and sickening and I'll call people out on it without hesitation. I can't say that problem really exists on a board for faggots.


I'm cut and hate it, but I'm a bottom anyway. I've been lewd with two guys, one cut and one normal. They both happened to be pretty much the same size/girth and the normal dick was so much better in every way.



what made the normal one different? what felt different?



The natural lube probably makes the biggest difference, his dick feels moist and smooth all the time and I can just rub it without anything extra. Makes it taste and smell so much better too.

Cut dicks are dry and harder to play with. I usually use a vibrator on mine, but if I can't then I have to drench it in lube to actually feel anything and not chafe the skin.




>taste & smell

so is the "uncut is unhygeinic and smelly" meme for real?


It should be illegal to do it on newborns without a VALID medical reason. It shouldn't be allowed until the patient is old enough to give informed consent himself. IT'S LITERALLY CUTTING OFF A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF SOMEONE'S BODY AGAINST THEIR WILL. PARENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO DEFEND THEIR NEWBORNS, NOT HAND THEM OFF TO BE MUTILATED BY SOME JEW FUCK.


One day the reality that you've lost the majority of the feeling in your dick and will never know what it's like to have an actually working dick will hit you.



I wouldn't really recommend "restoring" because it's not the same thing as a real foerskin, and the foregen guys said they're not sure yet whether or not a restored foreskin would interfere with their procedure. I'm holding out for foregen myself.



It actually has a pleasurable taste and smell to it, doesn't seem dirty or anything. In the couple of times it's been in my mouth I've never encountered "dick cheese" or anything like that. I can't speak for my own, but the cut guy's dick just smelled/tasted like any regular skin.



Doesn't mean I couldn't be perfectly happy in my no hand state


not likely.


Not a bottom, so I couldn't tell you if it's better to get fucked by one or the other, but I think uncut penis are much better to play with.

Twirling your tongue under the foreskin to tease the glans and lick up the early precum when your partner is getting hard is one of the hottest thing I can think of, for example. And for just jerking him off, the foreskin makes it much easier: you don't have to worry about hurting him, the penis is much softer and "chubbier", and you can play with his foreskin while going up and down.

Only thing I dislike about foreskin is due to my own stupidity: because of constantly jerking off without lube from a pretty young age, I ended up actually "burning"/scarring a small part of it because of friction. I still have a discolored, slightly rougher, slightly more sensitive spot. Apparently it would heal with some cream and holding off masturbation or sex for some time, but I haven't been able to hold off long enough.


Uncut is the only correct answer, there is no legitimate reason why male mutilation should continue, kikes can just find a new source for their precious skin cream.

It should be outlawed and I don't care what your backwards faith, It's fucking ludicrous that women are protect but men don't have that right.



>not likely

Don't worry, I was once where you are now; I had also deluded myself into believing having a disfigured dick was okay. Reality will catch you.



Oh, it's perfectly fine to be "happy". In fact, I encourage it because it's not something that is likely to change in our lifetime. We all have difficulties with our bodies that we have to deal with. It could always be worse; after all, you still have a dick and can still play with it an have an orgasm.

Just so long as you don't go around with any delusions about being the same or better than uncut.





File: fc8fb7945a7a8b1⋯.jpeg (116.27 KB, 749x1024, 749:1024, image.jpeg)

Swedish and uncut myself. Dating a Canadian that's cut though. Maybe his dick is one of the odd ones out but it's a good size, pleasing to look at, and he's able to bring me to prostate orgasm with it regularly.

I can imagine how cut dicks would be worse in general though. My boyfriend has a ton of precum so natural lubrication has never been an issue with us, but I would probably not find it very fun either to go down on a dry cock. It doesn't look or feel good. I totally understand the sentiment another anon brought up in this thread too about the smell. Uncut dicks have this pleasant musk to them that cut dicks seem to have less of from my admittedly small pool of people that I have had the pleasure to experience.

Either way I don't care much whether someone is cut or uncut. I'm more concerned about the size, shape, and cleanliness of it. That being said I'm vehemently against continuing it as a cultural practice, and find it barbaric.



Christ this post ended up being a mess. I'm so sleepy.


File: 66f1890b329f366⋯.jpg (21.56 KB, 412x351, 412:351, 66f1890b329f366521dd8e4e0c….jpg)


>tfw dad was a son of an immigrant in America

>dad was uncut

>dad got so much anxiety from being uncut that he got all his sons circumsized because he didn't want them to feel weird

>mother has only ever had sex with my father, so she doesn't know what cut feels like

>decides to get her sons cut

>the only reason I have a cut penis is because of my dad's social anxiety

It hurts



Damn, if your lover can make you cum from butt then his dick must be big as hell.



Not necessarily. It might be but size isn't the biggest factor in if someone can get a prostate orgasm. A lot of it comes down to just the way the bottom is (some people get prostate orgasms significantly easier than others) and how the top uses his dick. A big dick doesn't necessarily hit the prostate better than an average one does afaik.

>tfw never been able to have a prostate orgasm.

I've got a pretty sensitive body and I've been super close so I know I can have them, but I guess I'm too much of a slave to my own pleasure because no matter how much I tell myself I'll try to get a handsfree orgasm I always end up fapping when I feel like I'm getting close.

Anyway, on-topic, to me it doesn't make a huge difference if a guy is cut or not. I'm uncut myself but I make sure to keep it all clean. I don't mind my bf being either way, but if he's uncut I'll expect him to make sure that he keeps things clean 'under the hood' as well. It's kinda gross when people don't.



It's like 6 inches long, and quite girthy. Plus having a prostate orgasm doesn't imply that you cum any sperm either. It usually just leaves my dick dripping so much from how good it feels that it leaves a huge puddle on my tummy afterwards.



How are you going to feel if foregen fails? If an investor hijacks the whole thing? You would have wasted several years waiting for nothing. What if they have to move the surgery date back? What if it takes 10 more years? Are you willing to keep waiting?

I am not going to put my faith in them to come out with this surgery in 4 years. It looks like the stars are aligning for them right now, but how many times have you seen perfect kickstarters fall apart? When they should have had every tool to succeed?

Being cut like this was not my desire, so I'm not mad at myself about it. If I wait for Foregen and it doesnt come to fruition, then I will hate myself. I dont care about the possible complications down the line; I cannot look at myself naked without getting upset. Additionally, I do not believe that there will be any interference. They just reopen the scar line and add skin there. I might have a lot of overhang…so what?


I wish i was uncut :(



Unless you have a specific fetish for abnormally big dicks (size queen), penis size does not have much to do with pleasure. That's just bullshit the porn industry is selling you. And that's coming from someone whose bf is very well endowed.

Pleasure is about pleasure (srsly), and a dick that is too small may not be enough, and one that is too big may end up just hurting you. I think we all have sizes that we prefer, I prefer thickness over length but that's just my opinion. Maybe you should find out yourself what makes your butt happy.


know the feel



Oh I've ( >>324252 ) had that before, but I thought prostate orgasm always referred to actually cumming like normally just from buttstuff. I know that that's a thing that can happen. I've been super close more than once, but so far no cigar for aforementioned reasons.



I mean it could be because I'm on hormones. But I get these crazy warm and tingly feelings that wash over me in waves when my prostate gets stimulated enough. Can often feel like 5+ minutes of orgasm like feelings.

That's what I'd refer to as a prostate orgasm at least. It sure as heck feels like one at the very least. I don't think ejaculating is a necessary part of it.


File: 4c0a5e30405a2dd⋯.jpg (196.44 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 4c0a5e30405a2dd58bb256a8de….jpg)


Well it hurts all the time and is seriously inconvenient so I'll have to say non-consensual genital mutilation sucks. This and hypocrisy = why Jews deserve hate.



The Jews only invented circumcision. The reason why it happened to you is CAPITALISM — that wonderful system we all worship, that can commodify anything, even mutilating babies.


File: d525415d88ee397⋯.jpg (62.6 KB, 500x667, 500:667, Deliciousness.jpg)

Have you ever seen the REALLY good looking uncuts, OP?! THEY MAKE ME WANT TO FUCKING EXPLODE!!! They're so smooth and pink and they make me think of the most succulent wad of bubble gum when I see them! I wish I didn't have parents ignorant of the consequences of circumcision. X~X



Honestly I think they're both fine, intactivists can be really annoying because they act like it's the end of the world, I am absolutely a proponent of it being done only once consent can be given or for urgent medical purposes (no B-BUT WHAT IF YOU GO TO BOTSWANA? YOU'LL HAVE A 0.2457% BETTER CHANCE OF NOT CONTRACTING HIV! is not an excuse), but circumcised or not dicks are still glorious.



/leftypol/, please go.


Cutting off the end of your dick is pretty crazy, but I don't mind the look of cut cocks. Too much foreskin can be a turn off, especially if it doesn't fully retract when erect.



Mate, that's a really mediocre uncut dick. Below-average, even.

If you think that's "deliciousness" then you really have some surprises waiting for you next time you see a really good uncut dick



This, tbh fams

I prefer uncut by a long stretch, but if your foreskin doesn't completely retract, get it trimmed at least

how are you meant to clean it properly otherwise?


Who cares? Cock.


but seriously as an ethical issue it's a fucking barbaric practice.


File: 152d8d43c83f3f5⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 2816x2112, 4:3, 1487055215912.jpg)



Yeah, there's nothing better than a uncut donger but that one's pretty mediocre.




So I suppose you wouldn't care if a guy had a dog cock or a teeny lion cock or a cock shaped like ones of those spiraling purple alien dildos?



Oh shit, random canadian anon reposting muh dick, that's flattering I guess. Thanks, sempai.



All dicks are cute. Cut guys can't help if they were circumcised at birth as much as uncut guys can't help having phimosis.

These threads are /b/ tier shit and need to be nuked.



>hey guys, look how retarded I am. u mad that I'm so retarded?



Eh, tbh, saying that "all dicks are cute" is special snowflake tier a la "all people are beautiful". We all know that it's not true, and that some people are just much better looking than others. There are gross cut dicks, there are gross uncut dicks, that's just a thing, Acknowledging that isn't the same as acknowledging whether one of those types is better.


no booly the american, he doesn't know any better, let him make peace



Abos get out



I sucked the uncut penis of a half asian and it was the most enjoyable dick sucking experience that I have had. It was perfectly clean and had no bad smell to it.

I swear, I got an erection just reminiscing about how nice it was to suck that cock, holy shit



(in the womb), if you know anything about anatomy, the penis and the vagina start out as the same thing and then develope one way or another.

the foreskin, is basically the clittoral hood and the head of the penis, is essentially the clittoris

(give or take some of the internal erectile tissue or "butterfly wings" on the inside of the sides of the vagina) but no matter what, both males and females have a "head" and then the rest of the organ's body.

>penis head (contains some erectile tissue)

>rest of the length. (erectile tissue)


>clittoris (contains some small erectile tissue)

>rest of the vagina (and butterfly wing shaped erectile tissue)

so there are foreskins, and clittoral hoods.

