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File: 3f180fd445e25f2⋯.jpg (536.01 KB, 1210x1613, 1210:1613, tmp_15479-3f180fd445e25f23….jpg)

File: 315858220e85055⋯.gif (2.91 MB, 385x224, 55:32, tmp_15479-1499606691120631….gif)


What is the name of this porn actor?


Someone plis?

I have less than 10 minutes to fap.






Thank you so much.


File: cebb1d2b94b99ab⋯.jpg (34.68 KB, 493x387, 493:387, lel.jpg)


>25 year old bi-sexual dude from Sweden

>from sweden





i suppose you can call me cockwizard but im not really a "porn actor"


broccolibutts is my bf aka the top in all the gifs/vids


File: f68d9b6d79f327a⋯.jpg (48.39 KB, 600x558, 100:93, The transporter.jpg)


Ohh is that really really you?

I have seen a lot of cute boys from Sweden lately. What do Swedish boys think about guys like pic related? (People tells i really looks like him)



well im actually english.

jason statham is cool and if you look like him then you better be able to do cool action movie shit or everyone will be disappointed



All i care right now is dicking a boy like you really hard.


File: 863475707d85cff⋯.jpg (397.59 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, 1498710370750.jpg)


boy, I'm not gonna lie, you look good, but I'm not intimidated by it nor am I particularly impressed by it or care for it

I love cute boys, but how are we really gonna be cute if we indulge in this behavior? I know the emptiness you feel inside, and you must not give into it. I want you to find lasting happiness, I want all of us to succeed, but I'm not going to be here for much longer, because coming here for me also is a burden. Ultimately the place is not good enough. Good in the sense of pure. Too many demonic needs.

Take it from an A class cute boy who has looked deeply into himself. I am going on extended periods of meditation in the near future to face and get rid of all that is false in me. Don't be possessed by your sexual drive when you could be giving out of your sweet nature like you did before the sexual energy took charge over you.

I'm saying this, because I have seen your videos, and you don't seem happy. Don't mistake sex for love. Sex is violent. Sex is looking for an end, whereas love knows no end, and does not demand. Sexual drive will always demand something for itself, and when it's got its own self gratification it leaves you to clean up the mess and cope with the traumas. How many more heartbeats must you live in anxiety before you set your heart free, as I am endeavoring to do.

My days here are counted. I hope I've said something you can understand. I love you.



Does it bother you that hundreds of people have masturbated to you, and to your boyfriend?


File: a6afa1886204682⋯.jpg (83.58 KB, 1024x868, 256:217, beast_boy_and_raven_by_gue….jpg)


What in the fuck



what kinda abstract meme is this


not really. they do it in the privacy of their own homes and it has nothing to do with me really


File: 71ef16e53e5c304⋯.jpg (107.69 KB, 640x483, 640:483, waat.jpg)


File: 136ad31b360d432⋯.jpg (147.57 KB, 850x886, 425:443, 0a71380b9d3b1d8bbef454cc70….jpg)


Ive jerked off to you and brock about 4-5 on the metro


File: 3f70c5a81d842db⋯.jpg (87.74 KB, 672x676, 168:169, 1497287925067.jpg)


It is not abstract, I am simply speaking directly to the part of you that is most true. I use my own self found inner truth and innocence to do this.

I am here simply for love. The world cannot understand this. The world can't even come in here. What is this place, here? Here is where I rest.

The Earth is so beautiful and life is good, do you see it? The Earth is my love and my nature, do you see it? Forever thankful for it, never shall I turn my back on it, for I am here, and I love you.






okay link jesus

im still gonna post awesome porn tho



This sounds pretty schizophrenic tbh



it really does


File: b27344bd143361b⋯.jpg (15.1 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1499472017056.jpg)


Wait, so according to the last responses on tumblr you are supposed to be 18 now.

Then it means that when you posted all those pics with maya you were underage? Interesting….

Also do you still keep in touch with him? :^)



no because he's the type of guy to try date a 16 yearold

also gross



So then was he way older than you at that time?



yea by a lot. not like he was evil or anything but i didnt really know any better and he was kinda like… 0 fucking braincells no idea what he was doing

wasted a lot of my time



Daaamn son I had no idea about that.

Well I'm glad that you ended it and now you are happy after finding your perfect swedish boy with one of the best dicks that I've ever seen.



