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File: 55a8f6ad938e70c⋯.png (446.61 KB, 809x610, 809:610, 2017-05-18_17-07-11.png)

File: b377214e7b09eb1⋯.png (433.25 KB, 808x607, 808:607, 2017-05-18_17-07-28.png)


Saw this on a meme site and I thought you guys would think it was fun. (It may have came from 4chan? I don't know)

So it's just simple. last digit is your maid type, and 2nd to last is the length of how long you are that maid serving a master.

>>Dubs is life time contract for your master.

>>Also in thread~ Maids are for hire to highest bidder!


Rolling for 2, 4, 6 or 7

2 is probably the one closest to the one I have irl, except the skirt on mine is longer and the apron a bit less detailed.


File: 627288c597c864a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 347.76 KB, 1036x1476, 259:369, IMAG3638.jpg)


I like this OP but roll threads tend to be cancerous so if we're going to roll we should probably add some content to the posts as well right? I actually recently dressed up in a maid outfit and took a bunch of pics so I'll throw that on including my roll. Am really hoping for 2, 3 or 9 here and not dubs pls. Maybe I'll actually look into whatever maid outfit I get too. Maid gods be kind to me


File: da555e6cfb9db17⋯.jpg (52.15 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1462226023424.jpg)


>number 8

Not my favourite outcome, but I'll make it work.

>lifelong contract right off the bat

kill me.



Forever steam punk, good luck to you anon I hope your master is gentle to you.


Steampunk it is, I'm pretty happy with mine, is it years we serve for though? Quite a long time tbh but not dubs so I'm happy



Cyber i mean shit wtf am I typing


File: c87ee07f2b824a8⋯.gif (638.75 KB, 160x131, 160:131, giphy (6).gif)


Yea, Years you serve your master as a cutie maid.

The only experence I ever have dressing as a maid was for holloween when I dressed up as Alice From Alice in Wonderland

Not really a maid but it had an apron and I felt cute. It was cool because no one knew who I was because I went all out with a wig, make up and everything. I wish I had a photo from it but the only ones I have are sexual or on facebook so I don't want anyone to trouble me there. I wanted to classical but chinese is pretty cute too. 8 year tho…



>but the only ones I have are sexual

Ummm you can still post it if you want to blurr your face out…… I like looking at qts in maid outfits. And at least we didn't get dubs like the poor swede. I might look into picking up long boots to be more cyber


I guess I'll roll. Why not.


>at partner's house

>they go out to do family stuff, say they'll be back in an hour

>fall asleep

>wake up, 40 minutes have passed

>figure they'll be home soon

>equip maid outfit style 2

>wear corset over outfit

>tie apron over corset

>put on heels


>they're not back yet, figure I'll clean up a bit

>renting room in otherwise empty suburban house

>see landscaper through window


>hide in bathroom

>he'll probably be there a while.

>…well, since I have time…

>equip buttplug

>eventually he leaves

>wash dishes

>MASTER~ returns finally

>I've had this plug teasing my ass for like an hour

>first time I've worn the corset with maid outfit, basically get pushed to bedroom

>told to keep the heels on

>have great sex

>regrettably finish a little early but it was okay



Gosh I would but for one I am like 16? And they are just cringe now with the faces I was makeing trying to be a sexy gal.

Had taken my wig off by now so it was just sweaty cliped up hair and just terrible. But i thought I looked hot at the time

>>just gets worse and worse. rolled 6 for 8 whole years the first time then i rolled 6 for 9 years,, only worst if it was 6 forever!>>342126

Nice story, Though I don't really want to be a maid, I really wanna wear a maid outfit and just be a super loveing wife.

I really could never be submisive enough to be maid or a housewife though. I suffer from stubberness and too high pride. I would need some handsome guy to be argressive and break me. After that I could be submissive house wife.

Right now I just have guys trying till I smack them and turn them into my cutie slave.. Just need to find one that wont break and I need a battle of wills.



FFS whoever drew that needs to learn how to draw ankles. Just look at #3!



I want style 4 so badly



Yaaaay! I wish I could get a maid outfit though. Always wanted one.



Buy online anon, some are ridiculously cheap and if anyone asks just say it was for a gag or joke or something. I bought this one as a one off just random purchase and was really happy with it and it cost less than a lunch, my pic is in the thread and this is what I'm wearing in it




That looks way too small. I want something cute, not slutty. Also still live with parents and have to friends to no excuse here ><



yeah It is small it's lewd ware tbh. Honestly other than online I have no idea where you'd find one. family and friends sucks though, I hope you get your dream maid outfit someday



*no friends so* no excuse or prank thing, I mean


Thanks. I'll need to move out first. Also I'm tall so I need a dress, since it will fall short on me.



