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File: 0ce1355ce66de79⋯.jpg (7.36 KB, 300x300, 1:1, u5I_Urox.jpg)


Thoughts on this?


File: 40a4a38af011ed9⋯.gif (79.26 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 40a4a38af011ed9b82af3c1d0d….gif)

I don't know much about other peoples experience with grindr but for me most people who live near me on that app were a bunch of retards who only wanted to fuck twinks and had no sense of a real relationship. In other words its only good if you're a bottom that only wants to fuck near-by guys, don't bother if you are top or want a serious relationship.



Never tried a "dating" app but I got the impression that they're for exactly what you described. They don't seem like they'd attract anything close to intellectuals.


"Lemme smash" the app incarnate.

Full of thirsty guys that will message everyone under 30 in a 5 mile radius, regardless of if they have a profile picture or any info on the account.

Not worth it, most of the guys aren't even trying.



Considering a serial killer used it to lure some unwilling participants to their deaths, not sure I'd want to risk it.

That and I thought the profile selection near where I live is full of creepy 50+ guys.



Nice shade of orange I guess? I don't get it.



>a serial killer used it to lure some unwilling participants to their deaths

>unwilling participants

what a funny way to put it


Good way to get herpes



Most people have herpes. Most people also have natural antibodies to herpes. Herpes is also asymptomatic the majority of the time. At least for HSV1.



which app/site should be used then?



None. Hookup apps are trash. There are no good options. Basically you're fucked lol.



thats ridiculous

you can catch herpes hiv and all that shit from people you meet irl

also, for socially inept people like me, the internet is the only option


Do it anon! I got my butt pounded by a guy with a 7" cock who was also really nice :3 … after he got done hatefucking me <3 But then he moved to Guam ;_;






You are the worst kind of gay.


File: e8b6c1302454b9c⋯.png (106.85 KB, 274x411, 2:3, 1497105811269.png)


>be me, 17 at the time

>get grindr for a family vacation in florida

>just constantly horny for human touch/anything

>know this shit is risky, so i keep it to just a blowjob and i'm not swallowing that shit

>finally find a guy who's 18

>meh 6/10 bottom with a 5.5 inch dick, not going to complain

>overly flamboyant

>meet up with him, tell him this is my first time doing this over the internet/grindr

>we can't even find a decent place to do it

>end up doing it in the stairwell of the hotel i'm staying in, where we could easily be caught

>risky as fuck but do it anyways

>blowjob is actually pretty nice, he grabs my hair and face fucks me like i want

>however he seems very uninterested and gets on his fucking phone midway

>i don't really know what i'm doing as i'm brand new to sucking off

>complains a little bit, even as i offer to make it up to him by eating him out (though he refused)

>i cum mid way sucking him off i'm so excited, he whines about it and it turns him off more

>i told him i'd be awkward yet he still whines about it like noone's fucking business

>the worst part is he cums in my mouth anyways, i accidentally swallow some and i have a heart attack trying not to panic because i could get the aids

>i'm sitting there still hard totally ready to go with a longer dick but he refuses to suck me off back to show me how its done

>says he wants to meet up the next day before we actually do this to do it again

>he FUCKING BLOCKS ME without telling me if he has any stds or not

>panic attack, make like 5 kik accounts and i keep harassing him

>he eventually says no but he's definitely not a virgin

>we don't meet up

>mfw 19 and i still live with my parents and my dad monitors everything with credit card so i can't come out of the closet by going to a clinic

>mfw scared for my life to this day

>mfw still a virgin



>you can catch herpes hiv and all that shit from people you meet irl

I had to look at the first post being replied to to figure out what the fuck you were talking about. That's irrelevant. The reason not to use this trash is because of the incredibly trashy and slutty people on them. It's nothing but the lowest of the low. If you think you are worth literally nothing, then go for it I guess.



>literally sucked someone off and swallowed his cum, both reaching orgasm


That's not how that works, anon.