Also shopped his pics to make himself look smooth wich kinda fooled me. Now I know how to spot that stuff lel.

But yea thanks anon like I said I'm sure "maya" meant well but jfc what a fucking idiot he was



did broc take your virginity? since your last "bf" didn't fug you



Wait, broccoli was way older?

And does this whole thing mean the videos of you bottoming is technically illegal in flag related?

Also, not related to much of anything: broccolibutts is a really unsexy screenname.



No I lost my virginity quite a while ago but this was the first time I really properly enjoyed it.


No all this stuff is new and 18+ we're talking about something else. And bf always chooses something with food in his names, he's weird.



jfc I miss my bf now


File: bd23342fab2f739⋯.gif (971.26 KB, 366x229, 366:229, giphy.gif)


Yo it's pretty darn good stuff my dude. I still need to properly watch the newest one, but the two I've seen were rly good, so thanks I guess. Btw, did you actually do anything Sweden apart from fugg like rabbits? :P



>implying theres anything to do in sweden but eat lutefisk and dodge refugees



You should get your own tumblr or atleast post more pics, you're really beautiful ;3



The visit has been really good. A lot of sex sure but all the other good stuff too. It's a really comfy and pretty place. The people seem nice and most importantly my bfs family are very nice. I've done just about everything on this visit. Some touristy shit but for the most part it's just as if I was living here with my bf for a month. Felt right at home. Gonna be strange to go back to the UK. I'll come back to Sweden very soon though like hopefully in two months If I can

And ofc I'll definitely move in. Its confirmed we are a really good match. Now all we are waiting on is money and shit.


Nah I probably won't. Bf will probably post some of my solo stuff occasionally though on his tumblr



You could always visit IKEA or build a snowman



I live in MN, I use lefsa as a jizz rag


File: b0454f7f55f63cd⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 4247x2813, 4247:2813, IMGP1861-2.jpg)


Or go in some insanely pretty woods. Took a fuck load of photographs while I was here. Have one

I also went to dreamhack and Rode motorbikes and shit




Jealousy levels at max rn. It looks gorgeous, I should get a scandi bf; at the very least a passport, cus that sounds more feasible :U


File: 2b6db40cb04c8fe⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 3231x4254, 1077:1418, IMGP1953-2.jpg)


Passport is a good idea. Do it



Yeah, I have no reason not to, I save most of the money I earn so it's not a monetary issue or anything. I did kind of want to go to Germany to visit this guy I've been friends with for a while, idk tho. I dig those forests a lot, so Sweden sounds good too.



>you will never go to sweden to hang out with your bf and go to dreamhack together and go walking in the woods

i hate australia


Wait, does that mean I have to go delete all your older stuff?


File: cf6e7c0bf37d561⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 382x382, 1:1, sun.gif)

i dont know why a lot of anons are being intimidated or attracted to this bottom lol he is completely normal

everybody can be fucking beautiful with eyelash and half of the face covered up

i mean he has a nice skinny body but thats all lol i bet he is completely normal or even ugly without covering up half of the face


i dont know why a lot of anons are being intimidated or attracted to this bottom lol he is completely normal

everybody can be fucking beautiful with eyelash and half of the face covered up

i mean he has a nice skinny body but thats all lol i bet he is completely normal or even ugly without covering up half of the face



I wasn't prepared for such redpill.



But we have the desert, senpai. We can go ride kangaroos (or camels) through the desert towards the Dreamtime.





>I'm not intimidated

is this a meme or something???



He's objectively cute and above average. Also you can't be a normal and a faggot since that in itself is a statistical anomaly, sounds to me like you just want senpai to notice you



As someone that talks to him quite often and has been his friend for a while, he's actually really cute - even without makeup. It's something he recently started using.

You just sound like a salty BR huehuehue twat that's gotten salty because he has a boyfriend and he wont e-date you.

Why's there so many beaners in this thread abusing Wiz.


Oh look, the god of attention whoring made yet another thread about himself.



tfw I want to be friends with wiz coz he seems nice but he'd probably think I'm trying to creep on him even tho I'm sub


File: 0475c2be8caf189⋯.gif (69.38 KB, 500x517, 500:517, 23nf932.gif)


it's okay to be jealous anon



Tfw I'm insanely jealous of everything and everyone and I can't hold up a friendship and I cry everyday and I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY DILDOS WHAT IS THE POINT OF LIVING



if this was easy or normal more people would do it


me too but it feels fake. I think him being fairly approachable makes it worse, if he had just appeared in some porn videos everyone would just fap and move on



marry me Austrian druid boy?!?



