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File: 6cdd959566cd318⋯.jpg (593.73 KB, 1000x748, 250:187, a08b3c8753860a3d1f003395e4….jpg)


Anyone else love chastity and would like to share with the group?


Chastity is one of those things I knocked for the longest time before actually trying out, and it was life changing for my sex life. I've always been a total sub but the power dynamic and sexual energy provided by constant chastity is unparalleled.

I started wearing my cage full time about a year ago and my bf and I have been slowly decreasing the length. I come out for a thorough cleaning once a month but not for any release. My dick has definitely shrunk - I was 5 in soft, 6 in hard. Now I'm literally all of three inches, and I haven't even had a boner (or even morning wood) since like July.

I also find my sex drive stays at a constant 11/10, but the lack of penile release means I channel that energy into other things, if that makes sense. Basically I'm hypersexual when I decide to be, but otherwise I'm just bouncy with energy and motivation.



>I also find my sex drive stays at a constant 11/10, but the lack of penile release means I channel that energy into other things, if that makes sense.

This is the best advertisement for this fetish I've ever seen.

I fooled around with it for a little, but my partner wasn't into it at all. Single now, but I've been thinking about getting back into it.


I do love the idea of chastity but unfortunately have not found a cage I couldn't easily slip out of (had 3 so far).

I always give in pull the cage off after a long unfruitful dildo session. It'd be so great to just not have that option. Comments on other sites suggest that a piercing is the only way to prevent that though. What a bummer…




The extra energy is what I love most about chastity. People talk about the fetish like its for passive cucks, but it makes me far more active, aggressive, and motivated. That's what I love about it.

I recently upgraded to a CB-3000, and although its comfortable to wear overnight, I'll get a rash if I don't take it off for cleaning at least once, maybe twice a day.

Anyone have any advice for preventing rashes other than to just take it off more often?


Not trying to brag but I cannot for the life of mine fit in one of these. Is 7 inch really the cut-off at where you actually utilize one of these things?




This replies changed my mind about chastity cage completely. But I've not a use to more energy in my penis.



By the way, you failed, good lucky in the next time.


Chastity is wonderful, when you have a well designed cage. It makes me feel so submissive/. I don't do it anymore because I need someone to dom me or bully me or it eventually degrades to a minor annoyance.

I really get off on the power dynamic but It's still fun alone.


I just got one of those cute pink silicone CB-6000 kinds, but I can't for the life of me fit it. Does anyone have any kind of advice?



Get a better cage. I have never liked the CB's, even if they are kind of cute.

Quick and cheap advice: If you're uncircumcised you might have difficulty with it in general, but using a stocking or some loose fabric *You don't mind ripping:*

> Put it over your willy.

> Pull the end of the fabric through the inside of the cage, and out the tip.

> Push the cage down the fabric until it's in place. Hold down the fabric around the base of your penis if you have to.

> Once your prison is in place, finish pulling the fabric through the tip of the cage. It's going to basically suck your cock into the device and fit you snugly. Try not to get a boner, it'll only make you and the last part harder.

> Place the lock on, and conveniently lose the key.

If you are circumcised, this still works but shouldn't be necessary. I hope it sits comfortably on you, the CB's aren't super reliable (in my experience) for long-term use but you should be able to wear it all day. Mind you, it's going to put pressure on you because you'll be aroused the entire time. Make sure you're clean or you'll probably get a rash.

Good luck if you want to wear it overnight too.

Even low-cost metal ones are an improvement for me for length of use. I went almost two months the first time I even put on a metal one. Either way, hope you enjoy it.


File: 339eb1f5aff73b0⋯.jpg (536.33 KB, 1632x920, 204:115, 20180816_0907142.jpg)


I upgraded from a low cost metal one to a CB-3000 a few months ago, and let me tell you. Lost cost metal cages are fucking garbage. The finish will wear off them and they'll start to rust and cause immediate irritation.



It's also got to not be Chinese grade steel. My low-cost one is a lot smaller than yours, I'll bet mine costs more by material quantity. I'd still consider $25 as low-cost.

Depends on the brand then. Mine's never rusted or blemished at all after nearly 2 years, and I could clean inside of it without taking it off so It went in the shower and sat on my skin for months.


It's not like you're actually going to use it



How do you know you aren't getting the Chinese shit?


File: c2329256aab9a2d⋯.jpg (74.41 KB, 692x960, 173:240, c2329256aab9a2d87443b0fcfa….jpg)


This tbh.


