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File: 960125f98a78c33⋯.webm (3 MB, 480x640, 3:4, TotallyStraight.webm)


ITT: we discuss tips and tricks for the enigmatic prostate and handsfree orgasm. Beginners welcome, also how to convice straight guy to fuck you in the butt.


File: f59216b7cd89c84⋯.png (3.24 MB, 2355x3245, 471:649, 1434053227026-0.png)

File: a5a928b123d5111⋯.png (3.91 MB, 2355x3245, 471:649, 1434053227029-1.png)


using dutasteride killed my prostate

cant enjoy anal sex apart from the psychological stimulation of being used for my bumbum :(



Estrogen Pills right?




i didnt do my homework…thought they were estrogen pills..sorry about your butt


File: aafc501963f7fba⋯.jpg (156.46 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, f9d397a5763a7d4e4ef33b4209….jpg)

Bump for interest


I still don't understand the difference between a prostate orgasm that makes you ejaculate, and one that doesn't, i.e one that an aneros would give you. You achieve them the same way, no?



It's my understanding that a real prostate orgasm makes you ejaculate. Otherwise it's just an undefined peak of pleasure with nothing else.


So what makes a really good makeshift dildo? Like household objects


File: 020eb701f4f4b5c⋯.png (308.51 KB, 710x743, 710:743, 020eb701f4f4b5ceab04423fe0….png)


A finger, just find your prostate and have the best orgasm you've ever experienced.



Ive tried with my finger but my arm gets tired and sore from twisting it. Lay on my back or on my side. im not a fatty (6ft 160lbs)



Try doing it doggy, as for house hold items honestly I wouldn't recommend it as they could do harm as they're obviously not designed to go up peoples asses.

If you're having that much trouble my best advice would be to buy a silicon dildo I prefer the ones with suction cups for hands free use.



im using my vibrating toothbrush righht noww. brisstles removd ovfcorse. the vibraiomns arenivce but ifk igf ive foumnd it


File: cd6198df15c65e6⋯.jpg (53.98 KB, 305x309, 305:309, cd6198df15c65e64cfb36b2ae1….jpg)


>brisstles removd ovfcorse. the vibraiomns arenivce but ifk igf ive foumnd it

Are you having a stroke?


File: d1fae60809cf201⋯.gif (3.23 MB, 346x260, 173:130, 57115531921a68c64ba9dcad7f….gif)


Yes i am



>dutasteride killed my prostate

are you still taking it? it shouldn't permanently shrink your prostate


File: ad7da57197e9865⋯.jpg (161.49 KB, 1127x1200, 1127:1200, Cx3oq0uVIAACg_e.jpg)

I just can't find the right pose to do it. SEND HELP


File: dc37b8ae6e0a74a⋯.png (270.2 KB, 706x412, 353:206, 1467113689946.png)


Why does the bottom have a condom on?



I posted this before on another thread, got many replies, but can't find it. tldr is tuck your dick between your legs, lay down on your side or get on all fours. and start massaging your prostate. Tucking moves you into such a position where your prostate is much more accessible. Don't start rubbing your dick on your leg, just massage your prostate. Don't even worry about or try to cum, just let it happen.

>how to convice straight guy to fuck you in the butt

You can't.



It's meant to bypass censors, but it seems I can't be the only one who thinks it would be cute to wear a pink condom to catch all the drippings.


How do you make a suction cup stick to a surface really good?

And how do you stop your butt from tearing it off the surface? My butt keeps gripping it up ;__;



I like the side position you described, it's always the one that -almost- gets me there. Part of that is because my dick is throbbing against my legs, so I feel like that's cheating, and also defeats the purpose of prostate stimulation.



Most people cannot do it without a vibrator right on their prostate or without a partner. Sorry but it's most likely just not possible then if that's cheating.



I think I can find one of those two things. Incidentally, any uh, videos of someone using a vibrator like that?



Does watching porn help or should i just go full concentration?


Lube. Just use MOAR lube



I don't know. Most videos use the tucking method. Most people can't do a complete no touch orgasm alone. Even with a vibrator it's difficult.


Not sure, maybe it helps.


How do you boys go for a week without fapping? i can barely go 5 hours without fapping…no i dont have a cage and i cant get one


File: f48037cb4dea284⋯.jpg (76.33 KB, 338x600, 169:300, tumblr_inline_omfchjIa4p1s….jpg)


learn to watch your own behavior, and work on your self control gradually.

start with small things, and work up to avoiding masturbation.

what works for me is finding a distraction, like going for a walk, or reading. but everyone is different. find what works for you.



the outside? where the normies live? i…im not sure.



I'm the same, except my libido will skyrocket if I'm talking to someone I really like and feel like I have a connection with. Meaning when I'm in another doomed LDR.



you'll be fine.

just don't look any in the eye, and whatever you do, do NOT offer to suck any of their cocks.



I don't notice any increase in butt pleasure after maybe 2-3 days, gl though



Are you sure? i heard that was a good way to make new friends?

speaking of cock sucking does somebody have that infograph like >>347710 for dick succ



it is. but these friends will come and go.

offer you ass, and friends will stay forever!



Bump for interest. This looks perfect


ITT: nobody knows



Try achieving depression and giving up on life.

Works for me.

Seriously though, don't do it.

It's like quitting everything, being with not fapping for 24 hours and extend the time.

It seems like you have an addiction.


File: 6d37db2c32dc044⋯.jpg (5.1 MB, 5184x3888, 4:3, DSC01199.JPG)

I like big toys.



That's really nice sight.



I'm going to add another suggestion to stop masturbating.

Don't shave. It works if you find pubic hair unappealing, then you'll stop feeling the want to jerk-off because it's unattractive.



>day 7 of nofap

>can't sleep because boxers are touching my junk

>not even hard

>day 8

>cum in like 15 minutes instead of enjoying it

r e g r e t


File: 442ac955f58a12b⋯.webm (10.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CrackersFlopOut.webm)


Thanks, sometimes I look pretty alright.



im already depressed and fapping is the only thing that makes me feel anything


well fuck. Just when i started this thread i shaved my asshole and dicc smooth.


literally hour 7 of nofap and im going to loose



I have done about 2 weeks without masturbating and only quick adjustment.



>that vein

….does it hurt???



Does what hurt? Having a 10 inch circumference dildo forced out by your clenching muscles that randomly decided they didn't want this thing inside them? Yeah it hurt a bit for a moment. I hate when that happens to me. It doesn't just hurt but it also feels super weird. Otherwise its great.



I was talking about the gigantic vein on your fucking dick



kek, no of course not.



can people feel it when you are fucking someone?


File: 7709a8064b60304⋯.gif (95.6 KB, 216x288, 3:4, 8356248563.gif)

File: 825474e77767614⋯.jpg (53.04 KB, 763x383, 763:383, Aneros-Comparison-Chart.jpg)

how do you guys feel about aneros?



Think about this then, the longer you hold off masturbating the more intense it will feel when starting up again.

I think my mentality surrounding masturbating is in the minority though, because I pretty much stopped because I found it too be boring and too much of hassle with cleaning and all that jazz.

