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File: 66d5c22e0b106e7⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 500x280, 25:14, tenor[1].gif)


Any cuteboys in Tokyo?

Looking for someone to experiment with to sate my bi-curiosity.

(Not Asian)


fuck off pedo go back to your own country


if you cant get laid in tokyo you have a problem




Been a while japanon, how's things been over there?



fine the typhoons werent bad


File: 4aaae17fa0a36c5⋯.png (804.67 KB, 820x900, 41:45, fce47d3be477296b49f373e76c….png)



Whew the hostility.



I don't know why are they so upset all time.

Like, everytime I see a post from Japan, they're upset. well, except me ;)



imagine having people come to your country for the sole purpose to have sex with people who are or look underage


i bet you live in suginami and voted jsp faggot



How would you like to be fucked by someone who dropped two nukes on you?



Xenophobia keeps a culture pure and good. Thats why Japan is rad, America's starting to heal, and Europe is dying of a cultural plague.



i'd feel the same way about someone who travels to my country and then goes to 8chan to look for sex



Happens all the time.



in canada?



Everywhere. It might sound as if my head is wrapped in tinfoil, but there actually is a cabal of pedophiles out there, bound by no borders. Granted, said pedophiles are wealthy, and they prey on victims from the upper echelons of society: child actors, inheritants to be, a wealthy friend's children, etc. This group has existed much longer than you or I. For example, we know it existed for sure in the Prussian empire, we know it existed for sure in Victorian England, and we know it existed for sure in the Italian Renaissance city states. It might have begun with Romanticism and Hellenism, as it borrows heavily from the pederasty of Greece and Rome. We occasionally get uncensored glimpses into the manner of the cabal: the Uranian poetry movement is an example of such a glimpse. It is also well known that quite a few British officers, even high ranking ones, took Hindi boys during the occupation of India.



ehhhh Japan's entertainment is rad but there's a lot of things about japan that are complete garbage. most notably being a student or a white collar worker. that's just depression and suicide waiting to happen.



please tell me more about japan


there a lot of pedophiles who go to phillipines and other places, some pedos come here because they are retarded and can't actually understand how laws work

they think "oh the age of consent is technically 13"

not the age of consent is 13 with parental consent

but there are far more people who go to japan for sex than most other countries


When will you be in Tokyo?



Meanwhile these European countries you're talking about have happier people on average than both Japan and America, and you only believe they're being ruined because of misleading information on the web.



if theyre so happy why do so many of them try to come here?



Oh come on japanon. Don't act like you don't want your boipussy destroyed by foriegners.



im not ニュー速R



i know that feel. im half flip and half Norwegian. there are a lot of white foreigners who come to the phillipines to fuck the woman… sometimes even small kids. its really fucked. the worst part is that im a part of it. my dad came to the phillipines for something like that. eh its fine now though. i still hate the thought of it



There are more Japanese in my country that all foreigners in Japan. Globalism.


File: 60a6ea482bf9bf7⋯.jpg (127.89 KB, 900x1197, 100:133, DOVmtLFVAAAwyFi-orig.jpg)


>Xenophobia keeps a culture pure and good

No, rational policies do. Xenophobia against orcs is justified. Xenophobia against elves is kind of stupid.


Impossible, wouldn't exist. AlsoAs far as a last check people are free to fuck who they please within the law.


Men like to fuck women, youth has a premium. It's all political-economics.


Your entire media promotes the cult of youth and when people travel as singles they usually want to have sex with the locals too.



>keeps a culture pure and good. Thats why Japan is rad

Is that why Japan has an abysmal birth rate? Or has one of the highest suicide rates in the world along with South Korea?

Does that explain why Japanese children are among the least happy in the world, only being overtaken by British and American children among others?

Japan IS a dying country by population numbers, anyway. As neat as aspects of Japanese culture and socieity are, as well as things which are from Japan, it's not a very nice country to actually live in.

Plus, gay people are treated like crap in Japan. At least it's more accepted in South Korea, but Asia is not a great place to be gay, bi, lesbian or trans.


Nordic countries are among the happiest places to live in thanks to a high quality of living, high wages, lower working hours as well as other social policies. Did you know that Norway's government pays its pensioners to go on holiday to places like Spain and Portugal?


People want to go to Japan because they're weebs. They're obsessed with Anime, Japanese video games and Japanese traditional culture. Japan's a country I'd love to visit one day…. but Japan is also not a country I want to live in. Ignoring the language aspect, Japanese society does not strike me as a pleasant one. I would meme about "we live in a society", but ultimately, that's what makes a country better or worse to live in.



i said try not succeed


your shotacon manga arent representative of the japanese media


it doesnt, the suicide rate is only 2 places higher than america

the japanese birth rate is higher than the uk one

>Does that explain why Japanese children are among the least happy in the world, only being overtaken by British and American children among others?

how do you measure happiness?

92% of japanese are happy with japan



hmmm… japan has dvds of kids in skimpy clothes doing all types of stretches and playing in water etc.

pedo, hebe, ephebe-files exsist because the human race exsist. how about jpn stops sexualizing kids in anime, hentai and manga. that might slow the rate of those coming to jpn to fuck kids. frankly jpn gives off the impression that its ok there. below and above ground. and how can jpn be so oppresive to homo sexuality when it has the worlds biggest gay district. also your highschool and middle school girls sell sex on their own. duh there is gonna be buyers. from all around the world. and check out sankaku complex site. japan does not need help from anyone to fuck your kids. u guys manipulate these stories from your news u poor oppressed bastards..





🙂love it when im right



can you not post properly?



wow, be nice. that way you're never gonna get a cute asian bf


File: 8659bb595efc626⋯.jpg (95.8 KB, 538x537, 538:537, cute_asian_bf.jpg)


don't be so tsundere japanon

don't you like aryan boys? :D




is chinese proxy


File: 61cb1e1e42f7c3a⋯.jpg (15.96 KB, 450x300, 3:2, WTFA.jpg)

You aren't even Japanese …

why does this thread need to exist ?




>No, rational policies do. Xenophobia against orcs is justified. Xenophobia against elves is kind of stupid.

And here's me with Xenomorphobia. Don't like the idea of having some 'egg' deposited down my throat, only for it to burst from my chest later!



cheap hookers or is the cuteboy supply that high



full of okama


we wouldnt even have cute boys thread if it were not for japan btw

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