>which by the way are the thing that some women have removed because having too much clittoral hood makes it difficult to move it out of the way and reach the sensitive CLIT during sexual experiences

they don't remove the foreskin to reduce pleasure, they do it so that you can actually feel good. Imagine having a plastic bag over your penis constantly but you have to peel it back in order to pee, wash, or do a sexual activity. all it does is look bad and get in the way.



>they don't remove the foreskin to reduce pleasure, they do it so that you can actually feel good.

I actually respect the great lengths you have gone to delude yourself into believing your dick's mutilation was actually a good thing. Not even going to point out what you got wrong. I wish I could be this at peace with my mutilation.


>everyone's cute because ugly people didn't CHOOSE to be ugly

Dude fuck off to Tumblr with your dumbass hippy bullshit.



Have you ever actually watched a woman masturbate? Most don't even touch the clitoris much, as it's too sensitive. They sort of rub the skin around the area, which causes it to stimulate the clitoris indirectly. All the tissue in there area is highly erogenous, not just the clitoris. Oh sure, there are videos out there of women grinding on their clit like a mortar and pestle, but this is meaningless; there are also videos of women shoving nails into their cervix. Fact of the matter, most women masturbate in a manner much like intact men.

But while you're at it, go ahead and walk into the nearest feminist meeting and tell them that female circumcision is done to INCREASE a woman's pleasure. If you get out of there only having had the REST of your dried and shriveled up cock cut off, consider yourself lucky.


File: 0c307b464446d08⋯.jpg (75.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_20170217_101934.jpg)


I know a lot of guys here just want to be uncut so they can have cute, girly looking dicks. Though, as someone who has a steady relationship eland doesn't hook up with randies, I much prefer having a partner who doesn't require constant cleaning to get rid of smells before having some fun (whereas hook-ups can just be preceded by a shower). The additional skin certainly gets in the way, and the argument that it is something to 'play' with seems pretty subjective to taste, and I like to look at it more practically (though I will say I think it looks much, much better when it has been nicely circumcised, and removing the excess skin makes the head stand out much more prominently). Yeah, I know you're born with it and whatever, but I'm not in the business of fucking infants either so I don't care what they look like when they're born. A circumcised penis just signals "ready for sex" and an uncut one is just a normal cock covered in extra skin for me. It's not a deal breaker, there are weirder things than being uncircumcised, like some of the wicked curves and dimensions of cocks I've seen, and my boyfriend of many years is uncircumcised (I would admittedly like it if he had his done though), and it's just, there. I just take the same approach that women here have taken for decades–that the benefits outweigh any perceived negatives and very one should do it.



> I much prefer having a partner who doesn't require constant cleaning to get rid of smells before having some fun

I still don't know how this nonsense propegates or who really believes it, anyone who is uncut and showers once a day will have absolutely no issues with being unclean. If your experiences say otherwise, it has more to do with the hygine of the people you're hooking up with than anything else.

>I just take the same approach that women here have taken for decades–that the benefits outweigh any perceived negatives and very one should do it.

Except for the fact that there are few places that this perceived bias remains, with the US being one of the last bastions not to move away from circumcision like the rest of the developed world has

Anybody who says things about pros vs cons whilst supporting circumcision clearly bases their list of such on some very skewed facts, given that the only real justifiable pro for it is "everybody around me is mutilated, my dad is mutilated, therefore it is normal to me and I should also look this way". Case in point, if being cut was somehow superior, why would those of us who are uncut not weigh up the pros and cons and get it done? We have the option of choice, which frees us of bias, people who are a cut usually don't since they're forced to make the best of their situation and will never be intact again.



That picture hurts to look at. Why is he death-gripping his dick so hard? It looks like he's about to pop some blood vessels in that thing.


>and will never be intact again.

Fuck off, you don't know that.



Well, my experiences do in fact day otherwise; see: having an uncut boyfriend for many years. Of course he showers, sometimes I'd just like to do something before then, or a while after, can't always just shower first thing in the morning. I personally shower at the end of day because I work early in the morning and all. I guess it's a luxury having a circumcised cock provides. I'm sure it varies from person to person, but I'm not really concerned enough to examine every individual case. Similarly, I don't care what women in other cultures think, especially considering their insulation from cut cock. At least you can say the women here had the other type for ages and chose to switch and remain that way. I know actual rates of corcumcision are declining but that appears to mostly be due to non-whites overrunning our country, even niggers have begun to stop doing it. The vast majority of whites still keep themselves respectably groomed down there and that's how I like it.



>I know actual rates of corcumcision are declining but that appears to mostly be due to non-whites overrunning our country, even niggers have begun to stop doing it.

I mean, there goes any and all credibility you just had, basically.



>implying that /cuteboys/ isn't 90% /pol/acks.

I don't think I've said anything too disagreeable …



Yes, anon, blacks are the root cause of all of your issues, including your nations declining circumcision rates rather than it just being people wisening up to the fact that cutting off a functional body part with between 20,000 and 70,000 nerve endings for no other reason than "hao to wash dik?" is illogical

MAGA, lel



Blacks stole muh six gorillion nerves, yeah



Man, are you ever a fucking moron. The shit your boyfriend must put up with; this is the reason why "having a cut dick" is on my list of reasons I'll never date a guy. It's not because I particularly DISLIKE cut dicks, but because they so often get it into their heads that cut is actually better. It's absurd and borderline insanity. How would you feel if your boyfriend pressured you to have your ears cut off because he thought it looked better? Fucking hell. You don't deserve him. LITERALLY everything you said is simply your own subjective preferences, and yet you pass it off like it's rational while liking normal dicks is the subjective view.

Also, there is no way to have anal sex where it isn't preceded by a little bit of cleaning, anyway. You should just go and fuck women if your primary interest in sex is how fast you can get it whenever you want.



Well, half preference half what I think is just reason. You are right about anal, though I'm not inclined that way, personally. Anyway, I've never in the seven years I've known him said I prefer cut to uncut. I don't see an issue in talking about it here since this is a thread for opinions. Acting like I'm some terrible person to him who narrates him for his appearance and does not "deserve" him is awfully presumptuous. I've only even joked about once, at all, really. Meanwhile you're the one who says all cut guys are brainwashed or something and are not worth your time as a result. It speaks for itself.



You don't tell your boyfriend that you think his cock is inferior, you just think it and then talk about it behind his back. You sure have the moral high ground, there!

>you're the one who says all cut guys are brainwashed

You are. You literally are. There are ZERO other times when you'll get people as adamant about cutting off perfectly healthy tissue being "better". Is there a cult of people who claim cutting off pinky fingers makes the hand work better? No. Is there a group that believes slicing someone's lips off makes their mouth work better? No. If I told a doctor I was worried about the health of my child in the future and asked them to remove his appendix, or spleen, or tonsils, before they have a chance to get inflamed/infected/damaged, would they do it…? NO; THAT'S ILLEGAL BECAUSE YOU CAN'T REMOVE FUNCTIONING BODY PARTS WITHOUT A MEDICAL REASON! There is a whole movement of people up in arms about Latinos' practice of traditionally piercing the ears of infant girls. Oh, but sure… it's okay if we make an exception for just this one thing, right? Even if it violates every law and principal of modern medicine, it's still fine, right?

You know what you are? You're that guy who gets a fetish for limb amputation and really, really wants to get his arm or leg cut off. He thinks it'll be "better" somehow. Now, what happens to this guy? Does a doctor go ahead and cut it off? No…? Oh yeah, that's right, he gets sent out of the hospital and straight into psychiatric care because he obviously has a serious mental issue that needs to be corrected; it's obviously insane to want to cut off a perfectly normal and functioning limb for nothing other than appearances.

Oh, but stop right there; I already know what you're going to say. A whole arm is a long way away from a little bit of dick skin. Okay, fine. So, then, genius, where do we draw the line between insanity and rationality? Hm…? Is he in his right mind if he just wants to cut a finger off? What about a few tendons from the elbow? What about some of the flesh from the wrist? Would it be perfectly sane if he wanted to cut off just a little postage-stamp-sized bit of skin off the center of his palm?

While we're at it, what about teenagers who cut themselves? Is that sensible? Would you consider them to be in their right mind? Nah; but if the kid tells you he's doing it because he thinks making his arm look like a section of railroad track "looks better", that DEFINITELY fine. Nothing wrong with that kid's mental health, no sirree!



I don't blame you for what's wrong with your dick; I blame you for what's wrong with your mind. You were, for all intents and purposes, raped as a baby and I can't fault you for that. What I can, and will fault you for, is for somehow getting to adulthood believing because of this that raping other babies is okay. I'm pissed off at you and screaming at you right now because, if you ever have a son, you'll most likely have him circumcised, too. Even if you tell me right now that you won't, when the time comes and the doctor tells you to do it, you'll do it. Why? Because you're willfully, purposefully stupid.

This isn't an "opinion"; this is a goddamned humanitarian crisis, with the sanctity, health, and legal bodily rights of MILLIONS of babies yet to be born. This is a cycle of abuse we're trying desperately to put an end to. And for 50 fucking years, we've been fighting people like you.

Every single time we put out more evidence, you find a way to pretend as if it doesn't matter. You claim it's better, and we prove that's bullshit. You claim there are health benefits, and we prove that's bullshit. You claim it's for the benefit of society, and we prove that's bullshit. You claim it looks better, and we prove that's bullshit. You claim it doesn't matter either way, and we prove that's bullshit. You claim that we shouldn't make an issue about it because it hurts your feelings, and THE HELL WITH YOUR FEELINGS! Didn't you get what I said before?! This is something a LOT more important than just your fucking feelings. There's a whole world out there beyond just YOUR dick. If I could banish circumcision for eternity just by making a few people cry over their objectively inferior cocks, you better believe I would do it.

But no, even after all that, you still refuse to get it. Your cock really is so important to you that you would contribute to the rape of generations of children to satisfy your own ego. There's nothing left of your "argument"; it's a scientific fact, not an "opinion" in the first place. Pretending as if circumcision is better, at this point, is on exactly the same level as being a Flat-Earther, or a climate-change denier, or those who think man never landed on the moon, or who think lizard-people control the world. We laugh at those idiots, and you probably laugh at those idiots. Well, guess what, buddy? YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE IDIOTS. Literal mountains of scientific evidence is staring you in the face, and you don't care.

I don't think it would be much of a stretch for most people to refuse to date someone that wears a tinfoil-hat. Not because there's anything inherently wrong with such a behavior, but because it's a symptom. It's a symptom of an idiot who believes nonsense instead of bothering with truth or facts or reason. It means this person is uneducated and ignorant and foolish, and refuses to change. Are such people "not worth my time"?

No. They are not.



amen to that



Uncut is clearly superior, but it would get in my head if I had a bf who was uncut, so as for preferences I prefer a bf who was mutilated at birth as well.



lmao, what the fuck? I'm losing count of all the non-sequitur arguments right now. You ask whether it is possible or not to draw a line between preventive practice and non-sense, and then proceed to list just a bunch of made-up scenarios that I can easily answer "yes" or "no" to without any deliberation, so yeah I think it's pretty easy to draw a line based on the fake examples you gave. I'd say most of this is just bullshit otherwise. You blame me for "what's wrong with my mind", meanwhile you out yourself as being literally autistic based on how obsessive and mental you are over this.

