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File: bf7d30c494bfcdc⋯.png (778.32 KB, 720x699, 240:233, 272839737018201.png)


i have a bf who i thought was male but she is actually a trap, and as it turns out i am a trap as well. i told her that, for some reason she still likes me, i still have a strong love for her, even though i was looking for someone more…

>anyone else go through the same?


File: e92486d9b0c2506⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1428x2000, 357:500, e92486d9b0c25060088e2ebf10….jpg)


Wow, so you were acting/looking as a girl, and she was acting/looking as a boy. Interesting. Give it ago, and if the lack of dick bothers you latter confess your undying love of dick and a dominant partner.

<No never

That said I would take both cute girlfriend and cute girlfriend (male) nya~


Yes please.



I'll tack on if the lack of dick is a problem strap ons are a thing. Or that one strapless one the girl can have inserted as well.



i meant that hes a male and i thought he was a male but he is a trap like i am, apologies for misleading you


oh and >>400259


>>400303 strapons may be useful since he does not have much in his packing.



>i meant that hes a male and i thought he was a male but he is a trap like i am

You aren't making any sense. Traps are male. That's the point; they are boys who can be mistaken for girls. You thought he was a boy, and it turns out you were right, so what's the issue?


>>400337 I dont have problem with this and I never did, I had just went out with him thinking I was the female in the relationship.



Fun to see the confusion that innane labels and queer-speak gets you

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