Do you personally post content anywhere? lol


File: e84c9fdbca66db3⋯.jpg (35.4 KB, 447x420, 149:140, 1468984628795.jpg)






your lack of seelf steem is completely terrifying

some 7/10 come on, put some make up, cover half of his face and you guys suck and idolize him until he becomes the biggest attention whore



no, i mean, i have something he doesnt

a big and round butt



>a big and round butt

post it


File: 3bebc5982901b67⋯.jpg (96.17 KB, 708x708, 1:1, 77yiyiy.jpg)


A round bunda only looks good on women, we're here for twinks.


gib back wilno ok



Lithuanian twink OwO?



masc top



Why even compare yourself to him, oh because you're jealous he's getting attention. If you really didn't care you'd acknowledge he's cute and move on. I'm more interested in the top in his vids but I can realize he's definitely cute. You're giving him equal amounts of attention by complaining about him lpl



pls gib boipucci



Fuck, hit me up with Lithuanian twink and I will hit you up with Swedish twink.


File: d30e8dbcc929891⋯.png (511.84 KB, 744x636, 62:53, Untitled.png)




there's no twinks here



Eyyy what a depressing place.




There are quite a few, I used to date one from Kaunas.



how do you find them lol, checked grindr and all, nothing



im not complaining about him cause he is kinda cutie lel im just telling that some anons are so obsessed with him

and no im not jealous, someone accused me from being jealous and i just answered it

there's no reason to being jealous cause, different from some anons or even you, i like my body

i think that even him doesnt like his body at all thats why he acts like a attwhore so much


sorry im not allowed to do that

my bf is kinda possessive tbh



>I'm not mad or jealous but let me keep trying to talk complete shit and waste all my time telling people how not jealous I am

I'm not surprised they say life is worthless in Brazil because yours sure seems fucking depressing


File: 97d09c4af43c7a7⋯.jpg (33.1 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ovS4YJeC_400x400.jpg)



brazilfag is slightly right in the sense that his looks aren't unobtainable or anything, just heavily diet, take care of your skin and apply a little makeup and also don't show most of your face, there's a photo of him floating around with his full face, and he's still pretty qt but not like, unobtainable tier. (im not gonna post it, he has legit reasons for not showing his full identity)

brazilfags being a nigger but just try dieting, moisturizing, shaving well and some light makeup and you too will be a qt with a fat dick in your butt



>wasting my time

how many time do you spent writing some shitpost?

oh my good you must be dyslexic to waste all your time defending some fag


but i already have a fat dick in my butt, anon :3

that's why im not here sucking this fag like some anons

i already suck my bf


File: d7f9c6f104dea88⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 8accdfc6b2f47ff3f01269a898….jpg)


>(im not gonna post it, he has legit reasons for not showing his full identity)

He claimed to not care when I posted his face in the 4chan attention whoring thread.




uh oh, now the dealer he owes money to is gonna dox him and hunt him down



Eh. Only reason he looks okay is literally just because of the makeup and hair. I've seen much cuter. Like my ex ;_;



much cuter according to your tastes*

also why is everyone so weird about makeup

thats what you fucking do if you want to look good

why do you think it exists and why do you think every female ever does it

its not some magical fucking cheat its just something that adds to your looks. unless you pull some of that crazy makeup artist shit then you really aren't changing much.


>itt : hahahaha he has flaws lmao EVEYRYONE GET HIM XDDDDD

why you people act like bitchy jelous highschool girls

if he isn't your type or whatever then go fap to something else why the fuck are you trying to bully people for not looking like a flawles god

why dont you post yourselves



>why you people act like bitchy jelous highschool girls

probably because most of us are bitchy teenagers? thats some hardcore white knighting tho germany



>pointy elbows, 2/10 would not fuck



it's not that's he's just very cute.. there are cuter boys like twiinkii around that are in another leauge altogether without trying nearly as hard. it's that he's a 9/10 cuteboy with a happy relationship with another 9/10 cuteboy

he's basically living the dream and bragging about it, nobody would care if these videos just popped up one day without context, people would just fap and move on



There are many, I know some from steam but they have already bfs which makes me sad.



