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File: b1f98f1bf4a996b⋯.png (891.79 KB, 676x783, 676:783, Hooni2.png)


You'd think with how sexual faggots are, more of us would be into this kind of thing.


You can be mine, do you suck dick on command?


like 24/7 or just a sex thing? i think pet play is pretty hot, but there's no fucking way i would want it all the time from either side of it.


Fucker the rent is too damn high. I can't even afford a shitty apartment and a normal pet. One that I can put my dick in is way out of my price range



B-but anon, you can put your dick in a normal pet…



Only if you were my bf


Honestly I'd love to wear a collar and be in a cage 24/7. Only money you'd have to spend would be on treats when I'm a good boy c:


File: feb36fdc3c07eb7⋯.jpg (122.4 KB, 850x1328, 425:664, Hooni4.jpg)


Of course


I've thought about trying to be with a boy like this, with the amount of crazy I've seen on this board I'm not too sure though.



Assuming you're OP I'm just curious

1. What do you look for in an owner, mentally and physically?

2. Is the pet play your entire life or just sexy times? Like do you expect to go out on a leash and shit outside and eat from a bowl and generally be useless unless I want cuddles or sex acts? Or just get commanded like a dog in the bedroom and otherwise be a housewife type?

3. Where you at?

I have a decent job and an empty house and I'm intrigued by the concept.



Someone who is willing to be cruel, but actually knows when he needs to be, and while it may be hot, he can't randomly punish me.

I've sadly never actually done petplay, but I wouldn't make it my whole life. Maybe my whole weekends or holiday breaks. I like a mix of pet and maid.




Also, I don't care much about their body, as long as they're aren't covered in hair or obese. A little, healthy amount of fat always looks cute



I'm ONLY into petplay. I had an online owner for years now. A word of advice, find someone near you. The long distance thing only made me very depressed. And now we're more friends than dom/sub thing.



Damn, too far away. I'm on the east coast and the rest of your post sounds great.



Where at? I'm in New York



I wish I wasnt ugly but hey

idk where im going with this



My dick is your treat.



"Ugly" is a subjective term.



Ahh <3

That made me feel happy and warm


I've always had a fantasy about once I finished college and got a good job I would find a cute NEET-ish boy and have him live with me. He could be my personal live in bf/pet and I could provide for him and give him affection.



I volunteer for tribute



Well that depends.

Are you cute?



I'm… Trying



Well what do you think is holding you back from being cute? Don't think I would take another boy as a pet if he wasn't also adorable.



I'm just not the best looking person. I only decided to starting getting into the /cuteboy/ aesthetic a couple days ago, but I'm working on it.



I guess you could look at it as an opportunity to sculpt me into your perfect body <3




Well maybe I could sculpt you. Post contact info.


I cant say I havent thought of this scenario before, and it's something I'd really be up for.

I think I'd love to have a pet bf to just be at home, wearing a collar and very little clothing or just a big cute sweater.

I would provide for him and also give him all my love unconditionally.

In the end, I think Im very much into the whole submissive boy thing, but not as much into the pet play like cages and making someone eat out of a bowl. Just lots of cute and lewd moments.



I don't know, that kinda scares me. I'm still a virgin, and really low self esteem. Plus I don't have a good situation in terms of being able to uproot myself. Maybe when I'm a bit more stable.

Sorry anon, I'd really like too but it probably wouldn't be a good idea. If you're still up for it when I'm ready that would be okay


File: 8115e332be8ee10⋯.jpg (52 KB, 527x550, 527:550, Dn2zLxpX0AIcjyl.jpg)


i'd love to be your housecatboy :p



damn a new york cute boy, rare breed. you got discord or something


File: d6bac646e9cc05d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 219.75 KB, 619x417, 619:417, ClipboardImage.png)


Nah, it's very much objective.



Is that so?

You wanna tell me more about it somewhere else?



sure :3



Do you have kik? Or discord?


File: 33ef5de7bbbfab9⋯.jpg (26.73 KB, 392x600, 49:75, 1546585867500.jpg)



i'll give you discord here


File: 9f4fbbcc59091f7⋯.png (152.35 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 5f4c70b0b1e46dc92491ce622b….png)


I'm in Texas too, Anon. Houston by any chance?



get the pet on gibs, use his gibs to pay for your apartment, feed your pet nothing but your spunk and dogfood





Austin here OP I'm interested.



I do but i don't l post it because I'm scared of being spammed. Can you post yours?



>Scared of being spammed

As a fellow cuteboy, LMAO

Being spammed is flattering. Even when I share, I only get 12 at most



>Even when I share, I only get 12 at most

Narcissistic much.



You're exactly the type of person i don't want to be.


File: 1a02e1988c1db7f⋯.jpeg (280.99 KB, 723x1023, 241:341, H27.jpeg)

Hell, I'm really aggressive and vulgar but I also want a guy that will put me in my place, collar and leash me and give me belly rubs and head pats. On one hand, I hate head pats and belly rub as I think it means you think you're better than me, and on the other, I love it because I just want to have a tough strong guy taking care of me



I'm also in New York, Discord is Gamblor#4640



oops just saw the thread get bumped, mines Bluebird#2404 if you're still interested


i'd be into this too if most tops who are interested in this sort of relationship aren't literally the most boring people on the planet

maybe someday


>ywn own a boy


Discord's Phile#5472 . Send a message anytime you want to be a pet



Added, but it seems you haven't been online in a while or are not accepting :c


It's giving me an error. I'll try again in the morning


File: 3a04d4bffea2819⋯.jpeg (24.9 KB, 300x300, 1:1, images - 2019-03-22T17324….jpeg)

Here, step right in!

You'll be feed four times per day, two of those meals will consist purely of semen. After I'm done fucking you I'll give you a shower with warm water and rose scented shampoo.

If you prove yourself to be a good pet I'll give you a treat of your choosing.

Usually I don't like having pets on my bed but I'll make an exception for you if you promise to behave.

But, if you act like a bad pet I'll have to punish you someway …



Not sure why there was an error, I spelled it right in my post. You could give me your Discord, or we can use Kik.



What's your Discord?

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