I don't really know what you mean by "literal mountains of scientific evidence," because I don't see how a mountain relates to anything we're talking about. If you didn't MEAN "literal" and just typed it anyway because you're an aspy who has gotten himself all worked up over someone's opinion expressed anonymously on the internet that affects no one else, then I would say I can easily find evidence to the contrary, as well. Truth be told my boyfriend was the one who showed me a couple studies about it just for the sake of amusement–always interesting to know what someone else's junk is like I guess.

Skipping over Vice, Buzzfeed and all the other opinion pieces written by women, niggers, and commies, the foreskin is extremely sensitive to fine touch, more so than any other part of the penis. That's about it. I don't jerk off tickling my penis with a feather, so I honestly don't care. Leaf researchers last year reassessed the assertion, confirm the fine touch point, and then actually tested sensations you feel during sex, and found that the rest is pretty even, nothing to go absolutely brickposting over on 8chan. Calm the fuck down already. Here, from the Journal of Urology: http://www.jurology com/article/S0022-5347(15)05535-4/abstract

What I find most peculiar is that you people will say the promotion of circumcision in the 60s, 70s, whenever was wrong because it was based on data that we have no overturned, but then otherwise dismiss data that could overturn THAT too. For as long as you sperglords are screeching about it online, there will probably be more and more studies done.



Honestly Im against circumcision and think it should be outlawed but cut cocks look nicer



>this is the reason why "having a cut dick" is on my list of reasons I'll never date a guy.

As in being cut is a redflag for you. More reasons to be insecure and depressed about having a mutilated dick, more reason to have an intense hatred for my parents for making an irrevocable change to my body as soon as I was born, yay ;_;



>they don't remove the foreskin to reduce pleasure

That is why, though. It started as a kike way to reduce pre-marital sex.

>Imagine having a plastic bag over your penis constantly but you have to peel it back in order to pee, wash, or do a sexual activity.

Yeah, it protects it so you don't get fucking callused skin on it that removes the majority of your ability to feel pleasure with the head of your dick, while also having tens of thousands of sensitive nerve endings in it as well! Who would have guessed that us cutfags are probably only feeling like 10% of the pleasure we should be feeling if we were whole?

>all it does is look good and protect the sensitive areas of the penis.




>A part of the body that evolved for literally no other reason than to provide pleasure doesn't provide pleasure

You, and the people who ran that study, are pants-on-head levels of retarded.



Only in murrica or murrican influenced cultures. Everywhere else in the world no one fucking does it.



I'm simply going with what there is evidence for. And I believe it has more to do with sensation than pleasure. I don't know if we've been able to measure the chemical reactions in orgasm in cut and uncut men, to quantify if the actual pleasure reciprocated in the brain is greater or lesser. One thing I think is important to bear in mind is that we do not sense the quality of a sensation, but rather the quantitative difference between sensations. That is, your eyes do just sense light but rather they sense differences in areas of light, see von Foerster's great body of research on the topic. You can call researchers retarded because their research does not support your existing notions, but you won't be swaying anyone's opinions without addressing things like their methodology instead. You, what you're doing, isn't refuting anything.



/pol/ please go. 8chan could be so much more if /pol/ didn't dominate this place so much. For Christ's sake, all these freedom of speech memes we came for don't matter if the only discussion taking place is strictly /pol/friendly. >>324444 Elaborate your point please, why has American capitalism been more successful in commodifying foreskin than European and Asian capitalisms? Circumcision is mostly a religious and cultural thing in the rest of the world (basically only Muslims, Jews and some non-muslim Africans do it)



There isn't any reason to quote scientific studies because the issues we are dealing with are easily solvable through even a child's logic. It didn't take studies for people to know that smoking fucks up your lungs; the only thing that studies did was prove that scientists and doctors could be BOUGHT by Big Tobacco because they had an agenda to push. It's the same thing, here. Circumcision in the USA is a multi-million dollar industry, and the same doctors who tell you why it's good to do it are the ones getting paid shitloads of money, DIRECTLY, for performing the surgery. Can't you see the very simple conflict of interest, here?

If you cut off part of a sex-organ, it's not going to IMPROVE sex. That's simple logic. If you cut off part of a hand, it's not going to improve grip. That's simple logic. If you cut off part of a nose, it's not going to improve smell. That's simple logic. If you remove a wheel from a car, it's not going to drive very well anymore.

Come ON, man. You CAN'T keep doing this. It's pathetic!



Trying to find an uncut guy who isn't an arab

Aren't they mostly muslim?



>mutilation is not cute

that answers your question OP



I'm a pale white Swiss canandian boy who's parents were nice enough to spare me. I love having a foreskin and love other cocks with foreskin. If you ask me it should only be done when actually medically necessary at the behest of the patient. My foreskin is really sensitive and playing with it gives me crazy tingles, it makes me mad a lot of people miss out on this thanks to a pointless tradition. I don't hate cut or anything but if you get a choice I think a juicy cock with a foreskin is wonderful


File: 33c4924ef913ace⋯.jpg (103.68 KB, 474x480, 79:80, 0040foxnotail.jpg)


That's the fable of the fox without a tail.


Oh you folks crack me up. The hardcore debates on cut and uncut… Its really not that serious. You can't impose personal tastes on anyone at all. I personally like cut ones, but a dick is a dick to me.



t. slut



>Its really not that serious

That's just what they told you in school because we live in a hugbox country and they don't want half the boys to realize their dicks are objectively inferior.



source: Americu(n)t>>336732


File: 0a79e4b53dd420f⋯.png (29.12 KB, 531x335, 531:335, irony.png)


>You can't impose personal tastes on anyone at all.

And circumcision is precisely that.



>you can't impose person taste on anyone

>I like the dicks that were a product of imposing mutilation on people



It's mutilation, period. It shouldn't be forced on anyone. If you want to take it upon yourself as a stupid adult and get cut, go for it, but it should be illegal to force it on children.

It's disgusting that it's still so prevalent in the US and even worse how many people blindly support it for superficial reasons.


What I don't get is why there is even a debate at all. Uncut is clearly superior, as we all know. It's just being an American, mine was cut before I had long-term memory, and I don't have a point of reference (nor most of the feeling, I'm sure).

I resent my parents for doing it, but I know they wouldn't mean any harm and I still love them despite crippling my sex life forever. It's just a result of our society being fucked up that this issue even exists.



No one who grows up with their dick intact would ever agree to get it cut though which is the whole point. Everyone advocating it is already cut and indoctrinated. Unless it's a legit medical thing it's just pointless. The only way you can get someone to go "yeah bro cut it off" is if they're a dumb African or already part of the cult and making the decision for someone incapable of understanding it



those'd be neat~!


Really, I had my foreskin forever. I saw cut dicks in all the mags and porn…

Thought everyone was cut but me. When i was 18 I had it removed. I stupidly let them do it, it wasent even necessary. The doctor took way too much skin off. I could barely wake up without pain for 3 weeks as stiches healed. I popped 3 stitches during morning wood.

all in all after it was healed, I thought i would had a prettier more sensitive cock. thinking having the head out all the time would equate to more sensation. Well it wasent prettier. The doc sewed my ballsac to the bottom of my cock. so when i get hard I get about a half inch of my dick thats normal skin on bottom part. theres about a 1.5 inch of pink below head. about .5-.75 of my normal dickskin, then almost 75% of the underside of my cock is ballskin. which after repeated erections, looks porous, like freddy krugers face. it has pubes up over half my dick. My dick used to have a nice upward curve and prominent veining before circumcision. Now it dosent curve anymore. not upward anyhow. Its actually very straight and the head itself is bound tightly and aims downward a slight bit. Also I have lost nearly .5 inch from my total erection size afterward.

I used to measure 7+ inches in highschool before cutting and am lucky to get past 6.5 now.

Anyway, detrimental aesthetics aside, I also get less pleasure now, from masturbation at least, and i get lots more of that than pussy. I actually masturbated before, probably 3yr after surgery so not related to stitches, and drew blood…

I had met up with a girl at a party who i had a thing for in HS and she was getting a divorce, we were kinda hitting it off, at least i thought so, and she wound up leaving with some other guy.

I tugged one out, and another, and another. by the time i shot three loads I was physically hurting, chafing around the head… which i had learned to avoid totally during masturbation, but i had just bumped it enough to make it sore.

When i got home in the light I saw that i had tears under the head of my cock. I was sore for about 4 days after.

So aside from the asthetics, it is detrimental to the owner, as masturbation is nowhere near as fun, you have limited real estate to stroke without lube. I thought getting pubes stuck in my foreskin when i would go to pee hurt… having the eye of your cock dry to ur underwear after any prolonged erection… thats some pain right there.

way worse that trying to pull a pube out of yourforeskin without rolling it back. which when you stand in front of a toilet needing to pee, you get less than a second after pulling from underwear before piss hits the water. I remember plenty times where i pull out to pee, see pubes in skin. and try to pull them loose before i started spraying walls……

That was one of the things that led me to getting it cut…. Well having precum dry the eye of your cock to ur undies is horrible… and can happen many times a day. Also after shooting a wad, you will drain slowly for about 10 minutes and can have small ammounts of semen on tip of dick to dry to undies….

I feel that the forskin actually kept my undies clean as that stuff stayed next to the head of my cock. I could easily just pull skin back and wipe whenever.

I miss being able to stroke my whole dick without lube… I miss stroking the head of my cock, thats like 1.5 inches gone from my stroke…. Also the need for lube limits where u can tug one out. or at least comftarbly… and limits pleasure derived from an impromptu tug. not to mention lube is messy… Now i do drip precum, alot IMHO. but while I can get a couple lube free strokes of my whole cock every so often when a drizzle of precum drips down the side of my cock. it dries up in no time.

So what I thought would make my dick pretty, and more sensitive… really made it ugly, and difficult to pleasure. Worse of all It made it shorter…

Im not measuring my foreskin either.. when i was hard it would pull itself up to expose a small ammount of my cock anyway. but after the doctor gave me enough skin for a fuckin newborn the tension when i got a boner was so intense that it limited the length it would grow to. It really was about a year after before my dick stopped hurting from dickskin tension… And it never really stretched out… I figured after so long that it would get stretched out and i could get a full boner… hoped that i would get the curvature of my cock back…. nope … and nope….

If i could go back… I definately would never got rid of it… And I'm absolutly positive that my kids will have theirs…. Dont care about how the mother thinks if it, and what her opinion is. I have had it both ways…. and I know for a fact that its better to have.



>The hardcore debates on cut and uncut… Its really not that serious

t. cut american


>You can't impose personal tastes on anyone at all.

the ironing here


It's a dangerous, shitty practice that should be abolished.

Still, the differences in pleasure are greatly exaggerated unless you have a deep or botched circumcision. I'm cut, but all of my flaccid penis is covered/moist except the urethra.

So, a lot depends on the depth of the circumcision.


File: 2ec8ae4832a3e52⋯.jpg (152.64 KB, 1000x517, 1000:517, 1458273547603.jpg)


still having that much skin left is extremely atypical of circumcision, just saying.

it's not an exaggeration. in terms of sensitivity, the foreskin is the clit of the penis. it's just as brutal as female circumcision.