File: 90a2f6b45030f9b⋯.jpg (45.08 KB, 433x469, 433:469, raely makes u thank....jpg)


i thought it had to be anal sex atleast, can you lose your virginity by just sucking someone off?


File: c2e330300bd4cea⋯.png (4.25 KB, 225x225, 1:1, thinking.png)


>Is oral sex considered sex?




Not enough nazi crossdresser doms to be worth.


Tried it, all i got was old disgusting fucks and arabs sending me weird dick pics.

Would rather use normie tinder



Garbage, specially if you're a top who has an average dick.



Good for people who only care about short term physical pleasure.

Makes me wish S.T.Ds were lethal within a few hours. The world would be a better place that way.



if it makes you feel better they've recently found super-bug strains of gonorhea


Not as bad as you all say it is. I met my current boyfriend through it. We've been together for a few months. He's very sweet. You're all missing out.


File: 4e1cb6754545837⋯.jpg (24.71 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 4e1cb67545458372f322734ca6….jpg)


don't rub it in.



Yeah watch out with that. I met my ex on grindr. We went out for a year and a half until I found out he cheated on me and had continued using grindr through our relationship because he wanted something new.


File: befc86f94e2f0e0⋯.png (143.37 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 234234.png)


Can confirm. I'm 20 and got messaged by a guy older than my grandpa trying to pay me for sex.



I think there are free sex clinics you can get tested out at. THere's one around here, you can look it up.

Best of luck to getting your cherry popped anon.



Why haven't you got a job for goodness sake



They do. But they're usually really slutty / lusty. Which is about everyone on these apps. It's so cancerous that in modern age you almost have no alternative to it.

I can't be arsed using tinder as well, it's linked to faceberg.


That shit always happens when using grindr. Or you find out the guy you're doing is actually already in a somewhat serious relation and you can't continue onward. Which I had. Still better to be that guy instead of the guy he's kinda cheating on but it sucks either way since I care little for sex but I do care for romance since thats what I want.



What the others say i mean im kinda young and i would say decently cute (not to be an ass) and there's a lot of old dudes who text me and a few tried paying as well.



>Still better to be that guy instead of the guy he's kinda cheating on but it sucks either way since I care little for sex but I do care for romance since thats what I want.

Wanna have a little chat, friend?


it's fuckin gross dude

unless you want to have sex with Soldier 76 do not risk it



>unless you want to have sex with Soldier 76

That's setting the bar way too high for Grindr, anon.



Where are you located? Asking if you got the results in Helsinki, since there's probably more immigrants there than in smaller cities like the one I live in.



I'd totally have sex with Soldier 76.

The people on Grindr though? No.

They're usually fat balding middle aged men.


there are definitely cuter guys on there than on say dating websites, but you never know what they want. Plus most are quite brash and rude tbh…


Jack'd was better. Now they are both shit. I'm too old for this shit now though. I'm 31 and a top and not white. Clubs are questionable too. Pretty much I have to stop being gay.


Grindr is just shitty. It's not everyone but majority of people on there just want sex or pretend they want a something more but usually they don't. Plus, inntellectually wise a lot are pretty stupid.



Pretty bad. Only saw like 3 guys near my age. Everyone else was old as hell


Got Grindr and Tinder because I was bored of dating by facebook and wanted to see how it works out there too.

90% of the meet on Tinders (btw I'm bi so I used tinders for girls and Grndr for boys) were bots, fakes or scams. the remaining were some sterile chats that ended up the second day. aside from a couple girls I ended up adding on fb and nothing more than some friendship chat once in a while.

on grindr is full of idiots who thinks Dom means they can talk shit to you and demand anything.

dickpics 24/7, people looking to cum and then block you and so on.

I'm back to facebook meeting, so much better at filtering out weirdos, knowing his interest and how he acts on his wall and pulic post etc..