Grindr is such garbage everywhere. Pretty much just ended up ruining the dating/hookup pool.The old sites were actually much more effective/less murky.

Like MH. ou could camwhore on there back in the day. Tech is getting dumbed the fuck down so people can browse from devices that are too shit to run 2011-era internet.

Also, I for one am super intimidated by OP. Ya'll are some brave mother fuckers who say you aren't intimidated, because I would run. Or wait until I thought he wasn't paying attention and try to slowly back out of the room, because I am fucking horrified. His presence fills me with a sense of insecurity and fear that shakes me to my very core.



What specifically intimidates you about him?



It's those intimidating eyes!



Why are you so defensive lmao



as i said, completely normal and even ugly lol



ur right holy shit



>no flag

i wounder who could be behind this post



im actually not who u think i am




shut up bitch


>narcissists competing for narcissistic supply who live on opposite sides of the world, with the brazillian dragging down the one getting more attention then him in a prancing la homo man board full of thirsty kissless R9k-tier virgins on a traditional hmong flut dancing image board



Oh wow, he looks surprisingly different to what I thought he would. Face is a lot longer and defined, I thought it'd be rounder and more younger looking. Still pretty decent though/10



I think it's more just a case of being disgusted by the mentality being shown here by those thirsty virgins. This is basically god worship and it's gross.



are you new to this board or something



Been here 2 years. Your point?



kek, literally the best looking guy I've ever seen irl was my lithuanian (and half Ukrainian) exbf.

Made me want to move there in case I could find someone like that again, was even cuter/hotter than OP.

Also the prettiest girls I've seen in the UK were ALL fucking Lithuanians (and one half Ru half Lit coworker).

Pale, blue eyes, blonde hair, god tier facial features, hnnnnnggg.



jesus, you are just a shitty potato.



same, but they're extraordinaly rare, atleast where I'm at, or they're just NEETS on steam all day


i think his name is lil pump



I wouldn't mind grabbing a cute NEET Lithuanian twink to be my house wife.



I wanna put my dick in both ya butts.


>tfw been on a study abroad to scandinivia for a week

>Thread makes me really want to get back home, ravage the bf, and make lots of webms and videos




ay bby wan sum fuk?



I am super sad you're so far away.


File: 451a1789ea7c972⋯.jpg (802.54 KB, 1242x1228, 621:614, 1492093999245_0.jpg)


Oh my. A cute boy that actually enjoys and loves life? Is this true? This can not be true. Pls marry me



What's wrong with his eye


He looks like that person that worse those pink and white cat ears that killed himself.



Lol makes sense why he always wears that bandana. His nose and his jaw/chin make him look. Not cute…



>why the fuck are you trying to bully people for not looking like a flawles god

Because he acts like he thinks he is exactly that.



All I've seen is people nitpicking and getting jealous because he posts pics of himself and people like it. I bet he partially regrets it because of all the autism it's attracted.



He's an arrogant cunt who talks about literally nothing but sex, makes threads about himself on multiple boards/chans, and gets super defensive if anyone even suggests he isn't the best thing ever.



Eh, same reason why he's smothered in more makeup than a typical girl in any of his pictures anyway tbh, but who am I to judge



This is true. I've been seeing pictures of the Dom and sub on 4chan /b/, /hm/ and u18chan and a couple 8ch boards.

I realised when he uploaded the new video with the pink British flag and purple lights. That cunt would post everyday and he'd always get people to reply to him and he was so so desperate for the attention. I wasn't even on the chan's much yet I saw him so many times I could recognise the pictures. And now the persons uploading porn of it. I'm pretty sure that the Dom is a gigantic slut and has already taken pics and shared them around with other guys



Well this doesn't sound very good, lads



I share my bf's lewd pics sometimes, but he's fine with that as long as I'm doing it within reason obviously, we're both big exhibitionist fans.


File: ba4c427b68e4567⋯.jpg (16.71 KB, 500x281, 500:281, images(74).jpg)


The Dom took pics of himself with other guys and shared them around***

The last guy (bottom) spoke very highly of him (top) as well.


But why would you do that? What's the reason?