Waiting a long period (sometimes a few weeks and sometimes a few months) made the experience more enjoyable.

You could also try limiting masturbation to when you have done something good, like exercising or something like that.



I used to own a helix. Its a really odd toy- I couldn't get it to work every time but when it worked, it was amazing! Its really odd too since I really don't know what I did differently.

I kinda wish you could rock on it, if you could it would have been perfect for me


Does it happen to somebody else that sometimes the prostate just vanishes in the middle of a session? It just decides to pack her things and go live with her mother or something.

When it happens I am quite lose so I can probe around with my hand, but its just nowhere to be found even though a minute ago I was having a blast. Dont think it just gets unresponsive, it just shifts? idk. And even after waiting or ten minutes without riding anything it doesnt come back.

What do?



Yes your prostate inflates when aroused or close to cumming. it sometimes it deflates again. Just relax, sometimes it shifts, usually it's an indication to take it easy.



my prostate doesn't want anything to do with me after about 30 minutes. Maybe I need to slow things waaaay down


didn't realize this happened


File: 6362ecacb1a0720⋯.jpg (34.26 KB, 500x706, 250:353, 6537898.jpg)


Sometimes you hear people say they just lie around for hours with one, and I start to wonder why the fuck I don't have a dozen of these yet. And then other times, like yours, you hear that it's really hit or miss. I guess the obvious answer here is to just try it for myself. I'm just super embarrassed to buy one





If you need to hide your purchase, buy a non refillable gift card with cash and buy the toy off amazon- everything that is lewd comes nice and discreet :) Thats how I did it before I lived alone


File: 998f5ff4daec42d⋯.jpg (788.06 KB, 2355x3245, 471:649, 1467665124045-1.jpg)

File: 15a720c51ecaefb⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 2355x3245, 471:649, 1467665124045-2.jpg)

File: b5a8a01bfd4a439⋯.png (3.27 MB, 2355x3245, 471:649, 1467665124045-3.png)


I hope it is not too late.



Didn't notice this response until now. I have never had sex so I wouldn't know. I doubt it though.


Why can't I go deeper than 3 or 4 inches? it becomes really painful internally like I'm going to pierce my insides. And is it normal to feel bruised in your abdomen afterwards?



Look up the anatomy of how you're built back there to understand it better.

Your inside isn't just a tunnel that goes straight up, it bends and folds. There are positions that straighten out your walls and make it easier to penetrate deeper.

Explore a bit with fingers too, it will give you a very accurate feeling of what's going on down there!

If you have a rather firm/stiff dildo, move it around a little, try different angles. I managed to get a rather big one about 10 inches deep inside me. I could have maybe even taken a few more, but there wasn't any dildo left to push deeper^^ Was quite an awesome feeling.

Though you have to expect some weird smells if you take out something that was that deep inside you.

Following things are a bit disgusting but important!

DO NOT forcefully push deeper if you feel like your piercing a wall/ripping something, because that can actually happen.

If it does happen, don't worry too much, as long as you don't bleed a lot.

A few drops of blood will be fine. Leave your butt alone for a week and then try again, it will be mostly healed by then, but be gentle.(Speaking from experience)

If you more than a few drops, go to the hospital, yes it's embarrassing, but these doctors have seen it all already, and that's probably one of the less freaky things they have to deal with now and then. Internal bleeding is no joke if the wound is big.


File: 013e3ea02fde967⋯.jpg (125.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1492402527374.jpg)


>DO NOT forcefully push deeper if you feel like your piercing a wall/ripping something, because that can actually happen.

Ok that's scary and I don't think I want to do butt stuff again. I don't think it's possible to go past 4 inches for me without going to hospital later. there was a tiny amount of blood and my abdomen still hurts, should I be worried?



I also can't go past 4 inches in and when I reach that deep and get the dildo out some weird thing comes out, it isn't poop (I get cleaned a lot) or blood, do you know what it could be?




If the blood was bright red, it's most likely an anal fissure. Go easy on yourself for a few weeks, you'll be okay. Absolute worst case scenario it's a hemorrhoid.

if it's dark, consider medical attention. Your problem may be a lot bigger


File: 70692e2faa2888a⋯.jpg (48.87 KB, 470x317, 470:317, 1451704505423.jpg)


>If the blood was bright red, it's most likely an anal fissure

I think it just looked like blood, it didn't appear dark or bright to me just regular blood (only a small amount) but enough to scare me into never using my butt again.

>if it's dark, consider medical attention

How much darker than normal would it be if it's serious, like brown or black or deep red?

It has been almost 2 days since then and if there was something internal damage I'd notice by now, r-right? i'm kinda freaking out :x




Also forgot to mention my abdomen (below the belly button) feels bruised. Is that normal sometimes? I guess I could have bruised inside or stretched some muscles I've not used before, right?




I am not a licensed medical professional, but generally speaking the darker the blood is the further in the injury. If it was normal looking it should be close to the entrance. You may just be nervous/panicky. The same thing happened to me plug was a bit bigger than I should have tried.

Shit man I dunno




First of all, calm down.

Watch your stool, does it have read streaks, is the water in the toilet red? If not, you're fine for now

[spoiler]You might just have had a small rip in one of your walls back there.[spoiler]

I know the feeling, I had something very similar happen to me some years ago. Felt like I ripped something while I slammed down on a dildo too hard

Just calm down, if you don't have and major discomfort back there just take it easy for a week. I get why you might feel like not getting back into anal play. Afraid to hurt something back there and feeling uncomfy about the last experience you had.

I think when I had that I didn't do anything back there for a few months.

If you feel like trying again though, go with lube and fingers first.

Like I said in another post up there already, explore yourself gently, try to get and understanding of how your tunnel moves/can be pushed around a bit.

One thing that I found works very well is lying on your back and having legs up in front of you. It's said that it straightens out your walls.

For everyone following this thread:

>Whatever you do back there, if you're not very experienced and sure of your limits, be *gentle* with yourself!

>I know the slight pain back there can enhance the pleasure for many of us, but be careful not to overdo it!

Feeling raw from a lot of friction is no problem. It will go away after a day, but the pain that comes from "bumping into your barriers" down there is a sign that your tunnel isn't aligned for deeper penetration!



I could maybe tell you what it is if you describe it a little.

Was it a fluid? Color? Smell(if you dared to take a whiff)?



If it's bright it isn't anything to worry about unless there's a lot in which case go to the hospital, if it's dark no matter the amount go to the fucking hospital as you have internal bleeding.



It was kinda like cum texture, kinda sticky and stuff, but it was kinda like brown but not so much, also a bit transperent, and I smelt it just to see if I had to go clean again but it didn't smell like poop at all, it's just a weird but not gross smell



That's the natural mucus your colon produces



Well, I'm glad to hear that, I got a bit scared the first time I saw it, thanks for the help!


File: 62bba5b96b7e67c⋯.jpg (6.66 KB, 250x245, 50:49, 1446486371951.jpg)



Thanks for the advice and I tried to relax because there's no more blood or anything and toilets are normal, BUT i've been really REALLY bloated for the past 2 days and my abdomen feels so uncomfortable and bruised.