It's alarming how many users of hookup apps/sites have aids. If you use it, make sure you're very selective and don't meet anyone if it sounds like they use it all the time.

Especially in California, Ontario, and Canada in general where the governments now consider non-disclosure of it to be perfectly acceptable. Because we all know that stigmatizing infectious deadly diseases is just bigotry.



>The report, backed by analysis from the Public Health Agency of Canada, concludes that the criminal law should generally not apply to people who are on HIV treatment (which suppresses their viral load and makes transmission unlikely), are not on treatment, but use condoms, or engage only in oral sex. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2017/12/01/ontario-will-limit-its-prosecution-of-hiv-non-disclosure-cases.html


I actually didn't believe you but I guess we really are california tier retarded. Good to know then



Like 99% of Gayromeos userbase.

Don't even try, this site is even worse. Its only avaiable for phones and you can't even write proper profile texts. You can never find a BF there.


I remember getting this app for the hell of it and it was worse then trying to use Tinder. I only got one of several types of message

>Old fart who tries to pay me for sex

>Tranny escort

>Thirsty "curious" guy who says he tops but would bottom for me

It was the worst kind of shit. Would never recommend this turd ever.



If you've ever wondered how creepy it would be to have one of your grandpa's friends come on to you by telling you how much he wants to cum into you, then it's the app for you.



Or talk to some dudes online, be a nice gent, see if they like you for both your body and enjoy your company, then shell out the cash to have some sexy fun wherever they might live. Not that hard if you don't work at a Pizza Hut.



Horrible app wouldn't even consider it.


Litterally uninstalled it 10 minutes ago haha.

> Living in France = no cuteboy AT ALL

> want my cuteboy bf :(

> download this shitty app just to see

> put pic, bio and description

> litterally gets 10 messages every seconds, half of them are pics of hairy dude, mostly daddys or regular dudes

> mfw i just wanted a cute girly boy to cuddle ;((

> uninstall the app and go back to my lonelyness


I have a partial pic, and a bio that explains that I love conversations, and don't want to meet up. It works fine. Every once in a while a cute boy shows up that I'll try to make laugh, but they're all too far away for more. My types seem to be shy more often than not unfortunately. Makes you wonder how many blank profile cuties came, and went :P


I personally love Grindr. I have been using that app since I was 20ish I'm 27 now. I haven't caught anything I do get tested a lot. But it's a fun app you find the people that are willing to us rubbers for everything.


File: 8b74252de907c97⋯.png (24.6 KB, 656x620, 164:155, 1466078514633.png)



how do you do facebook meeting?

like events?


So I downloaded it more to see how bad it would be, but maybe because I set my bar so low that its not as bad as I thought. Sure its not full of qt bois, but I didn't expect any. Haven't really done anything, but have talked to some decent-ish guys. At least you get messages unlike my experience with Tindr, where nobody would reply even after I messaged first. It also helps a lot more since I'm a student at major university in Los Angeles, so the demographic is younger


How many trannies use grindr usally. I live in the north near a city


File: 54ae6d1ec58e2af⋯.png (39.12 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-21-09-0….png)

>dont even have a profile set up after installing it an hour ago

>get these gay facebook pokes and messages from a guy 13 years older without a profile picture even

y i k e s



yeah but the good part is you can ignore them


at least a couple, not always attractive though


>be 19

>finally acknowledged the want for bf

>get grindr, because that's what gay guys do right?

>spend hours putting together a profile, getting a good pic etc

>finally get around to browsing whos around

>like 75% of other profiles are fat old guys, blank profiles hiding fat old guys, and absolute degenerates with bugchasing or literal shit fetishies

>the rest are average guys

>I want qt bf, a twink at the very least. No sign of either at all.

