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File: 9f7d6ac56e0d468⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1599x1085, 1599:1085, bd.png)


Which bad dragon dildo are the best?

The 3 that intrigue me the most are chance, echo and nocturne, but I don't own any.

Which are you favorite and why?



I have an austin and a rex. I love them both because they're so much fun to play with. And that knot always feels so good! I want a bumble hooves and ika still though!



I like my unflared Chance.

The head is easy to get in while still having enough presence to stop the toy from popping out unintentionally. The medial ring is more subtle than the knots some of their other models have, but when thrusting it is still very noticeable, which is both a good sensation and a useful reference point. The balls on the base make it easy to hold as well, easier than a "slit" style base like the reptilian designs have.

I also own a Gryphon, but it sees almost no use compared to the Chance.

It's been a while since I looked into BD. Last I saw they were pushing hard to cater to normalfags, cutting all the character art and descriptions and making much more humanlike toys. The products I have from them were good quality; hopefully that at least is still there.


File: 182595a6dc8b9a2⋯.png (437.55 KB, 556x978, 278:489, Untitled.png)

The ones with knots are fun (had a Razor, which is a basic dog-dick, for years), but you can't really use them as a rapid thrusting toy (which imo is the most enjoyable) unless you're as loose as a shirtsleeve. My favorite is Nox, because it's very similar to a human dick and anatomically speaking, that's the size and shape of a dick that fits best in a human rectum but has enough variety of thickness and texture to provide more stimulation. The wide and flat base also makes it very stable.


No reviews about the Nocturne? Seems a bit unpopular overall.


Current collection stands at 9, in this rough order of purchase. Unless mentioned otherwise, all are in medium firmness.

>Small and Medium Gryphon (Glyph)

The small was my first dildo, because for some reason I decided to be elitist about dildos of all things. The medium I got pretty soon after because it was greatly discounted. The small probably won't do anything for you unless you have zero anal experience as I did. Medium felt pretty good, but overall the length/girth ratio was rather too narrow, although I didn't realize it at the time.

>Medium Flint (Hard firmness)

This is probably the only objective failure I've had with BD toys. The ridges, size and firmness makes trying to use this outright painful and not in a good way.

>Medium Nova

Nova is a pretty good toy. He's got ridges like Flint, but because they're at the narrow section and segmented it gives the toy a unique feeling while you ride the shaft. Then you hit the knot, which is much smoother so it's gentle on your insides. If you want a medium length toy with a respectable knot I recommend him.

>Medium Pretzal

Pretzal is kind of interesting, because of his curves. This means he can poke and prod and different spots inside you depending on what angle you take him at. His downside is that the steady expansion just isn't that interesting. The nubs feel nice though.

>Large Nocturne

A contender for a 'failure' slot, my Nocturne has alot going against him. He was a flop with a poorly trimmed base, which combined with the length of the toy and how much weight is hanging means his suction cup doesn't work well. Riding him on the ground is awkward because of his length, thrusting back against him on a wall doggy style isn't workable because of the poor suction cup and he's too heavy for thrusting him using your hand for any length of time. Finally, he's just a little too smooth and 'gentle' on the curves, so working your way down him isn't as fun as you'd think.

>Medium Blaze

And with Blaze I finally figured out what I needed in a dildo. He's got this wonderful mass in his midsection that feels very different depending on which way he enters you, and his taper at the base means you can almost use him as a plug. Sitting down on Blaze and just grinding him against your prostate feels fantastic. Getting Blaze made me suddenly realize that all my previous toys hadn't been designed to do what I actually liked in anal play. While not really important, his suction cup is powerful as fuck, to the point I've had to pry up the edges to get him to let go of my shower wall.

>Medium Axel

I won't call Axel great, but he's certainly good. His head feels great entering you and his girth is pleasing, but he doesn't have much texture to him or curves. This wouldn't really be a problem, since his design looks great for rapid thrusting, right? Well, his design can't take a suction cup. So doggy style is largely out and his girth comes with some real weight so unless you've got some serious arm muscles good luck keeping up a pace. That being said, riding him on a chair or the floor is pretty fun and his shape works well for it.

>Medium Crackers

Bingo. Crackers is the last toy I've bought because he hits almost everything I could ask for. His length is long enough that you can do lengthy thrusts, but his shape is where he shines. Because of the way his girth is mostly in the upper 2/3rds of the toy, you get this amazing feeling of being filled inside, while his last 1/3rd taper allows your hole to relax. His suction cup is very good, although on occasion it'll fail due to his weight distribution. The only downside I have to Crackers is that his texture is just a little too much. Thankfully, it's so minor that throwing a condom on him makes it fine.

If I had to select which one was my favorite, it'd probably be between Blaze and Crackers. Blaze is my go-to toy for 'casual' use, where Crackers comes out if I want to make a night of a session and practically ahegao myself doggy style.

>Suction Cups

Get them. It makes things so much easier and fun.


Eeeeh, they're…okay. Unless you really want to get that creampie experience or you're using a really long toy (I prefer shorter, girthier ones) you can pass on these.


File: 60d08f9623b6720⋯.png (468.38 KB, 870x1560, 29:52, equine.png)

I'm thinking I'll either get a small bumble hooves or a medium chance.

The rest I just can't take because of the girth. Anything above 2.2 inches is impossible for me. Even 2 inches is really pushing it.



Something of 7" circumference is a lot. I have a knotted toy with a 7.5" knot, and it's difficult for me to get it in without a good amount of prep; and I'm pretty stretchy as things go for not being a total size-queen. In my book, anything larger than a real dick is "big". So that bumblehooves is a good size. Don't really like toys that go deeper than ~8", though. Never liked it.


What firmness is best?


what's the best to start with for a beginner? like i have s small dildo i took from my sister that's about an inch in diameter and after a couple of thrusts it goes in perfectly



Medium should be fine for most models.


For a beginner, anything that's relatively narrow should be fine. I'd personally recommend something with a gentle knot to see if you like it. While I don't know for sure, you're probably gonna pay a shitton importing it into France.



>you're probably gonna pay a shitton importing it into France.

Isn't there a similar company in the EU? I don't remember the name.



I used to own a medium chance a few years ago, but stupidly threw it out during a purge.

I'm currently waiting on a medium tyson now.


File: eec9d430ce0471f⋯.png (935.5 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

I prefer Akifu to Bad Dragon; small European company, so shipping is much cheaper for me and the quality is pretty much identical




My very first was a small diego, years ago, I felt so confortable with the knot that I really wanted a new toy but it had to had the goddamn knot, but I also wanted a horse dick… so last year I bought a medium tucker, which is a short unflared chance with a generous knot. I kinda retired diego these days lmao.

I think is time to step away the normie zone and get something more quirky… Too bad those things costs tons of money for me and it takes ages to reach down here (not their fault, my country is a shithole)


nobody intrigued by the nocturne?


Sorry to tag on to the thread, but any good anal guides? I'm a newbie to anal and want to get a set of plugs/dildos to get used to fucking my ass.


File: f59216b7cd89c84⋯.png (3.24 MB, 2355x3245, 471:649, an1.png)

File: a5a928b123d5111⋯.png (3.91 MB, 2355x3245, 471:649, an2.png)


File: 5337ad6c865a24d⋯.png (412.79 KB, 488x558, 244:279, ClipboardImage.png)

>check BD every couple days for new models

>site updates with something new

>it's perfectly straight and boringly textured

What a downer.



That's not even a dick; that's a unicorn horn.

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