Maybe it's just trapped air or something that got pushed back there or something, should I be worried about it? has this ever happened to you before. help

>tfw my abdominal cavity is probably filling with blood and making me bloated

not sure how everything always goes wrong for me and i can't even manage anal masturbation without fucking something up. end me tbh



Three weeks here and counting.

Self control. When i stop masturbating my dick and butt gets more sensible.



…is it worth it?



Sexually? NOT




Anon, the exact same thing happened to me about a week ago. I was riding a dildo pretty hard, pulled off, aaaand there was blood around the tip. Instant panic mode. I cleaned myself up, pooped normally later, no more blood. I had some weird abdominal cramping for three or four days afterward, felt sort of constipated, but it cleared up and now I'm fine. Definitely not putting anything back there for a good long while, though.

If you notice more blood, start to get a high fever, or the stomach discomfort gets to the point of serious pain, seek medical attention. As it is, based on my personal experience, you're going to be okay.


File: e6ab9cff3ab5232⋯.jpg (2.54 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG_404.jpg)


I usually just bottle up my hornyness until the bf comes over. In the meantime, anal's still on the menu.


It's happened to all of us. One of my feet slipped while I was inserting a buttplug and I suddenly slammed down on it You know how when you're falling or get caught off guard and you clench up? Not a pleasant experience.


>just use enough water to fill your rectum, otherwise you'll fill the colon and trigger a lot more to come out

But the rectum is just 5~ inches long…I know most of you have dildos longer than that… I've tried emptying just my rectum multiple times, and my relatively modest 7" dildo has not managed to be clean each attempt… I'm convinced that you're all lying and that using a ton of water over and over again is the only way to get properly cleaned out for anal. And that really takes just too much time for it to be worth it.



More than likely you have a terrible diet and eat really bad foods. I use about 100ml of whatever and that's it. I'm good to go for toys as small as 5 inches and as long as 12.

It's true however that too much whatever will screw you up. If the water gets too far in you it'll start washing out stuff deeper in your colon and take forever to finally drain out if you, so what you get is a constant shitty stream that pretty much doesn't end because of how poorly the water drains out. You have to limit how much you use to only clean out the rectum, which is where any crap should be. If you don't get clean by doing that then you are either trying at an inopportune time or you need to fix your diet.



Also, antibiotics, by disrupting the intestinal flora, can mess up the consistency of your butt's, ah, stuff.

The food you eat also plays a role, 18-48 hours after you eat it. The NYT (no kidding) advised readers to eat a bowl of corn and time it. This will help you locate any problem foods.


Forgot to mention: when I was on Atkins induction diet, all fat+protein, my poo came out as clean bricks. Just FYI.



>This will help you locate any problem foods.

I don't understand this logic. How does eating corn help locate problem foods. What if the corn itself is a problem food? And you only supposed to eat one other thing AND corn?




Damn, these are great.



Well since corn doesn't digest so if you have corn while eating something you suspect causes you to go in an irregular manner you can track it. Could also be used to track that after you push out the meal with the corn and you're regular you have an idea to the amount of time you're clear back there for.



I guess that makes sense. Though it always comes out a week later for me (if it appears at all)



You get constipated then? Then again it's only takes 6 to 8 hours for it to digest. Not sure where the 18-48 hours figure the other anon mentions comes from. Maybe eat more corn to make it appear more readily?

Also could the Admin un-404 the scat thread?



I just don't shit a lot. Don't eat a lot, don't shit a lot. Comes out easily enough.



I need some advice. Even when aroused I'm not sure where exactly my prostate is at. I follow medical guides to get a sense of its general area and try to position myself to access that area easier. When I get my dildo in and start slowly going at it, I aim for what would be the base of my dick. I always manage to get an erection but the following the notion just makes me start peeing.

Am I to assume that's just my bladder I'm hitting, or is it a combination of the prostate being rubbed by the dildo along with the bladder? What are good insertion angles to focus on? >>347709



A tip you learn as a mechanic is to put in bolts by hand first to make sure they thread properly. You're far more likely fuck it up if you start putting a bolt on with drill or screwdriver.

The relevance is it seems like you're skipping finding it with your finger, instead just going by text books of where it should be and going at where you think it is with a dildo.

Prostates aren't that deep and you should be able to feel it with your middle or index finger. You'll know when you find it. From there you can use a dildo to stimulate it. If using dildo still causes you to piss, maybe drain yourself before masturbating? Or maybe it's just really runny precum?



Thank you. I'll get right onto locating it in my free time. As for what was shooting out, I can guarantee you it was urine, and not runny precum.


File: 99058a0c5ec60a5⋯.jpg (8.24 KB, 228x221, 228:221, pepe's reaction to living ….jpg)

Managed to have my first handsfree after trying for around two months, the difference in pleasure is almost incomparable, I'm never going to touch my cock again.


Drink a lot of water at once and wait until you piss it all out then go at it, I had the same problem in the first three weeks, also the prostrate shouldn't be far, mine's around 6cm inside.



Was messing around with my butt then ended up touching my dick and cumming in about 2s flat…

Every fucking time though, I just can't resist touching my dick when I'm THAT horny.

I think I need to buy a dildo because I only have a selection of buttplugs and a bulky prostate massager, can't really leverage them very well.

Also, is anyone else not really turned on by porn with the idea of being a submissive bottom?

I'm not a /cuteboy/ I'm just a /fit/ guy who likes them, nohomo.


>no fap for 2 weeks

>try anal stuff today for about an hour

>not touching my dick

>couldn't cum

>use all of my willpower not to jerk off

Is there any hope of repeating this until I get a handsfree?



I've been trying the same sort of thing, but it seems like the longer I put off fapping, the more impatient I get when it comes to actually trying anything. It might actually be detrimental putting off fapping for too long.



I had the same problem. Last time I tried bum stuff after a no fap session it ended up being underwhelming and I fapped. I'm currently on session 2 of "try anal stuff but don't fap no matter how badly you want to." I'll report back if it yields any results. I'm on a new medication that throttles your libido, so for the first time in my life I'm able to masturbate anally and not have the urge to touch my dick. Probably fucks my chances of a hands free though. We'll see.


Just went at it for about 5 hours, trying all kinds of different stuff. It all felt great, but didn't amount to anything and had to fap in the end.

Apparently it's something you 'develop', and if so there should be a lot of development going on recently. Everything is pleasurable, but nothing is really building up to an orgasm. Not sure how to approach it now, I really put a lot of expectation into that session.

Also sustained riding of a dildo (or anything) is exhausting and absolutely destroys your knees.



5 hours? Good lord man.

I've been told countless times that "trying" for the orgasm, and that whole mindset is detrimental to your effort. Supposedly you should just focus on feeling good, which you apparently are. Overthinking things and or not relaxing your mind enough is key(again, so I've been told). I'm a high anxiety dude so I feel like I'm fucked as far as hands free goes.