>but im eager and desperate for bf in my newly discovered gayness, so I decide I'll try with some of the average guys

>I meet one

>Its awful

>I meet another

>equally awful

>and so on

>not one of them were interested in anything more than a 1 off fuck, and even then half the time they had finished jerking it by the time I got there and lost interest

>if we ever did get around to fucking they always tried to pull stupid shit like go without condoms or try to give me weird drugs

>and of course I was barely attracted to them the whole time

>Im 22 now

>all grindr has ever done is make me feel sad, lonely, and isolated from the gay "community"



I mean grindr is pretty shit but I've had a few nice dates (yes dates, like restaurant) and am currently meeting a bf-tier qt from there so it's not all bad. I guess if you want quick sex it's a good app but I wouldn't trust any of those "HIV negative" statuses though, condoms are a must.



I'm pretty jelly of my friend right now cause he's in the same situation as you, except that bf-tier qt is now the bf. In a way though, it gives me hope that I can find one of my own too


What >>371637 said, its pretty easy to just straight up ignore the guys you don't want, cause no pic, uggo, profile has red flags, etc. I've found that to be a better strategy, cause if you say anything, they might still pester you trying to get your attention


File: fe4cfa39aead8f2⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 680x680, 1:1, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.gif)





I've managed to have some very interesting conversations on grindr.

Talked to two university lecturers at the same time the other day.



Don't feel bad. The gay "community" is literally aids. Normal people who use these hookup apps/sites are very few and far between, or at least they aren't active enough to be found easily.

It's the sleezy whores who are on those things all the time and who make up the vast majority of the activity on them.

My advice is to ignore the people who want to fuck literally immediately and don't want to talk or wait a few days at least. Don't feel bad ignoring 90+% of the guys, because 90+% of them are shit and a case of aids just waiting to happen.



Grindr is absolute shit in the UK. Try Tinder instead.



This, i've been using it for a year and all i've found is men 30+ years older then me sending me dick pictures of their shrived up cocks. I've had way more success on tinder which surprises me since people say tinder isn't for gays



I'm single since few month after a decade [I'm a Daddy not a cuteboy] without cruise period in such websites/apps/IRL cruising places.

I tried some gay apps like Grindr : Grindr of course, Hornet, Scruff, Romeo, Tindr (you can select preference for male people), Happn and even Adopteunmec (I think these two last apps are only available in France).

Most people are on Grindr but as people here have already told you, this app is not build to promote long discussions but only to promote quick dates (mostly because you can't write so much in the profiles).

The other apps are cool but there is far less people. I prefer these two apps : Scruff because you can fill your profile and the application gave the possibility to select people you will probably like and to be selected by people who will probably like your profile. The other one is Happn, a generalist app (straight/bi/gay) in which people you would like and that would like you (on an age range basis) and that you met during the day will appear in the app. If there is a match, you can talk.



slightly OT but the rabbits and chasers (bug or not) are unfortunately the face of gays. : (



I used to love grindr!

Being an attractive trap in London I used to pick from the richest and biggest cocks in my area, hooked up with a saudi and also got fucked by a professor at a big university, fun times :D

I gotta admit I felt like a unicorn on grindr, you really stand out if you're hot, I'd pick the guys that had cool pads at the top of the tallest buildings with a balcony just because I could



Jesus christ i'm glad i stopped using grindr if it was gonna turn me into you



You're mean!

*Installs grindr angrily in shame*


>Invalid Form



File: bdb25f378bb4f3f⋯.png (51.31 KB, 153x179, 153:179, stare.png)

>Have a cute socially acceptable picture with a bio stating specifically what I want, get nothing but shitty creeps and weirdos

>Throw on a bondage collar, weeb jacket/shirt and shitpost in the bio, get nothing but 8.5-10/10 nice guys who are exactly what I wanted originally

How the fuck does it work like this?


File: a3d414e93836925⋯.png (126.38 KB, 550x500, 11:10, Sweaty Toto.png)

Great if you want to meet older fat guys and guys with ego issues. There are some serious creeps on there; one dude just sent a message that read "You're close." and never sent anything else. Fastest account deletion ever.