Shit I know that feel.

>jerk off very often

>no lube because uncut

>get really into it one day, cum around 8 or 9 times over the course of an afternoon

>dick feels raw next day

>literally friction burned a bit my dick

>still discolored to this day

At least it's nice to know that someone out there has a matching cock.



>I actually respect the great lengths you have gone to delude yourself into believing your dick's mutilation was actually a good thing. Not even going to point out what you got wrong.

>Not even going to point out what you got wrong.

I'm not going to insult you but I'm going to tell you the truth, you're being very lazy and can't come up with a counter argument because I'm right. please prove me wrong and I will take what you say into consideration and improve my beliefs. so far all you have done is state that you disagree, but you have no facts to support why your side of the argument is better than mine.


>Have you ever actually watched a woman masturbate? Most don't even touch the clitoris much, as it's too sensitive. They sort of rub the skin around the area, which causes it to stimulate the clitoris indirectly. All the tissue in there area is highly erogenous, not just the clitoris. Oh sure, there are videos out there of women grinding on their clit like a mortar and pestle, but this is meaningless; there are also videos of women shoving nails into their cervix. Fact of the matter, most women masturbate in a manner much like intact men.

some women enjoy direct clittoral stimulation, some do not. this takes 10 seconds to look up.

>But while you're at it, go ahead and walk into the nearest feminist meeting and tell them that female circumcision is done to INCREASE a woman's pleasure. If you get out of there only having had the REST of your dried and shriveled up cock cut off, consider yourself lucky.

did you even read my post? that's a really dirty, cheap, and desperate attempt to associate two very different things in order to try and win an argument.


people apply lotion to their skin on their whole body to keep it from getting dry right? why do people seem to have the problem where they apply lotion everywhere except the one place they claim to have so many dryness issues? do you assume that just because the foreskin is gone that the rest of the penis that is always exposed regardless of if a circumcision has been done or not is any more or any less likely to become dry and require lotion? I apply lotion or oil where it's needed (avoiding areas where lotion or oil shouldn't go) and never have any issues.


>which by the way are the thing that some women have removed because having too much clittoral hood makes it difficult to move it out of the way and reach the sensitive CLIT during sexual experiences

involuntary female circumcision (clit REMOVAL without consent) is NOT the same thing as a voluntary clittoral hood reduction procedure. while many women do not like direct clittoral stimulation, there are others that do. since the clittoris can be very small depending on the woman, and depending on the woman the clittoral hood can be larger or smaller, there are some women who fall into the category of small clit + large clittoral hood which leaves them in a tough situation where it is more difficult for them to get pleasure or successfully orgasm.



So women should only have parts of their genitals removed voluntarily and with consent, but it's okay to remove the foreskin from babies when they're too young to even speak?

Some women enjoy masturbating using their clitoral hood (and some do not), but no man ever needs his foreskin?

The "lotion" thing is a meme because it's the only thing slippery that young boys can generally get their hands on. It has nothing to do with the penis being "dry"; it's because a circumcised man generally cannot masturbate without getting friction burns unless he uses some type of lubricant. Implying that people need to put lotion on the rest of their dick is just ridiculous, and you know it.



Likely, upbringing and religion/culture.

Where my dad is from all males get it done at birth. He couldn't due to birth complications but the retard still went and got cut when he was 18. Said partly about being like his "family" and then the retarded argument that it's cleaner.

And of course he got me and my brother cut, like wooo. I won't be cutting any of my future sons. Outside of the circumcision he is actually a solid father though.


I will most likely die a virgin because I can't bear to think about what was done to me. If I ever meet someone from another culture I would consider it an unconscionably horrible thing to expose them to my mutilated dick. Any time I consider having sex with a circumcised man I can't shake the feeling of thinking that I'm encouraging people to think of it as normal to do this to babies. No amount of restoration will ever rid myself of any of these factors.

Sometimes, when it's quiet, I can still feel the pain.

Anyone who advocates for this procedure to continue being done is less than human. I'm sorry, but it's true.



>they don't remove the foreskin to reduce pleasure, they do it so that you can actually feel good.


>I'm not going to insult you but I'm going to tell you the truth, you're being very lazy and can't come up with a counter argument because I'm right

Here's a counter argument for you: It would have taken you exactly ten seconds on Wikipedia to learn that the explicit reason why circumcision was introduced to the United States was not only to reduce pleasure, but to traumatize children. Why? Because parents wanted to stop them from masturbating, and the doctors at the time were perfectly happy to lie about the success rate for money. The glans is a mucous membrane; taking away its protective skin is going to make it less sensitive. That's the only way it could possibly be. Please tell me how exactly circumcision makes you "actually feel good."


>involuntary female circumcision (clit REMOVAL without consent) is NOT the same thing as a voluntary clittoral hood reduction procedure. while many women do not like direct clittoral stimulation, there are others that do. since the clittoris can be very small depending on the woman, and depending on the woman the clittoral hood can be larger or smaller, there are some women who fall into the category of small clit + large clittoral hood which leaves them in a tough situation where it is more difficult for them to get pleasure or successfully orgasm.

People need to stop equating female circumcision to removal of the clitoris like it's the same thing. This is a mind game that people play so that they can pretend that male genital mutilation isn't as bad as female genital mutilation and shut down the conversation. Your invocation of it here for that purpose is palpably transparent. You want babies mutilated because you were mutilated and you can't justify it, so you call the men who tell you how awful their experiences were whiny faggots and pretend they have nothing to complain about whatsoever. You are a shameless fucking bully.

You talked about how clitoral hood reduction surgeries don't remove too much skin while completely fucking IGNORING the parallels to >>336923 who had just finished telling you that a doctor removed too much foreskin and left him in agony. You ignore everything you don't want to see so you can continue to not acknowledge what was done to you because you know as well as I do that if it ever clicked in your mind what your parents did to you it would drive you crazy.



It's not too late you know.

You can manually stimulate your cells to regrow your fore skin.

I'll take time, but it's possible, talk to a doctor if you can.




It's not too late you know.

You can manually stimulate your cells to regrow your fore skin.

I'll take time, but it's possible, talk to a doctor if you can.




This is going to sound…. uhh… petty? Flippant? Childish? I don't even know.

Frankly it's not good enough. I've thought long and very hard about this. What bothers me isn't the current state of my schlong, it's that the procedure was done to me at all. That's what hurts. I mean, I'm relatively lucky; I don't have any erectile dysfunction from my circumcision, just a significantly more awkward (and infinitely less satisfying) time fapping or having sex. And I think that telling people "oh you can just get a facsimile of what was once there and it will all be better" is frankly unhelpful. It minimizes how damaging this is; I mean, imagine if a mother said "well I can have the doctor chop it off and he can just stretch it to get it back." That's an unacceptable risk for me.

As it stands, I won't settle for anything less than full regeneration (Google ForeGen; they're doing good work) and the absolute banishment of the procedure on children who do not require an amputation. That's what drives me: That no one will ever have the long nights that I've had.



It's not childish to take a stand, but it is naive to think foregen is going to happen in your lifetime, or even the next 20-30 years (circumcised or not, by the time you're 50 you aren't going to give much of a fuck about masturbation or sex anymore). You have a chance to improve your sexual satisfaction while you're still young and while sex is still important to you. Otherwise you might be waiting to get your leaky roof replaced after you've already moved out, so to speak.



I'm still going to care when I'm 50, and I'll tell you why: Because at some point in my lifetime, the circumcision rate in America will plummet, and it's very likely that this or the next generation will be the one that finally outlaws it, but in the beginning there will be scores of people who will oppose the ban. We need people who have been circumcised and then regenerated to full function, as well as people who got circumcised as adults, so that we'll have the voices to explain why the ban was important. I don't like feminists, but I will say this for them: When the rate of female circumcisions went up in the UK, they responded by reminding people why it is a bad thing. We need victims of genital mutilation who have first-hand experience with both intact and mutilated genitals so that we'll have the experience needed to ensure we'll never forget the atrocities being committed every day.


got circummed at like 11 years old, was tired of dickcheese



How the fuck do you get dick cheese if you wash regularly? Oh wait, I bet you didn't.


File: 19d6c91bf6403b1⋯.jpg (167.31 KB, 653x1024, 653:1024, Circumcision has health be….jpg)




my mothers entire family is very catholic, people who are cut in America generally aren't Jewish.

That being said I still think its wrong and the fact that I was cut just adds to my severe depression and other problems so I don't get the point of shitting on people who had no control over it



Well if your mother's family is "very catholic", how the hell did she decide to do something to you that the bible says is only for Jews and their slaves?



The same reason she isn't condemning gays. Modern religious people tend to cherry pick what they want to believe out of the bible. Either way, if you're trying to tell my parents are secretly Jewish and they hate me then I don't know what to tell you



> if you're trying to tell my parents are secretly Jewish

No, just pointing out the ridiculousness of anyone not jewish chopping off bits of their kid's dicks.



Yeah, well believe it or not I've tried telling them that. Like I said, no matter what I do nothing will change what happened, and I couldn't do anything about it. Hating me won't really change anything



I doubt anyone hates you anon.

For myself, I find it tragic and horrible that you guys in the US do that to kids at all.

See image: >>351519



It is staggering how many people find it so hard to believe that infants are somehow… somehow psychologically fragile. I had this debate with someone a few months ago and she, a mother, genuinely said to me "children have no rights until they're 18." They don't care, they don't give a shit, and they, the mothers, are the ones legally entitled to make the decision.

If anyone here is circumcised, I'm so sorry, but reading the text from that image, or even watching a video of a circumcision (which are freely available online) I don't know how you can continue to advocate for this shit. To do this to children… We have failed. As a species, we have failed at the most basic of instinctual processes.



Well, circumcised is ok if you have an amputee fetish.. While uncircumcised requires more attention to hygiene.



Did you choose to get it done at 11 or did your parents force you?

Give us a greentext story.



>why is it still so popular in wider society?

It's only popular in the U.S., the vast majority of other first-world nations generally accept that it's a shitty practice and should be stopped.

The US, as usual, is behind in a social matter.



It's prototypically a Hamilto-Semitic practice. The modern distribution is thanks to the Abrahamic religions.

It persists in America because a portion of American puritans tried to out-jew the jews in their observance of old covenant law during the First Great Awakening. This was when the gentile fanatics were taking up names like Zachariah and Rubin.

If you mutilate kids, you're part of a 8000+ year old cargo cult.


Be me, 24 years old. I am uncut, 9" and I love it. I love how it feels when someone grabs it, the amount of pleasure I get everytime I fuck is just amazing. Dickcheese is not a problem for me because I fucking shower properly, you filthy fuckers.

The only "bad" thing about my uncut dick is that I have to use lube several times during sex, but I don't mind.



Well, more so that doctors around the time of Kellogg thought that it would stop people from masturbating.

What a way to be so spectacularly wrong, lol.


A friend tells me her mother forced her brother to get a circumcision because she had already paid to have the operation done privately. Her words were "Well I paid for it, so you're getting it!"