It's just a little entertaining is all, I don't really post them that often unless someone wants to see and I usually mention it if I post them, I don't post pics of his face though. It's just hot for both of us, sometimes we go on omegle and do lewd stuff for people on cam, we've also talked about maybe doing a camshow once in awhile. It's just something that turns us both on.



really? where are those pictures?

my bf and i also share some pictures, we're pround and it's fun to make cuteboys squirm with jealousy



On his Tumblr.



Don't forget his daily /gif/ threads.



huh, never paid attention to his archive.

anyway good on him for smashing a different cuteboy every month, it's not like he's done it after getting a bf though


File: 1d191e630b66f06⋯.jpg (23.06 KB, 534x574, 267:287, images(65).jpg)



>daily /gif/ threads

Yeah I was wondering why all his tunblr vids were in shit gif quality when it accepts mp4. Really makes you think.



then you stop thinking when you know tumblr bans mp4 porn


it's a good life



Now the stupid piece of cloth makes sense

Tiny island, tiny genepool


he uses so much makeup and the cloth to hide how he really looks. sad.



Not defending anyone, couldn't care less about some gay emo skeleton, but I think it's perfectly reasonable to hide your face if you're shooting "porn". I don't include my face in any suggestive pictures I take, especially not ones I post online. Though it's unlikely to happen, I wouldn't want that kind of garbage to be traced back to my life outside the internet.


^ whoops disregard the >>


With that logic, your country must be full of ugly inbreds




Meant to send that to Austrian anon



It is, but we don't go around shooting porn with highwayman masks. That's the difference.


File: 303284c4dbcc961⋯.png (876.24 KB, 1282x881, 1282:881, 1501179176561.png)

File: 7159da9a888e2ee⋯.png (454.7 KB, 698x767, 698:767, 1501186225056.png)

File: 821e7072def9113⋯.jpg (71.85 KB, 776x395, 776:395, images(113).jpg)


>its a good life

Sure thing Jamal



He dosent wear it for privacy. He wears it cause he's ugly without it


Hey it must be leafy since they're always hiding the lower half of their face



How dare you, anon.






>Swede and brit come in to vehemently defend OP

>Broccolibutt and cockwiz are from sweden and UK


rly makes u think



Hardly defending anyone, scrawny emo twinks are as big of a turnoff as it gets. But realistically, the little mistakes such as including your face in your online exhibitionism can very well end up being career suicide.

I'm sure my employers wouldn't want anything to do with me if they saw what I post online, as my name and online handle are listed on the products.



I'm not trying to defend anybody, just wanted to reply to that retarded Austrian lol



Just sue them for not being progressive enough. Or take a refugee into your home. Receive diplomatic immumity



Have you read his posts? He reads like someone with a severe learning disability. After his looks fade and he can no longer camwhore, the only career awaiting him will be burger-flipping. He wears the mask to hide his unattractive features, not to protect his "career" (I am willing to bet his bf supports him financially).


>>352282 "Have you read his posts?"

I haven't and I think it goes without saying that I wouldn't really want to read them either.

It wouldn't surprise me if you're right in this specific case, really I was just going on about what I at least hope is common sense. He might not be the ideal person to model yourself after, but I would hope that people who do have a chance out in the real world at least don't post nudes with their face visible…



His bf does not support him financially. They're both broke young adults trying to scrounge enough money together to visit each other.

Give it a rest lads, it's just two random people on the internet.



I will when they go away.



The mask is part of what makes him cute anyway so fuck it.

And I mean that literally



Christ, what the fuck is wrong with you?


We're just giving him the attention he wants since he post on multiple boards every day. I'm sure he likes it when we criticize him.



Aww that's a bit sad you guys :c



Fuck you Australia you nightmare bug country type place! Druid boy must forever be untainted and pure, blessing us with his druidic lovey dovey wisdom :)



I wonder who's behind this post.



Nothing. What's wrong with you?



Lol what. They're both over 18 and should earn anything around or over $11 Euro and that's just base pay. He could have a flight to Sweden in like a month at the least. I could go. I could go to Sweden in 8 weeks working at McDonalds at $AU16 an hour which is like the base pay.

That's $AU279 to Sweden from the UK

$AU1176 to Sweden from AU

They are just lazy



Oh wait the bottoms underaged


File: 6c74ce28100234a⋯.jpg (32 KB, 799x428, 799:428, snatch.jpg)





No he isn't. At least not in the UK.