Absolutely disgusting. A literal whore.

London should be burn to ashes with all it's citizens.

btw hope you had fun since now I guess you're not cute anymore and have nobody interested in you, since you were just hooking up with people for their money like a whore and they only wanted to fuck you. Off yourself.




this is what you call jealousy

i'm not even a promiscuous person but if that's what he wants to do, cool. i kinda wish i had his balls to put myself out there. and if he were smarter could've gotten himself some internships at prominent companies be set for life.

the world really is this stupid, sorry mate.


>make the absolutely retarded mistake of downloading grindr

>scroll through it

>nothing but fat guys and bearded guys all 40+

>manage to find a twink filter

>none of these are really twinks

>while looking at the filters, notice you can select "poz" as your 'type'

>notice "HIV Status" is part of a grindr profile

>there's even a "last tested" part


Well that was a terrible experience. Not really sure what else I could have expected. I guess if I ever REALLY needed validation, I could post pictures on Grindr and probably get flooded with messages. I think that'd just make me feel disgusting, though.



Captain Sweden to the rescue!




The guy may as well have said "I hate you because I don't get to be you"

>London should be burn to ashes with all it's citizens.

Literally coldsteel the hedgeheg



>get to be you

Lowering yourself to be that worthless isn't exactly hard to attain.



Exactly, i never understood this. If i was jealous of a literal whore that needs to be treated like an object just to feel something, i would just install grindr and sell myself on there, not hard to do nor that much of an accomplishment. So why would anyone be jealous of that




The way that anon described it was landing hot rich guys which probably half this board couldn't do if they wanted and basically getting to do a bunch of fun stuff fully paid for by them. Seemed like he was pretty happy about it. Your entire post was literally projection of

>You deserve death

>literally worthless

>probably not even cute anymore

Instead of just going yeah that's a poor lifestyle or yeah I'm not interested in that type of shit but whatever. It couldn't be more blatantly obvious that you were jealous in some capacity whether you want to admit it to yourself or not. The fact you're here defending yourself 3 months later is evidence enough



That's not me in that posting you're referring to but nice try, i've only jumped in since the thread got dragged back up, good to see you''re so bothered by people not agreeing with that lifestyle you feel the need to pull that shit.



>Online hookups

No I don't want aids.



>The way that anon described it was landing hot rich guys

He mentioned arabs, anon. He certainly wasn't fucking "hot" guys.

>which probably half this board couldn't do if they wanted

Probably not the gross chaser half, sure. It's absurdly easy to be fawned over by lonely rich business men who have no social life.

>Instead of just going yeah that's a poor lifestyle or yeah I'm not interested in that type of shit but whatever.

What he described was sickening and repulsive. "People" like that should not be treated with any amount of respect, or else they might get the wrong idea that they are human like the rest of us.



The guy who told the whore trap to end herself was me, not the guy you're replying to.

I'm not jealous at all, I just *really* dislike gold-digging, it disgusts me.

I'm a relatively attractive masculine guy and I've been offered up to 1000€ for a single hook up back in my poor-ish country, that was like a month's salary or more, I declined. Never fucked anyone for money and I've received quite some offers.

When living in London, I met one friend in OKCupid, a rich as fuck Lithuanian whose both parents were millionaires. I didn't even let him pay for some chocolates I bought in Sainsbury's when we went together to get some stuff. He really insisted but I was faster than him tapping my contactless card.

Money is nice, obviously I'd like to get as much as possible, BUT it goes unrelated to love and friendship, mixing them makes you a worthless gold digging human being. I saw so many people like that back in that shit hole London is, ugh.

You should just hang out/date/have sex with people you like, regardless of their wealth or status.


"chink here that knows its proper place is to worship White masters like you, Sir"

Been on for less than 48 hours. I guess this is what it would be like to be a hot girl on Tinder…


>Me, be old fat guy on grindr

I admit it though, I've got a pic, and my age and fatassness are listed in my profile.

