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File: 5389a71e5934260⋯.gif (44.28 KB, 750x706, 375:353, louisiana-county-map.gif)


Louisiana Thread

Come on, I know there has to be a couple of people here other than me and another guy in North Louisiana here that posts, or even just lurks here. If not…I guess this really is just a shitty state with nothing but bitches.


Not from Louisiana myself, but I am located nearby in Mississippi along with another Mississippi anon I'm dating. I talk to North Louisiana/Shreveport anon sometimes.



Guess who this is ;)


I live in New Orleans, but don't go to college here.



Really? Go a state over, or online?



That you shreveport anon?



One of two in that area! If you are the one from MS, it's the one that was talking to you last night.



You might have me mixed up with the MS anon I'm dating possibly, I remember he mentioned he talked to someone that knows the other shreveport anon.



That would be me, my friend! You're a very lucky man!



Thanks! Maybe sometime in the future we should try to have a LA/MS meet up



That would be very fun! I'd show you two a good time, especially if it was here at Shreveport. It's…not the greatest of places, but for a nice little vacation I'm sure you'd find it fun!


Heck, this is a thread I did not expect to see ever. Shreveport-fag reporting in.



Georgia. I thought I would like the change of pace, but its just taught me how special New Orleans is.


I have relatives in Shreveport; pretty miserable place in my experience.


bunch of boiled peanut eaters, the lot of you



Not really big on boiled peanuts honestly



Ah, it more fun in Georgia I'm guessing?



I think I'm exactly who you'd think I am…Mansfield.







No. Read again. I thought I would like Georgia more because it would be different, but it's pretty boring there.


I always wondered: If you have sex in Houma, Louisiana does that make you a Houmasexual?



Ah, maybe you can have some good fun here in Louisiana then! It can be fun here too, just gotta find it.


Okay, that was good.



Hello :3

MS-fag No. 2 reporting in


Hey honey! :*




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