Also this. I'm tempted to just waltz into a sex shop and buy one but I want it to suck less than the plastic knock-off I got online. Is the only real solution to spend $150 on a solo fetish?



you could get a metal one online for like 30 bugers or a holy trainer knockoff for less but if you want a perfect fit, and you will eventually, then you will proably need to custom order or something like that



>holy trainer knock off

I actually had one of those. It was okay, kinda neat but awful for long term wear. I tried wearing it overnight a few times and kept waking up in pain. And then the lock fell out of my pants one day never to be seen again.

Actually, the weirdest part was getting used to my junk being held in one place. My dick usually rests pointing up so having it aimed down was strange. I had to sit a different way and everything.



It should say. If it's "made in the USA", then it's made in the USA. It it's "assembled in the USA", then it's made of Chinese steel.



After that rusty piece of shit I ended up with, I'll only be buying things made in first world countries from now on. Fuck China.


chastity seems interesting, but I don't want my dicc to shrink



It's temporary, a total meme.

After a long period, it might take a few days to sit back at normal size but you'll still get back to that size, especially if you're hard.



oh, well fuck I've been duped

ill think about trying it, thank you anon


File: 5d97b1593a0a537⋯.jpg (466.17 KB, 1221x880, 111:80, cu1.jpg)



There's no scientific evidence that it actually causes any shrinkage. If you're worried about it anyway, like from disuse or something, just take it off occasionally and allow a normal erection.

I hate to ruin the illusion, but I expect it's just fantasy talk or wishful thinking when people say it has caused shrinkage.

The only things you actually have to worry about are things so tight that they cut off circulation, or anything with any kind of spikes in it.



Yes, that'll do fine. A nice and tidy boy.





For short term users, there really isn't any shrinkage. For longer term usage, the dick can "atrophy", but atrophy is fixed by just using it again for a little bit.



>There's no scientific evidence that it actually causes any shrinkage.

Yeah, isn't that curious?

I bet doctors just can't wait to scientifically prove that some weird fetish shit shrinks dicks.



File: a603e6d103144dd⋯.png (59.75 KB, 322x298, 161:149, Hur Dur Fanboy Sonic.png)


ThEy'Re PuTTiNg ChEmIcAlS iN tHe WaTeR tO mAkE mY pEnIs SmAlLeR!



if only





Found my thesis topic…


File: badab94bb9e635f⋯.jpg (1011.13 KB, 2000x1481, 2000:1481, IMG_20180418_165414as.jpg)


ayy we have a discord server for this.

we're pretty laid back and easygoing as a server, and we've been running for almost two years.

we're also furry & ABDL friendly, and we have a trans support channel.

as of the time of this post we have a smidge over 800 users. (but only a handful are on at any given time in any timezone, so the environment isn't totally fast-paced or anything like that.)

invite link suffix is Wkjngxg if anyone's interested… we've got content and resources for more than just chastity up the wazoo.


File: d50ffe1a9d29d7b⋯.jpg (647.25 KB, 1616x1212, 4:3, 20190308_200423.jpg)


>Tfw no bf to lock my cock up with

I'm trying out being caged for as long as my will power will permit, it's hard considering I have No one to enjoy the experience with :(

I had my first morning wood with my cage on, I was squirming and shaking around trying to alivate some pressure, I wish I had a boy to make out with and grind our cages together with


File: eb9f657c2f436e3⋯.jpg (3.08 MB, 2160x3840, 9:16, IMG_20180620_001729.jpg)

love it



Jesus anon, I don't like cages that much but this sounds pretty fucking hot


It's something that I end up trying about once a year or every other year. I feel like it's something I could definitely get into, but it's difficult to do solo, and since I don't have anyone to do this with I generally go for cheap Amazon cages and end up with the circulation to my balls getting cut off or my erections pushing the cage forward to the point of why even bother wearing it. I figure a custom fitted one would work but since it'd, y'know, be a custom fitting dick cage, it's gonna be difficult to try to get at least some of my money back should I either have the same problems as I've had or find long term lock ups to be something that's just not for me.


File: 2ef0008d996b73b⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 600x449, 600:449, 1469799740171133389.jpg)

I love chastity, though like alot of people in this thread have said doing it solo is quite difficult. I myself have I my ever gone about a week before giving up after some hour long frustrating butt stimulation. I still love chastity just for everyday use, I usually still take it off before bed but while I'm working or at home on the computer the feeling of being caged is soooo good. Though my one gripe would be in particularly tight panties occasionally while in public it'll rub me in some places not covered by the cage and walking can be a little difficult. I ended up buying a holy trainer knock off from "house of denial" and it's pretty good, though the one I paid for came with 2/4 rings that don't fit together with the actual device. I just wish I had someone to manage my key, one can only dream I guess.



>Wanting to lock up an 8incher.

Why are you not topping?

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