I like to look for a blow 'n' go with younger guys. I pretty much never send messages, but sometimes I'll get one from a young guy who actually wants a bj from an older guy. Had one 20-year old guy blow a gigantic load on my chest. Good times.

I don't offer to pay anyone, and if I don't get a response on the rare messages I do send, I let it go. I may be a disgusting pervert, but I'm a nice and polite one (and also like to suck dick).


I want a relationship,not an STD


Out of curiosity, what have people turned to with Craigslist dead? Just Grindr, or are there other sites out there?

I'm not interested in actually using these things, but from time to time I would read through the ads anyway to fantasize about slutting it up. Grindr always seemed suboptimal for that purpose.



Honestly Grindr is the only alternative to CL personals. I started using Grindr when CL was still allowing personals, and honestly Grindr seems way more flaky. But just punch in Grindr and look at the related apps and you can probably have a good laugh at what's on there.

Grindr does have some funny profile blurbs from time to time



I've been trying out Adam4Adam, and I've been having a better experience with it than either Craigslist or Grindr. There's a lot more talking and slightly less "hi we fuk now ?"

I'm sure it depends on your area, though.


File: 5bead955d042458⋯.jpg (43.92 KB, 1200x773, 1200:773, benbis asleep.jpg)

Most faggots who use grindr are attention whores. The type of people who go to pride parades.



Spics can be cute if they're not goblin-looking, though there aren't that many


>app design is godawful with all the actual decent features that should really be free paywalled behind a bullshit monthly subscription

>most of the userbase is full of 50+ year-old sugar daddies, gold digging sugar babies, pervs who openly advertise their fetishes and just generally fat/bald guys

>twinks/femboys aren't too common and the ones you're bound to find there are shallow, attention seeking whores with pride shit in their bios and pics who will probably completely ignore you or respond intermittently and if you actually agree to meet up, they'll flake on you or ghost you afterward if you're even able to meet them (just like on other apps!)

>have met a handful of actual decent people there but they're ultra rare gems in a huge, empty dark mine

The only reason I still use it is because up until I tried Tinder somewhat recently, it's given me more results for finding people I'm actually into than any other app/site, including here. At least people there actually talk to you before they ghost you instead of complaining about being lonely yet can also somehow afford to pick and choose who they respond to.


I should try this, thanks for the idea anon


Not my type but at least you're honest and you sound nice, too :)



One of the cutest guys I ever met was an almost trap-tier Latino. He was average height and had the ideal feminine body shape; soft, smooth, flawless skin; tongue piercing and a small nose ring; long, straight, multicolored hair; cute laugh and a nice voice; perfect tight, round ass. The only thing he had wrong with him physically was I think amelia/meromelia that affected his right arm in such a way that it was shrunken and small to the point where it looked like a red baby's arm (kind of like the scene in Deadpool after he cuts his hand off to get out of a pair of handcuffs and it's still growing back), but I didn't care about that so that didn't really matter to me since I don't think of myself as a shallow person. Unfortunately, he lied to me about wanting to see me again and just used me for a one-off hookup even though he seemed to agree with me on wanting to be friends with benefits before possibly transitioning into a LTR if it worked out and I'm pretty sure he had some kind of sex addiction just knowing what I now do about him, but on the positive side, the sex and everything leading up to it was fucking incredible and was the best time I'd ever had up until that point so at least he was good for that.


The people I'm attracted to there aren't attracted to me.

And the people who hit on me are either gross or flakes.

Other than that, it's great!