File: 02915333675a298⋯.jpg (303.42 KB, 2304x1728, 4:3, N5uig.jpg)

Uncut of course.

Most cut dicks have obvious scarring and the heads look beat up from years of being exposed.



It may be less the years, and more the first few weeks after the operation, when the raw scar and ripped up glans is stuck inside a filthy, chafing diaper. It's a wonder more babies don't die of infections with this shit (literally shit) going on. They must give them a metric fuckton of antibiotics, nowadays.

It makes me wonder, seriously, if the wide variation of circumcised glans texture (some of them are dry but fairly smooth, but some look like charred and pitted rubber and stiff to the touch) have anything to do with the level of hygiene the parents uphold in those first days. Because some parents will change the baby's diaper extremely often, if possible as soon as it's soiled or wetted. But some parents don't give much of a fuck, and let the baby sit in his own shit for hours upon hours.



>I have to drench it in lube to actually feel anything and not chafe the skin.

Lube is a waste of money, just use spit. t cut guy



Spit dries up in seconds. It only works if you either drool like a dog, or finish in less than a minute.


File: d91888ca4faa76d⋯.jpg (60.91 KB, 335x355, 67:71, Afbeelding 247.jpg)




Everything I said is verifiable. When old world monks wanted to stave off onanism, they didn't cut themselves, they forced initiates to stand waist deep in cold water.

It is fundamentalist old testament puritanism that was the sine qua non in Unitedstatia. Masturbation is an ad hoc rationalisation. Circumcision isn't the only ritual the fanatics resurrected.



I asked my mom why I was circumcised, she said the doctor told her "It's cleaner and he won't be out of place and bullied in school locker rooms". I guess the doctor was projecting and angry.



elaborating on this moment more, I never ever undressed in a school locker room, or even really changed in one, at least not without going into an enclosed changing stall.


File: f593cbc43a23986⋯.jpg (45.05 KB, 768x768, 1:1, f593cbc43a239861ee9c7282b5….jpg)


>It's cleaner and he won't be out of place and bullied in school locker rooms

>tfw this was dad's justification even though he was uncut



No, the doctor was just pulling shit out his ass so your mother would hand him a fat paycheck.


I honestly don't care if its cut or uncut

they're all the same when erect



>I'm cut, but all of my flaccid penis is covered/moist except the urethra.

Anon… I don't think you're cut.



>they're all the same when erect

>I cut off three fingers from one hand, but it's the same when you make a fist



Nah. I am no American and fully agree with you.

>inb4 huuurrr you jew or muslim XD

no I am catholic


There is no debate.


"Uncut" is for lazy and dirty animals.


File: 0c3c1ebf30e2c46⋯.png (188.16 KB, 306x300, 51:50, 1416188214665.png)


>jew saying this

who would have thought?



leeeel israel


Is washing your dick really so hard that it's worth cutting part of it off?

I really don't trust your sense of hygiene is that's the case.



Is it a surprise that everyone hates Jews, now?


File: 904e9f91e821b16⋯.png (72.24 KB, 354x335, 354:335, B02dl34v.png)


What's in the water that makes people turn into such whiny, self-important faggots like yourself?

If you wouldn't date a guy solely because he thinks cut looks better, you're fucking dented.

>How would you feel if your boyfriend pressured you to have your ears cut off because he thought it looked better?

>muh false equivelency

ears are totally the same as a penis there's no difference in any way amirite? am smart pls belive


File: 27627c1ef4476cb⋯.png (301.12 KB, 429x380, 429:380, c8w02dW1.png)



>hey look we did a medical report on the negative, psychological effects of infant circumcision

>we have no proof of this, of course, since we couldn't publish our findings because the study of adverse effects was prohibited

>also we had to destroy all of our research so you can't find it anywhere don't try to look for it

but here's an editorialized, emotionally-manipulative meme on the internet it's 105% true believe me i'm a doctor

You anons are the most fucking idiotic people I've ever seen in my life.

Currently counting down 'til I'm finally out of this absolute hellscape.



The bodily integrity of newborn infants is not a matter of "personal taste". I have no issues with people that get circumcised as adults (even if I disagree with their choice), but forcing it on babies that are incapable of consent is evil.


File: b64a987569ce841⋯.mp4 (385.96 KB, 840x472, 105:59, HDS6rH2.mp4)



donald carlos seoane starring as the cuck boy taking monster cocks deep in his arshole and smoking 14 inch black penis



This is the truth, straight from Hong Kong



Based vietcong




>hong cong

now I just feel retarded




>Says the guy who can't be bothered to clean his dick properly so has to have to it flayed open so he can just wipe the piss off with a dirty rag

You sandniggers are all alike.


Uncut. Unless you have phimosis, seriously all you need to do is just shower. That's it, just fucking shower. Boning shouldn't mean bone dry.



>You wouldn't date a guy who is purposefully and willfully ignorant of objective reality

Wow, you make him sound like such a bad person when you put it like that!


The funny thing about circumcision is that you don't need studies. You don't need evidence. You don't need any special knowledge. It's a basic child's logic that if you cut off a healthy part of the body that has evolved to be there for millions of years, it's not going to work as well. Doctors have been cutting off shit that was thought to be "useless" for centuries, and they always find out they're wrong. Oh shit, the spleen isn't useless, it filters dead blood cells; oh shit, the tonsils aren't useless, they're repositories of the immune system; oh shit, the gallbladder isn't useless, turns out bile is only needed in large quantities some of the time; oh shit, the appendix isn't useless, it contains a microcosm of healthy gut flora to repopulate in case of sickness. Every fucking time.

There are no unnecessary, redundant, or pointless parts of the human body. And it just so happens that the ONLY regular body modification done to infants is a religious ritual that is ONLY prevalent in either A) Countries where that religion is common, and B) The USA where religious rituals get special protections even if they're batshit insane. Did you ever, for one moment, question this…? I thought not. After all, it's impossible to be a THINKING person in general, and be pro circumcision, similar to believing the Earth is flat — which is something else that can be debunked by simple logic and nothing more.


how is this ever an argument?

My foreskin was stolen from me at birth. Mutilated from my body by an illogical tradition (like most traditions..?).

There's no debate, no alternative view. I had a part of my body taken from me because it made somebody else more comfortable. Because my doctor said it was recommended. Just like my highschool doctor who recommended xannax which helped me in tossing myself out a window

I'm seeing a trend of distrust here


File: 1c4e05a4f0afc4a⋯.jpg (381.69 KB, 1008x1580, 252:395, 1c4e05a4f0afc4af4c8d56e8a7….jpg)



Because fight da powa




Don't fucking mutilate little boys without their consent, it will scar them emotionally for life.



We definitely should meetup, email?



Lets say you cut of the toe of a baby. Would that be fine or not damaging to the baby? I think you easily obverse and understand that it would harm the child one way or another.



>live in muslim occupied shithole country

>unsightly, unclean, constant dickcheese removal

>bullied constantly for ugly small dick and being a fag




>save literal years of time that would be spent cleaning dickcheese

Why are uncut fags such zealots? Is it some deep seated insecurity stemming from years of social ostracism for having smelly, weird looking dicks? I guess if you lack enough of an identity, you can find self worth in anything.



I can agree on the aesthetic part, but it does not take that much out of your day to clean the smegma out of your dick. You do it while showering, and unless you don't wash your dick in the shower, being cut or uncut literally makes no difference in that regard. Also, Islam is in favour of circumcision for the same reason Judaism is, because apparently God told men to cut their foreskins. Christians don't circumcise, because Jesus told people that it wasn't relevant.

The only reason that are valid arguments are:

Aesthetic (subjective)

Reduction in HIV transmission rates



>literal years of time

Yeah, you're a retard that should never be allowed to breed. If it were allowed for me to slowly cut at you until you bled to death in agony, to prevent you from mutilating your future sons, I would do it with gusto.


According to a study conducted by the university of Tel-Aviv your chances of contracting HIV/AIDS drop by 90% if you do not have a forskin.


File: fa136414f765dae⋯.png (168.56 KB, 678x706, 339:353, thinking American.PNG)


Forgot my meme



According to another study, your chances of contracting HIV/AIDS drop by 100% if you just cut the whole dick off. Funny how that works.



Why is it always americans and kikes defending circumcision?

ill trust my boyfriend who had to be cut for medical reasons as a teenager over someone who doesn't know what foreskin looks like outside of porn



>cut for medical reasons as a teenager

There are only two reasons for removal of the foreskin, and they are cancer, or total necrosis because of infection or physical trauma.

I'll bet a million bucks that he just had phimosis and the doctors smelled money and told his parents he had to be circumcised, that there was "no other way" to fix it. That poor dumb fuck.



He was peeing blood due to an infection from what I know.


File: c90a4ab96cae9b5⋯.png (249.81 KB, 518x394, 259:197, 1312874557976.png)


>If it were allowed for me to slowly cut at you I would do it with gusto.

>mfw the repressed anger at your ugly dick gives you fantasies of cutting foreskins all day



That would be a bladder infection, prostate infection, something internal. Maybe they did surgery and just went ahead and circumcised him while he was unconscious because they felt like it. I've heard stories of that happening.


>He thinks I don't have a foreskin

Your reading comprehension needs some work, kid. I suggest going back a grade to sixth and trying harder next time.



I know you have a foreskin. You have that "foreskin angst" emanating off all your posts. I legit feel bad for you earthworm dick lookin ass niggers. So ugly. So unclassy. Stop worrying about the children, homosexual latent pedos like yourself often appoint themselves as guardians and protectors of children and it's really awkward. We all know why you care so much about children's dicks, and it's not for medical reasons.


Of course circumcised dicks look better, are more suckable, no matter if it's a little boy, or a man.



>I guess if you lack enough of an identity, you can find self worth in anything.

AFAIK this is it.


>being cut or uncut literally makes no difference in that regard

It's a minor difference, but it's there. Cut is a lot easier to wash, it's like saying it's as much work washing with a buzz cut and with shoulder length hair. Not literal years, but it'd add up to a day or two of your life if you shower every day.



Would be even easier to wash if you just cut even more off. Why do you even need that pesky glans? It's so hard to wash; takes time and looks really silly, too. Stupid little misshapen wrinkled mushroom. Plus removing what little mucous tissue you have left will even further reduce the possibility of contracting an STD. The best part is that, if it's done as an infant, the nerves will "rewire" into the shaft (same as they rewire from the foreskin to the glans), meaning everything will still work the same with being able to have an orgasm and everything.

There's no reason not to do it!


Uncut or die



>Advocates cosmetic surgery on childrens' genitals to make them prettier and easier to wash

>Thinks that not wanting children to be cut makes you a pedophile

I think we all know what's in your porn folder, you sick fuck.


File: 0075f63b0444f36⋯.jpg (73.55 KB, 607x1080, 607:1080, IMG_20180804_28163.jpg)

I think mine looks fine.



Eh, the glans looks like my heel if I stepped in some lipstick, but otherwise pretty alright.


File: a716ff8975ce6e3⋯.jpg (67.14 KB, 607x1080, 607:1080, IMG_20180804_4277.jpg)


Non-porn cultivated dicks a.k.a the average man, isn't going to be perfect.