File: a5793a3f57f5080⋯.jpg (7.21 KB, 144x192, 3:4, 1501633784658.jpg)


>at least not in the UK



Hrs actually close to 23, he lies about his age and says he's 18 so people can't identify him irl



Yeah, and he's going to visit Sweden in September because he has enough for them to visit each other a third time…


File: ffd08c4caeb3e0f⋯.jpg (25.73 KB, 620x400, 31:20, andy miowackin his.jpg)


Maybe, but the benefit does favor the appeal of someone that young as opposed to whatever the real age might be. An 18 year old who looks like that, and knowing we might have seen pictures of him when he was 16 makes everything 5x more interesting. But it doesn't make him any more interesting ;)


File: 4540853aca17745⋯.jpg (39.87 KB, 500x329, 500:329, TEEEEEEEEEEAR DOOOOOOOOOWN….jpg)


Slick excuse to say you can't be who you are outside of your own room. I mean, the chances of someone actually noticing him? Besides dude, people aren't that stupid, his English is far to common and widespread for someone from Sweden. I'm fairly certain I've seen a picture around here of him owning a fucking rifle or two so what's his fear?

Now that I think about it, it kinda sounds like he's just self-conscious of his lips and nose.

His marketing isn't much different from the ASMRtists who roleplay characters from the latest, most searched results on the web each week. I mean, what purpose does someone have to tape themselves and put it online but in hopes of earning a few bucks or becoming an e-celeb?



>I'm fairly certain I've seen a picture around here of him owning a fucking rifle or two so what's his fear?

Airsoft is perfect for home defense.



Bull-fucking-shit. Now you're just making up shit


Does it really take that long to receive welfare?



If the bottom gets another bf their weiner is going to feel inadequate. Nothing will ever be able to fill his butt up again like that. Poor future bf :(



In the UK it would take a lot longer and he would lose his benefits for leaving the UK for a week.



The free loading nigger shouldn't be on benefits in the first place. He can suck cock for cash. At least that's not stooping as low as being in benefits for no legitimate reason



I told you he's probably not on benefits if he's leaving the country every now and then. Are you too dense to read between the lines?




I bet he's underage anyway



He doesn't look underage



>he would lose his benefits for leaving the UK for a week.

Are you telling me universal credit/job seekers allowance is stopped if you take a holiday outside the UK? because I have been saving up my neetbux to visit a friend in europe for a few days.



If they find out they will



A few days you might be fine, a week they'll probably find out and withdraw your JSA.



>and he would lose his benefits

You implied he and benefits and he would lose them if he went to Sweden spastic




pretty sure on the old JSA you could take a two week holiday while still claiming. i might just leave the country between appointments and risk the sanction because i'm not missing the opportunity to meet somebody i really like just to sign and collect neetbux. the job centre is fucking ridiculous at times


File: 77b48b6331455cd⋯.jpg (118.93 KB, 655x578, 655:578, 1485914378615.jpg)

>this thread



Why? He's only being fucked by an average dick right now.



You can take a two week holiday, but it has to be within the UK. Going abroad is not allowed at all. Best bet is to do it between appointments.

If you really don't want to risk it you can sign off JSA, then get an emergency sign on appointment for the day after you get back. You'll miss maybe two weeks at most.

If they catch you, you'll lose like four weeks or something silly. It is stupid, I agree.



I'm not, I used to talk to him ages ago, he was a junkie fuck when I knew him and owed some drug dealer he met online money so he moved to a different part of the uk, do you not wonder why an "18" year old has a bunch of expensive sex toys and outfits


File: c6b85ccc16efeed⋯.jpg (79.11 KB, 640x751, 640:751, 1462321562830.jpg)



>ran away

Hope he gets found lmao


File: bcf1527d62dc34c⋯.png (174.94 KB, 399x377, 399:377, neh.png)




>actual job


>porn actor


File: 0fbf796379f6521⋯.png (268.27 KB, 858x858, 1:1, huebr.png)


I found an image of you.


File: de7bfe9b17ff8fb⋯.jpg (40.86 KB, 480x640, 3:4, images(124).jpg)


I took one of you while you were sleeping



You gotta chill boy



Hahahahaha, they're both rejects holy shit. They're perfect for each other.



this seems like potential jealousy



TBH I was at first, but after realizing the bottom is a literal cuck who lets his "bf" fuck other guys while "dating", and that he's a junkie fuck running away from a debt, all jealousy is gone and it's just hilarious to me now. The reason he's so desperate for attention and posts himself so much in so many places makes way more sense now. I don't know much about the top, but the fact that he's a tumblr whore is really all I need to know.