Being a "nice gent" only lasts until people start to abuse you just for the sake of it, then you get fed up and delete the fucking thing from your phone



I met my first boyfriend on grindr

the relationship was not good, he manipulated me for years to the point where I wanted to kill myself

ofc this is one individual case but if everyone else on that app was like that (which I doubt but then again almost everyone ive met on chans and online seem to be the same it might not be so different(srsly fuccbois of 8ch just fucking chill, I know you want a relationship but try picking the right relationship))

idk wasnt good for me but I seem to attract psychos so w/e

be careful who you talk to, cause theres alot of fucked up people out there



Jesus anon, sorry to hear that. My former best friend used to be just like that, too. :( At least he's out of your life now, though. My experience with Grindr is >>401212 since I'm the same guy who posted that and I simply assume everyone I talk to there will ghost me if I'm actually into them, be overweight and offering me a weekly allowance to be his sugar baby or be unsolicited dick pics from balding gross people in general since that's my personal experience there thus far.

And as for the anons here that frequent the meetup threads as well as other ones, I have no sympathy for them when they post their contact info and I only get a few responses back out of the DOZENS that I message simply saying hi and asking if they want to talk because I live relatively near them, and yet I see the same people complaining about tfw no bf as if they have no idea why they're still single. Or even worse, they'll go on about how much they want a LTR or just to get fucked yet never post any info at all because I guess all they really want is attention. My philosophy is that if you don't even try, you have no right to complain and shouldn't be posting in a contact/meetup thread if you don't want to actually do either of those things.



I just want a friend



I mean, I could be your friend if you'd like but if you want someone you can actually see and talk to in person on a semi-regular basis, I suggest you do something involving a group setting or just generally in public near you and finding other people with common interests that way, like the gym, volunteering, school, the library, etc. Grindr and other dating apps aren't really what I'd use for finding platonic friends, nor going out to a bar if you were thinking about that either. Even if socialization isn't your strongest suit (like me), you'll make friends if you try hard enough. :)



What's your discord friend.



I'm sorry for you man, we all just want friends ;-;


the very few actual cute boys and traps among the sea of desperate old men seem to always be either the type who want sugar daddies or the type to state racial/height preference in their bios (major red flag for me)

the few worthwhile boys who browse the app left a long, long time ago



How the hell is it a red flag to have an age and race preference? Maybe I should put a non-retard preference so I don't get someone like you.



It's your goddamn business and when people feel the need to put it out they they tend to be shitty cunts like you to everyone, including those who meet their standards.



Everyone has their own preferences, whether they state them or not. Stating them saves time and effort of incompatible people, both on the sides of the writer and reader.



Waaa waaa people prefer not to have mullato boyfriends which makes you a cunt waaa. Have a cry, you're the one sounding like a cunt.


Was on grindr for 6 months and nothing but shit

Got on tinder for 2 weeks and a sweet guy super liked me and were gonna meet soon.


File: 2f0782a4542b552⋯.png (93.45 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1502593304826.png)


Aww that's sweet. Lots of the guys on tinder look attractive but my god. They are the worst talkers. I've had more interesting meaningful conversations on grindr than tinder. I usually get up to 20 matches before it angers me enough to delete the app. I just don't understand how someone could match me and be on the app but not be obliged to say hi. Its like, as soon as they see "it's a match" they close the app and delete it. Its unfair to have to keep start conversations every time.





if anything im too dysfunctional at this point to differentiate a friend from a romantic relation

ive always had boundary issues but Ive reaslised that i dont really know the difference, it makes me barely able to tell the difference, even wih ppl who just want nudes and shit or maybe thats just how I see shit

idk, i dont know how to calculate shit wotout ppl wanting shit rom me at this point idk how to make friends without givin them shit that fucks stuff up as it is

idk how to interact with people in this fucked up way

shit is so fucked up these days that I dont vn knoow when people are beign real or just fucking with me

ive forgotten how people work, I dont even know how to interact at this piint

I dont know where to go from this point

im too fucked up to know how to deal with people, I dont know what to do



You'll never get better until you attempt to make friends, and get help.


I'm not interested in relationships rn but the people on grindr seem more sketchy than doublelist. And not a lot of bear/daddy types on grindr either which is a downside for me.