File: 5e7f3e0dc6cb708⋯.gif (200.53 KB, 532x627, 28:33, 0e5265b5ced6cf7c22f4cee5b0….gif)


>I'm never going to touch my cock again

After getting more experienced with anal play, that's exactly what I've been telling myself.

I still haven't had a handsfree ejaculation, but last night I reached a point that I could only think to describe as a full-body orgasm. I had built myself up to fitting my 10-inch dildo, got comfortable with it, started bouncing on it, and went on for a real long time. It continued to feel more and more pleasurable as I kept bouncing, and as I was slowly fitting more and more of it inside me, until I could bounce all the way down balls deep. Once that happened, it felt like something inside me just activated or something. My bouncing movements started to become automated, and somehow the slow building exhaustion from the continuous movement was no longer noticeable. It was just happening. I started seeing stars, and I started losing myself in the feeling. I was going completely dumb. It just felt so right. I had no concern about making myself cum, I was just completely engulfed in pleasure, and I just kept going and going and going for the longest time without ceasing my movement. Eventually my legs got shaky, and so I slowly brought myself to a stop out of fear that I'd slide or fall over. When the dildo plopped out of me, something crazy happened. It felt like that pleasure sensation started running through my entire body, starting at my ass and running all the way to my head and to my toes. I felt like a fucking retard because I was just squirming around, twitching, arching my back, stretching my legs up, spreading them out, and running my hands up and down my body in some sort of euphoric bliss. I was so amazed and satisfied at what had just happened, and then I just lied there completely naked and dead tired on the floor for like a half hour, like I had just had the most amazing sex of my life. Which, I guess I did. It was like an accomplishment. I feel like words don't even do the experience justice.


>I just can't resist touching my dick when I'm THAT horny.

I've had that exact same problem, and something that works really well for me is I always put on a chastity cage before I start anal play, and I make sure the key is someplace out of reach, like another room. I keep it on the whole time and leave it on long after I'm done.

> is anyone else not really turned on by porn with the idea of being a submissive bottom?

That's probably half of the /cuteboys/ population tbh


File: b2d342f50ee503a⋯.jpg (36.89 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 104718223.jpg)

Quick question: What works better for most people, curved or straight dildos?

I got pic related without thinking on at an actual store and its been hard to use. Really hard and the curve doesn't feel right, is this normal?



>5 hours

Where do you fuckers have so much free time?


So putting soap in the warm water I use to clean myself out with has been 100% reliable so far out of 4 sessions. And I'm never using more than 120ml of water at a time. I guess my butt has a stronger reaction to it and encourages more stuff to come out. Only problem is when I'm toying I feel like I need to poop even more than anal play usually makes me, but nothing's ever come out so far. Might be useful for anyone that was struggling like I was.



>putting soap in the warm water

You definitely shouldn't do that. Soap is an astringent, so it will irritate mucous membranes. Ever get soap in your eyes? That pain is a chemical burn, which is what you're doing to the inside of your ass. It's possible that the uncomfortable feeling you're later getting is a result of this.



>I feel like words don't even do the experience justice.

post webm instead


Not entirely related to the thread but

>was riding my bf

>was looking at he ceiling the entire time

>he held up for about 7 minutes

>feels amazing

>finally feel him cum

>look down

>I apparently shot a load all over his chest

>I also drooled all over him

>I didn't notice either of these things happening

I-is this normal? I feel really embarrassed and awkward.



If nothing else, it's hot



>getting so lost in the pleasure you don't even realize you've already came

More cute than anything


if you could only use one toy for the rest of time what toy would you choose?




Handle to penetrate yourself, blade to penetrate others.



I cum once like every 3 weeks or so. Ironwill I have.



Easy with that edge, underage b&.


Low libido, you have.



No, I'm a hornball and edge a lot. I just don't cum as much, I'm into delaying orgasms.


>live with family

>almost never have the house to myself for long enough to do anal play, and don't want to risk doing it when anyone is home

>after a few months without any I forgot just how good it is

>when I did have opportunities I decided it's not worth the hassle of preparing, and stuck to my onahole instead.

>today decide to break out the dildo again

I was fucking retarded; how could I have let myself go on without this?

The most outward reaction I've had when masturbating with my penis has been to close my eyes, and I've never made a noise. But when I fucked my ass today I was moaning and writhing like mad.

I tried piling up pillows and riding them but my hands were taken up holding everything in place and I couldn't balance, so I lay nearly prone and fucked myself from behind. I had a long pillow too, and managed to hold it and the dildo at the same time to give a crude simulation of a body attached to the dildo. That was fantastic, and what got me involuntarily making noise.

It wasn't a true prostate orgasm since my dick was rubbing on the bed until the last minute or so, but it was definitely one of the best orgasms I've ever had.


File: 8c46084592f9750⋯.png (27.31 KB, 417x403, 417:403, a5b4cb01e51861035555d76ecd….png)


I went 5 months and 24 days once without fapping in prison Ended up having a tremendous wet dream at like 3 AM, and I was in a top bunk too. It got everywhere, possibly on my bunkee even. Ended up rolling out of my bunk, and rushing off to the restroom, dug my old pants out of the dirty laundry cart, and washed my current pants in the sink with a bar of soap. The boxers were FUBAR and I just threw those away.

Had the guards staring at me the whole time too.

After that I'd do it once or twice a month in order to keep the wet dreams away.



Do cuteboys exist in prison or is it just filled with average looking men?



Prison is for the most part an odd mixture of usually older men, some who are old before their time due to hard lives and drug usage, and others who look significantly younger than they actually are because they've been incarcerated for 20-30 years and have been living clean lives.

Most of the population will be in the 30-50 range, and 98% of those will either be average looking joes or masculine types.

Cuteboys do exist, and they get hit on a lot, though to be fair anyone white and not in a gang is gonna be hit on, even 75 year old toothless rednecks, but the cuteboys more than anyone else.

My best friend in there was 27 years old, looked about 21 and was pretty cute. However he was always violently anti-gay, and would talk shit about gays all the time. Anyways this turned out to be a front of course, and he came out of the closet to me during my last two weeks, and I in turn told him I was actually bi and had dated dudes before.

He wanted to blow me before I went home, but we never managed to find a safe place away from the officers and inmates.

>He gets out in 19 months

>Wants to dress up like a girl for me and get slammed


Is there a source on OP video?



looks like https://bubblebumbutt.tumblr.com/

god i cant believe i know that



Thanks anon!


At what point do enemas become bad for you? I'm certain it can't be good for your bowels to be rinsed out too regularly, but I'm not sure how much is too much.

My diet is rather awful so they're a necessity every time I'm playing with my ass. It's pretty infrequent that I do due to home circumstances, but occasionally I'll get a lot of chances in a short period. I don't use much water, only 35mL or so, usually spread across two or three rinses, but I'm concerned that even that too often in too short a time may cause problems, be they short term or long term.


Is it possible to give yourself an impacted colon from fucking too hard? I haven't been able to shit right for weeks after an amazing session. I finally ejaculated hands-free just a little bit.



