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File: 1973a0e5c936b2b⋯.jpg (423.42 KB, 2048x1448, 256:181, __armin_arlert_shingeki_no….jpg)


>no musty facesititng bf



I got a huge fetish for cuteboys in pantyhose, and facesitting ;)


File: ecf93563902c01d⋯.png (443.17 KB, 706x1000, 353:500, cffd505ea032b4194bb63d26a0….png)


That's not weird. I want to sit on someone's face and have them eagerly sniff at my ass.



For the love of Talos please tell me you live in Florida










Where in florida do you live anon?



Central Florida. Like an hour or two away from Orlando


Cute blue eyeed underage trap gf (male), though i don't think it's that weird.


File: 29776802a488980⋯.jpg (97.09 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Theodore_Kaczynski.jpg)





Sheeeit. I live in Sebastian, which is about 30 minutes to an hour south of Orlando.

Im an ass man. Like it if the ass is smooth as possible. Its ok if it has some fuzz. Make sure the anus is clean clean. Dont mind a little foot scent.



I try to keep it clean but I got that weird dark color because I don't have the time or money to bleach my butthole. I'd prefer to be the one who's face is getting sat on tbh rather than sitting on someone's face. I think I have an ok butt though. Unfortunately not very feminine :C


One fantasy of mine is a muscley-curvy yaoi bishonen with thick pecs where I can suck off of the nipples and eat his ass out.

And I can lick the sweat off his painted toes.

Another fantasy of mine is to be cuddled up with some horny pudgy shota motorboating their belly.

Yet another fantasy is to have a yaoi cuntboy lay on his belly while I with a long serpentine tongue tickle his uterus.

Last but not least, I imagine myself as some bishonen hermaphrodite getting dicked so hard I cum buckets and pass out from exhaustion. Then I wake up, the moment my feet land on the floor and take a step to the bathroom, my legs give way. My partner hears me fall and chuckles, picks me up and princess- carries me outside to our private bathpool in the garden.



Use body wash. I wash my asshole three to five times in one shower. Also, use laxative (epsom salt) with hot tea to clean out your colon fully.

Its ok if youre not feminine. God designed men to as masculine as genetics dictate and women as feminine as genetics will dictate. If anything, he couldve made us androgynous hermaphrodites with manly strength and womanly curves but whatever.

Just have a nice round butt.



I'll work on that. I'm also trying to do excersize to get a nicer butt. Squats and whatnot. Maybe one day I can get it to a quality that can please you ♡



>That's not weird. I want to sit on someone's face and have them eagerly sniff at my ass.

TFW fit so perfectly into that



I'm moving to the Houston area in April. I'm down to meet if you are



even if it stinks?



im massively into hypnosis, its weird and niche but i like it a lot


File: 0e145f5a6328e73⋯.png (110.64 KB, 800x800, 1:1, mpreg.png)

impregnating boys


I have never taken a hard look at hypnosis stuff really. Is there even some basis to it?



my experience tells me that its probably real and works for lewder stuff too.

And i mean, hypnotherapy is a valid additive treatment, its efficacy is questioned but i mean, hypnosis is a real thing.



those sissy hypnos though? that stuff is trash




very lewd and cute


I want a chubby guy that I can do father and son incest roleplays with that's into everything butt related.




Online or irl?




Hot tbh


I want a boyfriend who'd facefart me and huff mine back


I want a nice sweet boy who'd eat my shit, being the filthy degenerate I am.




File: cb2ba489a460791⋯.png (22.58 KB, 92x110, 46:55, no.PNG)

the fuck is wrong with you westerners



We're trying to see what its like to live in a shit hole eastern country



Hot, I'd try it..



drop a discord if ur cute I might be into this, I have experience w this kink


I'm into wrestling, grappling, getting overpowered and such. I like the physical intimacy and the power dynamic. I feel like it's more of a masc thing to be into, though.


You wouldn't happen to be in Michigan, would you? I'm considering getting an Empathy Belly for unrelated reasons and it would be cool to have someone along for the ride


File: 3cedd5f2caf6244⋯.png (272.56 KB, 674x666, 337:333, 2221123.png)




You sick bastard.