No avoid it, it's so fucking weird so I met this guy we lived in same area as me and I crossdress and like 90% of the guys on Grindr liked that but anyway so I showed him what I usually look like and he said he didn't care about as long as I dress up which is what I do then I head out to met me and then I get into his car and then we were driving a few blocks and said "are you really 25".I said "yes my Crhon's disease hasn't been kind to me over the years but don't worry it's not Sexual transmitted it's hereditary so we drove down to the river.Then I said "Wait were going to the river? I thought we were going to your house?" He saids back"No there a lot of shit happening at my house plus my grandmom just died." I said "oh no I'm so sorry." So I was thinking to myself how in the hell I'm I gonna get dressed up in the fucking car." So quickly I said"Do you mind if I step out real quick to take a piss by the tree?" He said "Sure." so I grabbed all my stuff got out started to piss and then he drives off faster than I ever seen someone drive off before. Luckily leaving me only 3 blocks from house but when I get home I notice he blocked me and that's it.

What the Hell was that? Was he planning on robbing me? Or was he gonna kill me? But me telling him about my disease made him change his mind?What the fuck?



Get a job and move out, homo.



You had to walk three blocks in drag?



Can't tell you how many pics I've gotten of cocks with little baggies of meth beside them. Grindr is full of crazy, perverted methheads.



I can't find a hot or even remotely cute girl on Tinder. I'm super into black girls, too, and I've heard they're more than open to white guys because they generally feel unwanted by them.

Grindr is another story. Gay men are desperate. Nearly anyone is willing to top me, and I'm masc as fuck (stocky, 6 ft and hairy with a beard), and they're usually ugly as fuck. But I'm picky as hell about whom I top for. They have to be either trans or really, really effeminate. Found a cute girly Asian bottom about 50 miles from me, and I That said, what I want, no one is around.

Fuck my life.



No thankfully not, I was going to get dressed when we got to his house but that never happened so I was walking home in my regular clothes.


I hate how grown men on there talk to me like I'm a 14 year-old girl. What kind of fool falls for that kind of talk? Someone must be if they're all doing it. Would've been willing to meet several of them if they just talked to me like an adult and put a little effort into spelling.


luv it

maybe its since i got borned and raised into sf, but one of the first ones i met on there is a 30 yr old software company OWNER that drive me around in their sports cars and fuck me hard in his house.

i luved getting fucked like his little puppy but i broke up with him since he wasn't very mature xD

i also meet some cute taiwanese and asian boys near me that doesn't speak english good that i was a bit mean too and try dominating them too fast. the first one i met i put my belt around his neck and it scared him haha. hes so cute and precious and makes all these asian boy sounds that only foreign asian boys makes.

imma bottom but trying to practice being a top on * cute* asian boys :S


File: 79a9311bc8b4ff4⋯.jpg (177.63 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, mayu sleep.jpg)

>Blank profiles messaging me

>Muh fems only when they look like cavemen

>No other cute guys my age

Maybe living in Wisconsin isn't so good



>oh no, guys who arent exactly what im looking for are messaging me

fucking spare us, m8. your unreasoned preferences arent everyones, and nobody is obligated to reflect them.

also, there are fucking a lot of femme dudes who only want manly men.


literally got paid to basically go out on a date with some randoms

100 euros for free



Nta but I would assume that he meant 'neckbeards' by "look like cavemen"

This would mean that he's bumping into a lot of desperate heterosexuals/tranny chasers



>This would mean that he's bumping into a lot of desperate heterosexuals/tranny chasers

and, do you think youve some right to only be hit on by people you like? it comes across as rather whiny and spastic tbh, if you dont like them just block them or ignore them and move the fuck on like an actual adult.



…or just realize that's your target audience :^)



mans entitled to like what he likes, doesnt mean hes entitled to have attention from them and only them

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