>Is it possible to give yourself an impacted colon from fucking too hard?

Probably not. You'd likely just be dead of internal bleeding or sepsis if there was any damage up there. An average person produces a couple of pounds of shit per day, so if you'd been impacted for weeks, you'd probably notice, especially if you're normally thin. I can sometimes notice a difference between the distention of the left side of my belly after just ONE day's worth of shit.

Most likely, your thinking you haven't been able to "shit right" is just confirmation bias. You expect things to not be "normal", without having much of an idea what normal is, concentrating on those small differences instead of when it's fine. Unless you've literally had horrible diarrhea for weeks, it's probably not all that different from how it usually is.


How do I keep the suction cup on my dildo stuck to a surface????!!!



Use a non-porous surface.



>10 inch

How!?!?! I have trouble enough with a 5er.


File: cee1f751665720a⋯.png (532.04 KB, 1014x1324, 507:662, 8aca67d944b1d190684c0e93ed….png)


So I got a vibrating massager that was recommended to me and on a second use it felt like I was getting somewhere. With each clench the inserted end was pressing against my prostate.

But a bit in it sort of stopped because the toy wasnt hitting it right. I was really worked up too and just couldnt keep it in the right place. Im beginning to think Im not strong enough down there.

Does doing kegels help with this sort of toy?

Additionally, does stimulating your prostate get better the more you do it? Or is there a risk you could desensitize yourself? Anyone have any luck using their fingers? Its an odd problem to have but my ass is a little big and its hard to get around/reach.


File: 3b70dbb37f115df⋯.jpg (3.51 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 3b70dbb37f115dfd807e0b28e5….jpg)


be cute femboi trap. some "Straight" guys like fembois. i like fembois and transwomen almost exclusively. i like women too. but i dont like masculinity in my partners i like femininity…

>>tfw no qtpi femboi to snuggle with. why live.


Does anyone know any good lubes that last a long time? I've used water based but after a minute or so, my toy is bone dry. I already know I can't use silicone based with toys.



I love this photo



Oil based ones can be used usually. And silicone can be used with some toys, look up the material and be sure of it.

Water based can usually be sort of 'refreshed' by dripping a little water on it. Keep a bowl of water nearby, dip your finger in it and just barely moisten the toy/your ass.


File: 80a0e482abaa76b⋯.jpg (16.16 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


I'm trans (been on hormones for half a decade) and same for me. I like women and if I should go out with a guy, they should be feminine, ideally 100% bottom, because not sure I would feel comfortable otherwise.

What's very important to me also is that they like women…

My ideal relationship with a guy would be role inversion : outside I'm the girlfriend, but for sex and cuddles, they're definitely the little spoon.

I know that's never going to happen, because 99,9% of guys gross me out with their awful manly fashion / personality / perfume / politics / facial hair, almost makes me want to puke.

And obviously : they have to be really smart, upright personality, talented, and please be independent from parents… jesus.


File: 1eb5ad5db442ce7⋯.jpg (257.64 KB, 550x924, 25:42, IMG_1987.JPG)

Hey qts, quick question. I've been fucking around with my anus for what seems like years now, I liked the feelings and never really knew about the prostate. I recently bought a dildo and stuck it to a wall to grind on (I'd tried other positions) and felt a completely different kind of feeling in my belly. It was like warm tingling that spread through my groin and had my entire body feel like it was blushing. Is this prostate pleasure? And if so, should I worry about trying to cum when feeling it or just ride it for as long as I can stay upright? Can I train myself to feel this more quickly or is it all mindset?

Because fucking hell, if thats just regular prostate pleasure I can't even imagine an orgasm from it. I feel like if I have one that I'd never touch my dick ever again and just use my bum for sexual satisfaction.



one in a thousand?


I've been trying to train my ass, but I'm so tried after work I have no will to do it. When anything goes in there it feels just like it feels when I shit and it makes me panic that I'm shitting and I tense up. I can't calm down when I do this. How do I calm down and get in the mood for this when I'm too tried to even wanna get up.


File: eb8f3c2b8fa87aa⋯.gif (2.37 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Omake Gif Anime - Tanaka-k….gif)


do you maybe have a discord or smth? :3c


>tfw no dom to train my butt into a pussy



What's his size?


Not gonna lie, I would stuff dildos in my ass more often if only I can get over the funny disturbing feeling my intestine have to go through.



I'm the same way how to contact :>



Where you at? I will train all your holes, slut.



Cute, well use as much lube as possible and do lots of foreplay before the sexing then. Sounds good that you have not stretched the hole into oblivion like most seem to do.



Down in the south, near London. You?


I find it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection during anal play. Most I've gotten is a half-chub.

It seems the more I go at it, the softer I get (still leaks plenty of precum though). I have to wonder if the dildo's girth isn't kinking some blood vessel important to supplying the blood for an erection (it's a normal sized dildo), cuz even if I really go at him, my dick will not become fully erect whilst the dildo is inserted, and will do once it's removed. is this something anybody else has to deal with?



It's actually common for guys to not be hard during anal stimulation. From what I understand it has to do with the way the muscles are hooked up; they require being contracted to maintain an erection, but relaxed to let things into the ass. Having both happen at the same time isn't really possible unless you're seriously clenching. Any time you see it happen in porn, it's likely because they're all on viagra and/or wearing cock rings.


File: 066e8edcb949f1e⋯.png (1.09 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Trap Set Radio.png)

File: 36449c1faaf91f6⋯.jpg (35.87 KB, 550x550, 1:1, plugs.jpg)

File: 7fc62957e92ed8a⋯.png (322.85 KB, 849x462, 283:154, sample_84a3fc3eb432dee9a29….png)

>Couple days ago

>Got really horny looking for hentai that would make for good sprays in Jet Set Radio

>Lubed one of these plugs

>Wiggled back and forth in my chair

>Prostate orgasm

>Half an hour later still stupid levels of horny

>Lubed the largest one

>First time I've used it that hasn't hurt

>Wiggled back and forth again

>Incredible prostate orgasm

Probably the 5th and 6th time I've ever actually had a prostate orgasm and definitely the first time I've had ones back to back.



How do you have an orgasm from a plug?



Don't ask me. I've been sticking things in my ass for 25 years and I've never had one.



I'm always hard when getting fucked or using a dildo…



so he won't get pregnant


>>347951 ".. to catch all the drippings"

And eat them shortly after! ^_^


So a friend of mine is able to have convulsive moaning toe-curling orgasms just from being penetrated a tiny bit. He lies on his belly and I get on top and push the tip of my dick right against his hole. It drives him crazy and I usually can't get more than the head in before he goes over the edge. Sometimes it's frustrating that that's about as deep as I can go but I'm also jealous and fascinated that that's all it takes him.



Good for him. Good for you. Keep going and fuck him till his balls are empty from cumming so much (and yours are too, inside/on him)! You'll both love it, and want to try it every so often. >^_^<

Wish I could even *have* an orgasm that way! (got one of those machines, so I don't have to use my own arms, but I still cant quite get there V_V )


If I smoke weed before playing with my butt it's almost a guarantee I'll cum hands-free.