I didn't say anything about perfect. But intact men don't have that same issue of roughness/dryness, whether they're in porn or not.



2/3 of circumcised men in the world are muslim. Almost all muslims are circumcised.


File: b4b83988f7335dd⋯.gif (6.23 MB, 720x404, 180:101, Roast Lord Neggi 3000.gif)

>they don't remove the foreskin to reduce pleasure, they do it so that you can actually feel good. Imagine having a plastic bag over your penis constantly but you have to peel it back in order to pee, wash, or do a sexual activity. all it does is look bad and get in the way.

>they don't remove the foreskin to reduce pleasure, they do it so that you can actually feel good.

>they remove the foreskin so that you can actually feel good.



I'm circumcised. Didn't have a choice, obviously.

I don't hate it, but I'm not going to do it to my kids.


There is no debate. Cutting up any infant genitals is pure evil manifesting in the physical world. If your parents did it to you, they were malicious or stupid. Every time I think about the leaps of non-logic and abandonment of basic instinct necessary to have this done to your child, it makes my mind reel. I get stuck in my own head for hours thinking about it. How can anyone who claims to love their newborn son just cut off part of his dick the day he's born? I confronted my parents about it a while back and they got all pissy at me like I had no right to be angry about it, when it's possibly the only fucking thing wrong in my life that is 100% objectively not.my fault, and definitely theirs. They said "if we could forsee this reaction we wouldn't have done it." Really? You didn't think slicing off part of your child's genitals would have consequences?

Goddamn monsters.

And to the shit-flingers ITT who pretend to be pro-circ, get over your denial already and be a better man than your shitty parents.



The continued existence of circumcision (as well as racism, homophobia, etc) is one of the reasons I consider humanity to be unsalvagable as a species. It's not possible, or proper, for a people as permanently, infallibly, and naturally stupid as this to be allowed to survive long into the future.




why are the fuck are you on 8chan if that irks you so much?


File: 6b74d186a40b9de⋯.jpg (210.11 KB, 674x537, 674:537, erect.jpg)




Why the fuck are you even on an English imageboard you entitled pompous racist chink retard? 2chan not good enough for you?

And before you claim that "chink" is the slur for Chinese, I am aware. I just used it for you because Chinese and Japanese are almost indistinguishable. The only difference is the Japanese are a lot more insufferable about it.


For me, I was loosely circumcised and the skin still rolls over, do I don't care. For other guys, I just hope that they're neither tightly circumcised or have a foreskin that's too tight. Other than that, I don't fucking care. It's a dick either way, and if I like you enough I'll fuck you either way.



It's really easy for you to not care if you're only half-mutilated. That's a stupid way to look at it. Like a guy with a broken leg telling someone with an amputated leg "it's a leg either way!"


>>391377 looks like a burn victims flesh, but okay. it looks normal to you because that's all youve seen your entire life looking down at your penis.



They deserve all the hate they get for their disgusting love for mutilating penises. The internet is where retardation comes to die


I'd also like to note, that the only comments defending circumcision here, are all American flags, slash that, AmericanFags.

You guys need to embrace reality. The world has decided already and you guys, just like the metric system, refuse to embrace a better society.


File: 3827ee3b5f13e11⋯.gif (583.51 KB, 320x213, 320:213, happening.gif)

Foregen got published in a medical journal



FOREGEN is most likely a con job. Do you guys really think they're going to come close to replicating stem cell regrowth of a human foreskin? The medical groups that are leading the stem cell research campaigns to regrow human organs are multi-billion dollar companies….here we have a single group barely making a few hundred thousand a year, to do what….they're only now getting published? How long did that take…? They've been around for what 10 years….?

I'm not holding my breath on that one. restore your foreskin like everyone else using the only method that exists, don't steak your future on such a delusional project.



Yeah, it is sketchy. They're a bit secretive about their identities and the founder's weird-ass "art projects" are really WTF. And SAGE got in trouble a few years ago for falling victim to a Bogdanov affair kind of scheme. I'm not getting my hopes up.

But as far as I can tell the science for Foregen is there. All of the groundwork has been done before by other folks, so it's mostly just applying that science in a new way. Compared to other parts of the body, something like the foreskin should be relatively easy to grow because it's mostly just skin, and also not something that's required to live, like a heart. (Which is also why most doctors just don't care about regrowing it–circumcision isn't a debilitating amputation, and most people just aren't bothered by it enough.)



>restore your foreskin like everyone else using the only method that exists

But that's not really a foreskin. It's just skin from the shaft that has been stretched over the glans. Its missing "muh nerves in such."



That's the only option you have, so beggars can't be choosers. If someone rather live their life with a mutilated penis for the next several decades until the technology is there for routine plastic surgery to restore your foreskin rather than regain some of what they lost, than by all means. It's just really stupid to me, and just seems incredibly lazy. Reverse the callouses, the keritnization, reverse the damage done to your glans from decades of circumcision exposure. Hide the horrible scar.

Foreskin restoration is the only thing that exists. If someone wants a "real" foreskin, they'll have to invent a time machine, because even a stem cell generated one grafted onto your body won't be the same. since that seems to be the only argument. Attaching nerves, is one of the most complicated processes. The idea that you'd have that done for your foreskin, is beyond ridiculous.

Take what you can get, give nothing back, because I can guarantee after restoring you'll wonder why it took you so long to do it. It's the best thing in the world to look normal, to feel normal, and to have your sensitivity return.

None of this "but mah nerves" bullshit. It's an excuse for lazy people who don't want to put the time and effort into restoring. Ask anyone who says that if they've actually attempted to restore and they'll tell you no.


Oh and there's literally nothing something a person with a restored foreskin from getting these grafts in the future if they so chose to. But of course would involve….amputation. So it's a bit hypocritical but none the less, available if the need arises.

This pathetic attitude of "I want it all or none" is asinine. You don't have a time machine so you're fucking shit out of a luck. But what you do have, is the ability to restore what you can at the moment, so instead of doing fucking nothing, how about get off your lazy ass and take back what you can instead of excepting some hand out from the magical foreskin gods to grant you a replica foreskin. Because it wont happen.



Also, anyone dumb enough to donate money to a charity group that hides their identity is retarded enough to deserve to have their money taken. Like psychics. Anyone dumb enough to buy into it, deserve to have the con artists take their money.

I'd rather actively donate to groups that seek to end circumcision than selfishly seek to fund hopeless charity groups that aim to use ridiculously complicated medical technology to give myself plastic surgery to return my foreskin.

I guess im not that vein.


Don't circumcise unless it's necessary "benefits" aren't consistent and research is intentionally misrepresenting data.

Nothing more to say about it.




>literally nothing

Anon, >>399455 is correct here. Restoring is a huge misnomer, you're really just stretching out whatever skin you have left. It's not a real foreskin, and it won't feel remotely similar by missing those structures. It does not look normal, because it's not. It looks freakish. You're lying to yourself by pretending otherwise. That is not emotionally healthy.

I don't know if it's me, but it seems like all these "restoring" types get really bothered by the possibility they spent literally years for a fake, inferior "fix" when a real solution may happen within our lifetimes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving a penny to Foregen.

But sooner or later, someone–Foregen or not–is going to regrow a foreskin, probably as part of an entire penis. How soon depends a lot on politicians–right wingers are never, ever going to put money into stem cell research, but they're also the only ones getting elected right now.


File: 50a5898f0b3e59a⋯.jpg (15.87 KB, 258x317, 258:317, 44063076_1413199325481429_….jpg)

I'm grossed tf out by cut dicks and would never be able to suck one with the lights on

idk how common it is to get circumcised in NZ but luckily I've only seen one dude with a circumcision

he's going trans now so I guess he's getting the rest snipped off


uncut is more erotic. just keep it clean



I second this. I reject guys on Grindr if they're cut. Thankfully it's not a common occurance in Canada we seem to respect human rights a bit more than our neighbors to the south…most of the time they understand, but regularly they'll get either pissed or start laughing. Not sure why I have to explain it to cut guys as to the reason why their mutilation doesn't appeal to the average cock lovers mind. If you love cock, the last thing you want to see is one tortured. I love horses, I hate to see one abused or starving like I've seen in Cuba. but whats worse than witnessing an abused horse, is someone trying to justify their cruelty and malice towards it and attempts to make it seem like I'm the person in the wrong. Just like cut guys. Who will frequently try to rationalize their abuse to make it seem like what was done to them was justified. That…right there, is more disgusting than the actual scars on their dick, or their dry calloused glans, or the fact that they were violated as children. Above all that, the biggest turn off, is not admitting to the barbaric nature of the product. That's the main reason I would refuse sex with a circumcised guy.

"would never be able to suck one (circumcised penis) with the lights on" …..im sorry do you think you can't tell its circumcised with the lights off… during oral…? Sucking a cut dick is like sucking on the wooden handle of a broom, dry, tasteless, with no textures, curvature, no gliding. I can guarantee you'd immediately tell, you're fortunate enough to live in a place where circumcision is almost non-existent, I have to deal with American tourists, and Canadians who bought into the american…"custom" of child abuse.

"idk how common it is to get circumcised in NZ but luckily I've only seen one dude with a circumcision " New Zealand is one of the lucky places, unlike Australia it was never really hit with a high wave of popularity for circumcision. Australia has a roughly 20% circumcised males if I remember correctly, its thankfully a minority.

But australia also has one of the worlds leading advocates for circumcision Brian Morris, someone who had ties with a circumcision advocacy website who's founders were charged with possession of child pornography, including erotic stories and depictions of children being circumcised. Basically a circumcision fetish, by doctors and professionals who run a circumcision campaign. Morris, is likely the same, he is no medical doctor, he is a micro-biologist, who seems to enjoy taking ridiculous amounts of time to self publish pro-circumcision journals under his name. He is one of the leading citations used in American medical journals for their justifications for routine infant circumcision.

You've met only one circumcised male. I wish I could say the same. My boyfriends, despite me holding my fingers each time during our first intimate encounters, have been circumcised. Both of which, however, have willingly restored their foreskins, with great pride to themselves, and me. Not surprisingly me telling them that option was the first they've heard of it.

"he's going trans now so I guess he's getting the rest snipped off"

No not snipped off but he won't have a clitoral hood without a foreskin. They take the penis, bisect it vertically and essentially tuck it into the pelvis and use the folds and flesh of the penis that has been cut in half to form the labia and vulva, and they keep a portion of the glans to act as the clitoris.

People have frequently used the description "inside out penis" to shame trans-women. But essentially if you've watched the videos of the procedure, thats what they do. its an inside out penis, missing most of the glans, the testicles are gone. Thats why its easier for males to transition to females sexually (not bodily/hormonally like females to male) because they have the parts, they just need the surgery, for women trying to transition to men, its tricker to get a penis. I havent looked into myself, im not sure if the surgery exists where they can actually get a funcitoning penis, I wouldn't wager it seems unlikely to me but if there was I can only imagine how hard it would be to get a penis to begin with to use.