File: 2234b5ca920b503⋯.jpg (104.25 KB, 634x590, 317:295, 1501969584468.jpg)


Wait so the bottom is a junkie cuck?

He is Swedish I do imagine him being the worst off





it's ok to be jealous but none of this is true. they're just two lower class guys


What do you call it when you find someone attractive but also think they have a shitty personality?



I don't know, what?



The Swede is the top.



The Tumblr whore part is true.



are you trying to slut shame a man? who tops?


File: cf3ed4da0bc4543⋯.jpg (49.24 KB, 656x640, 41:40, 1495118753606(1).jpg)


Obviously. Tops can be sluts lmao. Or whores whatever you prefer



I'm being disgusted by a slut if that's what you mean, yes.


File: ae8116221921aee⋯.jpg (76.94 KB, 640x360, 16:9, kim jong uhntiss.jpg)

File: ec06f82a8751a5a⋯.jpg (49.69 KB, 500x559, 500:559, valadamar patan.jpg)




>bill clinton disgusts me, he's such a slut

>elton john disgusts me, he's such a slut

>ozzy osbourne disgusts me, he's such a slut

that's just not how it is


File: f38bda7a003a19c⋯.jpeg (113.13 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, received_1805933393054648.jpeg)


They are man whores. My mum called my brother one. Man sluts. Elton John literally is a slut


What do you mean by how? How is he a slut? Cause he has many partners maybe?



Are you trying to make a point? Because, yes, that is exactly how it is.




yeah fucking a lot of people makes you cool. you're only a slut if you're the one taking dick, your mom is just jealous that people calls her a whore for letting me fuck her



Yeah, well im going to deflower your dads ass hole and film it so you better watch what you say to your new step daddy, anon



what a slutty thing to do :^)



How dare you say that to daddy, time for a spanking



>makes you cool

Enjoy getting AIDS from fucking all the refugees laying on benches with maggots squirming in their ass holes.



>yeah fucking a lot of people makes you cool. you're only a slut if you're the one taking dick

Are you being ironic…?


File: 6a0b9f7bca84be1⋯.jpg (60.25 KB, 481x637, 37:49, images(125).jpg)


He's just being swedish



..yea i am what people want is your permavirgin cock



It's feeling like you're the Tumblr whore in question more and more with every post.


We should be friends. Got an email if you're still here?







Kay don't reply to me then?



I was waiting on you to add me.


File: 0f8c8f55f3257a6⋯.jpg (20.81 KB, 600x442, 300:221, tumblr_lmputme3co1qa6q7k_l….jpg)



Did you read my email reply. Sorry



You heading back over to Broc soon?


File: 91757dc44dee254⋯.jpg (569.04 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1500550000374.jpg)




I've set my heart free, I am no longer blinded by delusion, I am awake from the dream. To truly be awake we not only have to wake up from the sleeping dream but also from the waking dream of false identity.

I've gone through extended periods of meditation in which I have truly met God. I now know there is no death, and I am informed every moment of God's eternal presence. Still not a believer, for God is absolutely unbelievable, and God is here. And there is no priest or religion between God and me.

This is the message I've come to share with you. If we all know there is no death and only this everlasting eternal moment, we don't have to be selfish and exploitive of one another. God is here everywhere. There is the saving grace.

So please, I ask you to give up your false ideas about life and yourselves. Challenge your "I". Who really is the person from which you are speaking and relating from all this time? Is it real? Or is it just an idea? This you must find out. Now I only long to love God more and give as much as possible. As long as you live to take you will never find God. Taking does not work and achieves nothing, so I suggest that you give every moment.

You must try as much as you can, and where you fail, God will succeed with you. It is already done. Much, much love and wisdom.

By waking up from the dream and falsehood of personal identity this planet will be transformed into a living paradise. By the joy and grace of God. Thank you. I love you.



Schizophrenia: The post



Do you have an email or something, tot's wanna get to know you better :)?



I prefer you get to know yourself better. Know thyself and you shall know me. My personal history may be interesting, but there's no truth in it. I am not special.

If I remember correctly this is where I started.