They aren't what I would call typical plugs as they are fairly elongated, have a suction base and I was moving around.

I didn't think it was that unusual, but now that I think about it I've never seen anyone do that and I have a decent folder of handsfree videos.

I want to prove it but I don't know if I could do it again



Straight guy here, does it make me gay that I want to suck this cute dick really bad? All these pics are making me horny






Well, that depends…

1: Do you just think it would be 'nice' to suck on?


2: Are you drooling at the thought of that thick, juicy piece of meat throbbing on your tongue and between your lips, then pulsing as he shoots his hot sticky cum down your greedy throat?

If 1, no.. You're just maybe a little Bi, maybe just Bi-curious.

If 2, well, there might still be some hope left for you to just simply be 'Bi' and still date women, and have a family, etc.. But, the Homo side of you is a total Bottom-Bitch-Boi! (Even more so, if you also get quivery, thinking of having that same, thick, juicy cock throbbing up your tight bottom, and planting his seed up in there with each hot pulse)



>>He gets out in 19 months

>>Wants to dress up like a girl for me and get slammed

My money is that he'll immediately regret it if you do it and then he'll try to bury the evidence it ever happened (you).


File: 1de82423d50e818⋯.gif (658.91 KB, 600x338, 300:169, tenor.gif)

>my bf scent is in the sheets

S-should cum on it?



Are those plugs as soft as they look? Where did you get them?



Unhygenic tbqh desu




Interesting. I'm solid hard during every analplay, solo or coop. I can't control.

No viagra or anything related tho.




Fucking fag


Any tricks to angling a 7 inch dildo at your prostate? I keep getting tired once I start pumping away.



I rarely if ever get hard unless something's touching my dick in some way. Been like that since I was a little kid, and never changed. Never even experienced uncontrollable teenage boners like literally everyone is suppose to get.

To point, it's pretty much impossible for me to get an erection or have an orgasm when I'm not trying really, really hard. Sometimes it doesn't work anyway.



Uhm remember that the prostate isn't all the way in 7inches, it's barely 3-4 inches in and get a dildo with good thickness instead.


Can someone explain to me how anal orgasms are biologically possible?



cuz ur gay


File: d5676c06b562801⋯.png (980.48 KB, 1060x1500, 53:75, 1466720223231-1.png)


It's actually possible to have an orgasm by just passing an electronic current through a certain part of the spine, thus certain varieties of corpses can have orgasms (beating heart cadavers to be precise). There are cases of women being able to cum without any physical stimulation whatsoever, just thinking about it, with men though you usually don't consider anything but sperm shooting out of your cock as an orgasm as it is a powerful image, but not the end all be all. Most of it will come down to attitude and mental state, so if you're panicked or worried it's of course going to be as difficult to cum with your butt as would you penis if you felt that way. It should be noted however that prostates in particular are actually quite sensitive as they tense up right when you're about to shoot sperm, so you're already involving your prostate in any orgasm you have up front anyway. With direct stimulation and a certain mindset it's completely possible to have your body give your brain the signal to have an orgasm, which while most of the time in men involves shooting sperm of course, in general also includes a lot of rapid flexing muscles in that general area including the anus, taint and such. Thus, even if you're not shooting sperm, you can still cause that reflexive muscle spasm in the lower area. With woman in particular it's also possible for them to have anal orgasms even without the prostate, as again, most of the process will actually be more psychology (how hot you find being fucked in the ass, how dirty it makes you feel, the squeaks and moans you make when that cocks moving inside of you) than physical but it's always been true that the most important organ for sex is the brain at the end of the day.


hey, if you want to talk about buttsluts from around the world join in our discord!

https://discord.gg /NKzVWYk



Hi, I'm unsure who you are or if I am who you think I am, but are you able to provide any way I can contact you?

Please do no post personal information here otherwise, thank you.

I'll set up a throwaway e-mail account where you can contact me anyway.

Even if we're not who we think we are, if you could relate to what I wrote, I'd like to be in contact and try. Thanks for reaching out, best to you.



Oh you're from Sweden, unless you are using a proxy. You're not the person I thought you would be then.

The description was quite specific so I thought it was someone I knew from here last year. Didn't think there would be someone who would post basically exactly the same.

Even thogh you're probably not the person I thought you were but I am still willing to talk to you and maybe try even though I really don't know what would come out of it.

Anonpseudo@protonmail.com is my throway email


File: 465f5c30e71d512⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1040x806, 40:31, daffdafadsfads.png)

File: 6eaf3d781bd0c73⋯.png (661.05 KB, 1073x778, 1073:778, gfadfgdgfad.png)

So after a few days of not masturbating (although I edged a couple times) I decided to break out my Bad Dragon™ dildos. Long story short, after working my way up to my medium crackers (pics related), I mounted him on the edge of my bed at just the right height to have him fuck me doggy-style. Despite my best efforts and quite some time, I couldn't quite get a hands-free orgasm, but I was surprised to look down and see that despite being pretty close to orgasm, my dick was still soft. Unable to resist, I stroked myself a few times to get myself right to the verge of cumming and began thrusting back against my dildo. Only a few thrusts later, I began shooting cum but didn't feel an actual orgasm, which is one of the first times I've had that happen. At that point I had to get my release, so I began stroking myself again and almost instantly experienced a normal orgasm.

While I'm disappointed that I still haven't managed an entirely hands-free orgasm, I will consider it progress.



Only had cheap imitations, and their intended purpose wasn't working, but their fun shape was still nice to hit the right sport with a helping hand.

I'm pretty sure they're overpriced gadgets though, an actuall dildo offers more versatility for less money and looks way more appealing in my opinion.


how bout those tips on convincing straight guys to fuck your ass?


File: 30ed0387e3f0760⋯.jpg (389.32 KB, 1280x1417, 1280:1417, tumblr_p64u4uVvxR1wuppkmo1….jpg)

To the people who are into both anal masturbation and urethral sounding, have you guys ever tried to wear a chastity cage, one including a sound going in your peehole, while bouncing on a dildo?

Since a long enough sound can poke your prostate, I thought that maybe getting it squeezed between a dildo and sound would be either harmful or extremely pleasurable.

What's more, I was wondering if there was any good chastity cage plugging your peehole that doesn't slide out. As hot as it may appear at first, having my cock leaking gallons of precum/cum everywhere when I'm mounting my favorite dildo ends up being very annoying and even discouraging sometimes because I think about all the clean up I'll have to do after I'm done playing and it demotivates me to do anything at all, or worse, makes me go back to just fapping when I could be training my butt.


I'm curious to try a larger toy about the size of an average dick. My current toy is very small and made for anal. It's silicone a little longer than a finger and a little bigger around. I'm scared to try bigger. The little toy hurts sometimes even with judicious use of water-based loobs. I'm very tight. I have small thin poops. I'm scared I'll injure myself internally. I'm scared to death to take a real average size dick, altho the thoughts of it turn me on. I get dick dripping wet thinking about a pretty girlie boy pounding my fat ass.



