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File: f6bfac9de6afd0e⋯.jpg (206.74 KB, 708x674, 354:337, delete.jpg)


Are there any right to far right cuteboys? Homofascism anyone ?


This question is peak 8chan.


Fascism is a collectivist left wing ideology.

Everything inside the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

It's extreme socialism.



This board used to be pretty right-wing when /r/thedonald was still a thing and people were still excited about that stuff.


You could have a hyper-nationalist monarchy with private property which would still fit your nonsense description of fascism. Which is basically what fascism is, minus monarchs. I mean, there's more nuance to it than "hyper-nationalist state with private property," but either way it's not socialism. Even Hitler eventually said this.



Everyone on this site came for /pol/ originally and then found their way here, so there are worse places to start. I don't do the Fascism thing anymore, it appealed to me when I was reading a lot of Ezra Pound and other right-wing poets and authors of the time, and had a website for writing about it. But I think living through 2017 put me off of it for good and turned me into an anarchist.



You've confused authoritarianism with economic ideology.

While the Horseshoe theory is pretty popular, there are aspects of it which work and aspects which don't, much like other political science theories.

"Extreme socialism" really only came about from Stalinism and Maoism. Fascism on the other hand were characterised by Mussolini and Franco, who were fascists in so much as they pushed nationalism, cracked down on opposition and used force and intimidation through paramilitaries to "persuade" people.

Totalitarianism is more or less the same whether or not it's left wing or right wing, but I don't think we're talking about that specifically.


>See's post about right wing cute boys

> expects photos of cutie3.14's in maga hats

>Get's Political debate

>My dick is sad



Except anarchism could never work in the real world unless you're looking to live in a wasteland



Have you tried reading any works of anarchist philosophy or theory? Molyneux's "Practical Anarchy" is pretty easy to get into and doesn't require much of a background in the literature of the older philosophers.



I'll look into it but just a heads up I'm pretty biased on the subject



Too many anarcho commies running around my area



Ah, well, ancap here. More Rothbard than Kropotkin. Very different, and most handbooks on anarchy I have read seem to praise anarcho communism and shun ancap, so to say the two are alike may be painting with too broad a stroke, like the people who listen to Jordan Peterson and start saying post-modernism is Marxism while ignoring the critiques each side have of each other.


File: 22fcdcfe783f2e1⋯.jpg (56.64 KB, 750x815, 150:163, 6xylj9eg4i321.jpg)


Dude literally thinks organs are incompatible between races, I don't really think he's a credible person.



Organ transplants require the donor and recipient to have relatively similar immune systems, which are genetic traits. Different racial groups have different immune systems, meaning organ transplants from one race to another are possible but less likely to work; you are much more likely to reject an organ from someone of another race.



Citation needed




> … racial minority groups have a lower chance of finding a match.

>We demonstrate that African-Americans are more polymorphic with respect to HLA, and are hence less likely to find donors at any given registry size.

I'm not a white nationalist, or a racist of any stripe, however if there are actual, real issues people face a result of genetic factors, I'm not going to pretend those problems don't exist. Just don't waste my time by calling me a racist and then having me do your google searches for no pay. You're barking up the wrong tree.


File: a2a427c6794d107⋯.jpg (507.31 KB, 2176x1664, 17:13, ffd144386e506f711a3e4422cb….jpg)


That would be me, although i don't identify with the left/right scale as presently used. However, I don't know if I'm cute anymore. Life had been hard on me.


<I would only consider getting fucked by hot Aryan natural blond or redhead guys, and would expect to be the 'female' partner, that is, I want to be the one lusted after. My cuteboy fantasy is getting fucked by a hot trap, as a trap. I have way higher standers for a male partner than a female partner.


File: 5e5a5e2f5745612⋯.png (623.98 KB, 610x900, 61:90, 32fb3216e4ba986d2fa61f974b….png)

All niggers and supporters of open borders, or the Saturnine cults Jews, Muslims, Christians should be deported to Africa. The whole sexual identity push is D/C against anti-(((globalist))) forces that automatically align with (((christian))) views on sexuality. If individuals are given freedom within a strong nation with secure borders, identity politics ceases to be so important.



You seem well adjusted


Sounds pretty hot, which political ideology do you identify with ?


File: fa77ad779463faf⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1000x1500, 2:3, Tail.jpg)


>which political ideology do you identify with?

<Ideally, I'd like to be a Goddess, but you have to play the cards you are delt.

I suppose Electoral Monarchy the children of the Monarch are candidates to be the next Monarch or a Top-Down (disciples) or Bottom-Up (representatives) tiered governance system. In also systems, I would have a constitutional basis starting from a libertarian perspective but allowing for intervention as necessary by the Head of State.