"Keep it clean"

Is what feeds into the idea that having a foreskin makes one more or less susceptible to hygiene concerns. Tell me, how many times have you had to tell a female to keep their vaginas clean? Surely more often, I mean, they have WAYYYYY more genital hygiene concerns to worry about, they get UTI's 3 times more frequently, they bleed from their vaginas once a month.

So tell me, how many times have you had to tell a women to clean her pussy and why exactly do you feel compelled to tell a man, who's only cleaning tasks involves an added 1 second in the shower, to keep his penis clean? It's unnecessary to say, you're feeding into the stereotype that having a foreskin makes cleaning your penis difficult that you have to remind guys to "keep your penis clean" That's the implication with saying that. and no im not being over dramatic, I've had enough conversations with pro-cutter americans to know the stereotypes and misinformation with hygiene there exists out there.

Saying keep your penis clean, goes without saying. So stop saying it. Do you need a constant reminder to clean your asshole? Do you need constant reminder to clean your teeth? When you're about to fuck a pussy, do you first ask her if she cleaned her pussy…? This constant insecurity with hygiene is thanks to the misinformation peddled by a society that prefers mutilating penises over practicing basic hygiene.



lmao when I say I couldn't with the lights on it just refers to the one time I saw a cut dude and he made me feel ultra uber awkward and kinda pressured me into it

so I just convinced him that I never engage in any sexual activities with the lights on

I probably sucked him off for less than a couple minutes before noticing a copy of halo next to his TV and I changed the subject and made him splitscreen halo 1 on legendary for the entire night to get him to keep his pants on

then I just never went back there xd

a couple years later (well actually last year) he saw/approached me on the train and said he was trans now

he also said he was lesbian with another dude who was going trans



and I'm aware they don't snip it off

I just don't have a lot of respect for trans people

unless they're the kind that agree with the fact that there are biological differences between men and women



man it doesn't matter

uncut or cut, it's a dick. period



>a real solution may happen within our lifetimes

1) It's not going to happen. It is BEYOND THE SCOPE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE to restore those damaged nerves. And you know what? Even if they could by some stem-cell miracle piece them back together, it probably wouldn't even work! When you were circumcised, you were an infant with a high level of neuroplasticity. Your brain literally rewired itself as a result of missing those nerve endings, so the part of the brain that would feel sensations as input from the nerves likely doesn't exist anymore.

2) If it takes 40 years for this to happen, and you're in your 60's, do you REALLY think you're going to give a fuck about sex anymore? Do you REALLY think you're going to want to masturbate every day anymore? You won't. Instead of doing something when you actually care, you waited until it was too late. Of course, assuming they DO get this to work (and you, a lower-middle-class wage slave can AFFORD IT, HA!) they'll probably be able to just poof you back into the body of a 15-year-old anyway. It's about equally likely.

Basically, there is nothing to lose but a little bit of time and effort. It's not going to make things worse; it can't possibly. But it might make things a lot better.


The fact that >80% of white men my age in America are circumcised is reason #3 on my list of why I'll probably never have sex again for the rest of my life.

I was a bizarre lucky case: my father is a first-generation European immigrant, and my mother did research into circumcision as A TEENAGER IN THE 70's and decided that if she ever had a son, he would definitely not be cut; she has a funny (and horrifying in hindsight) story about how they automatically billed them for the circumcision operation without actually checking if it had happened, so she actually had to show them my eight-day-old dick to get the charges reversed.

Expecting this lightning-striking-twice situation with any of my peers would be foolhardy. I've never seen or known any boy or man aside from myself (and one mixed-race boy from my childhood who I THINK actually ended up getting cut at age ~11 due to phimosis) who is uncircumcised, so even when the statistics tell me 80%, I suspect it's much higher. And then on top of that trying to find an uncut guy who is also gay, and also compatible with me…? It's a lost fucking cause.

More than anything else, and increasingly every day, I wish I had not been born in this fucking country. You have no idea how bad it is here, and in so many different ways.



>and you, a lower-middle-class wage slave can AFFORD IT, HA!

This bait post is too obvious, try again.



You might as well have just said, "I don't have sex very often, and when I do, it's so desperately received that I have no perspective to judge my sexual encounters on." or "im circumcised and I take offense to everything everyone says so I'm going to pretend like there's no difference between a natural penis, and one that has been mutilated with a knife because I like wishful thinking."

Derrr everyone knows there's no difference between cut and intact penises, just like there's no difference between circumcised and uncircumcised vaginas, or someone who has one hand,and someone that has two hands. Or someone who's missing their legs. There's no difference because I don't want their to be, and THATS THAT.



Male circumcision and sexual function in men and women: a survey-based, cross-sectional study in Denmark.


Circumcision was associated with frequent orgasm difficulties in Danish men and with a range of frequent sexual difficulties in women, notably orgasm difficulties, dyspareunia and a sense of incomplete sexual needs fulfilment.

Complications of Circumcision


Painful erection, skin bridges, Meatitis/Meatal Stenosis.

Oh yeah mate, no difference what-so-ever. For those who DESPERATELY wish it to be so. What? You think there's a reasonable expectation of negative effects of taking a knife to a babies penis…? PFFFFF don't be ridiculous. Concluding there is absolutely no difference between cutting a baby boys penis and leaving his penis naturally intact for his entire life, is absolutely the most logical,reasonable conclusion any sane (most definitely circumcised) male could ever make.

Fuck off.



Exactly, so for the whiners who are bitching about restored foreskin "not being the real thing" like the retards seem to love doing, that's all you're going to fucking get, so it's either that or nothing, and if a guy so hell bent on oppossing circumcision would rather live their entire lives with a mangled circumcised penis as opposed to a restored foreskin, and yes that's what I'm going to call it, it's not a misnomer, it's literally the only restored foreskin that currently exists, and its purposes are served identically to the real one and has the ability to trick even medical professionals into thinking you were never circumcised to begin with. So yeah, I'll take that over nothing at all. THANKS. No need to try and "correct" people who take what they can get. At the end of the day, its a difference of opinion for someone's use of a word, and when it comes down to it, semantics isn't the best place to rest your entire argument.

Restored Foreskin is like a prosthetic arm. Are you going to correct the person who refers to it as his arm? "no your real arm, its fake, its robotic." Even more fitting, because at least a restored foreskin is made out of naturally generated flesh and by natural I mean encouraged cellular mitosis, something that occurs naturally by the bodies biological mechanics, identical to how a pregnant mothers belly expands through the same process of rapid mitosis.

The people who whine about the "misnomer" of foreskin restoration, are the same lazy fags who can't be bothered to fix their mutilation and rather just whine about it. They'd rather find every reason not to, than focusing on the one reason they should because at the end of the day they're claiming they'd rather stay circumcised, but at the same time, cry about how it's horrible and they were wronged. Which is true, but to do nothing about it when you have the ability to, is just as hypocritical as someone who claims male circumcision is ok and female circumcision is wrong.

"in your 60's, do you REALLY think you're going to give a fuck about sex anymore?" actually yeah, the elderly do actually have sex. Nursing homes being the source of intense boredom and depression have publicly acknowledged their residence are regularly sexually active, there are cases of STD outbreaks. google it. but regardless, I agree, waiting for the technology you'll be elderly by the time it even remotely becomes available for a price thats likely unreasonable. You're better off taking a few years to restore your foreskin the only available way than waiting like a lazy fuck for a magical bean to grow.

Guaranteed anyone who is waiting for foregen to get them a foreskin, will have died and lived their entire life, circumcised. Their body naturally intact for only 7 days as an infant. So, my apologies for not sharing such apathetic views as these people above claiming "derrrrrrr its just stretched shaft skin…." beacuse I'll take that over a disgusting cut dick anyday because I can guarantee its better than theirs.

" why I'll probably never have sex again for the rest of my life. " You're getting prevalence of circumcision mixed up with the rate of circumcision. Just beacuse 80% are circumcised doesn't mean you're going to have sex with 80% of males that are circumcised, are you fucking 60+ year olds? that makes up a giant chunk of the circumcision population. Ages from 0-30 are less likely to be circumcised (roughly half, and increasing) So someone born today, will have a less than 50% chance of having parents stupid enough to want them circumcised, opposed to 30 years ago when it was up to 80-90% likely. Progress is slow, but think of it the same as homosexual rights or ending slavery. It takes a lot of time for old people to die and their beliefs to die with them and their kids.

It also doesnt help that religious minorities fight tooth and nail for their sick practice to stay alive.


"It's a lost fucking cause." No it's not. Also bear in mind certain ethnic groups are drastically less likely to be circumcised, for example Any Europeans, Almost all Asians minus South Koreans and Filipinos, All Hispanics, most African-Americans, Most Canadians have their foreskin, Indians, etc. The odds aren't you globally, the odds are against you geographically living in the….cess pool of the US, but look at it realistically, your country is FULL of diversity, if you know where to look you'll find your intact boyfriend. Besides gay guys like sharing dick pics, or even just bringing up the topic of circumcision makes it quick and easy to tell if a guy is circumcised or not. Typically if he shows an immediate disgust for the practice he will either say "definitely glad im not" or "yeah it sucks my parents did that" you'll have your answer quickly.

I've had boyfriends that were cut that restored their foreskins, its not impossible to have a relationship, but the key word is "had" boyfriends, its a massive sexual barricade if you find circumcision repulsive to have a boyfriend with a cut dick. You don't want to touch it, and you certainly dont want to suck it. and waiting the years it takes to be restored typically doesnt outlive the relationship.

But good luck, don't be so pessimistic, could be worse your parents could have destroyed our sexual organ….

I just play it like a bit of a game, like the game you might play to see if someone you like is gay or bi, but instead its' figuring out if they have a whole penis or not. But honestly, just go about your love life like you usually would, it doesnt take long to figure out if he's cut or not. I mean heck, I was talking to a guy and his last name was Janssen, super common dutch name. And guess what, low and behold, he's intact. So…lets just say Imma ride that. If you aint dutch you aint much XD




Oh my god anon, you don't need to write a fucking novel each time you post here.

>the same lazy fags who can't be bothered to fix their mutilation

It's not "laziness", it's literally not wanting an even more mutilated dick as some dumb placebo. It is not going to give them back what was taken from them. Foregen's an obvious scam too and anyone hoping it's real is a fool. I would rather have a valid solution, not some pseudosciencey bullshit, or none at all (and ideally just ban the root cause outright and criminalize it as a sexual offense.)

>Restored Foreskin is a prosthetic arm

Have you seen prosthetic arms? In the time it would take you to do something simple, like opening your front door, if they used their real arm they'd already be inside with their shoes off. You can barely write or type with one. They're glorified paperweights.



If I wanted nothing more than a "relationship" that starts with getting into the guy's pants, yeah, sure; a Tinder-esque approach would work by sheer mathematical virtue. If I fuck a thousand guys, surely SOME of them will be uncircumcised (and some of them also might even be gay instead of prison gay or will-fuck-anything bisexuals). But it doesn't work that way for me. That's not what I'm looking for nor either what I can even be attracted to.


Jesus Christ you're a fucking idiot! If your house is on fire, would you grab a hose and try to put it out, or just sit there bitching and complaining about how you won't get back the original house anymore. Doing something is preferable to doing nothing.