Well, now you have me interested. Out of curiosity, are you the guy I replied to?




The idea of being overpowered and forcefully taken is hot as fuck to me, having a struggle for dominance and losing, but I'm relatively muscular and doubt I'll ever find anyone who can actually overpower me.


I'd love that.


File: 994c16583c822de⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 13.56 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Bilingual (Dirty Mix )Jose….mp4)


Overpowering is easy with some sturdy and strategically applied handcuffs.

Has anyone heard about that research on how oral sex adapts the immune system of women to better accept the partner's sperm during pregnancy?

I want to be all dressed up, hand cuffed, chastised, perfumed up and blindfolded while wearing one of those mouth gags you can stick your dick through. My smooth, girly skin caressed by sheer stockings, garters and a soft carpeted hotel room floor making me leak precum through my chastity cage right in my panties while impatiently getting sexually frustrated not being able to please myself. Feeling my tiny boob bumps yet big nipples rub against my lingerie gets me all hot and light headed right there and then. My long distance boyfriend walking in, kissing me on the cheek perhaps slipping his tongue in and mixing his saliva with mine as a prelude for what's to come. Tenderly sticking his dick into my mouth while I'm on my knees and he's sitting on the bed using a leash to prevent me from ever taking my mouth off his hard manhood and stopping the orgasmic worship of him. Ready to explode he forces me to swallow it all, regardless if I want to or not. Second thoughts be damned. I want his hot virgin semen down my virgin throat, forever adapting my body's immune system to accepting his proteins like some indefinite and universal marriage that biologically links us together while we both shed our v-cards.



Damn, you are a filthy boy, aren't you. It's a shame we're on different sides of the Atlantic. :c


File: 0b2c01e0c53a845⋯.jpg (32.12 KB, 567x561, 189:187, Aytism.jpg)



I've always wanted to try it, I'm sure doing other things with it would be fun too



Any ideas you wanna share?



Not really publicly, I don't think its everyone's thing.


File: 8a096d9d7b07606⋯.jpg (492.08 KB, 2737x4000, 2737:4000, 8irdq1oa7a221.jpg)


“Autism” is a chick insult. I mean it literally codes female, above and beyond the “social smarts are better than dumb icky nerd boy stuff” implicit in it.

What “you're autistic” actually means is “your social intelligence is lacking, else you would've been able to impress me”. That the normie was having a bad day, or didn't get the references, or is from a different webclique, or just flat-out has shit taste are all pushed out of the frame. “Autism” is “I don't like this” as accusation.

Thus, the only possible fault is on the side of the autist, and their only possible fault is that they're too stupid and weak to understand exactly what you want (no matter how fickle, poorly elaborated, or stupid) and then provide it. It got worse, of course- “autism” was too many syllables, so now they (and by 'they' I mean Twitter and Tumblr, i.e. the majority-female spaces this shit seeps out of) use shit like “oof” and “yikes”.

Whereas the internet was about video games and porn, it is now about placating disgust-whines from helpless permababy animals that it is your moral obligation to serve without complaint, such that if you are too “oof” and “yikes”, they'll close your PayPal and you won't be allowed to have money anymore.

In the grim darkness of 2019, there is only simping.



This is some prime autism.



Learn to code.



I'm not the UK guy you were talking to, but if you're interested in chatting more about that kinda stuff or just chatting in general, send me an email at ewgf314@cock.li :)




Is everything okay? I haven't heard from you in a while :o



Hey anon, I'm not the guy you originally replied to but I'm from Austin and would meet you >.>



ngl i think it's hot and i wanna try it but idk if i'd end up liking it



Are you into scat stuff other than eating?



m-maybe ;w;



you sound fun! if you're east coast email me: fergielicious@cock.li :)


^ also if any other qts are into facesitting, farts and scat feel free to email. 18-24 and cute as possible :3


o shit I forgot my email, it's ewgf314@cock.li


I want to lock up a cuteboy in my closet and force feed him cum four times per day and fuck him when I'm bored

and then watch some gundam with him



Do you wanna talk more about it somewhere private?~


i kinda like doms, stuff thats lowkey rape. idk.