Swedish Drug-addict Buttsluts make Gay Tumblr Porn.

Breaking Bad? More like Impacted Colon!



How do you get the confidence to do this kind of stuff, I want to but like… It scares me ya know?



How do you get the confidence to do this kind of stuff, I want to but like… It scares me ya know?



Hat dir dein Betreuer eigentlich schon mal gesagt, dass nichts von dem was du da redest irgendeinen Sinn macht?


File: fab31f1d78d5f0d⋯.jpg (227.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1381541_BlackMonkey_Pro_Fr….jpg)


People who wonder about life are retarded why did it bother you so much to see what's going to happen, or never the less, to know if there is a god or not. You either do or don't. You can strongly believe it or strongly not but you can never know what's going to happen you die, if you even do. As long as you aren't a selfish prick who cares? You're literally repeating what every Christian & catholic has said to me my whole life, which I appreciate and why I am a catholic and thats pretty funny



Also I'd like to know what you think about right here and now. You can't talk about in 10 years time or 10 years ago. It honestly shouldn't bother you.



I know you wish to know what I am speaking, but due to judgements or reservations or something you are scared to ask direct. If you have a question you have to ask it, don't back away. Don't live life under the bed. Don't give in to your fears and doubts. Every human being longs in his heart to know what I am speaking, but only few have the directness, the honesty, the resilience and the endurance to against the doubts that are in the mind and to overcome the promises of the sense objects of momentary pleasures and find lasting peace and happiness within.

Yet this stillness within is the ultimate resting place of all the beings. It is the most fundamental knowledge, because it belongs to you to know who or what you really are, not what you think you are.


Understanding death is the most significant knowledge a human being can strive for. You can seek all the things in life, but what have you really understood about life if you don't know what death is.

Why are you running after knowing all these things, when the knower of them you don't know? Who is the knower of knowledge?

Endeavoring to understand death or one's own true nature is the only intelligent inquiry that is possible on this Earth, even if you can't see this. I only need to understand what is here now. If you go deeper and deeper into what is really here, then you will find out.

It is the ultimate discovery for all the beings in the universe. Until this question is faced up to and accounted for you will taste suffering, disharmony, disenchantment, unhappiness, because you make your stance amongst that, which is changeful by nature. Life itself will compel you to look one day, if not now.

Also I'm done speaking here. I've given you all the clues that are needed if you really want to find out and answer this question and see for yourself, because you alone can see. I trust you will look here maybe this life even and find out.


File: b699195423a6f74⋯.png (60.26 KB, 602x423, 602:423, 1489618782204.png)


Because it doesn't matter

Its not significant at all

Hypothetically, is someone told me the answer and it was real, if wouldn't phase me very much unless I benefit from it. It may or may not change the way my life is right now. But right now its fun and I enjoy it so why should I sit here and imagine what's going to happen next. Its so useless and such a waste of time.


File: 46ff07a2b8fdeca⋯.jpg (43.61 KB, 800x387, 800:387, haldol-tabl-10-mg-20-stk-8….jpg)


Tell your caretaker to get these next time he empties your bed pan.



You put in the next thing. Death is always now. Face up to that. Consciousness is now. Knowledge of self is a tree that bears instant fruit. Immediately you will see.

You can carry on. It is fine also. It is God also. Happy one moment, unhappy the next. It's normal for humans, even though it's not natural. I will see for you.



No life is now and death is next. It could be the next second but it sure isn't now.



and this, kids, what happens when you take any form of religion too seriously.


File: e3ee86ff4f89582⋯.jpg (68.45 KB, 699x485, 699:485, 1502993027725.jpg)



Wait wait wait, people who think about the future and think ahead are retarded? Maybe I don't understand what you meant exactly, there couldn't possibly be a person on this earth so naive as to shun the idea of philosophizing about the future, to look at life as a whole and think about what their goals in life are.

I don't know why everyone is talking religious psychobabble bullshit (I'm pretty much an atheist myself) but dude there's nothing wrong with meditating and thinking deeper about life. Go as deep as you possibly can, do penis enlargement if you can't go deep enough. Ream that hole that is your subconscious, mind-fuck yourself into a higher plane of consciousness.



No I wasn't saying that doing it every once and a while is bad. But revolving your life around it is pointless. Of course I have my ideas but there isn't any other reason to keep worrying about it and thinking deeper because you won't get the answer.

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