Gosh post you in it! You may have posted it else where but I am sure we would all like to see again.



I have another outfit I wanna post so I'll put it int he CD/trap thread that was just made because it prob belongs there


Fuck it I'm curious.



Haha! Best style but zero time. Does that mean I can hire one myself?




Means you're off to the highest bidder for however long they're willing to pay for. Good luck anon!!!



Ooo neat.


File: 5f088335db2a6c4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 4.26 KB, 670x212, 335:106, 5f088335db2a6c4fa356364ec4….png)



File: 0a1e57325f9e066⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.44 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 52ac8ba53803739ca3ccfb6afa….jpg)



I actually like French-maid-chan the best.



Oh really? I liked that one the least honestly. But that may just be my abvestion to sterotypical sluttyness when I am dressing up



I love looking slutty in short skirts. I clean my house unironically in my maid outfit and make sure to do all your typical stereotypical slutty maid motions like bending over and feather dusting like a lewd tease and just tilting my head in over dramatic ways etc.

You have to do it at least once in your life anon


File: 33b57b99db8ead9⋯.jpg (273.23 KB, 870x1200, 29:40, 33b57b99db8ead9f52c4b2b047….jpg)


Dressing slutty to do mundane work is my fetish.


oh anon!



D-do you require my services? Tell us a lewd story of something mundane you did while in full dress I know you have a story or two anon


File: 339e2a33306ca1e⋯.jpg (501.35 KB, 645x911, 645:911, 1495137083616.jpg)


Free cleaning services are always appreciated, I'm sure an appropriate reward can be arranged~

Sadly I've never been brave enough to do this… well I did clean my apartment and while wearing black silk panties once. But panties have so far been my limit.



I-I'll start right away

Then my first post applies to you too, do you live with anyone? If not then no excuses. I'm pretty sure I've been seen by my neighbors at least 3 times now. I don't think they care really but still pretty embarrassing. I hope they don't tell my parents because they're all in touch with each other like a fucking obsessive therapy group


File: 4002f5b723fb5b3⋯.jpg (15.65 KB, 268x360, 67:90, RU15819LG.jpg)


I wouldn't mind and it seems fun to do. Maybe the first few times but I would be nervious of getting my dress dirty because I would want the classical because… I like traditional stuff. And becides if my boyfriend saw me in that he might not listen to me as seriously.

Also my arms are sort of big so I need to work on that or else I will look like the photo.


File: e89cd176cd9b037⋯.jpg (263.44 KB, 719x1277, 719:1277, Foto 2017-05-05 10 38 32 (….jpg)

Rolling, I'm already a number 2 though.




Pls tell me you have more pics.



Looks like I'm the turbo-slut maid


China dress doesn't have a slit so I want the french outfit



I hope your master lives somewhere that's at least warm all year fam.


kind of close at least.




File: c196a93091b2683⋯.jpg (279.22 KB, 703x2047, 703:2047, IMG_20170521_011710.jpg)





im okay with all of these. except 5 i guess



I hope i get dubs <3



I like it still :3


Rolling to see what kind of outfit I should look to buy. pls anything but 1, 4, or 8












Please no frilly shit, I hate frilly shit.


File: 7f0647e8a8e4d2f⋯.png (90.25 KB, 600x600, 1:1, iuz.png)


two years a robotboy cleaning screens and computerdesks?

Well that could have been worse!


I wonder how many boys here would actually wear this stuff for two years? It sounds like an awesome challenge, getting the outfit necessary and then wearing it around the house or elsewhere sounds fun.


File: 484e24eccf7cc68⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20170107_193423.jpg)



If i had the privacy I would, but sadly I live in a house with 2-4 other people who can and have walked into my room at any time.

Anyway, rolling for new outfit






Lifetime plsssss



>roll threads on this slow ass board

whatever, i didnt read this very thoroughly

just hope i dont get that first one



oo a challenge to not look slutty

wat do if 0 years


Cool thread



u r cool too cyberwaifu


File: 4626a1c77e7ea3e⋯.png (190.72 KB, 697x768, 697:768, 151.png)

Why does this threat exist.



Why did you bump a thread you don't like? Go hook up with one of your normie friends instead of contributing anything to the board's community, why don't you?







I am rolling



Keep rollin rollin rollin

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