Don't you mean a snuggle with a struggle?



Are you more into topping or bottoming for that kinda stuff? I might be interested ;)



Why'd you block me ;-;



That's kinda cute…



Y-you too anon!!


>find a cb in this thread with the same kink, chat a bit and we get on really well

>they disappear and haven't been on Discord in weeks

>big feelsbadman

Finding ppl who share the same kink is almost impossible. I don't wanna try kink sites cus it'd be so much harder (and traumatising) trying to find a qtboi on a kink site than a kink fan on a qtboi site. But what else can I do D:



Same, I got blocked by the anon I added after like maybe 2-3 hrs of talking on discord ;-;

They didn't even tell me why



The worst part is when they don't even tell you what's wrong and just straight up ignore/block you





I'd assume the majority of people here to be anxious flaky types who will just bail when a conversation gets too heated, regardless of whether you did anything wrong or not.

I don't know, I've only ever spoken to two people off site, but I did meet one of them and ate his shit.



where in the uk are you? i'd love a taste ;)



I just want a femme guy who knows how to do manly things like drive a truck, build a fire, cook meat etc.



Not the guy you replied to but I'm London area and happy to chat if you wanna drop a Discord or email~



Hey, fuck you for deleting your Discord and ghosting me. If you had just said why you didn't wanna talk I would have understood, but ghosting is a pussy move.



Holy shit that's metal af! Do you wanna chat about it on Discord?



I'm not a fan of Discord, but I'd love to chat via email or your choice of FOSS programs.



If any UK bois are interested, it's kinkyqt@cock.li

I'm the one you replied to.



So many people here do that and I really don't get it

I feel your pain anon :<


Since half of yall are apparently into shit not that there's anything wrong with that I don't feel as bad about being into diapers now. But not shit tho, just the cute and humiliating aspect and loss of control. Sometimes pee tho.


File: 5396a9eb9025f5f⋯.png (513.56 KB, 738x884, 369:442, HHH815.png)

I want some guy to come and kidnap me so he can rape me every day. I'm quite prideful of my Asian heritage and I deem other races as barbaric, and I think it's hot when someone takes 4000 years of culture and turns it into a cum craving cocksleeve




i live in over in south orlando, kik me imthebeastie


File: 0bebd8ce7deb4fb⋯.jpg (13.32 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1477133356617.jpg)


Damn anon, that sounds pretty fucking hot.

Hope you get your wish granted and someone turns your ass into a pussy.



Where you at?




Nj anon, we gonna engage in fisticuffs?


File: 1ed838fcaddfbef⋯.jpg (300.01 KB, 1080x973, 1080:973, 6kn0x3njbfa11.jpg)

Someone to tease me about him having a larger cock, and to spank me whenever I act up (or even if I haven't).


I really want to be forced to suck a strong guy all the time. Like when he is watching something or playing something.

And I want to be feminized. A soft skin, breasts, a cute voice and a feminin looking face.

But because I know, it wont happen, I am sometimes crying the whole night.



I love you. Also the 40k bit was a nice touch.



Face sitting isn’t that weird

I actually wanna face sit and dom bigger more masc guys in general :3



Where you from VPN boi?



File: f685d4d6d3fa7f2⋯.jpeg (103.91 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, received_1449190578505120.jpeg)

Would love to be pinned down and dominated while the kiss my neck telling me dirty things.

I loved some experiences I've had where I was on top and getting groped, my ass was getting slapped then grabbed hard, and I put his throbbing dick into my panties to tease. I made him cum a few times doing that at the time.

Other times I've been dominated from behind, neck biting/kissing, while giving him a thigh job. He'd stroke his cock near my ass then back to the thighs while grabbing mine and making out with me at the same time.

Would like to get hand cuffed, blindfolded, nipple clamped, then teased with a vibrator, while they pretty much do whatever they want to me.


File: f1257cb4acac689⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20190114_234312.jpg)

Is it too much to ask for a cute boy to share a double ended dildo with until our asses meet it the middle like a lewd Lady and the Tramp?



That sounds hot af ;) Would we push it into each other with our butts like a reverse tug of war?

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