Eat more insoluble fiber. Poop less often so it's harder and bigger. Get/make a squatting frame for your toilet and use it always. You have to train your ass like any other muscle.


I need some help here, I'm kind of new to all this

I have a dildo, specifically this one:


It's great and I love it, it can make me orgasm like nothing ever has.

I also have an Aneros (MGX), a vibrating prostate massager, and a few butt plugs… but I just dont really feel anything from them, at least nothing compared to the dildo.

Everyone raves about these items in the product reviews, but I just dont feel it.

Am I doing something wrong or is my butt just not trained enough yet (I only started a month ago and only once a week)?



I'm already doing both of those things due to a digestive condition I have, bile acid malabsorption.


File: 2c25b95d4d62869⋯.png (722.38 KB, 900x683, 900:683, unknown.png)

I've learned being a bit intoxicated helps.

Maybe I'm more stressed than I thought, but I only really even come close to cumming while on xanax. Seems like being super relaxed makes it way more enjoyable.


File: 259d9e6843713a0⋯.png (6.47 KB, 249x201, 83:67, knifebutt.png)


>if you could only use one toy for the rest of time what toy would you choose?


>Handle to penetrate yourself, blade to penetrate others.

what the fuck



coconut oil. soybean oil. shea butter.




all these guides have such horrible giant font size and front type that it's unbearable for me to read them



that's a lot of requirements, the hardest thing about that is that most feminine guys i have ever met prefer "Real men" and most homosexuals are mentally unstable so finding someone who is both smart, talended and has an upright personality is one hell of a quest



BD Blaze. Hits the prostate just right



>Implying you don't go around with a knife in your pocket.


Ive been trying butt stuff for nearly 2 months now and I have yet to even really feel good let alone orgasm. Am I going about it completely wrong? Ive tried every position and method I've heard of.



Don't worry anon. I been at it for years with no luck.



What's that coming out of his ass?



Its not about positions or methods, its arousal.

Anal won't feel good if you're treating it like trying to fap, you have to be in the mood for it and let it work instead of you trying to force it.


My female fuck butty and I were having a lunch date last Friday. Normally she hates anal but that day she was down for it. I didn't have lube at home but I did have a fresh bottle of olive oil. She liked it enough to agree to occasional anal. I'm a happy humper. the olive oil never dried out and stayed nice a slick. A little saliva makes it even slicker. She has a nice little tight brown hole. With olive oil, I was able to slide in with steady pressure. Unfortunately, between head and sex, I didn't last long in her tight ass. I lost a big load in her.


Any advice on what I should do? Every time I try it whether with a dildo or anything, there's a point I'm very close but it starts feeling too good until it overwhelms me and it's too hard to move it to finish because, well, it feels too distractingly good. I always have to finish masturbating with my hands or just feel weirdly edged as I try again and again for the same thing to happen. Should I just get a vibrating one?



I wouldn't recommend vibration, it numbs the area. Try taking a vibe egg and holding it to your dick, it will slowly lose feeling and you won't be able to get off for a while until the sensitivity returns. A vibrator does this to your prostate. If it has different levels, you'll start out at the lowest one, lose feeling, go up and so on until you are at the highest setting and it's just painful.


there are two types of "orgasms" you can have from anal masturbation / sex. One's a prostate orgasm, the other's a dry, whole-body "girl orgasm." They are very distinct. The latter feels a lot better than the former, albeit both surpass the ordinary male orgasm.



The prostate orgasm is kinda on a spectrum with prostate milking, and milking is not hard to do if you know the right spot. There's lots of advice ITT.

I'll focus on the "girl orgasm." You have to be really in the zone of getting fucked to have one. It's harder to do with a toy, because you have to manipulate the toy, but I've achieved it from a couple. What type? Unlike the narrow, weirdly shaped prostate / beginner anal toys, you need something more like an actual penis. Doesn't have to be one of those absurd fetish toys, but something the approx. dimensions of a good sized dick that you can take all the way to the base is what you want. You can't be concerned about controlling the thrusts, because, like I said, getting there requires a mental state of abandon and passivity.



You also need to be really aroused, but I've never managed one while erect. You need to have a long enough session that you lose your boner, or else restrict yourself with a chastity-type device, which is more reliable. It's never totally reliable though. You can't have one if you're trying to, because that's not passive enough. You have to just focus on the sensation of being fucked and let it happen.

If you wanna get there, it helps not to finish your sessions by jacking off. You need to be in the mindset that getting fucked is enough in itself for enjoyment. If you don't really relish a good pounding, orgasmic finish or no, then you can't get there.



You start the session by loosening up, perhaps with a smaller toy. Once you've got your toy of choice fully inserted, let it rest in place for 5 or so minutes to become accustomed to the girth. Then proceed with small thrusts, working up to large thrusts at a brisk pace.

This is not something you can do when there's somebody in the next room, because that will make you focus on being quiet, which again isn't a state of abandon. Let yourself moan and fuck yourself hard enough to make some "schlick-shlick" type noises.

If you get there, you'll know. It's an all-encompassing, enveloping sensation that makes you quiver and can last 30 - 45 seconds. It's probably the best thing you'll have ever felt, and afterwords you'll have the accomplishment of being one naughty sissy bitch!



Also your libido doesn't diminish after having one (there's no ejaculation) and it feels good enough that you'll probably keep going once you've regained composure. I've had two in one session, but only once.


Someone said ITT that vibration is bad. IME it's not, as long as it's not continuous, which can be a little numbing. Most vibrators have modes.

It adds some extra intensity, *especially* when you squeeze down on one. If it didn't feel good on internal pleasure spots, why would they sell so many?



>If it didn't feel good on internal pleasure spots, why would they sell so many?

Because they're for women.



Women don't have "internal pleasure spots" and/or they want them to go numb so they can't feel anything?

I have a vibrator that I use occasionally and it feels good. Sure, ymmv, but this "vibrators will make you go numb inside" thing must be propagated by people who have never tried using one. One may or may not like it, but unless you're talking continuous (rather than say, pulsing) high-intensity vibration, it won't make you go fucking numb. That's a factoid with 0.25 ounces of truth in it, spread by people who have never tried it or didn't like it and want a "technically correct" and "objective" reason for their preference rather than it just being… preference.



I had a prostate orgasm once, I was on top, going back and forward instead of up and down, the guy had a small penis, but it was pointed upwards (resting against his belly when erect), so it hit directly against my prostate. I came so easily I couldn't believe it until I jizzed, I wasn't even hard when I did and I wasn't touching myself. Being quite horny might've helped.

I haven't been able to do it using my dildos, since they're too springy to ride them back and forth, instead of up and down. I want to find some dildo which is slanted at least 45 degrees and can be attached to the ground, the one I have has a suction cup, but it slips off eventually. My mind is more occupied in keeping the dildo in the right place than in enjoying the pleasure.