I wouldn't like, throw water on an electrical fire, even if it made me feel like I'm helping put it out. Doesn't change the fact that I'd only be making it worse.

I'm certainly not going to buy into some stupid fucking *placebo* that mentally ill people buy into because it's the only way they achieve some semblance of emotional stability in their lives. Lying to oneself is the opposite of stability.



Stretching dick skin to cover up the glans and allow it to de-keratinize and become more sensitive isn't a placebo. You're a pants-on-head retard if you think that. Do you even know what a placebo IS; or did you think using scientific terminology would make you look smarter?

If you're fine with your lump of leathery mutilated flesh that you call a penis, good on you. But don't go around claiming this is the REASONABLE stance when there are other options that produce real, measurable results.



Just buy a ManHood device or something. Same effect, no further mutilation required.



Why do you continue with this obsession with erroneously calling it "mutilation"? That word has a definition that YOU don't decide! Stretching what's there CANNOT be mutilation.

I'm also seriously wondering why you care so much what adults decide to do with their own dicks? That's never been the issue, here. It sounds to me like you're trying to deflect for some reason. A fucking silk bag you tie over the dick isn't in any way a solution; it's almost literally just covering up the problem. (It also wouldn't have the same effect, but I won't bother trying to explain the details.)


File: f39efb0398aa778⋯.jpg (45.67 KB, 400x600, 2:3, c9a95f7b7e1c0cecf03212e8fb….jpg)


Cause it's fuckin weird and abnormal. At some point you just gotta accept what happened and move on.


>"Restoration is psychologically empowering to the man who feels something was taken from him (which, of course, it was), allowing him to reclaim his natural inheritance."

How fragile does one need to be psychologically to feel "empowered" by some über-deformed dick skin?


File: 1e92bf5ca193fc2⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, IMG_20180915_182122.jpg)

File: ef47f8d222531db⋯.jpg (30.55 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 19947ee5-ba17-4384-9148-44….jpg)

File: 02b87f83730131c⋯.jpg (47.42 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 04d3b48c-71cc-4982-8ba9-02….jpg)

I've got mild phimosis and a tight frenulum, stretching for a while, anyone got any tips for making it go faster. I've got some steroid cream too



Feel like I've seen that dick somewhere before..



I used to post on 4chan a lot :P



Ah I gotcha, nice dick, though I think there aren't any ways to speed the process beyond what you're already doing that won't harm you in some way or another, time and patience will see you through.



Dang, I guess I just gotta power through the next few months. Thank though :)



>Cause it's fuckin weird and abnormal

Cutting off half of your kid's dick to serve your invisible Sky Fairy is weird; and doing so via a shoulder shrug because your doctor told you so is even worse.

I'll ask again. Why are you personally so upset that people are doing this? Afraid it might actually WORK and make your own dick lesser by comparison because you decided to just "accept what happened"?



I don't know how many other ways I can explain this to you. Changing the body for arbitrary aesthetic purposes is mutilation. Self-mutilation is one of the more harmful ways that depression and anxiety manifest themselves in a person. What """""restorers""""" need isn't stretching devices, but psychiatric help.



Maybe you need psychiatric help, because seeing other people successfully coping with their issues makes you frustrated and angry to the point where you need to speak out about it.

Or maybe psychiatrists should be the ones to tell people who needs psychiatric help.




Self-mutilation is the opposite of successfully dealing with an issue.



Who are you to question someone's life choices?


File: fc88c24067fb8a6⋯.jpg (163.54 KB, 1038x505, 1038:505, Circumcision.jpg)

I'm 'circumcised' i.e. had my genitals cut and sucked as an infant by a Rabbi because my Dad loves Jews, and this has scarred me mentally and physically for life. Just the way it is.


File: edcc9459e8cd14f⋯.jpg (171.51 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, 1334058116.rwolf_phimosis.jpg)

In case anyone needs help stretching. I found this



Am I not allowed to be concerned for other people's mental health?



Seems more like concern trolling really. You're distorting the definition of mutilation and trying to discourage people from (and trying to make people feel bad for) doing the one thing that can restore some form and function. You're not helping anyone.


File: 1e028e1693a31ed⋯.jpg (121.91 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 8Fr43u1.jpg)


…I mean, I don't know, honestly. Maybe (probably) I'm just being a stubborn autistic retard here. Some of those restored dicks can look pretty good, I'll admit.

pic related





File: c4a001a2461bb98⋯.jpg (3.73 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 15474674816721014950394.jpg)




hey that gives me hope, my skin was chopped off due to phimosis when i was like 8. i don't really think that was necessary though



It wasn't. Phimosis is typically remedied naturally after you fully reach puberty. So your parents mutialted you needlessly. Phimosis is easily cured with non-surgical methods, like several posts above you have done. Phimosis is not a medical emergency. Especially not for an 8 year old, that always makes me sick to hear people having to go through, its bad enough having it done as a fucking infant, let alone old enough to remember.

I know adults with phimosis for fuck sake and don't have any intention of getting rid of it because they have no problem with it, they personally like it and there's no reason to fix it unless you personally don't like it. The fact that doctors immediatley elect to circumcise means you have a fucking circumcised doctor who doesn't know JACK SHIT about foreskin. THATS THE PROBLEM WITH DOCTORS. they're not GENIUSES. Just like dentists, if they're fucking BEGGING you to get your wisdom teeth removed, and you have NO FUCKING PROBLEM WITH YOUR TEETH, DONT DO IT. America is one of the ONLY places on the planet that routinely removes wisdom teeth. Why would anyone allow someone to inflict serious bodily harm onto their body without reason. :"oh you might have a problem…." oh yeah, and I might punch you in the fucking face, does that mean you should constantly cower in my presence or prepare yourself for being punched in the face? no. until you have a valid reason, you shouldn't be acting on it.



Haha you clearly missed the entire fucking post or just chose to selectively read what you wanted to read in order to take offence. If you're one of those people that honestly think that a healthy sex life isn't one of the major factors in long lasting relationships perhaps you should read up on the vast majority of relationship experts and psychologists and what they have to say about it. If you don't find your partner SEXUALLY attractive, there's no fucking way your relationship is going to last very long. Not sure how many sexless relationships you've had, but finding your partners genitals sexually arousing is a big part of sex. Don't believe me? How about you force a gay guy to go down on a women, cause that's the way a lot of guys feel about going down on a circumcised dude. You can fill your relationships with whatever bullshit fairy dust you can imagine, but real relationships aren't like that. There's nothing tinder-esque about having the expectation that you are sexually aroused by your partner and their genitals. It's called basic human evolution.

Was my advice not reasonable to you? if not feel free to interject something of a little bit more substance than your arbitrary objection based on what you misinterpreted to be a shallow pursuit.

>>399590 You're fucking retarded. Might as well claim, blind or not blind, a person is a person. Regardless of your ignorance of the subject, having mutilated sexual organs, does influence them. Just because you have no standard doesn't mean everyone else doesn't have to. For example, some people think humans deserve bountiful human rights, others don't. Some people think countries work best under communist control, others believe democracy is best. But don't be so fucking stupid as to claim they're both acceptable forms of government, because that's not the question. The qualifier is which one is better. And if you're that willfully ignorant where you would consider the product of child abusive genital mutilation is better, you clearly don't have an opinion based on anything that would value anyone.



> "Oh my god anon, you don't need to write a fucking novel each time you post here."

Oh my apologies, sorry for being educated on this topic. Would you prefer I offer you the same shit people have been posting nonstop like, "DERR CAWK IS CAWK ITS ALL DAH SAME DERRR" does that fit your preference for dialogue concerning human rights and child abuse, let alone sexual competence of mutilated genitals? Wouldn't want to annoy you by forcing you to read information you likely didn't possess prior.

> "It's not "laziness", it's literally not wanting an even more mutilated dick as some dumb placebo."

Oh so it's even worse than laziness, it's general stupidity that stops idiots from restoring their foreskins. You think your mutilated penis is becoming….MORE mutilated, by undergoing foreskin restoration that, in the end, gives you something that looks idenitcal to, and functions exactly like, a natural foreskin…? You do realize what mutilation means right? Mutilation is to take away, destroy, there is no taking away, and there is no destruction of anything.

You're just another cut american too pleasantly wrapped up in their own self pittying to do anything about it. You'd rather a magical genie pop out of a bottle and grant you 3 wishes to get your foreskin back because you don't want to invest the actual time and effort into making your mangled cock look half normal. Sorry, I don't share such laziness, ignorance and self pity. I actually work to try and fix the problems around me.

" It is not going to give them back what was taken from them." Well, if you don't like it, feel free to cut it off again, but that would be literally another mutilation. But I have never heard of a single person who went through all the effort of restoring their foreskin to have it cut off because they didn't like it or weren't satisfied. Because at the end of the day, regardless of what mediocre pedantic philosophy you can imagine, something is better than nothing. So like I said before, take your excuses for laziness elsewhere. You're like an intact male proclaiming about how beneficial circumcision is. The ultimate hypocrite. You can't bitch about being circumcised and do fucking nothing about it when you have the ability to take back what you can. I guarantee if I posted pictures of restored foreskins you wouldn't be able to tell they weren't naturally born with them. But you claim…they're….mutilating…themselves by restoring their foreskins using naturally occurring cellular mitosis….GOTCHA. Didn't know I was talking to such a genius.

> Have you seen prosthetic arms? In the time it would take you to do something simple, like opening your front door, if they used their real arm they'd already be inside with their shoes off. You can barely write or type with one. They're glorified paperweights.

Thanks for proving my point. You're so fucking cynical you totally misunderstood my analogy. Have you ever seen someone with jump a fucking stump before? And there are advanced prosthetic bordering on fucking Terminator style robotics mate, might want to do research before spewing your stupid opinions about things. But what you'd never find is a fucking amputee that refuses a prosthetic limb. Because like my point was gesturing towards, its' better to have something than nothing.

Thanks for proving my point about people who refuse to restore their foreskins being lazy half wits. I expect if you lost the use of your legs you'd consider a wheel chair to be unacceptable. afterall, how could a wheel chair compare to walking. You'd rather wait for a magical surgery to fix your spinal injury XD sounds fucking reasonable.

Can you actually imagine, refusing to use a wheel chair, and just crawling down the street, and have handicapped people look at you in disgust as if you consider yourself above a wheel chair, as if you fucking deserve more XD cause clearly you don't. Your attitude is exactly why you deserve to keep your mutilated cock the way it is. What was done to you was unjustified and horrible, but what you're doing now, and you staying mutilated is of your choice. So I can't feel bad for you. You are your own failure. I guess failure runs in the family. Your parents failed you at birth, and you failed yourself later in life with refusing to fix yourself.


File: 8131066bf487de1⋯.jpg (107.14 KB, 781x829, 781:829, ZCTcgrF.jpg)

But honestly, though…

>But I have never heard of a single person who went through all the effort of restoring their foreskin to have it cut off because they didn't like it or weren't satisfied.

I've noticed this too. I dunno leaf-anon, maybe someday.

pic related: more restoration

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