I suppose in the end, I just want to be in charge because I can't trust anyone to act in my interests given my personal history. So support me for Emperor, or rather, Empress!


File: 5bb6823df0270bb⋯.png (435.82 KB, 606x858, 101:143, Nation.png)


>In also systems

<In all systems

Not to be a grammar Nazi but my occasional bad spelling and formatting annoys my OCD.



I toyed with the monarchist stuff for a time, just because it had a very romantic framework negotiating the underclass with the rulers. The notion of the monarch as a steward of the nation who looks after it as he would his own home. And poets like William Butler Yeats, who were fond of monarchy and wrote kindly of it. I think it's a normal, masculine will: wanting to create life and see the world made just.


File: 4a3f7f357dd0264⋯.jpg (12.43 KB, 229x220, 229:220, download.jpg)

Up the ICC and the ICT

Read Capital

Read Stirner

Read Bordiga

Read Pannokoek

Read Zizek

Abolish the value-form



Only centre-left for me.

What's wrong with some social democracy?


File: 2d112d9ca33a2bf⋯.png (2.76 MB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, download (12).png)


Its absolute monarchy for me tbh. As a britboy I think that Lizzy should get of her ass and kick Parliament to the curb


File: 15b54a1d2823cf6⋯.jpg (17.78 KB, 282x301, 282:301, FUMA 5.jpg)

Anyone here a Protestant White Fag Boi in Dixie ??




File: 8bb67b5f377c301⋯.jpg (91.84 KB, 960x717, 320:239, liberation1.jpg)

File: 730b4006cb4ea03⋯.jpg (255.07 KB, 1280x885, 256:177, Liberation.jpg)

The time has begun , the banners have risen , the troops have started marching . The people cheer and cry for direction and heroism against the imperial walls that hold their sisters and brothers into shackles . The time has begun for Trumpets and Lances to march onto our brothers soil polluted with the imperfections of occupation and sinister mistreatment onto our kin .

The time has come for our Armies to cast their shields and swords into the forbidden territory of our enslaved brothers and raise our flags onto bruised soil which had been forgotten by our children .

The time has come for our Navys to spit fire onto the enemies and traitors of our people who dare shield the state the exists within the borders of this state of slaves . The Time has come for liberation my brothers ! The Time has come for Martyrdom !

The time has come for freedom


Anyone a white right wing cuteboy in Toronto?



This is questionable.


>In conclusion, this study has highlighted the low organ donation rate for livers noted in the black and Hispanic populations. It clearly demonstrates that there is no effect on transplant survival where an organ is transplanted between the races. Thus, race is not a factor in assessing whether a given recipient might benefit from a given donor organ.



stop watching prager u


File: 4be49a7ad13358e⋯.jpg (26.63 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1545938683422.jpg)


I wouldn't call myself "right wing," I'm more of a Cultural and Civic Nationalist, and I'm pretty 'middle-of-the-road' on most issues.

I did vote all Republican on the midterms though, if it counts for anything. I wasn't old enough to vote in 2016, but I would've voted for Trump.


Any cutie right wingers have a discord ?


tfw there's never any cute right wing boys on the west coast here


>>400326 it seems like the west coast is full of left wingers sadly. I'm east coast btw.



Yeah, it's pretty unfortunate, especially here in vancouver.


>>400331 Slightly better in Toronto



fairly underrated redpill

they try to teach us in school that facism is "right wing" (aka republicans = hitler) and socialism is "left wing" (aka democrats good cuz muh gibs). its all horse shit. facism, totalitarianism, socialism, communism (basically russian branded socialism) is all anti-freedom, left wing shit. libertarianism and, more extremely, anarchism are right wing, pro-freedom.

the true, unadulterated red pill is that there is no such thing as republican or democrat. there is only anti-freedom and pro-freedom. you either believe the government should control you, or you believe the government should fuck off, or something in between.


File: af1e6f829c54e1a⋯.jpg (123.39 KB, 755x514, 755:514, tumblr_mvqny0WeII1qf1wulo1….jpg)

O Nation O my beautiful and rightful soil , sullied with foreign boots . Have we betrayed our holy father for such grief to befall us ? O Nation O my beautiful and rightful soil her flag once flying below our small peaceful village when was right and made sense now desecrated by our occupiers as they leave her humiliated and thrown aside for own masters colors . O Nation O my beautiful and rightful soil split from her motherland by her traitors giving her invaders flowers while their sons lie dying in the fields defending it's dignity . O Nation O my beautiful and rightful soil were is my liberty were is freedom from my oppressor ? O Nation O my beautiful and rightful soil were is my home ?

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