For those who haven't experienced it, it is real, it's a full on orgasm. When you cum while masturbating you get a tingling sensation as you get closer, when you orgasm you feel the pleasure spread around your body, numbing your mind… The sensation is the same, but the tingling starts in your prostate and the pleasure spreads around from there. It was really intense, but I suspect that's because I'm used to cum with my dick, it's like doing nofap and then cumming after a couple of weeks.

I've never experienced >>392866, probably because I'm too lazy to get the dildo, lubricant, stretch… and thus I end up masturbating as usual.



Most dildos have a flared base of some kind. I've found success tying around and behind the base with shoelaces, and then attaching that to a strap wrapped around something more solid, like a couple rolled-up towels. Depending on where I put the straps, on the complicated shibari-like net of shoelaces on the back of the dildo, I could even angle it in different directions. As a bonus, this elevates the dildo a little from the surface you place it on, allowing you to more comfortably put your legs to the side of it.


File: 0d767688cdc8789⋯.webm (1.98 MB, 768x432, 16:9, 1429346199879.webm)

>get real horny

>jam a sharpie up my bum

>jiggle it around a bit

>clenching my ass hurts a little but is very relaxing and feels good a little

>keep poking it around feels like i'm gonna piss myself

>give up after ten minutes not able to feel anything even after retrying to clench

>few minutes later feels like a shit myslef

>check my asshole it's all slimy and lubed up but I didn't use anylube

>wipe with some toilet paper and it's all pink

This isn't like the webms anyone know if i'm going to die? Also is it suppose to hurt,feel relaxing and like your going to piss yourself?



You're fine. The ass is full of tiny bloodvessels which can burst if you're not careful, and you really fucked up not using lube. Lube is non negotiable, you NEED it every single time, more than you think you need while you're starting.

It shouldn't hurt, maybe for a minute after putting something in if you didn't loosen yourself up well.

As for the pissing sensation: If it's not paired with pain it means you might be about to cum. I've only had an anal orgasm a couple times and both times I had that sensation. One case I did a little so yeah definitely pee beforehand or do it in the shower or something.


Bought a buttplug set a few months back and it's given me some of the most intense orgasms I've ever had. I insert and use one hand to jiggle it about while I jerk off.



For me it's a 0,25l coke bottle



You're going to regret that.


File: 95e01fe331adefb⋯.png (116.74 KB, 336x249, 112:83, 1486731670963.png)

Oh my fucking god. Just spent some time riding a toy and cowgirl is the most exhausting thing. I feel like my knees have blown out, I don't know how anybody does this for extended periods of time.



Yeah maybe change positions. Or train for more stamina.



It isn't really the sort of toy you could use in any other position, no suction cup and a bit too heavy to manipulate by hand.

What would you consider to be training then?



Squats. Or just riding it more often.

Or to make it a bit easier make sure you got somewhere to rest your hands and use that to sort of help lift yourself. Takes a bit of strain off at least



>rest your hands and use that to sort of help lift yourself

I was doing that after a while but the position was a bit more awkward, and even then I eventually got tired.

Squats it is.


Bump for new anons



I've been fucked numerous times and never with lube and I'm entirely okay


what do you think is the best position to use a dildo is?

also are butt plugs beneficial or take away form the exp?



Lay on your side with your dominant arm up, bend your back a little bit to give a good reach and keep your legs bent like you're sitting down. Adjust as needed but that'll give you good access to use it manually and hit your prostate.

Alternatively you could try riding it if if sticks to the floor, or anything else. If it's not long enough or you can't go down far enough just find something to give it more space.

As for buttplugs: Honestly they're only good if you like the full feeling and even then it's just supplementary to fapping. If you want to use a small one to warm up sure. Maybe also use it in between dildo use or fucking yourself with the plug to keep loose. A good bonus to fap if you can't use a dildo at the same time though.


File: f913804522fcf2a⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 332x332, 1:1, 1545106132439.gif)





I already had an orgasm while sleaping just by dreaming about sex after days of nofap.

Like i am dreaming about sex and them i wake up cumming .


File: 942a2d53a7953c1⋯.jpg (654.73 KB, 960x1102, 480:551, Angela.jpg)


Lol i fap at least once a day cause i kept having that problem. Once it happened to me 3 days in a row cause i just wasn't remembering to fap at all.

The dreams constantly wakes me up in the middle of the night just as im about to cum in the dream, and then i wake up and have like a mini panic attack cause i think im peeing but im actually cumming. Then i get that sensation that i need to pee, so i get out of bed, but then it hurts when i pee after cumming so i just sit on the toilet tired af trying to pee.



>it hurts when i pee after cumming

If I pee too soon after cumming I get a feeling similar to when you stop mid-piss and really need to keep going, but sharper and more painful. Usually it lingers for half an hour or more, and if I try to pee again it only makes it worse. I always make a point of peeing beforehand anyway, since I always find the feeling of release is weakened if I still feel pressure from my bladder.


I've wanted to try anal masturbation, but the prep work doesn't appeal to me. In my fantasies I'm mainly a top so maybe that's why. But there's still something appealing about riding a dildo to the point of orgasm that's hot.


I can't really be bothered to spend ages with this thing. Is it worth just trying the pencil trick mentioned here >>347710 ? I seems like a lot of hassle just for a slightly different feeling of pleasure.


File: 6c59cc634af3b01⋯.jpg (205.55 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, tumblr_pkgx31OVk21wentzho1….jpg)

File: 9899166beff4967⋯.jpg (111.39 KB, 894x1194, 149:199, tumblr_pkgxowuzjD1wentzho2….jpg)

hi totally not gay'ers! so not really much to add but an experience to share! ^w^

2nd pic of purple dildo is an old dildo i was getting bored of and thought maybe going thicker would do the trick to finally cum like the totally not gay slut i am. u know the bluetooth handsfree style like in my totally not gay daily weeb hentai.

bought it tried it oh god t h i c c. yeah my gooch and boipussy was totally red from the sudden bump in difficulty level.

yes my darling anon who cares about my tight little pussy, i was careful, i took it slow lots of lube prayed to the trapgods for sweet release. well days later and no im not that close to squirting all over myself by my ass.

what was i trying to say nyan? oh right its not so much about the dildo but its about getting comfortable and hitting the sweet spot. take it slow. but accept that not everyone can do handsfree ogre. just enjoy, thats most importanant!

ps advice: get the kind with suction. it gets so so tiring for me jabbing myself. with the succsucc kind i can fuccfucc without engaging my arms and just move my ass like im fuccing some guy who accidentally opened my public restroom door and decided to not be gay by enjoying a piece of ass thats been waiting for a dirty raw cock. gday mlads!


I just experienced something closer to an anal orgasm. I admit I jacked off normally for a while, meaning I jacked off while fingering myself. But I was getting close so I stopped everything, waited a second so i wouldn't cum (kinda like you do when you're edging), and just started rubbing my prostate as hard as I could. It took a good 3 seconds for it to get hard (the prostate), and another 10 to reach full climax. Holy shit it was euphoric. My entire body started shaking. Couldn't go again since it wasn't a true hands-free orgasm, but I jave never felt anything that good before. I can only imagine what a true one would've felt like.

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